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Disgaea DS


Challenge Guide

by treex2

                             DISGAEA DS

                   ~ #BY      : treex

                   ~ #E-MAIL  : [email protected]

                   ~ #VERSION : 0.04

                      ***Copyright  2009 treex***



1. Legal Info

2. Version History

3. This FAQ and Self Imposed Challenges

4. List of Challenges

    4.1  - Solo Challenge
    4.2  - Rank 1 Only Challenge
    4.3  - Back from the Dead Challenge
    4.4  - Pacifist Challenge
    4.5  - SpellMaster Challenge
    4.6  - Fire Emblem Challenge
    4.7  - Where is my Curaga? Challenge
    4.8  - ??? Weapons Only Challenge
    4.9  - FUSION! HA! Challenge
    4.10 - VIP Challenge
    4.11 - For the Horde! Challenge
    4.12 - Vehicles and Drivers Challenge
    4.13 - The David/Michelle challenge
    4.14 - Happy Spirits Challenge
    4.15 - Angry Mob Challenge
    4.16 - Sniper Challenge

5. Common Challenges

    5.1  - GFN
    5.2  - NS
    5.3  - NPB
    5.4  - NDA
    5.5  - NIW
    5.6  - XO (Where X is a variable)

6. Themed Characters

    6.1  - Mario
    6.2  - Link
    6.3  - Bomberman

7. Contact Info

8. FAQ

9. Credits

1. Legal Info

   All rights reserved. Under any circumstances no part of this walkthrough may
be edited, displayed or stored in any form, or by any means (electronic,
mechanical, or otherwise) now known or hereafter devised - including
photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system for
profits-without prior permission from the owner. (me)

    As I wrote this guide the necessary credit MUST go to me.
So if you want to put this guide in your website you MUST contact me and
give me all the credit.

     ~~~You MUST NOT edit this walkthrough.
     ~~~You MUST NOT sell this walkthrough.
     ~~~You MUST NOT copy any part of this walkthrough for profit.
     ~~~You MUST contact me before doing any thing to this walkthrough

and I am sure I will accept your requests if you follow the above rules and
give me credit too.

(Copied from atomaster's FAQ, thank you ^_^)

2.Version History

V0.1 - 8.21.2009 - Compiled and contributed
v0.2 - 2.21.2011 - 0.1 was turned down, saw this file hiding in my com, decided
                   to restart this FAQ.
v0.3 - 2.24.2011 - Added strategy for all the challenges, added Bomberman
v0.4 - 2.26.2011 - Added SuperCheats to the list of websites. Added Sniper


This FAQ can only be uploaded to the following websites:

3. This FAQ and Self Imposed Challenges

This FAQ has compiled all the Challenges (from the funny to the impossible). 
Most of them are copied and pasted from the Disgaea DS Official Challenge
Thread and compiled it into an easy to read FAQ. Credit is given next to the

I have not attempted all of these challenges, and probably never will for a

Eitherway, these challenges are presented to continue having fun with the game.
If you find anything too hard, you can always give yourself some leeway.

The common goal of a self imposed challenge is to finish the game while under
a set of rules which imposes some form of a penalty, in order to increase
the difficulty for veteran players.

I will give commentary on how you could play the challenges and how difficult
they would be.

Rule of thumb is you have until Magnificient Gate to prepare yourself, you may
do things otherwise impossible with the current set of rules you are using. For
example, creating Spellcasters on a Spell Only Challenge. The player can redo
the the tutorial levels until he has one generic Mage of some sort. From then
on, it's possible to play with the rules, so he must continue to Magnificient
Gate (which is the first level of Vyer's Castle).


4. List of Challenges


Solo Challenge

1. You may only use one character to fight your battles.

2. That's pretty much it.

Notes: Obviously, you would need to throw your character occasionaly.
       If it's possible, use a ranged attacker like a Gunner or Archer.
       (Solo Archer sucks so bad that it's badass to even try)

Strategy: Despite melee characters needing a throwing character, it's entirely
          possible to do this with a gun user. There isn't much strategy to a
          solo challenge, just grind and upgrade until you can beat everything.
          Stick to doing backstabs/back attacks and if you want to go on the
          defense, find some walls to block your surroundings so then enemies
          can't gang up on you.



Rank 1 Items Only Challenge (by meiaman)

1. You may only use items which have a Rank of 1.

(To see what Rank an item is, use the Record Keeper -> Item Record, o)

2. You are allowed to Level the Item.

3. You may use any Residents on the Items.

Notes: This is insanely hard. I suggest you do this Challenge with a higher
       Rank chosen.
       I tried implementing a variable Rank X, where X equals your Chapter.
       It was kinda fun, cause the upgrading process can be so fulfilling.

Strategy: The game would run as usual, except that your gear is horrible. Try
          seeking out Rare and/or Legendary equipment of the rank that you're
          playing with. Then proceed to Item World and maximise it to your



Back from the Dead Challenge (by meaiman)

1. You are not allowed to use the Hospital except to revive your characters

2. Anything else goes.

Notes: Bring lots of restorative items, use the shop as an alternative for
       healing. This also means that you can't get certain Hospital Rewards.
       For the sadistic, pair this with No Shop Allowed.

Strategy: As said, use the shop as an alternative for healing. Erm, nothing
          else, really.



Pacifist Challenge (Omega-magic)

1. You may not use an Attack or Special Command.

2. All damage would have to be done via Counters.

Note: You will have to mentally prepared to be insanely frustrated by this
      challenge. Even the tutorial levels could reach INSANE MODE.

Note2: Of course, if there is a Spell user you can opt to tank his damage until 
      he runs out of SP and be forced to hit you or you can just punch him in 
      the face and be on your merry way.

Note3: If you have to break a Geo, you can choose to penalize yourself if you
       want to. Use your smarts and throw Geos around instead.

Strategy: The best class to do this with would be Brawlers (or any class with
          high Counter stat) You will need a LOT of defensive and healing items
          to keep your HP up.



SpellMaster Challenge (Omega-magic)

1. You may not use the Attack command.

2. You can only cast spells.

3. You are not penalized for countering.

Notes: Obviously, you're gonna use spellcasters for this one.

Note2: An exception would be the earlier levels when you don't have any mana
       or skills at all.

Strategy: Make as many Good-for-nothings Skulls/Mages as you can with the mana
          you got from the tutorial. Start grinding and work your way up.



Fire Emblem Challenge (meiaman)

1. If a character dies in battle, you MUST delete that character.

2. Whether you want to strip him of his equips first is entirely up to you.

3. If a Story Character dies, you cannot use that Story Character...EVER.

Comments: Definitely get some Clerics, don't wanna die do we?

Note: You can opt to use a Story Character during the next Episode if you are
      having a hard time.

Strategy: Always ALWAYS have a healer, a strong one at that. And carry at least
          2/3 the amount of restorative items that can fully heal the roster
          characters you are using. (E.g: You have six members, bring four
          items that can fully heal)



Where is my Curaga? Challenge (NintendoDudeGuy)

1. No healing spells allowed.

2. Anything else goes.

Note: Not really that big of a deal, some players don't even play using Spells.
      Shouldn't need any form of strategy in fact.

Strategy: Just for those of you that can't follow the train of thought, bring
          items to heal. (lol loophole)



??? Weapons Only

1. Choose a weapon. All characters can only equip weapons of that type.

2. Anything else goes.

Note: This is more of a gimmick than a challenge.

Strategy: If you wanna go for it, I suggest swords, guns or spears. Play as
          usual, but only using one weapon type.



FUSION! HA! Challenge (NintendoDudeGuy)

1. Throw all enemies onto each other until one enemy remains.

2. Kill it. Duh.

Note: This cannot apply to Prinnies obviously, kill them as normal.
      All bosses will be the "new enemy", so this would make Boss Levels EPIC.
      Every level is a boss level xD.

Strategy: Get lots of throwers so you can get the enemies fused as early as
          possible. The earlier they're fused, the earlier you can start
          hitting. Don't bother trying to throw in any specific order during
          boss battles, the boss is ALWAYS the new enemy. Get debuffers or
          status inflicters to weaken the fused enemy. It's REALLY hard to win
          with brute force for this one.



VIP Challenge (MegaAtomic)

1. Pick a character to be the VIP. (Anyone is allowed to be the VIP)

2. The VIP cannot attack and if possible, do not level.

3. Create three new generic characters to be your guard.

4. The three guards and the VIP must be "within view" (The VIP and all three
   guards can be seen in one screen)

5. If the VIP dies, you lose. Reset the game. (So save often)

6. The VIP must be on the field at all times. (So no jumping back into the

Comments: I like the idea if this one, and it is entirely possible. If you
were to hug the walls while you send out your attacking force, there shouldn't
be any complications.

Notes: The VIP can be protected by other units, too. As long as the VIP and
       the guards are "within view"

Strategy: Get some good counter users, preferably gun proficient to protect
          the VIP for the range. Also, just because you have guards doesn't
          mean the VIP can't do stuff. Use everyone, just stick together.



For The Horde! Challenge (Link_J)

1. All gear, equipped on all characters, must be equal rank, at all times.

2. As soon as possible fill 35 character slots with rogues and knights.

3. Only monster weapon, axes, and guns allowed.

4. You may only use your lowest level characters.

Notes: I do not get this challenge at all...I don't play WoW. Their supposed to
       be generic and bland?



Vehicles and Drivers Challenge

1. A vehicle can ONLY throw characters around.

2. A driver cannot use the Move command.

3. Every vehicle must have a driver, so you can't just have one Vehicle doing
   all the dirty work.

Notes: Quite hard, the only way Vehicles can gain EXP is by countering or
       through team attacks.
       Vehicles should just tank whatever they can.

Strategy: Get really good defensive items for the vehicles. Without the
          mobility I suggest guns for the drivers. Try and get the vehicles to
          throw the drivers behind the enemies.



The David/Michelle challenge

1. All characters you use must be of one gender.

2. This includes Storyline Characters.

Notes: Just for you, I'll make a list of possible characters to use on each

Male: Male Brawler, Male Warrior, Skulls, Male Healer, Scout, Ninja, Thief,
      Majin, EDF Soldiers. 

      Laharl, Hoggmeiser, Maderas, Gordon, Thursday, Kurtis.
Female: Female Brawler, Female Warrior, Mages, Archer, Female Healer, Samurai,
        Knight, Angel.

        Etna, Flonne, Plenair, Jennifer, Thursday.
Notes: As you can see, there isn't much of a difference unless you're talking
       about post-game. Not having a thief during the main story isn't that
       big a deal, but it's vital during Item World diving.
       Female's side seem to have better mid-game clasess, though. 



Happy Spirits Challenge

1. You may only use Ghosts and Brownies to clear the game.

2. Anything else goes.

Notes: You're gonna need to grind a LOT to make your first ghost, from then on
       he's on his own.

Strategy: Can't really think of one, I'll get back to this as soon as I can.



Angry Mob Challenge (treex)

1. During every fight, all characters must be next to at least two other
   characters before you end your turn.

2. This would mean that you cannot make any type of "line" formation, it must
   be a closed circle of some sort.

3. No ranged weapons allowed. This means Guns and Bows. Spears are still melee.

4. The mob cannot attack until "agitated" by an enemy (attacked).

5. The mob can only attack the "agitator" until it is dead, before being able
   to be "agitated" again. While attacking, the formation can break to kill
   it. After the target is dead, you must reform before ending your turn.

Notes: You're gonna only be able to form squares and rectangles with your
       characters for this one.

Strategy: Get spear users, another mobility issue, so the two-range hit is
          really handy. 



Sniper Challenge (treex)

1. All characters are only allowed to equip ranged weapons (guns, bows)

2. When declaring an attack, you must be at the maximum range possible. (3
   squares away for Bow, 5 Squares for Gun)

3. You cannot attack otherwise.

4. Same goes for skills, you must use the maximum range possible only. The
   only exception would be skills with a set range. (e.g. Poison Arrow)

Notes: Imagine going through Item World, swarms upon swarms of enemies rush in
       before you can shoot them down, pretty soon you're up to your neck in
       zombies. What do?

Strategy: You wouldn't want to have too many Gun users unless they have some
          REALLY good move stat. Either that or attach a good pair of shoes.
          Mobilty is key to this one. Also, mix it up with Bow users so you can
          still have someone attacking when you have less space to breathe.
          Also, note that you can throw allies or enemies around to manipulate
          the range. (Heck have someone in charge solely to throw xD)

2. Common challenges

   These are challenges that are often seen spread around the internet. Mostly
come in acronyms. These challenges are usually stacked with each other to make
a harder game. You can also add them on to the Challenges above to make things
more interesting.

   I will also give commentary of why these challenges exist and how much of
a difficulty they add.


[2.1] GFN (Good-for-nothings)

1. This means that you may only create GFNS only

Notes: HAving only GFNs means that your stats later into the game will bu MUCH
       lower than usual. Storyline characters will have to be ressurected as
       a GFN if the player wishes to use them. You can do this by replaying
       older levels to gain mana, seeing as it is only breaking the rules if
       you use a non-GFN to progress the story.


[2.2] NS (No Shop)

1. Exactly what it says, no buying from the Shop

NOtes: One of my favourites, having no access to the shop will mean that you
       can only use the spoils of battles. This somewhat replicates the Metal
       Gear Solid feel too. ^^
       Not too difficult on it's own, but paired with NIW (see below) can make
       this DEADLY.


[2.3] NPB (No Passed Bills)

1. No passing bills allowed (Stronger/Weaker Enemy Bills, Better Items, etc.)


[2.4] NDA (No Dark Assembly)

1. No Dark Assembly allowed.

Notes: This is just like NPB, except this also includes character creation.
       Somewhat challenging because you can't make any generic characters.
       You'll be stuck with only Storyline Characters.


[2.5] NIW (No Item World)

1. No Item World allowed.

Notes: NOOOO, the most powerful service ever. GONE. In Disgaea, Equips are the
       most vital thing. EVER.
       You're gonna need a lot of grinding to clear this challenge.


[2.6] XO (X Only, where X is a variable)

1. (Whatever) only allowed

2. Examples: Rogues Only, Rank <35 Only, Humonoids Only, Monsters Only, etc

Notes: Depending on what you choose, it can rank from mild to bat [email protected]#$ crazy.
       I did a Prinny Only Challenge and it was really fun. But hard. Really

3. Themed Characters

   Themed characters are exactly that, a character created to match a certain 
theme. Some will be given certain equips and skills to imitate certain


[3.1] Mario (NintendoDudeGuy)

1. Equips allowed: Fists only

2. Spells allowed: Fire spells only

3. Classes allowed: Male Brawler,  Male Warrior, Scout, Ninja, Thief,

Note: To learn spells, create a pupil and let the pupil learn the spell you
want (in this case Fire Spells). When the Master and Pupil stand side by side,
the Master gains all the pupils spells at Level 0. Use the spell until it
reaches Level 1 and you can learn the spell.


[3.2] Link (NintendoDudeGuy)

1. Equips allowed: Swords, Bows, Spears

2. Spells allowed: Healing Spells, Buffing Spells, Wind Spells

3. Classes allowed:  Male Brawler,  Male Warrior, Scout, Ninja, Thief,

4. Special: If there is a Prinny on the battlefield, you MUST throw that Prinny
            at the closest enemy. If there are no enemies around, then you
            don't have to waste your "bomb".

Comments: Very much like a Paladin. Can be an attacking healer. Useful.


[3.3] Bomberman (treex)

1. Equips allowed: Fisrs, Swords, Axes

2. Spells allowed: Fire spells only

3. Classes allowed: Any

4. Special: Roll a dice before each battle. You must throw that many Prinnys
            before the end of this battle. (You can roll more die if you want)

4. Contact info


You can e-mail me at: [email protected] for suggestions of new
If you have problems with the game I MIGHT help you, if the answer isn't to
GRIND. Also, do not ask questions about emulating and stuff. I don't do that.

Please put an ACTUAL subject (Make sure it says Disgaea DS) along with the
concerned topic (Disgaea DS typo/misinformation/Challenge/Character)

Do not send me spam or files larger than 1MB, seriously.

Failure to comply will result in BLOCK & REPORT ABUSE.

5. FAQ

Currently empty, ask me some questions (nothing stupid please)

6. Credits

Todasmile for opening up the DS Challenge Thread
Me for compiling and adding my own Challenges
GameFAQs for putting this on the net
NintendoDudeGuy for inspiring me to make this
Link_J for being an active member and fueling me to do this
You for reading