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Disgaea DS



by jason888222

 Disgaea DS Walkthrough
US version
D  D   I  S    G    A  A E    A  A     D  D  S           
D   D  I  SSSS G  G AAAA EEEE AAAA     D   D SSSS        
D  D   I     S G  G A  A E    A  A     D  D     S        
W     W A  A L    K  K   T  H  H R  R O  O U  U G    H  H
W W W W A  A L    K  K   T  H  H R R  O  O U  U G  G H  H
WW   WW A  A LLLL K   K  T  H  H R  R Oooo UUUU GGGG H  H

As a special note, press Ctrl+F and type the find code to
get to whatever you want to quickly.

=== 1. Contents ===== [CONT1] ==============================

1. Contents [CONT1]
2. Version History [VERS2]
3. Legal + Contact Info [LEGA3]
4. Introduction [INTR4]
5. Walkthough [WALK5]
5a. Opening - Awakening [AWA5A]
5b. Episode 1 - Prince of the Netherworld [PRI5B]
5c. Episode 2 - Enter Flonne [ENT5C]
5d. Episode 3 - A Hint of Kindness [AHI5D]
5e. Episode 4 - Gift from an Angel [GIF5E]
5f. Episode 5 - Etna's Secret [ETN5F]
5g. Episode 6 - Laharl's Challenge [LAH5G]
5h. Episode 7 - Of Being An Overlord [OFB5H]
5i. Epsiode 8 - Reincarnation [REI5I]
6. Classes / Jobs [CLAS6]
7. Monsters [MONS7]
8. Endings [ENDI8]
9. Credits [CRED9]
More Coming Soon...

=== 2. Version History ===== [VERS2] =======================

Version 0.1 - 11/30/08
  Contributed to GameFAQs at the end of Episode 4.

Version 0.2 - 12/03/08
  Goes to Neoseeker and Supercheats, updated info on Classes, 
  and got to the End of Episode 6.

Version 0.3 - 01/12/09
  Goes to GamerShell. Got to the End of Episode 7.
=== 3. Legal + Contact Info ===== [LEGA3] ==================

This guide belongs to me (Abyssalxenon) and can only be shown on:

If this guide is sold or shown on any over site, please inform me.
I am Abyssalxenon, you won't have seen me on the Disgaea DS board.
If you have some questions or some corrections, email me at
[email protected] All flamers will be ignored.

Does anybody ever read this...?

=== 4. Introduction ===== [INTR4] ==========================

In this game, you play son of the King of the Underworld.
You are Laharl and your father was King Krichevskoy.
Laharl finds that he has had a 2 year nap and must knock 
off the competition for the throne.

=== 5. Walkthrough ===== [WALK5] ===========================

This is the walkthrough, the main part of this guide.
This will help you get through the main section of the game.

=== 5a. Opening - Awakening ===== [AWA5A] ==================

In the entry scene, you learn the background of the story.
Then, you have a black screen with a girl's voice.
After this, there is a couple of flashes and you enter Laharl's room.
Here you will see Laharl in his nap coffin (sterotypical demon bed),
Etna, your pink-haired Vassal (who is quite annoyed) and a whole
bunch of weapons (A drill, A mace, a chaingun and a katana).
Just before Etna has the chance to shoot Laharl awake, he wakes up.
As you will notice, this game's cutscenes tend to have voice acting.
Etna then explains Laharl's father dying and that other demons are
trying to become the Demon Overlord, a very prestigious title.

=== 5b. Episode 1 - Prince of the Netherworld ==== [PRI5B] =

You now take control of Laharl. Move with the Directional Pad.
You can also move by holding your stylus on the touch screen
in the direction you wish to move (I personnally prefer D-Pad).
Exit from the stairs in the bottom left of your room. 
  Now you are in the Throne Room. If you step BEHIND the throne, 
youget a bubble. You can touch these bubbles with your stylus 
or press 'A'. Choose 'Yes', it will be used later. Talk to the 
monsters here for some funny talks. I thought the red dragon-like
creature was good.The bottom left of the room is the exit.
  This is the Hallway. You can talk to the demons in this room too.
They aren't as funny as in the Throne Room, and the living spear
can be asked about the different kinds of weapons. Exit in the 
top left of the room.
  You are now in the Main Room. When you move a little into the room,
you will be given the tutorial about the shop. The shop on the 
side you walk past sells a variety of armors. The more expensive
the armor, the better it is. The other guy sells weapons. This is
a good time to tell people about the menu.

Items - This is obviously the place where items are held, or 
        an Inventory. You start with 3 Mint Gums, a healing item.

Equip - You can have 1 weapon and 3 armor/ accessories. This is where 
        you equip your characters. If you check Laharl he has a basic 
        sword and an Imperial Seal- an amazing equip item. 
        Etna has a basic spear and the basic armor - an amulet.

Status - This shows the Weapon Mastery, which is what weapons a
         person can use. Take Laharl for example. He has A's in:
         Fists, Swords, Spears, Bows and Axes. This means that all 
         of those weapons, Laharl will be able to use well. Also, if
         you equip Laharl with a sword, eventually, he will become
         an S in Swords.
         Next is resist, which is how much you can resist an elemental
         spell or a status ailment.
         Pupils is something to be explained later.
         Special is Special Techniques you person knows.

The Question Marks will come later.

Settings - In game settings / options.

Quit - Quit to the main menu.

Save - Save your game.

Close - Closes the menu.

  If you go down and left, you will come to the 'Save Shop'
The person who runs this shop will record everything you get
and do, your play time and other things. You see the skull on
the corner of the shop? There is a button inside if you position
yourself correctly. This unlocks Etna's secret chamber. This
is in a crack in the wall behind the Prinny who asks if there is a 
breeze. This is quite important.
  Go up and left from here to meet Ingrid. She will say that the game 
is complicated but can be beaten wth minimal knowledge.
  Up and right and you will meet Pleinair, who runs the Dark
Assembly, which will be explained later (with the Pupils 
section in Status) when it has opened. Up and right again will
bring you to the Netherworld Hospital, where if you have some
wounds, they will be healed at a price. Eventually, you will
get a prize from healing a certain amount of HP and SP.
  Go up further and talk to Zommie if you want.
Next is Claris, who runs the Item World. This will be explained
later when it is unlocked. Go further for it to say that to Save
go into the menu, but I've already told you that. It does,
however, warn you that you can only save in the Overlord's castle.
  Then comes Corriedale, the final person. She is the 
Dimensional Gatekeeper. Talk to her and go on Tutorial. 
  The first Battle is Battle Basics One. Press on this.

Tutorial - Battle Basics 1

  The first Battle of the game starts with a little cutscene of
Laharl saying that he is a little rusty and needs retraining.
Etna then unveiles her secret weapon - A Prinny Squad. This 
is a squad of Penguin monsters who always say 'dood'. How scary...
Etna then states they are her loyal servants. They have other ideas,
and do various stupid things. Etna then shows them sense...
Etna seems about fishy after a quote.

|    Battle Basics 1     |
|   Ghost    |    x3     |

  A simple battle with a tutorial. The big blue square is where you
bring your guys out to fight. No matter how many characters you have,
you can only bring 10 onto the field. The big blue square is called
the 'Base Panel'. Press 'A' on the Blue Panel to bring up the menu
of people you can bring onto the field. All their stats etc are on 
the top screen. Presson them to bring them to the field. You will
automatically be on that characters menu. I will explain a character 
menu, since you need to be become familiar with it.

Move - How to move your character. If you look at the top screen
       you can see the 'Mv' stat. The number next to this shows 
       how many spaces that character can move e.g. Laharl can
       move 6 spaces.

Attack - Your character attacks with whatever weapon is equipped.

Special - A special move your character can perform using SP points.
          Mages have magic in here.

The Question Mark is covered soon.

Defend - Defends from attacks, reducing the damage by half.

Item - Use an item.

Equip - See the Menu in Castle.

Status - See the Menu in Castle.

Close - Close the Menu.

Just bring out Laharl and Etna and tell Now to explain the 'X' Menu.

At the top of the menu, it tells you the turn.

Execute - Executes the action e.g. an attack or a special.

End Turn - Ends the current turn, letting the enemy take his turn.

Bonus - I'll explain this when it gains any significant meaning.

Character - From this you can look at the characters you have.

Help - Has useful battle info.

Quit - Quit the battle.

Settings - Modify the settings / options.

Close - close the menu.

  Execute all those attacks and you should kill the left
Ghost, and there is a chance you will kill the right.
  In the next turn, make everybody attack a ghost and execute 
each attack separately, and this should finish the ghosts off. 
You will then return to the Tutorial area page. Go back to the 
Overlord's Castle.
  Here, just heal at the Hospital and then go back to the 
Dimentional Gatekeeper and go back to the Tutorial. Now 
go to Battle Basics 2.

Tutorial - Battle Basics 2

  This battle will start with the Tutorial of lifting and throwing.
Lifting and throwing is a very useful ability. The option Lift 
(which was the ???? option) now is available. Lifting and throwing
is like attacking, but it will do this the instant you press Lift
and Throw. This does NOT use the Execute command. Throwing lets you
do plenty of things. You can cover more ground, throw around objects
(comes important when the 'X' menu 'Bonus' option does), save a badly
injured ally, throw and blow up Prinnies (I wouldn't suggest using 
them as a bomb though), throw or stop an enemy or throwing enemies
together (don't do this unless you are leveling your characters).
If you are holding something when the turn ends, you will take damage.
Oh, and Now to get on with the battle!

|     Battle Basics 2    |
|   Ghost    |    x4     |
|   Hobbit   |    x1     |

  The Ghosts will be easy to beat, but the Hobbit is slightly more 
difficult, since it is Level 2. Bring Laharl onto the battlefield.
Move Him up and right, and tell him to attack the Ghost. Move
Etna next to Laharl and tell her to attack the Ghost. Bring a Prinny
and move it up-left twice. Bring the other 2 Prinnies and tell them
to move to the left and right of the first Prinny. Execute and end turn.
  Use Laharl and Etna to attack the Hobbit. Use the 3 Prinnies to attack
the Ghost closest to them. Execute and the Ghost should die. End Turn.
  Move Laharl to attack the Hobbit and Execute. If the Hobbit doesn't die
then use Etna to finish it off. If Laharl kills it, just move Etna closer.
Use the Prinnies to kill another Ghost. If a Prinny kills the Ghost
before the third, use that Prinny to attack the final Ghost. Execute
and End Turn.
  The Ghost will attack a Prinny and might kill it, but you can revive
it later. Finish the Ghost. 
  Return to the Overlord's Castle. Heal and save your game. Now go back 
to Tutorial and go on Geo Effects.

Tutorial - Geo Effects

  This is the final Tutorial, and is about Geo Effects and Geo Panels.
The little Pyramid-lokking thing is a Geo Symbol. If you hover over a
Geo Symbol, it tells you what it does on the color panel it stands on.
In the tutorial, the blue Geo Symbol was making all Blue Geo Panel 
enemies have 50%+ Atk + Def. Any Symbols like this need to be destroyed.
If you have a Blue Geo Symbol on a Yellow Panel and then destroy the
the symbol, all Yellow panels will turn blue and the effect will disappear.
Chain reactions can occur. When a panel changes color, if something or
someone is on a panel, it will gain damage. The damage will increase
with each chain reaction. The more chain reaction you get, the more 
your bonus gauge will fill up, and the better things you will get.
You can see what bonuses you will get in the Bonus section of the
'X' menu. Better chain reactions can be done with the throwing of
Geo Symbols onto other tiles.

|       Geo Effects       |
|     Ghost     |    x5   |
|     Hobbit    |    x1   |

 This battle is easy. Bring out Laharl and attack the Geo Symbol up and 
right from the base panel. This will cause a huge chain reaction beating
all the demons. Job done. From here you will automatically be transported
to the overlords castle to speak to Pleinair. This is the Dark Assembly.
Just finish the talking and I will explain, after you do a couple of things.
Try to go into the hospital - Zommie will give you extra HL. Go heal. Buy a
good Sword and Spear for Laharl and Etna respectivly. Equip your new weapons
and any armor / accessory you got as a bonus on Laharl and Etna. Now sell
everything but the 3 Mint Gums. Heal again if it is needed (you can tell
if the little red cross symbol on the top screen is lighted up).
  Now to explain the Dark Assembly. The Dark Assembly is where you use mana
which you get from killing demons to do things. When you talk to Pleinair
you will get a menu

Summon Assembly - This is what you press on if you want to do anything.

Tutorial - Get told about the Assembly.

Exit - Exit the Assembly.

  Press on Summon Assembly to bring another menu. This shows you what rank 
one of your guys is (I'll explain later) and the mana is how much mana 
your guys have. Click on Laharl to bring up a menu to explain.

Senator List - A list of senators (will explain)

Create New Character - Lets you create a pupil for a character. Whoever is
                       the Teacher of a pupil will gain some of their stats.

Delete a Character - The opposite of creating a character.

Change Name - You name all generic characters, and you can use this to
              change the name of any generic character.

Promotion Exam - Use this to gain Ranks.

Anything with a number of mana next to it is something you take to the
Senators, and you can do a number of things.

  If you talk to the Dimentional Gatekeeper, you will unlock Vyers' Castle
but you won't be going there yet. Go on the Tutorial and select 'Practice
Map', because your going to need some more mana and experience. Oh, those 
2 ???? Icons in the Castle Menu have become 'Rearrange' and 'Help'.

Tutorial - Practice Map

|      Practice Map       |
|    Ghost    |    x5     |
|    Hobbit   |    x1     |

  A Simple Map. Bring out the 3 Prinnies and put them on BLUE Squares. Now
use Etna to throw the Null onto a RED square. Now use Laharl to beat the Null.
Move Laharl behind a Prinny and end the turn. You May notice that Etna can
counter attacks. You will also notice that you now have access to Laharl's
and Etna's special attacks. Now just kill all the leftover Demons, making
the Hobbit a Priority. Easy win.
  Keep healing, saving and repeating this map until Laharl and Etna are 
Level 5 and the Prinnies are 3+.
  Get whoever you want, but make sure to have a Cleric and a Warrior/Brawler.

Vyers' Castle - Magnificent Gate

|    Magnificent Gate     |
|    Ghost     |    x6    |
|    Hobbit    |    x2    |
|   Red Skull  |    x1    |

  A Red Skull is a Fire Mage. To do this use a low level character to
move North of the Blue Symbol. Use Etna to attack the Yellow Symbol. This
will cause an impressive chain reaction leaving only the 2 Hobbits and 
2 Ghosts. End Turn.
  This turn use some low level characters to beat the 2 Ghosts. Then move 
toward the Hobbits. Make sure you don't put a level 1 in front since a 
Hobbit might beat it. Also make sure everybody is on the field at the end
for the extar Bonus exp. Finish off the Hobbits. Easy. Sell all bonus items
unless one of your characters needs an item which name is in a different
color since these are VERY good. Heal and Save. Go to Vyers Castle and 
coose 'Blessed Court'.

Vyers' Castle - Blessed Court

  First there is a cutscene where Laharl proclaims he will plunder everything.

|       Blessed Court      |
|     Ghost    |     x4    |
|     Hobbit   |     x4    |
|    Brawler   |     x1    |
|    Warrior   |     x1    |

  A pretty simple map. Bring out your guys and beat the 4 Ghosts. End Turn.
  Move a couple of powerful guys onto the yellow squares and move the rest 
End Turn.
  Kill the Warrior. Brawler and 2 Hobbits. Then send people left and right to
finish those 2 Hobbits. Job done. Heal and Save. Go back to Vyers' Castle.

Vyers' Castle - Corridor of Love

|     Corridor of Love     |
|    Ghost     |     x1    |
|   Boggart    |     x5    |
|    Archer    |     x2    |
|   Warrior    |     x1    |
|   Red Mage   |     x1    |

  A weird name for a place in a DEMON's Castle....  Send Laharl and Etna down
the steps near the Base Panel and get Laharl to use Blade Rush on the Ghost. 
This Ghost is special - it has insanely defensive armor. Send the rest of the
guys along the corridor. End Turn.
  Archer(s) may move to shoot your guys. They don't cause much damage so you
should be OK. Kill that Ghost and then move onto the Boggart if you manage
to finish it, unless it was killed by a counter. Kill any Archer which moved
towards your mob and move the rest of the mob forward. End Turn.
  Other guys will move. Just use the dudes you have to kill them. If you are
about level 5, this should be easy. Heal and save. Prepare for a Boss Battle.

----------Boss Battle-----------
Vyers' Castle - Hall of Caresses

  First, there is a cutscene, where you meet the Boss, Vyers. He is called
'Sassy Demon' at the beginning of the cutscene. He talks like he is French...
He is very annoying. He says he is the Dark Adonis Vyers, but Laharl throws 
his pride out of the window and calls him 'Mid-Boss'. Then he gets angry and
the battle begins.

|  Boss - Hall of Caresses  |
|    Boggart    |     x5    |
|    Warrior    |     x2    |
|     Archer    |     x1    |
|   Wind Mage   |     x1    |
|    Mid-Boss   |     x1    |

  On your first playthrough of the game, lose. Yes, LOSE. Save after the credits
to start New Game +, which gives you Prinny commentary (quite funny) and 
Pleinair. Pleinair is amazingly strong, so New Game + is really helpful. Just 
walk right into Mid-Boss' Trap, which means going within 3 spaces of the Mage 
or Archer. Then save after the credits. Now to get on with the REAL walkthrough.

My Team: I am Overleveled.

~Laharl - Level 8
~Pleinair - Level 8 
~Etna - Level 7 
~2 Brawlers - Level 5 both. 
~2 Warriors - Level 5 both.
~Scout - Level 3 
~Red Mage - Level 5 
~Cleric - Level 5 

  DO NOT GO WITHIN 4 SPACES OF THE ARCHER OR MAGE. You will likely be destroyed.
Instead, get your None generic characters to go left. If you have Pleinair, she 
can kill a Boggart. End Turn.
  Use Laharl's Blade Rush to beat all the red Geo-Symbols. Now get your mob to
rush in and kill everyone. Mid-Boss has some OK moves, so be a little careful.
Otherwise, a VERY easy boss. 


=== 5c. Episode 2 - Enter Flonne ===== [ENT5C] ============

  The first cutscene shows Angel Trainee Flonne being ordered by a Seraph to
go and assassinate King Krichevskoy. A bit peculiar for an Angel to assassinate
people... very Un-Angel-like.
  The next cutscene shows Flonne at the Overlord's Castle. She ponders why she
was chosen for the job and why the Seraph wants to kill someone...
  Now the cutscene goes back to Celestia, where Vulcanus is asking why Flonne 
was sent to assassinate King Krichevskoy instead of him. He throws a strop
and then disappears.
  You then see Flonne moving around the castle. She explains that she does not
feel right assassinating people. Laharl then sneaks up on her. Flonne is not
very bright, and reveals she is an assassin. She then escapes. When Laharl finds
out that the Prinnies are asleep, he gets REALLY angry. You then take control.
  There are some more funny quotes in the throne room.
  Go to the Main room with the shop etc. and save, before speaking to the 
Dimentional Gatekeeper. She informs you that Flonne ran to Frozen River. Go 
there and select 'Forsaken Land'.

Frozen River - Forsaken Land

|      Forsaken Land       |
|    Zombie    |     x5    | 
|    Archer    |     x2    |
|    Cleric    |     x1    |

  Quite an easy map. Send someone left to deal with those Zombies while you
send the rest to combat everybody else. Easy. You cannot reach the Archers
or the Cleric so you need a Mage/Scout/Pleinair to be able to hit them.
  Heal and save. Go to the next battle.

Frozen River - Icy Breath

  Here there is a cutscene where Laharl and Etna catch up to Flonne. She 
then summons Zombies for you to fight.

|        Icy Breath        |
|    Zombie    |     x9    |

  An easy battle. REALLY easy. Just kill the Zombies. Heal and Save.

Frozen River - Eternal Winter

  This battle starts with a cutscene where they catch up with Flonne again.
It seems Etan has learnt Angel Magic (It can't be that hard, can it?) and
thries to use a fire spell on Flonne. Flonne then uses Angel magic to reflect
the spell. The spell hit Laharl, and he freaks out over his hair being messed
up (a kind of weird way to get angry....)

|       Eternal Winter      |
|     Zombie     |    x6    |
|      Imp       |    x4    |
|    Gremlin     |    x1    |

  The only real threat here is the Gremlin (and possibly the Imps, Zombies 
suck).Use Laharl's Blade Rush to kill 1 row of Zombies. One or 2 might just 
survive,so kill them. Kill the other row using Pleinair's Usagi Drop if you 
have her or a Mage. Finish off survivors. Bring out the rest and End Turn.
  The Imps and Gremlin should be close. You should be able to cause a lot
of damage and finish them this turn, remeber to use Area Spells. They are very
useful for taking down groups of enemies. Heal and Save. Maybe get some 
better equipment and get to level 8. Go back and go on 'Frozen Death', 
a boss battle.

--------Boss Battle--------
Frozen River - Frozen Death

  The battle starts with a cutscene where Laharl and Etan finally corner Flonne.
She decides to ise her special item, which summons a Dragon...

|    Boss - Frozen Death    |
|     Imp      |     x3     |
|   Gremlin    |     x2     |
|    Dragon    |     x1     |
|    Flonne    |     x1     |

My Team: I'm around medium Leveled.
~Laharl - Level 8
~Pleinair - Level 9
~Etna - Level 8
~2 Brawlers - Both Level 6
~2 Warriors - Both Level 6
~Scout - Level 6
~Red Mage - Level 6
~Cleric - Level 5

  Flonne isn't the real problem here, she is just an annoying healer. The REAL
problem is the Dragon. This is Level 8 and is pretty powerful. Pleinair can 
use Usagi Drop to almost kill the Imps. If you don't have Pleinair, use a Mage
or 2 to beat them. Bring out the rest of the mob and End Turn. 
  Then kill the Gremlins and cause as much damage to the Dragon as possible. 
End Turn.
  This turn you should be able to finish the Dragon and beat Flonne.

  In the Cutscene afterwards, Flonne explains how she came to kill King
Krichevskoy but was 2 years late. When Flonne starts crying over the King
(why would somebody sent to assassinate him be sad over it?) Laharl
explains how he does not have the emotion of sadness. He then says Demons
feel no love. Flonne joins your party. Etna's scheming something...

=== 5d. Episode 3 - A Hint of Kindness ===== [AHI5D] =======

  The first cutscene is about the fact that it is the Prinny's Pay Day
so Laharl will have to pay their wages, but instead of using his own money,
he is going to loot a castle. How nice.
  You now take control. There are some more quotes in the throne room. 
If you chack Status, you can see Flonne is Level 5 and has one Special
which is a healing move. You can use her in place of a Cleric. Get her
to the same level as the rest of your non-generics. When you Talk to
the DG she says you need to go to the Item World to get an item to Level 10.
Flonne first, Item World later. The best way to level Flonne is create a Mage
under her. She will get the Mage spell in battle when the Mage is next to her,
and she can use it to attack. To not need the mage get the spell to Level 1.
  Get her mana by doing Team Attacks or being persistent.
  You can't make a Walkthrough for the Item World since all the levels are 
randomised. All I can say is that make sure to get the lowest price item you
can (try and get an item with a few Statistician points) and make sure your
guys are level 6. Your best bet is just to rush to the exit.
  Once you have done this, equip Laharl, speak to DG, and then re-equip your
sword (you don't want a rubbish weapon, do you?). This place is called
'Dinero Palace'. Choose 'Gaudy Entrance'. This guy SERIOUSLY sounds rich.

Dinero Palace - Gaudy Entrance

|     Gaudy Entrance      |
|    Brawler   |    x7    |
|   Pugilist   |    x2    |

  Just run through the entrance and mob them with your... uh... mob. The
Brawlers are pushovers. This should be easy. Heal and Save.

Dinero Palace - Golden Courtyard

  The cutscene starts with Laharl noticing something. A lot of the things...
were from the castle. Etna points out they were taken when the King died.
Duh. This castle belongs to an ex-vassal. Flonne points out how the Prinnies
from places are different too.

|    Golden Courtyard     |
|   Pugilist  |     x8    |
|  Manticore  |     x1    |
|   Priest    |     x1    |

  Can you see the blue line? You cannot cross this until you destroy the 
Geo-Symbol. This can be very useful. You can take down people in range of
your Archers, Mages or Gunners and gather your troops. When you have done 
all you can, bust it open and take down the rest. The Manticore can be a
little challenge, but no biggie. Job done. Heal and Save.

Dinero Palace - Flashy Passage

  They see a picture of the king. Laharl says he was thinking of killing his
father. Etna takes the picture. The King died in an unusual way - he choked
on a Black Pretzel.

|      Flashy Passage      |
|    Brawler   |    x16    |
|    Pugilist  |    x5     |

  Yes, it is alot of people. But they are a pretty low level. Just watch out
for the Puglists, and make them your priority, since you could probably take
the hits from the Brawlers. You should manage it though. Heal and Save.
Prepare for a Boss Battle.

--------Boss Battle--------
Dinero Palace - Lavish Hall

  The cutscene is where you meet Hoggmeiser, a VERY Greedy Demon. Hoggmeiser
doesn't recognise Laharl. Just read the cutscene. Battle.

|   Boss - Lavish Hall     |
|    Brawler   |     x6    |
|    Pugilist  |     x2    |
|   Hoggmeiser |     x1    |

My Team: About Medium Leveled.

~Laharl - Level 11
~Pleinair - Level 11
~Etna - Level 9
~Flonne - Level 11
~2 Brawlers - Both Level 7
~2 Warriors - Both Level 7
~Scout - Level 8
~Red Mage - Level 8

  Kill the 6 Brawlers using Area of Effects. If you have a Scout, use its 
Dark Cannon on the Hoggmeiser. Kill the Pugilists quickly, since they can cause
a lot of damage. Then focus on Hoggmeiser. Should be over quickly since there
isn't many people.
  In the cutscene afterwards, Laharl takes everything and says he is going to
finish Hoggmeiser. Hoggmeiser's Son then appears. Laharl eventually says Flonne
is a Love Freak. Obviously. Hoggmeiser joins you. You also get 5000 HL, a nice
bonus amount.

=== 5e. Episode 4 - Gift from an Angel ===== [GIF5E] =======

  The cutscene starts with Vulcanus planning. Then he steals Flonne's Pendant.
It then jumps to Laharl speaking with Flonne about her lost Pendant. She wants
his help to find it. This makes Laharl angry, so Etna jumps in. She needs the 
Pendant to live. Laharl says he doesn't care. She says she will give Laharl
'something good'. Laharl then says he would just steal it. He finally agrees
to find it. You now take control.
  Talk to people in the throne room for quotes. When you talk to the DG, she
says someone used a portal without her there. I wonder who that was...
Get your non-generics to level 12 and generics to level 8.
Now you can go on 'Blazing Core' and then 'Road of Flames'.

Blazing Core - Road of Flames

  The battle starts with a cutscene where Etna is complaining over the heat 
whenLaharl finds a feather. Flonne points out it is an Angel Feather. Laharl 
then figures out that the Angel is probably the same person who took the 

|     Road of Flames      |
|   Pumpkin    |    x4    |
|    Decoy     |    x2    |
| Killer Armor |    x1    |

  Enemies on green squares give greatly boosted exp. The only big challenge here
is the Killer Armor. This is pretty strong. But you should be able to beat them.
This map becomes a good training spot. Heal and Save before going on
'Parched Ground'.

Blazing Core - Parched Ground

  Flonne says she was given medicine by a Prinny and it is helping her feel 
better. Etna doesn't think so...

|     Parched Ground      |
|    Pumpkin   |    x7    |
|     Decoy    |    x2    |
| Killer Armor |    x2    |

  This map is only slightly more difficult then the last. The double Killer 
Armor can be painful. Just beat them. All the monsters here have quite a bit 
of Defence and Resilience. Heal, Save and select the next map.

Blazing Core - Blazing Field

  Laharl asks about the Seraph, for 'Future Reference'. Flonne is basically like
him, full of flowers and a Love Freak.

|     Blazing Field       |
|   Pumpkin    |    x5    |
|    Decoy     |    x5    |
| Killer Armor |    x2    |
|  Nightmare   |    x1    |

  If you found the Killer Armors really difficult, the Nightmare will be a REAL 
problem. It has really big stats, so watch out. On this map, you need to change
the Geo Symbols so there is only the 20% Damage on it. Use some powerful long
range spells to destroy the Enemy Boost +50 Symbol. Use some massive Health guys
to protect the Spellcaster while doing this. Then send 4 People up to put the
20% Damage Geo Symbol on the Red and stay off the Red. When most of them are at
Half health, Destroy that Geo-Symbol and then move your mob to finish them off.
Heal and Save. Prep for the Boss battle by getting Generics to Level 10 and all
Non-Generics to Level 15.

----------Boss Battle----------
Blazing Core - Molten Labyrinth

  The cutscene shows Vulcanus appearing. Vulcanus is still going on about the
conclusion he jumped to. The pendant then starts heating up. Vulcanus then drops
the Pendant from Celestia. Guess who it lands on.... Mid-Boss. Yes, he's back!
Mid-Boss says it is beautiful. He thinks it is a gift from the heavens. Yeah, 
right. Then you hear a voice. Lahrl called Mid-Boss a moron. Too right. 
He's still angry about being called Mid-Boss. Mid-Boss plays the Finders-Keepers
card. It is  revealed that the Pendant punishes people with a bad heart. That's 
why Vulcanus dropped it. Mid-Boss is too full of himself. He then accidentally 
calls himself Mid-Boss. What an idiot. Mid-Boss says he has a new move. 
I think it's about time to wipe the floor with him.
| Boss - Molten Labyrinth |
|   Mandrake   |    x1    |
| Killer Armor |    x4    |
|   Nightmare  |    x2    |
|   Mid-Boss   |    x1    |

My Team: Very Slightly Overleveled

~Laharl - Level 15
~Etna - Level 15
~Pleinair - Level 15
~Flonne - Level 15
~Hoggmeiser - Level 15
~Knight - Level 10
~Ninja - Level 10
~Ronin - Level 10
~Scout - Level 10 
~Star Mage - Level 10

  Quite a difficult map. Send your guys up and beat the 2 Armors on the Base
Panel side of the Lava River. End turn.
  The Mandrake has an evil attack which will probably take down one of your mob.
Make sure to beat the Mandrake and move onto the other 2 Armors. You may want to
split your group onto each side of the river. Once you beat the other 2 Armors,
start on the 2 Nighmares. Then Mid-Boss. He is very strong. Just watch out for 
his specials and win. The Nightmares have good Defence. 
  In the cutscene afterwards, Mid-Boss is in Bandages. He trips up and the 
Pendant falls in the Lava River. Laharl Jumps in after it. What a fool. 
Eventually, hecomes out with a Pendant in his hands. Laharl's hand burns because
it punishes people with bad hearts. Laharl did it.....for the reward...which is 
kindness. Laharl gets angry.
  It jumps to Vulcanus. He is angry she survived. He says he is going to make 
another plot and goes home. End.

=== 5f. Episode 5 - Etna's Secret ===== [ETN5F] ============

  The first cutscene starts with Etna finishing a story she was telling Flonne.
Etna kicked a guy in the *censored*. Etna was about to finish when she sees 
something. It's a photo. It makes them laugh. Not good. It seems it is an 
embarrassing picture of Laharl. Laharl is shown the picture by Etna. Laharl,
as you see is NOT a very happy demon. What is it a picture of??? I wanna 
know.... On the back, it says that they are in possession of a photo (the 
photo in question) and should meet Laharl in Lotunheim. Laharl decides he
is going, even though it is probably a trap.
  If you speak to Zommie, he reveals that Lotunheim is VERY cold. Save and
go to the first map.

Lotunheim - Absolute Zero

|      Absolute Zero      |
|      Imp    |     x12   | 

  Seem easy? Wrong. Not only does the Attack of things lower and the Defence of
things increase, but your units take damage every turn. The first thing you 
need to do is take out the Geo-Symbols. Make The Ally-Damage a priority, then
the Atk -50 and finally the Def +50. Then thrash them. It may be a good idea to 
throw people towards the Geo-Symbols. Heal and Save. Select 'Endless White'.

Lotunheim - Endless White

  The battle starts with a cutscene showing an Imp. The Imp stays quiet. 
Eventually, the Imps start talking, saying optimistic things. You make think
that this is fine, but Laharl hates it. He says he might die if people keep 
being optimistic. What a way to go... Laharl's stats are now lower.

|       Endless White     |
|     Puck     |    x7    |
|    Scout     |    x2    |
|    Ninja     |    x1    |

  The Pucks are easy to kill. Just watch out for the Scouts, which have guns.
I suggest throwing somebody over the gap to beat them. The Ninja has a high
attack and dodge rate, so be careful near that too.
  In the cutscene, Etna looks guilty.
  The screen cuts to Celestia, whene the Seraph is talking with an unknown 
person. Who knows what they're talking about... Heal and Save before the 
next map, 'Terrible Cold' (I think they are running out of names).

Lotunheim - Terrible Cold

  Laharl says things which you can find out for yourself and then a strange
person appears. He is Maderas. He was banished for stealing the King's 
Black Pretzels (How Badass...). He wants to become Overlord, and you know
what that means. Etna's betrayal is revealed. He has her memory, so I can
see why she is working for him. He then double-crosses Etna. How tight.
Now beat these guys...

|      Terrible Cold      |
|    Empusa    |    x5    |
|   Nekomata   |    x3    |

  All the red squares are invincibility squares. To complete this map you
need to: Put 2 people on the squares so people on the green square cannot 
escape. Then throw all the enemies together on that square. Slowly whittle 
away at the super monster HP since you are invincible. This should give a 
massive exp boost to whoever finishes the monster off. My Etna got from
Level 16 to Level 25. <_<. Get all guys to at least Level 20 before 
healing, saving and going to the Boss Battle.

-----Boss Battle-----
Lotunheim - Ice Queen

  In the pre-battle cutscene, you catch up with Maderas. He uses the power
of optimism to weaken Laharl. Mid-Boss then appears (don't worry, you 
aren't fighting him AGAIN). Maderas conflicts himself, asking for
Mid-Boss' name and then saying he doesn't care. Mid-Boss says a riddle.
Laharl doesn't get it, so Mid-Boss says it clear. What he basically
means is close your eyes and ears. Etna then is told to kill Laharl.
Etna refuses and says what happened. She hated herself for helping him.
So she made a plan to kll Maderas. When Maderas orders his Prinny's to
attack Etna, they don't. Etna had them under her payroll. What a fun 
snare of lies this is... Laharl was used as bait. Now it's the 
battle, and it is pretty tough.

|     Boss - Ice Queen    |
|    Empusa    |    x4    |
|    Lilim     |    x2    |
|    Golem     |    x1    |
|   Maderas    |    x1    |

My Team: I'm quite overleveled.

~Laharl - Level 20
~Etna - Level 25
~Pleinair - Level 20
~Flonne - Level 20
~Hoggmeiser - Level 20
~Ronin - Level 20
~Ninja - Level 20
~Knight - Level 20
~Scout - Level 20
~Star Mage - Level 20

  If you have levels like mine, this should be pretty easy. 
Systematically wipe out the monsters. Try and make it so that the only
1 monster can attack your leader (who should be a bulky character). Once
they are all gone, team up on Maderas. If you are under Level 17 this can
be quite challenging. Also, watch out for the Golem, it is quite strong.
Hoggmeiser is a good bulky character.
  Maderas begs for forgiveness after the battle. Maderas joins you. Etna
is happy, but Laharl is not for some reason... Laharl is apparentely not 
happy with Etna. But he is, in fact, happy. He wants a Demon with such 
potential with him. Etna says if Laharl doesn't do his work right, an
'accident' may happen. What? Will he choke on some gum?. Flonne then
ponders over what happened. End.

=== 5g. Episode 6 - Laharl's Challenge ===== [LAH5G] =======

  This Episode starts with a letter. Which is all a gigantic lie. That's
what Laharl does, isn't it? Backstab people? Laharl expects an ambush.
Laharl has tricked them. He will slaughter them all. And there is no 
Deed for them to steal. Simple? Good. 
  Take control. As you can see, there is an awful lack of vassals.
Maderas is quite strong. Get him level with the rest of your guys if 
you followed my advice. Maybe get some bills passed for better equipment.
Also do Promotion exams. The DG mentions that all your vassals are waiting 
to ambush you. How fun. Go on 'Blair Forest' then 'Calamity Woods'.

Blair Forest - Calamity Woods

  Yep. Lots and LOTS of monsters. Fun. This is where I hate my boxes...

|     Calamity Woods      |
|    Ghost    |     x1    |
|   Boggart   |     x2    |
|    Hobbit   |     x3    |
|     Puck    |     x3    |
|    Zombie   |     x1    |
|    Ghoul    |     x1    |
|     Imp     |     x2    |
|   Gremlin   |     x2    |
|    Golem    |     x2    |
|  Spriggan   |     x1    |

  Yep. That's all the monsters. Don't worry though. Look at the levels.
All easy to beat. Just annihilate them all. Put someone strong up front.
There are some healers in there. Area of Effect moves are useful too.
Heal and Save.

Blair Forest - Ritual Site

  Here is a person. She is Sardia, the Demonslayer. She is clueless.
Time to beat her.

|       Ritual Site       |
|    Sardia   |     x1    |

  She is a tough enemy, but if you are Level 20+, this should be easy.
She has good Armor, which gives her high attack and defence. Just 
gang up on her. Heal and Save.

Blair Forest - Witches' Den

  You meet some Prinnies, who want to kill Laharl. Cue fight...
Maybe not. They challenge you to a game of baseball.

|      Witches' Den      |
| Pvt. Prinny |    x9    |

  This is fun. Throw Prinnies at others. BOOM! Done. Heal and Save.

Blair Forest - Writhing Shadow

  Big feet. You meet the Overlord of an alternate Netherworld. He 
then changes... Into lots of small hims. 10 of them. Fun.

|     Writhing Shadow     |
|Alt. Overlord |    x10   |

  You ain't gonna win. So lose instead. Don't worry. Your vassals
are here to save you. They were going to ambush you, but say they
were out here to wait incase they were needed. Yeah, right. If you
beat him by yourself, then you have been grinding WAY too much.
They are all level 300+. They will thrash him. Just bring out 
Laharl to hide in the corner. Save. Go to the next battle.

Blair Forest - Nightdwellers

  Here you meet the Prism Rangers. What a buncha wierdos... They
don't have any friends either. They want to become Overlords to 
have friends... Etna shoots Blue and Yellow. Red finds this 
inconsiderate since they were going to transform. He forgot you
were demons. Red Ranger hired some demons to help fight. Not
very herolike, is he? Get ready to battle.

|      Nightdwellers      |
|    Specter   |    x4    |
|     Puck     |    x4    |
|   Man-Eater  |    x4    |
| Prism Ranger |    x1    |

  The ground is littered with Warp. This is VERY fun, but can make 
this battle annoying since you don't know where you will end up.
The only hope on this map is that you teleport near the enemies 
when they teleport and that you warp near the Geo-Symbol to destroy
it, stopping the warp. The guys here are pushovers. Just watch the 
Prism Ranger. Heal and Save. Prep for a boss battle. Get all guys 
to Level 22-ish for this to be a breeze.

--------Boss Battle---------
Blair Forest - Heart of Evil

  Mid-boss is back... Again. Does this guy EVER give up? Laharl was
about to be declared Overlord but Mid-Boss butted in. Mid-Boss is
full of poor excuses. He says he is faster. He is now better at 
dodging your attacks.

|   Boss - Heart of Evil  |
|     Puck    |    x10    |
|   Gargoyle  |    x2     |
|   Mid-Boss  |    x1     |

My Team: I'm overleveled.

~Laharl - Level 24
~Pleinair - Level 22
~Etna - Level 26
~Flonne - Level 22
~Hoggmeiser - Level 22
~Maderas - Level 23
~Ronin - Level 22
~Ninja - Level 22
~Scout - Level 22
~Star Mage - Level 22

  At the beginning of the battle you are surrounded by weak Pucks.
They should be easy to take down. The Gargoyles are pretty tough
at level 20. Mid-Boss is quite difficult, but if you have Levels
like mine, then it should be easy. No real Strategy involved. 
Just run up and thrash 'em.
  Mid-Boss makes up an other excuse - Stomach Cramps. What a
wuss. Laharl is now the Overlord. Etna points out to Flonne that
she helped a Demon become an Overlord.
  It cuts to Vulcanus. He tells the Seraph that Laharl is the new 
Overlord and that Flonne helped. Vulcanus says he will deal with
what is happening. End.

=== 5h. Episode 7 - Of Being an Overlord ===== [OFB5H] =======

  Laharl is laughing. Alot. All the time. He is laughing 'cos he is 
Overlord. He is laughing 'cos there is nothing else to do. Etna has
a job for Laharl. He thinks she has some sort of terrible scheme.
There is a kid called Aramis. He's a bit of a brat. His pets are 
missing. Laharl must look for them. This makes him angry. Etna
sorces him into it.
  Take control. This may sound strange. Get a Level 100 Rogue and
buy around 10 Stealing Hands, these will become very useful. You
can save and go to the first new map. The DG will say Salamander's
Breath is infested with Zombies. Go there.

Salamander's Breath - Scorching Wind

  They find one of Aramis' pets. It's a Zombie. If you guessed his pet
right, stop trying to be so smart. Laharl thinks he has good taste...
I leave you to make your mind up about that. The way to capture Zombies
is to... uh.... kill them (even though they are already dead...).

|     Scorching Wind      |
|    Zombie    |    x13   |
|    Ghoul     |    x1    |

  Lots of Zombies. Lots and lots. This is a good training spot because of 
the 100+ Exp and 50+ HL. Just use Area of Effect abilities. Be careful with 
the group SW from the start. It won't hit them all. Easy overall though.
  Heal and Save before moving on.

Salamander's Breath - Column of Fire

  Laharl saying Boring is the greeting here. Nice. Etna reveals that Laharl
should start acting more like the late Overlord, King Krochevskoy. She also
says she was picked on (You wouldn't think so the way she is now...) for
being a commoner. She had a pet. Demons killed it. She says she'll just kill
him if he sucks being Overlord. OTT.

|      Column of Fire     |
|    Zombie   |     x7    |
|    Ghoul    |     x2    |
|    Corpse   |     x1    |

  The battle starts with the Zombies right next to you on Red. On the Red, 
they are getting Enemy Boost x3. Painful. This is where tactics come in.
You really have 2 options:

1. (Recommened) Use a Mage with a High spell level to attack the Geo-Symbol.
   Then just finish them off.

2. Make a Dash for the clear area.

The Corpse is quite strong, but you can take it. Heal and Save.

Salamander's Breath - Raging Earth

|      Raging Earth       |
|    Zombie    |    x6    |

  Not many enemies, but looking around the map, it doesn't look good. Your 
guys can't get to the safe side of the map, and your guys will take 20% damage
each turn. Also, you can't use special abilities to get rid of the damage. 
There is a way to do this though. Bring out Etna and send her as far down as 
possible. Then put a generic next to her. Then another generic. Then Laharl.
Get a generic to pick up Laharl, get the next generic to pick up the generic 
who picked up Laharl, and get Etna to pick up the generic who picked up the
generic who picked up Laharl. The stack should look like this:


Use Etna and the next generic to throw straight down, and then use the last 
generic to throw Laharl to the No Entry Geo symbol. Use Laharl to attack the
Geo-Symbol. This may take a few turns. Once the No Entry symbol is destroyed,
Use people to throw other people to the other side of the green line. Use them 
to attack. the zombies are easy. Heal and Save.

Salamander's Breath - Crimson Plains

  Zombies. Laharl asks if he can tear the zombies to shreds.
The kid says he can. Good.

|     Crimson Plains      |
|    Zombie    |    x4    |
|    Ghoul     |    x5    |
|    Corpse    |    x2    |

  Nothing special. Kill them all. Heal and save.

------------Boss Battle--------------
Salamander's Breath - Ember of Dreams

  Zombies. Again. Aramis then spots his Masterpiece -  Superzombie. Nice.
It has lots of cool items, so have your level 100 Rogue with your Stealing 
Hands ready!! This isn't really a boss, per-se, since once you steal his 
items he is as weak as the rest. Yes, you heard him right. It has a 

| Boss - Ember of Dreams  |
|    Zombie   |     x4    |
|    Ghoul    |     x4    |
|    Corpse   |     x3    |
| Superzombie |     x1    |

  The Green panels are annoying. They give a +100 boost to Defense. The
strategy here is to charge one side of the map, protecting your Rogue.
Destroy the 2 Green Geo-symbols, steal from the boss, then eliminate them.
  Aramis adresses Laharl as Your Highness. Laharl is made angry when Etna
twists his words. Aramis will become a vassal when he is older.
  Flonne now talks to herself. End.

=== 5i. Episode 8 - Reincarnation ===== [REI5I] ============

=== 6. Classes / Jobs ===== [CLAS6] =======================
  This section has how to unlock all the generics in the game.
The higher level required for stage, the better that stage is.
It is set out like:

Class Name [Requirement] (Level for each stage)

Male/Female Brawler [default] (5, 12, 25, 50, 100)

Male/Female Warrior [default] (5, 12, 25, 50, 100)

Red/Green/Blue Skulls [default] (5 for all three skulls, 35, 50)

Red/Green/Blue mages [default] (5 for all three mages, 35, 50)

Male/Female Cleric [default] (5, 12, 25, 50, 100)

Archers [Bow Mastery Lv3 for any character] (6, 14, 30, 60, 120)

Scouts [Lv5 Brawler, Lv5 Warrior] (6, 14, 30, 60, 120)

Rogues [Lv5 Brawler, Lv5 Warrior] (6, 14, 30, 60, 120)

Ninja [Lv10 Male Brawler, Lv10 Male Warrior] (7, 18, 37, 75, 150)

Ronins [Lv10 Female Brawler, Lv10 Female Warrior] (7, 18, 37, 75, 150)

Knights [Lv10 Female Warrior, Lv10 Mage] (7, 18, 37, 75, 150)

Recruits [Gun Mastery Lv30 for any character] (10, 25, 50, 100, 200)

Angels [Lv100 Female Cleric, Lv100 Knight, Lv100 Archer] 
       (10, 25, 50, 100, 200)

Majin [Lv200 Male Brawler, Lv200 Male Warrior, Lv200 Ninja,
       Lv200 Scout, Lv200 Rogue] (28, 56, 120, 250, 500)

As a special note, the Ninja and Ronin equation is Brawler Lvl + Warrior Lvl = X
As long as X is 20, you will unlock the class.

I will now explain each class.

Brawlers - Quite Powerful and quite fast but can be a little Brittle.
Warriors - Quite Powerful and has good defences. Quite slow.
Skulls/Mages - Mages like you see in most game. Good Intelligence
               and good SP.
Clerics - A healing class. Needs a spell transferred from a Mage really.
Archers - Not very strong but can attack from afar.
Scouts - Very fun class. Good with Guns. Can mess with Geo-Panels and can
         make a turret which you use to shoot things, but becomes a NPC
         and attacks the closest person/monster.
Rogues - Very weak. Thiefs use Stealing hands to Take things.
Ninjas - Good Attack and Counter, can dodge things.
Ronins - Incredible Attack but a little slow.
Knights - Mixes Magic and Attack.
Recruits - Great Hit and Atk, with good HP. Medium Def.
Angels - Good HP, Atk, Int and Res. Medium Def.
Majin - Awesome at everything.

Special credit goes to Firewiz for Recruits, Angels and Majins help.

=== 7. Monsters ===== [MONS7] =============================

Faerie: Hobbit, Puck, Brownie, Koropokkuru, Liliput, Phooka
Tip: First 3 found easy, Koropokkuru is in the Alternate Netherworld,
     The last 2 are found in the Item World.

Spirit: Ghost, Boggart, Specter, Wraith, Fiend, Phantom
Tip: First 4 are ingame, rest in Item World.

Golem: Golem, Spriggan, Ekim, Djinn, Ullikummi, Gogmagog
Tip: Ekim is in the 6th rank promotion exam, Djinn is in Alternate Netherworld,
     Others found in Item World.

Treant: Man Eater, Oakrot, Treant, Zakkum, Erl King, Yggdrasil
Tip: First 4 are ingame, Zakkum is in Cave of Ordeals, rest in Item World.

Winged: Imp, Gremlin, Agathion, Alp, Incubus, Daemon
Tip: Imp, Gremlin, and Alp are ingame, rest in Item World.

Dark Knight: Killer Armor, Dark Knight, Dullahan, Avenger, Demonic Suit, Executioner
Tip: First 3 are ingame, Demonic Suit is in Alternate Netherworld, 
     rest in Item World.

Lantern: Pumpkin, Decoy, Mandrake, Scarecrow, Jack, Halloween
Tip: First 4 are ingame, last 2 in Item World.

Gargoyle: Gargoyle, Guardian, Nebiros, Balrog, Seth, Pazuzu
Tip: Gargoyle, Guardian, and Balrog are ingame, Nebiros is in Cave of Ordeals, rest in
     Item World.

Shadow: Nightmare, Shade, Lich, Chernobog, Death, Thanatos
Tip: Nightmare, Shade, and Chernobog are ingame, Death is in the Alternate Netherworld
     and the rest are in the Item World.

Serpents: Serpent, Mizuchi, Sea Dragon, Rahab, Leviathan, Midgardsorm
Tip: Serpent is in rank 8 promotion exam, Sea Dragon is ingame, rest in Item World

Galactic Demon: Cyclops, Sentinel, Nataku, Talos, Ravana, Argus
Tip: First 2 are everywhere, Nataku and Talos are in cave of ordeals, Galactic Demons 
     are the final stage of Cave of Ordeal after you beat Rozalin and Adell.

Dragon: Dragon, Fafnir, Nidhogg, Ahzi Dahaka, Tiamat, Bahamut
Tip: First 4 are ingame, Tiamat is in the Alternate Netherworld with Bahamut in
     the Item World

Undead: Zombie, Ghoul, Corpse, Ghast, Wight, Zombie King
Tip: First 3 are everywhere, Wight is in 11 rank promotion exam

Nether Noble: Brute, Death Boar, Minotaur, Humbaba, Arch Demon, Behemoth
Tip: Only Death Boar is found in cave of ordeals

Beast: Manticore, Nue, Myrmecoleo, Chimera, Tao Tieh, Sphinx
Tip: Manticore and Myrmecoleo are ingame, Chimera is in Beauty Castle, 
     and Tao Tieh is Alternate Netherworld. All others in Item World.

Succubus: Empusa, Lilim, Succubus, Carmilla, Hecate, Lilith
Tip: First two are ingame, Succubus is in Cave of Ordeals, Carmilla is in 
     Alternate Netherworld with the last 2 being in the Item World.

Kit Cat: Nekomata, Cait Sith, Werecat, Tailring, Elbacky, Bastet
Tip: Tailring is in the Alternate Netherworld, Neko and Cait are in a lot of places
     with the rest found in the Item World.

Nosferatu: Vampire, Strigoi, Neuntoter, Varcolaci, Nosferatu, Unholy King
Tip: Strigoi and Neuntoter can be found in the Celestia first map after you beat Mid-boss.
     Rest in Item World.

Great Wyrms: Efreet, Shaitan, Marid, Flamberg, Surt, Kagutsuchi
Tip: Shaitan can be found in the 11th promotion exam. Efreet and Flamburg in Beauty Castle, 
     Surt in Baal's place, Marid and Kagutsuchi are in the Item World.

Prinny: Pvt. Prinny, Cpt. Prinny, Gen. Prinny, Prinny King, Prinny God, Prinny Big Sister
Tip: All forms of prinny except the last can be obtained in Prinny Cave. Prinny Big Sister
     is unobtainable - you would have to use a cheating device.

Special credit goes to Xenoe.

=== 8. Endings ===== [ENDI8] ==============================

In this game there are 8 endings. Here they are:

Dark Assembly Ending: Force proposals in the Dark Assembly 50 times, 
                      then finish the game normally.
Etna Heroine Ending: Get at least 100 ally kills before Chapter 5, Stage 4, 
                     then choose to kill Maderas when prompted. 

Flonne Tragedy Ending: Get at least 50 ally kills before Chapter 3, Stage 4, 
                       then choose to kill Hoggmeiser when prompted. 

Good/Best Ending: Complete the game without a single ally kill. 

Item God Ending: Kill an Item God or Item God 2, then finish the game. 

Midboss Ending: Lose to Midboss in Chapter 1, 4, 6 or 10. 

Normal Ending: Finish the game with at least 1 ally kill, and do not fulfil 
               requirements for the 7 other endings. 

Overthrowing Earth Ending: Pass the "Human World" proposal at the Dark Assembly,
                           then complete the Human World stages. 

=== 9. Credits ===== [CRED9] ==================================

  I give my credits to:

Me - For writing the guide
The population of GameFAQs - The board has provided me with a lot of info.
The people who read this guide - For reading this guide.
GameFAQs - For hosting this guide.
Xenoe + Firewiz - For general help.

  That's about it.