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Follow the dark path or use the light
Digimon World DS Pack Shot

Digimon World DS



by HalfMillennium


Copyright 2007 HalfMillennium

This guide is written as a free guide and is not written to make profit.

If you wish to use this guide or any part thereof as a part of your own work,
compilation of works, or any other materials, please contact me with the
request via E-Mail and explain what you wish to use and what you wish to use it
for. The address to contact is HalfMillennium AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk. Replace
"AT" with "@" and "DOT" with "." in the address. Currently, this guide may be
hosted only by GameFAQs (

The information contained in this walkthrough may have errors. 

Please note that the terminology used in this guide referring to Digimon levels
is that of the Japanese system. To make things easier, here is a conversion

Europe/US Level            Japanese Level

In-Training                Baby
Rookie                     Child
Champion                   Adult
Ultimate                   Perfect
Mega                       Ultimate


2007-23-05 (Version 0.3): Walkthrough completed up to start of the Junk

2007-20-06 (Version 0.34): Errors in the SkullGreymon and Devimon strategies
are corrected. Walkthrough up to the section before the Sky Palace.

2007-21-06 (Version 0.39): Walkthrough completed up to the point after the
Baihumon fight of the Hard Mountains.

2007-06-22 (Version 0.391): Walkthrough completed up to start of the Lava


1: Introduction

2: Player's Guide
2.1: Digivolution
2.2: Degeneration
2.3: Battles

3: Walkthrough
3.1: Normal Tamer
3.2: Bronze Tamer
3.3: Silver Tamer
3.4: Gold Tamer (INCOMPLETE)

|                                                                             |
|S E C T I O N   O N E                                                        | 
|                                                                             |
|I N T R O D U C T I O N                                                      |

Digimon Story (known as Digimon Story in most parts, Digimon World DS in the
US) is a really good adventure. However, it's also a difficult one, and with so
much to customise, it can be difficult to decide how to tackle the next
objective. That's where this guide helps. 

Hopefully, this guide will be of use for helping players get through the game,
whether they're playing it now or when the game is released in Europe later in

|                                                                             |
|S E C T I O N   T W O                                                        | 
|                                                                             |
|P L A Y E R ' S   G U I D E                                                  |


Digivolution is, simply put, the process of one Digimon becoming another
Digimon of a higher level. In Digimon Story, Digivolution is achieved by
meeting certain requirements. All Digivolutions have a requirement that the
Digimon must be at or above a certain Level to Digivolve, and many require the
Digimon to have a certain amount of EXP of a certain type. Others have more
unique conditions, such as having a certain Item, having a certain level of
Stress or Friendship or having played the game for a certain number of hours.
The requirements for a Digivolution to happen are explained for each individual
Digivolution, so there's no need to worry about it too much.

There are also some Digimon whom your Digimon can only Digivolve to if you have
"befriended" the Digimon. This means that you must, at some point, have either
had the Digimon itself or had 100% Scan Data for it. Other than with two
exceptions (Beelzemon and Calumon), the only way to do this is by Egg Matching
or by using a special input code.

The advantages of Digivolution are many. A Digimon will, upon Digivolving,
usually get a boost in all Parameters, and on its first time getting to the
level, an Aptitude boost, as well. It gets new traits, sometimes new
Techniques, and, of course, a new appearance.


New to Digimon Story is "Degeneration", which is, effectively, the opposite of
Digivolution. When you reach a certain point in the game, you can "Degenerate"
your Digimon to previous forms at will via the Digivolution menu.

Now, you may be wondering what the point of doing this is. Well, there are a
number of advantages. First, your Digimon's Aptitude will rise when it
Degenerates to a previous form, increasing the maximum Level which it can reach
(up to a maximum of 99). Second, it will have improved Parameters over the
Parameters of a new Digimon of the form it Degenerates to. Say, if you have a
Greymon and you Degenerate him to Koromon, the Koromon resulting from the
Degeneration from Greymon will be a better Digimon than one freshly scanned at
100% Scan Data. Third, it will enable you to use the traits gained from certain
forms for other Digivolution lines, and also makes it an option to change
Digivolution lines. So for instance, if you Degenerate a MachGaogamon to
Tsunomon, you can raise Tsunomon into a MetalGarurumon with MachGaogamon's
inherited traits.

Degeneration can also make some otherwise impossible Digivolutions available.
So, let's say you have a Tsunomon which you want to Digivolve to Dracmon.
Dracmon, aside from requiring 700+ DAR EXP, requires a minimum Level of 12.
Tsunomon starts off with an Aptitude level of 10, meaning that he can only
reach Level 10 without having to Digivolve. However, if he Digivolves to Gaomon
or Gabumon and Degenerates back to Tsunomon, he gains 2 Aptitude points. This
means that he can now easily reach Level 12 and Digivolve to Dracmon, plus it
will have the advantages of the traits and inherited Parameter boosts gained
from being Gaomon or Gabumon.

This may sound confusing, but read it through and you'll soon get the idea.

The number of Aptitude Points gained depends on how many phases your Digimon
Degenerates through, as detailed here...


One         +2
Two         +5
Three       +10
Four        +20


Child           Baby             +2
Adult           Child            +2
Adult           Baby             +5
Perfect         Adult            +2
Perfect         Child            +5
Perfect         Baby             +10
Ultimate        Perfect          +2
Ultimate        Adult            +5
Ultimate        Child            +10
Ultimate        Baby             +20

   2.3: BATTLES

The battle system in Digimon Story is fairly simple, but effective.

The battlefield is depicted with five "Zones", which, for simplicity, are
referred to in the Walkthrough as Zone 1 (left), Zone 2 (middle-left), Zone 3
(central), Zone 4 (middle-right) and Zone 5 (right). Except for a select few
bosses, each Digimon occupies one Zone.

When an attacking Technique is used, it fires at the designated Zone or Zones.
Some Techniques only strike one Zone (Charge, Frothy Spit) while others target
two or more (Straight Punch, Giga Blaster). Some have a fixed range and attack
certain Zones (Wall Of Ice, Darkness Zone), and some can strike multiple times
for the same Zone or even for different Zones (Harpoon Torpedo, Giga Cannon).
There are even Techniques which can strike all Zones (Terra Force is one).
Positioning Digimon strategically in the battlefield can help you to avoid
Techniques by moving them closer together or making spaces. However, it is
vital to take another element to mind, which brings us on to the following bit.

Another element to battles is support abilities. When a Digimon is right next
to another, it will be supported by the Digimon next to it. This means that the
support ability of the Digimon next to it will give a boost to one of the
Digimon's Parameters or other statistics. You can check your Digimon's support
ability by checking its traits.

|                                                                             |
|S E C T I O N   T H R E E                                                    | 
|                                                                             |
|W A L K T H R O U G H                                                        |


---/REAL WORLD\---

The story begins with your character sneaking into school after home time,
hoping to investigate rumours of mysterious computer monsters. A quick search
of the Web reveals information on "Digital Monsters". After a mysterious world
appears following another search of the Web, you receive an E-Mail. Before you
can think about it, you are without warning warped into the Digimon World!


Upon arrival, you notice a mysterious device around your neck. Before you can
check what it is, you hear a voice, before heading to the next area.

Here, you see a group of Digimon watching a larger Digimon. He introduces
himself as ClavisAngemon (ClvsAngemon), and initiates a fight with the Mamemon
next to him. Soon, you realise that these are the Digital Monsters you've heard
of! ClvsAngemon reviews the lesson so far with the other Digimon, explaining
the various phases which Digimon go through as they Digivolve, and the basics
of how Digivolution works. He then indicates that Digimon need Tamers to raise
them correctly. They all regroup and head off via a teleporter pad. You follow.


When you arrive, you immediately realise the differences between where you were
and this city. This city-like environment is Digi-Central, the central area of
the Digital World where Digimon gather and live. Terriermon explains the basics
of Digi-Central and the Tamer Union, and gives you directions to the Union
Office. Before you head there, speak to the Andromon nearby. When you're ready,
follow the path near Terriermon to proceed to the Tamer Union.

Here, you will bump into a Tamer (or rather, he will bump into you). This Tamer
is Kazuya, another new Tamer. Kazuya explains the basics of Digi-Farms, and
allows you to see his, containing a Tsunomon, Goburimon and Gabumon. You will
proceed into the Tamer Union.

As soon as you enter, a man in a lab coat approaches you and reveals himself to
be a Digimon researcher by the name of Haruhiko Kogure (or "Mr. Gure"). He
reveals how you got here, before sharing his dream of peace and coexistence
between humans and Digimon. Say you understand what you have to do to be
friends with your Digimon, and he will offer to introduce you to the leader of
the Digimon.

The leader of the Digimon turns out to be ClvsAngemon! He reveals that this
area of the Digital World is new, so many of the Digimon are still wild and
untamed. He wants Tamers to raise their Digimon to help make the place great.
He then explains the basics of the Tamer Rank system, and what it does. Of
course, if you get to the top, you'll be able to have a really rare Digimon as
a Partner. Mr. Gure leaves, and CV Angemon begins your registration process
with Agumon.

Now, you can register as a Tamer and (good bit coming) get your first Partner
Digimon! Agumon reveals that the device around your neck is a Digivice, before
explaining how it works (and how you can get more Partner Digimon using Scan
Data) and giving you a choice of three Partner Digimon. Read on for some advice
in selecting your first Partner Digimon now.

When you've chosen your first Partner Digimon, you'll receive a call from an
Observer Digimon. Head for the Reader Room (where you were before registering)
and ClvsAngemon will introduce you to the Observer Digimon for Normal Tamers,
Azulongmon! Azulongmon talks for a bit about the roles of the Observer Digimon,
before setting you a task - completing it will provide you with your very first
Digi-Farm! You have to go to the Data Forest region (where you first arrived)
and obtain 100% Scan Data to create one new Digimon. He then reveals that your
HP and MP are fully recovered upon your return to Digi-Central, and you set off
for the Data Forest again!

Before you do, be sure to speak to anyone around here. Azulongmon and
ClvsAngemon give you useful help, while in the lobby, Agumon will fully explain
the Tamer System if you ask him. Two human Tamers are here, and if you head
right, Reppamon will explain how the multiplayer system of the game works,
while Gatomon runs the games themselves. As a Normal Tamer, you need to improve
before you can access them. Further on is another Tamer, while Mr. Gure is
standing next to a mysterious device. He explains how the Tamer Points system
works, and says he will give you a Scale for your Digi-Farm when you accumulate
50 Tamer Points. When you've spoken to everyone, head to the lobby again and
out of the Tamer Union. Masaru has some vaguely useful information. When you've
spoken to him, head to the main plaza of Digi-Central to proceed.

Stand on the green teleporter pad. Terriermon will explain how server addresses
work, before you head to Data Forest!


Proceed until you hear a Digimon asking for help. Gaomon and Calumon appear,
being chased by Goburimon. Gaogamon offers you a quick lesson in how to battle,
before your first fight begins!

This isn't really even a boss fight as such; just attack him with whatever you
have available to you, and he should be defeated in two hits. His Straight
Punches won't do much damage to you, so don't worry. Your rewards are 2 BST EXP
Points, 15 BITS, 5kg of food and a HP Chip S.

Gaogamon rewards you for winning with 100% Scan Data for Poyomon. Gaogamon goes
back to Digi-Central, and Azulongmon contacts you to inform you that you now
have a Digi-Farm! Calumon becomes the Digi-Farm's master, and you head back to


Terriermon explains how to get to the Digi-Farm when you arrive. Use the purple
teleporter pad to get there now.


Calumon will explain how the Digi-Farm works if you wish. Soon, Azulongmon
calls you again, and emphasises the importance of understanding how Digi-Farms
work. He then sets you a new task - head to the Data Forest and see what
Gabumon is up to. He then gives you the option to name your Digi-Farm. Name it
as you wish, and you'll be able to create your new Poyomon!

To create your new Poyomon, highlight the "Digimon" menu option and then
"Digiconvert". You'll see a list of all the Digimon you've encountered in
battles and through Digivolution so far - at the moment, only three appear. You
have 100% Scan Data for Poyomon, and 0% Scan Data for your Partner Digimon and
Goburimon. Select Poyomon, and Digiconvert the Scan Data! Give your new Digimon
a name, return to the "Digimon" menu and select "Digimon List". Select Poyomon,
select "Change Location" and "Put In Party". Your Poyomon is now in your team,
ready to go! With Poyomon now in your team, you can exit the Digi-Farm and


In Digi-Central, head straight for the green teleporter pad. Off to Data


Enemy Digimon: Koromon/Tsunomon/Tanemon, Poyomon, Goburimon, Betamon

This is your first proper visit to a field. There are random battles here. Your
exit from the first area is to the left of where you warp in. The next area is
small, with the exit easily visible to the right.

In the next area, head down to the rocks and use them to cross the river.
Gabumon is a short way ahead. Speak to him, and he explains his dilemma - he is
the Equipment Staff for the Union. While transporting new equipment to
Digi-Central, he dropped an Item called the Bronze Plate. He's afraid to look
for it in the areas up ahead because of the Ogremon in the area. He clears the
way when you agree to get it for him. Before you go there, though, do some
training. Your first boss fight is coming up, and the enemy Digimon are more
difficult to defeat. Train to Level 5, where your Digimon will learn the
"Frothy Spit" Technique, before proceeding.

Up here, Goburimon will fight in random battles - his Straight Punches can
attack both of your Digimon at once. You can also fight your first Partner
Digimon and Poyomon in the same fight. There is a chest near the exit
containing a Revive S. Head through into the next area, and you may spot
Ogremon lumbering around in an arena up ahead of you. Save the game when you
reach the purple square - these devices are indicators that a boss fight is
coming up ahead. Proceed, and try to collect the Bronze Plate. Boss fight!

   /BOSS FIGHT: OGREMON                                                    \
  /Rewards: 22 BST EXP, 60 BITS, 15kg food                                  \
 /Techniques: Straight Punch, Solid Bone                                     \
|Solid Bone is a fairly strong attack which strikes both of your Digimon. Even|
|so, for an Adult Digimon, Ogremon is easy. Three rounds of Frothy Spit should|
|see him off. Hopefully, this fight will bring your two Digimon to Level 6.   |

Ogremon escapes, so you can collect the Bronze Plate. Head back to Gabumon to
return it to him. He will give you the Bronze Plate as a reward. Follow him
back to Digi-Central, but on the way, train to Level 7.


Straight to the Digi-Farm.


Calumon will speak to you, and Azulongmon will set you a task which will, upon
completion, grant you the Bronze Tamer Rank. His enigmatic message is explained
quite vaguely by Calumon, who asks for a Digi-Cake. Apparently, they make them
on Training Peak.

Before you go there, though, take a moment to think.

Depending on your choice of your first Partner Digimon, you may be ready to
start Digivolving. At Level 7, Tsunomon can Digivolve to Gabumon, raising his
Parameters considerably and giving you your first glimpse of Garurumon on his
Digivolution Chart - a worthwhile Digivolution indeed! You can wait for Gaomon
if you wish, but Gabumon is better for this stage of the game. Dracmon requires
700+ DRK EXP, and is completely out of your range. You can also see the Adult
forms of these two Child Digimon (Gaogamon and Sangloupmon) on the Digivolution
Chart with Gabumon! If you want Gaomon as well, use your Scan Data (of which
you should have over 100% by this point) to Digiconvert another Tsunomon with
which to Digivolve to Gaomon. With the other two, it's still very worthwhile to
get a second version of the Digimon to raise on a different Digivolution line.

Be aware that Training Peak is much more difficult than Data Forest. Consider
letting your first Partner Digimon sit in the Digi-Farm while your Poyomon
trains to Level 9 in the Data Forest (plus your second version of your first
Partner Digimon), and at Level 9, Poyomon can Digivolve to Gomamon.

In general, the Levels which your Digimon have immediately following
Digivolution should be high enough to make Training Peak relatively easy.


Enemy Digimon: Tokomon, Patamon, Gotsumon, Kotemon

Upon your arrival, climb the ladder in front of you onto a higher ledge.
Follow this ledge until it dips and leads you to another ladder. Climb down
this down and proceed to the right to move to the next area. Keep going until
you see the Digi-Cake. Collect it.

Of course, it isn't that easy. Two tamers appear in the form of Kain and
Tomomi. Fortunately, help arrives before you can battle. The Tamer turns out
to be Yuji. He reveals that the Tamers are "Bad Tamers", Tamers who use Digimon
as a means of gaining power as opposed to being friends (Analogman would be
proud...). Yuji goes on to explain a few things about Digi-Farms and
Digivolution. When he leaves, make your way back to Digi-Central for now.


Head for the Digi-Farm.


Calumon thanks you for the Digi-Cake, and says that your other Digimon may ask
for you to do things for them as well. Just as you're ready to go, an alarm
sounds - something has entered the Digi-Farm that shouldn't be there! It turns
out to be BlackAgumon, who challenges you to a battle. Exit the Digi-Farm.


Before you head to Training Peak again, explore Digi-Central.

To the right is the Shop, where you can buy Items. There is a chest up a long
ladder with a handy MP Chip S. To get through the entrance guarded by Dorumon
and to get to the Arena which Leomon guards, you'll need a higher Tamer Rank.

To the left is the Farm Shop, where you can buy new Digi-Farms and upgrade any
Digi-Farms you now have. You can buy Items for them here, as well. There is
also a chest with a HP Chip S here.

When you've explored the area and know where's where, teleport to Training
Peak again.


Go ahead until you reach the area where you stopped last time. Run forward and
up the ramp. You can fight Gotsumons here, which are actually quite profitable
to fight. Proceed down the ladder and follow the path out of this area. Up
ahead, you'll see an arch - go through, and proceed to a chest with a Card Key.
Return to the arch. Climb the ladder and climb another one on this ledge,
follow another ledge and climb down another ladder, and proceed. Climb down up
yet another ladder, follow the ledges down and climb the ladder. Approach the
edge, and drop off. Collect the Fire Robe Alpha from the chest, drop off, and 
head for the doors. Use your Card Key to get through, and proceed. Climb the
ladder, and save your game ready for the fight with BlackAgumon.

Speak to BlackAgumon, and after a conversation about the necessity of Tamers,
he begins the fight against you and your "Weakmon"!
   /BOSS FIGHT: BLACKAGUMON                                                \
  /Rewards: 30 DRA EXP, 84 BITS, 20kg food, Sharp Swd                       \
 /Techniques: Pepper Breath                                                  \
|BlackAgumon is certainly the most difficult opponent yet, so be on your      |
|guard. His Pepper Breath attacks can hit you for a lot of damage, so be ready|
|to heal if necessary. He has a lot of HP, so expect a longer fight than      |
|you've had before. He shouldn't take more than a minute or so to defeat, and |
|can be defeated in two rounds with a good team of Digimon. It's worth noting |
|that he is very likely to get the first strike.                              |

With BlackAgumon defeated, he says he will improve next time. You will
automatically return to Azulongmon.



Azulongmon tells you that the Digimon have acknowledged your abilities as a
Tamer, and you become a Bronze Tamer! Now Adult Digimon are yours to command
and Digivolve! You now meet the Digimon Observer of Bronze Tamers, Ebonwumon.
Ebonwumon also gives you a free Digi-Farm of your choice - Dragon, Beast or
Insect. Each corresponds to a first Partner Digimon (Dragon = Koromon, Beast =
Tsunomon, Insect = Tanemon), so unless you plan to vary your Digimon (it might
happen positively as a result of Digivolution into a new form!), choose the one
which corresponds to your first Partner Digimon. Ebonwumon informs you that you
can now own up to 4 Digi-Farms. He then reveals that Adult Digimon are now
available to you. He also gives you your task for becoming a Silver Tamer - to
locate the Digimon researcher, Phil. You can now name your new Digi-Farm, and
leave to set out.

However, first, speak to Mr. Gure. You should, by now, have the necessary Tamer
Points for the Scale. He'll give you a Tooth Scmt at 200 Tamer Points (useful
for your Gomamon!).

Exit the Tamer Union, and start asking around for information on where Phil
might be. If you want to do this fast, the person you need to speak to is Euno,
in the Farm Shop. She has seen the Partner Digimon (Biyomon) of Phil's sister,
Ellie. Biyomon is just outside the Tamer Union. Speak to her, and she reveals
her name to be Peory. Apparently, Ellie has just left, looking for Phil by
herself. Peory says that Ellie may have gone to the Steamy Jungle, and gives
you the address.

Before you go gallavanting off to the Steamy Jungle, train. Make sure all of
your Digimon are at the Level 12 mark at least (preferably Level 13). They
can reach Level 14 as we go.


Enemy Digimon: Wormmon, Floramon, Terriermon, Kuwagamon

Start off by going right, take a left through the trees, and climb the vine.
Move ahead into the next area. Straight through this area, and up another vine.
You can head right here if you wish, but we can leave that for now. Head up the
vine and along the narrow ledges. In the next area, keep going left until you
reach another vine, which you can, and should, climb. Follow the path to yet
another vine, climb it for the MP Chip T. Drop off and return to the vine, but
instead of going up it, head right. Head through the swampy area here, and
keep going. The next area looks different - a sure sign that a boss fight is
coming up soon! You'll hear a scream. Climb the spider's web and save the game
on the purple square. Climb the next webs and prepare for a boss fight...

The emitter of the scream is staring at an Arukenimon. Arukenimon, typically,
decides to fight.

   /BOSS FIGHT: ARUKENIMON                                                 \
  /Rewards: 65 INS EXP, 176 BITS, 40kg food                                 \
 /Techniques: Metallic Ball, Synchro-Blast, Rain Of Pollen                   \
|Prepare for a long boss fight. Arukenimon has much more HP than BlackAgumon, |
|and more Techniques to use. Metallic Ball has a chance of causing the Stun   |
|status effect, while Synchro-Blast hits everyone who isn't in Zone 3. Rain Of|
|Pollen hits two Zones, and can lower attack power for each Digimon it hits.  |
|The best way to take on Arukenimon is to use Gomamon in a support role; Iron |
|Shell can be used to boost an ally's defensive power, and Gomamon can use    |
|Items while your other two Digimon attack with their most powerful           |
|Techniques. Gabumon's and Gaomon's Karate Punch is a good one to use. It'll  |
|take a while, but Arukenimon will eventually be out.                         |

Arukenimon disappears. It turns out that Arukenimon's prey was actually going
to be Ellie! Upon hearing that you're here on Ebonwumon's direct instructions,
Ellie says that Phil may have gone to the Forbidden Land. You return to


You don't have to look far to get a good source of information! Andromon says
that a Black Agumon he recently saw has been there. Off to Training Peak, then!


New Enemy Digimon: Aquilamon, Tapirmon, Guardromon

Very little has changed, other than the enemy Digimon. You can now fight
Aquilamons here (22 BRD EXP, 75 BITS, 20kg food), who can appear on their own
in Zone 3 or in Zones 2 and 4 with a Patamon in Zone 3. They use Laser Blast.
Another new Digimon is Guardromon (22 MAC EXP, 75 BITS, 20kg food), who can
appear in Zone 3 with a Patamon in Zone 2. It uses Straight Punch, and has a
lot of HP. It's worth getting 100% Scan Data for this Digimon. Kotemon now
fights in Zone 2 with Gotsumon in Zone 3. Other than that, the way to
BlackAgumon is the same as before. Not so for BlackAgumon, however...

BlackAgumon has kept true to his word of improving himself before you fight him
again. Save as usual before approaching, and speak to...DarkTyrannomon!

   /BOSS FIGHT: DARKTYRANNOMON                                             \
  /Rewards: 60 DAR EXP, 165 BITS, 35kg food                                 \
 /Techniques: Razor Claws, Dark Blast                                        \
|DarkTyrannomon is much more powerful than before. This might be the first    |
|boss fight which you have difficulties with. Razor Claws is bad enough, but  |
|Dark Blast seems to rip right through your defensive power, inflicting about |
|120 damage at maximum! Employ similar strategies to the ones you used for    |
|Arukenimon, and after a long boss fight, DarkTyrannomon will eventually be   |
|KO'd.                                                                        |

DarkTyrannomon reveals that the Forbidden Land is the Chrome Mine. However, you
need the Digi-Egg of Miracles to get there, and to get that, you'll need to
vist Pandamon in the Sheer Valley. You automatically return to Digi-Central.

But, seriously, before you go there, TRAIN!

You should note that at this point, the random battles start getting more
difficult. Make sure your Digimon are in the 15-17 Level range before heading
for the Sheer Valley.


Enemy Digimon: Tyrannomon, Dinohumon, Renamon, Monzaemon, Airdramon

If your first Partner Digimon is Koromon or Tsunomon, feel free to get a
Renamon here - you'll soon be able to get a Tanemon using it.

NOTE: There are many paths branching off from the main route here. This
walkthrough will show you how to get through the whole thing without

Start off by following the walkways until you reach a ladder. Go past the
ladder, and keep going until you reach a fork. Take the right path, climb the
ladder, and go left. Climb the ladder, and open the chest for a DigivolveDisk.
Over the bridge, climb the ladder, cross a small bridge, and speak to Pandamon.

Pandamon will ask you two questions. The answers are "Red" and "Gatomon". You
receive the Miracle DE.


Try to use the teleporter pad to reach the Chrome Mine. It doesn't work.
Terriermon reveals why. Terriermon asks Pandamon what's going on, and Pandamon
explains. You now have to head to the Drain Tunnel to take on the Digimon who
caused this confusion in the first place!

You may have scraped through the Sheer Valley, but the Drain Tunnel is even
more difficult. Train all of your Digimon to AT LEAST Level 19. This may seem
excessive, but bear in mind that you have the Chrome Mine coming up after this
area. If you wish, you can use the first area of the Drain Tunnel to train.

Before you go too far, it's a good idea to start Digivolving to your Adult
forms when you can. This will provide a great Level and Parameter boost, and
most of the Digimon available to you (except Gomamon, who has to get to Level
22 to Digivolve to Ikkakumon) will be able to Digivolve before Level 20. Don't
worry too much about Digivolving Gomamon just yet, focus on Digivolving at
least one, preferably two, other Digimon to their Adult forms now. You can use
the first area of the Drain Tunnel to train.


Enemy Digimon: Sukamon, Gizamon, Otamamon, Dragomon, Hagurumon

If you go left, you'll arrive at an area which you cannot pass due to the
running sewage. Instead, go right. Cross the bridge over the water and head to
the right. Turn the valve on the nearby pipe to turn off the running water
flowing through, before using the ladder to reach another one. With both of
them turned off, return to the bridge and head left. Follow the path into
a large room, and keep going around until you get to another valve to turn.
Yet another valve is just across the bridge here. Keep going, down the ramp and
back into the central section, follow the path and climb the ladder. Head over
where you couldn't go before - you can see a chest, but there are two sets of
pipes in your way. Keep going into the next area, use two more valves, cross
the bridge, climb down the ladder, and head right. Save at the purple square.

Heal up, and go over the bridge, up the ramp, and speak to PltSukamon. He lets
slip that he does have the real Miracle DE. Boss fight!

   /BOSS FIGHT: PLATINUMSUKAMON                                            \
  /Rewards: 76 MAC EXP, 213 BITS, 45kg food                                 \
 /Techniques: Stinky Paradise, Metal Bomber                                  \
|The only thing you have to watch out for here is Metal Bomber, which hits two|
|Zones for a lot of damage. Spreading out your Digimon may help, but it's not |
|really necessary. A few attacks should see PltSukamon off.                   |

PltSukamon gives you the real Miracle DE as you warp to Digi-Central.


Before you even think about heading to Chrome Mine, stock up on Items. 25 MP
Chips should be enough, plus a few HP Chips, and spend the remaining BITS on
Revive Items for your team - they'll be useful. Do some training, as well -
make sure everyone is at least Level 24 before you tackle the Chrome Mine. The
first area of the Chrome Mine is absolutely fantastic for training (especially
if you need DAR EXP!), so use that.


Enemy Digimon: Impmon, PawnChessmon (Black), DemiDevimon, Bakemon

You can see where you need to be from where you start, but you can only get
there by going the long way. Start by heading right into the next area of the
Chrome Mine. It's very linear through the next few areas you'll go through, so
keep going until you reach a ladder to climb down. Do so, and take the exit
next to the way you entered. At the junction, go south and keep going until you
reach another ladder. Climb down it, head left, and keep going until you get to
a blue chest. Chests which aren't red require a much higher Tamer Rank before
you can open them, so you may wish to return at some point. Go through the gap
up ahead and through another gap. Save your game at the purple square.

Up ahead, it looks like you can drop off to get an Item. As you approach, you
begin a scene in which you finally catch up with Phil! Phil says that you need
to get out before the boss gets back. Unfortunately, you're not quick enough.
Enter Machinedramon...

Machinedramon clearly doesn't have any idea when to give up. He's been a major
villain in the series for a long time, and with Analogman out of the way, he's
free to be his own boss. Machinedramon isn't going to let you save the day...or
is he? Right at that moment, DarkTyrannomon turns up to fight Machinedramon! Cue
fight scene (you might recognise the battle music here!). Of course,
Machinedramon wins with little difficulty. You have no choice but to stay put
for now.

Apparently, he's researching ways of making himself even more powerful (hmm...
could that have something to do with Burst Mode, by any chance?), and that's why
he needs Phil's help. He also reveals a bit about his new boss, before Phil
decides to bargain with him to let you go. Naturally, Machinedramon is tricked.
Again. Time to fight SkullGreymon!

   /BOSS FIGHT: SKULLGREYMON                                               \
  /Rewards: 174 DAR EXP, 599 BITS, 70kg food, Skull Mace                    \
 /Techniques: Razor Claws, Touch Of Evil                                     \
|Fighting SkullGreymon has become something of a tradition in the Digimon     |
|games, appearing as a boss in Digimon World and again in Digimon World X.    |
|Digimon Story sees you fighting the ferocious fossil yet again, but remember |
| - this is Machinedramon we're dealing with here, not the SkullGreymon of    |
|previous Digimon games.                                                      |
|                                                                             |
|Anyway, SkullGreymon is the most powerful opponent so far, make no bones     |
|about it (groan). What you may immediately notice that's different here in   |
|comparison to previous boss fights is that SkullGreymon occupies three Zones |
|(Zones 2, 3 and 4). He takes damage if ANY of these three Zones are attacked,|
|even at the same time. This means that attacks which can strike more than one|
|Zone, like Gaogamon's Power Rush, Garurumon's Wall Of Ice and perhaps even   |
|Straight Punch are much more effective. One Digimon who truly shines here is |
|Ikkakumon - Evil Wave and Harpoon Torpedo are both very effective against    |
|SkullGreymon, doing massive damage.                                          |
|                                                                             |
|SkullGreymon's Razor Claws Technique does mild damage, and Touch Of Evil does|
|good damage to two Digimon. As long as you have the right Techniques and     |
|you've put effort into your Digimon, you shouldn't have too many difficulties|
|with SkullGreymon. You receive 599 BITS and many other great prizes for      |
|winning this super-boss fight.                                               |

SkullGreymon leaves, and Phil explains how he was able to cause Machinedramon
to Degenerate to SkullGreymon. You return to Digi-Central.



Ebonwumon congratulates you, and Phil gives the Return Chip he used on
Machinedramon to you. You can now Degenerate your Digimon as you see fit!
Ebonwumon makes you a Silver Tamer, and says that he has no idea who the
mysterious Unknown-D is. He assures you that you shouldn't worry, and you are
introduced to the Digimon Observer of Silver Tamers, Baihumon!

Baihumon reveals that you can now control Perfect Digimon. He gives you your
next task, to raise a Pagumon who doesn't get on with anyone. Head to the
Digi-Farm to start doing this!

Before that, get some Items.


Your first conversation with Pagumon doesn't achieve very much. He says that he
doesn't need a Tamer to raise him (hmm...where have we heard that before?). To
go on, you'll have to return to the Digi-Farm. Pagumon now requests for you to
take him to the Steamy Jungle.


If you need supplies, get them, because Steamy Jungle is a lot more difficult
this time around. If not, just head straight there.


New Enemy Digimon: Lopmon, Grizzmon, WereGarurumon (Black)

As soon as you arrive, Pagumon decides to go and play. Chase him. Go to the
nearby vine and climb it, and enter the next area. Through the area, and into
the next area, where Pagumon is. Speak to him. It turns out that he ate this
flower, and it gave him a tummyache. Calumon calls you to tell you what to do.
Climb the nearby vine and pass the next vine. In the next area, you can open
the blue chest up a couple of vines for a Daoina Helm. Return to the vine and
climb it as you did before. Follow the narrow ledge into the next area and
climb the vine, before going into the next area. Go through this area, and
in the next area, you'll see the Antidote Nut in the swampy area. Return to
Pagumon with the Antidote Nut and give it to him.

Pagumon decides to be your friend. Return to Digi-Central.


To the Digi-Farm!


Pagumon decides to take a rest. Calumon alerts you to someone coming - Ellie.
Ellie and Pagumon introduce themselves to each other. Unfortunately, Pagumon
accidentally causes a slight mishap. Pagumon wants to put things right, and you
are to accompany him to Packet Swamp.

Before you go, train some more. Go back to the Chrome Mine and train everyone
to Level 25-26 at least if they're not there by now. Level 27 is good.

If you haven't experimented with new DigiConverted Digimon recently, have a
look at what you can use now. You've probably got at least 700% Scan Data for
PawnChessmon (Black) by now, and you should be able to get 999% during your
training. It's a good idea to DigiConvert a Digimon as soon as it reaches 999%
Scan Data, even if you don't plan to use it soon. This way, it can occupy the
Digi-Farm and slowly increase its statistics while any other Scan Data you
receive for the Digimon goes toward Digi-Converting your next one. You should
also think about Digi-Converting Terriermon and Goburimon or Tyrannomon - you
can Degenerate Tyrannomon to Goburimon if you wish. Another one you should
have is Wormmon - the Digimon has several really good Digivolutions, and you
can use it to get Megadramon now!


Enemy Digimon: Gekomon, Crabmon, Blossomon, Veggiemon, Stingmon

This area can be confusing. This is the quickest way through. From the
beginning, head south, then right to take the whirlpool. Next, take the
closest whirlpool when you arrive, then go left for another one. Head north
for another whirlpool, then follow the path until it splits. Head south to
follow another whirlpool. Do not take the whirlpool after this. Save and
heal at the purple square.

Up ahead, speak to ShogunGekomon. He sets his guardians on you.

   /BOSS FIGHT: GEKO GUARDIANS                                             \
  /Rewards: 176 AQU EXP, 372 BITS, 90kg food                                \
 /Techniques: Devil's Tongue                                                 \
|Not really much of a boss fight, they're not much different to others of     |
|their species. However, you should note that you cannot heal or Digivolve    |
|between this fight and the inevitable ShogunGekomon fight.                   |

With the guardians out, ShogunGekomon decides to do it himself.
   /BOSS FIGHT: SHOGUNGEKOMON                                              \
  /Rewards: 299 AQU EXP, 1057 BITS, 210kg food, Orc Dagger                  \
 /Techniques: Musical Fist, Instant Freezer, Compost Hurler                  \
|ShogunGekomon is a lot faster than he may look. As with SkullGreymon, he     |
|takes up more than one Zone (Zones 3 and 4), so multi-Zone targeting attacks |
|are very effective. Instant Freezer is a strong attack against one Digimon,  |
|while Musical Fist is a strong attack against three Zones next to each other.|
|It may help if you move your Digimon into Zones 1, 3 and 5 - if they're in   |
|Zones 1, 2 and 3, just move the one in Zone 2 to make it easier. Compost     |
|hits one Digimon twice. It's a difficult fight, and it may take a few goes.  |
|If you're struggling, there is one technique you can use - you can use a     |
|DigivolveDisk to make the battle a little bit easier. When you eventually win|
|this fight, you receive a lot!                                               |

ShogunGekomon gives up, and agrees to live in peace with the native Gotsumons.
Gotsumaru and Gotsky arrive and give you a Star Piece. You warp to


Go and speak to Ellie, who is outside the Farm and Goods shop with Peory.
Pagumon gives the Star Piece to Ellie. A brief conversation with Pagumon, and
you are interrupted by a mysterious Digimon. He reveals himself to be Alphamon.
Alphamon gives both of you another dose of the almost Analogman-like doctrines
that Digimon should be all about strength (in fact, this whole conversation is
almost a flashback to the conversation before the Machinedramon fight in
Digimon World). Alphamon leaves, saying that Digimon don't need humans helping
them. Pagumon advises you to head for the Digi-Farm for a rest, and you should
do it.


Calumon greets you, before Phil arrives in a panic. Please welcome another
classic Digimon villain - Devimon! Devimon has Ellie, and he'll give her to you
if you bring Pagumon to him at the Drain Tunnel. You return immediately to


You shouldn't need any more training - Drain Tunnel isn't much harder - but it
might help if at least one of your Digimon is at Perfect level (WereGarurumon
is a fairly early Perfect). Head for the Packet Swamp to train if you wish. Any
reserve Digimon in the team should be at Adult level before you go to Drain
Tunnel again. This might be a good point to take the reserve Digimon to train
without the rest of the team - it'll give them battle experience while the rest
of the team enjoys the Digi-Farm. In fact, it may be a good idea to take your
reserve Digimon to the Drain Tunnel as the main members of the team.

Regardless, when you're ready, get the team ready to go, and set off to Drain


New Enemy Digimon: Hookmon, Seadramon, PlatinumSukamon

The waters are still deactivated, so just follow the way to where you fought
PlatinumSukamon. On your way, watch out for the rather disturbing Raremon, and
a new enemy, Hookmon. What you should really watch out for is five (yes, five)
Seadramons in one battle. Individually, they're fairly easy, but five can be a
difficult fight. Try to start at one side and work across to win. The 490 BITS
and other things are certainly worth it! Seadramon is a Digimon worth getting
as well, and it may be worth getting Hagurumon if you haven't already got
enough Scan Data for it. You can open the previously inaccessible blue chest
as well now - good if you have a Machine Digimon.

Around Devimon, PlatinumSukamon appears in random battles, but it's easier to
defeat at this point (it still has a lot of HP for it). At the boss alert
square, heal and save. Cross the bridge and speak to Devimon. Devimon reveals
that he is working for Unknown-D, and reveals Unknown-D's basic plan. Have a
think about it while you prepare to fight...

   /BOSS FIGHT: DEVIMON & KURISARIMONS                                     \
  /Rewards: 248 DAR EXP, 759 BITS, 175kg food                               \
 /Devimon's Techniques: Touch Of Evil, Razor Claws, Devil's Whisper          \
|Kurisarimons' Techniques: Razor Claws                                        |
|Devimon fights with two Kurisarimons. The Kurisarimons are easily beaten by  |
|Techniques which target one or both of them as well as Devimon. Devimon, as a|
|Digimon whom you can use, only takes up on Zone. Devil's Whisper hits two    |
|Zones and causes confusion (space your Digimon effectively). Devimon isn't as|
|difficult as ShogunGekomon, so you should win without too much of a fight.   |

Devimon gives a subtle clue about Pagumon before Ellie appears and offers to
cook for you, which Pagumon likes. You warp to the Digi-Farm.


Having eaten, your character finally gets what Devimon has been saying. Pagumon
is Black Agumon, having degenerated after being defeated by Machinedramon.
Baihumon calls and asks you to bring Pagumon to him now.


Head to the Tamer Union and Baihumon's room. When you arrive, speak to Baihumon
for a long conversation about Pagumon, Unknown-D and Alphamon. Leave the Tamer
Union, and Kain and Tomomi will appear.

Pagumon reveals that Tomomi was raising him, but she treated him badly and made
him fight too much. Kain gives you a lot more of his typical speech, and Tomomi
expresses her disgust at Pagumon. They leave, and Pagumon thinks, before
soon suggesting that you could head back to the Digi-Farm. Do so.


Pagumon asks for a bit of space to think. Soon, you're alerted by Calumon that
Pagumon has run off. He's headed for the Mangrove Woods. Return to


Before you go to Mangrove Woods, train a lot. All of your Digimon should be at
least Level 32 - higher if Digivolutions cause it to be. Any Digimon who can
Digivolve to its Perfect level at Level 32 or lower should do so - Digimon who
take longer (such as Ikkakumon) can wait. 


Enemy Digimon: Kokatorimon, Kiwimon, Parrotmon, Penguinmon

Start by heading east - the other way takes you to a chest you can open with a
higher Tamer Rank. Head south, and follow the path until you see two routes
running next to each other. Take the one you get to first, and follow this way
until you see one path leading into a set of trees. Follow, and you see the
rather ominous purple square. Heal and save.

Up ahead, Pagumon is under attack from a Kiwimon and two Penguinmons. They are
commanded to attack by Deramon.

   /BOSS FIGHT: KIWIMON & PENGUINMONS                                      \
  /Rewards: 128 BRD EXP, 469 BITS, 110kg food                               \
 /Penguinmons' Techniques: Eternal Slapping                                  \
|Kiwimon's Techniques: Razor Claws                                            |
|Similar to the Gekomon fight before ShogunGekomon. These three aren't much   |
|better than others of their species, and a strong attack like MachGaogamon's |
|Vortex Kick will see them off. A really good attack to use would be          |
|Ikkakumon's Evil Wave Technique. Any attack which can hit more than one of   |
|them at once, really. Keep attacking and they'll soon go out without too much|
|difficulty.                                                                  |

Deramon decides to do it himself.
   /BOSS FIGHT: DERAMON                                                    \
  /Rewards: 225 BRD EXP, 645 BITS, 150kg food                               \
 /Techniques: Frozen Fire Shot, Tornado Wind, Tidal Wave                     \
|Frozen Fire Shot can is an attack you may have seen Kokatorimon use before,  |
|and it's a bad one. Your Digimon should be in Zones 1, 3 and 5 to avoid being|
|fully in its way. Tornado Wind is a moderately strong attack against one     |
|Digimon. Tidal Wave hits four Zones next to each other. If you avoid being   |
|hit too badly by Frozen Fire Shot, this shouldn't be a long or difficult     |
|fight.                                                                       |

Deramon flees, and Pagumon has another flashback. You warp to Digi-Central.


Head for the Tamer Union, and Yuji will be outside. Speak to him, and he says
that the place in Pagumon's flashbacks may be Ancient Canyon. Obviously, your
objective is to go there, but before you do, buy any Items you may need. Get a
lot of Items, because Ancient Canyon is rather difficult. It may be wise to
train before going there. When you're ready, set off.


Enemy Digimon: Apemon, Seasarmon, Triceramon, Growlmon, Minotarumon

Pagumon gives a short speech. Follow the ledges to the rope, and drop down.
Open the blue chest for a Sundae, and head south, then up. Follow the ledges to
another rope, drop down it, and do the same with the next one, then head south.
Climb up the rope, and follow the narrow ledges. Take a slight detour and open
the blue chest for a Revive D, then follow the main path again. Drop down the
rope and follow the ledges to another rope. Climb it and follow the left ledges
to another rope. Up here, and follow the series of narrow ledges and more ropes
until the path widens again. You may wish to save here, because the random
battles here can be difficult ones. Follow the path and head up to the ledge
above using the rope, and follow this ledge to a purple square. Heal and save,
and before you do anything else, position your Digimon so that one Digimon is
in Zone 2, another is in Zone 4, and the one with the highest defensive power
is in Zone 1 or Zone 5. Climb the rope, and walk toward the nearby fire.

You are greeted by Babamon, as well as an old friend...

   /BOSS FIGHT: JIJIMON & BABAMON                                          \
  /Rewards: 978 HOL EXP, 1736 BITS, 210kg food                              \
 /Jijimon's Techniques: Energy Grenade, Hung On Death                        \
|Babamon's Techniques: Empress Haze, Scholastic Book, Cursed Breath           |
|How difficult this fight is can be based on two main factors. First, how you |
|space your Digimon. Babamon's Empress Haze attacks Zones 1, 3 and 5, so      |
|having only one Digimon in one of those Zones reduces the damage it does.    |
|Its higher defensive power reduces it too. Jijimon's Energy Grenade attacks  |
|three Zones next to each other. The second factor is how quickly you can win.|
|Babamon's Scholastic Book raises the effects of Jijimon's Energy Grenade, so |
|go for Jijimon first if you have to use a Technique which doesn't target both|
|of them. Jijimon eill hopefully be completely out of the battle before he can|
|start using Hung On Death. Babamon will probably start using Cursed Breath   |
|more at this point, but the Digimon in Zones 2 and 4 won't be hit. Babamon   |
|is easy to defeat once Jijimon is out, if you use this formation.            |

Babamon reveals that Ancient Canyon is where what was once File Island was.
(Could this be Great Canyon? Things have changed since Ogremon ruled it...)
They explain that File Island was attacked by Kimeramon, and a Tamer fought
against it with his Antylamon - in other words, Pagumon. So, he's been defeated
by both Kimeramon and Machinedramon...both halves of Millenniummon. Is that
foreshadowing something which will happen in a future game, perhaps? Anyway,
speculation aside, you warp to Digi-Central.


Pagumon thanks you, and decides that he wants to become Antylamon again. Head
for the Digi-Farm.


A brief conversation with Calumon reveals that there could be a way to
Digivolve Pagumon to Antylamon. Return to Digi-Central.


Head to the Chrome Mine.


New Enemy Digimon: Meteormon, Myotismon, DarkLizardmon

The path is the same as before, but now, you can encounter DarkLizardmons,
Myotismons and Meteormons on your way. They do a fair amount of damage, but
your Digimon should be strong enough to defeat them reasonably easily now. You
can open the blue chest on your way now. Up ahead, you encounter Kain and
Tomomi again.

Kain plans to use the Data Core to upgrade his Digimon (is this why
Machinedramon was here...?). MegaKabuterimon becomes GranKuwagamon, who soon
turns on Kain and Tomomi. Pagumon attacks it, and it is destroyed. Calumon
explains. Tomomi and Pagumon have a conversation, and Tomomi says she'll stop
working with Kain and start again with a new Digimon, before giving you a Core
Piece. Head to Digi-Central.


Head to the Digi-Farm.


Pagumon Digivolves to Antylamon with the new Core Piece. However, before you
can celebrate, the Tamer Union calls and tells you that Kimeramon is at the
Junk Factory! Antylamon asks to be taken there to battle Kimeramon.

Before you go, pause. The difficulty level of the game is about to go up again.
You've got Ancient Canyon and the harder Chrome Mine to train. Plus, if you've
gone for the secondary option with the Digimon you started with or another of
its species, you'll be at a dead end at this point - these lines end at
RiseGreymon, MachGaogamon or Lilamon for each, not having an Ultimate form yet.
So, it's a good point to start Degenerating. Degenerate all of the Perfect
Digimon in your team to the lowest level available to them. Train them up
again. If you wish, you can use your reserve Digimon as your main Digimon, and
have your other Digimon in reserve so that they can get a lot of EXP from the
strong opponents whom the other Digimon defeat.


Enemy Digimon: Sorcerymon, ToyAgumon (Black), Garbagemon, Megadramon

Start by heading through the archway up ahead, up the stairs and around the
walkways until you reach another set of stairs. Head north to the next
archway, and at the rail tracks, head east (you'll visit the rest of the
Junk Factory later, don't worry). Don't use the stairs; instead, head east
and through the archway to the south. Follow this path until you reach the
purple square. Heal and save. Use the teleporter ahead.

The teleporter takes you to a large arena, where you'll encounter
Kimeramon itself!

   /BOSS FIGHT: KIMERAMON                                                  \
  /Rewards: 700 MAC EXP, 2527? BITS, 250kg food, Soma S                     \
 /Techniques: Electro Shocker, Instant Booster, Blood Laser, Poison Wing,    \
|Ice Blast, Touch Of Evil, Giga Scssr Claw, Fiery Breath, Stun Bubble         |
|Kimeramon is, basically, a mutant Digimon with a variety of bits of several  |
|Digimon. Like SkullGreymon, he occupies Zones 2, 3 and 4.                    |
|                                                                             |
|Kimeramon, as you can see, has access to a huge variety of Techniques. Most  |
|of them hit two Zones, so spread your Digimon well. Instant Booster raises   |
|Kimermon's Speed, while Stun Bubble can put your Digimon to sleep (not stun).|
|Poison Wing is able to hit more than once. His other Techiques hit one Zone  |
|(Ice Blast, Blood Laser) or two Zones (Electro Shocker, Fiery Breath, Giga   |
|Scssr Claw, Touch Of Evil). Positioning your Digimon in Zones 1, 3 and 5 is  |
|the best option, because some of his attacks which hit two Zones (Stun Bubble|
|being the main example) can be very bad news. If you do this, the fight      |
|should be reasonably easy - well, easier than it otherwise would be, at      |
|least.                                                                       |
|                                                                             |
|Regardless of who wins, this is likely to be a fairly quick fight. A really  |
|great Digimon to use here is Infermon, whose Energy Grenade hits all three of|
|Kimeramon's Zones for a lot of HP. Keep attacking and you should soon win.   |

With Kimeramon defeated, Antylamon thanks you. There's a slight problem here as
Antylamon seems to suggest that his old Tamer was a man (it was Tomomi, wasn't
it?), but anyway, he thanks you. Naturally, Unknown-D spoils the fun. You
return to Baihumon.

   3.4: GOLD TAMER


Baihumon rewards you with a promotion to Gold Tamer rank! You are introduced to
Zhuqiaomon. Before he can set you any tasks, Tentomon alerts you to a virus!
Azulongmon has already left to investigate, and Ebonwumon and Baihumon are
warped out! You're safe while the Anti-virus is running, but someone has to
go to the Sky Palace to see what's happening.

You can now raise Ultimate Digimon, but you shouldn't need them for the Sky
Palace. The Sky Palace is the only place you can go anyway.

---/SKY PALACE\---

Enemy Digimon: Diatrymon, Phoenixmon, Unimon, Taomon, Piximon

The enemy Digimon start getting very tough

Start by heading over the bridge and around to a covered walkway. Cross this,
cross another bridge, and use the next walkway. Here, head north to another
walkway, cross it, and head east at the junction. Follow the path, getting
the blue chest on the way for a useful Bane Rapier, until you reach another
covered walkway near the north side of the fountain. Head up the ramp and
cross the bridge on the other side, cross the next bridge, and use the next
walkway. Head south, cross another walkway, and head around the fountain here,
getting a Soma D from the blue chest on the way, cross another bridge and
another walkway, and cross the narrow walkway to reach a purple tile. Heal and
save. Use the teleporter up ahead. You'll meet Azulongmon...

   /BOSS FIGHT: AZULONGMON                                                 \
  /Rewards: 758 DRA EXP, 2686 BITS, 390kg food, Wyvern Guard                \
 /Techniques: Ice Blast, Sourai, Instant Booster, Breath Of Fire             \
|Azulongmon is easily the hardest boss you'll have faced so far. He is quick, |
|and his attacks are very effective. Even if Kimeramon wasn't much of a       |
|problem for you, Azulongmon is likely to be difficult. The only great thing  |
|is that he takes up Zones 2, 3 and 4, so multi-Zone attacks are more useful. |
|The best formation is to put your Digimon in Zones 1, 3 and 5 for this       |
|difficult fight.                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|Azulongmon's Ice Blast is far more dangerous than Kimeramon's, and his       |
|Instant Booster can be a significant problem. Breath Of Fire hits one Zone   |
|with reasonable power. His most dangerous attack is Sourai, which hits really|
|badly and can lower your Digimon's defensive power quite significantly. The  |
|high defensive power of Azulongmon means that the battle will be a long one, |
|so the best way of doing it is to focus on surviving and attack when you can.|
|Eventually, after a lot of effort, Azulongmon will be out of this fight.     |

With Azulongmon defeated, he explains that he saw a mysterious Tamer before the
virus got him. You return to Digi-Central.


Zhuqiaomon thanks you, and gives you your next mission. Apparently, the viruses
are attacking from the Tropical Isles.

Before you go there, you should go to the shops and get a lot of necessary
Items. In particular, buy a few MP Plug Ss and HP Plug Ts. A few HP Full Ss
will be useful, too.

When you're ready, set off.


Enemy Digimon: Etemon, Silphymon, Eaglemon, SaberLeomon

Start by going right and over the rocky area. When you reach the large rock,
climb it and cross the bridge. Use the ladder, and follow the path to another
rock. Climb it and cross the next bridge. Keep going across two more bridges
until you reach a junction. Take the north bridge, and climb a ladder. Cross
two more bridges, then a bridge to the north, and another. Heal and save at the
purple square. Ebonwumon awaits...

   /BOSS FIGHT: AZULONGMON                                                 \
  /Rewards: 884 INS EXP, 3149 BITS, 450kg food, Swarm Dagger                \
 /Techniques: Electric Blast, Electro Shocker, Mugen, Flesh Eater, Instant   \
|Booster                                                                      |
|Azulongmon is easily the hardest boss you'll have faced so far. He is quick, |
|and his attacks are very effective. Even if Kimeramon wasn't much of a       |
|problem for you, Azulongmon is likely to be difficult. The only great thing  |
|is that he takes up Zones 2, 3 and 4, so multi-Zone attacks are more useful. |
|The best formation is to put your Digimon in Zones 1, 3 and 5 for this       |
|difficult fight.                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|Azulongmon's Ice Blast is far more dangerous than Kimeramon's, and his       |
|Instant Booster can be a significant problem. Breath Of Fire hits one Zone   |
|with reasonable power. His most dangerous attack is Sourai, which hits really|
|badly and can lower your Digimon's defensive power quite significantly. The  |
|high defensive power of Azulongmon means that the battle will be a long one, |
|so the best way of doing it is to focus on surviving and attack when you can.|
|Eventually, after a lot of effort, Azulongmon will be out of this fight.     |

Ebonwumon discusses the viruses, before a mysterious Tamer appears. Hmm...
anyway, you return to Digi-Central.


Zhuqiaomon thanks you, and explains that they're currently seeing what
Baihumon is up to.

What you're supposed to do next isn't really explained by Zhuqaiomon, but
head to the Digi-Farm.


You receive a call from Yuji, saying that the Tamers are having a meeting,
and that they would like you to attend the meeting.


Head to the west area of the Tamer Plaza, where the Farm Shops are, and speak
to Yuji on the top level.

The meeting discusses the Tamer whom you saw after defeating Ebonwumon. The
theory is that he could be a Bad Tamer. Phil's theory is that there is an
advanced Digimon behind the attacks - in other words, Unknown-D.

Return to the Digi-Farm.


Calumon explains that you've got a call. Tentomon tells you that the Bad Tamers
are at the Junk Factory.


Get some Items. Junk Factory is a lot more difficult than before, and you
have to fight several bosses. 


New Enemy Digimon: Puppetmon, Mamemon, SuperStarmon, PrinceMamemon

Proceed the way you went before until you encounter two Bad Tamers, Yoshiki
and Alicia. Yoshiki fights. It's a fairly easy fight against three Digimon and
you shouldn't have any real difficulties.

The Bad Tamers flee. Follow them. They escape in a GranLocomon. Chase it along
the tracks, and it will turn around. Follow it again. Head for the area where
you teleported to fight Kimeramon.

GranLocomon is protected by a shield, and to reach it, you have to defeat three
Bad Tamers somewhere in the factory.

To reach the first one, return to the main area of the factory. Follow the
GranLocomon's rails to the area where it turned back earlier. Use the stairs
and walkways to reach another area, where you will encounter a Bad Tamer,
Peter. Defeat his Digimon (they're fairly easy), and he gives you  Code Key 1.

Return to the main area. Head north, and follow this way to another Bad Tamer,
Chan. Defeat him.

With Code Key 3, return to the main area and keep going as if you were going to
where GranLocomon is, but go up the stairs. Follow the path to another enemy,
SueAnn. Don't be intimidated by her Machinedramon, she isn't too hard to beat.

She lets you have Code Key 2. Return to the shield and disarm the system using
the three Code Keys. Heal and save, and use the teleporter.

This is where GranLocomon is. Its occupants, with no other options, turn the
machine to face you. Boss fight!

   /BOSS FIGHT: GRANLOCOMON                                                \
  /Rewards: 929 MAC EXP, 3316 BITS, 480kg food, Soma T                      \
 /Techniques: Charge, Digital Bomb, Fighting Spirit, Blood Laser, Dynamic    \
|Cannon, Mechanical Boost                                                     |
|GranLocomon is going to be the longest fight so far, unless you really       |
|struggled with Azulongmon.                                                   |
|                                                                             |
|GranLocomon is fast, and can boost his overall Speed even higher (well, he is|
|a train...). Mechanical Boost increases his Speed, while Fighting Spirit     |
|increases his attack strengths. The best formation for this fight is to have |
|your Digimon in the same Zones as him (2, 3 and 4), because this reduces the |
|effectiveness of Blood Laser (which hits Zones 1, 3 and 5) and Digital Bomb  |
|(which hits Zones 1, 2, 4 and 5 only). He won't use Digital Bomb as much     |
|while you use this formation. The only thing is that using this formation    |
|does make you more vulnerable to Dynamic Cannon, but thankfully he doesn't   |
|use it as much as some of his other Techniques, so you should be able to     |
|avoid his attacks being too bad.                                             |
|                                                                             |
|GranLocomon has a lot of HP, and reasonably high defensive capabilities. Your|
|main focus should be to survive and attack when you can. Eventually, you will|
|win.                                                                         |

With GranLocomon beaten, the treacherous train finally stops its rush. The Bad
Tamers are beaten. Kazuya and Yuji arrive, and you return to Digi-Central.


Zhuqiaomon interrogates the Bad Tamers, but the Tamer whom Azulongmon saw
isn't among them. Apparently, this is their Boss, who is currently at the Hard
Mountains according to their information. This is your destination, but you
should prepare for the trip before you go.

The Hard Mountains can live up to their name. You've got several tough fights as
well as a lot of very strong enemy Digimon here. You need to get a lot of
HP, MP and various other types of Items. It might be a good thing to reverse
your Digimon's positions to what they were before GranLocomon.


Enemy Digimon: MetalMamemon, Zudomon, Andromon

There are two ways of getting where you want to go here. The west way is
significantly shorter, so we'll go that way.

Start going west, up a ladder, use another ladder, and go south. At the
junction, go west. South again, climb a ladder, and use another one. Use the
pipe to get to the Undersea Drive.


Enemy Digimon: Divermon, Whamon, Plesiomon

Follow the path until the junction. Head south here. Open the blue chest for
a HP Full S, and follow the path to another pipe which leads back to the Hard


Follow the path and climb the ladder. Heal and save before you use the
following ladder.

Here, you meet the Bad Tamers' Boss. He and Unknown-D show you your opponent...

   /BOSS FIGHT: BAIHUMON                                                   \
  /Rewards: 1024 BST EXP, 3669 BITS, 540kg food, Vorpal Axe                 \
 /Techniques: Razor Claws, Fox Tail Inferno, Mega Twister, Kongou            \
|Baihumon certainly shouldn't give you as much difficulty as with GranLocomon.|
|Kongou is very strong, but as long as you spread your Digimon out well,      |
|Baihumon shouldn't be too difficult at all. There isn't much to say about    |
|this fight, other than usual three-Zone Boss strategies. The battle should   |
|hopefully be a short one if your Digimon are strong enough to get this far,  |
|especially after GranLocomon.                                                |

Unknown-D leaves. The Bad Tamers' Boss flees. Baihumon warps back to
Digi-Central. The Hard Mountains are far more quiet, but chase the Boss now.


Follow the path until the junction. Head north here, and keep going. When you
see the purple square, heal and save.

Up ahead is the Bad Tamers' Boss. Following a rather amusing scene, you have to
fight another boss...

   /BOSS FIGHT: MARINEANGEMON                                              \
  /Rewards: 860 AQU EXP, 1713 BITS, 190kg food, Siren Scmt                  \
 /Techniques: Ocean Love, Brain Eater                                        \
|MarineAngemon is fairly easy. It has a lot of power, but it doesn't have too |
|much HP or defensive power. It only occupies one Zone (Zone 3), but it       |
|shouldn't be too difficult.                                                  |

MarineAngemon turns against the Bad Tamers' Boss, and the Boss escapes.
Baihumon appears and discusses Unknown-D, and you return to Digi-Central.


Before you can celebrate too much, the Bad Tamers' Boss appears. Zhuqiaomon is
his target. 

Before you go to Lava River, Degenerate your current Perfect Digimon to the
lowest level you can. Lava River is much harder than the Hard Mountains, and the
big boss fight is easily the most difficult one so far.


|                                                                             |
|S E C T I O N   F O U R                                                      | 
|                                                                             |
|F U T U R E   U P D A T E S   A N D   C R E D I T S                          |

Lava River is next, which shouldn't take too long. The random battles guide is
being carefully started on as well.

Credits go out to Bandai Namco for this great game, and to any readers who can
use this guide to help their games.