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Digimon World: Dawn



by OmegaZephyr

Digimon World: Dawn/Dusk

By Omega Zephyr

Table of Contents:

1. Version History
2. Legal Stuff
3. Intro
4. What are STATS and what they do
5. Digivolving, Degenerating and Special Digivolving
6. Digimon list
7. Places to level up
8. Credits
9. Questions Part
10. Contact Info


1. Version History

Version .1, I just started and havenít yet posted on gamefaqs, 05/13/08

Version .4, Added a lot to the Digivolving section and added a new one, 5/14/08

Version .65, Still trying to complete very long Digimon List section and added
a new one, 5/18/08

Version .75 , Fixed some grammar and capitalization mistakes and continuing the
Digimon list. (Forgot what date)

Version .85  , Am starting to do my guide again and fixing technical problems
and formatting. 6/25/08

Version .86, Fixed legal info and how to get Calumonís data. 6/26/08

Version .89, Added an Action Replay code and fixed the Rank deduction of STATS.

Version .90, Fixed the Apt. Code. 7/2/08

Version 1.01, Fixed some minor errors and finished my Digimon list! :]. 11/7/08


2. Legal Stuff

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Only these sites have my permission to post on theirs:


3. Intro

Hello, this is my first guide that I have wrote (well, not technically wroteÖ)
and I thought I should share some of my knowledge.

I have had this game since Easter and it being my first Digimon game ever
played, it has been an alright game. So, showing that Iím not like, a game
veteran, I canít say Iíve mastered this method Iím about to explain.

I am writing this guide to show you the easiest way to raise them and to create
the best Digimon you can. Also, the basis of what STATS are and how to make the
best of your Digimon. As earlier stated, I canít say Iíve mastered it, so it
might not be as specific or as right as it should be.


4. What are STATS and what they do

STATS (forgive me for putting it in caps) are the things that determine:

1. Attack
2. Defense
3. Spirit
4. Speed
5. Health or HP (Hit Points)
6. MP (Magic Power)
7. Aptitude or MAX level

And the Digimonís abilities in battle.

I will now give a brief description of each STAT.

1. Attack
   Determines amount of damage that one given move can inflict.
   (Note: Obviously, higher attack means higher damage that can be inflicted,
    which is what you want)

2. Defense
   Determines how much damage can be reduced from a move.
   (Note: Obviously, higher defense means less damage taken, which is what you

3. Spirit
   From what I am told, it determines how much Attack and Defense your Digimon

4. Speed
   Determines who attacks first, second, etc.
   (Note: Obviously, higher speed means who attacks first, which is what you

5. HP or Health (Hit Points)
   Determines either how much damage it can take before it (faints?)
  (Note: More HP, well, means more HP [You canít get more specific than that]
   which once again, is what you want)

6. MP or Magic Power
   Determines how much a move can be used. Determines on how much a moveís MP
   cost is or (simpler putÖ) how much it needs to perform the/a move.
   (Note: Well, you know what Iím gonna say)

7. Aptitude
   Determines what level a Digimon can grow to.
   (Note: IMPORTANT, this is probably one of the best STATS. This STAT
    technically is what makes them go up. If you have higher Aptitude,
    you can raise your STATS with out Digivolving. So having a Rookie
    Digimon with like 57 Aptitude gives it more levels to raise its STATS,
    than it would a Rookie Digimon with an Aptitude of 20)

To get higher STATS, you must level up like it has been for every game that
involves levels and STATS. (As in Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and other various

Now, MAX (sorry, I have an issue with capsÖ) level or aptitude determines how
far it can level up.

         (name)              (Rookie, Mega, etc.) (Aquan, Machine, etc.)
          /                    \          /-----------------^
    *Digimonís name*  *Digimonís rank/species*  LV.99 >(What level it
                                                          currently is at)

    HP =======  MP =======  \ >(Health and MP bars are displayed)
       400/400     400/400  / >(How much health and MP it has and how much
                                is left)

    Attack   100  >(How much Attack it currently has)
    Defense  100  >(How much Defense it currently has)
    Spirit   100  >(How much Spirit it currently has)
    Speed    100  >(How much Speed it currently has)
    Aptitude  99  >(Level it can grow too)

Also, to get higher STATS (includes Aptitude), you can Digivolve or Special
Digivolve and how much percent or how much is added to the STATS I donít know,
and Iíd like to know. Aptitude also will go up if you Degenerate and sometimes
wonít go up if you Digivolve.

Which Iíll explain Digivolving and Degenerating on in the next section.


5. Digivolving and Degenerating

Now, Iíll now explain how STATS are effected buy Digivolving, Degenerating and
Special Digivolving.

Now the STATS raise when Digivolved. Of, course you already knew that, but it
depends what rank it starts at and goes to determines how much the STATS go up.

   In-Training to Rookie

   Now, the approx. amount of STATS added are depending its type. What I mean
by that is, it will either be:

1. Attacker
2. Tank (Defense)
3. Technical (Spirit)
4. Speed
5. HPType
6. MPType
7. Balance

I will now have a brief description of each ďTypeĒ (Iíll call it) and an
example of what I mean. (STAT raises are not real. The ones Iíll show are just
examples of when the Digimon raise a level, to show you what I mean) Also, the
ďTypeĒ cannot be changed. Like a Guilmon is Attacker and always will be whether
it was Digivolved or Degenerated or Special Digivolved.

A. Digivolving


Any Digimon with this ďTypeĒ gets more STAT points added to itís Attack STAT.
(So this Digimonís attack will be higher than any other STAT. May not apply to
Digimon that has been Special Digivolved into a new Digimon, Digivolved, or
Degenerated to a Digimon with a different ďTypeĒ)

HP 100 >110        MP 100 >110
ATK 100 >120
DEF 100 >110
SPRT 100 >110
SPD 100 >110

Tank (Defense)

Any Digimon with this ďTypeĒ gets more STAT points added to itís Defense STAT.
(So this Digimonís Defense will be higher than any other STAT. May not apply to
Digimon that has been Special Digivolved into a new Digimon, Digivolved, or
Degenerated to a Digimon with a different ďTypeĒ)

HP 100 >110        MP 100 >110
ATK 100 >110
DEF 100 >120
SPRT 100 >110
SPD 100 >110

Technical (Spirit)

Any Digimon with this ďTypeĒ gets more STAT points added to itís Spirit STAT.
(So this Digimonís Spirit will be higher than any other STAT. May not apply to
Digimon that has been Special Digivolved into a new Digimon, Digivolved, or
Degenerated to a Digimon with a different ďTypeĒ)

HP 100 >110        MP 100 >110
ATK 100 >110
DEF 100 >110
SPRT 100 >120
SPD 100 >110


Any Digimon with this ďTypeĒ gets more STAT points added to itís Speed STAT.
(So this Digimonís Speed will be higher than any other STAT. May not apply to
Digimon that has been Special Digivolved into a new Digimon, Digivolved, or
Degenerated to a Digimon with a different ďTypeĒ)

HP 100 >110        MP 100 >110
ATK 100 >110
DEF 100 >110
SPRT 100 >110
SPD 100 >120


Any Digimon with this ďTypeĒ gets more STAT points added to itís Health STAT.
(So this Digimonís Health would be higher than any other Digimonís health [In
the same rank] or it just gets more Health points added to this STAT than other

HP 100 >120        MP 100 >110
ATK 100 >110
DEF 100 >110
SPRT 100 >110
SPD 100 >110


Any Digimon with this ďTypeĒ gets more STAT points added to itís Magic Power
STAT. (So this Digimonís MP would be higher than any other Digimonís health [In
the same rank] or it just gets more MP points added to this STAT than other

HP 100 >110        MP 100 >120
ATK 100 >110
DEF 100 >110
SPRT 100 >110
SPD 100 >110


Any Digimon with this ďTypeĒ has pretty equal STATS.
(Canít really get more specific than thatÖ)

HP 100 >115        MP 100 >115
ATK 100 >115
DEF 100 >115
SPRT 100 >115
SPD 100 >115

C. Degenerating

Ok, Iím going to do a total make-over of this part. Now, I am not sure if this
is accurate, but I am taking a wild swing.

I had seen when I was playing this game, when I had Degenerated, the Digimonís
STATS went down from 999 to 819. I had done this to different Typed Digimon,
and I NOW have concluded, type does effect how much is lost and Rank also. So,
now, to find out how many STAT points go down do this:
(I am sure that this doesnít apply to all Ranks with 999 in one STAT. I did it
with a Mega, at lvl.99. Also, what this means that the maximum amount of STAT
points that can be lost is actually unknown at this moment. [ItĎs just an

The equation Iíll use is:  SP/Di = A: Di/A = DA x A = Di: SP-Di = End STAT

(SP)(Di)   (A)        (Di)(A)   (DA)___   (A)    (Di)       (SP)  (Di) (ES)
999/180 = 5.55. Then, 180/5.55 = 32.432 x 5.55 = 180. Then, 999 - 180 = 819

This is just to show you how the game subtracts STAT points in Degeneration.
Now Iím not sure how the game uses (5.55) the Divided Answer and makes the
diff. without using the diff. to figure out the diff. (Sorry, confusing..) Any
way, now letís do a more complicated one to see if this equation of mine works:

668/121 = 5.52. Then, 121/5.52 = 32.609 x 5.52 = 121. Then, 668 - 121 = 547

Another reason I put this here is that hackers can change the DA to 0. So, when
the Degeneration comes around, their Digiís wonít lose STAT points. EX:

668/121 = 5.52. Then, 121/5.52 = > 0 < x 5.52 = 0. Then, 668 - 0 = 668.

C. Special Digivolving

Iím not sure yet what percentage or amount it decreases (always decreases) when
you SP. Digivolve and like to know. Iíd really appreciate it.


6. List of Digimon

This is a list of Digimon that have the following ďTypeĒ:
(In Digimon number order)

A. Attacker

1. Tsunomon
2. Pagumon
3. Chibomon
4. Gigimon
5. Tsumemon
6. Guilmon
7. Dorumon
8. Palmon
9. DemiDevimon
10. Hawkmon
11. Terriermon
12. Impmon
13. Goburimon
14. Kumamon
15. SnowGoburimon
16. SnowAgumon
17. BlackAgumon
18. Gizamon
19. Dracmon
20. Mushroomon
21. Candlemon
22. Mekanorimon
23. Devimon
24. Kabuterimon
25. Garurumon
26. Ogremon
27. Kuwagamon
28. Togemon
29. ExVeemon
30. Birdramon
31. Gargomon
32. Dinohumon
33. Grizzmon
34. Dorugamon
35. Reptiledramon
36. DKTyrannomon
37. Minotaurmon
38. DKLizardmon
39. Gaogamon
40. Gawappamon
41. Drimogemon
42. Wendigomon
43. Ebidramon
44. Gesomon
45. Geremon
46. Snimon
47. Flymon
48. Ninjamon
49. TDBallmon
50. Golemon
51. Monochromon
52. Jmojyamon
53. Deputymon
54. Dokugamon
55. Veedramon
56. Musyamon
57. KChessmonWH
58. KChessmonB
59. Volcanomon
60. SkullGreymon
61. Andromon
62. Megadramon
63. Mammothmon
64. Okuwamon
65. Angewomon
66. LadyDevimon
67. Cyberdramon
68. Dinobeemon
69. Arukenimon
70. Rapidmon
71. Infermon
72. Brapidmon
73. Kyukimon
73. Sinduramon
74. Kimeramon
75. BWGrowlmon
76. Mamemon
77. Gigadramon
78. Shadramon
79. Mametyramon
80. Vademon
81. Vermilimon
82. Vajramon
83. Grappleomon
84. Allomon
85. Lanksmon
86. Yatagaramon
87. BPChessmon
88. Flamedramon
89. Ponchomon
90. SaberLeomon
91. GigaSeadramon
92. Rosemon
93. MachDramon
94. IPDramonFM
95. HiAndromon
96. CherubimonE
97. MegaGaromon
98. Diaboromon
99. Pukumon
100. Armeggedamon
101. IPDramonDB
102. Boltmon
103. Zanbamon
104. BSGargomon
105. Cannondramon
106. SL Angemon
107. Beelezemon
108. Darkdramon
109. Ebemon
110. Gulfmon
111. ZDMilleniummon
112. GhoulmonB
113. CAGallantmon
114. BWGreymon
115. GKuwagamon
116. Milleniummon
117. Megidramon
118. JumboGamemon
119. QUChessmon
120. SNGreymonBM
121. RavemonBM
122. Lotosmon
123. Minervamon

Tank (Defense)

1. Poyomon
2. Kapurimon
3. Budmon
4. Tentomon
5. Gotsumon
6. Hagurumon
7. Armadillomon
8. Keramon
9. Penguinmon
10. Syakomon
11. Crabmon
12. PwnChessmonB
13. PwnChessmonW
14. Kokuwamon
15. Numemon
16. Raremon
17. Guardomon
18. AnkyLomon
19. Kurisarimon
20. Kiwimon
21. PltSukamon
22. Icemon
23. NDrimogemon
24. MoriShellmon
25. Tortamon
26. Shellmon
27. KaraNumemon
28. SYanmamon
29. Tankmon
30. Monzaemon
31. Digitamamon
32. AKabuterimonB
33. Blossomon
34. AKabuterimonR
35. Mummymon
36. Triceramon
37. Garbagemon
38. METyrannomon
39. Knightmon
40. RChessmon
41. Kenkimon
42. Shakkoumon
43. MetalEtemon
45. PrMamemon
46. Eaglemon
47. SMammothmon

Technical (Spirit)

1. Minomon
2. Biyomon
3. Wormmon
4. Kotemon
5. Shamamon
6. LaLamon
7. Kudamon
8. Tyrannomon
9. Angemon
10. Kokatorimon
11. Wizardmon
12. Apemon
13. Starmon
14. Hyogamon
15. Woodmon
16. Omekamon
17. Etamon
18. Piximon
19. Scorpiomon
20. Dragomon
21. Taomon
22. MarineDevimn
23. Karatenmon
24. Divermon
25. Whamon
26. Kabukimon
27. Cherrymon
28. Shuajinmon
29. Piedmon
30. Puppetmon
31. Jijimon
32. Babamon
33. Kuzuhamon
34. Vikemon
35. Pharaohmon


1. Tokomon
2. Wanyamon
3. Monodramon
4. Veemon
5. Patamon
6. Renamon
7. Falcomon
8. Muchmon
9. Tsukaimon
10. Bakemon
11. Stingmon
12. Roachmon
13. Unimon
14. Reppamon
15. SanpLoupmon
16. Peckmon
17. Dolphmon
18. Saberdramon
19. Kogamon
20. Centarumon
21. TyLomon
22. WGararumonB
23. WGararumon
24. Garudamon
25. Pipismon
26. Silphymon
27. Aurumon
28. Meteormon
29. Matadormon
30. Prairiemon
31. Shurimon
32. Gryphonmon
33. Valkyrimon
34. KingChessmon
35. Duftmon

HPType (Health)

1. Kuramon
2. Dorimon
3. Betamon
4. Gomamon
5. Tapirmon
6. Floramon
7. Kamemon
8. DoKunemon
9. Sukamon
10. Gekomon
11. Seasarmon
12. Hookmon
13. BomberNanimnn
14. Ikkakumon
15. Sunflowmon
16. Tsuchidarumon
17. Nanimon
18. Devidramon
19. MSeadramon
20. Parrotmon
21. DoruGreymon
22. Deramon
23. Tekkamon
24. Big Mamemon
25. Brachiomon
26. Kongoumon
27. VNmyotismon
28. Preciomon
29. Parasimon

MPType (Magic Power)

1. Tanemon
2. Calumon
3. Gummymon
4. Kokomon
5. Aruraumon
6. Kunemon
7. Veggiemon
8. Vilemon
9. CoeLamon
10. Weedmon
11. MtLMamemon
12. Datamon
13. Giromon
14. Seahomon
15. Lampmon
16. MA Angemon
17. IPDramonDM
18. Sakuyamon
19. Anubismon
20. MMilleniummn
21. Lilithmon
22. SGreymonRM


1. Chicchimon
2. Koromon
3. Puttimon
4. Botamon
5. Sunmon
6. Moonmon
7. Agumon
8. Gabumon
9. Otamamon
10. ToyAgumon
11. Salamon
12. Lopmon
13. ToyAgumonB
14. Gaomon
15. Dfalcomon
16. DotAgumon
17. Solarmon
18. Coronamon
19. Lunamon
20. Greymon
21. Airdramon
22. Seadramon
23. Leomon
24. Gatomon
25. Growlmon
26. Kyubimon
27. AquiLamon
28. Sorcerymon
29. Akatorimon
30. Flarerizamon
31. GeoGreymon
32. Diatrymon
33. Fugamon
34. Octomon
35. Frigmon
36. IceDevimon
37. Yanmamon
38. RedVeggiemon
39. Clockmon
40. Mojyamon
41. Firamon
42. Lekismon
43. MetalGreymon
44. ShogunGekomn
45. Myotismon
46. Lillymon
47. MAngemon
48. Paildramon
49. AntyLamon
50. WarGrowlmon
51. Pandamon
52. SPStarmon
53. Zudomon
54. Toucanmon
55. RiseGreymon
56. MGaogamon
57. TyiLinmon
58. Lilamon
59. Lucemon CM
60. EXTyrannomn
61. Phantomon
62. ARVeedramon
63. Flaremon
64. Crescemon
65. ArgomonUT
66. HEKabuterimn
67. Creepymon
68. Pheonixmon
69. WarGreymon
70. MGararumon
71. Omnimon
72. IPDramonPM
73. Ghoulmon
74. Seraphimon
75. CherubimonG
76. Gallantmon
77. GallantmnCM
78. Neptunemon
79. MMyotismon
80. Ophanimon
81. Dorugoramon
82. BAN Leomon
83. Apocalymon
84. Goldramon
85. MESeadramon
86. Justimon
87. Susanoomon
88. Alphamon
89. MagnaDramon
90. Sleipmon
91. SN Greymon
92. MRGaogamon
93. Ravemon
94. Chronmon HM
95. Varodurumon
93. Apollomon
97. Dianamon
98. MGaogamonBM
99. DSGreymon
100. DMGoagamon
101. BeelzemonBM
102. Rosemon BM
103. ArgomonMG
104. Chaosmon


7. Places to level up

After you complete the Gaia Origin Quest (Must have completed Final Battle and
18 species quests) thereíll be three groups of people in you respective cities
(either Dawn or Dusk) and theyíll speak about these Digimon that are really
powerful. The Digimon are the following:


Darkdramon LV.70
DigiArea: Access Glacier (Chaos Portal only)

EXP. 4000

Anubismon LV.80
DigiArea: Thriller Ruins (In the way back; were you fight the Digimon with the
two swords)

EXP. 6000

IPDramonFM LV.90
DigiArea: Task Canyon (Portal just above the Chaos Portal in the back)

EXP. 8000



SaberLeomon LV.71
DigiArea: Proxy Island (???)

EXP. 4000

Argomon UT LV.78
DigiArea: Thriller Ruins (In the way back; were you fight the Digimon with the
two sword
EXP. 6000

Armeggeddemon LV.93
DigiArea: Magnet Mine (???)

EXP. 8000

Now, at first (it also depends) start off with the weakest of the three that
the groups talk about. Then start Digivolving and Degenerating and the STATS go
up then when you think your ready move up to the 6000 EXP. And so on and so
forth. And if you do, have Digimon with the Lucky Medal traits and use EXP.
Rings (you should get one T version, but you can only buy B and only one works
on one Digimon. Like, you canít have three on one Digimon). Also, when you beat
The Legendary Tamer Quest, go to the bridge between the cities and talk to
Calumon. He/She will say something and itíll give you its scan data. It has the
trait D-Entelechy, which gives 30% more EXP a battle which can be really

And if you want to cheat you Action Replayers, hereís a code I had gotten from

(Dawn code) Max level-up

9214c338 00000001
c0000000 00000007
0225e944 0001869f
dc000000 00000004
d2000000 00000000

(Dusk code) Max level-up

C0000000 00000027
02135C88 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000
C0000000 00000027
02135C8C 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000
C0000000 00000027
02135C90 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000
C0000000 00000027
02135C94 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000
C0000000 00000027
02135C98 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000
C0000000 00000027
02135C9C 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000
C0000000 00000027
02135CA0 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000
C0000000 00000027
02135CA4 0001869F
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000

(It gives your Digimon 800000 EXP. So if you had a lvl.1 Digi, it would go to

(Dusk only)Max Aptitude code

C0000000 00000027
12135C62 00000063
DC000000 00000164
D2000000 00000000

Just copy the code above by right clicking and selecting Copy, making sure the
CODE ONLY. If you donít you could potentially mess up the game system, the
game, and your AR. And I donít want to be responsible and get hate mail..

8. Credits

Iíd like to credit the following:

My friend Nick, who showed me his games and would have never bought it if he
My Grandma, for buying it.
My Sis, for having Dusk so we can trade and stuff.
Meijer, for supplying the games so I could buy it.
Namco/Bandai for making it.
Me, for making this guide because Iím sure it will help a lot of people.
Gamefaqs, for letting me post it there.
And for the guys on Wi-Fi for making lotís of Digi Eggs with me.
thedeadshadow for the Max level up cheats and Max APT. cheat.


9. Questions

Q: Umm.. Yeah I have a Sangloupmon is supposed to evolve at 35. For some
reason it wonít go past 34. Do you know the problem?

A: Ok, I get what your problem is. What you have to do is Degenerate the
Digimon and the Aptitude will go up. That's a weird way of Digimon to do this,
but some Digimon require them to be Degenerated in order for the Aptitude to be
high enough for their evolutions in the future. Also, it could be that it has
to be Special Digivolved so the Aptitude is met without Degenerating. I found
this out when I had Sp. Digivolved a Musyamon.

Q: Can I have your Friend Code?

A: Sure. Itís 2492-4064-8625. Just e-mail me yours. (My E-mail is at the bottom
of this guide)

Q: Do Eggs affect anything stated in your guide?

A: Yes. If you get an Egg that hatches a Chibomon for example, it could have
higher base STATS than if you used the Scan Data to get it. Anything else, I
donít know.


10. Contact Info

You can contact me at omega-zephyr (At) sbcglobal (Dot) net

Iíll only answer to ?ís to Digimon and extra info I need for this guide. Donít
ask for my friend code, because it is already listed in my guide and if the AR
codes donít work, I didnít make them.

Info such as:

Sp. Digivolving STATS % or amount that is subtracted or added.

The Degenerating part. The ACTUAL equation that determines the STAT loss in

Any info I didnít cover.

Copyright Omega Zephyr 2008