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Follow the dark path or use the light
Densetsu no Starfy: Taiketsu! Dire Kaizokudan Pack Shot

Densetsu no Starfy: Taiketsu! Dire Kaizokudan



by EntropicLobo

Contact info will be up when the guide is complete, please refrain from
questions or hosting requests until that time. If it's not answered in this
guide up to this point, I won't be able to help via e-mail.

Densetsu no Stafy: Taiketsu! Dire Kaizokudan - Nintendo DS

Version 0.4 (9/05/2008)

Version History:
0.4: First five worlds (most of 5), first level of World 6. - (9/05/2008)
0.2: First two worlds - (9/02/2008)


This Guide is Copyright, 2008, Matthew McIntyre

This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Game by TOSE

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type DNS1)

DNS1: Intro
DNS2: Gameplay
DNS3: Primary Walkthrough
      DNS3.1: World 1
      DNS3.2: World 2
      DNS3.3: World 3
      DNS3.4: World 4
      DNS3.5: World 5
      DNS3.6: World 6 (First level only)
DNS4: Backtracking
      DNS4.A: World 4
      DNS4.B: World 5
DNS4: Credits

Further sections will be coming in later versions.

|                               DNS1: Intro                                  |

Long time no write, eh? It's been a while since my last Stafy guide. But you
just can't say no to the little guy.

Densetsu no Stafy: Taiketsu! Dire Kaizokudan. What a mouthful! This is the
fifth game in the wonderful Stafy series. This is one of the greatest modern
series to stay squarely in Japan. Thankfully, the DS is region free.

The Stafy series brings a humorous and joyous slant to standard platforming and
offers some of the most polished aquatic gameplay out there. It's a joy to play
these games.

Dire Kaizokudan continues that tradition for the most part. The game seems a
little easier and more straightforward than the previous titles. Of course,
Stafy has never been a hard series and the challenge capped all the way back in
Stafy 2.

But this game is still a solid choice. And there's fanservice for fans of the
old games. Not to mention, there are numerous new gameplay elements in the
levels to make this a -different- Stafy game. And that's what really matters.
Stafy has five games under his belt, and none of them play exactly alike due to
gameplay differences or level-building ethos. And that keeps each game fresh.

|                              DNS2: Gameplay                                |

Stafy's gameplay is manifold yet simple. It's how a platformer like this should
play. There's no problem in navigation, the controls are very tight, and you
have the ability to do some cool stuff if you exploit the limits of Stafy's

In Water:

Y: Spin Attack
Hold B: Swim Faster
Control Pad: Swim

On Land:

Y: Spin Attack
Control Pad Left/Right: Move
Hold Y + Move: Run
Control Pad Down: Duck
Run + Duck: Slide
B: Jump
Run + B: Longer/Higher jump.


X: Enter door/Talk
Start: Pause

Bottom Screen:

The bottom screen shows a number of functions, depending on who you have met
in your journey.

Memraid: Level info.

Kyorosuke: Info about your pearls and treasure. Kyorosuke will get an
           exclamation mark when a star door is in the room, and treasure
           flashes more and more wildly in his eyes the closer Stafy gets to
           a treasure chest.

Ranpa: Collection Info

Rob: Game records.

A World consists of 4 stages + a number of hidden stages. Hidden stages are
handled differently in Dire Kaizokudan. Most of them are attained by finding a
Star Door in certain levels and completing the task outlined therein.

Every fourth stage of the world has a boss enemy which once defeated, allows
you to proceed with the story.

Mermaids in the stages allow you to save your progress and heal you completey.
Round blue guys with books will allow you to warp out of a stage you haven't
yet completed. When you go back to that stage, you have the option of starting
from where you left off.

|                             DNS3: Walkthrough                              |

[email protected]@___--------------------------------------------------___'''__/ \__
             |                DNS3.1: World 1                   |     \ -.- /
'-..........-'--------------------------------------------------'-.....\/ \/

                        ---------World 1-1-----------

After a scene depicting the arrival of our behelmeted friend, and introducing
the shadowy forms of the antagonists - we'll be able to play. Our mysterious
bunny pal, who I am told is called Ranpa, will be captured by a giant squid...

As you move to the right, you will notice sign posts. These large signs don't
have to be activated like they were in previous Stafy games, but rather they
show you the controls in little bubbles when you pass them by.

Holding B while you swim will make Stafy swim more quickly. Quickly swim after
the squid's raised tentacle. Stafy cannot fight against currents yet, so avoid
these as you continue the chase.

The squid will get away.

Enter the door at the end of the room by pressing X while Stafy is over it.

Next Room:

Stafy will meet up with the mermaid from the previous games. After a short
convo, you can go over and activate her shell with X. Activating a mermaid will
save your progress in the level and restore HP. They are healing check points.

She also gives you a bottom screen function. Now, I think it's advice or
something. I don't read the language, so I'm not sure.

Swim past the mermaid. Follow the arrows down and right to find a pearl. Pearls
are a multi-use tool in the Stafy series. Collecting five pearls or one big
pearl will heal one heart. They are also used as currency to buy swag. This is
a big pearl.

Collect it, then follow the string of small pearls up ahead. Enter the door
they lead to.

Next Room:

Swim over to the treasure chest and activate it to earn treasure chest number
1. Head right, but go UP before the right arrow.

Follow these pearls out of the water and head left to find a pool with a fair
amount of big pearls. Collect them, then return to the right arrow we went
up at.

Now, head right. Follow the pearls to the right and leap out of the water.
Approach Kyorosuke.

After your convo, jump onto the platform up ahead to end the stage.

                        ---------World 1-2-----------

Head down and talk to the hermit crab here. He's appeared more than once in the
series, yes ;)? Either way, he'll show you a group of creatures in a bubble and
show you how to spin (The Y button).

Don't follow the arrow. Instead, go down and look behind seaweeds. Some pearls
and big pearls can be found in bubbles here. Spin attack them to free them and
collect them. You will come up behind the big bubble.

Spin attack this large bubble. Everytime you do, he releases some fish. If you
chase him and continue to spin until he loses all of his fish, he will die.

Return to the hermit crab. After a short convo, you can pass. Save at the
mermaid, then continue left.

There will be grey and red striped fish here. They simply swim back and forth.
Spin attack both to practice attacking.

Hit the seaweed below them and get the treasure chest for the next treasure

Swim on ahead and enter the current. Hold right as you do, and stay near the
top of the rightward current when you enter it. You should make it into a
tributary with some pearls. Loop around this side current and collect all of
the pearls before entering the main current again.

There is a door when we exit, but we have no interest in that right now. Head
down and look at the left wall. These are destructible blocks. Stike your way
through the left.

Kill the jumping sponge here, then enter the star door.

Star Door:

Leap out of the water here to talk to the Hermit Crab again. Select the top
option form his question to accept his challenge.

Now, challenge is a strong word to use here I guess. You need to find five
special pearls in the pool just past him. Knock down seaweed and spin attack
bubbles to aid in your search.

It's a very small space though, so once you find them all, he will congratulate
you with a route to an alternate path.

Very nice! Return to the previous room.

First Room Again:

Head now to the right and enter the door we initially passed.

The Room on the Right:

Talk to Kyorosuke here to get the Kyorosuke second screen function. This will
allow Kyorosuke to detect hidden paths and treasure. When he gets an
exclamation mark, take notice. When he has treasure in his eyes, there is
treasure in the room.

It's helpful for those of us that don't speak the language, moreso than the
mermaid's anyways.

Head right. Swim quickly toward the bottom green orb to push it out of the way.
Continue along. Knock the seaweed out of the way and get some pearls.

The white striped red fish here will approach Stafy when they notice him. Spin
them when they get near. Head up and left.

Push your way past the bottom green orb then attack the sponges here while
knocking down seaweed. Get the pearls, then look to the ceiling. It will be
made of destructible rocks.

Destroy a path all the way around to the treasure chest and take it for Red
Category clothes number 1.

From the chest head right, all the way to the green wall and spin. Part of
this wall is destructible. It will lead to a room with six big pearls, so it
is a worthwhile stop.

Head down and right, push your way past the orbs. Head right again at the
White Stripe fish. Take the bottom path.

Push your way past the orbs and ente rthe current here. Collect the big pearls
from the bubble outside of the current and the two inside of it. Head back out
and continue around the normal way.

Talk to the creature with the book, then head past him. YES, the exit is here,
NO we will not go onto it just yet. Swim past the exit.

Search behind the seaweed here for three big pearls in a bubble. Once you have
these, exit the level.

                        ---------World 1-3-----------

We start this stage out right beside the squid that captured Ranpa. Stafy will
jump to Ranpa and Ranpa will transform into a dragon suit. Hold Y to blow fire
and the control pad angles the stream. B makes it jump.


The squid is technically our first boss. But, it's nothing to worry about.
The dragon mode's fire is enough to damage him.

Basically, the squid will keep his tentacles in the same place and pound them
on the ground. When the tentacles are damaged, you can pass them to the centre
of the squid, though they quickly rise up again. So be careful.

Blow fire at the flat part of the tentacles until it damages the boss and he
pulls back his tentacles. Stay directly over his mouth now and blow fire at
his tentacles everytime he brings them back up.

When he goes to swish his tentacle across the screen, blow fire at the end of
it again to stop the attack. The squid should soon fall.

                            -----Boss Over----

After a short scene regarding the circumstances of Ranpa's coming to Stafy's
planet, we can move freely again. The blue guy ti the right with the book will
act as a point to restart the level if you exit via him. Nevermind that for now
and save at the mermaid. Enter the door.

Next Room:

There is another mermaid here, so save again if you wish... seems kind of a
waste. Either way, continue right.

Destroy the Grey and Black striped fish and head down. Push past the rocks and
be careful of the cool hammer mollusc down here. This dude hops, then hammers
with the thick round part of his shell. But you can defeat him by spinning,
even at his shell. So defeat him then move left.

Get the five big pearls fromt he bubbles, then move back to the right. Make
the loop around either back up, then down and right, or to the right and back
down. Either way, this loop will net you a few pearls. Head right when you
complete it.

Detsroy the black and grey striped fish here. Get the pearls from the bubbles
amongst the seaweed, then destroy the hammer mollusc. Continue right.

When you reach the blue guy, head up. The ceiling is cracked. Break your way
through it and you will arrive at a Star Door.

Hea dup first and get the pearls out in the open air, then head back down and
enter the star door.

Star Door:

The hermit crab again, yes? And one of the pri... bully fish from the first
few games.

Select the top option to race the bully fish. There's nothing to this. Hold B
and quickly swim right avoiding the currents. If you keep a rightward path, you
will eventually arrive at the goal flag and win the race.

Your reward is the alternate route to World 1-6.

Leave the room.

Second Room, Again:

Head down and right to the door.

Lower Right Door - Squid Chase 1:

Chase music is playing! Head right collecting pearls from the currents here.
Everytime the squid raises his tentacles, spin attack them at their ends.

Make sure to get all of the pearls, because the squid is a pansy.

Enter the door at the end.

Next Room:

Take the upper path and fight you way past the white stripe fish and jumping
sponges. Make sure you get the pearls from behind the seaweed. At the very
end of the path, the tunnel pinches into a dead end - but not quite!

Spin attack a path through this area to come to a small chamber with a few
big pearls in it. Return to the start of the room.

Follow the path down and right, and enter the current. Fight against the
current as you collect all of the pearls.

Exiting the current, head left at the right arrow sign. Defeat any sponges
here then collect the pearls and big pearls from within the bubbles and behind
the seaweed. Head back to the right.

Pass the sponges, then get the big pearls from behind the seaweed just after

Head up fromt his seaweed, then press left through the green orbs. Take the
chest here for Green Category Clothing 1.

Head back down and right, and save at the mermaid. Head up and right and
collect the pearls from the bubbles.

Notice that the ceiling is cracked here. Spin attack up through it. Defeat the
two white striped red fish here, then collect all of the pearls from the

Now head through the door in the room's lower right corner, just past the round
blue guy.

Next Room - Chase 2:

The squid is back. Again, everytime he raises up his tentacles, strike them
with your spin attack. Do this enough and the squid will be stunned.

Collect ALL of the pearls in the room, even if it means backtracking, then
enter the door at the right end of the room.

Next Room:

Talk to Kyorosuke and approach the currents. Loop the currents until you have
all of the pearls within. Exit at the top and continue left.

Get the pearls form behind the seaweed and continue to collect pearls as you
follow the path upwards. Defeat the two hammer molluscs here, then pause at
the red and white fish. The ceiling is cracked here. Break through it, and
you will come to another treasure chest.

Return to the fish, and head right. Destroy all of the blocks as there are
pearls scattered throughout them. Get the pearls fromt he bubbles just after
the blocks.

Follow these currents down. Head left at the bottom and defeat the hammer

Check the seaweed at the bottom of the lower path for pearls, then head up.
Check the seaweed after the exit for some big pearls in a bubble, then you
can exit the level. Thummer up.

                        ---------World 1-4-----------

Talk tot he fish couple up ahead. After a short convo, you can pass to the
right. Do so, and enter the water.

Get all of the pearls, save at the mermaid, enter the door.

Next Room, Squid Chase:

As always, strike the squids tentacles as they rise. Three hits should stun
the squid. Once he's knocked out, collect every pearl in this tunnel, then
exit through the door at the far right.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Follow the path up and right until you find dry land. Leap out, and collect
the treasure chest.

Return to the water. Move right through the seaweed striking bubbles for pearls
and destroying the hammer mollusc. Now, at the end of this tunnel, the right
wall is cracked. Spin into it. Make this loop for a few pearls, then head up
when you exit the dug out tunnel.

Get out onto dry land, collect the pearls, kill the jumping hammer mollusc, and
enter the door.

Next Room, Dragon Ranpa:

Move right to talk to Ranpa. Jump up to become the dragon form. You cannot walk
past the overgrowth to the right, instead you have to burn your way through it
with the dragon's breath attack.

Burning your way through vegetation, you eventually come upon small white
shelled enemies. When they stop, they strike with tentacles. Just burn them as
they approach you. The pause before they attack is lengthy.

Enter the door at the end.

Next Room, Save Room Only:

Back to plain old Stafy. Move right and save at the mermaid.

Enter the door.

Next Room, Dragon Ranpa 2:

Approach Ranpa and become the dragon. Rather than jump up here, head right and
burn the vegetation in your way. Collect the pearls you reveal. When you can
climb up, do so.

Head left while blowing fire until you reach the start again. Make sure to
ensure the death of each and every shell creature before heading forward.
Remember - you can angle your breath.

OK, back at the tunnel we climbed.

Burn through the vegetation at the lower right. Take the big pearls here from
the tunnel, then climb back up again.

Move up and right while blowing fire. You should be able to chain the white
shells that get in the way.

Enter the door at the end.

Next Room:

Back to Stafy again. Move over to Ranpa. You will get the Ranpa display screen
which shows his ship parts.

Climb up to the top of this chamber, collecting any pearls on the platforms.
Destroy the hammer mollusc when you reach the top.

Climb the stairs to the upper right when you see the down arrows. Collect all
of the pearls/big pearls here, then return to the down arrows.

Get the pearls in the alcove of the left wall, the drop to the water.

Search the seaweed down here for big pearls and a hidden door (lower left).

Seaweed Covered Door:

That "Y" icon with the arrow. Kind of useless given the simplicity of the room,
but let's use it anyways, shall we? Press Y on that icon to have it send Stafy
flying through pearls to the next icon.

Keep doing this, and the path terminates at a treasure chest. This is note 4.

Return tot he previous room.

Previous Door:

Return to the area with the down arrows, and move right past the right arrow.
Enter the water here.

Swim through the tunnel, killing white shells in the way. Enter the door at the
end of the path.

Next Room:

Move right, and head up through the rock blocks. At the top of this tunnel, you
will notice cracks at the upper right. Break through the hidden tunnel, collect
the pearls from the seaweed, and return to the start of the chamber.

Head down and to the right.

Head down through the rocks and search the area we open into for a giant bubble
creature. He holds bubbles and a key. Collecting the key opens the star door.

Star Door:

Talk to the fish and select the top option when she asks if you want to play.

This is a sumo match with her bigger fish comrade. Essentially, you have to
keep striking him until he reaches the far right of the stretch. Fine. Spin
attack him, wait for Stafy to stop his recovery spin then spin attack again.

Keep this up, and you shouldn't get dizzy.

This opens up 1-7.

Enter the previous room.

Previous Room:

Destroy the bubble creature again for pearls.

Move left through the currents, and head back to where you broke down through
the rocks to set up a good run to chain the fishies.

Chain the fish to the right, then collect the pearls from the seaweed and
free floating bubbles.

Head up past the up arrows, then head left. Search out the pearls in the
seaweed here.

Now head back and continue right. Check the seaweed for pearls, and save at the

If you want to do 1-7 now, leave via the blue guy. Otherwise, enter the boss

Boss Room:

There is a large wall of ink to your right, Ranpa and Kyorosuke are here. Save
at the mermaid, then talk to them.

Stapy will appear. You can link up with a friend to take the boss on together,
or go it alone. Enter the inkcloud.


You start right in front of the squid. This is very similar to your last tussle
with him, and is in fact similar tot he chase sequences.

The squid has a very basic pattern. He slaps his tentacles off the ground,
causing a rock to fall. He then swipes slowly across the screen with a

If Stafy gets captured by this tentacle, rapidly press on the control pad to
free him.

As for the rock, you can spin attack it and break it easily enough.

Stafy can hurt the boss during both of his attacks. Basically, strike the end
of his tentacle before he slams themdown, break the rock, then strike his
tentacle again as he swipes across the screen. Easy, keep this up and he will
be calamari with chips in no time.

                           -----Boss Over-----

You will get another part of Ranpa's ship when this boss is vanquished. You can
then proceed to World 2.

                        ---------World 1-5-----------

---Search World 1-2 for the entrance to 1-5

Knock the bubble out of the seaweed and get the big pearl out of the bubble.
Push the green orb down and collect the pearls here. Head straight right over
the red, black and grey striped fish and get the pearls from behind the seaweed
before you head down.

Strike down the fish as you head down. Get the pearls from the lower left
behind the seaweed. Head up and right from here on a diagonal. Break the blocks
around the green orb, then search the seaweed for big pearls in a bubble.

Swim down and pass the sponges to the right.

Destroy all of the blocks around the green orbs. This will let you push them
out of the way and make your way through to the right.

Search the seaweed near the sponges for pearls. The same in regards to near the
fish. Take the upper left path and push an orb all the way up. Get the big
pearl up here, then return down past the orbs, and take the right path.

Push your way past the sets of green orbs to the right, and enter the door at
the end of the tunnel.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Let's head right. Break all of the rocks here, then go left and down. Push the
green orb left into the wall and get the pearls. Head down to the bottom of the
tunnel, pressing your way past any orbs in your way.

Get the big pearl in the bubble to the right, then head up. Take the righthand
path at the split.

Break through the rocks all the way up to the top. Collect the big pearl from
the seaweed here. Head down and right until you see a chest, collect it. This
is note 5.

There are three big pearls in a bubble behind the seaweed to the lower right.

Head down at the rocks here, you're back to an old tunnel. Head left and
collect all pearls in bubbles, and the few in the ceiling by pushing the green
orbs up toward them. Return back up the long tunnel you just broke the rocks

Head down and right, get any pearls from behind the seaweed.

To the right, break all rocks around the green orbs, collect the pearl from
behind the seaweed at the upper left. Push and swim down to the bottom of the
chamber again, and head right past the rocks and orbs.

Get the big pearls from the seaweed then loop back around to the main chamber.

Get to the top, move to the right past the orbs and enter the door.

Next Door:

Before hiiting the rocks, push the green orbs up into the ceiling and collect
all four pearl up here.

Break all of the rocks. Push through the green orbs and get the big pearl from
behind the seaweed. Move right, and head up at the entrance. There will be five
red/black/grey striped fish here. Strike each in succession. Time your hits so
you don't get dizzy. When we chain all five, they drop pearls and the last will
drop a big pearl.

Alright, cool. Check the seaweeds to the left for big pearls in bubbles. There
are two areas for this, one lower and one higher. Check the path to the lower
right, there are pearls behind the seaweed here.

Return again to that chamber with the five fish and take the highest upper
right path.

Jump out of water. Move over the bridge, and strike the sponges as they jump up
at you.

Collect the ton of pearls before the exit, then exit.

                        ---------World 1-6-----------

---Search World 1-3 for the entrance to 1-6

Alright, the second secret stage in World 1. The stage opens in a chase tunnel
with the squid. We're used to this shmuck by now. Everytime he rises his
tentacles... strike him in the flat wide ends.

Once he is stunned, collect every pearl in the room and enter the door at the
end of the tunnel.

Next Door - Squid Chase 2:

Another chase room, but instead knock down the seaweed to the left and enter
the hidden door.

Door Behind Seaweed:

Enter the current. Take the treasure chest you come to for note 6.

Break your way down and to the right. Passing the first brown wall, push the
green orb up for some pearls. Then pas sthe second brown wall and return to
the squid chase room you just left.

Squid Chase 2, Again:

Our old buddy is here to torment us again. As per usual, strike his tentacles
until he is stunned. Collect all of the pearls in the tunnel and enter the
door at the far right end.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Spin your way through the seaweed to the right to collect a big pearl and to
destroy a hammer mollusc.

Another hammer mollusc will jump down from up high. Strike it, then strike the
fish as you move up and to the right. You should be able to chain these guys
fairly easily and make a tidy profit. When the chain is cancelled, head back
to the bottom and search through the seaweed for pearls.

Search also the upper left of the chamber we chained in. Again, there are
pearls behind the seaweed up here.

There is a ton of big pearls to the right. Collect them all and exit the stage.

                        ---------World 1-7-----------

---Search World 1-4 for the entrance to 1-7

The third hidden stage. Ranpa is waiting for you. Change into a dragon and burn
through the vegetation to the right. Collect the pearls as you continue to the

When the ground evens out, keep blowing fire to chain some white shells. There
should be six.

Blast an opening in the rock floor ahead, drop down and collect all of the
pearls. Repeat this process, then blast the floor a third time to reach the
bottom. Head left.

Keep blowing fire as you run left across the sand to destroy any hammer mollusc
in your path. You will chain them.

Burn the plants to the left, take all the uncovered pearls, enter the door.

Next Room:

Drop down to the water. Break the bubbles and take the pearls before you enter
the current. Enter the current when you have all three.

Get the big pearls in the seaweed (and alcove near the upper left ceiling) and
destroy enemies as you swim right. Come to a stop near the up arrow.

Get the pearls in the seaweed then swim up. Jump out of the water and spin
attack a flying cat. These purrecious enemies will fly away from Stafy, so try
to get one sooner than later for your collection.

Head up and left. Run right (Hold Y and move to run) and duck (Down arrow) when
the small entrances draw near to duck and slide beneath them. There is a
treasure chest here with nite no. 7.

Head back to the flying pigs. Take the righthand path. Skip along the water's
surface to collect all of these pearls. Then head down toward the striped fish.
Hit one then another then another and so on. If you time this right, you should
be able to chain all of them for a lot of pearls.

Next, the seaweed beneath the fish. Search it out for pearls, then go left.

Check the next two seaweeds for more pearls, then enter the door.

Next Room:

Move up and left and get the pearls here first.

Alright, move right and save at the mermaid. Break bubbles and take pearls as
you head right. Head down when you encounter fish. Just to the left, there are
pearls hidden amongst seaweed. Taken them and head right.

Defeat the two hammer molluscs.

To the right now. There is a big blue chest. Move up at a diagonal from the
water and spin as you get toward the surface to get enough momentum to carry
you up to this chest. It contains a crystal heart which will move down to
Ranpa's screen.

Exit the stage.

[email protected]@___--------------------------------------------------___'''__/ \__
             |                DNS3.2: World 2                   |     \ ^.^ /
'-..........-'--------------------------------------------------'-.....\/ \/

                        ---------World 2-1-----------

Fall into the hotsprings and move down and right. Push the large rock to the
right a little and swim up and jump out of the water.

Get the pearls here by running and ducking to slide halfway under the ledges.
For the lower big pearls, you have to slide in from both sides. Return to the

Push the giant rock right into the current to block it. Proceed to the right.
Remember, you need to hold B down to actually push something.

We can't get the big pearls up above, instead lets go toward sthe orange
blowfish. They puff up and bring up a water shield. Smack them before they
can erect their shield, or from behind after they do.

Swim up the narrow column and get any pearls up here that you can. Many are
out of reach.

Move on, and when you come to the third big rock of the stage, spin attack
it up and right through the blowfish. This kills them, and moves the rock. And
you probably can't chain them anymore quickly with your spin attack anyways.

Move this rock onto the next current, then pass on by. Enter the door.

Next Room:

Move right, talk to Kyorosuke. The volcano turtle, I presume it's the volcano
turtle from Stafy 3? Either way a volcano turtle comes and starts causing hell.

It moves off to the right. Follow it and enter the door.

Next Room:

The octoroks here fire at you and the bumper fish resist your spins. What's a
girl to do? Spin attack that rock to send it flying into enemies.

Essentially, it should move in the direction opposite of your point of contact
when you spin it.

You CAN chain enemies with the rock, so use it to chain the octoroks and the
bumper fish for mucho pearls. Make sure to get the two big deposits of big
pearls in this room. Even repeat some enemie sif you want.

When you're ready, take the door at the bottom.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Move right, detsroying the blowfish. Take the rock from the far right, and park
it on top of the chamber where you saw the mermaid. Stand on top of the rock
and jump up to reach the next area through that small brown platform.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Swim around the path and head up into the current. Enter the door in the
current as you float up.

Door in the Current:

Simply swim over and take the treasure chest. Note 8. Back to the other room.

Previous Room:

Push the giant rock right into the current then head left. Follow the path down
and around to the bottom of the current you pushed that rock into. Use the
currents along the way to speed up your journey.

When you reach the bottom, push the rock which should still be falling right
into the bumper fish.

Door Behind the Bumper Fish:

Talk to Kyorosuke. He shows you how to run, though we have used that skill

Get onto the brown platforms and run and jump left to the big pearls. Grab them
all, then let's continue right.

Run and jump as you collect pearls and enter the exit at the end.

                        ---------World 2-2-----------

You can tell very much this is the area from Stafy 3 when you get to this
level. The same jets of water send you soaring into the sky when you walk on
their openings.

As you head right, step onto the geysers and not only collect pearls in the
sky, but also spin attack the flowers here to drop big pearls down. Very nice.

When the path splits, go up to talk with Granpa Rob. This opens the door below
you. Enter that door.

Next Room:

Head left and collect all of the pearls above the water line. Save at the

Bumper fish kind of direct your path, but head all the way down and come back
up with the rock you find in the lower left. Bring it back up and kill the
bumper fish with it.

The top alcove has big pearls. The lower alcove has pearls and a chest with
note 9 in it.

When all is said and done, enter the door in the lower right of the large
chamber. Chain those blowfish with the rock if you want first.

Next Room:

Like pachinko... I guess. The only things off to the side you have to be
curious about are the mermaid and the stage exit blue guy.

Essentially, you have to take the giant rock to the bottom of the room without
getting it stuck in one of those currented bowls.

Basically, spin attack the rock to get it moving. If it is falling into a pit,
spin attack it to the side to clear it.

Swim down to check if there is any pit or current below the rock. If not, rush
back up and spin attack it down to the bottom.

As long as you take the time to look at what's coming up, this is simple.

Use it to destroy the bumper fish at the lower left (for big pearls) and the
lower right (for the next door).

Next Room:

Handle this in exatcly the same way. Take the little rock down, don't drop it
in either pit. Instead, smack it with a spin attack to send it sailing past
the pit.

Use it to clobber the bumper fish down at the end of this short tunnel. Enter
the door.

Next Room:

Jump out of the water here. Head down and enter the next door after Ranpa.

Next Room:

Become Dragon Ranpa and head right, arc your fire up to strike those bumper

What's this? A dead end? No. See the water column there? Arc your flame up and
keep it there until the water turns red.

You will be taken back to the first room now.

First Room:

Speak to Rob. You will get his status screen for the bottom. I believe this
gives stats about the gameplay?

Enter the next door.

Door Past Rob:

Save at the mermaid.

Follow the pearls around via the geysers.

The chest - well this is Green Category 2. When the geysers push you right in
a two level effect, jump at the wall between you and the chest and break
through it with a spin attack (the wall on the right). Take the chest.

Next Room:

Get the dragon mode from Ranpa.

Run forward spraying fire on the Spike Bushes to chain them and prevent them
from stopping and firing spikes.

Jump onto the platforms at the end.

Blow fire at the bumper fish near the door, jump down and blast the rest.
Enter the star door.

Star Door:

Granpa Rob wants you to light four torches. Accept the proposition then move
into the chamber.

Blow fire at the rocks in the middle of the room to the right. When they are
detsroyed, head left and climb up.

Light the first torch here, then light the next two as you clean up. Number
three is at the upper right. Number 2 is en route.

Drop from number three and hold right slightly to find torch 4 in the lower
right corner of the room. Ignite it to win...

Or if one went out run left and re-ignite it to win.

This opens up 2-5. Leave the room.

*Previous Room:

Move right to the door, enter it.

*Next Room:

Let the geysers lead you to the exit platform.

                        ---------World 2-3-----------

After you're dropped down by the volcano turtle, speak with Kyorosuke. Next
speak with the squid after him. Stafy will -finally- gain the float ability.
Hold B when you jump to float through the sky. It ads plenty of air to the
jumps of Stafy.

Kyorosuke detects treasure, but we can't get it right now. Enter the available
door instead.

Next Room:

Run along the bottom and kill the Spike Bushes. Break rocks at the end of the
passage and take the chest for the next note.

Take the bottom path. Run, jump and float to grab the lines of pearls. Use the
geysers to reach the flowers up high and spin attack them. Talk to Ranpa save
at the mermaid, and exit via the door at the end of the top path.

Next Room - Big Geyser:

When the Volcano Turtle destroys the floor, Stafy gets stuck in a geyser.
Big and medium rocks start to rain down on your little friend.

These can only harm you if they push you into the rising ground. Stay in the
middle of the screen, move around the rocks as they drop, then get back to
the middle. Never let go of the B Button.

Enter the door when you reach the top.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid, head right and talk to the squid. Enter the next door.

Next Room:

Move right, jump and spin attack the plant holding the yellow squid captive.
Move right and use the geysers to reach high up.

Now, to the left.

You will see a swirly eyed squid. Use a geyser to get enough air to float over
and attack the plant holding him captive. Great.

Follow the next few geysers around and free the pink squid from the plant in
the same manner.

The squids open up another door for you.

First Room:

This takes us back to the first room.

Talk to the squids. They will do a mega uppercut making a path for Stafy. Use
the geysers to climb to the top of this new path.

Moving left to the originbal pit in which we dropped, float down the left side.
Destroy the blocks when you see them and take the chest for Red Category
clothes 3.

Reach the top again, jump the gap, and enter the door.

Top Left Door - Big Geyser:

Another big geyser. Again, stay in the middle of the screen, always hold B.
Move around the rocks that drop and make your way back to the middle.

Eventually, you will swim off the top of the screen.

Next Room:

Drop down to the door. Enter it.

Next Room:

Get dragon Ranpa. Move quickly along the bottom of the path destroying the
slimes in your way. Destroy the bumper fish you arrive at.

Move back and left. Climb up when you have the chance to. Move right while
detsroying slimes - be careful of their spikes.

Leap to the star door and enter it.

Star Door:

Talk to Kyorosuke and accept his mission. Listen for the screaming of the
squid. When you hear the screams, spin behind a nearby house in an attempt to
find him.

When you do find him, this mission is over.

You earn 2-6. Leave back through the door.

Previous Room:

Run all the way back and enter the door to the far left.

Previous Room:

Use the geysers to reach the exit.

                        ---------World 2-4-----------

Head right and you will se another part near Kyorosuke, Ranpa, and the five
squids. The volcano turtle will take it and run through the next door. You
should follow.

Next Room, Fire Chase:

The fire chases you up the tunnel. Basically, run all the time. Run right, jump
up, run left, jump up.

You will get to a portion with brown platforms. Well, if you run and jump you
should be able to skip certain platforms. For example, if you are right below
a set of pearls, and you run and jump you should be able to reach them.

When we see the slanted hills again, continue to run up them. Us eyour floating
so that you don't fall when the small hills appear. The door is just ahead, and
yeah - enter it asap.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid. The exit dude is at the bottom of the pool. Also, there
are a lot of pearls down here. So clean it out, then move on to the next room.

Next Room, Fire Chase 2:

Fire is rising up again here. This is more of a horizontal room though. You
should gun it to the right at top speed. When you see rock blocks, JUMP at them
and spin attack. If you jump and spin, you will not only lose less speed, but
also break through a second wall in the event there is one there.

Enter the door at the end.

Next Room:

There's an exit dude in the pool. Fine. The main draw of entering the pool is
to chain those octoroks and get the treasure though.

To find the treasure, check the wall at the far right of the pool. Spin attack
it and get the chest at the end. It is Green Category 3.

When you've had your fill, enter the next door which is right across from
where you entered.

Next Room, Fire Chase 3:

This one is the simplest fire chase yet. Basically, the fire is rising but you
can use geysers to get to the top of the level - making it very simple.

Jump to a geyser, and generally keep moving to the next geysers. If you see
any pearls at all, stop. Float. The path may split, but if you float you will
have enough time to change course and get to the more profitable path. No, the
fire probably won't catch you if you do this... unless Stafy is particularly

Enter the door at top of the room.

Next Room:

Head right. Let the fire geysers lower before passing. They do hurt after all.
Save at the mermaid. There's an exit guy here too. Enter the door when you are

Next Room:

Move forward to the group. You will get some more of Ranpa's backstory. Move
right afterwards, hit the geyser and enter the Star Door.

Star Door:

Talk to the squids and accept.

You have to reach the end of the course in the time limit provided. You also
only have three HP.

Just remember the following:

-Water Geysers: After being flung into the air, float the rest of the distance
                possible. This will prevent you from being tossed around.

-Green Bumpers: In the water. Just spin attack them and move on.

-Fire Geysers: Wait for them to recede or be in the ground before passing. You
               only have three HP in this challenge.

               It's possible to lose only two running through the first segment
               of fire geysers, if you want to be risky.

-Small Spaces: Run and duck to slide under them.

-Squid: You HAVE to TALK with him. So press X before the time runs out.

The prize is, yes, World 2-7. Leave to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Use the geysers between the trees to leap up and reach the plants. Spin attack
them to drop their big pearls.

Run right and get the chest. Note 11. Enter the door.

Door on the Far Right:

Take the giant rock and keep knocking it right into the octoroks to both bring
it in a generally rightward direction as well as chaining enemies.

Use the rock to crush the bumper fish blocking your way. Then, use Stafy to
break the rock blocks.

Head back down and grab the rock and bring it up through the passage you just

Smash it into the octoroks just ahead, and bring it up to the bumper fish to
kill them. Head over to that Y-Zoomer and activate it.

Head up at the end of Stafy's journey. Run right. Don't try to leap over the
slimes - just kill them. Use the geysers you come to for pearl collection.

You can float after the final geyser to reach the next ledge. Run right, use
the moving platforms to get high up again. Leap into the water.

Use this next giant rock to kill the bumper fish. Bring the rock down and
stick it over the strong current to the right. Pass the current.

The boss door is just ahead.

Boss Room:

Save at the mermaid, then enter the cloud.


This is a Volcano Turtle. Its battle stage is littered with geysers, and it
flies through the air raining fire.

Its standard attack is to drop balls of magma. These hit the ground and create
wave sof fire that travel toward Stafy. Simply jump over these waves and float
and they will pass harmlessly beneath you.

After two hp has been subtracted, he will start using his laser attack.
Basically, he rakes the ground with his laser and shortly thereafter fire will
erupt. It should be note dthat the actual beam doesn't hurt Stafy, but the fire
does. So jump out of the way if he rakes his laser over you.

How do you hurt him? Basically, use a geyser to jet up above him and spin
attack his cone. The turtle will fall to the ground. Drop down onto his sore
guts and spin attack him there to actually cause damage.

For his laser, you can knock him out of the air as he finishes, then float
until the fire recedes and drop down to him after this.

Anyways, after five hits the battle stage will get obliterated in a huge geyser
like you had to navigate previously.

This part is easier than the previous, because the turtle cannot directly harm
Stafy and Stafy does two HP of damage to him every hit instead of one. Just
like previous geysers, rocks from above will crush you against the ground for

Essentially, hold B and navigate around them as they fall. The screen can
scroll horizontally if need be - but there shouldn't ever be a need. The turtle
goes up and down the screen. It's best to hit him on the underbelly as he heads
down as chasing him up is less likely to result in a hit. Three hits like this
and he's dead in the water.

                        ---------World 2-5-----------

---Search World 2-2 for the entrance to 2-5

Swim down and to the right, next to the giant rock. Going straight up their are
pearls you can't reach yet/without Stapy.

Instead, kill the blowfish with the giant rock, and push it into the strong
current at the right. Pass this current.

Pushing the next rock through this large area of currents is no problem. See,
the currents are never very wide. So you can just swim around the currents
while spin attacking the rock mostly along the bottom of the room. Easy.

When it's in place over the next current set, pass on by.

Again, we have to skip the above section due to lack of ability. Instead, swim
down to the next rock.

Try to push it right and smack it up when most of the blowfish are in one spot.
This will help to kill all at once and chain them for pearls.

Righto, enter the door when you're through.

Next Room:

Head left and get the giant rock. Smack it to the right constantly, in the
general direction of the octoroks. Try to chain the bulk of these enemies for
a sweet bounty of pearls.

Push it into the heavy current, and get the blue chest for a crystal heart.

Head back, enter the next room.

Next Room:

Pass over the slimes and head up onto dry land to the right. Break the rock
blocks you come to, and press Y on the zoomer. Do the same for the next zoomer.

For the slanted zoomer before the exit, make sure you take this one to get the
chest before you exit the level.

Up near the chest, use the Y-Zoomer and Stafy's floating to collect all of the

Take the chest for Note 12. Exit the level.

                        ---------World 2-6-----------

---Search World 2-3 for the entrance to 2-6

Swim left and jump out of the water. Jump and float right to the first geyser,
then use the geysers to reach the top of this room.

Head right, jump down and use the floating ability to collect as many pearls as
possible. I suggest you stick to maybe a three or four pearl spread as you move
back and forth in your descent. When you hit the water, head down and left past
the brown wall, to the start of the level. Climb back up via the geysers and
float back down again. Repeat as many times as you need to collect every pearl.

Enter the door when you're done.

Next Room:

Get out of the water, jump onto the star platform. Run and jump to the right
and spin attack the plant on the tree for a big pearl. Drop into the water
right after the tree, collect the chest. This is note 13.

Head back to the start, use the star platform again, then jump to the next
three platforms.

Pass these platforms and jump to the geyser.

Up here, use the rightmost platform to get to the platform just left of it.
Get the big pearl from the plant, then climb onto that rightmost platform once
more. Now, jump to the left, and further to the left, then up onto the ledge
near the next tree.

Get the pearl from the plant and run left. Use the geysers to reach the next
plant and get its big pearl.

Now, use the geysers again to reach the platforms to the upper right.

Jump between them, then up onto land. Run up the hill and strike the plant in
the tree for a big pearl. Enter the door.

Next Room:

For the most part, just let the geysers carry you through this room. You will
want to float when you see pearls coming, however, so that you manage to snag
all of them.

When you see a plant in a tree, stop short and explore the area beneath it
before taking the tree and exit. You will find a blue chest with a crystal
heart down here.

If this is our third, Stafy's health bar will increase.

Make sure you get the big pearl out of the tree plant before you exit.

                        ---------World 2-7-----------

---Search World 2-4 for the entrance to 2-7

Move left from the start and grab the rock. There are many octoroks and
blowfish in this room to destroy with it. Try to chain them along the way with
the rock. If you want to chain them without the rock, you will have to get hit
a few times to cancel your dizzy.

The blowfish are probably best handled with the rock. Octoroks are best handled
with Stafy alone because of their odd formations and the fact Stafy can get
a chain from their rocks as well - and he is mor elikely able to hit these
himself than with the rock.

But either way, bring the rock from the left of the room to the far right.

Use it to crush the bumper fish near the dragon Ranpa pearl. This gives the
Dragon suit a larger flame.

Enter the door to the right.

Next Room:

Go over to Ranpa and become the dragon.

Run right destroying enemies (chaining) and rock blocks. When you get to the
portion with slimes, tilt your now bigger flame up to strike the slimes... then
tilt down to break the blocks.

Over the pit, destroy all of the blocks for big pearls.

Over the longer pit, stay on the brown platforms. When you can climb down at
the end of this run, drop down and run left destroying the Spike Bushes. Don't
leap up at the end, but rather turn right and run right blowing fire once more
to chain most of the Spike Bushes again not to mention those you haven't yet.

Don't forget to get the big pearls to the right of the door before entering the

Next Room:

This large room also holds the exit. But let's do a few other things first,
shall we?

Head to the bottom right of the big pool and get the big pearls there. Then go
to the bottom left of the pool and get the pig pearls there as well as the
chest for note 14.

Head to the upper right. On this dry land is a pit otter, a simple enemy that
crawls out of his hole and wiggles himself. They also appear in previous story
scenes of completed levels in this world.

Anyways, head left and jump out to the brown platforms. Run jump and float
between these to reach the big pearls at the far left.

You can then chain blowfish and octoroks in the pool to your heart's content.
Leave the stage when you've had your fill.

[email protected]@___--------------------------------------------------___'''__/ \__
             |                DNS3.3: World 3                   |     \ @[email protected] /
'-..........-'--------------------------------------------------'-.....\/ \/

                        ---------World 3-1-----------

Swim up and to the right, collecting pearls. Nothing on the ceiling can hurt
you by the way, those spikes are in the background. The long ice chunks below
you take three hits each to break. Break on through to the bottom.

Move right through the tunnel. Stop before the giant icicles and let them fall
and break before passing through. Head up and go through the left tunnel and
again - let the icicles fall before passing. Head left to land.

Move left. You can break these snowmen but penguins will rebuild them. The rock
hopper penguin close by is a bigger threat. Just jump toward him and spin
attack to preempt his own jump. Keep left.

Climb up. The big pearls up here are unreachable with your current abilities,
so head right.

Push the ice block on the ground. Essentially spin attack it then hop aboard.
You will crush some penguins en route. Disembark at your destination.

Head down into the water at the end then break your way through the large ice
block. Enter the door.

Next Room:

Head up from where the door locks and take the big pearls from the bubbles.
Return to the start and head right.

Keep right and swim quickly under the icicles and let them all fall behind
you. When they ahve all broken, break the large ice block and take all of the
pearls from the bubbles. Don't leave yet.

Search the righthand wall for cracks and start to dig your way into it. You
can clear out a large space here for some pearls. Now head left past where
the icicles were and head up.

Defeat the blue tracker fish as you head up this tunnel. These fish essentially
track your vertical position but have no horizontal movement of their own. So
they stay in one area of the water column making them an easy target. Make sure
to check the alcove for pearls.

You will come to two areas with big ice blocks. Checking the first downwards
tunnel, we find a treasure chest with a note (no. 15). There is also a current

Enter the current, collect pearls. Head up through the top of this tunnel you
come to and loop back around into the previous tunnel however many times it
takes you to collect all of the pearls.

There are seals near the next door, at the bottom of the second tunnel, but
they just scooch across the ground - no serious threat. Enter the door.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Head right and talk to Ranpa and Kyorosuke. Stafy will get carried away in a

Next Room, Snowball:

You don't have to do anything except let Stafy run down all the enemies.

Next Room, Snowball 2:

When you reach the bottom, there are two pits. Press B to jump over both of
these as they come up.

Next Room, Snowball 3:

This is mostly jumps. Jump at the edge of pits. When the ground narrows a bit
you can let it roll for just an instant before jumping again. When it narrows
once more, you will have to jump again right away.

Next Room, Snowball 4:

Jump over the first pit you see, to collect the pearls. You will fall off
the edge at the end.

Next Room:

Talk to Kyorosuke and Ranpa. Save at the mermaid. Head right.

To the right there is a large area if snow in which you can sink. There are
snow divers above it which will stop and dive down at you when they notice
you. Attack them as they dive, then let yourself sink down to the bottom of the
snow. Scour the bottom for pearls, then head right out of the snow to the exit.

                        ---------World 3-2-----------

Talk to the seal just ahead. Stafy will get his first dash. This dash will
allow him to speed up for an attack and fight against currents. Nice.

Destroy the blue trackers up ahead, save at the mermaid, and enter the door.

Next Room:

Head right destroying fish. The current is too strong to fight here. Instead
head up and destroy the cracked wall on the right.

There are two areas to carve out. Do both, then follow the passage through the
bottom carved chamber. Enter the door.

Door Past the Cracked Wall:

Jump up on land and run up the hill, spin attack each seal that slides down
toward you. When you get to the end, there is a down arrow made with pearls.

Float down through these pearls to ensure you get each and every one of them,
and that you don't miss the chest. Float into the chest for Red Category
clothes 4.

Drop down intot he water. See the cracked wall? Break your way through that
path but don't jump into the current. Instead, head back when you reach the
end and attack that red flower.

While the red flower is a classic creature that throws pearls and spikes at
Stafy, this one only throws pearls. Stay above her moving back and forth to
collect the pearls. You can make her toss pearls twice, and the third time she
will just be defeated.

Jump into the current and fight it so that you can get each and every pearl.

Go back to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Head left. Now, your dash can fight the slight currents, not the strong
currents. Entering this large area of currents, immediately get used to
navigation via dashing by grabbing the pearls from the bubbles.

The secret to proper current navigation in any of the Stafy games is timing,
pure and simple. Essentially, you can and will get dizzy if you mash the dash
button. Instead, dash, let Stafy take the brief moment he needs to recover,
then dash again. Fight the current for this brief moment with the fast swim
and you won't lose any ground. It takes some practice to get this 100% but if
you do it'll help you throughout the entire series.

Either way, head down and left, and up at the far left. Head down into that
little alcove for some pearls, then skip the strong down current and keep
heading right.

Get the big pearls in bubbles from the rectangular arrangement of currents,
then pass it by. Defeat the fish and move on.

Enter the door at the end.

Next Room:

It's time to practice another dash technique. You can't pass that current to
your right, so what are we to do? Simple. If you swim toward the surface of the
water and dash, you will be carried out of the water for the length of your
dash - thus reaching new heights for intrepid prince.

Do so here. Swim up along side the wall and dash right before the surface to
get teh air required to land on that slick icy slope.

Move right now. Spin attack the block of ice and run behind it as it mows down
rock-hopper penguins.

Do the same for the next ice block, just run under the green bumper.

Jump into the water at the end. Chain both groups of blue fish. The ice block
above may even kill a few more penguins adding to the fun!

Save at the mermaid, then dash out of the water and float to collect all of the
pearls up there.

When you're ready, enter the door.

Next Room:

This is really just a chase type room. Knock that ice block forward and run
after it.

Essentially, keep running. Those groups of flying (!) penguins will drop when
the ice block hits the bottom bird. For the green bumpers, simply duck as you
are running and Stafy should slide underneath them.

When the ice block jumps to a new area, jump and float after it, but don't
float too long lest it get away.

-Alternatively, you can spin attack the green bumpers if you are very near the
ice block. This way you won't lose much time and get extra chaining benefits.

Enter the door at the end.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Dash out of the water at a diagonal to clear those spikes. Dash through the
currents to the right. Diagonal dash over the next spikes, and watch out for
the Kappas. They will fire a beam from their heads... destroy them either after
they fire or hit them below the beam.

Diagonally leap over the next set of spikes.

Defeat the blue fish as you fight through the current. For the stack of four
spikes after them, I suggest you dash out of the water straight up, then float
over them. This is the safest way.

The same goes for the five stack just after it - just look out for the upcoming
Kappa. Kill the Kappa, then do a vertical dash out of the water to the ledge.

Drop down and enter the door.

Next Room:

The seal wants you to rescue his three little buddies (who have appeared more
than once in the series) from the currents. I suggest exploring all of the
currents for the pearls in bubbles first, then using the arrows to dash through
and locate the little dudes.

Burst all three out of bubbles to proceed.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid. Enter the current, but fight against it so that you can
swim into each alcove, defeat each fish, and colelct every pearl.

Eventually you will see a current leading up. Steer into this to make it to the
Star Door. Enter it.

Star Door:

Talk to the seal.

You have a minute to find and destroy every snowman in the level.

Head right and dash through the current. You will be able to go up and left. Do
so while knocking down each snowman. You will bring your count to 6.

Head back to the water. Destroy the one just over the water, then jump up
through the platforms and destroy those up here.

Move left again and destroy all the snowmen that are rebuilt. Keep looping and
as long as Stafy's number (left) is greater than the penguins' number (right)
you will win. So for example 09/04 will -win- for Stafy.

Your prize is, of course, level 3-5.

Return tot he previous room.

Previous Room:

Enter the top current to the right. Continue to fight the current while you
collect swag and kill fish until you reach the end. Enter the door.

Next Room:

Enter the current from the top and swim to meet the upwards current. Let it
carry you up the left side tot he rightward current. Fight this current so that
you can grab each big pearl.

Do so until you are dumped out into still water. The dashing fish here should
be taken out with your own dash first.

Move left past the exit and explore this area for pearls and the chance to
chain some enemies. Check the alcove leading up near the rightward currents
close to the beginning. You can break through the ceiling and get a few more

This is easy to find as there is a light current right before it.

Grab the chest to the lower left of the exit before you leave. This is Note 16.


                        ---------World 3-3-----------

Head right to talk with the giant seal and watch a scene. When it is complete,
head further right and get the Seal Pearl. This will allow you to use the Seal
Ranpa in certain areas. It can swim through water, and its dash attack is a
large ice shard.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Become a seal and head up and right, destroying fish and taking the pearls.
There will be a split in the path.

Take the lower path. This gel will prevent your passing unless you freeze it
with your ice shard. Freeze these gels and head right until you see a box with
the seal on it. Hit this box and 8 rings appear:

 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0

Do the bottom row first, turn up and do the middle, turn up and do the top.
Break all the bubbles that appear upon completion for big pearls.

Return to the top path and destroy all fish in the way. Nice, now enter the
door at the end.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Head right and use your dash to make your way into the top current. At the end,
break the ceiling.

This path you are breaking into opens at the top and bottom. Go top first for
the pearls, then go bottom and enter the Star Door.

Star Door:

Talk to the seal and accept his challenge.

You will changed into seal Ranpa and have to swim through 40 rings within 1
minute. They appear at two levels in the water and above the water as well.

Stay near the middle row of rings. Go after those in the water before trying
to jump out at them. If you jump, it has to be at a diagonal and you have to
pass through the rings sideways - you can't have them pass over you when you
do a completely vertical jump.

Priority rings are those that are two together. Do those above the surface
only if they are coming towards you and immediately loop down into a ring in
the middle row.

When you complete this, you gain level 3-6. Enter the door to the previous room
and continue with this level.

Previous Room:

Head left through the current, then up out of the water. Hit the ice block to
the right and watch as it mows down penguins.

There are snow divers after the ice block stops. Just jump into the water.

Dash to the end of each current alcove near the door for pearls. After this,
enter the door.

Next Room:

Become Seal Ranpa and destroy the dashing fish nearby. Head right along the
bottom and freeze the gel. Get the big pearls from the bubbles, then head back.

Destroy the original dash fish and the ones just after for a longer chain. Head
up and you will locate strong currents with pearls in arcs over them. Now, you
CAN swim at the very surface of the water and avoid the currents - but if you
want to effectively get all the pearls then you should dash out of the water on
a diagonal.

Pass the door and head down. Get all of the pearls from the currents to the
left... you will notice the seal cannot fight currents even when it dashes.

Next, head right and freeze the gel.

Hit the Seal Box and swim through all of the rings. There are three above
the surface of the water you will have to jump for. Completing this task makes
a treasure chest appear near a door below you.

Return to that door we passed and enter it.

Next Room:

Become a seal and start killing fish as you head up. You will come to some ice
blocks. The seal easily destroys these with his ice shard.

After this there are some Kappas as you head right. Dash attack them before
they can fire their beam. At the far right ther eis a gel. Freeze it and take
the big pearls.

As you head down there are five blue tracker fish. Try to chain all of them.

Break through the ice blocks you come to.

Kill the Kappas to the right and swim up. Kill the Kappa near the currents.
Since the seal cannot pass these currents, he has to swim around them. So we
really need to kill the Kappa to make sure he doesn't shoot us. So do him in,
then swim around the currents. I guess we can't get those big pearls down
there just yet.

Head left, freeze the gel, and take the big pearls.

Swim up and around the currents. Kill the Kappas as you head right. Swim down
and around the currents. Kill the Kappas as you head right. Destroy the ice
blocks. After one more Kappa, you come to a door. Enter it.

Next Room:

Talk to Ranpa then head right. Let Stafy get carried past the icicles in the
current and they won't hit him. Head right until you see a giant ice block.

Break it, then head left into the door.

Door to the right of the Main Path:

If you activated the rings from the second Seal sequence, then there will be
a treasure chest here.

This is Green Category 4.

Re-enter the previous room.

Previous Room:

Head right and break the giant ice block once more. There will be two currents
here. Dash along the bottom current and break the wall at the end.

Head down to get a chest, note 17.

Take either current back left, and head up at the split. Break the giant ice
block you come to, head down and continue left. Head up at the far end, and use
your dash to exit the water. You will be by a sliding ice block.

Smack it and run behind it as it kills rock hopper penguins. Exit the level
when you come to the exit.

                        ---------World 3-4-----------

Jump onto the snowmen to your left. Run and jump to the platforms and keep
jumping up to find a chest - obvious! This is note 18.

Drop down and save at the mermaid.

Run right and talk tot he group. The giant seal has a part, but the three
troublemaker penguins show up and capture Stafy in a snowball and take off
with the part. Scandal!

Next Room, Snowball:

You only need to hop when the pearls form an arc in the sky. Other than that
you will just mow down penguins and grab pearls as you roll down the hill.

Next Room, Snowball 2:

Every arc of pearls arcs over a pit. Essentially, jump when Stafy grabs the
first pearl of an arc and you should have no problems.

Next Room, Snowball 3:

Let yourself get carried down the path. When Stafy starts heading right along
the lower path, jump when he grabs the first pearl of an arc. This should get
you over the handful of pits.

Next Room, Snowball 4:

Just let yourself roll on through. You can jump when you are crashing through
the ice blocks but I don't believe there's an advantage.

Next Room:

You crash next to Kyorosuke and Ranpa, and lo - the part is there too. You can
move after Ranpa's bit of backstory.

Now, let's head to the right first. Jump into the water and watch out for the
ice spires. In the righthand pool, look at its left wall for currents. Get the
pearls from out of these currents with your dash.

Head right, go beneath the floating ice flow and get the chest. This is Red
Category 5 clothing. Nice.

Now climb up on top of that ice chunk. Jump on it to send it into the water,
then dash straight up out of the water to make it into the chamber above.

Climb up, defeat the penguins, and enter the Star Door.

Star Door:

Go over and talk to the large seal and accept the challenge.

You have to protect the goodies from the penguins for one full minute. This of
course gets progressively more difficult.

One penguin will jump down at a time. Simply jump up beneath him and spin him.

Penguins from the righthand side come now, about three at once. Stay near the
loot and move into them while spinning.

Penguins form all rows come now. Jump above the presents and spin as you drop.
Spin again while moving into any remaining penguins. Spin a third time or more
only if you are confident penguins will bump you and reset your dizzy counter.

It is important to do this phase from the air because if the penguins dogpile
you on the ground, you may not be able to initiate your spin.

Your prize is extra level 3-7.

Return to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Make your way up and left, defeating the rock hopper penguin. Drop down from
here and look for the down arrow made of pearls. Float down it to collect them

Follow the watery path down. There's a blue guy here, if you want to suspend
this level, and a mermaid. Save and then decide your course of action.

Grab the three big pearls above the boss door (WOW, short stage compared to the
last two) and enter it.

Boss Room:

Save at the mermaid, then enter the cloud.


A huge rock hopper penguin. I approve. Though he is kind of out of place being
3D when the last two bosses were 2D.

But I digress. His pattern isn't difficult. When he jumps intot he air, look
for his shadow on the ground. This is where he's going to come crashing down in
a damagin arse slam. Just swim out of the way, and dash when you hear the sound
or see his shadow stop and grow.

The other attack is that he will toss out some huge snowballs. Stafy can break
these with a spin, so there's nothing to worry about. They are so big, only one
will be above you at any one time. So, just dash straight up and it will be
broken and you should remain safe.

His weak point is his sire naval. You should strike it after each jump with
your dash attack.

When he is down to four bars of life, the battle will change. He will make a
super hop and break the floor to pieces.

He will now stay near the bottom of the screen, and an arrow tells you where he
is at all times. He wears a bucket over his head, and when he ducks he will try
to ram you with this. When he pauses, he will shoot snowflakes form his mouth.
These both damage you, but you can break the snowflakes.

Another hazard lines the ceilings - icicles. The big icicles fall when you get
near and can damage you as well. But they are in fact the secret to beating
this boss. Get him to stand beneath an icicle, pause and do his breath attack.
MEanwhile, Stafy makes a snowball hit him off the head.

The helmet will flip off, revealing a bald head. Dash attack his exposed head
to score damage on him. Four hits and he's a goner.

                            -----Boss Over-----

There will be a short scene before the next world. Some important stuff here.

                        ---------World 3-5-----------

---Search World 3-3 for the entrance to 3-5

Head right. Collect pearls and wait before the icicles so that they drop down.
Pass by when they fall, and keep going right until you find the giant ice

Break down through these two blocks. Move right, and break through the next
series of ice blocks/walls.

Make your way to the top of the passage. You would need Stapy to go any higher
here. Instead, let's head left.

Spin attack the block and chase it to the right. As for the big pearls up high,
you can't reach them yet. After the ice block crashes, keep left. Run and duck
to slide beneath the low ceilings.

Climb up the side. Spin attack the next ice block and follow it through the
rock hopper penguins all the way to the door. Enter it.

Next Room:

Drop down beside the sliding ice block and spin attack it to send it to the
right. Follow behind it at top speed as it chains penguins of different makes
and models.

Head right down the hill following this chase. Enter the water and quickly
swim under the icicles to the far right so they fall after you're clear. Enter
the door.

Next Room:

Swim around the currents to the top and grab the big pearls from the bubbles.

For the current to the right, well, try to stay to the left of the current
assembly if possible. If you take the top or bottom route, there's a difference
in where you will end up.

There's nothing in the currents except for big pearls and dash fish. I would
recommend just shying away from the strong currents if you want to see for

Take the top on your first visit for the chest. Bottom path is two passages,
top path is two passages. These passages lead to the same place (top or bottom)
in each case and are the strong currents at the far right of this high current

***Bottom Path:

This door leads to a bunch of pearls, a few Kappas, then the exit.

***Top Path:

This door leads to a chain of blue fish, a chest with note 19, a few more fish.

Basically, both paths lead to an exit shortly thereafter.

                        ---------World 3-6-----------

---Search World 3-3 for the entrance to 3-6

Before you become Seal Ranpa, head left and up to the currents. Make your way
into each for pearls, then head back to the start.

Become Seal Ranpa.

Move all the way right killing seals as you go. Freeze the gel you come to,
pass it, chain those blue fish, and make your way to the next gel.

Freeze it and continue along tot he seal box. Hit it and rings will appear in
the currents above. Move into the bottom current so that you start with the
ring arranged horizontally. Now, as you move around the currents, stay in the
middle of the current so that you are carried through each. You have enough
time to complete the course twice. Remember, the seal can't fight currents well
at all, so if you miss one, get it on the second pass.

Collect all of the pearls that appear for your feat, then head back past where
the first gel was.

Head up and right to the door.

Next Room:

Become Seal Ranpa.

Head right, killing fish. There will be two rectangular arrangements of
currents here carrying pearls in bubbles around their loops. I would recommend
staying in one place in the current and spearing them with your ice shard as
they draw near.

That way, at least if you don't collect them you can easily whip around the
loop and get the missed ones.

When both are cleared, head to the right of the lower assembly to find a gel.
Freeze it and get the big pearls just ahead. You can pass through the walls
ahead from the left but not the right. Pass them, then head up to find the
upper path.

Chain the dashing fish and grab the loose pearls. Head to the door.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Break through the ice walls. Make sure to chain the seals after the second set.
Swim up to the current and enter it.

Make sure you get all pearls within the current.

Now, the path splits high and low. Let's start at the top.

To reach the top you will either need to run and jump or dash straight up out
of the water.

Once you climb the platforms tot he highest platform, head right. Spin and push
the ice block forward. Follow its rampage until it falls off. Jump to the next
platforms and destroy the snow divers, then jump and grab the pearls.

Ok, jump tot he next platform with the penguins, run towards them and spin. You
will come to a blue chest with a heart contained.

Head all the way back left and take the low route. Sink intot he snow and walk
all the way right to collect numerous big pearls and keep walking toward the
right even as you approach the wall. You will enter a small alcove with a door,
beneath the exit. Let's take the door.

Hidden Door Beneath the Exit:

Rush along the top killing penguins, then return tot he left abd sink deep into
the snow. Move right and you should see a snowpenguin next to a chest. Break
the snowman and take the chest. It's note 20.

Leave to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Exit the stage.

                        ---------World 3-7-----------

---Search World 3-4 for the entrance to 3-7

You start in a snowball. No risk in this area. You need to jump into every
array of pearls and over every pit. If you fall down, you will hit ground and
eventually be taken to the next screen.

Next Room, Snowball 2:

The only jump you really have to look out for is the first one. If you want to
make it, you have to jump right at the very top of that slope. If you fall down
you will have to try jumping and hitting the left wall to make yourself head
right instead, getting a fair few pearls and ultimately ending up in the same
place as if you went topside the whole way.

Next Room, Snowball 3:

Just concentrate on jumping the gaps when they appear. To be honest, your ball
will be big enough now that it will break all ice blocks by default rolling,
thus ensuring you get the few pearls from them anyways.

When the bits of land become very narrow, you will pretty much have to jump
again right away each time.

Next Room:

The snowball falls a long distance then crashes. Head right and skip the first
two pits of soft snow. Sink tot he bottom of the third or fourth snow pit
though to find a chamber with three big pearls. Exit via the third pit and get
the pearls between the third and fourth and you head right and skip the fourth.

Sink down the sixth pit, the one right after the down arrow pit. There is a
blue chest here with a crystal heart.

Sink down the fifth pit, witht he down arrow next to it. Follow the path you
come to right while destroying rock hoppers.

When the path splits up and right, take the path right first. Climb the
platforms here and ente rthe door at the top.

Next Room:

Simply move right, spin attacking penguins and seals as they approach. The
chest for Note 21 is nestled snug between some snowmen.

Go back to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Head down, left, and up when you can go up again. Follow this path left, up,
and left again at the top. Defeat the snow diver without falling down.

There is a red flower here. Hit her once to have her toss pearls, catch them.
Hit her twice to have her do it again. Hit her a third time to destroy her.

Head right from the beneath the plant's locale and jump through the floor to
find the exit. Go to it.

[email protected]@___--------------------------------------------------___'''__/ \__
             |                DNS3.4: World 4                   |     \ T.T /
'-..........-'--------------------------------------------------'-.....\/ \/

                        ---------World 4-1-----------

There's some interesting new conventions in this level. For instance, those
leaf platforms slowly turn to drop Stafy off of them, and that mushroom can
be carried on his head.

Grab the mushroom, and climb those platform leaves. The mushroom creates a
star shaped zone around Stafy and can be used to destroy that purple stuff
blocking the way. SO walk intot hat gunk wearing your mushroom hat and watch
it get removed more quickly than aesbestos during a wall-licking farm

You are going to be introduced to the Sky Puddles, one of the Stafy series'
most prominent features. Now, I doubt that's the official name for one of these
bodies of wate rthat free float in the air - but it's been my convention for

Essentially, a sky puddle is just that - a puddle in the sky. It is a body of
water you can enter and exit from all sides.

Walking around this sky puddle is another Stafy classic in the form of the
bunny enemy. This guy has an update though, it will pause and shoot a heart out
at Stafy. So it's worth killing them as you approach or enter the puddle.

If it causes you to drop the mushroom, pick it back up. Bring it right and and
destroy the wall of purple spores. Jump into the water and collect the pearls
up ahead.

Now, head to the upper path. Head right to the sky puddle. You need Stapy to
scale that purple leafy area. Either way, jump intot he long sky puddle, and
dash attack the rabbit when you see it. Dash into the second sky puddle, then
jump out and float left from the top of the puddle.

-The spikes on the wall we passed will harm you btw, so watch out!

Carry your mushroom left through the top two sky puddles, use it to eliminate
the purple spores at the end. Get the pearls from in here, return out the
purple opening, and drop to the ground.

Jump into the sky puddle, drop tot he bottom and run left to the next sky
puddle. Kill the bunny, then jump into it.

Move around the bunnies as you dash up from your sky puddle to the puddles
above. Reach the top, with your mushroom, and mind the spikes on the left. Move
right using the mushroom to destroy the spores in this tunnel.

Jump intot he enxt puddle, still holding the mushroom. Get to the top, and dash
out toward the purple wall. This should eliminate the wall, letting you get the
sweet pearls beyond.

Travel back tot he purple wall, and then move right past the sky puddle to the
ledge and slope. Bring your mushroom through the purple wall, then use it to
clean the spores off the door. Nice. Enter the door.

Next Room:

No more mushroom here. Talk to Kyorosuke.

Jump on the squishy ground to the right. When it is depressed far, hit Stafy's
jump button to get sprung high into the air. Get sprung intot he sky puddle
with the two giant acorns.

Climb on top of the acorns, run and jump to the tilting leaf. Grab all of the
big pearls up here before it drops Stafy, then float back to the puddle with
the two acorns.

Move right, jump to the leaf then jump to the ledge. Proceed to the next
squishy ground. Run past it, spin attacking any mushrooms on the ground for
potential pearls. Drop down to the right, defeat the two bulky mushrooms. If
they spray spores, wait until they finish.

When they are done in, head left to find a red plant. Get both of her barrages
of pearls, then head right to the squishy ground.

Bounce up and return to the left. Now use this squishy ground to jump up to a
sky puddle. Jump out of it to the right, collecting pearls.

Make your way right to the blue guy and mermaid. Save, then enter the door.

Next Room:

Jump into the sky puddle, grab the pearls above it and head back down. Defeat
the mushroom as you head right.

Swim tot he top of the next sky puddles, and defeat the bunny. Jump out to the
left at the top and grab the mushroom. Destroy the purple wall to the left with

Climb the next puddle without getting hit, jump to the right and destroy the
purple wall with the mushroom. Spin the mushrooms on the ground for some pearls
and then continue along.

Swim tot he top of the next sky puddle. Jump out, destroy the bulky mushroom,
then check the shrooms on the ground for pearls. Climb the platforms to the

Pass the enxt door in the sky puddle, and destroy the purple wall with your
mushroom. To the right, climb up.

Defeat the bulky mushrooms to the left, and check the shrooms on the ground
for small pearls. Head left and jump down with mushroom in hand. Destroy the
purple wall you come to and take the big pearls.

Make your way back to the door and enter it.

Next Room:

Jump and float to collect the pearls above the water. There's a blue guy there
if you need to leave the stage for a moment, and a mermaid to save at.

Enter teh sky puddles, jump out up and left to collect the pearls. Check the
ground mushrooms for some pearls, then enter the next sky puddle at the far
left of this ledge.

Jump out at the upper right to the next sky puddle, then dash out at the upper
left of this puddle to reach a door. Float if you have to. Enter this door.

Door near the Upper Left:

Grab the mushroom, climb up and take the pearls. Drop back down and walk with
the mushroom through that tunnel as you destroy the purple spores. Defeat the
bulky shroom coming up, then destroy the next wall.

Climb up and left, defeat the two bulkies and jump into the sky puddles. Get
the chest at the top for note 22.

This also unlocks a new area. The fishing minigame.

Return to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Jump right and float to beyond the sky puddles we used to make it to the
treasure room.

Use the squishy ground to bounce up to the sky puddles. Follow them up and to
the left. Jump out and spin the shrooms for pearls. Enter this next sky puddle
and jump out up and left.

Use the squishy ground to reach new sky puddles still. Follow them up and to
the right. Jump up to the right, spin attack the mushrooms for pearls, then
talk to Kyorosuke and Ranpa.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Become Dragon Ranpa. The screen will start to autoscroll. This is no problem,

Stay near the middle of the screen and jump over all wooden steps, and down
every pit. Burn every wooden block that comes your way.

The only thing is, after the bulky mushroom attacks, there path goes like this:


So speed up, drop down at the right, quickly run back left, drop down, and run
right to enter the door.

Next Room:

Run and jump between the acorns. Float between them so you do not land in the
deadly water. You can swim in that water, but it saps your health.

Run, jump, and float over the electric clam when you see it. You cannot defeat
it and it will hurt you upon contact.

Exit the stage.

                        ---------World 4-2-----------

Talk to the elderly bush to the right.

From here, move up and right. The blue mohawk fish will chase you with tenacity
when they see you. Attack both of them in the sky puddle as they charge in
after you.

Move left, destroy the three mohawk fish in the big sky puddle, then get the
big pearls above the acorns at the top. Alright, head to the upper right sky

Dash out of the body of water to the leaf platforms. Jump up tot he ledge
before they drop you down.

Head left, then dash up between puddle suntil you reach the top puddle with the
bunnies. Jump out of it tot he right, collect the pearls, and enter the door.

Next Room:

Spin attack the mushrooms for pearls. Take them, jump tot he acorn and run,
jump, and float to the next bit of dry land - over the poison. Defeat the two
bulky mushrooms here and check teh ground shrooms for pearls.

Head right at the split for now. For the pearls straight up in a line, dash
straight up to collect them.

At the seemingly last puddle, dash and float far to the right. Land on the leaf
and quickly break the wooden blocks. Take the chest. It's note 23. Cool. Head
back tot he split.

Head up at the split. Skip that blue shroom, can't take it. Jump on the squishy
ground and propel up. Make your way up and right, and check the ground shrooms
at the top for pearls.

Drop down to the right, then make your way right using the squishy ground to
reach new heights and new pearls. Save at the mermaid.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Oh my, the Ninja Cat! He is talking with a frog... or is he being felt up by
this dastardly frog? Many frogs drop from the ceiling. Waste no time. If they
get their tongues out they will leap and lick attack you. Run into the group
and spin attack them, then more carefully take out the stragglers.

He will use his ninja skills to become a mushroom (so that's why they have
tails!) which you can pick up and take. Grab it, and kill the frogs to the

Climb the platforms to the right with running jumps. Take your mushroom to the
door and it will remove the purple spores blocking the way.

Proceed, young star!

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Follow the path down to the squishy ground while being careful not to touch the
spikes on the right and checking the shrooms at the bottom for pearls.

Us eteh ground to sping up, following the line of pearls. Use dashes to make
your way to the upper right of the puddle assembly and jump down next to the
tree frogs. Kill them, and check the mushrooms on the ground for pearls.

Us ethe squishy ground ahead to spring forward tot he far right, collecting
pearls via floating all along the way. At the end, at the wall, bounce up and
down spinning the wall and youw ill break a passage open. Break this passage
all the way open to find a chest. This is Green Category 5.

Take the current out, make your way right again and this time bounce all the
way up next to the door and enter it.

Next Room:

Become Seal Ranpa. Explore most of the room, the water skimmers are enemies
that float on the surface of water. Spear them before leaping to new puddles.

Not even regular Stafy can fight the currents blocking the big pearls and the
star door. Ah well.

Make your way to the door in the upper right.

Next Room:

Become Seal Ranpa. Hmm, that seal block is behing a current the seal just can't
fight. Follow the path around spearing enemies and bubbles with pearls.

Near the next door, you can continually spear blue fish and get a huge chain if
you go back and forth.

Next Room:

Move right, jump up. Kill the mushroom and look for pearls in the ground
shrooms. Float down right through the line of pearls. Get the pearls in the
pool next to the squishy ground.

Bounce up, take the sky puddles up and right. Run and jump on that acorn to
reach the high pearls and then head left.

Defeat the two bulk shrooms and search teh ground shrooms for pearls. Climb
the leaves at the far left.

Move up into the sky puddles. Head to the upper left and run and jump off the
acorn here to reach the pearls high up.

Bounce up at the squishy ground to the right, and climb the leaves. Destroy
the bulk mushrooms, then check the ground mushrooms for pearls.

Bounce up at the end and head right.

You will see a scene with the primary antagonists. Check the shrooms, then
head to the exit.

As for the star door, we will have to return.

                        ---------World 4-3-----------

The giant dewdrops are amazing! One of my favourite additions. They function as
moving sky puddles. That is, they are forever moving down but you can swim
inside of them and dash out of them just like a sky puddle.

Let yourself get carried down to the bottom of this level. Check every mushroom
here for pearls, after killing frogs of course. Use the dew drops to dash and
float along the bottom of the area, keeping this up.

I recommend getting a straight up motion going first before a lateral motion,
because they might pull you intot he abyss otherwise :)!

At the end, head up and right and enter the door.

Next Room:

Alright, skip Ranpa and get all of the pearls from the currents to his right.

In fact, since Ranpa can't yet fight currents, just take Stafy through all sky
puddles and pools in this room. Head to the door in the upper right when you
are done.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Head right. Run and jump along the acorns until you get to a leaf. Now, there
is a treant up ahead. From afar he launches, up close he swipes his branches.
Move in while spin attacking to deal with him.

Get past the next pool of poison, and destroy the next treant.

There is a long pool of posion now. Run, jump, and float using the acorns.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Two Treants are here to meet and greet you. Move in at them while spinning to
get the better of them. You may want to wait for the first to start his apple
attack first.

Jump to an acorn in the poison. Jump to the sky puddle, get the big pearls,
return to the acorns and move beneath the ceiling to the right. Yes you can see
the chest, we get it from another route though.

Double back when you reach the sky puddles, use the water to dash up and left.
You will get the chest, note 24. Break through the wooden blocks to return to
the acorns.

Heading right along the acorns and climbing the platforms at the end will find
you near a blue guy and a door. If you're ready, enter the door.

Next Room:

You may as well become Seal Ranpa. You can't pass any of those currents
so just spear fish as you head right to the door. Enter it.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid. Quickly swim up and out of the sky puddle above her to
reach the lower wood platform. Get the pearls out of these mushrooms, then the
mushrooms above them.

Use teh sky puddles to head up and right. Kill the tree frog and head to the
squishy ground to its right.

Head up and right via sky puddles. Kill the frogs up here, then check the
mushrooms for pearls. Head right. Drop way to the bottom near the squishy
ground. Kill the frogs, check the shrooms, enter the Star Door.

Star Door:

Talk tot he elderly plant and accept.

This is interesting. The mushroom lamp fish will essentially create a field
that keeps the damagin poison of the water at bay. Each fish swims in a set
path, and these cross. When paths cross, you can follow another fish to head
to a different portion of the pool.

I recommend heading down and right via changing fish as you meet them. We're
looking for a chest. If it's not int he lower right, where I've only ever found
it, you need only be patient and follow the fish along their path until you DO
spot it.

Once you have the chest, touch it. You now have to bring the chest to the exit
of the pool, ending the game.

You are afforded five hp.

You will earn stage 4-6. Great.

Return to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Kill the frogs and check the shrooms once more. Head left to the squishy
ground. Boing bounce up and head right.

At the next squishy ground, boing up to the log platforms and check all the
shrooms for pearls. Head up.

Jump intot he sky puddles at this point and look for any unclaimed pearls
in their wake.

Head intot he door on the right.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid, then run right across the ground checking for pearls
within the mushrooms. At the right, start dashing up throught he giant drops
that are presently falling.

Get to the logs above the leaves and head left. Kill the frogs and check for
pearls in the shrooms.

Head up and right from here. There are mushrooms with pearls, a frog, and a
chest with Red Category 6 clothing. Take it, then head up and left through
the drops.

Check the shrooms for pearls.

From here, head straight up, then right at the top. Take the door you find.

Next Room:

The main antagonists, eh? You will get the drop on the small twisty guy then
be treated to another Ranpa backstory movie.

Alright, so little dude wants to kill us. He whips a huge spiked shield out
of his trousers (is that a tower shield or are you... nevermind) and decides to
chase Stafy with it.

Fine. We can't kill him now, so run, jump, and float to the right until you
spot a sky puddle. Leap into it - yes he can swim too. Move up and right and
onto the ledge. Move up next to Kyorosuke.

Small Twisty cannot make it up the hill and he falls away.

Before you exit, scour all mushrooms in the room for pearls. THEN exit.

                        ---------World 4-4-----------

Alright, head right to see the Ninja Cat (YEAH!) being terrorized by muck
beasts. Then two more muck beasts come and joing him, making a Grand Pixelated
Muck Beast. Run left to the platforms, jump off and float over his head. Drop
and smack him in the head.

Bounce to his other side, run to the next platforms and repeat. Five hits to
vanquish it.

The Ninja Cat again gives you a mushroom. Use it to free the big pearls and
door to the right. Enter the door when you're ready.

New Room:

Check the shrooms for pearls.

Two squishies to the right, check the shrooms in the rigth alcove then above
the squishy ground. Head back into the alcove and break through the wall here.

Run across the bottom checking mushrooms. Then, jump into the puddle and attack
the giant bubble three times. Pop the key and enter the Star Door.

Star Door:

Accept the challenge. You need to hit 15 moles in one minute. Essentially, run
right and get the two moles near the start. After that, stay near the sky
puddles and attack the moles as they appear, then search for them at the top
and bottom.

Don't run up to the moles. Dash attack them, or jump and spin as you drop on

The prize is of course, 4-7. Return tot he previous room.

Previous Room

Return to the alcove and boing up on the squishy.

Head to the next squishy ground to the right. Take a huge bounce up and check
the shrooms at the right. Head left from here.

Bounce up to the next set of log platforms. Check the shrooms as always for

Move right, check the shrooms and save at the mermaid.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Head right. Smack the mushrooms for pearls and the green acorn to send it
flying into the wall. Drops of water will begin to fall when it hits the wall.

Check the shrooms to the upper left. Afterwards, head back down and reset the
bubbles by smacking the acorn again. Head straight up this time.

Head straight up again to fins a red flower. Get the pearls from it twice, and
defeat it. Drop straight down again, after checking the shrooms near her.

Hit the acorn again, head to the left and up. Hit the next acorn and head up
along the curved ceiling. Move right, and drop down near the door. Get the
pearls in the air near here and those within the mushrooms.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Hit the acorn against the wall, head up through the water and get the pearls.
Head back to the acorn and go into the pool to the right of it. There is a
chest here with note 25.

Reset the water droplets, and head up and right. Push the green acorn down and
right while killing the bulky mushrooms. Smack it against the far wall to reset
the droplets.

Head right and up. Check the shrooms before the door for pearls, then enter
said door.

Next Room:

Smack the acorn and head up and right to all the ground mushrooms. Check them
and kill the bulky mushrooms to the right.

Drop down to the right, smack the acorn against the wall and head up and right.
Check the shrooms, drop down and left. Kill the bulks, check the shrooms, and
drop to the water.

Head left and enter this door first.

Door in the Bottom Pool:

Swim right and dash up to the leaves. Run and jump to the top of them, jump
left for the big pearls. Walk right off the log and float left for a chest
containing Green Category 6.

Return to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Head right. Dash up at the end to land near a greeb acorn. Smash it, then head
straight up. Check the shrooms then enter the door.

Upper Right Door:

Grab the red mushroom and run right. There's a blue guy here if you so desire,
and a mermaid. Save and continue right.

Use the mushroom on the spores to the right, then jump into the sky puddle.
Collect pearls in the upper right puddle, then head out of the assembly to the
upper left.

Kill the bulky mushrooms here, then check the ground mushrooms for pearls by
spin attacking them. Head left.

Take the sky puddle up, jump out right. Get pearls from the mushrooms, then
destroy the spores to the right. Keep running right, destroy the next spores
and continue tot he far right. Check these shrooms for pearls then climb the

Soem vanishing fish appear to the left. Spin attack them before they vanish and
check the shrooms for pearls.

Drop down to the left and destroy the spores. Get the big pearls, then use the
mushroom to destroy the spores above you. Continue left.

Check the shrooms for pearls, and climb the platforms to the left. Use your red
mushroom on the purple wall to the right and keep on making your way to the

While checking shrooms for pearls, head right at the left arrows. Destroy the
purple wall here. Take the pearls, then return and hea dleft at the left

Break through the spores to the left, then grab the pearls in the sky puddles.
Head up and right.

Check the ground mushrooms for pearls as you kill the bulky mushrooms. But make
sure you still carry your mushroom so you can pass the purple wall to the
right. Do so.

Drop down to the door and go inside.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Collect the pearls by dashing out of the water and floating into them. Head
right, dash up, and make your way onto the squishy ground.

Bounce up and right to talk with Kyorosuke and Ranpa. The main antagonists will
confront our intrepid trio.

The Ninja Cat (YEAH!!!) will arrive with awesome music (YEAH!!!) and separate
the group. We are left with the small guy with the topknot. Head right to the
boss door.

Boss Room:

Save at the mermaid, and then enter the cloud.


It's the little dude. He will attack with the very object we wish to recover!
He will slowly follow Stafy around the water. You should ram him continually
until he is pushed out into the spikes.

When he becomes a ball and spins back in, swim around him to avoid the attack,
and dash attack the ball to deflect yourself harmlessly away if he gets too

Notice he is taking two HP of damage every spike. Well, when he loses four
bars, or has been hit twice he will hold the shard closer to his face.

He will now more aggressively push at Stafy. This means you have to keep up a
rhythm with your dashes. That is, dash -> recover -> dash -> recover in perfect
sync so that you don't get dizzy. It's not hard, it just takes a bit of

After he has two chunks of HP remaining he will sometime sturn into a ball to
dash at you. Keep up your own pattern.

This guy is really easy because he cannot hurt you directly. If you want, lure
him to the edge of the pool, swim around him and start dashing him closer to
the edge if you have problem getting dizzy.

                            -----Boss Over-----

I feel bloated. I guess that was a piece of cake?

                        ---------World 4-5-----------

---Search World 4-2 for the entrance to 4-5

You need the upgraded Seal form to do this. See DNS4.B for info on how to find
the entrance and World 4-7 for the upgraded Seal.


Alright. Dash and float between the sky puddles as you head right. Make your
way to the ledge to the right.

Climb up and grab the red mushroom. The small spore filled tunnel to the right
can only be accessed by Stapy. You need to take it back to the start via the
way you came then.

To avoid dropping it, just fall off the ledge and let the current carry you.

Head up at Kyorosuke. Follow this path up and left and destroy the purple wall
of spores. Head up again following this. Break through the next tunnel of
spores to the right with your shroom.

Kill bunnies as you make your way right through the sky puddles, so they don't
make you drop the shroom. Use it to open the door at the far right and enter it

Next Room:

There is a mermaid behind those ground mushrooms. Save.

Move forward and kill the bulky shroom. Collect the pearls and make your way to
the squishy ground at the right. Take a big bounce up to the sky puddles.

Climb the leaves, run jump and float to get the pearls. Get on the next squishy

Leap up high. Head right over the log platforms intot he small pit to get a
treasure chest. This is note 26.

Now head left.

Kill the bulk, take the pearls, head left then up. Climb the leaf platforms and
make your way to the next squishy ground.

Spring up high and arc your jump into those pearls. Drop down to the right of
this tall column.

Kill the bulky mushrooms and use the springy ground to reach the next sky
puddle. Head up. You will have to rin and jump on the leaf to reach the next
log. Enter the door at the top.

Next Room:

Head right, jump and spin the treant as you approach. Check the shrooms for
pearls then head right onto the squishy ground. Propel Stafy up to the sky

Dash up and out at the top and float right into the small alcove. Take the
pearls, then get the pearls from the shrooms on the ground. Head to the left of
the sky puddle now.

Us ethe springy ground to propel to this next sky puddle, and jump out at the
upper right to get some pearls in an alcove. From here, return to the puddle
and dash up and left out of it to reach the leaves.

Quickly run and jump to the top of these leaves, then jump and spin attack the
treant on the ledge.

Spring to the next sky puddle and keeo your motion generally in an upwards
vector. Dash out to the next leaf platform, head left onto the squishy ground.

Propel up to the next sky puddle. Head straight up, dash at the top to reach
the logs, Climb the logs, walk onto the next squishy ground.

Jump up and left to the leaf platform, make your way around to the blue chest
for another crystal heart.

Now use the same squishy ground to reach the sky puddle above it, then head
right to the exit. Done!

                        ---------World 4-6-----------

---Search World 4-3 for the entrance to 4-6

Yo, so check it out. We start in a room with the giant water drops. Fine, let's
get moving!

Drop off to the lower right and check the mushrooms for pearls. Drop down and
kill the bulky mushroom, then grab the pearls to the left of him.

Move up and right up that tilted leaf and spin attack the patchy wall at the
end of the rise. Breaking through the wall, head right. Take the chest here for
note 27.

Head left out of this chamber. Head up and right by swimming between bubbles.
Kill the frog, and head right and down. Move to the ground at the bottom and
move right killing bulky mushrooms and frogs, and checking the ground shrooms
for pearls.

Follow the line of pearls up and right as you swim through the drops. Destroy
the bulky mushroom you come to. Check the shrooms for pearls, then enter the

Next Room:

Jump into the sky puddle, swim up into the next puddle and jump and float out
of the top of it to collect the pearls. Head right into the small passage with
mushrooms along the ground.

Save at the mermaid behind these shrooms, and head right.

Check the mushrooms beneath the sky puddle for pearls, then move up through all
sky puddles until you reach the top. Leap out and grab the pearls here. Head
back down and leap out into the left passage.

Run down and to the left and you will encounter a red flower. Jump on top of
her so Stafy bounces up and down and spin attack her to make her toss out
pearls. Do this twice, then a third hit to destroy the flower.

Head into the sky puddle above. Check the right wall as you ascend for patchy
spots. Dash out of the puddle and break your way into the wall to find some
big pearls.

Go to the very top of the assembly of sky puddles, dash up, and grab that blue
chest for a heart.

Head down and right and enter the door.

Next Room:

Jump to the acorn to the right, run and jump and float from that acorn right
to the bulky mushrooms. Destroy them. Jump to the next acorn, get the pearls,
run and jump right to the squishy ground.

Bounce high up into the pearls from our springy ground. Land on the leaves.
Climb up, defeat the frog, head right.

Head down the path to the the right and you will find some springy squishy
ground. Bounce off of it and float right to gather the big pearls. Keep
floating right, passing the acorns if you can, and get to the next bit of dry

Pass the squishy ground and head right to the acorn in the poison. Run and jump
and float from this acorn to collect the big pearls. Head back to the squishy

Sproing up and climb the platforms. Defeat the bulky mushroom at the top and
then take the exit out of here.

                        ---------World 4-7-----------

---Search World 4-4 for the entrance to 4-7

Head up and roght out of the pool, skip the next pool and continue up the hill
to the right. Collect the pearls and spin attack the bulky shrooms.

Jump down at the end and follow the path left. Jump and spin the bulkies here
and jump into the water at the end.

Dive to the bottom of the shallow pool and get the big pearls straight away.
Head right and defeat that blue mohawk fish and his compatriots for a chain.
make sure you collect the pearls as well, save at the mermaid.

Head up at the door to find a Seal Pearl. Hell yes, the seal can finally fight
currents!!! Excellent :).

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Become Seal Ranpa.

Smile, you've got a longer ice shard and the ability to penetrate currents now!
This pearl was a super upgrade.

Head right into the current.

This room is simple. Dash your way through each current, kill every mohawk fish
and collect every big pearl.

When you're satisfied, enter the door at the far end.

Next Room:

Exit the water, make your way to the right to find a green acorn. Smash this
green acorn against the wall to make it rain giant drops and head up and left
as you collect pearls.

Keep going up and left though to find a treasure chest. This is note 28.

Head right, float down and check the mushrooms and kill the frog. When all is
said and done, head right and smack that next green acorn to get the water
falling once more.

Use it to go up and up. Check the mushrooms you pass for pearls and kill the
bulky mushroom. Head up and left and come to rest near the next green acorn.

Push it left, wait for the water to stop, then smack it. Go up the left side of
the screen. Check the mushrooms for pearls, then grab the big pearls near the
sloped ceiling. Watch out for the spikes.

From here, head up the middle of the spiked passage via bubbles while
collecting pearls. Head right and exit the level.

[email protected]@___--------------------------------------------------___'''__/ \__
             |                DNS3.5: World 5                   |     \ V.V /
'-..........-'--------------------------------------------------'-.....\/ \/

                        ---------World 5-1-----------

AH, that fresh World smell! There is an inviting blue button to the right.
Dash down on it to raise the water level, swim up and right. Notice also that
Stafy's -voice- has changed to reflect him being in the cave. Well, most
sounds have actually. Detail!

The lightbulb crab to the right charges when it sees you. Smack it and be on
your way.

Drop into the water. Dash the blue button, then dash attack right through the
green bumpers to the right. Dash up and out of the water, land on the ledge,
and destroy the lightbulb crab.

Depress teh switch until the water rises to max, then dash up on top of the
barrels and run right to the next pool.

Kill the crab here, then depress the switch.

You can't actually run across the barrels. For some reason, Stafy falls
through them. So what you do is dash jump out of the water on a up and right
diagonal and float right along the air above the barrels. Drop near the end,
run and jump and float to the next ledge.

But you can't run the entire length of the barrels.

Either way, you need Stapy if you want those pearls there. So instead, climb
to the top of this structure. Then down the other side into the water.

This is similar to the previous run. Depress the switch, let the water level
reach max. While you can't run the whole way across the barrels, you don't have
to. Run and jump ontot he first rock platform you see.

Jump and float between the platforms and enter the door at the far right.

Next Room:

Talk to Kyorosuke.

Swim over and depress teh switch. Now, when the water is maxed, swim up and
right intot he rightmost passage. Get the pearls and return to the switch.

Raise the water level to max again, then swim quickly up the left tunnel.
Watch out for spikes, and disembark at the upper left for big pearls. There
is a mermaid (Save) and blue guy to the right (if you need to suspend this
level in particular). Do what you will and enter the door.

Next Room:

Move right. get one of the muck beasts moving and knock him down until he gets
pissed off. Let him eat his buddies and he will become a Grand Pixelated Muck

Use the moving platforms to get above the GPMB and jump down at him. Attack,
arc away, get up, attack and repeat. He releases a ton of pearls when killed.

Enter the next room.

Next Room:

We can't reach those moving platforms just yet, so fall down to the rocky areas

Head into the pool at the bottom. Save at the mermaid.

Depress the switch until you hear the water stop. Or until just after you fight
the bubbly current.

Swim up and around the rocky platforms, and dash up at the apex of the water's
body. Float onto one of the moving platforms.

Jump and float between these platforms and enter the door at the top.

Next Room:

Head left and collect the big pearls. Head into the water and follow the long
string of pearls along to the bottom of the caverns. Defeat the lightbulb crab
at the bottom.

Head right, kill the crab, take the pearls.

Now head up. There will be a pink, crowned fish dropping scales. Dodge the
scales and crush her with a spinning dash. Sorry my voluptuous cupcake, but it
had to be done.

There's another one just above. If they do their spinning drill attack, stay
away from them. You can't even harm them at this point.

Exit the pool at the right for some big pearls, and left to save at a mermaid.
Enter the door when you're satisfied.

Next Room:

It helps to have the upgraded Seal Ranpa from 4-7. If you don't have it, get it
post haste. It can actually pass these currents. If not, then you have to
navigate with Stafy.

There are likely easier paths, but these are simple landmark starting locations
for the average player.

*Big Pearls

Leftmost entrance along the top.

Down, all the way possible.
Right 1.
Up 1.
Right 1.
Down 1.
Right 1.
Down 1.
Right 1.
Up 1.
Right 1.
Down 1.
Right 1.
Down 1.
Right 1.
Right all the way.

To reach the big pearls.


The fourth entrance from the left, or the pit directly left of the first big
background rock as you head left from the right wall.

Down 2.
Left 1.
Up 1.
Left 1.
Down 1.
Left 1.
Down 1.
Left 2.
Up 1.
Right 1.

To reach the door.

Now, you have to be careful of Inside-Out Fish. These turn their bodies inside-
out when you draw near, revealing spikes. They are one of the most hateful
enemies in the series, and you have to wait for them to close before attacking
them. If you are the upgraded seal, with a huge ice shard, you can kill them
even when they are inside out.

In fact, if you are the upgraded seal, you can navigate this room with no
trouble whatsoever.

If you do not have this upgrade, _GET_ _IT_ _NOW._

Next Room:

Head up and right to see some hanging hermits. These are actually three stacked
hermit crabs that will drop and run along the ground. Let them drop, then kill

Beneath their platform is an armored sea slug (I guess). It jumps when it sees
you, but you can kill it mid jump.

Let's stay in the water - for now. Head to the far right of the water path,
checking alcoves for big pearls all along the way. You will find a red flower,
make her toss pearls twice.

Head back left along the upper path when you see Kyorosuke.

If you want to chain the hanging hermits, then I definitely suggest letting
them all fall down first. Head left to the water.

Dash up when you see the moving platforms. Float to them, then jump and float
between them.

Grab the chets at the top for note 29.

Return to Kyorosuke and enter the door.

Next Room:

Save and enter the next room.

Next Room:

An autoscrolling section. Hold B and move Stafy in line with the opening that
is next. If it is far away, dash over to meet it.

Stafy cannot move horizontally here, so just focus on swimming up and down to
meet the openings.

Enter the door at the end before you get crushed.

Next Room:

Just exit!

                        ---------World 5-2-----------

Our three chaps will jump into a minecart, and enter the next room.

Next Room, Mine Cart:

The mine cart can jump If you hold back, it brakes a little bit.

Ok, the wooden posts don't harm you, practice jumping ont he first few. Run
over the blue switches and the water will rise. Jump right as you come up on
the pearls and the water should carry you high into the reaches of the room and
you will grab pearls. Frigging awesome.

Of course, jump over holes. Can't forget that!

When you hit the third blue switch, wait to jump until you see thre three
pearls. This should carry you to an upper path, which will lead to a different
room than the bottom...

Upper Path:

You will crash next to a blue guy, a mermaid, a star door, and a chest. Wow.
Take the chest. Save at the mermaid.

Enter the star door.

Star Door:

Move right, and the EYEPATCH Ninja Cat (YEAH!!!!) from previous games will

Interesting challenge. You are in the cart in the foreground, he is in the back
attacking you.

When he tosses bombs, stay to one side of the screen. Stay at the left, speed
up to the front when he tosses a bomb. Alternatively, pull back to the left
when he tosses on the right.

When he tosses a spike ahead of you, pull back as it hits the ground, then
speed up and jump over it.

Now, he will do bombs again after the spikes, and if you survive all three
heats you will emerge victorious. Stage 5-5 is your prize.

Head back out the door.

Previous Door:


Now, head right. Jump into the next cart.

Next Room:

For the jumping sections of pearls, pull back, jump, and move forward. When you
hit the water switch and jump into the big pearls, pull back to ensure you get
them all.

When you see the line of small pearls with the rising water, then hold right
after your jump to reach the far ledge to the next room.

Next Room:

Your cart crashes. Talk to Ranpa and Kyorosuke, then exit.


Alternate Path:

If you took the lower path in the mine cart, save at the mermaid and enter the

Next Room:

Swim to the bottom of the pit and take the chest. This is Red Category 7.

Depress the switch untilt he water maxes and dash up. Never mind the princess
fish as they will only slow you down.

Dash up and enter the door at the top.

Next Room:

Talk to Ranpa and Kyorosuke, and get in the mine cart. This meets up with the
other path now.

Next Room:

For the jumping sections of pearls, pull back, jump, and move forward. When you
hit the water switch and jump into the big pearls, pull back to ensure you get
them all.

When you see the line of small pearls with the rising water, then hold right
after your jump to reach the far ledge to the next room.

Next Room:

Your cart crashes. Talk to Ranpa and Kyorosuke, then exit.

                        ---------World 5-3-----------

Swim right and you will notice the Ninja Cat (YEAH!!!) in a cage with his
purry compatriots. You will be taught the double jump (remember, there was a
treasure chest in World 2-2 you couldn't get? You can now).

Now, I do have to talk briefly about the double jump because it is more
versatile than you think. The primary function is - yes - hitting jump again
in midair to do another jump. The other - but very important function - is that
it allows you to jump after exiting a body of water by swimming. NOT dashing,
just swimming fast. So after you blop out of the water, jam the jump button for
extra air.

Very, very useful. Dash for pure height, jump for difficult angles.

Move all the way right. Swim quickly out of the water and jump over the bumper
pearls to the right. Climb to the platform at the far right. Flick the lever
here, then head left to the up arrow.

Jump up that line of pearls to the left of the up arrow.

Climb the platforms and head up and right to reach another lever. Hit it.

Ninja Kitty's cage will now be open. He will leave a blue switch. Raise the
water level all the way. Your first act will be to head right to the first
lever again, and swim up and get the big pearls.

Raise the water to max again, head left and go up the left wall until you see
the chest. Dash up through the green bumpers, float left and get the chest for
Green Category 7.

Raise the water once more and head straight up this time. Enter the door you
come to.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Use your double jump to follow the path of pearls to the left, then again to
climb the platforms.

For the bumpers to the right, float down and hit them. Visit each bumper. When
you hit one, use that extra little bit of air to float to another on the same

When you have all pearls from the bumpers, float down to the door and enter.

Next Room:

Ranpa has a question mark? In other words he can change into something we do
not have yet.

Run right, jumping over the blue urchins. Head down into the pool with the fish
that turn inside out. ONLY try to chain them IF you can dash at them from far
away without giving them a chance to display their spikes. Never attack one
next to you.

Get the loose pearls near them, and head right. Get to the door and enter it.

We are leaving the Star Door, yes, but we can't get it yet.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Raise the water and jump onto the barrels. Run right until Stafy starts to
sink into a barrel then jump and float right.

Double jump left after you reach the ledge to reach the chest. It is note 31.

The group is talking to Bulky Yellow of the main antagonists to the right.

Head right for a boss door.

Boss Room:

Save at the mermaid, then walk into the cloud.


Alright, the big, bulky yellow guy is your foe this time. He will run back and
forth waving his arms in a slashing wave attack. Run away to the left of where
you start through the hole and enter the water.

Raise the water level to max. Swim up. He is still attacking, but if you can
get behind him, you can dash attack his bum to damage him.

This guy gets faster and faster as you hit him, but never really changes his
pattern - poor. But he does get fast enough that it is prudent to run from him
after one shot in the latter half of the battle - re runs faster than Stafy and
likely WILL hit you if he touches land while you are still in his chamber.

It takes the full ten hits, but it shouldn't be hard to rack up the hits on
this clueless lummox.

                           -----Boss Over-----

The door opens when you defeat the Bulky Yellow Oaf, so enter.

Next Room:

Exit the level.

                        ---------World 5-4-----------

Double jump and float across the gaps to the right. At the end, jump up onto
the platforms and get the chest. This is Red Category 8.

Head to the door on the right. There is an upper left door, but we can't do
anything there yet.

Next Room:

Head to the bottom and raise the water to max. Swim up. We want to be doing our
dash in such a way as to never get dizzy. Follow the path around. Dash -> Swim
-> Dash -> Swim in rapid succession, but not rapid enough to dizzy. At the end
of the passage, dash up and enter the door.

Dashing as well protects us against the occasional current that crops up here,
when air rushing in threatens to swoop you away.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Head to the right. Kill sea slugs and bats as you double jump over pits as you
head to the right. Now, these bats will unravel with their young, then swoop
after you. It's best to kill them while they are stationary just after
unfurling their wings.

Double jump and float between the platforms, then enter the door at the far

Next Room:

Drop down between the spikes- FLOAT so you have enough time to reach. At the
bottom, raise the water to max.

Head right, the current will blow. Hold left as you head up the right passage
of spikes. DASH if you have to. Make your way to the door and enter it.

Next Room:

Double jump and float between the platforms. Save at the mermaid.

Head right and talk to the gang. Bulky Yellow Oaf is here too. The guys jump
into a cannon and are off.

Boss Room:


As always, hold back to slow down, hold forward to speed up. B jumps, and new
to the scheme is Y to shoot the cannon.

Oaf starts by throwing bombs at you. Rapidly mash the Y button to return fire
at him. Basically, three hits take off a life bar of this boss. Your shots also
explode his bombs. Keep firing, and move tot he side if a bomb gets through.
It might be helpful to move ALL the time anyways.

When he is around half out, he tosses bombs super fast. Keep moving and firing.
He soon switches to rocks. Now, the rocks aren't tossed as fast. They hit the
ground and roll LEFT. Jump over tehm and don't stop firing.

Down towards 2 pellets left, he throws big rocks. They bounce. Move under them
quickly while firing.

Just keep firing and concentrate on blasting this guy and he will eventually

                            -----Boss Over-----

You will see some more of Ranpa's backstory. Namely, what the parts you are
collecting are. It's Ranpa's arrival at Stafy's house. There's some other very
important info here too. Could this be the true antagonist?

                        ---------World 5-5-----------

---Search World 5-2 for the entrance to 5-5

Head up and right, kill the grab. Drop down to the right.

Raise the water, swim around the spikes to the right. You can alternatively
double jump and float over them.

Anyways, at the next switch. Hit it down, head up as the water level dies and
kill the crab up here. Drop down to the right.

Raise the water, swim around the spikes to the right. Make sure you get the
big pearls up in the air (double jump and float).

You have to link with Stapy to get anything else in this room, so just head to
the next.

Next Room:

Collect the pearls to the left. Raise up the water and dash up to the chest.
It's note 33. Jump and float to the right.

Let the hanging hermits fall, then destroy them all. Head down and right, kill
the sea slug then raise the water level to max.

Hop onto the barrels as the water recedes. Double jump up to the next ledge.

You don't even have to raise the water if you can double jump for this next
part. Raise it, move across the barrels, then jump tot he moving platforms.

use these platforms to reach the door, and enter it.

Next Room:

The protrusion you see as you head down, it holds a short breakable passage
in the centre. Get the pearls here, and move down.

Head down in the water column and the first alcove on the right - attack the
wall. It splits in four, check every bit of it to find all of the paths.

Afterwards, return to the left side. Head down to the bottom, and right. The
red flower, make it throw pearls twice, then move on.

Check the right side of the ceiling here for a breakable wall. This leads into
a blue chest holding a crystal heart. Bonus!

There are a few more entrances as you head up the right side, one chamber with
three entrances. Clean it out.

Especially since it leads to the exit.

                        ---------World 5-6-----------

---Search World 5-3 for the entrance to 5-6

***You will need Chicken Ranpa to find the Star Door for this one.

You start in a mine cart. Pull back for the most part. Press forward and hop
over gaps as they come and make small hops to get the pearls above the track.

After an extensive period, we are taken to the next screen.

Next Room:

Still in the cart here. The first jump is long so Speed up for it. When you
hit the water switch, wait until you see the line of pearls up ahead. Hold up
and forward and you should make it to all those big pearls up on a platform.

There is a short pit just after this platform so don't jump too far right off
of it, and be ready for it when you land.

You will hit another water switch. Again, jump up and hold forward when you
see a line of pearls to make it to platforms with big pearls atop. 

Jump forward from each platform, holding right, to land on the next and proceed
to clean house.

The next water switch leads to a split in the paths. Hit it, and the pearls
start as you head up the hill. Jump as the pearls start being placed in the sky
and hold right. Make sure you jump the gaps up here and you will make it to the
upper path.

They both lead to the same area, only the upper path gets a crystal heart.

Next Room:

Stafy crashes. Run right and grab the pearls and the blue chest with the
crystal heart.

The lower path is mostly empty, and they converge at the same place. But there
is one interesting aspect of the low path. Walk along it, and you will find a
cracked floor. Employ your spin attack to head down and left and you will find
a door at the end.

Door Hidden in Floor:

Move right, jump and spin attack the spinning clown when it pops up. Jump to a
Y-Zoomer and zoom up.

Zoom up, float to the enxt, zoom up float to the next, and so on until you
reach the treasure, note 34, at the top.

Head back to the previous room.

Previous Room:

Move right to the end and exit the level.

                        ---------World 5-7-----------

---Search World 5-4 for the entrance to 5-7

Coming soon.

[email protected]@___--------------------------------------------------___'''__/ \__
             |                DNS3.6: World 6                   |     \ >.< /
'-..........-'--------------------------------------------------'-.....\/ \/

                        ---------World 6-1-----------

Alright, a cloudy area. Head right from the start. Knock a cloud out of that
anenome and knock it toward the giant cloud bubble. Make him eat three of the
clouds and he will burst, revealing the door.

Enter it.

Next Room:

Save at the mermaid.

Use your dash to 'climb' that waterfall. Climb tot he top, past the platforms.
Check the star flowers here for pearls then jump and spin attack that licking
clam. If you just walk up to him, he will hop and slam you with his tongue.

Either way, drop down the next waterfall and smack the flowers down here for
pearls. Destroy the clams and head right even as the rainbow forms.

Destroy the small sharks here, and get the pearls from behind the seaweed at
the far right. Return tot he rainbow and swim up it to find Ranpa. Talk to him
then take the Chicken Pearl.

The chicken is able to jump, run, and crow. When he crows, with the Y button,
he creates a loud noise that will startle certain enemies.

Enter the next area.

Next Room:

Become Chicken Ranpa. Use your crow to defeat the enemies as you head right.
Climb up the platforms you come to. Crow so that only one blue urchin is hit.
Jump on top of his spikeless body. Quickly jump over the next and crow in
midair so his spikes recede as you land on him.

This is much easier than the bulk suits Stafy used to have to wear. For one -
you visibly see the range of the crow. For another, it's a wider range. And
lastly, you're more mobile.

Jump from this second urchin to the left. Get the big pearls then return to the
platforms at the right.

Drop down the waterfall, head right and crow to arouse the angel platforms into
action. Let them carry you up to the platforms above. Use the platforms to
climb higher still, and head right at the right arrow.

Enter the door.

Next Room:

Head down and around.

The snails in this room are like old Stafy snails, with a twist. They toss
their shells into the air, then do an awesome back-and-forth-cha-cha dance
while they wait for it to come back down. Of course, this is to attack Stafy
horizontally in addition to vertically.

But, we are going to become Chicken Ranpa here and now. His crow will defeat
those amazing snails.

Hold B to dive, as the chicken naturally floats on the surface.

Jump up ontot he first cloud with an angel platform. Crow at it, and ride it up
into the sky.

Crow as you approach the blue urchin. Jump left onto it as the angel platform
vanishes. Jump left from the blue urchin and crow before you land on the next.
The one immediately left should also go blank. Immediately jump to that next
urchin and again jump and crow at the urchin at the far left.

Jump left once more, run left and grab all the big pearls.

Ride the same angel platform up again and this time jump right.

Crow at that blue urchin to the right and jump to him, then further right.
Grab all the pearls. Drop to the water.

Move to the far right and ride this final angel platform up to the door. Enter
the door.

Next Door:

Save at the mermaid. Talk to Ranpa.

Drop down to the right. Destroy the clams, check the flowers for pearls, and
enter the door to the left.

Door at the Bottom Left:

Dash to the top of the second waterfall. There is a mercupid up here. It aims
at you, then stays out of reach while it fires an arrow. Jump into the rainbow
and dash attack out to kill the mercupid.

Follow that rainbow up and right to get a treasure chest. It's note 36. It will
unlock the path to a new minigame as well.

Drop down and to the left. Check the star flowers for pearls. Head left to the
door and enter it.

Previous Room:

Head right while destroying clams. Check flowers along the way. Eventually, a
rainbow beams down on you. Let's keep going right for now.

Double jump over and kill the mercupid. Continue right using the double jump
out of water technique to reach the big pearls.

Head back to the rainbow that beamed down and swim up it. Use the next one that
beams in to reach the right arrow sign. Smack clams and check flowers for
pearls as you head right to the next rainbow. Enter it.

Skip the mercupid and just head to the exit at the far right. Rad.

|                            DNS4: Backtracking                              |

Backtracking refers when you go back to an old level in order to reach a goal
that was previously unattainable. For the most part in this game, this requires
Stafy to return to areas with abilities he obtains in later levels.

Not all Worlds require backtracking, I am only going to list those that require

                          -----DNS4.A: World 4-----

When?: After 4-7

Backtracking in World 4 is in two levels, which you could not fully complete
with an under-eqipped Seal. When you obtain the Seal's full strength dash, you
will be able to complete these levels in full.

By the way, if you are looking for World 4-5, it is placed in the primary
walkthrough as it's not technically backtracking to THAT level if you were
never able to get there in the first place.

                            *****World 4-2*****

First Seal Room:

Check the bottom of the second pit for big pearls and the bottom of the third
pit for a sttar door. You WILL be able to get past that current as an upgraded

Star Door:

Talk to Kyorosuke and accept.

You have a minute. A bunch of muck beasts appear down there. Concentrate on one
of them. Keep smacking him and he will keep reforming. Our goal is to piss him
off so that he rishes forward, chomping. When he does, he will eat his friends
and become a Grand Pixelated Muck Beast.

When the GPMB comes forward, jump at his face and spin attack, then arc away
from him. As soon as he recovers, hit him again. Do this quickly! Five hits and
he's down.

You will earn 4-5 from Kyorosuke.

Second Seal Room:

Just to the right of where you start there is a strong current, and there is a
a seal box in there.

Breaking through the current with our powered-up seal, activate the box, and
swim a straight line through those rings to get a few pearls.

                            *****World 4-3*****

No treasure, just pearls.

First Seal Room:

Nothing special, a shortcut to the end of the room in the lower right corner.

Second Seal Room:

Head right, then push up past the currents.

Hit the seal box, then swim between the four sky puddles as you swim through
rings. Pearls will appear in each sky puddle when you succeed.

Push past the second set of currents and climb the sky puddles. There are
pearls up here.

                          -----DNS4.B: World 5-----

Chicken Ranpa is needed to access one of the hidden levels.

Watch out for spinning clowns as you return. They pop out of the ground and
spin around fast! Spin attack them from above.

                            *****World 5-3*****

When?: After 6-1

Third Room, Chicken Mode:

This is where Ranpa had the question mark previously. Now you can become
Chicken Ranpa. Do so!

Move right, jump over blue urchins and crow while you do so. When you get to
the blue urchins aligned like a stairs, stand to the right of them.

Crow t the first one, and jump on top of him. Jump over the next urchin and
crow as you line up with the top of him. Now this also knocks out the urchin
just left of him so once again jump left.

Now, jump left above the last urchin and crow. Land on the urchin then get
into that Star Door.

Star Door:

Talk to the Ninja Cat (YEAH!!!) and accept the challenge. You have to race him
to the top of the passage.

You have to use two skills to be the clear winner here: Double jump and float.
Double jump up to the next platform in line, then immediately double jump again
and float to the next platform still. Do this, and you will reach the top in
good time.

The prize is Level 5-6...

Leave via the Star Room's exit.

                            *****World 5-4*****

Coming soon.

|                               DNS5: Credits                                |

Thanks to TOSE for continuing this great series and making this game. I often
sound like I'm gushing when I talk about Stafy, and it's no accident :).

Thanks of course go out to my hosts, as without them you would not be reading
this guide.

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

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