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by kassidynet


                              Children of Mana
          Guide/Walkthrough by Kassidy (Kassidy (at) gmail (dot) com).


-Children of Mana
--[VERSION] Version control
--[THANKS] Thanks
--[STORY-INTRO] Storyline (Intro sequence from the game text)
--[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
--[CONTROLS] Controls and Gameplay
--[RANKING] Let's see how good you are!
--[CHAR-MAIN] Characters
--[CHAR-2ND] Secondary characters
--[STORES] Stores at the Illusia Town Centre
--[ITEMS] Available Recovery Items
--[WEAPONS] Your arsenal for destruction
---[SWORDS] Swords
---[FLAILS] Flails
---[BOWS] Bow and Arrow
---[HAMMERS] Hammers
--[ARMOURS] Armours
--[ACCESSORIES] Accessories
--[ULT] The Ultimate Weaponry
--[MAGIC] The Eight Elementals
--[GEMS] Gems
---[RED] Red Gems
---[BLUE] Blue Gems
---[YELLOW] Yellow Gems
---[PURPLE] Purple Gems
---[GREEN] Green Gems
---[ORANGE] Orange Gems
---[IMPURE] Impure Gems
--[LEVELS] Level recommendations before starting a chapter
--[WALKTHROUGH] The Walkthrough
---[FLICK] The Determination of a Young Warrior
---[TUMBLE] The Kindness of a Young Maiden
---[POP] The Curiosity of a Young Boy
---[WANDERER] The Diligence of a Wandering Niccolo
---[CHAP0] The beginning of our tale
---[CHAP1] The Mana Tower
----[BOSS1] Boss Battle : Xangar
---[CHAP2] Star Lake, Topple
----[BOSS2] Boss Battle : Galem
---[CHAP3] The Fiery Sands of Jadd
----[BOSS3] Boss Battle : Thaydol
---[CHAP4] The Ice Citadel of Lorimar
----[BOSS4] Boss Battle : Landmund
---[CHAP5] The Brightwood forest in Wendal
----[BOSS5] Boss Battle : Mana Storm
---[CHAP6] The Ruins of Illusia Isle
----[BOSS6] Boss Battle : Revenants
---[CHAP7] The Path of Life
----[BOSS7] Boss Battle : The Mana Lord
---[CHAP8] The Cosmic Rift
----[BOSS8-1] Boss Battle : Doppelgangers
----[BOSS8-2] Boss Battle : The Scion of Mana
---[END] The Beginning of a New Legend
--[SUBQUESTS] Subquests
--[BENEVODON] The Elemental Knowledge
--[OST] The Soundtrack - Breath of Mana


[VERSION] Version Control

0.90 Expanded detail for Ultimate Weapon locations.
0.89 Completed weapons level requirements. Added approximate point requirements 
to ranking. 
0.88 Added detail for the Ultimate Flail location. Added last Yellow gem! Gems 
complete! Added more info in armour and accessories. Added [LEVELS] section and 
several more Frequently Asked Questions. At recommendation of Syl, added a note 
at the end of each chapter to indicate exactly what subquests become 
available). Weapon lists completed, though missing some names and descriptions. 
Armours, robes and accessories next in line to be updated.
0.87 Added SEVERAL note on the importance of a better bow for the Jadd Boss. 
Corrected information on 3 Skull in Fury Slots. Added all multiplayer obtained 
gems, and completed Impure gems section. Only missing one Yellow gem now! 
Started correcting typo and ortographical errors. 
0.86 Specified exactly who gives the Tess' Whereabouts quest. Added notes on 
breaking ice in Lorimar with charged hammer. Added two more ULT weapons and two 
more Impure gems.
0.85 More items added, added a subquest that was missed during playthrough and 
the information for the Fury Reels gem has been expanded. Completed Benevodons 
Knowledge section. Added note on coloured spikes thanks to Syl. I have re-
written the Weapons section almost completely to better describe and layout the 
effects of each weapon and their focused attacks, as well as provide an 
introduction as to what gems can do to improve these weapons. Moved the Gems 
section to before the Walkthrough.
0.84 Added Wanderer's unique subquest information, and relating items in the 
walkthrough and gem list. Added Ranking information and started work on 
Ultimate Weapon information. 
0.83 Amended a note regarding the EXP gain after an e-mail received from a 
fellow gamer. Added note to thanks section also. Added lots of LevelReq's for 
Wanderer's weapons.
0.82 Moved note on accessing the Haunted House from Chapter 4 to end of Chapter 
2. Thanks to KillerRoy70 for confirming this. Added information to the Gems 
section on how to upgrade the Gem Frame (for quick reference, as it is already 
in the main walkthrough). Expanded FAQ section. Added Boss Battles to the main 
menu for easier access.
0.81 Added note on requirements to advance to Chapter 3.
0.80 Completed the walkthrough for the main storyline, as well as added the 
details for the ending and some other bits and bobs here and there. Upgraded to 
Complete Walkthrough on GameFAQs now that the main walkthrough section is 
complete, and all that remains is to flesh out details such as weaponry, the 
remaining subquest, gems and also character specific details.
0.75 Added more LevelReqs for Flick, thanks to Sheexy.
0.74 A couple of people have pointed out to me that the level requirements for 
weapons/armour vary from character to character, and since I have only played 
through so far with Tumble these are the stats I have. I've rearranged the 
layout to accommodate the new details as I obtain them. Any contributions 
welcome. :)
0.73 Corrected Flick losing his sister rather than brother. Thanks to 
WarWizardRichardRahl for this correction.
0.72 Completed information on Tumble's unique subquest, updated gem lists. 
Preparing for Chapter 8 to be completed.
0.71 Added more detail to the subquests after Chapter 7, amended information 
about the elemental subquests with regards to their availability at the end of 
each chapter, as some were available earlier than I had anticipated.
0.70 Completed the Path of Life, may need to revisit and clear up some minor 
details. Weapons section mostly up to date (again, minor details missing). 
Added three new subquests now available (need to complete details on these). 
Added Game-Revolution to list of permitted sites. Refined some details on gems 
and fusion. Added some details to Soundtrack section.
0.61 Added FAQ section, since there are questions going around that have been 
repeatedly answered. Amended availability of elemental subquests note. Added 
SuperCheats, GamesRadar, SuperCheats, Cheat Code Central and CheatPlanet to 
list of permitted sites.
0.60 Chapter 6 completed, preparing for next chapter started. Still need to 
complete details on the subquests newly available and the level requirements 
for new equipment. Also amended some minor notes to the Soundtrack.
0.53 6 Elemental subquests complete, missing Wisp and Shade. Appears one can 
only do up to 6 at this point in the game. Completed missing details in 
0.52 Added section [BENEVODONS] with information provided by the Benevodons on 
their subquests.
0.51 Completed Recovery Item details (oopsy). Weapons list requires some 
tweaking, but is up to speed with game (missing required levels on some items). 
Working on Elemental Subquests next.
0.5 Completed Brightwood and brought gem lists up to speed. Preparation for 
next chapter pretty much ready. 
0.44 Orange and Green Gems list now complete. Subquests now up to date with 
game progress. Next step is to move on and do Brightwood.
0.43 Added details for each characters game introduction, up to meeting Tess, 
where all stories converge and follow the same line.
0.42 Added details of the Soundtrack, added gems and fusions to list, added 
detail for weapons. Need to clarify beginning of the game more. Added more 
subquests and their respective item rewards' details.
0.41 Chapter 4 added, still working on post mission details. Expanded blue gem 
list considerably, and brought weapons up to speed. Missing some level 
requirements, but should have that shortly. More little niggly bits here and 
there improved.
0.4 Improved detail on the game mechanics and controls. Clarified details in 
Fiery Sands and added notes on the nature of quests after obtaining the Hammer. 
Next update to include Chapter 3.
0.3 Chapter 3 added, expanded gem lists, weapons etc up to date, some blanks 
filled. Added benevodos information to first quests.
0.2 Chapter 2 added, expanded other lists. Submitted to GameFaqs
0.1 Initial layout, chapters 0 and 1, and other lists started. 

You may copy no part of this guide or the guide in its entirety without my 
express permission, and currently this information is only to be hosted at the 
following sites:

If you want to publish this guide, please contact me at the e-mail address 
above. Sometimes I take a couple of days to reply, but I do get there. ;) 


A huge thank you to Clayton Brooks for some information regarding EXP gain from 
enemies and also for providing almost all Wanderer's level requirements and the 
details for Wanderer's unique subquest, unique items for Flick and Wanderer, a 
subquest that I had missed, information on Fury Reels (since I'd completely 
skipped putting this anywhere in the guide, soppy me).

A big thank you also to Ysne58 for information on all the multiplayer unique 

Shadow00X: for pointing out some information regarding elemental subquest 
availability times.
DavidV and Sheexy for providing some of Flick's levels for weapons.
VGMusicFreak for confirming that Tess' Subquest is a requirement to continue on 
to Chapter 3.
Nick Matthews for picking up on a mistake in gems, and providing info for a 
couple of new ones I didn't have yet, including Pop's unique gem.
J-V for info on multiplay gem.
Syl for additional Hammer information regarding spikes.
JonLeung for information provided by the benevodons on the Scion of Mana.
Aldiyen for pointing out who to talk to to get the Tess' Whereabouts subquest.
Efylan Krislad for additional gems and item.
Volante for an additional armour.
Alex McLees for additional gems and weapons for Wanderer.
Mark Kempers for checking some information on Fury Slots for me.
Benjamin Gemmel for the last impure gem missing.
Lisa Hathaway for information on the location of Ultimate Flail.
Steve Jankowski for additional armour/accessory information.
Eric for another way to get past bails.
Mech Gouki for providing information (nJoy japanese website) contributing to 
the completion of the level requirements in weapon and armour sections.
ds01253 for confirming a couple of the suspected ultimate locations.

Also, with regards to the Gem Guide, I am using the same ordering as a previous 
Gem Guide (by eyedunno11), but the information is taken from the game as I go 
through, not copied from the other guide. However, the numbering is of great 
help so I can keep a steady order going as I move through the game.


[STORY-INTRO] Storyline (Intro sequence from the game text)

'Tis a tale of long ago,
when the Mana Tree
was newly born.

Illusia Isle located in
the middle of a sea in
the center of the world.

Above it towered the 
great Mana Tree.
I'm sure you've heard
many stories about
the Mana Tree and
the Sword of Mana.

The story you're about 
to hear tells of the
only time the holy
sword ever dared to
defy Mana.

This is how it all


[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this game like? How does it compare to other Seiken Densetsu games?
A. It bears little similarity to previous games in that it is more of a dungeon 
crawler (think Diablo) than an Action RPG. The storyline doesn't feel quite as 
deep as the previous games either, but there are shimmers of the former games' 
style in there. Graphically it has quite the feel of Legend of Mana. The ring 
menus are use quite a lot, but not as much as SoM, and magic is quite similar 
to Sword of Mana. 

Q. Does this game have Wifi or multiplayer?
A. This game does NOT have Wifi, but does have DS to DS multiplayer to do 
cooperative play. Each player has to own the game, this is not a download play 
option. Also multiplayer will allow you to access gems that normal play does 

Q. Is this game difficult?
A. No, the game is not all that difficult. You'll find that depending on the 
character you'll need to adapt to a certain style of play, but overall you'll 
find that if you keep up to date with levels and weapons, the game is 
relatively easy.

Q. What's the music like? Do any old Seiken Densetsu tunes return?
A. The music follows the style of Legend of Mana or Sword of Mana. There is a 
full list of composers and tracks in the soundtrack section. It sees the return 
of Rising Sun, the title theme from Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu 1, 
if you wish).

Q. Can I delete save-games?
A. No, you can overwrite them with new game data though. 

Q. How do I change spirits?
A. Talk either to Tess, or when she is unavailable talk to Nana in the Silver 
Mermaid (girl in the green dress).

Q. Are there classes in this game like in Seiken Densetsu 3?
A. No.

Q. I can't access X mission even though I've followed what the guide says.
A. If part of the guide states, for example, to talk to someone to access the 
next mission, and that does not trigger the event, then either e-mail me or 
post a message on the GameFAQs board, stating what character you are using, and 
that you have tried what it says in the walkthrough. Also if you find the 
answer is talking to someone else, say, let me know of that also so I can 
amend the necessary notes on the matter. The more background information you 
provide, the easier it will be for us to make sense of what is happening.

Q. Is the touch-screen used?
A. Only for menu navigation, not in the actual gameplay itself. The menu 
navigation can also be done with the pad, so it is not strictly necessary to 
use the touch screen at all, although for things like the Gem Frame you will 
find it easier to use the touchscreen.

Q. How do I extend my Gem Frame?
A. The three expansions are listed in the [GEMS] section.

Q. How do I open the Haunted House?
A. After Star Lake, go to Moti's house and look for the shining object near the 
fireplace. Pick it up and take it to Moti. Then use that object to open the 
door to the Haunted House.

Q. Where does this game fit in with the rest of Mana games with regards to 
A. The events of Children of Mana occur 10 years after the events of Dawn of 
Mana (which is yet to be released while writing this FAQ).

Q. What are the elemental sidequests for?
A. Once you have finished all the sidequests and completed the game, you will 
be able to access a final sidequest by touching the Mana Stone in the village. 
The reward for this is the Mystic Blessing gem. See the [SUBQUESTS] section for 
more details.

Q. How do I get past the bails of hay/floating blocks/box obstacle in certain 
areas that follow my movements?
A. There are several ways of doing so. First off, you can bash the heck out of 
it, though this will take you ages. Secondly you can put an object such as a 
barrel in its path using the knock-back strike of the sword, the flail, etc. 
Thirdly, you can use the flail diagonally to pull yourself across just above or 
just below it. It takes some practice, but the block can't follow you quickly 
enough when you're pulled by the flail, so you can normally get past it this 
Eric has also contributed the possibility of using a focused Fury Sword attack 
in diagonal to get past them. So give that a go if you don't have a Flail yet 
or aren't having any luck.

Q. How do I get past the fast-moving quick-sand in Fiery Sands?
A. You can either flail yourself across by diagonally aiming and latching on to 
a wall, which will work pretty much every time in the subquests but won't get 
you all the way in the main mission, or you can equip a Virtue of Balance gem 
to walk on sand and ice normally (check the [GEMS] section with regards to how 
to obtain said gem).

Q. Do you get penalized for dying on a level?
A. You are returned to the Mana Village but you do not lose (as far as I have 
seen) any Lucre, EXP or items. You do lose your progress in the level, of 
course. While this may not be a pain in the first levels, if you die on the 
16th zone of a 17 zone level, you'll be kicking yourself.

Q. Do all enemies give the same EXP?
A. Enemies start out by giving you a certain amount of EXP, but as you gain 
levels you will find that this will reduce down to the minimum of 2EXP per 
monster. If you follow through this guide with the level suggestions, you'll 
find that most monsters will indeed give you only 2 EXP. However, you 
can increase the amount of EXP received using gems like Heart of Progress or 
Courage to Learn.

Q. How do I defeat the boss in Jadd?
A. Use your bow. Now, you may say "but I AM using my bow and I only do 1 
damage", which is quite possible. If you're using the default Bow that you 
receive from Moti you will indeed only do 1 damage. Make sure you equip an Iron 
Bow, and you'll find that you'll do around the 20 mark at least.

Q. Do the effects of experience gems stack?
A. The effects of EXP boosting gems (such as Heart of Progress and Courage to 
Learn) accumulate side by side, so if you have two Heart of Progress, you 
double your EXP, as opposed to them accumulating exponentially, which would 
give you (100 * 1.5) * 1.5 = 225%

Q. What do the Benevodon sidequests do? How do I access them?
A. To access the benevodos sidequests, you must equip one of the elemental 
spirits and then Chat to one of their instances in the town (ie. equip 
Salamando then talk to the Salamando spirit in Moti's house next to the 
fireplace). They will give you the sidequest and details. After completing all 
the sidequests, you will be able to access a final area, after you have 
completed the game, by touching the Mana Stone in the town. This mission takes 
place in the Cosmic Rift. The reward at the end of this quest is Mystic 
Blessing - Restores 6 HP and 6 MP every 3 seconds. Check the Subquest section 
for information as to when these subquests become available throughout the 

Q. What are the sparkly items in my inventory?
A. These are new items since you last looked at your inventory. 

Q. What level do you suggest I do X mission on?
A. The level recommendations are mentioned throughout the guide, however there 
is a list of them as shown in the guide under [LEVELS] as the question comes up 
so often.

Q. If my game is a different region from the person's whom I wish to multiplay 
with, will it work?
A. As far as I have seen, yes.

Q. Where do I get the Ultimate Equpment?
A. See the [ULT] section.

Q. Is there any point in choosing ??? as a reward for a mission?
A. There is one Yellow Gem, Lore of Artificers, that is ONLY obtainable through 
this option, and appears randomly. Other than that, no.

Q. My question isn't covered here or by the walkthrough / I think there is 
something wrong in your walkthrough / I have a suggestion to make for your 
walkthrough / I have some details that are missing from your guide.
A. I'm very happy to receive e-mails regarding this guide, and I will endeavour 
to answer all e-mails received as quickly as possible. I am very grateful for 
any feedback, and will take suggestions on board. If you have information that 
is not reflected in this guide (like a subquest I do not have listed, a weapon 
not listed, etc), please e-mail me as many details as you can, and I will 
credit you for providing this information when I update the guide. You can find 
my e-mail address at the top of this guide.


[CONTROLS] Controls and Gameplay

The button configuration and menus are well designed when it comes to doing the 
L - Ring Menu to select item (press Y to assign)
R - Ring Menu to select weapons (press button to assign, X or A depending)
A and X - Primary and secondary weapons, hold to do focused attack
Y - Use Item
B - Cancel in menu, hold to use magic
Start - Bring up option to use Magic Rope to return to the Mana Village.
Select - Activate Fury (see below)

And in town, well, it's the basic Start for menu, use A to talk, B to cancel. 

As you get hit or hit others, you gain Fury meter. When the Fury meter hits 
it's max, you can hit SELECT to activate it. Your attack rate is faster until 
the meter runs down again, and your focused attacks are modified to do more 
power and have different effects (see the Weapons section for greater detail). 
You will also gain the effects of any purple gems you have equipped in your gem 

The bottom screen will display stats while in the town and during levels, but 
in the levels will also show the following info:
- An overhead map of the level, pinpointing the Gleamdrop and Gleampool and 
live enemies.
- Information on where to find the gleamdrop and pool (ie, "in a vase")
- Experience points til next level and current level.
- Equipped elemental and the magic spells it provides.

Also when in the Mana Village, your next step to advance in the game will be 
displayed below.

The touch system is used only for the menu systems that involve 
equipping items and gems, dialogue options when talking to people, and if you 
really want, choosing weapons and items during combat, but this is pointless 
because you'd do it much faster with the ring system displayed in the main 
screen. You can even skip using the touch screen altogether by navigating the 
menus with the D-pad and A/B.

Levels are obtained by killing, simple as. You don't have to level up swords in 
the way SoM did, just the level of your main character. Each enemy will award a 
minimum 2 EXP points, though there are gems to modify this to gain more. 
Enemies will give you more EXP the less level you have, and depending on what 
level the enemies are (so for example the Rabites at the beginning of the game 
will start off giving you 6 EXP, and dwindle down to 2 as you gain more 

Your centre of operations for the game will be the Mana Village on the Illusia 
Isle. You'll be given missions by Moti to progress along the game, and return 
here after the mission is complete. You can also obtain subquests to gain items 
and levels by visiting Dud Services, talking to villagers or talking to 
elementals. The Dud Services subquests are randomly generated, and the villager 
and elemental subquests are detailed in the [SUBQUESTS] section. 

When you visit a site for a mission, you'll go straight in unless you've 
already completed the main mission previously. If the latter is the case, 
you'll be given the option to carry out the subquest that you have picked up 
(you can only do one at a time), or to return to the site via a space-time 
rupture to redo the level and pick up items you missed, improve your level, 
beat your previous ranking, etc.

Missions are divided up into Zones, and to pass to the next zone you must find 
the GleamDrop and take it to the GleamPool. This is explained in more detail 
during your first mission. Also note that your HP is mostly restored between 
zones, so no need to waste items recovering at the end of a zone before you 
move on to the next. Each 4 zones, you will have a chance to re-arrange your 
equipment, save and review your Status.

Another thing to note is that the number of enemies displayed on screen will be 
limited as it was in previous Mana games, although this time it is not fixed at 
three enemies. It will start out as such, but as you advance in the game and 
improve your level things will start getting tougher. This can be used to your 
advantage in some levels, as you can leave a harmless number of monsters alive 
while you scout the rest of the level killing off the monsters one at a time, 
then go back for the remaining swarm. A cowardly tactic, but when you're in a 
pickle the rules of chivalry not only get thrown out of the window, but are 
tied to a cannon and propelled out faster than the Black Hole ride at Alton 


[RANKING] Let's see how good you are!

At the end of every 4 zones on a main storyline mission you will receive a 
score for how well you are doing in the level, and at the end of the level in 
total, after the boss, these scores will be added up and you will receive a 
ranking according to how well you did. Depending on your ranking, you will 
receive certain rewards, and the better the ranking the better the prizes. You 
also will have the option to choose a random item (marked by "???"). Generally 
this will not be a good choice, HOWEVER, there is at least one item (a Yellow 
Gem) that can ONLY be received via this choice.

You ranking scores are determined by three factors:
-Kills: The number of enemies you killed during the level, or the boss.
-Chests: The number of treasure chests you discovered during the level. This 
includes trap chests that you defeat, NOT ones that explode. Also, you don't 
HAVE to pick up the contents of the chest.
-Time: The amount of time it has taken for you to complete the set of zones 
being ranked. This will not gain you points, but a multiplier that will take 
effect on the previously mentioned scores (the maximum is 3x).

Even if you don't get all items or kills, you'll find that getting through a 
level quickly will make up for that fact.

Note on Trap Chests: Depending on the colour of the chest, and maybe the 
location of it (I'm still trying this), the chest has to be defeated with a 
different weapon, so if it doesn't go down with a hit from one weapon, switch 
to another.

These are some approximate point requirements for Silver and Gold ranks 
throughout the game (these are estimations based on scores achieved, so are by 
no means exact... if you find out otherwise let me know).

1. Mana Tower - Gold:2400 Silver:800
2. Star Lake - Gold:3000 Silver:1000
3. Fiery Sands - Gold:4500 Silver:1500
4. Ice Citadel - Gold:4000 Silver:1500
5. Brightwood - Gold:4500 Silver:1500
6. Ruins - Gold:4500 Silver:1500
7. Path of Life - Gold:6000 Silver:2000
8. Cosmic Rift - Gold:12000 Silver:4000


[CHAR-MAIN] Characters

-Flick (J) Ferrik (U)

A fifteen-year-old boy who lost his parents and sister in the great disaster. 
Was saved by a knight and has since been training in the arts of sword 
fighting. He's a good all-round character, being quite strong in all areas.

"Versatile in offence, defence, and magic. Effective at any distance."

Hair colours: Orange, green, blue and silver.

-Tumble (J) Tamber (U)

A sixteen-year-old girl who lost her parents and little brother Toby in the 
great disaster. She is mature and seeks truth and justice. Her attack is weak, 
but she's fast, and is skilled in the use of magic.

"A dancer with magical talents. Though not powerful, her attacks are swift."

Dress colours: Red, white, pink and blue.

-Pop (J) Poppen (U)

A fearless nine-year-old boy who lost his mother at birth and was left an 
orphan during the great disaster after the death of his father. Not a great 
fighter and weak when it comes to defence, he specializes in offensive magic.

"A mage specializing in attack spells. Low defence. Unskilled in close combat."

Style colours: Yellow, white, blue, red.

-Wanderer (J & U)

A travelling merchant and member of the Nikita tribe. A strong fighter, 
especially at close range, but weak when it comes to magic.

"Strong attack and defence. Specializes in close combat. Unskilled in magic."

Hat colours: Green, blue, emerald and brown.

Note: Whatever colour you choose, the avatar of your character when you are 
talking to people and in the Status screen will show the default colours 
always. This only changes the colour of the attribute on the sprite itself.


[CHAR-2ND] Secondary characters.

-Granny Hannah.
She took care of Tumble after her parents died. She was attacked by a beast 
during the cataclysm ten years ago, and the wounds sometimes still hurt. She 
will hang around next to Dud Services in the Silver Mermaid.

A member of the village who conducts research using plants. She offers prayers 
to the Tree of Mana, giving thanks to the Mana Goddess for all she has done. 
She can be found sitting in front of the Mana Stone, or in the Haunted House 
after you have unlocked it.

-Grampa Tony.
An old man who you can find standing at the entrance of the village.

Moti is the mayor of the town. He lead an expedition to the island, and when 
the research was over the members of the expedition made the island their home. 
They asked him to become their mayor. You'll find him in his house at the top 
right hand corner of the village.

Receptionist for the Silver Mermaid, the town's mall. She can fill you in on 
anything you need to know about the game.

Runs the Golden Goods Store on the island. He lost everything during the 
catastrophe ten years ago. He'll buy and sell weapons, items and accessories.

Known as the king of the mines.

-Bomb Brothers
Balbo, Belbo, Bulbo.
They've come from Ishe to do research on gems on the Island of Illusia. They 
run the Bomb Bros. R&D store at the town that sells gems and will perform gem 
Fusion for you.

-Pete and Nana
Two villagers who walk around inside the Silver Mermaid. Later in the game Nana 
will also have the function of changing your accompanying spirit.


[STORES] Stores at the Illusia Town Centre

-Golden Goods

Run by Millionaire, you can buy and sell weapons, accessories and items. Also 
he will give you the option to buy a bigger knapsack, which will allow you to 
hold more of each item. They come at a price though.
Basic Knapsack - Holds 12 of each item - 2500L
Large Knapsack - Holds 18 of each item - 10000L
Jumbo Knapsack - Holds 24 of each item - 30000L

Note also, items sell back for a tenth of their price, so don't expect to make 
a huge amount from items found on your quests.

-Bomb Bros R&D

Run by the Bomb Brothers, you can buy and sell gems here, and fuse them. For 
more details on the properties of gems, their types and gem fusion, see the 
[GEMS] section.

Note that gems you sell will obtain a 5th of the price you'd pay to buy them, 
which is slightly farer than Millionaire's deal (which is why he's a 
millionaire, I guess).

-Dud Services

Run by the Dudbears, they collect job requests from all over the world and post 
them here to find help. You can only take one quest at a time, and have to pay 
a service fee when you take it. When the request is completed, come back to the 
store to receive the reward. 
The rewards will increase in value as you complete main quests in the game. 
Also, from what I have observed, you won't be provided with a new set of 6 jobs 
until you complete either one of the current jobs, or a main mission in the 


[ITEMS] Available Recovery Items

-Gumdrop - 100L - Recover 30HP
-Chocochomp - 200L - Recover 100HP
-Magic Walnut - 150L - Recover 80MP
-Pep Root - 80L - Cures all ailments but poison and ghost
-Stardust Herb - 40L - Cures poison
-Angel's Grail - 1000L - Recover all statuses, revive secondary party member in 
multiplayer games.

There are gems that can affect the effects of these items by increasing their 
restorative properties (2x or 5x), how many members of your party in 
multiplayer they affect, and also have the game automatically use them on your 
character when required (for example, to use a Pep Root when you are set on 
fire). These are all detailed in the Gems section.


[WEAPONS] Your arsenal for destruction

You have 4 weapons to choose from, which you gain over the first 4 missions. 
Each has its own form of attack, focused attack, and focused attack during 
Fury, and are described in the sections below. Charging a focused attack only 
takes a second.

Weapons are acquired randomly from enemies as you go along, or from 
Millionaires store, and you equip your weapon level only in towns, or after 
every 4 zones within a mission. 

Each weapon has a level requirement depending on the character, and you will 
have to have that level or above in order to equip it. 

Note that there are also Gems that will modify the attributes of certain 
weapons, like allow you to do three consecutive spins with the Flail. These are 
detailed in the Gems section, although I have mentioned some of the effects in 
the sections below.

When fully equipped, you'll have (of which two weapons can be wielded at one 
time, but switched using the R button during play):
1 Sword
1 Flail
1 Bow
1 Hammer
1 Body Armour
1 Accessory

Note, the appearance of the character's sprite does not change when equipped 
with different armour or weapons, aside from the fact that the weapon it is 
wielding will change depending on what weapon you have selected (Sword, Flail, 
Bow or Hammer). So any sword you equip, the spite of the sword itself will 
still be the same. Another difference between this and Secret of Mana.

[SWORDS] Swords

The Sword is gained before your first mission to the Mana Tower. The basic 
attack for the sword is to perform up to three consecutive slashes, the last 
one of which will knock enemies over. This can cause damage to enemies behind 
them and in turn knock them over, etc etc. The sword will also be greatly used 
to mow down small obstacles such as pots, grass and bushes, to allow you to 
advance in the level, reveal the Gleamdrop and open chests. Certain gems will 
cause this last strike to send out a shock wave to increase its range, and also 
allow for cutting down small obstacles at a distance.

A focused attack for the sword is called a parry, and by the nature of such 
will deflect missiles and reduce the damage of physical attacks. The basic 
parry will only last 5 hits before failing and requiring regeneration. Certain 
gems will increase the number of hits the parry can take, or the damage reduced 
on physical attacks, or both.

A focused attack during Fury will cause the character to launch forward with 
the sword glowing in front of them, causing quite considerable damage. Enemies 
that are stationary (like vortexes) will receive up to three hits. Certain gems 
can increase the level of this attack, which increases the distance the charge 
lasts and the damage caused.

1. Short Sword - ATK 32 - Free - A small sword used for practice
   LevelReq - Flick:1 Tumble:1 Pop:1 Wanderer:1
2. Bronze Sword - ATK 38 - 150L - A common sword wrought of bronze
   LevelReq - Flick:4 Tumble:5 Pop:5 Wanderer:4
3. Iron Sword - ATK 47 - 500L - A thin, versatile sword made of iron 
   LevelReq - Flick:8 Tumble:8 Pop:9 Wanderer:7
4. Broadsword - ATK 53 - 1000L - A sword with an unusually wide blade.
   LevelReq - Flick:11 Tumble:11 Pop:12 Wanderer:10
5. Long Sword - ATK 59 - 1400L - A sword with an extremely long blade.
   LevelReq - Flick:14 Tumble:14 Pop:15 Wanderer:13
6. Saber - ATK 66 - 1800L - A curved sword wielded in one hand.
   LevelReq - Flick:17 Tumble:18 Pop:19 Wanderer:16
7. Steel Sword - ATK 72 - 2000L - A simple yet sturdy sword of steel
   LevelReq - Flick:20 Tumble:21 Pop:22 Wanderer:19
8. Falchion - ATK 78 - 2300L - A sword able to split a foe in two
   LevelReq - Flick:23 Tumble:24 Pop:25 Wanderer:22
9. Bastard Sword - ATK 83 - 2500L - A balanced blade with a long handle
   LevelReq - Flick:25 Tumble:26 Pop:27 Wanderer:24
10. Estoc - ATK 89 - 3200L - A pointed blade chiefly for thrusting.
    LevelReq - Flick:28 Tumble:29 Pop:30 Wanderer:27
11. Flamberge - ATK 95 - 4000L - A large sword with a curved blade.
    LevelReq - Flick:31 Tumble:32 Pop:33 Wanderer:30
12. Muramasa Blade - ATK 100 - GoldRank at Brightwood - A steel sword forged by 
    a master. Only Flick can equip.
    LevelReq - Flick:28 Tumble:N/A Pop:N/A Wanderer:N/A
13. Winged Sword - ATK 106 - 5000L - A light sword decorated with wings.
    LevelReq - Flick:36 Tumble:38 Pop:39 Wanderer:34
14. Silver Blade - ATK 114 - 6000L - A sharp sword wrought of fine silver.
    LevelReq - Flick:40 Tumble:42 Pop:43 Wanderer:38
15. Shamshir - ATK 125 - 7500L - A beautiful sword with a curved blade.
    LevelReq - Flick:45 Tumble:47 Pop:48 Wanderer:43
16. Balmung - ATK 130 - Subquest - The favorite sword of a fallen hero.
    LevelReq - Flick:40
17. Mythril Sword - ATK 133 - 8500L - A sword wrought of magical mythril.
    LevelReq - Flick:49 Tumble:51 Pop:52 Wanderer:47
18. Diamond Sword - ATK 144 - 12500L - A sword made with a blade of diamond.
    LevelReq - Flick:54 Tumble:56 Pop:57 Wanderer:52
19. Dragon Sword - ATK 153 - 25000L - A sword crafter from a dragon's scale.
    LevelReq - Flick:58 Tumble:60 Pop:61 Wanderer:56
20. Crystal Sword - ATK 164 - See [ULT] - A sword imbued with mystic power.
    LevelReq - Flick:60 Tumble:62 Pop:63 Wanderer:58
21. Sigmund - ATK 170 - See [ULT] - A sword named for a tragic hero.
    LevelReq - Flick:62
22. Excalibur - ATK 170 - See [ULT] - A fabled blade only the brave may bear.
    LevelReq - Tumble:64
23. (COMPLETE) - ATK 170 - See [ULT] - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Pop:65
24. Ragnarok - ATK 170 - See [ULT] - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Wanderer:60

[FLAILS] Flails

The Flail is gained after completing your first mission. The basic attack for 
the flail consist of twirling it in a circle around you, and knocking enemies 
back with it, quite useful if you get surrounded. The number of times you can 
twirl it round can be increased using certain gems.

The focused attack will throw the flail out in a straight line and allow you to 
retrieve items that are out of reach, pull enemies toward you, pull you toward 
walls or heavier enemies or obstacles, and to pull items and enemies out of 
bushes that are hidden. Certain gems will allow this attack to pierce through 
enemies, or steal items from them.

The focused attack during Fury causes the flail to be twirled in the same way 
as a normal attack, but with greater range and a more powerful hit, the flail 
glowing brightly as you do so. Certain gems increase the level of this, and by 
doing so increase the number of times the flail is twirled during one attack.

1. Light Flail - ATK 49 - Free - A lightweight flail with a small head
   LevelReq - Flick:1 Tumble:1 Pop:1 Wanderer:1
2. Wood Flail - ATK 60 - 1000L - A flail with a wooden head at the end.
   LevelReq - Flick:10 Tumble:10 Pop:11 Wanderer:9
3. Spiked Flail - ATK 68 - 1400L - A flail dotted with many sharp thorns.
   LevelReq - Flick:15 Tumble:15 Pop:16 Wanderer:14
4. Chain Flail - ATK 75 - 1800L - A flail of solid interlocking rings.
   LevelReq - Flick:18 Tumble:19 Pop:20 Wanderer:17
5. Steel Flail - ATK 82 - 2000L - A flail with a steel head at the end.
   LevelReq - Flick:21 Tumble:22 Pop:23 Wanderer:20
6. Ball and Chain - ATK 89 - 2300L - A flail with a metal ball at the end.
   LevelReq - Flick:24 Tumble:25 Pop:26 Wanderer:23
7. Heavy Flail - ATK 94 - 2500L - A flail sporting a heavy metal head.
   LevelReq - Flick:26 Tumble:27 Pop:28 Wanderer:25
8. Morning Star - ATK 101 - 3200L - A unique flail with a star-shaped head.
   LevelReq - Flick:29 Tumble: Pop:31 Wanderer:28
9. Bonecrusher - ATK 110 - 4000L - Amighty flail able to penetrate armor.
   LevelReq - Flick:32 Tumble:33 Pop:34 Wanderer:31
10. Scorpion - ATK 114 - GoldRank at Brightwood - A flail with a sharp wedged 
    head. - Only Pop can equip
    LevelReq - Pop:31
11. Runic Flail - ATK 120 - 5000L - A flail engraved with strange glyphs.
    LevelReq - Flick:37 Tumble:39 Pop:40 Wanderer:35
12. Silver Flail - ATK 130 - 6000L - A reliable flail made of finest silver.
    LevelReq - Flick:41 Tumble:43 Pop:44 Wanderer:39
13. Holy Flail - ATK 142 - 7500L - A flail tempered in holy water.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:48 Pop:49 Wanderer:44
14. Meteor Flail - ATK 146 - Subquest - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Pop:44
15. Mythril Flail - ATK 151 - 8500L - A flail made of magical mythril silver.
    LevelReq - Flick:50 Tumble:52 Pop:53 Wanderer:48
16. Diamond Flail - ATK 163 - 12500 - A flail made of mardest diamonds.
    LevelReq - Flick:55 Tumble:57 Pop:58 Wanderer:53
17. Dragon Flail - ATK 172 - 25000L - A flail formed from a dragon's scale.
    LevelReq - Flick:59 Tumble:61 Pop:62 Wanderer:57
18. Crystal Flail - ATK 184 - See [ULT] - A flail imbued with mystic power.
    LevelReq - Flick:61 Tumble:63 Pop:64 Wanderer:59
19. Judgementica - ATK 190 - See [ULT] - A flail imbued with divine discernment
    LevelReq - Flick:63
20. Gravity Flail - ATK 190 - See [ULT] - A quality flail of immense density.
    LevelReq - Tumble:65
21. Altena Flail - ATK 190 - See [ULT] - A special flail made of altena alloy.
    LevelReq - Pop:66
22. Juggernaut - ATK 190 - See [ULT] - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Wanderer:61

[BOWS] Bow and Arrow

The Bow is obtained after completing your second mission. Its basic attack 
allows you to fire two arrows a second more or less at enemies at a distance. 
You will be provided with a crosshair to indicate the direction you are aiming, 
which within a certain distance will lock on to enemies and allow you to 
bullseye them without having to aim much. This crosshair will also lock on to 
trap chests. Certain gems will allow you to fire three arrows in different 
directions at the same time (one forward, one on each diagonal adjacent to 

The focused attack will pluck the string of the bow as if it were a harp, and 
send a musical note flying out that dazes the enemies nearby momentarily to get 
an attack or two in. This attack leaves one very vulnerable to attack, so use 
it wisely. Certain gems allow for this musical note to have different effects, 
such as sending the enemies to sleep, thus increasing the time you have to 
inflict greater damage.

The focused attack during Fury sends several arrows flying outward in different 
directions with greater damage capabilities. Certain gems increase the level of 
this attack, and by doing so increase the number of arrows fired up to about 11 
(I tried counting them, but couldn't).

1. Short Bow - ATK 52 - Free - A small bow, light and easy to use.
   LevelReq - Flick:1 Tumble:1 Pop:1 Wanderer:1
2. Iron Bow - ATK 58 - 1800L - A thin, versatile bow made of iron.
   LevelReq - Flick:16 Tumble:17 Pop:18 Wanderer:15
3. Steel Bow - ATK 63 - 2000L - A simple yet sturdy bow of steel.
   LevelReq - Flick:22 Tumble:23 Pop:24 Wanderer:21
4. Ankh Bow - ATK 69 - 2300L - A bow shaped like a hieroglyph.
   LevelReq - Flick:25 Tumble:26 Pop:27 Wanderer:24
5. Longbow - ATK 72 - 2500L - A tall bow made for powerful arrows.
   LevelReq - Flick:27 Tumble:28 Pop:29 Wanderer:26
6. Marble Bow - ATK 78 - 3200L - A bow delicately chiseled from marble.
   LevelReq - Flick:30 Tumble:31 Pop:32 Wanderer:29
7. Great Bow - ATK 83 - 4000L - A master crafted this bow for accuracy.
   LevelReq - Flick:33 Tumble:34 Pop:35 Wanderer:32
8. Artemis' Bow - ATK 88 - GoldRank at Brightwood - A bow only skilled hunters 
   can use.
   LevelReq - Tumble:29
9. Winged Bow - ATK 92 - 5000L - A bow hailed as a masterpiece.
   LevelReq - Flick:38 Tumble:40 Pop:41 Wanderer:36
10. Silver Bow - ATK 100 - 6000L - A reliable bow made of finest silver.
    LevelReq - Flick:42 Tumble:44 Pop:45 Wanderer:40
11. Ivory Bow - ATK 109 - 7500L - A beautiful bow carved from ivory.
    LevelReq - Flick:48 Tumble:49 Pop:50 Wanderer:45
12. Elven Bow - ATK 112 - Tess Subquest - A bow once owned by an elven knight.
    LevelReq - Tumble:44
13. Mythril Bow - ATK 116 - 8500L - A bow made of magical mythril silver.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:53 Pop:54 Wanderer:
14. Diamond Bow - ATK 126 - 12500L - A bow made of hardest diamonds.
    LevelReq - Flick:56 Tumble:58 Pop:59 Wanderer:54
15. Dragon Bow - ATK 133 - 25000L - A bow formed from a dragon's scale.
    LevelReq - Flick:60 Tumble:62 Pop:63 Wanderer:58
16. Crystal Bow - ATK 139 - See [ULT] - A bow imbued with mystic power.
    LevelReq - Flick:62 Tumble:64 Pop:65 Wanderer:60
17. Fabled Bow - ATK 147 - See [ULT] - A bow used by a legendary master.
    LevelReq - Flick:63
18. Ares' Bow - ATK 147 - See [ULT] - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Tumble:66
19. (COMPLETE) - ATK 147 - See [ULT] - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Pop:67
20. Altena Bow - ATK 147 - See [ULT] - A bow made of special Altena alloy.
    LevelReq - Wanderer:62

[HAMMERS] Hammers

The Hammer is obtained after you complete the third mission. Its basic attack 
has a greater recovery time required than other weapons, and leaves you open to 
attack. It is powerful, however, and will knock enemies back quite a distances, 
which can be useful to send them into obstacles the mow them down, or into 
other enemies. The standard attack also allows you to break large obstacles 
such as pots and vines that the sword cannot, and will be greatly used to 
reveal the Gleampool in later levels. Certain gems allow you to reduce the 
recovery time and increase the distance that enemies and obstacles are launched 

The focused attack for the hammer will pound into the ground, allowing you to 
knock back enemies with the quake, hit pegs into the ground to reveal paths, 
knock spikes into the ground temporarily, and break summoning circles in later 
levels to reveal items and chests. You can also use the hammer to break the 
dark patches of ice in Lorimar to allow for safe passage across them, making 
this weapon one of the most useful in the game. The range of the shockwave can 
be increased using certain gems.

The focused attack during Fury will send your character spinning round and 
round wielding the glowing hammer, turning you into a movable and powerful 
tornado that can inflict several hits on enemies without knocking them back. 
There are gems to increase the level of this attack, and by doing so will 
increase the duration of the tornado attack.

1. Mallet - ATK 82 - Free - A small and versatile hammer.
   LevelReq - Flick:1 Tumble:1 Pop:1 Wanderer:1
2. Steel Hammer - ATK89 - 2300L - A strong hammer made of steel.
   LevelReq - Flick:22 Tumble:23 Pop:24 Wanderer:21
3. Smith's Hammer - ATK 94 - 2500L - A large hammer used by blacksmiths.
   LevelReq - Flick:28 Tumble:29 Pop:30 Wanderer:27
4. Magical Hammer - ATK 101 - 3200L - A mysterious hammer made by a mage.
   LevelReq - Flick:31 Tumble:32 Pop:33 Wanderer:30
5. War Hammer - ATK 108 - 4000L - This hammer looks ready for battle.
   LevelReq - Flick:34 Tumble:35 Pop:36 Wanderer:33
6. Viper Hammer - ATK 111 - GoldRank at Brightwood - A hammer adorned with 
   sharp spikes - Only Wanderer can equip
   LevelReq - Wanderer:30
7. Great Hammer - ATK 115 - 5000L - A huge hammer, powerful and heavy.
   LevelReq - Flick:39 Tumble:41 Pop:42 Wanderer:37
8. Silver Hammer - ATK 130 - 6000L - A solid hammer made of finest silver.
   LevelReq - Flick:43 Tumble:45 Pop:46 Wanderer:41
9. Ivory Hammer - ATK 142 - 7500L - A beautiful hammer carved from ivory.
   LevelReq - Flick:48 Tumble:50 Pop:51 Wanderer:46
10. (COMPLETE) - ATK 147 - Subquest - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Wanderer:41
11. Mythril Hammer - ATK 151 - 8500L - A hammer of magical mythril silver.
    LevelReq - Flick:52 Tumble:54 Pop:55 Wanderer:
12. Diamond Hammer - ATK 163 - 12500L - A hammer made of hardest diamonds.
    LevelReq - Flick:57 Tumble:59 Pop:60 Wanderer:55
13. Dragon Hammer - ATK 172 - 25000L - A hammer made from a dragon's scale.
    LevelReq - Flick:61 Tumble:63 Pop:64 Wanderer:59
14. Crystal Hammer - ATK 183 - See [ULT] - A hammer imbued with mystic power.
    LevelReq - Flick:63 Tumble:65 Pop:66 Wanderer:61
15. Altena Hammer - ATK 195 - See [ULT] - A hammer made of Altena alloy.
    LevelReq - Flick:65
16. Runic Hammer - ATK 195 - See [ULT] - A hammer etched with illegible spells.
    LevelReq - Tumble:67
17. (Complete) - ATK 195 - See [ULT] - ?Description?
    LevelReq - Pop:67
18. Mjollnir - ATK 195 - See [ULT] - The cherished hammer of a great hero.
    LevelReq - Wanderer:63

[ARMOURS] Armours and Robes

Armour, as the term implies, increases your physical defense. There are two 
types of armour which are Robes (can be equipped by Tumble or Pop) and Armour 
(can be equipped by Flick or Wanderer). There are also certain ones that are 
character unique. As with weapons, each has a level requirement.

1. Cotton Kilt - DEF 29 - Free - 
   LevelReq - Tumble:1 Pop:1
2. Felt Robe - DEF 33 - 150L - A robe made of thickly layered felt.
   LevelReq - Tumble:3 Pop:
3. Leather Armor - DEF 34 - 150L - Armor made of multilayered leather.
   LevelReq - Flick:3 Wanderer:3
4. Hemp Robe - DEF 39 - 500L - A robe constructed of flax fibers.
   LevelReq - Tumble:7 Pop:
5. Lamellar Armor - DEF 41 - 500L - Metal armor bound by leather laces.
   LevelReq - Flick:7 Wanderer:7
6. Silk Robe - DEF 46 - 1000L - A robe sewn with magical silk thread.
   LevelReq - Tumble:10 Pop:
7. Banded Armor - DEF 49 - 1000L - Armor reinforced by metal strips.
   LevelReq - Flick:10 Wanderer:10
8. Spark Robe - DEF 53 - 1400L - A robe made of cloth as light as wind.
   LevelReq - Tumble:13 Pop:
9. Chain Mail - DEF 56 - 1400L - Armor of interlocking metal hoops
   LevelReq - Flick:13 Wanderer:13
10. Leather Robe - DEF 60 - 1800L - A robe made of many leather strips.
    LevelReq - Tumble:16 Pop:
11. Scale Mail - DEF 63 - 1800L - Armor of small layered metal plates.
    LevelReq - Flick:16 Wanderer:16
12. Shell Robe - DEF 66 - 2000L - A sturdy robe woven with shells.
    LevelReq - Tumble:19 Pop:
13. Steel Armor - DEF 70 - 2000L - A simple yet sturdy suit of steel.
    LevelReq - Flick:19 Wanderer:19
14. Scale Robe - DEF 73 - 2300L - A sturdy robe woven with scales.
    LevelReq - Tumble:22 Pop:
15. Swordman's Vest - DEF 77 - 2300L - Body armor refined by an alchemist.
    LevelReq - Flick:22 Wanderer:22
16. Ebony Robe - DEF 80 - 2500L - A robe made with ebony tree thread.
    LevelReq - Tumble:25 Pop:
17. Quipao - DEF 83 - Subquest - A dress high-cut for greater mobility.
    LevelReq - Tumble:26
18. Magic Plate - DEF 84 - 2500L - Plated armour strengthened by magic.
    LevelReq - Flick:25 Wanderer:25
19. Ash Robe - DEF 86 - 3200L - A robe made with ash tree thread.
    LevelReq - Tumble:28 Pop:
20. Knight's Armor - DEF 91 - 3200L - Armor worn only by brave knights.
    LevelReq - Flick:28 Wanderer:28
21. Dion Robe - DEF 93 - 4000L - A robe made with dios tree thread.
    LevelReq - Tumble:31 Pop:
22. Half-Plate Armor - DEF 95 - Subquest - Plate mail tempered by magical fire.
    LevelReq - Flick:26
22. Cloaking Mantle - DEF 95 - Subquest - A mantle that obscures the wearer.
    LevelReq - Wanderer:26
23. Dark Armor - DEF 98 - 4000L - Magic armor that emits a black aura.
    LevelReq - Flick:31 Wanderer:31
24. Magical Robe - DEF 104 - 5000L - A robe enhanced by a protective spell.
    LevelReq - Tumble: Pop:
25. Winged Armor - DEF 110 - 5000L - Armor adorned with winged shoulders.
    LevelReq - Flick:36 Wanderer:36
26. Silver Robe - DEF 113 - 6000L - A robe sewn with pure silver thread.
    LevelReq - Tumble:40 Pop:
27. Silver Armor - DEF 119 - 6000L - Effective armor made of finest silver.
    LevelReq - Flick:40 Wanderer:40
28. Bunny Dress - DEF 120 - Subquest - A charming dress with a rabbit's tail.
    LevelReq - Tumble:44 Pop:
29. Jet Black Robe - DEF 124 - 7500L - An evil robe made of black silk.
    LevelReq - Tumble:45 Pop:
30. Gold Armor - DEF 131 - 7500L - Armor that gleams with a holy light.
    LevelReq - Flick:45 Wanderer:45
31. Pure White Robe - DEF 133 - 8500L - A robe of white silk and mythril cloth.
    LevelReq - Tumble:49 Pop:
32. Mani's Plate - DEF 135 - Subquest - Plated mail strengthened by moonlight.
    LevelReq - Flick:44 Wanderer:
33. Mythril Armor - DEF 140 - 8500L - Armor wrought of magical mythril.
    LevelReq - Flick:49 Wanderer:49
34. Holly Robe - DEF 144 - 12500L - A robe of unsurpassed quality. 
    LevelReq - Tumble: Pop:
35. Diamond Armor - DEF 152 - 12500L - Armor crafted from diamonds.
    LevelReq - Flick:54 Wanderer:54
36. Dragon Robe - DEF 153 - 25000L - A robe sewn from a dragon's hide.
    LevelReq - Tumble:60 Pop:
37. Aurora Dress - DEF 160 - ????? - A robe made of thickly layered felt.
    LevelReq - Tumble:53
37. Dragon Armor - DEF 161 - 25000L - Armor wrought of dragon scales.
    LevelReq - Flick:60 Wanderer:60
38. Crystal Robe - DEF 164 - See [ULT] - A robe imbued with mystic power.
    LevelReq - Tumble:66 Pop:
39. Crystal Armor - DEF 172 - See [ULT] - Armor imbued with mystic power.
    LevelReq - Flick:66 Wanderer:66

[ACCESSORIES] Accessories

Accessories will increase your Intelligence (your Magical Attack power). As 
thus they are rather useless, since the magic system in the game is seldom 
useful. However, if you are a magic user, you will want to keep these up to 
date. Again, these have a level requirement, and there are some items that are 
character specific.

1. Bead Ring - INT 32 - Free - A child's ring set with a glass bead
   LevelReq - Flick:1 Tumble:1 Pop:1 Wanderer:1
2. Jeweled Ring - INT 39 - 150L - A ring with a jewel of limited power.
   LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:4 Pop: Wanderer:5
3. Sensory Ring - INT 46 - 500L - A ring able to enhance the 5 senses.
   LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:8 Pop: Wanderer:9
4. Knight's Medallion - INT 50 - Quest - A medal given by a king for bravery. 
   LevelReq - Flick:5
5. Moonstone Tiara - INT 50 - Subquest - A tiara colored by rays of moonlight.
   LevelReq - Tumble:4
6. (COMPLETE) Pop's Reward for Tess Subquest
7. Mage's Gloves - INT 50 - Subquest - Gloves embroidered with magic spells.
   LevelReq  Wanderer:5
8. Ring of Memory - INT 54 - 1000L - A ring containing a mage's memories.
   LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:11 Pop: Wanderer:12
9. Beholder Ring - INT 61 - 1400L - A ring set with a stone like an eye.
   LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:14 Pop: Wanderer:15
10. Ring of Radiance - INT 68 - 1800L - A pearl ring that reflects pure light.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:17 Pop: Wanderer:19
11. Ring of Gloom - INT 75 - 2000L - A black pearl ring with shady patches.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:20 Pop: Wanderer:22
12. Giant's Ring - INT 82 - 2300L - A ring thought to hold a giant's power.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:23 Pop: Wanderer:25
13. Demon Ring - INT 89 - 2500L - A creepy ring with monster carvings.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:25 Pop: Wanderer:27
14. Ring of the Tree - INT 96 - 3200L - A ring woven from ancient tree vines.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:28 Pop: Wanderer:30
15. Dryad's Ring - INT 103 - 4000L - A ring set with a seed from an old tree.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:31 Pop: Wanderer:33
16. Ancient Ring - INT 112 - 5000L - A ring engraved with forgotten spells.
    LevelReq - Flick: Tumble:36 Pop: Wanderer:39
17. Hero's Medallion - INT 120 - Subquest - A medal worn by lauded heroes.
    LevelReq - Flick:32
18. Ancient Tiara - INT 120 - Subquest - A tiara engraved with forgotten spells
    LevelReq - Tumble:36
17. Shimmering Ring - INT 124 - 6000L - A gold ring that shines brilliantly.
    LevelReq - Flick:42 Tumble:40 Pop: Wanderer:43
18. Soul Ring - INT 134 - 7500L - A ring that reveals its owner's soul.
    LevelReq - Flick:47 Tumble:45 Pop: Wanderer:48
19. Mythril Ring - INT 145 - 8500L - A ring made of magical mythril silver.
    LevelReq - Flick:51 Tumble:49 Pop: Wanderer:52
20. Elemental Ring - INT 159 - 12500L - A rind empowered by spirits' magic. 
    LevelReq - Flick:56 Tumble: Pop: Wanderer:57
21. Dragonfang Ring - INT 168 - 25000L - A ring honed from a dragon's tooth.
    LevelReq - Flick:60 Tumble:58 Pop: Wanderer:61
22. Crystal Ring - INT 179 - Chests - A ring imbued with mystic powers.
    LevelReq - Flick:65 Tumble:63 Pop: Wanderer:66
23. Conqueror's Medal - INT 185 -See [ULT]- A legendary medal promising victory
    LevelReq - Flick:66
24. Princess' Tiara - ING 185 - See [ULT] - A tiara worn by one of high birth.
    LevelReq - Tumble:65

[ULT] The Ultimate Weaponry

Note: Section heavily under construction.

There are a series of weapons, armours and items that can be found at certain 
points during subquests to certain levels later on in the game, and are the 
most powerful items in their class. They can be found in small zones that have 
"Kill a certain enemy" for the Gleamdrop location and have a set of chests. 

This can be found sometimes in Star Lake, in one of the chests in a small X 
shaped room that requires you to defeat a furry slug-like creature to obtain 
the Gleamdrop. The chests are behind some large vines, and can sometimes 
contain this weapon. The room is the same as the 4th zone when playing through 
Star Lake's main quest.
This can be found in the Fiery Sands. The area is a large quicksand pit, 
pulling sand toward the centre where a large beetle awaits. There are chests on 
the outer edges of this area, and one of these may contain the weapon. Same as 
4th zone of Fiery Sands mission.
This can be found in Lorimar. The area is full of pots, so time to do some 
"bull in a chine shop" work. There will be a walking armour in the top left 
hand corner of the level. Same as 4th zone of Lorimar mission.
This can be found in Brightwood. The area is a small one with some enemies in 
the centre. A bridge must be extended to reach them. One of the chests on the 
outside area contains the weapon. Same as 4th zone of Brightwood.
This can be found in the Ruins. There will be a lot of plants here to knock 
down, and you should have some shells to do so with the hammer. The chest is 
normally in the top left corner of the level. Same as 8th zone of Ruins 
Found in a small room with 4 red dragons and some tomatomen in the centre in 
the Path of Life. Further details need confirming, but I believe this is the 
4th zone of the Path of Life mission.

There are also Crystal items, which are the highest non-rare items in their 
categories, and can be found during the Cosmic Rift levels, or as Dud Services 
rewards for subquests that take place on this level. They are abundant after 
completing the game and going back to do a subquest there, in particular under 
the summoning circles (you can break them with a charged hammer attack). Also 
note that the crystal armours and robes are actually BETTER than the character 
unique items.


[MAGIC] The Eight Elementals

The system for casting is similar to Sword of Mana. Hold down the B button. The 
elemental will appear. If you walk into it, it grants either the status ailment 
of X Sword (ie flame, ice, etc) or other status enhancements, or if you let it 
be, it will blink and then cast it's magic in the nearby space (create a small 
tornado, fire flames, that sort of thing). You can press B again you'll send 
the elemental in the direction you're facing until it hits something 
to cast it's magic there. 

An Elemental's level can be raised to 2 or 3 by equipping Gems. This will cause 
status aids to last longer or cure more, and attack magic to have a greater 

-Salamander - Fire
Attack - Explode: A fiery explosion blazes outward from the spirit.
Support - Flamestrike: Imbues weapons with the power to set foes ablaze.
-Undine - Water
Attack - Ice Crush: Ice blasts outward from the spirit on four sides.
Support - Froststrike: Imbues weapons with the power to freeze foes in their 
-Gnome - Earth
Attack - Earth Spikes: Sharp rocks errupt from the earth beneath the spirit.
Support - Stonestrike: Imbues weapons with the power to prevent foes from 
-Jinn - Air
Attack - Cyclone: The spirit summons a tornado that spiral outward 
Support - Lighteningstrike: Imbues weapons with the power to paralyze foes.
-Dryad - Trees
Attack - Thorny Tendrils: Thorny vines lash out from the spirit on four sides.
Support - Nature's Aura: Cures an ally's status ailments and gives temporary 
-Luna - Moon
Attack - Moonbeams: Rays of light emanate diagonally from the spirit
Support - Lunar Radiance: Gradually restores an ally's HP.
-Wisp - Light
Attack - Holy Orb: The spirit summons an orb of light that whirls out 
Support - Healing Light: Restores an ally's HP.
-Shade - Dark
Attack - Dark Vortex: A vortex of darkness spirals outward from the spirit.
Support - Invisibility: Makes an ally invisible to enemies.


[GEMS] Gems

Gems have the power to alter the escense of living things, and their power can 
be harnessed by a Gem Frame that is given to you by Watts at the beginning of 
the game. 

This frame can be accessed via the "Gems" option in the characters menu. It 
will show up as a grid in which stones can be placed to make their effects 
active on your character. The effects of each stone vary, and can both increase 
your stats and give you additional abilities. 

The Gem Frame starts off as a 2x2 grid, and can be upgraded 3 times during the 
game. These are pointed out during the walkthrough, however for quick reference 
here are the points where you upgrade your Frame.

-1st Upgrade (4x2)
Talk to Balbo of the Bomb Brothers Store after completing Star Lake of Topple.
-2nd Upgrade (cross formation, 2,4,4,2)
Talk to Balbo after finishing Brightwood of Wendal.
-3rd Upgrade (4x4)
After completing the Path of Life, Chat to the Dudbear at Dud Services to
access the subquest that will reward you with the Smelting Rock. Give this to 
the Bomb Brothers so they can make the final expansion.

There are 7 types of Gem.

-Red Gems - The affect ATK and attack type. There are 42.
-Blue Gems - These affect INT, MP, and spell levels. There are 33.
-Yellow Gems - These affect MND, DEF and recovery. There are 32.
-Purple Gems - These affect Fury and special attacks. There are 15.
-Orange Gems - These affect items and EXP gained. There are 7.
-Green Gems - These nullify status ailments & spikes. There are 12.
-Impure Gems - Impure gems with unstable effects. There are 35.

Impure gems will greatly increase some stats or abilities while reducing 
others. So, for example, they can give you a great boost in strength at a cost 
of your total HP.

There are also two gem complexities as it were. The unrefined gems (for 
example, those that the Bomb Brothers sell you) and refined gems (which you can 
get from subquests, for example, and show a much more polished look). You can 
fuse unrefined gems together at the Bomb Bros store to create new gems with 
even greater abilities, but you can't fuse refined gems as they are in their 
most perfect state. You will see in the gem list the gems that can be obtained 
by fusion, what unrefined gems are needed to make them, and also what price the 
Bomb Bros will charge for the fusion.

Each character also has an extra gem that can only be accessed by them via a 
subquest (Flick a Red Gem, Pop a Blue, Wanderer a Yellow and Tumble a Purple).

Regarding recommended gems and gem combinations, it comes a lot down to the 
situation you are going to enter. A few that I would recommend obtaining and 
learning when to use are gems such as Sword Expertise, Heart of Progress, 
Virtue of Balance, Ultimate Protection (this one is particularily useful for 
Path of Life and Cosmic Rift, as the minor obstacles can inflict random status 
ailments) and Soul of the Gemma. 

Blue gems are not particularily useful to me, as I have found magic to be 
hardly an asset, so you really want to focus more on using those extra slots to 
add more ATK or DEF, and maybe even boost the sword specifically a bit more.

Another thing to consider is a Green gem that protects you from the status 
ailments that minor obstacles can inflict (for example, poisoning in 
Brightwood). It will come in handy for levels that require you to search 
through the minor obstacles for the Gleamdrop.

Also the effects of EXP boosting gems (such as Heart of Progress and Courage to 
Learn) accumulate side by side, so if you have two Heart of Progress, you 
double your EXP, as opposed to them accumulating exponentially, which would 
give you (100 * 1.5) * 1.5 = 225%

I recommend reading the walkthrough section at the beginning of each level for 
an idea of what terrain you will be facing, and hopefully this will allow you 
to prepare better gem combinations for each level as required. 

[RED] Red Gems
01. Crystal of Strength - ATK (weapon attack power) +4 - 1x1
Purchase 750L
02. Unusual Life - Higher max HP the more you complete areas in multiplayer.1x1
Talk to Moti after hosting a multiplayer game.
03. Unusual Strength - Higher ATK the more you complete areas in multiplayer.
1x1 - Talk to Moti after completing 50 multiplayer levels.
04. Feral Soul - ATK +8 - 1x1
Reward from the Bomb Brothers Subquest
05. Steal Hook - Enables theft of items from monsters with a flick of the 
flail. 1x1 - Purchase 1000L
06. Unstoppable Hook - Enables the flail to penetrate foes with a pull strike. 
1x1 - Fusion (3000L, Steal Hook + Crystal of Strength)
07. Light on a Boy - Sword ATK +20, DEF and DEX +10. - 1x1
Flick only subquest.
08. Crystal of Life - Maximum HP +30. - 2x1
Fusion (1000L, 2x Crystal of Strength)
09. Sonic Wave - Cause the third sword slash to unleash a shock wave. - 2x1
Purchase 3000L
10. Multiple swings - Enables up to 3 consecutive swings with the flail. 2x1
Purchase 3000L
11. Triple Shot - Each bow attack fires arros in three directions. 2x1
Purchase 8000L
12. Heavy Swing - Hammer strikes knock monster even farther back. 2x1
Purchase 3000L
13. Double Slash - Deal double damage when striking with a sword. 2x1
Fusion (8000L, Sonic Wave + Crystal of Strength)
14. Double Sonic Wave - Deal double damage with sword. Third strike unleashes 
shock waves. 2x1 - Fusion (10000L, 2x Sonic Wave)
15. Swift Rotation - Swing your flail faster. 2x1
Fusion (3000L, Multiple swings + Crystal of Strength)
16. Multiple Rotations - Enables up to 3 faster consecutive swings with the 
flail. 2x1 - Fusion (10000L, 2x Multiple Swings)
17. Strong Arrows - Shots penetrate monsters. 2x1
Fusion (8000L, Triple Shot + Crystal of Strength)
18. Strong Triple Shot - Each bow attack fires penetrating arrows in three 
directions. 2x1 - Fusion (15000L, 2x Triple Shot)
19. Swift Recovery - Quickes recovery time after hammer swings. 2x1
Fusion (8000L, Heavy Swing + Crystal of Strength)
20. Swift Heavy Swing - Quickens hammer swing recovery time. Knock enemies 
back. 2x1 - Fusion (4000L, 2x Heavy Swing)
21. Sword Expertise - Sword ATK + 8. Double damage. Third strike unleashes 
shock waves. 2x1 - Fusion (12000L, Sonic Wave + Mighty Defense)
22. Flail Expertise - Flail ATK +8. Enables up to three flail swings. 2x1
Fusion (12000L, Multiple Swings + Steal Hook)
23. Box Expertise - Bow ATK +8. Fire penetrating arrows in three directions. 
2x1 - Fusion (12000L, Triple Shot + String Resonance)
24. Hammer Expertise - Hammer ATK +8. Quickens hammer recovery. Knock enemies 
back. 2x1 - Fusion (12000L, Heavy Swing + Great Tremor)
25. Soul of the Dragon - ATK +12. 2x1
Subquest "Find the dragon mentioned in the diary"
26. Mighty Defense - Raises maximum number of parries to 10. - 1x2
Purchase 1000L
27. String Resonance - Extends range of bow's music. 1x2
Pruchase 1000L
28. Great Tremor - Extends range of hammer ground strikes. 1x2
Purchase 1000L
29. Total Parry - Nullifies all damage when you parry with your sword. - 1x2
Fusion (5000L, Mighty Defense + Crystal of Strength)
30. Unstoppable Claw - Enables the flail to penetrate foes and steal items with 
a pull strike. 1x2 - Fusion (4000L, 2x Steal Hook)
31. Lullaby - The bow's music puts enemies to sleep. 1x2
Fusion (6000L, String Resonance + Crystal of Strength)
32. Requiem - Extends range of bow's music and puts foes to sleep. 1x2
Fusion (8000L, 2x String Resonance)
33. Meteor Shock Wave - Hammer ground strikes stun nearby monsters. 1x2
Fusion (6000L, Great Tremor + Crystal of Strength)
34. Sword Training - ATK +10 when striking with a sword. - 1x2
Dud Services job reward
35. Flail Training - ATK +10 when striking with a flail. - 1x2
Dud Services job reward
36. Bow Training - ATK +10 when shooting a bow. - 1x2
Dud Services job reward
37. Hammer Training - ATK +10 when striking with a hammer. - 1x2
Dud Services job reward
38. Fountain of Life - Raises maximum HP by 50. 1x2
Dud Services reward.
39. Flawless Parry - Raises maximum no. of parries to 10. Nullifies all 
damage.- 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Mighty Defense x2)
40. Wide Shock Wave - Hammer ground strikes gain range and stun nearby foes. 
2x2 - Fusion (8000L, 2x Great Tremor)
41. Might of Gemmas - ATK + 20. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Multiple Swings + Sonic Wave, other combinations of red gems)
42. Soul of the Gemma - ATK +25, DEF + 10. 3x2
Fusion (10000L, Multiple Seings + Mighty Defense, other combos of red gems)
43. Pride of Gemmas - ATK +10, DEF +25. 3x2
Fusion (10000L, Steal Hook + Mighty Defence, other red gems combos)

[BLUE] Blue Gems
01. Crystal of Lore - INT (spell damage) +4 - 1x1
Purchase 750L
02. Unusual Power - Higher max MP the more you complete areas in multiplayer.
1x1 - Talk to Moti after completing 20 multiplayer levels.
03. Unusual Lore - Higher INT the more you complete areas in multiplayer. 1x1
Talk to Moti after completing 30 multiplayer levels.
04. Light on a Child - Flail ATK +20, INT and MND +10. 1x1
Pop only subquest.
05. Salamander's Favor - Salamander's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 5000L
06. Undine's Favor - Undine's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 5000L
07. Gnome's Favor - Gnome's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 4000L
08. Jinn's Favor - Jinn's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 4000L
09. Pride of the Spirits - All elemental spells reach level 2. 2x1
Fusion (12000L, 2x 4000L Elemental favors)
10. Crystal of Power - Raises max MP by 30 - 1x2
Fusion (1000L, 2x Crystal of Lore
11. Dryad's Favor - Dryad's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 5000L
12. Luna's Favor - Luna's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 5000L
13. Wisp's Favor - Wisp's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 4000L
14. Shade's Favor - Shade's spells reach level 2. - 2x1
Purchase 4000L
15. Might of the Spirits - All elemental spells reach level 2. 2x1
Fusion (12000L, 2x 5000L Elemental Favor)
16. Bond of Salamander - Salamander's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Salamander's Favor)
17. Zeal of Salamander - Salamander's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Salamander's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
18. Bond of Undine - Undine's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Undine's Favor)
19. Zeal of Undine - Undine's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Undine's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
20. Bond of Gnome - Gnome's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Gnome's Favor)
21. Zeal of Gnome - Gnome's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Gnome's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
22. Bond of Jinn - Jinn's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Jinn's Favor)
23. Zeal of Jinn - Jinn's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Jinn's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
24. Bond of Dryad - Dryad's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Dryad's Favor)
25. Zeal of Dryad - Dryad's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Dryad's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
26. Bond of Luna - Luna's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Luna's Favor)
27. Zeal of Luna - Luna's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Luna's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
28. Bond of Wisp - Wisp's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Wisp's Favor)
29. Zeal of Wisp - Wisp's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Wisp's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
30. Bond of Shade - Shade's spells reach level 3. 2x2
Fusion (11000L, 2x Shade's Favor)
31. Zeal of Shade - Shade's spells consume 40% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (8000L, Shade's Favor + Crystal of Lore)
32. Soul of the Spirits - All elemental spells consume 10% less MP. 2x2
Fusion (4000L, a 4000L Elemental favor + a 5000L Elemental favor)
33. Zeal of the Spirits - All elemental spells consume 30% less MP. 2x2
Gold Rank on Path of Life level.
34. Bond of the Spirits - All elemental spell reach level 3. 2x2
Gold Rank on Ruins of Illusia level.

[YELLOW] Yellow Gems
01. Crystal of Defense - DEF (physical defense) +4 - 1x1
Purchase 750L
02. Crystal of Thought - MND (magic defense) +4 - 1x1
Purchase 750L
03. Unusual Defense - Higher DEF the more you complete areas in multiplayer.1x1
Talk to Moti after completing 5 multiplayer levels.
04. Unusual Heart - Higher MND the more you complete areas in multiplayer. 1x1
Talk to Moti after completing 10 multiplayer levels.
05. Millennicite - Restores 2 MP every 3 seconds. 1x1
Subquest "Find the Mysterious Stone for Tess"
06. Herbal Miracle - The effects of pep root aply to all party members. 1x1
Purchase 2000L
07. Stardust Miracle - The effects of stardust herb apply to all party members 
1x1 - Purchase 1000L
08. Light on a Nomad - Hammer ATK +20, DEF +10 and MND +10. 1x1
Wanderer only subquest
09. Lore of Healers - Doubles effects of HP recovery items. 2x1
Purchase 6000L
10. Courage to Endure - Automatically use stardust herb when needed. 2x1
Fusion (3000L, 2x Stardust Miracle)
11. Lore of Mages - Doubles the effects of MP recovery items. 1x2
Purchase 6000L
12. Courage to Fight - Automatically use pep root when needed. 1x2
Fusion (4000L, 2x Herbal Miracle)
13. Lore of Angels - Restores to full HP anyone you revive with an angel's 
grail. 1x2 - Purchase 12000L
14. Courage to Prevail - Automatically use restorative items when needed. 1x2
Fusion (4000L, Herbal Miracle + Stardust Miracle)
15. Healer's Miracle - The effects of HP recovery items apply to all party 
members. 1x2 - Fusion (3000L, Lore of Healers + Herbal/Stardust Miracle)
16. Lore of Warlocks - Quintuples the effects of MP recovery items. 1x2
Fusion (5000L, 2x Lore of Mages)
17. Mage's Miracle - The effects of MP recovery ites apply to all party 
members. 1x2 - Fusion (3000L, Lore of Mages + Herbal/Stardust Miracle)
18. Angel's Miracle - The effects of angel's grail apply to all party members. 
1x2 - Fusion (6000L, Lore of Angels + Herbal/Stardust Miracle)
19. Druid's Miracle - Effects of HP and MP recovery items apply to all party 
members. 1x2 - Fusion (11000L, Stardust Miracle + Crystal of Thought)
20. Cantrip - Restores 2 MP every 3 seconds. 2x2
Fusion (10000L, Lore of Mages + Crystal of Defense)
21. Meditation - Restores 2HP every 3 seconds. 2x2
Fusion (10000L, Lore of Healers + Crystal of Defense)
22. Lore of Alchemists - Quintuples the effects of HP recovery items. 2x2
Fusion (30000L, 2x Lore of Healers)
23. Lore of Druids - Doubles the effect of HP and MP recovery items. 2x2
Fusion (5000L, Lore of Mages + Lore of Healers)
24. Ultimate Miracle - The effects of all recoery items apply to all party 
members. 2x2 - Fusion (6000L, Stardust Miracle + Crystal of Defense)
25. Deep Meditation - Restores 4 HP every 3 seconds. 3x2
Fusion (17000L, Lore of Healers + Crystal of Thought)
26. Powerful Cantrip - Restores 4 MP every 3 seconds. 2x2
Fusion (10000L, Lore of Mages + Crystal of Thought)
27. Blessing - Restores 3 HP and MP every 3 seconds. 3x2
Fusion (30000L, Lore of Angels + Crystal of Defense)
28. Mystic Blessing - Restores 6 HP and 6 MP every 3 seconds. 3x2
Complete all Elemental Sidequests, the game, and then the final subquest.
29. Courage to Return - Automatically uses an angel's grail when your HP 
reaches zero. - 3x2
Fusion (5000L, 2x Crystal of Thought, or Thought + Defense)
30. Lore of Artificers - Quintuples the effect of HP and MP recovery items. 2x3
Random reward from choosing ??? at the end of a main storyline mission.
31. Glorious Blessing - Restores 6 HP and MP every 3 seconds. 3x3
Fusion (30000L, Lore of Angels + Crystal of Thought)
32. Alchemist's Miracle - Doubles the effect of party's HP recovery items. 3x3
Fusion (6000L, Lore of Healers + Lore of Angels)
33. Warlock's Miracle - Doubles the effect of party's MP recovery items. 3x3
Fusion (6000L, Lore of Angels + Lore of Mages)

[PURPLE] Purple Gems
01. Light on a Maiden - Bow ATK +20, INT +10, and DEX +10. 1x1
Tumble's Subquest from Seamoon after Path of Life.
02. Glittering Crystal - DEX (critical hit probability +10 - 1x1
Fusion (1000L, Crystal of Strength + Crystal of Lore)
03. Unusual Shimmer - Higher DEX the more you complete areas in multiplayer.1x1
Talk to Moti after completing 99 multiplayer levels or more.
04. Cruel Sword - When you are in Fury, your focused sword attacks reach 
level 2. 1x1 - Gold Rank Reward from Mana Tower
05. Cruel Flail - When you are in Fury, your focused flail attacks reach 
level 2. 1x1 - Gold Rank Reward from Star Lake
06. Cruel Bow - When you are in Fury, your focused bow attacks reach level 2. 
1x1 - Gold Rank Reward from Fiery Sands
07. Cruel Hammer - When you are in Fury, your focused hammer attacks reach 
level 2. 1x1 - Gold Rank Reward from Ice Citadel
08. Fury Reels - Enables Fury Reels when you enter Fury. - 2x1
Gift from Bomb Brothers after first Mission. (*)
09. Ruthless Sword - When you are in Fury, your focused sword attacks reach 
level 3. 2x1 - Fusion (4000L, An Elemental Favor + Crystal of Strength or 
other red gems)
10. Ruthless Flail - When you are in Fury, your focused flail attacks reach 
level 3. 2x1 - Fusion (4000L, An Elemental Favor + Crystal of Strength or 
other red gems)
11. Ruthless Bow - When you are in Fury, your focused bow attacks reach 
level 3. 2x1 - Fusion (4000L, An Elemental Favor + String Resonance or 
other red gems)
12. Ruthless Hammer - When you are in Fury, your focused hammer attacks reach 
level 3. 2x1 - Fusion (3000L, An Elemental Favor + Great Tremor/Heavy Swing)
13. Morale Boost - Makes the Fury gauge fill faster. 1x2
Fusion (4000L, Salamander's Favor + some weapon affecting red gems)
14. Spirit of the Hero - Doubles duration of Fury. - 2x2
Fusion (5000L, Mighty Defense + Crystal of Lore)
15. Ruthless Gemma - When you are in Fury, all focused attachs reach level 3.
Size 2x2. - Gold Rank reward for Cosmic Rift
16. Double Fury - Doubles experience earned while you are in Fury. 3x2
Gold Rank reward for Brightwood.

(*) A full description of the extent of the powers of this gem should be 
provided at this point. The Fury Reels (Fever Slots in the Japanese version) 
change your Fury meter into a slot machine when you activate your Fury. The 
combination of the 3 pictures in the slots will give you a specific bonus when 
you use Fury, and are explained here:
-Three Swords: Berserk - Every hit is critical during Fury
-Three Armors: Aegis - Invincibility during Fury
-Three Skull: Bad Luck - You lose your Fury.
-Three Lucre: Jackpot - Large Lucre drops from enemies during Fury.
-Three Gumdrop: Full HP - HP is restored to full.
-Two of a kind: HP Up - 50% of your total HP is restored.
-All different: Nothing - Fury acts as normal.

[ORANGE] Orange Gems
01. Lore of Thieves - Makes fake treasure chests appear as monsters on radar.  
1x1 - Fusion (1000L, Crystal of Defense + Crystal of Strength)
02. Drain Life - Converts 3% of damage inflicted on monsters into HP. 2x1
Fusion (30000L, Lore of Healers + weapon effect Red Gem (ie String Reson.))
03. Drain Will - Converts 3% of damage inflicted on monsters into MP. 1x2
Fusion (15000L, Lore of Mages + weapon effect red gem (ie Sonic Wave))
04. Drain Soul - Converts 3% of damage inflicted on monsters into HP and MP. 
2x1 - Fusion (35000L, Lore of Angels + weapon effect Red Gem (ie TripShot)
05. Heart of Progress - Inreases experience gain by 50% - 2x2
Fusion (10000L, Crystal of Strength + Crystal of Thought, Mighty Defense + 
Crystal of Defense or Crystal of Thought)
06. Lore of Niccolos - Adds 10% bonus to lucre gained. 2x2
Fusion (4000L, Stardust Miracle + Mighty Defense)
07. Double Drop - Double the chance that monsters will drop items and lucre. 
2x2 - Fusion (5000L, A Miracle gem + Crystal of Strength)

[GREEN] Green Gems
01. Flame's Shelter - Prevents you from catching fire. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Salamanders Favor + Stardust Miracle)
02. Water's Shelter - Prevents you from being turned into a snowman. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Undine's Favor + Stardust Miracle)
03. Earth's Shelter - Prevents you from being disarmed. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Gnome's Favor + Stardust Miracle)
04. Wind's Shelter - Prevents you from being paralyzed. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Jinn's Favor + Stardust Miracle)
05. Forest's Shelter - Prevents you from being put to sleep. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Dryad's Favor + Stardust Miracle)
06. Moon's Shelter - Prevents you from being confused. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Luna's Favor + Stardust Miracle)
07. Light's Shelter - Prevents you from being stunned. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Wisp's Favor + Stardust Miracle)
08. Shadow's Shelter - Prevents you from being blinded. 2x1
Fusion (4000L, Shade's Favor + Stardust Miracle)
09. Purity's Shelter - Prevents you from being poisoned - 1x2
Fusion (8000L, Crystal of Defense + Crystal of Lore)
10. Virtue of Balance - Enables steady travel over sand and ice. 2x2
Fusion (6000L, Any elemental Favor + Crystal of Thought)
11. Virtue of Safety - Enables safe travel over spikes. 2x2
Fusion (6000L, Any elemental Favor + Crystal of Defense)
12. Ultimate Protection - Prevents all ailments - 3x2
Fusion (12000L, Crystal of Lore + Crustal of Thought)

[IMPURE] Impure Gems
(note, all are found either in chests, dropped by enemies, Dud Services reward)
01. Life's Thirst - Converts 3% of damage inflicted on mosnters into HP. 
ATK -10.
02. Mind's Thirst - Converts 3% of damage inflicted on monsters into MP. 
INT -10. 1x1
03. Soul's Thirst - Converts 3% of damage inflicted into MP and MP. ATK -10, 
INT -10. 1x1
04. Meager Resistance - Automatically uses stardust herb. Increases risk of 
ailments. - 1x1
05. Meager Courage - Autmaically use pep root. Increases risk of ailments. 1x1
06. Chivalry - DEF +20, MND -20. 1x1
07. Asceticism - MND +20, DEF -20. 1x1
08. Good and Bad Luck - Increases Lucre gain by 20%. Items drop less often. 1x1
09. Planted Feet - Enables steady travel over sand and ice. Increases risk of 
ailments. 2x1
10. Berserking - ATK +15, DEL -10 - 2x1
11. Wizardry - INT +15, MND -10. 2x1
12. Clouded Vivicite - Raises maximum HP by 50. DEF -10. 2x1
13. Clouded Magicite - Raises maximum MP by 30. MND -5. 2x1
14. Evil Spirits' Favor - All elemental spells reach level 2. ATK -10 2x1
15. Cautious Feet - Enables steady travel over spikes. Increases risk of 
ailments. 1x2
16. Meager Hope - Automatically use angel's grail, but you will catch on 
17. Uneasy Meditation - Restores 3 HP every 3 seconds. DEX -5. 2x2
18. Budding Warlock - Doubles effect of MP recovery items. Increases risk of 
ailments. 2x2
19. Budding Alchemist - Doubles effect of HP recovery items. Increases risk of 
ailments. 2x2
20. Courage to Learn - Increases experience gain by 75%. DEF -20. 2x2
21. Fire & Water Flaw - Raises risk of burning & freezing. Lowers risk of 
others. 2x2
22. Earth & Wind Flaw - Raises risk of paralysis & disarmament. Lowers risk of 
others. 2x2
23. Moon & Wood Flaw - Raises risk of confusion & sleep. Lowers risk of others. 
24. Light & Dark Flaw - Raises risk of stunning & blindness. Lowers risk of 
others. 2x2
25. Poison Flaw - Raises risk of poison. Lowers risk of all other ailments. 2x2
26. Soul of Progress - Increases experience gain by 75%. Items drop less 
often. 2x2
27. Academia - INT and MND +12. ATK and DEF -5. 2x2
28. Barbarism - ATK and DEF +12. INT and MND -5. 2x2
29. Budding Artificer - Quintuples effect of recovery items.  Increases risk of 
ailments. 2x2
30. Bond of Demons - All elemental magic reaches level 3. ATK -50. 2x2
31. Zeal of Demons - All elemental spells consume 30% less MP. ATK -50. 2x2
32. Uneasy Blessing - Restores 8 HP and 8 MP every 3 seconds. ATK and INT -10. 
Size 2x3
33. Witch's Cantrip - Restores 5mp every 3 seconds. MND -10. - 3x2
34. Witch's Meditation - Restores 5 HP every 3 seconds. Def -10. - 3x2
35. Witch's Blessing - Restores 10HP and 10MP every 2 seconds. ATK and INT -50. 


[LEVELS] Recommended levels before starting a chapter

Many questions float about regarding what level I recommend people should be at 
before starting a chapter. Now, throughout the guide these recommendations are 
provided in the paragraphs before a new Chapter starts, but to make things 
easier, I have included here a list of my recommendations as shown throughout 
the walkthrough.

-Mana Tower: Level 1 (because you don't have any other option really)
-Star Lake: Level 10
-Fiery Sands: Level 19 or 20
-Ice Citadel: Level 30
-Brightwood: Level 40
-Ruins: Level 45-50
-Path of Life: 55-60
-Cosmic Rift: 65-70

And, of course, the corresponding equipment for those levels is a bonus. You 
may want to add a couple of levels to these recommendations if you are playing 
as Pop, or tackle the levels earlier if you're using Wanderer. Your call.



Now you know all there is to know about how the game work, it's probably time 
you started.

Go to the character section for the character you have chosen to start. [FLICK] 

Note: I use the Japanese names out of convenience. Flick, Tumble and Pop are 
clearly onomatopeic and inter-related style-wise, and Ferrik, Tamber and Poppen 
sounds like they are transliterations of how the aforementioned names would be 
pronounced and written in Kanji (Feriku, Tamburu, Poppu).

[FLICK] The Determination of a Young Warrior

Flick stands before Moti, the leader of the Mana Village, in his home. They 
have just finished training for the day, but Flick is eager to learn more soon.
The fire in his eyes and determination remind Moti of Flick's father, who was a 
captain in the Holy Infantry of Wendel, and a fearless swordsman. Flik wants to 
become just like him as soon as possible.

Moti goes on to explain that monsters swarmed the land ten years ago during the 
cataclysm, but times have changed now, there's no rush to get stronger. Flick 
gives up, and says he'll go visit Tess. Moti comments that she's about to offer 
prayers, son he mustn't detain her or make her late. Flick doesn't appear to 
understand just how important the ritual is. Flick agrees to not bother her, 
but drops by to see her anyway quickly. Goto [CHAP0].

[TUMBLE] The Kindness of a Young Maiden

Tumble returns to the town and is greeted by Granny Hannah, who asked her to go 
into the woods for her to collect some herbs to soothe her old wounds. Tumble 
explains it is the least she can do for her, after the good care she always 
receives from Granny.

Granny was attacked ten years ago by a beast during the great cataclysm, and 
the pain still returns at times. Tumble asks Granny to let her know if the pain 
comes back, as she wants her to live the long life her parents couldn't. Granny 
offers Tumble to come to her place for tea, but she has to go see Tess.

Tess had asked you to collect some plants for her research. You take these to 
her, sitting in front of the Mana Stone at the top of the village, who feels 
bad for having you go out to get them. It is also nearly time for her to offer 
her prayers to the Mana Goddess. Goto [CHAP0].

[POP] The Curiosity of a Young Boy

Pop stands before the famous haunted house of the Mana Village. No one is ever 
seen going in or out of the house, and it is permanently locked. He wonders if 
the tales really are true. As he approaches, Grampa Tony calls to him from 
behind and asks him what he's doing. Doesn't he know that the place is haunted?

Pop reasons that if the ghosts are people who died in the cataclysm ten years 
ago, he might be able to talk to his mother, who died in the war. It was so 
long ago that Pop doesn't remember what she looks like. But Grampa Tony 
reasures him that only bad ghosts live in the house, and gives him some candy 
before telling him to run along and forget about the house.

Pop decides to go share his candy with Tess, but Grampa Tony warns him not to 
keep her from her duties of offering up prayers to the Mana Goddess, as it is 
thanks to maidens like her that we can all live in peace. He goes running up to 
Tess, who is sitting in front of the Mana Stone at the top of the town, and 
tells her how Grampa Tony gave him candy and wants her to have some, and also 
asks what she is researching in front of the Mana Stone. Goto [CHAP0].

[WANDERER] The Diligence of a Wandering Niccolo

Wanderer reports back to the Golden Goods store that everything has been taken 
to the port storage. Millionaire commends him for his hard work, but tells him 
not to take it lightly: no hard work, no eating. But Wanderer knows well that 
he has to work, and he is grateful to Millionaire for taking care of him after 
they both lost everything in the cataclysm ten years ago. 

Millionaire wonders if maybe it's time for Wanderer to settle down on the 
island. He likes it here, it makes sense, so he'll give it some thought. 
Millionaire invites him round for dinner that night, but Wanderer declines, as 
he has to go see Tess and give her a pretty seashell he found at the port. 
Millionaire reminds him that Tess will be heading out for her prayers about 
now, so best not to bother her more than giving her the shell. And don't be 
late for work tomorrow!

Wanderer heads to the Mana Stone at the top of the town, where Tess is sitting 
doing her research. He gives her the seashell, which she comments on being a 
lovely gift. Wanderer then asks her about her research. Goto [CHAP0]

[CHAP0] The beginning of our tale

Lately Tess has noticed something strange happenning with the flora and fauna 
of the area, as if they're afraid. After explaining this, she gives some Notes 
to you to take to Moti which she can't take herself lest she be late for 
prayers at the Mana Tower. 

Tumble then goes to Moti in the town hall (top right house) and gives him the 
notes, which relate to some abnormal growth in plants. As you are about to 
leave, Watts enters the house (who incidently talks like a scot). After some 
friendly chatter, Watts hands over a geode he's worried about, and is trying to 
find answers about here in Illucia, where he thinks something strange may be 
happenning. One of his lads found it. He explains they can alter the essence of 
any living thing, according to Professor Bomb. 

This worries Moti, who suspects that the evil spirits, the power of Mavolia, 
have returned. Ten years ago they were contained when the Mana Goddess herself 
sealed the gates to Mavolia. 

An earthquake then strikes and Pete, a villager, runs in exclaiming something 
has happenned to The Stone. The three rush out to the Mana Stone, a great lapid 
at the back of the town with an engraving of the Mana Tree and the eight 
elementals, which is currently glowing, and then cracks, leaving everyone 
bafflingly philosophical.

A girl, Nana, then rushes in crying for help. The Mana Tower has been swallowed 
by a white light! Nana escaped, but Tess is still inside. You offer to go 
and rescue her, at which point Watts tell her to take Professor Bomb's latest 
invention with her: the Gem Frame (see [GEMS] for details). Moti also provides 
you with the Magic Rope, that will return you to the village should you see 
yourself in trouble.

As you head out of the village, onward toward your first quest, a voice calls 
to you urging you to stop. The eight elementals appear and offer their 
services. You can only choose one to take with you, and since you're going to 
be up against fire, either take Undine or Shade.

And now, young traveller, it is time to face the music and dance. Onward to...

[CHAP1] The Mana Tower

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a pot
Gleamwell: --------

As you approach the Mana Tower you see that it has changed completely. As you 
enter, the elemental will explain to you that the force engulfing the tower is 
ripping it's fabric apart, and is bringing monster into the world. 

You'll then receive an explination from your character that you use A to attack 
and can perform up to a 3 hit combo. Take out the nearby Rabites and open the 
chest in this first room to receive a Gumdrop. Break the small jars in the room 
in case any have any items, and then move on to the next room.

Here you'll be confronted by some Chobin Hoods. Pause for another explanation. 
This time you're reminded that Moti taught you to deflect arrows with your 
sword by holding down the A button. Give the skill a try, and combine it with 
your previous knowledge to take out the archers.

The next room will prompt another tutorial, this time about the Fury bar. Wen 
you strike an enemy or are hit, the bar will fill up. When full, use SELECT to 
release the power. This will make your attacks faster, and holding A will 
unleash powerful attacks.

But that's not all. Now some Slimes will appear, and your elemental will step 
up to the challenge. They'll explain that to summon them, you must hold and 
release the B button, and they will blast everyone with magic that's nearby. 
Alternatively you can touch them and receive their support power (see notes on 
[MAGIC] for more details on these powers). Personally, I don't use magic much, 
but I suggest practicing the skill so you have all your options open to you and 
are well versed in them, so press down B until you hear the sound effect for 
summon complete, run up to the slimes, and release next to them, then leg it 
while they do the dirty work for you.

Moving on to the fourth room here sees our character startled at the lack of 
stairs. Cue another tutorial. YOur elemental will explain that due to changes 
in the fabric of space, stairs are no longer here (trekkies rejoice!). The 
spirit will feel the Mana Goddess' power coming from nearby, where you will see 
a glowing spot on the floor. This is the Gleampool, and you'll need to find the 
Gleamdrop to amplify its power and transport you to the next level.

Fight off slimes and break pots until you find, in one pot just below the 
Gleamwell, the Gleamdrop. Your elemental will explain this is a crystalized 
form of the Mana Tree's power, and will amplify the light of the Gleamwell 
enough to let us proceed. Use th A button to pick it up and carry it to the 
Gleamwell. Press A once you hear asparkly sound effect to move on to the next 
floor. But remember, while carrying the Gleamdrop you CANNOT attack and are 
rather susceptible to getting slaughtered, so get all your bottom prodding out 
of the way first.

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a pot
Gleamwell: --------

Your instruction isn't over yet. Now you learn about using your items by 
pressing the Y button. Since you have some Gumdrops, this will be the item in 
question, which restores 30HP if you have received any damage. Once you have 
more, you can switch between them using the L button. You can see which is 
equipped in the top left hand corner of your screen. You'll also learn about 
selecting Multiplayer from the menu screen when you're in the town if you want 
to invite a friend to play.

That done with, let's get back to business. You're now going to receive a 
rather swift lesson in recoil. There are barrels lying about the place just 
before you enter each room and your enemies appear (which now include some nice 
zombies, by the by). If you hit these with your third combo hit, they'll jump 
up in the air same way enemies do, and when they land on an enemy will do some 
considerable damage. Of course, enemies have this property too, so if you're in 
a narrow passage with lots of enemies, launching the first back toward the 
others will weaken them for the kill afterwards. But beware, recoil can affect 
you too, so watch out for falling enemies coming toward you.

Work your way through the stage until you reach the end, where are rather nasty 
floating sword will greet you. He can pack a nasty jab, so don't take him 
lightly. This is where the barrels will come in handy, as he can't attack 
through them, so stand behind one and lob it at him a couple of times before 
working your way round and finishing him off. Now do some bull in a china shop 
work on those pots to find the Gleamdrop. Don't pick it up yet though, there's 
a surprise waiting for you next to the Gleampool, and that's 3 more swords a-
slashing. You may want to consider using some magic on them if you have any MP 
left. The reward lies behind them in the form of a Golden Cest, containing a 
Crystal of Thought.

Now head back, and use that Gleamdrop to get to the next zone.

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a pot
Gleamwell: --------

First thing you'll see is some treasure chests guarded by an almost 
indestructable floating block. You can get past it by beating it senseless, but 
don't bother trying, and least of all attack the barrel. You'll knock it back 
in to the chests, they'll open, and their contents will disappear before you 
can say "tie me kangaroo down, skip". So ignore them for now, and deal with the 
enemies to the left of this room. You should be at level 3 by now, so they 
shouldn't pose much of a threat. 

Work your way round the back, dealing with more enemies on the way, and you'll 
find another barrel, some pots, and the same chests from before. Watch out for 
the blue ones, they have spiked underneath that will inflict damage on you if 
you walk over them. Your reward should be two Crystals of Lore.

Work your way round to the bottom of the screen where the Gleampool is and 
prepare for an ambush to the left, comprised of some swords and Chobins. This 
means close and distance attacks, so you may want to lead the swords out of the 
archers' reach. You'll be rewarded with both the Gleamdrop under one of the 
nearby pots, and if you follow round to the left you'll see another chest you 
couldn't reach before, containing a Bronze Sword. You should get to Level 4 
defeating these enemies too, meaning that you'll actually be able to use that 
sword when you gain your next level. Take the Drop to the Pool and advance to 
the next zone.

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

The enemies in the centre of this level, four flying swords, have the Drop 
hidden upon their person, so head on in there and beat the snot out of them. Be 
aware that on the rebound they tend to hit jars around them, so careful with 
losing items here. The chest contains anoter Bronze Sword. 

Once you have the drop, take it round to the Pool and drop it nearby, there is 
more work to be done. The moving objects that block your path from reaching the 
bottom of the level can be defeated, but they have 90 hit points, so prepare 
for some button bashing. Alternatively you can sometimes block them with 
barrels, but that'll take some practice.

Now you have added a Crystal of Strength and 100L to your loot, head back the 
pool and use the drop on it.

-Save point

You'll now have the option to save you progress and do some equiping, 'cause 
it's not over yet (in spite of the really happy music). So Open the Main Menu 
and get yourself ready, by putting some Crystals in your frame and equiping any 
armour enemies may have dropped. 

After this, continue on.

- [BOSS1] Boss Battle : Xangar -

You find Tess in a clearing, who explains she was praying when suddenly 
everything lit up and she was transported here, away from the Tower. But 
really, it IS the tower, but space has been changed.

At this point our fiery friend appears and Tess is told to run for cover, 
leaving us to deal with the nasty little beastie. Don't touh him, he can set 
you alight!

The beast will fly at your horizontally, or attack from the top of the screen, 
launching small heat seeking flames that dissipate after a while, or if he 
forms a tornado around him he'll launch a towering flame that circles the 
centre of the screen a few times, before he then flies downward off the screen. 
Watch out for these flames, as they set you on fire, and render you rather 
useless, running around like a lost chicken. If you're feeling confident, use a 
Parry on these, but remember, you can only deflect 5 times at the moment.

Any attacks at this point are utterly and absolutly useless. He has a shield 
protecting him from harm. You may want to take the opportunity to break jars if 
you have space for some Gumdrops. 

You do have to land some blows to him though to continue, so once you've got an 
idea of how he moves, land a few hits. After a while, your character will 
realize the futility of this situation. Then suddenly, a sword falls from the 
sky and sticks itself in the ground near the beast. A light emanates from it 
and suddenly the protection the beast had is gone. Now the battle will start 
again, but the odds are looking a bit more promising.

He now has some more attacks though, so you're back to square one. He can stay 
at the top of the screen and launch two shurikens at you (these inflict 
confusion as well as the damage), or just fly downward in the same way he did 
horizontally before (which is anounced by a distant squawk). The only way 
you'll avoid the shurikens is to go right to the bottom of the screen or to 
deflect them back by parrying with your sword. They move faster than you can, 
so you can't out-run them once they're launched.

Your best bet is going to be waiting 'til he flies by and trying to land a blow 
then. Once you've weakened him a bit he'll start to fly much faster though, so 
watch out. Else wait for his tornado attack and get behind him, that'll give 
you a good chance at hitting him 6 or 9 times.

Once you've defeated him you'll receive your mission tally, and receive a 
reward depending on your ranking. This can be in the form of items, armor, 
accessories, etc. Once you've chosen your reward, you'll see the beast split in 
to two essences (Fire and Wind) known as benevodons and vanish. 

Tess and your character will now head over to the sword and be blinded by a new 
light from the sword. Tess seems troubled, but says she's alright. 

But we're not the only ones on the scene. A Man's Voice comes from a distance, 
intrigued at a human defeating a malevodon. A dark clad man walks on, asking if 
this sword is the Goddess' solution, and tells them they have no business with 
it. But the sword will not let him take it.

"So, mother goddess, you have some power here. Still, it is of no consequence. 
The Mana Tree is dormant and powerless to interfere. Now, no one can stand in 
my way!"

He claims a new force is rising, that the lost shall return as the world 
withers, and will soon cease to exist. Then, as mysteriously as he arrived, he 
vanishes. An earthquake then strikes, and the two look out over a scene whereby 
three cities are engulfed by sky-scraping towers of light.

The two return to Moti's house, with the Holy Sword now in your posession. They 
explain the appearance of the sword, the strange man, and how he reveled in all 
the strange happennings of late. Moti fears the horrors of ten years ago 
repeating themselves: the gates of Mavolia opening again!

It is decided that something has to be done. Watts heads back to Ishe to put 
togehter an expedition, while Moti contacts other nations to seek aid. Our 
task, meanwhile, as chosen ones of the sword, is to investigate the towers of 
light that have appeared in Lorimar, Jadd and Topple. As the ones in Topple 
seem to be causing the most grief right now, this will be our first stop. To 
help is on our way, Moti gives us the Light Flail, and explains its various 
uses to us, as well as now giving us the option to train in his back garden 
should we want to. 

When we're ready, he asks us to see him at the upstairs balcony of the Silver 
Mermaid. Before that, I'd suggest taking a few subquests from the recently 
opened Dud Services, as well as the subquest you receive from chatting to Tess 
at the Mana Stone. You will also have available the elemental subquest for 
Jinn. See the [SUBQUEST] section for details on how to access the elemental 

Also make sure you visit the Bomb Brothers to receive a Purple Gem and learn 
about gem fusion. 

Subquests available: A Maiden's Prayer (Tess), Benevodon of Wind (Jinn)

[CHAP2] Star Lake, Topple

When you're finished doing some subquests (I really can't recommend this 
enough, 'cause not only will you gain levels, but gems, recovery items, armours 
and weapons from enemies... you'll hardly need to shop, if at all, which at 
this point is a really good thing because you're probably rather poor at the 
moment) and stocking up on any material if necessary, head for the upstairs 
balcony of the Silver Mermaid and talk to Moti there. 

To get to your next mission, Moti will give you a Spin Drum, which was 
entrusted to him by the spirits to call upon the guardian spirit Flammie. You 
take this, go to the balcony, and spin it. One nice FMV sequence later, and 
you'll be flying around over the Mana Village on top of Flammie. Click on the 
More button at the bottom of your screen to leave Illusia Isle and head for 
other lands, then go for the Star Lake on the Isle of Topple. Now we've landed 
and taken a nice long look at the lovely waterfall, time to enter the cave.

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: --------

Now at this point I'm going to give you a heads up on some new things to do 
within the level relating to item finding and general navigation. First off, 
the bushes in Star Lake often hide items and bags of money in them. To reveal 
them, charge up your flail as if to draw an object near, aim at the bush and 
see what happens. If there is an item, it will be brought out to you and 
pickedup. If there isn't, you'll be pulled toward the bush. Also be careful of 
monsters hiding in the bushes.

The second thing is the small pink plants that appear to be substituting the 
barrels. You can push these around, and they will come in handy for the next 
type of plant, which is the grabbing grass. This grass will move in the wind, 
and when you step on it, will tangle you up for a few seconds, making you 
susceptible to attacks and stopping you from doing ANYTHING about it. You just 
have to keep running until it lets go. But, they are weak to being cut down 
when in this state, and also trap enemies and pink plants... So, either lure an 
enemy in, or push a pink plant on to them, then take one hack with your sword, 
and you can clear a path through. 

You will also see some large vines blocking your way often enough, same as the 
big blue jars in the Mana Tower. These can be broken either by a falling enemy, 
or you'll have to wait until you get a hammer later on.

That done and dusted, on with the level. You'll get to practice all of the 
above here with little enemy hinderence, so try out your new skills and get 
used to how this level works. You'll find the GleamDrop in the first chest you 
encounter to the left of where you start the level, so pick it up after 
defeating the nearby beasties and drop it further down the level as you go 
along, and keep doing this, leaving it behind until you've cleared yourself a 
path. This'll save you going all the way back afterwards.

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: --------

Now the fun begins, we see the return of the Mad Mallard. He packs a punch, so 
watch out. If you followed m advice on the subquests, you should AT LEAST be at 
level 10 by now. The Drop is in a chest on the far right hand side of the zone, 
but make sure you drop by the left hand side. There are three chests huddled 
together across to pits of spikes. To get across, use the Flail to hook on to 
the bushes in between and pull yourself along. There are also another two 
chests near the drop, at the bottom of the level. To get to these, push the 
nearest pick flower you find down and Sword Combo it into them to break them. A 
gem and money are in store. Another gem is located just above these on an 
island. Use your Flail to open the chest and pull the gem back.

This will be your first encounter with impure gems. If you've read the Gem 
Guide you'll already know, but just in case, these gems grant powerful boosts 
but are unstable, and so will reduce other stats. Careful using them.

Once you've done some more exploring, take the drop to the pool 

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: --------

As if Tonpoles weren't enough nostalgia for you, now you get Snap Dragons too. 
An they'll gobble you up just like the old days, so proceed with caution. On 
your left there will be a golden chest behind a pit of spikes, guarded by two 
fake chests. Take these out with your flail to avoid any trouble from them.

At the top of this level there is a grouping of four, yes four, heavily guarded 
golden chests with some nice rewards in them. To get to them, push one of the 
pink plants up to the grabbing grass at the top right corner of the zone and 
hack own the grass, then use the same plant to kill knock down the vines. Do 
this twice, and prepare to kick some buttock to get at the golden booty.

You'll find other passages with the same properties. Same technique applies. If 
you run out of pink flowers, you can always come back to the level again using 
the space-time distortion.

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

This one's pretty simple, take out the enemies, and the slithery one will give 
you the drop. Make sure you check out everything in this room before moving on, 
you'll be up for a challenge next..

- [BOSS2] Boss Battle : Galem -

Now this one is an interesting boss battle, so get your equipment and gems up 
to speed with what you've found on your way. The beast is a huge bush, 
basically. You character will use the Holy Sword to strip away it's protective 

The boss will launch his orbiting mini-bushes, and there is no way of hurting 
him. To get around this, you have to use a charged flail to pull the bushes 
away, defeat them, and once you've done them all attack the core. Careful when 
he glows, he will send out vines that rise from the ground and knock you out 

Once the mini bushes are defeated, start pummeling the centre, but watch out, 
he'll regenerate the orbiters, and if you're standing right next to him you 
will die almost imediatly from multiple hits.

Give him two or three rounds worth of beating and he should be yours.

The boss will again split in to two benevodons (Light and Wood) and disappear. 
In his place, the face of a tree will float in the air. He will introduce 
himself as Treant, patriarch of the trees. He explains that the power warping 
the world is not that of Mavolia, but of Mana. He doesn't know why, but it's 
surging out of control and may destroy the world. To avoid the world being torn 
apart, he entrusts you the task of quelling the Mana collumns spurting over the 

To help you, he will give you one of his branches, which will open the way to 
other places. You then make your way back to Moti's place and give him and Tess 
the low-down. Moti will now give you a new weapon, the Short Bow. You can now 
attack enemies at a distance, and charm those nearby by charging and plucking 
the bowstring. 

Now go and visit the Bomb Brothers. Balbo has just been given some ore which 
he'll use to expand your gem frame. Now you have a 4x2 grid, meaning double the 
gem capacity you had before.

Your next course of action will be to talk to the villagers and find out some 
more details about recent incidents. But first, I'd suggest doing some more 
subquests to prepare yourself for the upcoming stages, they only get harder.

I'd recommend at this point that you get your level up to 19 or 20, and equip 
the weapons apropriate for said level. Gem-wise, taking in to account that I 
don't use magic, I've decided to invest in a "Soul of the Gemma" and add that 
to my "Sword Training" gem. Other combinations you can try are things such as 
two "Berserking" with as much defense as you can fit in to compensate for the 
defense loss (if you don't, you're a sitting duck, and I cannot stress this 
enough, you WILL die VERY quickly). Also beore questing too much, get rid of 
some of your duplicate items, and maybe even increase your knapsack to hold 12 
of each, so you can stuff your bag full of even more goodies to sell later. You 
can't sell things for much, but to be honest, this game really makes you save 
up the pennies, so you might as well. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself 
revealing items that you can't pick up because your inventory is full, which is
a waste. I was able to pull together an extra 20000L pretty much this way on 
top of what I was getting from the quests themselves.

You'll also notice in Moti's place, right next to the fireplace, a shining 
object. It's a Rusty Key. Take it over to Moti and he'll reveal that it is the 
key to the haunted house, which is in fact where the village stores all its 
records, studies of the tree. He had intented to give it to you or Tess, but he 
misplaced it. He tells you to keep it. Now take it to the door of the haunted 
house, below his, and open the door. You'll go in and have a rummage through 
the books in there, finally finding what looks like a Journal. It is entitled 
the Adventurer's Log I. It talks of the adventurers quest into the Star Lake at 
Topple, and how he heard a dragon's roar. He went to investigate and indeed 
found a dragon, which enquired whether he had come to be eaten. When he said he 
came to slay the dragon, it laughed and attacked. The adventurer vanquished the 
dragon with two slashes of his blade. Astonished you finish reading the tome, 
and Tess walks in. She reads the journal too, and asks if you're planning on 
going to Topple. If you say yes you'll take this on as a subquest. 

Now with this extra money, and seeing as we're going into Jadd, you may want to 
invest in getting one of the Elemental Friend Gems and fusing it with a Crystal 
of Thought. This will give you a gem, Virtue of Balance, that will allow you to 
walk on quicksand as if it were normal ground, and you'll see as we go through 
that it can prove tremendously useful to access certain chests in the desert. 
You can of course always revist the level later with the gem if you don't want 
to invest in it now and would rather hack your way through the first time 
round. You'll get the low-down of what the chests have ahead, so judge if you 
want the items or not. 

Subquests available: A Valuable Watch (Millionaire), The Bomb Brother's 
Discovery (Bomb Bros), The Dragon in the Journal (Tess, open Haunted House)

[CHAP3] The Fiery Sands of Jadd

Go round talking to the villagers, in particular make sure you talk to Nana in 
the Silver Mermaid, as she will reveal Moti's worry for his homeland of Jadd. 

(IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have NOT completed Tess' quest to rid the Mana Tower of 
monsters as suggested at the end of the first chapter, this trigger will not 
occur, so make sure you do this subquest.)

Next head over to Moti's and you'll find that Nana's suspicions are correct, he 
is troubled by word reaching him that monsters are attacking the desert land of 
Jadd. Which means that you now have a new mission to head out on: head to Jadd 
and find out why monsters are inexplicably on the rise.

Get your armour, weapons (invest in a better bow if available!) and gems 
equipped and ready, Save, and call Flammie. Ah that soothing music... Just as 
before, a new location will show up on the map, the Fiery Sands of Jadd. 

Your feet firmly on the ground, you'll find that the wind is making it 
impossible to go any further. Good job we have that branch from Treant to use 
as a wind-break. The wind will stop, and the level will now start, with some 
rather funky racy music, I might add, that has my head bopping as I play.

Now, some quick notes on new game physics here. New land, new dangers to face. 
First off, bushes. The red ones are safe as a sausage to cut down, but if you 
hit a green one, you'll find yourself siled with paralysis, meaning your 
character will hesitate every now and then and won't be able to move. Also, the 
enemies are going to start getting really nasty. Bees are very versatile in 
long and short distance combat, the rolling green armadillos can spin a rock 
formation toward you causing you to not be able to attack, and the walking 
skeletons will resist your hits while their shields glow. Aren't you glad you 
levelled up?

Another quick note. This time, barrels are substituted for small round cacti 
with pink flowers, and these can be used to knock down the rather large cacti. 
However, unlike previous instances of these items, they will hurt you if you 
touch them. But they also hurt enemies, which means that some monsters will die 
simply by insisting to walk into a cactus over and over. Let one do it, 'tis 
very funny indeed. So how do we move these small cacti ourselves? Have I not 
taught you the wonders of the Flail? Stand where you want the cacti to be, 
pretty much, the pull it towards you. Sometimes it will damage you, sometimes 
it won't, but you stand a better chance of avoiding tooth-rot this way.

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

There's nothing particularily note worthy in this zone. It will get you used to 
the enemies and dangers of this level, as well as reward you with an impure gem 
or two along the way, so take your time to study how the enemies move, swarm, 
and attack. You'll also find that rushing in to things in this level won't get 
you far, as the maximum number of enemies on screen has now increased, so 
diving in head first could get you into a LOT of trouble.

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

A few new enemies here, but nothing that you can't handle by now. At the 
topmost left hand corner and the bottom right hand corner of the level you will 
find two unpassable chasms with a skeletal rat and a chest. Defeat the rat with 
your Bow and then reap the rewards, including the Gleamdrop which you will get 
from defeating the rat. You should also receive a Steel Sword and an Impure 

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Now first off, to the right of where you start you will find a chest guarded by 
snakes (I hate snakes!). This should pose you any problem, so deal with them as 
you normally would. Now, don't attack the snakes on the other side of the 
chasms, you don't want one knocking that chest open. Instead, head back to 
where you started, and go up and then right. They only have Lucre in them, so 
nothing terribly exciting. Now the chests above, that's something different! To 
get to these we need to have created a Gem called Virtue of Balance (as 
mentioned before). The chests contain two impure gems, a yello, and some Lucre, 
so nothing too special. There are also two trap chests, so watch out.

Other than that, this zone has little to offer, so make your way over to the 
left and defeat the skeletal rat to get the Gleamdrop, right next to the 

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Well now, almost a mini-boss, you could say. First off, get some distance, he 
can't follow you out of the sandpit, so quite calmly collect the Lucre in the 
chests and when you're ready hit him with a few arrows from outside the running 
sand Then go in, collect the drop and get to your save point.

Now, if you happen to have collected any new items or gems that you're 
interested in, and have the level to use them, equip as per normal, Save, and 
get ready to move along. 

-5th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Again, the rat has the Gleamdrop, and there's nothing terribly exciting in the 
zone. Hack your way through, collect an impure gem in the golden chest at the 
top middle, and move along to the next level. You may want to have bow equipped 
for those bees, and get some practice in.

-6th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Same as before, I'm afraid. Lots of monsters, not many goodies, and the rat has 
swalloed the key.

-7th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Same old same old, except we do have some more quick quicksand to deal with. 
Now, if you have the gem, it's easy. If not, you can at least get two of the 
chests. The chest on the left you can get by flailing yourself diagonally over 
the first batch of quicksand, then flailing the chest. Only gets you a Crystal 
of thought though. So head round to the other, which you can reach easily, for 
a Saber. You CAN get across the first lot of sand with the Flail, but it'll 
only get you far enough to set off the trapped chest. The other two remain out 
of reach. One of them contains an impure gem, the other a piece of armour (this 
can vary).

The drop is right over the far left, and again it seems the rats got to it.

-8th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

It's the same cockroach as before, except now there's no chests to keep us 
happy. Same tactic as before really, and head for the exit.

Now, it's your last chance to save and equip before the boss, so make sure 
you're up to scratch. If you used the gem to stabilize yourself over the 
quicksand, you may want to switch to something more useful now, although it 
could still be useful on the boss' quicksand, but personally I don't think 
you'll need it.

IMPORTANT: EQUIP A BETTER BOW! I can't stress how important this is, as the 
question has arisen countless times. If you use the default bow given to you by 
Moti you will do 1 point worth of damage per arrow, so you'll defeat him but 
your thumb will hate you. 

- [BOSS3] Boss Battle : Thaydol -

Well your character knew what was coming, and I'm sure you did. Yep, it's 
another big beastie with a barrier that needs some Holy Sword intervention. And 
doesn't he remin you of something from Seiken Densetsu 3?

Anyway, on to the fight, you're on uneasy ground sliding toward the boss all 
the time, but don't worry about falling into the pit, that's not going to 

This is probably the easiest boss you'll face in the game! While in his back 
position, he'll lunge at you with his claws and knock you back. Now, if you 
stand right in the middle and pummel him with arrows, he doesn't do any damage 
to you with this side swipe, just knock you back (or at least that's what 
happenned to me, if you find out otherwise let me know and I shall ammend). 

When he leans forward, that's a different story altogether. Run like hellfire 
toward the far right or far left. He'll either set some blue flames ablazing at 
different parts of the quicksand, or lunge at you with both paws straight down 
the middle. Either way, if you keep far to either side, you'll miss those.

Then just run back and keep hitting him with arrows. I defeated him in around 2 
minutes, and that's while writting this, so you can probably do it in much less 
than that.

After your ranking and prize, we see the beast split into two spirits once more 
(the benevodons of Moon and Shadow), and are now greeted by Gaia as the heir to 
the holy sword of Mana. He is the face of the earth who has been sleeping for 
ten years also (holy hibernation, Batman!). He explains that evil forces flowed 
through the creature turning it into a malevodon, and the sword restored it to 
its true form, through the rebirth as a benevodon, of which six are already 
born (the ones corresponding to the beasts you've defeated... all starting to 
make sense now, eh?). Your sword has the power to restore the world to its 
proper state. 

He also states that you must stop the man you saw before at any costs, even if 
he defies the will of the planet. Gaia then hands over a stone of his being 
that should break his spell, together with the branch from Treant. With that, 
he vanishes, leaving you to return and explain it all to Moti.

You show the stone to Moti, but he is equally puzzled about who the man is and 
what his spell is. What Moti can do is to give you another weapon, that Watts 
crafted himself and sent as a gift: the Mallet! You can knock enemies back with 
these hammers, and send shock waves through the ground to knock them over or 
hit pegs into the ground. And, quite importantly, break the big pots, cacti and 
vines we've been having such a hard time doing so before! Now, this does have a 
down side to it... Unfortunatly, this now means that in pretty much every quest 
and zone, the Gleampool is going to be hidden by one of these large objects, 
which means not only do we have to find the Gleamdrop, but the pool as well, 
and with the recoil time the hammer has, that makes it a long task. So all I 
can say is...


Well, not really, it's actually time to save, and do some more subquesting, as 
well as checking out new stocks at the stores. You may want to revisit some of 
the levels you've already done as well if there were things you couldn't get 
before (like the chests guarded by quicksand). Also make sure that you Chat 
with Balbo of Bomb Brothers to receive their subquest. You will now also have 
available the elemental subquests for Salamando and Luna.

If you want some good levelling, I'd recommend Fiery Sands subquests that 
mention eliminating all the monsters, specifically those stating "overgrown 
insects". These large cockroaches award 14 EXP each (as opposed to the rather 
meager 2 that most enemies are awarding), and when you've got a whole batch of 
20 or so of these bugs, that means almost a level in itself. Or half, at least. 
And if you REALLY want to get the best out of them, you may want to consider 
investing in a Heart of Progress gem. It'll only increase the gain of EXP by 
50%, and it takes up 2x2, but an EXP saved is an EXP earned.

Another suggestion is that you take the time at this point to revisit old 
stages as their original missions, and try to better your ranking to Gold if 
you didn't manage it first time through. This will give you some rare Purple 
Gems to increase the level of your focused attacks during Fury, so they're 
worth getting your grubby mits on.

My recommendation level wise is to get your character up to level 30, and kit 
them out with the best available gear (because at level 30 you'll be able to). 
Gem-wise you'll probably want to stick with what you know, or if you've aquired 
some better gems switch them out, but you don't have any more space to put them 
at the moment, so you can't add more on. You should probably, if you have the 
money, upgrade your knapsack. I went straight to Jumbo at this point, but you 
can just go for the next size up, it'll do just fine.

Once you feel you're ready, we'll move on to the next chapter.

Subquests available: Big Money! (Millionaire), On the Wings of Dreams (Tess), 
Benevodon of Fire (Salamando).

[CHAP4] The Ice Citadel of Lorimar

Once you're ready for the next level, go talk to Tess. She'll reveal that 
monster are attacking the Ice Citadel in Lorimar. No one can get in as it's 
protected by a strange barrier. But we, of course, have the Stone of Gaia, and 
this sounds just the situation he was talking about, so we'll reassure Tess 
that we can handle it (seeing as she's from Lorimar and all) and save the day.

Set out from the Village, and once more a new spot will appear in the map, this 
time on the northwestern isle of Lorimar. Set a course and engage (you may want 
to read the next couple of paragraphs with regards to gem equipment, but it is 
not essential).

You arrive before the gates of the Citadel, surrounded by a purple barrier. 
Without hesitation, your character will release the power of the Stone of Gaia 
and the Branch of Treant, and the barrier will be broken. Time to find out 
what's going on inside.

Before we go on ahead, a quick run-down of the game mechanics for this level. 
You'll now be facing patches of ice (patches can be read as "huge ice-rink 
sized stadiums worth" in some zones), which prevent you from turning quickly, 
if at all, and will have you sliding all over the place. At certain parts, it's 
important to start walking on these diagonally to catch on to the edge of your 
turn, but we'll get to those. Note that if you have the Virtue of Balance 
equipped, this will allow you to talk on ice with no hinderance, same as we did 
before with the quicksand. Again, this will leave you without 2x2 of your gem 
frame, so you judge. Personally, I find that I can get along without it just 

Even better, there is a third way to deal with this ice! At the edge of the ice 
you'll notice a series of cracks. Bring down a focused hammer attack on to 
this, and watch the ice crack away! 

Also you're going to be in danger of getting turned into a snowman on a regular 
basis. Again, we could use gems to counteract, but hopefully by now you should 
be used to avoiding danger like the plague, so we'll trust your acquired 
skills. In any case, if you're having problems, there's always the 4th Zone 
save-point to rearrange your tackle.

Terrain-wise, we now have small and large ice blocks that are destroyed with 
sword and hammer respectively as in previous levels. Beware of the lighter 
small icicles, as they will be the ones doing the freezing into a snowman on 
you and the enemies (don't you just lng for those days in the Mana Tower where 
all you'd get were spikes, eh?).

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: Hidden by ice

This zone is designed to get you quickly used to your new dangers. There's 
nothing special here, aside from large amounts of blue rabites, and a huge 
patch of ice (yes, Sanka, ice!) over on the right. The Gleampool is hidden 
under the top-right-most large block of ice.

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: --------

Now we're inside the castle itself, so we're back to pots, but still huge 
quantities of ice on the floor. You'll also find that you can slow your advance 
on the ice by pushing the crates that you find alone the way, but this will 
slow your progress and open you to attack. Another good thing is that you can 
use your hammer on these and on the enemies to place a nice game of billiards 
with them, and get them out of the way. Remember though, chances are you'll pot 
the cue-ball if you're not careful.

Take the route round to the left, defeating all your enemies, and move on.

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group of monster
Gleamwell: Hidden by ice

Back outside, the first thing we'll see is a chest just next to us. Careful, 
it's a trap! Use the bow on him to try and knock him out. Now head on down and 
toward the right, getting rid of Chobins and the flying pinyata enemies along 
the way. The Chobins are the group to defeat in this zone.

Now, about half way across the stage you'll see a path leading upwards with a 
really blue ice-patch. This one is much more slippery than the standard white 
ice, and as soon as you get into motion, you'll lose control of your character. 
The way to tackle this is to run at it diagonally (up-right). Now your 
character will use the wall for friction and stop a few paces to the right. Do 
it again, and same thing, they'll stop a bit further to the right. A third time 
will have you catching on the edge of the turn and walking up it. You'll be 
rewarded with 6 chests, but beware, they are guarded by 6 rather mean 
wearwolves, so get ready for some pain and gain. Incidentally, this is their 
first appearance, which coincides nicely with Secret of Mana when you visit 
Elinee's Castle. Ah, nostalgia how I love thee...

When you're done exploring and have the Gleam drop in your hands, go to the top 
right corner of the stage, and the left block o ice will have the Gleampool.

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Back in the... warm? We'll find ourselves surrounded by vase. Time to do as the 
bull's do in a China shop. To make quick work of it, put your Flail on, and 
then when you reach the crates, hammer them. If you nee to stock up on Candy, 
this is the place to do it.

The Gleampool is in the bottom left corner of the room in clear view, so now 
you just need to get the drop from the Walking Armour up at the top. He 
shouldn't pose too much of a threat, and you can use the crates to your 
advantage here. If you're at the suggested level and have the right weapons, 
you should find he'll go down with 3 or 4 slashes of the sword.

Time to save. You shouldn't have anything of particular interest to go 
equiping, so just move along.

-5th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group of monster
Gleamwell: Hidden by ice

A rather non-eventful zone this one, although we do get a glimpse of a new 
monster, resembling an ant-eater of sorts. His rolling attack is quite nasty 
(bit like the Mad Mallard's one) so watch out. And it's exactly these guys we 
ned to defeat to get the Gleamdrop. So, have at them, cowboy, then take the 
drop over to the far right. The Gleampool is hidden, quite obviously, under the 
large ice block surrouded by spikes and more ice.

-6th Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: --------

And back inside again. This level sees the return of our good ol friend Shadow 
Zero. Not quite as friendly as he used to be in days passed, he can inflict 
blindness on us, which can be a bit of a pain if we're trying to navigate among 
spikes. Go through the rooms one by one killing off 4 Shadow Zeros at a time, 
and removing the anteaters from our path down the middle. Once we've gone 
through the lot, take the drop to the visible pool at the far right, and on we 

-7th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden by ice

Now things are getting interesting... Good job we practiced with those 
wearwolved before, eh? Anyway, you'll find yourself doing quite a bit of 
switching between the Bow and the Hammer for this level, as some enemies like 
to keep themselves out of reach. The lower-left section has nothing special. 
The Gleam Pool is found in the iceblock below and just a bit to the left of the 
gold chest in the top centre section of the zone. Careful, that gold chest is a 
trap, while we're at it, as is the second silver one in from the left. The one 
at the far left corner has the Drop.

The right portion of the level has nothing special at all in the bottom, and 
the top has two more trapped chests (the silver ones) and a bronze chest, so 
you don't really have to go here at all unless you feel like exploring and 
getting a Gumdrop.

-8th Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: --------

A short level, get the two chests just below you for some meager Lucre, then 
head for the upper right. Four walking armours await you with eager eyes. You 
can either brings some crates with you (which I think is a waste of time) or 
charge in there (which I recommend personally). Best thing to do is knock the 
vases down, wait for one or two to come out, and hit them with your hammer. 
This will disperse them so you can pick them off one by one, and they'll be a 
bit weaker than before. Take them down, get the drop and exit via the Gleampool 
at the right of the central passage.

Save and prepare for battle...

We'll run in to a room (on ice) and find the "Man". He'll turn round rather 
bewildered at the fact you made it in here. But he then remembers Treant and 
Gaia and all becomes clear. This doesn't rock his confidence, as the next stage 
of his plan is already underway. But he's not letting on.

He tells us of a time when land-dwellers tried to harness the power of Mana in 
vessels and use them as channeling orbs, but when chaos engulfed the world ten 
years ago the orbs were buried underground, where they reside now. His plan 
(oh, so he IS letting on?) is to release all those orbs in one shot and destroy 
the world, and he puts it down to the will of the Mana Goddess.

He then summons Landmund forth to take you down, who happens to be a rather 
nasty malevodon, with again, a barrier raised. So he's behind the monsters! But 
this time the sword isn't working... The man tries to taunt you with ideas that 
maybe you're not the hero you think you are, and the sword has abandoned you.

A brilliant light fills the room suddenly, and Tess' voice commands you to 
focus.. to believe! Finally the barrier gives way, much to the man's dismay, an 
the time for battle begins.

- [BOSS4] Boss Battle : Landmund -

This boss is a pice of pie, again so long as you've come prepared. The three 
attacks he had time to inflict were first to breath indeep diagonally and 
release three clouds of toxic gas. If you stay near him on the opposite side of 
his intake, you'll avoid the gases with ease. Take a few shots at him. 

Second attack, he'll raise his fists and hit the floor, so don't be in front of 
him. This will knock you to the ground, and icicles will start to fall. They 
don't do much damage, but you're best to avoid if possible. Just above the boss 
to the right I found to be a good spot.

Third attack, which can catch you easily off guard, is to roll diagonally down 
in your direction, get to the corner of the screen, head up, then diagonally 
down to the oposite corner, and back up diagonally to the centre top. After 
this his pattern will move to the first or second attack.

I found that slashing at him full on, he didn't get a chance for another 
attack, and so should be the case for you if you've been following my level and 
weapon advice. 

After receiving your reward, Landmund will split into the two last benevodos 
(Water and Earth) and disappear, leaving you alone with the man again, who 
states the eight benevodos are now all born. He's impressed at your ability to 
call on the sword's power so well, but smirks at your threats to bring him to 
the sword. As you raise the sword to him the sword leaps from your hands and 
strikes you down instead. 

The man explains that the Sword of Mana was created by the Mana Goddess, and 
cannot be wielded by mortal hands, and answers only to him, the Mana Lord. He 
then takes posession of the sword, and prepares to move in for the kill. 

At that moment, Watts enters the scene with Tess by his side. While Tess tends 
to you, Watts stands his ground firm in the path of the Mana Lord, who comments 
on Tess' grace from the Mana Goddess. His amusement is short lived, as the 
earth begins to shake. The time has come, and he smiles. The channeling orbs 
are rising.

A terrible dark whirlpool raises skyward from the Citadel, piercing the clouds 
with an evil aura. The Mana Lord then bids the children of Mana farewell, and 

Watts and Tess take you back to Moti's. Tess watches over you as you sleep, 
while Watts and Moti discuss these latest discoveries. Moti ponders the nature 
of good becoming evil if the wrong hands attain its power, with Mana being no 
exception. Watts doesn't seem to like all the sitting around philosophyzing, 
and is eager to do something about this madness. But how?

Moti explains that the only thing that can counter Mana's force is the holy 
sword the Mana Lord now has posession of. The room falls silent in quiet and 
glum contemplation, until a voice comes claiming they can help.

The group turns to see the Stone of Gaia and the Branch of Treant reveal their 
faces before everyone. Treant prophesies the tempest soon hitting the verdant 
kingdom of Wendel, a Mana Storm that must be stopped. At the centre of that 
storm, Gaia explains you must strike with the power of all eight elemental 
spirits combined. At that moment, when calm sets in, they will suppress the 
Mana surge.

Watts is all for it, but Moti reminds him of the danger of plunging in like 
that. Danger? Excitement? Who else, but you could be up for the challenge. You 
rise from bed, and walk over to the group, still wounded, and calim tha you'll 
go and get things sorted. Tess worries still about your healing not being 
complete, but the brave hero you are put it down to being a mere scratch... 
there's work to be done! 

(Author's Note: it always happens, the heroic music sets in, and suddenly I get 
all wishy-washy and can't write without going all hell for leather with the 
"let's save the world" style of writting.)

The village... nay, the WORLD is counting on you, and you're not about to let 
them down. We must head for the storm, and when we're at the centre, call on 
Gaia, Treant and the spirits to bring this evil scheme to an end! Let's get out 
there and show them they can't mess with the children of Mana!

Our new mission awaits, we must now head to Wendel to subdue the Mana tempest. 

Or so you think! No, now we've managed to get the heroic streak out of our 
heads for two seconds, and are lulled into peace once again by the tunes of the 
Mana Village, it's time to think straight and get our priorities right. 

First off, we want to get some subquests done and bring our level up to a nice 
healthy 40 (which shouldn't take long 'cause you're at 30... 'cause you ARE at 
30, right?). Consider at this point a Heart of Progress if you haven't already 
got one. Though remember, this takes up a considerable amount of your gem 
frame, so make sure you're strong enough for the task (these enemies aren't 
easy pickings either). You'll find that by doing a couple of the character 
subquests, a couple of Dud services, and maybe go back and get a Gold Rank on a 
level or two you'll make it to 40 in no time. You could pass off with just 35, 
which will give you the capability for the latest weaponry, but at this point 
you may as well put in that little bit of extra effort, it'll make your life a 
whole lot easier.

The subquest you receive from Watts is particularily good (I think I managed a 
whole 3 levels). You will also have the elemental subquests for Gnome and 
Undine available to access now.

When you're ready, and have the right level and kitted yourself out, head for 
Brightwood in Wendal, down at the bottom of the map. It has a large cyclone of 
darkness hanging over it, you can't miss it. 

Subquests Available: Why He Disappeared (Watts), A Stone Sleeping for an Age 
(Tess), Benevodons of Water (Undine), Earth (Gnome).

[CHAP5] The Brightwood forest of Wendal

A storm rages so violent you find it hard to keep your footing as you gaze over 
the darkness that has engulfed Brightwood. Now speaking of footing, very 
regularily in Brightwood you'll see circular pegs on the ground. These can be 
hammered down using a focused Hammer attack, so keep that equipped most of the 
time. Hitting them will make bridges appear over the water, so you can advance 
in the level. 

Small obstacles are now in the form of mushrooms. Watch out for the green ones, 
they will inflict poison on you (we're talking 20HP drainage every 2 or 3 
seconds, it is NOT nice). Large obstacles are in the form of tree stumps, and 
you can use a small purple deeleewopper the same way we used barrels before. 
Again, your hammer will be very useful, because the Gleampool has a hbit of 
hiding itself under one of these stumps.

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a stump

We start off straight away dealing with our friends the Mushbooms, and already 
we see an example of the bridge-revealing peg. Get your hammer ready, there's 
more where this one came from. Again, this is another starter-level to get you 
used to all the mechanics I've described above.

You'll find the Gleampool in the bottom-right corner of the zone, under a stump 
next to a golden chest. The Gleamdrop is in the custody of the purple walking 
flowers, so take them out (there's not too many of them.

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a stump

You start off amidst dozens of stumps. Start playing some rather precarious 
pool with the enemies, including the return of Sonic, I mean, molebears. The 
Gleampool should be hidden under a stump at the top left hand corner of the 
level, so reveal that first off, then hack your way through the purple flowers 

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a stump

You can either head to the right or up at the start of this level. My 
suggestion is upward-bound. Make your way round toward the right, ad you'll 
find 4 stumps near a bridge off to the right. The left-middle stump has the 
Gleampool. Head over the bridge and you'll find a dark-whorl generating enemies 
like no tomorrow. You can use this to gain some EXP, up to you, but I wouldn't 
hang around right now. The whorl CAN be defeated by brute force, but it has a 
rather high HP and you only inflict 1HP damage with each hit, so you could be 
there a while. Head on round the top of the rock formation, defeating the 
exploding pumpkins on the way. These guys have the Gleamdrop this time. Once 
you have it, race back round to the pool. You can only go via the top, as the 
vortex will stop you from going the bottom route (unless you shut it down 
through sheer barbarian frustration that is).

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: --------

Our friends the walking armour are back, hiding out on the island in the centre 
of the screen. You have three pegs at the bottom, and each will activate a 
bridge on either side of the island. I'd suggest activating just one and 
heading in. The pegs, from left to right, activate the following bridges: top 
and bottom, left, and right.

It is recommended that you weaken them a bit first with some non-
aimed arrows from the bottom, and when going in make your first hit one with 
the hammer to weaken them more. In such close proximity they are not easy to 
charge head-on, and you could find yourself in for a nasty surprise if you're 
not careful.

Save your game and move on to the next zone.

-5th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a stump

Something new for us to deal with from here onward are big Xs on the ground. If 
you step on them, vines will rush out and knock the wind out of you quicker 
than you can say "Rabites eat my baby". If you walk in between them, and I mean 
dead-centre, you're fine. Enemies are also affected by these, so for example 
when you head down from your starting point here, you can get yourself into a 
heap of trouble because one enemy walks on them, gets knocked toward you, 
knocks you in to the next lot behind you... Nasty stuff. 

After you've had your first experience with them, head over to the right. The 
Gleampool should be under the stump heading straight right from the bridge. The 
Gleamdrop is held hostage by the pumpkins again.

-6th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a stump

More of the same now. Defeat all the purple flowers for the drop, and the pool 
should be under the stump that is to the left of a small pond on the left hand 
side of the zone. The chests here aren't too interesting, but they do help your 
score at the end of the level.

-7th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a stump

Now, for a complex one. You'll find yourself switching back and forth between 
bow and hammer, or combining the two, as the bees tend to kep their distance 
over water. Head over the first two bridges, then move up between the Xs to 
reach the peg you see at the top of the screen from the back (don't approach it 
from the bottom). Hit that down to activate a bridge over on the right hand 
side of the screen. Now, head up again, and careful with the golden chest, it's 
a trap. The silver one is OK. Go down and right and you'll find another vortez 
generating enemies. Go down via the bridge you just activated, defeat the 
enemies here, and hit the peg to activate the bridge above the whorl. Move up 
here and defeat the blue shell creatures to get the Gleamdrop. The Gleampool is 
under a stump just to the left of the vortex. You can go for extra exploring by 
defeating the vortex and heading over the bridge on the right if you feel like 
it. All you'll find there though is a silver chest and three trapped golden 
ones. You can also reach the chests on the far right island from the top island 
using the flail.

-8th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: --------

There are two ways to do this level. FIrst you can head up, through the 
mushrooms, get the two chests and hit the peg to open a small bridge to the 
lower part of the level, or you can tiptoe through the Xs and go for them head-
on. There will be 4 Sabertooth Tiger Heads (yes, just the heads) bouncing 
around and getting themselves hurt by vines. Go down and finish off the job for 
them, then take the drop to the pool for another save point.

You reach the eye of the storm, a quiet place. ALmost too quiet. A glowing orb 
of darkness (oxymoron?) swirls just above you. You call on Treant and Gaia, but 
just as you do so, the Mana Lord appears before you. He expected you to get 
this far. He taunts you with the Mana Sword, asking if it is what you were 
looking for to save the world. He may have underestimated you, but he fears you 
hindering him not.

You protest. If this keeps up, the world will... indeed, as he interrupts you, 
cease to exist. Which is exactly what he wants, the destruction of the world 
froma  maelstrom of Mana. Did you think he was trying to take over the world or 
settle a personal grudge? He then disappears to leave you to try and calm the 
storm yourself.

The vortex speeds up, gaining strength, and prepares for your attacks.

- [BOSS5] Boss Battle : Mana Storm -

This is an interesting battle with not an awful lot of science to it. The storm 
will not allow you to get near its core when the vortex is thick. Even arrows 
can't get in. You can use the glowing orbs by knocking them toward the storm 
with the Hammer, that'll do some damage. Magic is too slow to do anything 
whatsoever (the storm will move by the time you've cast it, let alone have the 
spell take effect). So when you see the storm weaken it's vortex, run toward 
it, and hammer away at it with your sword. With your current level it should go 
down with about three bursts of this sort of attack. 

As you strike your last blow, the core explodes in a brilliant light. You'll be 
taken to the ranking screen now. The gold ranking for this level will give you 
the option to a weapon of each type and a purple gem. The weapons can only be 
equipped one by each character (ie Tumble can only equip the bow). 

Returning to the scene of events, the Mana Lord reappears after the storm has 
disolved, and is rather impressed. But how do you attempt to vanquish the Mana 
Tempest without the sword? He is interrupted by the appearance of Treant and 

The conceed that, as the Mana Lord says, they are no match against Mana by 
themselves. But they aren't alone. The spirits are with them. The Mana Lord is 
enraged by their defiance, as he watches the spirits rise through the wood 
toward the tempest above and dispel it with ease (in full motion video too!). 
As you celebrate this victory, the Mana Lord summons his powers and strikes 
down the spirits, Treant and Gaia, in a torment of lightning bolts. He then 
casts you backward to the ground and approaches you with the Mana Sword to 
finish you off. 

Just as he raises his sword, a gem pops out of the ground and hovers in the air 
near the Mana Lord. A dozen more join it and cling to the Mana Lord, who is 
stunned and can't move. Using up a lot of his power he casts them away. He 
can't understand everyone defying him, he is doing what the Mana Goddess wishes 
and filling the world with Mana. As he regrets not finishing you off at 
Lorimar, he has an epiphany regarding the Mana Tree's maiden and her powers. He 
is of course refering to Tess! He then says something about the Seed of Mana, 
and determined that this is the solution to his dilemma, retreats once more. 

You return to the Mana Village, with the words of the Mana Lord heavy on your 
mind. Right now the game will tell you to go talk to Tess, but she is nowhere 
to be found. At this point, before going any further, my advice is to get doing 
some subquests from Dud Services and get up to level 45 before even thinking of 
advancing anymore. Also it is important that you go talk to Balbo and the Bomb 
Brothers, as they have just found a really pure ore and can make your gem frame 
even bigger! The grid will now have the form of a cross, with 2, 4, 4, 2 slots. 
This will make for even more power boosting possibilities you weren't open to 
before. Take the time to plan out some new gem fusions if you have the money to 
(you should have stacks of it at the moment... think of all the possibilities 
about 50000L has to offer), work up a good gem configuration, and prepare for 
some questing.

You will now be able to access the elemental subquest for Dryad. However, 
seeing as Tess is nowhere to be found, you'd think we're stuck with whatever 
elemental we already have equipped, right? Wrong! Go talk to Nana in the 
Mermaid, and she will be able to change spirits for you. 

Also, IMPORTANT, before checking out the glowing Mana Stone, talk to Granny 
Hannah or Nana (Chat) to receive a subquest for the Mana Tower to try and find 
Tess. If you touch the Mana Stone, you may not be able to do this subquest.

So my advice is to start out doing some subquests, get your level up 
to 45, or if you're feeling up for it, 50, while keeping your weapons up to 
date and gems in line, and then when you've done this move on to the next 
chapter. You should have no problem doing subquests in a very short time by 
this point. 

Personally, my current gem combination contains Sword Expertise, Sword 
Training, Soul of the Gemma, Glittering Crystal and Chivalry. Gets through them 
like butter.

Subquests Available: Tess' Whereabouts (Nana, MUST BE DONE BEFORE TOUCHING MANA 
STONE!!!), Benevodon of Wood (Dryad)

[CHAP6] The Ruins of Illusia Isle

Now that we're ready for the real deal, it's time to find out where Tess has 
disappeared to. She's not searchign through the archives, so let's go check up 
at the Mana Stone.

We'll find that there is energy glowing all round the Mana Stone. If you touch 
it, gems will spring from the ground, surround you, and transport you to a 
desolate place: the Ruins (this will also appear on the main Flammie map, so if 
you cancel the mission, you can go back via this route).

As you gaze around the surrounding, you get the feeling of having been here 
before, and that Tess has to be here. So let's set out to find her.

There's no really new mechanics for this level, rather it takes everything 
we've seen up until now, puts a nice calming soundtrack over it, and throws it 
at us thick and fast. Gleampools are generally hidden by large brown plants. 

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

Case in point. Doesn't this remind you of Snow Country from Secret of Mana, and 
I don't mean just because of the enemies either. Anyway, gleampool is under one 
of the top plants, normally next to the bridge on the left, and the drop is 
held custody by the wooly bulls. Also you can access the middle chest by 
hitting the peg in the top right corner of the level and activating the bridge.

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

The pegs will activate the two bridges. Careful, there are 5 or 6 bulls at the 
end of each bridge waiting for you to charge in. You can knock the stone toward 
them if you want. The pool will be in the top right corner, next to the golden 
chest. You must go down to though to eliminate all monsters, so I suggest you 
do the bottom half of the zone first, then move to the top.

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

The bronze chests on this left side of the main bridge are traps, so don't 
bother with them. You'll need to push enemies into the grabbing plants at the 
bottom if you want to get the two chests there. The drop is held by the blue 
eye in the centre of the bridge. As for the pool, take the drop over to the 
left side of the bridge, and break down the plant at the top. Also note, the 
grabby plants will reduce your HP while you're stuck.

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: --------

Get the chests, hack down any of the plants surrounding the skeleton in the 
centre and have at him, he'll go down in a few strikes of your sword if you're 
following my advice. Save, and continue onward young warrior.

-5th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a flower
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

The drop will be hidden pretty near the bottom right. Careful with the two 
fountains, as when you hit them, they will generate a field that knocks you 
backwards. Make your way round the right hand side of the screen, and hit down 
the two pegs at the top. These will reveal the bridge up the centre of the two 
fountains, which leads to the plant underwhich the pool is hidden.

-6th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

First hit the peg on the right to extend the central brige to the island with 
the Gleampool and the one above that. Won't need to go there yet, so hit the 
peg to the left to reveal the long bridge up that side of the zone. This will 
lead you to the chest with the GleamDrop. You can also then hit the peg on this 
island to head across to the right and then down to the island with the 

-7th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

You'll find here that by going up and round to the bottom right, you'll kill 
off all the pink snake-tails you need to get the drop, and will end up right 
next to the Gleampool under the last plant in the bottom corner. If you're 
looking to get some chests, head over the left through the grabby plants ad 
take the gold chests and the top and bottom-most silver ones. The rest are all 

-8th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

You'll find yourself surrounded by plants to be knocked down. Best bet is to 
get to where one of the stones is and play a game of billiards. Make your way 
to the top right for the pool. If you're interested, there's a golden chest at 
the top left, but nothing too interesting in there. The pool is guarded by the 
skeleton with the drop and three mer-men. Another save point, which I suggest 
you take advantage of.

-9th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by flowers
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

This level is longer that previous ones, so we'll be heading in to double 
figures soon. Anyway, the pool shoul be under the plant next to your starting 
point, and the drop is to the right of the fountain near the top of the level. 
Aside from that, nothing to report other than a rather large number of 

-10th Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: Hidden by a plant

Beat your way through everyone, take the chests although there's nothing really 
interesting in them, find the pool under a plant around the middle left of the 

-11th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

First off, take down some plants in the bottom left corner, and hit the peg to 
activate the bridge at the top right of the zone. Head up there, across the 
bridge, and hit that peg to reveal another bridge over the top left. That will 
lead to 4 chests with items in. There is another peg behind the flowers next to 
the first bridge we revealed. Cut these down and activate this peg to reveal 
the final bridge at the bottom right, which will lead the chest with the 
gleamdrop in it. Two other gold chests surround it which are traps. The pool is 
under one of the plants in the centre, surrounding the fountain. 

-12th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: --------

Knock down the bushes and hammer the enemies on either side of you with arrows. 
You can't get on to the islands with them. You can also speed things up a bit 
with some magic while you deal with the opposite set. Retrieve the drop with 
your flail and head for the pool. Note, if you knock the enemy back and the 
drop ends up on the other side of the island, you'll have to go up and round 
the other side to retrieve it with your flail, so judge your attack pattern 
carefully. Save and get ready for our next challenge.

The Mana Lord looms over Tess, demanding her she lend him her powers. She 
doesn't appear to understand what he means, until he asks her o call forth the 
Seed of Mana. If he uses the powers within the seen, the surge will egulf the 
world beyond all control. Tess can't believe that he actually wants to destroy 
the world. He explais that he only wishes to fill it with Mana, and doesn't 
care what happens to the people.

Tess however refuses to call forth the seed, and demands the Mana Lord return 
the sword and stop this nonsense. As he prepares to take her life into his 
hands with the sword, you enter the scene and once again, we get a taste of 
that heroic melody from before. Tess hides behind you. She doesn't know where 
we are, but has that same feeling that she's been here before. 

The Mana Lord then explains that this is the Sanctuary of Mana on Illusia in 
several thousand years to come. Your character doesn't understand, neither does 
Tess. He explains that in the current chaotic state, Mana distorts time and 
space, drawing Illusia's future to the present. He then rants on about how 
destruction is what is to become of everything... although some things return.

Darkness surrounds you, and everything disappears. A light appears before you, 
and shadows with a familiar voice stand ahead. You stand in disbelief as the 
shadows explain that the surge has brought them back to you... your lost 
family, who died in the cataclysm. But before you fall completely into the 
trap, Tess' voice calls you back to your senses. 

The Mana Lord asks if you heard the voices, and then indicates around you. You 
see several shadows all around. He explains they are those lost that have 
returned. He is the collection of them, and the bridge between this world and 
the afterlife. The shadows then collect together into one form, a hideous beast 
of darkness covered in eyes and hands and mouths all over the place. In the 
words of my wife: Eww.

- [BOSS6] Boss Battle : Revenants -

There are two ways to damage this boss. The first is to shoot it while standing 
near the central pillar in an attempt to make it jump toward you and land on 
the pillar, causing it some rather nasty damage. Once it has fallen on the 
pillar once, the gem at the top will have crumbled and you can move it around 
and hammer it into the beast. The pillar can also crumble from the beast eating 
away at it.

The other is to look for the spirit that has red eyes when it splits in to 
several entities, and hammer that with arrows when you can. The other small 
revenants won't be hurt.

Don't let the shadow that appears on the floor catch up with you when he 
plunges a hand into the ground, as the hand will come out of that shadow and 
attack you. 

Once you have dealt it enough damage, it will disappear in a blinding light. 
Three shadows will remain once you've obtained your ranking, and will call your 
name once more, leaving you an item (Tumble's is a Hairpin, Flick's a Toy 
Horse, Wanderer's is a Harmonica) before vanishing for the last time. As the 
Mana Lord comments on the futility of it all, you charge and are knocked back. 
Before the Mana Lor can finish you off, Tess asks him what the sword means to 
him. He considers itto be a tool to slay those who oppose him. Tess tries to 
explain it is not just a weapon, but it is useless. 

The geodes appear to defend you once more, which he disipates in disgust before 
launching a highly charged energy bolt at the two of you. It doesn't impact 
though, and instead the Seed of Mana materializes beween you. The Mana Lord 
takes it for his own and makes off with it. There's no time to lose, you must 
return to the village and plan your next move.

You explain your findings to the others, and Moti reasons that something will 
cause the Mana Tree to wither and Illusia to fall. Although the Mana Tree 
looked dead, there was still new life underground waiting for the time to 
sprout. The Seed must have been that. 

You all stand wondering where he could have taken the seed, but no answer comes 
to mind. Tess reasons that the goddess isn't absent as Watts thinks, she surely 
had a plan when she sent the sword. 

At that moment Treant and Gaia appear, and tell you that the Mana Lord is at 
the heart of the Mana surge, where the source of Mana lies. If the Mana Seed 
were taken there, it could absorb all Mana there and grow out of control. THey 
then explain that the Mana Lord was born of the goddess, but never understood 
her will, and only thinks of filling the world with Mana by destroying 
everything we know and replacing it with Mana. The surge is deep under the 
roots of the Mana Tree. Which means you now have a new mission: go to the Mana 
Tree's roots and stop the Mana seed's release.

Before we do that though, we'll be saving, checking out new weapons and gems, 
and doing some more subquests. Namely do the Wisp's elemental subquest 
and one from Seamoon which will now appear when you Chat to her. Tess has a new 
one for you too, so make sure you check up on her. 

As for level recommendation, 55 is good, anything between that and 60 is a 
bonus but not essential. This will mean you can use all your latest weapons 
(unless of course you've acquired some rather juiy weapons through questing 
that Millionaire hasn't got his hands on yet). With that, we are ready to move 
forward. As for equiping an elemental, I found Wisp somwhat useful from time to 
time on the next chapter, so may as well put that on your list of 
considerations. Set a course for the Path of Life which will have now appeared 
on Illusia Isle.

Subquests Available: A Checkered Past (Seamoon), Rainbow Garden (Tess), 
Benevodon of Light (Wisp).

[CHAP7] The Path of Life

Above us looms the great Mana Tree, wind russling in the leaves, dwarving us as 
we stand before it, determined to find the Mana Lord below. As we are about to 
go in, Tess appears claiming this may be the last battle, and she is sure that 
the Mana Lord knows also. She feels so useless surrounded by others who are 
putting their lives on the edge all the time. But you remind her of all the 
times she's bailed you out, that you would never have made it here without her.

A glow then comes from within you. It is the object from your family at the 
Ruins. It floats over to the base of the tree and open a portal to the 
underground. The time has come to take on the Path of Life.

The mechanics here don't vary too much. The rather obnoxiously green plants can 
be brought down with the hammer, the small purple plants will inflict a random 
status ailment on you, and the green shells and floating clouds will act as 
barrels did back in the good old days of the Mana Tower. 

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

The group to defeat are the orange ant-eater-like creatures, and the gleampool 
SHOULD be around where the path splits on the right side of the zone. I 
recommend taking the right path upward to get the glden chest, then back down 
the left after going over the spikes. This level also sees the return of the 
flying tomato men! I'd be more worried about the orange anteaters if I were you 
though, they can pack a nasty rolling punch.

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

The drop is hidden by the red rat, and the gleampool is under the plant right 
next to it. But before that you'll encounter a very small section of path that 
is FILLED with monsters to the brim, and they keep coming at you. They should 
pose too much of a problem, but you have been warned, they can catch you off 
your guard, especially the hedgehogs, since they can stop you from attacking 
with weapons. The chests down at the bottom of the screen don't have anything 
of interest, but you may want to get them anyway if you're aiming for Gold 

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

This zone is REALLY nasty. You'll find little fluffy seeds flying at you 
slowly, almost harmless, but when they explode can inflict ridiculous amounts 
of damage (we're talking almost up to the 300 mark on a good night). Keep them 
at bay with your flail, and make your way upward. Head right first, the drop is 
in the far right, bottom silver chest. The one just above it is a trap, and the 
other two should be harmless. There is also a path on the left with more 
chests. To get this, hack through ONLY the bottom row of bushes, since the top 
one will keep the floating block from hitting you. Otherwise you're in for a 
long beating session. Note that this block has spikes on it too! The GleamPool 
is heading straight up the middle of the zone, under the plant at the end.

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

The tomatomen in the centre of the level are capable of launching those seeds 
we saw before, so take them out first thing with your bow. Then head over to 
the right hand side of the screen where we'll see a red walking armour. He can 
pack one helluva punch, so take extreme caution. If possible, weaken him either 
with magic or sonic waves before knocking the bush down, as his hits will 
sending you flying. He'll give you the gleamdrop for the pool just below.

Now you've seen what the level has to offer, you may want to consider re-
arranging your gems to suit the situation, and save, by all means save.

-5th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden under a plant
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

Now we have some stone heads to deal with that spurt out random status ailments 
at us. They only do so in one direction and at regular intervals, so they are 
easy to avoid. You can even spin the head a new direction with the hammer if 
you want. The Gleamdrop will be under a small plant on the left hand side of 
things, around the middle of the level (there will be a small peninsula, as it 
were, with plants round all sides and a shell in the middle), and you'll want 
to take it to the top right peninsula with a plant in the middle and a few red 
rats and a pumpkin on it. The enemies appear few and far-between on this level, 
as it appears the stone heads take up one of the max-enemy slots.

-6th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

My suggestion for this level is to first head round the bottom of the level, up 
the left and centre, then lastly head back round the centre to the right, and 
up the second path from the right. The gleampool should be under the plant 
there, and the leaving these monsters 'til last (in particular the anteaters 
who have the drop) will mean the Gleamdrop will be right next to the pool for 
you. If this pool is in a different location due to random selection, let me 
know as I'll have to ammend this. I will be playing through this level again 
soon, but the more I know the better I can inform. ;)

-7th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

This level is curious in that it forces you to deal with the spiked floating 
blocks. Make your way down the path on the left, then up the second to find the 
plant with the gleampool under it. Then head over the centre bridge toward the 
third path, where there will be a cluster of chests and two spiked blocks 
guarding them from either entrance. You can get the gleamdop one by using the 
focused flail in diagonal from below on the bottom silver chest. The rest you 
can try and get by flailing from the other path on the far right.

-8th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: --------

Head for the top of the zone and bash down the plants to get at the red 
armours. Again, if you can weaken them befre charging in to make your life 
easier. I was lucky in that I had Wisp equipped, so I was able to send them 
a bit of confusion which helped me with my final charge. Again, save your 
progress and move onward.

-9th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

Remember those Xs on the ground we saw in the Ruins? Well they're back here 
too, except they're a rather conspicuous light blue that blends in well with 
the ground, so keep a careful eye out for these. As before, vines will pop out 
and unleash unholy hell on you. The middle of this level is very interesting 
because it is covered with those Xs, has two ailment heads at top and bottom, 
and yet you have to fight in this little arena because that is where a lot of 
the orange wolves you need to defeat will be appearing. Luckily the Gleampool 
is easily concealed under the plant just below this ring of chaos.

-10th Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

Well that's all we needed, another colloseum of madness. This time there are 
three heads on each side of this square, 2 Xs in the topleft and bottomright 
corners, and we have to defeat all the monsters available. To make your life a 
bit easier, I suggest whacking the head that is facing inwards toward its 
companion so at least you don't have random status ailments giving you grief, 
and take the chests on the outside while you do this, so you use this as 
protection from the monsters. Then unleash some heavy fighting in the centre 
while avoiding those sneaky vines. The gleampool should be toward the top right 
corner of the ring.

-11th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden under a plant

There are tons of the ailment heads set up around the paths of this zone, which 
are fun to try avoiding. You'll also see another two golden chests on the left 
hand side of the vertical path guarded by a spiked block. You can stop it from 
getting you by maneuvering a shell in there that should appear toward the top 
of the path, but I'd make sure you turn the heads the other way, as they can 
knock you back in there and then your only way out is to fight your way out 
against the block (which is a pain, trust me). Also watch out for monsters 
moving the shell out of the way. The drop is infact in one of th chests among 
the spikes on the right hand side of this same path, a bit further down. 
Hopefully it is at the beginning, otherwise you have a long job of flailing it 
back. The Gleampool is hopefully on the horizontal path about mid-top zone. If 
you're really unlucky, it could go right up the top, which means a long haul 
avoiding ailments...

-12th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: --------

The red armours will start coming at you fast, so move quick. Hammer one of the 
floating clouds toward them, and hopefully you'll knock them in to an ailment 
plant that'll stop them in their tracks long enough for you to charge in and 
finish the job off. Now if you want some extra brownie points, go down and up 
around the outside of the level, take out the pinochios, and then push a cloud 
up the path. Knock it upward with your hammer toward the end to take out the 
plant there, and then flail back the contents of the chests. You'll probably 
knock yourself back doing this, but you'll be alright, we're almost at a save 
point, which you should definitely use since things are going to get nastier 

You find the Mana Lord at the end of the Path of Life, the seed glowing before 
him. He welcomes you and says that the time has come to unleash the power of 
the seed, and all shall be bathed in a sea of the purest life that is Mana. 
(insert evil laughter here) He argues with you that there is no such thing as 
purpose in this world, and that the imposition of humans is meaningless, that 
your importance is just an illusion. But now it is time for the show, and he's 
glad you're here to witness it.

As he cracks the seed open with the Mana Sword, the Geodes appear once more and 
halt the new surge of Mana that was about to be unleashed. He can't understand 
how the geodes managed this... could they be crystals of living memory, thus 
giving them a will of their own. Could they have come from the future 
sanctuary? Ludicrous, they can't stop him, he claims. He strikes the seed once 
again, but it has become immune to the Sword of Mana.

A beautiful FMV sequence plays, with Tess standing at the foot of the Mana 

"The Sword of Mana is not a mere weapon. Don't you hear the voices of the gems? 
Life must go on, than that is where one finds true meaning."

The Mana Lord now angers, his rage bringing forth the power of thunder around 
you to announce your imminent demise! Your time has come to face him.

- [BOSS7] Boss Battle : The Mana Lord -

How on earth did they make this battle this easy... I lost a total of 30HP! His 
attacks consist of lightning strikes, then he will move in your direction and 
try to use a sonicwave on you. First off, I found that if I run in his general 
direction, I'll avoid the lightning strike, get a hit or two with your sword in 
before he uses his sonicwave, which instead makes him just throw me back in any 
direction. Lather, rinse and repeat. I defeated him within 30 seconds. Note 
that if you get hit by lightning once, he'll most likely manage to get another 
hit in, as it paralyzes you and allows him to aim with another easily.

He will admit that you have power, but you are a mere worm against him. You 
haven't defeated him yet!

This time his attacks become more vicious. He will launch lightning balls at 
you, rush at you landing three or four hit combos, added to the previous 
attacks he had. But again, the same strategy as before applies, though this 
time you'll take a bit more damage. But this time he actually went down in 10 
seconds flat, and I took 40HP damage.

The game registered a total of 38 seconds for this battle. I've since been able 
to defeat him in 20.

Now the battle is over and you have received your ranking, time to see how he 
reacts to this defeat.

He explain the goddes has just descended into this world, and her powers spun 
out of control as she doesn't know herself yet. This produced an entity that is 
deliriously intoxicated with its own powers, roaming the planet like an 
innocent newborn... the force behind the surges is a child: the Scion of Mana.

He tells you to give the seed of Mana to the maiden, for she will know what to 
do with it. He then gives you back the Sword of Mana. When the columns first 
sprouted, the goddess sent you the sword, she must have wanted you to stop the 
chaos she could not. She could do no more than that as the Tree was already 
shackled by the columns. After giving birth to the Lord and the Scion, she 
struggled to stop them. The Mana Lord knew the will of the goddess to want to 
stop the columns, but he continued on because that is what he is. That was the 
reason he was born: to fill the world with Mana. But he now sees that the gems 
are a fusion of the powers of Mana and the will of the creatures to live, and 
wonders how far you will get fighting against the Mana that he longed to free.

With that he says "I am the Mana Lord! Dear planet, witness my end! Take my 
life, my child!" and plunges himself into the flows of Mana under the Path of 
Life. The earth begins to shake, and the powers of Mana grow uncontrollably. 
You run for it, now in posession of the Sword and Seed of Mana.

Mana begins to surge from the foot of the Mana tree and accumulates above the 
tree to form a portal, revealing the path to another world. The Benevodons then 
circle the tree and the island, witnessing the rift above the Mana Tree.

Back in the village, Moti makes the claim that the Scion of Mana, the source of 
the chaos, must be on the otherside of the rift. It looks like there's no other 
option other than to face off against Mana itself. You're not so sure that the 
Sword will even help, as when you show it to the others, it is covered in black 
vines... has it forsaken the people? Watts cares not a tait, this is where the 
real fight begins, when all hope is lost and you can't fall any farther. 

Moti still has his doubts with the sword in such a state, but Tess assures him 
that it is blessed with the power to set things right, so as long as our 
purpose is to set the world right it will lend us its power. Thus, our mission 
is to enter the rift and stop the chaos, and restore everything to normal... 
Good game, good game...

But before that, it is time to do some maintenance.

First off, we want to expand our Gem Frame to the max so time to activate the 
subquest that will finally allow us to do just that. Chat with the Dudbear at 
Dud Services. One of their team went to Lorimar to gather info and hasn't come 
back. He asks if we can go find out what has happenned to him, as he may have 
had an accident. This will give us the subquest which leads to obtaining an 
even bigger gem-frame, so you REALLY want to do this!

You should also at this point complete the last elemental subquest for Shade 
which will now be available. You will also be able to access a subquest for 
each individual character. If you are playing with Tumble, talk to Seamoon to 
access her subquest. For Flick, talk to Watts to access the subquest. For 
Wanderer, Chat to Millionaire. 

So use these to get your level up above 65, recommended 70. Kit out with the 
latest gear, and get your gems arranged as you feel fit. The final showdown is 

Suquests Available: Friendship Beyond Words (Dudbear), Benevodon of Shadow 
(Shade), Character Specific Subquests (see Subquests section for more info on 
who to talk to).

[CHAP8] The Cosmic Rift

The final showdown is ahead. We summon Flammie with the drum and fly high above 
the Mana Tree. He drops us off on what looks like the entrance to a church 
floating in the sky, and we waste no time in moving forward.

Game mechanic-wise, we now have crystals substituting the normal obstacles, 
large blue orbs substituting the barrels (there are also shinier ones with 
orbiting smaller orbs that act more like the floating clouds we saw on the Path 
of Life as they can move over pits). You'll find that purple small crystals 
will inflict a random status ailment and have spikes underneath so watch out.

Also spikes are multi-coloured here. Syl tells me that if you hammer down the 
spikes for one colour, the holes next to them of the same colour will sprout 
spikes, meaning you can open paths through them.

After a certain point you will see summoning circles on the floor. These will 
sprout an enemy when you walk over them in some cases. You can also break them 
with a charged hammer attack, sometimes producing an item.

Another new one is multi-coloured giant dice. ou can use them like barrels, but 
when they stop moving after th first hit, depending what they land on the 
result will be different. A Green means a mosnter will hatch from it, a Yellow 
produces an item and Purple makes it explode.

The Gold Rank requirement for this level is 12000. I know this because I got 
11979 on one play through and got Silver, but 12174 got me Gold. 

-1st Zone
Gleamdrop: Eliminate all monsters
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

An easy introductory level, hack your way through the monsters and then reveal 
the Gleampool under the large crystal in the centre of the level. Don't think 
the level is going to be this easy all the way through though. 

-2nd Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

Use the blue orbs to the best possible effect to clear a path through the 
crystals, or you'll be here a long time! There are two silver chests in the top 
right and bottom left corners. The top right one should have the GleamDrop. The 
GleamPool should be under a crystal at the middle bottom of the level. Watch 
out for the flying swords, they're nastier than they used to be.

-3rd Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a crystal
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

In my case the GleamPool was under the crystal right next to the starting 
point, so make sure you uncover that before you go any farther, as this will 
save you the job of knocking down every other crystal in the level. As for the 
Gleamdrop it is under the only batch of small crystals I came across around the 
middle of the level. We also see the return of another old friend, the Chess 
Knight. If you want extra brownie points, make sure you head up and left from 
the Gleamdrop, as you'll find a vortex spewing out swords like no tomorrow. 
Take this down, and head up to receive 3 golden chests. You'll also come across 
two trapped bronze chests. Defeat these with an arrow.

-4th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Now this guy is what I call a monster. Head along the level right until the 
end, where you'll see the Gleampool guarded by a rather nasty looking armoured 
man, with a monstruous head on each arm. Shame that he didn't have the time to 
attack me, he went down in three sowrd strikes. If you're not feeling 
confident, use the blue orbs to weaken him a bit first, then charge in and 
finish him off. 

Take advantage of this save point to check if you've received any beefier 
weaponry from the monsters in the level, as well as checking that you're happy 
with the way your gems are arranged now you know the terrain a bit better.

-5th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

The enemy to defeat here is the red dragon at the top of the level. Also watch 
out for sudden appearances of other red dragons when you step on the summoning 
circles on the ground. For example, just next to where the visible one is. The 
Gleampool is over to the far top right. We will also see now that there are 
purple small crystals. These will inflict a random status ailment, as well as 
reveal spikes. Also if you want to get the far chests, use the floating orbs 
with the hammer to knock down the crystals (the flying eyes work pretty well 
too), then flail back the contents.

-6th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

The enemies to defeat here are the red Shadow Zero's. The Gleampool is in the 
top left corner. There is also a golden chest via a passage way full of 
crystals. To make quick work of this, push the blue orb to the entrance of the 
passage way and hammer it down there. Otherwise you're going to be in for a 
long ailment filled hack and slash until you get there.

-7th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a crystal
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

The Gleamdrop is under a puple crystal just to the right of where you start, 
above a silver chest. As for the pool, it should be under the top right 
corner's crystal, though there are another 4 or 5 along the top that it may 
vary to. You'll want to get the chests on the isolated islands, as these will 
increase your chance of a Gold Rank, even though they don't hold anything of 
great interest to us. Keep the Gleamdrop with you, it's a large level and it is 
easy to take far too long roaming around afterwards to get the drop to the 

-8th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

Again our ugly friend is back. We can use the orbs to bash his brains around a 
bit, or just charge in there, he's a push-over. Take the drop he drops over to 
the pool on the right and have another well-deserved rest.

We'll arrive at a clearing with a pit in the middle, and we'll see three 
shadows appear around it. They will form into dark clones of the other game 
characters (so if you're playing as Tumble, they'll form into Flick, Pop and 
Wanderer). And we get to fight them! By the way, the time you spend looking at 
them now counts against you, so hit A and have at them.

- [BOSS8-1] Boss Battle : Dopplegangers - 

Each of the characters will adopt a different strategy. Flick will run at you, 
knock you down, and run away again. Wanderer will try and knock you with his 
hammer and Pop... well, he just ran away. I don't know Tumbles strategy, but I 
can give you one for defeating this lot.

Best bet is to head for Flick first, as he seems to be the most vicious, then 
take down Wanderer, and lastly Pop. Wanderer will probably knock you from your 
feet once, but if you go for him first, you'll find yourself running after 
Flick once he's hit you once. Time-wise, I had these guys down in under 10 
seconds, but the counter on the game counts from the moment you enter the room, 
so you'll end up with a 1x Bonus no matter what you do. 

Note, on replay I defeated them in 17 seconds clocked, and still only 1x bonus, 
so I get the feeling you just can't get more than that.

We'll now see an FMV with Tess praying amongst the trees, who will call out our 
name. Then, as quickly as it started, we're back into the thick of it.

-10th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

The pool will be under a crystal near the top middle of the level. As for the 
drop, there are 4 possible locations, and those are the silver chests guarded 
by Chess Knights along the passageways in each corner of the level. The most 
likely is the bottom left, but you want to do all four anyway for the chest 

-11th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

The Gleampool is hidden rather obviously under the crystal in the dead centre 
of the level. The drop is held by the ugly gargoyle creature on the right side 
of the level. He'll go down pretty quick, though he does have a considerable HP 
level. There are also another three or four of these guys hidden in the dice-
cubes in the centre of the zone, so take them out too. Rememer the golden chest 
along the top of the level, guarded by two red dragons, even if it is only an 
impure gem.

-12th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden in a chest
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

This zone is long, so you've been warned. Start off going to the bottom right 
hand corner, then fo the left side to get the Gleamdrop. Also bring with you 
the floating orb. DON'T use it going up the right hand side of the level around 
the middle, it's a decoy. Take it up the centre all the time. At the end of the 
level is where you're going to find both orbs useful. There are some golden 
chests at the end up passages of crystals, as well as the Gleampool hidden at 
the end of the far left passage under the big crystal (there's another, so you 
may have to check that one too). Alternatively, the flail is going to be your 
best bet.

-13th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: --------

Now we are faced with two ugly ducklings, one in the top left, another in the 
bottom right. To take them out, use the floating orbs to break the crystals 
guarding them, then pummle them with arrows. The last one to go down will need 
the drop recovering from him with the flail, so make sure you don't knock him 
out of your reach (although I don't think this can technically happen, you 
don't want to risk it anyway).

We have arrived once more at a save point. But it's not over yet.

-14th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a crystal
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

Ooh, pretty flowers. Don't spend too long looking at them, there's work to do. 
Anyway, this level is a real pain. The drop is hidden under a crystal that is 
not too far left of the centre. There are a bunch of dragons in the middle, and 
you'd think they can't do anything, but they can teleport, so watch out! The 
Gleampool should be under a large crystal in the top right corner of the zone.

-15th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain group
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

Work your way round the outside of the spikes defeating all the purple dragons, 
as these hold the Gleamdrop, then when you've taken down the last one, make 
your way into the middle via the crystals on either side and take down the 
crystal in the centre with the Gleampool. There is also a golden chest to the 
right that you may want to get, just go down the passage way from the left. 
Another chest is a silver one on the left hand side of the level, you can get 
to it by cutting down some flowers. They're harmless so don't worry about using 
the ball necessarily.

-16th Zone
Gleamdrop: Hidden by a crystal
Gleamwell: Hidden by a crystal

The pool is obvious, it is right at the top of the level. The drop on the other 
hand is a pain to get to. Now, first off you may want to do some exploring over 
to the right of the level. There are two vortexes producing enemies, which is 
why you won't encounter many enemies or they'll appear slowly throughout the 
rest of the level. Behind these are some one or two golden chests. On the far 
left, there are two chests guarded by large crystals. Use the tomatomen to 
knock these down by hammering them across. As for the drop, follow a bit 
further up from these lasts chests and you'll find a whole field of crystals. 
Again, use enemies to billiard down the crystals and find the drop as quickly 
as possible, then take it up to the top.

-17th Zone
Gleamdrop: Defeat a certain monster
Gleamwell: --------

You're going to have to walk over some spikes on the left I'm afraid, then use 
the floating orb to mow down some of the flowers and make a path over to the 
red dragons and the walking armour holding the drop. Once you've done that, 
take the drop to the left again, drop it upon hitting the spikes, then flail it 
back across. Painful, I know, but necessary. This is the quickest method. 
Otherwise, you could mow down the flowers from this side of the pit, wait for 
them to approach and use arrows, but this takes far too long.

Another save point, use it well.

We run out into a clearing, and from beneath the ground plants of all colours 
begin to sprout, and among them, one last plant with the face of a child that 
screams out at you. This is the scion of Mana. Another FMV will show us Tess at 
the foot of the tree once more.

"Whose soul wields it decides out fate..."

We take up the Mana Sword in hand and ask it to show the weight of our soul, 
the future of this world. Not that we're going to use it as a weapon itself, 
but the dramatic gesture had to be there. Thus begins the final battle.

- [BOSS8-2] Boss Battle : The Scion of Mana -

The beastie has two types of attacks. The first is to make impenetrable bushes 
sprout in a formation on the ground, leaving us few paths to follow, then it 
will descend at the top of the level, and try to grab us with vines that come 
down from above. If these get hold of us, we're paralyzed, and then released 
with a bang. Not too damaging though. 

The second attack type is to make mowable flowers sprout, then appear at a 
certain part of the arena surrounded by various attacking plants, and then 
disappear shortly afterwards. 

There is also a third attack which isn't seen quite so often, unless you 
inflict damage on the surrounding plants in the second attack and not inflict 
much on the Scion itself. The Scion will appear in the centre of the level and 
fill the rest with flowers, then sprout palm leaves from his head and cause 
seeds to drop from the sky. Now these hurt, but not as much as when they 
sprout. They form vine clusters that then emit explosions and send you flying 
all over the place. 

The strategy? You'll be using your radar a lot. Once the point shows, head for 
it. If it is at the top, prepare your bow and pummle it with arrows, or use the 
sword if you get directly beneath it. 

When the point appears elsewhere, again run toward it, then hack away with your 
sword as fast as you can before it disappears again. The pattern will generally 
be 1 2 1 2, so it is easy to follow, just look out for the point on the radar.

The beastie went down in 3 minutes on my first attempt while writing this, so 
you be the judge as to how difficult it is. And now sit back, and relax, 
watching the ending of the game.

[END] The Beginning of a New Legend

You hold the sword high above you, and the black vines break free from it, 
filling the room with the sword's glow. You then dig it into the ground, 
producing a blinding light that soars toward the heavens and crystalizes.

Back in the town Moti comments on its brilliance, while Watts points out that 
this is how miracles are born. The crystals shatter and begin to rain from the 
sky, as "Rising Sun" plays once again. 

At the foot of the Mana Tree, Tess holds the seed which starts to glow 
mysteriously. The villagers and the spirits celebrate back at the town.

Then the cry of a baby... 

You walk back to the foot of the Mana Tree and join Tess, and finally realize 
you're back on Illusia. As you celebrate the breaking of the shackles over 
Illusia, Mana's child appears from the ground, as do a set of Geodes that all 
become one with the Seed. Treant and Gaia then show up and explain that it is 
Mana's progeny and shall be entrusted to the daughters of Mana when the Tree 
falls one day, the descendants of your children's children.

The progeny rises skyward and shows the image of the Mana Goddess for a second 
holding her child, then vanishes. It is then that you realize the Sword of Mana 
has gone too, and returned to Mana where it belongs. 

Days later, you find yourself abroad a boat headed away from Illusia. Moti has 
decreed that Illusia must be sealed off as a sanctuary, for its powers are too 
great to be handled. The benevodons will keep it out of reach. You look back in 
sadness as you remember events of the past days...

Tess has to stay behind... someone has to do it, and she wants to stay with the 
Mana Tree. Together they will always watch over you. 

As you look back, the benevodos form a circle round the island, and then the 
island disappears. Now it is time to head for Jadd, Moti's homeland, at least 
for now, with help of the spirits Undine and Jinn. 

Watts tries to comfort you, as there is a lot to do in the new world. Flick 
agrees, and Tumble remembers that the Mana Goddess will always watch over them. 
Wanderer welcomes the dawn of a new world, while Pop says his last goodbye to 

And that is how 
Illusia Isle was 
sealed off as a 
sanctuary and sent 
to a place far 
beyond the reach 
of mortals. 

Even now, 
maidens attend
to the Mana Tree
and watch over us all
with great affection,
that we might enjoy
peace and prosperity.

Roll Credits!

Congratulations, you have completed the main storyline of Children of Mana. 
Enjoy the music as the names of all those who spent their lives making this 
game possible fly from the pages of the book. 

And that is the end of
the tale. Did you find it

What's that? You want
to hear more of the
tree and the sword?

Let this be enough for
now. I will gladly tell
you another story 
another day.

Now, be a good child
and go to sleep.

I will pray to the
goddess that your
dreams be sweet.


"Returning to Mana Village."

You're now given a new mission... "You may have missed something. Leave no 
stone unturned as you search."

Which means you can play any part of the game again, including the final stage. 
Also you will now have access to the Final Elemental Subquest, by walking up to 
the Mana Stone and touching it (assuming that you have completed all other 
elemental subquests). You will now find also that sometimes standard monsters 
will appear in certain places and be black instead of their other normal 
colours. These enemies give you a lot of EXP, so keep an eye out for them.


[SUBQUESTS] Subquests

Subquests are mainly obtained from Dud Services. You will be provided with 6 to 
chose from, and these will rotate once you have completed one of them (so a new 
6 will appear). A small fee must be paid to obtain the information on a 
request, and you may only hold one Dud Services request at a time (if you 
choose to do another instead of the one you have, you will not regain your 
money for the previous request). 

There are three basic types of request:
- Kill X monster (defeat that certain monster in the last area to get the drop)
- Kill X monsters (defeat all monsters in the last area for drop)
- Find X item (finish all area, and character will automatically find item)

There are 3 or 4 variants for each type for each level. The rewards for these 
subquests include Weapon Expertise gems, impure gems, regular armour and 
weapons, and crystal armour and weapons.

Aside from the Dud Servies subquests, there are a series of subquests which you 
obtain by either talking to the villagers or one of the 16 elemental spirits 
(there are eight elementals, two instances of each) at certain points in the 
game, generally after the area where the subquest is held has been cleared 
during the game. If you miss any subquests as you go through, don't worry, just 
talk to the characters later in the game and you can catch up with them.

However, in the same way that you can't have more than one Dud Services 
subquest running, you can't have more than one character subquests running 
either. If you have one already and are offered another, turn it down, you can 
always talk to them after you've completed the first and they will offer you 
the quest again.

With regards to elemental subquests, you will find these available after 
certain chapters. To obtain them, equip the elemental in question, and 
talk to one of the elemental spirits of that type in the town. So, for example, 
to visit the Benevodon of Fire, talk to Tess or Nana, equip Salamando, then go 
to Moti's house and talk to Salamando there.

- A Maiden's Prayer -
Client: Tess (after Chapter 1)
Area: Mana Tower
Zones: 4
Reward: Accessory - INT 50 Character Unique Accessory
Details: Tess is unable to go and pray at the Mana Tower since the light 
incident, so she asks you to clear out the monsters so she can go pray again. 
This mission will consist of going through the Mana Tower defeating all 
monsters (this is the condition for revealing the GleamDrop to advance). 

- A Valuable Watch -
Client: Millionaire (after Chapter 2)
Area: Mana Tower
Zones: 4
Reward: 300L
Details: Millionaire's shop was broken into by a Burglar last night and stole 
all the money from the safe and a watch. He's not worried about the money, but 
the watch is a different matter! So head for the Mana Tower and fight your way 
through until the last zone, hich should be full of Shadow Zero's. Take them 
all down and finally the one that stole the watch will run away after your 
savepoint, leaving the watch behind. Take it back to Millionaire. It belonged 
to a friend of his who died in the cataclysm, so even though it's material 
value is null, the memories are priceless. The reward is a bit of a letdown 

- The Bomb Brothers' Discovery -
Client: The Bomb Brothers (after Chapter 2)
Area: Star Lake
Zones: 4
Reward: Red Gem - Feral Soul
Details: Balbo has a revelation regarding their recent study of gems and thinks 
that a recently unearthed stone creature at Star Lake could help them make an 
important discovery. Once retrieved, they will begin their experiment and amake 
a gem they've never seen before. As a reward, you will receive the gem.

- The Dragon in the Journal -
Client: Tess (after Chapter 2)
Area: Star Lake
Zones: 4
Reward: Dragon Scale -> Red Gem "Soul of the Dragon"
Details: After readin the Adventurer's Log I you're compelled to investigate. 
Tess tell you that if you can't get it out of your head, you'll just have to 
go. After four zones of rather painstaking monster-bludgeoning, you get to a 
cave where the dragon's suppossed to be. But none is to be found. You return to 
the Archives Building and explain to Tess that it was a fake after all. She 
disagrees, an hands over a Dragon Scale she found after you left, and that Moti 
would like you to have. It belonged to a friend of his. 
If you take this scale to the Bomb Brothers they'll make it into the gem "Soul 
of the Dragon"

- Big Money! -
Client: Millionaire (after Chapter 3)
Area: Fiery Sands
Zones: 7
Reward: 4000L minus 2000L
Details: Millionaire has an idea for making lots of cash, so he wants you to go 
and collect a rare plant that only grows in the Fiery Sands of Jadd. After 7 
zones of quicksand madness, you find the plant and take it back to Millionaire. 
He'll give you 4000L for the plant, but then charges you 2000L for the 
moneymaking idea. 

- On the Wings of Dreams -
Client: Tess (after Chapter 3)
Area: Fiery Sands
Zones: 7
Reward: Misc Item - Traveller's Charm
Details: Tess wants a cockatrice feather, and so would like you to take her to 
Jadd with you. She doesn't let on what the feather is for though, but she'll 
tell you when you find it. So off you go. Don't worry, you don't have to 
protect her through the zones from monsters, your alone during gameplay. The 
last zone will be full of monsters; after eliminating them all, Tess will find 
a pink cockatrice feather, but still won't tell what it's for. You both head 
back to the archive house, where Tess turns the feather in to a good-luck 
charm, in accordance with a book she found on Jaddian traditions and customs, 
that ensures the safe return of the traveller wearing one half of it. She gives 
you one half and keeps the counterpart.

- Why He Disappeared -
Client: Watts (after Chapter 4)
Area: Star Lake
Zones: 7
Reward: Armour - Quipao (Tumble) / Cloaking Mantle (Wanderer)
Details: Panza, Watts' assistant, has gone missing, and Watts thinks it might 
be to do with a scolding that he gave him recently. To find out where he's 
headed, talk to Granny Hannah in the Mermaid, and she'll tell you he was asking 
about how to get to Topple. Star Lake it is then!
This is a great subquest to level up with (I gained nearly 3 whole levels here 
alone). You'll find Panza after 7 zones of bonecrunching madness. He didn't run 
away after all, he came to rake some glowmoss, which only grows here in this 
cave. It's Watt's favourite dish. As you explain how worried Watt's is he 
appears and scolds Panza for coming alone. Turns out Panza wanted to give it to 
Watts as a present.

- A Stone Sleeping for an Age -
Client: Tess (after Chapter 4)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar
Zones: 7
Reward: Yellow Gem - Millennicite
Details: You find Tess in the archive room with bloodshot eyes from poring over 
research. She's been reading "A Treatise on Mana, Volume I" that her parents 
authored, and is the only surviving book of theirs. She came to Illusia to 
complete their research. One section in particular called "The Stone of Mana" 
caught her eye, and she wants to find out if the stone they mention was a gem 
or not. She asks you to find out. The Stone is kept in the castle at Lorimar. 
After battling through the enemies, we'll find the stone in a chest in a far 
off room of the castle. The stone looks no different to a gem. We take it back 
to Tess who explains that shamans once used it to pray for devine intervention. 
As they did so the stone became imbued with more and more Mana. But Tess won't 
be doing experiments, so gives you the gem to try. 

- Tess' Whereabouts -
Client: Nana (After Chapter 5)
Area - Mana Tower
Zones - 7
Reward - INT 120 Character Unique Accessory
Details - People have noticed that Tess has disappeared since the quelling of 
the Tempest. Before discovering the glowing Mana Stone, Nana and she will 
suggest you check the Mana Tower. After 7 zones you find will find tess being 
chased by the Mana Lord at the top of the tower. She is abducted by him and 
drops her half of the Traveller's Charm. 
Keep this Traveller's Charm for after completing the Ruins quest. Once this is 
completed, the Charm will be given back to Tess and exchanged for an Accessory. 
In Flick's case this is the Hero's Medallion, Tumble's its the Ancient Tiara.

- A Checkered Past -
Client: Seamoon (After Chapter 6)
Area: Star Lake of Topple
Zones: 9
Reward: Level 44 Character Unique Armour or Robe
Details: Seamoon wants you to take a coral earring from her and cast it into 
the lake deep in Topple. As for why she wants you to do this, she merely says 
she has a checkered past. After completing the zones you stand before a lake 
deep in the cave and throw the earring in. A voice says "Farewell". Confused 
you head back to see Seamoon, who offers to explain her chekered past, but you 
don't want to pry. You mention the voice saying farewell, which seems to 
startle Seamoon slightly. After you leave, Seamoon says "Goodbye, love..."

- The Rainbow Garden -
Client: Tess (After Chapter 6)
Area: Fiery Sands of Jadd
Zones: 10
Reward: Weapon - Balmung (Flick)/Elven Bow (Tumble)/Meteor Flail(Pop)
Details: Tess hasn't found anything useful about the current issue at hand but 
she has found a new and interesting journal by the same person who wrote the 
one about the Dragon at Topple. The Journal explains that he was returning to 
Jadd to tend unfinished business, and saw some multicoloured flowers that only 
grow on the far side of Jadd after a long jounrey through the desert. You offer 
to go and pick some for Tess, as they may still be in bloom. You head for Jadd, 
fight your way through the desert, but find no flowers at the end of it all. 
Just as you are about to give up, you see something shining on the ground. They 
are seeds! You go back and explain to Tess you didn't find anything, and she 
hands over another Journal she found just after you left. The traveller 
returned to look for the flowers, but none remained after the cataclysm. He 
made it his quest to form an investigative team to head for Illusia and 
research the Mana Tree, and his friend from Ishe supports the idea. After 
reading it you suspect that the journal's author is Mayor Moti, so go and Chat 
to him. He says that the flowers sparkled with all the hues of the rainbow. You 
give him the seeds you found, and he exclaims that these must be the seeds for 
those flowers, and that if these take root the desert could bear the flowers 
once more, so he'll keep them and have Professor Bomb overlook their growth. As 
a reward you receive a weapon from Moti for your efforts.

- Friendship Beyond Words -
Client: Dudbear of Dud Services (After Chapter 7)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar
Zones: 10
Reward: Shiney Rock, Duddish Dictionary
Details: A dudbear has gone missing in Lorimar, at the Ice Citadel, and they 
are worried that he's had an accident. Time to go find him. After 10 
painstaking levels in the Ice Citadel, you arrive at a room with a shovel in 
the middle. It must belong to a dudbear. You decide to take the Shovel back to 
Dud Services and report your findings. It turns out the clumsy dudbear has 
already returned by himself. The Formerly Missing Dudbear apologizes for making 
you worry and the trouble you had to go to, and mentiones he lost his shovel, 
which you return, much to his delight. He gives you a Shiny Rock and a Duddish 
Dictionary. If you now take the Shiny Rock to the Bomb Brothers, they'll 
recognize it as the legendary Smelting Rock, with which they can increase your 
gem frame to 4x4! As if you weren't unstoppable already, now you get to be even 
more so!

-- Character Specific Subquests --

- Flick says goodbye -
Client: Watts (after the Path of Life, Flick only)
Area: Brightwood of Wendal
Zones: 10
Reward: Red Gem - Light on a Boy
Details: You talk to Watts about your family, and reflect on how your sister 
and father would always make fun of you , and you would go crying to your 
mother. Flick feels sad anout being such a crybaby when he was little, but 
Watts comforst him by reminding him of what a hero he has turned in to now, and 
how that is what is important. Flick feels however that he should say goodbye 
to his family in Brightwood.
You arrive at a clearing in Brightwood and call out to your family. The Toy 
Horse begins to glow and the voices of your family tell you how proud they are 
of you for all you are doing. The Toy Horse then gathers their wills together 
and embodies them in a new Red Gem. You thank them and leave.

- Tumble says goodbye -
Client: Seamoon (after the Path of Life, Tumble only)
Area: Star Lake of Topple
Zones: 10
Reward: Purple Gem - Light on a Maiden
Details: You ask Seamoon if she knew Tumble's mother, which she did, and they 
practically grew up together. You hand her the hairpin that you obtained from 
the Shadows at the end of the Ruins Chapter and ask her to have a look at it. 
It was Tumble's mother's favourite hairpin, which you thought to be lost in the 
fire ten years ago. So it really was her shadow... Tumble says this hairpin was 
handed down to her on her fifth birthday, and she always wanted to become a 
dancer, but her father didn't approve. She kept persisting and improving trying 
to become like her mother. Seamoon comments that you must be tired, running 
away into the memories of the past. It's ten years since Seamoon brought Tumble 
to Illusia, she knows what you're thinking, trying to please everyone around 
you. For a second, Tumble thinks she can hear her mother calling, and she 
decides to go and say goodbye over in Topple. 
You arrive at a clearing in Topple, and call out to your family, saying you 
can't look back anymore. You ask to hear them just one more time. The hairpin 
emerges from your pocket, and fills the cave with light. The voice of your 
father comments on how you've grown, and you make him proud. You mother reminds 
you that you must take the world down its proper path. Toby says goodbye, and 
tells you to take care. With that the hairpin gather together the will of your 
family and embodies it in a new purple gem. You thank your family and leave.

- A Traveler's Memories -
Client: Millionaire (after the Path of Life, Wanderer Only)
Area: Brightwood
Zones: 10
Reward: Yellow Gem - Light on a Nomad
Details: (Details missing for pre-quest conversation with Millionaire)
You arrive at a clearing and call out to Sophie and Danny. At first there is no
answer, but then the Harmonica lets out a bright light. Suddenly you hear
Sophie's voice: "Listen closely. I cannot see you anymore. But I want you to
have this." After Sophie's voice fades, you begin to hear the voice of Danny:
"I'm watchin' over you from above. Do your best to make the future a bright
one!" Sophie's voice can then be heard again: "Farewell, Wanderer. My love..."
After the light dissipates, a gem is left in the place of the Harmonica. You
come to believe that it is a crystal of their hearts. After shouting your
thanks, you head back to Mana Village.

-- Benevodon Elemental Subquests --

- The Benevodon of Fire -
Client: Salamando (in Moti's house after Chapter 3)
Area: Fiery Sands of Jadd
Zones: 7
Reward: Flammalex
Details: Salamando suggests that you visit Xan Bie, the benevodon of fire, to 
learn more about how to quell the collumns of Mana. After 6 zones, you 
encounter a rather large ogre in the middle of a quicksand pit, menacingly and 
precariously flinging about a mace. You should be able to take him out with 
relative ease. Then you'll encounter Xan Bie, hovering over the pit where you 
defeated the enemy that contained him previously. You ask him about what is 
happenning to the world. You have three choices as to what to ask him about. 
These are detailed in the [BENEVODON] section.
After the explanation, he will leave you Flammalex and fly off again. 

- The Benevodon of Water -
Client: Undine (nearest the Mana Stone after Chapter 4)
Area: Star Lake
Zones: 7
Reward: Aqualex
Details: Undine thinks that Fiegmund the Great, the benevodon of water, could 
help you clear up some details on what's going on with the world. Again, the 
7th zone is guarded this time by a cyclops. Fiegmund will then appear and you 
will enquire again about a subject detailed in [BENEVODON].
After the explanation, you will be left with Aqualex, and return to the Mana 

- The Benevodon of Earth -
Client: Gnome (near town entrance after Chapter 4)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar
Zones: 7
Reward: Terralex
Details: Gnome suggests asking Land Umber the Unyielding for information. 
You'll find him at Lorimar, after another 6 painstaking zones and a cyclops. 
Land Umber will appear in what is so far the most stately room in the citadel 
to give us another tidbit of information. He will then leave behind Terralex 
for you to take back to the Mana Village.

- The Benevodon of Wind -
Client: Jinn (Silver Mermaid balcony after Chapter 1)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar
Zones: 4
Reward: Ventilex
Details: Jinn recommends you talk to Dangaard the Lofty, benevodon of wind, who 
dwells inside the Mana Tower. This subquest is shorter than other ones, and you 
encounter the cyclops on the 4th zone. You reach the top of the Mana Tower and 
Dangaard appears to you. After some chitchat, Ventilex is yours.

- The Benevodon of Wood -
Client: Dryad (to the right of Moti's door after Chapter 5)
Area: Brightwood of Wendel.
Zones: 7
Reward: Arborelex
Details: Dryad thinks Mispolm the Ageless, the benevodon of wood, could help 
you on your quest. You'll find him in Brightwood, after 6 zones of sheer 
frustration (I hate Brightwood for subquests), 4 walking trees and a cyclops. 
Learn some more and add Arborelex to your collection.

- The Benevodon of Moon -
Client: Luna (in Moti's house after Chapter 3)
Area: Mana Tower
Zones: 7
Reward: Lunalex
Details: Luna suggests talking to Dolan the Celestial in the Mana Tower for 
some advice on how to stop the surges. 7 zones later, and you'll know, and 
you'll receive Lunalex.

- The Benevodon of Light -
Client: Wisp (to the left of the Mana Stone after Chapter 6)
Area: Ruins
Zones: 10
Reward: Lustrilex
Details: Wisp suggests talking to Lightgazer the Luminous at the Ruins of 
Illusia. After 9 painful levels, you reach another ogre who's asking for a 
beating. Then you will meet Lightgazer, a big floating eye. After learning more 
from him, you will receive Lustrilex and return to the village.

- The Benevodon of Shadow -
Client: Shade (to the right of the Mana Stone after Chapter 7)
Area: Path of Life
Zones: 10
Reward: Umbralex
Details: As the final battle is at hand, Shade reflects that maybe Zable Fahr 
the Nebulous. And after 10 REALLY painful zones through the Path of Life you 
finally reach him. And I thought that the subquests in Brightwood were a 
pain... You are rewarded with Umbralex, and return to the village.

- Final Elemental Subquest -
Client: Mana Stone (after completing the game's main storyline)
Area: Cosmic Rift
Zones: 17
Reward: Yellow Gem - Mystic Blessing
Details: You approach the Mana Stone and notice a light emanating from it. You 
decide to have a look and check whether it is another anomaly, and are 
immediately transported to the Cosmic Rift. Now, if you thought that fighting 
one ogre at the end of a level was nifty, wait 'til you see this. The five last 
zones are literally FILLED with DOZENS of cyclops! And they all give you lots 
of EXP, so if you have the chance to put in a Heart of Progress, by all means 
do so! 
You'll reach an inner chamber within the cosmic rift, where all the Benevodos 
are united and flying around. They say you have come far, and you wield power 
unlike any other. And so they shall reward you. With that they hand you a 
Yellow Gem. They bid you farewell, and will remember you. With that you are 
transported back to the Mana Village.


[BENEVODON] The Elemental Knowledge

At the end of each Benevodon subquest, you will have a chance to talk to the 
Benevodon in question. You will be offered three choices as to what to ask the 
Benevodon about. The information provided for each of these is detailed below. 
Note, you will start with the initial three, and these will then be substituted 
for new choices as you complete more subquests.

"The Sword of Mana"
The Sword of Mana was created by the Mana Goddess and has the power to turn 
right all that went wrong. But you cannot wield its power yet, you need the 
help of another. 

They are new to the benevodos, and they don't know what they are. What they do 
know is that the surge may have brought them forth, adn they are not just 
containers of Mana powers. They appear to have a powerful will, containing the 
wishes of mankind. Perhaps they have some connection with people long lost. 

"The Cataclysm"
The cataclysm rose from the desires of mortals bringing destruction. Then one 
was chosen to receive the Sword and he delivered the world from the brink of 
peril. That was then, now the world faces a new menace. 

"The Mana Goddess"
Where is she? To that not even he knows the answer. Perhaps her power is weak, 
perhaps chaos veils her, it can't be told.

"The Mana Lord"
He was born of the goddess' will and is consumed with the desire to fill the 
world with Mana. All mortal life to him is meaningless. You must stop chaos 
before all is lost.

"The Mana Surge"
Sadly, they don't know how to stop it, or they woul have rushed to do so, for 
the benevodons are the wardens of the world. You may be closer to finding the 

"Space-Time Distortion"
The surging mana has torn time from space bringing forth the future. A thousand 
years from now the tree will wither and the sanctuary will fall. But the future 
is not yet set. You may yet escape by changing your path. 

"The Family's Shadows"
The dead return to Mana, but the surge stirred them from their sleep. The 
restless dead lost their home and wandered aimlessly, and the Mana Lord devised 
a way to control them. But it was not him who found your family, the dead are 
drawn toward those who long for them.

"The Scion of Mana"
Born of the will of the goddess, he is imbued with the essence of Mana. But 
being young he cannot control his powers, and as thus is dangerous. He doesn't 
even know who he is. Should waves of his power break upon the world all will 
fall. But the goddess does not wish this, and you can restore the Scion to the 
right path with the Sword of Mana. 


[OST] The Soundtrack - Breath of Mana

The soundtrack for Children of Mana is available for purchase from the japanese 
iTunes Store. The tracklist follows, with the name of the composers for each 
track, and also a description of where in the game you'll hear the tune.

1. Breath of MANA-for the Glory - Kenji Ito
This track plays during the introductory full motion video of the game.

2. Rising Sun - Kenji Ito
This is Kenji Ito's signature Mana tune, which has carried down all the way 
from Final Fantasy Adventure, the first Seiken Densetsu game (this was not 
present in 2 and 3 as the composer for those games was Hiroki Kikuta). This 
song plays on the Press Start screen.

3. The Ensemble of Children - Masaharu Iwata
This tune plays during the savegame selection screen, and character selection 

4. Tale of the Distant Sun - Kenji Ito
This tune plays upon starting a new game, during the story introduction. 

5. Longing - Kenji Ito
Probably the song you will hear the most of during the game, this is the theme 
that plays when you are in the Mana Village on Illusia Isle.

6. Creeping Pulsation - Masaharu Iwata
When the forces of evl are afoot, and you are deciding what to do with your 
fellow villagers, this theme will play.

7. Emergency - Takayuki Aihara
Action needs to be taken now, things are going seriously pear shaped (for 
example, Nana brings the news of the Mana Tower being overtaken by light and 
Tess is inside).

8. Beyond the Blue Sky - Kenji Ito
The overworld theme when travelling from the village, or riding upn the back of 

9. Tower of the Flickering Prayer - Masaharu Iwata
The theme played at the Mana Tower during missions and subquests.

10. Peaceful Underground Lake - Masaharu Iwata
The theme played at the Star Lake in Topple during missions and subquests.

11. Storm of the Red Sand - Masaharu Iwata
The theme played at the Fiery Sands of Jadd during missions and subquests.

12. Frozen Majesty - Masaharu Iwata
The theme played at the Ice Citadel of Lorimar during missions and subquests.

13. Monster of the Forest - Takayuki Aihara
The theme played at the Brightwood forest of Wendal during missions and 

(COMPLETE)14. The Wind Sings Loudly - Takayuki Aihara
15. King of Chaos - Takayuki Aihara
The Mana Lord's theme, plays when he confronts the players with new revelations 
of his plan and defiances.

16. The Blocking Menace - Kenji Ito
The theme that plays when a boss appears and has its barrier raised, ready for 

17. Evil Beast - Masaharu Iwata
The battle theme when fighting against a Malevodon.

18. Triumphant Return - Kenji Ito
The theme that plays when you complete 4 zone of a mission and are 
saving/equiping, or you complete a mission or subquest in its totality.

19. The Desire Vanishes - Kenji Ito
The theme that plays should you perish during a mission or subquest.

1. Together With Comrade-in-Arms - Takayuki Aihara
Theme played in the menus for MultiPlayer.

2. Singing Voice of Light - Masaharu Iwata
The theme that plays when a malevodon is reborn as two benevodos, or Treant and 
Gaia appear.

3. Challenge - Kenji Ito
The theme that plays when a heroic gesture in the storyline is made, and the 
odds are overcome to fight forth and vanquish evil.

4. The Ruined Ground - Takayuki Aihara
The theme played during missions and subquests for the area Ruins, on Isle 

5. Fate - Takayuki Aihara
The theme played during missions and subquests for the Path of Life.

6. Rut of the Crystal - Takayuki Aihara
Theme that plays during missions and subquests for the Cosmic Rift.

7. The Shaking Earth - Masaharu Iwata
Theme that plays when the pillars of Mana reveal themselves.

8. The Sky's Lamentation - Takayuki Aihara
Theme when the forces of evil gain a step in their favour.

9. Grasslands of Eternity - Kenji Ito
10. Trial - Takayuki Aihara
Major Boss Battle theme against one of the Mana Lord's non-Malevodon creatures.

11. The Thunder Emperor's Aloofness - Kenji Ito
Boss Battle against the Mana Lord.

12. Infant of Mana - Kenji Ito
Final Battle against the Scion of Mana.

13. The Desire Not Forgotten - Kenji Ito
Plays at the end of the Ruins stage when shadows of the past appear before the 

14. The Beginning of a New Legend - Kenji Ito
The Ending Theme for the game, plays as the credits roll.


End of File.