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Follow the dark path or use the light
Big Brain Academy Pack Shot

Big Brain Academy



by 133233jrjr

Big Brain Academy

By: john romanowski
Last update: 

I still have not mastered this game and some of the strategies may not be very
useful so if you have any better ways to get high scores please email them to
me. I will be more than happy to put them in my guide and you will definitely
get credit for it. 

On a side note I would like to thank everyone you has sent me emails to help
complete my guide. It now has every platinum score.

My email address:
[email protected]

If you want to use this guide for anything please email me and I will most 
likely give you permission to do so.

Most of the credit for this guide goes to jackie_chang for allowing me to use 
this guide as a template for my own.

Update history
Version 0.75, all of practice category.
Version 1.00, added test/demo category decriptions and outline.
Version 1.10, added some platinum scores and Dr. Lobes greetings.
Version 1.11, added more platinum scores.
Version 1.21, added rest of platinum scores.
Practice Mode
   1. Think
       - Heavyweight
       - Pathfinder
       - Bone Yard
   2. Memorize
       - Sound Bites
       - Flash Memory
       - Memo-random
   3. Analyze
       - Missing Link
       - CubeGame
       - Animal Lines
   4. Compute
       - Coin-parison
       - Add Agency
       - Written Math
   5. Identify 
       - Shadow Shift
       - Get in Shape
       - Matchmaker
Test Mode
Demo Mode

The controls mostly use the touchpad except for these exceptions.

If you press start or close the DS it will take you back to the category select

Also pressing "A" on Coin-parison will change the picture of the coins from 
having numbers on them to just having cartoon pictures of the presidents. This 
can be much more difficult if you're not already good at the game.

Practice Mode
In practice mode there are 5 categories.

1: Think
2: Memorize
3: Analyze
4: Compute
5: Identify

In each of these catigories there are 3 minigames and in each game there are 3

There are 4 possible medals for each game and difficulty and different gram 
weights to obtain them.

1: Bronze=50-149 grams
2: Silver=150-249 grams
3: Gold=250-350/400/450 grams 
4: Platinum=350/400/450/470 grams 

The gram weight needed depends on the game you're playing and somtimes difers
among difficulties. In other words it varies.

Platinum easy = 470+
Platinum norm = 470+
Platinum hard = 470+

There is any were from 1-4 scales with bugs, animals, fruits, vehicles, or
people on them.

Mistakes: once one is made it goes to the next set of scales.

Easy: often only one to two scales.
1 scale: which ever item sinks down is the heaviest or if there is 2 items on
one side and 1 on the other, the single item is the heaviest. 

2 scales: most often you should only focus on the item sinking down. The other
scale is usually balanced out so ignore it. Not the case on higher difficulties 
so watch out.

Normal: anywhere from 1 to 3 scales.
1 scale: (same as easy)

2 scales: often both scales will be down on one side and often both sides that
are down have the same item, so it’s the heaviest. Or other times both will be
down and have different items so if one item is down, but another of the same
item is on the upper side is probably not it so if the other item is down and
is the only one of its kind it’s the heaviest. This may not make sence to 
every one so sorry.

3 scales: similar to the two scales with some exceptions. Sometimes there will
be 3 sides down and two of those sides will have the same item and the other
side will be different so the two same items are the heaviest. Other times you
will have 3 scales but no sides are down so if one scale has two items on one
side and one on the other the single item is the heaviest. The other two scales 
are often balanced out so don’t waste your time on them. There are some other
minor exceptions but they are still pretty easy to solve. Again sorry if this
doesn't make sense.

Hard: anywhere from 1 to 4 scales.
This level is very difficult to explain due to the 3 or more scales and
multiple items. If you have any easy ways to explain this please email me about
it. Sorry to disappoint, I just don't know of any ways to put it into words
without you being completely baffled.

Platinum easy = 400+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)
Platinum norm = 470+
Platinum hard = 470+

There are multiple columns with many paths connecting them and one animal on
the top screen and one on the touchpad. Your objective is to draw a line with
the stylus connecting two columns that will make the animal reach its partner.

Mistakes: if you draw a line in the wrong place the animals will fall in the
wrong place wasting valuable time, but if you’re making the line and find out
it’s wrong before you lift the stylus just draw every were and the line will

Easy: 2-3 columns, amount of paths always varies, always 1 animal on top. 
2 columns: it’s very easy just draw a line any were and it’s right.

3 columns: there really is just one way to do this to my knowledge. Start on
the top screen and follow the path you know the animal will follow once you get 
to the bottom screen keep following until you get to a dead end then connect a
line that will get the animal to his twin, clone, or whatever you feel like 
calling it.

Note: this may seem like a long process, but it’s actually really fast and
becomes faster with practice, hence the name of this mode.

Normal: 2-4 columns, paths always different, still just 1 animal.
2 columns: same as easy

3 columns: same as easy 

4 columns: same as easy 

Note: yes there isn’t really any other strategy for normal its just more
columns and lines to follow.

Hard: 3-10 columns, up to 8 animals. 
Columns: okay the main difference in hard is that there are sometimes 2-8
animals. It may look hard, but is actually easy. All you have to do is find the 
animal that ends up at a dead end and connect a line. The other animals will
just fall into place, but your line can throw them off course if you’re not
careful so make sure you’re putting it in the right place.

[Bone Yard] 

Platinum easy = 400+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)
Platinum norm = 400+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)
Platinum hard = 440+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)

On the touchscreen will be a rectangular grid that will grow bigger between
each answer, and somtimes smaller, and an array of blocks that move the dog.

The top screen will display a sequence of arrows, going in order from left to
right, that the dog and blocks will follow. Your objective is to plant the bone 
in the correct box so the dog has it at the end of the sequence.

Mistakes: if you place the bone in the wrong spot the dog and blocks will still 
go through their path which wastes time, time that you don’t have.

Easy: few block sequences.
1. The fist 5 or so sequences are just the dog and are easy to follow. A good
strategy is to read the arrows and move your stylus with them(not touching the
screen.) when you get to the end of the sequence and if you followed it right
just press the screen and it should land were the dog will end up.

2. Another useful tip is if you see two arrows that are opposites ignore them
because the dog will end up were he started. For example, if you see up, down,
and then right you just put the bone in the square to the right of the dog.

3. For the blocks the way I have found most useful is to follow and think which 
way the block will push the dog. For example, if the dog is on the right side
in a 3 by 3 grid, going first, and going to the left and there is a 3 by 1
block taking up the left side and going right just think the dog will go left, 
then the block will push it back so the bone should be placed were the dog is
sitting. This method applies to higher difficulties, but becomes more complex
and requires more thinking.

[ & <- ]     [ # -> ]

[#][ ][ ]
[#][ ][&]
[#][ ][ ]

& represents the dog.
# represents the block.

Normal and Hard: up to 8+ arrows, many block sequences.
the only real difference between the two is longer sequences
and more blocks. The blocks may also be different colors, but there all the
same so don’t let it throw you off.

Note: the strategies come from easy: the fist usually doesn’t happen, but the
technique can still be used. The second one is also much harder to use except
when there is no blocks. The third one is still the easiest way I know of. 
Please, please, please if you have better strategies e-mail them to me because
this is still my first walkthrough.

[Sound Bites] 

Platinum easy = 340+
Platinum norm = 410+(credit goes to alicia steele and Ronald Rodriguez)
Platinum hard = 500+(credit goes to Katia GUY)

2-5 animals, vehicles, instruments, or people will be on the top screen and
will make a sequence of sounds that you must memorize and then repeat on the

Mistakes: once you press a wrong note it goes to the next sequence.

Easy: 2 objects, up to 3 notes.
There isn’t really any advanced strategy for this minigame. Just listen
intently and repeat the sounds by touching the right object on the touchscreen.
You may not have them, but I have found DS headphones to be very helpful so if
you have them I suggest using them. 

Normal: 2-3 objects, 2-5 notes.
Again, there’s no real strategy. Just memorize and repeat. One sequence that 
appears alot would be, cow, cow, cow, person, person, or girl, girl, boy, boy,
girl. Sorry if this doesn't help, but this really does happen alot when it's 5

Hard: 2-3 objects, 2-7+ notes.
The only real difference from normal is that there are more 4 or more note 

[Flash Memory] 

Platinum easy = 350+
Platinum norm = 370+(credit goes to alicia steele and Mark Robinson)
Platinum hard = 400+(credit goes to Katia GUY)

On the touch pad will be a calculator with a special symbol represented by a *

[7] [8] [9]
[4] [5] [6]
[1] [2] [3]

[  0  ] [*]
On the top screen will be a sequence of characters that you must memorize in a
split second or less. You must then type that sequence on the calculator.

Mistakes: once you touch a wrong character it goes to the next sequence.

Easy: 2-3 characters.
No real stategy just memorize and repeat. There is one hint I can give though,
usually the special symbol, be it a spade, club, diamond, or heart, is
right in the middle of the sequence. For example, 32*19 or 00*265.

Normal: 2-4 characters.
I'm sorroy, but there is no difference from easy, just more characters.

Hard: 2-8 characters.
This time there is a difference, but it's not major. Somtimes there will be 2
special symbols and now they appear like this, 12*56*09 or 1*433*54.


Platinum easy = 430+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)
Platinum norm = 410+
Platinum hard = 450+(credit goes to Katia GUY)

Ok, on the top screen is a series of images you must memorize and on the 
touch pad is a big button you must press when you have done so. Afterwords some 
or all the images will dissapear and some images will appear on the touchpad
and you must tap the images that dissapeared.

Mistakes: once you tap a wrong image it will go to the next set of images.

Easy: 1-4 images.
No real stategies just memorize and type the right images. Also you can pretty
much just glance at the images and hit the button and still know what they are,
but this does not apply to higher difficulties because you can have 6 images 
and all of them be different.

Normal and Hard: 2-6 images.
Nothing different just more images and more dissapear. I can tell you though 
that you should take your time memorizing them, because I got 18 right with
69% correct and still got 302 grams so if you memorize them better you'll no
dought get a high score.

[Missing Link] 

Platinum easy = 390+(credit goes to Katia GUY)
Platinum norm = 450+(credit goes to Katia GUY)
Platinum hard = 470+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)

This game couldn't be more simpal just draw the lines that show up as red on
the topscreen on the touchpad. Piece of cake.

Mistakes: once you connect any two wrong dots it goes to the next image.

Easy: 1-5 lines to connect.
This is one of my favorite games in the game because what brings out your inner 
child more than connect the dots besides ice cream, snow ball fights, video  
games, freeze tag, and ah ahh ahhhhhh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh!!! Sorry
Any ways the main way to win in this game is to draw as fast as possible and 
don't make any mistakes because it will cost you. It is possible to get up to 
30+ images complete with no mistakes so practice, practice, prac...zzzzzzzzzz.

Normal: 1-5 lines.
Since theres no difference I would like to take this time to point out some 
mario references. 

1: a paint brush from super mario sunshine(in my opinion at least)
2: a goopa squid from alot of mario games 
3: the "M" on mario's hat
4: and multiple thwomp faces such as angry, shocked, or mild moods.
5: NES controller.
6: A DS.
If you have noticed an others please eamil them to me. I'd love to put them in 
my guide.

Hard: anywere from 1 to the whole image.
On this difficulty you might want to focus more on accuracy than speed
especially when it comes to the whole image having to be filled in.


Platinum easy = 440+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)
Platinum norm = 410+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)
Platinum hard = 495+(credit goes to Katia GUY and Tim Shockley)

This is also a fairly simpal game. Just count the cubes then type them on the 
calculator. Keep in mind that there are often hidden cubes so dont forget them.

Mistakes: once you type a wrong number it goes to the next set of cubes.

Since all the difficulties are pretty much the same I'm just going to describe 
some hlpful hints.

1: never overlook the hidden blocks.

2: many sets of cubes are often repeated just in different arrangments. This 
happens alot on easy.

3: any time you see a 3 by 3 square with the middle cube gone its 8 cubes.

4: any time you see a full 3 by 3 square its 9 cubes.

5: always try to make simpal blocks of cubes in your head by moving other
cubes into gaps of broken blocks. For example, if you have a full 3 by 3 block
with another one on top, but with 3 missing and there is a block of 3 cubes
next to it, move those 3 cubes in your mind to make 2 3 by 3 blocks, what does
that make, 18!!!!
This list will grow with your emails.

[Animal Lines] 

Platinum easy = 380+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)
Platinum norm = 480+(credit goes to Katia GUY)
Platinum hard = 500+(credit goes to Katia GUY)

Another easy as pie minigame(this coming from someone who still hasn't got
platinums on any of the difficulties.) Hey shut up voice in my head. Stupid 
jokes aside all you have to do is draw a line connecting a couple or more 
animals. See, couldn't be easier(again no platinums.) I said shut it!!!

Mistakes: if you figure out that your line is wrong before you lift your stylus
just keep your line in the first block.

Easy: 1-2 sets of animals, 2-3 animals in each set.
This one can get a little frustrating especially when you've been playing for 
hours and the animals start to look alike,(I think that means it's time to take
a break) but just keep trying. The only real difficult part to this is the 
diagonal lines which can throw you off especially if your stylus slips. What 
you really need for this game is speed, if your not fast you won't get very
many done. Keep in mind you will always get faster with more practice.

Normal: 2-3 sets of animals, 2-3 animals in each set.
Again speed!!!!!!!!!!!! for this one it would be best if your sitting up, 
because for me I tend to go alot slower if I'm playing this while laying down.

Hard: 2-4 sets of animals, 2-4 animals in each set.
Be quick, sit up, never give up, and always practice. Sorry people, but there
is no differences from normal and hard besides the number of animals. I can 
tell you however that you will often get 4 sets of animals with 4 of the same
animal in each. These are the easiet to find and in my opinion they are just
bonus questions.


Platinum easy = 400+
Platinum norm = 410+(credit goes to Breanne Quillen) 
Platinum hard = 460+(credit goes to Tim Shockley)

In this game there will be a table showing 4 coins on the topscreen and their 
respective values. On the the touchpad there are 2 boxes with coins in each one
and you must decide which has the most value. Simple huh?

Mistakes: if you press the wrong side it goes to the next set of coins.

Easy: 1-6+ coins.
In this game you must go very quickly. Don't worry if you miss a couple
answers, because if you get the majority of them right you will most likely get
platinum on the first try.

Normal: 1-10+ coins.
Again never stop you can miss 6 answers and still get a very high score.

Hard: 1-whole board filled.
On this one you may have to take your time, because if you dont you'll most
likely miss the majority of them. Not only that, but sometimes the coins will
only be different by one cent so watch out.

[Add Agency] 

Platinum easy = 370+(credit goes to Katia GUY)
Platinum norm = 390+(credit goes to Katia GUY)
Platinum hard = 430+(credit goes to Raine Rönnholm)

A number of images will appear on the top screen and you must figure out which 
two images on the toughpad add up to the topscreen.

Mistakes: If the wrong two images are selected it goes to the next set of
images, but if you only have one image selected and you realize it's wrong you
can deselect it at any time.

Example:  @@@

 ($$)  (##)   (% )
 ($$)  (# )   ( %)  
The 4 ($) signs and 2 (%) signs add up to 6 and there are 6(@) signs so you 
would press the image of the $ nad %.

Easy: 4-7 images.
No stategy, but you will often see the same things alot. For example, 2+2=4, 
3+1=4, 4+1=5, 3+2=5, or 3+3=6 all of these will appear alot on easy.

Normal and Hard: 5-9+ images.
No different strategies just more images, but keep in mind you
must always work fast and figure out how many images are on the topscreen
quickly and dont get any wrong, because it will cost you alot.

[Written Math]

Platinum easy = 350+(credit goes to Jeff Cotterman)
Platinum norm = 395+(credit goes to Jeff Cotterman)
Platinum hard = 470+(credit goes to Jeff Cotterman and Tim Shockley)
This one is fairly sraight foward. Just type in what the equation will equal or
what it needs to be right. 

Mistakes: once you type a wrong number it goes to the next equation.

Easy and Noraml: fill in the answer to the equation.
Exactly the same, just some longer equations on normal. Like 
9+8=?, but on normal you could get 7+3-2=? which takes a little longer. Now if 
you suck at math this could be nearlly impossilbe to get platinum(me for

Hard: equations have missing numbers.
Here's were it becomes more difficult because you'll now have some
ploblems with missing numbers that you have to fill in to make the equation 
right. For example, 5+?=11. Again if you suck at math(like me) this will be
very difficult, but I have a sister in collage so I now have gold medals, not
that this apllies to you anyway. On this game you must also focus on speed with
few mistakes.

[Shadow Shift]

Platinum easy = 370+(credit goes to Helen Lee)
Platinum norm = 430+(credit goes to Helen Lee)
Platinum hard = 470+(credit goes to Helen Lee)

In this game a series of images will appear on the top screen moving spining 
or whatever. They will be blacked out and you must figure out what each one is 
and tap the corrosponding images on the touch pad.

Mistakes: once an image is touched that is not on the top screen it goes to the 
next set of images.

Easy: 1-3 images.
All I can tell you is that often only 1-2 images will not be used on the 

Normal: 1-4 images. 
Sometimes the images will move much faster, but still you must work fast to get
alot done.

Hard: 2-5 images.
Just try not to get frustrated when all the images start out in the middle and 
take forever to move outwards so you can see them. And try not to get any
wrong, because it will cost you lots of grams.

[Get in Shape] 

Platinum easy = 390+(credit goes to Tim Shockley)
Platinum norm = 450+
Platinum hard = 510+(credit goes to Katia GUY)

Another one of my favorite games. It's fairly simpal just pick the pieces you
think go to the image above. If you pick one right it appears on the top screen
so that helps alot.

Mistakes: once a wrong piece is chosen it goes to the next image.

There really isn't any strategical value to this game so I'm going to use this 
part as a list of peoples favorite images if they email them to me.

1: waiting for email
2: waiting for email 
3: waiting for email 
4: waiting for email 
5: waiting for email


Platinum easy = 360+(credit goes to Helen Lee and Breanne Quillen)
Platinum norm = 400+(credit goes to Helen Lee)
Platinum hard = 450+(credit goes to Helen Lee)

This game is a piece of cake, just find a pair then click the two images that 

Mistakes: if you figure out that the first image you are chosing doesn't have a
pair you can deselect it at any time.

Easy: 1 pair.

Normal: 1-2 pairs.

Hard: 1-3 pairs.

Sorry thats all I can give you and come on you shouldn't need a strategy for
this game.

Test Mode
In test mode the game will chose one minigame from each category. Each minigame
is still 60 seconds so you have to work fast to get alot done. 

After each minigame has been completed a pentagon, similar to the one in
practice, will show up and gage your score for each category. Then Dr Lobe will
give you your brain weight, corrosponding job/rank, and letter grade like 
C+ or A-.

Just like in practice your score will only be recorded if it's the first one on
that save file or if you beet a past high score.

If any one wants there personal scores in a guide instead of on the board just
email them to me and I will put them in. Be sure to include your brain weight, 
job/rank, and letter grade.

1st---Juliana Ehrlich, Ace, 2223g, Banker.
2nd---Steven Cacchione, A, 2093g, Prrogrammer.
3rd---Tim Shockley, A, 1948, Pythagoras.
4th---David Jackson, A, 1931g, Pythagoras.
5th---Raine Rönnholm, A, 1858, pythagoras.
6th---Michael Schreiner, A, 1755g, Fashion Stylist.
7th---Lisa Schreiner, B, 1449g, Investor.
8th---Sebastian Koschany, B, 1308, Theater Producer.

Demo Mode
Demo mode is the exact same thing as test mode except on the minigames you only
have 30 seconds instead of 60.

Also, it is hard to score very high because of the limited amount of time.

Dr. Lobes Greetings
Every time you turn on the game Dr. Lobe will greet you with a message
depending on the hour of your DS.

12 AM - 1 AM
Wow, it's late!

A lack of sleep muddles your brain, so try not to stay up too late, OK?

Well, let's get started! Please touch a button below.

1 AM - 2 AM
Whoa, look at the time! What are you still doing up?

Well, while you're here... Have you ever seen a shooting star?

I just love them! Seeing one really stirs the heart and moves the soul.

Some reports even suggest that they promote healthy brains!

Enough stargazing... Let's get going. Please touch a button below.

2 AM - 3 AM
Late at night is the perfect time for visualization.

And since it's late, we should try some ourselves! Are you ready?

Think about your brain. Focus all your thoughts on your brain...

Now imagine it growing! See your brain getting larger and larger...

Now make it bigger! Expand your brain! Swell it to an unbelievable size!

Your brain is huge! It knows no fear, no boundaries! It is INVINCIBLE!!!

... WHEW! How was it?

Were you able to visualize that image?

It's easy to expand your brain and make it young and healthy...

Simply imagining a goal can help you achieve it.

But make sure that you rest your brain afterwards.

A good night's sleep is important for both body and mind.

OK then! Let us begin. Please touch a button below.

3 AM - 4 AM
You know, you can study all day and night, but it's not enough.

Being smart doesn't mean you can figure out life's complex problems.

For example, what if you were taking a stroll and you found a huge wall?

Would it overwhelm you? Would you back away in terror at the size of it?

...Is it really a mighty wall?

If you touch it, you might discover that it's made of paper.

Sure, it COULD be a huge, impassable wall. But you don't know that.

Remember to keep an open mind and think flexible thoughts.

And to do that, you will need an ENORMOUS brain!

Shall we begin? Please touch a button below.

4 AM - 5 AM
What time is it? Is the sun rising where you are?

I hope you have a great day ahead of you!

OK! Let's begin. Please touch a button below.

5 AM - 6 AM
Good morning! You're up early.

You know, I'm a bit of a morning person myself!

In fact, I'm ready for some exercise! One and two and one and...


My back! My back! Oh, the terrible, unending pain!

...Well then! Let's begin. Please touch a button below.

6 AM - 7 AM
Good morning!

Up early, eh? Well, I understand. I'm also a morning person.

In fact, I feel like a million bucks on this fine morning!

Alrighty! Let's get started. Please touch a screen below.

7 AM - 8 AM
Good morning!

Do you eat three meals a day?

Regular meals are essential to having a healthy brain!

OK! Let's get started. Please touch a button below.

8 AM - 9 AM
Regular meals are essential to having a healthy brain.

And breakfast is especially important!

Skipping breakfast will turn your brain into oatmeal!

Ready? Let's get started! Please touch a button below.

9 AM - 10 AM
Good...yaaaaawn...morning. Start of another day, huh?

Say, do you ever find yourself thinking...

"My future is bleak! I just do the same things over and over again!"

That's a sure sign of a tiny brain!

Messing up and trying again is part of what makes life so fun!

A good attitude is the first step toward having a big brain.

Got that? OK, let's start. Please touch a button below.

10 AM - 11 AM
w00t! I am teh haXXor! I am 1337! LOL n00b!

Oh! Pardon me! I was just talking to my little niece.

Apparently her crazy way of talking has rubbed off on me!

j00r keWl! Press any button to begin, n00b! LOL OMG!

11 AM - 12 PM
Are you competing against your friends and family in Versus classes?

There were days when I really got into Versus battles. I was unbeatable!

But...there was one guy who put a dent in my pride...

I couldn't ever beat him. Not one single time!

His massive brain truly made him worthy of being called "The King"!

In fact, I made a special rank to honor him... the rank of King!

Only the truly mighty can hope to claim this rank.

It has become the thing of legends to those of us in the know. Like you!

Now let's begin. Please touch a button below.

12 PM - 1 PM
Oh, yes! It's time for lunch! I just love lunchtime!

Tra la la la lee... What am I going to have today?

Do I feel like a pizza? Or am I in the mood for some seafood?

Wheee he he ha ha! Just thinking about it gets me so very excited!

OK! Let's get going! Please touch a button below.

1 PM - 2 PM
Long ago, during a hot summer day, I looked right into the sun...

and yelled, "It's hot! You're way too hot, Mr. Sun!"

"How can you be so energetic and bright? Share your secrets with me!"

I wanted to be powerful, just like the sun.

I hoped to share the secret of that energy with my students.

That was the day I decided to open this academy!

Shall we start? Please touch a button below.

2 PM - 3 PM
Zzzzzzzzz... Snore... Harumph... M-Mommy? Zzzzzzzz...

...Zzzzzz... Snor... --Hwaaaa? Huh?! What in the... ?

Oh! H-Hello! Boy, you scared the bahoozitz outta me!

I must have just dozed off there...

What? You saw me moving around?

No, no! I was just sleepwalking! Er... sleepstanding! Yeah, that's it...

It's an old habit of mine! Oh dear, this is all rather embarassing...

Anyway, enough of the chitchat. Are you ready? Touch a button below.

3 PM - 4 PM
I get so sleepy in the middle of the day...

I wish I could bang on drums and dance around like crazy!

I'd feel perked up in no time at all!

...Hmmm. Maybe I should try getting more sleep instead.

All right! Let's WAKE UP and get started! Touch a button below!

4 PM - 5 PM
Oh, hi there! I'm Dr. Lobe, the headmaster of the Big Brain Academy!

A lack of exercise is bad for your body. Everyone knows that, right?

Well, it's the same thing if you don't exercise your mind!

Like a body, your mind will get out of shape unless you exercise it.

Got it? OK, here we go! Please touch a button below.

5 PM - 6 PM
The day is getting ready to end.

What kind of day did you have today?

Was it a good day for your brain?

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6 PM - 7 PM
Good evening!

Mmmm...the smell of dinner cooking reminds me of my dear old mother.

I wonder how she's doing... I should call more... Bad Lobe! Baaad Lobe!

...Sniff ...Huh? Excuse me?! I'm not crying! Those aren't tears!

Listen! My eyes are always moist! It's a serious medical condition, OK?!

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7 PM - 8 PM
Good evening! It's almost dinnertime, isn't it?

Mmmmm... I wonder what's for dinner this evening?

Beef enchiladas are my favorite! I like them really spicy! Ha cha cha!

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8 PM - 9 PM
Goood eeeeevening. Muah ha ha ha!!

Having fun is a great way to build a gigantic brain!

Singing songs is one way to do it, and dancing is another one!

You could also try drawing pictures.

Just make sure that you're having fun!

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9 PM - 10 PM
Good evening! Did you savor and enjoy tonight's dinner?

Try to have fun in everything you do.

Variety is an important part of developing a big, big brain!

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10 PM - 11 PM
Good evening! Was there anything good on TV tonight?

I'm not much for the reality shows, myself.

I find that they tend to skew my view of reality.

And believe you me, that's the last thing I need!

So, um...what was I saying? Something about TV? I forgot... Oh well.

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11 PM - 12 AM
You need the right amount of sleep to maintain brain flexibility.

When you're done working your brain, I recommend that you hit the hay!

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Copyright 2006 John Romanowski Jr