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Follow the dark path or use the light
Beyblade Metal Masters NightmareRex Pack Shot

Beyblade Metal Masters NightmareRex


The pikash Beyblade MMNR walkthrough

by pikash

                                    Pikashís Metal Masters Nightmare Rex Guide/Walkthrough

Alright, played this before but itís a game you can replay so... File one, Arcade, and go. When you start, only Ginka (Or as the game writes it, gingka), Tsubasa, and masamune are unlocked, so thatíll be my team.
One fine day, Gingka received a letter of intrest. **NOTICE: Beyblade World Championship to Start Soon** Bladers from all over the world will clash Beyblades here to determine whoís the best. If you feel youíre the best there is, youíre exactly who we want to see in the action. The event will take place at Dyna Cemetery.
Regards from*Agito*
ďBeyblade World ChampionshipĒ The same name as the world tournament... And who the heckís this ďAgitoĒ? Anyway, if theyíve got serious bladers, I donít care where it is. Iím there!
That was what was in the letter, and after the last * was Ginka. Here he is again, Iíll put the characters name up to tell you whoís talking.
Is this the place? Kinda gives me a weird vibe, but oh well. Letís move Pegasus!
Alright, itís Ginka and galaxy pegasus, Tsubasa and Earth Eagle, and Masamune and Ray Striker against Tetsuya with Dark Gasher and my teams against others which I will post. By the way, I posted the stuff after ďLetís move Pegasus!Ē. Iíll put a % When the Characters done talking and thereís nothing to signal it.
Anyway, big battle against dangerous balance type which could end my blading career.  Gashers Got most of his stamina, but Pegasus has all. Darn I hate that repeat attack. Well better than  the special move I guess. PEGASUS! I lost. Go tsubasa! SPECIAL MOVE! FLYING IMPACT! Crash out!
No one beats me. Ever.
1-1	Itís all you Masamune!
Letís battle! Iíll wrap this up quick!
You canít handle my sniper move.
And I win!
Number one, baby!
Got some parts...
Yeah, we won it! Battle 2 is up next. Just gotta keep up this momentum and weíre set!
Up against Kyoya, Benkai and Nial. I find it hard to win with tsubasa, do Itíll be Ginka and masamune for the first two battles.
Iíve been loking forward to this, Kyoya.
Bring it on, Ginka! Iíll show you how itís done.
Battle time! Attack VS defence, not good for Kyoya. Special move! Cyclone blast! And I win.
Now, Masamune VS Nial, letís see how this plays out. And I win! 2-1, battle two is over. Battle 3! Mind if I donít say what the people say unless itís important?
Anyway, Left-rotation, bad matchup, danger immanent. Julian Konzern, Wales and Sophie. Crash out! I lose. Well, that was considerably easy for masamune. But now itís defence on defence. Not easy. And Iím not very good with tsubasa. Gulp. Special move! I win! Battle 4 now, and itís Helios and sol blaze, Ryuga and MeteoL-Drago, and Takeru and Bakushin Susanow. Special move! Cyclone blast! I win!1-0! Masamune VS ryuga now. I win again! I got a divine fusion wheel! Final battle 1. Agito and Nightmare rex. Little warning, your leader (The one you pick first) is the one that battles. Special move! Cyclone blast! Aw, I lose... Rebattle. Stadium out! I win! Dino Agito and Ancient Rex wonít be this easy though. Specisl move! Man I love this field. I win via stadium out! If you didnít already beat dino Agito with Ginka, youíll unlock Hyoma. If you beat arcade with Masamune, youíll unlock Kenta. If you beat it with Kenta, youíll unlock benkai. If you beat it with benkai, youíll unlock Kyoya. You also battle different bladers with different leaders, including Madoka, Sora, and others. Iíll update when I have full(Er)details.