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Follow the dark path or use the light

Advance Wars: Dual Strike


Advance Wars: Dual Strike - Turn Survival Guide

by Gameandwatch423

Advance Wars: Duel Strike

Turn Survival

Copyright 2005 Shane Shafferman

This walkthough gives hints on how to beat turn survival mode.

First off, you must pick two CO's.  I recommend choosing Eagle and Sami.  Eagle
is good on turn survival for his ability to move is units twice in one turn. 
Sami is good for the missions where it is easier to capture the enemy HQ 
instead of destroying all the enemy's units.

Convoy Cape: Mission 1, Enemy CO: Drake

I recommend puting an infantry inside each lander.  Then move the southern 
lander as far as it can go to the east.  Do the same thing with the northern
lander.  Then take the black boats and put one behind each lander.  You do not
have to move the T-copter.  The enemy will attack the northern lander with the 
sub and most likely kill it.  Then the cruiser will attack the south lander.
On turn 2 move the southern lander down one space and to the east the rest of 
the way.  Use the north black boat to block the sub and the south black boat to
move somewhere between the cruiser and the sub.  Drake will then kill the north 
black boat and attack the lander with the crusier.  On turn 3 drop the infantry 
on the enemy HQ.  From there just capture the HQ because they can do nothing 
about it.

Approximate Score:
Speed - 50
Power - 0
Technique - between 15 and 45

Cannon Land: Mission 2, Enemy CO: Koal

To start the mission, build an infantry at the base and start capturing the
cities with the other infantries.  Koal will work on capturing the cities in 
his area.  On your turn, save your money and capture more cities.  When you are
finished switch CO's so that your other CO can work on their power.  On your
next turn, build a piperunner and you can capture more cities if you want.
Continue to move the piperunneras much as it can until it reaches the end. As
long as you move it the full amount of spaces it will not be hit by a cannon.
When you are close to the end of the pipe move to the second to last pipe space
because if you move all the way the infantry will try to attack you.  From here
just finish him off.

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - 50
Technique - 50
Bonus - you get a small bonus for each cannon you destroy (minicannons are 
worth 10 points and black cannons are worth 30)

Mr. Fix-it: Mission 3, Enemy CO: Andy

First move the battleship on the left of the screen to the right.  You can start
to heal the battleships with the black boats.  It takes around 2576 gold to 
heal one health to a battleship.  Next, move the battleship in the middle to 
the right 3 and up 2.  Keep the other two battleships where they are right
now and start to fire on one of the neotanks.  Andy will start to move some of
his units to the left.  He will put an infantry in range of the missle silo.
Do not try to kill the infantry because you will probably still live.  
Continue shooting the one neotank with the two battleships.  Move the far right
battleship to the right two.  With the remaining battleship shoot at one of the 
infantry and heal some of your ships.  Andy will use the missle on the group of
ships on the right side.  He will also load a infantry into the APC.  On your
next turn,  finish off the neotank and heal your battleships.  Do not heal your
black boats because they can not attack so it is not worth it.  Use your 
ships on the left to shoot the APC.  Andy will unlaod the infantry on one of
your cities.  Use one ship to shoot it and finish it off with your infantry.
continue to shoot at his other units, moving if necessary.  Just continue to
shoot at his units until you finish him off.  Before you finish switch CO's
for the next battle.

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - 50
Technique - 50

Aircraft Hunt: Mission 4, Enemy CO: Sensei

This mission is very easy.  First unload the helicopters from the carrier.
If you are using Eagle/Sami save their power for upcoming missions.  Use your
anti-airs to destroy two helicopters.  Then end your turn.  Sensei will move 
his helicopters into range of all your units.  Just blast your way though all
his helicopters.

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - 50
Technique - 50

Rain of Pain: Mission 5, Enemy CO: Sonja

Use your subs to find enemy units in forests.  Make sure to make them dive or
else they may be shot at with artillery.  Shoot at the units you can see with
your battleships and use your helicopters to attack also.  If you are Eagle
you should have your super CO power.  Use it now to find more units and to 
kill more of them too.  Do not use your tag power!  Sonja will use her super CO
power which does almost nothing for her.  On your next turn finish off her 

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - 50
Technique - 50

Lone Wolf: Mission 6, Enemy Co: Koal

If you have Sami and her super CO power use it or switch to her on the first
turn and move on to the HQ to capture it in one turn.  If not move over to the
right base and capture it.  Then save your money for a mid-tank.  Then finish
off his units, buying other units as you need them.  Be sure to protect your HQ
because he may try to capture it. 

Approximate Score
Speed - between 25-50
Power - between 0-50
Technique - between 30-50

Fenced In: Mission 7, Eneny CO: Max

First, move your stealth fighters to the north and south pipes and be sure to
clock them.  Then move your units onto the corner reefs, which are just out of 
range from the carriers.  Then, start to blow off the pipe seams.  It will take
one to two turns to destroy the pipes.  Switch to your other CO.  Once the 
pipes are destroyed the bombers should be in range of the carriers.  Once the 
carriers are gone he cannot attack you.  Move your other air units in and start
to attack his other units.  It should take you about two to three turns to
finish Max off.

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - 50
Technique - between 30-50 (if your stealth fighters blew up from lack of fuel)
Bonus - between 5-20 (pipe seams are worth 5 a piece)

River Raid: Mission 8, Enemy CO: Javier

If you are using Eagle and he has his CO power you should ude it sometime 
during this mission.  First, move your artilleries and rockets in range of his
battleships.  Be aware that the sandstorm will lower your range, so if you are
using Max you are going to have a tough time.  Have the south neotank attack
his black boat and the tank and mid-tank attack the battleship.  Start to move
your megatanks to the west.  On the north side, but your ranged units in range
of the battleship and attack the battleship with your tank and mid-tank.  Use
the neotank to attack the cruiser.  Move your lander into the space where they
would need to get to your HQ.  If you do not they will move units over there,
giving you an even tougher time.  You can move your APCs to the west also to
supply the units.  If you want, use Eagle's power now.  Then, when you can move
his units again (either with power, or next turn), continue to move the 
megatanks to the west.  Use the artillery to attack the battleships.  Use the
south neotank to attack the cruiser.  Have the mid-tank attack the black boat
that the neotank damaged.  Then, use your tank to attack the carrier.  On the
north side, use the tank to attack the battleship if it is still alive.  If it
was already killed use it on the black boat.  Have your neotank attack another
black boat and the mid-tank to attack the lander.  All Javier will do is use 
his super CO power, which raises his defence against indirect fire and move his
units.  Use your tanks on any weakened unit that it can reach.  Just continue
to use your tanks and you should be able to finish him off.  Before you finish
you should switch COs.

Approximate Score
Speed - between 45-50
Power - 50
Technique - 50

Crystal Field: Mission 9, Enemy CO: Kanbei

If you are using Sami switch to her if needed.  She should have her CO power.
First, load a mech into each t-copter and start to work your way to the 
crystals.  Move your other units randomly towards the crystal as they will be
distractions as you work on capturing Kanbei's HQ.  Drop yor mech so that it
will be 4 spaces away from the enemy HQ.  Then use Sami's super CO power if
she has it.  That way the mech will be able to move onto the HQ and capture it.
If you are not using Sami or she doesn't have her power, move your rockets so
that they can hit the artillery but cannot be hit themselves.  Then destroy the
artillery and the crystals so they cannot heal.  Then use tanks and rockets to
finish off his rockets.

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - between 0-50
Technique - between 20-50
Bonus - between 20-80 (20 points a piece for destroying the crystals)

Five Mile Isle: Mission 10, Enemy CO: Jake

This mission can be done two ways.  First switch to the CO who his either high
defense or attack.  The first way is to heal your b-copters (it takes around
900 gold to heal a b-copter one health) and attack his neotanks.  The other way
is to block off the neotank and move your mech to his HQ to capture it.  Either
way works and they both take about the same number of turns.  If you are using
Eagle, save his power for the next mission.

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - between 0-50
Technique - between 40-50

Forest Frenzy: Final Mission, Enemy CO: Sonja

You start with alot of units but Sonja has 8 black bombs which will bring most 
of their heal down to 1.  This is where Eagle's super CO power comes in handy.
Move all your units east and prepare to kill as many black bombs as you can.
You should be able to destroy between 4-6.  On Sonja's turn, she will use her
super CO power and attack you with black bombs.  She should only have a couple
units left so just finish them of with anti-air and mid-tanks.  If you do not
have Eagle's super CO power, just spread out your units as much as possible.
Then finish up whatever is left with your living units.

Approximate Score
Speed - 50
Power - 50
Technique - between 20-50

Congratulations you just finished turn survival mode.  You should have got an S
rank if you followed the guide.  Now you can buy the champion course which goes
for an infinite number of levels and with 120 turns.  You can use this guide 
for champion mode too because the levels are the same.

If you have any questions or comments you can email me at
[email protected]