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Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth



by Warfreak

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Author: Warfreak
Version: 0.1
Date Started: 19/2/10

NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


*('@')~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~('@')*

Use Ctrl+F to quickly navigate this guide.

                              Table of Contents
 1 Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History

 2 Turnabout Visitor
    [2.01] Day One - Investigation, Part 1
    [2.02] Day One - Questioning, Part 1
    [2.03] Day One - Investigation, Part 2
    [2.04] Day One - Questioning, Part 2

 3 Turnabout Airlines
    [3.01] Day One - Questioning, Part 1
    [3.02] Day One - Investigation, Part 1
    [3.03] Day One - Questioning, Part 2
    [3.04] Day One - Investigation, Part 2

    After the Plane Investigation

    [3.05] Day One, Part 2 - Questioning, Part 1

    After Entering the Cargo Hold

    [3.06] Day One, Part 3 - Investigation, Part 1
    [3.07] Day One, Part 3 - Questioning, Part 1
    [3.08] Day One, Part 3 - Investigation, Part 2
    [3.09] Day One, Part 3 - Questioning, Part 2

 4 The Kidnapped Turnabout
    [4.01] Day One - Investigation, Part 1
    [4.02] Day One - Investigation, Part 2
    [4.03] Day One - Questioning, Part 1

[A] Contact Information
[B] Credits
[C] Webmaster Information
[D] Copyright Notice

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
[1.01] Introduction

Welcome to the first spin off game of the Ace Attorney series, Ace 
Attorney Investigations, starring the one of the stars of the game, Miles 
Edgeworth. Basically, you are out of the courtroom, and you need to solve
the case out in the field. Basically, it is the investigations that the 
police do before the leadup to the trial, in which you are so familiar with.

The main differences between this game and the previous Ace Attorney games,
that is, Phoenix Wright, Justice For All, Trials and Tribulations, and 
Apollo Justice is that there is no courtroom drama. But you still have your
fair share of objections. It is just as the name suggests, you need to 
investigate the crime, and solve it. It is quite elementary. So lets get
started as Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. 

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.0 [19/2/10]
Started the guide, but will not submit due to lack of ASCII art. 

[2.01] Day One - Investigation, Part 1

* Date -  March 14, 1:16 AM *
*                           *
* Location - ?????????      *

Watch the cutscene, and of course, we watch a murder take place. Cannot have
a not-guilty verdict? Sounds like the old Edgeworth. Well, a murder has been
committed, and now, we will find out where. 

* Date - March 14, 2:05 AM         *
*                                  *
* Location - Prosecutor's Building *
*            12th Floor Hallway    *

Welcome back Mr Miles Edgeworth. As you can see already, you will be 
controlling Edgeworth, so you will control his movements, but more on that
later. The door is unlocked. That isn't good. 

As you enter the room, you will see that a murder has taken place, in the
Prosecutor's Building? In Edgeworth's Office? Oh dear. And someone sneaks
behind Edgeworth, shooting off a round, and out he goes. Looks like we need
to get investigating. Edgeworth will introduce himself, as usual, so lets
get start.

* Date - March 14, 2:56 AM            *
*                                     *
* Location - High Prosecutors' Office *
*            Room 1202                *

Well, the police have arrived, and the Forensics guy does look a little pansy
with his pose. And in comes Detective Dick Gumshoe, a series favourite, well,
more comic relief than anything. The crime has been committed in Edgeworth's
Office, so he is going to do his best to solve it. 

After a small talk, you will get your first piece of Logic. Logic is basically
pieces of important information, which seem unrelated at first, but if you
stick it together, you will notice that putting them together will lead to
new leads and new information. The game does a good job of explaining this,
well, it would need to. Anyway, in comes the logic.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Crime Scene: My Office
  -> Is it really coincidence that the murder took place in my office?

The reason this piece of information is important is because that the key
for the office only is available to one person, the prosecutor. Well, that
seems important enough to warrant another piece of logic.

 - New Logic Received - 

 The Office Key
  -> For security reasons, this office's door has a lock built into it. 

Now, you can use the logic screen, and link those pieces of information
together. Select both of them and use Connect. Well, those two fit together
because of the office key. Because of the lock, it could not be a 
coincidence, and because of this, we get a new clue.

 - New Logic Received -

 The Killer's Goal
  -> Why did this happen in my office. What was the killer after?

After that, you will notice the green bar. Think of that as the health
bar. For every wrong connection of logic, and later on, presenting bad
evidence, it will dip into that bar. For previous players of Phoenix Wright
games, it is the bar you will get at trials. Except this time, you will
get more life than normal. With that, we start an actual investigation. 


 High Prosecutors' Offices
 Room 1202

Well, with this, you will get access to investigation. Use the arrow keys to
move around, and if you are lost, you can talk to Gumshoe to help you out,
using the Partner button, but that isn't necessary. 

For starters, lets examine that gun. Gumshoe points out that this gun is the
same model as that issued to police officers, so this is the same gun used
by detectives. Interesting.

 - New Logic Received - 

  -> Found at the crime scene, it's the same model as those used by precinct

Now, lets investigate the body, well, the crime scene. Edgeworth will not
stop till he examines every nook and cranny. For now, examine the wallet
that is next to the victim's hand. Well, now it gets interesting, it is a 
police officer's badge. Detective Buddy Faith's badge. That will explain the
weapon. And it will add to your logic.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Victim Was a Detective
  -> According to his badge and ID, Buddy Faith was a precinct detective.

With this, Edgeworth will mention that he has several pieces of information
and you should link them together, but not yet. Examine the body. With this,
this will give you a new piece of evidence.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Crime Scene Notes
  -> Bullet went clean through the victim's abdoman. The body was found at 
     around 2:05 AM.

With this, Edgeworth will teach you how to use the Organizer that he has, 
so make note of that. Back on the scene, examine the files that have fallen
to the ground. You will get another piece of logic for this.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Signs of a Struggle
  -> My files are a mess, pointing to a struggle between the victim and the

With that, Gumshoe has a talk about the files, and no, he really doesn't have 
a life, seriously, cleaning an office. Now, we need to start connecting the
logic together, so we can get new clues as to what is going on. What you
should do is connect Victim Was a Detective with the Revolver. With this,
Gumshoe will check the victim one more time for a gun. And what do you know, 
the Detective has a gun holster, but not gun.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Victim's Revolver
  -> It can be assumed that this gun is the murder weapon. It was issued 
     to the victim.

Gumshoe will insist that you will need to investigate the evidence more
carefully, so examine the revolver of the gun, where the rounds are stored.
With this, you will find that one a single bullet was expended, well, shot.
That is quite interesting. With this, Prosecutor Jacques Portsman. Well,
because Gumshoe is the only one with the key, he will blame Gumshoe for the
murder of his friend Jim, well Buddy Faith. 

Well, with his introduction, he will summon over the Forsenics guy, so 
at this point, you can move over to examine the jacket that the intruder
nearly shot down. With this, there is a CONTRADICTION!!!!! Well, the jacket
presents a contradiction with the evidence at hand. 

Now, you need to point to the spot that contains the contradiction. That is
the bullethole on the frame. Now, the evidence that contradicts it? The 
revolver. That revolver only fired a single bullet, yet at least two bullets
were fired, one to kill the victim, another to shoot down the frame. Eureka.
The contradiction is uncovered.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Another Handgun
  -> Other than the victim's gun that I found, could there be another gun in
     play here?

With this, Gumshoe will notice that there is a secret safe behind the 
famed jacket. Oh no, there isn't any money in there, well that is all Gumshoe
cares about anyway, seeing that he has no money anyway. 

 - New Evidence Received -

 Secret Safe
  -> Each prosecutor has one in their office. Only they know of them. Trial
     evidence use.

Now, it is time to examine the safe. The only thing that is interesting is
the keypad. See that all of it is dusty, except the keypad. Examine it. The
forensics officer will note that the keypad is wiped clean. That is strange

 - New Logic Received - 

 Wiped Fingerprints
  -> All of the fingerprints on this have been wiped clean off. 

With this, Edgeworth will note that you have gathered all the evidence that
you can, now, you need to use your Logic in order to solve all the problems
that you have. The first tihng is to link the Killer's Goal with the Wiped
Fingerprints. It seems that if the killer was after something, it would be
something in the same

 - New Logic Received - 

 Motive: Theft (?)
  -> The culprit tried to open my safe. Was the killer's motive theft?

With this new piece of logic, link it immediately with Signs of a Struggle.
It fits together, the files weren't on the floor on purpose, they were there
because the intruder was looking for something. With that, Gumshoe will put
the files back to normal, so lets have a look at the real crime scene.

Gumshoe does a good job, well, something he is good at, but there is 
something wrong with this picture. From where the victim would have been
to be been shot, point out the folder with the bullethole in it. That is 
the problem. It contradicts with the Crime Scene Notes that you have on

Now, the faulty assumption. It isn't the position of the body or the 
handprints that is the issue, it is the order of the files. If the
files were rearranged in the proper 0 to 3 numbering, it will be a proper
crime scene. With this, that means that the files has been rearranged 
twice, once before and after the murder. That isn't right, and it seems

 - New Logic Received - 

 Files in Disarray
  -> The culprit re-arranged my files twice, once before and once after the
     murder. Why?

With this, you need to start looking for another problem. The binders to
the bottom right hand side corner of the screen, the one with blood on 
them. Oh dear, it seems to spell out Gumshoe on it. It also seems that a
binder is missing from the collection.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Stolen File
  -> One of the files that were written upon in blood was stolen by the 

With this last piece of evidence, this part of the investigation is 

[2.02] Day One - Questioning, Part 1

Portsman will now argue that Gumshoe is the killer. Well, from the cutscene
in the beginning, we all know who the real killer is. Anyway, lets hear his
argument. This is very similar to Cross Examination in the Phoenix Wright
games, basically, the opposing side will present an argument and you will
need to use your evidence to debunk him.

There are two ways to continue forwards in an argument. You can either 
present evidence that you have that contradicts what the other party has
said, or you can press them for more information, that either incriminates
themself or presents more information that you can use. 

Now, lets hear Portsman's argument. 

 - Mr. Portsman's Logic - 

 - Detective Gumshoe. You stole Jim's gun from him and shot him dead.

 - Further, you messed up the files to make it look like you had committed
   theft instead. 

 - That's when you moved Jim's body that was sitting in front of the 

 - But thanks to that, you didn't notice the bloody letters his body was

 - And it will be by his final words that you will be brought to justice.

Well, it is obvious where the contradiction is. At his fourth point, present
the Stolen File as evidence. If Gumshoe stole the file, how would he not
notice the nice blood stain on the folder? As clueless as he is, he isn't
all that thick. Of course, Portsman would say that it could have been stolen
before the murder, but that is unlikely, because there would have been a 
problem writing out Gumshoe's name. And with that, HEADSHOT. But he doesn't
seem flustered.

However, it turns out that Gumshoe isn't the only person with access to the
room, the security guard has the Master Key for the room. And look who turns
up, Maggey Byrde. She does seem to have a lot of bad luck around her, how
many times did Phoenix save her? Twice? Portsman will now say that she was
the one who committed the crime. That guy just wants to find someone to blame.
Well, time to cross-examine again.

 - Reasons for Suspicion - 

 - It's pretty obvious that Ms. Byrde snuck into your room using the master

 - I mean, if Detective Gumshoe isn't the one who opened the door...

 - ... then that leaves only Ms. Byrde as our prime suspect. 

 - On top of which, she knows our good detective, doesn't she?

 - Making it all the more probable that she was the one who faked the dying

Well, there isn't a contradiction in this statement yet, so you will need
to press for more information. It will also add new evidence into your

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Master Key
  -> This can open every office door. Its use is controlled by security staff.

Anyway, lets start pressing for information. With your Rebuttal, start by 
pressing the first statement. He seems eager to say Maggey opened that 
door, but where is his proof besides the master key? Hmmm, you will want to
hear the more details, where she says that the key went missing at about 1AM. 
Anyway, with this, Portsman will give a new line of argument, which is 
exactly what you need.

 - Her intent? From the messed-up shelves to the wiped-down safe, I'd say

Is there a problem here? Yes, the problem is the safe. How can a security
guard know about a safe that only the prosecutors know about? That doesn't
seem right, so present it. Again, another HEADSHOT. Portsman brings up the
point that it is possible that a prosecutor is the murderer. Interesting

Now Portsman will say that Jim was a thief, since he knew about the secret
safe, and that Maggey shot him in self-defence. With this crappy conclusion,
he kicks you out of HIS crime scene, and into the Hallway. Lets make short
work of this. 

                                                              To be continued.

[2.03] Day One - Investigation, Part 2

* Date - March 14, 4:18 AM         *
*                                  *
* Location - Prosecutor's Building *
*            12th Floor Hallway    *

Well, you've been kicked out of your own office. How sad. Well, with you,
Gumshoe and Maggey in the hallway, time to start your investigation.


 Prosecutor's Building
 12th Flooor Hallway

Anyway, lets start by talking to Maggey. She is important to this case, 
despite her horrendiously bad luck. What you want to do is to present the 
Master Key to her. She will say that the key was missing between 1AM and 2:30
AM. So, that's a new piece of logic for you.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Master Key was Stolen
  -> This key went missing from approximately 1 AM until 2:30 AM

She will also mention that she used her master key. What for? It turns
out she used it to open the door for a prosecutor. A certain prosecutor. 
Portsman. This is getting interesting. Ask her about that, and she mentions
that she used the master key between 12 AM and 1:30 AM for the prosecutor.

 - New Logic Received -

 Used the Master Key
  -> This key was used to unlock and lock Portsman's office at 12 AM and 
     1:30 AM

Now there is a problem. Do you see the problem? How can the key have been
used between 1 to 1:30 AM when it went missing after 1 AM? Use your logic
to connect this problem. Maggey will mention that she didn't actually lock
Portsman's door, because she lacked the master key. Well, that gives you
a new piece of evidence.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Mr. Portsman's Office
  -> Ms. Byrde unlocked the door, but the master key was stolen, so she 
     could not lock it up.

Now, we are done with her, so head over to the couch and examine it. What
is that under the right corner of the couch. It's the Stolen File. It seems
to have a few pages missing from it. 

 - Evidence Updated -

 Stolen 0-Series File
  -> Pages pertaining to a case tried 10 years ago by my predecessor are

Now, head over to Portsman's Door, looking at Winston Payne as he
stands there. What is he doing so early in the morning, losing another
trial to a "rookie"? Now, you need to point out a contradiction here. 
The doorknob will contradict with the door you have in evidence, Maggey
said she didn't lock the door, so it should be unlocked, but it isn't. 

Now, you need to examine on little thing that will lead you to the 
answer. Examine the doorknob, you can use it to lift prints, and if 
Maggey indeed open the door, her prints should be on it. But they aren't,
so present her when prompted to say whose prints are missing. 

 - Evidence Updated - 

 Mr. Portsman Door
  -> Ms. Bryde says she unlocked this door, but her prints were not
     found on the doorknob.

Well, with this, Edgeworth will decide to look at the base of the door.
First things first, examine that note that is sticking out from under the
door. It appears to be a note left from the victim to Portsman, so you
have that added to evidence.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Note Left by Victim
  -> Found under the door, for the absent Portsman. Touch the Check 
     button for details.

  -> I brought the 3 pieces of evidence by, just like we talked about on the
     phone, but it looks like you're out. Guess I'll catch up to you later.


Well, this is interesting, but there are still more clues that you need to
gather. Select the basketball hoop. The position of the hoop is a little
off, so that will also be added to your evidence, it seems useless doesn't

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Basketball Hoop
  -> It's sitting in front of Portsman's office. There are signs that it's 
     been moved.

Now, the next thing that you need to inspect, your own office door. Examine
the doorknob, and the forsenics officer will point out that there are no
prints on the door, they've been wiped clean. Interesting. Now, we need to
confront Portsman. Investigation Over. 

[2.04] Day One - Questioning, Part 2

* Date - March 14, 5:12 AM            *
*                                     *
* Location - High Prosecutor's Office *
*            Room 1202                *

Walk in and Gumshoe gets hit with a binder. Great start. Portsman talks the
talk, but can he walk the walk? No, he can't. 

 - Mr. Portsman's Rebuttal - 

 - I have no idea what sort of hair-brained idea you have in mind, but ...

 - ... there's a mountain of evidence that points away from me being the

 - Besides, how, may I ask, do you propose I unlocked your door and got in

 - Look, I feel bad doing this to you, but I've got work to do, so we're 
   done here.

Now, what is the problem with this testimony? How did he get in. Present the
Master Key at the third statement. That is the easiest way to shut him up,
and we get a cool Edgeworth OBJECTION!

He didn't lay a finger on the key, and he is correct, Maggey is the one who
used the key, so present her at the person who used it. Now, Edgeworth will
accuse him of tricking Maggey into opening his door instead, by changing the
number plate of the door, and what else. Present the Basketball Hoop here, it
is obvious because it has shown signs that it has been moved.

Now, he will shrug that off as baseless conjecture. Sure, he is in a tight
spot and he's running for the hills. Nice try. Not nice enough though.

 - Conjecture's Rebuttal - 

 - Now you're just spouting nonsense

 - I had the girl open my office door.

 - After that, I was in my room the entire time.

 - You don't have a single reason to suspect me.

He doesn't make it hard for you. If he had the girl open is office door, 
where are her finger prints on the door? They aren't there, so present Mr.
Portsman's Door at this point. This should shut him up a little. Another 
HEADSHOT for Edgeworth. Man, this guy must have a real flexible back. 

He claims that he was in the room for the entire time, but we have evidence
that he is lying. Present the Note Left by Victim here. Ha, another HEADSHOT
to Edgeworth, this guy really does have a good back. With that chatter, he
finds something funny. He will wriggle out of this by saying that he 
regularly cleans the prints off the door, and that the note could have been
left in the evening, whilst he wasn't there. Interesting. 

Now, he will mention that he has an airtight alibi. Oh boy, this doesn't
sound good.

 - Portsman's Alibi - 

 - If memory serves, you came back to this office at around 2 AM, correct?

 - And it was then that you had that unfortunate confrontation at gunpoint 
   with the culprit.

 - But at exactly that time, I was down in Criminal Affairs!

 - As around. I'm sure the other detectives will coorborate my story. It's 
   the perfect alibi!

Off goes Gumshoe and it does seem to hold up. We cannot fail at this point
in time. Press all the statements, and there isn't any problems with it, 
this isn't good, we can't let him slide now. We are so close. Now, we need
to use some logic to solve this case.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Mr. Portsman's Alibi
  -> The intruder I met could not have been Portsman. Then who could it have

Now, logic time. Now, match Portsman's Alibi with the another Handgun logic
piece. If it isn't Portsman who is the intruder who faced Edgeworth, then
that makes sense with the theory of the two guns, Portsman is one, and the
other intruder is the other. Therefore, there has to have been another

 - New Logic Received -

 Another Visitor
  -> Maybe the victim and his killer weren't the only visitors to my office

Now, join this with the Files in Disarray piece, and it will all fit. Why
where the files rearranged twice? Because there were two seperate intruders.
That makes sense. With this, Edgeworth seems to have Portsman in a hole, a
deep one. Well, he isn't dead just yet, he doesn't want to give up. Too bad,
lets nail it shut. 

 - Portsman's Alibi, Part 2 - 

 - That thief you ran into should be your real suspect, wouldn't you say?

 - We should be out there looking for that thief right now. They might 
   still be nearby.

 - I hate to repeat myself, but as I've already said, I was training in my

 - And when Jim came to deliver some evidence to me, I was down at Criminal

 - So I can't be expected to know what happened around here after I left.

Hmm, he is lying, but where? I suggest you press the fourth argument. He
mentions that Jim brought over two pieces of evidence, a gun and a pendant.
Something is not right, so we get this new piece of information.

 - He brought me two items, a gun and a pendant, that are related to 
   yesterday's case.

Finally, we have that breakthrough. He made the crack, because he said two
items, but what did Buddy's note say? It said that there were THREE pieces
of evidence, therefore, Portsman is lying through his teeth here, so lets
finish him off. Heh, Edgeworth knows the You Fail line well. 

Now, with Gumshoe to pat him down from head to toe, there is no where for
Portsman to run. And what does Gumshoe find? A video. Examine the video. It
is related to the KG-8 case, according to the label, but that isn't 
important. Look on the other side, the bottom side, of this tape. See that
blood there. I guess that isn't meant to be here, so point it out. 

That blood belongs to Detective Faith. Anyway, watch him chew that gold
medal of his into golden dust, and then shallow it. Well, he is doomed 

* Date - March 14, 5:47 AM            *
*                                     *
* Location - High Prosecutor's Office *
*           Room 1202                 *

Portsman's has been arrested, and rightfully so. And now we have finished
our first case, but a problem remains, who was that thief? We still need
to know what is the significance of the Stolen 0 Series Folder that went
missing, so present it to Gumshoe, whilst he points out that Portsman was
corrupt, doing anything for a guilty verdict. Sounds alike a few 
prosecutors that Phoenix Wright have demolished. 

The only clue we have to the robbery is the 3 legged raven, the sign of
the Great Thief, Yatagarasu. Apparently, this person steals evidence from
corrupt groups, and then leaks the corruption to the mass media, to bring
his own form of justice. Then why steal 10 year old case files? Well, that
is a mystery for another time. 

                                                                       THE END

[3.01] Day One - Questioning, Part 1

* Date - March 12, 6:13 AM             *
*                                      *
* Location - Flight I-390, First Floor *
*            Lounge                    *

Well, we start off on board an aircraft, and it seems Edgeworth is the
prime suspect in this murder case. A victim is found dead inside the elevator,
and the flight attendent promptly blames Edgeworth for the murder. Well,
to be fair, Edgeworth didn't have time to flee because the turbulence felt
like an earthquake. Well, we need to prove him innocent. 

* Date - March 12, 6:41 AM              *
*                                       *
* Location - Flight I-390, Second Floor *
*            First Class                *

Well, Edgeworth is now restrained in his seat, well, because, he is the
prime suspect in this case. Well, we need to review what evidence we have
for this case.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Travel Wallet
  -> Picked up off the floor in front of the elevator. It isn't mine, so 
     whose is it...?

 Crime Scene Notes
  -> Body found at 6:15 AM inside the elevator stopped at the first floor

 Sky Magazine
  -> Details meals, movies, and other services inside. Touch the Check 
     Buttom for details.

The flight attendent identifies herself as Rhoda Teneiro, and she tells the
whole plane that you're a murderer. Great. Oh dear, she says that she has
some incriminating evidence that you are the killer. This doesn't sound good,
and we've only just started. Where is the Phoenix sweat?

Now, Edgeworth well, pleads that he gets a chance to clear his name. Time
to start the questioning. 

 - What Ms. Teneiro Saw - 

 - I swear to tell the whole truth as a professional flight attendant. 

 - Unfortunately for you, Mr. Edgeworth, I am certain you are the killer.

 - The scene I saw in front of the elevator...

 - ... it was you, standing there, with fresh blood dripping off of the 
   murder weapon.

 - So, if you would please cooperate, we'll turn you over just as soon as
   we land.

Okay, we know for a fact that we don't have a murder weapon, what she must
have saw was Edgeworth picking up that Travel Wallet. So you will need to 
present that at the fourth statement. Also, it isn't blood, it is mere grape
juice, so to say that you are guilty of carrying the murder weapon is a bit
of a stretch. 

And well, we get a Hold It! What is this, a flight attendant turning into a
prosecutor? Well, she says that the wallet could carry something heavy. Yeah,
I really doubt that. Anyway, examine the wallet, and open the wallet to find,
well, a passport. But the problem is, it belongs to the victim. Oh, this is
going to be hard to explain away. 

 - Evidence Updated - 

 Mr. Hicks's Travel Wallet
  -> Picked up off the floor in front of the elevator. There is but a 
     passport inside. 

With this, she accuses you of stealing the wallet, as if a prosecutor needs
another passport. Anyway, she will accuse you again, well, this is a lot of
fun, isn't it?

 - What Ms. Teneiro Saw, Part 2 -

 - As you claimed, the murder weapon is not the travel wallet...

 - ... however, it IS something you stole from Mr. Hicks after you were done
   with the vile deed.

 - I find it hard to believe myself, but your motive was very simple...

 - You were out to steal Mr. Hick's money, weren't you?

So, you were to steal the wallet of the victim for the money. And she is so
damn cheerful about it. Well, it's teach her something, we have evidence that
this isn't the case. At the last statement, present the Crime Scene Notes. 
Why? Because if you look at the photo, what is surrounding the victim? That's
right, money and credit cards. If you were out for the money, then why would
you ignore all the money right there? Present it and then point to the ample
money strewn out on the floor of the elevator. 

Well, it seems that you are off the hook. But some loud-mouth, speaking in 
Borginian, is interrupting. This guy is a complete pain in the ass, he accuses
you of this and that, then claims that he has no time. Well, if I were the
killer, he'd be my first target. 

Lablanc, the loudmouth, claims that he saw the victim, Hicks, enter the 
elevator at 6 o'clock. That means that the victim was murdered between the
hours of 6 AM and 6:15 AM. That is a short period of time. With that, Edgey
will mention that he will need to investigate the crime scene in order to
clear his name. Teneiro will talk to the captain, who gives his approval,
so we can start an investigation. Teneiro will now Partner with Edgeworth
to supervise him.

[3.02] Day One - Investigation, Part 1

* Date - March 12, 7:26 AM             *
*                                      *
* Location - Flight I-390, First Floor *
*            Lounge                    *

Well, it is time we start to investigate the crime scene, and time to clear
our name, because we aren't the killer, Edgeworth has better things to do,
like cower during the turbulence. Well, Teneiro will mention that the killer
is still on board the plane, no passenger left the plane or can move around
without staff access.


 First Floor Lounge

Okay, first things first, we need to investigate the crime scene, where the
body. is. First, Edgeworth will point out that there is a supposed 15 minute
timeframe in which the killer killed the victim, and Edgeworth is the prime
suspect, but he didn't do it. 

 - New Logic Received - 

 Where Was the Killer?
  -> What clues point to where the killer could have been?

Anyway, lets investigate the elevator where our poor victim is in. First,
Teneiro mentiosn that the elevator can only go between the first and second

 - New Logic Received - 

  -> The victim's body was found inside the elevator that connects 1F with

Now, examine the piggy bank that is next to the victim's hand. It appears to 
be a piggy bank of the company mascot, Mr. Ifly. That is a hideous piggy
bank, but anyway. It can be purchased from the flight store next door. There
also appears to be blood on the piggy bank. That leads to a new piece of

 - New Logic Received - 

 Murder Weapon: Mr. Ifly
  -> The blood on it is still fresh ... Could this be the murder weapon?

Now, we can examine other things. Exmaine the little piece of paper that 
seems to be slipping out of his pocket. It appears to be a picture of the
victim at a tourist trap. 

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Photo of Mr. Hicks
  -> Found in the victim's pocket. A sourvenir picture, perhaps?

With this new piece of evidence, we can deduce that something is wrong 
with the crime scene. You see the lanyard, or the neck chain around his
neck? It seems that something is missing from it. Using the photo we just
stole, there is a glaring contradiction, or problem. His cell phone is
missing. With this, it will be added to your Organiser.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Missing Cell Phone
  -> The victim supposedly had one, but it has gone missing. Did the killer
     take it?

With this added, examine the body to receive more information about the body
and what has happened. 

 - New Logic Received - 

 Blunt Force Trauma
  -> Wound on the back of Hicks's head suggests blunt force trauma, but what
     caused it?

 Broken Glasses
  -> The victim's glasses are broken. Were they broken during his murder?

That is all we will get from that crime scene. Now, examine the mess, the
supposed blood scene, in front of the elevator. There is an issue with the
scene. And when you need to point it out, what is it? That is simple, why
are there footprints leading off to the flight store? Present that as the
important piece of evidence. 

 - New Logic Received - 

 Spilled Grape Juice
  -> There is some spilled grape juice on the floor in front of the elevator.

Well, there is nothing else of interest on this floor, but we have a lot of
information that needs to be connected using Logic. First, the obvious, 
connect Blunt Force Trauma with the Murder Weapon: Mr. Ifly piece. This will
add a new piece of evidence to your organiser, and also pointing out that
there are plenty of Captain Obvious' in the world.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Mr. Ifly Piggy Bank
  -> Usually on display at the in-flight shop. Found at the crime scene with
     blood on it.

We aren't done with the logic just yet, you can connect Where Was the Killer
with Elevator. The killer could have easily hid in the elevator to finish off
Mr. Hicks, so that seems obvious. This will present a nice piece of logic to
play with.

 - New Logic Received - 

 In the Elevator with Hicks?
  -> If only I could prove that the killer rode in the elevator with Hicks...

With this new piece of evidence, connect it with the Spilled Grape Juice.
There had to be someone else, otherwise, how could there have been footprints
leading off into the flight store. Dead victims don't suddenly start walking
by themselves. This also leads to new evidence. 

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Grape Juice Footprints
  -> Split during the turbulence. Looks like footprints and something being

And with all this done, we have completed our investigation. It seems like
our friend Lablanc is interrupting again. I seriously hate that guy, a real
pain in the neck. Complaing about this and that, time to shove this guy and
tear him a new one. 

[3.03] Day One - Questioning, Part 2

Lablanc is here again, causing trouble. He doesn't believe that you can
prove yourself innocent of any crime. Well, he better start point that 
"handgun" at someone else, preferably himself, because all he is doing is 
shooting himself in the foot.

 - What I Saw - 

 - I am certain I saw Mr. Hicks enter that elevator!

 - It was when the needles on my pocket watch pointed to the 6 and the 12!

 - The body was discovered 15 minutes after that in the lounge, yes?

 - Then you, the only person in the lounge at the time, must be the

Well, his testimony doesn't leave a lot of room to play around with, so we
need to press his statements. We need to press the first statement, and he
will keep saying that he is sure that no one entered the elevator, or was in
the elevator, when Hicks entered. With this, it seems too good a piece of
information to leave out.

 - The only person inside was that Mr. Hicks man!

Now we have him. If he was the only person inside that elevator, how on
earth does that explain the extra set of footprints outside the elevator, in
the grape juice stain? That doesn't make sense because it wasn't Edgeworth
who stepped in it, he didn't enter the store. Present the Grape Juice 
Footprints now. 

Because of this, we can't really believe what he says, so Edgeworth will
tell him to testify once more, so we can get a little bit more useful
information out of him.

 - What I Saw, Part 2 - 

 - I was very upset when Mr. Hicks passed by my seat.

 - I was always checking the time, over and over again.

 - I happened to follow that man with my eyes when he passed me.

 - And I saw clearing into the elevator he was entering.

 - But, I swear there was no one else inside. No one!

Well, there isn't any room to contradict what he just said. Press the second
statement, why on earth was he constantly checking the time, over and over
again. That doesn't seem right. Apparently, he was waiting for a particular
movie, and he couldn't miss it. So he set his pocket watch to the destination
time so he didn't miss the movie. This seems to warrant a new line of 

 - The movie I wanted to see would not start, so I check my pocket watch 
   many times.

Press this new statement straight away. He says that it was late, but Teneiro
will say that the movie started on time. That is a contradiction if there 
ever was one. That leads to a new piece of testimony that will be what you are
looking for. 

 - My watch is set to my destination's time. I always set it when I board
   the plane.

Now, this will be a problem. The Sky Magazine will mention that the movies 
always start at the DEPARTURE time, not the DESTINATION time. So present that
magazine to solve this little issue up on that statement. Because of the
time difference, it would appear that there is an issue, it would be nine 
hours ahead, in accordance to the time zone, so with a 12 hour pocket watch,
3 hours slow. That means, Lablanc saw the victim enter the elevator at 3 AM,
which leaves a 195 minute gap. That's pretty long. 

Well, the sleepy flight attendant, Cammy Meele, will start to speak. She 
will mention that she saw the victim in his seat at 5 AM, still that is a 
glaring gap of 1 hour and 15 minutes unaccounted for. With this information
about the refueling and the testimony of Cammy Meele, we have two new pieces
of evidence.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Refueling in Zheng Fa
  -> Made a brief stop from 4 AM to 5 AM to transfer cargo and refuel at 
     transfer point.

 Ms. Meele's Testimony
  -> "Mr Akbey Hicks was there in his seat when we took off again at 5 AM."

Again, this presents an issue for Edgeworth, he was in the lounge all that
time since 5 AM, which again, puts suspicion on him. Lablanc, the stupid
interrupting man, will say that you killed the man in the lounge. That leds
to a slight problem, there could have been another crime scene. 

Present the Grape Juice Footprints at this point. The footsteps point to
the flight store as a possible scene in which the murder could have taken
place. However, there is more evidence that points there. Present the Mr.
Ifly Piggy Bank, it could only be purchased from the flight store, again,
pointing it to that location. 

With this, Teneiro backs up the statement, but says that the piggy bank was
in the store at 5:40 AM, limiting the time frame of the murder, but that
puts the suspicion on her. We need to investigate the store. However, it 
seems that Ms. Teneiro didn't ask the Captain for permission, so Cammy will
escort you into the store. Time to start investigating again. 

[3.04] Day One - Investigation, Part 2

* Date - March 12, 8:32 AM             *
*                                      *
* Location - Flight I-390, First Floor *
*            In-Flight Shop            *

Well, the store is a mess, but we need to start investigating the store for
more clues on what the hell went on here. We are no closer to finding the
murderer, but at least we have cleared Edgeworth's name, for now anyway. Now,
we start off investigating, and it seems that this Cammy Meele is as lazy as
well, anything.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Murder Weapon: Mr. Ifly
  -> The blood on it is still fresh ... Could this be the murder weapon?


 In-Flight Shop

Well, first things first. Examine the broken display that is there. You will
find something interesting, a tiny captain's hat. What on earth could that
be for?

 - New Logic Received - 

 Tiny Captain's Hat
  -> It's a tiny captain's hat...? Hmm ... I swear I've seen one of these

Now, examine those, well, interesting suitcases next to Cammy. Well, after
a poor sales pitch, one of the suitcases trys to mow down Edgeworth, and
watch Edgey boy run! Anyway, a new piece of information has been entered 
into the log.

 - New Logic Received - 

 -> Plane's shaking caused it to roll. In -flight suitcase displays can be

That is all the clues we can get for now, so we need to use logic to get 
new leads. For now, you can connect the Murder Weapon: Mr. Ifly, with the
Tiny Captain's Hat. It seems like an odd choice, but it one that works. It
does make a cute, albeit strange looking piggy bank, but it will give a 
new piece of updated evidence.

 - Evidence Updated - 

 Mr. Ifly Piggy Bank
  -> Found at the crime scene. Culprit must've shattered the display case
     to take it. 

Edgeworth will mention that the display case will need further investigation
because of the piggy bank. Right now, there is a problem with the display
case. If the culprit broke down the display in order to get the piggy bank,
they would have smashed the glass from the outside, yet there are no pieces
of glass in there. So, deduce that the broken glass contradicts the piggy
bank. Therefore, Edgeworth deduces that the turbulence of the plane broke
the piggy bank free of the glass.

 - New Logic Received - 

  -> The plane shook so much during it that it made a huge mess of the shop.

 - Evidence Updated - 

 Mr. Ifly Piggy Bank
  -> This was taken out of its display case in the in-flight shop after the

Again, because of the broken glass, suspicion falls back on Ms. Rhoda, 
because she is the only one with access to the keys, and as such, she could
easily open the display case without breaking the glass. Now, we need to use
logic again, this time, connecting Suitcase with Turbulence, because well,
the turbulence would be able to shake the suitcases around, causing damage.

Now, because of this connection, Edgeworth will want to point out that
something is really odd with the suitcase. The suitcase on the left is the
one you need to examine. Look at the wheels, the one on the right has a 
stopper to stop it rolling, but the one of the left doesn't. Point that out.

Time to inspect the suitcase. The bottom wheel will have a stain, but that
is just grape juice. Could that be connected to the footprints? What you
will want to examine is the handle. What is inside the suitcase. A piece
of cloth, soaked in blood. This is going to be interesting. The suitcase,
therefore, it tied to the murder because of this. 

Your investigation will be complete, but that isn't all. The suitcase is
big enough to transport large items, and given that there is a bloody cloth
inside, it is safe to say that it could transport Hick's body. Present
the Crime Scene Notes when prompted as to what it could transport. With
this, you get new evidence. 

 - New Evidence Received - 

 iFly Suitcase
  -> This was used to transport the body. It was designed by Ms. Rhoda

 Bloody Cloth
  -> Found inside the suitcase, its beautiful pattern has been soiled by 

With this evidence, it is possible that the crime scene is not the 
elevator, since the murderer transported the body in the suitcase. So we
have another crime scene on our hands. Then Ms Teneiro enters, saying
that she did the best she could, but the Captain has decided that it is
time to call off this investigation. However, Ms Teneiro seems to be 
drawing a lot of suspicion. 

                                                              To be continued.

[3.05] Day One, Part 2 - Questioning, Part 1

* Date - March 12, 1:00 PM, Local Time *
*                                      *
* Location - Hope Springs Airport      *

After a little thought, a familiar piece of music plays again, and in comes
the person associated with that music, Ms. Franziska von Karma, and her 
friend, the Whip. For those who aren't knowledgeable of her, she is the
daughter of Edgeworth's mentor, Manfred von Karma, which Phoenix Wright
utterly destroyed.

And her first act? Place Edgeworth under arrest. Great. And Edgeworth, after
suffering and devouring a meal of whip leather, will be paired up with
Gumshoe, again. That is, after Gumshoe gets a meal with whip leather, after
all, with all those instant noodles, he might like the change in cuisine. 
Talk to him, and complete the questions to partner up. Lets go explore what
is in that plane. 

For those who played the first Phoenix Wright game, there are two cameos
here. Sitting in the blue is Sal Manella, who is created Steel Samurai, and
the lady selling the lunches, well, she is selling the lunches made by
Angel Starr, who was also in the first game. Anyway, lets go to the plane. 

* Date - March 12, 1:37 PM, Local Time  *
*                                       *
* Location - Flight I-390, Second Floor *
*            First Class                *

Well, we know who the Captain is now, he doesn't seem very, well, 
professional, having relations with the flight attendant, isn't that well,
a conflict of interest and airline safety? And well, before we enter the
lounge, whip leather. WHIP!

* Date - March 12, 1:40 PM, Local Time *
*                                      *
* Location - Flight I-390, First Floor *
*            Lounge                    *

Enter the Lounge to see that Lablanc wants you to help him say that he isn't
the criminal. Well, why should I help the person who kept accusing me of
being a murderer. What comes around goes around. Hmmm, well, there is really
nothing we can do except to talk to Lablanc.

He seems displeased that the police have kept a hold on his art cargo. But, 
as Edgeworth will point out, the hat that Lablanc has seems very similar
to the cloth that is in your organiser, so present the Bloody Cloth to him
to see what he says. He recognises this of course, that is interesting.

 - Evidence Updated -

 Borginian Cloth
  -> World-famous export of Borginia, its beautiful pattern has been soiled
     by blood.

He will keep demanding that his cargo be moved, and mention that Ms. Teneiro
seems to be still be in the flight attendant's room. With this, he will 
mention that their interview has been on for a while, what is taking so long.
Oh dear, Franziska seems to have walked in. And she isn't pleased. Well,
it is time for an argument. Time to bring out the sweet evidence. 

 - Franziska's Logic - 

 - Let's not complicate things and go with the most obvious conclusion.

 - The scene of the crime was here, in the very lounge the body was 

 - From the time the victim was seen calling for an attendant until his body
   was found...

 - ... the only person in this lounge the entire time was you, Miles

 - This, unmistakably, makes you the likeliest suspect. 

Hmmm, kindless from Franziska, that is strange and disturbing indeed. Now,
this is interesting, because she doesn't know all the details. This makes
it easy for you to find a weak point in her logic. The second statement is
the one that is the problem. We already established that the scene of the
crime is not in the elevator because of the footprints and the suitcase. So,
present the suitcase on the second statement. 

Now, she will object, saying that you only found the bloody cloth in it and
that there is no proof that it has been moved. However, you have evidence
to say otherwise. The Grape Juice Footprints evidence shows that there were
footsteps and SOMETHING BEING DRAGGED, and that's your escape, so present
that when prompted. Then, point out the obvious drag marks that are there,
as plain as day. However, you aren't saved yet, it still doesn't prove you
aren't the killer.

 - Franziska's Logic, Part 2 - 

 - You prepared yourself and acquired the piggy bank before the plane hit
   that trubulence.

 - And then, you waited for the victim in the lounge, where you beat him
   to death.

 - Then, while you were in the elevator with the victim's body stuffed into
   the suitcase...

 - ... the plane hit that patch of turbulence, and out flet the body from 
   within the suitcase!

 - With no way out, yuo hastily put the suitcase back where you had taken
   it from...

 - ... and pretended to be the "discoverer" of the body.

Okay, she is making this up on the fly, that's for sure, because there is
a big gaping hole in her logic. The first statement is the most obvious 
choice. She says that you prepared yourself with the piggy bank before the
turbulence, but we have already discovered that because of the glass, the
piggy bank was taken AFTER the turbulence, so present that on the first

Edgeworth will theorise what the killer did. After leaving the body in the
elevator, they moved the suitcase back to the rightful position, back at
the store, then took up the piggy bank from the floor, where it had landed. 
Then, the killer fabricated evidence by placing the piggy bank next to the
body, covered in blood. Then, they took the travel passport from the victim
and planted it on Edgeworth, whilst he was unconscious. As such, Edgeworth
will be framed. That does make sense. 

Now, where is the murder weapon? Because the cloth was found in the suitcase,
it means that the killer didn't have time to prepare a proper secure location
for hiding the evidence. So the murder weapon could be either on the person
or at the real crime scene. 

But Franziska will have a different view. The piggy bank could be the real 
murder weapon if it was stolen before turbulence, provided that they had the
key. That means, Ms. Teneiro was the murderer. Also, she tricked the captain
into letting Edgeworth investigate the murder scene. 

With this, Franziska will give you permission to talk to Rhoda, and attempt
to get to the bottom of this. That is, if you let her join you whilst you 
are questioning her, no problem there. Lets head into the flight attendant

* Date - March 12, 2:23 PM             *
*                                      *
* Location - Flight I-390, First Floor *
*            Flight Attendants' Room   *

Now, we get to finally question Ms. Teneiro about what the hell is going
on in this case. Talk to her straight away. She lied about the Captain 
giving permission because he only cares about Ms. Meele, which seems to be
true as Franziska confirms it. She also wanted to make up for the fact that
she accused Edgeworth of being a murderer. You know, this isn't the first

When you ask her about the shop, she claims that she has no other reason
to check up on the store besides just making sure it is ok. This is the
time you present the Suitcase for her. Remember what Cammy said, she did 
design the suitcase. What she does say is extremely interesting and very
important. She says that they were selling well, and there was only one
left. That's a problem. There are two suitcases at the scene. 

Talk to her about that, and she is definite that the suitcase there was
the last one. And Edgeworth, always the gentleman, tells her that her
suitcases are hideous. Ouch. But that's beside the point. The problem is
that there was only one suitcase left when Rhoda left the store, but 
there are two there now. How the hell are we going to solve this?

Now, Edgeworth will spy that there is a suitcase in the room, and Ms.
Teneiro says that is hers. However, he doesn't believe it, because there
is a problem with it being with her for a long time. The problem? There
is still a price tag, next to the fire extinguishers, and well, if you
have used it for a long time, why is there still a price tag?

So, Edgeworth will deduce that the suitcase was originally in the store
because they weren't selling well in actuality and that the person who
bought the suitcase was Rhoda Teneiro herself. So she bought it because
no one else was. With this, she has the receipt for the purchase, and it
is a piece of evidence now.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Suitcase Receipt
  -> Bought at the in-flight shop and left in attendants' room. The
     timestamp says 5:40 AM.

Well, purchasing a suitcase isn't a crime. She also states that the rest
of the suitcases should be down in the cargo hold of the plane. However,
there are only two ways to get to the cargo hold, from the flight 
attendant's room and from the elevator, but both require staff access. And
if someone stole a suitcase from the cargo hold to stuff the body, they need
access, staff access.

What is interesting is that Franziska will interject, saying that the
keycard for the elevator is different to the one that is used to get to the
cargo hold via the attendants room. And the only person with that access is
Ms. Teneiro. She kept the keycard in her locker, but wouldn't you know it,
it is missing. That was ... expected. 

Well, now she will be arrested for the crime. It truly isn't her fault that
it was stolen. Was it? Anyway, Franziska will go to investigate the cargo
hold, and so does Edgeworth. 

Time to save, and finish this case off. 

                                                              To be continued.

[3.06] Day One, Part 3 - Investigation, Part 1

* Date - March 12, 2:52 PM            *
*                                     *
* Location - Flight I-390, Lower Deck *
*            Cargo Hold               *

Well, we're at the cargo hold now. And it is indeed a big cargo hold. Well,
there is a high probability that this is the real scene of the crime. So
lets start the investigation.


 Lower Deck Cargo Hold

First, there is something that has been tearing at my head, why did 
Franziska arrive at the airport so early? It turns out, when you ask her, that
she is investigating a big organisation, so she arrived at the airport as an
Interpol liaison. This must be important as it is added as information.

 - New Logic Received -

  -> Franziska came to this airport as an Interpol liasion. 

Well, she keeps wagging her finger and says it's top secret. Moving on, move
down to the suitcase, the open one, and it is mentioned that it is the 
victim's suitcase. Nothing is out of the ordinary, except for the file that
is there, and it has a profile on Franziska von Karma. Note that does make
things interesting, is our victim a dead Interpol agent?

 - New Logic Received - 

 Profile on Franziska
  -> Why did Mr. Hicks have documents on Franziska in his possession?

This is a very clear link, so link the two pieces of new information together
in the Logic screen. With this, it does seem like Ms. von Karma has some
explaining to do about this. So, it seems like it is indeed Interpol Agent
Hicks we are talking about, and she mentions that he was on the trial of a 
very large smuggling ring. This is interesting.

 - New Logic Received - 

  -> Agent Hicks was on the trial of an international smuggling ring.

Well, that is all we are going to get out of her for now. Next order of
business, go and examine the suitcases, the one that Ms Teneiro designed.
It seems that one is indeed missing, and that Edgeworth is stepping on 
something, something called glass shards. 

 - New Logic Received - 

 Glass Shards
  -> What are these glass shards from?

Well, where are they from? Well, with no other clues for now, we need to
use a little bit of logic. And it would be easy, you can conclude that the
glass shards are from the broken pair of glasses, that belongs to the victim.
And that makes the cargo hold the real scene of the crime. 

With that, we know that Hicks came down here, but for what reason? Franziska
assures Edgeworth that it was work related, and he does point out that it 
would have probably been something to do with the smuggling ring. But that
presents a problem, how did Hicks get down here because he would need a staff
keycard, and a special one at that. 

With that, a crew member escorted him down, and it is then that they kill him,
stuff it in the suitcase, and the rest we all know about. When the plane hit
the turbulence, he fall out, the in the killer's haste, they left him there.
As such, they explains why there is money all over the place, it was there 
before of the turbulence. With that, our investigation is over. 

With this, time to get into an argument with von Karma.

[3.07] Day One, Part 3 - Questioning, Part 1

Well, Franziska keeps insisting that it is Ms. Teneiro, and this time, she
says that she has definitive evidence. And everything I hear that, I get
utterly disappointed because their evidence is nothing but rubbish. Lets hear
her out. 

 - Definitive Evidence -

 - If it was a crew member, any one of them could've shown Agent Hicks to
   the cargo hold.

 - But the point to keep in mind is the keycard that allows the elevator to
   come down here.

 - The only person with such high-level access is Ms. Rhoda Teneiro!

 - I'd say that's a pretty decisive piece of information, wouldn't you?

Hmm, that isn't very defitive if you ask me. There is no holes in her argument
because it isn't flawed. Therefore, we are going to need to press her for more
information. Press the second statement, it seems like there must be more
information to draw from this. And indeed there is, Franziska will give you 
more evidence that it was Rhoda that did it.

 - Further, there is the matter of the key to the display case that held the
   murderous bank. 

Press this new statement immediately. Edgeworth will insist that the piggy
bank is a fake murder weapon, but Franziska, rightfully, points out, where is
the real murder weapon? With this, there has to be something that rules the
piggy bank out as the murder weapon. This is quite tricky, but the answer is
the body. Why? Because we aren't even sure that the blow from the piggy bank
is consistant with the wounds received by the piggy bank, if it indeed the
murder weapon. So pick, The Body. 

Franziska tells scruffy, poor Gumshoe, to talk to the medical examiner to
find the results of the autopsy. There is a problem. They are still doing
the autopsy, but there is a big bruise running from the shoulder to the 
victim's mid back. This is interesting, was Hicks beaten up that badly as
well as being killed?

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Autopsy Report
  -> Instantaneous death resulting from blow to back of head. Bruising:
     head to mid back. 

     Victim - Akbey Hicks (Age: 28)

     Time of Death - March 12, between 3 AM and 4:30 AM

     Cause of Death - Cranial contrusion due to blunt force trauma to the
                      back of the head.

     Remarks - Appears to have been extensively beaten on the upper half
               of his back.

This is an interesting report indeed. Before we get a chance to do anything,
that annoying pain in the neck has ran down into the cargo hold, Lablanc has
walked in, yet again. This guy should be shot, seriously. With Lablanc 
charging down the guard, Edgeworth has an epihany on what has happened. And
off it goes in flashback mode.

 - New Logic Received -

 Mr. Ifly Piggy Bank
  -> Is there some way for me to prove that this ins't the real murder

 Weapon Couldn't Be Found
  -> Nobody could find anything that could be considered the real weapon in
     the hold.

 Cause of Death
  -> Extensive bruising from back of head down to mid-back, as if severely

And with all this logic, it goes straight down to logic mode. We need to 
connect the thoughts, yet again. First of all, connect the Mr. Ifly Piggy
Bank with the Cause of Death. The problem with the piggy bank being the
murder weapon is that it isn't consistant with the bruising. The bruise is
one continious mark, which indicates a single blow, rather than a repeated
bruising. This means the murder weapon is big, very big.

 - New Logic Received - 

 A Sizable Weapon
  -> The unusually large area of bruising suggests that a very large weapon 
     was used!

Now it is starting to make sense. Connect Weapon Couldn't be Found with the
new piece of logic, because if the weapon was big and large, it wouldn't be
obvious to anyone that it was a murder weapon. Perhaps it is something that
every has already seen, and overlooked, because it didn't stick out. Weapons
tend to stick out, what if this one didn't?

Well, Edgeworth figures it all out, and Franziska asks if you have any 
evidence to show for it. You have to say that you don't have any evidence
to show, you can't carry this around. This is because the cause of death.
With prompted, answer, Free Fall. Why Free Fall? Because it all makes sense,
falling and landing on your head creates the blunt force trauma, and the
fall create a giant bruise where you land, explaining the bruise on the
victim's back. 

How, where could he possibly have fallen from? Simple, after watching that
moron fall, the answer is elementary, he fell in this cargo hold, from
the top of the stairs. But Franziska points out that there is cargo blocking
the way, the circumstances prohibit Hicks dying from free fall. She asks
do you hvae any evidence to suggest that the box wasn't there. We do have
that evidence.

Present the Refueling in Zheng Fa piece out. That notes that cargo was 
transferred in and out of the plane. And there is something even more 
powerful as evidence, the crate, the big box, says Zheng Fa Express, which
means it must have been taken on at the refueling stop. 

 - Evidence Updated

 Cargo from Zheng Fa
  -> It was loaded onbaord during the refueling point between 4 and 5 AM 
     at the transfer point.

Now, say that the box was loaded on from Zheng Fa, that means, there was a 
gap there between Europe and Zheng Fa. Which does make a free fall death a 
possibility. With this, it is claimed it is still far-fetched, so we need
to start another investigation. 

[3.08] Day One, Part 3 - Investigation, Part 2

Well, it is time to examine the cargo hold in closer detail, there might be
something that will turn this case on its head, a Turnabout if you will.


 Lower Deck Cargo Hold

Now, first order of business is to examine that large box in which that stupid
moron landed on. It appears to be a statue of some sort. Straight away, that
stupid idiot comes down and says you can't touch it. Well, it looks like we
need to talk to him to see what information we can get out of it. 

Talk to him, first about his cargo. His Alif Red Statue is worth 10 million
cents. That's only $100,000 though. This guy is obsessed with his cents. He
claims that this is very valuable, but something just isn't right about this

 - New Logic Received -

 Valuable Piece of Art
  -> Mr. Lablanc claims to have brought a piece of art from Europe, but...

Now, with the lack of any other clues, we need to use logic, and for this,
piece the last two pieces of information together, the art, and the smuggling
ring. This opens up a few more questions that you can ask of this shady
character. Because if the statue is a fake, it is likely that it was taken
aboard when the plane was at Zheng Fa, not in Europe.

He doesn't like being accused that his work was a fake. He will produce the
Cargo Certification papers, and it says that the cargo was taken aboard the
plane whilst in Europe. This does blow it out of the water a little bit for
Edgeworth's theory.

 - New Evidence Received -

 Alif Red Certificate
  -> Document written in Borginian. Proof the statue was loaded onboard in 

With this, we all have a look at the statue, and it looks very familiar. 
Far too familiar. Still, it is a piece of evidence.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Alif Red Statue
  -> Piece of art being shipped by Mr. Lablanc who claims it is worth 10
     million cents.

Well, time to examine the statue, and when examine the eyes, something 
becomes a little clearer. It seems that the jewels is yellowish, but there
is a problem. If you look back at the statue in the photo containing the
victim, the jewels are red. Something isn't right. With this, you can 
deduce something. Point out the eyes as the problem with the photo as the
contradictory evidence. 

As such, there is something wrong with the statue. Perhaps it is indeed a
fake. You point it out to the art dealer, and finally, he will notice that
something isn't right. Now that it is indeed a fake, we need to find 
evidence that proves that it was indeed taken on in Zheng Fa, and not in

Now, with the statue, view down and examine the bottom. Why is the statue
stepping on the cloth of the box next door? With this, we have our second
problem. Select the cloth below the statue, and present the Cargo from 
Zheng Fa as the evidence. That will prove that the statue was place on
board from Zheng Fa, and that Hicks was down there investigating smuggling

As such, it was replaced and switched. Ergo, someone is involved with forging
and modifying the cargo certificates to change fake certificates into real

 - Evidence Updated - 

 Alif Red Certificate
  -> Document in Borginian. Says statue was loaded onboard Europe, but 
     statue is a fake. 

With this, your investigation is over, and we are slowly getting closer to
who the real killer is. With this, it is explained that the reason for
the photo is as proof of what the real deal looks like. As such, Hicks would
have went down to the cargo gold to take a photo of the cargo hold and proof
as to what is going on. Then, he could hold the Zheng Fa cargo crew, and 
from there, arrest the smuggler. 

With this, if there was a time frame in which the statue wasn't there, that
means Hicks could have fallen to his death. And we shall now find out. And
what do you know, the area under the statue contains blood. But how did the
killer clean up the blood? Simple, present the Borginian Cloth as evidence.

With this, that means the murder took place before the stopover in Zheng Fa,
so before 4 AM. And for that, someone's testimony is questionable, Cammy
Meele's Testimony you had earlier. With this, it looks like we have enough
clues and information to solve this case, we are at the killer's doorstep. 

                                                              To be continued.

[3.09] Day One, Part 3 - Questioning, Part 2

* Date - March 12, 3:35 PM            *
*                                     *
* Location - Flight I-390, Lower Deck *
*            Cargo Hold               *

Time to do the questioning of Cammy Meele. Sleeping as usual. She doesn't seem
to have taken that fact pointing adversive, in fact, she just says that she
might be been mistaken. So, with Franziska watching like a hawk, it is time
to find out her alibi for the murder time.

 - Ms. Meele's Alibi - 

 - ..................... Mnngh. 
   Oh, um ... yeah ...

 - From 3 to 4, I was, um ... in the flight attendants' room all by my
   lonesome self.

 - ..................... Mnngh.
   Oh, um ... yeah ...

 - And from 5 to 6, I was, um .. in the flight attendants' room all by my 
   lonesome self.

That is some, ah, enlightening testimony right there. Well, the first 3 
statements will produce nothing but useless information, but press the last
piece of information, she claims that she was in there, all alone, and no one
even visited her. We have a problem here. Ms Teneiro said that she brought
her suitcase at that time, and rolled it in at 5:40, and we have the receipt
to prove it. Present the Suitcase Receipt now. 

With that, Rhoda will confirm that she did roll it in, and she saw no one
in there. So that leaves a gaping hole as to what Cammy was doing at that 
point in time. However, she just claims she just happened to be in the toilet,
and you don't have evidence to say otherwise. But she will testify again, and
this time, it is shoot to kill.

 - Reason for Suspicion - 

 - Look, I know you're suspecting me 'cause I'm one of the crew.

 - But you'd think then maybe you should also suspect Ms. Rhoda, too.

 - She's the one in charge of the elevator keycard and the shop, you know.

 - If you ask me, that makes her super-suspicious.

Well, without any contradictory statements, we need to press her for more
information. Press the third statement, to find out that she is in charge
of languages, in particular, Borginian. How interesting that that'd be the
case. This will add a new piece of testimony at the end of the argument.

 - All I'm in charge of are the attendants' room and some Borginian stuff.

Now we have her. Present the Alif Red Certificate here, if she is in charge
of the Borginian stuff, especially if she is the only one who speaks it
here, then the signature on the certificate would be hers. And that piece
of paper isn't worth the, well, paper it is written on. Anyway, she will
be accused of smuggling, and rightfully so, and her defence is well, sleep.

With this, the real Cammy will turn up. And blowing bubbles this time 
around, but we know who the real suspect is now. She says that if the charge
of smuggling was thrown at her, murder would not stick. An OBJECTION 
suddenly flies in, von Karma. If she were involved in smuggling, then that
gives her ample reason to murder an Interpol agent investigating the crime.

Edgeworth points out that the killer is going through a good deal to pin the
murder on someone, first, it was Edgeworth, now it is Ms. Teneiro. And now,
Edgeworth will present evidence to say that the killer was out to pin the
crime on Rhoda the whole time. And you have evidence. And the evidence is?

The Suitcase. The killer had plenty of places to hide the evidence, but 
they stole a suitcase from the cargo hold and stuff it in that. That is in
order to frame Rhoda, why? Because she is the only one who purchases a 
suitcase on every flight, and if her suitcase happened to be the suitcase
containing the victim, then it would be very incriminating, wouldn't it?

However, due to the turbulence, the body fell out, and that was the end 
of that. But, they moved on and for that, they attempted to frame Edgeworth,
who was unconscious due to the turbulence. But why did the killer go
through all that to frame someone. What was the special circumstance for
the massive effort to frame a person of this crime?

The problem is that it was where the crime has taken place. No matter where
it had taken place, it was during mid-flight, and because of that, since
the body would be discovered due to customs, someone had to be framed. So
that happened to be Ms Teneiro and Edgeworth. And the reply? A Yawn.

But there is a problem, there is no definitive evidence linking Cammy with
the crime at hand. With that, there is one piece of evidence that hasn't
been accounted for. There is one piece, and that is, the Missing Cell Phone. 
That is missing, and still is. Franziska will help you by calling the 
number, and there is the ringing. It is on the plane, but not in the cargo
hold. Head up the stairs to the flight attendants' room.

* Date - March 12, 4:12 PM             *
*                                      *
* Location - Flight I-390, First Floor *
*            Flight Attendants' Room   *

As we enter the room, we can hear the ringing louder than before. Open the
locker with the closed door, and we will see how's locker it is. It happens
to be Ms. Teneiro's locker that the phone is stuck in. Oh dear. With that,
we have a problem, again.

* Date - March 12, 4:28 PM            *
*                                     *
* Location - Flight I-390, Lower Deck *
*            Cargo Hold               *

With this new information, Cammy will get Franziska to arrest Rhoda, but not
before there is an Objection. Edgeworth will suggest that the killer stole
the key card from Ms. Teneiro and stashed the phone there. But there is no

Edgeworth will be saying that there has to be something. Why did the killer
take the phone, there has to be something there what is incriminating. So, we
are stuck examining that phone is detail. When you examine the phone, flick
it to the back and examine the one thing that matters, the camera. With that,
we can use the phone to look through the pictures that must be stored on the
phone. But the phone is broken, or so Cammy says.

However, because the screen is broken, it may be the case that the killer 
could not wipe off the incriminating data. Also, the phone rang when it was
called, so it wasn't broken, just the screen is. By transferring the data
from Hicks' phone onto Franziska's, we get the data. 

With that, we get a photo, but it doesn't seem useful. Well, examine the
boxes on the bottom right hand side of the screen. It appears that they
were the boxes dropped off at Zheng Fa. And guess what it contains. Borginian
Cloth. Interesting, with this photo, and Borginian cloth sitting in the
organizer, we can prove that they used the cloth to wipe out the blood.

Therefore, present the Borginian Cloth. With this, we now know where the
cloth came from, it came from those boxes dropped off at Zheng Fa. And it 
said Cloth on the box, so to know that it was indeed cloth, the person had
to understand Borginian, and the only person on the flight crew that could
do that is, well, Cammy Meele.

Now she is getting desperate, she says that it could be just the killer going
through all the boxes. The problem is that if the killer did not understand
Borginian for cloth, they would have gone to one box first. And that is the
box of bedsheets sitting on the top left hand corner. So they had to 
understand Borginian. 

So why the box of Borginian cloth, rather than the bedsheets? Simple, the
box of cloth was going to be unloaded at Zheng Fa, therefore, it would have
been long gone before the body was to be discovered. And with that, she 
confesses. The bubbles popping was all just too hectic for her. 

* Date - March 12, 5:26 PM             *
*                                      *
* Location - Flight I-390, First Floor *
*            Lounge                    *

Well, it appears that we have solved the crime. The smuggling ring is still
operational, and it appears to be some serious stuff. Well, Edgeworth goes
and gets his gentleman streak going again and Rhoda seems happy that she is
off the hook. It seems that Franziska is leaving soon, so you can already
guess what is going on. 

* Date - March 12, 5:47 PM,       *
*                                 *
* Location - Hope Springs Airport *

Well, a little chat with Franziska wouln't kill. The more we hear about her 
case, the more dangerous it seems for her, after all, this is a pretty big
operation they seem to be dealing with. She mentions a successful Interpol
agent that you might meet. You will meet him, be assured of that, with the
highest arrest rate as well. 

Anyway, Gumshoe seems to be happy again. And it seems that Franziska has
been cutting his salary again. I swear, does this guy pay to go to work or
something, they can't possibly cut his salary any more, it's been cut for
years now, again and again. 

At the end, pitch black, we get a call, from a Mr. Amano, and his son has been
kidnapped. Oh, this is just great. No rest for the wicked.

                                                                       THE END

[4.01] Day One - Investigation, Part 1

* Date - March 13, 10:11 AM *
*                           *
* Location - ???????????    *

Well, as a continuation of the past case, it seems that Edgeworth is the one 
making a drop off for a kidnapping case. Nice to see him put that hideous
suitcase to good use, not sure Rhoda Teneiri would be too pleased about it.
Anyway, it seems that the drop off is going to be at a theme park, and you
are greeted by a Proto Badger. Okay, that's just strange.

Anyway, the call comes in, and you need to bring in the money to the stadium.
And he pleadswith the gods that Gumshoe comes through for him, this one time.
What, he lets everyone else down all the time, does he? Once at the stadium,
Edgeworth is the shuttle service to the Haunted House. Eh, going inside a 
haunted house to make a drop off. Spooky. 

As he enters the doors, well, he gets told off. Well, we are stuck in the
haunted house as something arrives, and what happens, the badger! Ah, that
was slightly freaky, the badger just looks crazy with a sword in tow. 

* Date - March 13, 11:23 AM *
*                           *
* Location - ???????????    *

Well, we wake up to see ourselves in a dark dank room, with a badger head
right next to us. Well, that's great. We learn the reason for the drop off,
it was a favour to a powerful friend, the head of the Amano group, the Mr
Amano. Anyway, quick check shows that you do have something in your pockets.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Gatewater Land Pamphlet
  -> Map and explaination of park attractions listed. Touch the Check Button
     for details.

Edgeworth starts groaning, and someone comes down to meet him. Well, meet
the Great Thief, Yatagarasu. That names rings a bell, well, technically, the
bell is for the future. Anyway, meet Kay Faraday, who seems to enjoy watching
Edgeworth make faces as he attempts to get free of the ropes. I have to admit,
that would be quite a sight. 

Anyway, time to talk to her, about the Great Thief. Then, talk about 
Yatagarasu, something that is going to be important later on. Now, we need to
escape this place. Well, the door is locked, and it is a tad too high to
jump out, so it looks like we've got to find another way out. 


 Isolation Room

First order of business, the little white thing on the tarp, that is Edgey's
phone, so lets go play with it. Well, Gumshoe eventually calls in and well, 
the police have set up a perimeter now, but I don't think that is going to be
of much use. But there is a problem. Whilst Gumshoe was doing that, it 
appears that a mysterious stranger is on the other side of the phone.

The mysterious stranger is Shi-Long Lang of Interpol. That's good news, they
aren't bad guys, right? Well, this guy is a nice piece of work, doesn't have
enough people to help you out of your little bind, too busy hunting for a
kidnapper. Great. And what that, the phone runs out of power. Great, this is
turning out to be a great day.

Now, lets start investigating the room. Look at the blue badger's head, the
Bad Badger. Why is it by itself, there is no body with it. Investigate
that and add that to your pile of evidence.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Bad Badger's Head
  -> Costumes seperate into head and body. This head was left in the Isolation

Now, lets investigate the pink head in the box directly in front of you. That
seems, well, interesting. Kay will give you a heads up on the badger family,
and what they are. You even get a book for that, sigh, what is the world 
coming to. Anyway, with the head in the box, that means that there are 7
costumes in use right now. One small case, and the badger thing just goes 
totally berserk.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Blue Badger Bible
  -> Book detailing info on the whole Badger family. Touch the Check Button 
     for details.

 - New Logic Received - 

  -> It seems that the costumes of the Badger family are kept in the Isolation

Now, to inspect the next thing, and obviously, that is the key. Have a look,
and it is a key, to something. Yes, I totally need to figure that out.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Tiny Key
  -> I may be able to open something, somewhere in this room with this key.

Well, that is about all you are going to get from that shelf. Lets look around
the room once more. Now, examine the photo rally sign on the floor, and there
is apparently a competition to capture a photo of all 4 badgers to win some
great prize, but that isn't our concern.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Badger Photo Rally
  -> There's only 1 of each Badger in the park. Try to get the whole Badger

Now, the last thing we can do is inspect the lockers. That seems to be your
only way out, and you get a piece of logic for this.

 - New Logic Received - 

  -> If we can get to the top, then we can escape. If only there were some

Now, examine the beam that you were tied to. This will create a foothold
for Kay to jump around in. But she isn't tall enough to do anything with 
it, but you do get a piece of logic.

 - New Logic Received - 

 The Beam I was Tied To
  -> There is a hook on this beam, but it's not enough of a foothold to
     climb out with. 

Now, you can talk to Kay about the kidnapping. She will have some information
about it, though I wonder how on earth she knows about it. After you talk to
her about that, she will move out of the door's way, and you can examine the
door. The most obvious thing to inspect is that ladder going down the manhole.
That is a bit, well, obvious. 

 - New Logic Received - 

 Open Floor Panel
  -> The panel is held in place by a hook. The entrance to an underground
     room perhaps?

Now, examine the door on the opposite side, and Edgeworth will note that the
rooms are very similar. Because of that remark, connect Open Floor Panel and
the Beam together with your logic. The Beam is right next to the open floor
panel in the next room, so you might as well give it a try. The hook on the
beam is actually there to keep the floor tile up. And once the tarp has been
folded up, there is your panel. Examine the panel, but alas, it is locked.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Underground Entrance
  -> We might be able to escape through here, but the door is locked.

You can guess what to do now, we can try to use the tiny key with the locked
underground entrance. Now, there is a problem, the underground entrance is
full of machinery. There isn't going to be an exit there. Meanwhile, Kay
nearly died after jumping down, the ladder was removable. That is very
interesting indeed.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Underground Ladder
  -> It looks as though it can be easily removed, but is it really safe to

Now, connect the locker with the ladder, with a ladder, we can easily escape
to freedom. And with that, your investigation is complete, you have offically
escaped from the Isolation Room. Not so isolated if you can escape, is it?
Well, it looks like it is time we do some actual work.

* Date - March 13, 12:11 PM      *
*                                *
*Location - Wild, Wild West Area *

So it appears that the isolated is in the Wild, Wild West Area. And Edgeworth
does have style sliding down a pipe. And finally, that Gumshoe actually has
a use, he finds you, eventually. And behind him seems to be an army of police
officers. What on earth is going on. MIB saying count off? Aliens I don't know

And what happens, we finally meet the mysterious Interpol Agent. Mr Shi-Long
Lang. And if you are curious as to what Shifu actually means, it means boss
in Cantonese. Well, here is Lang, and he nice enough to trade, ummm, business
cards? That's real, ah, useful. Well, here is your elite agent from Zheng Fa. 

And he also mentions Gumshoe as comic relief.That is something we both agree
on, I guess. And when Edgeworth asks for a part in the investigation, we get
a first in this game, a NOT SO FAST! Still, it seems that Lang really doesn't
like Edgeworth, or prosecutors in general. And before you can interject, off
he goes. Where is Edgeworth's NOT SO FAST?

[4.02] Day One - Investigation, Part 2

Well, there isn't much we can do, so talk to Kay and Gumshoe, until you have
talked enough, it will be time to see Mr Amano, the person who requested your
help in the first place, to show up, and you can ask some more questions for
him. Then, as Kay and Gumshoe fight, Gumshoe gets dragged off, which is rather 
entertaining once you see it, and you start an investigation with Kay as
your partner. Well, it is time to start gathering more clues on that the hell
went on.


 Wild, Wild West Area

Well, as Gumshoe gets dragged off into the distance, your first thing is to
talk to the Blue Badger. This is interesting, because underneath the costume
is Mike Meekins, and for those who remember, he was in the first game, fifth
case, and the fourth game. Anyway, talk to him. 

It appears that Meekins is on duty as the Blue Badger. Well, great work. Talk
to him, and it seems that he was here as tactics from Lang, to observe and
watch the kidnapper. Meekins appears to be hiding something, which is great,
we need to dig it out of him. 

Anyway, he says that he has been standing there for an hour when you ask him
about Any Clues, so that is a problem, it contradicts the evidence. There is
a piece of evidence that you have that says on one of each badger is walking
around the park at a single time, and now it seems that there is two. For
this, present the Badger Photo Rally. With this, that means that there are
two blue badgers, something isn't right.

 - New Logic Received - 

 A 2nd Blue Badger
  -> There's only supposed to be 1 Blue Badger in the park, but a second was

With this, we can connect things using logic. Connect Costumes with this new
piece of information, and it matches up. With this, it means that the second
blue badger was probably one of the kidnappers in disguise, escaping from
the crime scene from the police.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Costumed Escape
  -> The identity of the second Blue Badger was probably the kidnapper in

Also, with this, given the badgers missing from the costume room, that means
that there is a Proto Badger, Blue Badger and Bad Badger running around that
are fakes. With this, evidence will be added.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Stolen Costumes
  -> The kidnappers stole three costumes: a Blue, a Proto, and a Bad Badger.

Well, that is that. If you examine the cactus at the bottom of the scene, it
will be mentioned that it was donated by the police. If anyone remembers, 
this means that the cactus farm that was operated by Jake Marshall was taken

Now, examine the area in front of the pole that you dropped down from. It will
be a muddy set of footprints lead to and from, but there isn't much in terms
of information. But, we do know that the kidnappers would have some real 
muddy feet. 

 - New Logic Received - 

 What Kind of Shoes?
  -> If only we knew, we'd be able to track the kidnappers from the  

Well, now we can join the dots, connect the two pieces of information together
with the logic screen. With this, we know that the kidnapper escaped in a 
badger costume, and as such, we can trace the kidnapper using a set of paw
prints. Examine the foot prints again. Now, there are two sets, one set
will lead off to Mike Meekins, and the other set heads off west, off towards
the stadium. The one with Meekins will enter the garage, so we open the 
garage to find. Well, oh dear.

It is a garage, with 1 car, and one slight problem. A dead body. Mr Amano 
will say straight away that this is Oliver, the missing butler. Well, he 
isn't missing anymore. But why is Oliver Deacon here in the first place? 
That is an issue. Also, it looks that a bullet killed him, nothing else.

 - New Logic Received - 

 Victim Was Kidnapper?
  -> Following a kidnapper's prints lead us to a body. Was the victim in a

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Preliminary Findings
  -> Victim : Oliver Deacon. Seems he was shot dead. Touch the Check Button
     for details.

Now, we get to investigate the crime scene before the agents come back to
interrupt the investigation. Look on the neck to have a look at the pendent
that Deacon had. It seems that the neck chain belonged to a Colin Devaroe. 
That isn't the name of our victim though. This is an issue, so present the
Preliminary Findings by deducing that the pendent is a contradiction to the
facts. For that, we get new evidence.

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Mr. Deacon's Pendant
  -> It's shaped like a horse. "Colin Devorae" is engraved on the back.

Now, what else is wrong with the picture at hand. Anyway, point to the 
gunshot wound on the shoulder, and there seems to be two gunshot wounds
on the victim. One on the shoulder, one in the abdomen, but he was only
shot once. That means that the abdominal wound is the entry wound and
the shoulder is where the bullet exited. Edgeworth will also point out
a single thing, for a crime scene, there isn't a lot of blood, especially
for a person who has just been shot. 

 - Evidence Updated - 

 Preliminary Findings
  -> Victim, Deacon, shot from ABD through shoulder. Touch the Check Buttom
     for details.

     Victim - Oliver Deacon (Age: 50)
     Time of Death - Pending autopsy

     Cause of Death - Preliminary findings indicate loss of blood resulting
                      from a gunshot wound.
                      Entry Point : lower right abdomen
                      Exit Point: right shoulder

     Remarks - Despite the fact that the fatal bullet went through clean
               through the body, there is very little blood at the site where
               the body was found. 

With this, our investigation will be complete. There isn't much more that
we can examine. With Amano starting to call his son like a little kid, a 
girl will walk in, looking slightly suspicious. She happens to be Lauren 
Paups, and she is Lance's girlfriend. How did she get past the police 

Her lack of an inner monologue will push Edgeworth to his limits. Well, 
we don't have much to do, and once we decide to investigate further, Lang
will show up, apparently, someone radioed in the fact that we found a dead
body. Straight away, he arrests Meekins. He mentions that that is how he
does his job, just arrest suspicious people and leave it up to the prosecutors
to do the rest. 

With this crap, Edgeworth refuses to have Meekins arrested because there
really is no evidence that Meekins committed the crime, and the MIB seems a
little flustered. However, with this, Lang will say that he will play by the
rules and give you his piece of logic. 

[4.03] Day One - Questioning, Part 1

Now, time to listen to Lang's brillant logic, well, lack there of, his logic
isn't that great, after all, there are some holes in them. 

 - Shi-Long Lang's Logic - 

 - I've seen a lot of bodies like the one being carted off in my time.

 - I can say he was shot in a single glance, but even you figured that much
   out, right?

 - With your current gun laws, it's not exactly easy to get your hands on 
   a gun.

 - Not unless you're a member of law enforcement like Officer Meekins, isn't 
   that right?

Well, that is some ah, great logic there, because there are tougher gun laws,
you have to have been a member of law enforcement to kill someone? Well, that
is the problem of his logic, just because a member of law enforcement has a 
firearm, it doesn't automatically make them killers. Press the fourth 
statement. It turns out that Lang has examined all the other officer's guns
and Meekins is the last one, and he happens to have lost his gun. Great. 
Lang will present one last line, which is all you need.

 - Officer Meekins ambushed the victim in this garage and killed him here 
   with his gun!

What is the problem with this? Oh right, the lack of blood at the crime
scene. If there was indeed an incident here, there would be more blood. As
such, that claim cannot be true, so present the Preliminary Findings here
as contradictory evidence. I still love Edgeworth and his tapping of the

Lang congraulates you for having some logic, and he tells you something 
interesting, Meekins wasn't assigned to this area. Something isn't right at
all. Looks like we need to question Meekins for a little more information
on what the hell he was doing there.

 - Meekins's Testimony - 

 - It's true, sir! I wasn't assigned to this area, sir!

 - I was told to check every square inch of the main gate area, sir!

 - I also went looking for kidnappers while selling dreams in the Blue
   Badgermobile, sir!

 - But! I got completely caught up in my role, selling dreams to the children!

 - Before I knew it, I found myself here in this area, sir!

Before you get to question him, you will get more information on this Blue
Badgermobile, it is just a portable souvenir store, nothing further. 

 - New Evidence Received - 

 Blue Badgermobile
  -> Mobile shop on three wheels. Was parked inside the Wild, Wild West area

Well, what can we do with this meek officer? Simple. The Badgermobile is 
parked inside the garage, and if you noticed, there isn't any wheelmarks 
outside the area. Therefore, it has been in the garage for a while, so he
really couldn't have been selling dreams for a while. So present the Blue
Badgermobile on the third statement.

It seems that this is the case, Meekins will admit that it was stolen for
a while, and he was tracking it. Lang has other ideas, merely that Meekins
used the Badgermobile to move the body from the real crime scene, and with
that, he is arrested and taken away. Edgeworth will try to stop, but Lang
has the authority in this investigation, and threatens obstruction of 
justice if Edgeworth interferes.

                                                              To be continued.

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