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Transformers: Decepticons Pack Shot

Transformers: Decepticons

Transformers: Decepticons Cheats for Nintendo DS

We have 9 cheats on Nintendo DS

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How to walk in the airAdded 29 Dec 2012, ID #17779
If you have finished the game or not it doesn't matter. Choose the location Tranquility and then choose the junkyard. If you have finished the game choose either Megatron, Blackout, Starscream or yourself. If you choose yourself choose a helicopter form. If you haven't finished the game just choose a helicopter form. When you are in the junkyard there will be a crane behind you. Transform and fly up to the crane and there will be a yellow cube at one end of the crane. Land your helicopter( or Plane) on it. If you are using a plane then hold down button A to use airbrakes and land on it while holding up on your directional pad. If using a helicopter, keep on holding down B and transform into robot mode. DO NOT MOVE OR THE GLITCH WILL NOT WORK. Keep on pressing A to attack. You will be walking in the air.

Glitch go through buildingsAdded 31 Dec 2010, ID #15022
First go to the casino strip and choose the plaza location. Face to the yellow marker thing with the star in the middle it ahold say losing it. But do NOT press A on it. Go left and keep going until u see another yellow marker. Again don't press A. The yellow marker should say urban removal. Now go through hotel place ( the little tunel ). Drive untill u see this tall building that says ROMAN. Then lookto the right from where u see the ROMAN u should see big pillars coming out of the building. Chose the very first pillar and climb up it. Once u get to the top walk strait until u can't any more. But make ur camera face toward all of the buildings so opposite of where ur facing press y to aim ur gun. Your robot should be facing all of the buildings now. Transform into your veicle mode. NOTE: this will NOT work for jets or helicopters! ur veicle should fall backwards from where ur facing. If it doesn't work keep doing It, I've tested it and this works! But so far I only tested it with brawl. It should work for barricade and your protoform. But remember that the protoform can only do this in car form. If u have any more questions email me. My email is [email protected] Make sure it's all lower cased. Have fun!!
IDKAdded 28 Dec 2010, ID #15010
Be a Heli at Decoy and fly up and down and kill a car every time youre down and if youre low on health be quick take one and youll save wanted lvl and hp
IDKAdded 28 Dec 2010, ID #15009
First you choose a helicopter anyone if you got one then do decoy if you havent yet.Then if it works as it shall you will go a bit longer. To wanted lvl 4 then you are in trubble you think? No youre not. fly far up and down alot of times everytime you kill 1 car that way you keep wanted level up and health up
play as protoform n freeplayAdded 10 Apr 2010, ID #13490
First start a new game then play the first level until you finnish scaning the car.when you finnish scaning turn your ds off and back on the first level again but this time finnish the entire level,when the level ends and your in freeplay you`ll realise your still a protoform,but this cheat will only last until you change vehicles,quit freeplay or play the level called 'decoy'
UnlockablesAdded 10 Jul 2007, ID #3775
Unlock Infinite Energy:
Get 100% Completion

Unlock Armageddon:
Successfully beat Story mode once to unlock this feature once which enables anything to explode.

Unlock Health Regeneration:
When your custom Transformer has reached Level 20 Health Regeneration will become unlocked and your health will slowly replenish as you play.
UnlockablesAdded 3 Jul 2007, ID #3634
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock Stunt:
Receive 750 WiFi Tokens.

Unlock Infinite Energy:
Receive 1000 WiFi Tokens.

Unlock Funky Bus:
Connect to the 'Allspark Wars' server for the first time. Unlock G1 Starscream:
Download 'Transformers DS Trailer' at Target.
Unlock Psycho CarsAdded 28 Jun 2007, ID #3515
Collect 500 Wifi Tokens during gameplay to unlock the Psycho Cars.
UnlockablesAdded 26 Jun 2007, ID #3445
Unlock 'Target Exclusive' Character:
To get G1 Starscream go to any Target with a DS Download Station and download the Transformers DS trailer.

Free Wanted Level and Full Health:
In Free play press 'Start' and go to 'Vehicle Form' and select 'confirm'. Then press B to return to the game and have full health and your wanted level back to zero again.

Unlock the Love Cruiser:
In the Allspark Wars get 250 Wifi Tokens.

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