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Follow the dark path or use the light
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Pack Shot

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Cheats for Nintendo DS

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Fighting Magic MonstersAdded 10 Nov 2011, ID #16362
As you all know, some monsters have water magic, fire magic, wind magic, earth magic, light magic, or dark magic. To make it easier to defeat those monsters, here's a little guide I made:

Monster has: You should use:

Fire magic Water magic
Water magic NOT Fire, but Earth magic
Wind magic Fire or Earth magic
Earth magic NOT Water, but Fire magic
Hope this helped you defeat those hard-to-defeat monsters!!*****************************************

Free Companion Health!!!!Added 10 Nov 2011, ID #16361
If you are fighting with your monster, a magi seed, or sometimes even another person, and they run out of health and you don't have any grass or anything, all you have to do is make sure that they are with you and then go home and sleep!! Yup, that's all you have to do!!! When you wake up you will find that your companion(s) will have full health!!
Character Likes and HatesAdded 31 Jul 2011, ID #16020
Below is a list of the 'likes' and 'hates' for various characters in Rune Factory 3, allowing you to make friends and build relationships more easily. A characters 'likes' are listed in order of preference, with their favourite gifts placed first:

Blaise/Gluten: Likes Chocolate Cake, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Cookies, Sweets, Honey and Chocolate, but hates Wine.

Carlos: Likes High Quality Fish, general Fish and Fish recipes, but hates Bread recipes.

Colette: Likes Curry recipes and Rice, but hates Dairy products.

Coral/Persia: Likes recipes including Squid or fruit, and all kinds of fish.

Daria: Likes Grilled Miso, Grilled Eggplant, Mesashi, Wood, Colour Grass, Jam, Jam Bread and Curry, but hates Shrimp and Accessories.

Donchachos: Likes Baked Sand Flounder, Boiled Rock Fish, and any recipe dish, but hates Metals.

Evelyn/Eliza: Likes Quality Fur, Fleece, Wooly Furball, Sparkly String and Fish Recipes, but hates Mushrooms.

Gaji: Likes Gold, Platinum, Curry Udon, Metals and general Udon, but hates Sashimi.

Hazel: Likes Diamond, Diamond Ring, Diamond Broach, Vegetarian Recipes and Cake Recipes, but hates Fish from Summer.

Ion: Likes Seafood Pizza, Fish and Grilled Fish recipes, but hates Pumpkin and food cooked with Pumpkins.

Karina: Likes Accessories made with gems, and gemstones generally.

Karuna: Likes Chocolate recipes, High Quality Flowers, regular Flowers and sugary recipes, but hates Monster Loot.

Marjorie: Likes Relax Tea Leaves, Relax Tea and Coloured Grass, but hates Cheese and Cheese recipes.

Marian: Likes Green Vegetables and recipes using Green Vegetables, but hates tomatoes.

Monica: Likes High Quality Flowers, Ring Accessories and general Flowers, but hates Fish and Fish recipes.

Ondorous/Ondolfa: Likes Gold Juice, High Level Staff Weapons, Juice and Staffs, but hates Monster Loot.

Raven/Toona: Likes Crystal Pendant, Crystal, Simple Flowers and Pendants, but hates Hood.

Rusk: Likes Chocolate Cake, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Cookie, Sweets, Honey and Chocolate, but hates Vegetables.

Sakuya: Likes Rare Food, Boss Drop, Charms, Fish and Enemy Drops, but hates eggs and cooked food.

Shinonome: Likes Sashimi and Mushroom, but hates Fruits.

Sia: Likes Flowers and Weeds.

Sofia: Likes Super Fail Dish, Fail Dish, but hates any food cooked without Squid.

Wells: Likes High Quality Flowers, Backscratched, Dango, general Flowers, Fish Recipes and Oriental Food, but hatees Jam and Cookies.

Yue: Hates Squid.

Zald/Zeze: Likes Tempura Udon and Udon but hates Sweets.
Unlock TrophiesAdded 17 Nov 2010, ID #14844
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding trophy in in the basement of your house.

Unlock First Date Memory Trophy:
Go to the location of your first date.

Unlock First Catch Memory Trophy:
Catch your first fish.

Unlock Memory Of Your First Pet Trophy:
Tame any monster.

Unlock The Big Feast! Trophy:
Win the Big Feast Festival on Fall 5th.

Unlock All Friends Trophy:
Earn the friendship and love with ALL characters

Unlock Memory Of 10,000,000 Gold Trophy:
Get a total of 10,000,000 Gold in your inventory.

Unlock Memory Of Sialance Maze Trophy:
Clear the Sialance Maze in the basement of your house.

Unlock All Items! Trophy:
Collect ALL the items found in Rune Factory 3.

Unlock Memories of 5 Years Trophy:
Reach to the 5th year of game time.

Unlock Game Clear! Trophy:
Watch the ending credits.

Unlock Level 100! Trophy:
Reach level 100.
Unlock Alternate Opening SequenceAdded 17 Nov 2010, ID #14843
An alternate opening sequence is enabled by marrying any of the girls and then saving the game. When you next load the saved game the Sharance Tree will be in bloom, a different singer will be performing the song and new scenes will appear.

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