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How to catch ANY LEGENDARY Pokemon black and white hint for Pokemon Black


How to catch ANY LEGENDARY Pokemon black and white

This is an easy hint that some people already figured out, but for those of you who have not, well here you go.

1. To catch any legendary you have to get at least 30 ultra, dusk, and dive balls the dive balls can be bought in Undella town in black (I'm not sure about white). Everything else can be bought on route 9 in black (still not sure aboute white, lol).
2.Face the legendary Pokemon you wish to catch and SAVE YOUR GAME in front of the Pokemon so if you run out of balls or Pokemon, or maybe even make it faint just simly turn off your D.S. Then turn it back on until you catch it.

Good luck

Added by: Guest Aug 15th 2011, ID#16081



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Feb 15th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
there might be a pokemon called MEWTWO probally in challengers cave maybe
ID #516585
Apr 15th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
dudes, i think you can get keldeo in challengers cave. i dont know, i just heard from the game that theres a legendary pokemon in there. considering ive already caught reshiram, victiny, thundres, landorus, windurus, the trio of sword dudes, giant ice dragon thingy,who else would be in there?
ID #274318
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
i hav a giratina egg that i hacked into my game, im accepting offers of lugia,kyogre and full grown giratinas.
i especially want genesect or keldeo but any of the above would still be appreciated 4 this super-rare giratina egg.
i also hav shiny lv 100 totodile that has alredy learnt surf, waterfall and dive so u could hav it for the mild price of shiny rayquaza
ID #260035
Mar 1st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
i hav had a look and i hav doubles of landorus,terrakion,venipede and zekrom so if u wish to trade, plz leave ur pal code, the name of ur desired pokemon, the name of the pokemon u wish to give and aany questions.
this offer ends on march 8th so dont miss out on the chance 2 hav urself one of these pokemon that i hav worked hard to obtain.
another limited time offer from
ID #259822
Mar 1st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
hi this is darkseeker32K
i hav an announcement to make, i've heard from my mate that there is goin to be a whole new generation of shiny pokemon includin:
albino gyarados, golden zekrom, tri-headed kyurem, a pikachu with white spots and as i said before, a whole new generation of shinies and limited edition pokemon.
dont quote me on it but i hav a trust in my friend and i would be vex if this is a load ofbull sh*t
back to the main subject i would like to say that arceus and red gyarados hav just qualified for my top target list 4 pokemon black and pokemon white
i do hav a question however, on pokemon black2, how do you make kyurem into his black or whiite form.
i hope that my followers answer this question that has intrigued me ever since i completed black2
i also think that those of you that hav questions you should ask me
im not bein like an ad or anythin but i highly recommend the r4 card if you have any worries about your cartridges getting damaged or if you hav insufficient funds to compensate for the cost of new games
wat the r4 does is it is more or less a hacked cartridge that takes an sd card so u can download any gamez at ur own free will(warning:the r4 is not a legit card so it will not be sold at mainstream stores like game,blockbuster or gamestation)
the r4 also can potentially hold cheats to the games downloaded on to the sd card so in effect, it is much better than the action replay but is far more sought after and harder to get
plz state to me your opinion on these cards.
thanks 4 listening 2 moi
from ur pokemon confidante,
ID #259819
Mar 1st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
who has a shiny event pokemon
i already hav shiny meloetta so i is not needin dat but keldeo,arceus,victini,shaymin, gennesect or any other pokemon would be gravely appreciated.
just leave me ur pal code and meet me at the pokemon wi-fi club either today or tomorrow
take note, this offer expires on monday as im an incredibly busy man
i mean i've got work and my marital life to think about and i've been told by tons of people that catching digital entities is a waste of valuable time
but as i said, this is a limited time offer so take this on board and make an offer
as always, from darkseeker32K
ID #259810
Mar 1st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
i'll trade my level 45 terrakion 4 a keldeo,genesect,giratina or rayquaza. i'll throw in an larvesta egg if anyone has ashiny.
im also after kyogre but beggas cant be choozas
ID #259806
Dec 11th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
dose anyone have a shiny riko and ill trade a lugia lv 93 in black game
ID #219133
Nov 25th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
Iwant a reshiram in white 2
ID #212249
Oct 29th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you get Victini?
ID #202705
Jul 31st 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
how do you catch keldo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #170720
Jul 22nd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
how do you make a pokemon shiny in white
ID #167374
Apr 4th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #129513
Jan 28th 2012 fart lord 458 Avatar fart lord 458
where are they on route 9?
ID #110142
Jan 4th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #102775
Oct 23rd 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
Where to go to catch Rapidash in white?
ID #82481
Oct 10th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
I have one, but it isn't that powerfull in black than it is in heart gold :(
ID #79567
Oct 9th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i want a groundon in my black
ID #79337
Oct 7th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
how can i get lengends that arnt in the game without trading? and how do i get the cheats?
ID #78886
Sep 22nd 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i already have a zoaroark
ID #75854
Sep 19th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #75416
Sep 18th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
I want all legendarys all shiny lvl 100.
ID #75169
Sep 14th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
I want shadow lugia in my black version.
ID #74490
Sep 11th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #73983
Sep 2nd 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
dk joshdgwtsddsgzskhdvtgiu7 right that in for all pokemon
ID #71858
Aug 25th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
you can get tornadus/thunderus on pokemon white/black. just simply go to route 7 and next to celistal tower. next to the tower go over the balnce beam and a old lady will invite you inside.when you go outside you will suddenly see tornadus/thunderus. it will go somewhere around unova. look at the gate bilboards. they will say a route. go to the route if possible and go in tall grass. you might see him.
ID #69905
Aug 22nd 2011 pokemonbw123456 Avatar pokemonbw123456
I would like a level 70 Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. all shiny.
ID #69388
Aug 21st 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
you find arceus in entarlink
ID #69015
Aug 21st 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i want a Lv.100 arceas in my heartgold

ID #68973
Aug 19th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
I want a Lv. 100 event keldeo
ID #68526
Aug 19th 2011 DarkDrago Avatar DarkDrago
It's prabably the same for items in the White Version as it is in Black, and also that's not really a cheat and or advantage, a lot of people already know that from a long ago as Blue Version.
ID #68457
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