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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

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We've got a selection of cheats which include beating the second level and unlocking the 3 hidden music tracks and bonus hero templates.

More Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter please send them in here.

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Unlock 3 Hidden Music Tracks

At the bottom of the list in Isaac's item shop there are 3 hidden tracks which can be unlocked by getting the hidden Pirate Coin in each stage. The hidden tracks are marked with '?????' and are the Opening Credits (including animation), Mayor Rosa's song 'Light of my Life', and the Ending credits song 'Real Life'.

Bonus Hero Templates

The Astronaut, Knight, Ninja Girl, Spartan, and Supergirl templates become available by entering the Creation Hall on the Village Map and then holding L and pressing X, Y, B, A(2). If you have entered the code correctly you will hear a confirmation sound.

easy way to beat wilfire

When fighting wilfire use your shooter. If you use another wepon you wont be able to hit him that often.the key is to run back and fourth and shoot rapidly into the air.once he is about at 3/4 of his healthhe will use his twister attack. He will stop and spin run to one side of the roomand keep running.for some reson he dies when he's at 1 health.

Defeat Robosa Boss

OK this is not really a cheat more of a tip heres what ya do. OK upgrade your gun as much as you can then wwhen your fighting the RObosa press L and change to gun then you keep firing at the robosa it sucks you up then inside is an eye that will shoot you once you defeat it you get spit out then shoot him again you get sucked in then defeat that eye then when you get spit out you shoot him again then you get sucked in and sent to the heart the heart has two prtections not one so it's harder because the missels seek you once you get there just keep firing at the heart untill it's dead and then your finished. =D

How To Really Defeat Wilfre On Final Boss.

0. Let Him Kill You When You Get In Temple.
1.You Will Come Back To Life.
2.Use Slinger, Sword, Fist, Or Shooter.
3.Avoid Lightning and Tornado Attack's.
4.bring the Health Bar to Zero.
Then You Win. There You Go My Fellow Player's Have Fun Beating Him.

Lunar Rise

In Lunar Rise when you get to become a spider if you press the y and up control button you will shoot a web and you can climb up it (this does NOT work on high levels!!)

Defeat bosses easily!!!:prt1 baki beards ghost!!

Easily beat him by hitting him until he's right whee you want him then wait till the ghost pirates are near anuf den jump him!!!! If he slides back he's going to charge you get extra damage by jumping on him!! If he disappears run!!!!!!

Easy boss battles :prt2 evil robosa!!!! (huge one)

When you get there have a shooter when it goes for a slam shoot it a million times!! Let it suck you up then to th level. Kill the first eye then do it three more times the third one is a little bit easy/hard because the heart does'nt have a defence system but the missiles here are heatseeking.

defeating wilfre

When you are defeating Wilfre first let him defeat you then you will come back to life use your sword and keep slashing him in midair if he makes his cloud come down RUN because hes more then likely going to make a TORNADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but keep slashing him in midair bye

Resizing Body Problems?/ Extra Body Problems?

Resize Help. First Choose The Resize Button. Resize Head Or Arms & Legs. Extra Body Help. Click Figure Button And Choose A Part. There Ya Go :D See Ya My Fellow Players.

Neat art trick

When drawing your character, only fill in every second column of pixels, then go back and draw a second picture in the gaps between the first picture (or leave it blank). What will happen is your character will look like the first picture, but as your character moves parts of him will switch to the second picture (or become invisible if you left the second picture blank). So if you draw a normal character with a skeleton as the second picture, you will have a living character that will become skeletal as he moves. Try different things and see what happens

How to get secret music fron Isacc

First you have to have all the secret coins from all the levels than go to Isacc. The three ???'s will be's mayor rose's "light of my life", ending song "real life" and the beggining song

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