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Follow the dark path or use the light

Bomberman DS Cheats for Nintendo DS

We have 5 cheats on Nintendo DS

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Play as computer players Added 17 Jun 2011, ID #15836
In battle mode, select battle alone and click every color bomberman and then click "choose teams". If you are with me right now you should see little head icons of all the bombermans. Drag the white bomberman over to any of the other icons. Once you have choose the stage and rules you will be playing as the bomberman you choose

Win 42 of fire, speed, bomb, and super bomb each!Added 28 Aug 2010, ID #14582
Use a bomb on the bomberman then while its blowing up turn of your d.s. without saving turn it back on then select Quick Save then you should have 42 of everything!
Super Dangerous BombAdded 28 May 2007, ID #2864
If you kick a Rubber Bomb into a Dangerous Bomb they will hit each and make a Super Dangerous Bomb. It is also possible to create other bombs by kicking different types together.
Various Gameplay Bits and PiecesAdded 29 Sep 2006, ID #1353
More Dangerous Bombs
You can combine a dangerous bomb and a rubber bomb by kicking them together to get a really dangerous bomb. You can make other types of bombs by kicking other types together.

Still walking
This little trick is only available in multi-player mode. Ok, to get this started, during gameplay, hold down R, move a bit, then stop. It should now appear that your character is still walkting (make sure you are still holding down the R button).

Store your bits and pieces
You don't have to use all of the items you have on each level, some can be stored and used on the next level. This is especially useful for items like the Firesuit which is really handy in some of the the harder levels.

Items List

General Items

Bomb Up:
Increases the amount of bombs that can be dropped.(up to eight).

Fire Up:
Increases firepower of bombs by one level (up to eight).

Full Fire:
Gets firepower straight up to max.

Speed Up:
Increases speed by one level (up to eight).

Single stage items

1 Up:
Extra life

Put's an extra minute on the counter for that level.

Fire Suit:
Your Bomberman will be resistant to bomb blasts while he is wearing it

Lets Bomberman escape a bomb blast or enemy contact or a similar event

Your Bomberman becomes invincible to everything for a little while

Bomb upgrades

Dangerous Bombs:
The first bomb will explode in a square radius.

Land Mine Bombs:
This allows you to hide a dropped bomb until someone activates it

Pass Through Bombs:
This is a strong bomb will will destroy extra blocks (the must be destroyable)

Power Bombs:
This will supe up the next bomb that you drop.

Remote Bomb:
With this upgrade you can drop a bomb then use the B button to detonate it when you want.

Bomberman Upgrades

Bomb Kick:
This allows Bomberman to kick a bomb and stop it with X.

Bomb Punch:
This allows Bomberman to hit a bomb with the Y button.

This will allow Bomberman to view the exit and all items in a stage.

Line Bomb:
Just press the Y button and you will drop all the bombs you have in one go.

This will allow Bomberman to go through bombs for alittle while.

This will allow Bomberman to walk through soft blocks for a little while.

Power Glove:
This allows Bomberman to pick up and throw dropped bombs.

This will shield Bomberman for a short while.

Multi-player or Battle mode items

Bomb Down:
Decreases the number of bombs able to drop.

Fire Down:
Decreases firepower by one level.

Question Mark:
Randomly picks a function of another item.

Rubber Bomb:
This is a bomb that will bounce when punched or kicked.

This will cause some problems for your Bomberman, but touch another player while you have the symptons (usually a back fog), it will pass to them.

Speed Down:
Decreases speed by one level.
Skull bombs on side-linesAdded 30 Jul 2005, ID #210
When playing battle mode and when you are out on the sidelines (throwing bombs at other players once youve been hit), blow into the get skull-bombs

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