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Follow the dark path or use the light

Another Code: Two Memories

Another Code: Two Memories Cheats for Nintendo DS

We have 2 cheats on Nintendo DS

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UnlockablesAdded 31 Jul 2006, ID #1109
Unlock Starred Game Mode:
Successfully complete the game.

Alternate Ending Sequence:
To get bonus mail after the ending sequence successfully complete the game twice.

Another Code: Two MemoriesAdded 2 Aug 2005, ID #215
DAS Card Locations
Look in the following places to find all the DAS Cards in the game:

Card 00 – on the table in the Porter’s Lodge.
Card 01 – on the desk in the Butler’s Room.
Card 02 – on the table in the corner of the Art Room.
Card 901 – on the top-right drawer of the desk in the Butler’s Room.
Card 902 – inside the cabinet to the right of the bookshelf (with the white books on) in the Music Room.
Card 903 – in the top drawer of the desk in Franny’s Room.
Card 904 – in the wardrobe on the left side of Henry & Marie’s Bedroom.
Card 905 – in the Kitchen, inside one of the drawers of the cabinet with the plates on.
Card 906 – in the bookshelves to the right of the fireplace in Lawrence’s Room.
Card 907 – in the bookshelves to the right of the teddy bear in the Lab.
Card 908 – in the closed filing cabinet, above the open drawer on the left side of the Lab.
Card 991 – hidden in the photo frame on the desk in the Lab.
Card 992 – hidden in the back of the teddy bear in the Lab.

Easter Eggs
After you complete the game for the first time, you will be able to save your game in a new file indicated by a star. Play through the game again and you will notice a few small – but interesting – differences:

- All of Richard’s DAS Card messages will be different. Instead of talking about Ashley or Sayoko, he will discuss the history of the Edward family.

- The wooden stamps in Franny’s Room will be different. - Instead of seeing a bird in the zoetrope, you will see a ninja. - Complete the game for a second time, achieving the 'good' ending by helping D regain all his memories, and after the credits you will see a strange coded message. To decipher it, fold the Nintendo DS so that the pattern on the top screen reflects onto the grid of letters on the bottom screen. Follow the reflected pattern to read the message: "TO YOU OF 16 YEARS”. What could it mean?

D's Memories
To get the ‘good’ ending to the game, you need to jog D’s memory to help him remember how he died. Follow this sequence to help D recall his past and free himself from his ghostly curse:

1) Entrance hall – examine both bird paintings
2) Butler’s Room – examine the photo album in the wardrobe
3) Golden Bird Room – examine the empty gun case
4) Silver Bird Room – examine the birdcage
5) Silver Bird Room – piece together the scraps of paper
6) Art Room – examine the picture of Franny
7) Franny’s Room – examine the teddy bear
8) Henry & Marie’s Bedroom – read the letter inside the bottle (after smashing the bottle with the hammer from the Art Room)
9) Secret room in Henry’s Study – use the baseball in the corner of the room to knock down the suitcase and examine D’s shoe inside
10) Lawrence’s Room – examine each person in the painting above the fireplace
11) Lawrence’s Room – read the diary in the desk drawer (to unlock the drawer, use the key from the smashed bottle)
12) Secret room in Lawrence’s Room – read Henry’s letter on the typewriter
13) Cave – entering the cave will trigger another memory
14) Cave – pick up the shoe on the ground
15) Beach – exit the cave and D will have remembered everything

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