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Nightmare Creatures



by KeeperBvK

Nightmare Creatures (N64) guide
by KeeperBvK aka Burkhart von Klitzing
Contact: [email protected]

Dedication: I dedicate this work to my beloved dad who passed away on the  
            I always loved you and I always will. Thank you so much for the  
            time we had.

                               0.1 Legal Stuff

This Guide may not be posted on any other website other than
without my permission and it may not be used commercially in any possible way.
If you want to post it on another site please contact me via E-Mail or via 
the Message Board.
Do not claim this guide or any part of it to be your creation.
If you find any mistakes (even regarding the language as I'm German) please 
let me know.
Copyright 2007 Burkhart von Klitzing

                             0.2 Version History

Started working on this on July 29 2006.

1.00: Finished on 08/10/2006, 117 KB large

1.01: Finished on 03/12/2007, 117 KB large
- Added

1.02: Finished on 03/17/2007, 117 KB large
- Added

                                0.3 Contents

                                               | Latest Update | Search Key |
0.1 Legal Stuff                                |      1.02     |            |
0.2 Version History                            |      1.02     |            |
0.3 Contents                                   |      1.02     |            |
1. What is Nightmare Creatures?                |      1.0      |     AAA    |
2. Controls                                    |      1.0      |     BBB    |
3. General Hints                               |      1.0      |     CCC    |
4. Walkthrough                                 |      1.0      |     DDD    |
   4.1  Level  1 - Chelsea                     |      1.0      |     DD1    |
   4.2  Level  2 - Spitalfield                 |      1.0      |     DD2    |
   4.3  Level  3 - Thames Tunnel               |      1.0      |     DD3    |
   4.4  Boss   1 - Sewer Snake                 |      1.0      |     DB1    |
   4.5  Level  4 - India Docks                 |      1.0      |     DD4    |
   4.6  Level  5 - Highgate Cemetery           |      1.0      |     DD5    |
   4.7  Level  6 - Hampstead Heath             |      1.0      |     DD6    |
   4.8  Level  7 - Queenhite Docks             |      1.0      |     DD7    |
   4.9  Level  8 - City                        |      1.0      |     DD8    |
   4.10 Level  9 - Smithfield                  |      1.0      |     DD9    |
   4.11 Boss   2 - Snowman                     |      1.0      |     DB2    |
   4.12 Level 10 - Regents Canal               |      1.0      |     D10    |
   4.13 Level 11 - London Zoo                  |      1.0      |     D11    |
   4.14 Level 12 - Marylebone                  |      1.0      |     D12    |
   4.15 Level 13 - Bloomsbury                  |      1.0      |     D13    |
   4.16 Level 14 - Pimlico                     |      1.0      |     D14    |
   4.17 Boss   3 - Jose Manuel                 |      1.0      |     DB3    |
   4.18 Level 15 - Westminster                 |      1.0      |     D15    |
   4.19 Level 16 - Westminster II              |      1.0      |     D16    |
   4.20 Boss   4 - The Roofs                   |      1.0      |     DB4    |
5. Items                                       |      1.0      |     EEE    |
6. Enemies                                     |      1.0      |     FFF    |
7. Closing Comments                            |      1.0      |     GGG    |
8. Experimental                                |      1.0      |     HHH    |

                       1. What is Nightmare Creatures?                    AAA

Nightmare Creatures is a port of a PSX game of the same name. Basically it is 
an Action-Adventure set in a fantasy-horror themed England of 1834. Slash 
your way through hordes of zombies, werewolves and the likes either as the 
male Ignatius or as female Nadia, which doesn't really alter gameplay. The 
adventure part is pretty much reduced to a minimum with some switches to be 
activated, barrels to be blown up and such. All in all Nightmare Creatures 
mainly consists of straight-forward action...oh and also quite some gore.

                                 2. Controls                              BBB

Standard Moves:

Turn left / right........: Left / right on D-Pad or Control Stick.

Move forward.............: Up on D-Pad or Control Stick.

Jump back................: Down on D-Pad or Control Stick.

Use Weapon...............: B Button.

Kick.....................: A Button.

Use Item.................: Z Button or L Button.

Pick up Item.............: B Button.

Show remaining Lives.....: R Button.

Jump forward a bit.......: C Left.

Strafe Jump to the left..: C Up.

Strafe Jump to the right.: C Right.

Block....................: C Down.

Pause texts rolling by...: B Button.

Speed up texts rolling by: A Button.

Button Combinations:

Jump far forward..........: Up on D-Pad or Control Stick, and C Left.

Turn around 180 degree....: C Up and C Right.

Switch Items..............: R Button and left or right on D-Pad or Control 

Hard Weapon Strike........: Up on D-Pad or Control Stick and B Button.

Hard Kick.................: Up on D-Pad or Control Stick and A Button.

Back-Stab (Ignatius only)..: Down on D-Pad or Control Stick and B Button.

Back-Kick (Nadia only).....: Down on D-Pad or Control Stick and A Button.

Jumping Strike............: C Left and B Button.

Alternative Jumping Strike: C Left and A Button.

                               3. General Hints                           CCC


Both characters have the same stats, in terms of speed, health, strength and 
such, but they differ in their combos and also in their jumping attacks: 
Ignatius' midair attacks have a higher chance of hitting, which makes him the 
better choice, but still both characters are easily able to beat the hard 
difficulty setting.

A side note on the combo lists: A comma indicates that the buttons have to be 
input one after another, whereas a plus tells you to press two or three 
buttons at the same time.


Triple Strike...: B, B, B

Triple Kick.....: A, A, A

Temple Strike: B, B, A

Scottish Backhand: B, A, B

Last Judgement: A, B, C Down

Lunge Kick: B, C Left, A

Hammer Girl: A, B, B

Windmill Slam: A, A, A, B

Crescent Kick: B, A A

Hammerhead Crush: A, B, C Left

Cyclone Leg Sweep: B, B, B, A

Judas Jack Knife: A, C Left, C Down

Spin Strike: A, B, A, B

Ahab's Revenge: B, A, B, A

High Kick Feint: B, C Left, B, A


Triple Strike...: B, B, B

Triple Kick.....: A, A, A

Side Flip Kick..: B, B, C Left

Bloody Ballerina: B, C Left + C Down

Gymnast Strike..: A, Up + A

Divide & Conquer: A, Up + A, B + A

Back Flip Kick..: B, B, B, A, Up + A

Sever Slash.....: Up + B + A

Wuthering Slice.: A, A, Down + B

Rising Fore.....: A, B, Up + B + A

Feet of Fury....: B, A, A, A

Cyclone Volley..: A, A, A, B


If you let Adrenaline activated in the options menu, you will always have a 
blue bar on the left end of the screen, above the red health bar. This bar 
depletes constantly and once the bar is completely empty you start losing 
health. To fill up your adrenaline you have to defeat an enemy, which always 
restores the whole blue bar.

Actually, the bar does not truly deplete all the time: When the game regards 
you as being amidst a battle, the adrenaline stays. To make sure the game 
realizes you as being fighting, attack madly or stand really close to an 
enemy and block its attacks.

A zombie is perfect for some exploration. Usually you would have to cut 
exploration short due to the adrenaline, but when there is a zombie around, 
you can defeat him (without tearing him apart) to refill the blue bar, wander 
around and return to the still active zombie once you run low on adrenaline. 
This can be repeated as long as you wish to.

Later on in the game you might have a double health energy bar, but depleting 
the first life bar through a lack of adrenaline does cost you a life, so 


I have come up with strategies on how to beat every kind of enemies in this 
game, but that belongs to the enemy section of this guide. Here, in the 
fighting part of the general hints section, I will tell you general things to 
remember, no matter who is your opponent.

The most important technique to remember is the baiting: When seeing an enemy, 
usually the best thing to do is to retreat so it follows you. This both 
allows for positioning the enemy near a wall and for separating it from other 
enemies. If you just rush in you can often get close to other opponents while 
still dealing with the first one and you definitely want to avoid that.

Another important technique is the cornering: Many enemies can be beaten 
relatively easy by repeatedly using Triple Strikes, but it is way more 
effective and safer to get an enemy into a corner or at least with its back 
against an obstacle, so it cannot escape, block, counter or be pushed back 
too far by your attacks so it would get out of your reach. Corner an 
adversary by cleverly baiting it and by pushing it back with some Triple 

Ignore most combos: For 95% of the game you are perfectly fine with sticking 
to Triple Strikes and Kicks, Jumping Strikes and some Hard Strikes (against 
Demons). You only need more advanced combos against groups of Hellhounds and 
against the final boss, so just learn and use Spin Strike and Ahab's Revenges 
as Ignatius and Sever Slash as Nadia.


Try to break windows and suspicious crates. If it is possible, chances are 
high to find an item in there.

Some enemies carry an item. While the enemies who carry a goodie never change, 
the stuff they have in store for you does. The item is always random, except 
for hearts. If an enemy ever gives you a heart after its defeat, it will 
always do.

Unless you desperately need to win a fight quickly or if you definitely know 
that an enemy does not hold an item, don't push your opponent into the water 
or into any abyss or defeat him while he is above an abyss, or else you might 
miss out on an item.

Beating a level with 100% of all enemies slain and 100% items obtained 
rewards you with a random item.

Don't be afraid using items while being in a fight: Just wait for a brief 
safe moment, stop blocking, use the item and watch yourself slowly, yet 
safely employ it (you are invincible during the item animation). Press and 
hold the defence button again during the animation to be blocking again, 
right when it becomes necessary.

Don't throw items into the water, even if it is just a small creek, so you 
don't waste them

Weapon Upgrades:

There are three weapon upgrades to be found in the game, with two chances for 
each, so if you miss one, you can find it again in a later level, but after 
the second chance, you will have definitely missed it.

Every upgrade increases both the damage dealt and the chance of dismembering 
an enemy, but not only when using the weapon, but even when kicking.

Upgrade #3 does not only improve your fighting, but it also gives you a 
second life bar. Watch out, though, as depleting the first life bar by 
running out of adrenaline will kill you, although the second life bar hasn't 
even been touched so far. 

When the first health bar is emptied by anything different, you are knocked 
down as if you'd die, but without losing a life. Furthermore if your first 
life bar is low, no matter how hard an enemy blow is, you definitely won't 
lose any of the second life bar in a single attack, hence extremely hard 
attacks possibly do a little bit of damage.

These are all the weapon upgrade locations. For more specific information on 
how to find them, please refer to the walkthrough of the mentioned levels:

#1India Docks
#1Queenhite Docks



                                4. Walkthrough                            DDD

This walkthrough has been written while playing on hard. If you play on easy, 
you can still fully stick to this guide, as the only difference between the 
two difficulty settings is the increased health of all enemies on hard.

Sticking to this guide will make you get 100% kills and 100% items in every 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.1 Level 1 - Chelsea=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD1

Approach the zombie and use a hard strike to easily tear him apart. Blocking 
and countering somehow isn't as safe as this strategy. Then turn around, open 
the door and repeat against another zombie. Break open the crate in the floor 
to find a health sphere. Leave the floor, turn left, shoot at the explosive 
and break three more crates for another pistol shot and a proximity mine.

Move down the street to find some more goodies inside a crate and behind a 
window at a shop on the left. Go to the closed gate at the end of the path 
and turn right. As you approach the small gate, a werewolf breaks through, 
instantly attacking you. So you better block right away. Wait for his attack, 
then counter with as many B B B combos a necessary to kill him.

Once it is dead, walk down the ramp, dispose of another zombie (it drops a 
goodie) and press the switch in the far right corner. This opens a new 
passage nearby, releasing a werewolf, so block as soon as you have pressed 
the button. Kill the werewolf, enter the newly opened passage, pick up the 
three items and pull the lever to open the big gate outside.

Go near the gate and lure the werewolf through it to your side. Kill him 
first (he drops an item) and then step through the gate yourself to face 
another zombie. Afterwards, shoot at the explosive near the park gate.

There is a zombie right behind the park gate on the right and then another 
one on the left. Try not to be baited by him too far, as there also is a 
werewolf behind the ruins. Once all three are finally really dead and not 
just undead, take a right to a grave. A zombie will come out of it and he 
drops a proximity mine.

Now go back to where you fought the second zombie in the park and walk down 
the stairs. They lead you to another zombie and to a werewolf jumping around 
the corner at the stone wall ahead. Once it is safe to, go around the corner 
to find a health sphere on a crate.

Follow the path to a pretty ugly statue of some kind of fiend. A werewolf 
jumps out of his hideout from behind. Defeat him and go back to follow the 
path on the outer rim where you will battle a zombie and another werewolf 
(dropping a power-up). After a while you will see two smaller statues. Run in 
on the left one and use the B B B combo on it as soon as you reach it, as it 
becomes alive.

Move on. See those other two statues? This time, both of them come alive. 
Stay left on the path and advance until the left statue starts flying around. 
Retreat and wait for it to come closer. As you cannot block its spit attack, 
you should wait for one of these attacks to disappear before rushing in on 
the enemy. Afterwards, run in on the remaining statue and attack it as soon 
as it becomes alive (it drops an item). Alternatively you might also use the 
pistol on the left fiend to kill it safely. Afterwards defeat a zombie up 
ahead to open the gate behind it, but don't leave the level just yet.

Instead, hop onto the low wall at the water and move right to reach a tunnel. 
Watch out not to fall into the water, though, as it is lethal. Follow to the 
tunnel to the last zombie of the level and to a health sphere, an extra life 
and a flask of repulsive smoke. Now that you have found everything in the 
level, go back to the low wall at the water, walk over it (the wall, not the 
water ^^) and go through the gate to end the level.

~~~~~~~~~~The workshop is deserted but a note is pinned to the door:~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'I couldn't wait. Crowley suspicious.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brotherhood is meeting in Spitalfield. HV.'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~Try to catch a brotherhood member leaving the secret meeting...~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.2 Level 2 - Spitalfield=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD2

Smash open a crate, pick up the great health sphere and prepare for a new 
enemy: The Pepys Monster. Break apart the fence and face the monster. It 
looks pretty fierce and it definitely is strong but it can be killed the same 
way as werewolves, hence it is rather easy to beat. Just block an attack, 
before countering with numerous Triple Strikes.

Activate the switch on the right, step through the gate and dispose of 
another Pepys Monster. Now break open the crates and pick up a health sphere. 
Moving down the street triggers another monster to attack you. Since there 
also is a zombie nearby, lure the monster back to the crates to kill it first.

When both are dead, open the gate on the right to face the next monster 
(drops a goodie). Also open the crates for a bottle of repulsive smoke and a 
window on the left for another item. See those bushes in a corner? Shred them 
to pieces to reveal a hidden passage containing some items.

Get back onto the main street and take a right. A new kind of enemy awaits 
you again: The Docker. These creatures are strong and they can withstand 
quite a lot, but still the same technique as against werewolves and Pepys 
Monsters works perfectly.

Once it is dead, smash the wooden gates on the left, kill two zombies and 
pick up the item one of them drops. Stick to the right wall as you move on to 
avoid the pile of crates the next Pepys Monster is about to crash down on you. 
Kill it and move on to the intersection. Go left to avoid another pile of 
crates and turn around to face a Pepys Monster.

Kill a Docker and a zombie to clear a yard with two crates that contain 
health spheres. Take a right, defeat a zombie and a Pepys Monster. The wall 
straight ahead has a somewhat hidden passage, leading to another monster (it 
drops an item), an extra life, a proximity mine, a pistol and some TNT.

Once you've grabbed everything, go back to the yard and move straight on. 
Quickly dispose of the monster and then of the zombie, as a Docker is 
approaching in your back.

Alternatively you can also approach the monster and retreat far away to kill 
the Docker first.

Next, beat up a zombie, pick up a pistol in a crate and shoot some explosives. 
This opens up the way to another Pepys Monster. After defeating it, pull the 
lever and kill a Docker and a zombie.

Move on to a Pepys Monster and bait it back a few steps, because you don't 
want to get too close to the wooden gate up ahead. Defeat the monster and now 
approach the gate to trigger a Docker smashing through it. Once it is dead, 
kill two zombies and pick up the item one of them leaves behind.

Around the corner is another zombie which you better kill quickly as a Pepys 
Monster is about to step out of the fog nearby. Next is another zombie, but 
then you'll come to a special challenge: A jump over a gap. Don't worry, 
though. Just run straight to the gap and jump close to the end of the bridge. 
Luckily the gap is way shorter than your jumping reach.

Beat up a monster, pick up its goodie and walk a bit further to see some 
mysterious man running away from you. Do pretty much the same jump twice 
again and dispose of your final Pepys Monster in this level. Smash the wooden 
window on your left for an item and go through the gate on the right to enter 
level 3.

~~~~~~~The man in gray manages to elude you by fleeing into the sewers.~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow him!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.3 Level 3 - Thames Tunnel-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD3

Do a 180 to find a big health sphere. Turn around again and carefully 
approach the wagon as some rubble is about to rain down from the ceiling. 
Attack the wagon to push it at the pile of debris further ahead, clearing the 
path in an explosion. A bit down the tunnel a Docker bursts through the left 
wall. Don't fight it there, but bait it way back.

After it is defeated you will know why: A little bit past the wall the Docker 
came through is a new kind of enemy, the Insect. First of all, also bait this 
enemy back a bit. Then, basically you can use the same technique as against 
Dockers, monsters and werewolves, but due to their speed you might want to 
block yourself whenever they block the last blow of one of your combos, 
instead of keeping up the button smashing.

Move on, dodge some debris, a bit and kill another Docker and pick up the 
items in the niche it came from. Afterwards, move on down the tunnel and 
fight another Insect and pick up its item. Take a left at the split and 
defeat yet another Docker bursting through a wall. Don't forget to smash the 
crate on the left for a bottle of repulsive smoke afterwards.

Enter the narrow path on the right; pick up the pistol and use it on the 
explosive barrels up ahead, blowing up some truly ugly tentacle-wielding 
creature. Walk up the stairs, which triggers an Insect to leap out of the 
crates. Once it is dead, smash five (!) crates for lots of goodies. There is 
a sixth smashable crate around, but prior to feasting on it, look out for an 
Insect coming from the right. Now open the last crate and also nab the item 
that the Insect just dropped.

Step around the corner to see a Docker. Approach it and retreat to dodge the 
rubble coming from the ceiling. Once the creature has been struck down, take 
a left at the next split to find a health sphere. Afterwards go down the 
straight path. After a while you will see a wooden wall on the right. As you 
approach it, two Dockers will come through. As soon as they do, run back down 
the tunnel to bait one of them away. This way you shouldn't have too much of 
a problem killing both. One of them drops an item.

Then enter the big hall on the right, where they came from. Ignore the loose 
wooden barricade on the right as it is just a more dangerous path to a place 
you will go to anyway. Instead, break the one on the left, then take a right 
and activate the lever to open the gate up the stairs. Walk up to enter a big 
room only guarded by a single Docker. Kill it, pick up its heart and search 
the room for a stick of dynamite and a breakable crate that contains two 

Leave the loft, take a right at the lever and follow the path back into the 
sewer system. You have to fight another Docker, but as you do, watch out not 
to come close to the explosive barrel at the seemingly end of the tunnel or 
else you might accidentally blow it up. Lure the enemy as far back as 
possible, hit it several times and as you get closer to the barrel, just stop 
attacking and lure it back again to repeat the whole thing until the Docker 
is dead and you can loot its power-up. Ignore the barrel and simply break 
open the right-most crate for a pistol.

Enter the passage on your right, ignore both the Docker behind the window and 
the explosive barrel on the right, but watch out for the debris coming down. 
Move on straight until you walk up some stairs. Kill an Insect up here and 
then another one down the next set of stairs. In the next room is another one 
of those Thames' Monsters. Just shoot at the barrel left of it once to 
dispose of it.

Stay on solid ground by walking along the left wall towards the Docker you 
saw earlier. Defeat it and activate the switch to open a gate further ahead. 
Now get onto the wooden planks and follow them to some more barrels. Shooting 
one of them hopefully kills the next Thames' Monster, but unfortunately it 
doesn't always do so (and as Thames' Monsters also count towards the 100% 
enemies, you have to restart the level if it doesn't die). No matter it if 
worked out correctly, run over to a wooden barricade on the right, break it 
and pick up a big health sphere and an extra life. Then leave the room and 
take a right. Either with some fast jumps (if the Monster is still alive) or 
at your own pace.

As you get close to the wooden fence here, a Docker and an Insect will leap 
through. Keep blocking until you see a good chance for a counter attack, like 
when one of the enemies walks away or is behind the other one. The Insect at 
least is kind enough to drop an item. Sometimes, though, only the Docker 
crashes through the wooden barricade, while the bug stays back, making the 
battle way easier.

Walk on, dodge two pipes falling down from the ceiling and watch out for an 
Insect leaping around the first corner after the second pipe. After crossing 
the small bridge, another Insect rushes in from the first right corner.

~~~Suddenly you hear a crash and the screams of innocent citizens up ahead.~~
~~~Your quarry forgotten, you advance to find out what new horror has been~~~ 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.4 Boss 1 - Sewer Snake-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-DB1

Immediately start destroying the wooden poles all around the hole in which 
the snake lives. If you're quick enough about it, the boss won't even get a 
chance to use its unblockable breath. If he does manage to use it, you might 
want to start over the battle anew. It will save you lots of health as 
avoiding the breath is pretty hard and it only costs a minor amount of time 
doing so.

Once all poles are gone, the second battle phase begins. Now the snake will 
try to bite you three times (simply block it), before swinging around its 
head two times (stay on the outer rim to avoid this). Block an attack and 
look around for a big health sphere to nab. Only then think about defeating 
the boss. The snake is vulnerable during its swing attack and while it only 
takes three hits to kill it (the good old video game boss formula ^^) you 
might still get hurt quite a bit. The bite attack is easy to block, but when 
it comes to attacking yourself you are likely to get hit by the swinging 
heads...unless you stick to my strategy: After blocking the third bite, stand 
right at the water and start a B B B combo. This should always hit the snake.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A single gun shot rings out~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~You rush toward the sound and discover a man dying in the gutter.~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'Crowley, he did this, he betrayed us.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~You must stop him. The Sea Wolf Pub. Abraham Greystone knows all.'~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Find the Sea Wolf Pub!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.5 Level 4 - India Docks=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD4

On the right is a big health sphere and if you look carefully you will also 
find two crates that contain pistol ammo. Then dispose of three zombies (ah, 
finally some weak enemies again). One of them drops an item.

Those two boxes forming a stair of some sort are there for a reason. Hop onto 
them to get over the fence and into a storage hall where a zombie surprises 
you. A Docker will break out of the crates in here, so keep up your guard. 
When the area is safe, grab the Docker's item, the heart in the gory corner 
and the two torches. Activate the lever to open the exit, but don't go out 
just yet as two Thames' Monsters await you outside. Shoot the barrel floating 
in the water to the left of the right-most monster. Then get out and use the 
Multi-Gun on the other monster itself.

Break a crate on your left for a pistol. Turn back and move on to face a 
Docker, which you should bait back a bit, so you won't get close to a Thames' 
Monster. Afterwards, smash another crate for a goodie and use the Multi-Gun 
on the tentacle creature. Up on some stairs you can see a bunch of barrels 
which cannot be shot. As you close in on them you will see why: A Docker 
rolls them down at you. Keep jumping backwards and jump to the right when you 
get to the small square. Afterwards kill the Docker, which is especially easy 
on the stairs as they prevent your enemy from being hurled back as you attack 

Proceed to a wooden gate, open it and wait for the Docker up ahead to be hit 
by some debris falling down. When he is knocked down, attack him fiercely and 
pick up the item he leaves behind. Go to the gate leading out of the large 
yard, but both watch out for some rubble falling down there and for a new 
enemy: The Harpy. Let it come through the gate, block its attack and start a 
counter combo of your own. Like most enemies, the Harpy also is pretty much 
doomed once you land your first hit.

Leave through the gate and smash the crate on your right for a mine. Step 
down into the mud, defeat a zombie, walk up the other stairs, smash a box for 
some health and beat up your second Harpy as well as you third one behind it. 
Run past the bonfire (but not through it!) and up the left stairs to meet a 

Move on to a suspicious stack of crates. They form a set of stairs leading up 
to a ship, but before climbing up, you should kill a Harpy on the right. Now 
hop up the crates. You are welcomed by two zombies and a Docker. Probably the 
latter one will rush in at you so quickly that you won't have the time to 
deal with either zombie first. So kill the Docker, while keeping an eye on 
your back. If a zombie gets close, stop attacking and start blocking. Oh and 
by the way: Stay on the left side of the ship. Pick up the items the Docker 
and one of the zombies drop before stepping onto the right side, which makes 
another Docker pop out of some crates. Walk down the stairs after the battle 
to obtain three items.

~~~~~~~Weapon Upgrade #1~~~~~~~

Walk back up and to the front of the ship. Watch out for the swinging hook, 
by simply sticking to the far left. Step onto the plank at the front and make 
a running jump to a platform on the left. This time your jump has to be 
really precise, so get to the tip of the plank before jumping off. Smash a 
box for a heart and definitely pick up the weapon upgrade to increase the 
damage you inflict. To get out of this place, destroy two crates on the right.

Return to the crates you used to get up onto the ship and kill the newly 
spawned Docker. Go right to where you killed the last Harpy and shoot at a 
Thames' Monster. Past that is another Docker, guarding a pistol in the far 
right corner. After dealing with him, proceed to see another Thames' Monster 
you should kill with the Multi-Gun. Then lure a Docker away from the water 
(it's just safer) and beat the hell out of it with your upgraded weapon.

Further along the path you will hear and see three big pendulums lethally 
swinging around over a gap. Before you do anything else, break open the crate 
on the right for an item. Then position yourself in front of the gap and wait 
for a good chance to run and jump over the abyss past the pendulums. It 
actually isn't hard to do. Break open another crate for some health and 
activate a switch up some stairs on the right.

Go through the gate, dispose of a Docker, then of another Docker (dropping an 
item), yet another Docker past the next wooden gate and after picking up a 
health guessed it: A Docker. This last one, though, can be 
approached in way more pleasant way. After picking up the health sphere, walk 
over to the crates on the right. This will lure the Docker into the two 
pendulums, thus making him lose quite some health before finally getting 
through to you.

Wait for the correct moment to run past the pendulums yourself. The Sea Wolf 
Pub is nearby on the right.

~~~~~~~~~You find Greystone slumped in a corner clinging to a bottle.~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'Crowley created this plague.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He told us he wanted to make a superman.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He's using some kind of potion.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~He got the recipe from the grave of Samuel Pepys in Highgate cemetary.'~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Find Pepy's tomb!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Geez, here the odyssey of stupid mistakes in the level ending texts has its 
beginning: 1.Cemetary? 2.What's the guy's name? Pepy or Pepys?

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.6 Level 5 - Highgate Cemetery-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD5

Again, you get to pick up a large health sphere right at the beginning of a 
level. After that, kill your first werewolf in a while and as if that wasn't 
enough, also a second one down the stairs. Pick up a pistol in a niche on the 
right and defeat two more werewolves.

Enter the crypt the last enemy came from. In here are four wooden coffins, 
each containing something. First open the left one for a zombie carrying an 
item. Then the centre one on the right for another zombie  and finally the 
one on its left for a pistol and to automatically open the fourth one, 
setting free a werewolf. Kill it to find an item in its coffin. The big, 
black stone coffin only contains some harmless bats.

Leave the crypt, take a right and tear apart the zombie behind the gate. 
After picking up his item, move on to meet another werewolf. Open the small 
gate and smash the crate on the left for a Multi-Gun. Then kill another 
werewolf, try not to be too shocked as you are knocked down by a stick of 
dynamite thrown by the mysterious man who actually is Growley (luckily, it 
doesn't hurt you) and watch out for the first grave behind the corner as a 
zombie climbs out of it. At least he carries an item with him.

Around the next corner you will have to face two Harpies, but fortunately 
they come one by one. Don't forget to pick up the big health sphere before 
entering the crypt behind the left gate. Jump back at the entrance as some 
rubble comes down from the ceiling and kill both a zombie and a werewolf. Try 
to defeat the zombie first, but if he blocks your attack, bait out the 
werewolf to kill it first. Once the crypt is safe, open the centre coffin for 
a torch and also nab the heart on the left.

Get out of the crypt, open the other gate and proceed to two zombies. 
Afterwards deal with a Harpy and then with another zombie climbing out of a 
tomb on the right. He carries an item. Walk up the stairs and enter a chapel 
after killing another Harpy. Around the second corner is a werewolf, so be on 
guard. Break open the first window on the left to obtain a heart. The second 
window is broken automatically by a werewolf, carrying a power-up. Further go 
along the left wall to find another breakable window, revealing some ammo. 
The fourth window is again smashed by a werewolf, but this time he des not 
carry anything himself. Instead you'll find some health at the window. Try to 
lure the enemy away from the fifth window as it also gives way to another 
werewolf. This final one is lootable like the first one.

Afterwards you should already see a zombie in the background. Dispose of him, 
leave the chapel through the left gate and already enter it again to bait a 
werewolf away from a zombie. Once both are dead, pick up the pistol lying in 
the near right corner outside of the building. Use it to blow up a barrel, 
allowing you to enter the underground. Take down a Harpy, a zombie and a 
werewolf down here. Don't forget to open the two coffins leaning against the 
wall for two items.

Then go up the ramp to attract a Harpy and a werewolf. Hopefully you can bait 
just one of them down to the underground passage, but probably not. If not, 
try to defeat the Harpy first as she blocks way less than a werewolf does. Up 
the ramp and past another werewolf already lies Pepy's tombs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pepys tomb has been plundered.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~There is a message scrawled on the back wall of the tomb.~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'Ignorants, your efforts are in vain.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hampstead Heath is next.'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The red ink is still wet!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Get to Hampstead Heath to stop Crowley's plan!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.7 Level 6 - Hampstead Heath=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD6

No big health sphere around this time; just a Pepys Monster. Nah, the people 
at Kalisto couldn't be that mean: Smash the window near your starting 
position for the sought after health item. Then take down the enemy and 
proceed into the park where you meet another one soon. Defeat it (it holds an 
item and furthermore there is a pistol hidden in the cave that held the 
monster) as well as two more down the park. Also check the two windows on the 
left of the park for a small health sphere.

Take a right before the metal fence to meet a new enemy: A spider. These look 
pretty similar to Pepys Monsters and so do they act. Just block an attack and 
counter with a bunch of B Button attacks. Afterwards, shoot the Thames' 
Monster with the Multi-Gun to reach a Flash on the right side of the pond in 
a stone niche.

Return to where you fought the spider and walk up the stairs a bit as you 
stick to the right wall; a Pepys Monster rolls down some barrels to crush you. 
Bait it down the stairs, pick up its goodie and also bait down a spider 
(carrying an item) further up the stairs. If you don't lure it back to you, 
you will have to battle two spiders at a time, requiring you to constantly 
block until you see a chance to attack one of them. Otherwise, deal with the 
first spider up here and then move on to trigger the second one bursting 
through a wall.

Look for a torch inside the room the last spider came from. Follow the trail 
of lanterns to one more spider and break the last piece of fence on the left 
side of the second path that leads to an entrance door. Jump down to reach a 
health sphere on a stone block and a Berzerker behind a window. Get back up 
and repeat this at the last pathway, break the wooden wall there and kill 
another spider. Smash your way through the next wooden wall on the right to 
obtain three items.

Get back up onto the street, where you open the gate to another part of the 
park. Defeat a Pepys monster, search for a pistol on a small pedestal on the 
left and beat up another Pepys Monster, which drops an item. One Pepys 
monster later you'll be traversing a bridge. Halfway, though, a Thames' 
Monster breaks through from below. Use the Multi-Gun and do a running jump 
over the gap.

Down the stairs and past a spider is a window on the left. Destroy it for a 
proximity mine. As you do, a Pepys Monster breaks through a gate, so get rid 
of it. Then break apart the fence on the left and clear the path to three 
health spheres from a spider. Also nab the bottle of repulsive smoke (behind 
a window) and the mine where the Pepys monster came from.

Go up the small set of stairs and bait a spider though the open gate on the 
right. Once it's dead, take care of the Pepys Monster, destroy two windows 
for a Berzerker and a health sphere and search for an entrance into a cave in 
this garden. Bait one of the two spiders in there to the outside to ease the 
battle. When both are done for it, look for a wooden barricade inside the 
cave, destroy it and pick up a torch and some health. Hop out of the cave, 
defeat a single Pepys Monster and take a right at the intersection of the 

Shoot the Thames' Monster on the left and advance on the stone path, staying 
close to the water to avoid a bunch of barrels being hurled at you by a Pepys 
Monster. Punish it for his attempt, pick up the item he drops and also take 
care of a spider behind it. Grab the Flash on a crate nearby and walk out 
onto the pier. Shoot two more Thames' Monsters, pick up three goodies on the 
boxes, get back onto solid ground, advance to the left, shoot three monsters 
and, again, step onto a pier, where you will have to perform the most 
difficult running jump so far to obtain a heart. Then go back to where you 
picked up the three items and do another running jump to three additional 

Afterwards get back to the stone path, enter the gate and be prepared to 
battle against two huge spiders. Fortunately, though, there is nothing 
special about them except for their size. The best way of beating is them is 
to run over to the door on the right immediately after entering the arena. 
First, only one spider jumps in and she does so right where I just told you 
to position yourself at. So you don't even have to block an attack, but just 
start attacking yourself. The first spider should be gone already before the 
second one comes in, so the latter one also should be easy to beat. After the 
battle, step through the newly opened gate to see Crowley escape.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The ever wily Crowley, escapes again!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~You spot him climbing into a boat with another man and making for the~~~~ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Queenhite Docks.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Quickly you find a boat and follow him to the docks.~~~~~~~~~~~~

Err, what's the comma for?!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.8 Level 7 - Queenhite Docks=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD7

Immediately start running straight ahead as a Docker is about to appear, 
endangering you to be pushed backwards into the water. After the victory, hop 
onto two crates on the left and jump over to a dock where you will find a big 
health sphere and a heart in a niche. The jump back is really tricky; you 
cannot jump straight onto the crates, but you have to land just right of them. 
Make sure to face the correct spot perfectly before you start running prior 
to the jump.

Then turn left, watch out for the pendulum and be prepared to fight an Insect 
coming around the left corner. Dodge another swinging hook and proceed to a 
bridge you have to walk under. Lure the Docker up ahead under the bridge so 
it hopefully gets hit by the debris falling down. Kill the enemy and move on 
until you see two crates with some red on them. Slowly approach them. As you 
do, a Thames' Monster breaks through from below, so you better swiftly block 
and start countering with a hard strike.

Jump over the gap and advance to a pile of crates, that contain an insect 
(carrying an item) you have to fight. After the battle, break a window on the 
right to obtain a Berzerker. Next, dodge four pendulums (just run past them 
when the first one passes by), watch Crowley run from you once more and also 
watch out for a Docker and a Thames' Monster breaking through some boxes. Use 
the Multi-Gun to both defeat the Thames' Monster and knock down the blue 

~~~~~~~Weapon Upgrade #1~~~~~~~

Pick up the Flash in the broken crate near the monster, take down an Insect 
further down the way and break two more crates for a torch and a pistol. 
Before taking a right, through the arc, pick up another pistol near the 
stacks of crates. Kill a Docker, pick up its goodie and find the way through 
the crates at the end of the stony docks to find two breakable crates, 
containing a Berzerker and a health sphere, as well as the first weapon 
upgrade in case you missed it at India Docks.

Head back a bit, take a right, shoot a Thames' Monster, hop onto some crates, 
pick up a pistol inside one of them and shoot another Thames' Monster. Climb 
down the crates and walk over the provisional wooden bridge to face a Docker. 
Keep attacking it (which shouldn't be too hard in this narrow place) so it 
goes down before the second one comes in from behind the first one.

Move on and kill three more Thames' Monsters, a Docker and an Insect 
(carrying an item). Keep up the pressure on the Docker, even though an Insect 
shows up (it will probably just jump past you) and even though you get into 
reach of the third Thames' Monster. You could avoid these five battles by 
jumping onto the ledge next to a stack of crates directly next to the houses, 
but you want the 100% enemy and items reward, right?

Do yourself a favour by not walking over the wooden plank near the last water 
monster, but by taking the slightly longer path on solid stone ground, 
because a Docker (which holds a goodie) jumps down from a house, potentially 
pushing you into the water.

Once it's dead, look closely for a damaged wooden fence. Destroy it, shoot a 
Thames' Monster and enjoy the two healing items before probably being shocked 
by the sight of the swinging hooks on the left. They look totally unfair, but 
fortunately they aren't that bad. Like before, just wait for the first one to 
pass by and then do a running jump over to three power-ups including a heart. 
The jump back is the same.

Return to where you fought the Docker and attack two barrels to make them 
roll over to a Thames' Monster. The next set of pendulums is a bit trickier 
than the previous ones. Wait for the path to seem clear, but only move on 
until you are just in front of the final two pendulums. Let them swing by 
once more and then really run past them. Fight an insect coming from the left 
and right afterwards a Docker. Pick up the items both of them carried around.

Turn right, hop onto the crates next to the water and drop down to the left. 
Here, break the right window for a pistol. Jump over to the Docker, push it 
into the water and pick up a torch in a crate. Next, an Insect jumps out of a 
window, so kill it and nab the health sphere lying where the bug came from.

Continue on the pier, shoot a barrel floating in the water near a Thames' 
Monster on the right and watch out not to be pushed into the water by a 
Docker coming from the left. Also watch out not to make him drown either, as 
he carries an item.

At the next arc (past a Thames' Monster), debris falls down again, allowing 
for a trap for the next Docker (that carries an item). If you don't knock him 
down this way, bait him way back when battling him as there is another Docker 
around the corner. When both are dead, shoot a Thames' Monster and end the 
level by entering the boat up ahead.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crowley has struck again!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You find a dead body on Crowley's abandoned boat.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~Burned papers on board indicate that an Adam Crowley had substantial real~~ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~estate holdings recorded at a local bank.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Your next destination:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Bank of England to search for clues!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.9 Level 8 - City=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-DD8

Soon after the beginning of the level a spider jumps out of a window on the 
left. Kill it to clear the way up the stairs on the right to a breakable 
window and the obligatory big health sphere. Then open the gate and bait out 
a spider. Afterwards also bait out two more spiders from the right, one by 
one. One of them holds an item.

Go to where the last two spiders came from and enter a really slimy hall, 
probably being some sort of breeding place for them. Kill two more spiders 
(lure them out of the cave), activate a switch, bait out another spider from 
the left (carrying an item) and then enter the main room of this cave for a 
final spider and four items, including a heart.

Leave the cave, smash the fence on the right and a window just behind it for 
a pistol and then follow the street to some barrels being rolled down some 
stairs. Dodge them and beat up the spider that is responsible for this. It 
fortunately drops an item, just like another one further along the path. 
Shoot the barrels and go back to the great square. Don't worry: You'll get to 
the area behind the now destroyed wall later on.

Search for a big, suspicious window on the left side of the square to reveal 
a skull. Then meet and greet a new enemy with your weapon: The Faceless Man. 
First use Triple Kicks to get him pinned to a wall and then finish him off 
with Triple Strikes. A hard kick might also work fine on them.

Follow the right wall to a spider jumping out of a window. Lure it back onto 
the great Square and defeat it for a goodie. Then again follow the right wall 
to another spider. After its defeat, turn around and look for a street going 
off the main square to the right. You'll know you're right if you leave the 
spider web infested area. Here, kill another spider and look behind it to see 
some old friend: A werewolf. Forget your good manners and interrupt it in his 
meal. Lure it back a few feet as another werewolf awaits you in a window not 
far away. Kill the latter one as well.

Pick up the pistol behind the window on the right and face another faceless 
man (ok, so I had to do it once, but that's it for this pun; I promise ^^). 
Back onto those spider webs: Go through the hole in the wall. Kill two 
spiders (one of them leaving behind a heart) and break two windows for a big 
health sphere, a smaller one and a bottle of repulsive smoke. Also don't 
forget to activate the switch.

Return once more to the big square, turn left and move on while sticking to 
the left wall, go up and then already down some stairs and bet the living 
hell out of a zombie and a Faceless Man (dropping an item). Afterwards deal 
with a spider that carries an extra life.

~~~~~~~Weapon Upgrade #2~~~~~~~

Behind it is another spider, guarding the entrance to a spider cave on the 
right. In there, use the rubble falling from the ceiling to your advantage by 
letting it knock down another spider you can now easily rush in on. Loot it 
for an item. Leave the cave on the other side and look to your right for a 
great surprise: The second weapon upgrade!

Walk out onto the bigger street, break apart a fence on the right and use 
your new weapon against two zombies and a Faceless Man (which drops an item). 
See? Now you are on the other side of the wall you blew up way earlier in the 
level. Walk around the small square to trigger a zombie jumping out of a 
window. He holds an item and so does the place he jumped out of.

Go down the street towards a gate you opened up earlier. Two zombies and a 
Faceless Man will jump out of three niches. First go for the easier enemies 
and finally for the man in the trenchcoat. One of the zombies drops an item 
and in one of the niches you can find a heart. Walk through the gate, defeat 
the final spider of this level and enter the Bank of England on the left.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There is blood everywhere.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~Crowley obviously got here first and made his withdrawal.~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow the trail of blood!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.10 Level 9 - Smithfield=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD9

You know the deal: Turn around for a big health sphere. Walk over the bridge, 
slowly move right and bait a Gargoyle back to the bridge...a Gargoyle? Yep; 
remember the big statue in the first level? That's a Gargoyle. Anyway: Bait 
it away from the second Gargoyle and be careful as you try to get it with its 
back to a wall. Attack, block, attack, block and so on until it is trapped. I 
recommend using kicks against them.

Then go on and kill the other Gargoyle the same way. Move on to see two 
Faceless Men, which you should also bait back at least a bit. Then destroy 
the corner window for a Berzerker and afterwards beat up a werewolf jumping 
out of another window.

At the next corner, shoot the barrel on the left to reach two items. Then 
kill another werewolf, pick up its heart and break a window near where the 
enemy came out for a stick of dynamite. Soon you'll see a gate on the right. 
Step back after opening it for two reasons: First, icicles are going to rain 
down on you and second, you should get the werewolf out of the small yard so 
you don't have to fight against him and a Faceless Man at the same time. 
Defeat them separately and pick up the proximity mine. Also break the window 
on the left of the yard for a pistol, a torch and a Freezer.

Back onto the main path: A bit down the track you will be attacked by both a 
Faceless Man and a Gargoyle. Quickly retreat and fight the latter one as it 
will follow you way faster. Then the battle against the humanoid enemy 
shouldn't be too hard. Move on, break a big window on the left for a pistol 
and set free a single werewolf by smashing a wooden barricade at the end of 
the way.

Step down into the meat pit as I call it and defeat another werewolf. Pick up 
a big health sphere, get out of the pit via some other stairs and attack the 
wagon to blow a hole into the gate up ahead. Go through it, turn left and 
bait out a Faceless Man, but watch out for the icicles raining down from the 
tip of the ceiling. Afterwards enter the stables on the left, eliminate two 
werewolves and grab the Freezer and the health item.

Leave the stables, carefully move on on the snow and first bait back a 
Gargoyle, then a werewolf and then beat up a Faceless Man. Further down the 
snowy path and past some ice falling down, a Gargoyle tries to surprise you. 
Trap him at the bottom of the stairs to make him a quick end. A bit later you 
will encounter a Faceless Man while still being on the snow and then another 
one bursting through a wall just as you enter a building. Destroy three 
windows in here for a mine, a pistol and some health.

Run out of the building to avoid the icicles coming down and kill the last 
werewolf of the level. The next part can be quite tricky: Move in on the 
frozen fountain to trigger a Gargoyle jumping out of it and definitely lure 
tit back to where you fought the werewolf before attacking it. After that, 
move on and bait another Gargoyle and then finally a third one away from two 
Faceless Men. Once you've turned the snow red continue to the end of the 
trail of blood and open the gate on the left.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The trail disappears into an abandoned church.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~You hear the sound of something large moving around inside!~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.11 Boss 2 - Snowman=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DB2

The second boss is even a lot easier than the first one, but first things 
first: The Yeti's only attack is to throw snow balls at 
stand still, face the boss and whenever he hurls a ball at you, do a side 
jump. He never throws more than two at once, so there really is nothing to be 
afraid of.

Now to defeating the boss: Drop sticks of dynamite...yeah, there's really 
nothing more to it. You don't have to aim for anything or wait for the 
correct moment. Just throw them after having dodged two balls and they will 
automatically blow up one barrel each. If you run out of dynamite, pick up 
some TNT scattered in the church, but only right after dodging an attack.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Your fight with the Yeti had one positive result:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~You see Adam Crowley's footprints in the snow leading into Regents Channel.~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Find him before others are sacrificed!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.12 Level 10 - Regents Canal=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D10

Turn around, walk down a bit and - ok, you know what to pick up. Shoot the 
first Thames' Monster, walk to the end of the right pier and shoot the second 
one. Further advance on the piers, shoot the third water monster on the right, 
but don't jump over the gap now. Instead continue straight on and kill a 

Walk up the stairs, turn left and go until you see a new enemy: A Big Rat. 
They're ugly and fast, but not mach of a hassle. Bait it back, block an 
attack and counter as you always do. Then proceed and kill another Docker 
before smashing the big window at the end of the passage to find a pistol. 
Enter the building via the hole and nab four items down in the flooded cellar.

Leave the basement and walk straight to a small hut, where a metal girder 
comes crashing down. Dodge it and break the crate behind it for some health. 
After a few more steps a rat bursts through a window on the left. Follow the 
path further ahead and then down some stairs to a rat and a Docker. At least 
the latter one shouldn't be pushed into the water as it carries an item. Try 
to get it cornered on the left.

Next, enter the building the other rat burst out of. A Docker comes around 
the first corner, but you better not just fight it; try not to get near the 
next corner as you strike it down. Afterwards carefully look around the 
second corner to see another Docker you can easily trap right there in the 
narrow pathway. Pick up the power-up it drops and smash the crate for a big 
health sphere and a Berzerker.

Around the corner, just before the water, you should start blocking as a rat 
(carrying an item) comes in from the left. With its death, the way to a lever 
is clear. It opens a small path near the beginning of the level, so go there. 
Behind where the big health sphere was, there is a small set of stone stairs 
leading around the corner. They'll take you back to the first basement, but 
on the other side of the fence so you get to pick up the heart and the Flash. 
Leave this place and fight a newly spawned Docker just straight ahead.

Go back to the third Thames' Monster and now hop over the gap to where a 
Docker awaits you. As you fight it, try to stay where you are. Don't 
accidentally get too far to the left or to the right, because of the rats all 
around. Once the Docker is dead, break a crate on the right for some dynamite 
(woohoo, a rhyme...sorry ^^) and battle two rats at a time. One of them holds 
an item. Another crate at the end of the passage conceals some ammo. Use it 
to blow up the barrels leaning against a wall. The explosion creates a hole 
leading into another flooded basement where you get to kill a rat for an item 
and also nab two items in the left corner. Afterwards smash the three metal 
plates for some more goodies.

Head back to the daylight (or sort of) and run down the straight path to face 
another rat. Bait it back a bit, as well as another one behind the second one. 
There also is a fourth rat, but that one can be fought just right where it 
shows up. Break a crate on your left for a small health sphere. Go back a bit 
and approach the gate on your right to make a Docker jump out of it. Kill it 
for a random item. Move on to see another Docker breaking through a metal 
gate and kill it quickly so you don't risk falling off the tiny plank.

Activate the switch, shoot the barrels behind the small gate that has just 
been opened and beat up a Docker, while ignoring the rat that comes in from 
the right. Deal with it afterwards and pick up the power-up it leaves behind, 
as well as five other items on and in various boxes. As you enter the dry 
canal, be prepared to fight a Docker at its end. Then step up the stairs and 
battle another one, leaping out of a carriage on the right.

Break a crate yourself to find a big health sphere and defeat a rat coming in 
from the right. Another two single rats later you better first shoot a barrel 
on the right and then bait a Docker back somewhat to not get attacked by it 
and a rat at the same time. Proceed to face said rat and after that a final 
one which at least has an item for you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You find yourself at the gatest to the zoo.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~Strange lights flash on and off in the museum at the far end of the zoo.~~
Make your way to the museum, perhaps Adam has arranged a welcoming committee!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.13 Level 11 - London Zoo=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D11

Nab a big health sphere on your left before entering the big gate that will 
close after you do. Approach the shack to make a Pepys Monster jump out of it. 
After its death, walk through the tunnel just ahead until you see a Pepys 
Monster (carrying an item) coming out of a cave on the right and a Harpy 
flying in from up ahead. Try to bait the latter one away from the slower 
ground-based enemy and kill them one after another.

Enter the hole the monster came out of and follow the stairs into a cage for 
a proximity mine. Leave the hole again and move on to the right up to another 
Harpy. Defeat it for a random item and also break open an entrance into the 
cage on your right for a pistol and some TNT. Leave the cage, proceed on the 
right, activate a lever at the left of a small fence and beat up a Pepys 
Monster breaking out of a cage nearby.

Wait for a Harpy to come by and to die by your hands before crossing the 
bridge. A big piece of rubble blocks the path ahead, so enter the cage you 
opened up earlier via the lever and kill a spider (preferably by pushing it 
into the water. Next up is a rather hard jump. You have to land on the small 
platform on the left and then on the other side of the creek. To do this, you 
should jump pretty early on, so you basically hop against the small ledge 
that is on the little island. The jump over to the Pepys Monster is just a 
standard jump, luckily.

Beat up said monster, then a spider bursting through a lattice up ahead and 
finally a Harpy to get your back clear when entering the spider cave on the 
left. In here, fight a spider (Who would've thought?) and afterwards move on 
to trigger another one to attack you. Bait it back to where you fought the 
last one, as there also is a third spider in a cage on the right in the big 
room in the cave. Pick up the big health sphere in said cage and push the 
lever at the end of the cave.

Leave the cave, hop over the creek to a cage on the right and break the 
lattice for a Flash, a pistol and a heart. Hop back and leave the big cage 
via the newly opened exit on the right where you will immediately face a 
spider jumping down from above. Proceed on the left, kill a Harpy and then a 
Pepys Monster on your right. Pick up the extra life it leaves behind. Now 
it's time for another tricky passage involving water: See the two health 
spheres on a ledge behind a fence? Position yourself in front of them, hop 
straight up onto the small ledge at the fence and then hop onto the fence 
(definitely make sure not to touch the control stick as you do or else you 
might jump too far). Now jump over to the goodies and carefully pick them up. 
Don't accidentally do a back jump or anything like that. The leap back is way 
easier: Just run a bit and choose any direction you like.

Cross the bridge and watch out for a Pepys Monster on the left. Move on to a 
small fountain which you should pass by on its right side. As you do, a Pepys 
Monster and a Harpy appear, but since the path on the right side of the 
fountain is way narrower than the one on the left you should be able to 
attack whoever comes first while not being attacked by the other one.

Advance until you see a Pepys Monster in a cage on the right and rush towards 
it, so you get to attack it while it smashes the lattice. Further along the 
path you will face a Harpy and then two spiders, both in their own cage. Run 
in on the right spider and start attacking it when it breaks free. Repeat 
this against the second one to kill them both safely and quickly.

Proceed to the museum where Crowley once again runs away from you. It's 
getting pretty old, now, right? Anyway, close in on a Pepys Monster on the 
left, pick up its heart and turn right to see another Pepys Monster. Kill it 
as well as a third one behind it. While the T-Rex skeleton might be an 
impressive sight, don't get too near to it as it comes crashing down. Instead, 
crash some glass in the lower right corner of the hall for a big health 
sphere. Walk up the right set of stairs, grab a pistol under some glass and 
leave the level by approaching the gate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crowley's trap has failed but he had escape planned.~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~Beyond the courtyard lies the path to Crowley's escape route.~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.14 Level 12 - Marylebone=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D12

Turn around to see a small pond. Do a running jump over it and break three 
crates for a big health sphere, a Berzerker and a Multi-Gun. Watch out not to 
hit the two stone ledges on your jump back, so try to stay in the middle.

Bait back and kill a lone Docker before smashing ye olde shoppe window on 
your left for another big health sphere and a pistol. Go around the corner to 
meet a single Faceless Man. Shoot the barrel after the battle to get inside a 
long pathway with a great sound to your steps. Watch out for some rubble 
raining down, shoot a set of barrels, bait back a Docker, kill a Faceless Man 
and avoid some more debris. Nothing too spectacular in there...except for the 
sound. ^^

As you leave this place a Docker leaps in to attack you. Easily kill it and 
move on down the street to the right until you see two Faceless Men. Since 
they come together, definitely try to finish them off quickly with some hard 
kicks, or if you happen to get one of them cornered at a column or at a wall 
you might also use some combos. Grab the goodie one of them leaves behind.

Proceed along the right wall to trigger a Faceless Man jumping out of a 
building. Bait him back before fighting him, as a Docker is nearby. So 
dispose of them separately and afterwards reward yourself with a health 
sphere lying where the humanoid enemy came from. Approach a big gate just 
around the corner, but do so at its right end, because of the Docker bursting 
through it. Bait it back quite a bit, before attacking it and repeat this 
with another one behind the now broken gate.

Next, bait back a Faceless Man, followed by another Faceless Man and then by 
a Docker. You know what happens when approaching the Gargoyle statue, don't 
you? Fight the creature without entering the next area or else you might be 
in for a hard fight. Loot the corpse for an item and bait a Faceless Man way 
back. Then battle another Gargoyle and bait a Docker over a bridge towards 
you as well as a Gargoyle from straight ahead and a Faceless Man from around 
the right corner.

Smash the window at the Brave Heart (I really like how the rather low 
resolution still allows for so small letters to be read; just look at the 
street sign a bit earlier) for a big health sphere and the one at Lord 
Farbury for a Berzerker and a pistol. Afterwards, bait a Gargoyle back down 
the street, preferably into the dead end the last Faceless Man came from. 
There also is another Gargoyle who should be treated the same way. One of 
them carried an item, so pick it up. Also don't forget to smash the last shop 
window on the left for a proximity mine.

Time to continue the shopping tour: Nab a torch at the Werewolf Tavern just 
around the corner and a heart on the opposite side of the street. Pause the 
plundering for a short battle against a Docker coming out of the mist up 
ahead. Bait it up the small set of stairs on the left as he doesn't have any 
space to dodge here. Then break a window just before the next Brave Heart on 
the left for a pistol.

~~~~~~~Weapon Upgrade #2~~~~~~~

I know that so far I have never told you to use an item to get past any 
difficult place (except for battles against Thames' Monsters), but now I do. 
There are three Faceless Men close together and while you definitely can use 
the large open space for a good fight by waiting for the correct moment to 
use a hard kick over and over again, I'd say it is way easier and less 
tedious to just use a Multi-Gun against them. Anyway, once they're dead, go 
around the corner to find a weapon least unless you already have 
the second weapon upgrade.

If you thought that the last battle was fierce, think again. Run past some 
debris falling down from above to enter an arena-like square where you are 
pitted against three giant Gargoyles. They behave like they always do and 
they die as quickly as every other Gargoyle does, but there are two major 
problems besides the sheer number of enemies: They deal way more damage than 
usually and items don't have any effect, so forget about TNT, Multi-Gun, 
mines and such. It's the old fashioned way of you and them. I suggest to 
mainly use some far-reaching combos like Judas Jack Knife as Ignatius to get 
one of them cornered and ready for some simple combos.

~The carriage driver tells you of a madman who he used to take to Bloomsbury.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Could this be where Crowley keeps his laboratory?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.15 Level 13 - Bloomsbury=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D13

Like every so often, turn around 180 degree to find a big health sphere. Very 
soon you will see a Gargoyle and since there is basically no place to corner 
it without drawing another Gargoyle's attention to you, you might consider 
dropping a stick of TNT once you see both of them to ease the battle 

Stay left as you advance until you see the third Gargoyle on the right, 
sitting on a low wall. Run in on it to attack him as soon as he leaps down to 
give him no time to dodge or attack. Then move on and fight another Gargoyle. 
Since you have plenty of space now and only one enemy at a time, simply use 
some good combos on it.

Smash the shop window at the bend for a pistol and a health item. Then 
carefully approach the second window on the right behind the lamppost as a 
Gargoyle leaps out of it. Again, there is plenty of space and no other enemy 
nearby, so use the space for combos. Don't forget to pick up the Multi-Gun at 
the window afterwards.

Time for the last introduction of a new enemy: The Hellhound. The first one 
of its kind bursts out loudly out of a fire on the right. Bait it back around 
the corner and start strafe jumping. Most of the time these creatures use 
their fire breath against and not their melee attack, so you should be fine 
when jumping. Once the Hellhound starts spitting fire, rush in on him to land 
your first attack, which should be just the beginning of a long combo until 
it is dead.

Then approach the window just behind the fire to make a Gargoyle appear. 
Fight it like you always do and loot him as well as the window he came out of 
for one item each. A big health sphere awaits you behind another window.

~~~~~~~Weapon Upgrade #3~~~~~~~

Now, the fire seems dangerous? Oh yes, it definitely is. And the passage that 
is on fire seems suspicious? You're absolutely right. So, you might have 
already guessed it: Heal yourself and start jumping through the fire to a 
secret little place where you get to pick up a Weapon Upgrade (which even 
doubles your life meter) and four other items. Heal yourself again and jump 

Your path leads you down the stairs to a spider opening the green gate, but 
your newly improved weapon tears it apart in no time. Activate the lever 
behind you, dodge some debris on the right after entering the spider realm 
and battle another arachnid, before meeting some old friend again: The Demon. 
They turned red and have an increased rate of fire, but that's it for changes. 
Just let it come near and strafe jump before disposing of it with a hard 

Go up the stairs and again rush in on a Gargoyle as it jumps down to get it 
under constant pressure. Then turn left, go over to another fire and bait 
back a Hellhound (carrying an extra life) before fighting it the same way as 
the first one. This time the fire doesn't hold any treasures, but there is 
some suspicious window on the left, just outside of the flames: It can be 
broken, revealing a small room, but you cannot get in there, so don't try too 
hard, risking getting into the flames accidentally.

Take a right and follow the street until you see a Gargoyle approaching. Bait 
it back or try to corner it in the niche on the right. Either way, pick up 
its goodie after the battle and smash two windows in the niche for a Multi-
Gun, a pistol and a health sphere. A bit further down the road you get to 
smash two more windows on the right for some health and a Berzerker. Then 
approach another fire, while watching out not to get too close to the 
Gargoyle on the far left. For the moment, you only want to attract a 
Hellhound. Once it is dead, rush in on the Gargoyle and corner it just where 
it stood before.

Walk up the stairs to your right, but only until you see a spider. Bait it 
around the corner, beat it up and move on to face a second spider, which can 
be fought right where it appears. Walk along the narrow path, watch out for 
some big pieces of stone crashing down and at the end and bait back a 
Hellhound into the small yard. Here you can perfectly dodge the fire breath 
and corner the enemy.

Leave the passage, turn right and dispose of a single spider, before turning 
left to close in on another Hellhound. Bait it back a bit down the street to 
trap it at the corner on the left. Next, enter the park via the hole in the 
wall and immediately prepare for a battle against a Gargoyle and a Hellhound. 
There isn't really much to say about this battle, unfortunately. Just try to 
stay away from the fountain and attack whichever comes nearer.

Afterwards, jump into the water to make another Gargoyle leave its place on 
top of the fountain and bait it over to the fire. Both attack him yourself 
and also hope for it to get some damage from the flames. Once this area is 
safe (except for the fire, of course) nab three goodies at the fountain. 
Enter the next area of the park via the path at the left end of the wall up 
ahead and dodge one breath attack of a Hellhound (which drops an item) inside 
some small building before easily pinning it down in there.

Return to the first section of the park, turn right and open a small gate 
leading to a Gargoyle (and another window concealing an empty room). 
Unfortunately, it cannot be baited through the gate, so your best bet is to 
rush in and push him towards the flames in the back or into the corner right 
of them. Either way, pick up the goodie he leaves behind and turn left to see 
a Demon coming by. Bait it back a bit, dodge an attack and counter with a 
hard strike.

Now go past the fence, attract a Hellhound and retreat back to the other side 
of the fence. Make it follow you, do a strafe jump and trap it at the fence. 
Move in again to first bait a Demon and then another Hellhound that is killed 
the same way as the first one. Walk straight through the fire to get close to 
Crowley, who once again manages to escape. Follow him down some stairs into a 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crowley torched his lab before you could search it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~As the neighborhood burns he flees toward to Pimlico Prision carrying a~~~ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~strange flask.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

...and yeah, I know that prison is spelt wrong, but that is exactly how it 
shows in the game.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.16 Level 14 - Pimlico-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D14

Step through the first hole on your right and clear the way to a pistol, a 
Berzerker, a small health sphere and a large health sphere by simply 
disposing of a single Docker. Afterwards go back through the hole, turn right, 
watch the debris falling down and walk through another hole. Avoid the flames, 
traverse a tunnel and kill a Hellhound in a room at the end to get the goodie 
it carried with it.

Strike the door twice to open it and bait in another Hellhound. Enter the 
cell block, where you weaken a Docker by shooting some barrels prior to 
beating him up.

Enter the left hole, defeat a Docker, open a gate up the stairs and proceed 
to a switch. Activate it, shoot some barrels and enter a room on the right, 
just after walking through the gate you opened with the lever to find four 

Leave the room, take a right up to a hall and fight a Demon on the right, 
before shooting some more barrels. Slowly move further to bait a Hellhound 
without getting close to the wooden board on the left. So lure back the 
Hellhound, kill it and then approach said board to make another one of those 
red and ugly puppies burst through it. Dispose of it as well as of another 
Demon nearby, before rewarding yourself with three items up on the crates.

Return to where you decided to enter the left hole, but this time choose the 
right one, shoot some barrels and move on very slowly so you only attract a 
Hellhound. Bait it back, kill it and move on to first quickly dispose of a 
Demon and then of a Docker you should bait towards you. Pick up the health 
sphere on the boxes on your right. Jump over the flames through a hole, turn 
left and grab a Multi-Gun just around the corner.

Close in on some stairs on the left side, dodge the barrels that are rolled 
down and kill the reason behind this: A single Docker. Further advance on the 
upper level and bait a Hellhound away from some flames before beating it up 
and before destroying a window to obtain a torch. Hop over the gap in the 
bridge, beat up a Hellhound the usual way as well as a Docker just around the 
next corner.

Jump over a fiery pit, break a fence and walk down some stairs to meet a 
Hellhound. Watch out not to get into the flames as you battle him. A good way 
to do this is to strafe-jump into the far left corner or the square and to 
beat the enemy into the direction of the opposite corner.

Now run back to where the Docker hurled the barrels at you, walk down the 
stairs, turn left, bait and fight a Hellhound (carrying an item) and then 
also kill a Demon. After that, bait back a spider a bit, then a Docker 
through the next arc. The Demon you'll see next can be attacked right where 
you see it.

Move on a bit, bait back a Hellhound through the arc, then run in on another 
one. See the fence on the left of the square? Break it to trigger two spiders 
to come after you. Lure them back and try to corner them separately. Then 
smash another wooden barricade, kill a spider, grab a pistol behind a window 
on the left, break another fence, step back to dodge the falling wooden bar 
and defeat first a Hellhound and then a Demon.

Next, bait a Docker towards you from straight ahead, followed by a Demon from 
the right. Afterwards go right to find a health sphere on a crate near the 
fire. Approach the left hut to trigger the last battle of this level, against 
a Docker to be precise. Then head over to the left wall, break a fence, dodge 
some debris under the arc and run through some flames towards a lantern to 
end the level.

To follow Crowley you will have to get past one of the more colorful inmates, 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jose Manual.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Again, there is a typo in the mission ending text: Actually the boss' name is 
Manuel and not Manual.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.17 Boss 3 - Jose Manuel=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DB3

Welcome to another way too easy boss fight. Ok, this time you are at least 
very likely to get hurt, but not much.

Jose is some serious freak, standing in a niche at the end of a hall. Right 
in front of him is a fiery pit and to his left and to his right is one switch 
each. Your task is to activate the right switch to gain access to the left 
one, which you activate then to get some spikes sticking out of the walls 
next to Manuel more and more until he gets nailed. As you do, he constantly 
throws knives all across the hall, speeding up as you progress.

First of all pick up the large health sphere right at your feet and activate 
the switch. Then hop back, turn left, run and jump to the left wall, turn 
right, jump over to the other switch and activate it as well. Next, jump 
backwards, turn right, hop over to the right wall, turn left and so on until 
you are done. You might want to watch out a bit not to get hit by a knife, 
but as the battle rages on, the knives become so fast and are thrown so 
frequently that you might just as well simply do the job as swiftly as 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The ripper is dead and Crowley is wounded.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Track him by following the blood trails!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.18 Level 15 - Westminster-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D15

Immediately step forward to wipe out a Demon. Then quickly turn around, nab a 
big health sphere, turn around again and behead two Faceless Men before 
dealing with another Demon. Open the gate straight ahead, decapitate another 
Faceless Man and proceed to two Hellhounds. Retreat a bit and try to 
dismember one of them via a combo to buy yourself time against the other one.

Move on along the corridor and kill a single Demon before luring another 
Demon and a Hellhound way back. Once they're dead, move over to the gate up 
ahead so another Hellhound (carrying an item) and another Demon open it, 
rushing in on you. Kill them as well as a Demon coming in from the left.

Enter the fiery corridor where the last Demon came from, shoot some barrels 
and bait back a Hellhound to corner it at the entrance arc to the corridor. 
Leave the building for the park via the exit on your left and quickly dispose 
of a Demon as well as of a Hellhound coming in from the left. Stick to the 
left wall as you circle around the fountain, baiting back a Hellhound and 
simply fighting the next one where you happen to meet it.

Afterwards, return to the fiery corridor and move on to see...Crowley run 
from you...anyway, kill a single Faceless Man around the first corner, 
followed by two more in a big hall. Walk up the stairs, defeat a Faceless Man 
and a Demon and finally corner a Hellhound right at the exit to the balcony. 
Then move on at the outside, hop over two gaps and beat up a Hellhound 
(carrying a heart) while ignoring a Demon until the dog creature has died.

Next up is just a single Demon around the next bend, followed by two Faceless 
Men in the weapon chamber. Try to bait one of them out of there before 
fighting them. Inside the weapon chamber you cannot only have fun watching 
the two armor suits nicely crash as you attack them, but you also get to 
restock on ammunition: Break six showcases for one pistol each. Use one of 
them to blow a hole into a wall with the help of a barrel.

~~~~~~~Weapon Upgrade #3~~~~~~~

Enter the newly found room, behead a Faceless Man, pick up his goodie and a 
Freezer and find another secret by attacking the bookshelf: It slides to the 
side, revealing a passage that contains both a big health sphere and a heart, 
as well as the third weapon upgrade if you haven't already nabbed it in 
Bloomsbury. Leave this place by attacking the metal plate at the end, hopping 
down and entering the big hall on the right again.

This time, leave it through the doorway on the left, kill a Demon and try 
your best to dismember a Hellhound, since another one (carrying an item) is 
close behind. Take your time to dispose of the latter, but don't overdo it, 
as there is also a Demon near the small fountain. Open the nearby gate to 
already finish this level.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~London is burning!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~As the flames close in, Crowley struggles into Westminster Abbey.~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He is weakening and he has no where to run!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No where? Oh, come on, this game has been made in the US, so why are there so 
many friggin' typos and such? Oh well, maybe the people at Kalisto thought 
they could make us believe this was olde English...I dunno.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.19 Level 16 - Westminster II=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D16

Immediately start attacking a Gargoyle. Since there is no good place for 
cornering, you should just keep up the pressure. This will take the fight 
over to a Hellhound and two Demons. You might want to try pinning down the 
Gargoyle at the Hellhound and afterwards corner the doggie at the small 
corner at the beginning of the level, but your best bet probably is a stick 
of TNT.

After the battle, pick up a big health sphere near an armor suit and also 
smash that to set free another Demon, carrying an item. Walk up to some 
stairs, triggering a Gargoyle to come around the corner. Bait it back, leap 
at it with a strike and keep up the attacks to finally pick up its goodie. 
Walk up the stairs, kill a Demon and then bait back another Gargoyle.

A bit further up the corridor is a Hellhound that can be pinned down at 
either wall in the passage. Turn left at the corner, easily defeat a Demon 
and also another Hellhound. Just watch out not to go too far as there are 
some flames at the end of the corridor. Once the puppy's dead, turn around, 
open the gate in the background and quickly jump at a Gargoyle to corner it 
on the left. Loot it for an item, jump over a hole in the ground and watch 
out for some explosions just before getting to a small hall.

Jump through the flames, corner a Hellhound on the right or at the railing 
(definitely do not push him to the left or else you might end up fighting 
multiple enemies at a time). Then grab a pistol on the broken clock, kill two 
Demons (watch out not to defeat them when they are above the pit, since one 
of them carries an item) and also a Gargoyle. Try to bait the latter one into 
the flames at the entrance to the hall.

No drop down to the lower storey and walk around the flames towards some 
stairs, leading to a Gargoyle. Either corner it on the stairs or get some 
distance between him and you before using a jumping strike. Afterwards, nab 
the four items, open the secret gate behind them and run all the way back to 
where you jumped down.

Bait back a Hellhound into the hall and corner it at the wooden door frame. 
The Demon behind it is as easily defeated as always. Nab a skull to your 
right, beat up two Gargoyles with some leaping blows (luckily they come one 
by one) and pick up a health item. Defeat a Demon around the corner and lure 
back a Hellhound to not fight it in the burning room or in the broad corridor, 
but in the small bend, which was made for cornering.

Tear apart a Demon and equip the TNT, since a Gargoyle bursts through a 
window on the right and a Hellhound approaches from up ahead, with nor good 
place to run or to corner. Use an explosive to render both enemies nearly 
harmless before attacking them with your weapon. After that, jump over some 
flames for a heart, before heading back to the broken window and get out onto 
the balcony.

Here, corner a Gargoyle, beat up two Harpies, watch Crowley escape again (at 
least with a new appearance), find another entrance into Westminster Abbey 
and kill your last Gargoyle with some leaping attacks before approaching the 
gate on the right to end the level.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Westminster Abbey is in flames.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Trapped on the roof.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Adam Crowley drinks the last of his hideous formula.~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~May God be with you...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This time it's the grammar: Trapped one the roof? they 
meant to put a comma there instead of a full stop, but obviously they didn't.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.20 Boss 4 - The Roofs-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DB4

Crowley has turned himself not only into an ever uglier creature than he 
already was, no, he also turned himself into a pretty tedious boss enemy. 
First defeat three of his four Demons (which now have more health and which 
can be covered in flames, also leaving behind trails of flames), prior to 
jumping over to a small platform in the south west (check the map for 
directions) where a big health sphere lies. Then leap back and approach the 
ledge just before the abyss. Hop onto the stone ledge and jump over to a 
small tower with another big health sphere on top of it. After you have 
picked it up, return to the major platform, kill the last minion and await 
the real boss: Crowley as a big demon, behaving pretty much like a Gargoyle.

Do you see his yellow life bar? It'll stay pretty yellow for pretty long, as 
you can only hurt Crowley with combos and most of them are blocked either 
always or most of the time. As Ignatius I highly recommend the Spin Strike, 
which always hits and which is rather easy to perform. Keep blocking and as 
soon as you have blocked an attack and Crowley comes to a brief halt, start 
the combo. Then immediately block again and repeat. If you have loads and 
loads of health spheres left like I did, you can even try to speed up things 
by starting another combo as soon as the previous one ends.

As Nadia, the Sever Slash is a good choice, as it also hits relatively often 
and as its performance is extremely easy.

Once Crowley's life bar has been completely emptied, he becomes absolutely 
harmless, just waiting for a final hard attack, like a simple hard strike to 
decapitate him. Congratulations: You have just beaten Nightmare Creatures.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That's the story behind the Great Fire for 1834.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~Two unsung heroes saved London from a hoard of monsters.~~~~~~~~~~
They of course received no credit for their struggle as all evidence of their 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~deeds was destroyed in the fire.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~The citizens of London awoke the next day to find the city almost burned to~ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the ground.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~They quickly went about the task of rebuilding the city.~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At least Adam Crowley got his just desserts...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Or did he?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now you can start a new game in any level you want and you can even activate 
infinite items (including lives) and / or play as a monster (which doesn't 
work in boss stages).

                                   5. Items                               EEE

First up is the name of every item given to it by the manual, then my 
personal utility rating ranging from one star (crap) to five stars (great), 
followed by the item's look and finally by a description on what the item 
does and how to use it for the best effect.

|Proximity Mine  |   *OOOO   | A green and spiked ball                      |
|Place one of these on the ground and wait for an enemy to step in.         | 
|Unfortunately proximity mines are pretty weak and their blast does knock   | 
|down an enemy, but only for a too short period of time as to allow for a   | 
|good second attack. At least the mines won't explode upon you approaching  | 
|them.                                                                      |

|Repulsive Smoke |   **OOO   | A bronze flask with a green liquid and smoke |
|Dropping one of these bottles creates a ring of smoke on the floor, which  | 
|does not only hold off enemies from coming near, but it even makes them    |
|lose interest. They will run off, turning their back to you, hence giving  | 
|you the chance to follow them and to catch them off-guard. Note that you   |
|can only have one ring of smoke at a time so wait for the first one to     | 
|dissipate before using the next one.                                       |

|Freeze Spell    |   *****   | A snowflake                                  |
|The Freeze Spell (or Freezer as I prefer to call it) turns every enemy     | 
|onscreen into a neat-looking ice sculpture, that automatically shatters to | 
|pieces after a few seconds. There is absolutely no way for the enemies to  | 
|survive the use of this fantastic item.                                    |
|Please note that the Freezer has no effect on Hellhounds.                  |

|Dynamite        |   ****O   | A red stick of dynamite                      |
|Dynamite (or TNT) damages every enemy that is onscreen when using it.      | 
|Although it only deals little damage and the knock down effect isn't that  | 
|great, Dynamite still is a precious item as it dismembers your opponents.  |
|It never tears apart a head or a torso, but you better say good bye to     |
|those arms, hence easing battles quite a lot.                              |

|Flash           |   ****O   | A blue lightning                             |
|Flash (aaha, saviour of the universe; I had to sing that ^^) is another    | 
|great item. Upon its use, every enemy onscreen is blinded for ten seconds. | 
|They neither will attack, nor move or block during that time, rendering    |
|them absolutely harmless and open for just about any attack you could think| 
|of, so use the time for some good, mutilating combos.                      |

|Firebomb        |   ***OO   | A lit torch                                  |
|Why didn't Kalisto just call these things torches? Since they definitely   | 
|look like torches I at least am calling them like that. Anyway, a torch    |
|does not affect every enemy in sight as some other items do, so you have to| 
|aim carefully and to be somewhat close to your enemy. In addition a torch  | 
|usually only hits one enemy and you even have to watch out not to get close| 
|to a burning adversary or else you also get hurt. The big plus of the      |
|torch, though, is that a single hit is lethal within a few seconds.        |
|Please note that the Firebomb has no effect on Demons and on Hellhounds.   |

|Gun             |   *OOOO   | A pistol                                     |
|The gun (or pistol) automatically aims at what it thinks to be the best    | 
|target onscreen, mostly being the closest one to you. The pistol is a great| 
|choice when it comes to blowing up barrels, but other than that you should | 
|only use it when fighting Thames' Monsters, saving the Multi-Gun ammo.     |

|Multi-Gun       |   ***OO   | A pistol with a triple barrel                |
|The Multi-Gun hits every possible target that is on the screen when        |
|shooting and it also is more powerful than the normal gun. If you battle   | 
|land or air enemies, the Multi-Gun is an ok substitute for Freezers, TNT   |
|and such, but its best use is against Thames' Monsters. Most of them can   | 
|also be defeated with normal attacks or other items, but some are too far  | 
|away in the water and even if it can be reached by other means, a Multi-Gun| 
|often is the best way to battle the enemy, as it is safe and doesn't waste | 
|any of the better items.                                                   |

|Berzerker       |   ****O   | A sharp metal blade                          |
|Using a Berzerker improves your chance of dismembering an enemy upon       |
|hitting it and in addition it allows to break through the enemy's defence. | 
|First, block an attack, then use the Berzerker and (as the name suggests)  | 
|run berserk on your foes, but be quick about it as the effect is pretty    | 
|short-lived.                                                               |

|Healing         |   **OOO   | A small yellow energy ball                   |
|These things are just called Healing in the manual, but I prefer the term  | 
|health sphere. Healing simply sounds stupid in my opinion and therefore you| 
|won't find that term anywhere in this guide. Anyway, this item restores    |
|some of your health. Use small health spheres instead of their large       | 
|counterparts. Since the large ones restore one full life bar, you would    | 
|waste at least a bit of their effect in nearly all cases when using them   | 
|unless you have the doubled life metre. Even after having acquired the     | 
|doubled life metre, mainly stick to the small health spheres, since (as I  | 
|already told you in the general hints section) running low on blue health  | 
|(the first life bar) can weaken strong enemy attacks in a certain way. So  | 
|first use up your small health spheres before switching over to the big    |
|ones.                                                                      |

|Super-Healing   |   ****O   | An orange energy ball, bigger than Healing   |
|Super-Healing (I call it a big health sphere) restores one entire life bar,| 
|making it way more useful than the normal health sphere. Refer to the      | 
|description of Healing for my strategy on when to use healing items.       |

|Chaos           |   **OOO   | A skull                                      |
|Chaos is, as the name shows, a bit complicated to use. Once activated,     | 
|enemies are supposed to attack each other for quite a while, but           | 
|unfortunately they will still go after you as long as you are closer to    |
|them than anybody else, so it only makes sense using it when there are     | 
|multiple enemies around and even then it is nowhere near as effective as a | 
|Freezer for example, because you have to have the opponents stand close    | 
|together.                                                                  |

|Heart           |   *****   | What do you expect it to look like?          |
|Ok, so maybe one could expect this power-up to look like the symbolic heart| 
|(like the heart-containers in Zelda games), but it really just is a heart  |
|as you know it from biology lessons. Upon picking up a heart you are given | 
|an extra-life.                                                             |

                                  6. Enemies                              FFF

First comes the name, then my personal danger rating ranging from one star 
(pushover) to five stars (annoying and dangerous), then the outer appearance 
and finally a description of what the enemy does and how to beat it.

|Zombie          |   *OOOO   | An undead human being                        |
|These enemies are the first ones you will meet in the game and so it should| 
|be pretty clear that they also are the easiest ones to beat. They can only | 
|either step forward to slash you or try to punch you while standing still  | 
|and all it usually takes to defeat them is a single hard strike to cut off | 
|the torso. Sometimes, though, you only get to cut off the head or an arm,  | 
|which doesn't kill your adversary. Any non-dismembering attack will only   | 
|make the enemy fall down, allowing him to get back up after a few seconds. | 
|This can be used to your advantage as you still get your adrenaline        | 
|refreshed even when just knocking him down, so it is possible to restock on| 
|adrenaline over and over again on a single zombie.                         |
|To defeat a zombie, run for him and try to time your hard strike so it     | 
|starts just before the enemy would start his attack. If you're too quick   | 
|about it, your blow is blocked and if you're too slow, you will get hit    | 
|yourself.                                                                  |

|Werewolf        |   *OOOO   | A brown wolf, standing on two legs           |
|At first the werewolf is intimidating with its speed, but later in the game| 
|you'll be very happy facing one of these. They are rather weak and once you| 
|have attacked them and don't stop, there is nothing they can do.           |
|Simply block an attack and counterattack with a Triple Strike combo. No    | 
|matter if any of the three strikes hit or if you are in the open field or  |
|in a corner or a tight spot, just do another Triple Strike right away and  | 
|continue until the werewolf is dead, which shouldn't take long.            |

|Demon           |   *OOOO   | A brown or red small Gargoyle-like fiend     |
|You will meet these small creatures in Chelsea for the first time (as brown| 
|enemies) and then again way later in the game, mysteriously having been    | 
|recolored into red. In the first level they sit still on pedestals like    | 
|statues, springing to life as you approach them, but in later stages they  | 
|just fly around from the beginning. Luckily, they don't change their       |
|attack: They shoot off a ball of fire with extremely limited range.        |
|Since their fire cannot be blocked, focus a Demon, wait for it to come     | 
|closer, dodge an attack via a strafe-jump and counter with a single Hard   | 
|Strike.                                                                    |
|Demons are invulnerable against Firebombs.                                 |

|Pepys Monster   |   **OOO   | A light brown creature with 3 heads and arms |
|When these appear in the second level for the first time you are probably  |
|as scared as I was. Pepys Monster looks like bosses in other games do, but | 
|luckily it is nowhere near as difficult to beat as it seems, mostly because| 
|they lack speed and a really good amount of health. They either leap       |
|forward at you while swinging their tentacle arms or they try to uppercut  | 
|you.                                                                       |
|Keep blocking until a leaping attack gets the Pepys Monster close to you.  | 
|This is the correct moment to counter with a Triple Strike and as long as  |
|at least the last strike hits or if the enemy has its back at an obstacle, | 
|you should go on with Triple Strikes until you are victorious.             |

|Docker          |   **OOO   | Think of Marvel's The Thing in blue          |
|Like Pepys Monster you get to meet these strong and enduring fellas in the | 
|second level for the first time. They either smash the ground, swing their | 
|arm or rush towards you, which potentially hits twice, but besides that and| 
|the increased life energy, Dockers are about the same to play against as   | 
|against Pepys Monsters.                                                    |
|Block until both hits of a rush attack are blocked and counter with as many| 
|Triple Strikes as necessary to defeat the Docker.                          |

|Insect          |   ***OO   | A big brown bug                              |
|These appear in the sewers for the first time. They are mostly defined by  | 
|their high speed, both in attacking and blocking and hence their attacks   |
|are rather wild and a bit unpredictable, making constant blocking even more| 
|important than against other enemies.                                      |
|Block some attacks until the insect is close to you, allowing for a quick  | 
|Triple Strike counter. Since a bug cannot stand a lot of damage and since  | 
|they are good blockers, you might want to return to blocking after the     |
|first combo.                                                               |

|Thames' Monster |   **OOO   | Lots of tentacles and a big mouth            |
|You will find Thames' Monsters only in the water and for the first time in | 
|the sewers. They use their tentacles to hit you and as the tentacles always| 
|keep moving it is pretty hard to foresee when an attack is going to start. | 
|Luckily, though, this enemy neither is strong, nor enduring and once you   | 
|have attacked it, it becomes nearly harmless unless you stop your assault. |
|If the monster is near some sort of platform or solid ground you can go    | 
|close, block until you are attacked and finally get close enough for an    | 
|attack. Easier, quicker and (in case of wet abysses around you) a lot      |
|safer, though, is to fire off either one Multi-Gun or two normal Guns.     |

|Harpy           |   *OOOO   | A flying woman-like demon                    |
|Already when seeing these for the first time at the India Docks, you       | 
|shouldn't be too scared. Their lack of size, combined with only little     | 
|health and crappy blocking ability makes them easy prey.                   |
|Block an attack and counter with some Triple Strikes. If you want to speed | 
|up the whole fight you don't even have to block a single attack at all and | 
|still only get hurt once in a few battles.                                 |

|Spider          |   ****O   | A big spider...what did you expect?          |
|When meeting spiders the first time (in Hampstead Heath) they aren't too   | 
|much of a problem as they usually come one by one, but later on you will   |
|see lots of them and often in groups. They are good at blocking, they are  | 
|quick and they can take quite some damage, making them rank in second in   |
|the category "most annoying enemy in the game".                            |
|Against spiders, the best thing to do is to get them cornered before really| 
|trying to hurt them, so block an attack, perform one Triple Strike and     |
|block again. Repeat this until the enemy has its back against a wall or any| 
|other obstacle, so you get to land lots of hits either with repeated Triple| 
|Strikes or better combos. Yet, you might still get hit yourself a few      |
|times, but at least the spider probably cannot escape.                     |

|Faceless Man    |   **OOO   | A man in a trenchcoat with a big knife       |
|Seeing the first one of these closing in from the fog in the level The City| 
|while sticking a really big knife up into the air, can give you the creeps,| 
|but luckily Faceless Men are rather easy to beat. They behave pretty much  | 
|like Zombies, only with a way better blocking ability, more strength and   | 
|more health, but at least they don't have to be torn apart.                |
|Yet, this is the thing to aim for. It is possible to corner them with some | 
|Triple Kicks and then fight them in a corner, while getting hit yourself,  | 
|but it is a lot quicker and safer to run for a Faceless Man and to start a | 
|Hard Kick just before he would start his attack. Try to learn the correct  | 
|timing, by watching the enemy's animations and listening to the sound they | 
|always do when beginning an attack. You will want to start your kick right | 
|before that. If you have picked up all weapon upgrades so far, this will   | 
|either tear off an arm or even the torso in most cases.                    |

|Gargoyle        |   *****   | A grey winged demon                          |
|Up to Smithfield you are safe from Gargoyles, but from then you will wish  | 
|for as few of them to appear as possible. They are extremely fast, they    | 
|block great and (worst of all) they are great at countering.               |
|If you can easily corner a Gargoyle (and only if it's the only enemy       |
|around) with some Triple Kicks, you can do so and finish it off with some  | 
|Triple Strikes, but you are very likely to be hurt yourself as well. So    |
|your best move against Gargoyles is the Jump Strike. Get some distance     | 
|between it and you, run for it, jump off and slash it in midair. In earlier| 
|battles against them, you will have to connect a Triple Strike right after | 
|the landing, but once your weapon is upgraded to the maximum, you will     |
|often dismember Gargoyles with a single jump, thus either easing the fight | 
|or even already ending it.                                                 |

|Giant Rat       |   **OOO   | A big fat least big for a rat       |
|Giant Rats appear at Regents Canal for the first and also for the last     |
|time. Basically they are the same as werewolves, but with slightly better  | 
|blocking ability.                                                          |
|Block an attack, perform a Triple Strike and either do another one (if your| 
|first combo hit) or block again. Alternatively you might also want to      |
|corner them with a series of kicks before fiercely attacking them.         |

|Hellhound       |   ****O   | A red dog                                    |
|You will meet Hellhounds only late in the game (at Bloomsbury for the first| 
|time) and even though they are harder to beat than other enemies, they only| 
|truly endanger you when appearing in groups with other enemies. Hellhounds | 
|use two very distinguished attacks: A close attack with their claws or     |
|flame breath, but usually they will stick to the latter one, unless you get| 
|very close without keeping them under constant pressure.                   |
|Stand still, wait for the Hellhound to approach and to begin breathing     |
|fire. Now strafe jump, run in close to the dog and start Triple Striking   |
|it, but watch out not to use a Hard Strike accidentally as that is always  | 
|blocked. Keep doing Triple Strikes until your enemy either is dead or a bit| 
|too far away from you to be hit, in which case you should dodge another    | 
|flame attack and repeat the whole procedure.                               |
|Well, this is the strategy against single Hellhounds, but if two of them   | 
|appear, you should either use an item or rely on your luck a bit, by       |
|running in on one of them and using a good combo that potentially slices it| 
|in halves, like Ahab's Revenge for Ignatius.                               |
|Hellhounds are invulnerable against Freeze Spells and Firebombs.           |

                             7. Closing Comments                          GGG

Another disappointment in my books. At first I had a lot of fun with this 
game. Not for the blood and gore, mind you. No, the setting seemed great, 
graphics were nice, there were nice effects like falling leaves, you could 
discover hidden items, the story seemed good and enemies had different 
patterns to them. But then I realized quickly that this wouldn't last forever: 
Most levels looked the same, trying to smash every damn window was totally 
tedious, you see Crowley run away about a trillion times and nearly every new 
enemy felt the same as others. If I have to block once more or see one of my 
attacks being blocked, I won't be able to foresee what happens, so I better 
keep this mediocre game away from my N64 at least for a long while.

I'd appreciate any comments, questions, high scores, critics or whatsoever, 
so please mail me at [email protected] if you have anything to tell me (even 
misspellings and stuff).

                               8. Experimental                            HHH

In some other guides I've seen the author implement the following and I 
thought "Why not give it a try for your own guides?":

If you really like this guide and you think it helped you or entertained you 
a bit or whatsoever and you feel like rewarding me not only by writing a nice 
e-mail, feel free to send some money to my paypal account at:

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Of course I don't want to make somebody send me money who doesn't really want 
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Thank you very much for reading this guide and hopefully some more of my 
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