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Follow the dark path or use the light
Donkey Kong 64 Pack Shot

Donkey Kong 64



by VinnyVideo

 _____      ____    _     _   _   _    ____   _    _
|  _  \    /    \  |  \  | | | | / /  |  __|  \ \ / /
| | \  \  |  /\  | |   \ | | | |/ /   | |__    \   /
| |  \  | | |  | | | |\ \| | |   /    |    |    | |
| |  /  | | |  | | | | \ \ | | |\ \   |  __|    | |
| |_/  /  |  \/  | | |  \  | | | \ \  | |__     | |
|_____/    \____/  |_|   \_| |_|  \_\ |____|    |_|
 _   _     ____    _     _    ___             __        __
| | / /   /    \  |  \  | |  /   \           / /       /  |
| |/ /   |  /\  | |   \ | | |  /\_|         / /       / /||
|   /    | |  | | | |\ \| | | |  __        | /____   / /_||_
| |\ \   | |  | | | | \ \ | | |  \|        |  __  | /___   _|
| | \ \  |  \/  | | |  \  | |  \/ |        | (__) |     | |
|_|  \_\  \____/  |_|   \_|  \___/          \____/      |_|

Table of Contents
Introduction/Preface/Review                  [DK01]
Getting Started                              [DK02]
Jungle Japes                                 [DK03]
Angry Aztec                                  [DK04]
Frantic Factory                              [DK05]
Gloomy Galleon                               [DK06]
Fungi Forest                                 [DK07]
Crystal Caves                                [DK08]
Creepy Castle                                [DK09]
Hideout Helm                                 [DK10]
Enemy List                                   [DK11]
Frequently Asked Questions                   [DK12]
Records                                      [DK13]
Version History                              [DK14]
Copyright/Contact Information                [DK15]

Easy Navigation: Hold down the Ctrl key and press F to bring down a search bar.
Then type in the code for the section you want to see (for example, DK07 for
Fungi Forest).
Introduction/Preface/Review                                         [DK01]
Here's another VinnyVideo walkthrough. Exciting! Donkey Kong 64 is one of best
games for the Nintendo 64. I wrote this guide way back in the Stone Ages of
A.D. 2000, but that was before I knew about (and it was
typewritten!). This guide is basically the same guide I wrote in 2000 with
several additions and upgrades (and a small number of deletions).

One note: Most walkthroughs (for this game and especially other games) are
filled with "spoilers" - like the explicit summaries of cinema scenes. I
personally adhere to a No-Spoilers Policy. Whenever possible, I don't tell you
about any cinema scenes or future events (like getting a special item).

Review (may contain traces of spoilers): As I've said, Donkey Kong 64 is a
great game. It would've been nice if there had been more than eight worlds,
though. While DK64's 200 Gold Bananas easily eclipses Super Mario 64's 120
Power Stars, many of the Gold Bananas are a little redundant; often you use
each Kong to perform a similar task in a level. Also, most of the 40 Krushas
(20% of the Gold Bananas) are pretty easy to find (and nearly all are easy to
beat). You need only 100 Gold Bananas to reach the final world. Most of the
mini-games are repetitive, and some, notably Beaver Bother!, don't work very
well. The best one, Mad Maze Maul!, appears only twice. The play control is a
little difficult to get the hang of. It's tricky to remember all of the Z-C
button combinations. Compared to Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time,
DK64 feels like less of an adaptation of its Super NES counterparts (or NES
with Mario and Zelda) and more of something different - not necessarily a bad
thing. The musical instruments are surprisingly fun, and the "guns" are done
extremely well. DK's Barrel Blast mini-games and Diddy's Rocketbarrel Boost are
really great. I wish there had been more barrel action, more animal buddies
(Rambi and Enguarde are the only ones you can really use, although Squawks and
Glimmer appear), and less repetition.

Environmental Tip: This guide is 55 pages long, so it's going to take a LONG
time to print and will use a lot of paper and ink. I highly advise that you
print out just the sections you need, such as the strategy for a specific
level or boss. If you're going to print a section of this guide and give it to
a friend, it would be highly appreciated if you give proper credit to
Getting Started                                                     [DK02]
Let's start with the game's story. While this might "spoil" the opening
sequence you see when you begin a new save file, it's taken straight from the

"Left!" rasped a voice to his left.

"Right!" came back the immediate response from the other side. 
It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now the Klaptrap turning the
wheel wasn't so sure. His little legs were getting tired, and those two
incompetent fools didn't have a clue where they were going.

With a sudden sickening crunch of metal against rock, the King's pride and joy
came to a shuddering halt, knocking all three off their feet. The tough little
Klaptrap was up first, dashing eagerly across to the broken bridge window to
see what those goons had hit. 
"You two are going to be in sooo much trouble!" he barked gleefully.
But that pair weren't the only ones in trouble. Deep within the gloomy bowels
of his latest creation, a furious King K. Rool sat on his throne, glaring down
at the quaking generals of his vast Kremling army.
"Well? I'm still waiting for an answer..."

His plan couldn't fail this time, or so he had thought. But like so many times
in the past, he'd underestimated just how useless his scaly minions could be.
It had taken years to build, but now his mighty island stronghold lay immobile
off the coast of its very first target - Kong Isle. Perhaps all was not lost,

"Power up the Blast-o-Matic. Target in Kong Isle. Fire when ready!"

Instead of a deafening explosion, there came only a pathetic whimper.
"I'm so v-very sorry your m-majesty, but I'm afraid the Blast-o-Matic isn't
quite w-working yet..." 
K. Rool turned to face the white-coated technician responsible for the bad
news. The King began to cry. 
"It's just not fair..." he sobbed. "I really thought I was going to win this
Klump waddled over and put a consoling arm around his distraught leader.

"Don't get all upset now, your excellency. We'll go and capture those nasty
Kongs for you. Then we'll steal their Golden Bananas as usual so that if any
Kongs escape us, they'll be too busy looking for them to come and ruin your
magnificent plans." 

As K. Rool watched his generals leave, he wiped away his crocodile tears and
began to laugh. His little play acting had worked, and now those Kongs would
soon be history. He glared down at the bemused technician.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get the Blast-o-Matic working. I've got an
island to destroy!"


Controls: Again, I'm assuming you bought the game secondhand or are playing on
an emulator and therefore don't have a manual.

Control stick: Move your Kong
A: Jump
B: Punch (press three times for a combo attack)
Hold B: Release for a special shockwave attack (must have Banana Camera and at
least 1 Crystal Coconut)
Z: Duck
R: Center camera behind your Kong
C-Left, C-Right, C-Down: Change camera angle
C-Up: Lets you view the screen from your Kong's point of view; displays Aiming
Sight if you have a gun out
Start: Pause, taking you to the Subscreen, which allows you to save, exit the
level, or view statistics for each level

While ducking:
A: High jump
B: Perform special operations specific to certain Kongs
C-up: Use a music attack (if you have it)
C-left: Take out shooter (if you have it) or end Cranky Barrel moves
C-down: Take out Banana Camera (if you have it); press B to shoot
C-right: Throw an Orange Grenade

While moving:
Z+A: Long jump
A+B: Aerial attack
B: Roll attack

While in the air:
Z: Simian Slam

Note: L and the directional pad don't do anything.

General tips: Don't worry about losing lives; your lives are infinite! However,
falling off a cliff or running out of energy will usually send you back to the
start of the level. Also, you have infinite oxygen when underwater.

Use Tag Barrels to change the Kong you're controlling, or to recharge your

If you see a Bananaport pad (a round pad marked with a number), step on it to
activate it. Find the other pad marked with that number in the same level to
create a warp point. Thess can save a lot of time, especially in later levels.

Your progress usually seems to get saved automatically, but make sure to select
the "Save" option on the Subscreen after defeating a major boss or turning your
Nintendo 64 off.

You can usually collect the Gold Bananas in almost any order you like. However,
I usually list them by character or region, preferably in the most efficient
order possible.

The Training Level
On the opening screen, select "Adventure" and start a new file. After you watch
the opening sequence, jump into the Training Barrels to play some practice
games that show you how to perform various operations. When you complete them
all, go to Cranky's Lab to receive the Simian Slam (supposedly Buttus bashium
in Latin) potion, which allows you to hit Simian Slam switches. Hit the switch
to leave the training area.

From here, step on the five Bananaport pads to activate them. These allow you
to warp all over the DK Isles region. From here, swim west and north to K.
Lumsy's Island. Go inside and talk to the caged K. Lumsy. He'll open the
entrance to Jungle Japes. Now return to DK Island and go to where K. Lumsy
opened a door.

The game's first Gold Banana is located at the entrance to Jungle Japes. It's
pretty hard to miss.
Jungle Japes                                                        [DK03]
Jungle Japes is a lush, humid jungle full of those "useless" Gnawty beavers.
Even a third-rate player can survive here. Zingers swoop down and try to sting
you. Gnawty beavers are easy to negotiate, as are the few Kritters here.
Klumps, who throw bombs at you, are rare and can only be defeated with Orange


At the start of the level, swing across the vines to a small ledge for your
first Banana Coin! These will be useful later. Now use a Simian Slam on the
Donkey Switch and go inside the tunnel that opens. There's nothing in this
tunnel except baddies and bananas. Explore the area until you collect two more
banana coins. Go to Funky's Armory (you'll need to climb a few vines) and
purchase the Coconut Shooter for three coins. The Controls section has
information about how to operate it.

From Funky's Armory, climb the nearby tree and long jump (Z+A while moving) to
the Armory's roof. Backflip (Z+A while standing) to find Snide's Headquarters.
Go inside if you want to meet him, although there's little he can do at the
moment. Follow the trail of bananas for your first "real" Gold Banana! Woo-hoo!
There's only 198 to go.

You may think that you have to break your leg or neck to collect a Battle
Crown. However, all you really need to do here is watch the game's demo
sequence! It'll show you precisely where the Battle Arena Pad is (near Funky's
Armory). Stand on the pad, press Z, and you'll be sent to the Battle Arena.
These are always fun and exciting, although this one is ridiculously easy. Just
survive two Gnawties for 30 seconds. Don't run out of health (which should
never happen on this one) or fall off the ring. After 30 seconds, you'll get
the first Battle Crown! Only nine to go. These will come in handy someday...

Once you've collected the first Gold Banana of Jungle Japes, Diddy will reveal
three Coconut Switches. One is near the big rock, one is below Funky's Armory,
and another is near the big hill. The switches next to the big rock and the
steep hill are quite easy to hit, although the one next to the slope is guarded
by a Zinger. Be careful! The aiming sight mode helps with all of them. When you
try to hit the switch over the river, you'll find that you can't hit it from
there. Instead, try a "crack shot" from Funky's Armory with the aid of the
aiming sight mode. Once you hit the three switches, the doors under the
switches will open up, along with the one on the bluff where Diddy and a Gold
Banana are imprisoned. The three gates will also open.

Make sure to take Diddy to Funky's Armory once you get three red Banana Coins.
Here you can get Peanut Popguns, which are essential in Jungle Japes and other
levels. For the time being, however, my guide will focus on Donkey Kong's Gold

Note: If you hit one of those floating yellow balloons with a coconut (near the
X and Cranky's Lab), you earn five or ten bananas.

In the tunnel across the river is Bananaport #4. You should activate it. Follow
the bananas, which lead to the Cranky's Lab area. Go inside Cranky's Lab with
Donkey to buy the Baboon Blast (Barrelum perilous) potion, which allows you to
visit Barrel Blast courses using Donkey Pads. Diddy can buy Chimpy Charge
(Hurtus cranium), which gives the little chimp a charge ability (Z+B) which can
bash certain things open. Each costs three coins. If you don't have enough
money, just look around until you find some more coins.

Behind Cranky's Lab is a Coconut Switch. Hit it - and look! It's a barrel that
transforms you into Rambi the rhinoceros. Enter it and charge the four straw
huts (Z+B) and the Rambi door. When you're finished, press Z+C-Left to change
back into Donkey. Now pound the Donkey Switch that was under one of the huts.
It'll reveal a Gold Banana at the start of the main part of the level. Head
back there and get it! With only 196 left, there's nothing stopping you!

Take Donkey to the palm tree near the big X. At the top are some vines that
lead to a Donkey Kong pad. Press Z on it and you'll be warped to a Barrel Blast
course. These are probably the most fun mini-games in DK64. Complete the course
for a Gold Banana. It's not too tough. However, make sure to fire out of the
barrel when the crosshairs are aimed at the next barrel. You use the Z button
to shoot. At the end, shoot yourself through the Gold Banana.

Now enter the cave next to the giant X. Not far into it is a yellow-haired
Krusha. Defeat him to win a Blueprint. Remember that only Donkey Kong can
collect yellow Blueprints, Diddy can only take red Blueprints, and so forth,
corresponding to each Kong's color (gray-haired Krushas have already had their
Blueprints collected). My preferred Krusha-beating method is to just punch them
out, although some people like Orange Grenades or other methods. I don't like
Orange Grenades because it takes tons of them to beat a Krusha. Starting in the
next level, music attacks are highly recommended. Anyway, take the Blueprint to
Snide's Headquarters the next time you're in that vicinity and he'll give you a
Gold Banana in exchange.


In the tunnel that leads to Cranky's Lab is a little red-haired Krusha who's
got a Blueprint. Bop him out and take the Blueprint to Snide's Headquarters for
a Gold Banana.

Now it's time to switch to Diddy, as Donkey Kong now has all five of his Jungle
Japes Gold Bananas. Go back to the Cranky's Lab area and you'll find a Diddy
Switch under one of the demolished huts. Give it a Simian Slam and a door will
open and a 50-second timer will begin ticking. Hurry to Bananaport #4 and use
it. Swim to the open door and collect another Gold Banana!

TIP: Remember that on timed bananas the gate doesn't start closing until the
clock reaches 0. You may be able to enter the door a little after time expires.

Head into the tunnel that takes you from the start to the main area. Use the
Peanut Popguns on the two Peanut Switches to open up a locked door. Inside are
some other switches and a Gold Banana for Diddy! Just a measly 192 left!

Next to where Diddy was locked up is a huge mound. I wonder what kind of mole
made that. It looks a lot like Banjo-Kazooie's anthill. Hit the Peanut Switch
to make some boards pop out. Quickly run up to the entrance into the hill
before the platforms disappear. Yikes! Diddy's in a mine. Look on some lumps of
coal for a few coins. Another pile of boxes has some Ammunition Crates. There's
a small hole in a fence on one platform. Shoot across to hit the Peanut Switch.
Carefully run across the bridge and slam the Diddy Switch. A Gold Banana will
appear at the top of the hill. Go back outside, hit the Peanut Switch, run to
the top of the hill, and get your Gold Banana.

Back in the mine, enter the small door. Now Chimpy Charge the rickety fence and
bop the Klump using Orange Grenades. Chimpy Charge the LO button and hurry to
the Diddy Switch. Inside the room, defeat the Klumps and backflip (Z+A) onto
the conveyor belt. Run up the conveyor belts and up to the small ledge. Hop
down the shaft and collect the bananas. Whoa! Diddy's in a mine cart! Press A
to jump, and use the Control Stick to lean to the side or adjust your speed.
Collect 50 coins to win a Gold Banana at the end. Falling Kabooms are a
problem, as are Krashes - Kremlings in mine carts who swing clubs at you. If
you get hit, you'll lose three coins. It's really not too tough to win.


NOTE: At first you may think that you can't take Lanky or Tiny Kong to Jungle
Japes. But all five Kongs do have Gold Bananas to collect. Diddy rescues Tiny
in Angry Aztec, Donkey bails out Lanky in the same level, and Lanky puts Chunky
in the Tag Barrel in Frantic Factory.

At Cranky's Lab, there are more moves to buy. Here they are:
TINY - Mini Monkey (Kongum smallus) - Hop into a Tiny Barrel to become a very
small monkey.
LANKY - Orangstand (Palmus walkum) - Press Z+B to perform a handstand that
allows you to climb steep slopes.

Once you get the Mini Monkey move, make sure to go to Banana Fairy Island to
get the Banana Camera, which allows you to photograph Banana Fairies.

Each shooter still costs three coins. And Funky's got two of 'em for sale! You
operate these in the same way as the other guns.

TINY - Feather Bow
LANKY - Grape Shooter

In the tunnel leading to Cranky's Lab is a blue-haired Krusha. Go get 'em!

Next to the Krusha are two steep hills. Lanky should use his Orangstand ability
to go up the two hills. On one side are some coins; on the other is something
called a Gold Banana Barrel. In these are little mini-games misplaced from
Mario Party. If you win, you'll receive a Gold Banana. The objective is clearly
stated prior to the game. In this game, Speedy Swing Sortie!, Lanky must swing
across vines to collect coins. Grab them all to win. It's easy and very fun!

Under one of the huts you destroyed earlier, you'll find a Lanky Switch. Hit it
to reveal a Gold Banana. You've got a 60-second time limit, so hurry. Use
Bananaport #4, dive into the river, take a right turn, and climb the vine to
Funky's Armory. Swing across the vines to the area with the Barrel Cannon and
enter the open door. It's a Gold Banana!

In the passageway Diddy opened up near the start of Jungle Japes, there's a
Grape Switch. Shoot it to reveal a Gold Banana Barrel. Play a game of Mad Maze
Maul! to win a Gold Banana. In this game, Lanky must defeat five Kremlings.
Sounds easy? Well, there's a time limit, and you're in a maze, so you'll have
to hunt the enemies down. You also have to cross the finish line once you've
beaten them all. This is my favorite mini-game in DK64.

Next to the Zinger, the steep hill, and Bananaport #3, you'll find a Peanut
Switch above a gate on the hill. Use Diddy to hit it and open a door. Switch to
Lanky Kong, who is the only King who can climb the slope. Use the Orangstand
move. Go through the door on the hill, where you'll find two bolts. Hit them
with the Simian Slam to release a large group of Zingers. Use the Grape Shooter
to take them out. When they're all gone, you'll get a Gold Banana and a Banana
Fairy. Take its picture using the camera, which I hope you have by now.


Yep, Tiny Kong has a switch under one of those huts, too. Use the same tactics
you used for Lanky. Even though the timer is just 30 seconds, it's easier this
time, as you only have to travel to the cave near Funky's Armory. Again,
Bananaport #4 is a big help.

In the room Diddy opened up near the beginning of the level, you'll find a
Feather Switch. Shoot it to open a door. Inside is a Gold Banana Barrel! Play a
game of Splish-Splash Salvage! to win a Gold Banana. In this game Tiny must
dive down and collect a few coins. When you reach the proper depth, DO NOT push
the the Control Stick up or down! If you do, you'll mess up your aim. Don't
change until you have all of the coins in that ring. Then swim down to the
other ring of coins. This game is difficult, so plan on having to play it a few
times before you win.

You wouldn't think there would be one for Tiny, did you? In the tunnel near the
big rock is a purple-haired Krusha. Defeat him to earn another Blueprint. Near
him are two Feather Switches. Hit both of them to open another section of
Jungle Japes (with many palm trees).

In this new section, look for a Tiny Barrel. Jump in to become Teensy-Tiny
Kong! Go through the logs to find some bananas. Then hop onto the mushroom to
bounce onto the stump. Hey, there's a hole in the stump! Drop through to find a
Gold Banana.

DANGER! Before trying to get this Gold Banana, make sure Tiny has the 2nd Melon
of life and the Saxophone Slam. Both can be obtained in the next stage.
Otherwise, I won't be surprised to see her on crutches with a torn MCL. Anyway,
there's a giant snail shell in the palm tree area. Go inside with the Tiny
Barrel. If you ever get in too much trouble in here, use the Saxophone Slam. In
the first room, hit the Tiny Switch to open the second room. In the second
room, hit the Tiny Switch to open the third room, which contains another Gold


NOTE: Don't think that Chunky Kong can't get anything here, either. Chunky has
some real stuff to do, including finding an elusive Krusha.

Chunky has some stuff to buy in Jungle Japes. It's not big, slow, and useless.

Pineapple Launcher (what a goofy gun!)
Hunky Chunky (Kreminous crushum) - Jump into a Chunky Barrel to become bigger.
Primate Punch (Sandwichium Knucklus) - Gives Chunky a super-duper punch (Z+B).

Also, now that Chunky has his shooter, Funky will offer to upgrade all five
guns with Ammo Belt 1. It lets all the Kongs carry 100 rounds of ammunition
instead of the old 50! Only one Kong has to pay for it.

In the tunnel leading to Cranky's Lab, there's a giant Rambi door. You
should've charged it as Donkey Kong, but if you didn't, you can do so now.
Anyway, use Chunky to enter what used to be the Rambi door. Inside, photograph
the Banana Fairy over the pool of water (no, you don't have to play Zelda's
Lullaby - an Ocarina of Time reference). There's also a massive boulder (you
don't use the Megaton Hammer). Press B to pick it up and throw it away, then
hit the Chunky Switch. Lumber as fast the big ape can to Bananaport #4
(although Bananaport #2 also works). Then take the same path Lanky used to get
to the Barrel Launcher. Use the cannon to get to Snide's HQ, where you'll find
the Gold Banana.

In the area Tiny opened up (with the Kritters and giant palm trees), you'll
find a Chunky Barrel.  Jump into to become Hunky Chunky. Now you can climb the
palm trees! Some have bananas, but there's also a Gold Banana Barrel. It takes
Chunky to a game of Minecart Mayhem! In Minecart Mayhem!, Chunky must avoid
slamming into the TNT cart for 30 seconds. It's not tough once you find the
right strategy. Often it's advantageous to slow down.

Since Chunky is really strong, he can pick up that big rock near the X! Pick it
up and throw it at something. Wow! That rock was hollow, and it held a Gold

I'm covering two different Gold Bananas in this paragraph. Now Simian Slam the
big "X" repeatedly and you'll fall through the hole! This takes the mangy
monkey to a dusty tunnel filled with spider webs. Soon you'll come to a very
narrow path. The lighting is very dim, so be careful and patient. At the end of
the line is a sinister-looking face. Wait a minute! Those eyes are Pineapple
Switches! Hit them both to reveal some vines. One set leads to a Gold Banana;
the others take you to the green-haired Krusha. Go to Snide's HQ to redeem your
Blueprint, and if you've followed my guide to the letter, you're 25 for 25 in
Jungle Japes! A big-league slugger would envy that kind of batting average.

At the end of each level, I describe the new Gold Bananas in the DK Isles
region you can collect. Unfortunately, Diddy and Donkey don't have any to
collect after Jungle Japes. Now, let's proceed to... THE BOSS!

---The Boss---

Throughout this stage, you'll find Troff 'n' Scoff Portals. Enter one and feed
your hard-earned bananas to Scoff. Step on the banana pads and use the Kong(s)
of your choice to give him bananas. Feed him a total of 60 of the yummy treats
to enable Troff to open the boss arena! Donkey Kong is the Kong for this duel.

Massive Explosive Armored Mammal ARMY DILLO
I can't resist giving bosses forged subtitles in imitation of Zelda games. When
you enter the arena, you'll realize Donkey Kong's stuck here with a very large
boss. Eek! It's Army Dillo! This big, bad boss will start off by hurling a
barrage of fireballs at you. After shooting a few, Army will stop to taunt you
with a sinister snicker. Quickly pick up the TNT Barrel (use B) and throw it at
his head to inflict some damage. If you miss, you may have time to get in a
second shot. Now he'll roll after you, trying to squash you. Keep moving. The
more you hit the big armadillo, the more flaming rocks he'll shoot at you.
Repeat this process twice and the fight will be over! After blowing him up
three times, his fireball cannons will explode and he'll scamper away. Once he
limps off, you'll win the first Boss Key!

Angry Aztec                                                         [DK04]
Take that Boss Key to K. Lumsy. He'll open up the door to Angry Aztec. Near the
big waterfall at the back of DK Island, take the stairs and follow the path.
You'll eventually come to the entrance of Angry Aztec. To enter you'll have to
have at least 5 Gold Bananas.

Angry Aztec is a wild desert level. Hot quicksand is everywhere, and "blowing
sand" is the default weather condition. Candy Kong makes her first appearance
here. Lanky and Tiny are locked up in jail here in two different temples. Diddy
learns the Rocketbarrel Boost, which is very fun and quite important to your

This isn't COPS, but Angry Aztec introduces several new baddies. Kritter and
Klump are back. Zingers now try to drop bombs on to the careless chimps.
Klaptraps take two hits and are real pains. Klobber hides in a barrel and
knocks the monkeys around. Shuri is a starfish who lazily swims about. Kroc is
a real pain. He's got a laser gun, and if you run out of time in certain
temples, you're roadkill!


Just past the opening tunnel is Candy's Music Shop. Diddy and Donkey need their
musical instruments, which you can buy here.

DIDDY - Guitar Gazump
DONKEY - Bongo Blast

Next to Candy's Music Shop is a large temple (which looks a lot like the Dome
of the Rock). Hit the Peanut Switch to go inside. Look for a Diddy Switch and
hit it. Hop onto the monkey tongues that emerge and carefully backflip from
tongue to tongue. At the end there's a small ledge. Hit the Peanut Switch at
the other side of the room to make another tongue stick out. Cross it carefully
to the Guitar Gazump pad on the other side. Crank out a tune to cause the
ceiling to open up, melting the ice and allowing Diddy to swim in it. Follow
the underwater tunnel to a fork in the road. Take the right fork to reach Tiny
Kong's prison. Slam the Diddy Switch to make some platforms emerge. Hop on each
one to gain access to the switches. If you spell KONG by simply Chimpy Charging
the switches, you'll release Tiny Kong and a Gold Banana from jail! With only
188 left, there's no reason to quit!

Note: You may want to use Tiny now to get the Banana Camera from Banana Fairy
Island. Get the Mini Monkey potion from Jungle Japes, then see the section
after the Angry Aztec strategy for further details.

Near the llama cage is a palm tree. Climb it and you'll see some ropes. Swing
across them to the top of the cage. Look! It's a Guitar Gazump pad! Play your
tune to open up a door, allowing access to the second part of Angry Aztec.

Inside the tunnel that Diddy just opened is a small, narrow path over some hot
quicksand. Take it to Cranky's Lab. There are some things to purchase.

DIDDY - Rocketbarrel Boost (Boostum highus) - Use Diddy Barrels to fly.
DONKEY - Strong Kong (Strongum Kongus) - Become invincible with Donkey Barrels.

This Krusha is hidden very well. On top of one palm tree, you'll find a
Rocketbarrel Boost barrel. Rocket to the top of the temple, where you'll find a
red-haired Krusha! Use a music attack to beat it easily.

Go through the tunnel to the second part of the stage. Look for a Rocketbarrel
Boost barrel and enter it. Press A to thrust, Z to hover, and B to shoot with
Peanut Popguns. Hurry, as your fuel gauge (Crystal Coconuts) isn't infinite.
Don't touch the ground, or you'll land. See that big totem pole? Well, fly
through the ring at the top three times to release a vulture. Diddy will play
an excruciatingly fun game where he must fly through all the gold rings. It's
fairly tough, though. When you fly through enough rings, the Necky will leave a
Gold Banana in the ring on the totem pole.

In the second part of Angry Aztec, you'll find a ledge with four gongs. Chimpy
Charge each one to make a tower rise up. On top is a Gold Banana! Use the
Rocketbarrel Boost to reach it.

See that temple with five doors? Well, land on it, and look! It's a Diddy
Switch. Hit it to make the totem pole start to spin. Climb a palm tree near it
and feed it five peanuts. As you shoot at it, its speed will vary a bit. When
you're finished, five switches will appear over the temple, a switch for each

Now hit the Peanut Switch on that temple to open up Diddy's room. Explore the
area and you'll find a Banana Coin and a Gold Banana. Watch out for Kroc in
this temple, who will start a 30-second countdown after you get the Gold


At the very start of Angry Aztec are two Coconut Switches. Hit them both to
open a door. Jump into the nearby Donkey Barrel to become Strong Kong. Collect
the bananas and bop out Mr. Krusha!

At the large temple with a llama on it, you'll find a Donkey Pad. Take it to a
Barrel Blast game. Complete it to unlock the llama. Don't forget to take the
Gold Banana he leaves.

Head back to the llama temple. Hit the Coconut Switch to go inside. Look out
for the Klaptraps and bananas in the temple. Also, those snake heads won't do
anything for Donkey. Soon you'll find a Bongo Blast pad. When you play your
song on it, the little llama will spit (yuck!) into the lava and make it safe
to swim in (a permanent Clapper, for DKC 2 fans). Neat! This water is
completely safe now. Dive into the dip and swim through the tunnel. In the next
room, Lanky is locked up in his grimy, slimy, moldy jail. Hit the two Coconut
Switches to unlock him and get a Gold Banana.

In the llama temple is a Donkey Switch. Hit it to open a cavern near Funky's
Armory. There hop into the Donkey Switch and enter the tunnel. Activate
Bananaport #5 and hop into the Gold Banana Barrel. In Stealthy Snoop!, Donkey
must artfully dodge Kremling security guards in a maze.

In the temple with five doors, hit the Coconut Switch. Donkey has a room just
like his little buddy. In fact, his is very similar to Diddy's. Again, collect
the Gold Banana and the Banana Coin, and try not to let Kroc zap you.


Now is a good time to visit Candy Kong and buy musical instruments for Tiny and

TINY - Saxophone Slam
LANKY - Trombone Tremor

No, this isn't a mini-game. At the llama temple, hit the Feather Switch on the
side to gain entry. Inside, look for a small chamber with a Banana Fairy, Tiny
Barrel, and a small opening. Go into this opening and activate Bananaport Pad
#2. Hit the Tiny Switch to make some platforms appear. Carefully cross the
ledges to another switch. Keep going until you earn a Gold 'Nana!

In the temple where Lanky was imprisoned, you'll find a Tiny Barrel in a little
room. Become Teensy-Tiny Kong and head to the two snake heads. Under one is a
little tunnel leading to a room filled with Klaptraps. Beat them all for a Gold

In the tunnel connecting the two main sections of Angry Aztec, you'll find a

Go to the tower Diddy raised by charging the gongs. Hop into the Tiny Barrel
(it's a key move, isn't it?). Skip up to the Saxophone Pad and play a little
tune. Squawks will carry you to a small hole in the roof (a cheap cameo role
for the poor parrot). Here you must race a beetle. You have to win AND collect
50 coins on a slide. If you make contact with the beetle, you lose three coins.
The best place to pass is right after the first tunnel. At the three forks in
the road, take the right, left, and left forks. This game isn't easy, so expect
it to take a few tries. 

There's a Feather Switch over a door in the five-door temple. Go through and
look for a Tiny Barrel in it. It leads to a room with a Banana Fairy. You'll
also find a Gold Banana in the maze. 


Remember that fork in the road in Tiny's temple? Well, take Lanky to the LEFT
fork in the underwater tunnel in the temple. It leads to a Lanky Switch. Give
it a Simian Slam! You'll release another Necky, a vulture who appears only in
this level. Bombard him with grapes to make him too small to carry the Gold

After collecting the previous Gold Banana, some of the water will drain, giving
you access to the Battle Arena Pad. In Kritter Karnage!, Lanky must hold off
two Kritters for 30 seconds. Then you win a Battle Crown, your second.

Tip: In Battle Arena games, use Lanky or Diddy when possible, as they're the
best for these. Diddy is extremely fast and agile. Lanky has outstanding range
on his combo punches. Also, both have faster reaction time than Donkey or
especially Tiny. However, on some games you have no choice as to the character
you use.

In the llama temple, you'll find a Trombone Pad. Have Lanky play his goofy
little song to make the snake heads connect and form a bridge. Use the
Orangstand to cross it to a Gold Banana Barrel. Teetering Turtle Trouble! is
one of those melon gun-shooting games. Shoot melons at the six snakes to keep
the six turtles spinning. Turtles who scream for help should be your first

In the llama temple, take Bananaport #2 (which I hope you activated earlier) to
go to the lava room. Bop out that bad old Krusha!

Yes, Lanky's still in the llama temple. Next to the Tag Barrel, you'll see some
massive doors. Hit the Grape Switch to open them up. They lead to a room full
of Kritters. Defeat them and hit the Lanky Switch. Shoot a face on the wall.
Look! It's spinning! Hit its matching color and repeat. Some faces look the
same; with those you have to tell by sound. When they're all spinning, you win
a curved, tasty, yellow, potassium-rich thingamajig. Make sure to defeat any
Kremlings that return.

At the five-door temple, you wouldn't think they'd have a room for Lanky, too?
Use the tree to reach the higher level, and hit the Grape Switch to go inside.
Hit the Grape Switch to open a door inside the temple, and look for a Gold
Banana Barrel. It sends you to a game of Big Bush Bash! In this game, you have
to swat insects using a flyswatter, just like Mario Paint's Gnat Attack. Bash
three in the allotted time for a Gold Banana. Just a measly 159 left!


JUG-O'-WAR (#1)
At the start of Angry Aztec, there are some Pineapple Switches. Chunky should
hit both with his Pineapple Launcher, opening a door. The Zingers are real
menaces in this room. Defeat them, preferably using the Triangle Trample. See
those odd jugs? Look at the symbols on them. Since Chunky is very strong, he
can pick the jugs up using the B button. Press Z to place the jug on the pad
whose symbol corresponds to the jug's symbol. Watch out for the quicksand and
the Zingers' Lime Grenades. When all jugs are spinning, you'll win a Gold

At Candy's place, Chunky should purchase his little musical instrument, the
Triangle Trample. If you need coins, just climb the palm tree near Candy's
Music Shop for four Banana Coins. If Chunky had enough coins in Jungle Japes,
you bought the Primate Punch (Sandwichium knucklus). Otherwise, buy it at
Cranky's Lab.

Go to jail and do not pass go. Actually, go to the temple where Tiny was
incarcerated. Hit the Pineapple Switch to go inside. Near the entrance, you'll
find a small hallway that curves a bit. Inside the room at the end are some
Klobbers and Kabooms (DKC 2 enemies). Bop them with Orange Grenades, then play
a tune on the Music Pad to open a door. It's a Gold Banana! Unfortunately, it
fell through a trap door. Jump down and beat the Klaptraps to get it back.

In the hallway that connects the two main areas of Angry Aztec, you'll find a
Gold Banana Barrel in a cage. Jump in the Hunky Chunky barrel, pick up the
nearby rock (press B), and place it on the stone switch (use Z), lifting the
cage. Enter the Gold Banana Barrel to play Busy Barrel Barrage! Just keep
shooting the Kremlings in a steady circular motion. A turbo controller may

You guessed it. There's a Pineapple Switch on the door of that temple where
Kroc likes to shoot you. Hit the Pineapple Switch and go inside. First beat the
Krusha for the Green Blueprint. Then look for the Gold Banana Barrel in the
maze. In Kremling Kosh!, you use a melon gun to shoot Kritters. The red
Kritters are worth two hits, but they're speedier. That's it - all 25 Gold
Bananas for Angry Aztec!

---The Boss---

Throughout this stage are Troff 'n' Scoff Portals. Feed Scoff 120 bananas to
open the boss arena. Diddy Kong gets to fight this baddie.

Fire-Breathing Dragonfly DOGADON
It looks like that big dragonfly isn't too happy to see Diddy bash that little
dragonfly. He decides to start throwing fireballs at Diddy! After a few throws,
Dogadon will come to rest for a bit. That's your cue to throw a barrel of
trinitrotoluene at him! He falls into the magma. However, K. Rool's fiery pet
flies right out. He doesn't like that! He'll now throw twice as many fireballs
at you. When he stops, throw another TNT barrel at him. Afterwards, he throws
three rounds of fireballs at you. Dodge them, throw one more TNT barrel at him,
and you'll win the Boss Key. By the way, I'm pretty sure that this boss is a
reference to King Dodongo from Zelda 64.

---DK Isles---
Note: These bananas in the DK Isles region can be collected once you get the
Boss Key.

Tiny #1: Swim out to the small odd island way out in the sea. At the back of it
is a Feather Switch. Hit it to open a door containing a Gold Banana.

Also, there's a Tiny Barrel. Become Teensy-Tiny and enter the tiny hole. You'll
meet the Banana Fairy Queen, who'll help you reunite the 20 Banana Fairies with
a Banana Camera and a shockwave maneuver (hold B and release) - a great way to
defeat multiple enemies. This is such a Zelda rip-off. This move also can be
used to earn Banana Coins from those mounds marked with "DK." Note that every
regular level has two Banana Fairies, and the DK Isles area has four. Also,
each Banana Fairy recharges your energy and increases your Crystal Coconut
capacity by one.

Lanky #1: At the back of K. Lumsy Island is a Grape Switch and a door. You can
guess what happens when you shoot that switch.

Donkey #2: After beating the Angry Aztec boss, a platform will raise on the
island. It leads to a long pathway that eventually takes you to some vines.
Below is another door and a Coconut Switch. Is there any possibility that the
door contains a Gold Banana?

Frantic Factory                                                     [DK05]
Go take your Boss Key to K. Lumsy and he'll open up Frantic Factory AND Gloomy
Galleon, two levels on Crocodile Isle. Although we can visit them in either
order, I'm covering Frantic Factory first. You may prefer to get the new moves
from Cranky's Lab in Frantic Factory, and then go to Gloomy Galleon to get the
instrument and ammo upgrades. Climb up Crocodile Isle to reach Frantic Factory.
You need 10 Gold Bananas to enter.

Frantic Factory is K. Rool's pride and joy. It's a highly hazardous toy-making
facility (a departure from the flaming oil drums and acid pools of previous DKC
games). The working conditions are similar to China's, although even the
Chinese aren't attacked by robotic toys. I'm sure there's plenty of lead,
though, although you won't face oil drums and rotating brownouts like in DKC.
Diddy's going to a High Voltage Shack and Chunky's cage is about to fall on top
of you like a one-ton weight.

Frantic Factory's baddies are often toys. Krembots and Robo-Zingers are tougher
versions of Kritters and Zingers. Die Guys and Domino Dudes are simple; use
Gnawty tactics, but the Dominoes are more aggressive.

Frantic Factory is divided into four areas - the Production level, the
Lobby, the Testing Department, and the R&D (Research and Development) Room.
Certain rooms have more action than others. Here's a basic map:

    TESTING   (Block Tower)
     LOBBY    (Start)
  PRODUCTION  (Toy Machine, Storage Room/Chunky)


Go through the tunnel near Bananaport #1. Follow the path, go down the pole,
and enter the Storage Room from the toy machine room. You'll see Chunky Kong in
a suspended cage. You can't help him yet. Just below the cage is a Donkey Pad.
Complete the Barrel Blast course for coins and bananas. Hit the DK Star at the
end to make a lever appear in front of the Donkey Kong arcade machine.

In the Storage Room (the Donkey Pad is in there), you'll find a long tunnel. At
the end is Cranky's Lab and Candy's Music Shop. Candy doesn't have anything
new, although she will thoughtfully recharge your instrument. At Cranky's
place, you can (and should) buy the following potions, each costing seven

DONKEY - Gorilla Grab (Simium strainus) - Press B to pull levers.
DIDDY - Simian Spring (Leapus largium) - Jump high with Diddy Pads.
TINY - Ponytail Twirl (Roundum roundus) - Hold A to float in the air.
LANKY - Baboon Balloon (Baboonus balloonus) - Float with Lanky Pads.

In the Chunky room, hit the blue Simian Slam pad to open a gate. Now look for
the room containing a purple-haired Krusha (the hair color John Rocker most
despised). Climb the pole he's guarding and take the left fork at the hallway.
In that room is an arcade machine for the original Donkey Kong. Pull the lever
to play it! Here are a few tips:

Level 1: In this game, Mario must jump avoid the barrels thrown by Donkey Kong
(more precisely, the Donkey Kong who's now Cranky Kong). Press A to jump and up
or down to climb a ladder. Watch out, as some barrels go down ladders. It's
best to avoid the mallet. Touch the princess to complete the stage.

Level 2: At the Pie Factory, four ladders retract sometimes, so you can't
always climb them to the top. The fireballs are still around. Two of the
platforms are conveyor belts. On those are pies, and if you touch them, you'll
lose a life.

Level 3: Watch out for the jacks that bounce at high speed. The elevators make
this tough; if you hit the top of the elevator, you'll lose a life, and jumping
down too far has the same result. Be patient here.

Level 4: It's the grand finale. Here, mass numbers of fireballs attempt to keep
you from grabbing the eight golden bricks which support the platform. Touch
them all to win. You'll rescue Princess Pauline (yes, Pauline) and earn a Gold
Banana! Play again for a price of two coins (you only have to pay once) to play
a slightly harder version. If you win again, your prize is the Nintendo Coin,
which you'll be glad to have later in the game.

From the start, go through the tunnel near Bananaport #2. From here, you'll
eventually reach the Testing Department. In there, enter the door marked "R&D
Room" to reach the R&D Room after climbing the ladder. In here, you may want to
get the Battle Crown (check the next paragraph). Climb the ladder to the next
level and look in the doors to find a chute (without a pole). Jump down to the
Storage Room. Hit the Coconut Switch to open the hut. Inside, grab the items,
pop the balloon, and take the Gold Banana. Then pull the lever. Bingo! The toy
machine is running!

In the R&D Room, look for a long tunnel. It leads to a room with some coins, a
Tiny Barrel, and a lever. Pull it to open two cages. One holds some green
coins, and the other has a Battle Arena Pad. In Krazy Krushas!, survive against
a Kritters and a Krusha for a slightly longer period of time than before to win
a Battle Crown. I recommend using Lanky for this.

In the Testing Department, look for a tunnel. You'll need to use a little
"Booster Block" to get up there. It's a good idea to photograph the Banana
Fairy found in the tunnel. At the end is a Donkey Switch. Simian Slam it and
some blocks will pop up. There are numbers on them. If you hit them in 1-16
order, you'll be one Gold Banana richer.

Now let's head back to the Production Room. You may want to use Tiny for a
little bit if you've purchased the Ponytail Twirl. Use the moving platform to
reach some conveyor belts. Walk across to the path. Follow it, hit the purple
balloon for 10 bananas, climb the ladder, and go across the spinning cylinder.
Keep jumping to avoid falling off. Head up the stairs and wait. Jump onto the
swinging beam on the toy machine and hang on tight. Jump onto one of the
ledges, which holds Bananaport #4. Make sure to activate this very important
Bananaport. Its link is near the base of the machine.

As Donkey, take Bananaport #4 to a small walkway. Go to the other side, jump
across the platforms, and there will be more moving cylinders. Be patient. Take
them to some vents, where you'll find a Krusha.

Note: It's hard to find Snide's Headquarters in Frantic Factory. Go through the
Testing Department door and you'll find a fork. Take the left fork and go down
the pole to find it.

Make sure you have some Crystal Coconuts for this one. At the base of the toy
machine is a door. Inside are some coins for Lanky, but we're looking for a
Gold Banana for Donkey. Jump into the Strong Kong barrel. Now DK can survive
these fireballs and compactors to win a Gold Banana!


Next to the toy machine, where there are "TOYZ" boxes flying, you'll find a
red-haired Krusha. Punch 'em out and take the Blueprint to Snide when you have
a chance.

Near the toy machine is a Diddy Switch. Give it a good Simian Slam to reveal
the Gold Banana. Take Bananaport #4 to the moving platforms and follow the same
path Donkey used. Eventually you'll come to a Diddy Pad. Hold Z on it and
spring into the air, taking the Gold Banana.

Look around the R&D Room a little and you'll find a Guitar Gazump pad. Play
your slightly noisy song to open a door. Go inside and you'll find four
switches and three doors. There's a combination marked on each door. Chimpy
Charge the switches in the order found on one of the doors (such as 3-1-2-4) to
make some baddies come out. Defeat them with the Peanut Popgun or Orange
Grenades and repeat with the other two doors. Then you'll win a Gold Banana.

Go to the High Voltage Shack using the same route you used with Donkey Kong (in
the R&D Room, go down the chute that doesn't have a pole). Hit the Diddy Switch
at the shack to make some vines appear - for 20 seconds. Swing across them into
the Gold Banana Barrel to play Beaver Bother!, my least favorite mini-game,
despite its novel concept. You control a Klaptrap and are trying to scare the
beavers into a hole. Keep the beavers between yourself and the hole. Don't push
B excessively, either. Your goal is to bother the beavers, not chase them. Some
people like using a spiral pattern, circling the hole and slowly coming closer
to it. It'll take a lot of attempts to get this one right.

The Testing Department has a tower made of toy blocks. Have you ever tried to
climb it? The Diddy Pads at the base will give you a head start. Don't miss out
on those tasty bananas. At the top is a Gold Banana Barrel. Play a game of
Peril Path Panic! for a Gold Banana. Keep shooting the Klaptraps so they don't
eat the fairies which are trying to cross to the other side. It's easiest if
you focus on just one row.


Go to the Production Room. Look around and hit the Lanky Switch to reveal a
Gold Banana. Use Bananaport #4 and make your way to the platform next to the
yellow-haired Krusha. Orangstand up the steep slope to earn a Gold Banana.

Chunky Kong is still swinging in his rusty cage in the Storage Room. Not only
is he bored, he's getting kind of scared, since he's highly afraid of heights.
Freeing him and his Gold Banana isn't too tough. Use the Orangstand to make
your way up a steep pipe. A Lanky Switch is at the top. Hit it and Chunky's
cage will crash down, liberating the monkey and a Gold Banana. Just 143 Gold
Bananas left!

Head to the Testing Department. Look around and you'll spot a Lanky Pad. Use it
to balloon to the Gold Banana Barrel. In this game, play Batty Barrel Bandit!
for a Gold Banana. It's just like a slot machine. Line up four bananas in a row
to score a hit. Score three hits to win. This game is mostly luck, although
emulator players could cheat by making the game run more slowly.

In the R&D Room, a blue-haired Krusha is walking around on the higher ledge.
You can't miss him. Defeat him using the method of your choice (I prefer music

In the R&D Room, you'll see a Trombone Pad. Find it and play a tune on it to
open a door. There you'll find a Lanky Switch. Hit it and some burping red
Kritters will play a tune (like Zelda 64's Skull Kids). Then play the
corresponding notes on the keyboard. The difficulty will slowly increase, so
you might want to write the notes down. Eventually, you'll win a Gold Banana.
Don't forget to pop the blue Banana Balloon to win 10 Bananas.


In the Production Room, hit the Tiny Switch to reveal a Gold Banana Barrel.
Take Bananaport #4. Look for some conveyor belts and backflip onto one. Hop
across the belts to a small ledge. From there, use the Ponytail Twirl to soar
into the barrel! This time, you play Krazy Kong Klamour! for a Gold Banana. All
you have to do is shoot the Gold Bananas with your melon gun. Don't shoot your
pals, though. It's not too tough.

In one branch of the Storage Room, you'll find a purple-haired Krusha guarding
a pole and some coinage. I wonder what we do now.

Another Gold Banana is just up the pole. Climb it to the hall. Head to the DK
Arcade game machine and look for a Tiny Barrel. As Teensy-Tiny Kong, jump up
the TOYZ boxes and head through the small tunnel to a Gold Banana.

In the Testing Department, next to the Lanky Pad, you'll find a small entrance
that a mini monkey can go through (use the nearby Tiny Barrel on the crates).
Go through the tunnel and you'll find a Tiny Switch. Hit it to reveal a
dartboard. Shoot an item (say, the Banana Medal) to make it spin. Then hit
another segment twice. The speed will increase slightly as you go along. It's
easiest if you keep the Aiming Sight in one spot and shoot as the desired
target passes by. Shoot every segment twice and you'll win a Gold Banana. Don't
forget the Banana Fairy that appears at Funky's.

In the R&D Room, follow the trail of purple bananas through a door. At the end
is a passage where Tiny must shrink to enter. Follow the road for some bananas
and then enter the tire marked with the Rare logo. Go through and you'll be in
a really fun auto race with a Klaptrap. In order to win the Gold Banana, you
have to finish the race in the lead while holding at least 10 coins. Press B to
shoot a missile to slow your opponent down. Use the DK Stars for a burst of
speed. Avoid the TNT barrels or you'll slow down and lose three coins. This is
one of my favorite mini-games in DK64.

Note: Go back to Jungle Japes and Angry Aztec to get some of Chunky's moves,
shooters, instruments, Gold Bananas, regular bananas, and coins. Unfortunately,
there's nothing new for Chunky to buy in Frantic Factory.

Head to the Production Room and look for a Chunky Switch. Hit it and a Gold
Banana will appear. Take Bananaport #4 to the ledge. Don't rush, since you have
90 seconds to get it. Now jump onto one of the swinging platforms. Take your
time, because you can try again even if you fall. From the platform, simply
walk to your Gold Banana.

In the Storage Room, use the Primate Punch to bash open a fence blocking a
tunnel. Go through and bash one of the [?] crates to reveal a Chunky Switch.
Hit it to reveal a Gold Banana. Punch the Chunky Switch and hurry to the Gold
Banana using the moving platforms.

Next to the room with the arcade machine (near the Storage Room), bash the
shaky fence using a Primate Punch. Go through and jump into the Gold Banana
Barrel. In this game, Stash Snatch!, you have to "snatch" a decent "stash" of
coins. Collect all the coins and cross the finish line within 60 seconds. It's
pretty easy. 

In the Testing Department, a very bored Krusha is just lumbering around,
looking for somebody to pick on...

In the R&D Room, punch open the fence, then play a tune on the Triangle Pad to
open a door. Head through and pop the green Banana Balloon. Grab the regular
bananas and Ammunition Crates. You'll need them! Punch the Chunky Switch and
defeat the weak dice enemies that will appear. More enemies will attack after
you beat them. Eventually, they'll all converge into a big, bad Toy Monster!
Sprint into the Hunky Chunky Barrel. Fortunately, you have unlimited Crystal
Coconuts during this battle. Fight him using running attacks, or sneak behind
him and throw a Primate Punch. Don't try Orange Grenades. When you win, you'll
earn the final Gold Banana of Frantic Factory.

---The Boss---

Visit a Troff 'n' Scoff portal and feed Scott 200 bananas to open the boss

Vicious Mammoth Plaything JACK IN THE BOX
Tiny Kong gets to do the grunt work this time. You have to jump across a bunch
of pillars while being chased by a giant jack-in-the-box. Use the Ponytail
Twirl to go from platform to platform. After trying to pound Tiny for a while,
Jack will stop and rest, throwing a few fireballs at you. Two switches will
appear. If Jack is resting on a white pillar, hit the switch on the white
pillar, and if he's on a blue pillar, slam the blue switch. Slamming the
correct switch will electrically shock the jack-in-the-box. Repeat twice. If a
fireball is about to hit Tiny, jump off! If you fall off the platform, you
won't lose any of the hits on the boss, but you'll lose all hits if you run out
of energy. Jack's speed gradually increases, too. Don't forget that you can
jump diagonally, which can be very helpful. For the fourth chase, he'll replace
his fireballs with lightning bolts that create shockwaves. And for the fifth
and final hit, Jack will be invisible, but you can tell where he is by watching
the shimmering trail. After the final hit, take the well-deserved Boss Key. DK
games have had some really easy bosses, but Jack wasn't one of those old
pattern-reliant pests.

---DK Isles---

Chunky #1: At the back of DK Island is a Pineapple Switch for Chunky to hit. It
opens a door containing a Gold Banana.

Lanky #2: Near the entrance to Jungle Japes, use Chunky to lift the rock on top
of the Trombone Pad. As Lanky, play a tune on the pad and Squawks will deliver
a Gold Banana.

Tiny #2: At the entrance to Angry Aztec, Diddy should Chimpy Charge the two
gongs to reveal a Gold Banana Barrel. Tiny Kong can Ponytail Twirl into it.
Play Big Bug Bash! to win a Gold Banana.

Chunky #2: Next to Bananaport #2 (in front of the entrance to Angry Aztec), a
boulder blocks a Triangle Pad. Pick it up, play a tune, and Squawks will give
Chunky a Gold Banana.

Diddy #1: Not too far from Frantic Factory, there are some vines Diddy can
swing across. It leads to a room with Snide's HQ. Spring into the air using the
Diddy Pad to find a Gold Banana Barrel. Play Batty Barrel Bandit! to win a Gold

Next to Snide's HQ is a Battle Arena Pad. In Bish Bash Brawl!, you have to hold
off a Krusha and a pair of Kritters. Diddy and Lanky are best here.

Tiny #3: At the entrance to Frantic Factory, use Chunky's Primate Punch to bash
open a [?] crate. Inside is a Banana Fairy and a Krusha. Use Tiny to take care
of him.

Donkey #3: At the entrance to Frantic Factory, Donkey should pull the lever to
activate a platform. Hop on it and play a tune on the Bongo Pad. A Gold Banana
will be delivered to you.

Chunky #3: At the entrance to Gloomy Galleon, use Chunky to defeat the green-
haired Krusha.

Gloomy Galleon                                                      [DK06]
When you completed Angry Aztec, a small submerged door opened. This is the
entrance to Gloomy Galleon. Unlike the previous levels, I divide my guide into
three sections. Gloomy Galleon is essentially a 3-D version of DKC 2's Krem
Quay (say "key"). You'll be diving down into some of the deepest water you've
ever seen, and you'll be exploring an abandoned lighthouse, a sunken ship, and
a mysterious galleon. You need 20 Gold Bananas to get past B. Locker.

Klobbers and Kabooms mean trouble. While there are some normal bad boys here,
many of the enemies are new. Shuris are nasty in a few places. There's also a
Kosha in Gloomy Galleon. Koshas are little dudes with Viking hats and a BIG
club. Last but not least is the annoying Puftup, who appeared in Donkey Kong
Country 2, but this one is identical to the kind found in Banjo-Kazooie.


CANNONBALL CHAOS (Chunky #1) (low)
At the very start of Gloomy Galleon, you'll spot two Pineapple Switches. Hit
them to open a door. Collect the Ammo Crates and jump onto the platform. On it
is a cannon. Eliminate the Krusha (you can't take its Blueprint yet, though),
grab the cannonball, and load it into the cannon. A 60-second timer will start.
Use the cannonballs to hit the targets. Hit all three for a Gold Banana. It's
important to remember that these are heavy cannonballs; they drop a lot, so aim
a bit higher than the targets. They're also slow, so aim a bit ahead of the

Take Lanky to the previous spot to defeat the Krusha and get an easy-to-find

Just up the road is a dry shipwreck area, hence its name, the Dry Wreck Area.
Chunky can go inside one of these wrecks. There are a lot of Klobbers and
Kabooms around, so watch out. Use the Triangle Trample to dispose of them. Bash
open the three chests using the Primate Punch. Inside one is a Gold Banana. The
other two hold a Banana Fairy and Candy's Headphones (which recharges your
music attacks to the limit - not extremely useful).

On the opposite side of the dry wreck, use Chunky's Primate Punch to smash the
weak fence. Switch to Lanky and pop the two blue Banana Balloons floating
around. Then step on the Battle Arena Pad and play More Kritter Karnage! Here,
four Kritters will try to keep you from winning the Battle Crown. This riot of
Kremlings can make it difficult.

THE RAREWARE COIN (Diddy or other Kong; Rareware Coin)
Switch to Diddy and use the Barrel Cannon to get up to Cranky's Lab. Collect
the red coins and pay Cranky a visit. If you have 15 Banana Medals, you'll be
able to play a low-tech computer game called Jetpac. It's even simpler than the
Donkey Kong Arcade. You control an astronaut, who must use his laser to fend
off fireball-like meteors, killer bubbles, fuzzy space critters, and more.
Press B to fire the laser and hold A to use the jetpack. Don't touch the
enemies, or you'll lose a life. Score 5,000 points and the Rareware Coin will
drop from the sky! Someday you'll be glad you got this. The FAQ section
provides more detailed tips on Jetpac. By the way, you can play at any Cranky's
Lab; this is just a convenient time to get it.

Above Cranky's Lab are many bananas for Tiny and Chunky. Use the cannon to
reach the higher level, cross the plank, and knock out the purple-haired Krusha
on a narrow ledge. Use a music attack for optimal safety.

This completes the Dry Wreck Area.

Use the first Tag Barrel to switch to Donkey Kong. Follow the signs to the
Lighthouse Area. It's blocked off by two Coconut Switches. You can guess what
to do. Important Note: Right below the spooky lighthouse are two switches.
These Water Switches adjust the water levels in all of Gloomy Galleon. Most
Gold Bananas can only be collected at certain levels. I always specify the
required water level (when applicable). I'll start with high-water tasks, so
simply touch the up arrow to raise the water.

LOONY LIGHTHOUSE (Donkey #1) (high)
In the front of the lighthouse, hit the Donkey Switch. It opens up the
lighthouse door. Climb the ladder up and go inside. Climb the ladder and try to
pop the Banana Balloons. Next hop across the platforms to the top. Some move,
and some don't. Some move in and out; some move up and down. It's a lot like
part of Whomp's Tower from Super Mario 64. At the top, pull the lever to turn
on the lighthouse. You'll win a Gold Banana and the Ghost Ship will sail into
the area.

BARREL BLAST (Donkey) (high)
Stay on the lighthouse island. On the other side of the Diddy Barrel is a
Donkey Pad. As you can guess, it sends you to a Barrel Blast course. This one
is tougher and more complicated than most. There are some forks, and many of
the alternate routes lead to coins and bananas. Hitting the final DK Star will
release a seal into another part of the level.

Also on the lighthouse, Rocketbarrel Boost to the huge cage for several red
coins. Then land on the ghost ship and hit the Diddy Switch. The ship is in
motion, so it's not easy to Simian Slam it accurately. When you hit the switch,
the cannon will fire a Gold Banana onto the top of the lighthouse. Use the
Rocketbarrel Boost to reach it.

On one little hill is a red-haired Krusha. You can defeat him, even at high
tide, although you may prefer to beat him with the lower water level.

MORE CANNONBALL CHAOS (Chunky #3) (high)
Jump onto the platform near the Rocket Barrel. As the ghost ship passes by,
jump on board by using a Z+A backflip from the ledge near the lighthouse. Now
Simian Slam the shaky cellar door. Bingo! You're in the hold with many barrels
of alcoholic beverages - and cannons. Cannonballs are flying back and forth. Go
slowly to be safe. Smash the weak fence at the end, and then Primate Punch the
spinning barrels (aim for the Chunky image). You'll get a Gold Banana when you
destroy them all. On the way back, you'll get seasick, and your controls are
reversed! You may want to select "Exit Level" on the Subscreen.

Return to near the beginning of Gloomy Galleon. This time, let's head to the
passageway with the Kosha. Use a shockwave or music attack to defeat the
annoying club-wielding Kremling. Follow the trail to the gate. Hit the Peanut
Switches to permanently unlock it, opening the Submerged Shipwreck Area.
Activate the nearby Bananaport #5 to create a link between the Lighthouse and
Submerged Wreck Areas.

SOMETHING'S FISHY (Diddy #3) (high)
Return to the Lighthouse Area and Rocketbarrel Boost to the top of the
lighthouse. A Guitar Pad is at the very top. Play your tune to open a cage and
release a mechanical fish, much like Clanker from Banjo-Kazooie. Jump down from
the lighthouse and take Bananaport #5 to the Submerged Shipwreck Area. Dive
down from the floating wooden platform. Not far away is the big fish. He'll
eventually open his mouth. Incidentally, you can go in it! Inside, first defeat
the annoying Zinger. You're faced with a spinning fan. Hit a light on the fan
to start a timer. Also, the fan will begin spinning, and that light will change
color. After the fan spins, hit the other two lights. Repeat twice before
running out of time to win a Gold Banana. You can try to shoot the lights while
the fan is spinning, but it's very tough. You should be about halfway through
the game now!

SUNKEN SHIP SPRINT (Chunky #4) (low)
Here's the final Gold Banana of this section. First, lower the water level. Go
to where the red-haired Krusha was (defeat him and take Diddy's Blueprint if
you didn't do so earlier). As Chunky, get the Krusha out of your way and play a
tune on the Triangle Pad. In the Submerged Shipwreck Area, one of the gates in
the sunken galleon will open! You have 90 seconds to make it there. Raise the
water level so you can use Bananaport #5. You'll have plenty of time if you do
that. Then swim down to the sunken ship and enter the open door. In here,
Glimmer (an animal buddy from DKC 2) will hold a light so you can navigate the
dark waters. Watch out for the Puftups. Collect the bananas and enter the Gold
Banana Barrel to play Batty Barrel Bandit!

This completes the Lighthouse Area.

Here's Part 3 of Gloomy Galleon. About half of the Gold Bananas are located
here. The most important part of the stage is the sunken ship, which each Kong
will visit.

There are some things to purchase in this part of the level. They aren't
essential, but they sure are helpful.

CANDY - Instrument Upgrade (15 music attacks)
FUNKY - Ammo Belt 2 (150 rounds of ammunition)

Only one Kong has to pay for each upgrade. Now let's work on the Gold Bananas.

A GLOOMY GALLEON (Tiny #2) (low)
Near Funky's Armory is a giant cactus. Lucky for Tiny, it doesn't have any
thorns. Look for a Sax Pad and play a tune on it. This will open up a door in
the sunken ship. You've got 60 seconds to get there. Remember that you can
press B to swim faster on the surface. When you enter the sunken ship, look
around. Watch out for the Shuris. Grab the purple bananas and take a picture of
the Banana Fairy. One cell contains a Gold Banana. Don't ask me how the
skeletons chained to the wall and the toilets got here (modern-day Kremling
slave trade, perhaps?).

Defeat the green-haired Krusha found on top of the big cactus.

Switch to Donkey and play a tune on the Bongo Blast pad at the cactus. As you
might guess, this opens a gate in the sunken ship. Go inside and take a look
around. Grab the bananas and swim into the Gold Banana Barrel. This time, Krazy
Kong Klamour! is a good deal tougher than before, but keep aiming for the Gold

On the trail with the Kosha, there's a Lanky Switch. Hit it to open a different
sunken ship. Hurry there and explore the wreck. Lanky should use Enguarde to
bash open the treasure chests (press B to charge). Behind a fence (use Enguarde
to open it) is a Gold Banana. Don't forget to transform back into Lanky and
collect Lanky's bananas and coins.

In the same trail with the Kosha, you'll find a Tiny Switch. Hit it to open a
different gate on the same sunken ship as Lanky. Hurry there and explore the
wreck. Swim into the Gold Banana Barrel to play Kremling Kosh! As usual, you
must hit Kritters with the watermelon gun. The red Kritters are still worth two
hits. You know what to do! Just keep firing away, even at empty barrels.

Near Funky's Armory is a submarine buried in the ground. Watch out for the
Puftup! Use the Tiny Barrel to shrink. Go through the periscope to enter the
submarine. Yikes! It's a room full of Puftups! Look around, grab the bananas,
and swim into the Gold Banana Barrel. It's Big Bug Bash! - you know what to do.

As Lanky, dive down and transform into Enguarde using the crate. Look for some
treasure chests near the bottom of the Submerged Shipwreck Area. Use Enguarde
to bash them open, revealing numerous treats, including a Gold Banana. Break
open the wooden Enguarde gate to reveal some coins. Additionally, look for the
DK Star above the water. Fly into the air and hit the star thrice to open the
DK Gate. Yippee! The crowd will cheer each time you successfully hit the star.
Now change back to Lanky and collect the Gold Banana in the chest. 

STEALTHY SNOOP! (Diddy #4) (high)
Now that Enguarde's opened the DK gate, Diddy should swim in at high tide. On a
pile of coins are multiple Diddy Pads. Use the Simian Spring to climb up. The
Krusha could be trouble, so beat it with a Music Attack. There's a Gold Banana
Barrel at the top. Play Stealthy Snoop! for a Gold Banana. This game is a
little tough. Winning will also make Bananaport #4 appear.

The other money pile has Lanky Pads. Use them to float up to the Gold Banana
Barrel and play Searchlight Seek! In this game, you use a watermelon gun and
flashlight to hit three Klaptraps in the dark. You'll play this game a lot in
later levels.

Wonder what Bananaport #4 does? It enables Donkey Kong to get to the yellow-
haired Krusha. He's certainly small for a Krusha; even Diddy's a little bigger
than him! Still, he's got the same attacks.

THE SEAL (Donkey #4)
Look for the seal you rescued earlier (by completing the Barrel Blast course).
Talk to him and he'll give Donkey Kong a Gold Banana up front. I don't know if
this is the same as Clapper from DKC 2.

Then the seal will challenge Donkey to a wacky boat race. Hold Z to accelerate,
press A to jump, and use R to make very sharp turns. As you might be able to
guess, you have to finish ahead of the seal and collect 10 coins to win the
Gold Banana. Also, you can only miss five checkpoints. You might want to miss a
checkpoint or two on purpose so you can cut ahead of the seal.

Now lower the water level. Head to the thorn-less cactus and play the Guitar
Gazump on the Guitar Pad. That (not surprisingly) opens a gate in the sunken
galleon. Go inside and take a look. Notice the portraits of K. Rool from his
DKC 2 days (with the blunderbuss). Swim into the Gold Banana Barrel and play
Splish-Splash Salvage! Unfortunately, it's even tougher than last time. Start
with the lowest level of coins, then aim for the middle ring. Finally, use the
vines to collect the final coin.

IT'S BACK! (Lanky #5) (low)
Return to the cactus and play the Trombone Tremor on the Trombone Pad. Swim
into the galleon and look around. Grab the goodies but watch out, as Lanky's
Gold Banana is guarded by a Puftup.

This time, you have to visit both of the main sections of Gloomy Galleon. Deep
down in the Lighthouse Area is a tiny entrance near some spiral shells. Go
through to find a crying mermaid. A nasty baddie has stolen her pearls, and she
wants Tiny to find them. Head to the coin piles area. Shrink and enter the
treasure chest. The clams in there have the pearls. Steal all five of them and
take them to the mermaid for a Gold Banana.

This completes the Submerged Shipwreck Area.
---The Boss---

Fireballs, of course! Scoff needs 250 of the 500 bananas found in Gloomy
Galleon. Lanky is the Kong who fights this boss.

Inflatable Spined Fish KING PUFTUP
Yikes! A giant Puftup! Lanky's stuck in a boat, motoring around on a moonlit
night. Keep holding Z to accelerate, press A to jump, and use R to make very
tight turns. Hit a DK Star to begin a 30-second timer. A pylon will also
emerge. Keep driving through the other four Stars and the boss will get
electrocuted. Watch out for the fireballs the boss shoots at you. For the next
hits, King Puftup will show off his shockwave move. Stay around the edge of the
arena to avoid it. Start driving through the Stars when the shockwaves calm
down, but watch out for the falling fireballs. When he gets zapped two more
times, give yourself a pat on the back, as the toughest part is over. For the
next two hits, King Puftup won't emit shockwaves. Instead, small Puftups will
try to smash into you. You gradually get less time to hit all the DK Stars, and
the stars themselves get smaller and farther apart. For the fifth and final
hit, you only have ten seconds to hit each DK Star. When you drive through all
the Stars and shock him one more time, you'll win the Boss Key. 

By the way, tell me if you can beat this boss taking NO damage (like I did in
January 2000). I was playing on a real (non-emulated) N64 without a game
enhancement device, too.

---DK Isles---
It's that time again. It's time for grab the two potassium-rich golden fruits
on DK Island, starring Diddy Kong!

Diddy #2: Near the entrance to Angry Aztec, use Chunky to move the boulder from
the Trombone Pad. Use Lanky's Trombone Tremor on the pad to make a Rocket
Barrel appear on the floating island. Jump across the island to the other side.
Hit the Peanut Switch to open up a gate containing a Gold Banana. Yes, all the
Kongs have gates like this in the DK Isles area.

Diddy #3: Use the Rocketbarrel Boost to fly to the very top of DK Island. Up
here is a Gold Banana Barrel. Play a tough round of Peril Path Panic! for a
Gold Banana.

Fungi Forest                                                        [DK07]
Take the Boss Key to K. Lumsy to open up Fungi Forest. Use the cannon on the
back of DK Island to reach the entrance. You need 50 Gold Bananas to get past
B. Locker. In the final four stages of DK64, the traps get trickier, the brain
bogglers become tougher, the levels are bigger, and enemies are more common,
more nasty, and more strategically placed. The Koshas become particularly
annoying, guarding almost everything (it seems). There are also some pretty
zany enemies. The vast woods and meadows contain some pretty odd stuff, like a
Giant Mushroom, a mystical tree, and even Killer Tomatoes. Zelda fans will
almost certainly recognize some of the elements from Hyrule Field, Kokiri
Forest, and the Lost Woods.

Fungi Forest has Zingers, Klumps, Mushroom Ninjas, Killer Tomatoes, Kabooms,
Krashes, Krushas (of course), and a few Klaptraps. At night, there are Skeletal
Kritters, Koshas, and Evil Bats.

Note: From now on, I'm going to be less specific with my directions in the Gold
Banana Barrel mini-games, as you've already played most of them. The only
difference with the later mini-games is that the difficulty level will be

Before you do anything else, visit Cranky's Lab in the Giant Mushroom Area. For
five coins, he'll let all your Kongs have access to the SUPER Simian Slam (Big
buttus bashium). It's more powerful than the regular Simian Slam. You need this
to hit blue Simian Slam switches, which are everywhere.

Because of Fungi Forest's size, I list the Gold Bananas by region, not
character. The Clock Tree Area is the area that begins Fungi Forest. It has a
clock that can change night to day or day to night in a matter of seconds! Most
Gold Bananas in Fungi Forest can only be collected at certain times of day.
Look around here for the many bananas and coins, especially in trees. There are
also several coins behind the clock itself. It's easiest to use the Barrel
Launcher to reach the top of the clock. Make sure to activate all four
Bananaport Pads here, as you'll need to change the time of day frequently.

See that little mushroom well? Well, don't throw a coin in. Throw Chunky in
instead! Just Super Simian Slam the bars. Yikes! Another mine cart ride! This
one is tougher than the previous edition. Some of the gates open and close;
others require you to hit a bell. Jump up to hit all green bells, but avoid the
red bells. There's also some falling rocks. Jump over any debris. You'll
encounter some levers along this scenic ride. Pull the first two you find. When
you reach the pair of levers, pick the left lever for more coins and increased
risk, or select the safer right lever. Watch out for the Kabooms and Krashes
found throughout the trip. If you have 50 coins at the end, you'll win a Gold
Banana. Feel free to tell me your best score for this game.

This completes the Clock Tree Area.

The mine cart game deposits you in the Mill Area. However, I'm going to cover
the Funky's Armory area now, as you need one of his upgrades for the Mill Area.
In the Clock Tree Area, you'll find a tunnel with a locked gate (no Mido,
fortunately). Let Tiny hit the first set of switches, then use Chunky to hit
the two Pineapple Switches and open the second gate.

Head to Funky's Armory to purchase the Homing Ammo upgrade. This enables you to
pick up the Red Ammo Crates, which contain special ammunition that homes in on
enemies. This is a great way to eliminate Zingers and other flying baddies.

KILLER TOMATOES (Chunky #2) (Night)
First make sure that you have a lot of Crystal Coconuts. There's a little worm
in an apple near Funky's Armory. Talk to him and he'll tell you that Killer
Tomatoes have been eating up his buddies. Enter the Chunky Barrel near Funky's
Armory to become Hunky Chunky. Then walk over and Simian Slam the four fanged
Killer Tomatoes. Talk to Mr. Worm again. Still in Hunky mode, take the worm to
the green circle in the Clock Tree Area. After that, grab the Gold Banana!

This completes the Funky's Armory area - for now...

One of the tunnels in the Clock Tree Area leads to the Giant Mushroom Area.
It's infested with Mushroom Ninjas. These goofy Kremlings disguise themselves
as mushrooms and pop out of nowhere. The most notable feature of the Giant
Mushroom area is the sky-high mushroom. Ten Gold Bananas are found in this
area, mostly in the light hours.

SCARY RIDE (Donkey #1) (Day)
Inside the Giant 'Shroom, use all your Kongs to hit the respective Shooter
Switch. Donkey should hit his last, just for convenience purposes. When you hit
all five, several Barrel Cannons will appear. Use the cannons to take a wild
ride to the Gold Banana!

BARREL BLAST (Donkey #2) (Day)
On the third level outside, you'll find a Donkey Pad. Yahoo! In this Barrel
Blast course, there's nothing new except for different graphics and music. It's
more difficult, though, as several shots are long-range. At the end, shoot
Donkey into the Gold Banana Barrel to play Peril Path Panic! You've played this
before, though.

This is the easiest mini-game left in DK64. Inside the Giant Mushroom, hit the
Tiny Switch to reveal a Gold Banana Barrel. Climb up to it, use the Ponytail
Twirl, and play the game. Speedy Swing Sortie! should be pretty easy.

On the outside second level of the massive fungus, a purple-haired Krusha is
just waiting for you.

On the inside second level, put up your dukes and defeat the Krusha. Using the
Rocketbarrel Boost is also a viable way to reach him.

The rest of the Gold Bananas in this section come on the Upper Level of the
Giant Mushroom. Keep in mind that there are many bananas and coins on the path
up. Make sure to activate Bananaport #5 so you can get up here at night.
Fly to the very tip of the mushroom to find a Gold Banana Barrel. Play
Teetering Turtle Trouble! for a Gold Banana. Focus on shooting the turtles who
call for help.

That sums it up. On the walkway at the top of the Giant Mushroom, Lanky should
Orangstand to the top. Defeat the Klump if you must, then hit the Lanky Switch.
This opens two doors. In one, there are many Zingers guarding the Gold Banana.
The homing ammo helps. When all the enemies are gone, just bounce on the
mushroom to the floating Gold Banana.

THE OTHER DOOR (Lanky #2) (Day)
In the other door opened by the Lanky Switch, you'll find five mushrooms, each
a different color. A chart on the wall has pictures of the five Kongs. Match
the Kongs with their colored mushrooms to reveal a Gold Banana Barrel. Make
sure to Simian Slam the mushrooms in the order indicated on the chart on the
wall. You'll never guess what's in that GBB - Krazy Kong Klamour!

THE CHUNKY PUZZLE (Chunky #3) (Day)
Look around and you'll find a Chunky Switch in front of a door on the high
walkway. Hit it to open a door. Go inside and shoot that Zinger. He's a real
pain otherwise. Hit another Chunky Switch to play a game. Activate the aiming
sight mode and use the Pineapple Launcher to turn over panels so that they form
a picture of Chunky's face. Keep in mind that there's a time limit. Complete
the game for a Gold Banana!

KRUSH A KRUSHA (Chunky #4) (Night)
This MUST be done at night. Use Bananaport #5 to reach the top of the Giant
Mushroom. Go inside the mushroom and look for some vines. Swing across them and
enter the door. It leads to a balcony outside. It's a Banana Balloon and a
green-haired Krusha! This is one of the game's hardest Blueprints to find.

BATTLE ARENA PAD (Diddy) (Night)
It's Battle Arena time! This time, you'll have to use Diddy. Use the
Rocketbarrel Boost to reach a small ledge near the top of the Giant Mushroom.
Collect the four red coins and visit the Battle Arena! In Kamikaze Kremlings!,
defend against two Kritters and a Krusha for 70 seconds to win.

This completes the Giant Mushroom Area.

Nine Gold Bananas are found in the Mill Area. This is where the real action in
Fungi Forest is. This section is littered with tough enemies, tricky traps, and
some puzzling puzzles.

MILL MADNESS (Donkey #3) (Day)
Head inside the mill at DAY and bash open the [?] crate with a Super Simian
Slam, revealing a Donkey Switch. Bop the Zinger and hit the Super Simian Slam
switch, opening a door. Go inside and try to figure out the secret lever
combination! Hint: 2, 1, 1, 3, 2. This starts up the conveyor belt and reveals
a Gold Banana that can be picked up only at night.

KEG KRUSHER (Chunky #5) (Day)
In the Mill Area, most of the action occurs at night. Here's the only Gold
Banana collected at day. Head to the big cracked doors and smash them open
using a Primate Punch. Go in the open door and look around. Grab the Red Ammo
Crates and bash the [?] crates with more Primate Punches (Sandwichia knuckli).
This reveals a door and a Triangle Pad (and a door for Tiny). You'll never
guess what will happen when Chunky plays his song on the Triangle Pad. The mill
will start running and the Keg Krusher will also start (a lot like Zelda 64's
Windmill). Pick up the keg and go outside. Look! It's raining! Head to
Bananaport #1 (don't use it) and go inside the main room. Place the keg on the
conveyor belt and watch the Keg Krusher eat it up! There are two more kegs in
the room. Toss them in and the Keg Krusher gives you a Gold Banana!

Note: Don't forget to get Donkey Kong's Gold Banana under the cage at night.

TIMED BANANA! (Donkey #4) (Night)
Go to the barn with Donkey Kong. If you look around, you'll find a Strong Kong
Barrel. Hop in the barrel and hit the Donkey Switch. Then enter the barn. Be
careful, as there's a Kosha in here. Inside one stall is a [?] box. Smash it to
reveal a Donkey Switch. Hit it to make a Gold Banana Barrel appear
(temporarily!). Sprint up the ladder, around the ledges, and across the ropes
to the barrel. It leads to a tough game of Minecart Mayhem! After completing
it, go back up to the ledge. Crunch the big [?] box with a Super Simian Slam to
reveal a Banana Fairy.

Behind the barn, look around for a fair-haired Krusha. Beat him and get your

Head to the house near the mill and jump up to it using the Diddy Pad. Go
inside the door and play a tune on the Guitar Pad. This sends Squawks to give
Diddy some light (just like in the first DKC). You're walking down some girders
in a very dimly-lit room. Grab the banana bunches and the Gold Banana. Take
your time! Use the R button to center the camera behind you. When you get the
Gold Banana, a Banana Fairy will appear. Make sure to take her picture!

A BIT OF A STUMPER (Diddy #4) (Night) 
Take Diddy to the back of the mill and up the rope. Travel to the main tower
and hit the Diddy Switch. Enter the room that opens up. You're in the mill's
attic. Pop the red Banana Balloon and shoot the big red switch (ON). Then use
the Chimpy Charge on the small green switch (UP) on the bottom of the winch.
This raises the wince and the cage. Then go outside and head near the barn with
the thorny roses. Play your little tune on the Guitar Pad and watch the cage
explode! Then head back to the mill and get your Gold Banana.

BEAT THE BATS (Lanky #3) (Night)
At the mill is a Lanky Pad. Use it to pump him up! Float to a small window in
the attic. It's very dark in this room. Hit the Lanky Switch to release three
bats. Shoot them all with your Grape Shooter to win a Gold Banana. Aren't you
glad you have that homing ammo?

SPOOKY SPIDER BOSS (Tiny #3) (Night)
There aren't a lot of mini-bosses in Donkey Kong 64, but this is one of them.
You want a decent number of Crystal Coconuts here. At nighttime, look for a
Tiny Barrel next to where the cage used to be. Become Teensy-Tiny Kong and skip
into the little hole. If Chunky didn't smash the [?] crate, the hole won't be
there. In the mill, look for a hole marked with the moon picture. That's where
Tiny needs to go. Enter the hole and you'll be in an odd room. Run around the
web, collecting items until you have enough. Then step on the web to wake up
the spider (a Gohma wannabe). To beat him, eliminate all the small spiders with
a shockwave attack. Then use the Feather Bow to shoot the big spider in the
eye. He doesn't like that! Repeat three times. You can't hurt the big spider
unless the smaller ones are gone. Dodge the green goo (which reverses your
control) and webs (which stun you) that the spider shoots at Tiny. After the
last hit, simply use a shockwave attack on the big spider to win a Gold Banana!

This completes the Mill Area.
The Big Tree Area is the toughest to find. Its entrance is located behind a
small cage in the Giant Mushroom Area. Hit the two switches to open it. It's
easiest to do this at daytime, since a Kosha is around at night. The Big Tree
Area has, in addition to a giant tree, numerous Klumps and bomb-dropping
Zingers. Most of these Gold Bananas can be collected at either day or night.

RING COURSE (Diddy #5) (night)
This Gold Banana is collected at night. Diddy should play a tune on the Guitar
Pad to wake up the owl. He says Diddy should come back later when he has wings.
This probably won't stump you, but if it does, then hop into the Rocket Barrel.
The owl will fly around, producing big yellow rings. Keep flying through the
rings. If you miss a ring or fall too far behind the owl, you'll have to start
all over again. When you complete enough laps, the owl will reward you with a
Gold Banana Barrel. Play a game of Busy Barrel Barrage! for your Gold Banana.

A Krusha lives under the big tree. Use Lanky to beat him. While you're there,
activate Bananaport #4.

FUNNY BUNNY RUNNIN' (Lanky #5) (Day) 
At daytime, take Lanky to the big carrot house on the left side of the tree.
Crank out a little tune on the Trombone Pad and you'll wake up a bunny. He'll
challenge Lanky to a race. In it, you must hop through some small gates while
finishing ahead of the rabbit. The course goes around the Big Tree Area, with
the bad guys still around. The biggest obstacles are the Zingers and Krusha.
When you win, the bunny will give you four coins and challenge you to another
race. The prize this time is a Gold Banana. Unfortunately, you can't win this
time until you get the Orangstand Sprint from Cranky's Lab in Crystal Caves.

There's a Saxophone Pad and a Tiny Barrel behind the Big Tree. Hop in the
barrel and have Tiny play her tune on the Saxophone Pad. Squawks will come and
drop you into a very small hole. Inside is a chamber full of Klaptraps! Simply
throw Orange Grenades at them to beat them. Your prize is a Gold Banana and a
Magic Bean. But what on earth do you do with a Magic Bean? Take it and exit
through the Barrel Launcher.

Take the Magic Bean to the back of the Funky's Armory Area at day or night.
There's very little back there, except for a few bananas in the mushrooms.
Stand near the DK mound and plant the bean. Look! A really goofy beanstalk -
and it has a Gold Banana! Shrink with the Tiny Barrel and play the Saxophone
Slam on the appropriate music pad. Squawks will carry you to the final Gold

---The Boss---

There are many Troff 'n' Scoff portals throughout Fungi Forest. One is near the
Rocket Barrel in the Big Tree Area. Scoff needs 300 of your hard-earned
bananas. Here's the boss strategy for this relatively difficult boss.

Fire-Breathing Dragonfly DOGADON
Chunky Kong fights this boss. Hey! How come this hand looks familiar? That's
because Dogadon's back! At first, use the same strategy you used in Angry Aztec
- dodge the flames and throw a TNT barrel at Dogadon when he stops. The only
difference is that the boss has a shockwave attack now, and once he'll send a
ring of fire (which can't be avoided) at you. After you inflict enough damage,
the hot-tempered Dogadon will start stomping on the platform, making it start
to sink! In other words, he has a temper tantrum. Throw a TNT barrel at the
Dogadon to stun him. Hop into the Chunky Barrel that appears and run to the
boss. Now that he's dazed, throw combo punches at him (mash B). The more
punches, the better. Don't use Primate Punches, as they're too slow. Running
attacks also aren't good. Repeat this process until you squash the boss. If
you're not fast enough, you'll sink into the lava. If that happens, just try
again. When you win, take your Boss Key to K. Lumsy.

---DK Isles---
After you give the Boss Key to K. Lumsy, he'll open up a lot of new Gold

Diddy #4: At the entrance to Crystal Caves is a Rocket Barrel. Fly up to a
small ledge with a Guitar Pad (and an oddly-placed Wrinkly Door). Play your
tune and Squawks will present you with a Gold Banana.

Lanky #3: At the entrance to Crystal Caves, use Chunky's Primate Punch to smash
the icy walls. Behind one of the walls is a blue-haired Krusha. Get Lanky to
defeat the Krusha and take the Blueprint.

Donkey #4: There's a Donkey Barrel in that same room. Hop in with Donkey and
run to another ice tunnel. Make sure you have plenty of Crystal Coconuts!
Inside the lava-filled room is a Gold Banana.

Tiny #4: A Chunky Switch can be found at the entrance to Gloomy Galleon. Super
Simian Slam it to open a tiny underwater gate. Switch to Tiny Kong, shrink with
the Tiny Barrel, and swim through the passage.

Crystal Caves                                                       [DK08]
After you give K. Lumsy the fifth Boss Key, a rock high up on the left side of
DK Island explodes. It's rather tricky to find a way there. You can use Tiny to
Ponytail Twirl from the path near Angry Aztec. Alternatively, you can take
advantage of Diddy's Rocketbarrel Boost. Both work fine. You need 65 Gold
Bananas to get past B. Locker. Crystal Caves is more challenging than Fungi
Forest. These icy caverns are full of Koshas. A distinct feature of Crystal
Caves is the falling rocks, which are annoying but not especially dangerous.
Crystal Caves doesn't really have anything new in terms of enemies.

Note: I cover Crystal Caves first in my guide, but the Creepy Castle is also
open now. A lot of new moves are learned in Creepy Castle, so you might want to
go there as well.

Explore Crystal Caves a bit and you'll come to Candy's Music Shop. Candy has
two new things for 7 coins each. She'll sell you a Third Melon of life and
she'll increase your instrument capacity to 20! Both are very helpful in
Crystal Caves and other places.

You're bound to discover Funky's Armory eventually. He's got a new upgrade,
Ammo Belt 2. It lets each Kong carry 200 rounds of ammunition in his or her
weapon. It costs seven coins, not that money should be a concern at this point.


There's a Rocket Barrel near Funky's place. Hop in and fly to the waterfall.
Look! It's a Gold Banana Barrel! It leads to a fun game of Mad Maze Maul! It's
tougher than last time. You run as fast as you can through a maze, beating all
the Krushas and other enemies along the way. Use the power-up B shockwave move.
Don't charge it up too early, or it will slow Diddy down too much. When you
cross the finish line with all the enemies defeated, you'll receive a Gold

Make sure you have a good number of Crystal Coconuts for this one. Near Candy's
Music Shop is a large cabin with many Music Pads. Climb the boxes to the top,
where you'll find a Guitar Pad. Play your tune to open a door. Inside the cabin
are two Koshas. Defeat them to make a Diddy Pad appear. Use it to bounce into a
Diddy Barrel. Fly around and use your flame to light the candles. Neat! It's a
Gold Banana and a Banana Fairy!

At the same cabin, play the Guitar Gazump on a different Guitar Pad to open
another door. Go inside and a 48-second timer will start. Quickly dispose of
all eight enemies in the room. Rocket to the big platform, then shoot or
grenade the baddies. Oranges work well against the Klobbers. When they're all
gone, the Gold Banana is yours!

Head on over to the Cranky's Lab region. Hop in the Rocket Barrel and fly to
the igloo. There's a DK Star high above this igloo. Fly through to make five
Music Pads appear around the igloo. Land and play the Guitar Gazump on the
Guitar Pad, opening a door. Go inside and you'll find six barrels. Each one is
on a small pad marked with a number. Pick up Barrel #1 and a timer will start.
Then smash the barrel against the wall. Repeat with Barrels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
to win a Gold Banana! Press Z to set a barrel down if necessary.

Note: Diddy's Blueprint can't be collected until Tiny activates a certain
Bananaport pad (#3).


Cranky Kong has three new moves for Chunky, Tiny, and Lanky. Each one costs
seven coins.

CHUNKY - Gorilla Gone (Wheresim gonium) - Become invisible with Chunky Pads.
TINY - Monkeyport (Warpum craftius) - Lets you warp using Tiny Pads.
LANKY - Orangstand Sprint (Palmius dashum) - Lanky Barrels enable super speed.

Note that you can now collect Lanky's final Gold Banana in Fungi Forest, thanks
to the Orangstand Sprint.

Near the beginning of Crystal Caves, you'll find an icy wall. Use a Primate
Punch to smash it open. Behind it is a small room with a Chunky Pad. Using it
makes Chunky invisible and enables you to see some otherwise invisible objects!
One of these invisible objects is a Gold Banana.

A green-haired Krusha resides on top of the igloo. He's easy to spot but tricky
to defeat. I highly recommend a music attack.

Play the Triangle Tremor on the Triangle Pad at the igloo. Go in the door that
opens up, and you'll find a bunny tied to a TNT Barrel. When you approach the
rabbit, a timer starts and fireballs start coming toward the barrel, trying to
make it explode. Use any attack to destroy the flames, which keep regenerating.
Simply hold off the flames until the timer stops, when you earn a Gold Banana.
I wonder if this bunny is related to the one from Fungi Forest.

There's a castle near Funky's Armory. Look for a boulder on the path near the
castle. Pick up the rock and place it on the nearby red Rock Switch. A cutscene
will show an ice door exploding. It's in a cave near Cranky's Lab. Head over
there and you'll find a huge boulder, a Rock Switch, and a Chunky Barrel.
Become Hunky Chunky and place the boulder on the switch. You'll see a crystal
dome explode near the igloo. Under it is a Gold Banana.

Note: There's also a Tiny Pad under that igloo. Use it to Monkeyport to a
secret room with an enormous Kosha. Use a shockwave attack if you want to
defeat it and stop the falling rocks. This area also has 20 bananas for Tiny.

Still using Chunky, head to the large cabin next to Candy's Music Shop. Play a
tune on the Triangle Pad to go inside. You'll be in a room full of swinging
lights and red and white targets. If the light touches you, Kroc will attack,
so be careful. When the light swings away, slam a target. In order to find a
safe place for Chunky to stand, simply jump onto a bookshelf (notice the Monkey
Book of Science, written by M. Nuts). Good timing is necessary. If you hit all
three targets, a Chunky Pad will appear. Use it and you'll be safe from the
swinging lights. In the middle of the room, you'll find 20 bananas and a Gold
Banana Barrel. It leads to another round of Searchlight Seek!


Below Cranky's Lab is a ledge with a Kosha, a Tiny Barrel, and a tiny passage.
Enter the barrel and go through the door. In this small room, you'll find a
Gold Banana Barrel. Hop in to play Krazy Kong Klamour! This game is tougher
than before. Your timing will need to be faster. After picking up the Gold
Banana, make sure to activate Bananaport #3.

Go back to the large igloo. There's a Saxophone Pad for Tiny. Play a tune to
open a door. Does this sound familiar? Inside is a Kosha and a red-and-white
pad. Defeat the bothersome Kosha and hit the pad. It'll start moving. Hit it as
many times as you can before the Kosha regenerates. Defeat him again and resume
hitting the pad. Watch out for directional changes in the pad. Hit it three
times for a Gold Banana and a Banana Fairy. Don't forget to take the Banana
Fairy's picture.

There's a small path near Funky's Armory. It leads to a very small door. You'll
find a Tiny Barrel on a small platform across from it. Jump in and go through
the door. Inside is a Monkeyport Pad and Bananaport #4. Make sure to activate
the Bananaport Pad so Diddy can defeat the Krusha. Use the Monkeyport Pad to
warp under a crystal near the igloo, where you'll find a Gold Banana.

Go to the big cabin and play a tune on the Saxophone Pad, opening a door. Go
inside to a room full of Klaptraps. Most of them are purple and must be
attacked with Orange Grenades. Use the Ponytail Twirl to cross the large gaps.
After you defeat all the enemies, you'll earn a Gold Banana.

This Krusha is on a path high above Candy's Music Shop. Defeat him for another

Remember that Krusha? Well, to get there, you'll have to find Bananaport #4.
It's located on a stalagmite next to Cranky's Lab (stalagmites go up from the
ground, and stalactites grow from the ceiling). Use the Rocketbarrel Boost to
access this area. Take the Bananaport and use Diddy to punch out the Krusha.


There's another path next to Cranky's Lab. Follow it to a Donkey Pad. Press Z
on it to visit another Barrel Blast course. This isn't very different from
previous Barrel Blast courses. Again, try to collect all the bananas and coins.
At the end is a Gold Banana Barrel. It takes you to Busy Barrel Barrage! You've
played this many times before. Simply crunch the Kritters with coconuts from
your Coconut Gun. Use a turbo controller if you have one.

I hate it when people spell "tuff" like that. This is perhaps the hardest Gold
Banana in the game. Head to the igloo and play the Bongo Blast on the Bongo
Pad. Enter the door that opens. Pop the yellow Banana Balloon to earn some
bananas. When you look around, you'll find a spiral with a narrow spiky wall.
Inside is a Gold Banana. When you step into the spiral, the walls will start to
rotate. Worse yet, it sometimes changes direction! If you touch the wall, you
lose a whole melon of life! It's very tough! When you stop, look for a wide
point. If you do get hit, run ahead during your brief period of
invulnerability. Note: One time, the walls didn't start spinning until I got
the Gold Banana. I wasn't playing on an emulator or using a Game Shark or doing
anything unusual, so I don't know why it did that.

There's a Krusha on a ledge near the castle. Go ahead and bop him out for the
Yellow Blueprint.

Near Candy's Music Shop, you'll find a small cabin with a Troff 'n' Scoff
portal. Use the Bongo Pad to open a door on it. Inside you'll find some panels.
Hit one to start a timer. Then match it with its mate! Repeat twice to win a
Gold Banana.

Before you leave the cabin, make sure to play the Battle Arena round. In Plinth
Panic!, you have to survive the day with a Kritter and two Krushas. This is
tough to do, especially with Donkey Kong, who isn't extremely fast. Focus on
defeating the Krushas, perhaps using a shockwave attack. There are only three
Battle Crowns left.

Head to the large cabin and go inside using the Bongo Pad. This room is full of
trap doors and Zingers. Before doing anything, take the homing ammo. Defeat the
bees using the Coconut Shooter. When all the enemies are defeated, you win a
Gold Banana. Keep in mind that the trap doors move at a steady rhythm.


Head on over to the igloo and go inside using the Trombone Pad. You wouldn't
think Lanky would do that? Go inside to find a small chamber with several
baddies and tall towers. Defeat all the enemies to reveal a Lanky Pad. This
enables Lanky to scale the towers. There are a few regular bananas on the way
up. At the top is a Gold Banana.

Take Lanky to the big castle. In front is a Lanky Switch. Hit it to go inside.
When you do, you'll find a little icy pumpkin. Talk to him and he'll challenge
you to a card-matching game. You want to flip the cards to the DK side, but the
pumpkin is trying to flip them to the K. Rool side. Focus on flipping the K.
Rool tiles, not the ones marked with question marks. Win and you'll get a Gold

That's not the only Lanky Switch at the castle. Hit this one to open another
door. To get up there, use the Lanky Pad. Look who's back! It's the beetle from
Angry Aztec! This race is tougher than last time because there are several
tough jumps. The best strategy is to closely follow the beetle throughout the
race while collecting the 50 coins. If you jump into the Lanky Barrel at the
start, you'll beat the beetle in the final sprint to the finish line. Be
careful near the end, as the road is very narrow. If you collect 50 coins and
win the race, you'll get a Gold Banana.

There's a Krusha on a very high ledge. He's not easy to get to. You can use the
Lanky Pad at the castle, or you can take Bananaport #5 if Diddy activated it.
Either way, defeat him and take the 25 bananas.

The Crystal Caves branch of Snide's HQ is found behind a glass wall near the
beginning of Crystal Caves. It's guarded by a Kosha.

Not far from Candy's Music Shop is another small cabin with a Troff 'n' Scoff
Portal. Use the Lanky Pad to float up onto the roof, where you'll find a
Trombone Pad on top. Play a tune to gain access to the inside of the cabin.
Inside, defeat the Koshas. Then use the Lanky Pad to float up into a Lanky
Barrel. Step on the switch to make a Gold Banana appear! A very short countdown
begins. Zoom over to the Gold Banana. That's your 25th Gold Banana of Crystal

---The Boss---

There are many, many Troff 'n' Scoff Portals in Crystal Caves. In order to gain
access to "THE BOSS!", Scoff needs 350 bananas.

Massive Explosive Armored Mammal ARMY DILLO
Oh no! Army Dillo's back, and he's a lot tougher now. At first, the strategy is
the same as last time. Simply throw the TNT barrel at him when he pauses to
taunt you. After he finishes rolling after you, he'll display a new move - a
shockwave! After hitting Army Dillo three times, he'll lose his fireball
cannons and will then resume rolling after you. Army Dillo is faster now than
he was in Jungle Japes. After the roll and three shockwave attacks, Army Dillo
will unveil another new strategy - a really big fireball cannon! He'll hover
above the ground, shooting fireballs. Fire will rain from the sky! After that
Army Dillo will launch a homing missile at you. It's quite hard to avoid it,
but try to lure it into the TNT Barrel. After the missile, Army Dillo will stop
to taunt. Throw a TNT barrel to make his shell explode! It's time to grab the
hard-earned Boss Key.

---DK Isles---

Lanky #4: Take Lanky to K. Lumsy's Island. If you look around, you'll find a
Lanky Barrel and a small switch. Step on the switch and dash to the Gold Banana
before the gate closes.

Tiny #5: On Crocodile Isle, you'll find a Monkeyport Pad not too far from K.
Lumsy's Island. Use it to go to the very top of Crocodile Isle. Play a tune on
the Saxophone Pad to receive a Gold Banana. A Chunky Barrel will also appear.
While Tiny's up there, take a picture of the Banana Fairy.

Diddy #5: There's a red-haired Krusha at the entrance to Creepy Castle. He
thinks that if he stays behind bars, he'll be safe from Diddy. He's wrong. Get
Donkey to unlock him, then have Diddy cross the bubbling green goo and bop the
Krusha. You might want to use the Guitar Gazump.

Lanky #5: You'll find a Lanky Pad in the same chamber. It's covered by a
boulder, so use Chunky to throw the rock away. Then use Lanky to float up to
the Gold Banana Barrel, which leads to a game of Searchlight Seek!

Chunky #4: You need to have collected Tiny's Monkeyport Gold Banana before
getting this one. On a very small island (marked with a palm tree), you'll find
a Chunky Barrel. While you're there, take a picture of the Banana Fairy. Become
Hunky Chunky and head to the small island marked with the X. Have you ever
wondered what it's for? Simian Slam it to find out! A rock island will explode!
On it is the biggest Gold Banana you'll ever see.

At the entrance to Fungi Forest, there's a mushroom suspended from the ceiling.
Hit it with each Kong's weapon in the correct order (refer to the mushroom's
color) to make a Chunky Pad appear. Press Z on the pad with Chunky to turn
invisible. That makes a Battle Arena Pad appear. In this round, you're playing
Forest Fracas! Survive against a Kritter, a Krusha, and a Skeletal Kremling to
win another Battle Crown! Just two more to go. Don't forget the Banana Fairy,

Creepy Castle                                                       [DK09]
When you gave the 5th Boss Key to K. Lumsy, a boulder island near Crocodile
Isle blew up. Underneath it is an enormous Barrel Cannon. Enter it to launch
your Kong to Creepy Castle. To enter the level, you'll have to show B. Locker
that you've collected 85 Gold Bananas. Creepy Castle is probably the largest,
hardest, and most complicated level in DK64. But don't worry about the creepy
in Creepy Castle. It's not haunted. Actually, it is. Well, you never know. This
is another level full of those irritating Koshas. A few Kritters dress up as
ghosts, but they're not hard to beat. Other enemies are pretty standard. There
are four main regions of Creepy Castle - the Crypt, Dungeon, Big Tree, and
Tower. Here's all the Gold Bananas.

In the Crypt Area, you'll find Funky's Armory (check my Crypt Area guide to
find out how to reach it). He's got a great weapon upgrade for nine coins. The
Sniper Scope is extremely useful. It enables all Kongs to zoom in or out on the
Aiming Sight. Press C-Left to zoom out and C-Right to zoom in.

In the Dungeon Area, Candy Kong has a new item. She'll upgrade all Kongs' music
capacities to 25 for just nine coins. Now return to the start of the level.

Visit Cranky high up on the tower. Buy the Super Duper Simian Slam (Bigga
buttus bashium) for nine coins. I recommend that you get all three of these
upgrades before trying to collect the Gold Bananas. You'll see why pretty

This is where you start the level. There are a lot of regular bananas and coins
here, but there are only three Gold Bananas. The distinctive feature is the
enormous tree.

Right next to the Big Tree is a Donkey Pad. Play another round of Barrel Blast
to open a door into the Big Tree. Along the way you'll earn bananas and cash.

Go inside that big door you just opened. You'll find a wall with a Coconut
Switch on it. Shoot the switch, enter the door, and defeat the blond Krusha.
While you're at it, pop the Banana Balloon.

In the same room as the Krusha, jump down the shaft. When you reach the small
wooden platform, a series of targets will appear on the wall. Using the Sniper
Scope, hit all three to make the water rise. This allows you to reach a Gold
Banana and a Banana Fairy. Exit through the gate in the water.

Inside the Big Tree, you'll find a fragile door. Primate Punch it to smash down
the wooden gate and gain access to a strange room. If you step into the moss,
the Pineapple Switch will flip. To keep that from happening, use the Sniper
Scope to hit it. That will open a door. Inside is Dixie Kong! Just kidding.
Instead you'll find a Gold Banana Barrel. Play it for another annoying round of
Beaver Bother!

This completes the Big Tree Area.

This spooky area is full of eerie green fog. Tombs and caverns are everywhere.
At least there aren't ReDeads or Wall Masters! To get here, enter the big
wooden gate along a narrow cliff near the start.

In the middle of the Crypt Area is a red-haired Krusha. Bop him out!

To the left of the Krusha is a skull cave. First pop the red Banana Balloon for
20 bananas. Hit the Peanut Switch to enter the cave. Take the left passage and
look for a door with a Peanut Switch. Hit it to enter another room. There's a
giant coffin with number switches on them. Chimpy Charge them in 1-2-3-4 order
for a Gold Banana. Then hit a switch other than 1 to reveal some bananas and

Nope, this isn't Haunted Hall. Enter the same skull cave by hitting the Coconut
Switch. Inside, look around for a switch for Donkey. Hit it to open a room. In
here are six levers. Pulling them in the right order will open a door! Refer to
the chart near the door for the proper order. The door leads to a mine cart
game. Donkey's stuck in a mine cart, facing the attacks of tombstones and the
resident demon, who steal his coins. As usual, collisions cost three coins
each. This is a two-lap game; you turn around midway through. Collect 25 coins
to win a Gold Banana. The ghost is the main obstacle. Avoid his punches with
good jumps.

Enter the skull cave with Chunky (hit the Pineapple Switch to enter). Inside,
hit a Pineapple Switch on the door. You'll reach a room filled with coffins.
Primate Punch all of the caskets to open them. Some contain bananas and other
power-ups. Inside one is a Gold Banana Barrel. Play a round of Searchlight
Seek! for a Gold Banana.

GOO FOR LANKY (Lanky #1)
Directly across from the skull cave, head to the small tomb with Lanky. Hit the
Grape Switch to go inside. In here, stand under the Lanky Barrel, hit the Grape
Switch on the wall, and immediately jump into the Lanky Barrel. Then sprint
down the left fork into the door! You'll be in a room full of green goo. Play a
tune on the Trombone Pad to make some vines appear. Swing across and nab the
Gold 'Nana!

Go to the same tomb that Lanky visited. Hit the Feather Switch to open the gate
leading into the tomb. Take the right fork, Ponytail Twirling over pits of
green goo. Eventually you'll reach a sea of slime. Hit the Tiny Switch to make
some hands appear. This isn't a Hand Trap from Super Mario Bros. 3. Float
across from hand to hand until you reach the Gold Banana.

Immediately outside the Crypt Area is a well-hidden Krusha for Tiny to beat up,
as well as some coins. Use the Saxophone Slam to beat it easily, then Ponytail
Twirl to the platform. Technically, this is probably in the Big Tree Area.

This completes the Crypt Area.

This dungeon also has green fog. You'll find Candy's Music Shop and a prison
here. There are two entrances to the dungeon - one on some stairs near the
entrance to the Crypt, and another inside the door accessed by the castle

Near the beginning of the outer cave are coins and a large pit. Use Tiny's
Ponytail Twirl to cross the gap. Jump in the Gold Banana Barrel to play a game
of Teetering Turtle Trouble!

There's a Green Krusha in the middle of the cave part of the Dungeon Area. Get
Chunky and punch the big meanie out. While you're using Chunky, go down to the
actual prison. Use the Primate Punch to smash open some cell doors. Most are
full of coins!

In the main dungeon area (where the prison is), you'll find a Diddy Switch and
a locked door. Hit the Diddy Switch to open the door. Go through the tunnel and
look on the wall using the Sniper Scope. Hit the Peanut Switch to drop down
some chains. Swing across them and nab the Gold Banana! Don't worry; the chains
won't lock Diddy up or turn him into a ghost.

In another part of the jail is a door guarded by a Kosha. Defeat him and hit
the Lanky Switch, unlocking the door. Go inside and you'll find a pool full of
green goop, a recurring theme. Play a tune on the Trombone Pad to make a bunch
of Lanky Pads appear. Use two or three of them to float across the goo into a
Gold Banana Barrel. This time, you play Kremling Kosh! Defeat 25 Kremlings
using the melon gun in 60 seconds for a Gold Banana.

Go inside another door locked with a Donkey Switch. Hit it to enter. DK will
find himself in an odd room. Simian Slam parts of the picture on the floor to
form a picture of Donkey Kong! When you succeed, you'll get something yellow.

This completes the Dungeon Area.

This is the most important area of Creepy Castle, as nearly half the Gold
Bananas are located here. A long path leads to the top of the tower. Along the
way, there are several important rooms, including a museum, greenhouse,
ballroom, library, and tower.

BIG BUG BASH! (Diddy #4)
There are many Diddy Barrels in the Tower Area. I prefer the one near the
drawbridge. Hop in one and soar to the very top tower of Creepy Castle, where
you'll find a Gold Banana Barrel. Win a game of Big Bug Bash! for a Gold

Activate all five Bananaport Pads near the drawbridge if you haven't already.
Right after the drawbridge is a blue-haired Krusha for Lanky to defeat.

Hit the Chunky Switch in front of the museum door to open it up. Go inside and
stand on the gray platform to make a skull's mouth open. Inside is a Gold
Banana. Step off and hit the three purple switches and grab the coins. That
makes a rock appear in another skull's mouth. Place this boulder on the gray
platform to make the skull's mouth stay open! Nab the Gold Banana found

Head on over to the Grouchy Greenhouse using Chunky. Use a Primate Punch to
smash open the shed's door. Go inside and you'll find a big [?] box. Smash it
open with another Primate Punch to uncover a Chunky Pad. Use it to turn
invisible. Then defeat the three bats (regular, not baseball) using your
Pineapple Launcher. Defeat them all for a Gold Banana.

Next to the greenhouse is a garbage can, a Tiny Barrel, and a mushroom. Use the
Tiny Barrel to shrink. Then bounce onto the mushroom to fly onto the trash can.
Drop into the very small hole on the garbage receptacle. Inside are some soda
cans and other junk, as well as bugs. You can use the homing ammo to shoot them
down, but it's much easier to use the Saxophone Slam to beat them painlessly.
When you defeat all the bugs, you win a Gold Banana.

Switch to Lanky and return to the greenhouse. Hit the Lanky Switch to enter the
greenhouse. Oh no! A hedge maze! It's similar to the one from Mad Monster
Mansion in Banjo-Kazooie. Hop in the Lanky Barrel and run through the maze. At
the end is a Gold Banana.

When you get the preceding Gold Banana, a Battle Arena Pad appears in the maze.
This time, the fun game is Arena Ambush! Lanky must hold off two Krushas and a
Skeletal Kritter for 70 seconds. Use the shockwave attack to your advantage.
When you win, you'll get the next-to-last Battle Crown in the game.

Switch to Diddy and hit the Diddy Switch to enter the Ballroom. Walk on the
ballroom floor and you'll find a bunch of Phony Ghost Kritters. They try to
look like ghosts, but they're not! Defeat them all to reveal a Diddy Barrel.
Hop in and use the flame to light the candles. Doing so makes a Gold Banana
Barrel appear in the air. Rocket in to play Minecart Madness! Avoid collisions
for 60 seconds to win a Gold Banana. This game is pretty tough.

Go inside the Ballroom with Tiny Kong (use Diddy to hit the Diddy Switch). Head
to the ballroom floor and use the Monkeyport Pad to warp to a room in the
museum. Photograph the Banana Fairy, then jump into the Tiny Barrel. Shrink and
enter the tiny passageway. You'll be warped to a Frantic Factory-style car
race! Collect 10 coins and beat the Kremling to win the Gold Banana. The race
lasts two laps. It's easiest to pass him by missing a checkpoint or two.

Near the very top of Creepy Castle is a Donkey Switch. Hit it and run down to
the door. The countdown is 20 seconds. This door is the Library. Look around
for a room with some enemies. Defeat them all to reveal a Donkey Switch. Give
it a Simian Slam to open another door. In this room, jump in the Donkey Barrel
to become invincible. Then dash past the Killer Books, grabbing bananas and a
Gold Banana. Just three more left!

Head to the very highest tower. Hit the Lanky Switch to open a door. Go inside.
Defeat all the fake ghosts to reveal some Grape Switches. Hit them with the
Grape Shooter to open the cage. Inflate with the Lanky Pad and then use the
waterspout to float up to the Gold Banana Barrel. Inside is another [use bad
word of your choice] game of Beaver Bother!

This completes the Terrible Tower Area. We're now 25 for 25 in Creepy Castle.

---The Boss---

Creepy Castle has lots of Troff 'n' Scoff portals. Go into one to find them.
Scoff will need 400 bananas to open the boss door.

Ominous Cardboard Creation K. ROOL CUTOUT 
Lanky starts against this boss. What are those Kremlings doing? They're
building a K. Rool Cardboard Cutout! It's a rather tricky boss. It's not very
tough, but it requires tinkering to figure out the pattern. First hop into the
Barrel Cannon and fire Lanky at the boss. Then swim back through the moat to
the main platform. Watch out for the numerous Puftups in the water. Dodge the
laser beams and fire Lanky twice more. After that, its right arm will fall off
and you'll score a hit. If you shoot Lanky out of the wrong cannon, you'll lose
him for the rest of the battle and have to use a different Kong. If you lose
all five Kongs, you'll have to start the fight over. For the next hit, a Phony
Ghost will be around, as well as a fake Ghost Cutout. After the second hit, the
left arm will fall off. For the final hit, the boss will move around VERY
quickly. Finally, it will shoot two rounds of laser fire. Look for a pattern to
hit the boss. It goes counter-clockwise. Stand next to a cannon and wait for
the boss to pop up. The instant it does, FIRE! Repeat three more times and the
boss blows up. Grab that Boss Key!

---DK Isles---

Chunky #5: At the entrance to Hideout Helm is a Chunky Pad. Use it to reveal
some vines. Swing across to find a Gold Banana Barrel. Go inside to play
Kremling Kosh!

Donkey #5: Still at the entrance to Hideout Helm, use Donkey to hit the Coconut
Switch. This opens a path to the Krusha. Defeat him and take the final

If the DK Crew has all 40 Blueprints, go to Snide's HQ. He's got a little
surprise for you! Press C-Up.

Hideout Helm                                                        [DK10]
This is it - the final area in Donkey Kong 64! Unfortunately, it's quite tough.
Once K. Lumsy has the first seven Boss Keys, he'll bash open a door at the top
of Crocodile Isle. Hideout Helm is a small stage full of magma pits and a large
chamber with K. Rool's ridiculously-named Blast-O-Matic device. "HEY! WE DON'T

It's a bit of a challenge to get up to Hideout Helm. The only way I've found is
to use Tiny's Monkeyport pad at the bottom of Crocodile Isle. It's not far from
K. Lumsy's Island. From the other Monkeyport pad, just go through the open
crocodile jaws.

Before you enter Hideout Helm, make sure that you have at least 100 Gold
Bananas, 3 or 4 Battle Crowns, and the Nintendo and Rareware Coins. It's a good
idea to have at least 30 (40 is highly recommended) Blueprints. Your trip
through Hideout Helm will also be MUCH easier if you have at least four boxes
of homing ammo. These can be found near the Krusha just before the entrance to
Hideout Helm.

From the crocodile jaw entrance, switch to Chunky Kong (you'll be doing a LOT
of character switching here). Step on the Chunky Pad to reveal some vines
hanging over the lava. Swing across carefully to the other side. As long as you
have at least 100 Gold Bananas, you'll be able to enter Hideout Helm. First,
though, Bananaport to the other side and switch to Lanky. If you use Lanky at
the start, you'll save a bit of time.

When you enter Hideout Helm, you'll see a cutscene. You'll have only 50 minutes
to complete the level, and one minute less than that for each missing
Blueprint. If you run out of time, you have to start the stage all over again.
At first, use Lanky's Orangstand to get up some steep hills. There are a few
Kritters, Klumps, and Klaptraps in the way, so look out. Jump in the Tag Barrel
and switch to Chunky. Shoot the Pineapple Switch to open a passage. There are
some vines hanging over magma, so be careful as you swing across. Another Tag
Barrel is nearby. Change to Tiny and jump into the Tiny Barrel. Both barrels
are tricky to spot. After becoming Teensy-Tiny Kong, enter the little passage.
You'll find yourself in the main room with the Blast-O-Matic. Change to Donkey
and look for a lever. When you pull it, a succession of DK Stars will appear.
Dash back to the Tag Barrel and switch to Diddy. Jump into the Rocket Barrel
and fly through the stars. When you complete this sequence, five doors marked
with Roman numerals will open up. This isn't Rome, though. Switch to Chunky and
use the Primate Punch to smash open the gate found behind four of those doors.

Switch to Donkey Kong and look for the lowest door that once had a Roman
numeral on it. When you find the Bongo Pad, play the Bongo Blast to open a
glass door. In this room are two floating K. Rool Barrels (K. Rool Kegs, to be
more precise). Jump in one to play a mini-game.

In one mini-game, Donkey takes control of Rambi. You'll have to defeat 18
Kremlings in a short amount of time. Avoid the power pylons or you'll have to
start over. It's best if you crunch two or more Kremlings in one charge, since
doing so will earn extra hits.

You've done this one before. Here you shoot Donkey out of a barrel cannon,
trying to hit three targets in 30 seconds or less. Once you complete both mini-
games some of the power in the Blast-O-Matic will go out. Get your Banana Medal
and head back to the Tag Barrel.

The power of the sages will dispel the barriers of the Blast-O-Matic! Darunia
appears and hands Tiny a Gold Banana, and Saria gives Diddy a Fairy Ocarina in
exchange for the Rareware Coin. Play the Song of Storms to defeat the yellow-
haired Krusha. Okay, that was stupid, and it might be a spoiler for The Legend
of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Hideout Helm is obviously an allusion to the final
dungeon of Zelda 64.

Chunky's room is up a short staircase. Crank out a little tune on the Triangle
Pad and you'll be ready to take on the next challenge.

On this challenge, you have 30 seconds to shoot five Kremlings with the
Pineapple Launcher. With homing ammo, this is a piece of cake. Without homing
ammo, it's a little trickier.

Here, Chunky must smash open a box containing a Kremling and then bash him.
Jump into the Chunky Barrel and then start Primate Punching the [?] Boxes.
There's some degree of luck involved here, especially since you have only 20
seconds to complete the mini-game. You might have to try a few times. When both
challenges are complete, get your Banana Medal and jump in the Tag Barrel.

Tiny's room is up a higher staircase (each of these rooms gets progressively
higher). Use the Saxophone Pad to gain entry into the next chamber.

Here, you must use Tiny's Ponytail Twirl to float through some DK Stars and
then touch a switch. The time limit is 30 seconds. Don't touch the ground, or
you'll have to start over.

This mini-game is a little like the last one. Tiny must Ponytail Twirl through
several DK Stars in 30 seconds or less. This time, you must use the aid of
bouncy red mushrooms. Start twirling at the apex of your jump. You can safely
touch the ground. Upon completion of these two challenges, you receive a Banana
Medal (as usual).

It's now time for you, Lanky Kong. His room is pretty high up. You'll have to
go up a lot of stairs. Play the Trombone Tremor to open up the glass door.

Lanky first has to complete a maze course. Enter the Orangstand Sprint barrel
and start looking for a switch. Simply step on it and then cross the finish
line! There are a few Koshas and other Kremlings; avoid them. The time limit is
25 seconds.

Lanky's other challenge requires you to shoot three Robo-Zingers in 30 seconds.
The homing ammunition makes this MUCH easier. Remember that these Zingers will
need more than one hit, so shoot away. After finishing this, don't forget your
Banana Medal!
The last room is for Diddy. It's pretty tricky to reach, though. You'll have to
use the Rocketbarrel Boost to find the entrance. Play a little tune on the
Music Pad to open the glass door.

Here, Diddy has 30 seconds to defeat a special Kremling. You know you've hit
the right one when you hear a tone. Then zoom back to the middle and give the
switch a Simian Slam.

This is the final mini-game in Hideout Helm. You've got 30 seconds to hit four
switches using the Peanut Popguns. Use the Rocketbarrel Boost to hover near the
middle of the area (hold Z) and shoot at the targets. When you hit the fourth
switch, a cage covering a switch will rise. Slam it!

Your DK64 adventure is almost complete! After finishing those challenges, the
rest of the Blast-O-Matic's power will be eliminated and the timer will stop.
But don't forget to grab your hard-earned Banana Medal (#40!).

Yes, there is a Battle Arena Pad in Hideout Helm, too. Use Diddy's Rocketbarrel
Boost to fly to the top of the Blast-O-Matic. You'll find it at the very top.
It sends you to a tough game of Shockwave Showdown! Stay near the middle of the
arena and use the B + B + B attack to wipe out the first group of meanies. Then
use the power-up B shockwave to zap the next wave of Krushas. That Kritter can
be trouble, too. Survive all this chaos for 80 seconds to win the final Battle

After you finished Diddy's two K. Rool Barrel games, a K. Rool door opened up
in the Blast-O-Matic room. You should enter that door. It leads to a staircase
and eventually a door marked with a Battle Crown and the number 4. It will open
if you have four or more Battle Crowns. Before long, you'll be in K. Rool's
throne room (at least before he escaped). You'll spot a door with the images of
the Nintendo and Rare Coins. If you have both coins, a room will open up.
Inside are two Banana Fairies and the final Boss Key. Photograph those fairies
and grab that Boss Key! Use the nearby Bananaport to exit conveniently.

If you don't have all 20 Banana Fairies, go back and find any ones you missed.
If you do have all 20 Banana Fairies, go to Banana Fairy Island with Tiny.
Inside that tiny passage, the Banana Fairy Queen has a special surprise for
you! Now go visit K. Lumsy Island. Now that you have all the Boss Keys, you can
free K. Lumsy. I won't spoil the slightly goofy cutscene.

Once you free K. Lumsy, go to the back side of DK Island, where you can begin
your final battle with K. Rool. This fight has five rounds, each lasting three
minutes. If you run out of time, you'll have to start the round all over. If
you run out of energy, you'll have to start the fight all over again. This K.
Rool battle is going to be a bit tougher than in previous Donkey Kong games, so
watch out! And those timekeepers might not be "fair and unbiased."

The fight begins with Donkey Kong. K. Rool stands in the middle of the ring,
pounding the ground and sending out shockwaves. Climb onto a corner post to
avoid these. After about 15 seconds, four Barrel Cannons will appear. The
barrel rotates up and down, but don't shoot until the cannon is at the lowest
point possible. If you fire when K. Rool's arms are up, you'll hit him, and the
Barrel Cannon will disappear. Jump over a shockwave or two and head to the next
pad. Press Up and you'll be in the cannon. This shot is exactly like the
previous one. For the third hit, be careful. K. Rool will try to fake you into
shooting too quickly by raising his arms once and then bringing them down very
quickly. For the final hit, you'll have to time your shot just right. You have
very little raised-arm time. When you hit K. Rool four times, he'll be "down
for the count". But he will be back!

Diddy gets to challenge a new obstacle - a boomerang glove. What will K. Rool
think of next? After a couple of boomerang attacks, a Diddy Barrel will appear
in the middle of the ring. High-jump in and start flying. You'll spot a pair of
targets on the light above K. Rool. When you hit both targets, the light will
crash onto his head. Youch! You'll have to do this four times. Keep moving, or
you'll get hit by the boomerang glove.

After the fourth light collapse, there'll be a light on top of K. Rool's head,
impairing his vision. Your Kong of Choice for this round is Lanky. Stay away
from K. Rool, since he's still dangerous despite his inability to see where
he's going. After a few seconds, four numbered posts will appear outside the
ropes. Use Lanky's stretchy arm to hit a post and make a barrel rise up. When
you grab the barrel, a Music Pad will appear in each corner of the ring. Throw
the barrel toward the middle of the ring and a banana peel will appear. Step on
a Trombone Pad and wait for K. Rool, the banana, and Lanky to all be in line.
Then play the Trombone Tremor on the pad. K. Rool will charge at you but slip
on the banana peel (just like Super Mario Kart!). Do this four times and K.
Rool will be KO'd. Keep in mind that each post and each Music Pad can be used
only once.

It's now time for Tiny Kong. After Lanky toppled K. Rool, the Kremlings removed
the light from K. Rool's head. The round starts with some K. Rool shockwaves.
The shockwaves are easily avoided with the Ponytail Twirl. He'll be on the
move, so you'll have to keep moving as well. When K. Rool stops to scratch his
back, jump in the Tiny Barrel and enter his left shoe (looks like the right
from your perspective). You're in his shoe! When the left toe rises, shoot it
with the Feather Bow. When a tow wiggles, it's about to try to squash you, so
move. Repeat this pattern. The second time you enter the hole in his shoe,
you'll have to hit the second toe twice. The third visit will require three
hits on the third toe, and the fourth entry takes four hits on the right-most
(or left from K. Rool's view) toe. After that, K. Rool will fall over.

Do you feel nervous? This is the final round! Avoid K. Rool as he bounces off
the ropes. Follow K. Rool's shadow to figure out where he is. After a little
while, hit the Chunky Switch, activate the Chunky Pad, and then become Hunky
Chunky. Deliver a Primate Punch just before K. Rool charges into you. Repeat
this thrice to achieve victory! On the final hit, K. Rool zig-zags a little
before approaching you. Before you know it, you'll be watching the ending

Your DK64 adventure is now complete. "But our Princess is in another castle..."
Maybe not. However, there are still more things to do after you've finished the
final battle. Perhaps you missed a Gold Banana or two (or more) along the way.
Or maybe there's still a missing Battle Crown. If so, go back and find that
missing stuff! My guide will help. You may also enjoy playing some of the mini-
games on the Secrets menu. If you're really ambitious, try collecting all 4500
regular bananas in the game.

Enemy List                                                          [DK11]  
Block Monster
Found: Frantic Factory
A weak toy enemy.

Die Guy
Found: Frantic Factory
These dice aren't too dangerous. Running attacks work well against weak enemies
like these.

Domino Dude
Found: Frantic Factory
These weak enemies are easily defeated using a roll attack.

Evil Bat
Found: Fungi Forest, Creepy Castle
Music attacks and homing ammo work well against these enemies, which are
similar to Banjo-Kazooie's bats.

Goofy Ghost Kritter
Found: Creepy Castle
These Kremlings disguise themselves as ghosts, but you shouldn't have any
trouble beating them.

Found: Jungle Japes, Crystal Caves
This is Donkey Kong 64's answer to Goombas. I prefer to beat them using a roll
attack, but ignoring them is usually the most viable option.

Found: Creepy Castle
These appear in a greenhouse in Creepy Castle. Only Tiny Kong can reach it. You
can (tediously) snipe them one-by-one using your Feather Bow, but it's MUCH
easier (but less fun) to just use a music attack and get the Gold Banana the
easy way.

Found: Angry Aztec, Gloomy Galleon
Similar to Klobber, also from DKC 2, these Kremlings hide in TNT barrels. When
you come near, they run towards you and try to blow you up like a suicide
bomber! Beat them with Orange Grenades, preferably from a distance.

Killer Tomato
Found: Fungi Forest
Killer Tomatoes are found in the Funky's Armory area of Fungi Forest. Give them
a good Simian Slam.

Found: Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves, Hideout Helm
These crocodile-like Kremlings are best dispatched with a couple of Orange
Grenades. The rare purple Klaptraps are a bit tougher than the normal green

Found: Angry Aztec, Gloomy Galleon, Crystal Caves
These Kremlings hide in barrels and charge at you when you come near. These are
best defeated using Orange Grenades.

Found: Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves, Hideout Helm
These tough guys throw Lime Grenades at you. Use Orange Grenades or a music
attack and they'll be down for the count. These enemies are rather fun to

Found: Gloomy Galleon, Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves, Creepy Castle, Hideout Helm
For some reason, I love these enemies! Maybe because it's so fun to use the
Sniper Scope to watch their goofy antics - from a distance. However, they are
the most dangerous regular enemy in the game. Use a shockwave attack or Orange
Grenade to beat them safely.

Kosha King
Found: Crystal Caves 
This is the only regular enemy in the game that can be defeated only once. Use
a shockwave attack with Tiny. This is the source of the falling rocks, and you
can only reach him using a Monkeyport pad.

Found: Jungle Japes, Fungi Forest
These enemies appear exclusively in mine cart areas. Make sure to jump when
they swing their clubs at you.

Found: Frantic Factory
These robotic Kremlings are tough to beat, so I'd just stay clear of them.
Orange Grenades are most effective against them.

Found: Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Gloomy Galleon, Hideout Helm
These common Kremlings can be defeated using a variety of methods.

KrocFound: Angry Aztec, Crystal Caves
One of the few enemies from DKC 3 to appear in Donkey Kong 64, Kroc doesn't
actually appear, but he will occasionally start a timer. You'd better leave the
room you're in before the timer goes off, or you'll get blasted! In Crystal
Caves, Kroc will shoot you if you run out of time on certain challenges, or if
you get caught by certain security devices.

Found: Everywhere (a total of 40)
Krushas drop Blueprints when defeated, and if your Kong's favorite color
matches the Krusha's hair, you can pick up the Blueprint and later take it to
Snide's Headquarters for a Gold Banana. My preferred Krusha-beating method is
to just punch them out, although some people like Orange Grenades. I don't like
Orange Grenades because it takes tons of them to beat a Krusha. The easiest way
to beat them is to just use a music attack.

Mushroom Ninja
Found: Fungi Forest
These Kremlings disguise themselves as mushrooms and pop out of the ground.
They're not very tough to beat.

Found: Gloomy Galleon
These are identical to the Pufferfish found in Banjo-Kazooie. Don't touch them,
or they'll blow up on you.

Found: Frantic Factory, Hideout Helm
These take more hits and toss lime grenades constantly - not just when you're

Found: Angry Aztec, Gloomy Galleon
A rare starfish enemy that appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2. They swim slowly
and aren't too tough to avoid.

Skeletal Kritter
Found: Fungi Forest, Creepy Castle
These might remind you of a certain enemy found at night in Hyrule Field in The
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And like those, these are not very tough to

TNT Cart
Found: Jungle Japes, Fungi Forest
Found in mine cart areas, make sure to steer clear of them or you'll be three
coins poorer.

Found: Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Gloomy Galleon, Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves
DK64 Zingers aren't nearly as dangerous as they were in previous (especially
DKC 2). Most fly slowly and swoop at your Kong to attack. Some drop Lime
Grenades, which can bop you!

Frequently Asked Questions                                          [DK12]  
Q: I can't get past...
A: Check my walkthrough. That's what it's for. If you're still stumped, try
using the Wrinkly Kong hint doors (found outside the level entrances) for clues
to some of the harder spots. If you really can't find a certain Gold Banana,
Battle Crown, or other item, send me an e-mail (see the Contact Information
section), or try using someone else's walkthrough.

Q: Why can't I collect a banana or Banana Coin?
A: Each banana and coin is a different color, and these can only be collected
by the Kong whose color matches the item. Donkey Kong is yellow, Diddy is red,
Lanky is blue, Tiny is purple, and Chunky is green. For example, only Diddy can
collect red bananas, and Lanky is the only Kong who can take a blue coin. The
same goes for Blueprints.

Q: Why didn't Snide give me a Gold Banana? 
A: Snide will only give Gold Banana(s) to Kongs who have unredeemed Blueprints.
For example, you won't get a Gold Banana for a green Blueprint if you're
controlling Diddy when you enter Snide's HQ. However, you can redeem Blueprints
at any one of Snide's locations; for example, you can beat Chunky's Krusha in
Fungi Forest and use Chunky to redeem it at the Snide's Headquarters in Crystal

Q: Why can't I Rocketbarrel Boost to certain places?
A: There are a few places you aren't allowed to Rocketbarrel Boost, and if you
try to go there, you'll land automatically. This is so you can't reach certain
places you aren't supposed to, like the top of Crocodile Isle and through
certain tunnels in Fungi Forest.

Q: How do I access the Wrinkly Kong tip doors in Crystal Caves?
A: They aren't very useful if you have my guide, but for your information, use
Chunky Kong to break the ice wall near the Tag Barrel. Pick up the rock and
place it on the switch to open the doors. Keep in mind that one of the doors
can only be accessed using the Rocketbarrel Boost.

If you're looking for Chunky's door outside Angry Aztec, use Tiny to hit a
Feather Switch and open a gate. Then switch to Chunky, jump into the Chunky
Barrel, and stand on the stone table.

You have to use Donkey Kong's Gorilla Grab to start up a platform to reach
Wrinkly's doors outside Frantic Factory.

Q: Does anything special happen if I collect a lot of Banana Fairies?
A: Every Banana Fairy increases your Crystal Coconut capacity by one. If you
rescue enough of them, some new features in Secrets mode will be revealed. Here
they are!

 2 Fairies   DK Theater Mode (lets you replay cinema scenes)
 6 Fairies   Bonus Games (lets you play some bonus games)
10 Fairies   Boss Fights (lets you re-fight a boss you've already beaten)
15 Fairies   Krusha On/Off (lets you play as a Krusha in 2-player games)
20 Fairies   Cheats Off/On (earn unlimited items in Adventure mode)

Q: Can I go through a level gate without having the required number of Gold
A: If you have Lanky Kong. Just use your stretchy arms to punch through B.
Locker and gain unauthorized entry into the level gate. This is just one of the
countless glitches found in DK64. There's a guide devoted to glitches on This is the only glitch that's particularly useful, though.

Q: Can I collect a Blueprint or Gold Banana using a Kong other than one it's
intended for?
A: No. It'll be "grayed out" if you try to collect it using the wrong Kong.

Q: How did Troff get his name?
A: "TROFF" was a programming term used in the distant past. In addition,
Kremlings are named after the Russian Kremlin, and Koshas are derived from
"cosh," a club-like weapon.

Q: You idiot! Don't you know that those Latin scientific terms should be
A: Yes, I know that. However, I write my guides in plain ASCII text to reduce
file size and optimize compatibility. What's more, that's not real Latin.

Q: Is there an alternate ending?
A: The ending will be longer if you collect all 201 Gold Bananas.

Q: How can I maximize my score in the Enguarde Arena mini-game?
A: Try to go through all the DK Stars, especially the ones in the air. A good
player should be able to complete 3 laps around the course and get 300 points.
Depending on the angle you're swimming, Enguarde can jump out of the water to
hit DK Stars in the air. If he's swimming pretty straight, he'll jump low and
far. If he's swimming straight up, he won't jump very far at all but will get a
lot of height. It's preferable that Enguarde jumps somewhere between the 2
techniques, depending on the star.

Q: What's the best way to get a high score for the Rambi Arena mini-game?
A: It's easy to get 150 points, but it's tough to get more than that. The trick
is to hit yellow beavers and to crunch 2, 3 or 4 Gnawties at once! Combos will
double Rambi's points. The yellow Gnawties are worth 10 points and the regular
beavers are 2 points. If Rambi squashes a yellow beaver and 3 regular beavers,
he'll earn a whopping 32 points! For that reason, focus on getting combo
points, especially ramming the yellow Gnawties.

Q: What tips do you have for Jetpac?
A: Press B to fire the laser and hold A to use the jetpack. Don't touch the
enemies, or you'll lose a life. Be patient; watch the enemies, and don't make
wild lunges.

Level 1: There are many little fireballs. Some go straight, and some swoop down
a little, but they're all very predictable. Pick up the pieces of your
spacecraft and reassemble it. Then start collecting fuel and bonuses. The
bonuses are worth 250 points, and each fuel container earns you 100 points.
When you fully fuel the rocket, touch it and go to Level 2.
Level 2: In this stage, you don't have to re-build your rocket, but you do have
to fuel it up. This time, you have to dodge fuzzy little things that bounce off
the ledges.
Level 3: Similar to Level 2. There are bubble enemies here. These are fairly
unpredictable; some rise, some fall. Just refuel your ship to exit.
Level 4: In this level, avoid the enemy aircraft. These go to diagonally up or
down to try to hit you. Refuel and head to Level 5.
Level 5: This level is full of identified flying objects. These flying saucers
chase you and are very mobile. Build a new spacecraft, fuel up, and get out of
Level 6: In this level, you deal with unpredictable satellites. Be careful -
they go both horizontally and diagonally. They aren't too dangerous, though.
Fuel up and move on.
Level 7: The airplanes are back in this level. However, they only move across
the screen, slightly swooping up or down. It's not very difficult.
Level 8: I don't remember what this level is like.

Q: What tips do you have for Kong Battle mode?
A: Kong Battle Mode is a fun multi-player game. There are two different ways to
play - Battle Arena and Monkey Smash. Battle Arena mode is a bit like the
Battle Crown games. It is filled with mayhem and madness! Monkey Smash has
plenty of mayhem, too, but tactics are important as well. In Battle Arena mode,
you need to know what each item does. The Ammo Box lets you fire five shots.
The Blue Banana temporary freezes other characters. The Crystal Coconut makes
you BIG for a little while. The Orange Grenade sends out a shockwave. The
watermelon restores some energy. The yellow banana gives you blazing speed. The
(?) is mysterious - it can be good or bad. In Monkey Smash mode, it's easiest
and safest to attack other players from a distance, especially from a high
ledge. Orange Grenades and homing ammo are quite useful. Careful use of
Bananaport Pads is also important. Diddy is probably the best player overall.
Remember that players can use the same characters. When you collect enough
Banana Fairies, you can also select a Krusha. This orange-shooting Kremling is
pretty slow, though.

Q: How do you think the Kongs are related to each other?
A: This is a subject of controversy and debate, similar to the Zelda timeline.
I welcome any comments on this topic. Here are my current feelings on this

Cranky Kong was the original star of "Donkey Kong."
Donkey Kong was known as DK Jr. in Super Mario Kart and other early games.
Cranky and Wrinkly begat Donkey Kong (once known as DK Jr.) and possibly Swanky
(maybe Funky).
Swanky or Funky begat Diddy?
Funky begat Chunky/Kiddy?
Candy and probably Dixie are unrelated to Cranky.
Tiny is Dixie's sister (according to the DK64 manual). The same source states
that Chunky is Kiddy's brother.
Lanky is totally iffy - probably a very distant cousin.
DK Jr.'s coexistence in Mario Tennis with Donkey Kong is explained by the
Mario/Baby Mario paradox in other games (which I still can't stand).

Q: What is "Klamour" in Krazy Kong Klamour?
A: "Klamour" is a silly form of "clamour," the British spelling for "clamor,"
whose synonyms include noise, racket, uproar, and disorder. Rare is based in
Britain, so you might see a British spelling on occasion.

Q: Why do you say "defeat," "beat," or "bop" instead of "kill?"
A: Maybe it's because I have a soft spot in my heart for Kritters and Koshas,
or because I live in the Murder Capital of the World. More realistically, it's
because death should be permanent, but defeated enemies reappear a few seconds
after you defeat them.

Records                                                             [DK13]
Rambi Arena mini-game: 206 points
Enguarde Arena mini-game: 320 points
Original Donkey Kong Arcade mini-game: 61,500 points
Jungle Japes mine cart mini-game: 70 coins
Fungi Forest mine cart mini-game: 66 coins

The farthest I've ever gotten in Jetpac is Level 8.

My personal Banana Coin totals at the end of the game: Diddy 69, Donkey 73,
Lanky 71, Tiny 88, Chunky 104. I think I've found EVERY banana coin in the
game, although I may have missed a few of the coins found in DK mounds. I got
every upgrade from Cranky, Funky, and Candy along the way.

I've found all 4500 bananas in the game, except for 10 of Tiny's in Fungi

Version History                                                     [DK14]
1/00: Got started.
1/23/00: I think this was the 1/10 point. (0.1)
2/3/00c: About 40% finished. (0.4)
2/23/00: Reached the halfway point. (0.5)
3/12/00c: Almost two-thirds finished. (0.65)
9/00: Got started again after a long stoppage. (0.7)
10/00: 90% complete. (0.9)
3/10/04: Made a very small change.
3/8/05: Started editing the guide for the first time in more than four years.
3/10/05: Completed Version 1.0.

11/14/07: Started re-typing guide (1.02).
11/16/07: Did more stuff (1.03). (7 KB)
12/3/07: Finished some of Jungle Japes (1.05).
12/16/07: Improved organization, added copyright/contact information, and
worked on the enemy list (1.06).
1/11/08: Did most of the enemy list. (1.07) (17 KB)
1/26/08: Did a small amount of work. (1.075) (21 KB)
2/7/08: Added Kroc to the enemy list. (1.076) (22 KB)
2/24/08: Did very little. (1.077) (22 KB)
2/29/08: Completed Jungle Japes in honor of Leap Year Day. (1.1) (31 KB)
3/1/08: Completed Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory, and some of Crystal Caves.
(1.45) (69 KB)
3/2/08: Completed Crystal Caves, Hideout Helm, and portions of the other three
levels. (1.65) (104 KB)
3/3/08: Completed Creepy Castle, Fungi Forest, and Gloomy Galleon. (1.85) (134
3/4/08: Streamlined level guides, adding some previously unreleased
information. Augmented FAQ section and added story. (1.88) (142 KB)
3/7/08: Did some stuff. (1.9) (144 KB)
3/8/08: Clarified some things in the Jungle Japes guide. (1.91) (145 KB)
3/9/08: Kept working despite being assailed by the Daylight Savings Time
Buzzard. (1.92) (147 KB)
3/10/08: Reviewed middle levels. (1.96) (154 KB)
3/11/08: Finished things up. (2.0) (158 KB)
3/13/08: Submitted guide to GameFAQs and Neoseeker.

Copyright/Contact Information                                       [DK15]
(c) 2008 Vinny Hamilton. All rights reserved.

All trademarks mentioned in this guide are copyrights of their respective

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If you don't comply with these guidelines, your hard drive will be reformatted 
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Heed this warning.
If you have any questions or comments about this guide, send an e-mail to 
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Do include "Donkey Kong 64" in the subject line.
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Do not send spam, pornography, chain letters, "flaming," or anything that 
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