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Donkey Kong 64 Pack Shot

Donkey Kong 64



by Super Slash

Di Gi Charat: Di Gi Communication FAQ
By: Erik Yeow AKA Chaos_Missile

Gameboy Advance
March 2006

Copyright Info:
This game belongs to Broccoli, nyo!
Di Gi Charat and all its relevant characters belong to Koge Donbo, nyo!
The store, Gamers belongs to Gamers, nyo!

This FAQ however, belongs to me for I created it, nyo!
And this FAQ only belongs in and no where else, nyo!

Version History, nyo!

Version 0.1, nyo!
Began work on the FAQ, nyo!

Version 0.2, nyo!
Wrote the introduction and story of Di Gi Charat, nyo!
Completed the legends, nyo!
Biodatas of the Characters are added, nyo!

Version 0.4, nyo!
Completed a section on using the guide, nyo!
Detailing the options, nyo!

Version 0.6, nyo!
Completed part of the walkthrough, nyo!
Finished Fun Games section, nyo!

Version 0.8, nyo!
Completed the Conversation section, nyo!
Updated some of the sections, nyo!

Version 1.1, nyo!
Finished the complete guide, nyo!
Updated some minor things, nyo!

Version 1.2, nyo!
Added an Equipment section, nyo!

Version 1.25, nyo!
Did some minor updates, nyo!

Version 1.3, nyo!
Did some more minor updates, nyo!
Added in more of the festivals, nyo!

Version 1.5, nyo!
Added in Puchiko’s Flower Viewing Festival Character Game, nyo!
Made some minor changes in the Fun Games section, nyo.

Version 1.52, nyo!
Made some very minor changes.
Updated some stuff, nyo!

Version 1.53, nyo!
Made some cosmetic updates.
Rated Puchiko’s Flower Viewing Festival Character Game, nyo.

Version 1.54, nyo!
Made some spelling Corrections.
Added in extra information to the Scoring area
Added in an extra question in the FAQ, nyo!
Added in extra info on the Holidays section, nyo!

Version 1.6, nyo!
Made some slight changes in the Biodata section as well the Main Menu Guide
Made a Visual Walkthrough for the Mini-Games section
Made some slight updates in general

Introduction and Story, nyo!

This is on of my first FAQ, nyo. So, please bear with me. Also, my Japanese is
still not very good, so some of the items may and will be left out, nyo.

This story is about a cute hybrid cat-girl alien by the name of Di Gi Charat.
She is  from the planet Di Gi Charat who came to Earth to learn how to be a
princess( and to escape the war on her planet as I soon heard). Along for the
right are her guardian, Gema, around floating balloon-like creature and Petit
Charat, another hybrid cat-girl alien like Di Gi Charat.

As they landed in Akihabara, Japan, Earth, they began their quest to go into
hiding and training at the same time. However, they then discovered that they
had no money to do either well. So, they walked around until they approached a
store called “Anime Gamers”.

The manager took pity on them and offered them jobs at the store. Also, they
discovered that the contact that was supposed to help them actually suggested
to the manager to help them. After that, the cute yet crazy adventures begin as
Di Gi Charat and her friends caused much chaos in their new found home.

Di Gi Charat was originally created as a mascot for Anime Gamers in Japan. Due
to her popularity to the customers especially among the female ones, Di Gi
Charat was then made in to a manga which was first published on the Gamers
magazine in a short strip called “Gema Gema” that was drawn by Koge Donbo,
famous for most of Broccoli’s other works like the later known “Galaxy Angels”.

As her popularity increase, an anime was soon created detailing Di Gi Charat’s
adventures in Anime Gamers, Akihabara. The 16 episode series with 3-minute an
episode was an instant hit in Japan and Di Gi Charat became Gamers’ official

There is apparently a different series of Di Gi Charat with almost identical
storyline to the original. This new one was called “Di Gi Charat, Nyo!” and
spanned over 51 complete episodes showing the anime as an actual one rather
than random tidbits.

Character Biodata, nyo!

De Ji Charat AKA Dejiko (Within Japan)/ Di Gi Charat AKA Digiko or Degiko
(Outside of Japan)
Real Name: Chocolate
Height: 148 cm (including the cat ears)
Weight: 38 kg
Birth Date: February 28 (Aquarius)
Age: 10 years old
Blood Type: O+
Favorite Food: Broccoli! (!?)
Specialty: Me~Kara Beam( translated to Laser Eye Beam)
Special Notes: She is the princess of the Planet De Ji Charat
Appearance: Green eyes, green hair, white cat ears, white cat tail, white cat
paws, 3 golden bells, maid-type clothing.

Aspiring to be a great actress( and princess in the process), Dejiko arrived to
take Earth by storm---basically, you could say that she’s a “Foreign Exchange
Student” to Earth. In order to earn her keep, she works at a gaming store
called “Gamerz”. Despite her cute appearance, Dejiko is really a vicious,
mean-spirited *brat* who won’t hesitate to use her Me~Kara Beam( literally
“Beam From the Eyes”) on anyone who annoys her, especially Gema. Still, as
arrogant and insensitive as she is, ya still gotta love her

Dejiko, the cat-girl hybrid that she is, always ends her sentences with “Nyo”
(Japanese for ‘meow’)

Her pet (unofficially) is Gema, nyo.

Real Name: ??
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Birth Date: July 13(Cancer)
Age: ??
Blood Type: O+
Specialty: Floating, Puffing, Stretching
Special Notes: Saying many words when one would suffice.
Appearance: Yellowish-round with a face that’s upside-down
and round hands. Koge Donbo once joked that Gema was her best character because
basically anyone could *draw* him.

Gema is the “flying voice of reason” and the guardian of Puchiko and Dejiko.

His mission: To keep Dejiko in check and walking the straight and narrow---for
which he’s routinely rewarded by Dejiko with her Me~Kara Beam

Gema, for whatever he is, ends his sentences with “Gema”

Gema is the unofficial pet of Dejiko, nyo. (Gema is not a “pet”, gema!)

RABI~en~Rose/ Rabian Rose/ Labian Rose
Real Name: Usada Hikaru (Within Japan), Hikaru Usada(Outside of Japan)
Height: 164 cm (including bunny ears)
Weight: “Hyeah, like, as if”
Birth Date: August 30 (Libra)
Age: 14 years old
Blood Type: A+
Favorite Food: Bamboo Dumplings, Persimmons
Specialty: Bunny Ear Propeller
Special Notes: Wear glasses and school uniform when not in costume; in other
words: DIRT POOR! (“Bimbo” in Japanese)
Appearance: Bunny Ears, Long pink hair, bunny-girl type costume, white fluffy
bunny tail,  2 giant dice at the side of the head.

Dejiko’s rival and co-worker at “Gamerz”, Rabi~en~Rose has a burning passion to
become Japan’s No. 1 star; thus, she endures poverty day after day in order to
achieve her dream. Looking like a high-class waitress, her haughty attitude
seems to be popular with people. And while it’s true that she and Dejiko often
bicker and butt heads( In other words, fight!), they really do care for one

By-the-way, if you *really* want to stay on her good side, DON’T call her by
her real name, Usada! She will usually show this by saying, “Stop calling me
Usada!” usually at Dejiko, the only one who calls her that.

Her pet is a cute green creature called “Majin Kappa”, named after a legendary
sea creature, nyo.

Puchi Charat AKA Puchiko (Within Japan) / Petit Charat (Outside of Japan)
Real Name: Capuchino
Height: 103 cm (with cat ears)
Weight: 18 kg
Birth Date: January 21(Aquarius)
Age: 5 years old
Blood Type: B+
Favorite Food: Steak, Shashimi, Fermented Natto (Soy beans)(Not too sure about
Specialty: Me~Kara Beam(kind of)
Special Notes: Interested in evil curses. Her name, “Puchiko” means “Small
Child” in JP.
Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, sailor uniform, brown kitten ears with a
flower, kitten paws (only on feet), kitten tail

Always with Dejiko is her little half-sister, Puchiko. When Dejiko manages to
put her foot in it, Puchiko is always willing to help bail Dejiko out. Puchiko
is usually pretty closed mouth, but when she does say something, it’s usually
bone-cuttingly sharp---Puchiko is not one to stand on ceremony when she decides
to make a comment. Puchiko is still learning the “Me~Kara Beam”, so you never
know *what* will shoot from her eyes.

Puchiko is more similar to that of a kitten-girl hybrid, thus always ending her
sentences with “Nyu” (Japanese for ‘mew’)

Her pet is a cat called “Hokke Mirin” with the ability to walk on its two hind
legs, nyo!

Pyokora Analogue III AKA Pyoko
Height: 138 cm
Weight: “Izza secret, pyo!”
Birth Date: October 23 (Sagittarius)
Age: 8 years old
Blood Type: AB+
Favorite Food: Butter sandwiches
Specialty: Kuchi~Kara Bazooka (Translated to Energy Mouth Bazooka)
Special Note: Proud of her cooking (especially her boiled black soy beans)
Appearance: Nurse-type clothing, short blond hair, blue eyes, a shoulder
bracelet with a large ‘B’ on it, 2 black ball-like items on either side of her

Pyokora(Also known as “Pyoko”) is the leader of the Black Gema Gema Gang. She
came to Earth after her homeworld, the planet Analogue, was destroyed and left
her destitute. In order to get money quickly, Pyoko is always trying to kidnap
Dejiko for ransom. She is a very determined and precocious young girl who never
hesitates to use her “Kuchi~Kara Bazooka”(literally “Bazooka From the Mouth”)
on those who incur her wrath.

Pyoko always ends her sentences with “Pyo”

Since she rivals Dejiko, Pyoko’s pet would be “Nazo Gema”; a creature similar
to Gema except that it is black in color and has larger mouth and eyes compared
to Gema, nyo!

Black Gema Gema Gang Top Officers:-

Rik Heisenberg
Profession: Veterinarian
Appearance: Tall, wears glasses, collar around the neck, white hair, dog ears,
dog tail, Veterinarian clothing

Ky Schweitzer
Profession: Dentist
Appearance: Wears glasses, collar around the neck, blue hair, slightly shorter
the Rik, dog ears, dog tail, Dentist clothing, cup and toothbrush around the
right chest area

Coo Erhad
Profession: Doctor
Appearance: Dog ears hat, dog tail, collar and stethoscope around the neck,
short pants, striped sleeves, brown hair

The “Brains and Brawn” behind the Black Gema Gema Gang, these three fellows are
in charge of commanding and managing the military right of the group...which
means their chief task is to raise money. To achieve this task, they are always
looking for work, but they don’t mind...for they have pledged their lives to
protect and to care for their Pyokola-sama.

They are also Pyoko’s personal Psychiatrist. All three of them also wear a
shoulder-bracelet with a large ‘B’ on it, signifying their allegiance with the
Black Gema Gema Gang, nyo.

Using this guide, nyo!

Before starting, I would like to state a few terms that will be used as my
guidelines, nyo. This will help those who don’t know Japanese to have a basic
idea on which option I’m referring to, nyo.

Most of the options in this game revolve around various colored balls, nyo. So,
each of the options will come together with an ‘OB’ for example indicating
Orange Ball. The terms that will be used in this guide:-

YB: Yellow Ball
BB: Blue Ball
GB: Green Ball
RB: Red Ball

Main Menu Guide, nyo!

When starting the game for the first time, you will be given four options, nyo.
They will be:

New Game (GB)
Continue Game (YB)
Extras (RB)
Cable Link (BB)

When you start up the game for the first time, only the New Game ball will be
its original color, nyo. The other three are grayed out and only available when
you complete the game at least once, except for the option “Continue Game”.

When you reset your GBA, the option “Continue Game” will be highlighted.
Choosing it will bring up back to your last auto safe, nyo!

Choosing Extras when you finished the game once will give you access to the
extras, nyo. Mainly sounds, CGs, and the Mini-Games, nyo.

In the Extras menu:

Conversation Configure (RB): More of this in the walkthrough
Sounds (YB): This allows you to listen to the Midis, S.E., and voices of the
View CG (BB): This allows you to view all the CG you’ve collected thus far, nyo!
Mini-Games (GB): This allows you to play the mini-games in this game, nyo.

In the Mini-Games menu:

Registering the Money (BB): You must collect cash in this game.
In Need of Customers (GB): You must collect customers in this game.
Stock Management Problem (YB): You must manage the stock in this game.
Keeping the Store Clean (RB): You must clean the store in this game.

Pressing the ‘R’ button will bring you to the Character Games. There:

Dejiko’s Monkey Trouble (BB): You must chase a monkey who has stolen Gema
through an obstacle-filled track.
Usada’s Halloween Treat (RB): You must collect sweets while avoiding the
pumpkins who want to steal your candies.
Puchiko’s Flower Viewing Festival (YB): You must collect Sakura petals while
avoiding the likes of the caterpillars and bees.
Shiritori (GB): Most likely a multiplayer game through the Cable Link option.
You’ll have to make up words that begins with the last sound said. Eg:
‘Komachi’ ends with ‘chi’, so you’ll have to continue with a word that begins
with ‘chi’, like ‘chi-matusuri’, then ‘ringo’ etc. The game ends when the
previous word mention ends with an ‘n’. Like, from ‘ringo’, we get ‘goju-en’.
This means that the person who said ‘goju-en’ loses.

In each of the Mini-Games option, there will be three options:

Start Game (GB): Starts the game.
How to Play (BB): Instructions on how to play the game.
High Scores (YB): Keep track of your scores.

Starting the Game, nyo!

When you begin a new game, Gema will talk to you a bit. He will say something
about you being a manager of the store known as “Gamerz”. And then, you will be
required to write your biodata, nyo.

If you know Japanese, good for you, why did you need to come here? If not, the
biodata is arranged like this, nyo:

Name: ??
Birth Date: ?? Month ?? Day
Blood Type: ??
Special Words 1: ??
Special Words 2: ??
Special Words 3: ??

Author’s note: The special words may be something else, nyo. I’m not really
sure about it, so I’ll leave it as that.

In writing your biodata, the name and special words can be written in Hiragana,
Katakana, or both. If you can read a bit or can’t read at all, you can type
nonsense in here and nothing will be said. If you can read, you should know on
how to write the name you shall be known as, nyo.

After doing all that, Gema will continue to talk to you some more. Then a girl
with green hair in cat costume will appear, introducing herself as “De Ji
Charatto, nyo!” After a bit more story, Dejiko will use her famed “Me~Kara
Beam” to shoot Gema because he was being annoying, nyo. And you’ll get your
first CG of the game. After a bit more story, another girl will come. This
time, she looks a bit more mature than Dejiko with long bunny ears, nyo. She
will introduce her self as “Rabi~En~Rose” while telling a bit of her
background. As the story unfolds, you’ll discover that she doesn’t like to be
called Usada. “Usada to yobidanai!”(Don’t call me Usada!)

As the story continues, you then meet a small, silent girl. She introduces
herself as “Puchi Charatto, nyu.” Then, Gema will come back to you, explaining
and then asking you to choose one of those three cute girls to be something
like your favorite (I’m not sure this part). And then, off you go to choose
your girl, nyo.

Your choices are:

Choose the girl you like, nyo. For whoever you choose will net you different
CGs and Character Games (Will come back to this later, nyo.) as the story
progresses, nyo.

Starting Work, nyo!

After choosing your character, you will be brought to a different screen. This
is your Management Screen, nyo. This is the place where you will return to
every week to restock your shop, redistribution of jobs and the like, nyo. When
beginning each game, you will start on the first day of month of April and each
game will last for 1 year. Here, on your first week, Gema will talk to you a
bit and then he’ll ask you whether you want a tutorial or not, nyo. Choosing
yes will send you on a tutorial on basically what you can do. Choosing no will
let you skip the tutorial, nyo. The question will look a bit like this:

Gema: Do you want a tutorial, gema?
   Yes          No

Most questions will use the same layout regardless of the question.

The tutorial is basically like this, nyo. You will have 4 options like the main
menu. Each of the same color of the menus: Blue, Green, Yellow and Red balls.

Choosing the Blue one will start the week, nyo.
Choosing the Yellow one will lead you to a different menu. This is otherwise
known as the “Miscellaneous Menu” or Misc. Menu for short.
Choosing the Green one will send you to the Job Distribution menu
Choosing the Red one will bring you to the Stock menu.

If you chose the Green Ball:

You will be sent to different menu screen like this:

[Stock]                 [Customer Service]

         [Cleaning]                        [Register]

At the first week, Dejiko will be at the register, Usada at the Customer
Service and Puchiko at stock. You will notice an icon above each of their head,
nyo. This tells you whether they’re happy with the job or not. It is advisable
to keep them happy or they will be discouraged from working.

Pressing the ‘R’ button brings up a job rooster. This will tell you basically
the job they’re doing now, which job they fancy for the week, and the equipment
in a job. Blue is for Dejiko, Pink for Usada and Yellow for Puchiko. The gauge
threw will tell you how long more before they level up. For each of the
categories, they can level up for up to 4 times, nyo. After that, they cannot
be leveled up anymore. Leveling up, so far I see doesn’t make much different to
how well they do. It does however open up a CG for the girl and category if you
maxed them out. Equipments can help a bit, as leveling up can be slow and the
girls will not really like a same job often, nyo.

Also, when distributing the jobs, you must keep in mind that the register
cannot be left unattended. With this and the possibility of all 3 girls hating
the same job on the same week is one of the problems you’ll face as manager,

If you chose the Red Ball:

You will be brought to another menu screen similar to the Job screen except
this time with empty selves:

[Shelf]           [Shelf]


Clicking on a shelf will bring you to a different menu screen this time with a
lot of pictures and numbers, nyo. This is the place for you to buy your stock
for the week, nyo. The stocks will be mostly Character item, nyo. This includes
Dejiko Books, Dejiko Mugs, Puchiko Pens, Puchiko Stickers, Usada Eraser, Usada
CD, etc. The item will be layout like this, nyo:

Picture [Amounts] [Price]
Picture   [Percentage]

The prices are usually high because you have to buy them in bulk, nyo.

The percentage dictates how much the profit will be. To put it simply:

Item [50] [10000]
Item   [10]

This is an example of a stock you can buy. Using the percentage:

10/100 X 10000= 1000


11000/50= 220

In other words, that item will be sold for 220 yen, nyo. You will get a 20 yen

By the way, all prices are in Japanese Yen, nyo.

Occasionally, as the game progresses, you will see a star next to some of the
item. This star means that the item is a recommendation for the week.

To ease your life on browsing through the items available that week, pressing
the ‘R’ button will arrange the stock.

Upon choosing your stock, you must then determine how much you want. And that
will determine the price you have to pay, nyo.

One more thing I forgot to mention, you begin the game with only 100000 Yen,
nyo. It may look a lot but actually it isn’t. You will have to buy your items
properly if you want your store to prospers, nyo. Also the game will warn you
if you have items of similar brand like two of the selves are filled with
Dejiko items. Coinciding items will affect on the happiness and choice of your
anthropomorphic customers, nyo.

If you chose the Yellow Ball:

You will be brought to a different menu with 3 options. This is your Misc. Menu
and more options will be added as the game progresses, nyo!

If you chose the Green ball (Equipment Menu), you will be brought to an
equipment menu, nyo. The equipments are the same for each character as well as
the pricing, nyo! The equipments are not cheap, so make sure you have lots of
cash before you get them, nyo.

The other options are not very certain yet. You can choose to buy these
options, nyo. They can be insurance, investments and the likes, nyo. When I
find out more, I will update this one, nyo.

In the Misc. Menu, you can only buy one item per week. So, you have to choose
your items carefully in here, nyo.

After you’ve done all your things like stocking up your selves and distributing
jobs, choosing the Blue one will start the week and open the shop, nyo!

Observation, nyo!

When you start the week, this is the best time for you to sit back, relax and
enjoy as your cute workers do their duties, nyo. You will be given a bird’s
eyes view of the shop as you oversee your workers, nyo. During this time, you
can do a few things: You can choose to see your workers’ thoughts, talk to them
(only once per day), fast-forward and skip the day, nyo.

During this time, you can see how the customers will react to the items you
stocked. If there’s a heart, that means they love the item. A smiley face means
they like it and if you hear a deep, irritating-like sound during the music,
and they’re walking away, means they hate it. Usually, when this happens, your
customer count for the week will decrease drastically, nyo.

During this time, you can enjoy watching and talking to your workers, or if
you’re bored of waiting, pressing the ‘Start’ button will automatically skip
the day. However, all business that would have been made that day will still
count. You can also choose to fast-forward the game by pressing the ‘R’ button.
This will allow you to enjoy the week at twice the speed, nyo.

If however, you didn’t do anything like buy stocks especially, the days will
fly by very quickly as you have nothing to sell, nyo.

At the end of the week (this is usually a Saturday), the character that you
chose will give you a report for the week such as the loss and gain margin and
amount of customers for the week, nyo. Blue words means increase, red words
means decrease, white means no difference and green ones is special, nyo. Also,
if there is a character that leveled up, they will be shown as well as to what
level they’ve achieved, nyo.

Before I forget, if you have an item that is still in stock after around 4
weeks, before the week ends, your character will mention something about the
said item having a 50% off discount. This in turn will make a lot of customers
rushing into the shop to get it at half the selling price, nyo. This usually
happens if you buy too much stock of an item, nyo (E.g. 200 pieces of Broccoli
for only 20000 yen, nyo) When this happens, the week will only end if all the
stocks of the item are finished, nyo.

One last thing, after the report, the game will auto save every Sunday BEFORE
you prepare your store, nyo.

Equipments, nyo!

In the Misc. Menu in the Management Area, the GB will bring you to the
equipments, nyo. Each of your characters has the same equipment for the same
price, nyo. The only difference is who has it and who doesn’t as they don’t
share the equipments. While other than to serve no purpose but to decorate and
make your characters’ job look more hi-tech, the equipments may serve a purpose
in leveling up your character, nyo

I will put more tests into this, nyo! However, my theory says that buying the
equipments will help your characters level up faster in the particular area
that you bought the equipment for. I will confirm this theory soon.

So until then, Gomen!

Holidays, nyo!

As I said before, beginning each game, you will start on the first day of month
of April. This will continue until the end of March the next year, nyo. So,
during this time, you will celebrate various holidays at least once, nyo.
Gameplay-wise, when you come across a holiday, you’ll not be having work for
the day. Instead, you’ll have an Event scene where you may come across the
Mini-Games or CGs. After the event, work will resume as normal the next day.

As this game was made in Japan, the holidays are based on the Japanese culture,
nyo. An amount of your CGs will come from these holidays. Some of the holidays
that will be shown (that I can tell) are:

New Year Day: The day the New Year begins and you grow one year older. Japanese
people will usually play Karuta cards, recite the Hyakunin Isshu (Poem of
Hundred Verses), fly kites or and play a kind of badminton game during this
day. They’ll also go the Ginza (Shrine) to pray and wish for a good year or
anything else they want.

Tanabata Day: To put it simply, the day when two star-crossed lovers meet. I’m
not so sure about the legend but the two in question are Orihime and Hikoboshi,
names of stars which will meet at a certain point on this day. It is said that
any wish you make on this day will come true, nyo.

Christmas Day: You all know what this is, nyo. It is one of the holiday
everybody looks forward too, nyo! :)

Valentine’s Day: The day of love. On this day, women traditionally give
chocolates to their special men, as well as to their male coworkers.
Valentine's Day is not exactly a national holiday. But, in this game, you’ll
receive a gift from your chosen character, nyo.

Hanami: The day of the Flower-Viewing. It is also called the Flower-Viewing
festival, nyo! This is one of the best times to enjoy the blossoming of the
beautiful Sakura (Cherry Blossom) trees in Japan. This is one of the earliest
holidays you’ll come across. As well as one of the earliest CGs in the game,

Hina-Matsuri: Also known as the Doll Festival, nyo! This is a time where the
gang will display a small set of Doll ornaments (Although you can’t really see
it :P ). It is during this time that the gang (Actually, just your chosen
character) will present themselves in an impressive kimono for this CG, nyo.

Halloween: The day of the Undead. This is the time when all you l'll kiddies
can go and dress up as your favorite monsters, demons and ghost to say Trick or
Treat to each house in your neighborhood (Western countries, usually)

Sports Day: The law sets aside this day as a national holiday for enjoying
sports and cultivating a healthy mind and body. It was created in 1966 on the
anniversary of the opening day of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

More to come. . . . . . .

Conversations, nyo!

Aside from managing the shop, you’ll usually be able to have small
conversations with the characters, nyo. This usually happens when the week in
finished but before going to the Management Screen. The conversations usually
revolve around random tidbits and jokes, similar to the anime. You can’t choose
the conversations however, it is worth noting of an interesting feature that
Broccoli (the developers) included inside which was in mentioned in the game’s
website. If I’m not mistaken, the 3 special words that you had to type in your
biodata can be used here.

While having conversations, you may sometimes notice an icon next to a ‘B’
button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. According to the game’s
website, that button means “To Forget”; but translation-wise, it means “No”. In
other words, if you were to press the ‘B’ button when you can see the icon, the
characters will forget a word and will ask you to teach them a new word. Some
of these new words will come from the special words that I mentioned earlier or
while others, you will have to type in new one.

This is quite an interesting concept as you well see the character talk using
words that you taught them, nyo.

Fun Games, nyo!

At certain points of the year, you will be given a task to play a kind of game,
nyo. These games can range from fun to difficult to irritating, nyo. It depends
on how good you are, nyo. The games are put into 2 categories: the Job-Specific
Games and the Character Games. You will get the Job-Specific Games regardless
of who you play. However, to get the Character Game, you must play a specific
character for a particular game to show up, nyo. Note that the names are not
official, but ones I created for easier referencing.

I’ll first start with the Job-Specific Games, nyo. There are 4 Job-Specific
Games at 4 different times of the year, nyo. You will get your first mini game
between October to December, nyo.

Registering the Money:
That’s what I call it, nyo as that is what you have to do. This is one of the
first mini-games you’ll encounter. In this game, you control a platform that
can move left and right, nyo. And then you have your star. Your task is to
collect a specific amount of money in a specific amount of time without letting
your star fall down. To be precise, it plays similar to the old Atari game,
Arkanoid and can be pretty intense at times.

In order to collect the money, you must bounce your star to hit the customers
at the top of the screen, nyo. Upon impact, the customers will drop various
amounts of money ranging from 1 yen to 1000 yen, nyo. Using your platform, you
must also collect the money while making sure your star doesn’t fall down. And
how much money you collect cannot exceed the limit set. Exceeding which will
make you lose a life, nyo. If the star falls down too, you will lose a life,
nyo. You can also lose if your time limit reaches zero, from 120 seconds. Good
Luck, nyo!

Here’s an example gameplay:

Fun Level: ***/***** [3/5]
Difficulty: ****/***** [4/5]

In Need of Customers:
This game is like mother hen where you control your chosen character to collect
the customers that continuously walk by. After collecting your customer, you
must bring them back to a small square in front of the shop, nyo! The more
customers you bring, the greater the multiplier will be for each customer after
the first one worth the twice of the last one, as in the multiplier of 2. E.g.
the first one is worth 1 point. If you have two there, the second one will
worth 2, the third will worth 4, the fourth will worth 8 and so on, and this
will total up to see your current score.

There are challengers however; the customers are both the chicks and the eagle.
Normal customers are brown while the ones you collected will be blue. If a
normal one touches the blue one, the blue customer will run away as a red
customer, nyo! If you can touch the normal one before it touches your blue one,
you can add it to your collection, nyo. Be warned however, the more customers
collected and not brought, the more chance of you losing all of them, nyo. So,
this is also like a game of ‘Snake’! The minimum score you have to collect is
300 points, in a time limit of 120 seconds, nyo! Have fun!

Here’s an example gameplay:
This is not one of my best playthroughs. :(

Fun level: *****/***** [4/5]
Difficulty: ***/***** [3/5]

Stock Management Problem:
To describe this game simply, it’s a memory game, nyo! At the start of the
game, you will be given 8 different colored boxes with a number labeled to each
of them. The goal of this game is to push the boxes in that order to Puchiko
(Or Usada, if you chose Puchiko) waiting at the door, nyo. Puchiko will not
accept if the boxes are not in order, nyo.

In this game, you must be careful to not accidentally push the boxes into a
corner for you cannot pull them. By walking, you push the boxes by one square.
By pressing down the ‘B’ button, you can push the boxes at a much faster rate,
double the speed. You have 120 seconds to push all 8 boxes in order to Puchiko.

Here’s an example gameplay:

Fun Level: **/***** [2/5]
Difficulty: ****/***** [4/5] (**/***** [2/5] if you have a good memory, nyo!)

Keeping the Store Clean:
You heard me right, nyo. This game is all about the cleanliness of the store.
In your hand is a mop. In front of you are the customers dirtying your shop.
You know what you have to do. . . .That’s right, you’ve got to do your job and
mop up the dirt.

You will be controlling your character through the customer-infested store to
mop up the shoe prints and dirt left by customers. To clean the dirt, simply
walked over them. However, to clean up the shoe marks, they require multiple
cleaning. If you come across dirt you cannot get rid of, you must press the ‘A’
button on the dirt to wipe it of. The goal of this game is to clean the store
in the least amount of time possible, nyo. Good Luck. This game is difficult at
first but once you get the hang of it, it gradually becomes easy. The time
limit for this game is also 120 seconds, nyo.

Here’s a sample gameplay, nyo! :

Fun Level: ***/***** [3/5]
Difficulty: **/***** [2/5] (*****/***** [5/5] if you don’t know the controls :P)

For the mini-games that require you to control your character such as Stock
Management Problem and Keeping the Store Clean, pressing the ‘B’ button will
enable your character to run, nyo, making them move faster.

Next is the Character Games, nyo! This games are special as they can only be
unlocked if you chose a specific character, nyo.

Dejiko’s Monkey Trouble:
If you chose Dejiko as your favorite character, this is your character game.
With a story about Gema being kidnapped by a monkey during a vacation sometime
in November, Dejiko must rescue her floating pet before the monkey does
god-knows-what with him.

This is a difficult Character game. As Dejiko, you must follow a monkey through
an obstacle-filled track. You must avoid the obstacle at all cost. Failing
which the monkey will taunt you, nyo. You can jump to avoid certain obstacles,
but you’re better off avoiding them as best as you can, nyo. You will fail if
you lose all 4 chances before reaching the end, nyo. You ALSO fail if you reach
the end before the timer finshes and you haven’t completed your objective yet.
As of now (25/1/2007), I’ve yet to discover the method to win this game.

Here’s an example gameplay of this extremely annoying mini-game, nyo! :

Fun Level: */***** [1/5]
Difficulty: *****/***** [5/5]

Usada’s Halloween Treat:
If you chose Usada as your favorite character, this is your character game.
With the story about the Black Gema Gema Gang trying to steal all the Halloween
candy around Halloween, you must stop them by getting the candy before them.

This is quite average, nyo as you’ll be using Usada’s special Bunny Ear Copter
for this game. As Usada, you must collect the candy that falls through the sky
while evading the Pumpkins Gebas (Geba soldiers with pumpkin heads) that try to
steal them from you. To defeat the Pumpkins Gebas, you have to jumped on them
ala Mario. If you’re lucky, they may sometimes drop some extra candy for you to
take. If you fall, you have to propel yourself up again using the ‘A’ button.
Your objective is to collect as much candy as possible before the Pumpkin
Gebas, nyo. You fail if you hit a pumpkin and lose all your chances, nyo. You
only have 4 chances.

Here’s an example gameplay:

Fun Level: ***/***** [3/5]
Difficulty: ***/***** [3/5]

Puchiko’s Flower Viewing Festival:
If you chose Puchiko as your favorite character, this is your character game.
With a story of Puchiko being bored during the Flower-Viewing festival, you
must help to entertain her by collecting the Sakura petals that fell of from
the tree.

Also, this is your earliest Mini Game in this game as you get it just about 2-3
weeks into the game. As Puchiko, you must collect as much Sakura petals as you
can before they either touch the ground or get eaten by the insects that
followed them from the trees. Due to your small stature, the caterpillars will
be able to hurt you. You can run with the ‘B’ button and jump with the ‘A’
button. You must collect as much Sakura petals as you can before the
caterpillars overwhelm you. Bees will come after a short while into the game to
pose an extra challenge to you. You will fail if you get hit by a caterpillar
or a bee and lose all your chances, nyo. As usual, you also have 4 chances for
this Character Game, nyo.

Here’s an example gameplay:

Fun Level: ***/ ***** 	[3/5]
Difficulty: **/ ***** [2/5]

Scoring System, nyo!

As most sim-type games, you are assessed on how well you do, nyo. In this game,
your progress will be recorded at the end of every few months in the form of a
Resume sheet using a kind of point system, nyo. Your scores will be awarded on
your total profit, weekly profit, customer satisfaction and your total money,
nyo. This will then all be added up to show you your final score for the part
of the game, nyo.

This is basically what they mean from top to bottom, nyo (maybe):-
1st: Month's Revenue
2nd: Discounted Revenue
3rd: Leftover Stock
4th: Wasted Stock
5th: Max Income for the day

Bottom-Right: Overall Grand Total

This is where the Cable Link option comes in, nyo. According to Broccoli’s
website, you can apparently link up with another GBA to compare scores and
engage in the mini games (not sure about this), nyo.

FAQs, nyo!

Some of the questions that might be asked, I shall answer them here, nyo.

Q: Does the Black Gema Gema Gang make an appearance in this game?
A: If memory serves me right, they appeared during Usada’s path. Somewhere
before her Character Game

Q: Is there an English version of this game?
A: This game was released in 2002 and till now, there is still no English
planning. So, the answer is most likely no.

Q: I enjoyed this game! Is there more?
A: Apparently, there’s a sequel called “Di Gi Charat: Di Gi Communication 2:
Datou ni Black Gema Gema Dan!” which roughly translates to “The Black Gema Gema
Gang Comes!” (I think). Even though it’s a sequel, there are some gameplay
difference, especially involving the use of various cards for the various jobs.

Credits, nyo!

GameFaqs, nyo! For putting this up.

Koge Donbo, nyo! For creating the Di Gi Charat characters.

Broccoli, nyo! For distributing all Di Gi Charat Related Merchandise.

Anime Gamerz, nyo! For starting the Mascot idea for their shop which in turn
brought to the creation of Di Gi Charat

The manga, “Degiko’s Champion Cup Theater” for details on most of the character
bios, nyo!, nyo! For some extra information about the Di Gi Charat series,

Me, nyo! For creating the FAQ.

And the last but not least, YOU, the readers! For taking the time to read this
FAQ, nyo! Arigatou, nyo!