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Follow the dark path or use the light
Chameleon Twist 2 Pack Shot

Chameleon Twist 2



by The_Beer_Ninja


By Dullahan1031
Platform: Nintendo 64
Date: September 10, 2012

---------		---	---------------

I.)........................ 	| INTRODUCTION
II.)......................	| COIN AND CARROT LISTING
III.)......................	| REWARDS LISTING	
IV.).....................	| CONCLUSION AND CONTACT INFO


 	If you've never played either of the Chameleon Twist games, you 
may want to give them a shot. While the series has received middling 
reviews from critics and players alike, I found it to be a quite 
enjoyable action series. It's a pretty basic run and jump affair with a 
unique approach to the controls. The player assumes the role of a 
chameleon that uses his/her tongue to retrieve objects, stick to walls, 
and swing from poles. I should add that this series is clearly geared 
toward the kiddies; if you're looking for a game that will push your 
reflexes and abilities to the limit, you're in the wrong place.

	On the other hand, if you're the type who enjoys the journey 
rather than the accomplishment, you might want to kill a few hours with 
Chameleon Twist. And that's one of the things I like most about these 
games- they don't overstay their welcome. While I love the Final 
Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid games as much as the next guy, they 
unfortunately sit around collecting dust in my house because of the 
massive time investment they require. The Chameleon Twist games and 
similar ones are great for the busy folk juggling work, school, a 
spouse, and children. They're so short that you can finish them in a 
weekend and the whole family can enjoy them (no waiting for the little 
ones to go to sleep so you can pop in an M-rated shooter). Not to 
mention that with only six levels, you don't notice the flaws as much 
as with a sprawling RPG or adventure game. Oh, and with the American 
economic crisis currently going on, at just a few bucks the price is 
right, baby.

	This article's main goal is to get all of the Chameleon Coins and 
Carrots in the game (ie: unlocking everything). What this is NOT is an 
in-depth guide to the various intricacies of the adventure. The levels 
are linear enough that you should never be in doubt as to how to 
proceed. Similarly, the game itself has an excellent training mode that 
explains the controls well; there's no need to waste time reproducing 
this information. But the biggest reason for this article's brevity is 
simple. Describing every nuance of the game is not only boring as hell, 
it also takes all of the excitement of discovery out of the adventure.


	This is a complete checklist of the Chameleon Coins and Carrots 
found in the game. I'll also add some notes here and there where I feel 
it's appropriate (for example, how to defeat a Boss or make an 
unusually difficult jump).

	***STAGE 1: SKY LAND***
	As with most games of this type, the first level is a fairly 
straightforward course that introduces the player to the basic 
conventions of the adventure. Most of the Chameleon Coins are out in 
plain sight (a few may be placed just out of camera's view) and the 
Carrot is virtually unable to be missed. You probably won't need much 
help at all in clearing this stage.

	COIN 1: Walk forward from the start and you'll see it right next 
to the White Rabbit. In the lower left corner near the groups of 
Ladybugs you can snag a Heart. When you reach a green island and the 
path splits into two rainbow roads, take the lower one for a Roulette 
Star (careful not to fall off the edge).
	COIN 2: After the green Lift Tile takes you to a dirt road, 
you'll find it on a blue tile that's floating over a hole.
	COIN 3: At the end of this same dirt road is a ramp, with the 
Coin resting on it. After this is a rotating green bridge. Jump onto 
the red rooftop in the background for a Roulette Star. Remember to keep 
jumping on the steep surface of the roof so that you don't slide off. 
If it looks like you're going to fall, don't forget that you can use 
your tongue to latch onto the roof temporarily.
	You can also jump onto the red roof to the right. Jump onto the 
rotating bridge from the ramp as early as possible (while it's still 
far below you) then race to the other end while the bridge arm is still 
inclined. Use your parasol and you should land on the left edge of the 
rooftop. Your rewards for your efforts are a Roulette Star and a Star 

	COIN 4: At the end of the bridge area you have the choice of an 
upper or lower route. Take the upper first and you'll find a Heart on 
the bluff. Vault up to the summit and you can snag another Heart on the 
left as well as a Roulette Star on the right.
	Take the lower path on this mountain and you'll come upon a 
Roulette Heart. The Chameleon Coin is just beyond it over a blue tile 
jump. An upper ledge holds a Roulette Star. You can either jump to it 
after the last blue Lift Tile stops moving, or drop to it from the 
upper route (either way, use your parasol).

	COIN 5: Vault onto the green canopy-like platform, where the coin 
is surrounded by Ladybugs. Bring some of the bugs with you if you can; 
they'll help you dispatch a difficult enemy not far ahead.

	COIN 6: After you clear the collapsing stairway, you'll reach an 
open area with the Coin and a Roulette Star. The Tornado enemy is a bit 
tricky. You'll have to eat some of the Hornets and hit the whirlwind 
three times to stop it, but it'll usually cough up a Heart of some kind 
for you. Use the Roulette Star with caution; if it hands you Speed 
Down, the battle will be quite a bit tougher than it needs to be.

	COIN 7: When you beat the Tornado, you'll be given a choice of 
three Lift Tiles. Use the left one and grab the Heart when it stops. 
Take the next one and it'll bring you to the Coin we need. Take the 
rainbow road south for a Roulette Heart. Jump to the left and float 
back down to the three Lift Tiles.

	COIN 8: This time take the middle Lift Tile. As it cruises past 
the island holding the Coin, quickly scarf it with your tongue. The 
next island holds a Roulette Star, so hop out and grab that too. The 
Lift Tile will pause for a few seconds, so you can afford to go a 
little slower than you normally would.

	COIN 9: You'll pass over another collapsing stairwell and into a 
clearing populated by hostile Sunflowers. The Coin is in the lower end 
of the area near the edge of the cliff. Killing the Sunflowers will 
occasionally yield a Heart, but it's not worth it since they multiply 
so quickly.
	In the hot air balloon section, you'll need to kill birds or let 
them roost to adjust the weight of your dirigible, which will gain or 
lose altitude accordingly. Ignore the signs and look for the seven 
Hearts scattered around here if you need them. A Roulette Star is also 
up high near the end. Right before the balloon reaches land, there is 
an easily accessible Heart near the docking platform. Getting them all 
will require you to fall and start over if you miss one. 
	SKY LAND CARROT: After the Lift Tile deposits you near a desert 
area, check overhead and you'll see a tempting blue tile. Get on the 
left edge of the grass and vault into a high jump, then stick your 
tongue to the wall and jump up onto the platform. Do the same for the 
next jumps until you reach the top. There's a mountainous valley up 
here with a Roulette Star and a very valuable Star Heart. Return to the 
lower section and proceed past the Tornados. On the rainbow road here, 
you'll find your first Carrot.

	COIN 10: You'll snag this one on the island immediately following 
the Carrot. Don't forget that unlike the first game, you can eat Coins 
with your tongue. This technique comes in handy with all of the wind 
blowing you around here. The posts scattered about are handy waypoints 
you can grab with your tongue, as well.

	COIN 11: Just a couple of jumps away from the previous Coin, 
you'll find this one on an island. The next platform has a Roulette 
Star and a Sunflower. Hurry up and book out of there before he starts 
growing some of his obnoxious buddies. You might actually have an 
easier time climbing the trick staircase when it's flat. Be wary when 
the steps form, though, as it's easy to fall through the back and to 
your doom. You'll probably notice a floating grass island in the 
distance at the top. Keep going, we'll get to it in a bit.

	COIN 12: Jump off of the trick staircase to find this one. 
Halfway down the spike-laden bridge is a plank with arrows on it 
indicating your path. Pause here for awhile and a Lift Tile will come 
cruising by at high speed. Pivot the camera left so you'll have an 
early warning of the Lift Tile's arrival. Jump onto it (use your shadow 
to predict your landing point) and ride it all the way around the 
vicinity to the island we saw earlier. Your rewards are a Roulette Star 
and a Star Heart. Now comes the hard part- getting back in one piece. 
	You're going to need to hop back on the Lift Tile as it passes 
(unless you were able to slurp the pickups as you zoomed by), a feat 
made extremely difficult by the uncooperative camera. Try sticking your 
tongue out in the direction the Lift Tile is coming from. The camera 
will follow your tongue, giving you a few extra moments of warning when 
the Lift Tile comes flying around towards your island. Jump back on and 
pivot the camera ahead of you so that you can see the original arrow-
decorated plank you departed from as early as possible. Jump early and 
latch onto land with your tongue- anywhere in sight is fine, as long as 
it doesn't bring you into spikes when you jump up to solid ground. We 
should at last be ready to continue.

	COIN 13: Proceed along the mountainside (you can ignore the poles 
since the jumps aren't very high) until you reach the ledge before a 
large group of Hearts. Turn back to the left and jump while stretching 
out your tongue. You should stick to a faraway pole with a Roulette 
Star on it. Make your way over however you feel like and grab it. 
Return to the previous ledge and snap up the four Hearts waiting for 
you. You'll find the Coin a couple of islands ahead of the sign telling 
you to use your parasol in the updraft.

	COIN 14: The very next island on the path has this Coin for you. 
Watch out for malignant Raindrops when you go for it, though. When 
you're using the next rainbow road, jump up to the perpendicular one 
and head down to its lowest point for a Roulette Heart. There is a lone 
Heart on a small ledge directly to the right of the first Magic Carpet.
	COIN 15: Skip the first Magic Carpet and drop down to a lower 
area of this island. The Coin is on the left edge of the bluff. A 
second Magic Carpet is down here, which will take you back topside.

	COIN 16: As soon as you disembark from your ride, you'll see this 
one hidden behind a small tree on the left edge of the island. Press on 
and you'll reach an area with large Sunflower enemies that thankfully 
do not multiply. Make your way to the route marker arrows between the 
two Sunflowers and jump off of the cliff on the lower side. Use your 
parasol to land on a blue Lift Tile holding a Roulette Star and 
Roulette Heart. After several moments, the Lift Tile will transport you 
back to the top area.

	COIN 17: A bit further on you'll reach a series of Lift Tiles 
moving over a row of spinning logs, forming a makeshift conveyor belt. 
Ignore this for now and take the upper route by swinging on the pole 
with your tongue. At the end of the wooden ramp, pivot the camera left 
and you'll see a wooden beam rotating anticlockwise. Make your way onto 
this beam (sticking to the wall and jumping onto it seems to be the 
most reliable method) and move as fast as you can to the left edge. 
There's a Star Heart floating in midair. You can't vault on this 
rotating platform, so you'll just have to be quick enough to get to the 
left side while the platform is still inclined. Remember to jump so you 
don't slide backwards, and that you can grab Hearts with your tongue. 
Finally, proceed to the Chameleon Coin which is chilling on a wooden 
platform just after the odd-looking conveyor belt. 

	COIN 18: You'll soon come upon a pair of wooden Lift Tiles. 
Ignore the left one (it just brings you back in a circle) and take the 
other. It will take you past all of the other tree stumps and directly 
to this Coin. From here, take the left Tile (the right one will dump 
you into the abyss below) and grab the Heart when you reach your 
destination. Walk onto the bottom Tile to move ahead, and then take the 
right Tile to float to the far side of this area and the path to the 
next challenge.

	COIN 19: After the Lift Tile area, you'll see a pair of slowly 
rotating wooden planks. Get on the first one and wait until one of the 
edges arcs out to the left. Walk to the end of it and grab this Coin. 
After the White Rabbit, you'll walk across a wooden catwalk swarming 
with Ladybugs. Eat the Roulette Star floating in the middle. 

	COIN 20: You'll reach a tree with a grassy ledge around it. 
Carefully drop off of the right side of the platform (use your parasol) 
and you'll earn your last Coin in Sky Land. Congratulations! Use the 
nearby blue Lift Tile to return to the main path. Pilfer the rare 
Triple Heart in the corner before riding the ornate Lift Tile to the 
Boss's arena.

	SKY LAND BOSS: Maraca Madman
	Our first Boss opponent looks like he stepped out of a Super 
Mario game. He's a bearded, mushroom-headed monstrosity wielding... 
maracas. He's not much of a threat to you, though, unless you have some 
kind of allergic reaction to salsa music, I guess. He just shuffles 
around dejectedly and shoots out a bunch of little Mushroom Men that 
you can use as ammunition. Sometimes he'll lunge at you, but this is 
very rare and only occurs when his health is getting in the danger 
zone. In short, you can all but ignore him unless you're shooting at 
	The real danger here (as in another Boss fight in this game, 
unfortunately) is the frustrating camera. You can't adjust it in a Boss 
battle, and it remains zoomed in very close to your Chameleon. This 
means that when you're in the middle of a crowd of Mushroom Men (as you 
are for 75% of this fight), you can't see what's immediately behind you 
or to the sides. That's a problem. You're going to take hits, and quite 
a few of them, simply because you're more or less blind on three sides. 
Even if you're able to pivot the camera to the side, it will only stay 
there for a couple of seconds before reverting directly behind you. 
	Luckily, there are three Hearts and a Roulette Star scattered on 
the four corners of the arena. Score a Triple Shot from the roulette 
and this fight is almost already won. The name of the game here is 
sucking up as many enemies as you can in one lick and blasting them all 
back at your bearded opponent. He'll summon larger groups as you wear 
down his health. Keep firing at him and do your best to avoid running 
into any wandering Mushroom Men (you will, though, but hopefully not 
too often). If you entered the battle with a decent amount of health, 
you should be able to outlast him without much difficulty. 

	STAGE CLEAR! If you managed to collect all 20 Chameleon Coins, 
you'll get a present. To access it, just press Start on the Stage 
Select screen and choose it from the menu. You can always return to the 
level you just played and pick up any Coins (or the Carrot) that you 

	This second stage ups the ante a bit in terms of difficulty, but 
the Chameleon Coins are all in fairly obvious places, for the most 
part. Have you finished the level only to find you're missing one? Try 
beating that minigame high score, if you haven't already. Other than 
that, this course is a mostly linear (and fun) romp through an 
amusement park.

	COIN 1: Make your way down the ramp and you'll see it in the 
middle of a platform populated by Homicidal Ice Cream Cones that will 
try to tip themselves over on you. Head down the brick walkway and past 
the Ambulatory Popcorn Bucket and Sentient Large Fries to find a 
Roulette Heart in a doorway. 

	COIN 2: Hop onto the cobblestone platform suspended by a chain 
and you'll see this Coin to the left. Stand in the opposite corner to 
tip the platform over as far as you can, so the edge nearest the Coin 
is at its highest point. Make your way over to it by jumping (so you 
don't weigh down the platform) and grab it.

	COIN 3: The lower right corner of the cobblestone platform 
(hidden from camera view) holds this Coin. Get it the same way you did 
the previous one. You can also grab the Roulette Stars if you want. If 
you get something good from the first one, skip the other since it will 
cancel out the previous Star's effect.

	COIN 4: Shortly after this you will come upon platforms attached 
to crane arms. Hop off onto the lower of the first pair of brick 
towers. You'll find a Heart on the bottom level. The top level of the 
upper tower has the Coin. 

	COIN 5: Check the lower tower in the next pair for a Heart on the 
top level. The bottom level of the upper tower has a Roulette Star. 
Jump off of the rotating platforms at the end to find the Coin on solid 

	COIN 6: After you ascend a set of giant stairs (you'll need to 
vault up each one), you'll see a yellow Teacup at the top. The Coin is 
on the lower end of the top step. 

	COIN 7: The Teacup will take you to a new area with a Roulette 
Heart waiting for you. Hop on the rollercoaster and ride it to a 
central platform with a Chameleon Coin, dutifully guarded by a 
Homicidal Ice Cream Cone.

	COIN 8: Leave behind the rollercoaster and enter a plaza with a 
few enemies. There are a couple of doorways with a Roulette Heart and 
this Coin. You can jump on the red roof near the catwalk steps to find 
a Heart on an elevated section. Use your wall clinging ability to grab 
it. (You can also vault, but clinging is much easier.) See that steep 
red roof on your left? You can climb that the same way. Just remember 
you'll need to slide down a bit after each jump before you can use the 
tongue again. Don't jam on the button; press it once when the time is 
right. Otherwise, you'll just end up falling down to the previous roof 
(and probably back into the plaza). When you reach the top, you'll be 
rewarded with a Star Heart. Jump down to the last roof on your left and 
grab the Roulette Star to clean out this area.

	COIN 9: Ride a gondola to the top of the second Ferris wheel and 
you'll see this one. It looks like you need to get out and walk on the 
edge of the wheel itself, but you can stay in the gondola and just 
snatch it out of the air when you pass near it. Back on land, grab the 
Heart hidden inside the WC (don't worry, ladies and gentlemen are all 

	COIN 10: Enter the maze with the sliding paper screens and you'll 
find it immediately to your left. Make your way to the right end of the 
area (it's an extremely simple maze) to find a Roulette Heart. 

	COIN 11: Keep hustling on and you'll find this one in the middle 
of a wooden bridge.

	COIN 12: Hop on the next Magic Carpet and it'll deposit you on an 
island with what appear to be two Chameleon Coins. Don't be fooled, 
though- the left one is an attacking Mimic Coin. These will be 
deviously planted throughout certain areas of your adventure, but are 
easily spotted by the fact that they sport a dollar sign rather than 
the (C) commonly found on the Chameleon Coins. 

	COIN 13: Don't be misled by what appears to be a Coin on a 
distant island as you ride the next Magic Carpet. It's just a Mimic 
Coin. If you took the bait, don't think you're stuck. After a few 
moments, the island itself will move back to the mainland so you can 
start your trip over. The real Coin is at the bottom of the next big 
waterslide, in the company of three Sentient Large Fries.

	COIN 14: Eventually you'll come to an intersection where you have 
the choice between a pink or yellow Teacup. Ride the pink one to the 
end and you'll score this hidden Coin. When you get back on land, 
you'll be in a town square of sorts. Jump up onto the red roof and grab 
the Heart on the elevated portion (just like the one near Coin 8). You 
can climb the roof to the left and keep going onto the train platform 
awning or even the garage roof, but there's nothing interesting to be 

	COIN 15: Run down the railroad tracks until a train emerges from 
the garage. You can get the Star Heart on the roof by jumping onto the 
cowcatcher, then the main car, and finally the roof itself. The second 
train has another Star Heart reached in the same manner. Lastly, our 
Coin is hanging in midair over the middle of the track. It's easy to 
miss if you're on the train, so look out.

	CARNIVAL LAND CARROT: Either run ahead of the second train or 
wait until it starts backing up to its original location. The Carrot is 
at the very end of the tracks, out of camera view. Note that you can 
jump onto the roof of the train platform from the train itself, but 
there's nothing up there. The platform itself has a Heart, though.

	COIN 16: This one is in the trapeze area on the very left side. 
You'll find it on the netting just under the platform you finish up on. 
It's very difficult to snag the Coin by bouncing, but you can float 
down to it with ease using your parasol. 

	COIN 17: Make your way through the lengthy area with fire wheels, 
Flying Doughnuts, and Mini Burgers to a tight platform with an 
Ambulatory Popcorn Bucket and this Coin. 

	COIN 18: A little further on, you'll find a ship floating in the 
sky. Walk out onto the mast and grab this Coin at the tip. One of the 
cabins has a Heart for you, as well.

	COIN 19: I would guess this is one of the most frequently missed 
Coins in the game, since most people likely won't bother beating the 
high scores in the Minigames. Talk to the White Rabbit on the ship and 
accept his challenge (if you missed any Carrots up to this point, 
you'll have to come back later). He'll throw you into a training area 
and explain the rules of the game to you. Check out the Minigames 
section in the Rewards Listing if you find yourself having a tough time 
with this. 

	COIN 20: Back on the ship, vault up onto the left cabin roof to 
see a platform you can reach above you. Vault up to this one and score 
a Roulette Heart. Stick your tongue out to the right and grab a pole. 
You should easily be able to swing up and to the right to land on the 
next platform. From here, jump to the right onto a wooden bridge and 
advance until it starts tipping. When the left end is at an incline, 
head up and attach yourself to the pole above the last white platform 
you came from. Swing up, release early, and let your tongue fly. If you 
shot it out early enough, you should grab another pole far out to the 
left. Here comes the hard part. Swing up, dismounting at about one 
o'clock, and with enough momentum you should be able to direct yourself 
onto the highest platform here to nab a Star Heart. I suppose it would 
be possible to snag it in your mouth, but I've never even tried. 
Failure means most likely falling back down to the ship deck. If you're 
persistent and keep at it, you'll eventually get it. 
	Moving on, you'll find a Heart on the castle wall. Reach the top 
of the spinning roof peaks by clinging to find a Star Heart. The next 
one holds the last Chameleon Coin in this level. Congratulations! Enter 
the door past the White Rabbit and climb the tower to find a Roulette 
Heart in the windowsill. Hop on the ornate Lift Tile and you'll be 
whisked away to the next goofy Boss arena.

	The White Rabbit wasn't joking... this guy looks tasty (and 
fattening) as hell. This fight will be easier than the Maraca Madman 
for the simple reason that you won't be futzing around with the camera 
constantly. The smaller enemies are all stationary Mini Burgers, so you 
don't have to worry about getting surrounded. The edges of the arena 
hold three Hearts and a Roulette Star that will aid you throughout the 
battle. Pick up the Roulette Star right away, as landing a Triple Shot 
or a Golden Star will make things go a lot faster. 
	The first thing you'll notice is that the Burger Battler is a lot 
more proactive than our last Boss enemy. Rather than shuffle around 
aimlessly, this guy will actually attack you. He'll fire out the 
tomatoes, meat patties, cheese slices, and other fillings in your 
general direction. However, he doesn't aim directly at you. Staying in 
one spot and jumping over any projectiles that come at you is the best 
way to deal with this. Trying to outrun his shots will most likely just 
injure you. He'll also slowly but steadily advance toward you, so don't 
hesitate to make a break for the opposite side of the arena if he 
starts to draw too close.

	As soon as you get a chance to breathe, slurp up as many Mini 
Burgers as you can. The best time to hit the Burger Battler with your 
own attack is when he exhausts his own ammunition. He'll be open and 
defenseless as his deadly food stockpile slowly replenishes. You can 
also hit him between his shots, but you must be extremely accurate- his 
own projectiles have priority over yours and will just absorb 

	After you learn his simple pattern, you should have no problem 
taking this Boss out. After eight or ten good streams of fire from you, 
he'll be down for good.  

	***STAGE 3: ICE LAND***
	The difficulty takes a big jump in this freezing level. Even if 
you cleared the last ones with little trouble, you may see the Game 
Over screen here. There are a few key things to remember in this area. 
The parasol and wall clinging abilities will be very helpful when 
sliding around on the ice. Also pay close attention to what the 
Roulette Stars give you. Speed Down can be very helpful for reducing 
slipperiness and increasing wind resistance. As you can guess, Speed Up 
will make things much harder for you. You might want to wait around for 
a bit until this effect wears off. 

	COIN 1: When you reach a set of sinking ice platforms, one of the 
lower ones will have this Coin. Another near the shoreline has a 
Roulette Star. Around the corner will be some Penguins rolling 
snowballs along a cliff side. Vault up to the Heart and drop back to 
the lower route on the right side for a Roulette Star.

	COIN 2: Jumping up the frozen steps can be very tricky. Go as 
slow as you can so you don't fly out of control. At the top, jump out 
and stick your tongue to the side of the next platform. You should pull 
yourself over without interference from the wind. Grab the Roulette 
Heart and do the same for the next platform to find this Coin. 

	COIN 3: Snap up the Heart in the area with the falling icicles 
and walk to the top of the ski jump. Slide down it (make sure you stay 
close to the ski tracks in the middle) and you'll fly up into the air, 
grabbing this Coin in the process.

	COIN 4: Grab the Roulette Star when you land from the ski jump 
and begin making your way over the frozen pond. If you start to slide 
toward a hole, jump and use your parasol. You should be able to direct 
yourself to safety. Snatch the Coin and Heart in the middle of the ice, 
followed by a Roulette Heart when you make it across. 

	COIN 5: This one is on an icy platform just after the frozen 
pond. It can't be missed. 

	COIN 6: You'll find a steep incline with posts and Penguin 
Skiers. Make your way up to find the Coin, a Heart, and a Roulette 
Star. There's another Heart at the top of the hill.

	COIN 7: A narrow path with several igloos scattered about has a 
Roulette Star and this Coin in the first structure. The next ones hold 
a Heart, Roulette Star, and Roulette Heart. Be careful maneuvering 
around here with the strong winds. If you have full health already, 
it's probably best to just skip everything. 

	COIN 8: You'll come to an area enclosed by walls of ice with four 
Baby Penguins, two Roulette Stars, and the Coin. You'll have to kill 
the Baby Penguins to progress, a startling moment of sadism in an 
otherwise cute and fun platforming game. Eat their snowballs and shoot 
them back to take them out. The enemies will sometimes drop items for 

	COIN 9: You're soon faced with four floating ice platforms. The 
left one holds the Coin. Take it and you'll be lifted to another set of 
platforms. Grab the Heart with your tongue and jump to the opposite 
platform by way of the upper one (the lower will dump you off, most 
likely into an abyss). 

	COIN 10: This last set of platforms holds the tenth Chameleon 
Coin. Jump to the lower platform (it will begin elevating) and then to 
the left one, snagging the Coin as you land. The platform will 
immediately tip over and drop you. Use that parasol and you can easily 
land on one of the platforms below you. You'll have to climb back up, 
but you'll have the Coin. 

	COIN 11: A little further on and you'll find another set of those 
irritating frozen steps. Try not to hurry making the jumps (you have a 
few moments before the steps actually begin falling) and you should be 
able to pick up the Heart and Coin on the way up. 

	COIN 12: Step into the goalie net and you'll find yourself in a 
hockey rink. It might seem you're helplessly being pushed around like a 
foosball, but you can cling to the posts and swing around on them to 
gain momentum. This Coin is on the left side in midfield. 

	COIN 13: It's directly across the hockey rink from the last one. 
You can easily lick it up as you pass. 

	ICE LAND CARROT: This one is stashed behind the goalie net on the 
hockey rink. It can be very difficult to reach because if you 
accidentally enter the goalie net, you'll leave this area and will have 
to start the level over again. Use the posts nearby to try and aim 
yourself in the direction you want to go. Even so, you'll get batted 
around by the Angry Hockey Sticks a lot and won't have very much 
control over your movements. It will come down to a bit of good luck in 
the end. Keep persisting, though, and you'll get it eventually. 

	COIN 14: Next you'll have to climb over some giant tumblers made 
of ice. There's a Roulette Star floating over the first one and our 
Coin over the third. Back on solid land, drag yourself over to the 
first post and align yourself with the next one. Swing out to the right 
and you should grab the Heart, landing safely on the last narrow beam 
of ice. Pull yourself over to the next wall and clamber up onto land. 

	COIN 15: When you hit the ski lift, ride an empty chair up a bit 
until you can jump onto the roof of the shelter. Do so and help 
yourself to this Coin. 

	COIN 16: The other end of the ski lift presents you with a sign 
advising you to use your parasol (you can't miss it because the 
illustration looks like Mario riding on Yoshi). Before you make the 
leap of faith, vault up and grab the Heart just out of reach. You'll 
probably have to vault forward rather than straight up.
	Now ready yourself for a difficult maneuver. You'll only have one 
chance to do it right. Jump off the edge and aim for the Chameleon Coin 
floating in thin air. Wait as long as you can before activating the 
parasol, as you'll lose quite a bit of speed on your jump. Aim 
correctly and you should grab the Coin. Miss it and you'll have to 
start the level over again, as you'll appear at the bottom of the jump 
when you respawn. 
	With the Coin in hand, keep moving forward until you're within 
eating distance of the Roulette Star. After you grab it, shoot your 
tongue out again and you should be close enough to land to grab on and 
pull yourself up. If not, it really isn't a big deal as long as you 
managed to snag the Coin. 

	COIN 17: Make your way through the gauntlet of Sawnosed Goldfish 
(they move very predictably) and you'll find this one about halfway 
through. I'm really curious who came up with the idea for these 
enemies. It's very random and bizarre. I mean, Flying Doughnuts, 
Ambulatory Popcorn Buckets, and Mini Burgers with giant eyes are all 
pretty crazy, but I can understand the whole food theme there. These 
guys just don't fit in at all.

	COIN 18: This one is at the end of the Sawnosed Goldfish section, 
just a few steps ahead of the previous Coin. Sometimes a Triple Heart 
will appear around here, as well.

	COIN 19: Here we have a series of high ledges guarded by Penguins 
pushing around giant blocks of ice. Grab the Roulette Star and get 
ready. Wait until the Penguin has moved as far to one end of the ledge 
as possible, and then vault yourself up onto the other end. Be quick, 
as they are surprisingly agile and will push that ice block into your 
way. The first step holds the Coin and the next a Roulette Heart. 

	COIN 20: At the top of these giant steps are the Coin, a Roulette 
Heart, the White Rabbit, and a Lift Tile to the Boss fight. Are you 

	ICE LAND BOSS: Wheeler Walrus
	This battle is going to be a little tough, mainly because of the 
unfriendly camera. The Walrus himself is, like other Bosses, very 
predictable. He'll spin his wheels and come flying towards you on the 
ice. Just move out of his way and you'll avoid this easily. He gets 
much faster as you begin whittling away his health. When he gets in the 
red zone, things are going to get a little complicated. The good side 
to this is that he is always vulnerable to your attacks. Even single 
shots do reasonable damage. 
	What makes this difficult is when the battlefield starts to get 
crowded with little snowmen. You'll need to slurp these guys up for 
ammunition, but they can also hurt you if you touch them. You're more 
or less blind on three sides (as in the Maraca Madman fight) and 
without a way to adjust the camera. On top of this, you'll be sliding 
on the ice all over the place. To say the least, you're going to take 
some hits. Try to stay in a corner at all times, only moving when the 
Walrus himself charges at you. Don't go for long chains of attacks, 
either. If you've even got a single shot ready to fly, nail him with 
	This Boss will probably take you a couple of attempts. Make use 
of the two Hearts in the corners and try to move as little as possible. 
The Walrus doesn't have much in the way of defense. The only way your 
shots won't hit him is if a snowman has materialized between you. If 
you're feeling especially ballsy, you can let the Walrus charge you and 
blast him after he destroys the snowmen blocking your attack. After you 
get used to the appallingly bad camera, this battle will not be very 
hard for you. 

	This area throws some tricky platforming and puzzle elements your 
way. Most of the Coins are not difficult to reach, although one in 
particular is often missed by players. Since this land features a 
Japanese village motif (I presume based on the Great Edo period) and I 
have zero knowledge of the culture, the descriptions of some enemies 
and objects are going to be pretty rough. I apologize for this, but I'm 
willing to bet most of these enemies are highly unusual to anyone. This 
IS the game series that features psychotic ice cream sandwiches, 
	COIN 1: Cross the first bridge and you'll be in a narrow alley 
with a continuous stream of what look like Japanese board game pieces 
in battle dress flying at you. The Coin is on the rooftop on the left 
side of the corridor. It can be difficult to align yourself with the 
Coin horizontally (it's near the bottom of the double doors), but when 
you do so you can just vault up to it. Any enemies passing under you 
when you're vaulting will be caught in your tongue, which is nice.

	COIN 2: After you pass a pair of green bird-like enemies (along 
with a Roulette Star and a Heart) you'll cross over a red rooftop. The 
Coin is near the end of this section.

	COIN 3: Immediately after this roof, go up the wooden steps and 
grab the Roulette Star. The Coin is on a green rooftop past here. Be 
careful, as the roof will fall away underneath you.

	COIN 4: Back on solid ground, you'll run into a quartet of mice 
holding lanterns (Or maybe stacks of meat buns? It's very hard to 
tell.). Keep going and you'll see the Coin between giant rock slabs 
that fall over when you pass. There is also a Roulette Star.

	COIN 5: You'll reach an area with several red arch-like 
structures that sink when you land on them. Floating above the second 
is a Roulette Heart. In the second set of these structures, you'll see 
the Coin over the third platform. If you fall to the ground, just vault 
back up on the left side and they'll reset to their original positions. 
Up ahead, keep an eye out for a Roulette Star amongst the bamboo 

	COIN 6: The next area may give you a few problems. In a bit of a 
flashback to the final stage of the original Chameleon Twist, you'll 
have to use the Fry Guys to light the torches. Each successful ignition 
will bring a canoe up from the watery depths, allowing you to progress. 
Don't take too long, though, or they'll submerge again. Your best bet 
is to aim very carefully and not rush your shots unless an enemy is 
approaching. In this case, get rid of the ammo and take the new baddie. 
When you reach the far dock, you can claim the Roulette Star. Up ahead 
are more of those bizarre yodeling rats and this Coin.

	GREAT EDO LAND CARROT: More tumblers will challenge you here, 
these made of straw. Make your way across the first set and grab the 
Heart and Roulette Star. The next set is rather unorthodox. The second 
tumbler will move toward the first, pushing you off in the process. 
Grab the edge of the first tumbler and regain your footing. If you feel 
like riding back to the beginning of this second set of tumblers, you 
can vault up to a Triple Heart in the air. 
	Like most Carrots in this game, this one is hard to miss. There 
will be a section of floor with several flipping boards. The Carrot is 
on the right side here. Pass the area with floating boards and you'll 
find a small fenced-in arena. Grab the Heart and two Roulette Stars if 
you like and get ready to take on some kind of disembodied luchador 
head. He'll shoot out some kind of tiny luchador slimes (I promise I am 
not making this up), which you can use as ammunition. Three hits will 
take this thing out.

	COIN 7: More Disembodied Heads are bouncing around in a series of 
cubicles with red walls. This Coin is in the first cubicle on the left. 
You can also find a couple of Hearts and a Roulette Star here.

	COIN 8: This one's in the last middle cubicle in the area 
described for Coin 7.

	COIN 9: Ten steps ahead of the last Coin will be this one in a 
corner. Watch out for the blue bird dudes with rapiers and snag the 
Roulette Heart near the pier.

	COIN 10: It's on the blue arrow under the water with boards 
floating by. It can be a bit hard to see. Careful not to get swept away 
by the current after you get it.

	COIN 11: Hop on land across the water and vault up to the stone 
ledge at the upper point of the river. You'll find a Roulette Star and 
the Coin here. 

	COIN 12: Keep moving and you'll reach an unusual puzzle. The 
doors will open and give you a very brief glimpse of the tiles lining 
your path. O's are safe, while X's trigger a spike trap. The safe tiles 
are random every time, so pay attention when they're on display. Pick 
up a Heart and the Coin at the end of this section. From the Lift Tile, 
it's possible to explore the rooftops lining the spike trap corridor, 
but there's nothing of interest to be found.

	COIN 13: At the top of the Lift Tile's ascent, you'll see a 
Heart, Roulette Star, and the Coin. Mind the annoying red and blue 
Rapier Birds.

	COIN 14: At the next cliff, position yourself near the bottom 
section of the path and grab the pole with your tongue. Swing upward 
and you should grab the Coin in your arc. There's also a Roulette Star 
waiting for you when you land.

	COIN 15: This Coin is easily missed if you don't bother playing 
the White Rabbit's minigame. It's a fun one: bowling! As usual, talk to 
the White Rabbit to learn the control scheme. This game is extremely 
easy- you'll have to play very, very poorly to be denied the Coin. If 
you nonetheless want some advice, head on down to the Minigames section 
of the Rewards Listing.

	COIN 16: Halfway through the section with vertically moving 
wooden pillars, a blue rooftop holds a Roulette Star and Roulette 
Heart. From here, you can move to a Heart on the left or the Coin on 
the right. Swing around on the post when the way is clear and you can 
grab both items. From either platform, jump and drag yourself over to 
the next rooftop.

	COIN 17: When you come upon a section with sliding walls that 
attempt to push you over the edge of the roof, press up against them as 
you pass and you can snag a Heart while avoiding a fall. When you reach 
the next cliff, ignore the pole for now and jump as far as you can to 
the right, activating your parasol. You should land on a platform with 
a Roulette Star. Extend your tongue to the right and pull yourself over 
to the next platform. A Roulette Heart is your prize. From here, make 
another far parasol jump to the right to find the Coin. Now you can 
return to the top section via the Lift Tile in the lower left corner 
and proceed through the area as normal.

	COIN 18: Next is a difficult path with tall slabs of stone moving 
towards you. Vaulting over them is difficult and time-consuming, so 
consider jumping along the sloped awning at the lower edge of the 
vicinity. Use your tongue to save yourself from falling into the abyss 
and you can pass this area with ease. 
	There's a simple jumping puzzle up ahead. Standing on each of the 
gondolas causes another to rise accordingly. Alternate between the 
three for a few moments apiece, making your way up the cliff side. If 
one of them rises out of reach, just hit the RESET button to return 
them all to the bottom.
	At the top of the cliff, you'll get a Roulette Star. Keep going 
until you reach a few sets of steps below you with some sort of wooden 
rolling pins moving down them. Take the first steps down for a Heart 
and the Coin we're looking for in the lower right corner.

	COIN 19: The bottom section of this awning is flat, allowing you 
to walk freely. Make your way all the way to the left (it's a bit of a 
hike) for a Roulette Star. Return to the steps you came down from. It's 
possible to climb up near the Roulette Star and make a shortcut, but 
you'll miss some items. 
	From the top of the steps, head left and pick your way over the 
flipping boards. You can find a Heart along the way. A bit further 
you'll run into some wooden platforms orbiting a pole. Ride a platform 
to the ceiling and take the Coin. 

	COIN 20: This last Coin is one of the game's most often missed. 
Just after the White Rabbit, you'll see some screen doors in the 
background. The left one will open, letting out one of those rolling 
pin objects. You have only a few moments before the screen shuts again 
to slip inside. Make your way to the right and the last two doors will 
open, exposing your chameleon and the last Coin. We're done here!
	Do note that you have only one chance to get this Coin. Jumping 
in the abyss will not cause the doors to open again. If you miss it, 
you'll need to play this stage again.

	The Boss of Great Edo Land steps up the difficulty a bit yet 
again, but he's nothing you won't be able to handle after a practice 
round or two. He has two simple but effective attacks. On land, he will 
try to leap onto you and squash you. Stay to the edges of your platform 
anytime he's occupying another and you won't have to worry about this. 
His water-based offensive is a lot deadlier. He'll send his tongue out 
after you in an exact imitation of your own attack. As soon as you see 
him open his mouth, jump over to the next platform. Even though the 
tongue tracks your movements, it will still miss. As you wear down his 
health, this attack will speed up and you won't have time to prepare to 
jump to a second platform after the first time. Jump straight up and 
the tongue should pass under you. Try using the parasol if you find 
this attack is costing you a lot of health. 
	The best time to hit the Crusher Frog is when he's on land. Wait 
till he leaps to your platform and let him have it with one of the Fry 
Guys hanging out on the edges of the arena. Even though you can only 
make single shots, they will do decent damage. It is possible to nail 
him when he's on other platforms or in the water (not underwater), but 
aiming is difficult and you'll just have to move to another platform to 
reload (unless you feel like waiting for the Fry Guy to respawn). 

	Once you've fought this enemy a couple of times, he isn't very 
difficult. The toughest part is avoiding his licking attack. If you can 
capitalize on his vulnerability on dry land, you'll soon put Great Edo 
Land behind you.

	***STAGE 5: TOY LAND***
	Toy Land can be a bit frustrating. Several of the Coins are well-
hidden and require some skill to obtain. You will also have to play 
this stage more than once if you want to get every item (a major pain 
if you plan to unlock everything for each character). There is also a 
definite emphasis on jumping here. Enemy encounters are few and far 
between. On top of this, the Boss can be tough if you aren't good at 

	TOY LAND CARROT: This item doesn't show up until near the end of 
the stage. But for your first trip through the level, grabbing this is 
your priority. You won't be able to get every Coin until you have the 
Carrot, and you need to collect all 20 Coins in one go to get a Perfect 
score. So skip any Coins on your first run and just grab this.

	The Carrot is located near the giant chessboard. After you get up 
here, pan the camera to the right and you'll be able to see the area 
you came up from. There is a narrow catwalk bordering the top of this 
previous section. Float down to this and carefully make your way to the 
upper right corner of the catwalk. You'll find the Carrot chilling over 
here. Now proceed through the stage as normal and defeat the Boss (see 
its respective section below for details). After you save or change 
clothes or whatever, restart the level and begin Coin hunting. 

	COIN 1: It's immediately to the right of your starting point.

	COIN 2: You'll reach a bridge with collapsing sections. Vault up 
onto the upper beam of the bridge and face the blue wall. Vault, jump, 
and at the peak of your leap grab the wall. When you've pulled yourself 
over, jump up onto the ledge for this Coin. 

	COIN 3: This one's right in the middle of the bridge described 
for the previous Coin. There's a Roulette Star in the corner of the 
platform you land on after you cross.

	COIN 4: In the jigsaw puzzle room, kill the Superball enemies and 
take the Heart and Roulette Star if you need them. After a series of 
swinging and seesawing platforms, you'll reach another Heart and 
Roulette Star pair. The Coin is in the middle of one of the platforms 
occupied by a Toy Mallet.

	COIN 5: Just ahead you'll reach a bridge type of structure with 
beams overhead. Climb the green angular slope on the right and you'll 
see this Coin topside. Lick to the left for a Roulette Heart on the 
opposite side of the bridge.

	COIN 6: While riding the teal and orange Lift Tiles, snag the 
Roulette Star with your tongue as you pass. On the green block with 
arrows, vault straight up, jump, and grab the wall at the peak of your 
jump. From here, you can leap to the blue platform. It doesn't look 
possible, but you'll make it. Repeat this for the next climb and you'll 
reach a treasure trove with two Hearts, the Coin, and two Roulette 
Stars. Fall down to the original area with the green block to find a 
third Roulette Star.

	COIN 7: The Coin is in plain sight on top of the pink piano with 
the White Rabbit.

	COIN 8: This is another minigame Coin. You might expect the game 
to involve the piano, but it's actually a math game. It can be a little 
tricky to get the hang of it, so check the Minigames section of the 
Rewards Listing for a little help.

	COIN 9: Walk across the giant stacks of batteries to find a Heart 
and Roulette Star. You can also find a Roulette Heart and Roulette Star 
on the long decline with the Saw Blades. The Coin is on one of the 
trampolines after the giant crocodile head. 

	COIN 10: Grab the Heart on the robot's chest and another hidden 
on his upper shoulder. Make your way onto the lower leg and ride it as 
it bends down to score this Coin.

	COIN 11: You'll find a Heart on the first conveyor belt. This 
Coin is on an upper belt, slightly out of the way. 

	COIN 12: It's on the last conveyor belt before the floating gift 

	COIN 13: Jump from the fourth gift box and use your parasol to 
reach the red rim of the crane game's prize display. The Coin is on the 
right side of this red section.

	COIN 14: Ride the next gift box up to the springboard and you'll 
end up inside of the glass display case. You'll see the Coin and a 
Heart here, as well as a Roulette Heart hidden behind the Toy Hunger 
booth. When you've collected everything, ride the crane up to get 
dumped into the next area.

	COIN 15: Book it across the collapsing bridge of cards and grab a 
Roulette Star along the way. The Coin is in the middle of the bridge 
and a Heart at the end. Jump and use the parasol if you find yourself 

	COIN 16: You'll reach a split in the path with dominoes on both 
sides. Approach the right one and it will fall, creating a bridge to 
this Coin.

	COIN 17: Continue to the left over falling dominoes until you 
reach a Heart. Crossing this next bridge is difficult. Run across the 
collapsing cards until you collect the Coin in the middle. As soon as 
you snag it, immediately jump and stick your tongue out while 
activating the parasol. You should be able to grab the far left wall 
without losing much altitude. Pull yourself up on the ledge and grab 
the Heart before you continue.

	COIN 18: It's in the lower left corner of the giant chessboard. 
You can also find a helpful Heart and Roulette Star here. If you land a 
Double or Triple Shot, you'll have a much easier time taking out the 

	COIN 19: When you come to a flat area with crushing toy blocks, 
take the Roulette Star and head to the lower right corner for the Coin. 
The upper left corner has a potentially helpful Roulette Heart. Cross 
the trampolines in the upper right corner for a Heart.

	COIN 20: Swing your way across the next chasm for a Roulette 
Star. Jump onto the trampoline when the cuckoo clock opens, and you'll 
end up on a high ledge. Jump onto the roof of the clock from here to 
find the last Coin. Snag the Roulette Heart and hop into the small 
biplane to face the Boss.

	Remember how you crossed over that giant robot lying prone 
earlier in the stage? You'll fight his more active relative here. This 
fight looks a lot more difficult than it really is. The most important 
thing to remember is that you won't fall off the edge of the arena, 
even if you jump. This fact alone makes the battle much more 

	This robot has a few crafty attacks to take note of. He'll start 
with one of three techniques and progress to the next one in the cycle. 
In his most basic tactic, he'll open a hatch on his stomach and begin 
sending a stream of Mini Bots after you. Position yourself in front of 
him and slurp up these things to pelt him as much as you can. They 
cause very little damage, but it adds up. The stray Mini Bots will 
circle the arena and try to harass you. Just stick to the extreme upper 
edge of your walkway and they won't be a bother. Avoid the corners, 
though, or they'll bump you as they turn.

	Next, our giant red adversary will unleash a cannonball from his 
mouth. This is what you've been waiting for. Grab it out of the air and 
send it back to him express mail. It does much more damage than 
attacking him with the Mini Bots. As his health drops, he'll start 
shooting out two in a row. Closer to death, he'll lob three at you, 
exponentially speeding up his demise. 

	After the cannonball, he'll use his most deadly move, a spinning 
clothesline attack. Think Mike Haggar in a giant robot suit. When he 
starts to turn, move your chameleon in the opposite direction of his 
spin. The giant arm should come down behind you. He'll make one or one 
and a half revolutions in this attack before the arms start to rise up. 
Vault and jump over the arms, but pay attention to the height of them. 
You don't want to vault yourself into his way when staying put on the 
ground would keep you safe.

	After this third phase, he'll revert to the first pattern of 
sending the Mini Bots after you. He can be difficult (especially when 
you're trying to learn the timing of his clothesline move), but with 
practice you'll be able to take him down in six rounds or less. This is 
a good thing, since you'll need to fight him eight times if you want to 
unlock everything.

	Predictably, this final stage pulls out all of the stops and 
poses an impressive (and fun) challenge. Hopefully you have mastered 
each of the White Rabbit's Training Games he has offered. If not, this 
stage will give you problems. Most of the Coins are easily found, but 
the difficulty is in actually reaching them. The enemy presence is much 
more noticeable than the combat-light Toy Land, so be ready for some 

	COIN 1: There's a Heart up on a pillar you can vault to as soon 
as you start the stage. I'm not sure why you may already be in need of 
health, but it's there for you. Snag the Roulette Star in front of the 
last falling sarcophagus. After you go up the steps, the Coin will be 
floating between some ornate arches. Vault up to grab it.

	COIN 2: Get ready for an annoying climb. Vault into the first 
cubbyhole and look for the next one above you. Jump out of your niche, 
turn in midair, and cling to the wall at the peak of your jump. You 
should drag yourself up to a position just under the next cubbyhole. 
Jump up to it and repeat the process to scale your way up this cliff 
side. You'll come across a Roulette Heart and this Coin. 

	COIN 3: When you reach the summit, ignore the Roulette Star and 
hide in the alcove as a giant log rolls past you. Grab the item when 
the coast is clear and keep moving. Use a combination of vaulting and 
tongue grabbing to ascend the next set of steps. You might need to 
vault forward to get that bit of extra height. Take the Heart at the 
waterfall and proceed to the windy area. Lick up this Coin and try to 
save yourself from being blown off the cliff by snagging a post. 

	COIN 4: A little further on is a Triple Heart. Continue swinging 
amongst the posts (or dragging yourself between them) and you'll find 
this Coin on the left end of the area. 

	COIN 5: You'll reach a section with several stone ledges 
protruding from and retracting into the wall on a timed basis. Watch 
these for a bit to learn the pattern of the movements. They all use the 
same timing, but are not synchronized. When you're ready, vault up and 
grab the first ledge. You'll want to grab the left edge of the 
platform, as this part does not retract into the wall. Hang on until it 
has stopped retracting, and then jump up to safety. 

	By now you should see the Coin on a ledge overhead. The next 
platform in line is not safe; it will retract into the wall completely. 
Time your jump onto it so that you land as it's coming out of the wall 
to allow maximum time for your next move. Quickly turn around, vault, 
then jump and stick your tongue out at the peak. You should cling to 
the ledge with the Coin and pull yourself over to grab it. 

	COIN 6: From the platform holding Coin 5, make a leap of faith to 
the right and activate your parasol. Guide yourself to a ledge with a 
treasure trove- two Hearts, two Roulette Stars, and the Chameleon Coin.

	PYRAMID LAND CARROT: Return to Coin 5's platform (described in 
its respective section), and look ahead to see this object with a 
rather long moving ledge near it. Vault and use your tongue to cling to 
this ledge when the timing is right. You'll pull yourself over to 
safety so you can grab this, the game's final Carrot item. 

	COIN 7: You can see this Coin from the Carrot platform. Jump 
towards it, snag it in the air, and float down to solid ground ahead. 
If you're feeling like a challenge, you can cling to the left edge of 
the platform, pull yourself up when you get a chance, and jump behind 
you, floating down with the parasol to grab the Roulette Heart. It's 
very difficult to reach safe ground from here, though. If the platform 
retracts with you on it, you'll get dumped.

	COIN 8: Players of the original Chameleon Twist will recognize 
this next part. Talk to the White Rabbit while possessing all of the 
Carrots to play the last minigame. It's a fun one... pool! Like the other 
games, there isn't a whole lot to it. Just use your tongue to knock the 
six balls into the pockets. Check the Minigames section of the Rewards 
Listing if you're having difficulties.

	COIN 9: There are a couple of Hearts on either side of the 
archway, so take those before entering the next area. This rather 
frustrating Coin is out of sight on top of the sliding sarcophagi. Use 
carefully timed vaulting and clinging to get on top of these. After you 
snatch it, you can try for the Triple Heart on top of the next set of 
moving objects before you continue.

	COIN 10: When you reach a hieroglyph Lift Tile, vault up to get 
the Roulette Star. Swing around to get the Heart before you hit land 
again. You'll find this Coin inside the first of three red coffins.

	COIN 11: The second coffin has a Roulette Star and this Coin's in 
the last one. 

	COIN 12: You'll end up in a narrow hallway with a giant boulder 
rolling your way. Run ahead and slurp up this Coin, then hurry back to 
the first overhead platform (there's a Heart on it) and vault, cling, 
and jump up to it. 

	COIN 13: Snag the Roulette Star to the left and jump to the next 
platform. The ledge up ahead has the Coin. Make your way to it and drop 
down when the boulder is gone. 

	COIN 14: Grab the Heart in the middle of the first ring and the 
Roulette Star in the second. The last has another Heart. When you see a 
series of tiles rotating in a circular pattern, ride it up to find this 

	COIN 15: Underneath the giant feet are several niches in the 
floor. The second one holds the Coin. The last has a Roulette Star.

	COIN 16: There is a Heart and a Roulette Star on the platforms 
with spinning tiles on them. When you reach land, lick up the Triple 
Heart before the cage drops on it. (If you get caught, it'll disappear 
after a few seconds.) The Coin is in the right corner here.

	COIN 17: This one's hovering over the last translucent platform. 

	COIN 18: You can see this Coin on the right before you can reach 
it. Swing around to the platform it resides on. Don't make your tongue 
too long or you won't pass over the platform. 

	COIN 19: Swing to the upper platform. When it's finished rising, 
swing to the left and get the Roulette Star. With any luck, it'll be a 
Double Shot, Triple Shot, or a Star. When this platform stops moving, 
swing around again to the upper platform. The Lift Tile will deposit 
you near this Coin on the far left side. 

	COIN 20: Don't grab the Heart or Roulette Heart until you're in 
need of them, since this battle can be a little difficult. If you're 
not riding out a good benefit from the last Roulette Star, grab the new 
one here and try again. Any of the previously mentioned effects will 
give you a huge boost. Your goal is to grab the Mummy Ghosts and shoot 
them at the Mimic Chests.

	This is easier said than done, as many of the tiles in the floor 
will tilt precariously or even sink completely. Move off of a tile and 
it will right itself. Remember which tiles are safe and you'll have a 
much easier time here. (Falling means starting the battle over again.) 
Try to concentrate on taking out one enemy first. Killing the remaining 
one will be much simpler that way. Grab this Coin (and the previous if 
you haven't already), make your way up the steps to the Roulette Heart, 
and get ready to face the final boss. 

	Your last opponent can be a tough fight. Like all other Bosses, 
though, he will become much easier with practice. He has a number of 
attack patterns, but when they are learned he is a very simple Boss. He 
stands on one of three pedestals and will shoot a variety of flames at 
you. Your plan of counterattack will vary depending on what color they 

	Red flames are a gift. Lick up as many as you can in one string 
and dodge the rest of the fire. They'll land in a convenient chain 
pattern that allows you to easily scarf them. Just be careful that 
you're not standing in the crossfire. 

	Orange flames are the trickiest to deal with. Sometimes he'll 
blow a steady stream in a sweeping pattern around the middle of the 
arena. You can score a long chain here pretty easily, but the risk of 
taking a hit is very high. If have a lot of health, it's well worth it. 
You can easily dodge this by staying still and jumping the stream as it 
sweeps toward you. Other times the flames will be more widespread and 
you won't be able to get as many in your mouth. Whatever the case, this 
can be a good opportunity to stock up on ammo if you can capitalize. 

	The purple flame attack is when you should take defensive 
measures. Forget grabbing long chains. Your priority is to escape 
unharmed. It's possible to snag a few at the end of the fusillade, but 
you might just end up getting rid of them if he switches to another 
color of fire. Remember that these flames will follow your position, 
either in a straight line or a more diffused pattern.

	So when's the best time to blast this guy with his own fire? That 
depends. If he's already finished with his attack, forget it. He'll be 
teleporting by the time you start shooting and you'll waste your hard-
earned ammunition. He's wide open during the purple flame moments; 
don't hesitate to run up close and nail him, even if you only have a 
couple of shots on hand. Every little bit helps. 

	You can also cause decent damage to him when he's emitting orange 
flames. Try to time it so his head is facing away from you when you 
start shooting. He'll absorb some hits with his own fire, but the 
damage is decent and you won't have to wait around for the purple 
flames. If you're quick, you can then restock before he finishes the 

	The main thing to remember when going on the offensive is to hit 
him from up close. If you're any more than halfway across the arena, 
aiming will be very difficult. Also, your shots will take way too long 
to reach him. Like the other Bosses, he should fall after a few 
attempts. Be persistent and place your shots carefully to win. 


	Did you find everything hidden (or not so much) in each level? If 
so, you'll be given new costumes or minigames to play with. Here's a 
list of what you open up in each stage, so skim through it to find the 
stuff you like, rather than wasting time unlocking things you don't 

	Just collect all of the Coins in each stage to receive a new set 
of apparel. Some of these bonuses are more worthwhile than others. 
Change out of your smelly old clothes by pressing Start on the Stage 
Select menu and using the Costume option. Also keep in mind that 
selecting a new costume will change the appearance of your parasol. 
Check it out when you're floating down to safety; some of the designs 
are actually very well done.

	The Barney Rubble (Davy): It's a yellow animal skin on his torso, 
complemented by matching bracelets and shoes. His backpack has a stone 
texture for the primitive chameleon on the go.

	The Ragin Cajun (Jack): A stylish necklace made of alligator 
teeth (or maybe bird's hard to tell) is always a winner 
among Nintendo 64 fashion critics. Similar accessories adorn his 
backpack. He also gets a nice pair of sandals. Not sure what's up with 
the red skirt over brown pants, though.

	The Leafy Legend (Fred): It's no coincidence that our stoner-eyed 
buddy gets a grass belt of sorts with vines crisscrossing his pack. 
Nice plant stem anklets and sandals made of leaves complete the look.

	The Betty Rubble (Linda): This is pretty much a female version of 
Davy's Sky Land duds. A two piece outfit and shoes made from the same 
yellow hided animal is paired with a giant white bone in her hair. The 
same stone backpack is also present.


	The Ricky Martin (Davy): A bright white half-shirt with lavender 
lace adorning it triumphantly announces Davy's emergence from the 
closet. The deep blue sash and charcoal pants seem a bit incongruous, 
however. But the matching light purple backpack with the presence of 
some kind of religious symbol is just baffling.

	The Don Juan (Jack): What better way to hit the town looking for 
love than in a white leisure suit with matching pants, tastefully 
combined with a blood-red dress shirt? A red button and triangular 
medallion lend an air of mystique. The red pack with the white rose 
emblazoned upon it solidifies his status as a lady killer. His only 
misstep is the black dress shoes with white soles. Hurry up and return 
those to the DSW, Jack.

	The Young Aristocrat (Fred): This deceptively simple white tunic 
sports blue and red buttons. It also comes with shockingly red and blue 
shoulder pads, a kerchief, shirttail, and pants. Another kerchief on 
the backpack and sensible white shoes round out this unusual ensemble.

	The Candystripe Schoolgirl (Linda): This purple, red, and cream 
striped top with matching shoes and a blue bow on the head speaks of a 
sophisticated and cultured upbringing. The sleek and businesslike pack 
is sure to contain an impressive portfolio.

	The Christmas Chameleon (Davy): If you like red, this wardrobe 
assembly is for you. Aside from a jacket, pants, and shoes that are all 
startlingly red, there is a nice assortment of gold buttons. He also 
sports mistletoe on his white packsack. Davy's green skin also 
complements the attire well, solidifying the holiday theme.

	The Grape Satanist (Jack): His poofy white shirt features a 
purple insignia, undoubtedly the sigil of a powerful demon (an 
identical one appears on the backpack). His cult demands a tastefully 
matching sash and shoes, as well. He tops off the outfit with gray 
slacks for a memorable look.

	The Pastel Deckhand (Fred): Where do we start with this ensemble? 
It's hard to determine what catches the eye first. The red and teal 
striped shirt? The dark purple pants paired with brown leather shoes? 
(Yuck!) The lavender knapsack with the anchor design on it? Whatever 
catches your eye, don't neglect the giant purple ribbon around his 
neck. It looks like Freddy was in a hurry to catch the bus to Stage 4 
and just dressed himself with whatever was lying on the floor. 

	The Expensive Escort (Linda): This blouse is very similar to 
Jack's Ice Land costume with the light white material and purple 
decorative mark (also on her pack). Her sensible white shoes with 
matching purple laces merit a thumbs up, as well. But why isn't she 
wearing any pants?! Even the most lackadaisical of pimps would make his 
girls wear some kind of lower body attire. This is sort of disturbing.


	The Edo Sentry (Davy): This appears to be a simple purple ninja 
uniform with a dark belt and lining, but look closer. Is he wearing a 
striped shirt under the costume? I think so. And what's with the super 
high striped socks? Maybe he's wearing long underwear. The cornflower 
packsack with the throwing star design on it seals his fate as an utter 
dork. This is like some half-assed Renaissance fair outfit.

	The Regal Officer (Jack): This fashionable red uniform with 
silver piping certainly looks respectable. Throw in matching boots and 
leggings and you've got yourself a winning combination. Four red 
diamonds are also displayed on his backpack, suggesting a penchant for 

	The Casual Adventurer (Fred): A turquoise sport coat covers a 
soothing royal blue shirt with gold trim. This part of the outfit I can 
get behind. Downstairs, though, matching blue pants offer a jarring 
contrast to white socks and sandals with similarly blue coloring. It's 
like two different people are offering Fred wardrobe advice. One of 
these people is an absolute moron. He also has a marking on his 
backpack similar to Linda's Great Edo Land costume.

	The Gift-Wrapped Ninja (Linda): Now here is an eccentric 
ensemble. Linda's white shirt with orange lining looks like a birthday 
present. The big red and pink bow tied around her waist completes the 
effect. The lower half of her body is baffling. She's wearing sandals 
with socks that go all the way up to her thighs. And what's with the 
decorations on her pack? Are they supposed to be the Rosetta Stones or 
something? To cap off all of this bizarreness, she has a giant throwing 
star attached to the back of her head. What's holding it on? I have no 
idea. This costume is frightening to a cutting-edge fashionista like 


	The Futuristic Superhero (Davy): Undoubtedly modeled after some 
kind of action figure, this outfit decks him out in a red vest over 
blue shirt, red pants, and blue shoes with yellow soles. A gold medal 
with a "D" on it signifies his role as the good guy. The backpack has a 
red "D" logo, as well. While overall a neat disguise, the hands and 
head seem to be rather bare. If he's going to go overboard with self-
promotion and wacky pastel colors, why not wear a big power ring or a 
helmet or something? Even a bracelet would work.

	The Wedding Singer (Jack): This guy is sure to be a showstopper 
in his charcoal suit and slacks accented with bright purple music 
notes. A nice red bowtie adds that festive touch. An odd footwear 
choice (is he wearing sandals?) distracts a bit from the effect, but 
the backpack (featuring more violet music notes) assures he'll be a 
runway regular.

	The Sleepy Farmhand (Fred): This amusing getup sports a white tee 
with red overalls, white shoes with blue soles, and blue socks. The 
overalls have an odd blue lining, gold buttons, and a white pocket. A 
seemingly random teal knapsack sports a metal ring and rope ties. It 
sounds highly unorthodox, but Fred's attire actually looks okay.

	The Cotton Cutie (Linda): For this stylish costume, Linda throws 
on a frilly white shirt with red buttons, dark blue shorts, and white 
sneakers with light blue laces and socks. It's nice enough for a summer 
lawn party, but casual and comfortable. A light blue ribbon around the 
neck, a yellow hair bow (both with big red hearts), and what appear to 
be garters offer nice detail. The only sore spot is a weird frilly 
drape over the packsack. Not feeling it, honey.


	The Desert Storm Trooper (Davy): This is just a standard set of 
camouflaged combat fatigues and brown boots. The knapsack shares the 
camo pattern. What's going on here? Why doesn't he clash horrendously 
or wear mismatched items? What a waste of an opportunity. 

	The Safari Guide (Jack): The familiar khaki colored jacket is 
paired with brown hiking boots. The front of the jacket has a number of 
pockets and a buckle, as does the matching (yet slightly greenish) 
backpack. Clean white work gloves top off the uniform. I have to say 
I'm a little thrown off by the sheer ordinariness of this costume. 
Where are the eye scorching pastels and inexplicable mixings of styles? 
I'm a bit disappointed.

	The Dopey Neanderthal (Fred): Now this is just lazy. In what is 
clearly a rehash of his Sky Land outfit, Fred slings an animal skin 
around his torso, ties on a vine-patterned belt, throws on a pair of 
sandals, and calls it good. The backpack appears to be a rock with 
chains on it, which is sort of cool. But the overall lack of 
originality (a flaw plaguing all of the Pyramid Land costumes) makes 
this unfit even for the Salvation Army thrift store.

	The Navajo Princess (Linda): This simple Native American dress 
(with some sort of emerald green lining on top) comes with matching 
sandals, a choker, and a flower-shaped bow. She also has some kind of 
decoration on her hand. It looks like a wristwatch, but it's so hard to 
tell because of how her arms are swinging on the Change Costumes 
screen. Chill out, Linda! And do something with the's way 
too plain!

	Like any action game worth its salt, Chameleon Twist 2 offers a 
few distractions from the main adventure. You can play all of the games 
you've accessed by going to Minigames on the main menu, or by talking 
to the White Rabbit at certain points in specific stages.

	This seems rather frustrating at first, but getting the Coin is 
actually very easy. Start out by grabbing onto the first pole from 
behind the starting line. This will give you enough length on your 
tongue for a big loop. Swing upwards and you'll automatically catch the 
second bar for another spin, this one much tighter. At the apex of this 
second swing, let go of the bar and you should fly to the right. Pull 
out your parasol and float gently over to the yellow mat on the right 
side. Land properly and you should beat the high score of 300. If not, 
you probably weren't landing far enough to the right. Landing is the 
most critical part of this challenge, something that the White Rabbit 
doesn't really explain very well. At any rate, you should nail this one 
in a few tries. 

	Don't feel bad if this takes a few tries to master. You might run 
into a couple of uncooperative balls that just refuse to be put away. A 
lot of this comes down to luck. The cue ball doesn't respond very well 
to angled shots, and there's no way to control how lightly you hit it. 
Bank shots are also a bust, as the aiming is just too unpredictable to 
be effective. You might just need to try this one a few times until the 
little gnomes living inside the Nintendo 64 get tired of messing with 
you and let you win.
	 The camera buttons will actually rotate the view here to make 
your shots easier. Try your best to angle your shots properly. If you 
can knock a couple in on the initial break, you're doing great. Don't 
worry excessively about your score. You can make as many as 30 shots 
and still get the Coin.

	Here's a rather simplistic and fun version of bowling. Take a 16 
pound ball and line it up with the center pin (a bit to the left or 
right is also fine). Line your chameleon up perfectly straight behind 
the ball and lick it to get it rolling. With a little bit of luck, 
you'll get a strike. Even if not, you can usually clean up the spare 
with little trouble. In the case of a nasty split, switch to a lighter 
ball (eleven or twelve pounds) and try to angle your shot to get the 
stragglers. There doesn't seem to be a way to apply spin to the ball, 
so this can be extremely difficult. 
	This technique should score the Coin without fail. A turkey seems 
to occur often in the fourth through sixth frames. Whether you use this 
strategy or find one of your own, this is a fun and relaxing diversion 
from the main journey.

	Talk to the Rabbit for the rules and step on the Start panel to 
kick things off. This game is not nearly as difficult as it might first 
seem. The key is to make smart use of the multiplier pieces. Don't 
start a chain with one or it'll just be wasted. You can combine 
multipliers, too, so try to save the bigger ones for last. If you're 
just trying to get the Coin so you can leave, stick to simple chains of 
three or four pieces and you should be able to beat the high score of 
	As you practice more, you can try twisting your tongue around for 
more complex equations. This probably goes without saying, but avoid 
the negative pieces. If one sneaks into a high scoring combo, it can 
really cripple your score. Unfortunately, there is no way to discard a 
game piece once you've touched it. This challenge might take a few 
attempts, but after you get the Coin you can continue through Toy Land.

	Beating the game also scores you a nifty little bonus in the form 
of special backgrounds for the main menu screen. In addition to the 
normal wallpaper, you'll see six others (one representing each stage of 
the adventure). It's random which one you get, but you can pop in and 
out of the Training menu to change it up until you've seen them all.


	This should about wrap everything up. I hope you were able to 
find the help you needed here. If you notice any glaring errors or 
items I've neglected, don't hesitate to let me know by dropping me a 
line at masked_loser (at) hotmail (dot) com. I've proofread and edited 
this article repeatedly, but let me know if you spot a typo. I'm kind 
of a perfectionist like that.