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Nintendo Planning Banner Year for Pokemon Black & White

The folks at Nintendo have never been shy about promoting a new video game -- especially a new Pokemon video game -- and 2011's Pokemon Black & White are no exception to that rule! In fact there are so many events planned that you need a scorecard to keep track -- but no worries mate! Gaming Update has you covered! Just print this article out so you have all the information you need at your fingertips, right?

Among the events planned for 2011 are on-site Mystery Gift events at GameStop (and other retail locations) to distribute special Pokemon from previous generations that have a direct connection to the upcoming new games -- in fact the final Legendary Dog give-away starts today at GameStops all over the nation, and you will want to be getting in on that as having one of those is absolutely required to obtain a rare and special Pokemon in one of the new games!

In addition to scoring a few legendary Pokemon, gamers will see a nationwide tour, a free movie screening, a new TV series, trading card game version, a new round of tourneys, and a new line of merchandise -- can you say Merch Booth? We knew you could!

Of course this is just the beginning, as our reliable source at Nintendo America has confirmed that other events are in the planning stages for this Summer in addition to those that have already been announced. And speaking of the announced events, here are the details we promised above!

Gothitelle -- the Goth Pokemon -- has a Frisk ability that lets you take a peak at what your opponent's Pokemon is holding!

Official Release Date for Black & White

Unoffically the date cannot come too soon for most Trainers -- but officially Pokemon Black and Pokemon White will hit store shelves on the following dates:

UK and Europe: March 4th 2011
US and Canada: March 6th 2011
Australia and NZ: March 10th 2011

Japanese Trainers got the game on September 18th 2010 -- those lucky blokes -- which means that Trainers are likely to find a plethora of JP Region Pokemon available for trade on the Global Trading Network, but remember you have to have at least SEEN a Pokemon in the game before you will be able to include it in any search for trades on the GTN! Sigh.

GameStop Mystery Gift Wonder Card Events

- The First Event: Legendary Dogs -

The final week of the exclusive free character distribution event at GameStop locations all over the country starts today, with the delivery of the Wonder Card containing the Legendary Dog Pokemon Suicune -- and even if you already have this one (and you should) the version being distributed at this event is worth having as an addition to your legendary collection because it comes with a special trait that unlocks an event in the upcoming Pokemon Black & White games that will score you a rare new Pokemon!

The special new Pokemon is called Zoroark -- and it can ONLY be obtained by transferring one of the legendary Pokemon obtained from this give-away into the new game (Japanese Pokemon Trainers will obtain this Pokemon via a Wi-Fi Event).

Zoroark is an Illusion Fox Pokemon -- a Dark Type, he has the ability of Illusion and stands at an impressive 5'3" in height, weighing in at just over 178 lbs -- so he is not a small Pokemon, and probably not one you would want to meet in a dark alley... We are just saying.

To obtain him you will need to transfer one of the Shiny Legendary Dogs -- we did mention that the Pokemon given away in this Wonder Card Event are all Shiny, right? No? Well they are! And each arrives with a rare berry as a held item as well, just so you know. Anyway, you have to transfer one of them into the new game in order to trigger a special event that will allow you to battle and capture your very own Zoroark!

A preview of the event is included in the hand-out that you receive when visiting your local GameStop for the event that shows how that encounter will go down -- but we don't want to spoil the surprise for you, head over to GameStop today and check it out!

Not living in North America? No worries mate!

Pokemon Trainers in the UK and Europe can obtain their Legendary Dogs via the upcoming Wi-Fi Event being held just for them! Like the GameStop release in America, these events are to be staggered and separate and will each last one week. The events are designated by language version, so Aussie and Kiwi Trainers should be able to get in on this as well!

The dates are:

Raikou: February 7th 2011 to February 13th 2011
Entei: February 14th 2011 to February 20th 2011
Suicune: February 21st 2011 to February 27th 2011

- The Second Event: Celebi -

Trainers lucky enough to attend the Pokemon Black & White Tour will also score an uber rare version of Celebi -- but if you are not attending one of the Tour dates have no fear! This is a GameStop-wide event, not just taking place on the Tour!

From February 27, 2011 through March 7, 2011 Pokémon trainers will be able to visit almost any GameStop for a free Celebi for their Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver games! This Celebi will come at level 50, have an Original Trainer name of GAMESTP, and arrives in a Cherish Ball and will have a Classic Ribbon -- which means certain trading restrictions will apply. It will be holding a rare Jaboca Berry, and will know the moves Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, and Healing Wish!

If that was not enough, there is more! This Celebi can be transferred in to HeartGold or SouldSilver to trigger the Time Travel Event, and if you somehow missed scoring one of the Legendary Dogs fromt eh first Wonder Card Event, well mate, you are covered! That's right, this Celebi will also score you the Zoroark Event when it is transferred into Black or White!

A mysterious character named "N" almost feels like a stalker, popping up to challenge you when you least expect it. Who is this "N" person? Why does he keep challenging you? Where did he get those Pokemon?!

Liberty Ticket Wi-Fi Event

From March 4 to April 2 the Nintendo Network will feature a Wi-Fi only event to distribute the Liberty Ticket for Pokemon Black & White gamers.

The Liberty Ticket is your only means for obtaining the rare Pokemon Victini; a Legendary Pokémon of the 5th Generation, Victini is extremely rare and is comparable to Mew & Celebi in previous games.

After you receive the Liberty Ticket, you will take a special boat ride to a secret location (this should sound familiar to most gamers) where you'll end up face to face with Victini! Now all you have to do is capture him!

Pokemon on Tour

It wouldn't be a new Pokemon game if it did not have a tour, right? Pokemaniacs are used to that bright yellow VW Beetle with its Pikachu Tail showing up outside of their local Toys 'R Us and GameStop, but how about parked in the center of their favorite shopping mall?

Nintendo is kicking off the 2011 launch of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White with an impressive coast-to-coast tour, starting in February with dates in March. The tour is designed to highlight the changes in the game -- what is new and exciting, and to give gamers a chance to revel in the new lands, new Pokemon, and new features.

Speaking of new and never-before-seen Pokémon -- gamers visiting tour sites will have the opportunity to meet some of the new Pokemon -- and have their picture taken with them -- while playing demos of the new Pokémon Black and Pokémon White video games.

Activities planned for each shopping mall include special free screenings of the new Pokémon movie, Pokémon -- Zoroark: Master of Illusions, a Pokemon-themed scavenger hunt featuring stamp locations scattered throughout the malls where gamers can get their card stamped to learn about new Pokemon and maybe win some cool prizes!

Serious gamers will want to bring both their Nintendo DS system and any copies of the previous Pokémon games that they own, as there will be a Mystery Gift give-away of special Pokemon at the events. Word is that Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver version of the game series are all eligible to obtain the rare and special Pokemon.

The initial dates for the Pokemon Black & White Tour have been published, and include two cities each week with the following locations firmly set:

Week #: Dates -- Location 1 / Location 2

Feb 12-13 -- Grand Court at Metrotown Metropolis

Feb 19-21 -- Kids-Fest, International Center, Mississauga*

*Free admission

Pokemon Tour in Canada includes face painting, coloring stations, and SWAG as alternates or substitutes for some activities.

United Kingdom
Week #: Dates -- Location 1 / Location 2

Dates and Locations to be Announced

United States of America
Week #: Dates -- Location 1 / Location 2

Week 1: Feb 5-6 -- Westfield Southcenter, Seattle, WA / Westfield SouthPark, Strongsville, OH
Week 2: Feb 12-13 -- Westfield Oakridge, San Jose, CA / Wolfchase Galleria, Memphis, TN
Week 3: Feb 19-20 -- Westfield Santa Anita, Arcadia, CA / Castleton Square, Indianapolis, IN
Week 4: Feb 26-27 -- Town Center at Aurora, Aurora, CO / Franklin Mills, Philadelphia, PA
Week 5: Mar 5-6 -- Mall of America, Bloomington, MN / Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ*
Week 6: Mar 12-13 -- Grapevine Mills, Grapevine, TX / Discover Mills, Lawrenceville, GA
Week 7: Mar 19-20 -- Arizona Mills, Tempe, AZ / Orange Park Mall, Orange Park, FL

* Dates for this mall are Friday-Saturday, 3/4-3/5

Fennel may need our help with her research but we need the kit she gives us more -- like the C-Gear! More kit, Fennel, now!

Pokemon TCG Love

In April, Pokémon will launch the Pokémon Trading Card Game : Black & White expansion, an all-new set of Pokémon TCG cards featuring new Pokémon, Trainers, and environments inspired by the video games.

While most video gamers have not delved into the TCG side of the franchise save for a brief period when the E-Reader was introduced during the live period for Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, if you plan on attending any of the organized events this year, you may want to consider taking a look-see at this novel form of battery-free Pokebattles!

The cards can be a bit on the pricey side if you want to assemble decks from the original series releases, but the expansion for Black & White will be at the regular prices, which means you can dip your feet in without having to sell your little brother to do it!

TV & Film to Catch 'Em All!

Pokémon kicks off the year with a new animated series and full-length feature film set to air on Cartoon Network, and how cool is that?! Wait -- you cannot seriously expect us to believe you do not watch the occasional episode? Sorry mate, we don't believe you -- no Trainer can flip past a channel with a Pokemon Movie on it and not stop, it's like eating just one crisp out of the packet, it just does not happen.

You likely know that Cartoon Network is Pokémon's national broadcast partner but you also know that Pokemon can be found on other networks, both new and in repeats... The news this year though is not what happened in Hoenn, but rather the film debut of Pokémon-Zoroark: Master of Illusions on February 5th at 7:00 p.m. (don't miss this. Don't make us come to your house to punish you, right?

The movie will be followed just one week later by the special premiere of two episodes of the new animated series-Pokémon: Black and White- on February 12th beginning at 9:00 a.m., starring an entirely new cast of Pokémon characters who join Ash and Pikachu on their continuing adventures.

Upcoming Events

While we may not have all of the details, one of the cool things about Japan getting the game a half-year before we do is that we get to see what is coming down the line for Wi-Fi and pfysical events, and Trainers can look forward to the following events as 2011 progresses:

Firm Events

Ash's Pikachu (Physical)
Dates: Jan 30-February 7th 2011
Games: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Location: Toys 'R' Us

Celebi (Physical)
Dates: February 27th 2011 - March 7th 2011 Celebi (Jaboca Berry)
Games: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Location: Gamestop stores

Legendary Dog Trio (Physical)
Dates: January 31st 2011 - February 7th 2011 Suicune (Rowap Berry)
Games: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Location: Gamestop stores

Legendary Dog Trio (Wi-Fi)
Dates: February 7th 2011 to February 13th 2011 Raikou (Micle Berry)
Dates: February 14th 2011 to February 20th 2011 Entei (Custap Berry)
Dates: February 21st 2011 to February 27th 2011 Suicune (Rowap Berry)
Games: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Location: Nintendo WFC

A taste for Legendary Play just makes us want more -- Black & White have their fair share of special Pokemon!

The rest of the News

Every year the folks at Nintendo organize a series of Tourneys that culminate in the World Pokemon Championships, and in addition to the competition at these events, there are special and rare Pokemon give-away via the Wonder Card Program, as well as SWAG to be had! What is SWAG? Glad you asked that!

It is a word that means (S)tuff (W)e (A)ll (G)et -- SWAG -- and in the past it has ranged from coloring books to plushies, key chains and cell phone charms -- all for just showing up at the event. Of course the best SWAG of all is the rare and exclusive Pokemon that are distributed at the events, and we will be keeping you informed as news becomes available, we promise.

With each new generation of Pokemon game new features are added to the game that stand out -- and this new generation is no exception to that rule!

In addition to the always anticipated improved graphics and the return of the day and night cycle, seasons are being introduced to the world of Pokemon, with some Pokemon and entire areas in the game subject to seasonal availability and access!

New battle modes are a part of the Trainer's world now -- including Triple Battles and a new rotation system.

The biggest news is the Pokemon Dream World -- a special area in the game that the player can travel to where they can befriend Pokemon in the game that they could not otherwise obtain. Part of the Global Link Network, having a mechanism for obtaining Pokemon from previous regions is not exactly new, but having a new area in the game where the player can not only maintain a home, but be visited there by online mates is!

The familiar elements of the Poke Trainer Card all return, and so does the badge case -- which means Black and White Trainers will once again be polishing up their badges!

Event Ribbons are back -- and in addition to being able to show off the ribbons that your Pokemon acquired in the previous games, Black & White add some new ribbons that represent the upcoming events to the catalog.

- Pokemon Battle Box -

By now trainers are used to the box-based system of storage via the PokeNet PC that is found in Poke Centers, but the new games have a new twist on box storage: the Battle Box!

The Battle Box allows you to place up to 6 Pokemon that you have trained up and optimized for use in PvP battles -- that become available automatically whenever you engage in Battle Tournament, Wi-Fi or local wireless play.

These are just a few of the new features that have been added to the game -- look for a detailed feature article on what is new in Black & White closer to the release date on Gaming Update -- and be sure to pencil in the dates for the upcoming events and get yourself to a GameStop if you can, to score your Legendary! Clearly 2011 is going to be a banner year for Pokemon Trainers all over the world -- we will see you in Unova!

Posted: 24th Jan 2011 by CMBF
Pokemon Black, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS,

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