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Destiny of Velious EQ2 Expansion grants players Flying Mounts

There are two distinct segments of the traditional MMO Gamer community -- Long-time fans who have played them all, and as each new MMO appears on the scene, moved on to greener pastures, and long-haul gamers who find a good MMO and stick with it.

EQ2 can boast a major following from the latter, and even the former eventually returns once they have tried out the newest games -- or when a new expansion appears for EQ2 -- which is what we want to tell you about today.

Few games have had the staying power or retained player interest like Everquest II -- and the latest addition to the game -- the Destiny of Velious expansion -- transports players to the legendary Great Wastes of Velious, where towering dungeons, dangerous beasts and epic story lines provide the ultimate MMO experience.

That explains the basic premise of the game, but not the important details. Before we do that though, we want to point something out.

One of the hallmarks of the expansions for Everquest II has always been the inclusion of player-requested content as part of the expansion, and in the past that has included expanded housing, new mounts, new weapon classes, and better crafting. It is rare that an expansion does not include something major, and this time around the major item is something that players have been asking the dev team to add into the game for a very long time -- Flying Mounts!

Constructing the Griffon Towers

An epic moment in the game was the day that the World Quest Gathering Supplies for the Griffon Towers was added to the game. Players were given the opportunity to help construct a new system of towers that would feature griffons as transport -- a flying animal that, when the player climbed a tower nearby key cities, would carry them on its back, flying great distances high over the lands, making long-distance travel both convenient and safe.

Our reward for gathering the Severed Ash, Belladonna Root, and Carbonite Clusters needed for the construction was a model of the tower that we could place in our homes -- a treasured souvenir that testifies that we were there, and contributed to the newest awesome resource in the game!

We did not know exactly how the Griffon Tower system would work when we helped to build it, but once the first pair was completed and we were able to fly between towers, it was an instant hit! Being able to bypass the very dangerous roads of Nektulos Forest to travel from the beach to the border on the way to Freeport? Oh yeah, that was a major bonus!

Shortly after the towers were completed players began to wonder if a flying mount was not soon coming? After all the Griffon Towers proved that you *could* fly in the game -- so wouldn't it be great to have a mount that allowed you to fly directly from point to point? Heck yeah! But expansion after expansion released, and no flying mounts appeared. Despite the constant disappointments, Flying Mounts were always high on the list of player-requested items to be added to the game, and what do you know? Their day has finally arrived!

There is no word on whether there will be a variety of flying mounts, or whether there will be minimum levels required, but if the past is any indication, the requirements will be within easy reach for most players.

The next expansion in the EQ2 Series has the players determining the fate of the world !

Destiny of Velious

Following the events of EQII Sentinel's Fate, the twin Swords of Destiny, Soulfire and the Qeynos Claymore, have been drained of their powers, setting the stage for the destruction of the EverQuest universe. The prophecy known as Age's End begins to unfold in the legendary continent of Velious and it is here that the war for Norrath will arise.

For there to be any chance to save Norrath, the Swords of Destiny must be restored. Norrath's guardians who undertake this burden will be tested by labyrinthine dungeons, the harsh Velious tundra and powerful creatures. To succeed would mean ultimate glory. To fail would mean annihilation.


* Soar high above Norrath with flying mounts
* Crawl your way through 10 dangerous dungeons
* Complete four new Heritage Quests
* Battle through more than 300 new quests
* Conquer one new massive contested dungeon
* Discover two new overland zones
* Defeat four new raid instances
* Collect more than 1,000 new weapons and items
* Journey through a new Signature Quest line
* Slay more than 30 new creatures
* Equip more than 100 new armor sets

Collector's Edition Details

Players who pre-order and purchase the EQII Destiny of Velious Collector's Edition will receive the following in-game items in addition to the regular edition features:

* Four Velious Portal Paintings
* Loyal Snow Hound Pet
* Tserrina's Wedding Present House Item
* Cryomantic Armor Crate
* Everfrost Prestige Summer Home
* Stormfeather Brood Guardian Flying Mount Appearance

Collector's Editions to the game always feature additional value-added content, but this time around in addition to the standard Collector's Edition there will be a Digital Collector's Edition as well!

The Digitial Collector's Edition is a Station Exclusive and is specially priced at $59.99 for pre-order only. This version includes the base game, all seven expansions, three adventure packs, a Loyal Snow Hound, four different Velious Portal Paintings, Tserrina's Wedding Present (a house item), Cryomantic Armor Crate, an Everfrost Summer Home, and a Stormfeather Brood Guardian mount appearance.

New accounts will also receive a free 30-day subscription. If you are considering the Collector's Edition you need to be aware that after the pre-order period ends, the price of the Digital Collector's Edition will increase to $89.99.

Coming in February

The scheduled release date for EverQuest II Destiny of Velious is February 22, 2011, and the expansion is available for pre-order through select game retailers, via digital download for the suggested retail price of $39.99 (US) for the regular edition and $59.99 (US) for the Collector's Edition. According to the official site, players who purchase the expansion through retailers will receive a bonus that includes a Standard of the Dain Cloak, and an animated glowing hammer cloak to further customize their character.

We'll see you in Velious!

Posted: 21st Jan 2011 by CMBF
EverQuest 2, PC, MMO,

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