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Fallout: New Vegas

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Bethesda buries a deep DLC plot line into Fallout: New Vegas, and gamers don't suspect a thing!

Okay that is not really a fair headline, because there is no reason why you should suspect anything, and no reason why we should either, except that some information was recently accidentally leaked in a private blog post that set this entire chain in motion, and revealed the secret plot.

First let me say right now, I did not see the posting, I heard about it from another journalist who says that they saw it. While I have no reason to doubt what they have told me, there are rules we follow in journalism, and one of them is that we never accept as fact anything that we cannot verify through three separate and independent sources.

I was unable to fully verify the blog slip, but I was able to verify that the story behind it is true -- there is a buried plot in the game that leads to a future DLC. Because the blog reveal is not 100% verified it must be treated as rumor, just so we are all clear on this.

The rumor is that a Bethesda employee made a comment on their personal blog about the DLC project that a developer named Scott Everts is working on that involved creating a string of clues to be placed in the retail copy of the game in advance of the DLC release.

The reveal was part of a reply to a comment that was posted to the blog by another person of interest, though it is not clear if they work for Bethesda or Obsidian, and the gist of the slip was a comment that it surprised the blogger that nobody had yet tripped to the trail of clues that were left by Everts in the game, or the glaringly obvious clue that is part of a conversation that takes place at the starting point for the DLC quest line.

A few phone calls and about a dozen email message exchanges later, I was able to verify that the clue trail in the game and the seemingly broken conversation with the Station Master in Primm is in fact foundation underpinnings for a future DLC release, and is not a part of a quest line that was abandoned.

The Clue Trail

The clue trail begins in the town of Primm, with Station Master Johnson, who you are questioning about the background of the package you carried -- and had taken from you. There is not much that he can tell you beyond what he knows himself, but what he knows is very significant to the as yet undiscovered quest line from the upcoming DLC: you were not the first courier considered for the assignment.

He tells you that another courier was supposed to take it, but when they saw your name -- Courier Six -- on the roster as being next up after them, they backed out of the assignment so that you would be the one to take it.

This conversation bothered a lot of players, because it did not make sense in the big picture of the game, and because it seems to begin and end with the Station Manager in Primm. If that was all that there was to it, it could be dismissed as simply a piece of voice work that was part of a quest line that never happened, but then there is the string of clues literally left throughout the land.

Beware Courier Six

Following the conversation with Johnson, if the player pays attention to their surroundings, they will find messages scrawled as graffiti warning Courier 6 away, implying danger, and a threat, and advising them to go home. This trail of clues leads to a canyon on the far side of the map that is strewn with wreckage and obstructions -- just the sort of place, in other words, that you find entrance points to new DLC areas in Fallout Games!

Fast forward to today, and the release of the Dead Money DLC, and what do we find? A conversation in the DLC that also references the rival courier! The clues are stacking up, it is all there for you to see, we just need Scully and Mulder.. Mully and Sculder.... Argh! The Three Investigators! Yeah, Jupiter Jones would have this cracked in an hour, tops!

Secret Slips

After a fair bit of digging it can be said with high confidence that the rival courier is an ex-lover with whom you had a falling out. The relationship went bad in a very bad way. You know how sometimes you might say that you wish your ex was dead? Well the rival courier means it. But there is more -- the rival courier knows something about your missing family!

There is still plenty of mystery here -- the name of the DLC, when it will release, or what the ultimate plot is, but we do know this much -- your rival hates you, wants you dead, and has been leaving messages for you to freak with your head, and eventually you are going to have the opportunity to ask them a very important question: Why did they set you up to get a bullet in the head in a graveyard outside of Good Springs?

Posted: 21st Dec 2010 by CMBF
Fallout: New Vegas, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC,

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