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About Xion

Offline : Last logged on: Unknown

Hi, I'm Xion...or Dan, doesn't really matter what you call me >_>

I'm 14 by the way

Anyways, even though it says i joined on January 23rd, I didn't validate my e-mail until February 10th, and didn't start posting until February 16th

Switched to InvertAlpha after I got the Forum Games Mod Spot in August 2007. Forced to switch to Xion in February 2008 after I was demodded and all my accounts (Except Xion) was deactivated.

My very first post was in Nintendogs dachsund and friends. you'll usually see me in any of the Pokemon forums, most of the general Boards forums, and a couple others.

People who are my friends Members:
rain matrix (J roc)
awsome white shark
Master Volthawk
Team Supercheats
Cross Stinger
RJ Fighter
JusticeInACan (Now Banned ;_;)
Faites ou Mourez
King of Hell
Zelda bandit (This account banned, but hes on another account)
Raquazarox250 (ChaosDemon)

People I don't like:

People who I have a split decision over (Sometimes I don't like them, sometimes, I don't mind them)
Destined Sorrow

I currently mod Nothing.

PWNAGE Quotes:

Dave (Youkou) - I think he deserves a fair chance to, he has improved a lot and if you judge people by their past, then we'll have to demote 2/3 of the mods/super mods

he does nothing wrong by trying to help out, whether it is sucking up or not, help is help and I appreciate that.

EspeonDude_ - he can be helpful. Hell, I never would've caught Legendary_Man posting a disturbing image because I only go into two teams out of that large population now.

Rhodri - though the only time Spadeds complains is when he's lost a mod spot because of TI25

Aaden Foli - Though, I also have to say that there was a time when I was right behind you on this thing TI, but now I reckon you're as bad as spade. You find a reason to try and get him banned, demodded and hated every second of every day. Lay off, it's ******* annoying. (No, I didn't cuss, they were already asterisks) xD

Flamedario - Ok my thoughts. You people may have some personal issues. All you people are doing is complaining. Ok? Hes not getting banned so just leave him alone. The reproduction...human race...etc **** was over the top. Who ever said that has problems. That is ridiculous. You take something so small and make a big deal of it. Like wth. Honestly. Chill the heck out.
We cant atleast be positive? I for one congradulate (Worse spelling.) him. Hope things work out. For Xion. And for everone else who posted crap (More asterisks)

Cataclysm - Technically, he isn't really harming anyone. Why is it such a big deal? I can understand that you people may just not like Spadeds, but by making far too many accounts, he's not actually hurting anyone.

Shadow Cast - For whoever of you bear grudges over the internet, you fail.
For whoever harass people over the internet to get sexual pleasure, you fail.
For whoever of you care about -one- persons name, You-Fail.

Seriously, half of these posts are targeted at one guy because of half of you are jumping on the band wagon, grow up, seriously.

Catharsis - My opinion? I think this whole discussion is pointless, and based on a dislike of InvertAlpha by most of the moderators here.

The argument here seems to be "He can't control the thread by deleting posts in it or locking it when it's done". Okay, this is true, he can't do that. But thread creators don't have a responsibility to moderate their own threads, otherwise no-one but moderators would even be allowed to make threads.

I mean, it's not like you're even complaining about every weekly thing that goes on in GC. "The Great Face-Off" topic is a weekly thing, and I see no-one objecting to coachcline running that. Again, this seems to suggest to me that it's InvertAlpha people have a problem with, not a non-moderator controlling the topic.

Seeing as none of the GC moderators seem to have any particular desire to run the spotlight anyway, I don't know why they're so determined that IA doesn't run it. He wants to run it, so why not let him run it? It's not like he's doing a bad job of it.

And, to be honest, I have to admire InvertAlpha's restraint. He gets more people on his back than anyone else on the site, and he doesn't go flaming everyone, as some "good" members have done over less in the past. Seriously, people, lay off him. Sure, he's had more accounts than a lot of people, but that's in the past and he seems to have made his mind up now. Stop looking for excuses to annoy him.

tl;dr: Stop ******** and let him have the goddamn spotlight, seeing as he wants it when none of you do. (Asterisks again...)