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FAQ/Strategy Guide

by Major_Cooke


Zombie Defense - iPhone
Gameplay Guide

Version 1.00

Author - Major_Cooke
Contact me at [email protected]

If anyone find error in my guide, I would gladly receive any corrections.
And will give credit to that one.

This game is VERY HARD and is almost impossible. You will find yourself in the
hopeless apocalypse with no hope to survive. Even if you play on EASY, you
will still find out that your struggling is futile and cannot find a way to
survive 13-15th night even on EASY. Do not give up. Because I myself have at
last found a way to beat them all even on the REAL (HARD) difficulty. It is
all about using the right strategy. And most players can't figure it out.

Let's Begin.

========== TABLE OF CONTENT ==========

[Character Infos]

[Special Items]

[Guns Ranking]

[MOJO Booster]

[Enemy Type]

[Gameplay Strategies]

[REAL (HARD) Mode Guide]


[Character Infos]
In this game, if one of the four characters dies, he/she will be gone forever.
Better begin new game if you lost even one of them.
Oma is the best character. Let she equips the best weapon you have.

 - Accuracy     = Medium
 - Reload Speed = Medium
 - Mojo Boost   = Medium
 - Special      = Create bomb. A little firing rate boost when using many
kinds of rapid shooting gun. (Glock, Machinegun, ...etc)

 - Accuracy     = Poor
 - Reload Speed = Slow
 - Mojo Boost   = Very Easily
 - Special      = Create food trap.

 - Accuracy     = Good
 - Reload Speed = Medium
 - Mojo Boost   = Easily
 - Special      = Create sandbags.

 - Accuracy     = Great!
 - Reload Speed = Fast
 - Mojo Boost   = Hardly
 - Special      = Create molotov cocktail.

[Special Items]
Special items can only be created by each character's ability during the day.
The more time used to creates them, the more of them will be available for
the next battle.

 - Instants kill every zombies in its radius of 2 grid blocks.
 - Bomb can be set up before the battle begins. Then it can be detonated by
touching the bomb during the battle. Effective against 'Brute' because no
matter how strong it is, a bomb will still instantly kill it.
 - Unused bombs can be carried to the next battle.
 - Warning : Bomb radius can be blocked by sandbags!! Place it carefully.

 - Create zombie's maze. Make it's way becomes longer giving more times for
our heroes to shoot it.
 - Sandbags can only be set up before the battle begins and can't be moved
again until the end of the battle.
 - If you return to the same place, old sandbags will still remain to be used.
 - Warning : Zombie can moves diagonal. Place sandbags carefully.
 - Warning : Sandbags CAN block your gun's firing trajectory. High caution
when placing them is required.
 - Warning : If you TOTALLY block the zombie's path, then it will attack
sandbags to breaks the wall creating new path to the heroes.

Food Trap
 - Food Trap will becomes one of the zombie's target. Zombies will have
chances to pick up food trap as their target instead of the four heroes. And
food trap will be eaten up quicker than the four heroes.
 - Food trap can only be set up before the battle begins and can't be moved
again until the end of the battle.
 - Remaining food traps can be carried to the next battle.
 - Warning : Food trap just become more target for zombies to pick up. NOT
attracts the zombies. Zombies MAY or MAY NOT go to eat food trap.

Molotov Cocktail
 - Ignite the flame on zombies within the radius of 4 grid blocks. Damaging
them until they die or the fire worn off.
 - Molotov cocktail can only be used during the battle. Just tap the icon
on the top-left then tap the destination on the battlefield to throw it.
 - Unused molotov cocktails can be carried to the next battle.
 - Warning : Molotov cocktail will NOT be activate instantly. Time your tap
 - Warning : It throwing time is random. Sometime Oma throws real fast,
sometime she throws slowly.
 - Warning : While you are aiming the throw, Oma will NOT shoot the zombies!
 - Warning : Don't throw too rapid. If you tap the next molotov cocktail too
fast before Oma throw the first one, than the first one will be gone. (Bug)
 - Warning : Molotov cocktail will NOT kills the zombies instantly. Better
have some range for maximum effect.
 - Warning : Molotov cocktail radius can be blocked by sandbags!! Aim the
throw carefully.
 - Combo molotov cocktail with fast burst firing gun is very effective.

[Guns Ranking]
Guns can only be found during the day and the chance is very random. Some guns
can be found only on the later days. You have to balance between getting the
fixed special items created by the four or getting more CHANCE of finding
better guns. (Just chance)

I rank them by effectiveness of each gun. For me, 4 Hunting Rifle can beat
REAL (HARD) mode. So, it is ranked at the bottom (weak gun stays on top).

.22 Pistol
 - Shot Type     : Single
 - Firing Rate   : Slow
 - Effectiveness : Very weak
 - Note          : Most basic gun.

12 Gauge Shotgun
 - Shot Type     : Burst
 - Firing Rate   : Very slow
 - Effectiveness : Very weak
 - Note          : Only better than .22 Pistol in close range. It's slow speed
hurt player's performance though.

9mm Glock 17
 - Shot Type     : Single
 - Firing Rate   : Fast
 - Effectiveness : Weak
 - Note          : It fast shooting speed prove useful in the early nights.

UMP Submachinegun
 - Shot Type     : Burst
 - Firing Rate   : Very fast
 - Effectiveness : Weak
 - Note          : This gun is quite good. But sadly, it can be found around
10th night which is almost too hard to survive with this gun.

AR-15 Assault Rifle
 - Shot Type     : Burst
 - Firing Rate   : Fast
 - Effectiveness : Medium
 - Note          : One of the decent burst weapon. But not enough to survive
the horde of apocalypse.

.357 Magnum
 - Shot Type     : Single
 - Firing Rate   : Slow
 - Effectiveness : Strong
 - Note          : Powerful single-shot gun. It can do 'one-shot-kill' to the
zombie in easy and normal mode.

.270 Hunting Rifle
 - Shot Type     : Single
 - Firing Rate   : Slow
 - Effectiveness : Very strong
 - Note          : Stronger version of .357 Magnum single shot. If you play
on hard mode. Only this gun can 'one-shot-kill' a zombie.

AK-74 Assault Rifle
 - Shot Type     : Burst
 - Firing Rate   : Medium
 - Effectiveness : Very strong
 - Note          : This gun's reload speed is very slow. Best effective when
zombie horde coming in the straight line and with high accuracy user like Oma.
The best weapon to kill a brute zombie. AK-74 can be found after 15th day by

 - Shot Type     : ???
 - Firing Rate   : ???
 - Effectiveness : ???
 - Note          : The only weapon in the game stronger than AK-74. I can't
fint it yet but the game creator already told me about it.

[MOJO Booster]
Mojo affects reload time. It also affects accuracy and the amount of damage
that the character can suffer before succumbing to the undead horde. The
effect of mojo only last for ONE night. And you CAN'T give your character the
same mojo booster twice (If you give 2x chocolate to someone, he/she will only
be boosted by the effect of 1x chocolate then ALL of chocolate will be gone).

Each mojo booster give boost amount to each character differently. Giving it
to the right person is a must.

But to be honest, I need NONE of these mojo boosters to beat HARD mode. So,
they are not required to fight against these hopeless apocalypses.

Rightous Beef Jerky
 - Toby  = +1
 - Candi = +1
 - Zed   = +3
 - Oma   = +1
Sensation Chocolate
 - Toby  = +3
 - Candi = +4
 - Zed   = 0
 - Oma   = +1
 - Toby  = 0
 - Candi = -2
 - Zed   = +5
 - Oma   = +1
Energy Drink
 - Toby  = +3
 - Candi = +3
 - Zed   = +1
 - Oma   = +3
Hair Dresser
 - Toby  = +3
 - Candi = +5
 - Zed   = -1
 - Oma   = +1
Coca Cola
 - Toby  = +3
 - Candi = +3
 - Zed   = +1
 - Oma   = +1
Heathy Vegetables
 - Toby  = -1
 - Candi = +1
 - Zed   = +1
 - Oma   = +3

[Enemy Type]
There are not much zombie types in this game. However, knowing them is the
key to plan your strategy against these hopeless apocalypse battles. Then
when you know all types of zombie, some effective strategy will come out.

 - Strong against : None
 - Weak against   : Everything
 - Note           : Normal zombie. Shoot them all.

 - Strong against : Sandbags maze.
 - Weak against   : Clear path, Aim shot, High accuracy shot.
 - Note           : Leaper is the crawling zombie. When you see a crouching
zombie moving among them, it is a Leaper. It will ignore ALL your hard working
maze. It will just moving and jumping across ALL sandbags like there are no
maze at all! Worst than that, it is hard to be shot and 'sandbags' will only
become it's cover to makes it even harder to be shot!! To beat this type of
zombie, you need CLEAR path for your heroes to shoot or you can let it come
into melee range then shoot it up. Fortunately, Leaper is not much strong.

 - Strong against : Guns.
 - Weak against   : Bomb, Sandbags maze, High accuracy strong gun shots.
 - Note           : Brute is the RED zombie. It walks speed is slower than
normal walker about as half as walker's speed. BUT it's endurance is as much
as 10-20 times the normal walker!! When you see ONE brute, you may say that
you see TEN-TWENTY zombies coming! To overcomes this evil, you need to create
long way maze to give the hero more time to shoot. Brute's slow walking speed
is it's only weakness. If you play on HARD mode, Brute will begin to appear
very early on 4th night.

 - Strong against : Sandbags maze.
 - Weak against   : Focus aim by player.
 - Note           : I can't say this is one of the zombie type. May be it is
only just A.I. bug that zombie can't find the way to the target so it begins
to break some walls to create it own way and believe me.. it always destroy
an important part of your maze. Keep your eye peel. If you find some zombies
begin attacking on your wall, touch one of your character and drag to those
zombies. This create focus aim and the character will shoot at the focus area
killing those wall breakers.

 - Strong against : None
 - Weak against   : None
 - Note           : Running zombies. If you play on EASY, you will only find
them on 20th night. If you play on HARD, you will begin to find them on 15th
night onward. Waves of runners can almost instantly turn your seemingly
victory situation into hell and trigger your defeat. Keep your eye peel.
Create the ultimate maze or using bomb, molotov cocktail to destroy these
damned runners.

[Gameplay Strategies]

1) Build up the right sandbags maze as fast as you can.
 - I recommend coming back to the same place every next 3 nights to build more
sandbag maze. For example, choose 'Warehouse' at 1st,4th,7th,10th... night.
 - Let zombies go straight to you in the single line as much as they can
BEFORE they spread out to eat someone brain.
 - One of the most powerful maze is "L" shape maze in the early night. It is
to let zombies run straight up to you in a single line then eventually turn
straight right or left in front of your heroes using the sandbags wall.
 - Be aware that the zombies can move diagonal. Straight line sandbags wall
without allowing zombies to turn right or left is the most effective.
 - Create some 'killing path' where there are very little sandbag blocking
your fire sight and are also choke point to gather zombies together. My
perfect maze will have 3 'killing path'. First, first path where zombies
appear and go straight to you. Second, where zombies were mocked to go around
then eventually have to run back pass the Four, right in front of our heroes.
That is lethal because close range also mean high accuracy. Lastly, the third,
where is the last corner after zombies go pass all the maze. It is the final
ground in front of the heroes before they can reach them to eat their brains.

2) Use the right guns. Not seemingly strong guns.
 - Equip the gun according to the [Guns Ranking] guide section. You will be
surprised to see that you can beat 20th night with just 4 Hunting Rifles.
 - Use AK-74, Hunting Rifle, Magnum.

3) Use focus aim to cover zombie's attack route.
 - If you successfully build up the great maze, you need 2 heroes to aim to
the last corner, you need 1 to aim right at your 4 heroes to protect them
against the leapers.

4) Use right special item at the right time.
 - When using Molotov Cocktail, be aware that it need sometime before it can
kills zombies. Zombies' HP will gradually drop to zero but NOT instantly. It
MAY NOT helps you at all if you throw it carelessly.
 - Molotov Cocktail will be more effective if you have burst-shot type weapon.
But it may not helps you much if you use only Hunting Rifle except that you
are fighting against Brute.
 - Detonates the Bomb when the red Brute is in the bomb's range with a lot of
other zombies. It is a guarantee instant-kill.
 - Bomb WILL kills your heroes too if they are in range :P

5) Balance search time spending during each day.
 - Early days when you are lacked of weapons, it is recommended that you spend
much search time enough to guarantees getting 4 items.
 - When you get enough Hunting Rifles and Magnums, you need not much the time
to spend for search.

[REAL (HARD) Mode Guide]

Choose 3 best locations. (The easiest is Power Plant, Warehouse, Store)

Divide 20 days into cycles. Each cycle consist of 3 days.
1st - 3rd days is the "1st" cycle.
4th - 6th days is the "2nd" cycle.
7th - 9th days is the "3rd" cycle.
... and so on ...

Every FIRST day of any cycle, try NOT to use special weapons against zombies.
Every SECOND day of any cycle, you may need to use few special weapons. For
example, I used 1 food trap on 2nd night and 1 bomb on 5th night.
Every THIRD day of any cycle, use any mean necessary to survive the cycle.
3rd night is hard. 6th is harder. And 9th night is the hardest. After those
night, it should be easier if you keep building sandbags non-stop since the
1st night because at the 4th cycle your powerful maze should start to formed!!

Build up your right sandbags maze within the 4th cycle! The Apocalypse in
HARD mode is IMPOSSIBLE without mazes after 11th night!!

If you always keep Zed building sandbags at max speed, good sandbags mazes
will be able to formed on 4th cycle.

Within 1st-3rd cycle spend most of the time searching for Hunting Rifles and
.357 Magnums. Equip them as fast as you can. Hunting Rifle first, then Magnum.

KEEP building sandbags at MAX speed until 20th night! Zed must not waste his
time to search for some cigarettes!

When maze is built up, let someone in your team do MANUAL focus aim to protect
your team against Leaper! They will jump cross every sandbags to go to you!
Good news is that you just got to shoot them down! Bang!!

I used all of these tactics to won against HARD difficulty. And I hope it will
help you to survive the real apocalypse too!

God Bless You All!