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Follow the dark path or use the light
Torchwood: Web of Lies Pack Shot

Torchwood: Web of Lies



by Zach1812


Walkthrough written by Chris Truebe


Table of Contents

1.	Legal
2.	Version History
3.	Introduction/Basics
4.	Episode 1
5.	Episode 2
6.	Episode 3
7.	Episode 4
8.	Episode 5
9.	Episode 6
10.	Episode 7
11.	Episode 8
12.	Episode 9
13.	Episode 10
14.	Contact Info



This game is copyright of BBC Interactive, Starz, Double Barrel Motion Labs, 
and Powerful Robot. It is free but will be used to fund BBC programs in the 
future with in app purchases.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Chris Truebe
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advanced written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

The sites that can use this FAQ:

As always all mistakes written on this walkthrough are mine and mine alone. 
Any fixes noted will be under the author who showed my errors.


Version History


First walkthrough created. Ran through game same time as writing walkthrough 
so some information may be redundant or wrong.


Reformatted for ASCII and .txt readability.



Welcome to Torchwood: Web of Lies. This is an interactive app on the iPhone, 
iPod, and iPad that is used in addition to the TV show Torchwood: Miracle Days
by the BBC. 

Description for Apple iTunes:
The secret of immortality revealed? Find out in "Torchwood: Web of Lies", a 
unique 10 part companion to the new Russell T Davies series "Torchwood: 
Miracle Day." This completely original episodic interactive experience fuses 
together incredible motion comic graphics and gameplay to tell a digital-
exclusive Torchwood story.

Players participate in a parallel narrative to the "Torchwood: Miracle Day" 
that delves deeper into the dramatic events which unfold in the TV series. 
"Torchwood: Web of Lies" includes lead characters Captain Jack Harkness and 
Gwen Cooper – voiced by John Barrowman and Eve Myles – AND introduces Eliza 
Dushku as the voice of Holly, a young woman intent on finding out what has 
happened to her brother and the world.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Torchwood like never before as you 
crack codes, break locks and race across landscapes in search of the real 
truth behind Miracle Day.

What happened to Jack and Gwen on that "missing day" back in 2007 - the day 
that neither remembers? Is it possible that a young, paranoid conspiracy 
theorist actually stumbled into the chilling truth and what it means for 
Miracle Day? The ONLY place to find out is in "Torchwood: Web of Lies."

Torchwood: Web of Lies is written by HUGO award winner Jane Espenson and 
Ryan Scott and Executive Produced by Russell T Davies.

This first FREE download gives you Episode 1 of Torchwood: Web of Lies. 
Then watch Torchwood: Miracle Day every week and return to the app the 
DAY AFTER for an opportunity to get a new episode of Web of Lies. Every 
episode includes more original story told through motion graphics AND new 
gameplay, culminating in a thrilling interactive finale in Episode 10.

This application is made by BBC Worldwide. BBC Worldwide is a commercial 
company that is owned by the BBC. The profits BBC Worldwide make from it go 
back to BBC programme-makers to help fund great new BBC programmes.


Follow the on screen instructions to play the game.


Episode 1:

Subtitles of Video coming soon…

You see a nice art cinematic starting Cardiff 2007 “Missing Day”. It focuses 
in on Gwen and Jack chasing a strange person then disappearing into the mist. 
Green mist.

Los Angeles
Holly and Miles are walking down the road talking about how he’s going off to 
do more investigating on a “conspiracy”. Holly then goes into a club and starts
dancing. She comes out of the club and comes upon her brother’s cell phone. 
Then she comes upon her brother lying “dead”. The paramedics tell her that no 
one is dying anymore. She gets in the ambulance and starts looking at his 

Welcome to your first game.

-	Hack into Mile’s phone by cracking the code before time runs out. 
-	Use the supplie letters to build possible words and then press SUBMIT 
to lock in your guess.
-	After each attempt the letters will reveal color-coded clues:
-	Green: Letter is in the correct position.
-	Yellow: Letter is in the word, but placed in the wrong position.
o	Grey: Letter is not in the word.
-	Crack five codes to gain access to Miles’ phone.
-	You may use the HINT button to reveal one letter, but keep in mind that
this will sacrifice some time.

One thing they don’t tell you, You can use a letter more than once.

First Puzzle: (1 hint available)

Time Given: 60 seconds
Hint Given:  F _ _ E
Answer: FIRE

Second Puzzle: (1 hint available)

Time Given: 60 seconds
Hint Given: W O _ _, or W _ _ D
Answer: WOOD

Third Puzzle: (2 hints available)

Time Given: 60 seconds
Hint Given: L _ G H _
Answer: LIGHT

Fourth Puzzle: (2 hints available)

Time Given: 60 seconds
Hint Given: T O R _ _, or T _ R C _
Answer: TORCH

Fifth Puzzle: 

Time Given: 90 seconds
Hint Given: F _ _ E N D, or F _ I E N _
Answer: FRIEND

You are then granted access into Miles’ phone. I wish the phone was more 
interactive but… my own person peeve. Click ok then see a picture of Miles 
and Joe. Holly speaks up and says “He thought they were friends.”

Click ok again then be treated to another cut scene. Holly talks about Miles’ 
blog about the “Conspiracy about Death”

You are then treated to another game. The Web of Evidence

- Find the connection between the words and ideas in this logic puzzle.
- Link words and concepts together by dragging them onto the correct nodes.
- Boxes indicate compound words and phrases that are linked to a singe word or 
- Connected words will provide color- coded clues:
o  White: No correct connections.
o  Yellow: At least on of the connections are correct.
o  Lime: The word has all the correct connections but is not on the correct 
o  Green: The word is on the correct node with all the correct connections.

From top to bottom it reads…

Gun     Friendly
Light     Torch        Wood
Day     Immortality

And that’s the end of Episode 1. You’re given a little snipet of what you found
 out and given a knock till the next episode. It reads…

“It looks like Miles knew the man who was after him and that Miracle day was 
coming. Uncover new evidence in the next episode.”

Click on Main Menu and you’re sent back to the menu and given a chance to log 
in to Facebook Mobile to post your scores and to tell everyone that you’re 
playing the game.

You can look back on the Web of Evidence that you’ve uncovered, see your 
Achievements if you’re connected to Game Center, and play minigames. The 
minigames unlocked after Episode 1 are Crack the Code Puzzle and Web of 
Evidence Puzzle. You are also given the chance to see the leaderboards of 
these two games by clicking the button beside the choice.


Episode 2

Coming Soon


Episode 3

Coming Soon


Episode 4

Coming Soon


Episode 5

Coming Soon


Episode 6

Coming Soon


Episode 7

Coming Soon


Episode 8

Coming Soon


Episode 9

Coming Soon


Episode 10

Coming Soon


Contact Information:

If for some reason you wish to contact me, if I’ve made a mistake, if you 
think I should add something or if you just think, please send a message to 
me or send an e-mail to…

Partassle[at] gmail[dot] com