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Follow the dark path or use the light

The War of Eustrath


Story Variation Guide

by Major_Cooke

War of Eustrath - iPhone
Story Variation, Routes, Secrets, Endings Guide

Version 1.21

Changes in 1.21 :
1) Correct Zeeyown's base damage from 1500 to 1450 in GEAR Class section.
2) Improve wording in 'Recruiting Elvin' section.
3) Correct about 'Secret of Lucy Braferd!' in "Choose River(Detour)" section.
 - If you recruit Elvin then choose River (Detour), then you trigger it. Not
 just enable the chance for it.
4) Correct 'Recruiting a Magnificent' section and give more explaination.
5) Improve "More Power or Be Prudent" section.
6) Edit some wording in the 'Author's Opinion About True Ending' section.

Changes in 1.20 :
1) Table of Content now added
 - A Magnificent Repent!
 - Harvein Survival Chance
 - Frederick is A LITTLE BIT serious
 - Frederick is REAL serious
 - Ellion serious against Duran
 - Vital infos from Ascard
2) Added some more description about 'Challenge' difficulty
3) Edited and completed 'About GEAR Class in the story' section
4) Rechecking and Edited many section along the Guide.
5) Completed the Guide.

Author - Major_Cooke
Contact me at [email protected]

If anyone find error in my guide, I would gladly receive any corrections.
And will give credit to that one.

Credits to many people for their information which hasten my tasks.
kainn - For information about 'Harvein Survival'
kainn - For information about 'Tianerx Optimus' (No need Tys' GEAR)
JasonT - For information about 'Tianerx Optimus' (Breakthrough)

This Guide may contain some spoilers, But I try to keep them as the TEASER
(I mean letting some spoilers loose as a teaser but still hide the true story)

This game is very much shorter than Super Robot Wars Series. About as half as
long compare to Super Robot Wars. If you want to play more than once, then
I recommend that you play on your own for the first time. Then use my guide to
uncovers the rest of the story at the 2nd-3rd play through and so on.

Let's Begin.

========== TABLE OF CONTENT ==========
[Game's Difficulty Variation]
[Story Variation Overview]
[About GEAR Class in the story]
[Available Ending Scene]

[Rhilt Village]
[Village Saved] -- EXTRA Ingots
[Village Destroyed]

[Harvein Survival Begin] -- Chance for 1 EXTRA Ally Unit

[Plain or Mountain]
[Sarah Pye the Curse Maker!]
[Recruiting Evelin] -- 2 MORE Battles, Healer Ally Unit
[The Blaze Duke]
[Recruiting Elvin] -- EXTRA Ingots, Flyer-Fighter Ally Unit
[The Belle of Tempest]

[River(Detour) or Plains(Short cut)]

[Detouring the Great River] -- 1 or 2 EXTRA Ingots, 1 or 2 MORE Battles
[Girls Take a Bath!]
[Charge or Surprise Attack]
[Avoiding Felder's Ambush] -- EXTRA Ingots, 1 MORE Battle
[Harvein Darlington's Family Emblem]
[Felder, the Rainman]
[Secret of Lucy Braferd!]
[Recruiting Estaban (Late)] -- 1 EXTRA Ally Unit

[Short cut through Wuthering Plains] -- Chance for 1 or 2 EXTRA Ally Units
[Recruiting Estaban (Early)] -- 1 or 2 EXTRA Ally Units
[Trust Esteban or Be Careful]
[Tys' GEAR of the Beauty] -- 1 EXTRA Ally Unit, Divine Blessing Item
[Luke-Tiana Relationship!]

[A Reason To Fight - Ellion]
[A Reason To Fight - Millia]
[Recruiting a Magnificent] -- 1 EXTRA Ally Unit, Knight's Ring Item

[Warning from the Grove]
[Hurry Up or Be Polite]
[Respect the Grove]
[Angering the Grove] -- 1 MORE Battle (EXTRA Ingots from enemies)

[More Power or Be Prudent]
[Upgraded Tianerx] -- Easier Battle, Weaker Tianerx
[Unsealed Tianerx] -- Harder Battle, Stronger Tianerx

[Tys' GEAR resurrection] -- Divine Blessing Item

[Supply Base or Military Base]

[Wenceslas' Brainy Researcher Plan] -- HARDER Difficulty
[Zeeyown, GEAR of the Gravity] -- Fighter Ally Unit

[Wenceslas' Secret Weapon Plan] -- MEDIUM Difficulty
[Wiveather, GEAR of the Sky] -- High Flexibility Ally Unit

[A Magnificent Repent!]

[Get stronger or Do my best]
[Get stronger]
[Do my best]

[Ugly Twins VS Ugly GEAR]

[Breakthrough or Detour]
[Tiana's Hunger for Power]
[Frederick is serious]

[Detour Battles] -- 1 MORE Battle
[Frederick is A LITTLE BIT serious]

[Harvein Survival Chance]

[Goddess' Warning Voice]

[A Magnificent is Our Friend]

[Tianerx Optimus]
[Legnus is Our Ally] -- EASIER Difficulty

[Harvein Survival End] -- Chance for 1 EXTRA Ally Unit

[Ellion serious against Duran]

[Vital Infos from Ascard]
[Deux Ex Machina Hekanticlus] -- MEDIUM Difficulty
[Diablolic Celtakroth] -- HARDER Difficulty

[Fight or Don't Fight]
[Against The Chosen One] -- CHALLENGE Difficulty
[Ascard is Our Friend]

[Kingdoms Restoration]

[Author's Opinion About True Ending]


[Game's Difficulty Variation]

This game has many variations.
So I assume those variations as difficulty level choosing.
Which impacts your playing plan and level up plan during the whole game.

1) Easier - Elemental GEAR Pilot
 - Focusing of Characters Level Planning : None
 - Final Boss (delegation) - Huben Draknir
 - Do not trigger "Tianerx Optimus". You will trigger "Legnus is Our Ally"

Description : Huben Draknir is the delegation for final boss in this level.
As Ascard says "He is now STRONGER than Optimus", he is right. Only if you
failed to trigger "Tianerx Optimus", then you will have a chance to challenge
the overpower Huben Draknir without interruption by the story. You have to
beat him on your own which is harder than Wenceslas. He is the only enemy in
the game I failed to beat in the very first time fighting without preparation.
Other than this Huben Draknir, you just let your ultimate ally do the job.
Or even if you want to take all the boss without his aid, there are no bosses
harder than Huben Draknir in the stage 'Somewhere, over the sadness'.

2) Medium - Knight GEAR Pilot
 - Focusing of Characters Level Planning : None
 - Final Boss - Deux Ex Machina Hekanticlus
 - Choose 'Military Base' when you have to choose between 'Supply Base' or
'Military Base'. You will trigger "Deux Ex Machina Hekanticlus"

Description : You choose to destroy the military power of Kradion, wiping out
the brainy researchers in the process. But their supply convoy team are still
there to carry the anti-Optimus weapon to the hand of Wenceslas. This boss is
'Mechanical' type with high HP. Almost every weapon can harm it so there is
no need to focus firepower for anyone. Even weak attacker like Wiveather of
Robin can still do the job.

3) Harder - Guadian GEAR Pilot
 - Focusing of Characters Level Planning : Some firepower focus is needed
 - Final Boss - Celtakroth
 - Choose 'Supply Base' when you have to choose between 'Supply Base' or
'Military Base'. You will trigger "Diablolic Celtakroth"

Description : You choose to destroy the supply base of Kradion, leaving
the brainy researchers in the military base of Kradion still alive. This make
Wenceslas has a chance to unseals the forgotten one, the first Optimus fallen.
Diablolic Celtakroth is the 'Elemental' type with lower HP than mechanical
Deux Ex Machina. But it has got higher defense power with barrier stronger.
If you don't careful, you will have some hard time penetrating its barrier
after its HP go down below 50%. Prepare some firepower on your damage dealers,
high enough for completing this task. That is why you get 'Zeeyown' instead of
'Wiveather' for Robin. Because 'Zeeyown' has more attack power.

4) Challenge - Optimus GEAR Pilot
 - Focusing of Characters Level Planning : Very high firepower focus is needed
 - Final Boss - Legnus Optimus
 - Trigger "Tianerx Optimus".
 - Trigger "Against The Chosen One".

Description : This is the greatest challenge for strategy fans. You choose to
obtain the forgotten power. And choose to walk the path of the Chosen One.
Then you find your way to the greatest battle of history. You need to focus
your leveling up to the best damage dealers you have in your team. I suggest
NO MORE than 2 characters. And of course, the best bet would be Luke and Tia.
You need really high level up focusing. For me, I need Tiana's Full Force III
which she will learn at level 86. Whatever your plan is, be aware that his
barrier is ALMOST AN IMPENETRABLE WALL. And from my 5 playthroughs experience,
I need around 4-7 levels (80-140%) of damage boosting which can be got by
Full Force II-III plus with Strengthen III-IV. There are only 3 characters
that can get to this level of fire power. They are Luke, Tiana and Ellion.


[Story Variation Overview]

Main focus of many people in this game is about how to get the secret ending.
The most concerned is about 'Tianerx Optimus'

The War of Eusthrath overall stages were divided into two half.
Before you meet elemental Goddess, and after that until the end.

1) First half, before meeting the Goddess. "Shaping your forces"
As I say, shaping your forces. Every choices you make and everything you do
in the first half of the game will determine how your forces will become in
the second half of the game.

You have to choose your party members and resource ingots for your forces.
Some decision will give you more allies, some will give your more resources.

2) Second half, after meeting the Goddess. "Shaping your destiny"
As I say, shaping your destiny. When you enter the second half, you no
longer focus on how your forces will become. But instead, your decision from
now on will determine your ending, your destiny...

You will also choose the game's difficulty from this point onward.
Every endings has it own type of obstacles to overcome.
Especially when you decide to take on the challenge difficulty.


[About GEAR Class in the story]

In the story, there are 4 GEAR class plus a deity class Optimus.
You may hear them speaking about this GEAR class. What is the level of these
classes they are talking about can be found right here. This information will
give you better understanding of these words in the game.

1) Mechanical GEAR Class
 - Technical Meaning : Has NON-Elemental weapons, No Barrier
 - This class has NON elemental power which make it the weakest class in the
game. The elemental barrier can block all kind of damage while mechanical
armor will only be able to block ONLY NON-elemental weapon.
 - Almost every enemy soldiers ride this Mechanical GEAR.

List of Mechanical GEAR :
Scout - High Mobility, Weakest
Sniper - Long Range Artillery
Cavalry - Weak All Rounder
Defender - Decoy, Damage Receiver, Very weak offense
Swordman - Close Combat, Highest damage power among soldiers
Infantry - Healer, High HP, Weakest

Strong level of Mechanical GEAR :
Centurion - Strong All Rounder
Hekanticlus - Counter Optimus Weapon - 1720 - HP around 30,000
 - NOTE : The number 1720 is the GEAR's ultimate weapon base damage power.

2) Elemental GEAR Class
 - Technical Meaning : Has Elemental weapons, has Barrier
 - This class fuse the power of elemental into its GEAR. Enable it as a fine
 war machine. It is much tougher than the mechanical GEAR and is not easily
 be destroyed.
 - This kind of enemies can be found more and more later in the game. And in
some stages can be very troublesome like in "The Angry Bunch" stage and in
the "Duran, the Iron-Shelled Berserker" stage.
 - In my opinion, HydroKnight is the easiest to be taken care of while
AeroKnight is the hardest.

List of Elemental GEAR :
PyroKnight - Fire, Medium-Close range (Prefer Medium)
GeoKnight - Earth, Close-Medium range (Prefer Close)
AeroKnight - Air, All range, Very high accuracy
HydroKnight - Water, Medium-Long range, low accuracy

3) Knight GEAR Class
 - Technical Meaning : A Unique Elemental GEAR
 - When a GEAR's fusion with the power of element is stronger until it become
unique in its own strength. It become tougher than Elemental GEAR and found
its own way of power. Almost every unique characters in the game ride this
Knight Class GEAR.

 - NOTE : The number you see is the GEAR's ultimate weapon base damage power.

List of Knight GEAR :
 - Consist of all Wefrad's heroes.
Damaged Huben Draknir - Dragon - 1500
Sealed Tianerx - Thunder - 1550
Rhimstol - Air - 1300 (Weak)
Yughelle - Earth - 1500
Yudenthile - Wood - 1150 (Weakest)
Darmthir - Blaze - 1500
Ghallianne - Beast - 1400
Juthersse - Blood - 1300 (Weak)
Devikher - Sword - 1500
Riebenhile - Dream - 1400
Wiveather - Sky - 1300 (Weak)
Zeeyown - Gravity - 1450

Strong level of Knight GEAR :
 - Consist of Magnificent Four, Upgraded Tianerx and a secret GEAR.
Upgraded Tianerx - Thunder - 1900 (Choose Be Prudent)
Amorsyth - Beauty - 1700
Fraghion - Flame - 1950
Phalarinx - Storm - 1650
Razhikale - Iron - 1850
Inishiard - Ice - 1700

4) Guadian GEAR Class
 - Technical Meaning : Has Area-Damage weapon
 - Guadian GEAR is a very few GEARs in the world with unique and ultimate
power. Guadian GEAR can unleash a devastate fire power which deal damage in
an area wide enough to damage more than 1 units at a time. The power of
Guadian GEARs are unmatched by any other GEARs in the known world and only
 the rider with great relationship with the element can ride such GEARs.

 - NOTE : The number you see is the GEAR's ultimate weapon base damage power.

List of Guadian GEAR :
Healed Huben Draknir - Dragon - 2000
Unsealed Tianerx - Thunder - 1900 (Choose More Power)
Ignar Trakhis - Heaven - 1700
Legnus - Doom - 1700

5) Optimus Class
 - Technical Meaning : HP become ????, Area-Damage weapon's area is very wide
 - Optimus is the power sealed by the forefather. It is the state when rider
and the GEAR become one and unleash their potential to the maximum. The power
of Optimus only needed in the time of myth when human fight against demon.
However, Optimus' power was sealed away so that no human will ever again use
its power since there is no more need of such power among the human affairs.
Optimus power is so strong that it can destroy its enemies in a very very wide
area in a single strike. Its area attack range is unmatched by any GEAR in
this world.

 - NOTE : The number you see is the GEAR's ultimate weapon base damage power.

List of Optimus :
Tianerx Optimus - Thunder - 1900 (Still a weak Optimus) - HP around 12,000
Ignar Trakhis Optimus - Heaven - 2100 (Half-way Optimus) - HP around 13,000
Celtakroth - Devil - 2150 (A Fallen Optimus) - HP around 22,000
Legnus Optimus - Doom - 2150 (A Perfect Optimus) - HP around 30,000


[Available Ending Scene]

There are simple rules to get someone's Ending Scene.
 - He/She must be accepted as Luke-Tiana's friend
 - He/She must stays alive and go into "Kingdoms Restoration"
If you didn't get his/her ending scene, then you have to find a way to make
him/her become Luke-Tiana's friend or find a way to make him/her alive.
Then trigger "Kingdoms Restoration".

Here are available Ending Scenes.
You may surprise to see the name you already missed..
(Please correct me if I missed someone)

01) Tiana Anesis's Ending Scene.

02) Luke Braferd's Ending Scene.

03) Sarah Pye's Ending Scene.

04) Harvein Darlington's Ending Scene.
 - Success in "Harvein Survival"

05) Evelin Ethelstan's Ending Scene.
 - Trigger "Recruiting Evelin"

06) Elvin Fergus's Ending Scene.
 - Trigger "Recruiting Elvin"

07) Frederick Braferd's Ending Scene.

08) Estaban Sol's Ending Scene.
 - Trigger "Recruiting Estaban (Early)" or "Recruiting Estaban (Late)"

09) Clause Owen's Ending Scene.

10) Robin Randal's Ending Scene.

11) Ellion Houghstrom's Ending Scene.
 - Trigger "A Reason To Fight - Ellion"
 - Trigger "Recruiting a Magnificent"

12) Millia Aldenhart's Ending Scene.
 - Trigger "A Reason To Fight - Millia"
 - Trigger "Recruiting a Magnificent"

13) Ascard's Ending Scene.
 - Trigger "Tianerx Optimus"
 - Trigger "Ascard is Our Friend"

14) Tys's Ending Scene.

After following each characters' requirement, trigger "Kingdoms Restoration".


[Rhilt Village]
 - In the first stage, you will see different story scene depend on Luke's
ability to protect the village.

[Village Saved] -- EXTRA Ingots
 - Your best bet is to let Luke blocks the entrance to the cliff in the upper
right of starting position.
 - You got EXTRA Ingots.
 - In the next stage, there is no reinforcement because Luke is too early.

[Village Destroyed]
 - This is true story.
 - In the next stage, there is reinforcement. Luke comes right at the time.
NOTE : After few stages, story will just pretend that Rhilt is destroyed.

[Harvein Survival Begin] -- Chance for 1 EXTRA Ally Unit
 - When Harvein joins your party, he must be trained to more than level 65
 (This number is uncertain but I succeed in this quest with his level = 68)
 before the end of the stage "To Put a Period" where Luke rejoins with Harvein
 after facing Wenceslas.

===== Choices =====
[Plain or Mountain]
 - Luke team has to join force with Clause team at the Fort but there are 2
 route to take. A longer path through the plain or a shorter path across the
 mountain. You also receive news about Evelin Ethelstan activity in the plain
 region while there is obscure in the mountain path.

===== Choose 'Plain' =====
 - You take the longer path but safer and plain. And hope of interact with
 Ethelstan's group.
 - 2 MORE Battles
 - Get a healer ally unit
 - Trigger 'Sarah Pye the Curse Maker!'
 - Trigger 'Recruiting Evelin'
 - Trigger 'The Blaze Duke'
 - Trigger extra Evelin picture in 'Girls Take a Bath!'
 - Easier chance to recruit Estaban
 - Easier chance to recruit Tys' GEAR (Evelin will gives clue about the tree)
 - Trigger 'Warning from the Grove' dialogue (Evelin will senses the chill)
 - Trigger choices 'Hurry Up or Be Polite' (Because of Evelin's sense)
 - Enable chance for 'Respect the Grove' (Because of Evelin's sense)

[Sarah Pye the Curse Maker!]
 - A joke and funny story scene which explain about 'Sarah's summoning power'
 through out the rest of the entire game. You will more understand why Sarah
 can calls out the enemies. Nice..!

[Recruiting Evelin]
 - Get additional healer unit. Better pick if you focusing characters level on
 to only some main characters for Ascard's challenge.

[The Blaze Duke]
 - Better introduction for Ellion. And better joke.

===== Choose 'Mountain' =====
 - You choose to quickly go through the mountain where none would expect you
 to pass this way. Even the Kradion is surprised by your moving.
 - No news about Evelin until end. She is assumed killed by the Kradion force.
 - EXTRA Ingots
 - Get Flyer-Fire-Fighter damage dealer
 - Trigger 'Recruiting Elvin'
 - Trigger 'The Belle of Tempest'
 - Trigger choices 'Charge or Surprise Attack' (Elvin will sense enemy's plan)
 - Enable chance for 'Avoiding Felder's Ambush' (Because of Elvin's sense)
 - Enable chance for 'Harvein Darlington's Family Emblem' (MORE EXTRA Ingots)
 - Enable chance for 'Secret of Lucy Braferd!' (Very joke story! I love this!)
 - Automatically trigger 'Angering the Grove' when entering the Grove

[Recruiting Elvin]
 - Get additional damage dealer. His advantage is as follow...
 -- FLYER unit. He is the flying warrior type. Just like Ellion.
 -- Warrior Will Characteristic. NO-FEAR of taking damage, easy to rise.
 -- One of the decent damage dealer for Luke's party.
 - WARNING : He is not good enough to be trained for Ascard's challenge.

[The Belle of Tempest]
 - Better introduction for Millia. Less joke though...

===== Choices =====
[River(Detour) or Plains(Short cut)]
 - You just survived from Kradion's siege. You have to make a decision about
the next move. Will you hurry run away from Kradion, or will you just go
calmly along the river to save energy for your forces.

===== Choose 'River(Detour)' =====
 - You choose not to rush away from Kradion siege and go calmly along the
 river, hoping to find any useful resources along the way.
 - 1 or 2 MORE Battle depend on some conditions.
 - 1 or 2 EXTRA Ingots depend on some conditions.
 - Trigger 'Detouring the Great River'
 - Trigger 'Girls Take a Bath!'
 - If you recruit Evelin, you will get extra picture for 'Girls Take a Bath!'
 - If you recruit Elvin, then you will also get the following...
 -- Trigger 'Secret of Lucy Braferd!' (Elvin only)
 -- Enable choices 'Charge or Surprise Attack'
 -- Enable chance for 'Avoiding Felder's Ambush'
 -- Enable chance for 'Harvein Darlington's Family Emblem'
 - Trigger 'Felder, the Rainman'
 - Enable chance for 'Recruiting Estaban (Late)'

[Detouring the Great River]
 - Automatically get 1 EXTRA Ingots, 1 MORE Battle

[Girls Take a Bath!]
 - Better introduction for Lence, Harvein's love. For the rest of the game.
 - If you recruit Evelin, this scene will also include Evelin's picture.
 - Better joke here.

===== Choices =====
[Charge or Surprise Attack]
 - Elvin will detect enemy's strange activity then enable the choice for
Avoiding Felder's Ambush by choosing 'Surprise Attack'

===== Choose 'Charge' =====
 - Miss everything you would gain by choosing 'Surprise Attack'

===== Choose 'Surprise Attack' =====
 - Trigger 'Avoiding Felder's Ambush'
 - Trigger 'Harvein Darlington's Family Emblem'

[Avoiding Felder's Ambush]
 - Automatically get 1 MORE Battle

[Harvein Darlington's Family Emblem]
 - Get another EXTRA Ingots

[Felder, the Rainman]
 - Better introduction for Felder.

[Secret of Lucy Braferd!]
 - Elvin know Luke's secret about Lucy! Explain about Lucy along the game.
 - This is a very joke story. I love this joke. It make me laugh when see all
those shock emotions.
 - For some reasons, you will miss this dialogue if you choose
 'Plains(Short cut)' :P

[Recruiting Estaban (Late)]
 - To recruit him, attack him with at least 2 girls then attack him with Luke
 - If you success, you get 1 EXTRA Ally Unit at the end of stage.
 - Estaban is a sniper. The ONLY Water GEAR on our side. (Exclude Arvel)

===== Choose 'Plains(Short cut)' =====
 - You choose to rush away from Kradion's siege, not letting a chance for
 Kradion to setup defenses on your way to the Grove.
 - 0 or 1 or 2 EXTRA Ally Units depend on some conditions.
 - Trigger 'Short cut through Wuthering Plains'
 - Enable chance for 'Recruiting Estaban (Early)'
 - Enable chance for 'Trust Esteban or Be Careful'
 - Enable chance for 'Tys' GEAR of the Beauty'
 - Enable chance for 'Luke-Tiana Relationship!'

[Short cut through Wuthering Plains]
 - Chance for 0 or 1 or 2 EXTRA Ally Units

[Recruiting Estaban (Early)]
 - Enable choices 'Trust Esteban or Be Careful'
 - Enable chance for 'Tys' GEAR of the Beauty'
 - To recruit him, attack him with at least 2 girls then attack him with Luke
 - If you success, you get 1 EXTRA Ally Unit at the end of stage.
 - If you success, you get another EXTRA chance for more ally unit.
 - If you failed, you will automatically trigger 'Luke-Tiana Relationship!'
 - Esteban is a sniper. The ONLY Water GEAR on our side. (Exclude Arvel)

===== Choices =====
[Trust Esteban or Be Careful]
 - You get this only if you successfully trigger 'Recruiting Estaban (Early)'

===== Choose 'Trust Esteban' =====
 - Enable chance for 'Tys' GEAR of the Beauty'

===== Choose 'Be Careful' =====
 - Trigger 'Luke-Tiana Relationship!'

[Tys' GEAR of the Beauty]
 - To successfully trigger this, in the stage after you choose 'Trust Esteban'
you must bring Tiana to the Top-Right corner bunch of trees. When you position
Tiana at the right place, you will trigger some dialogue about Tys' friend
(Tys' GEAR)
 - If you recruited Evelin, she will tell that Tys is looking at a tree.
 - Trigger 'Tys' GEAR resurrection'
 - Trigger 'Ugly Twins VS Ugly GEAR'
 - Trigger 'Goddess' Warning Voice'
 - Tys' GEAR will be resurrected along with the healed Dragon and unsealed

[Luke-Tiana Relationship!]
 - If you failed 'Recruiting Estaban (Early)', you will be forced to this.
 - A story scene relate to relationship between Luke and Tiana.

[A Reason To Fight - Ellion]
 - If you use Tiana to engage in combat with Ellion in the stage
 'A Reason To Fight' before Millia, Tiana will question his reason about war
and killing people. Thus create his hesitation and deal -10 to his Will.
 - Enable chance for 'Recruiting a Magnificent'

[A Reason To Fight - Millia]
 - If you use Tiana to engage in combat with Millia in the stage
 'A Reason To Fight' before Ellion, Tiana will question her reason about war
and killing people. Thus create her hesitation and deal -10 to her Will.
 - Enable chance for 'Recruiting a Magnificent'

[Recruiting a Magnificent]
 - After you triggered either 'A Reason To Fight - Ellion' or
 'A Reason To Fight - Millia', let his/her GEAR HP go below 50% WITHOUT
 destroying his/her GEAR. He/She will retreat.
 - If you get "Knight's Ring" item, you will see Tiana speaking about Ellion/
 Millia before seeing Mission Clear message. This mean you have successful in
 recruiting him/her.
 - Get +10 Power item, 'Knight's Ring'
 - Trigger 'A Magnificent Repent!'
 - Trigger 'A Magnificent is Our Friend'

[Warning from the Grove]
 - If you recruit Evelin, she will also sense Grove's warning as the chilling.
 - Enable choices 'Hurry Up or Be Polite'

===== Choices =====
[Hurry Up or Be Polite]
 - Only available if you recruited Evelin. With additional sensitive girl, you
 have a chance to listen to the Grove's warning.

===== Choose 'Be Polite' =====
 - Trigger 'Respect the Grove'

[Respect the Grove]
 - Skipping a hard stage.
 - It seem this is the true story.
 - Don't know the advantage of choosing this...??

===== Choose 'Hurry Up' =====
 - Trigger 'Angering the Grove'

[Angering the Grove]
 - 1 MORE Battle
 - EXTRA Ingots from enemies

===== Choices =====
[More Power or Be Prudent]
 - Elemental Goddess ask Tiana for a chance of getting true power. Will Tiana
 go beyond what she can do? Or will she be pleased with what she already have?
 However, unseals Tianerx into the new level will lose all of Tiana's riding
 experiences with the Tianerx.

===== Choose 'More Power' =====
 - Tiana decide to unseal more power within Tianerx at the expense of all of
 her LV and EXP.
 - Trigger 'Unsealed Tianerx'
 - Enable chance for 'Tianerx Optimus' (depend on future choices)
 - Enable chance for 'Legnus is Our Ally' (depend on future choices)

[Unsealed Tianerx]
 - Hard Battle (The test for acquiring more power)
 - Tiana's level become 1
 - Stronger Tianerx
 - Tianerx become Guadian Class with Area-Damage weapon

===== Choose 'Be Prudent' =====
 - Tiana know that Tianerx isn't in pain with that seal. She know that she
 already much stronger than she expected. So she doesn't ask for more power.
 However, the Goddess still enhances the Tianerx for Tiana. Still, Tiana will
 miss the chance to go to her maximum potential with the GEAR.
 - Trigger 'Upgraded Tianerx'
 - Trigger 'Legnus is Our Ally'
 - WARNING : Disable chance for 'Tianerx Optimus'

[Upgraded Tianerx]
 - Easier Battle
 - Tiana's level still the same
 - Weaker Tianerx
 - Tianerx will just be a strong Knight Class GEAR

[Tys' GEAR resurrection]
 - If you successfully trigger this, when Luke and Tiana return with enhanced
 GEARs, Tys will also come along with her GEAR of the Beauty.
 - Trigger 'Ugly Twins VS Ugly GEAR'
 - Trigger 'Goddess' Warning Voice'
 - 1 EXTRA ally unit
 - Tys is a Pure-Elemental fighter, hard to master. But one of the strongest
GEAR in your party if you train her right.
 - Get a plus to all attributes item, 'Divine Blessing' at the end of stage

===== Choices =====
[Supply Base or Military Base]
 - Choose the outcome of enemy forces. You have a chance to decimate enemy
 forces with your GEAR division. But where do you need to destroy? A harder
 target which is enemy main strength, or an easier target which is less
 strategic to enemy fire power.

===== Choose 'Supply Base' =====
 - You choose an easier target. Leaving enemy's main fire power for a bomb
 - More strategically choice but less joke...
 - Trigger 'Wenceslas' Brainy Researcher Plan'
 - Trigger 'Zeeyown, GEAR of the Gravity'

[Wenceslas' Brainy Researcher Plan]
 - You let enemy's main brain to survive and unseal ancient evil.
 - Trigger 'Diablolic Celtakroth'
 - HARDER Difficulty

[Zeeyown, GEAR of the Gravity]
 - A Medium-Long range Earth-Fighter unit
 - Better fire power

===== Choose 'Military Base' =====
 - You choose harder target. Hoping to decimate main enemy fire power as much
 as you can with your own hand.
 - Better joke here. I love it!
 - Trigger 'Wenceslas' Secret Weapon Plan'
 - Trigger 'Wiveather, GEAR of the Sky'

[Wenceslas' Secret Weapon Plan]
 - You destroy Kradion's brain but Wenceslas still have secret weapon to use.
 - Trigger 'Deux Ex Machina Hekanticlus'
 - MEDIUM Difficulty

[Wiveather, GEAR of the Sky]
 - A Long range Air-Fighter unit
 - Better attack range and Flexibility. Easy to use.

[A Magnificent Repent!]
 - If you successfully trigger 'Recruiting a Magnificent', then at the end of
 the stage where Tiana goes Outburst, before Mission Complete A Magnificent
 who you use Tiana to recruit will pop out and babblering about the madness
 Wenceslas created. Ellion/Millia will start questioning Wenceslas' goal.
 - If you see this scene, be happy that you successfully recruit a powerful
 Magnificent Four for your course.

===== Choices =====
[Get stronger or Do my best]
 - After Tiana got into outbursted state, she fell asleep. After a stage, she
is about to get wake up. And now it is time for a decision. Will she call for
more power, to get stronger? To protect what she love. Or will she just do her
best, believing that she is already strong enough? Just use the power she
already has??

===== Choose 'Get Stronger' =====
[Get stronger]
 - Tiana decides that she need more power. More than she already has. To go
 forward, to protect everyone she loves.
 - Enable chance for 'Tianerx Optimus' (depend on future choices)
 - Enable chance for 'Legnus is Our Ally' (depend on future choices)

===== Choose 'Do my best' =====
[Do my best]
 - Tiana decides that she doesn't need any more power. She already has what it
 take to do anything she has to do. She will just do her best to finish this
 - WARNING : Disable chance for 'Tianerx Optimus'
 - Trigger 'Legnus is Our Ally'

[Ugly Twins VS Ugly GEAR]
 - If you recruit 'Tys' GEAR of the Beauty', then in stage "Dimming Candles"
 where you engage in the final showdown against the twins Libria-Rinia (or
 LINY-RINY twins) Sarah and Tys will speak about Ugly Twins and they will also
 counter about Ugly GEAR (of the Beauty).

===== Choices =====
[Breakthrough or Detour]
WARNING : This choices impact  the ending of the game!
 - This choices impact the calling for power of Tiana. There are hidden clues
 behind these simple choices of 'Breakthrough' and 'Detour'.
 - Firstly, Luke ASKs Tiana for dicision! This is Tiana's decision.
 - Secondly, the word 'Breakthrough' in it self explains the meaning of going
 further beyond what someone can actually do. Go Forward. Unlock Power.
 - Lastly and most reasonably, Wenceslas is doing something fishy and we can't
 give him more time. However, to accomplish that, we need a fast breakthrough
 through all the whole army waiting for us. We need full fire power, we need
 all the power to clear this war as fast as possible. Which eventually heat up
 Tiana from the inside. Heat up her longing for power even more.

===== Choose 'Breakthrough' =====
 - Tiana decide to go on fearlessly. Even if there are whole armies waiting
 for her, she will just overcome it using her full power. She will not waste
 time. She will do it fast, and even faster if she can.
 - Enable chance for 'Tianerx Optimus'
 - Trigger 'Tiana's Hunger for Power'
 - Trigger 'Frederick is REAL serious'

[Tiana's Hunger for Power]
 - At the end of stage "Hunger for Power" you will get this dialogue indicate
 Tiana's hunger for more power. This is necessary to success in recruiting
 'Tianerx Optimus'. You must chose 'Breakthrough' to see this dialogue.
 - If you already chose 'More Power' and 'Get Stronger', then at this point
 you will trigger 'Tianerx Optimus' and disable 'Legnus is Our Ally'
 - Disable 'Vital Infos from Ascard' if you trigger 'Tianerx Optimus'

[Frederick is REAL serious]
 - There is different between choosing 'Breakthrough' and 'Detour' at this
 point. If you chose 'Breakthrough', when you fight the final showdown against
 Karl the 5th Magnificent and the three stooges, Frederick will get REAL
 serious, and gain +30 to his starting Will.

===== Choose 'Detour' =====
 - Tiana decide to cool-down and makes a more strategic move. She thinks
 carefully and choose to think about the safety of her party first. By doing
 this, she doesn't unleash her inner potential.
 - 1 MORE Battle
 - Disable 'Tianerx Optimus'
 - Trigger 'Legnus is Our Ally'
 - Trigger 'Detour Battles'
 - Trigger 'Frederick is A LITTLE BIT serious'

[Detour Battles]
 - The atmosphere are just going on easy. Some joking go around, everyone
 seem happy and normal. They will just have to fight 1 more battle going this

[Frederick is A LITTLE BIT serious]
 - There is some different between choosing 'Breakthrough' and 'Detour' at
 this point. If you chose 'Detour', when you fight the final showdown against
 Karl the 5th Magnificent and the three stooges, Frederick will not get REAL
 serious. Instead, he A LITTLE BIT serious and gain +15 to his starting Will.

[Harvein Survival Chance]
 - Be aware after 'Breakthrough or Detour' choices. It is almost the last
 chance for you to train Harvein to more than level 65 (level 68 recommended)
 - When you face Karl and the 3 stooges standing against you as their final
 showdown, be warned that you will have no chance to train Harvein again after
 that stage. (Although you have a little chance near the end of stage "To Put
 a Period", I am not recommend you to level up Harvein at that time. It is
 too risk there. Try complete the level up within earlier stage.)

[Goddess' Warning Voice]
 - If you recruit 'Tys' GEAR of the Beauty', then you will be able to hear
 dialogue from the Element Goddess Eshranah herself via Tys' GEAR. Just use
 Tys to attack Wenceslas and some enemies to trigger any dialogues which only
 available when Tys is a playable character.

[A Magnificent is Our Friend]
 - If you successfully recruit Ellion/Millia, then at the stage
 'Power, God-like' where you fight against Kradionese's Dream Team consist of
 all Magnificent Four and Wenceslas himself, the one you recruit (Ellion or
 Millia) will NOT appear to fight as your enemy.
 - When the battle ends, the one you recruit (Ellion/Millia) will come to
 assist you and joins your party until the end of the game. (Wonderful!)

[Harvein Survival End]
 - Chance for 1 EXTRA Ally Unit
 - Last chance to accomplish this quest is the stage "To Put A Period".
 - When your save data slot shows "Stage XX To Put A Period", then that is
 the end of the chance to train Harvein.
 - Harvein will absence for ONLY 2 stages if you success. He will recover
 together along with Luke and Tiana at the end of stage "The Thunderbird"
 (or stage name "Somewhere, Over the Sadness" if you didn't trigger
 'Tianerx Optimus'). Then when he recovered, His face will be on the list
 again and Yughelle will also be on the upgrade list at that time. If these
 happen, be happy that you have got one of the best decoy for your team to
 fight against last boss.

[Tianerx Optimus]
 - To successfully trigger this. You have to chose 'More Power', then
 'Get Stronger', then 'Breakthrough'. You CAN'T miss any one of those choices.
 - If you successfully trigger this. When the stage "Wail Of The Dragon" end,
 you will go into stage "The Thunderbird". Ascard will NOT appears. Get Tiana
 to attacks Luke then witness the story about Tiana's sacrifice and the reborn
 of The Thunderbird. Then you get the highest powered GEAR, "Tianerx Optimus"
 - The name is still "Tianerx". But her HP will be able to rise up above 9999
 and become one of those ???? HP. Cool! Isn't it?

[Legnus is Our Ally] -- EASIER Difficulty
 - Trigger 'Vital Infos from Ascard'
 - If you missed one of those 3 choices by at least chose one of the following
 , 'Be Prudent', 'Do my Best', 'Detour', then you will trigger this event.
 - When the stage "Wail Of The Dragon" end, you will go into stage "Somewhere,
 over the Sadness". Ascard will appears to assist you. And will become your
 ally every stages until the end of the game.
 - You have to beat Outbursted Dragon. Plan your move wisely. This is NOT an
 easy prey. You lack one of your best GEAR and it is now become your enemy.
 Luckily, from this stage onward, Ascard the black master of Doom, the
 strongest GEAR will be on your side, your ALLY! Cool! Isn't it?

[Ellion serious against Duran]
 - ONLY for Ellion. NOT for Millia :P
 - If you recruit Ellion, at the stage "Duran, the Iron-shelled Berserker"
 there will be story dialogue between Duran and Ellion. Then Ellion will go
 more seriously and get +10 to his Will.

[Vital Infos from Ascard]
 - Only if Ascard stays with you as ally because Tiana didn't get the power of
 Optimus. He will provide vital information about 'Diablolic Celtakroth' or
 'Deux Ex Machina Hekanticlus' which make you understand more about them.
 (It is not about making the game easier or anything like that)

[Deux Ex Machina Hekanticlus] -- MEDIUM Difficulty
 - You trigger this if you chose to attack 'Military Base'. Wenceslas has lost
 most of his genius but still found his way to this War Machine.
 - Hekanticlus, code name "Deux Ex Machina", is the god from machine. It is
 the anti-optimus weapon created by devils in the war of myth.
 - Feel the Strongest Mechanical GEAR in the game here. And you will know that
 MECHANICAL GEAR will never be strong enough to do real threat to your team.
 In my opinion, Ignar Trakhis is stronger than this Hekanticlus.

[Diablolic Celtakroth] -- HARDER Difficulty
 - You trigger this if you chose to attack 'Supply Base'. Wenceslas has used
 most of his genius to unseal the legendary optimus.
 - Celtakroth, so called "The Forgotten", is also called "Diablolic". He is
 the first Optimus fallen into devil's side and turn against Optimus in the
 war of myth.
 - Feel the power of real Optimus here. Although he isn't as strong as the
 chosen Optimus (You know who is he). You will find out that he isn't an easy
 prey. Try to do your best when he goes real serious after his HP goes below
 around 60%.

===== Choices =====
[Fight or Don't Fight]
 - If you successfully trigger 'Tianerx Optimus', then Tiana has acquired the
 power of Optimus. Then Ascard has to do his job to Tiana too. Only one chosen
 Optimus is allowed. And if there are two, one must vanished.
 - Will Tiana accept the destiny of the chosen one and fight Ascard to fulfill
 the destiny of the chosen? Or will she give up this path and also give up all
 the power she is wielding now? Tiana herself will have to decide.

===== Choose 'Fight' =====
 - Tiana know exactly what is the destiny of the chosen one. Only one Optimus
 is allowed in this world to seals the other Optimus. And now there are two,
 the chosen one and the new chosen. Here come the greatest battle of Eustrath,
 when the chosen Optimus is challenged for his place.

[Against The Chosen One] -- CHALLENGE Difficulty
 - Time for the greatest test of strength. The Chosen Optimus is the best of
 the best pilot and gear altogether in the game. His pilot stats are god-like.
 His GEAR is perfect. His Will is unlimited and always at 200. 90% of your
 weapons will deal 0 damage against him even if you are fully boosted. He will
 destroys most of your GEARs as soon as the battle begin with his ultimate
 area-damage weapon instantly.

 - How can you have a chance for victory? Well.. He left some chances for you.
 -- First, he will NOT get any bonus from elemental pane field (+20% to all
 elements) because he is in "Other" category. But that also mean Frederick and
 Tys will get NONE field bonus too. (The very reason why Tys is not the choice
 to be trained against Ascard)
 -- Second, his pilot abilities is simple. He has only Full Force I and some
 other combat abilities. So, find characters who has his/her combat abilities
 at level III or more and you will have some chances. Millia and Tiana have
 got great combat abilities high enough for this challenge.
 -- Third, he will NOT heal himself. Or else, this battle will become
 -- Fourth, he will often NOT use Full Force if he is attacking a weak power
 GEAR in your team. It is just a chance. But when he is attacking without
 Full Force, it's your time to strike. Or if he is attacking Tiana or Luke,
 see to it that Luke/Tiana be able to counter him with all active abilities.
 Defender always get advantage this way.
 -- Fifth, he is alone. Not sure that this is his weakness but yes. You can
 try to use decoys to gain sometime for Tiana and Luke.

 - BEWARNED : If Luke get killed by Ascard, it's Game Over for you.
 - BEWARNED : If Tiana get killed by Ascard, it's The End for you.

===== Choose 'Do not Fight' =====
 - Tiana decide to give up all her power and give up Tianerx. No more GEAR
 again. No more fighting. She has fought enough already. Time to stop all this
 war and restore Eustrath.

[Ascard is Our Friend]
 - You chose 'Do not Fight' which automatically become friend with Ascard.
 Enable his Ending Scene.

[Kingdoms Restoration]
 - This is the ending scenes. You will always trigger this if you don't take
 the challenge against the chosen Optimus.


[Author's Opinion About True Ending]
 - If there is a linear story in a single play through, there are 2 patterns
 that I believe it's the most true story for this game.
 - The overall story will be covered most if you follow the following...

First Pattern
 1) Rhilt Village is destroyed
 - This is the true story.

 2) Choose Mountain route (Recruit Elvin)
 - This way you will get ALL official introduction for Magnificent Four.
 If you choose Plain and recruit Evelin, there will be no interaction with
 Millia in the stage "Wenceslas, the Azure Lord". There will be only one
 single dialogue from Sarah about Phalarinx but it is too little.
 - Elvin often has some dialogues along the battle fields. And he know about

 3) Choose Detour along the river
 - This way you get the official introduction of Felder and better understand
 for Lence and Lucy and better arrangement of enemy officers introduction.
 But you will miss a chance for secret Tys' GEAR.
 - This way also let you know the secret about Princess Lucy which Tiana say
 when fighting alone in the elemental dimension while Huben Draknir is being

 4) Choose Surprise Attack
 - Avoiding Felder Ambush will get you to know more about Harvein's family
 background and still be able to meet official introduction of Felder.

 5) Recruit Ellion, not Millia
 - I'm Millia's fans but I must say that Ellion is really into the story while
 Millia is almost has nothing to do with it. Ellion always has more dialogue
 and joke in every situation compare to Millia. Especially when fight against
 Duran for the last time. Ellion is the one Duran long to fight with. And the
 Ending Scene of Ellion explains much better.

 6) Choose Supply Base
 - This is more tactical choice in the real situation. And Wenceslas himself
 speaking of "The Forgotten" when he get to Ignar Trakhis Optimus. So, most
 likely, the last boss "Diablolic Celtrakroth" which is "The Forgotten" will
 completes the information about what Wenceslas said.

 7) Get Tianerx Optimus
 - Without getting the Optimus power for Tiana, the dialogue about "The One"
 that Elemental Goddess speaks with Tys will just fades away. So, the secret
 about Optimus power should be uncovered to complete the missing story.

 8) Let Harvein dies
 - You may not like the sound of this. But yes, the story plot seem to
 be what it should to be when Harvein dies. If Harvein alive, the weight of
 burden that drive the passion of Luke's party will seem fades. And some
 dialogue will just become unreasonable like Robin's word, "I will be a shield
 like Harvey", will just become a joke.
 - But there is bug about Sarah's conversation if Harvein is dead too. There
 is a dialogue that Sarah speaks about Lence even if Harvein is dead. That is
 the bug.

 9) Get to Tianerx Optimus but Don't Fight Ascard
 - Surely. The real Ending Scene for Ascard will be included by this way. And
 I never thing that secret ending is the true ending with just that 3 pages
 of texts after all that hardest fight.
 - Challenging Ascard is just for fun. Not for the true ending.

Second Pattern
 - Same to the first pattern. Only change to recruit Evelin.
 - Go Detour along the river like in the first pattern.
 - Choose 'Be Polite' before entering the Grove. Respect the Grove with the
 help of Evelin sensitivity.
 - Do the same like in the first pattern.

That is my opinion about what the TRUE story should be. However, it is much
fun to explore all the story lies hidden within the world of Eustrath.
Have fun playing the game.
God Bless You All.