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Ultimate Rival Stars Basketball Walkthrough

by dexterlab97

1) Rival Clash
>If you can not decide which player to choose during a rival clash, just pick an attacker (defender) with lowest defending stats (attacking) so that these low stats will not be used later.

>A player that win rival clash might not get MVP award. The MVP is awarded for most goal scored in a match

2)Time skipping
>Tap on the screen and you will fast forward the game (not in Power Play)

3)Leveling up 
>I am analysing the game and I've found out that the game has a special sequence in leveling up
!Still working on it!
LVL25=LVL24 * 1,032
LVL26=LVL25 * 1,031
LVL27=LVL26 * 1,030

>Higher rated player will give more XP for the player => more LEVEL. He will also need more money to level up

>I have also analyzed and found out that if for example you apply a very high rated player (e.g. LVL 20) to a low rated player, he will not get LVL 20 immedietly (e.g LVL 4 -> LVL 14), but the cost of the level up is super cheap (in my example it was 3050 Coins!).
But it is expensive (the price to make the player to LVL 20 and then use him to make other player only to LVL 14 and still need to pay for 6 lvl more if you want to reach LVL 20)

>Bronze player will level up cheaper than silver. Silver will cheaper than gold.

>Don't sell player, use them to level up since selling a player will not give you much, unless you don't have enough space.

>The amount of energy you waste depends on whether the opponenet is strong or not. Even if you are stronger, you will still lose same energy.

>Replaying will lose half of the energy only (replaying is only available if you lose).

>You can replay how much you want, there is no limit.

6)Money and bonus
>You get approx. 6k-10k each match you win, and half of it for a match that you lost.

>You will still get Multiplayer points if you lost a Tournament match. You get 10pts each (before update was 5)

>Playing matches will earn you FAME. Leveling up FAME gives you more Salary Cap and Max Energy (with energy being refilled after leveling up)

7)Power play

>Always pass if possible

>If you missed the basket but still see 'NICE' showing up after the shot then don't hit replay since you already catch the ball. Wiat till the time runs out and dunk. This situations happens when you shoot but turns out to be a pass (rare)

>You have 2 Power plays per match (1 or 3 is rare, but possible)

>Winning power play ALWAYS rewards you with a bronze player card (LVL 1 or LVL 2)

>You can't buy silver money in game with real money (if you have a lot of money). The only way to get this with real money is to buy gold money then buy cards and sell players to get silver money.


>Participating in tournaments will rewards you with EVO card, CASH card and maybe PLAYER card, so do it often. Each Tournament lasts exactly a week (starts from SUN/MON)

>Grudge matches allows you to see who attacked you in tournaments and you can revenge them

>The Rival list will remain the same unless you find new one or win a tournament

>Hit Challenge to see the opponent's team and then you can decide wheter to attack them or not

>You can get Friend Draft daily for free, which contains EVO Card or Cash Card (25k,50k,75k,90k...). Participating Touranament and win matches to earn Multiplayer points (as stated above). You need 40 pts to buy a Friend Draft

9)Linking with Facebook

>When getting the play section you can choose Campaign / Tournaments. You will also see a cheerleader say: "Where Shall We Play?" And a Connect Now button below. Hit it and you will connect to a Facebook account. 

>You can help your FB friends (free energy or free Multiplayer Poins) and they can help you as well

>Bronze players can't evolve

>To Evolve a player you must have:
--Max Upgraded player 
--All the EVO card required (get to Evolve section and tap on a player to see which card needed)
--At least 100k for Silver Player or 500k for Gold player

>Evolving a card will increase Max Level for a player but after evolve the player will get back to Level 1