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by Adam3k3

       ,     u       Eeeu                                     X              
   eeeeeeeeeeeee     eeu                                     ee              
  Weeez       eee   Xee                                      ee              
   5ey         ee   eeD         eee                         Xe5          eeeE
   ee9        EeG   ee        eeeGeez    eey    yz      DEXueeeeeeee  9eeeeeW
   ee       9eeD    ee      9ee    ee    eey  yeeeee    eeeeee       eez     
   eE  ,9Geeee      ee     #ee    ,ee    ee  eee  ee       Ee       Eee      
   eeeeeee         5eD    zee     eee    ee yeW   Gee      ee        eeee    
   e#u             uez   ,ee    Deeee    eX e#    Ke#     DeG          WeeeE 
  ,e               ee5   5ee   eezKee   5eKee     Xee  ,  Ge     W        ueX
  Dey              eee   5eeeeee   eee  eeee       eeee5  ee   eee       KeeX
  Deu              Kee     zEy     u9e  u#u                eeeeeW  eeeeeeez  
                                 __   _____   
                                 \ \ / / __|  
                                  \ V /\__ \_ 
                                   \_/ |___(_)

   eeeeeeeeeeW                            eE        eey                   
           ee                             ee                              
         ee9     WW5W     D  XW    XW     ey 5WW     z     WWW      5555  
        ee     Eeeeeeee   eeeeeee eeeee   eeeeeeee  ee   eeeeeee  5eeeeee 
       ee5     ee     ee  ee    ee   WeE  ee    uee Xe  ee     ee ee    K 
      ee      ,e      ee  eG    ey    eX  eE     ee Xe  eeeeeeeee #eeeeG  
    Wee       ue      ee  ee    eX    eX  e9     ee Xe  eE          5EGDee
   De          ee     ee  ee    eX    eX  ee    ye9 Xe  ee    yee ee     e
   eeeeeeeeeee  eeeeeee   eE    eX   ueX  eeeeeeez  Xe   Geeeeee   eeeeeey
                   I  T  '  S    A  B  O  U  T    T  I  M  E      
                  Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time               @@@  
                             FAQ/Walkthrough                         @!@   
                               Version 0.25                        !!@    
                                For iPhone                         !!:     
                              By Adam Cooper                     :!:       
                      Email: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com           :: :::::  
                       Website:             :: : :::  
                This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Cooper

                       Last Revision Sep 10th, 2013

      Important Note: This FAQ is still in progress, as a result 
    many sections are unfinished and some info may later be edited, 
                          removed or replaced.

Table of Contents

1. About this Guide......................................[100]
 1-1. Availability...................................[110]
 2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
 3-1. Searching the Guide............................[130]
 4-1. Version History................................[140]

2. Introduction..........................................[200]
3. Game Info.............................................[300]
4. Game Modes............................................[400]
 1-4. Options........................................[410] 
 2-4. Story..........................................[420]
 4-4. Game Center....................................[430]
 5-4. Merchandise Store..............................[440]
 6-4. PopCap Website.................................[450]

5. Basics Explained......................................[500]
 1-5. Gameplay.......................................[510]
 2-5. Items..........................................[520]
 3-5. Power Ups......................................[530]
 4-5. Plants.........................................[540]
 5-5. Zombies........................................[550]
 6-5. Stages.........................................[560]
 7-5. Worlds.........................................[570]
 8-5. Store..........................................[580]

6. Walkthrough...........................................[600]
 1-6. Fundamentals tutorial - Day 1.................[0610]
 2-6. Fundamentals tutorial - Day 2.................[0620]
 3-6. Fundamentals tutorial - Day 3.................[0630]
 4-6. Fundamentals tutorial - Day 4.................[0640]
 5-6. Ancient Egypt - Day 1.........................[0650]
 6-6. Ancient Egypt - Day 2.........................[0660]
 7-6. Ancient Egypt - Day 3.........................[0670]
 8-6. Ancient Egypt - Special Delivery..............[0680]
 9-6. Ancient Egypt - Day 4.........................[0690]
 10-6.Ancient Egypt - Day 5.........................[1600]
 11-6.Ancient Egypt - Day 6.........................[1610]
 12-6.Ancient Egypt - Day 7.........................[1620]
 13-6.Ancient Egypt - Day 8.........................[1630]
 14-6.Ancient Egypt - Day 9.........................[1640]
 15-6.Ancient Egypt - Day 10........................[1650]
 16-6.Ancient Egypt - Day 11........................[1660]
 17-6.Save Our Seeds - 1............................[1670]
 18-6.Save Our Seeds - 2............................[1680]
 19-6.Save Our Seeds - 3............................[1690]
 20-6.Locked and Loaded - 1.........................[1611]
 21-6.Locked and Loaded - 2.........................[1621]
 22-6.Locked and Loaded - 3.........................[1631]
 23-6.Mummy Memory - 1..............................[1641]
 24-6.Mummy Memory - 2..............................[1651]
 25-6.Mummy Memory - 3..............................[1661]
 26-6.Last Stand - 1................................[1671]
 27-6.Last Stand - 2................................[1681]
 28-6.Last Stand - 3................................[1691]

7. The Store.............................................[700]
8. Plants List...........................................[800]
9. Zombie List...........................................[900]

12. Closing.............................................[3000]
 1-12. Contacts.....................................[3010] 
 2-12. Special Thanks...............................[3020]

                         100: About this Guide
'-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'

The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 
my website [1], GameFaqs [2] and IGN [3].


'-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.

This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
availability section.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.


'-- 130: Searching the Guide -------------------------------------------------'

Press "CTRL+F" to Search the FAQ. Copy, paste the code to the desired section 
from the tables of content into the search bar and click Find.

'-- 140: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'

Version 0.25 Sep 10th, 2013

. Completed Ancient Egypt world along with it�s full challenges.
. Added all sections up to the last stage of Ancient Egypt Walkthrough.

                            200: Introduction
The original Plants vs. Zombies was my favorite Tower Defense game. Ever 
sincethe original, hopes for a second part never left my mind. Fortunately, 
I wasn't alone and thanks to that and the EA buyout we now we have a second 
part available FREE on the iPhone�s App Store.

And what better way to honor the game then to write a full FAQ/Walkthrough? 
Enjoy and let me know should anything be added.

                              300: Game Info   
Released on August 15th for the worldwide market, the game is FREE to download
at the Phone's App Store.

Developer:      PopCap Games
Publisher:      Electronic Arts
Series:         Plants vs. Zombies
Engine:         PopCap Games Framework
Platform:       iOS
Release date:   AU July 9, 2013
                INT August 15, 2013
Genre:          Tower defense
Modes:          Single-player, Multiplayer
Distribution:   Download

Android: (Coming soon) Microsoft Windows: (Coming soon)

                              400: Game Modes 
These modes are found upon starting the game, all covered in details bellow:

410: Options                                             | 
Music: Control the volume of the game�s music.

SoundFX: Control the volume of the game�s FX.

Download Preferences: Choose whether to allow the download via Cellular Data.

Help: Takes you to the game�s web page on the net.

End User License Agreement: View the game�s Legal Disclaimer.

Privacy Policy: Explanation on how your data is used.

Terms of Service: More Legal Material.

420: Story                                               | 
Progress from stage to stage fighting new zombies obtaining unlockables 
in the total of three worlds.

430: Game Center                                         | 
Login to your iPhone�s Game Center app for achievements, 
leaderboards and online community.

440: Merchandise Store                                   | 
Takes you to the game�s online merchandise store.

450: PopCap Website                                      | 
Takes you to the game�s online webpage with information about the game.

                         500: Basics Explained
510: Gameplay                                            | 
Plants Vs Zombie is a tower Defense (in this case, house) game. The basic 
goal is to survive the upcoming hordes by counter attacking with planted 
plants. And although the idea itself is very simple, the game requires 
different strategies as you progress.

Each plant has its own advantage if used properly. Randomly mixing different 
type of plants won't cut it as different zombies have different speed and 
abilities. The walkthrough section will guide as new types shows up.

In Order to plant anything, a number of Suns is required. With each set of 
time, a sun will drop from the top of the screen and will seat on the map 
for a small amount of time before disappearing. Quickly, pick it up as soon 
as it drops to get a sun percentage (Normally %25). Keep collecting until you 
reach the required plant�s percentage. It is only after that, that you will be 
able to plant it. Use the shovel to remove any empting its space for another 

The plants of course, can only be planted on the assigned spaces one at a 
time. There are five different columns each with its own line of spaces with
a Grass Cutting Machine at the start. Should a zombie manages to reach the 
house infiltrating your line of defence, the lawn mower (Grass Cutter) will 
automatically activate and destroy the line�s zombies on screen. Note that each
lawn mower can only be used once, after that its game over once a zombie 
successfully reaches the house.

Plants don't last forever, the zombies eat plants. Should a zombie reach a 
plant, it will immediately start eating it damaging until the plant is nomore.
Keep planting replacing your dead ones empty spaces. New plants are unlocked 
by playing and the Store.

For more information on Plants and Zombies, check their sections in this FAQ.

520: Items                                               | 
Items while few are of great use. Some can be randomly picked, others require 
you to progress and even use real life money to unlock.

For starters, the game uses a currency system of which you collect coins of 
different type that add to your total money. Type of coins:

Silver  - worth $10.
Gold    - worth $100.
Diamond - worth $5000.
Coins Bag: Gives you some coins.

You can also get extra coins by completing a challenge, picking up dropped 
ones off dead zombies or simply progress through the game.

A purchasable set of coins is also available in the game�s store for real 

There are also other type of items:

Star - Obtained by completing stages and challenges. Unlock other worlds.

Key  - Randomly dropped. Unlock other stages.

Plant Food - Obtained by killing the glowing zombie. Gives the selected plant 
special power for a limited time. Other story related items like the Jar 
and Penny, the time machine.

Lunch Box: Drooped by the randomly spawned Yeti monster. Contains bonus items.

Plant Food Boost: Gives you extra slot for a plant food.

530: Power Ups                                           | 
Powerups become unlocked after some progressing through the story.

The first and most important one is the Plant Food. Obtained by defeating the 
glowing zombies, strengthens the selected plant�s attack power for a limited 
time giving you the necessary advantage during battle.

You can hold up to three uses at a time so don't be afraid to use it when you 
really need to. Can also be used on the Sunflower to give extra suns for faster

Power Taping: Unlocked after obtaining Crazy Dave�s jar. The three different 
attacks requires a set amount of in game money to activate for a short time 
giving you a huge advantage and sometimes a last minute rescue.

They can be purchased during play using in-game money.

Power Pinch: Physically pinch zombies to cut their heads off.
|$800 per use|

Power Toss: Personal favorite, toss the zombie into air and again to throw him 
of screen. Can be used on a group.

Power Zap: Hold and move your finger to electrify the zombies. Move your 
finger at a balanced speed as moving it quickly wont kill all.

540: Plants                                              | 
Plants are your necessary defence against the incoming hordes. Plants become 
unlocked as you progress or by buying for real life money.

Planting plants requires a set amount of suns generated randomly or from a 

There are two type of plants:

Helping Plants:

Sunflower: The Basic plant that you will need through the entire game. It 
provides suns every couple of seconds. Each sun equals a 25%. Adding up suns 
gives you the ability to plant other plants.

For example, Peashooter requires 100% sun before you can plant it. Please 
note that you cannot plant the same plant soon after the first one without 
waiting for sometime as it regenerates even if you have the required percentage
of suns.

Wall-nut: Creates a wall barrier to slow down zombies. Gets eaten after a set 
amount of attacks.

Iceberg Lettuce: Free plant that freezes the zombie for a limited time giving 
you the needed space and time to take him down.

Fighting Plants:

Peashooter: The basic attacking plant that shoots balls at the upcoming zombie
in one line.

For full list on Plants, see the Plants list section.

550: Zombies                                             | 
Zombies are the main enemies in this game. They come at all sort of types 
with different speed, strengths, weakness and ability.

Handling them can be both easy and hard depending on the available plants 
and their numbers. Large waves take more resources and strategies.

For more information and full list of zombies, see Zombie list section.

560: Stages                                              | 
The usual stage set consist of five columns, each with a row with nine 
spaces to be used for planting.

At the beginning of each row is a grass cutting machine (May differ in 
different worlds) that is used as a last resort should the zombies get 
by crossing over your defences. The machine kills everyone in its line 
for one time use only. After that, its a game over once a zombie reaches 
and crosses the start.

The battle starts soon after the start of the stage with hordes of zombies 
coming from far right attacking your plants. Plant your plants wisely to 
defeat the zombies and progress to the next stage.

Sometimes, the stage will have a different goal like the special delivery 
where you have to plant whatever plants the shows up on the rolling mat or 
tap the zombies to win.

Some stage unlock only through real life money.

570: Worlds                                              | 
Not counting the initial Tutorial normal world, there are three different 
worlds each with its own set of stages and special zombies. And while the 
same basic idea applies across all worlds, each requires you to change and 
adjust your strategies in order to deal with the changing threat.

580: Store                                               | 
The Store lets you buy different type of plants and powerups to be used 
in gameplay using real life money (in-app purchase).

You can gather Coins while playing by defeating zombies and progressing 
through the game but these are only used for unlocked powerups.

For full listing along with prices, see The Store section.

                            600: Walkthrough
The walkthrough will guide you stage by stage uncovering new unlockables 
starting with the game�s skippable Fundamentals tutorial without sending a 
single real life cent. If followed correctly, you will also end up with tons 
of ingame cash as I will only use it when absolutely necessary.

Every stage has at least one star to collect by beating it, some however have 
extra three by completing extra challenges once already beaten. Yeti will 
randomly spawn throughout the game, when he dose start the stage his on and 
defeat him to get bonus items.

Remember, you can always restart the stage if things get out of hands.

You can use the randomly dropped key to unlock gates and plants as soon as 
they become available or stick to this guide for my order.

***Skip stage challenges until required in progress.***
     Note: Not every stage have a set of challenges.

0610: Fundamentals tutorial - Day 1                      | 
House - Day 1

From the start, pick and plant the only available plant in your inventory.

After collecting two suns, another same plant will be available to use. 
Plant it as well. Keep collecting the sun�s and plant until the stage is 
finished by defeating the upcoming zombies.

There will not be allot and three plants should be enough to deal with them 
all. A new plant type will be unlocked. Click on it to continue. 

Unlocks: Sunflower.
New Zombie: n/a.

0620: Fundamentals tutorial - Day 2                      | 
House - Day 2

This time, three walkways will be available for you to plant and for zombies 
to attack. Start planting the Sunflower as well as collecting suns.

After planting three Sunflowers on the first column, start planting the 
Peashooter plant on the next three columns and another three on the next one. 
In total you will have six which are more than enough to defeat the attacking 
zombies in this stage. The Wall-nut plant will be unlocked.

Unlocks: Wall-nut.
New Zombie: n/a.

0630: Fundamentals tutorial - Day 3                      | 
House - Day 3

Before doing anything else, drag the shovel onto the planted plants to remove 
them giving you space to correctly plant your defences. For a faster way, you 
can also click on the shovel once then click again on the plant you want to 

Remove all three and and start planting your Sunflowers, about three should be
enough. Followup by building your defense across the next two columns using 
Peashooter plants followed by Wall-nuts if necessary. Watchout for the zombie 
with the Road Cone on his head as he can take more damage than the regular type
zombies. Use the Wall-nut to block his way if necessary.

Unlocks: Potato Mine.
New Zombie: Conehead Zombie.

0640: Fundamentals tutorial - Day 4                      | 
House - Day 4

This time, all five walkways are available. Start planting three Sunflowers 
followed by a Peashooter plant on the same walkway s the approaching zombie.

Continue planting another two Sunflowers followed by a line of Peashooter ones.
Use the Wall-nut should a zombie gets close, especially the new Buckethead 
zombie which is even stronger than the Conehead one. Pick Up your first coin 
worth a $100.

A wave of zombies will follow, keep planting Peashooter plants alongside 
Nut-walls and Potato Mines if necessary. Pick Up the bottle to get some 
silver coins totaling your overall cash to $15.

Crazy Dave will appear uncovering his time machine �Penny� sending you to 
Ancient Egypt.

Unlocks: Coins - Ancient Egypt World.
New Zombie: Buckethead Zombie.

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ N O T E =
Skip stage challenges for now, we will come back to them |
at later point.                                          |

0650: Ancient Egypt - Day 1                              | 
The stage starts in a tumb. Start planting two to three Sunflowers followed 
by a Peashooter type to stop the upcoming zombie. Continue building about two 
other Sunflowers with another Peashooter type against the next zombie.

Continue planting another two Sunflowers. Start strengthening your defence 
watching out for the new Ra Zombie which steals some of your suns. Use the 
Wall-nuts to block zombies path giving you more time.

Make sure to pick the dropped coins when defeating zombies and use the shovel 
to remove any mistakenly planted plant.

Pick up the Map at the end. The world map will be accessible enabling you 
moving stage to stage visiting the unlocked Store as well. Zombie/Plants info 
book will also be unlocked with information on every Plant and Zombie.

Unlocks: Store - Info Book.
New Zombie: Ra Zombie - Mummy zombies.

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Don't let the zombies trample the flowers.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

flowers will automaticly be planted between block three and four of the 
stage�s walkway, keep zombies from crossing it.

Chosen Team: Sunflower, Peashooter, Wall-nut, Iceberg Lettuce, Bloomerang 
and Repeater.

Start the stage with planting two sunflowers followed by an Iceberg Lettuce 
on the upcoming zombie. Continue planting two sunflowers with some fighters 
or Wall-nuts after the flowers preferably on block six.

Keep placing fighting plants preferably Peashooters according to the upcoming 
zombies. Keep freezing the powerful ones.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Never have more than 12 plants.
. Don't plant on Dave�s mold colonies.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Avoid planting anything on the first two columns, don't have more than 12 
plants at a time and don't lose any grass cutter machine (Lawn mowers). 

A tiny bar with a number of plants left is visible on the top left spearing 
you the calculations.

Plant two Sunflowers, freeze the upcoming zombie and plant a fighter in the 
same line. Continue planting another Sunflower before placing a Wall-nut on 
the line of the other zombie. Continue placing fighters.

The key is to remove Wall-nuts when not in use and only keep about four 
Sunflowers. Keep freezing the zombies to give yourself time updating your 
defences by undigging using the shovel. Plant the cheap Potato Mines for 
later explosions.

Another easier way is to collect suns by only using the Potato Mine with
Iceberg Lettuce slowing the first wave of zombies and finishing them off 
with Peashooters. Place a Potato Min for one zombie, freeze the other one
finishing it off with a Peashooters. by this time Potato Mine will be 
available again. Repeat. 

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Don't lose more than 1 plant.
. Spend no more than 1250 sun.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Easiest mission, plant three Sunflowers with a Peashooter on each column. 
Place another Peashooter or so on the final wave on the most dangerous line.

Sticking with the above plant will leave you with 600 suns for the final wave,
which is more than enough.

0660: Ancient Egypt - Day 2                              | 
The stage will start with Crazy Dave talking about Plant Food. After the 
dialog is complete, click on the bottom food leaf and again on the plant. 
The normal Peashooter will fire repeatedly. Use the plant food to defeat 
the coming zombies. Use it again to defeat the Buckethead zombie.

Defeat the glowing zombie and pick up the Plant Food.

Now, start planting the two Sunflowers followed by another two Peashooters. 
Continue planting the remaining Sunflowers and continue strengthening your 
defence. Watchout for the glowing zombie for Plant food blocking the way with 
Wall-nuts if necessary and picking up any dropped coins.

You can also use the Plant Food on a Sunflower to get many suns.

Unlocks: Cabbage-pult.
New Zombie: Glowing zombie.

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Don�t spend any sun for 30 seconds.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Very easy challenge. The timer above will count down from 30; you can do it 
any time. I personally did it after planting four Sunflowers followed by a 
Potato Mine for the upcoming zombie. Continue the challenge by planting double
line of fighting plants. Peashooter will do just fine.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Don�t let the zombies trample the flowers.
. Don�t lose more than 2 plants.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Seems hard when it�s not. The flowers will be located between block four 
and five. Place 2 Peashooters behind the flowers followed by another one 
after. Use food power when needed and avoid using disposable plants like 
Potato Mine or the Iceberg Lettuce. The wave will be soft so don�t worry.

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Produce at least 2500 sun.
. Never have more than 15 plants.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

This mission is easy yet time consuming. You basically have to play with 
zombies in order to produce the needed suns. Plant about three sunflowers 
with a Wall-nut or Iceberg Lettuce slowing down the upcoming zombie. Plant 
some more Sunflowers watching the plants count not to exude 12 to 13 plants 
giving you at least two more defense plants.

The formula is basically: Plant a Potato Mine for one zombie, freezing the 
other or blocking his way using the Wall-nut. By this time, the first zombie 
will explode and the Potato Mine will again be available. Repeat and use the 
shovel to unplant any unnecessary plant for the counter to go down. Use the 
Repeater should a zombie get to close.

Keep using plants food on sunflowers to get more suns as well.

0670: Ancient Egypt - Day 3                              | 
The ability to buy Plant Food is introduced at the start of the stage. You 
can have a max of three uses with each use costing $1000. Buy your first Plant
Food to continue.

Start Off by planting three Sunflowers followed by a Peashooter on the 
upcoming zombie�s path then continue planting the remaining two Sunflowers. 
Don't worry about the graves, just concentrate on building a good defence 
with Wall-nuts and Peashooters. You can use the plant food on a Sunflower to 
speedup the planting process by getting extra suns.

When all of your defences are in place, use at least one plant food on a 
Peashooter in line with a grave to destroy it. The rest will continue firing 
automaticly but just in case, plant Wall-nuts next to the remaining graves as 
they will spawn zombies in there place should they remain later on.

Defeat the remaining horde. The tornado zombie should not give you too much 
trouble at this point. Pick up the dropped key at the end of the fight.

Unlocks: Egyptian Key.
New Zombie: Tornado Zombie.

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Produce at least 2750 sun.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Same as the previous sun challenge (Day 2) except easier as you don�t have 
a max plants limited.  Use the same strategy with extra Sunflowers and 
Wall-nuts. Don�t forget to use the plant food to get extra suns.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Don�t spend any sun for 45 seconds.
. Defeat 5 zombies in 5 seconds.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Easer than easy. Plant the usual five Sunflowers followed by Repeaters then 
wait collecting three Plant foods while not spending any suns for 45 seconds.
Use the three Plant Food power ups on different attacking plants the moment 
final wave approaches to defeat five zombies in under five seconds.

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Don�t lose more than 1 plant.
. Spend no more than 1500 sun.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

The strategy is to plant three Sunflowers, plant a Peashooter to combat the 
incoming zombie, continue planting the remaining two Sunflowers then perhaps 
another Peashooter followed by Repeaters. Use plant food whenever possible or
save it for the end.

0680: Ancient Egypt - Special Delivery                   | 
To get to this special stage, you will be required to use the Egyptian Key 
you just found unlocking new Bloomerang plant in the process.

The goal in this stage is to use whatever plants comes out via the rolling 
matt. Plant your plants according to the zombies and graves. with Wall-nuts 
ahead to protect the back plants. Save the plant food for when you really 
need it. The Bloomerang plant is very helpful as it can hit up to three 
targets twice.

Take notice of the Tornado zombies as they can teleport to the middle of the 
screen giving you less room and time to react. Plant Potato Mines in the middle
of the map for maximum effect.

Pick up the Star at the end unlocking Stage 4.

Unlocks: n/a.
New Zombie: n/a.

0690: Ancient Egypt - Day 4                              | 
Start by planting the usual three Sunflowers followed by Peashooters or any 
fighting plants. Follow Up with the other two Sunflowers and make sure to 
build a protective wall using the Wall-nuts especially before the graves as 
any attack on the coming zombie will hit the grave first should it be present 
on the same line.

Pick up the dropped egyptian key and continue the fight. The Wall-nuts will be
very effective against the upcoming hord and the SignBoard carrying zombies 
(aka Camel Zombies). A three attacking plants per line is recommended. Use the
food power power on the signboard carriers or three or more zombies on the same
line. Pick up the Crazy Dave�s jar of preserved powers at the end.

Upon completing the stage, Crazy Dave may ask you to rate the app. Click the 
link to be taken to the app rating webpage or X to continue.

Unlocks: Egyptian Key - Crazy Dave�s jar.
New Zombie: Camel Zombie.

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Don�t plant on Dave�s mold colonies.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Another easy one. Start planting after the first two columns. Plant the 
usual Sunflowers followed by some Peashooters and Repeaters tightening your 
defenses with Wall-nuts and Iceberg Lettuces slowing down the zombies.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Don�t lose more than 2 plants.
. Spend no more than 1500 sun.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Easy again. Just like the previous like challenge, plant some sunflowers 
with a front raw mix of Peashooters and Repeaters. A wall-nut won�t hurt. 
Use plant food whenever necessary.

Always use the beginner time to slow down the first zombie tightening your 

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Produce at least 3500 sun.
. Don�t let the zombies trample the flowers.
. Don�t lose any lawn mower.

Easy but requires concentration. Plant the usual setup while concentrating 
on the graves. Add about three to four extra Sunflowers and plant allot of 
Wall-nuts with Potato Mines right after the flowers to insure that no one 
gets over.

Use the food plant to get extra suns and remove some fighters when the 
situation cools down leaving the zombies behind wall-nuts for extra time 
to gather suns. Be earful not to leave many behind as they will easily 
break free leaving you little time to react.

Also, try to take care of tighten your attacks/defenses around close graves 
as they can sometimes spawn right next to the flowers.

1600: Ancient Egypt - Day 5                              | 
Power Pinch power up is unlocked for use. Physically pinch the on screen 
zombies to continue. Click on the first bottom icon for punching power. 
Continue pinching the coming wave clicking on the Power Pinch icon when 

Next is the Power Toss ability. Physically toss the zombie once for him to go 
in the air then toss him again to throw him off the screen. Practice it on the 
standing zombies and continue doing so on the coming horde. Don't forget, it 
is the middle icon at the bottom. Click it to activate the Power Toss for a 
limited time. You can toss a couple of zombies at the same time.

Finally, its the Power Zap. Zap the zombies by holding and moving your finger 
on the line of zombies to electrify them to their death. Practice it more then 
take care of the coming ones by clicking on the far right bottom powerup icon 
activating the Power Zap. Remember to move your finger at a reasonable speed as
doing it fast won't kill some of the zombies.

Now, take care of the horde by mixing the powerups. I personally find the 
Power Toss to be the most speed effective way. Clear the horde again to 
unlock the Iceberg Lettuce and another Star.

Unlocks: Power Pinch - Power Toss - Power Zap - Iceberg Lettuce.
New Zombie: n/a.

1610: Ancient Egypt - Day 6                              | 
Upon starting the stage you will be required to select up to six unlocked 
plants. The Sunflower along with Wall-nut, and Peashooter is a must. The rest 
is up to you. For this walkthrough, I have chosen the above three alongside 
the Bloomerang with a Potato Mine alongside the newly unlocked Iceberg Lettuce.

You can buy and use any of the power ups clicking on the bottom icon of the 
desired power up.

Start the usual planting of two to three Sunflowers followed by a fighting 
plant with a Wall-nut in front stopping the coming zombie. Continue planting 
the remaining Sunflowers and fighters. Use the Wall-nuts as a front shield 
especially on grave lines.

Watch out for the Torch Zombie as he can instantly burn any plant including 
the Wall-nut exposing you open. Use any of the powerups, plant food or the 
Iceberg Lettuce to freeze his him along with his torch eliminating it�s power.

Grab the Coins Bag at the end.

Unlocks: Coins Bag.
New Zombie: Torch Zombie (Explorer Zombie).

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ N O T E =
Upon completing the stage, Crazy Dave will introduce new  |
plants to be purchased for real money in the store. Close |
it to continue. You can continue to stage 7 or unlock     |
a new plant by using three egyptian keys on the locked    |
gate. For now, we will continue to stage 7.               |

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Never have more than 14 plants.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Easy challenge. Plant the usual with Repeaters and anything extra. 
Just take care of the close graves and remove the unused plants. 
Iceberg Lettuces help slow down the action as well.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Produce at least 2000 sun.
. Don't plant on Dave�s mold colonies.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Take care of the close graves first, after that it's the same old thing. Play 
with the first few zombies by blocking their paths and freeze them. Tighten 
your defences while giving the zombies some chance and use food plant on five 
Sunflowers as much as you could. Freeze the Explorer Zombie.

And one more thing, don't plant anything on the first two columns but you 
already know that.

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Defeat 10 zombies in 10 seconds.
. Don't spend any sun for 60 seconds.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Easy challenge. Mix one coluim of Peashooters with another one full Repeaters.
Save all three plant food for the final wave. Make sure to use them on the 
most populated lines.

1620: Ancient Egypt - Day 7                              | 
Start the usual line of plants and make absolutely sure to plant a Wall-nut 
against any grave. Try taking out the graves as early as possible. Remember 
you can slow down enemies via the Iceberg Lettuce and power ups as well.

Continue planting as much as possible as a huge wave of zombies will approach 
on the final. Plant about three to four fighting plants with more than one 
Wall-nut on each line.

Watch out for the Torch Zombie (aka Explorer Zombie) and the Tomb Raiser 
zombie as he will throw bones turning them into graves. Use available powerups
and Iceberg Lettuce to slow down the zombies. Pick the Coins Bag at the end.

Continue to the next stage ignoring the store�s Coins Offer.

Unlocks: Coins Bag.
New Zombie: Tomb Raiser Zombie.

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Defeat 12 zombies in 15 seconds.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Just like before, two columns of fighters and use all three gathered 
plant food on the huge wave. I managed to pull it during the middle wave.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Don't spend any sun for 90 seconds.
. Don't lose more than 2 plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Use the same old tactics covered before. Bloomerangs (they go past the graves)
and Peashooters/Repeaters recommended.

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Never have more than 15 plants.
. Spend no more than 1750 sun.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Peashooters + Bloomerang = win. It is that simple.
Just watch you allowed to use plants bar when thinking of adding 
anything extra.

1630: Ancient Egypt - Day 8                              | 
This stage will be different as you will need to match symbols in order to 
defeat the zombies. You need to find two of the same kind each time. Keep 
tapping until you clear the stage.

Make sure that no zombie reaches the front. Pick Up the Bonk Choy at the end.

Unlocks: Bonk Choy.
New Zombie: n/a.

1640: Ancient Egypt - Day 9                              | 
For this stage, I will replace Potato Mine with the new Bonk Choy ending up 
with a Sunflower, Peashooter, Wall-nut, Iceberg Lettuce, Bloomerang and Bonk 

Start planting the usual setup and continue strengthening your defences. Keep 
planting the free Iceberg Lettuces slowing down zombies and destroying graves.

The wave will be stronger so try building as many attacking plants as possible 
while replacing the dead ones and using the shovel to remove accidental once. 
Using the powerups is a must, especially on the Pharaoh Zombie as he will take 
allot of hits to be freed followed by another set to kill him off. Pick up the
Egyptian Key during the fight.

Continue to the next stage ignoring the Facebook link promotion.

Unlocks: Repeater - Egyptian Key.
New Zombie: Pharaoh Zombie.

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Spend no more than 2000 sun.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Same as previous mission with add on of Wall-nuts in front. Don't forget, 
plant food.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Don't plant on Fave�s mold colonies.
. Never have more than 15 plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

One of the hardest challenges, but still possible.
Some of the graves will be really close giving you only one space to plant 
considering you can on the first two columns. Plant Two Sunflowers, followed 
by a Wall-nut slowing down the coming zombie while you�re collecting suns. 

Place some Cabbage-pults with Bloomerangs on the crowded line with graves 
as they can hit passed them on the upcoming zombies. Keep using the Iceberg 
Lettuce whenever available on tough zombies giving you space and time to 
rethink. Remove unwanted plants and use the plant food on either a plant with 
allot of zombies next to it or on a Sunflower to extra needed suns considering
you can�t plant allot of them.

See the upper cash we used to collect on every stage? Time to use it. As noted
throughout the walkthrough, I normally don�t recommend using it but this is 
one of these stages that almost require it. You should have allot of cash by 
now but just in case; you can always replay old stages and collect enough cash 
for at least three uses of any power up (Power Toss recommended). 

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Produce at least 4500 sun.
. Don�t lose more than 2 plants.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Before proceeding to the 3rd challenge, we will need to go back to the world 
map and unlock another plant that will greatly benefit us from now onwards.

We need to unlock the gate between stage 7 and 8 which requires 4 keys that 
you should have by now from random dropping. Upon unlocking the gate, a new 
plant �Twin Sunflower� will be available.

Now, go back to stage 9 and do this last challenge.

This challenge is a bit hard so be extra careful. Plant the first two 
sunflowers followed by a Cabbage-pult to stop the coming zombie. Wait 
and plant a Twin Sunflower followed by another Cabbage-pult and Peashooter 
to stop the incoming attacks. 

Continue planting both Cabbage-pults and Twin Sunflowers using food plant on 
either a fighting plant in emergency or on Twin Sunflower. Continue by planting
Repeaters on the front column. Use Power Toss when desperate.   

1650: Ancient Egypt - Day 10                             | 
Replace the Bloomerang plant with the new Repeater when selecting your plants,
ending up with the previous team minus the replaced Bloomerang and start the 

Start by planting the usual two to three Sunflowers freezing the coming 
zombie using the Iceberg Lettuce. Plant some fighters with Wall-nuts ahead. 
Keep freezing the zombies and use plant food on someone to help clear the 

The final wave will be noticeably tougher. Plant more than one line of 
Wall-nuts with allot of fighters behind. Watchout for the Explorer zombie 
as its the most dangerous type that can burn anything in one hit. Freeze 
him with the Iceberg Lettuce to take away the torch burning power. Replace 
the dead plants and use the power ups when necessary.

Pick up the ancient drawing and continue to the next stage skipping any 
advertisement that may show up.

Unlocks: n/a.
New Zombie: n/a.

Stage Challenge 1 |
. Don�t lose more than 2 plants.
. Don�t lose ant lawn mowers.

Challenging mission. Start with two Sunflowers followed by some defense and 
Twin Sunflower. Start building your lineup. With a few Twin Sunflowers this 
should be easy as you will have enough suns to slowly plant Repeaters at the 
front of every raw.

Stage Challenge 2 |
. Defeat 15 zombies in 30 seconds.
. Spend no more than 2000 sun.
. Don�t lose any lawn mowers.

Caution is required in this challenge. Plant the usual setup but keep 
watching your limit. You should end up with Cabbage-pult and a Repeater 
on almost each line. If you find that you don�t have enough sun, plant a 
Peashooter instead. Store all three food plant and use them on the first 
wave by giving them to Cabbage-pult as it hits multi targets in one go.

Keep defending and using any food plant you may acquire. Use Power Toss 
should things get out of control. Use Iceberg Lettuce whenever you can 
especially on the start to get time as it doesn�t cost anything.

Stage Challenge 3 |
. Never have more than 14 plants.
. Don�t spend any sun for 120 seconds.
. Don�t loser any lawn mowers.

Easy challenge. The basic idea is to plant then unplant. Use Wall-nuts to 
stop the zombies and give yourself some time. Slowly lineup your Repeaters 
on two columns while unplantining old plants and keep only two Twin 
Sunflowers at the end. When you�re all setup, stop buying any sun for the 
required seconds to pass this.

1660: Ancient Egypt - Day 11                             | 
Just like special delivery, survive the huge wave attack of zombies using 
whatever is available on the moving mat. Plant wisely with walls ahead and 
fighters behind. Watch for special zombies and plan ahead with what to use. 
You can save some plants for later need and use any power up if needed. To 
freeze multi explorers use the food power on the Iceberg Lettuce.

Defeat the wave to complete Ancient Egypt Map.

Unlocks: Pyramid of Doom - Pirate Seas world.
New Zombie: n/a.

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ N O T E =
The Gate leading to the Pirate Seas Map requires 15 stars.|
Going by this walkthrough you should now have 4. There are|
two ways to progress, buying stars with real life money or|
going back to previous stages completing more challenges, |
this walkthrough will chose the later.                    |
Our mission now is to go back to previous levels and do   |
the stage challenges that we skipped. Continue from this  |
point only when you manage to gather 15 stars unlocking   |
the stargate to the other world. You can restart the      |
stage or challenge unlimited times.                       |
                        Once done, continue below.        |

You should have enough keys to unlock all the gates on this map by now. 
We will now unlock the gate between stage 6 and 7 unlocking a new plant 
on the way, the Grave Buster. Continue to the next stage.

1670: Save Our Seeds - 1                                 | 
. Survive and protect the endangered plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Easy challenge, protect the three endangered Sunflowers. 

You will start with free three Sunflowers meaning faster planting. Plant 
Wall-nuts before each endangered Sunflower with Repeaters before that. Use 
plant food if needed.

1680: Save Our Seeds - 2                                 | 
. Survive and protect the endangered plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Same as above but this time there will be four endangered plants instead 
of just three. Concentrate on the endangered plants and make sure to protect 
them with Wall-nuts and extra Repeaters.

1690: Save Our Seeds - 3                                 | 
. Survive and protect the endangered plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Same as above two but this time there will be five endangered plants. 
Use the Grave Buster to clear the greaves and use the same tactics as 
in the previous stages. 

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ N O T E =
Proceed to the next gate that we opened earlier, if not   |
open it now and enter the stage ahead.                    |

1611: Locked and Loaded - 1                              | 
. Survive the zombie attack with the given plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

The plants are already chosen for you so you can't do anything but work 
with the one you have but since you already reached this far, you should 
have more than enough experience dealing with the situation.

1621: Locked and Loaded - 2                              | 
. Survive the zombie attack with the given plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Same as above but there will not be any defense plants. Concentrate on 
balanced defence across all lines.

1631: Locked and Loaded - 3                              | 
. Survive the zombie attack with the given plants.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Same as above but with new plants. The attacks will be harder to stop at 
first so plant a few Sunflowers and continue planting. Use the last two 
plants as they have powerful attacks especially the last one when using 
plant food.

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ N O T E =
Proceed to the locked gate after stage 8 unlocking        |
Plant Food Boost.                                         |

1641: Mummy Memory - 1                                   | 
. Match symbols to destroy the zombies.

The memory matching mini game returns with more zombies. Keep matching 
the zombie symbols until the end.

1651: Mummy Memory - 2                                   | 
. Match symbols to destroy the zombies.

Harder version of the above, be quick.

1661: Mummy Memory - 3                                   | 
. Match symbols to destroy the zombies.

Even harder version with new symbol added. Sadly, all you can 
do is practice and retry.

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ N O T E =
Proceed to the finial locked gate near stage 10 unlocking |
the Sun Boost.                                            |

1671: Last Stand - 1                                     | 
. Plan your defense and defeat the zombies.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

The challenge is simple, you have 2000 sun to spend on a one time 
unchangeable defence with 2 plant food.

My line of defence is placing Bloomerang on the first two columns 
followed by a Wall-nuts. Do this and use the plant food only if 
necessary on the Buckethead Zombie. I managed to pull this off with 
one plant food remaining. 

1681: Last Stand - 2                                     | 
. Plan your defense and defeat the zombies.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

Same as above but with 1750 sun. My winning setup was with Bloomerangs on 
the first column followed by Cabbahe-pults and Wall-nuts. Used all three 
plant food from the start.

1691: Last Stand - 3                                     | 
. Plan your defense and defeat the zombies.
. Don't lose any lawn mowers.

The hardest of the three. Same as above but with tougher zombies, 3 plant 
food and 2250 to start with. The good news is that you can reuse Iceberg 
Lettuce as soon as its ready. Plant Bloomerangs on the first three columns 
with another two on the same line as the Buckethead Zombie visible at the 
start of the stage. Plant another Bloomerang elsewhere and Wall-nuts at 
the end.

You have three plant food so use them wisely and only when necessary. If 
things are out of control, use Power Toss.

   | Congratulations, you just cleared Ancient Egypt. Proceed to the  |
   | Pirate Seas using the big star after stage 11 using 15 stars you |
   | collected.                                                       |
    --------------------                         --------------------- 
                        \ Ancient Egypt Complete/

To be continued in the next version...

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