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Follow the dark path or use the light
Melinas Conquest Pack Shot

Melinas Conquest


Melina's Conquest Walkthrough for iPhone/iPad


iPhone/iPad Walkthrough for Melina's Conquest:

Tutorial Level - Start off by reading the instructions and killing the first little enemy with four hits.  If the enemy can't be seen, just run around the area a bit and you'll find him.  The fire wall wont go down without you killing off this first enemy.  After the fire wall goes down, on the next area you will see another two more enemies who will come after you.  Kill them as well and then after the movies are done, follow the arrows on the ground to go and see Melina's mentor/teacher dude Telhar who's on the right side of the house.  Talk to Telhar by hitting the green button and then when you are done with the talk you will see that the main blockade is removed.  Run back to the previous area where you killed the two other bad guys and now the arrow on the ground will change.  Follow it to the portal which is ontop of the flower to move onto the next portal.

Challenges/Puzzles - Since every level in the game is actually being randomly generated, all I can do is pretty much write out what the different traps are and how to overcome them.  You'll experience one of these traps along the way so this is how you should overcome them.  I'll break it down by levels because they appear to have certain ones during the levels which are generated.

Portals 1 - 6:
Battle Trap - Just battleing bad guys here.  Kill them off, it seems to be like 1-5 bad guys the computer generates for ya.
Spike wall - This one is a bit tricky.  Move up close to the spikes and just wait until they start changing their pattern.  Sometimes you'll notice that all of the spikes move at the same time.  DO NOT run through them at this point or else you'll be killed and sent back to start the spikes over again.  Just stand and wait and then the spikes will start moving differently.  Run through the first one first to the second one.  Wait for the second set and then run through to the end.

Bridge basic style - You simply need to walk across the bridge and need to time things.  The platforms are like ice is what they say in the game, like no friction so you need to move along with them.  I've noticed that they like sometimes change their movement so try to just follow the platform you are on until you get close enough to the second platform to move.  Then follow the second platform to the other side.

Bride with floating platforms - Its similar in style to the basic bridge except wait for the platform to float slightly below where you're standing and then walk onto it.  Make sure you walk with the platform, because it will throw you off if you dont do anything.

Portal 7 Gilleon Boss:

To defeat this boss, first walk into the boss area and read through the storyline.  Then you just have to walk around and wait until he jumps on you.  Once he jumps on you, you have to run around him and you will see two moving platforms with spikes underneath.  Try and get onto one of these platforms and move close to the red moving target on one of his shoulders.  After 3 hits, the target will dissappear and you will then have to do the same thing on the other shoulder.  If you wait around for like 45 seconds or something the boss will move away and start to try and jump on you again.  Make sure you power up every time with the power well on the left side or else you'll end up being killed.  It should take around 6-7 times repeating this process to kill the boss.  After killing him walk over to the next portal.

Portals 8-14:

All the same traps from portals 1-6 are here as well as the following new ones:

Cylinders/Round Tubes that float - This trap is just timing...These tubes float up and down so you need to first get onto the first one and wait until it starts to float up to the second one.  Then you jump onto the second one and wait until you can connect to the third one.  Same thing to the fourth one and you will be on the other side.

Rotating bridge of fire - This cool one is basically a rotating bridge that has spikes on 2 ends and entry/exit on the other two sides and just keeps turning.  You need to time your entry and get on the bridge.  Once on however, just stick to one side because if you run to the other side, the bridge moves so fast that you'll end up where you started.  Just keep walking with the bridge to the other side only on one end.  Also when waiting for the bridge entry point, watch out for the spike arms because they can kill you.

Four Rotating Platforms over lava - This one is a bit tricky because you have four platforms which will rotate in one of two directions.  Either they are rotating like clockwise/counterclockwise, or they are rotating forward/backwards.  Basically I noticed that they move like 2 platforms at a time.  The first and third platform move the same way and the second and fourth platform move the same way.  You need to time and wait until the first platform moves and then run to the second platform.  Then do the same until you get to the end.  All I can say is that this one is really a challenge because there are times where you'll like really mess up.  One point what I did was when the platform was going the opposite way and you're about to fall into lava, simply just run the fastest (move the joypad as far out as you can) in the opposite direction so that you are moved up higher. As long as you're not fully parallel with the platform you'll be able to move up, and then simply turn around fast and you'll be able to run onto the next platform or the end.  Real tricky, probably amongst the more challenging traps in the game.

SIDE NOTE: I noticed that in some parts when you like fall in lava, some of the lava doesnt cover up the entire area so you will fall onto land.  There is no way up in any of these cases so you'll have to like kill yourself and restart at the beginning of the trap in order to try again.

Portal 15 Billeon Boss:

Okay so for the Billeon boss, its a lot like the Gilleon boss with the two shoulders being the points that you have to hit, except this time they throw in lava and a whole bunch of never ending mini-enemies to battle.  So what you do (also note that the power well is on the right side this time) is you have to keep beating up the mini enemies first and when the Billeon hits you, you need to move to the front of him.  On his left side you will see a platform that will move up and down like you saw in the Gilleon battle.  This time however, once you reach the TOP where you can hit the shoulder, if you hit the shoulder its ok, but you need to stay walking with this platform because lava will come from underneath.  You need to walk with the platform and not fall into the lava or you will be killed and will have to start the boss battle again.  Once you get to the other side with the platform, you can attack the other shoulder and then just keep following the platform and attacking shoulders until the Billeon starts the process again.  You repeat this process about 5 times before being able to fully kill the Billeon.  When you finally kill him, move forward to the portal and onto the next levels.

Portals 16-21:

Moving Platforms over Lava - This one basically has four platforms moving over lava and what you have to do is wait until the platform on your side moves so you can walk onto it.  Once on it, follow it to the other platform that will show up.  You have to wait a bit but prepare yourself because the other platform will move fast to the other side.  Follow that platform until you reach the other platform on the other side and then wait again for them to move.  This time follow the third last platform and walk onto the other end of the bridge.  It can be tricky but there is no other way and you can end up falling into lava.

Floating Platforms over Lava - This one has two versions.  Each version is a bit different.  In the first version you will see like a platform moving on your side then like 3 platforms that float into the air.  You need to get onto the moving platform which is at your height level and follow it to one side until one of the floating blocks comes down.  You then need to walk onto that other platform and follow it up to the sky to the other three platforms.  Get onto the platform that goes to the other side and follow it down to the other side.  Can be tricky at first until you get the hang of it.  The other version is basically opposite and you have to walk onto the platform that floats up.  You then follow this up to the platforms that float down to the other side.  Make sure you take note of which side the final platform moves to.  Sometimes it can be tricky cause it will move randomly.  You'll just need to walk down with one of the two platforms to the other final platform.  Can take a bit of practice.

Rotating Cork Screw Tube - One of my favorites lol.  This one really tests ya out, you need to start from one side and just follow through with the cork screw.  It will keep rotating and you could fall in.  Just keep moving along with it because it can be a challenge.  Thats the only way to get across.

Rotating Tube with Holes - This is similar to the cork screw except it just has like one main area that you can run through, and then it has the other parts which will fall into lava.  You need to wait until it reaches slightly outside of the lava and then run through it to the other side because if you dont, you'll be stuck falling into lava.

Portal 22 Giglioblath (FINAL BOSS):

Okay so for the last level you are going to have to start off by getting to the top of the upper platform area.  There are three pedestals or stands or whatever you want to call them.  To get to the top on the right side you will see two moving platforms that are moving up and down.  Get onto the first one nearest the entry point (not the one close to the portal) and let it carry you to the top.  Get off at the top and wait a few seconds and you will see a cork screw trap appear.  Walk to the other side of the cork screw and then attack the first knee of Giglioblath on the target.  Just be careful not to fall off the pillar.  After this walk off the pillar and fall to the ground and then take the same platform up again but this time go to the middle where the powerwell is and you will see another platform that moves back and forth.  Time your movement carefully and follow this platform to the other side.  Can be tricky at first because it will move really fast so you need to run full speed to catch up.  Next once you reach the other side, attack his other knee.  You will then see him move over to the other two pillars.  DO NOT hit his other knee again even though you want to, or else you will have a harder challenge on the next part.  Fall down again from that pillar and this time take the second platform moving up.  You should now see at the top the rotating tube with holes trap or the cork screw one (i think it just randomly chooses this).  You need to then just run across to the other side.  Attack his knee again and fall down again and take the platform up.  This time once again go to the middle where the powerwell is and follow the platform again to the other side.  After you attack his leg here, you will see a little text and lava will appear.  If you did this correctly, you wont have to go anywhere but simply just hit is leg on the other side on this same pillar and you will kill Giglioblath.  If you did this wrong, you'll have to walk through to the other side and not fall into the lava.

Then thats it, you beat the game :)

I think its the same idea on the android version but they dont get like the levels 20 and 21 which i think the iPad/iPhone get.

Pretty fun game anyways.