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Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride Vehicles Guide

by richmond1210

Jetpack Joyride Vehicles Guide

Hey, richmond1210 here. I'm going to provide you guys with a description of every vehicle in the game. Let's get started.

Bad As Hog

The Bad As Hog is certainly the quickest vehicle, but also the hardest to control. Just tap to send the vehicle flying. It will gather more and more speed the further you go. 

Crazy Freaking Teleporter

The Teleporter is perhaps the best vehicle in the game. Tap to go in the direction which the pointer is pointing. You can go through zappers, as long as you don't go 
straight into them. If you get 800m or more in the Teleporter, you will unlock a Game Center achievement.

Lil Stomper

The Lil Stomper is another solid vehicle. The Lil Stomper will stomp on anything and everything in its path, excluding lasers, zappers and missiles. Tap and hold to go flying 
with the Stomper. He doesn't go that high though, so be careful.

Profit Bird

The Profit Bird is probably the easiest to control out of every vehicle, which gives it a big advantage. Just tap to go up, and release to go down. Also, it doesn't get extra 
coins for you, it just says so in the description.

Gravity Suit

The Gravity Suit is probably the worst 'vehicle' in the game, but it is still handy nonetheless. Tap to change between the roof and the floor. Keep tapping to switch extremely quickly,
which will help in the missions where you have to change gravity a certain amount of times.

Mr. Cuddles

Don't be fooled by its name, this dragon is a force to be reckoned with. Tap the screen to send Mr. Cuddles down, breathing fire at the same time. Let go to send Mr. Cuddles upwards.

Vehicle Powerups

Hog Magnet 5,000 Coins
Teleporter Magnet 5,000 Coins
Stomper Magnet 5,000 Coins
Bird Magnet 5,000 Coins
Gravity Magnet 5,000 Coins
Cuddles Magnet 5,000 Coins

Golden Hog 10,000 Coins
Golden Teleporter 10,000 Coins
Golden Stomper 10,000 Coins
Golden Bird 10,000 Coins
Golden Suit 10,000 Coins
Golden Cuddles 10,000 Coins

So there's my walkthrough on all the vehicles in the game. Hope you enjoyed.