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FIFA 12 Achievements Guide

by richmond1210

FIFA 12 Achievements

Hey, richmond1210 here. I'm going to show you how to unlcok every achievement for FIFA 12 iPhone. Let's get started.


Woodwork & In!
Pretty simple. Just hope it goes in off the post.

Corner Maestro
This one is tough. Just keep trying, and get a load of corners.

Cool from the Spot
If you can, do a Multiplayer match, but otherwise, just do a Penalty Shootout.

Easier on lower difficulties. Try and get further out, as then you can get maximum power without shooting over the bar.

Long Range
Again, easier on lower difficulties. Just take a shot from long range and hope it goes in.

Aerial Threat
Use a team with good wide players for this one. Shouldn't take you too long.

A simple one here. Make sure you get the pass from a midfielder.

Skill Master
Really simple. Just double-tap three times while in possession.

One on One
Easier if you put it on a lower difficulty. Get clear of the defense then score.

Last Man Standing
Let the opposition attackers go through then slide tackle them.

Clean sheet
Pick a team with good defensive capabilities, and put it on a low difficulty.

Just do standing tackle's for the entire match, and you will unlock this achievement.

Feather touch
Same as above, just make sure you keep possesion for the majority of the match.

Extra Hand
Go down a goal or keep the scores even, then get a corner. Press the gloves to send your keeper forward.

Natural Born Talent
The easiest way to do this is to let your keeper dribble the entire field, then score.

Attacking Rage
Make sure you have plenty of shots, but make sure they are on target too.

Rule the Midfield
Just keep passing the ball in the midfield to get this achievement.

Iron Defense
Just keep possesion like last time, and try and make only one tackle for the entire game.

First Step
Win your first match.

Win three matches in Quick Match mode.

Win the derby
Win the match between two rivals (Man Utd vs Man City, AC Milan vs Inter Milan etc.)

Ace from the Spot
Try and predict where the keeper will dive, and go the other way.

Shot Stopper
Try and predict where the shooter will shoot, and go that way.

New Avenue
Simply change the arena for a Quick Match.

Often playing in the Barclays PL will unlock this for you, otherwise just go to Quick Match and select five different stadiums.

The Moon and the Sky
Simply change the weather before a match.

Practice makes Perfect
Go to practice mode.

Point of view
Change to a different camera view mid-match.

Bigger Slice
Increase the half duration for a match.

Getting out There
Go to Quick Match and win matches with teams from three different leagues.

The World is Yours
A long time project. Try and do the Daily Challenges.

Semi Pro
Not too hard if you have some practice.

Going Pro
Go defensive and get the opposition on the counter attack to win this one.

Same here, but on a bigger scale.

Amateur Player
Simply play 50 matches.

Pro player
Play 100 matches

International player
Play 200 matches

Star player
Play 500 matches

Fan Club
Register on Origin, then make three friends.

It's recommended you play on Easy and go as a big club (Barcelona, Manchester United etc.)

Same as above.

Show of strength
A bit harder, but still not that hard if you have it on easy.

Same as above.

Top Honors
The hardest of them all. If you could get the previous four, you can get this one.

On a Roll
Really easy compared to the others.

Reach Ten
Still quite easy if you can beat the previous six.

Football Legend
Win as many matches and championships as you can, and you should get this in your final few seasons.

Have a Cup
A little bit tricky, but not the hardest.

We Are The Champions
Same as above, you just need to apply it to more matches.

So It Begins
Just start a Manager Mode career.

Loyalty Badge
Make sure you log on every day, and turn the difficulty down.

Next Level
Change to the advanced control scheme.

Connection Established
Just log on to the game.

So there's all the achievements. Hope you liked my walkthrough.