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Follow the dark path or use the light
Castle Master PLUS Pack Shot

Castle Master PLUS



by Pukka

Castlemaster 3D Plus WALKTHROUGH V1.0
Written by
Guanjin Feng, Singapore
updated on: 26/06/2012
[email protected]

Tips on using this guide - Use the find function ctrl+F or go to edit>find.

Greetings from the heartlands of Singapore! I first started this game with
Castle Master 3d (free version), which was very fun and cool to play. So since
I find the game quite well, I decided to buy it for cheap USD$2. I think it's
very much worth the cost for the content you get!
Just unforunately, some parts of the english are really really bad, game 
developers should work on their english before they made the game. This is my
2nd time writing a game walkthrough, so please leave comments for rooms of
improvement! I'm writing this guide to help people save un-ncessary commands,
to help you to be effective in the game and save $ as well! If you are damn 
rich to purchase in-game gems to recharge your command points, that is!
Have fun in this amazing game and God bless!

1) Difference between free & paid versio
2) Game Intro / Game Play
3) Fast Facts / Strategy
4) Conquer Strategy
5) Credits
6) Legal info

1) Difference between free & paid version
The free version is called Castle Master 3D, while the paid version is called
Castle Master Plus. Which is weird why they removed the 3D from the paid 
version you mean paid version has no 3D? haha. Oh, that's not true.
The paid version gives you 400 max commands points at start. While the free
version gives you 150 max command points at start. Regardless of free or paid
version, you can purchase additional max +100 command points at USD$0.99. That
doesn't recharge your commands points however. At anytime you can choose to
recharge your points for free (1min=1point) or recharge 100% for 30gems. 
Also, the paid version gives you more gems at start.

2) Game Intro / Game Play
This is like a castle defence (& offense) with some elements of RPG included. In
the beauty of 3D too! Simply amazed at the graphics! Unlike most castle defence 
games, where you defend all the time, you need to go on the offensive as well!
You have to worry about whether to leave troops in your bases, manage your
resources: Build, upgrade or train. If you played Dragon Force for Sega Saturn,
this game is very very very simliar to that.
The game has 3 view modes. One is castle building mode, where you view the map.
Build buildings, train your troops or recruit more troops. Second is the
character mode where your characters can shop for upgrades. The last mode, is
the battle mode, whether defence (your castle in view) or offensive (enemy
castle in view), there is a timer. When the timer runs out, the defender wins 
by default.
3) Fast Facts / Strategy
- Seriously, do not bother to purchase gold for cash. Gold is hard to earn, but
there's no need to throw your hard earned $ into that.
- Gems are earned randomly during events (1gem/event). When you defend or 
conquer a castle, you get 1 gem if you win a war.
- Command points do not replenish automatically
- Free command points are replenish (click manually) at 1 point/min.
- There's no way for you to save/load a game. If you made a mistake, you bear 
the consequences fully.
- A newly captured castle from the hands of the enemy, buildings will always 
be empty. Even if you had built any buildings beforehand, you have to build
from scratch again! AH! that sucks really.
- Plan your attacks carefully, even if you can win back your captured castle
remember you have to build from scartch again!
- Remember the computer can attack any adacent hostile castle at ANY time.
- It is important that you upgrade your troops at all times, since computer is
constantly upgrading its troops. You'll notice by mid-game, computer would have
fully upgraded its troops (level 50)
- You time you level up, You get to distribute 4 character Attribute points, 
STR raises damage, INT raises your max mana, skill damage and increases the 
taxes you collect from castle, lastly CON increases your defence & max HP,
allowing you to take more punishment.

***Castle building***
- Don't bother to appoint officers over a castle, you don't really need them,
to buy their loyalty at 10 loyalty points, the cost of 2 command points with
some gold, you'll quickly go bankrupt after you command more castles! Imagine
10 castles, 10 officers, to max out each officers loyalty would be 2 command
points * 10 * 4times= 80 command points! Seriously, what a waste! The command
points can be put to better use elsewhere!
- Max loyalty points you can get for castle's loyalty is 123 points.
Each time you send a relief, you add a certain number of points (max +20)
- Always max your castle's loyalty whenever possible, more loyalty yields more
gold when you tax them. Your main character INT stat affects the gold you tax
- If you leave no defenders to your castle, when the enemy attacks, your hero
will always be present to defend the castle and officers too if you employ any.
- Computer seems to attack you with numbers in proportion to your defenders.
If you leave no defenders, computer will attack your castle with 4-10 
creatures, if you have more defenders, computer will always try to attack 
with a higher number of attackers whenever possible.

***Character mode***
- You can buy new/upgrade skills (top-left), weapons (bottom-left)& armor
(bottom-right) & hp/mana potions(top-right).You can safety ignore the rest, 
they are pretty much useless actually, unless you are damn rich with gems.
- You may choose to ignore the lady the middle, although she can offer you the
zeus blade, the zeus blade in my opinion, is a complete nonsense to hunger 
after your $. After you manage to complete to the point of the last heart, you 
require to give 5 gem everytime to fill a small portion of the last heart.
Seriously, this is nonsense! Although I never got the blade before, you don't 
need the blade the win the game
- Max level you can upgrade your skills is 5.

- Your hero will always be present in all battles, regardless of where your
castle was attacked or which castle you attack.
- Be very careful not to lose your hero in a battle! even if the battle is in 
your favor, losing your hero immediately counts as your loss! That's why I made
a personal preference to add all attribute points to CON.
- If you are defending the castle and the attacker has a few creatures left, 
you can lure them around the battleground and drag the time out till you win.
This is very effective in 1 hero defence with no other defenders, as computer 
will usually only bring 4-10 creatures to attack your castle.
4) Conquer Strategy
The castles in the map is sorted by from the left: 4 castles then 5 castles then
4 castles, then 5 castles. If you conquer castles from the left to right 4 to 5
then 4 to 5. You can easily conquer the rest of the map without leaving
defenders behind!
This is my recommended strategy to quickly conquer the first 8 castles from
start. If you have a better strategy do share with me! And I'll add your
strategy to this section here!
For the start, keep upgrading the spearman(till level 10) & warrior(to max).
Start attacking the castle to the north with all the spearman you have. Once
you conquer the 2nd castle, train the max number of spearman in your 2nd castle.
While you are doing this, keep upgrading your GAIA castle. Once the spearman 
are trained, send all the spearman you have to the 3rd castle to the north.
Train the max amount of spearman in your 3rd castle and again, once finished,
send them to the 4th castle, and immediately to the 5th castle. In your main 
GAIA castle, keep upgrading castle till you can build blacksmith then start 
training max amount of warriors. While building/training, attack the 2nd column 
of castles(4 castles on your right) with all the spearman you have.Once the 
warriors are ready, send all to attack the Eris castle right of GAIA. You 
should lose 0 warriors if you have keep upgrading warriors from the start. 
Train new batch of warriors in GAIA Castle. Send all the warriors you have in
Eris and attack the castle north of Eris. For the 2nd castle in the 2nd Column,
spilt the warriors evenly and then attack north. Computer should attack by now,
with the 2nd batch of warriors in castle GAIA, send them to conquer back the
castle lost to computer, and redeploy them to Eris. So at this point, you will
have troops like this (the 4 castles from the 2nd column): 1st castle with all
the spearman, around 15-17 warriors in 2nd castle, 15-17 in the 3rd castle, and
30-34 warriors in the 4th castle. From this point on, build up ALL your castles
and attack eastwards in thisorder: attack 5 castles, then 4 castles, then 5
castles then 4 castles. If you build and attack this way, you do no have to 
leave defenders in the castles behind, except for those 4 or 5 castles in the
most front!

C) Credits
Thank God for the few hours I have to come up with this guide. Thank God always
for His goodness and mercies towards me, as I'm a man of many many mistakes.

L) Legal
Feel free to use and distribute this guide for your own use. This guide is not
to be sold or own benefit. Credit is to be given if any part of this guide is
taken and used in his/her own guide. Castle Master are copyright to Alpha Cloud.
anything else please email/msn [email protected]