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Sims FreePlay Hub
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Sims Freeplay update on 2-2-12... hint for The Sims FreePlay

Sims Freeplay update on 2-2-12...

The 2-2-12 update adds a few new things for your sims houses. Mostly valentine and heart themed stuff. There are free rose arrangements you can put everywhere. And you can now go higher than level 30. There's also a new hobby item (a telescope) added for a scientist, so I assume that is a teaser and at some point we can add a lab or something to the city and have the option of a scientist job. But that is not available yet. The update is ok. BUT ... If you have not updated the app yet and are planning on buying furniture for the houses, do that first before updating. The cost of most of the furniture goes up considerably. For example, the dining room chairs that cost 60 sim, now cost 600sim. Do your furniture shopping before the update.

Added by: Cactus♄
Feb 2nd 2012, ID#435


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49 comments, latest first.
Aug 5th 2014 Guest
Works fine on Nokia Lumia 520. Although cant do any of the cheats u need 10lp for an engagement ring and 3lp to make a baby. The baby doesn't go to the toilet u have to wait till the toilet bar goes down then u change its happy. the only problem i have is were is the beach!!!
ID #431176
Oct 30th 2012 Tfsan1991
Has been updating for few days but still cannot finish the update!!!! Wat am I supposed to do now?! I don't want to delete it and replay again! I earned almost 2m and 400lp in the game! It's all my effort!!!!
ID #203260
Sep 16th 2012 Guest
Arrrghh, since the update of sims free plays, cheat doesn't work anymore :( I tried a lot to work out .....hopeless ..
ID #186659
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
The latest update is much better because now we can get 20 LP but it's takes much free space.
ID #178360
Aug 16th 2012 Guest
How do u update sims really need to know please help me !!
ID #176620
Jul 4th 2012 Guest
everything still works for me on the iPhone 4s with the update and all. It did delete my game but it took me two days to get it all back with the cheats. Did the same thing to my girlfriend.
ID #160491
Jun 11th 2012 Guest
What is the cheat

Can you tell me please??( for the iPad 4 )
ID #151607
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
I am a bit annoyed with ea
ID #137971
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
i rate there should be cheats which ever douch bag said there shouldnt be. the game takes way too long for everything. im tired of the world today, they just want to frikin make money and scam you into buying everything. You get an ipad which isnt cheap than you must buy everything for it on top of that and when there is something free, you cant really play it unless you buy in app purchases like simileons. Cant they just make something for free and when you play it, its all there and fun just as a nice thing to costomers who have bought there frikin ipads.
ID #135208
Apr 19th 2012 Guest
Do the babies grow up? I had alot of patience saving and earning money + lps and nothing! I feel I made a mistake having 2 kids! I'm not trying to cheat... need help! I added 2 kids and my goal still reads..." add a sim". Aughhh
ID #134979
Apr 17th 2012 Guest
i wish i didnt update it now i cant use the cheat i wanted to use
ID #134534
Apr 13th 2012 Guest
Boooo Update i can't use cheats and they want me to spend $100 real dollars to get my sims their stupid money! And babies won't grow up! Grrrrrr
ID #133020
Apr 7th 2012 Guest
How do you suggest ideas to EA?? It would be cool if the babies could grow up, and the house build area was bigger. And there were some new cheats. I tried the cheat I knew before the update (Easter) and now with the update it won't work.
ID #130671
Apr 6th 2012 Guest
I am having no problems at all since the update with my iPad,the cheats don't work and does any body know if the babies ever grow up?!!!
ID #130298
Apr 4th 2012 Guest
to get the rc boat you must buy it from the hobby shop.

hope this helped1Smile
ID #129522
Apr 3rd 2012 Guest
Hey Guys,there is still a way to cheat. I use android so I'm not sure how it will work on Iphone but.... on android, go to settings, take out the mobile network and turn on the wifi as we pleased.
ID #129024
Apr 1st 2012 Dana Banach parr
I past all the levels to level 35 by dana
ID #128471
Mar 30th 2012 Guest
Well actually they dont
Give you the ring they give you lp to buy the ring
ID #127560
Mar 27th 2012 Guest
I am on the get enganged reward and it says it will give me a free ring when my sim is 'ready to pop the question.' Well, they are ready to ask but the game is only allowing me to purchase one ring and it costs 20LP . How do I get the ring for free?
ID #126784
Mar 24th 2012 Guest
DON'T download the "update". It doesn't let you do any cheats anymore.
ID #125813
Mar 20th 2012 Guest
My game has been "updating" since the update in the first week of February. I don't know what to do and the EA support disnt help at all..... Should I just delete? Or would all of my data be gone?
ID #124800
Mar 20th 2012 Guest
How do you get the babies to go to the toilet?
ID #124694
Mar 17th 2012 Guest
Okay so i wanted to get the baby and whole marriage thing on the sims freeplay version 2 and i had 1 billion dollars and 700,00 LP and now their all gone :( no more cheats either it keeps saying "error"
ID #123861
Feb 29th 2012 Guest
The cheats don't work anymore!!

Where can I find the telescope?
ID #119212
Feb 20th 2012 Guest
Help! I can't find RC control boat in the park! I looked everywhere!
ID #116717
Feb 13th 2012 Guest
This game plus updates works perfectly on the iPod Touch 4.
ID #114578
Feb 11th 2012 Deedeechee
BOOO update. The update is the worst. I tried for 3 days to download it. I didn't want to delete because I was on level 31 and had done the cheat for lp and simoleans. I ended up being so frustrated after 3 days that I deleted and proceeded to download again, which took another whole day. Now I'm back at level one. All my old stuff is gone and the cheats no longer work. They must be crazy if they think I'd spend $11.99 to buy "simoleons" in the store. I deleted the game. No longer any fun. Bye bye sims freeplay.
ID #113772
Feb 11th 2012 Guest
BOOO update. The update is the worst. I tried for 3 days to download it. I didn't want to delete because I was on level 31 and had done the cheat for lp and simoleans. I ended up being so frustrated after 3 days that I deleted and proceeded to download again, which took another whole day. Now I'm back at level one. All my old stuff is gone and the cheats no longer work. They must be crazy if they think I'd spend $11.99 to buy "simoleons" in the store. I deleted the game. No longer any fun. Bye bye sims freeplay.
ID #113770
Feb 10th 2012 Guest
Hi all,
I have been able to play by dragging down the top bar on the iPad main screen. By doing that, you open a menu that shows the push notifications. If you find one from TheSims Free Play click on it. It usually opens the app even if it seems stuck. I haven't been able to open it if there is no notification though, so the suggestion is to keep those Sims busy.
Good luck
ID #113591
Feb 8th 2012 Guest
Cannot be negative relationships anymore. Need to build a nemsis relationship for one of the goals. Can EA fix this?
ID #113209
Feb 7th 2012 Guest
I had the same problem with the update I couldn't play for two days. Thankfully I plugged it into my computer and my iTunes overrideded the second stupid update. Everything was still there thank goodness hope this helps
ID #113053
Feb 7th 2012 Guest

finally after 3-4 days of constantly trying to update it worked.

ID #112989
Feb 6th 2012 Guest
the only way i was able to upload was to go to my computer and get the update from iTunes in the section where you can get all your updates and then once I plugged up my iPhone and iPad, it updated it. I was stuck for 4 days while both of my devices continuously tried to update it.
ID #112728
Feb 6th 2012 Guest
I'm now on level 31 and it wants me to add a new sim to town is there a way to have more then 16 sims?
ID #112669
Feb 6th 2012 Guest
I was able to update two nights ago... got the lab built, telescope, bunches of valentine things. On 2/5, my Freeplay on iPad wanted to do another update. Now it just gets stuck loading and cannot fully update. I can't access the app at all. I am wondering what I will find once I am able to get in.... money missing? LP missing? :( I know this is free but I am not happy about this glitch.
ID #112629
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
If my game won't update and keeps restarting? Should I just delete the whole thing??? Please help! It's been "updating" for 3 days now and I don't know what to do!!
ID #112542
Feb 5th 2012 maria0412
Things are a lot more expansive in the new version, also might cost you LP points instead of money like the nice white bathroom sink. The (youtube) cheat stills works though!! but you have to be real quick and do it in the right order, good luck!
ID #112539
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
after unable to load the update i deleted my game. i am now trying to reload the original and can't get it to install any suggestions?
ID #112532
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
Don't Update! Loose money, cheat options and not as fun anymore.
ID #112523
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
The garden cheats don't work so now how am I goin to get money:/
ID #112441
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
I am trying to watch a movie at midnight... I've done it several times and it's not recognizing it as being complete... What am I doing wrong????
ID #112387
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
Also Mirror task now takes 1 hr instead of 10 minutes since the update
ID #112342
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
IPAD Update doesn't work for me just keeps trying to load...24 hours has passed and it's still loading. Tried to update from the ITUNES store it says part of the file is corupted.
ID #112261
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
Unlimited money and xp cheat will no longer work

As once you are passed a reward stage it benchmarks it and you can no longer sell and purchase to reach the mile stone again. In fact I have received no rewards for passing 35000000 or 40000000 (after I built the science lab)

No longer recovering extra XP for tasks when sims are maxed out. I have noticed you receive lower XP now for certain tasks such as sleeping

Also cheat for turning the clocks back so sims don't miss work. No longer works :(
ID #112249
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
any suggestions on how to get it to load on the iphone it keeps starting over
ID #112201
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
When trying to update the valentines day software, won't load all the way and doesn't even allow me to play otherwise. This has been going on for 2 days now. What should I do?
ID #112084
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
WARNING: I did the unlimited money and ip cheat about 2 weeks ago. I was at Level 28, almost everyting built, Sims were maxed out in relationships, tons of nice stuff in my homes, careers almost maxed. Living the Sims highlife. In the process of the update loading into my game it DELETED my entire app from my iphone! Can EA recognize the cheats we do in the game and delete the entire game??? Gotta start all over again grrrrr
ID #112026
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
I'm on level 26 and my experience bar is frozen and won't go past one quarter of the way. Any help?
ID #111982
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
I am building my lab right now. It is the parking lot to the right of the park.
ID #111917