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Real Racing 2 Pack Shot

Real Racing 2

Online racing every one goes super fast, how are t..

Guest asks: Added Jan 23rd 2012, ID #243241

Question for Real Racing 2

Online racing every one goes super fast, how are they doing that? I'm even using the Mclaren F1 GTR. And still getting whooped.


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Guest answered:
Added 26th Jan 2012, ID #476865

They hack the game. I know, it sucks. But in games like asphalt 6 when you see their time, you know they cheat. Once again, I know how it feels to never be first, hahaha.

Guest answered:
Added 6th Feb 2012, ID #480308

I know what you mean. I want to know the same thing.


Guest answered:
Added 10th Feb 2012, ID #481275

It's all in how you handle the corners. I race online right now with a BMW, the 123P one, and can keep up with the MClarens.
If all you so is mash the brakes on turns, you are not going to keep up. You have to know how to work the game mechanics.
I changed devices, and all my races/awards did not transfer with the game back... Bummer. Got to get my Mclaren again :(

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Guest said: 6th Oct 2014 | REPORT
This is not better cornering. These cars literally jump 100 yards ahead on a straightaway. Also, they approach from the rear 50 mph faster than me and knock me offtrack, but they keep going straight. I call cheat. And you cannot report them anymore.
Guest said: 3rd Apr 2015 | REPORT
still theyre cheating
Guest said: 9th Oct 2015 | REPORT
Agree. Can't race, they come upon you and go back and forth crashing you until you're at nearly a complete stop, and then they dart away off into the distance.
Guest said: 1st Jul 2017 | REPORT
Dude. They cheat. There is some cheat involved. Even if you handle the turns well there's not really a chance that you pass cars. I am a decent player, and it makes me feel like I'm a bad player when multiplayers pass everybody SO fast like they have BOOST. Literally, they smash right into you, knocking you off track. One was even going down the track sideways. I sometimes wonder, is it possible for them to do this is regular real racing 3 races?
Guest answered:
Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #483601

I have all the cars available and no 1995 mclaren which seems to be cars of choice for most of the online racers. It seems to be unaffected by getting bumped but seems to be able to bump others at will. I don't have a problem keeping up with a level playing field.

Guest answered:
Added 27th Feb 2012, ID #486281

To get the maclaren, you have to win every race in the career. Speed isn't from cheating. It's from driving very smooth, following the racing line through the corners (look for the black streaks on the track) and staying on the gas at every moment you can.

The racing line is important. A small difference in position can mean the difference between skidding and turning. If your wheels squeal, you are losing speed.

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Guest said: 12th Oct 2014 | REPORT
Bullshit they just keep kicking me of the track
Guest answered:
Added 1st Mar 2012, ID #486826

No hacks for RR2: play a lot and you win. I'm quite ever first without hachs. There are hacks only to have money to buy cars, not to go faster.

Pay attention: latency time in Internet connection influence your acceleration on start.

My Nick online: Beppe Grillo (IT)

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Guest said: 21st Apr 2012 | REPORT
How do you "bump" cars out of your way? I saw some player online that do that all the time. Do you use the brake assistance or auto throttle?
Guest said: 10th Aug 2013 | REPORT
I have got the mclaren and I can not keep up with others one smashes into fence and i keep going next 10 seconds he is passing me i smash I take of again and end up last please how do they go so fast and turn a 90 degree corner when I have the brake on to get around and you say they do not cheat
Guest said: 12th Aug 2013 | REPORT
I agree with your comment i drive around as fast as i can go in settings and they leave me sitting there
Guest said: 24th Apr 2014 | REPORT
I have played the on line multiplayer from the start all my cars are fully up graded and yes they do go faster with the same cars. Also I can't get passed about 1250 points if you don't cheat you have no chance they also take short cuts across the grass smash you off the track I have tried to smash them back and I will just come to a stopp while they just keep going I know it sucks
Guest answered:
Added 18th Mar 2012, ID #491115

Not cheating? I also noticed that guys kick me right off the track. I get turned around and need time to correct while they just happily move on... Also, in all modesty, I can win the races at level hard. Meaning I'm propably not the worst driver out there. My record for some circuit is 58.118. Id probably get it down to 58.00 maybe and I see others are also around that time. Then there are guys who did it in 54.something. No way! I can not believe 4 seconds faster is possible. I am already taking all the corners at best racing line best speed.... How do they do that?

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Guest said: 12th May 2012 | REPORT
go to settings and turn your breaking all the way down. then just practice at manual break until you are handling corners like the online first place holders. i know how you feel. i was unable to drive with manual breaking but this how they when. if you notice they go around some corners with little to no breaklights.
Guest answered:
Added 30th Mar 2012, ID #494160

They all cheating ! Impossible to run 51.xxxx in Castelleona Bay. They all hacked the car.

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Guest said: 6th Apr 2012 | REPORT
I assure you. more practice and you go faster. I have not hacked anything and run high 51s/low52s consistently. It's pretty similar to competitive racing anywhere. fast drivers go fast and it seems impossible. It's practice.
Guest said: 20th Dec 2012 | REPORT
Just get a mclaren and knock all the other cars off track you win
Guest said: 26th Apr 2013 | REPORT
Why do the mclarens knock you of the track they don't have to race they just push you of the track
Guest answered:
Added 5th Apr 2012, ID #495715

Cheating +10 - or is terve some trick to speed on sand.. At last my car solisti show'n on sand.. But some cars continue on sand without looginen rhein speed.. Weard on no???

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Guest said: 18th Apr 2013 | REPORT
english, dude. english
Guest answered:
Added 29th Apr 2012, ID #502469

Memorize the track. Avoid skidding. Turn auto braking off. Turn smoothly. Use the black tire marks to help guide you around corners and bends. And practice! I used to think people were cheating to. Now I'm ranked 675Smile

Guest answered:
Added 29th Apr 2012, ID #502564

I've noticed that some drivers don't slow down when they drive on grass, or bump into things.

Sometimes, as I go 1st, 2nd or 3rd through finishing line, I suddenly get bumped down to 3rd or 4th place in end results.

Guest answered:
Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #513396

I think that the internet connection is important about acceleration, the moment you brake and how you take the corners. However, it seems to me that there is something wrong about cars going out to take the corners and then nothing happens. They still going running without any problem. They don't lost the control of the car, so that's illogical.

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Guest said: 26th Jan 2013 | REPORT
It is odd that some can take corners more sharply and faster and not skid off. Sometimes the servers put competitors cars suddenly 3 feet in front of you and you end up spinning off the track, while they accelerate away like they have nitrous oxide injection. Some cars definitely seem to have way an advantage. It could be a glitch in the game.
Guest answered:
Added 4th Jul 2012, ID #520607

The drivers on the grass/sand aren't really there, the game's servers are superimposing that location due to poor connection, then they'll jump back on the track at the proper location. So they're not hacking, it just shows up weird on your screen.

To repeat - THERE ARE NO CAR OR TRACK HACKS - it's all about finding the perfect line through a turn. There is a line through most turns that allows you to use almost full throttle without skidding, you just have to find that line.

If you're getting pounded in the online races try this - brake earlier into turns. You'll be going slower but you can get on the gas earlier as you exit. Remember, it doesn't matter how fast you go into the turn, it matters how fast you exit.

Take home message, more control = more speed.

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Guest said: 18th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Spoken like a true cheat that makes a poor attempt at side-stepping from being caught cheating, before we all find out how to do the same and ruin it for you too, which of course will eventually happen!
Guest answered:
Added 13th Aug 2012, ID #531809

No way can say it amillion times...thee is no way to keep up with some players, even nailing a perfect line, some how they just go faster, not even with the mclaren, they don't get afected by the grass or outside terrain, they just touch you and you fly away even if you are the one who crashs them...if they find the way to cheat somehow i'd like my money back...the real deal of enjoy a game with online features is if you can be competitive with anyone else, I m a ok player finish the game in hard in just 9hs. If thhere is pople sad you have to cheat to win....

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Guest said: 13th Sep 2012 | REPORT
Hi I used to think the same. But after playing a lot you realise that the cars may look off the track but that's just the game server having difficulties due to different Internet speeds and pure complexity! There is a problem that when it repositions a car it can knock you off course which is a bit unfair but that's life. I used to think there were a lot of cheats but after far too much time spent on the game I now win about 33% of the races I enter, it amazing how much getting the correct line can knock seconds off your lap time. Slow in fast out!
Guest said: 9th Oct 2012 | REPORT
I agree. I've watched guys go from dead stop in the middle of a race then blast by at 5000 mph at will. It's not the server or the connection because everyone else is racing normally. Theses guys can go from dead stop to 50 car lengths ahead, at will. They can bump, run in sand or grass and never wipe out. I don't care to be first and have no issues because many people are far better than me. I'm just stating what I've observed many many times. They definitely have a cheat.
Guest said: 10th Feb 2013 | REPORT
I've had cars jumping over the top of me from behind how does that happen.
braddo1972 said: 10th Feb 2013 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 24th Sep 2012, ID #540872

There is definitely no cheats to going faster, practise more and you will see. I am pretty much fastest laptime for 5 or so circuits, and for the others I am about 2-3 seconds off (I HATE STUPID MASS HAIRPIN TRACKS!!!!!!). The only thing I can't understand, is when you crash into someone and you go spinning in a 360 turn, and they are completely unaffected. Maybe if they have the racing assists turned on they don't spin, I don't know.

Guest answered:
Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #543403

Lets get real folks
This is a video game and nothing like the real thing! If some 14 year old throttle jockey believes they are the next Senna or Schumacher by the results of this game ...... Keep dreaming!
I have been amateur racing for ten years and this is nothing like the real thing, just have fun with the game

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Guest said: 18th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Agree. I was horrified when my RWD fish tailed when I hit the gas exiting a corner. A real car will understeer, which is the exact opposite of this game. There is no physics here, just some heuristics and thresholds. One of the worst racing "sims" IMHO. Many older games (Gran Turismo) had much better physics engines. RR3 goes for graphics not realism.
Guest answered:
Added 12th Oct 2012, ID #544101

I won 1st place easily on all races within the various career levels, I never brake, have the Mclaren, an iPhone 5 and I'm a way better driver then most who play online yet, I don't have a prayer against these horrible drivers who crash constantly (or crash others) and are 4x faster them me. There is zero skill in hacking and anyone who defends these losers or says otherwise is a tool.

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Guest said: 28th Mar 2013 | REPORT
but the way the server works is .... you race yesterday and I can race you in the same race today... so your time is a given .... If I bump you or anyone else .... your car will just jump back to its standing and finish on its standing time ....
Guest answered:
Added 8th Dec 2012, ID #555775

There is ABSOLUTELY speed hacks! ...The guys who say otherwise are hackers. They want you to believe they're not cheating.

I am ranked in the low 200's, drive with no assists and have memorized the perfect lines for every track and drive them flawlessly. I do win 1st place often... I have also memorized most of the hackers names and when I see them I push them off the track. I can put 600+ miles in-between myself and them and in a flash watch the distance evaporate as they pass me as though they never crashed. I am on an iPhone 5 with a 4G plan and 250mbps internet connection so it has nothing to do with that. Sadly, all the top 100 ranked players are speed hackers. I watch these double digit ranked players hit the walls of every turn and crash constantly yet pass me going backwards and sideways. If you are ranked in the single-double digits and you can't drive the track flawlessly, then you're a cheating loser... Cause it takes a hell of a lot of game play to get ranked like that.

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Guest said: 18th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Well said! Give this man a medal for common sense!
Guest answered:
Added 22nd Sep 2014, ID #640591

The most useful comment I read here is.Turn assist off and Never brake!

Guest answered:
Added 18th Mar 2015, ID #658223

The bottom line here is, there are indeed cheats, it's just that they're too stupid to simply play a game and have a severe inferiority complex due to the fact that in life they are losers with nothing going for them, so they make up for it in a virtual world that has no meaning except basic entertainment!
Oh well sucks to be them, I among others that don't NEED to cheat will just win at reality, a thing we call life, which as we all know is not a game!

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Guest said: 29th Jul 2015 | REPORT
Plz guys I read all the comments and you guys are all just idiots foods there is no hack. I am only a level twenty four but the game records other progress driving and shows it to you like your watching some one else replay.

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