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Follow the dark path or use the light
Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD Pack Shot

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD Cheats for iPhone/iPad

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Outlaw cheat need helgas ringAdded 1 Aug 2013, ID #2693
If you dnt have the patiance to gain money to buy needed upgrades than when ever you become 20 or20 smething level points you can attack the merchants or traders in there shops, take what you want and head for the sewers to pay a healthy amount of money to Quentin to relief you're crimes and become neutral again.

Free Money in CallaheimAdded 28 Jun 2013, ID #2571
In West Callaheim, if you enter the house next to the Farmers Arms, there is a treasure chest with somewhere between 490 and 575 in gold. You don't have to fight anybody or do anything to get it. Just enter the house and take it!
Quick Level Up(Very long description)Added 29 Jul 2012, ID #1155
This will only work for those that can use ranged attacks! You also have to be a low level for this to be effective! Well first, you can use your safety ring to go to Calleheim. (if you started a new profile, continue doing quests until you have a ring that teleports you to Calleheim) Next, go near Bruno's Blades, which is a shop. To the left of that shop, there should be a house that you can go in. Once you enter, there will be 2 ruffians, one in the room you're in, and one upstairs. This is where ranged attacks come in handy. Staying at the spot you are in when you entered, use a ranged attack to strike the ruffian there. When you attack, he should run to your left, under the stairs, and near the table where he can't move anymore. Once he is stuck there, approach him with a melee weapon and start attacking him. Try to attack as far away so that he can't land a hit on you. If you are a low level, this will take a while, but once you kill him, you should get tons of xp. *NOTE* If you go to options and turn auto attack on, it will save you some thumb rest while the person in the game attacks for you. Once he dies, approach the side of the stairs. If the one upstairs has noticed you attacking the other one, he should be at the stairs, which is when you attack him. If done correctly, he should not be able to hit you, giving you another easy kill. Repeat as desired and eventually, you'll be rich with all the loot they drop.
***EDIT***: This is most effective for people who are around level 1-15. Also, watch out for the ruffian that is near Bruno's Blades at night. If you want to speed time ahead, go inside any shop, open your map and tap 'Wait 1 Hour' until it gets to 6 o'clock AM to cause the ruffians to go away.
Free MoneyAdded 15 Jun 2012, ID #975
If you talk with Sufok in the Red Lion you will get the deed to his steed. Select 'Menu' and then 'Quests' and abandon the 'Find Darius' quest and you will retain the deed which is worth 100G. This can be repeated as many times as you desire.
Puma Seeds in Sunclaw's QuestAdded 29 May 2012, ID #883
These can be found on top of a hill behind Veirne's hut in the village of Karn in the outlands beyond the north gate or Cold Sands keep.
Easy MoneyAdded 25 Jan 2011, ID #148
Talk to Sufok at the Red Lion and when you receive the quest he will give the deed to his steed. When this happens tap 'Menu' and then tap 'Quests' and abandon the quest 'Find Darius'. Repeat this process several times and then sell the deeds which are work 100G each.

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