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Latest update by Forgoten_Scars on Dec 31st 2012
Below are a list of available weapons in this game, as well as descriptions and recommended usage.

UNSC Weapons

Battle Rifle

The BR85HB SR Battle Rifle is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle optimized for three-round burst firing, and proven to be an extraordinarily versatile weapon at a wide variety of ranges in the hands of a capable marksman.


  • Length: 99.2 centimetres (39.1 in)

  • Height: 29.9 centimetres (11.8 in)

  • Width: 6.1 centimetres (2.4 in)

  • Weight: 7.6 kilograms (17 lb)

  • Magazine Size: 36 rounds

  • Maximum Ammunition:108-216 rounds

  • Fire Mode: Burst-fire (3-round)

In Campaign, this weapon is useful for those who aren't great at aiming, and want 3 chances to get a head shot. This is mainly a mid range weapon that's good for taking out Grunts and Jackles in single shots.

In multiplayer, this is for players who are very good at aiming and want to take out enemies at mid range. Going up against a DMR, this weapon will always win if all shots hit. It's not suggested that you use this for a long range weapon, as it has low accuracy at long ranges.


The M395 Designated Marksman Rifle is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, marksman rifle that maintains a smart-linked, telescopic, rail-mounted sight for scout personnel. This rifle favors mid-range to long-range combat, offering impressive stopping power.


  • Length: 19.2 centimetres (46.9 in)

  • Height: 31.9 centimetres (12.6 in)

  • Width: 7.3 centimetres (2.9 in)

  • Weight: 8.5 kilograms (19 lb)

  • Magazine Size: 14 rounds

  • Maximum Ammunition:84 rounds

  • Fire Mode: Semi-automatic

The Campaign and Multiplayer usage of this weapon are basically the same. This is for mediocre to expert marksman who prefer long range combat. This weapon will kill an enemy in 5 shots, and has a large head plume so bullets are more likely to go through the head or hit a player even if you're not exactly on target.

With this weapon, you can stay out of enemy range while still getting the drop on them. It's suggested that every player tries this weapon or starts out with it.

Assault Rifle

The MA5D ICWS is an exceptionally resilient gas-operated, magazine-fed, automatic rifle designed to execute close-quarters combat with lethal efficiency, regardless of hostile counter-op, environmental conditions, or duration of use in the field.[2] The MA5D fires the 7.62 NATO round. Like previous incarnations, the MA5D also contains a built-in ammo counter and compass.


  • Length: 99.9 centimetres (39.3 in)

  • Height: 27.4 centimetres (10.8 in)

  • Width: 7.8 centimetres (3.1 in)

  • Weight: 7.1 kilograms (16 lb)

  • Magazine Size: 32 rounds

  • Maximum Ammunition: 224 (256 with Ammo Tactical Package) Rounds

  • Fire Mode: Gas-operated, magazine-fed

The Campaign and Multiplayer usage of this weapon are basically the same. This is for people who want to get up close and personal. This is strictly a close range weapon that can deal a lot of damage if you're right on a foe. If you're anything other than close range, you're just wasting bullets. Try to practice 2-3 round bursts to improve accuracy rather than going full auto.

This weapon is for use on a single opponent at a time. It will take almost a full clip to take an opponent down. If you focus on two at a time, you'll end up running out of ammo before you die.

Sniper Rifle

The SRS99-S5 AM is a gas operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic sniper rifle. This weapon has an incredibly similar design to the SRS-99 AM from Halo: Reach, in addition to having exceptional accuracy and the ability to take out energy-shielding and high-density armor at the same time. It has been confirmed that this weapon has a four shot magazine, similar to its predecessors, and also seems to have partial Tan coloring on the stock and scope, though it is unclear whether this is camouflage or simply aesthetic.


  • Length: 161.3 centimetres (63.5 in)

  • Height: 35.1 centimetres (13.8 in)

  • Width: 23.2 centimetres (9.1 in)

  • Weight: 15.6 kilograms (34 lb)

  • Magazine Size: 4 Rounds

  • Maximum Ammunition: 12 Rounds

  • Fire Mode: Semi-automatic

The Campaign and Multiplayer usage of this weapon are basically the same. This is for long range usage, and only for those who are excellent marksmen. At close range, this weapon is devastating, killing an enemy in 1-2 shots depending on where you hit them. At long range, this weapon can take out up to 4 enemies before you need to reload.

This weapon is best used with active camo. Only use this as a close range weapon if you know you've got a good aim on someone. If you miss, that's one of your 12 shots gone.

Rocket Launcher

The M41 SSR fires 102mm HEAT shaped charge rockets. The launcher sports a 2x scope and can fire rockets over long distances with devastating accuracy, although its altitude decreases over longer distances. This model is not to be confused with the M19 SSM Rocket Launcher. The M41 is, however, markedly similar to the M19 rocket launcher. When reloaded, the barrels are removed and two preloaded barrels are then inserted back into the unit. With this mechanism, a Marine can greatly reduce the weight he has to carry without throwing the weapon away like some contemporary disposable rocket launchers.


  • Length: 134.9 centimeters (4.426 feet)

  • Magazine Size: 2 Rounds

  • Maximum Ammunition: 8 Rounds

  • Fire Mode: Semi-automatic

The Campaign and Multiplayer usage of this weapon are basically the same. This weapon is an instant kill weapon for enemies. It can devastate vehicles, and has a large amount of splash damage. It's best to use this at medium range however, as the rockets travel very slowly and tend to miss. If you're going up against an opponent, aim at their feet to assure a kill.


The M6H Personal Defense Weapon System is a M6 Series-handgun manufactured by Misriah Armory. It is an up-sized Officer's model and has a smart-linked KFA-2 x2 scope and an electroless nickel finish.


  • Magazine Size: 8 Rounds

  • Fire Mode: Semi-automatic

The Campaign and Multiplayer usage of this weapon are basically the same. This weapon is used as secondary, mainly for headshots due to its quick switching speed. Players generally use this with the noob combo - Overcharging a Plasma Pistol shot to take down shields, then using this weapon for a headshot. It's switched faster than most other headshot weapons.
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