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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Spartan Ops

Latest update by Forgoten_Scars on Dec 31st 2012
Spartan Ops are Campaign-like missions available for either single player or multiplayer gaming. Similar to Halo Reach's Firefight gametype, these are objective oriented missions that pit you against Covenant and/or Prometheans while you do what commander Sarah Palmer tells you to. This storyline takes place 6 months after the conclusion of the Halo 4 Campaign.

For the 5 weeks following the release of Halo 4, a new episode of Spartan Ops was released every Monday at 4am Central Time Zone. This included a roughly 5 minute video furthering the story of the Spartan Ops, and 5 new missions to complete. It is currently on hold for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge featured by Virgin Gaming.

Episode 1

Episode 1 IntroEpisode 1 Intro

Chapter 1 - Land Grab

This chapter takes place in the Quarry. The main objective here is to clear out Covanent forces and destroy their power cores. There are plenty of Wraiths here, for your personal use and enemy driven. If you're playing alone, that's the easiest way to go. Otherwise, the Gauss Hog with its long range sniper-like abilitys will make quick work of the power cores.

This is a long range mission. It's best to bring long range weapons to this battle and keep well out of enemy range. DMR and Light Rifle are good choices here.

Chapter 2 - Sniper Alley

This chapter takes place in Sniper Alley. The main objective here is to disrupt Covenant power suply and kill all aliens in your way. This level is all about long range weapons, hence the name Sniper Alley. Enemies stay in groups for the most part, so keep your eyes forward. There are plenty of Jackles here with Sniper Rifles, so watch out for the glowing red dots on their helmets.

Near the end of the level, you'll find heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and sniper rifles. If you want to get to them without getting pumped full of holes, it's best to climb over the rocks rather than go through the paths.

Chapter 3 - The Challenge

This chapter takes place in Fortress. Your objective here is to work and compete with Fireteam Majestic while taking down Promethean structures.

This is a close range battlefield, so bring whatever weapons you feel best suit you in hand-to-hand situations. There are several heavy weapons throughout the level, so take what you can get. You'll also receive heavy weapon drops near the end of the level. Since this level is full of crawlers, it's best to have something that can dish out headshots.

Chapter 4 - Sacred

This chapter takes place in The Refuge. You'll be instructed to explore the facility and take out any enemies in your way. This level features both long and close range fighting. The best weapons to bring to this fight are DMR's for crawlers and Plasma Pistols for the Promethean Knights.

There are plenty of weapons available in this mission. Anything from Scatter Shots to Binary Rifles. Take advantage of these, as they may end up saving your skin.

Chapter 5 - Core

This chapter takes place at Couldron. The objective here is simple: Kill every Covenant you see. With all the drop pods, Phantoms, and heavy weapons the enemy has on their side, it's best to play this level from a distance. Bring your long range weapons and pick up any heavy weapons the enemies drop.

This level features an easter egg. At the beginning of the level, pick up the DMR on the green crates to your right. Clear out every enemy you see until you're instructed to activate your first switch. From the caves you enter the area through, go up the ramp until you're on the platform where your first switch is. Across the platform, you should see a wall of rock and a drop into lava below. Look down at the rocks near the lava's edge and you'll see a brown radio sitting on top of the rocks. It's hard to spot, so keep looking. It'll play a tune once you hit it with a bullet, and unlock Red Vs. Blue Dialogue for the rest of the mission.

Episode 2

Episode 2 IntroEpisode 2 Intro

Chapter 1 - Clean Up

This chapter takes place at The Gate. Your job is to clear out the enemy squatters and take down the anti air. In this level, you can choose either close range or long range combat. The enemies are both Covenant and Prometheans.

Considering the overwhelming amount of Grunts and Crawlers, it's best to treat this as a long range level. If you get in too close, you'll be surrounded and have no place to fall back to.

Chapter 2 - For Science

This chapter takes place at The Cauldron. Your job is to clear out the enemies and rescue the science team, which has been pinned down behind a barrier. This level is full of Elites with heavy weapons.

If you kill off the enemies fast enough, be sure to pick up their weapons. Halfway into the level you'll find several rocket launchers. Take advantage of those.

Chapter 3 - Hacksaw

This chapter takes place at Fortress. Your job is to provide support for Hacksaw Fireteam. There are PLENTY of heavy weapons in this level, so don't worry about bringing your own. There are several Ghosts, a Wraith you can steal, and rocket launchers / spartan lasers galore.

The reason there's so many is because you have to take down 2 Phantoms at the end while avoiding the remaining enemies. If you can do all this while keeping Hacksaw alive, you get complimented by Sarah Palmer. If they die, she'll basically call you stupid.

Chapter 4 - Pelican down

This chapter takes place in Sniper Alley. It's full of Jackles with sniper rifles and Elites fuel rods. It's best to play this level with long range weapons, as a single sniper shot can kill you.

Once your Pelican is shot down, you have to disable the anti air in the area and walk to your next mission while fighting off all the enemies that come your way. Your job is to get closer to science team's location, and there's plenty standing in your way. Be sure to pick up any Fuel Rod Cannons the enemies drop.

Chapter 5 - Gagarin

This chapter takes place in The Refuge. Science team is in trouble, and you have to find out what happened to him. There's no escaping enemies in this massive bowl of a level. There are plenty of shotguns and incineration cannons. You'll need them, because this level is just wave after wave of enemies.

This level features a Red Vs Blue easter egg. As soon as you start the level, take the path to the left and up a ramp that leads into a jungle-like area. Head into the cave like setting and keep an eye on the wall to your left. About head-height you'll see a box-like radio sitting on a rock a bit into the wall. Shoot it and you'll unlock special dialogue for the rest of the mission. (3 Different events)

Episode 3

Episode 3 IntroEpisode 3 Intro

Chapter 1 - The VIP

This mission takes place at Quarry. Your objective is to kill a targeted Elite. He'll escape, so it's mostly an enemy cleanup.

You're left without vehicles or heavy weapons for the first half of this level, so there's plenty of running and long range shooting. There are plenty of Scorpion Tanks later on in this level, but they're close to impossible to get to with all the enemies surrounding them. On top of that, you're sitting ducks in them when the Phantoms arrive if you don't take them to high ground quickly. The only way to really play this level is either long range or with friends.

Chapter 2 - Galileo

This mission takes place at Galileo Base. Your objective is to clear out all enemies and secure the base. The first thing you'll have to do is disable 3 Power Cores scattered throughout the base. They're more or less on opposite sides of the base, so it isn't hard to flank the enemy and disable them while their backs are turned.

Your second objective will be to turn on turrets to lock down the base. These will really help with enemy drops. You'll have to deal with hunters, so be sure to pick up the rocket launchers scattered around the map.

This level features a lot of different buildings and doorways, so bring your grenades. Sneak up on the enemy, then toss everything you have at them. A Boltshot / DMR combo always works well on this level. Be careful of the Banshees circling the level.

Chapter 3 - Spartan Mountain

This mission takes place at Two Giants. Your mission here is to rescue the UNSC Marines at the downed Pelican and clear out all Covenant. You'll have to take out jammers, disable protective barriers, and study some tech inside one of the buildings.

Bring long range weapons. You'll never get far here without them. There are several enemy mounted turrets that you can use to take out the enemies if your ammo gets low. If you're having trouble with the Hunters, there are several Fuel Rod Cannons behind the barrier.

If you can, capture the enemy Wraith. Use long range weapons to shoot the Elite in the Turret, then use a Plasma Pistol to temporarily disable it. Climb into the turret on the Wraith and the Elite driving it will get out. Kill him and the Wraith is yours.

Chapter 4 - Shootout in Valhalla

This mission takes place at Two Giants. Your objective here is simply to survive. You'll be given three turrets at the beginning of the game. Activate them, and they should help protect you. Just be sure to defend them. If enemies get behind them, they'll destroy the turrets.

If you can steal the enemy's Wraith, take it. Use long range weapons to shoot the Elite in the Turret, then use a Plasma Pistol to temporarily disable it. Climb into the turret on the Wraith and the Elite driving it will get out. Kill him and the Wraith is yours.

When you get a Mantis, be sure to take it to the part of the map where you started. If you linger in the area where the Mantis is dropped, you'll be killed by the Banshees and Phantoms.

This level features an easter egg. As soon as you start the mission, look up at the trees to your right. At the very top of one of the trees will be a box radio. Shoot it and you'll unlock special dialogue for the rest of the mission.

Chapter 5 - Hunting Trip

This mission takes place at The Gate. Your objective is to kill the Covenant Terrorist and wait for evac. Before you confront the terrorist, grab some of the Fuel Rod Cannons that the Grunts drop. This will help you take out the objective, and the camo Elites standing around him that like to charge you.

Be sure to keep a long range weapon on you. There are Snipers in the rocks, and Hunters will be dropped off later in the mission. You'll be given heavy weapons near the end of the mission. Use those to take down the Phantoms that camp around you.

When you're told to take cover, get back. A kill barrier will be activated that instantly kills you if you get too close.

Episode 4

Episode 4 IntroEpisode 4 Intro

Episode 5

Episode 5 IntroEpisode 5 Intro
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