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X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse


X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse FAQ/Walkthrough

by mikehross8800

			__==__==__ X-Men Legends 2 __==__==__
For the Microsoft XBox, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Sony PSP, and PC.

ATTENTION: This guide is written using the XBox version, so PSP and PC users may
not find everything they need in this guide. And I am only including the XBox

ATTENTION: will ALWAYS have the most recent update to this FAQ
first and may be the only site that I even update this on.

	Table of Contents
1. Introduction
 1B. Copyrights
2. Update/Change Record
3. Controls
4. Complete Character List
5. Skills List and Build recommendations
6. Main Story Walkthrough
 6A. Act 1
 6B. Act 2
 6C. Act 3
 6D. Act 4
 6E. Act 5
7. Danger Room Disc Locations and List
 7B. Danger Room Hints & Tips
8. Sketch Book Locations and List
9. Homing Beacon Locations and List
10. Data Disc Locations and List
11. Trivia Answers
12. Easter Eggs
13. Items List
14. FAQs
15. Credits
16. Contacting Me

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Introduction|
Hello fellow gamers. My name is Mike R. This is my very first public
If you notice any spelling mistakes, please let me know. Any information you
would like to contribute is also welcome. Just e-mail me and enter the game
title in the subject line. I am 17 years old at the time of this, my first entry
into this FAQ. Since this will be an in-depth guide for the entire game, I will
be making updates and changes often. If there is something specific that you
need to know that I haven't yet posted in here, then feel free to drop me a
line. I am writing this guide starting at the end of the game to the beginning.
The simplest way to use the directions in this guide is to keep the camera
angle behind your team (their backs toward you) at all times. This means, after
every turn, center the camera angle behind your team.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1B. Copyrights|
The following websites have permission to post this guide.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Update/Change Record|
	Thursday, October 6th, 2005: Started the guide. Act 1 Trivia Questions
completed. Controls, Introduction, Credits, Contact info, Character List,
Apocalypse FAQ, Lady Deathstrike FAQ, Grizzly FAQ, and Mr. Sinister FAQ
completed. Bishop, Cyclops, and Deadpool skills/build completed. Danger Room
course "Defend 402" FAQ completed.
	Friday, October 7th, 2005: Iron Man's skills completed. Zealot FAQ
completed. Iceman, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Rogue's skills
completed. Act 1 Mission 1 completed.
	Monday, October 10th, 2005: Dead Zone and Cerci Caverns walkthroughs
	Tuesday, October 11th, 2005: Areas 1.0, 1.05, 1.10, and 1.15 complete.
Abyss FAQ, Garokk FAQ, Sauron FAQ, and Omega Red FAQs completed.
	Wednesday, October 12th, 2005: Colossus, Juggernaut, Magneto, Professor
X, and Scarlet Witch's skills completed. Act 2 Trivia completed. Act 3 Trivia
	Sunday, October 16th, 2005: Area 1.25 completed.
	Monday, October 17th, 2005: Storm, Sunfire, and Toad's skills completed.
Area 1.30 completed.
	Tuesday, October 18th, 2005: Area 1.35 completed.
	Thursday, October 20th, 2005: Copyrights started. FAQs started. Danger
Room disc locations started. Team combinations completed.
	Friday, October 21st, 2005: Skins updated thanks to prime12345 for minor
details, but details nonetheless.
	Saturday, October 22nd, 2005: Updated contact info and FAQs.
	Monday, October 24th, 2005: Finished Act 5's Homing Beacon locations.
Updates to Danger Room disc locations.
	Tuesday, October 25th, 2005: Finished Act 4's Homing Beacon locations.
Updates to Danger Room disc locations. Area 5.05 complete. Defend Havok Danger
Room mission updated. Credits updated. Copyrights updated.
	Wednesday, October 26th, 2005: Act 3 Homing Beacons complete.
	Sunday, October 30th, 2005: Danger Room disc locations updated. Area
1.15: Temple of Anubis completed. Area 1.10 complete.
	Sunday, November 6th, 2005: Fixed a typo in Section 12. Thanks to
MysticFox1 for notice. Act 2 Homing Beacons completed.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. Controls|
 Left Thumbstick    = Move Character
 Right Thumbstick   = Rotate Camera/Change Camera Angle
 A Button           = Light Attack/Throw
 B Button           = Smash Attack
 Y Button           = Jump/Special
 X Button           = Action/Pick Up/Throw
 White Button       = Use Energy Pack
 Black Button       = Use Health Pack
 D-Pad              = Change Character
 Start Button       = Pause
 Back Button        = Character/Level Up Menu
 Right Trigger      = Press in conjunction with A, B, X, or Y to use Powers/At
Character info menu, press to cycle through your team.
 Left Trigger       = Call Allies

Triple Hit		= A(x3)
Knockback		= A, B(x3)
Pop-Up			= A(x2), B
Trip			= A, B, A
Stun			= B, A, B(x2)
	Pull and Hold Right Trigger +
Y Button		= Xtreme Power (Unlocked at Character Lv. 15)
A Button		= Power 1
B Button		= Power 2
X Button		= Boost/Power 3(must assign a power instead of Boost if
you want that)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. Complete Character List|
	These characters are unlocked from the beginning;
Bishop, Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Jean Grey, Juggernaut, Magneto,
Nightcrawler, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Sunfire, Toad, and Wolverine.
	These characters must be unlocked;
Deadpool: Simply beat the game.
Iron Man: Collect all 4 Homing Beacons in Acts 1-5, then go through the Portal
that appears by Beast/Forge for every 4 Beacons. In the Secret Area, you must
defeat all the enemies then collect a piece of Iron Man's Armor(4 in total, 1
per Act). The secret portal in Act 5 takes you to Iron Man himself and he joins
your team IF you have all the pieces of his suit.
Professor X: Must complete ALL Danger Room missions.
	These characters are in the game, but are un-playable in Story Mode;
* indicates that character is not playable at all, even in the Danger Room.
*Angel, *Apocalypse, *Archangel, *Beast, *Blob, *Emma Frost, Grizzly, *Havok,
Lady Deathstrike, Mikhail, *Mr. Sinister, *Mystique, *Sabretooth, The Stepford
Cuckoo, *Vindicator, Zealot.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. Skills List|
* denotes main power/ability
**Thanks to prime12345 for clarification on the following character(s) skins;
Colossus, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Sunfire, and
NOTE: All of the skins marked 'Xtreme' are just my name for them, I think they
have an Xtreme vibe to them, so that is the reason for the name. I do not read,
nor have I have even seen Xtreme X-Men, so I can't confirm if they are in fact
from the Xtreme X-Men series.

	Bishop - Bishop is best as a Ranged character. He is best in a Support
role, staying away from enemies and attacking from afar. He has nothing that
helps get past any inanimate obstacles that you will encounter (i.e.; fire,
massive blocks, etc).
*(Beam) Bio Beam			Maxed out: does 217-242 Energy damage,
costing 140 EP
*(Projectile) Plasma Blaster		MAX: 195-217 Energy dam/second with 4
sec stun, costing 126 EP/sec
(Melee) Sapping Strike			MAX: 195-217 Energy dam and reduces
victim's damage for 6 sec, costing 126 EP
*(Projectile) Full Auto			MAX: 117-132 Radiation dam, costing 142
(Projectile) Rapid Fire			MAX: 121-135 Radiation dam over 3 sec,
costing 144 EP
(Radial) Bombardment			MAX: 85-96 Energy dam, 180 EP
(Radial) Bio Blast			MAX: 95-107 Energy dam with 19% chance
for Deadly Strike, 198 EP
  (Xtreme Radial) Big Bang		MAX: 279-309 Energy dam
  (Xtreme Boost) Super Conductor	Entire party spends no EP and takes no
Energy DMG for a time. MAX: lasts for 45 seconds
(Boost) Absorption			MAX: 50% Energy DMG as HP gain, +160%
DEF, +20%(PR), 55sec, 480 EP. Absorbs a percentage of Energy DMG as HP gain and
boosts Physical Resistance.
(Boost) Energy Fury			MAX: +48% Energy DMG, +160% ATK, 55sec,
516 EP.
(Passive) Energy Combat			Adds Energy DMG to all Melee Attacks.
MAX: +260% DMG
*(Passive) Gun Mastery			Increases Damage and Critical Hit
chance with all Gun attacks. MAX: +50% Gun DMG, +8% chance for Critical
*(Passive) Power Trip			Increases Movement Rate, Defense, and
Energy Resistance. MAX: +213% DEF, +31% MOV, +52% Energy Resist
*(Passive) Mutant Master		Increases EP Regeneration. MAX: +199% EP
When leveling-up Bishop, his main attributes are Focus, then Body if you plan to
use him mostly as a Ranged character. Otherwise, focus on putting points into
Focus-Body-Speed or Striking, Energy Combat, and Power Trip. His powers cost a
lot of EP to be effective, so Invest in Mutant Master and Gun Mastery. Bishop
has 3 skins. They are (note: all skins are listed in order they appear, from
default to final skin before back to default.) : Astonishing, classic Blue and
Yellow---the Gray variant, and AoA.

	Colossus - Melee 'tank'		REAL NAME: Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Colossus is best used as a Tank/Melee Character, for he has no Range values and
his Melee damage is very massive so it is a waste to try to use him for range.
Colossus, once he has full Might, is useful for breaking walls and moving
massive blocks to get to objectives/extras.
*(Melee) Iron Fist		MAX: +820% Physical DMG (378-626), 305
knockback, 76 EP.
(Melee) Uppercut		MAX: +820% Physical DMG (378-626), 76 EP
*(Radial) Thunder Clap		MAX: +525% Physical DMG (257-425), 144 radius,
86 EP.
*(Melee) Massive Strike		MAX: +875% Physical DMG (400-663), 30% chance
for Deadly Strike, 80 EP.
(Radial) Bounding Smash		MAX: +400% Physical DMG (205-340), 620
knockback, 109 EP.
(Charge) Siberian Express	MAX: +925% Physical DMG (421-697), 620
knockback, 100 EP/sec.
  (Xtreme Radial) Demolition	MAX: +1450% Physical DMG (636-1054))
  (Xtreme Boost) Unbreakable	Makes Colossus invincible and increases DMG for
duration.	MAX: +100% DMG, 45sec.
(Boost) Steel Skin		MAX: 71 Physical DMG absorbed, 304 EP.
(Boost) Roar			MAX: 55sec, +16 to all 4 stats, 308 EP.
(Ability) Block			MAX: 50% EP/DMG blocked.
(Passive) Brawler		MAX: +160% ATK. Increases Attack
*(Passive) Galvanize		MAX: +127% DEF. Increases Defense (Essential
for any Colossus build)
*(Passive) Metallurgy		MAX: +47% to all resistances. Increases
Resistances (Essential for any Colossus build)
*(Ability) Might		MAX: Allows lifting of Massive objects. 
Increases Lifting Strength (Essential for destroying objects quickly & easily)
*(Passive) Mutant Master	MAX: +199% EP regen.
With Colossus, it is best to put all of his points into Body/Health for
starting, so that he gains more HP each time he levels up. He should have at
least 650 HP by level 40. His other Primary attribute is Striking, usually
gaining Damage for only 2 skill points. (Others typically cost 3-4 pts per
Damage increase) He has 7 skins. They are; Ultimate(steel), Astonishing, AoA,
Uncanny/classic, Roman/Egyptian, Xtreme(?), and Ultimate(human).

	Cyclops: Ranged character	REAL NAME: Scott Summers
*(Beam) Optic Beam			MAX: 195-217 Energy DMG, +100% Attack
Speed, 126 EP.
(Beam) Optic Slam			MAX: 117-132 Energy DMG, 620 knockback,
140 EP.
(Radial Debuff) Optic Flash		MAX: 56-65 Energy DMG, 4sec stun, 12ft
range, 164 EP.
(Trap) Auto Turret			MAX: 79-89 Electricity DMG, 26sec, 82
trap HP, 168 EP.
(Beam) Fusion Beam			MAX: 272-302 Radiation DMG over 3sec,
132 EP.
(Beam) Focused Beam			MAX: 140-157 Energy DMG, 166 EP
*(Beam) Polarized Beam			MAX: 130-146 Main Energy DMG, 105-118
Split Energy DMG, 152 EP.
  *(Xtreme Beam) Optic Rage		MAX: 308-339 Energy DMG
  (Xtreme Boost) Flawless Tactics	MAX: +200% Exp earned for 45sec
(Boost) Tactics				MAX: +90% DEF, 55sec, 504 EP. Increases
DEF of the entire party for a time.
(Boost) Command				MAX: +3 to all learned skills, 55sec,
516 EP. Affects entire party.
*(Passive) Defense Grid			MAX: +50% chance to dodge incoming
Projectile Attacks.
*(Passive) Visor Upgrade		MAX: +50% DMG to Visor Beam Attacks, +8%
Critical Chance.
(Passive) Leadership			MAX: +9% Critical Chance, +92% Combo XP
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen
For Cyclops, put your points into Focus and Body (3/1). His powers cost a lot of
EP, so pour your points into Leadership so that you can level him up as quickly
as possible. Then focus on Visor Upgrade and Mutant Master to increase your
damage, therefore reducing the amount of times you will need to use your powers.
Then focus on Optic Beam and Optic Rage for the most damage. Polarized Beam is
very useful to help keep enemies away in Danger Room missions and for combos.
Cyclops has a total of 7 skins. They are; Ultimate, Astonishing, AoA, classic,
Uncanny/90's, street, and Xtreme(?).

	Deadpool - Melee	REAL NAME: Wade Wilson
*(Melee) Rupturing Jab			MAX: +1120% Physical DMG(501-830),
53-61 Bleed DMG over 4sec, 94 EP.
(Special) Teleport			MAX: 60ft range, carry allies, 50 EP
(Projectile) Dual Shot			MAX: 134-150 per bullet, 6% trip chance,
104 EP/sec.
*(Melee) Butterfly Kick			MAX: +950% Physical DMG (431-714), 94 EP
*(Charge) Blade Cyclone			MAX: +750% Physical DMG (349-578),
128 EP/sec.
  (Xtreme Blast) Nitrogen Blast		MAX: 279-309 Cold DMG, 8sec Freeze,
12sec Slow, 25% slow.
(Boost) Wisecrack			MAX: -75% ATK, -75% DEF, 21sec, 384
EP. Taunts enemies to get them to fight.
(Ability) Block				MAX: 50% EP/DMG blocked.
*(Passive) Regeneration			MAX: 6% of max HP every 6sec
*(Passive) Stealth			MAX: +130% DMG, +15% Critical
*(Passive) Weapon Mastery		MAX: +50% Sword/Gun DMG, +8% Critical
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen
Deadpool's main focus is on Melee attacks, so you should put your points into
Body, Focus, and then Strike. His main Powers for large damage are;
Regeneration, Stealth, Weapons Mastery. He has 2 skins, one without his mask on.

	Gambit - Ranged and Melee	REAL NAME: Remy LeBeau
*(Projectile) Card Shuffle		MAX: 117-132 Energy DMG, 7 cards, 140 EP
*(Melee) Staff Assault			MAX: 117-132 Energy DMG per attack,
140 EP.
(Trap) Ace of Spades			MAX: 169-189 Radiation DMG over 4sec, 5
card(s), 142 EP.
*(Radial) Staff Slam			MAX: 82-93 Energy DMG, 12ft, 170 EP.
(Trap) Full House			MAX: 130-146 Energy DMG, 6 card(s),
152 EP.
(Special) Detonation			MAX: 214-238 Energy DMG, 430 knockback,
140 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) 52 Pick Up		MAX: 282-313 Energy DMG.
  (Xtreme Boost) Prince of Thieves	MAX: 200% Health and Energy drops, 400%
techbit drops, 45sec.
(Boost) Energy Form			MAX: +108% ATT, +109% DEF, +109%
movement, 55sec, 504 EP.
(Boost) Energy Fury			MAX: +48% Energy DMG, +160% ATT, 55sec,
516 EP.
(Ability) Block				MAX: 50% EP/Damage blocked.
*(Passive) Energy Combat		MAX: +260% Energy DMG to all non-power
melee attacks.
*(Passive) Evade			MAX: 50% chance to dodge melee attacks.
*(Passive) Card Mastery			MAX: +50% DMG to all card attacks, +8%
critical chance.
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +100% EP regen.
Gambit is good for both Range and Melee, but excels slightly more in the Melee
area. For Melee, focus on Body-Focus-Strike. Primary skills; Staff Assault,
Staff Slam, Detonation, Energy Combat, and Evade. For Range, focus on
Focus-Body. Primary skills for Range build; Card Shuffle, 52 Pick-Up, Card
Mastery, and Mutant Master. Remy has 4 skins. They are; (?), AoA, Ultimate, and

	Iceman - Ranged and Melee	REAL NAME: Robert "Bobby" Drake
(Beam) Slow Beam			MAX: 195-217 Cold DMG, 25% slow, 12sec
slow, 126 EP.
*(Projectile) Ice Shards		MAX: 117-132 Cold DMG, 7 shards, 140 EP.
*(Beam) Freeze Beam			MAX: 195-217 Cold DMG, 6sec freeze,
126 EP.
(Charge) Ice Slide			MAX: 198-220 Cold DMG, 245 knockback,
50% slow for 4sec, 130 EP/sec.
NOTE that you may also activate this power by pressing the Y Button in mid-air,
the same goes for teleporters and Flyers.
(Radial) Arctic Burst			MAX: 82-93 Cold DMG, 25% slow, 11sec,
170 EP.
(Projectile) Cold Crush			MAX: 140-157 Cold DMG, 117-132 Explosion
DMG, 25% slow for 3sec, 166 EP.
(Blast) Ice Pillar			MAX: 130-146 Cold DMG, 6 pillars, 152ep.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Cold Snap		MAX: 279-309 Cold DMG, 8sec freeze, 25%
slow for 12sec.
  (Xtreme Special) Ice Sidekick		MAX: 45sec, 100% of Iceman's max HP,
125% DMG.
Creates a minion to fight along side party for a time.
(Boost) Ice Armor			MAX: 91 DMG absorbed, 14-19 Cold DMG
inflicted on attackers, 50% slow for 3sec, 504 EP.
(Boost) Ice Gloves			MAX: +47% Cold DMG, +2 ATK, 55sec,
516 EP.
(Passive) Ice Combat			MAX: +260% Melee DMG as Cold DMG.
*(Passive) Cold Mastery			MAX: +50% DMG to all cold attacks, +8%
critical chance.
*(Passive) Piercing Cold		MAX: 76% chance to pierce.
Increases chance of pierce when using Beams and Ice Shards attacks.
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen
The best way to build Iceman is for Range specialization. Put your points into
Focus-Body-and every so often put a couple into Strike. Focus on Freeze Beam,
Ice Shards, Cold Snap, Cold Mastery, Piercing Cold, and Mutant Master. He has 4
skins. They are; Ultimate(iced), AoA, classic, and Ultimate(human).

	Iron Man - Range and Melee	REAL NAME: Anthony "Tony" Stark
*(Beam) Uni-Beam			MAX: 195-217 Energy DMG, 126 EP.
(Projectile) Plasma Charges		MAX: 7 charges, 117-132 Energy DMG,
140 EP.
*(Blast) Disruptor Shock		MAX: 105-118 Radiation DMG, 4.2sec stun,
164 EP.
(Trap) Auto Turret			MAX: 198-220 Fire DMG(?), 82 turret
health, 26sec, 130 EP.
*(Projectile) Repulsor Rays		MAX: 121-135 Energy DMG, 144 EP.
(Projectile) Gamma Bolts		MAX: 130-146 Radiation DMG, 4sec bolts,
6 bounces, 152 EP.
(Blast) Tractor Beam			MAX: 85-96 Victim DMG, 69-79 surrounding
enemy DMG, 180 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Concussive Overload	MAX: 92-104 Energy DMG, 92-104 Fire
DMG(?), 92-104 Radiation DMG, 117-132 EMP DMG(Robots only).
  *(Xtreme Boost) System Override	MAX: 75% of max HP, 300sec. Allows Iron
Man to revive himself.
(Boost) Energy Shield			MAX: 87% DMG, +160% DEF, +21% Physical
DMG, 13sec, 504 EP.
*(Boost) Motion Amplifier		MAX: +150% ATT speed, +193% ATT, +700%
Melee DMG (80-128), 55sec, 32 EP.
*(Passive) Auto Medic			MAX: 6% of total health every 7sec.
*(Passive) Mark VIII Upgrade		MAX: +50% Energy DMG, +9% critical
*(Passive) Environmental Suit		MAX: +47% to all Resistances.
*(Ability) Might			MAX: Allows lifting of Massive objects.
*(Ability) Flight			MAX: 3 EP/sec
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen.
Iron Man can be a great Melee focused hero or a Ranged combatant. For most
builds it is important to focus on the following; Body-Focus-Strike, Uni-Beam,
Repulsor Rays, Motion Amplifier, Might, Flight, Mark VIII Upgrade, Auto Medic,
Environmental Suit, and Mutant Master. Tony has 3 skins. They are; classic(?),
90's(?), and War Machine.

	Jean Grey - Ranged Support
*(Special) Telekinesis			MAX: Massive objects, 195-217 Mental DMG
at lift, 79-89 Physical DMG at impact, 128 EP/sec.
(Projectile) Psychic Spike		MAX: 195-217 Mental DMG, 128 EP.
*(Radial) Psionic Boom			MAX: 79-89 Mental DMG, -50% DMG
reduction, 15sec, 170 EP.
*(Radial) Memory Wipe			MAX: 82-93 Mental DMG, 75% chance to
confuse, 173 EP.
(Blast) Dark Phoenix			MAX: 85-96 Mental DMG, 50% of foe's
max HP as Physical DMG, 6 blasts, 156 EP.
(Trap) Mental Guardian			MAX: 214-238 Mental DMG, 26sec, 82
guardian HP, 142 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Phoenix Force	MAX: 279-309 Mental DMG, 50% chance to
convert for 34sec.
  (Xtreme Boost) From the Ashes		MAX: Resurrect 1 ally with 100% HP.
(Boost) Mental Vortex			MAX: 55sec, 512 EP. All allies turn 20%
DMG inflicted into EP.
(Boost) Calming Presence		MAX: +339% EP Regen, 10sec, 512 EP.
(Boost) Psychic Fury			MAX: 47% DMG as Mental DMG, +160% ATK,
55sec, 520 EP.
(Passive) Psionic Combat		MAX: +360% Mental DMG.
*(Passive) Telekinetic Net		MAX: 50% chance to dodge.
*(Passive) Mental Mastery		MAX: +50% DMG to all Mental attacks.
*(Ability) Flight			MAX: 3 EP/sec.
*(Passive) Mutant Mastery		MAX: +199% EP regen.
Jean Grey works best as a Support character. Points should go into Focus and
Body. Skills that should be maxed out quickly are; Mutant Mastery, TK, Mental
Mastery, Telekinetic Net, all 3 Boosts. Jean has 5 skins. They are; Ultimate,
Dark Phoenix, AoA, Marvel Girl, and Phoenix.

	Juggernaut - Melee 'tank'	REAL NAME: Cain Marko
*(Melee) Thunder Punch			MAX: +820% Physical DMG (378-626), 3sec
stun, 76 EP.
(Melee) Brutal Blitz			MAX: +341% Physical DMG (181-300),
98 EP.
*(Radial) Arcane Fist			MAX: 79-89 Energy DMG, 100 EP.
(Charge) Bullrush			MAX: +875% Physical DMG (400-663), 620
knockback, 96 EP/sec.
*(Melee) Widowmaker			MAX: +1100% Physical DMG (492-816), +78%
DMG to self, 4sec weaken(self), 100 EP.
*(Melee) Crimson Rage			MAX: +925% Physical DMG (421-697), +10%
Physical DMG (45-75), 7sec, 84 EP. Multi-punch attack, building up DMG with each
  *(Xtreme Melee) Crimson Devastation	MAX: 279-309 Energy DMG, 6sec stun.
  (Xtreme Boost) Path of Destruction	MAX: 45sec.
(Boost) Cyttorak Shield			MAX: 57% DMG, 55sec, 304 EP.
(Boost) Cyttorak Transfer		MAX: 49% DMG transferred, +20% DEF, +20%
Strike, 55sec, 308 EP.
(Ability) Block				MAX: 50% EP/DMG blocked.
(Passive) Precision			MAX: +160% ATK. Increases ATK.
(Passive) Cyttorak's Folly		MAX: 66% chance to steal. All Physical
attacks have a chance to convert 15% of inflicted DMG as EP gain.
*(Passive) Balanced Form		MAX: +127% DEF, +50% attack speed.
*(Passive) Critical Strike		MAX: +33% Chance for Critical.
*(Ability) Might			MAX: Allows lifting of massive objects.
Juggernaut functions best as a tank/Melee combatant. Pour your points into Body
-Strike and every so often put some into Focus for his Powers. Cain has 4 skins.
They are; classic(green variant), classic, AoA, classic(without helmet).

	Magneto - Ranged support	REAL NAME: Erik Lehnsherr
*(Special) Levitation			MAX: Massive objects and enemies,
195-217 Mental DMG at lift, 79-89 Physical DMG at impact, 126 EP/sec.
*(Beam) Magnetic Shell			MAX: 195-217 Energy DMG, 7.0sec, 126 EP.
(Projectile) Metal Spikes		MAX: 121-135 Physical DMG, 5 spikes,
142 EP.
(Trap) Shrapnel Sentry			MAX: 6 shrapnel piles, 130-146 Physical
DMG, 156 EP.
*(Radial) Magnetic Grasp		MAX: 82-93 Physical DMG, 170 EP/sec.
(Blast) Magnetic Blast			MAX: 85-96 Energy DMG, 53% chance to
confuse, 12sec, 180 EP.
(Debuff) Death Trap			MAX: 150% DMG mirrored as Physical DMG,
55sec, 180 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Metallic Mayhem	MAX: 279-309 Energy DMG.
  (Xtreme Special) Metal Minion		MAX: 45sec, 100% of Magneto's max HP,
125% of Magneto's Melee DMG.
(Boost) Polarized Shield		MAX: 67% chance to block all incoming
attacks, 55sec, 504 EP.
(Boost) Supremacy			MAX: +3 to all skills, 55sec, 504 EP.
*(Passive) Magnetic Deflection		MAX: 50% to block missile attacks.
*(Passive) Intimidation			MAX: +127% DEF, -31% Physical DMG taken.
(Passive) Leadership			MAX: +9% critical chance, +92% combo XP.
*(Ability) Flight			MAX: 3 EP/sec.
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen.
Erik has 3 skins. Ultimate, Ultimate(no helmet), and AOA.

	Nightcrawler - Melee	REAL NAME: Kurt Wagner
(Melee) Divine Blades			MAX: 195-217 Physical DMG per attack,
94 EP.
*(Special) Teleport			MAX: 60ft range, carry allies, 50 EP.
(Melee) Teleport Attack			MAX: +500% Physical DMG (246-409),
115 EP.
*(Melee) Piercing Strike		MAX: 272-302 Bleed DMG over 4sec, 98 EP.
*(Melee) Teleport Frenzy		MAX: +375% DMG (195-323), 5.2sec stun, 6
attacks, 140 EP.
*(Melee) Sword Whirlwind		MAX: 85-96 Physical DMG per attack,
134 EP/sec.
  *(Xtreme Melee) Master of Chaos	MAX: +1450% Melee DMG (636-1054), 10
  (Xtreme Boost) Disappearing Act	MAX: +15% DEF, +50% XP, 45sec
(Boost) Worship				MAX: -37% EP cost, 13sec, 384 EP.
*(Boost) Shadow Master			MAX: +180% DEF, +80% ATK, 55sec, 384 EP.
(Ability) Block				MAX: 50% EP/DMG blocked.
(Passive) Sword Mastery			MAX: +50% Sword DMG, +8% to Critical
(Passive) Teleport Mastery		MAX: +50% DMG, +8% to Critical chance.
(Passive) Uncanny Reflexes		MAX: 50% chance to dodge incoming
Melee attacks.
(Passive) Leap of Faith			MAX: 100% chance within 60ft.
Chance that Nightcrawler will rescue friends from death as they die within range
(once per minute). Does not occur while player is controlling Nightcrawler.
*(Passive) Critical Strike		MAX: +33% chance for critical with
all Melee attacks.
Nightcrawler excels at Melee combat, but does not function as well as others in
a 'tank' role because of his health. Itís best to put most of your points into
Body-Focus. But, don't neglect Strike. He is best with very high DEF and EP. As
you can see, his powers take a lot of EP, so you will need to strongly build up
his Focus. Especially since he does not have Mutant Master to increase his EP
regen. He as a total of 5 skins, New X-Men is his default---so that is counted
as the first. His include; Ultimate, Astonishing, AoA, classic, and

	Professor X - ranged support.
*(Melee) Cleave				MAX: 93-148 Physical DMG, 30% chance for
deadly strike, 126 EP.
*(Blast) Crushing Ego			MAX: 79-89 Mental DMG, 34-40 bleed DMG
over 4sec, 164 EP.
*(Special) Psychic Storm		MAX: 82-93 Energy DMG primary DMG, 63-72
Energy DMG chain DMG, 170 EP/sec.
  (Xtreme Special) Psychic Shock	MAX: 75% of HP restored, 33sec
resurrected enemies. Resurrects nearby fallen allies and enemies. Resurrected
enemies become allies for a time, then expire.
*(Boost) Telepathic Link		MAX: +34% DMG for all attacks, +160%
ATK, 55sec, 516 EP.
*(Passive) Reveal Intent		MAX: +118% DEF.
*(Passive) Clairvoyance			MAX: +50% movement speed, -24% DMG
(Passive) Leadership			MAX: +9% critical chance, +92% combo XP.
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen.
Charles has 2 skins, New X-Men and AoA.

	Rogue - Melee 'tank'
*(Melee) Smash				MAX: +820% Physical DMG (378-626), 620
knockback, 76 EP.
(Debuff) Bedazzle			MAX: -52% ATK & DEF, 21sec, 304 EP.
(Special) Power Theft			MAX: +550% Stolen Power DMG, 55sec
steal, 5sec stun, 76 EP.
*(Radial) Energy Overflow		MAX: 121-135 Energy DMG, 84 EP.
(Charge) Torpedo Strike			MAX: +850% Physical DMG (390-646), 80 EP
(Melee) Tremor				MAX: +370% Physical DMG (193-320), 5sec
stun, 110 EP.
  (Xtreme Charge) Manic Slam		MAX: 279-309 Physical DMG, 100% DMG as
EP, 15sec stun, 10sec without powers.
  (Xtreme Boost) Reflective Aura	MAX: 45sec duration.
(Boost) Heal				MAX: +4% HP/sec, 55sec, 308 EP.
(Boost) Southern Shout			MAX: +28% MAX HP & EP, 120sec, 304 EP.
(Ability) Block				MAX: 50% EP/Damage blocked.
(Passive) Hardened			MAX: +100% DEF.
(Passive) Prism Shield			MAX: +60% to Resistances
(Passive) Critical Strike		MAX: +33% chance for Critical.
(Ability) Might				MAX: Allows lifting of massive objects.
(Ability) Flight			MAX: 3 EP/sec.
Rogue specializes in Melee combat, put her points into Body-Strike-Focus. She
has a total of 3 skins. Her 2nd is Astonishing, 3rd is AoA.

	Scarlet Witch - Ranged support		REAL NAME: Wanda Maximoff
(Boost) Misfortune			MAX: 480% DMG reflected, 155 EP.
*(Projectile) Hex Bolt			MAX: 195-217 Energy DMG, 128 EP.
*(Radial) Combustion			MAX: 195-217 Physical DMG, 126 EP.
*(Special) Reality Shift		MAX: 198-220 Energy DMG, 20% chance to
change enemy into a crate with something inside, 130 EP.
(Projectile) Hex Locked			MAX: 5 hex-bolts, 121-135 Energy DMG,
30% chance for deadly strike, 146 EP.
(Projectile) Hex Explosion		MAX: 140-157 Initial Energy DMG, 117-132
Explosion Energy DMG, 170 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Anarchy Assault	MAX: 279-309 DMG, 50% chance to convert,
34sec conversion.
  (Xtreme Boost) Revitalize		MAX: +25% max HP, 45sec.
(Boost) Probability Syphon		MAX: 55sec, 512 EP. Each party member
absorbs 20% DMG inflicted as EP gain.
(Boost) Amplify Luck			MAX: +20% DMG, +13% chance for
critical, 55sec, 512 EP.
(Boost) Heal				MAX: 4% HP/sec, 520 EP.
*(Passive) Scarlet's Touch		MAX: +10.0% chance for critical on all
*(Passive) Deflect Missiles		MAX: 50% chance to block missile
*(Passive) Hex Mastery			MAX: +50% DMG, +9% chance for critical
when using hex-bolt attacks.
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen.
Wanda has 3 skins. (possibly) 90's Avengers, (possibly) 90's Avengers variant,
and classic.

	Storm - Range	REAL NAME: Ororo Munroe
*(Blast) Lightning Strike		MAX: 195-217 Energy DMG, 128 EP.
(Trap) Funnels				MAX: 117-132 Wind DMG per funnel, 7sec,
0.9sec stun, 142 EP.
(Debuff) Blizzard			MAX: 117-132 Wind DMG, 75-86 Wind
DMG/sec over 11 seconds, 142 EP.
*(Radial) Electric Shock		MAX: 79-89 Electricity DMG, 169 EP.
(Trap) Whirlwind			MAX: 79-89 Wind DMG/sec for 11 seconds,
174 EP.
*(Blast) Chain Lightning		MAX: 127-143 Electricity DMG/sec,
101-114 Electricity DMG/sec per chain, 9 chains, 155 EP/sec.
(Debuff) Static Charge			MAX: +131% DMG, 55sec, 166 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Raging Tempest	MAX: 279-309 Electricity DMG.
  (Xtreme Boost) Will of the Goddess	MAX: +25% max EP, 45sec.
(Boost) Whirlwind Armor			MAX: 91 DMG absorbed, 17-22 Wind DMG,
55sec, 512 EP.
(Boost) Storm Shield			MAX: +47% to Energy and Fire resist,
55sec, 520 EP.
(Passive) Elemental Combat		MAX: +260% as Electricity DMG.
(Passive) Wind Mastery			MAX: +50% DMG, +8% chance for critical.
*(Passive) Lightning Mastery		MAX: +50% DMG, +8% chance for critical.
*(Ability) Flight			MAX: 3 EP/sec
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen.
Ororo has 6 skins. Ultimates, Uncanny, AOA, classic, street, and Xtreme.

	Sunfire - Range		REAL NAME: Shiro Yoshida
*(Blast) Ignite				MAX: 195-217 Fire DMG, 126 EP.
(Special) Flamethrower			MAX: 117-132 Fire DMG/sec, 12ft range,
140 EP/sec.
(Projectile) Atomic Charge		MAX: 263-291 Radiation DMG over 6
seconds, 26 EP.
*(Blast) Fiery Geyser			MAX: 79-89 Fire DMG, 620 knockback,
164 EP.
(Projectile) Blazing Barrage		MAX: 114-128 Fire DMG, 7 fireballs,
142 EP.
*(Melee) Flame Sword			MAX: 201-224 Fire DMG, +71% chance for
critical, 132 EP.
*(Projectile) Inferno			MAX: 130-146 Fire DMG, 53-61 Fire
DMG/sec, 152 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Super Nova		MAX: 72-82 Fire DMG, 121-135 Radiation
  (Xtreme Boost) Rising Sun		MAX: +100% DMG, 45sec.
(Boost) Flaming Fury			MAX: +48% Fire DMG, +160% ATK, 55sec,
516 EP.
(Boost) Ion Shield			MAX: +2 DEF, 21-26 Fire DMG/sec, 55sec,
504 EP.
*(Passive) Fire Mastery			MAX: +50% DMG, +8% chance for critical.
*(Passive) Elemental Combat		MAX: +260% as Fire DMG.
*(Passive) Ionize			MAX: +47% to all Resistances, +100%
resistance to Fire DMG.
*(Ability) Flight			MAX: 3 EP/sec
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen.
He is best used as a Ranged attacker. Points should be spent on Focus then Body,
followed by some Strike every so often. Shiro has 3 skins; made-for-the-game
skin, classic, AoA.

	Toad - Melee	REAL NAME: Mortimer Toynbee.
*(Melee) Hammer Kick			MAX: +820% Physical DMG (378-626), +86%
ATK, -18% Enemy DEF, 7.0sec, 94 EP.
*(Melee) Tongue Strike			MAX: +820% Physical DMG (378-626), +96%
ATK, 4sec stun, 94 EP.
*(Projectile) Mucous Spit		MAX: 198-220 Physical DMG, 8sec, 96 EP.
(Melee) Tongue Lash			MAX: +510% Physical DMG (251-415),
+152% ATK, 108 EP.
*(Projectile) Noxious Spew		MAX: 140-157 Radiation DMG, 66-75 split
Physical DMG, 114 EP.
*(Charge) Leap Attack			MAX: +550% Physical DMG (267-442), 620
knockback, 104 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Tongue Whip		MAX: +1450% Physical DMG (636-1054),
+216% EP.
  (Xtreme Boost) Plunder		MAX: 300% Potions dropped, 200% techbits
dropped, 45sec.
(Boost) Secretion			MAX: +52% movement speed, +87% DMG,
55sec, 376 EP.
(Debuff) Taunt				MAX: -52% DEF and ATK, 21sec, 384 EP.
(Ability) Block				MAX: 50% EP/DMG blocked
*(Passive) Spit Mastery			MAX: +50% Spit DMG, +9% critical chance.
*(Passive) Tongue Mastery		MAX: +50% Tongue DMG, +9% chance for
*(Passive) Critical Strike		MAX: +33% chance.
*(Passive) Mutant Master		MAX: +199% EP regen.
He is best used as a Melee combatant. The best way to build him is Body, then
Strike and Focus. Mortimer has 3 skins; Ultimate, Ultimate variant, AoA.

	Wolverine - Melee 'tank' REAL NAME: James Howlett
*(Melee) Feral Slash			MAX: +990% Physical DMG (447-742), 245
knockback, 92 EP.
(Melee) Claw Flurry			MAX: +500% Physical DMG (246-408), 3sec
stun, 84 EP.
*(Melee) Bloodlust			MAX: +640% Bleed DMG over 3sec, 92 EP.
*(Melee) Eviscerate			MAX: +1250% Physical DMG (554-918),
+78% DMG taken for 4sec, 120 EP.
*(Charge) Lethal Lunge			MAX: +900% Physical DMG (410-680), 80%
chance for instant kill, 620 knockback, 84 EP.
(Melee) Claw Frenzy			MAX: +541% Physical DMG (263-436), +17%
ATK speed for 7sec, 92 EP.
  *(Xtreme Radial) Berserker Fury	MAX: +1450% Physical DMG (636-1054), 10
  (Xtreme Boost) Rude Awakening		MAX: Revive with 75% of max HP, 300sec.
(Boost)					MAX: +180% DEF, +86% ATK speed, 55sec,
304 EP.
(Boost) Scream				MAX: -62% DEF, 6sec, 308 EP.
(Ability) Block				MAX: 50% EP/DMG blocked.
(Passive) Claw Master			MAX: +50% DMG, +8% to Critical chance.
(Passive) Enhanced Senses		MAX: +80% ATK, +75% DEF, Reveals hidden
(Passive) Strong Willed			MAX: +47% to all Resistances.
(Passive) Regeneration			MAX: 6% of max HP every 6sec.
(Ability) Might				MAX: Allows lifting of Heavy objects.
Wolverine is a melee 'tank' character. Put your points into Body-Strike-Focus.
James has a total of 6-7 costumes. They include (in order they appear);
Ultimate, Astonishing, AoA, classic Brown and Yellow, Weapon X, street, and

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. Main Story Walkthrough|
		6A. Act 1: Genosha|
	Area 0.5: Prison Outpost
Go straight down the only hallway there is. Then take a left at the end of this
hall. There will be a short battle in this little enclave. Go straight, and turn
right at the end of this short hall. Now follow this hall to a big room. You'll
encounter some Prison Guards here. Defeat them, then use Magneto on the console
to deactivate the force field. Now continue down the only hallway you haven't
been through yet. Since this mission is extremely straight-forward, I will only
write the directions to finish it. Follow hall to left, then straight till end.
Follow hallway as it turns to the right. Straight, then turn right into a room.
This room contains some crates and Prison Guards. Now go back to the previous
room for the exit. The end of your first mission.

	Area 1.0: Sanctuary
This is your Genosha safe-house like haven.

	Area 1.05: Dead Zone
Go straight forward all the way to the far edge. Use Magneto, Jean Grey, or
Iceman to build a bridge if you wish. Otherwise, simply go straight from the
start and follow the right side of the island. You will happen upon some
enemies that are placed near a bridge-like pathway to the next island. Going
straight across the bridge, turn left after getting across. Now just keep
going forward until you come upon a metallic cave-like structure. Inside, you
will find Tech Station of Strike. When you are done in this structure, leave it
and continue the way you were heading before that minor detour. You will
eventually find Blink surrounded by some bugs. Kill them then talk to her and
you have finished this island. You will appear on the 3rd and final island of
this area. Go straight until you come to a hole. Jump over it or go around it
to find a Homing Beacon. After collecting the Beacon, go into the hole.

	Area 1.10: Cerci Caverns
From the start, head straight forward. You will come to a large clearing. On the
left is the path through the rest of the caverns. Before heading down the path,
Collect the Security Code from the middle of this room. You will then come to a
room, which has water in it. On the right of this room, is the exit of this
room. There isn't anything other than XP here, so when you are finished, head
down the path to the right. In the clearing shortly after the one you just left,
you will find a Danger Room disc. After collecting the disc, go ahead and
continue through the Caverns. Now you should be in a large room with a path that
is surrounded by pits. There will be a fork off to your left. Follow it, and at
the end, you should find some enemies. After defeating them, use a flyer or
bridge-builder to get across the gap to collect a Homing Beacon. Now, simply
Continue down the paths to the end of the Caverns.

	Area 1.15: Barren Cliffs
Go straight forward and you will find a Data Disc. After grabbing the Disc, go
to the left and continue across the bridge. You will encounter Grizzly, this is
not a fight, yet, that's later. Follow the left path and stay to the right of
this path. At the end of it, use Flight to get up to another section of land.
Continue straight up this path and at the end there is a Weapons Cache. Now
backtrack to where you encountered Grizzly. Then just continue along this path.
There you will find Security Codes at the end of the bridge. Just follow the
paths and you will pass an Xtraction Point on the way to the Desolate Mesa.

	Area 1.20: Desolate Mesa
Go straight. On your right the is a Radar Array. When you are done with that
one, continue straight until you come to a corner. In this corner you will find
a Comic Book and a Tech Station of Focus. Now continue to the right and there
will be a Sketch Book on your left. After getting the Sketch Book, either go
down the left or right, either way, you will end up in the same place.

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Grizzly
The best strategy for defeating Grizzly is to start off very strong, unleashing
power combos quickly. After that, you can either use Energy Packs to keep
punishing him for a fast victory, or slowly deal punishment as your energy
regenerates on its own. Either way, itís very likely that you will beat him

	Area 1.25: Cerci Burrows
From the beginning, head straight forward. In the 3rd room in which you have to
defeat Drones, there is a Tech Station of Speed. Now continue through to a T
section. Go to the right, and you will find a Sketch Book and some more Drones.
Then backtrack and go through the other part of the T section. In the final
room, you will happen upon a Homing Beacon which will be dropped after the final
Drone has been killed.

	Area 1.30: Larvae Chambers
Go straight and you will find the first Egg Cluster. Destroy it and continue on.
Follow the twists and curves as you make your way through the cave. You will
come to a 3-way intersection. Take the left and follow the path to the 2nd Egg
Cluster. After destroying it, continue past it to a Tech Station of Health. Now
resume your journey by going along the road, staying to the left. Soon you will
come to an opening and straight ahead from the doorway, is the 3rd Egg Cluster.
Then turn left and you will find a Comic Book. Go right from the Comic.
Follow along the path and you will happen upon an Xtraction Point. After
activating it continue along until you get to another intersection. Go to the
right and you will find the final Egg Cluster and the Entrance to the Queen's

	Area 1.35: Queen's Lair
From the beginning of this area, follow the path until you come to a 3-way
intersection. First, head to the left and you will come to an opening. In this
room there is a Data Disc on the small island-like platform in the middle of the
room. This room also contains a Queen. Now after you are finished here, go down
the right path (the opposite way which you came from just a few moments ago.)
There is a room on your left, ignore it for the moment and continue along the
surrent hall. Follow it until you get to another room. Here you will encounter
Zealot's ambush.
After Zealot has been "taken care of", go back to the room that you passed on
the way here. In this room you will find a bunch of webbing and egg piles.
Ignore or destroy them, it doesn't matter what you decide. Exit this room and
follow the connecting hallway to another Queen's room. In the next room you
will discover an Xtraction Point. When you have finished with the XP, continue
through to the next room, in which you will battle Zealot.

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Zealot
Pretty much, just lay into him with everything you have. It shouldn't be
difficult to defeat this wimp.

	Area 1.40: Genosha Seawall

	Area 1.45: Southern Habitats

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Lady Deathstrike
The best way to battle Lady Deathstrike is with mostly range, and possibly one
Melee-based character. She will try to go to the second level of the room to
heal herself. All you will need to do to stop her is attack her. Do it as
quickly as possible to prevent her from restoring much health, making the battle

	Area 1.50: Northern Plaza

	Area 1.55: Grand Hall
To the left of the entrance you will find Pyro and an generator that you must
destroy. To the right, is an external generator and in the room to the right,
you will find a Tech Station of Body. Once you have finished collecting and
destroying those things, head straight from the starting position. On the second
ledge on the left of the hallway use a flyer and you will find a Sketch Book and
a Data Disc. Now continue to the end of this hallway. On the right, behind some
rocks, after the symbol in the middle of the room, you will find a Weapons
Cache. On the left, in front of the Xtraction Point, is the console for the
doorway. And that is all for this area.

	Area 1.60: Genosha Council

	***** FINAL BOSS: Abyss
This is a multi-tier battle, easiest with melee characters. This battler is very
self-explanatory. Once you get onto the blimp to battle him, use the bombs he
throws to damage HIS blimp. But be careful that you have a clear line of fire to
the blimp, if there is someone in your way, you will end up damaging yourself.
		6B. Act 2: Savage Land|
	Area 2.05: Jungle Canal

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Garokk
Garokk has a decent ambush set up for your team. Get in close and surround him,
he is weak in close combat. He can still move away at an incredible speed, but
he can only do that periodically. You should not have a problem defeating him.

	Area 2.10: Jungle Ruins

	Area 2.15: Jungle Pass

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Sauron
When Sauron is flying around, RUN around in zig-zags/circles to avoid his
attacks. DO NOT waste your energy on attempting to attack him in the air, it is
useless. Just wait for him to land and unload power combos and don't stop
pounding him until he begins flying again. Then repeat the process and you'll
be just fine.

	Area 2.20: Nuwali Shrine

	Area 2.25: Nuwali Corridors

	Area 2.30: Elemental Tomb

	Area 2.35: Nuwali Gateway

	Area 2.40: Beyonders Sanctum

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Omega Red
Omega Red has very low Health, at least for a character of this magnitude. But
he can easily kill your team if you go into it unprepared. He loves to use his
area-of-effect attacks. They have a decent range and hurt badly if you have
several characters in Melee combat at once. You should have 2 Xtreme points by
now, so just unleash them at the beginning of the battle and your set. Offense
is, by far, the best way to take this boss down.

	Area 2.45: Mikhail's Warship

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Mikhail

		6C. Act 3: Canada|
	Area 3.0: Core Interior

	Area 3.05: Core Security

	Area 3.10: Core Reactor

	Area 3.15: Core Control

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Sugar Man

	Area 3.20: Factory Entrance

	Area 3.25: Engineering

	Area 3.30: Genetic Processing

	Area 3.35: Fusion Core

	Area 3.40: Assembly Factory

	Area 3.45: Central Processing

	Area 3.50: Madri Antechamber

	Area 3.55: Hall of Knowledge

	Area 3.60: Madri Cloisters

	Area 3.65: Madri Conclave

	Area 3.70: Divine Sanctuary

	Area 3.75: Meditation Chamber

	Area 3.80: Monastic Citadel

	***** BOSS BATTLE: The Stepford Cuckoo

		6D. Act 4: New York City|

		6E. Act 5: Egypt|

	Area 5.05: Ra's Mouth
With the Exit to Avalon at the bottom of the screen. Go North and take the first
left. Then follow it North and you will be in a large room with one boat-looking
thing on a ledge on both sides of the room. Behind the one on the left, you will
find a Data Disc. Use a flyer to get to it. Behind the one on the right, there
is a ledge with some potions in it. Continue North and you will encounter Mr.

	***** BOSS BATTLE: Mr. Sinister
Mr. Sinister is invincible unless you use one of the Nullifiers before attacking
him. Do not bother fighting Beast, Mr. Sinister will just keep resurrecting him.
Mr. Sinister is a very easy fight if your team is at least level 40 by now,
which they SHOULD be.

After the Boss battle, head South make a bridge, and cross it. You will find a
Tech Station of Health as well as a Homing Beacon.

	Area 5.10: Ancient Labyrinth
With the Exit to Ra's Mouth at the bottom of your screen, go North and take the
1st left. Follow this hall until you come to a T-section. Go left and crash
through the walls to get to the Temple of Anubis.

	Area 5.15: Temple of Anubis
With the Exit to Ancient Labyrinth at the left-side of the screen, go right &
take the first Southern turn. Keep heading South until you come to a Tech
Station of Body. Continue right, along this same hallway. Eventually it will
curve into the room which contains the Sun Mirror. Destroy all of the statues,
they must be destroyed in a certain order. You will now what the order is,
because you will see a red mark above the next one you need to destroy.

	Area 5.20: Ancient Labyrinth

	Area 5.20: Temple of Sekhmet

	Area 5.25: Hall of the Dead

	***** BOSS BATTLE: The Living Monolith

	Area 5.30: Temple of Anubis 2
This is the final area of the game, it is also where you will battle Apocalypse.

	***** FINAL BOSS BATTLE: Apocalypse
By the time you get to Apocalypse your team should be at least level 50 in
Normal mode. If they are, then you shouldn't have any problems. First off, do
NOT use your Xtreme point EVER in this battle until near the end, using them in
the beginning or middle will just waste them. Ok, now onto the battle. I have
used Magneto, Cyclops, Iceman, and Wolverine for my entire first play through.
This battle has four "segments".
Segment 1: Apocalypse will start off attacking your team, use your powers, NOT
XTREME POWERS!!!!! To take him down, when you've done enough damage, he'll
teleport away.
Segment 2: He'll appear in the device. Take one of your characters and get into
the device after he gets out, you will be given powers. Now attack Apocalypse
until he is down to about 15% health, then recharge your new powers and run
away! Run down one of the long hallways (using Quicksilver's Speed power). When
you get to the end of a hall you will find an oval shaped machine with a shield
around it. When Apocalypse appears next to it to stop u, kill him. When he is
gone, destroy the machine using the area effect power that you should still have
from the device. Once that is done, repeat the process to destroy the next one.
Segment 3: He will awaken his Four Horsemen, NOW use your Xtreme points and
combos to take out his Horsemen FIRST! He can't be killed until ALL Four
Horsemen are defeated.
Segment 4: Once all of his Horsemen are defeated, all you need to do is defeat
Apocalypse himself and You have beaten the game!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9. Homing Beacon Locations|
		ACT 2: Savage Land (DO NOT move the camera from the position
first described with each Beacon's location to find it easily and quickly.)

Beacon 1 - Jungle Canal: With the Exit to Avalon on the left side of the screen.
Head right and follow the path North then left. Go into the cave in the upper-
left corner of your screen. The Beacon is in here.

Beacon 2 - Jungle Ruins: With the Exit to Avalon at the bottom of the screen.
Head North and turn right, follow this path and you will find a Weapons Cache
and the Beacon.

Beacon 3 - Jungle Pass: With the Exit to Jungle Ruins at the top of the screen.
Head South and go into the cave on the right side. The Beacon is in here.

Beacon 4 - Nuwali Shrine: With the Exit to Jungle Pass at the top of the screen.
Head right, through the doorway and you will be in the room with the Exit to
Nuwali Corridors, head South in this room. Destroy the walls until you are in
the next room. This room contains a DR disc. Continue South and follow the
hall as it turns left, then North. Here is the Beacon.

		ACT 3: Canada (DO NOT move the camera from the position
first described with each Beacon's location to find it easily and quickly.)

Beacon 1 - Core Interior: With the Recall Beacon at the bottom of the screen, go
left and destroy some wall. In this room, you will find the 1st Beacon.

Beacon 2 - Core Reactor: With the Exit to Core Security at the bottom of the
screen.... Go right and then North until you get into the 2nd Control Rod room,
go through the door on the left side and use a flyer to fly over the water on
the right.

Beacon 3 - Genetic Processing: With the Exit to Factory Entrance on the left
side of the screen. Go straight and take the first pathway on the left.
Follow it all the way to the end and the Beacon is on the right.

Beacon 4 - Assembly Factory: With the Exit to Factory Entrance at the bottom
of the screen. Go straight and go into the room at the end of this hall. The
Beacon is on one of the tall crate stacks. Use a flyer to get it.

		ACT 4: New York City (DO NOT move the camera from the position
first described with each Beacon's location to find it easily and quickly.)

Beacon 1 - Main Gun Platforms: It is on the final platform in this area. It is
opposite the Teleporter to Radar Array Platforms.

Beacon 2 - Sewers South: First be sure to have Storm in your team. Now, with the
Exit to X-Mansion at the top of the screen, head South (towards the bottom of
the screen). Then go East(right), North and you will see a fan, and inside the
fan is the Homing Beacon. Go right, South, right through a door, then North
through the last door in this small room. Go through this room and you will be
in a room with a trench of water in this shape:
      |   |
 _____|   |___
|             |
|_________    |
          |   |
          |   |
          |   |

Go left and through the door. There is a door in this room, it is behind the
object on the left. I don't recall exactly what you need to do to the object,
but I know that it is either breakable or movable (with Might/Levitation).
Once past the door, go left then South and create a bridge at the gap. Take
Storm across the gap and use one of her offensive powers on the Generator to
shut it off. Now, backtrack all the way back to the other side of the fan to
collect the Beacon.

Beacon 3 - New York South Side: With the Exit to Sewers South at the bottom of
the screen, the roof on your left, after the car in the street, has the Homing
Beacon on top of it, the fastest way to get it is to simply fly up there.

Beacon 4 - Holding Pens: With the Exit to Sewers West at the left side of the
screen, head right and go North (Up) at the end of the hall. Keep going North
until you get to a/the room in which you will be/where ambushed. The Beacon is
in the tiny connecting room between this room and the far North room that
has/had the console for completing an objective in it.

		ACT 5: Egypt (DO NOT move the camera from the position first
described with each Beacon's location to find it easily and quickly.)

Beacon 1 - Ra's Mouth: First off, make sure you have a flyer in your group that
also has Levitation or Might. (skill level must be high enough to move/levitate
Massive objects) Now, with the Exit to Avalon at the back of your team (at the
bottom of the screen) go straight and take the 1st right. Then left, straight
and take the 2nd left. You will be in a large room, standing on a ledge. Use
your flyer to fly towards the screen to another ledge. Move the boulder and go
left. You will be in a room and in the center of it is the Beacon.

Beacon 2 - Ancient Labyrinth: First of all, have someone in your group that
can move Massive objects. Now, with the Exit to Ra's Mouth at the bottom of the
screen, go straight and take the very 1st right. Go down the steep stairs and go
up the other set of stairs to the right. Follow this corridor and go straight.
You will pass the Entrance to the Temple of Sehkmet on your right. At the end of
the current corridor, take a left and there should be a door at the top of the
screen. I do not remember if you can get through this door or not, so here is
an alternate route from this location: Continue to the right of the screen,
through a door and you should be in a room with 4 wooden bridges. You need to
fall down and go the left side of the pit. There is a wall that you need to
destroy to move on. You need to destroy more walls until you reach a room that
has a Sarcophagus (which is a trap) and a Danger Room disc. You need to continue
to the right side of the screen. You will come across a Tech Station of Energy.
Continue past it once you have used it. There will be a room to your left that
holds an Xtraction Point in it. Pass that turn-off. There should be either a
destructible wall or a door in front of you. Get through it and you will be in
a room with 2 boulders, each blocking your way to a different wooden bridge.
Move them with either Levitation or Might and take them both. One of them has
the lever that you need to use to open doors. The other one takes you to the
2nd Beacon.

Beacon 3 - Temple of Anubis: With the Exit to the Ancient Labyrinth to the left
of your screen, go right then up at the first available hall. At the end of this
hall, you will be in a room that contains the Beacon in the middle of it. After
taking the Beacon, the ground around you will collapse, don't worry, you won't
die from it.

Beacon 4 - Temple of Sehkmet: With the Exit to the Ancient Labyrinth on the left
of the screen, go right. At the 3rd upwards enclave, there is the 1st Canopic
Jar. At the 4th downwards enclave (immediately after the 3rd upwards enclave)
you will find the 2nd Canopic Jar. Now continue to the right until you get to
a 4-way intersection. The upwards hall has the 3rd Jar and a Tech Station. The
downwards hall has the 4th Jar and a Data Disc that is hidden behind a breakable
wall. When you have finished with the jars, return to the 4-way room. Go down
the right hall, it will fork, the upwards path takes you to the Jar container.
The right path takes you to the Beacon if you have a flyer or bridge builder.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10A. Danger Room Disc Locations|
Disc 1 Setting 102: Throwing - In the Cerci Caverns, out in the open. If you
don't see it you must need glasses. no offense..

Disc 2: Moves 103 and 104 - In the Queen's Lair. The room in which you encounter
Zealot's ambush. It is under some eggs.

Disc 3: Qualifying Exam 100 - In the Northern Plaza. In the same room that also
has a prisoner and a console.

Disc 4: Challenge: Cyclops - In the Jungle Canal. From the Xtraction, face
downwards (into the Jungle Canal, along the pathway.) Follow this path and stay
to the right and you should be able to find this disc easily.

Disc 5: In the Nuwali Shrine, in a corner, easy to spot--on the way to the
torches to disable the traps. With your back to the area you just came from,
the disc is on the left side of this map.

Disc 6: In the Elemental Tomb. In the chamber with the water skull.

Disc 7: Challenge: Iceman - In the Core Interior. Follow these directions
EXACTLY. (In order for these directions to work for you, you must have the
camera facing away from the area you just came from.) Right, left, left, up.
There should be a room on your right, if there is no door, you should be able
to break the wall.

Disc 8: Assault 303 - Core Security. On the right side of this map. The first
right section, not the second.

Disc 9: Challenge: Phoenix - Engineering. With the Exit to Factory Entrance at
the bottom of the screen, go straight and go through the door on the right. It
is in the next room. On the ledge in front of you, fly up there to get it.

Disc 10: Destroy 304 - Madri Antechamber. On the right side of the first room
in the temple. (First room when starting with the Exit to Weapon X Facility at
the bottom of the screen.)

Disc 11: Challenge: Scarlet Witch - Madri Cloisters. In the 3rd room along the
circular path.

Disc 12: Qualifying Exam 300 - Meditation Chamber. Pretty much right out in the
open. It is really sad if you can't see this one.

Disc 13: (Don't Remember) - Main Gun Platforms. It is on the 2nd platform, on
the Northern side of the platform (a pathway to the East and West, the Weapons
Cache to the South).

Disc 14: (Don't Remember) - Radar Array Platforms. This disc is on the final
platform in this area. On one of the balcony-esque ledges.

Disc 15: Challenge: Colossus - Sewers South. With the Exit to X-Mansion at the
top of the screen, head South and go right. Now head North until you get to a
room with a fan in it. Inside the fan you will see a Homing Beacon (If you
haven't yet collected it) Head right and follow the hallway. Take the first
door on the Northern side of the screen. Along the left side of this room,
you will find the DR disc.

Disc 16: Challenge: Nightcrawler - New York South Side. With the Exit to Sewers
South at the bottom of your screen. Go North, then right along the monorail
tracks. Get across the tracks and continue to the far North-Western corner.
(Far Upper-left corner)

Disc 17: Survival 404 - New York West Side. With the Exit to New York South Side
on the right side of the screen. Head left down this street, at the end of it
look near the Southern wall for this disc.

Disc 18: Defend 503 - Holding Pens. With the Exit to Sewers West on the left
side of the screen. Head right and go North. Follow this until you reach a very
small room with this disc inside it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10B. Danger Room Hints & Tips|
Defend 402
Mission: Defend Havok.
The easiest way to complete this hellish mission is to QUICKLY use your
character to kill any enemies near him, while pushing him up the steps into a
corner. Then have your character (I used Cyclops at Lv 53/54 with others around
Lv 54) stand directly in front of Havok to keep ranged attacks from hitting him.
And be sure to have Polarized Beam for the easiest time keeping the enemies at
the bottom of the steps.

	Sean C. (nyboi630) wrote;
After dying several times, I found that Scarlet Witch's Heal ability heals not
only your 4 team members, but Havok as well. So if you just keep using that, you
can last the full 2 minutes easily. I'm playing the Xbox version, so I don't
know if it works in other versions too.

Nightmare 501 - Deathstrike
Mission: Defeat Lady Deathstrike
All you need to do, is do exactly what you did the first time. However, this
time she will NOT use those machines to regenerate, so there is no need to be
concerned with that.

Nightmare 502 - Sauron
Mission: Defeat Sauron
Follow the same instructions as Nightmare 501

Nightmare 503 - Sugarman
Mission: Defeat Sugarman
Same as above 2 Missions.

Nightmare 504 - Bastion
Mission: Defeat Bastion
Same as the above 3 missions.

Nightmare 505 - Stryfe
Mission: Defeat Stryfe
Same as the above 4 missions.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11. Trivia Answers|
	ACT 1:
 Question: Answer
  Sabertooth's archenemy is: Wolverine.
  In the video game X-Men Legends, Iceman had a crush on: Alison Crestmere.
  Juggernaut first appeared in: X-Men #12.
  As a young man, Gambit wed an assassin named: Bella Donna Bordeaux.
  What is Victor Creed's codename: Sabertooth.
  Forge has been romantically linked to: Storm.
  While growing up in an orphanage, Cyclops was bullied by a boy named Nathan,
who was really: Mr. Sinister.
  What is true of Colossus in his armored form: Even his eyeballs become
  Beast was born a mutant because: His father was exposed to a massive amount
of radiation.
  What is Apocalypse's true name: En Sabah Nur.
  Before joining the X-Men, Angel was a crime fighter who worked under the
name: Avenging Angel.
  Abyss is able to: Pull enemies into an inter-dimensional cavity in his chest.
  Blink's real name is: Clarice Ferguson.
  What is Lorna Dane's code name: Polaris.
  Blob is originally from: Lubbock, Texas.
  Grizzly worked for which team: Six Pack.
  Why does Lady Deathstrike hate Wolverine: She thinks he stole her father's
work on Adamantium.
  Quicksilver's mutant power is: Superspeed (Better known as Hypersonic Speed)
  What is Polaris's mutant power: Magnetic Manipulation.
  Blink's protector is: Sabertooth.
  Which X-Man saved Polaris from Mesmero: Iceman.
  Before joining the Brotherhood, Blob worked at: A traveling circus.
  What color hair does Polaris have: Green.
  Quicksilver and his sister were raised by: Gypsies
  What secret project did Wolverine and Sabertooth both belong to: Weapon X.
  Cable, Domino, Grizzly, George Washington Bridge, Hammer, and Kane form what
group: Six Pack.
  Blink is able to teleport: As far away as the moon.
  Zealot is the bitter enemy of: Magneto.
  Quicksilver's real name is: Pietro Maximoff
  Sabertooth made his debut in which Marvel comic book: Iron Fist.
  Jean's psychic powers awoke when: Her friend was hit by a car.
  Juggernaut frequently partners up with which of the following mutants:
Black Tom Cassidy.
  Who did Sabertooth have a son with: Mystique.
  What is Lady Deathstrike's real name: Yuriko Oyama.
  Who are the children of Magneto: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.
  Which Marvel hero's comic did Mystique first appear in, in 1978: Ms. Marvel.
  Lady Deathstrike's father developed a process for: Bonding Adamantium to
  Abyss works for: Apocalypse.
  Where is Genosha located: The Indian Ocean.
  Professor Xavier attended which university: Oxford.
  On average, if Rogue touches a mutant for one minute, how long does she retain
that mutant's powers: 60 minutes.
  Which of these mutants can't fly: Wolverine.
  What time-traveling team of mutants does Blink belong to: Exiles.
  Who here is not a mutant: Juggernaut.
  What group of criminals did Lady Deathstrike join after her attempt to kill
Wolverine failed: The Reavers.
  Blob is able to generate: A gravitational force that makes him immovable.
  What X-Man did Polaris have a relationship with: Havok.
  Forge was contracted by the U.S. government to develop a way to detect an
alien race known as: Dire Wraiths.
  Who is Sabertooth's son: Greydon Creed.
  Beast was born in: Dunfee, Illinois.
		Act 2 Questions
  Angel is: Extremely wealthy.
  Wolverine made his debut in 1974 in which comic book series: Incredible Hulk.
  In the video game X-Men Legends, what was the name of the base Magneto had in
orbit of Earth: Asteroid M.
  Which of the following X-Men was at one time Apocalypse's Horseman Death:
  Destiny belonged to which super villain team: The Brotherhood.
  Garokk was originally: A British sailor.
  In the video game X-Men Legends, who was the first playable character at the
very beginning in New York City: Wolverine.
  How many fingers does Nightcrawler have on each hand: Three.
  Who is Ka-Zar's wife: Shanna O'Hara.
  Which person is Mystique not connected to: Mikhail Rasputin.
  Which X-Man was involved romantically with Magneto: Rogue.
  Joseph is a clone of which mutant: Magneto.
  Iceman's real name is: Bobby Drake.
  Who is not a member of the Brotherhood: Lupa.
  As a boy, Nightcrawler's hero was: Errol Flynn.
  Who served alongside Cable in his mercenary group, Six Pack: Domino.
  What is Bishop's mutant power: Absorb energy and rechannel it.
  Ka'Zar's father came to the Savage Land in search of what: Anti-metal.
  What are Forge's Powers: Inventing new technology and mystic powers.
  Ka-Zar was originally named: Kevin Plunder.
  Colossus' brother Mikhail first appeared in Uncanny X-Men number: 285.
  What evil villain is also known as Cain Marko: Juggernaut.
  Heather Cameron is known as which X-Man: Lifeguard.
  Magneto first appeared in 1963 in X-Men number: 1.
  What name does Magneto go by: Erik Lehnsherr.
  Mikhail is the brother of: Colossus.
  Colossus first learned he could turn into metal when he: Saved his sister from
a runaway tractor.
  In the video game, X-Men Legends, what was the code name of the young woman
the X-Men saved in New York City from Blob and Mystique: Magma.
  Bishop is a time traveler from which century: 21st.
  What is Omega Red's real name: Arkady Gregorovich.
  Nightcrawler was once the leader of which of the following groups: Excalibur.
  Pyro's real name is: St. John Allerdyce.
  Approximately how old is Apocalypse: 5000 yrs old.
  What is Sauron's real name: Karl Lykos.
  Shanna at one time: Worked at a zoo in New York City.
  Death, War, Pestilence and Famine together form what group: The Four Horsemen.
  What is Pyro's mutant ability: He can control fire.
  What is Sunfire's real name: Shiro Yoshida.
  Ororo Munroe's X-Men code name is: Storm.
  Omega Red's arm coils are made from what material: Carbonadium.
  Toad first appeared in: X-Men #4.
  Where is the Savage Land located: Antarctica.
  Who is Mystique's best friend: Destiny.
  The Savage Land is protected from freezing temperatures by: Alien technology.
  Mikhail Rasputin has been: A Russian cosmonaut.
  Nightcrawler grew up working in a circus as: An acrobat.
  What animal protected Ka-Zar as he grew up in the Savage Land: A Sabretooth
  What was Shanna known as in the Savage Land: Shanna the She-Devil.
  Garokk was ship wrecked in the Savage Land in what time period: 1400s.
  Bishop has a sister named: Shard.
		Act 3
  Sunfire's sister's code name was: Sunpyre.
  Wolverine wound up killing the father of this woman he loved: Mariko Yashido.
  What Hellfire Club leader first appeared in X-Men number 129 in 1980:
Sebastian Shaw.
  Storm was once the leader of which of the following groups: The Morlocks.
  What is Heather Hudson's Alpha Flight code name: Vindicator.
  Who oversaw the Weapon X program during Wolverine's transformation: The
  Who is not a member of Alpha Flight: Prism.
  Cyclops' father is the captain of a spaceship named: Starjammer
  Which super team was Wolverine originally intended to lead: Alpha Flight.
  Who is the leader of the team known as the Hellions: Emma Frost.
  Who is Heather Hudson's husband: Guardian.
  There is speculation that Professor Xavier's father at one time: Was part of
the Weapon X project that worked on Wolverine.
  Havok's real name is: Alex Summers.
  What is James MacDonald Hudson's Alpha Flight code name: Guardian
  Which of the following X-Men has also been a member of The Avengers:
  Who saved Apocalypse as a child: Baal.
  The process of bonding adamantium to Wolverine's bones would have killed him
if not for: Wolverine's healing power.
  What super hero team does Heather Hudson belong to: Alpha Flight.
  What is Sebastian Shaw's title in the Hellfire Club: Black King.
  Toad is from: England.
  Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm, first appeared in 1975 in which comic
book: X-Men Giant-Size #1.
  Where did Juggernaut find the Ruby of Cyttorak: Korea.
  Jean Grey's main powers are: Telekinesis, Telepathy.
  Which super team does James MacDonald Hudson belong to: Alpha Flight.
  Sebastian Shaw belongs to which New York social club: The Hellfire Club.
  Apocalypse first appeared in X-Factor number 5 in: 1986.
  Who headed the facility failed Weapon X experiments, like Deadpool, were sent
to: Dr. Killebrew.
  Cable founded which team comprised mostly from former Xavier school students:
  The leader of the Brotherhood is: Magneto.
  What is Sebastian Shaw's mutant power: Absorb and rechannel energy.
  Who did Apocalypse kidnap and raise to be as cruel as he is: Stryfe.
  Who tool control of Iceman's body and discovered his powers were greater than
he realized: Emma Frost.
  Who is James MacDonald Hudson's wife: Vindicator.
  Sugar Man is originally from a timeline where: Xavier is dead and Apocalypse
nearly rules the world.
  Magneto once raised a mysterious city from the ocean in what part of the
world: The Bermuda Triangle.
  Who was not a subject of the Weapon X project: Shard.
  Betsy Braddock is known as which X-Man: Psylocke.
  Scarlet Witch's real name is: Wanda Maximoff.
  Rogue first appeared in which 1981 comic book: Avengers Annual #10.
  Before turning to crime, Pyro was a: Writer.
  Who were students of Emma Frost: The Stepford Cuckoos.
  The Weapon X facility is located in: Canada.
  Infinite soldiers are clones created by: Mister Sinister.
  Sugar Man is a traveler from which alternate reality: The Age of Apocalypse.
  Sunfire is a member of Japanese super hero team known in English as: Big Hero
  After escaping from the Weapon X facility Wolverine was discovered and
befriended by: James and Heather Hudson.
  What is untrue of Guardian: Is a mutant.
  What does Rogue absorb when she touches someone: All the above.
  While working for the government in Dallas, Texas, Forge had a penthouse known
as: Eagle's Nest.
  What color is Beast's fur: Blue.
				12. Easter Eggs|
You will unlock more skins at the end of each Act. Age of Apocalypse skins are
unlocked at the beginning of Act 3.

	Unique Teams;
"Special Ops": +5% DMG given: Bishop, Deadpool, Nightcrawler, and Gambit.
"Bruiser Brigade": 20 Energy gained per kill: Juggernaut, Colossus, Wolverine,
and Rogue.
"Heavy Metal": +10 to all stats: Colossus, Juggernaut, Magneto, and Iron Man.
"Family Affair": +5 health regen: Magneto, Professor X, Juggernaut, and Scarlet
"Forces of Nature": +10 to all Resistances: Storm, Iceman, Sunfire, and Magneto.
"Old School": +15% max Energy: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Magneto, Toad,
Professor X.
"Double Date": 20 health gained per kill: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, and Gambit.
*"New X-Men": +15% max Health: Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Sunfire, Bishop,
Colossus, and Storm.
*"Femme Fatale": +5% life leech: Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Storm, and Jean Grey.
"Brotherhood of Evil": +5% XP: Juggernaut, Toad, Scarlet Witch, and Magneto.
"Energy Corps": +5% DMG given: Gambit, Bishop, Cyclops, and Iron Man.
"Dark Past": 5% DMG inflicted goes to Health: Rogue, Gambit, Deadpool, and
"Agile Warriors": +5% XP: Nightcrawler, Toad, Deadpool, and Sunfire.
"New Avengers": +15% max Health: Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, and Bishop.
"Raven Knights": +60% techbit drops: Iceman, Professor X, Iron Man, and
"Age of Apocalypse": +100% ATK rating: Any 4 characters w/AoA skins.

*credit to Tony Strickland (pratzstrike) for reminding me that I haven't
finished this section. Thanks.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14. FAQs|
*Q: I have gotten to Act 5 and there aren't any techbits!!! What is wrong????
A: I don't know, I am 90% sure that this is a glitch in the game. I have no idea
what activates/deactivates this. If anyone has any info, please email it to me
so that I may post it in this guide
*credit for bringing this to my attention goes to gsr547.

Recently I have received numurous emails for the following;

Q: I am in Act (insert Act number here) and I need to backtrack to an area in a
previous Act. How do I do this?
A: Go to any Xtraction Point and activate it. Select the "Xtract" option and you
will see a menu listing all the Xtraction Points you have activated so far in
the game. Press left or right to cycle through the Acts. Then simply select the
Area you wish to return to.

Q: Do the Danger Room discs and/or Homing Beacons carry over into your next
A: No.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15. Credits|
This walkthrough is dedicated to my mother and father. Without you I would not
have become the man I am today. Thank you and I love you.

The Instruction Booklet included with the game. (Contributed the Controls)
The Official guide from BradyGames. (Contributed aprx 45% of the information.)
Various sites and my own first-hand experience playing the game. (Contributed
55% to the guide.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16. Contacting Me|
E-Mail 1: [email protected]
E-Mail 2: [email protected]
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