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Game Script

by Deuce ex Defcon

                                 Trust no one.
                        |__  ______  __   __   __   __|
                           \ \    / /  | |  | |  | |
                            \ \  / /   | |  | |  | |
                             \ \/ /    | |  | |  | |
                              \  /     | |  | |  | |
                              /  \     | |  | |  | |
                             / /\ \    | |  | |  | |
                            / /  \ \   | |  | |  | |
                           / /    \ \  | |  | |  | |
                        |ŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻ   ŻŻ   ŻŻ   ŻŻ|
                              Not even yourself.

Copyright 2005 - Staley, Deuce ex Defcon.  Any site that wishes to host any of
my guides is free to do so, provided you contact me prior to posting the
guide(s), as I like to know where they're being used.

I cannot guarantee any site other than GameFAQs will always have the most
current form of my guides, so if there's ever any doubt, always check GameFAQs.
If you find an outdated form of any of my guides on any site, please contact
me, and I will contact the site to get it updated.

All questions, comments, and so forth concerning this guide can be posted on my
site here:

Or if you're not fond of message boards, please feel free to email at
[email protected] or try me on AIM (Deuce ex Defcon).

                ============      DISCLAIMER       ============

                This document contains the complete game script
                for XIII, so it will obviously spoil it for you
                if you haven't played it.  Also note that words
                that are not allowed on the GameFAQS boards are
                allowed in the FAQs, meaning I was able to keep
                all of the original lines without censoring any
                of it.  Please don't read this file if you have
                an objection towards foul language.  Thank you.

                ============                       ============
|                                                                             |
|                                  CONTENTS                                   |
|                                                                             |

0.00)  Guide Notation
1.00)  Game Script
    1.01)  Introduction
    1.02)  9:00 a.m. - Brighton Beach
    1.03)  11:00  Recollection - Brighton Beach
    1.04)  20:00  Under Arrest - Brooklyn
    1.05)  06:00  Military Base - Emerald
    1.06)  19:00  Emerald Military Base - Rocky Mountains
    1.07)  20:00  Interrogations - One Eye Bird Valley
    1.08)  15:00  Breakdown - Dark Valley
    1.09)  5:00 p.m. - Kellownee Lake - Rocky Mountains
    1.10)  16:00  Run Away - Plain-Rock
    1.11)  17:45  Take Off - The Grand Canyon
    1.12)  22:00  Sabotage - SPADS Camp
    1.13)  02:00  Introspection - USS Patriot
    1.14)  17:00  Identification - Dock 33
    1.15)  12:00 p.m. - Bristol Suites Hotel - Washington D.C. - Maryland
    1.16)  18:00  Infiltration - Sanctuary
    1.17)  12:00  Walter Sheridan Estate - Washington
    1.18)  8:00 a.m. - SSH1 - Secret Military Base - Maryland
    1.19)  20:00  Revelations - New York, NY
2.00)  Characters
3.00)  End
    3.01)  Version History
    3.02)  Closing

                             0.00)  Guide Notation

In order to understand some of the notation I've used throughout this script,
you should consider reading this short section before you start reading the
script.  It should tell you exactly what certain symbols and comments mean when
you see them in the script.

Direct Speech

Dialogue is given in indented sections following the speakers name like this:

Speaker's Name:  "Dialogue."


My descriptions of events are given in brackets like this:

[This is what's going on in the game, even though there's no audio to tell you
 that it's going on.]

Indirect Speech

Parentheses are used to denote dialogue that occurs indirectly, as in not by
direct personal speech:

Jones (on the radio):


Door Guard (on intercom):

Missing Text

Some words and sounds are made in the game, but not expressed through the text.
For example, the word "doing" is spoken in this scene, but not written in the
guard's speech bubble:

Gate Guard:  "I can't let you through without clearance.  Hey, wait!  What are
              you {doing}...  Hold it!  Stop!  Aaaah!"

The word inside {these} was audible, but not written in the text box.

Script Reading Error

Sometimes, the script will have one word written in it, but what's actually
spoken doesn't match it completely.  I tried to explain these every time I
caught one while I was typing all of this, but it's possible I missed a few.
The ones I caught will look like this in the script:

Speaker's Name:  "Dialogue goes here."  [Note that Speaker's Name actually says
                  the word "there" instead of "here".]

That notation would mean that the audible voice-over used the word "There"
instead of "Here" as it was written on the screen.  These might not have been
script reading errors, but that's the best term I could come up with.  It's
possible they just changed the script between the time the voice actors read it
and when the game was actually made.  Don't want any of the voice actors to get
mad at me for saying they made errors, just in case one of them happens to read
this some day.  >_>;;

|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                             1.00)  GAME SCRIPT                              |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
                              1.01)  Introduction

[The story opens up with a scene of a parade, with the president riding in an
 open-roofed car driving down the street.  You can see a man in a window
 preparing a rifle, and eventually, a shot rips through the parade and hits the
 president's head.  The parade scatters, and there is panic in the street.]

Policeman:  "Nothing to see here!  Move on!"

[The scene switches to the inside of the building where the shooter was camped.
 FBI agents are investigating the scene, and find the rifle and a shell.]

[The scene changes again, this time to a stage with Wally Sheridan, the
 president's brother, giving a speech to the public.]

Sheridan:  "Yes, I will continue the work that my brother William started.  And
            yes, there will once again be a Sheridan in the White House!"

[The scene changes to an office building.  The FBI investigator and a military
 man are conversing.]

Carrington:  "Think your FBI paper pushers are a match for Sheridan's
              assassins, Amos?  I don't."

Amos:  "Keep your opinions to yourself, General Carrington.  As you know, we
        can't proceed with the investigation without proof."

Carrington:  "No one can stop me from conducting my own investigation, you hear
              me Amos?"

[The scene changes to a telephone booth on the street.]

Bald Man:  "Number XIII will soon no longer be a problem."

[Another scene change, this time to a conference room with many men in suits
 gathered around a table with a speaker phone on it.  One of the men activates
 the phone.]

Voice on the Phone:  "Gentlemen, we're ready to launch operations."

                   1.02)  9:00 a.m. - Brighton Beach

[The scene changes to a beach in the morning.  A lifeguard is talking on her

Janet:  "Frank?  It's Janet.  I've just finished my rounds.  Do you still need
         me in this area?  OK.  I'll head back to HQ.  Feels like today's gunna
         be a quiet one, huh?  Did you see the water this morning...?  Wait,
         what's that?!  Hold on, I'll call you right back."

[Janet the lifeguard runs down the beach to a man on the sand.]

Janet:  "Sir, can you hear me?"

[The man wakes up.]

Janet:  "Easy.  Looks like a bullet wound."

[Janet helps the man up.]

Janet:  "Can you move your legs?"

[They start to move forward.]

Man:  "I can't remember a thing."

Janet:  "Do you think you can make it to the truck?"

[They both move slowly toward the truck.  A helicopter appears over the cliff
 behind the truck.]

Janet:  "Huh...?"

You:  "The helicopter... I remember..."

[This starts the first of many flashback scenes in the game.  A female voice
 can be heard on a radio.]

Kim:  "They've spotted you.  Get off the boat!  Now!  Kim here.  Do you read

[You are inside the cabin area of a boat.  A man's voice can be heard.]

Male Voice:  "Search all the cabins!"

[There's no where to go, and eventually the scene changes to the deck of the
 boat.  An armed man approaches you.]

Armed Man:  "I've got him!"

Kim:  "Jump!"

Man's Voice:  "Shoot him!"

[You are shot and fall off the side of the boat.]

You:  "Oooh... my head..."

[The flashback ends, and you are once again on the beach with Janet.]

Janet:  "Sir?  Sir!  Can you hear me?  I'll take you to the first-aid
         station...  Try to walk."

[You both continue towards the truck.  You pass out.]

Janet:  "Be careful!  Dammit!"

[You wake up inside the first-aid station.  Janet is on the radio.]

Janet:  "Helen?  It's Janet.  I just picked up an injured man on Brighton
         Beach.  He's got no ID card and can't remember a thing.  I need to
         bring him in for a CAT scan as soon as possible...  An hour?  Perfect,
         we're on our way."

[Janet starts to talk to you.]

Janet:  "How are you feeling?  Still no memory?  I found this key in your
         pocket.  Ever heard of Winslow Bank?  Here!"

[Janet gives you the key.  Noises are heard outside.]

Janet:  "Who's that?"

[Janet walks to the front of the building and is shot several times.]

Janet:  "Hey!  Ah! Aaaah!"

[You get up and make your escape.]

Guard 1:  "Talk.  Yeah?  Not a good time.  Tell the Mongoose we spotted the
           target!  I'll report back when it's done."

Guard 2:  "Get over here!  He's alive, but in bad shape...  Freeze!  It's
           pay-back time!  You won't escape this time!"

[After finding the key to unlock the front door, you make your way across the
 dock to the other side.  The bald man from the phone booth in the introduction
 is shouting to the guards in the area.]

Bald Man:  "Don't let him get away this time!  Eliminate him!  I want that safe
            key!  You can't run forever, Number XIII!"

[After fighting a few more guards to get the key to the truck, you escape the
 docks in it.]

              1.03)  11:00  Recollection - Brighton Beach

[You drive the truck, and eventually wind up in New York.  You walk for a while
 until you find Winslow Bank.]

Bank Teller:  "Mr. Rowland... it's been such a long time.  I assume you want to
               access your safe?  May I have your key?  Ahem!  Right this way,

[After you gave him the key, you walk through the metal detector and enter the
 safe area.]

Bank Teller:  "As you can see, we've upgraded our security system.  You can't
               be too careful in today's world, right?"

[Both of you head down into the last security station before the main vault.]

Bank Teller:  "Hello, James.  Mr. Rowland would like to access his safe."

James the Securoty Guard:  "Hello, Mr. Rowland."

Bank Teller:  "It's still at the far end of the room."

[He gives you back the safe key.  You enter the main vault.]

Bank Teller:  "Call me when you're ready to come out."

[You proceed to the back of the vault, open your safe, and take an attache case
 from it.  A bomb with a timer is also in the safe.]

You:  "The timer..."

[Another flashback scene begins.  You're in the main vault with a woman.]

Woman:  "Carrington was right, they took the bait!  That's the mother load,
         right there!  The XX would KILL to get their hands on those files.
         We'll incriminate all of 'em!  From Number XX to Number I!"

[She closes the attache case and goes to place it in the safe.]

Woman:  "What you plan on doin' on that boat?  Confidential, eh?  Oh, I get it.
         Well, if it's another one of that girl's ideas, I'd watch your six...
         She's nothing but trouble.  Go ahead!  Set the bomb!"

[The scene changes back to the present.  The timer runs out, and the bomb blows
 a hole in the wall where the safe used to be.]

Bank Teller:  "Mr Rowland?  What's going on?"

[You go through the hole caused by the bomb and start to escape the bank.]

You:  "I've fallen into my own trap..."

[After a while, you approach a security guard talking to himself.]

You:  "Well, well!"

Security Guard:  "I don't get this security system...  Uh... How do you lower
                  the gates?"

[You knock him out and proceed through the area.]

Police Radio:  "2 Alpha 1-8.  Gunshots heard at Winslow bank.  Requesting

Police Radio:  "Copy 2 Alpha 1-8.  Locating a unit now.  We're sending backup."

[You end up on the upper level of the bank lobby.]

Voice:  "Shoot on sight, men!"

Voice:  "Don't panic!  Please, stay calm!"

[You make your way through the bank guards to a room in the back of the bank.]

Guy on the Phone:  "Are you deaf?  I said, Number XIII is still alive!  Inform
                    the Mongoose.  Get him over here now!  Bunch of pissants!"

[You make your way through that area into another part of the bank.]

Guard 1:  "Where the hell is he?  Anything on your side?"

Guard 2:  "No!"

[You make it past those guards and crawl through a duct to pop out on the other
 side of this area.]

Female Bank Employee:  "Ah!  This alarm is driving me crazy!  If this robber
                        would just take a hostage, then we could shut the damn
                        thing off!"

[You sneak up and grab her from behind.  She is now the hostage.]

Hostage:  "Oh my god!"

[You use her card key to unlock the door and re-enter the upper level of the
 bank lobby.]

Guard:  "Don't move!"

Hostage:  "Don't... Don't hurt me!"

[You make it to the elevator and ditch the hostage.  There is a gun fight
 on the next level of the bank.]

Guard:  "There's several of them!  Send backup.  Hey!  You!  Freeze!  Drop the

Guard:  "Aargh!"

Armed Man:  "We're clear.  Find Rowland!"

[You make your way through the men attacking the bank and exit out a hole they
 made in the side wall.]

Police Radio:  "Central here.  Calling all units in the vicinity of Winslow
                Bank.  Please come in."

Car 5 Radio:  "Central, this is Car 5.  A unit is already at the scene."

Police Radio:  "Copy that, Car 5.  Standing by."

[You climb down the ladder and turn around the corner, just to be greeted by
 several FBI agents and the investigator known as Amos.]

FBI Agent 1:  "FBI!  Drop your weapon!"

Amos:  "Steve Rowland.  You are under arrest for the murder of William

                1.04)   20:00  Under Arrest - Brooklyn

Amos:  "Amnesia, eh?  Indeed, there is no better defense."

[They arrest you and take you into custody.  You can hear your rights being
 read to you.]

You:  "What good's a lawyer when you can't remember a thing?"

[The scene changes to an office, where Amos is interrogating you.]

Amos:  "Hmmm...  In your depostion you even added... that you don't feel like a
        killer.  How touching.  But the law doesn't operate on feelings, now
        does it?  It operates on evidence, which I have in spades.  Emery, the
        snapshots, please.  Look at this photograph..."

[A picture is displayed on the monitor.  It shows President Sheridan getting
 hit in the head by a bullet.]

Amos:  "See the impact on the back of the head?  Where did the bullet come
        from, in your opinion?"

[The monitor switches to a picture of a building, and a man can be seen in one
 of the building's windows.]

Amos:  "That building there...  See?  Right in the line of sight!"

[The monitor changes to a closer shot of the window, and the man in the window
 clearly looks like your character.]

Amos:  "And who have we here?  Well.  Need I get a mirror, or are you finally
        going to confess to the assassination of...?"

[Amos is interrupted by a beep on the paging system.  A female voice is on the
 other end.]

Pager Voice:  "Agent Scott, line one."

Amos (on the phone):  "So where's that file?"

Agent Scott:  "You're not going to believe this, Colonel.  Steve Rowland's
               military file is missing fron the Pentagon.  And they're
               positive your man was killed in a mission down in Mexico, over
               two years ago!"

Amos:  "Well, his widow's in for a surprise...  But before we announce your
        resurection, Captain Rowland, we're going to--"

[An explosion shakes the entire building.]

Amos:  "What the devil's going on here?"

[Amos and the other person in the room run out, and you hear a female voice to
 your right.]

Female Voice:  "Hey!  Pssst...  Don't move!  I'll get you out of those cuffs."

[The woman shoots the handcuffs that were holding you to the table.  You
 approach her in her hiding spot, which is a grate in the wall.]

Female Voice:  "Great to see you again, Steve!  Listen, Mongoose has found you.
                Meet me on the roof.  And don't go using G-men for target
                practice, OK?"

[The woman leaves.  She was the same woman you saw earlier in the game.]

You:  "The girl from the bank..."

[You exit the room you're in to a hallway outside.]

Guard:  "That's preposterous!  Hold on...  They just blew up the door or...
         Huh?  What?  Do they realize who they're messing with?"

[You make your way past a few guards, then enter a duct system.]

Guard 1:  "My God, they're storming the building!"

Guard 2:  "What do they want?"

Guard 1:  "I don't know, but they have an RPG!"

[A gunfight breaks out in the next set of hallways.  FBI agents are fighting
 the people that broke into the compound.]

Guard 2:  "Do you need backup?"

[After avoiding (or helping with) the fight, you make your way to the back of
 the building.]

Intruder 1:  "Where's the guy with the tattoo?"

[The door in front of you flies open, and an FBI agent is shot while trying to
 get through it.]

FBI Agent 2:  "Aaaah!

[After you eliminate a few intruders, you enter a small office near the back of
 the building.]

Intruder 2:  "Where are you keeping your suspect?"

[You break the door open, but the intruder kills the agent.  You deal with the
 intruder, then exit the FBI compound to a run-down old wooden building.]

Intruder 3:  "That's him!"

Intruder 4:  "We got him!"

[You make your way to the back of this building, encountering several intruders
 along the way.  Eventually, you find a room with a large hole in the floor.
 You can hear voices below you.]

Intruder 5:  "Look out!  The floor's rotted out!"

[If you step too close to the hole, the floor collapses.  Either way, you make
 your way through the building to the exit that leads to the roof.  At the
 ladder leading up, you hear one last intruder on the radio.]

Intruder 6:  "The FBI's got undercover offices in Brooklyn.  That's where the
              guy was transferred.  Hurry!  110 Sterling Street!"

[You climb the ladder to the roof.]

Jones:  "Hey!  Over here!"

[You climb another ladder to a higher part of the roof and approach Jones.]

Jones:  "Seeing me again doesn't do anything for you, does it?  I can't believe
         it.  You really have lost your memory."

You:  "Who are you?"

Jones:  "I'm Major Jones.  First Officer for General Carrington.  Ring a bell?
         Carrington went missing three days ago.  He was leading a parellel
         investigation into President Sheridan's assassingation.  He's the only
         one who can get you out of this mess."

[You hear a noise nearby.]

Jones:  "It's not safe here.  Over the wall.  Let's go!"

[Both of you approach the closest wall of the building.]

Jones:  "Here!"

[Jones gives you a grappling hook.]

Jones:  "I'll go first!"

[Jones scales the wall.]

Jones:  "Now you!"

[You use your grappling hook to scale the wall, then approach Jones again near
 the edge of the roof.]

Jones:  "I'm waiting on a call from an informant.  He knows where they're
         holding Carrington."

[A man appears on the roof of the building across the street from the one
 you're on.]

Enemy:  "Over there!  With the woman."

[Enemy men start firing at both of you.]

Jones:  "Come on!"

[Jones runs for cover behind part of the building.  You follow her, and she
 gives you a Sniper Rifle.]

Jones:  "Here!  They're out of range!  Use the scope."

[You use the Sniper Rifle to pick off two men on the building across the street
 from your building.]

Jones:  "Good job!  Go down the other side.  I'll cover you!"

[You repel down the side of the building with your grappling hook while Jones
 takes care of one more enemy on a third building's roof.  After fending off
 some more enemies in the area, you can hear a news broadcast from somewhere.]

Broadcast:  "We interrupt this program for a breaking news bulletin."

             "An attempted robery at the Winslow Bank this afternoon led to an
             FBI arrest of a man possibly connected to the assassination of
             President Sheridan.  Investigators have refused to comment at this
             time.  Concerns now shift to the safety of Senator Walter
             Sheridan, brother of the late President, and candidate in the next
             presidential elections against the current president, Joseph
             Galbrain.  More details as they arrive.  Bridget Curtis, RT News."

             "Now back to the charts, with the latest hit single from Bryan

             "(Music in the background.)  La La La!"

[Jones has unlocked the door into the next building, and you make your way
 through enemy guards to the other side."

Jones:  "All clear!"

[After running up the fire escape for a while, you encounter a hole in the

Jones:  "Get a running start!"

[You both jump over the gap and continue to the next door.  Jones starts to
 pick the lock.  Meanwhile, you overhear some enemy men talking on the other
 side of the door.]

Enemy 1:  "Honor?  What are you talking about?  This ain't no Western!
           Besides, those Old West duels were a bunch of crap.  More fights
           were won with a double-barreled shotgun to the back than in a
           six-shooter showdown outside the Ol' Saloon!"

Enemy 2:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

Enemy 1:  "Back then, it was better to fire off a lot of lead than try to show
           off with a single shot!"

Enemy 2:  "No kidding..."

Enemy 1:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[You break into the room.]

Enemy 1:  "Holy shit!  Behind you!"

[You enter the room and easily blast both of the enemy men.]

Jones:  "{Chuckle.}  Cowboys just ain't what they used to be..."

[Jones kicks open the next door, and you both exit out to the next roof.  Jones
 scans the roof of the building across the street.]

Jones:  "Look out!  Snipers!"

[You pick off three more snipers, then Jones runs towards the side of the

Jones:  "This way!"

[Jones jumps off of the building to another nearby building's roof, and you
 follow her.]

Jones:  "No time to check the view.  Let's GO!"

[Both of you run around the roof until you find a gate to the fencing, which
 Jones quickly kicks down.  You hear a cough coming from a small structure
 near you.]

Jones:  "Here!  Take that!"

[Jones throws a grenade, and the building errupts in flames.  Three men comes
 out of it, and one of them is on fire.]

Guy on Fire:  "Aaaah!"

[After clearing out the enemy men in the area, both of you jump from this roof
 through a window into the next building.]

Jones:  "Damn!  I knew I shouldn't have let you go on that boat alone."

[You make your way through several empty rooms in the building, then the call
 Jones was waiting for occurs.]

Informant (on radio):  "Jones, do you read me?  I've got the info."

Jones:  "Roger that...  Whaddya got?"

Informant:  "Carrington's been arrested by General Standwell!  He's being held
             at Emerald, an isolated army base in the Appalachian Mountains.  I
             still don't know why Standwell wants to keep Carrington away from
             the Pentagon, and..."

[An explosion nearby cuts the conversation short.  You can hear men shouting
 outside the building.]

Enemy 1:  "I'm tellin' you, they're in there!"

Enemy 2:  "Gimme the RPG!"

[A rocket blast blows the doors apart, and you can see the roof.  There are
 several armed men around a helicopter.]

Jones:  "Over there, the chopper!  We're gonna need it."

[You fend off the men on the roof, and Jones makes a run for the chopper.  A
 fence is in the way.]

Jones:  "Deactivate the security system.  I can't reach the landing strip!"

[You enter a nearby building and deactivate the system.  More men arrive on the
 roof near the chopper.]

Enemy 3:  "Shoot him down!"

[Jones enters the chopper while you take care of the armed men.]

You:  "Don't tell me she's taking off without me!"

[You board the chopper and Jones takes off.]

Jones:  "We won't get far in this bird."

[Jones flies the helicopter.  The scene switches from night to day, and you
 find yourself in some snowy terrain.]

Jones:  "Alright, here we go.  Fort Emerald, twelve o'clock."

                 1.05)  06:00  Military Base - Emerald

You:  "Do you borrow attack choppers often?"

Jones:  "You've really lost it, haven't you?"

[The scene shows unsuspecting base guards manning their posts as usual.  It
 then shows several vehicles pull up full of SPADs.  Jones drops you off on a
 snowy path and flies away.  You make your way towards the base, encountering
 many SPAD troops along the way.  The SPADs are raiding the main gate.]

Gate Guard:  "I can't let you through without clearance.  Hey, wait!  What are
              you {doing}...  Hold it!  Stop!  Aaaah!"

SPAD 1:  "Let's roll!"

[More gunfire can be heard in the distance as you head towards the road.]

SPAD 2:  "One more down!"

SPAD 1:  "We'll move the bodies later.  It's easier when they're frozen!"

[You eliminate the SPADs around the road gate.]

Jones (on radio):  "Rescue Carrington and get the hell out!  I'll be waiting
                    for you out back!"

[You see several G.I. troops slaughtered at the road gate.]

You:  "This can't be good."

[Two more SPADs are walking towards you on the road.]

SPAD 3:  "I told you not to let McDougal take the wheel..."

SPAD 4:  "Don't get your undies in a bundle..."

SPAD 3:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

SPAD 4:  "Hold on!  Look!"

[You deal with these two SPADs and work your way down the road.]

SPAD 5:  "WHAT is your major malfunction?  MacCall's gonna kill us!"

McDougal:  "Shut up!  Aarrr!  I shoulda never left Mexico."

SPAD 5:  "Deal with it, candyass.  I'm huffin' it back to base!"

McDougal:  "Fine.  Leave me to DIE, then!  Shit!  Shit!  Shit!"

[SPAD 5 makes it to the front of the building.]

SPAD 6:  "What the hell are you doing?  Where's the truck?"

SPAD 5:  "Ask McDougal!"

SPAD 6:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  What a moron.  He wrecked another truck!"

SPAD 5:  "Three wrecks in one month..."

SPAD 6:  "Come on!  Sounds like a fight inside!"

[You deal with the remaining SPADs in front of the base, eventually making it
 to a small structure that houses the bridge controls.  You can hear a guard
 inside the structure.]

SPAD 7 (on radio):  "Yes, Colonel...  No, Colonel...  Yes, sir, Colonel."

[You deal with the SPAD after the conversation, but the bridge controls won't
 work.  You enter the building nearby to reconnect the power supply.  After
 fighting your way through more SPADs, you wind up back at the bridge controls.
 This time, they operate correctly, and you cross the bridge just in time to
 overhear a conversation coming from a small structure.]

SPAD 8:  "How long we stayin' in this dump?  All this for that fossil,
          Carrington!  And I know how he is -- he won't talk for hours.  Why
          did that pinhead MacCall need to mobilize this many men in the first

SPAD 9:  "Keep talking that way about MacCall, and you'll end up like Blake."

SPAD 8:  "Enough about Plain Rock Mental Institution.  Blake just joined the
          Foreign Legion without telling anyone!  Damn straight!  I'll be doing
          the same if MacCall keeps puttin' the deep freeze on our asses.  I
          joined the SPADS to go to the islands, not this crap!"

SPAD 9:  "Gotta admit, it's cold as hell here."

[You deal with those guys, then use your grappling hook to scale the nearby
 cliff.  You crawl through a vent in the cliffside, and hear shouts and gunfire
 from the other end.]

G.I.:  "What are you doing?  You're crazy!  No!  Aaaah!"

[You are now working your way through some more vents on your way to the next
 part of the base.  At the vent's exit, you can hear some more SPADs.]

SPAD 10:  "Open the crates and start sorting the weapons!  We load the truck in
           one hour.  Move your asses!"

[You exit the vent and move through this part of the base.  Jones sends you a
 transmission as you work your way through some crates.]

Jones (on your radio):  "Deactivate the 4 main generators.  They're pumpin'
                         10,000 volts through those ladders."

[After eliminating a guard, you encounter a small structure with two more
 guards in it.  You can hear them talking to each other.]

SPAD 11:  "So much for a quiet entrance!  Did we really need to waste all those

SPAD 12:  "Got me...  Colonel MacCall's off his rocker!"

SPAD 11:  "All that just to watch old Carrington's cell..."

SPAD 12:  "Don't underestimate him.  He's a wily ol' bastard."

[You move on and work your way through the area.  You can overhear another
 conversation in another small structure.]

SPAD 13:  "Where's the second truck?

SPAD 14:  "It was right behind us!  Should I take a look?"

SPAD 13:  "Forget it!  Let 'em fend for themselves!"

[You destroy the nearby generators, then proceed to the corner of the base
 where the large ladder leads to the cliff above.]

Jones:  "Head for the roof.  You should find a way in."

[You climb the ladder, eliminate a guard at the top, and head for the other
 side of the cliff.]

Jones:  "The map shows a ventilation shaft in the cliff.  Use your grappling
         hook to get down there."

[After grappling down the other side of the cliff, you enter a ventilation
 system and work your way through the ducts.  You eventually wind up above an
 office, where you overhear a conversation between General Standwell and
 Colonel MacCall.]

Standwell:  "Your SPADS' excessive zeal will cost us dearly, Colonel."

MacCall:  "But those were your orders, General!"

Standwell:  "You were supposed to neutralize the GIs, not slaughter them!  It's
             too late now.  Tell your men to finish the job...  no witnesses,

MacCall:  "Consider it done.  And what about Carrington?"

Standwell:  "Keep him in the hole.  I want the names of all the agents he's
             working with on the Sheridan case.  If he clams up, take his
             cigars.  That'll get the fart talking."

[Standwell and MacCall leave the office, and you jump down into it.  After
 clearing your way through the hallways, you board a cargo elevator and head
 up, where you can hear SPADs eliminating more GIs.  You deal with them, then
 start climbing a ladder through another series of ventilation shafts.  Another
 conversation can be heard.]

SPAD 15:  "Hey, why does MacCall always wear those shades anyway?"

SPAD 16:  "Some kind of accident, that's all I know."

SPAD 15:  "I heard a SPADS called him a pinhead once, and..."

SPAD 16:  "Shut up!  I can't get this thing to work...  Aarrrr!"

SPAD 15:  "Is it true MacCall had him institutionalized at Plain Rock?"

SPAD 16:  "Shut up and let me think!  This whole base is ass-backwards."

SPAD 15:  "Sorry, just a little freaked out here..."

SPAD 16:  "Jake..."

SPAD 15 (Jake):  "What?"

SPAD 16:  "Shut it."

[You reach the top of the ventilation area you were crawling through and
 discover some sort of electrically charged tunnel leading down to the room
 where SPADs 15 and 16 were talking.  You use your grappling hook to lower
 yourself while avoiding the electricity, then eliminate the SPADs.  After
 grabbing a keycard from this area, you fight your way through some more SPADs
 to another part of the base.  A SPAD approaches and looks at a monitor.]

SPAD 17:  "So, Carrington...  Not so cocky anymore, are we?  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[After eliminating that guard and several others, you make your way to yet
 another system of ducts.  Carrington can be heard in the distance.]

Carrington:  "Standwell!  I demand to be released immediately!  STANDWELL!
              Hey!  You over there.  Bring me my cigars...  There, on the
              table!  Hey!  Di you hear me, son?"

[The screen flashes white, Carrington's voice echoes, and you enter another
 flashback scene.  It's night, and you're on a military base of some sort.
 Carrington is talking to you.]

Carrington:  "You've got nothing left to prove with the SPADS, son.  I've got a
              Class A hero mission to offer you!"

[The flashback fades out, and you're in the duct system again.]

You:  "I must question this man..."

[You proceed through the ducts, and Carrington can be heard again.]

Carrington:  "Would someone get my damn cigars?!"

Guard:  "Shut up, Carrington!  Why did they stick me in here."

[Eventually, you find a way out of the ducts that leads to the room where
 Carrington's cell is located.  You jump down, and Carrington sees you.]

Carrington:  "Am I dreaming...?  My god!  I can't believe it...  My best man,

[You pick the lock on Carrington's cell, and he exits it.]

You:  "Here's your HF transmitter."

Carrington (on the radio):  "Jones...  Can you read me?  What?  What do you
                             mean, amnesiac?"  {Note that it sounds like
                             Carrington might actually say 'amnesia' instead of
                             amnesiac, but he sort of trails off, so it's hard
                             to tell if he actually just says amnesia or if he
                             just says the C sound a little too lightly.}

[You look around for a way out, and Carrington find his cigars next to a
 security camera's display terminal.  It can see the hallway outside.]

Carrington:  "Ah!  My cigars!"

[Carrington examines the security monitor.]

Carrington:  "Look at this half-wit!  Let's take care of him!  Ready?"

[You both position yourselves near the entrance of the cell area.]

Carrington:  "Ready, son?  Hey, errand boy!  Come here.  I gotta take another

Guard:  "I'm gonna kill him!"

[The guard opens the door, and you eliminate him.]

Carrington:  "Well done!  Cover me!"

[You both run into the next hallway, and several SPADS attack you.  You make
 your way to the other side of the hallway while eliminating several more men.]

Carrington:  "Look out!  This way!  There's a ski lift behind the base.  An
              exit.  This way!"

[You wind up at an exit that leads outside, and both of you go out there.]

         1.06)  19:00  Emerald Military Base - Rocky Mountains

[Carrington leads you to a ski lift, where several SPADs are on patrol.
Several lines are spoken during this cutscene.  No text is displayed, but this
is what they say:]

SPAD 18:  "Hey!  Is this goddamn ski lift ever gonna work?"

SPAD 19:  "Yeah, once you find the damn fuse!"

Carrington:  "Ha ha ha, those idiots still haven't found a way to fix this

[Cutscene ends, and Carrington leads you even closer to the lift.]

Carrington:  "Come on, son!  Let's find that fuse!"

[You're now close enough to get a good view of the SPADs on patrol around the
 ski lift area.]

Carrington:  "Get rid of these clowns!  I'll brief Jones."

[You approach a small cabin, but the door is locked.  Some SPADs can be heard
 in the background.]

SPAD 20:  "Hey!  Anyone seen the storeroom key?"

SPAD 21:  "O'Neil has it!"

[You eliminate all of the guards in the area, take the key from O'Neil, and
 return to the storeroom cabin you encountered earlier.  After unlocking it,
 you find the fuse inside.]

Carrington:  "Cough!  Cough!  All clear!  Jones is waiting for us down there!
              Let's get out of here!"

SPAD 22:  "Go go go!"  [No text for this.]

Carrington:  "Did you hear that?  Cover me!"

SPAD 23:  "Aim for the head!"  [No text for this, either.]

[You fend off a group of SPADs that attacks the storeroom cabin, then you both
 approach the ski lift again.]

Carrington:  "Plug in the fuse and start this P.O.S.  Let's get the hell out of

[After plugging the fuse in on the right side of the structure, you head for
 the roof and pull the lever to start the cable car again.  Carrington is
 waiting for you next to the lift.]

Carrington:  "Over here, kid.  I have a present for you!"

[You approach Carrington.]

Carrington:  "Look out!  Behind you!"

[You fight off two more SPADs that attack you next to the cable car.]

Carrington:  "Here!  They're not gonna just let us get away!"

[Carrington gives you a sniper rifle, then you both board the ski lift.]

           1.07)  20:00  Interrogations - One Eye Bird Valley

[Another cutscene occurs, and like before, there is no text displayed for the
 conversation.  Carrington talks to you inside the cable car on the way down.]

Carrington:  "Your amnesia really set us back, son.  Damn, we were so close to
              finding the bastards!  The night you disappeared, you were about
              to ID Number One!  But naturally none of that rings a bell now...
              Listen, there are twenty of them son, twenty conspirators hiding
              behind numbers.  Captain Steve Rowland was one of them, the
              notorious Number Thirteen.  He killed the President, but his
              accomplices betrayed him and hired the Mongoose to kill him.  And
              today, he actually is dead."

You:  "Well, then who am I?"

[The cutscene fades.  Carrington is looking out the window of the cable car.]

Carrington:  "They're back!  Watch out!  Get down!"

[A SPAD launches a rocket at the cable car and hits it.  The car is damaged.]

Carrington:  "The cable's gonna snap!  Ah!  My back...  I'll go first and
              create a diversion.  Cover me!  Aaaah!"

[Carrington climbs down a rope through the middle of the car.  SPADs continue
 to attack the cable car.  You pull out your sniper rifle and deal with them.]

You:  "Gotta find a place to shoot the grappling hook."

[You climb to the top of the cable car.]

Carrington:  "Watch out!  The lift!"

[As soon as you attach your grappling hook to a nearby structure, the cable
 snaps and the car drops to the bottom of the valley.  You repel down.]

Carrington:  "This way!"

[Lots of SPADs attack.]

Carrington:  "This way son!  Get down!"

[You pick off some of the SPADs, then move forward.]

Carrington:  "RPG, 12 o'clock!  Fall back!  Take cover!"

[You snipe a SPAD on the top of the cliff before he gets the chance to launch a
 rocket at you.  Carrington takes cover in a nearby cave.]

Carrington:  "Watch out!  There they go again!"

[Several SPADs attack the cave, so you deal with them.]

Carrington:  "Not half bad!"  [Note that the text on the screen actually says
              "Well done!" but the audio says "Not half bad!"]

[Carrington takes a look outside the cave.]

Carrington:  "OK...  is the coast clear?"

You:  "Yeah.  Go!"

Carrington:  "The chopper's just past the hill!  We're gonna make it!"

SPAD 24:  "Alert!"  [There isn't a text box for this.]

Carrington:  "SPADS, 2 o'clock!  Damn grunts!"

[You proceed through the valley, encountering several more SPADs.]

Carrington:  "Watch out!  Another RPG, straight ahead!"

[You pick off the RPG guy as well as another SPAD, then head up the hill.

Carrington:  "Go!  Look out!  Behind you!"

[Another pile of SPADs are waiting on the top of a cliff behind you, so you
 snipe them all down before proceeding.]

Jones (on radio):  "Hurry up!  They spotted me!  I can't hold out forever!"

SPAD 25:  "I'm gonna get that bitch!"

[You work your way up the hill, slaughtering SPADs along the way.]

Carrington:  "Hold your fire!  It's Jones!"

Jones:  "The chopper won't start!  I need your help General!  Follow me!"

[More SPADs appear and fire on your position.]

Carrington:  "Cover us!  I'll take a look at the engine!"

[You jump behind a mounted M60 near the chopper's landing zone and start
 unloading a literally endless supply of ammunition at the approaching SPADs.]

Jones:  "Ok!  Get in!"

Carrington:  "Women don't wait, kid!  Get in!"

                 1.08)  15:00  Breakdown - Dark Valley

[Another cutscene.  Jones is flying the damaged chopper over a snowy area.
 There is no text for the speech.]

Jones:  "Damn, this thing's had it!  We gotta take her down."

[The cutscene continues after the chopper lands.  Still no text for the

You:  "That was real fun General, but isn't it time you told me who I am?"

Woman's Voice (on the radio):  "General?  Come in!  General!  The Mongoose and
                                his men are coming for me.  They know

Carrington:  "I hear you, Kim!  Stay inside, we'll get you out of there!"

Kim:  "This is it for me, General.  You hear me?!"

Jones:  "And what kinda mess is she gonna get us into this time?"

Carrington:  "Fly a heading of 2 7 0.  Kellownee Lake is just a few clicks from

You:  "Who was that?"

Carrington:  "An agent working with us on the case."

          1.09)  5:00 p.m. - Kellownee Lake - Rocky Mountains

[The cutscene continues in another snow covered valley.  There's still no text
 for the conversation.  A group of men appears to be searching for something in
 the valley.]

Grunt 1:  "False alarm.  It was the wrong cabin!  We can't locate the target!"

Grunt 2:  "Keep lookin'!  The Mongoose is on his way!"

[The cutscene is over, and you are now walking through the valley in search of
 the chalet (the cabin where Kim is located).]

Jones (on radio):  "We'll hide the chopper.  Notify us as soon as you see the

Grunt 3:  "I don't get it.  According to the map, the cabin should be right
           under my feet!"

Grunt 4:  "Well, find a shovel and dig!"

Several Grunts:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

Grunt 3:  "Kiss my ass!"

Grunt 4:  "Go left.  I'll take the right!"

[The group splits up and sees you, so you eliminate them.  You continue to the
 edge of the water and overhear another set of grunts talking.]

Grunt 5:  "What's the target look like?  We don't even have a picture!"

Grunt 6:  "Relax.  If you see a woman who freaks out when she sees you, just
           grab her!"

Grunt 5:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[The two guards were next to a boat in the water.  When you approach, the boat
 drives away and the grunts attack you.]

Man in the Boat:  "Find the girl before he does."

[After eliminating the grunts, you head up a hill to overhear one of the best
 conversations in the game between some grunts making a snowman in the middle
 of the path.  >_>]

Grunt 7:  "Gimme a break!  That looks like shit!"

Grunt 8:  "And you could do better?"

Grunt 9:  "This hiker's not acting so tough anymore, is he?"

[When you attack the grunts, hitting the snowman will reveal that they've built
 it around the frozen body of a hiker.  You proceed down the path and find an
 abandoned cabin.  It isn't the one you're looking for.]

Jones (on radio):  "We dropped you a little further than we planned.  Don't
                    worry, just find the waterfall.  The cabin's on the other
                    side of the river."

[You work your way to the other side of the river, eliminating a few grunts
 along the way.  You eventually encounter a grunt that somehow managed to get
 seperated from the rest.]

Grunt 10:  "Hey, yo!  Where are you guys?  Guys?  Yoo-hoo!"  [Note that the
            text actually says "Hey! Yo!" again, but the audio says "Yoo-hoo!"]

[Farther down the path, you can hear some more grunts.]

Grunt 11:  "I'm beat.  Let's head back!"

Grunt 12:  "Shut the fuckup!  And gimme your compass!"  [Note that fuckup is
            indeed written as one word.  >_>]

Grunt 11:  "I lost it."

Grunt 12:  "You WHAT?"

[Continuing down the path, you walk into an ambush by several grunts.]

Grunt 13:  "Welcome to Kansas, Dorothy!"

[After blasting those morons for using such a terrible line (<_<), you continue
 to the end of the path.  The cabin is within site.  Jones and Carrington are
 in the chopper above your location.]

Carrington (on radio):  "Get Kim out through the back of the cabin.  We'll land
                         the chopper nearby!"

[You enter the cabin.]

Kim:  "Don't move!  My God!  You're alive?"

You:  "Kim... The girl in the photo..."

[The screen flashes white, and the game enter flashback mode once again.  Kim
 is talking to you in the cabin sometime in the past.]

Kim:  "The surgeon did an outstanding job."

[The screen flashed white again, sending you even farther back into the past.
 You're on an operating table, but you can still hear people talking.]

Man's Voice:  "He's coming to!  Increase the dose of Sufentamin."

Woman's Voice:  "Shall I start the tattoo?"

Man's Voice:  "Go ahead..."

[The screen flashes white again, and you're once again in the cabin in the
 past.  Carrington and Kim are looking down on you in bed.]

Carrington:  "How do you feel, son?  This is the widow of Steve Rowland, the
              man whose identity you've taken."

Kim:  "Steve was Number XIII, I was XVII.  The leaders of the Conspiracy had my
       husband killed by the Mongoose.  But Steve managed to drag himself back
       here before dying...  One day, I'll know the faces of those who betrayed

Carrington:  "I want them ALL to burn, you hear me?  Even Number I.  And I want
              to find the bastard who put the hit {out} on my friend
              Sheridan...  and why."  [Note that the word "out" is in the text
              for this dialogue, but it is not spoken.]

Kim:  "When they see Steve's ghost, they'll slip up."

Carrington:  "They might also figure out you betrayed them, Kim."

[They both go into the next room of the cabin.  You get out of bed and follow
 them.  When you approach Kim, she gestures at a chest in the corner.]

Kim:  "I keep a weapon hidden here, just in case."

[The screen flashes white again.  The flashback is over this time, and you
 return to present time in the cabin.]

Kim:  "Hey!  Can you hear me?  Listen.  I've identified three members of the
       Conspiracy.  They're headed for the SPADS camp to attend a secret
       meeting.  You have to be there, too!  My part of the mission's
       finished...  Now it's your turn."  [Note that the text says "mission's",
       but Kim actually says "mission is".]

[A rocket blasts a hole in the side of the cabin.]

Kim:  "What the...!  Cover me!"

Grunt 14:  "I found it!  Over here!"

[Kim dashes for the rear of the cabin, and you defend the front after grabbing
 the secret M60 in Kim's hiding place from the flashback.]

Grunt 15:  "No mercy!"

Grunt 16:  "Go for it guys!"

[You slaughter about a dozen grunts that rush the cabin.]

Jones (on radio):  "There's Kim!  I'll get her out.  Wait...  What's she doing?
                    Damn, she's taking off!  Come on!  Let's evac now!  I knew
                    we shouldn't have trusted her..."

Grunt 17:  "He's toast!  Finish him off!"

Grunt 18:  "We've got him!  We gotta surround him!"

Grunt 19:  "Break out the RPG!  Take out the cabin!"

[As luck would have it, the rocket goes right through the window and blows an
 exit in the back of the cabin.  You crawl through it and escape out the back.
 When you get down into the valley, a grunt fires a rocket at the cliff.]

Jones (on radio):  "Look out!  Avalanche!  No!"

[The snow covers you completely.  The screen switches to a search party of
 grunts digging through the snow.  There's no text for what's spoken.]

Grunt 20:  "He's here!"

Bald Man:  "Don't kill him!  I have something else in mind..."

[You wake up in some sort of cell.  There's still no text for what's said.]

Deep Voice:  ", the voices tell me that pain is just a..."  [Note that
              the words spoken before and after this part are incoherent, so I
              am unable to say for certain what's said.]

Intercom:  "Orderly requested in Ward C."

[You gain control of your character again inside of a cell somewhere.  A SPAD
 is in the cell next to you.]

Patient 1:  "Now that I'm cured, Doctor, may I reintegrate my unit?  Hhhh...
             Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Pinhead!  Pinhead!  MacCall is a pinhead!  Ha!  Ha!
             Ha!  Yes, sir, Colonel!  Snifff...  sniff...  sniff"

[This is clearly Blake, the SPAD mentioned earlier at Emerald.  Two guards and
 a doctor approach from the hallway outside the cells.  The doctor talks to

Doctor:  "Has our new patient recovered his wits?  So, my friend, I hear you
          suffer from amnesia...?"

Blake:  "Yes, sir, Colonel!"

Guard 1:  "Shut up!"

Doctor:  "Relax.  Plain Rock is blessed with an excellent neurology center!"

[Another person enters the room.  It's the bald man that you've seen several
 times throughout the game.]

Bald Man:  "Well?  Has he spoken?"

Doctor:  "Patience...  He only just came to."

Bald Man:  "Number I wants the names of his accomplices.  That Number XVII
            imposter might not be the only one who's infiltrated the Group!
            Examine his chest, as well.  Tell me if you find traces of the 3
            bullets I put in him!  I'm starting to doubt this man's

Doctor:  "I'll take care of it right away.  Hose him down and bring him to me!"

[The doctor and the bald man leave, then the guards open your cell.]

Guard 1:  "No sudden moves, friend!"

Blake:  "Yes, sir, Colonel!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

Guard 1:  "Step forward!"

[You exit your cell and move down the hallway with a guard in front of you and
 a guard behind you.  You pass several other cells with patients in them.]

Patient 2:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

Patient 3:  "Uuuhhh..."

[Screaming can be heard from somewhere inside the asylum.  The guards lead you
 to a set of stairs.]

Guard 2:  "Down the stairs!"

Voice (on intercom):  "Doctor Michael to Room 11."

[The guards eventually bring you to a patient preparation area.  The guard
 there has a conversation with the other two guards.]

Guard 3:  "Who's this?  You were supposed to bring me the soldier!"

Guard 2:  "Dr. Johansson's oders."

Guard 3:  "Derek and Jerry'll be disappointed."

Guard 2:  "What's wrong with him?"

Guard 3:  "OK..."

Guard 2:  "You luck dog.  Got the whole bathroom all to yourself!"

[The guards lead you into a large bathroom area.  There's an inmate on the
 ground, apparently injured.]

Inmate:  "Uuuhhh...  Gaaasp!"

[Two guards enter the bathroom behind you.]

Jerry:  "Did you see that, Derek?"

Derek:  "Hmmm...  Look{s} like there's a new kid in town..."  [Note that the
         script says "Look", but the voice clearly says "Looks".]

Jerry:  "Here, boy!  Here, boy!"

Derek:  "Leave 'im to me!  You can have 'im after!"

[Derek attacks you, and you easily knock him out.  Jerry attacks you.]

Jerry:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[After knocking Jerry out, you take a key off of him and use it to open a
 closet in the back of the bathroom.]

Guard 1:  "Hey!  Guys!  Quit messin' around!"

[You climb on some boxes in the closet to reach a vent.]

Guard 1:  "Let's go!  Johansson's waiting for us!"

[You work your way over some ducts in the bathroom until you enter a vent.  A
 guard can be heard singing above you.]

Guard 4:  "How could I ever be the same
           I cannot recall my name
           All has gone away in the night
           Flash is slowly dimming my mind
           As I feel lost in this world
           My soul endlessly twirls and twirls
           Please don't look at me with those eyes
           I can't stand to see you cry
           You can fly, you can hide
           You can close your mind
           I'll still be on the run
           Trying to escape my prison mind

           [Note that there is no text for the song other than "La La La!"]

[You exit the duct into the room outside the bathroom where Guard 3 was
 standing earlier.  You neutralize him and take his key, then work your way out
 of the bathroom area and back into the cells where you were earlier.]

Patient 4:  "Oh!  Wow!  What a glorious day!"  [Note that the text says "Woo!"
             instead of "Wow!", but the voice-over does definitely say "Wow!"

Patient 5:  "{Uhh...  Uhh...  Can...}  Can someone give me directions?  I'm not
             from around here!"  [Note that the text in brackets is spoken but
             does not appear in the text bubble.]

Patient 6:  "Eddie?  That you?  Eddie...  Eddie?"

[You make it past that area and move up into another part of the compound.  A
 guard sees you.]

Guard 4:  "There he is!  Cap 'im!"

[After you deal with him, the alarm goes off.]

Alarm (intercom):  "Alert.  Escaped patient on Level 1.  Approach with exreme
                    caution.  Shoot on sight."

[After dealing with some more guards, you board an elevator and go up to a
 higher level of the compound.]

Patient 7:  "Uuuhhh..."

Patient 8:  "I'm a software engineer!...  Let me out!... Let me OUT!  Don't you
             get it?  If the patch isn't up by Tuesday, we'll never upgrade
             from 1.5.01 to 1.5.02!  You hear?  Never!"  [In case you're
             wondering, the verbal part says "one five oh one to one five oh
             two".  The dots between one and five can be hard to see, but they
             are definitely there in the Playstation version.]

[You exit the elevator when it stops and move forward towards the center of the
 compound.  You can see daylight, and there are several guards around the area.
 One of them sees you, and a fight breaks out.]

Guard 5:  "There's the amnesiac!"

[After dealing with them, you enter the only other open door in the central
 area and find yourself in the execution chamber.  A door behind it leads to
 more cells.]

Patient 9:  "Fashion Square thanks you for your patronage and wishes you a very
             fine day!  Thank you, Ms. Jameson.  Please come again!  Why won't
             you talk to me, Ms. Jameson?  It's not that bad.  Come on!  Put
             your head back on.  I have a brand new line of girdles to show

Patient 10:  "Gnaw... Gnaw...  Gnaw..."

Patient 11:  "Huff... Huff...  Huff"  [One of the patients is crying or
              something, and this line will show up on the screen over and over

[After crawling through another duct area, you eliminate a patient that was
 trying to escape, then you jump into a sewer tunnel and surface inside the
 hospital area.  After wandering through some hallways, you come to the main
 entrance to the ward area.  The nurse on duty (Brenda) is talking to one of
 the doctors.]

Brenda:  "Good evening, Dr. Michael!"

Dr Michael:  "Yaaawn.  Good evening, Brenda.  Anything new on the amnesiac?"

Brenda:  "Still nothing.  Good God, Johansson is livid!"

Dr Michael:  "I can't stand him anymore.  I'm going home!  Tell him my wife is
              about to give birth or my poodle is having a nervous

Brenda:  "{Oh,}  The poor thing!  I remember when my Lulu..."  [Note that the
          "oh" isn't in the text box, but it is clearly voiced.]

Dr Michael:  "Whatever, Brenda.  See you tomorrow!"

Brenda:  "Congratulate your wife for me!  Yaaawn"

[The door to the main entrance is locked, so you look around for another way
 in.  A guard in a nearby room is talking to himself.]

Guard 6:  "Where are my contacts?  Now I'll never find my passkey."

[After dealing with him, you grab the key from a desk near him, then head back
 to the main entrance.  Brenda is singing a song similar to the one that the
 guard was singing earlier.]

Brenda:  "You can fly, you can hide
          You can close your mind
          I'll still be on the run
          Trying to escape the prison of my mind
          I have seen you in my dreams
          Seas fed by a million streams
          Oooh, tears were raining down from the clouds
          Now we're just strangers lost in the crowd
          You can fly, you can hide
          You can close your mind
          I'll rise like the sun
          You can fly, you can hide
          You can close your mind
          But I'm still on the run
          Life has tricked us, just forget me
          Me, what is me anyway?
          Me, what is me anyway?"

          [Note that there's no text for the song other than "La!  La!  La!"]

[You use the keycard to sneak past Brenda's area.]

Voice (intercom):  "Attention, personnel.  The patient from Ward C is still
                    missing.  It is imperative he be neutralized.  This
                    individual is extremely dangerous.  Permission to shoot.
                    Repeat.  Permission to shoot."

[After fighting your way through a large part of the hospital, you come to the
 outside of an operating room.  Voices can be heard on the other side of the
 doors, one of which is clearly Doctor Johansson.]

Patient 12:  "Mmmmhh..."

Dr Johansson:  "This instrument isn't stimulating enough, is it?  What about
                this one?"

Patient 12:  "Raaaaaahhh!!"

Dr Johansson:  "Now tell me...  Who killed the Ward C nurse?"

Patient 12:  "I...  I don't know!"

Dr Johansson:  "She died before experiencing my most powerful instrument!"
                [O_o wtf]

Patient 12:  "Aaaah!"

Dr Johansson:  "She was about to give into me, did you know that?  Huh?"

[Down the next hallway, a doctor and a nurse are inside an operating room of
 some sort.]

Nurse 1:  "Yech!  The least they could do is seal the vent from the morgue.
           Look out!"

Doctor:  "Please!  Don't shoot me!"

[You can do whatever you want to them as long as you don't kill them...
 You climb up to a vent in that room and start crawling through yet another
 system of ducts.  You can hear another nurse pleading with Doctor Johansson to
 let her out of a cell she's been locked in with an insane patient.]

Nurse 2:  "Dr. Johansson...?  I don't understand.  The door is locked..."

Patient 13:  "Arrrrr!"

Nurse 2:  "Aaaah!  Open the door, Dr. Johansson!  Dr. Johansson!"

You:  "What a nightmare..."

[You exit the duct into a ceiling area above the room where Doctor Johansson,
 Patient 12, Nurse 2, and Patient 13 are.]

Dr Johansson:  "Pretty nurses are scarce in Plain Rock!  You know that?"

Patient 12:  "Gaaasp!"

Dr Johansson:  "Damn!  He's dead!  Dirty little punk!"

[One of the ceiling panels gives way, and you drop down into the operating room
 in front of Doctor Johansson.]

Dr Johansson:  "Huh?  Well...  Number XIII!  The doctor will see you now...
                Come on!  Time for your disection course.  Over here!"

[You fight and kill Doctor Johansson, who you discover was Number XX.  The
 nurse trapped in the cell pleads with you to let her out.]

Nurse 2:  "Hey!  You!...  Get me out of here, please!  Please, help..."

[The door to the cell is locked, so you look around for a key.  A painting on a
 wall in the adjacent office sparks another flashback.  You're hiding in the
 bushes while several people in cult uniforms talk around a fire by some sort
 of temple.]

You:  "The Sanctuary..."

Carrington:  "There are twenty of them, son!  Twenty Conspirators, hiding
              behind numbers."  [Note that Carrington isn't actually there,
              you're just hearing his voice from before.]

Conspirator 1:  "Gentlemen...  It's an honor to welcome the leaders of the
                 Group to my estate.  And as the prestige of these surroundings
                 is in keeping with our ambitions, I hereby offer you the
                 opportunity to organize our general meeting here!"

Conspirators:  "Wooo!"

[The flashback ends.  You find a safe behind the painting, and your equipment
 is inside.]

You:  "My transmitter...  at last."

Nurse 2:  "Please..."

[You open the cell door using a key from the safe.]

Nurse 2:  "Ohhh...  Thank you, thank you!"

[Outside the operating room, you can hear guards preparing to assault your

Guard 7:  "He's in there!  Safeties off!"

Nurse 2:  "Take me hostage!  You don't have a choice."

[You take the nurse hostage after she unlocks the door.]

You:  "Move away from the door!  I have a hostage!"

[As you move towards Brenda's station from earlier in the hospital, several
 guards follow you.]

Guard 8:  "Hold your fire!"

You (on transmitter):  "Jones...  Do you read me?"

Jones (on transmitter):  "Loud and clear.  I'm flying overhead...  Get outta
                          there!  Hurry!"

[You enter Brenda's main entrance station.]

Brenda:  "Oh my God!  Oh God!  Save me!"

Nurse 2:  "Open this door, dammit!"

[The main door's gate is opened, and you enter it with Nurse 2.]

                  1.10)  16:00  Run Away - Plain-Rock

[You steal an ambulance and make your way out of the compound.  There is no
 text for the following conversation.]

You:  "Get behind the wheel and drive!"

Nurse 3:  "Hey!  OK, just don't hurt me, please!"

[A guard outside sees the ambulance.]

Guard 9:  "Alert!"

Nurse 3:  "You won't get anywhere in this ambulance.  We're in the middle of
           the desert!  There's nothing for miles.  This is insane!  They're
           going to kill you like a dog!"

[When a police car starts chasing your ambulance, the nurse gets distracted and
 drives it off a cliff.]

You:  "Watch out!"

Nurse 3:  "Aaaah!"

You:  "Noooo!"

[The cutscene ends, and you're down in a canyon with the nurse.  Regular text
 resumes for the conversations.]

Nurse 3:  "I don't know who you are, but I'll never forget you.  Hey, good

Jones (on radio):  "Who was THAT?  Stop playin' around, will you?  Mongoose and
                    his men are comin' down hard.  I stashed a taxi at the
                    bottom of the canyon.  Get here fast, the meter's
                    runnin' -- you feel me?"

[You battle your way through the canyon, eliminating the Mongoose's lackies
 along the way.]

Lacky 1:  "He got Vince!"

Lacky 2:  "Fuck it!  Gimme the RPG, I'll put an end to this!  Suck on that!"

[After eliminating even more lackies and working your way deep into the canyon,
 you encounter an enemy helicopter and a lot more lackies.]

Lacky 3:  "I see him!  Over there!"

[More lackies get slaughtered, and you use the system of 

Lacky 4:  "Call the Mongoose!  Get backup!"

[You enter a series of caves, then exit them on the other side of the canyon.
 More of the Mongoose's lackies are looking for you on this side.]

Lacky 5:  "Found anything?"

Lacky 6:  "Nothing!"

Lacky 5:  "Keep searching!"

Lacky 6:  "Over there.  Look!"

[Regardless of the fact that they couldn't possibly have seen you, you'll have
 to eliminate them.  You then use the rope things to drop down to the bottom of
 the canyon.]

Lacky 7:  "Fan out!  Let's flank him!"

[A nearby lacky can be heard singing a version of the same song the prison
 guard and Brenda were singing before.]

Lacky 8:  "I have seen you in my dreams
           Seas fed by a million streams
           Tears were raining down from the clouds
           Now we're just strangers in the crowd
           You can fly, you can hide
           You can close your mind
           I'll still be on the run
           You can fly, you can hide
           You can close your mind
           I'll bill...  still be on the run"

           [Note that the only text displayed for the song is "La La La!"]

Lacky 9:  "Oh, shut your face!"

[You make your way over the other side of the canyon and discover some old
 ruins.  More lackies are in your way.]

Jones (on radio):  "You OK?  There's a way out behind the ruins...  The plane's
                    close by."

[When you find the exit behind the ruins, the plane is waiting for you.  A
 cutscene starts, so there is no text for the conversation.]

You:  "Jones, finally!  I feel like I've spent three months inside a tin can."

Jones:  "OK.  Whaddya say we hop on down to Mexico, Captain?"

You:  "Mmm, margaritas on the beach?"

Jones:  "More like Rangers and Red Barets.  Tighten up your panties, we're
         going super-sonic."

               1.11)  17:45  Take Off - The Grand Canyon

[The cutscene continues.  A time (7:00 p.m.) and a location (SPADS Camp on an
 illegible island name in Mexico) are displayed, but since I couldn't read the
 name of the island enough to reasonably say what it's name is, I've left it
 out.  There is still no text for the following conversation.]

Jones:  "Colonel MacCall runs the SPADs training camp, and Kim suspects he's
         part of the Conspiracy.  You won't be running into many intellectuals
         down there.  Mostly black ops {...}.  This could be another one of
         that blonde's con jobs."  [Note that the words that should be in the
         {brackets} are incomprehensible to me, so I've left them out.]

You:  "I trust her."

Jones:  "Uh huh.  You save her life, and she splits."

You:  "Jealous, Major?"

Jones:  "Just get in the boat."

[The cutscene ends.  You're floating in the water outside of the island

Jones (on radio):  "According to the map, there's a sewage drain near the
                    watchtower.  Look out for searchlights."

[You enter the sewage pipe and swim up it until you surface in a small control
 room.  Two SPADs are talking above you.]

SPAD 26:  "These rookies think they're goddamn John Rainbow!"  [Note that the
           text says "Rainbow!", but the voice clearly says "Rambo!"  That's a
           rather large mistake...]

SPAD 27:  "Where the fuck did MacCall get those fools from, anyway?"

SPAD 26:  "Wherever it was, he sure assembled one hell of a crew..."

[When the SPADs leave the room, you use your hook to get out of the water.  A
 switch on a nearby console opens up another pipe through the sewage area, so
 you enter it and surface in another room.]

SPAD 28:  "We've got visitors, Captain.  What do we do?"

SPAD Captain:  "Nothing!  Keep loading the submarine."

SPAD 28:  "But we might be spotted!"

SPAD Captain:  "What did I just say?  Carry on!"

SPAD 28:  "Yes, sir!"

[Nothing else to do in this room, so you enter the sewage pipe again and move
 on.  It exits to the side of a cliff, so you use your hook to swing over to
 the other side.  You have a good view of the camp, and some of the
 Conspirators are having a conversation.]

Standwell:  "Any news of Number XIII?"

Willard:  "The Mongoose will surely take care of him.  Let's not bother Number
           I with this problem!"

MacCall:  "In any case, XIII has no power to disrupt the plan.  My men are
           standing by, General Standwell.  He's been causing quite a ruckus
           since his resurrection, but our first maneuvers are going ahead as

Standwell:  "I admire your optimism, Colonel MacCall.  Now how about a tour of
             the camp?  I'd like to have a look at our weapons stock..."

MacCall:  "Certainly, General.  Right this way!"

[You find another duct leading back down into the cliff.  When you enter it,
 Jones contacts you.]

Jones (on radio):  "Perfect.  Now find MacCall's tent and plant the bug!"

[You surface inside one of the camp's buildings.  Two SPADs are having a

SPAD 29:  "His name's on the tip of my tongue!"

SPAD 30:  "Steve Rowland?"

SPAD 29:  "No, his rival!"

SPAD 30:  "Oh, I remember!  They were always competing."

SPAD 29:  "Damn!  It'll come back to me..."

SPAD 30:  "What ever happened to him?"

SPAD 29:  "I think General Carrington hired him.  That was the last I heard."

[You make it through the building, and you can see the two SPADs through a

SPAD 29:  "I got it.  Fly!  His name was Jason Fly!"

[The screen flashes white again, as it's time for yet another flashback.  Steve
 Rowland and Jason Fly are talking in the locker room.]

Steve Rowland:  "Hey, Fly!  I'm out on leave tonight, so don't make me look bad
                 while I'm out.  Just because you won yesterday's exercise
                 doesn't make you a hero around here!"

[The screen flashes white again, and you're back to present time.  The two
 SPADs are gone.]

You:  "Steve Rowland...  The man whose identity I took..."

[It should be quite obvious that your character is Jason Fly, but to avoid any
 confusion, I will still be referring to his lines as "You".  Outside the
 building, a SPAD is singing the same song from before.]

Doug (SPAD):  "You can run, you can hide
               You can close your mind
               But I'm still on the run
               Trying to escape the prison in my mind
               I have seen you within my dreams
               Seas fed by a million streams
               Tears were raining down from the clouds
               Now we're just strangers in the crowd
               You can fly, you can hide
               You can close your mind
               But I'm still on the run
               You can fly, you can hide
               You can close your mind
               But I'll rise like the sun
               Life has tricked us
               Just forget me
               Me?  What is me anyway?"

               [Note that the only text displayed for the song is "La La La!"]

SPAD 31:  "Can it, Doug!"

Doug:  "Man..."

[Heading through the camp, you sneak up behind some SPADs having a conversation
 about their dinner.]

SPAD 32:  "Ugh...  I ate too much chili!"

SPAD 33:  "Which tent are you sleeping in again?"

SPAD 32:  "Yours."

SPAD 33:  "I'm gonna kill that cook."

[You continue sneaking through the base until you find the area you saw earlier
 from the top of the cliff.]

Jones (on radio):  "Apparently MacCall's in the same tent he used in Desert
                    Storm.  That should give you an idea of what it looks

[After eliminating the SPADs around the tents and hiding their bodies, you find
 MacCall's tent and enter it.]

Jones (on radio):  "Plant the bug behind the intercom!"

[With the bug planted, you crawl behind the tent and wait for the meeting to
 start.  Two SPADs can be heard nearby.]

SPAD 34:  "No one can see us here...  You want one?"

SPAD 35:  "No thanks."

SPAD 34:  "Saving your lungs for the maneuvers?"

SPAD 35:  "Yeah, I can't wait for the action to start!"

SPAD 34:  "It's just a simulation, you know..."

SPAD 35:  "I have a feeling there'll be more to it than we expect!"

[The Conspirators enter the tent.]

MacCall:  "Gather around, gentlemen."  [Note that the text says "around", but
           the audio just sounds like "round".]

[MacCall starts talking into the intercom thing where you stuck the bug.]

MacCall:  "This is Number XI, do you read me?"

Number I (on phone):  "Affirmative!  Go ahead, Number III!"

Standwell:  "Good evening, Number I.  President Galbrain still believes in a
             simulated state of war and has just authorized the SPADS to
             supervise the army during the maneuvers.  Over."

Number I (on phone):  "Good!  Number V?"

Willard:  "I'll be receiving the list of those supporting the Cause tomorrow.
           Number IX will hand it to me at the Plaza.  Over."

Number I (on phone):  "Number XI?"

MacCall:  "The arms shipment will arrive tonight.  My men are eager to serve
           the Cause.  Over."

Number I (on phone):  "Excellent...  What about Number XIII?"

MacCall:  "I have his military file here.  I removed it from the Pentagon to
           block the FBI's investigation."

Number I (on phone):  "Good.  As for Number XVII, no need to continue the
                       search.  I have something here that she will definitely
                       come and claim.  This meeting is adjourned, gentlemen!
                       Good night!"

MacCall:  "I'll walk you out."

Willard:  "It was a privelage to meet you, Colonel MacCall."

Standwell:  "He's even more impatient than his men.  Isn't he, Colonel?"

MacCall:  "Very perseptive of you, General..."

All Three:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

Jones (on radio):  "I just got ALL that on tape.  Now find Rowland's file, and
                    you can blow this thing wide open!"

[MacCall conveniently left Rowland's file on his desk, so you grab it and exit
 through the front of the tent.]

Jones (on radio):  "I don't know where MacCall plans to send his stock of
                    weapons, but we're gonna blow it up!"

[Using a keycard you found earlier, you follow MacCall, Standwell, and Willard
 farther into the compound.  More SPADs are talking in the next area.]

SPAD 36:  "You're new here, aren't you?"

SPAD 37:  "Just got here yesterday."

SPAD 36:  "Oh."

[After working your way through this part of the compound, you find the
 ammunition hangar.  Two more SPADs are in front of it.]

SPAD 38:  "Don't smoke around the hangar!  Are you nuts?"

SPAD 39:  "Shit, that was my last one..."

[You dispatch these two morons, then plant a bomb directly on the ammunition

                  1.12)  22:00  Sabotage - SPADS Camp

[The hangar is destroyed, and the SPADs scramble around in the fire.]

Jones (on radio):  "Nice work.  Now get back in the boat!"

SPAD 40:  "What the hell is going on?"  [Note that the SPAD's text says "hell
           is", but the audio sounds like "hell's".]

SPAD 41:  "I told him not to smoke around the hangar..."

SPAD 42:  "Watch out.  It could blow again!"

[The hangar explodes again, taking two of those three SPADs with it.  You deal
 with the third one, but a whole wave of them assaults your possition.]

SPAD 43:  "Intruder on the base!"

[A nearby mounted M60 will make short work of them, and then you can proceed to
 work your way back towards your boat.  More SPADs will try to stop you.]

SPAD 44:  "Look.  That's Steve Rowland!"

[Four more SPADs get added to the death count, and you continue moving back
 towards your boat.]

SPAD 45:  "The munitions hangar blew up!"

SPAD 46:  "Go tell MacCall!"

[They see you.]

SPAD 47:  "Get over here!"

[You eliminate these SPADs, then move through the next building.]

Jones (on radio):  "Bad news -- the SPADS found the boat.  Find another way

[A SPAD is reporting to Colonel MacCall.]

Sergeant Bower:  "I swear, Colonel.  I swear I saw him!"

MacCall:  "Steve Rowland's been dead a long time, and I don't believe in
           ghosts, Sergeant Bower.  Carry on!"

Sergeant Bower:  "Yes, sir, Colonel!"

[Sergeant Bower goes back towards the hangar only to find you waiting for him.
 MacCall can be heard as you move towards the next area.]

MacCall:  "{That}  Goddamn son of a bitch.  He's gonna pay for it."  [Note that
           MacCall clearly says "That" at the start of this line, but it isn't
           in the text.  Also, while the text says "it", MacCall actually
           voices "this".]

[A few more SPADs are eliminated on your way through, and you can still hear
 MacCall talking somewhere.]

MacCall:  "I'll destroy him..."

[After making your way through the next building, you find MacCall behind some

MacCall:  "XIII!  Can you hear me?  Number I understimated your skills.  He
           wants to reintegrate you into the Group.  Drop your weapon, man!
           Let's talk about this."

[Of course, there'll be no talking...  After you eliminate MacCall, you use his
 keycard to open a gate in the area.]

Jones (on radio):  "A submarine is rigged to go.  Find the entrance to the
                    base, it's your only way out!"

[Inside the subarine area, even more SPADs are lurking around.  You can hear
 two of them talking almost immediately.]

SPAD 48:  "Why did they stop loading?"

SPAD 49:  "You heard that explosion earlier?  Apparently Steve Rowland did it!"
           [Note that while the text says "heard", the audio clearly says

SPAD 48:  "What?  I thought he was killed in action."

SPAD 49:  "Yeah.  That's weird..."

SPAD 48:  "Whatever.  Everyone's going back up.  We'll find out soon enough."

SPAD 49:  "We better.  I'm getting antsy!"

[The SPADs open the door that leads to the hallway you're waiting in, so they
 won't exactly be making it back up.  <_<]

Intercom:  "Duty officer requested at central!"

[Two more SPADs can be heard talking to each other.]

SPAD 50:  "She figured I'd take her out to a romantic spot for the weekend.  I
           mean, who does she think she is?"  [Note that while the text says "a
           romantic spot", the audio clearly says "some romantic spot".]

SPAD 51:  "So what'd you end up doing?"

SPAD 50:  "My brothers and I went fishing.  And I caught a fat ol' pike, my

SPAD 51:  "Cool.  Did Brandy cook it up?"

SPAD 50:  "Uh...  I haven't heard from her in a while."

SPAD 51:  "Oh."

SPAD 50:  "Yeah..."

[You continue farther into the submarine compound.]

Intercom:  "Closing security hatches."

[When you reach the cargo holds, the large metal doors can be seen slowly
 dropping to the floor.  You can either rush your way through the area to make
 it under each one in time, or you can let them fall and take alternative

Intercom:  "All available personnel must report to the dock for resupply duty."

Jones (on radio):  "Do you read me?  I can barely read you!  Where are you?"

[Static on the radio prevents Jones from saying very much.  If you let the
 gates close, you'll have to use your hook to proceed through a vent system.
 A few SPADs can be seen on the other side of the ducts.]

SPAD 52:  "OK.  We can go."

SPAD 53:  "Come on.  Let's go!"

Intercom:  "No tapping, grinding, or welding.  Missile movement in progress."

[Farther into the compound, you enter the loading dock area.  Tons of SPADs and
 crewmen are in the area, so you have to fight your way through.]

Intercom:  "Petty Officer First Class Baker, report to gangway.  All hands to
            missile deck in five minutes.  Chief Petty Officer Michelgrove,
            report to section E.  Officer on duty, report to deck."

[Another prolonged fight greets you in the main cargo area.  More announcments
 can be heard as you fend off the SPADs.]

Intercom:  "USS Patriot, closing hatch in fifteen minutes.  Captain Edelbright
            now boarding."

[A duct in the top of the cargo area grants you access to the submarine dock,
 so you work your way there.  After dispatching several more SPADs, you can see
 the entrance to the submarine.]

Intercom:  "Clear the gangway.  Stand by for departure.  Casting off."

[You jump into the water in the dock, then enter the submarine through an open
 hatch on the top.  The voice on the intercom continues inside the submarine.]

Intercom:  "Prepare to dive!"

[You move through the submarine carefully to avoid being seen.  A few rooms
 into the sub, you over hear a conversation between the Captain and a crew

{???:  "STOP!"}  [Note that this text appears on the screen, but it isn't
                  voiced at all, and it's not exactly easily apparent who was
                  supposed to have said it.  I assume it was the Captain
                  yelling at Crewman 1 before their conversation starts.]

Intercom:  "Open main ballast tank valves.  Aye aye."

Crewman 1:  "Reporting as ordered, Captain!"

Edelbright:  "I don't want to be disturbed for the next fifteen minutes."

Crewman 1:  "Yes, sir, Captain!"

Intercom:  "Submerging.  Submerging."

[You continue working your way through the decks of the submarine, avoiding
 the crewmen.]

Intercom:  "Diving!  Diving!"

[Eventually, you find yourself hiding in a control room while Captain
 Edelbright uses the ship's radio.]

Edelbright:  "This is Number VII!  I repeat, this is Number VII!"

Number I (on radio):  "This is Number I.  Over."

Edelbright:  "I moved up the USS Patriot's departure, for the protection of the
              shipment.  The SPADS camp has suffered heavy losses.  Number XI
              is no longer with us."

Number I (on radio):  "Change your course and cast off from Maryland harbor,
                       aboard Resolute AFDM-10, but carry out your mission!"
                       [Note that the text says "from", but the audio sounds
                       like it says "for".  "For" makes more sense, since the
                       submarine is heading towards Maryland from Mexico
                       according to prior information gathered from the game.]

[The screen flashes white, and you enter flashback mode once again.  You find
 yourself on the same boat you were on a few times earlier in the game during
 other flashbacks.]

Number I:  "Complete your mission!"

Kim (on radio):  "This is Number XVII.  Carry out your mission!  In a few
                  seconds, I will contact Number I.  Try to identify the man
                  who answers my call, and we will finally figure out who
                  Number I really is."  [Note that while the text says "I will"
                  and "we will", the audio clearly voices "I'll" and "we'll".]

[You're close to an office on the boat, and you can see a dark figure inside.]

Kim (on radio):  "Number I?  Number I?  Number XVII reporting.  Do you copy?"

Number I:  "This is Number I.  What's happening?"

Kim (on radio):  "I passed on the latest plans to Number XI.  Standing by for
                  your instructions."

Number I:  "You were not supposed to call me until you got the signal.  Number
            XVII?...  Hello, Number XVII?  I can't read you!"  [Note that while
            the text says "were not", the audio clearly voices "weren't".]

[You edge your way to the door of the office and slowly open it, but your
 flashback ends before you can see the person in the office.]

You:  "Number I...  I was so close...  I just have to remember his face..."

[Captain Edelbright has left the control room, so you move to the radio and
 contact Jones.]

Jones (on radio):  "USS Patriot!  Report your destination.  Over."

You:  "Destination Maryland aboard Resolute AFDM-10.  Over."

Jones (on radio):  "Copy that.  Out."

Intercom:  "Outer decks submerged.  Fore and aft submerged.  Maintain heading
            12 degrees.  Aye aye."

[You find some crewmen's quarters on the other side of the radio control room,
 so you enter the office in the back and hide in the closet.]

You:  "Here's a nice spot to stowaway..."

               1.13)  02:00  Introspection - USS Patriot

[A cutscene occurs.  There is no text on the screen during this scene.]

Intercom:  "Emerging to sixty feet.  Check all hatches."

[You have a series of flashbacks about things that've happened during the game
 already.  The first is of your arrest after the Winslow Bank incident.]

Amos:  "Steve Rowland, you are under arrest for the murder of William

[Carrington is in your next flashback.]

Carrington:  "And today, he actually is dead."

[Your flashback switches to the Mongoose pointing a weapon at Steve Rowland,
 then to Kim Rowland in the cabin at Kellownee Lake.]

Kim:  "The surgeons did an outstanding job...  When they see Steve's ghost,
       they'll slip up!"

[In the background, you can hear the conversation SPADs 29 and 30 had inside
 the locker room at the SPADs camp.]

SPAD 29:  "Fly!  His name was Jason Fly!"

[The scene switches way back to Winslow Bank.  Winslow is shouting into the
 phone in his office shortly before you took the woman hostage.]

Winslow:  "I said Number XIII is still alive!"

[The Mongoose is talking to some of the men.]

Mongoose:  "He's alive?  That's impossible!"

[Your little flashback session is cut short when the ship's alarm goes off.
 There is still no text for the audio.]

Intercom:  "Man your stations!  Man your stations!  Casting off in fifteen
            minutes.  All hands in position."

[Regular text for the audio resumes.  You exit the closet and make your way
 back through the ship.]

Crewman 2:  "Who's there?"

[After you take out this guy, more will be waiting for you in the next area.
 One of them will set off the alarm.]

Intercom:  "Battle stations!  All hands, man battle stations!  Emergency
            surfacing.  Aye aye.  Immersion to 28 feet.  Surface!  Surface!
            Surface!  OD to periscope.  USS Patriot approaching Resolute
            AFDM - 10."

[Fighting your way through the submarine, you eliminate a large portion of the
 crew.  You eventually reach the galley.]

Edelbright:  "Close all hatches and escort me to the torpedo chamber!  You!
              Neutralize the intruder!"

[After eliminating a few more crewmen in the kitchen and the dining area, you
 enter the torpedo chamber.  Edelbright and some crewmen will be fighting you

Edelbright:  "You'll never make it out alive, Rowland!  We'll both blow up with
              the missiles!  I'd rather die here than tell Number I we've

[Edelbright and the crewmen are killed, and you proceed up through a hatch in
 the torpedo chamber that leads towards the bridge.]

Intercom:  "Activating low-pressure blower on all main ballast tanks.  Aye

[Four more crewmen attempt to defend the bridge to no avail.  The Captain's
 Cabin is behind the bridge, and you find several items on his desk, including
 the torpedo lock key.  The trip back to the torpedo chamber is uneventful.
 Two more crewmen attack when you open the torpedo launch tube, and you escape
 after dealing with them.  You surface inside Resolute AFDM-10, a submarine
 dock in Maryland Harbor.]

SPAD Colonel:  "What are they doing in there?  We've got less than an hour to
                unload everything!"

SPAD 54:  "We've lost contact, Colonel!"

SPAD Colonel:  "Has someone at least tried to open the airlock?"

SPAD 54:  "It won't open."

SPAD Colonel:  "Send down some divers.  I want to know what's going on!"

SPAD 54:  "Yes, sir, Colonel!"

[Working your way through the base, you encounter a dozen or so SPADs and
 crewmen.  When you make it to the rear of the dock, you contact Jones.]

You:  "Jones?  Do you read me?"

Jones (on radio):  "I'm just leaving the airport now.  Carrington's taking it
                    from here.  He'll pick you up outside Hanger 33."

[Someone sees you as you climb the ladder leading to the top of the dock area.]

SPAD 55:  "Up there!"

[Some handy shots with your crossbow will take care of these three SPADs, and
 you're then safe to use your hook to enter the control area.  A button on the
 console opens the floodgates.]

Jones (on radio):  "Change of plans.  You gotta deep-six that sub to sink the
                    shipment.  Good luck!  You should secure the explosives to
                    the propeller."

[A dive from the control area puts you in the water right by the propeller.
 After placing the bomb, you get out of the water and take shelter.]

You:  "Bad place to be...  I better turn back."

[The bomb explodes, and you head for the other side of the dock where the open
 floodgates are waiting.]

SPAD 56:  "Go!  Go!  Go!"

[Divers in the water attempt to stop you, but your harpoon gun makes short work
 of them.  You swim through the floodgate and surface near Hanger 33.]

SPAD Captain:  "Stay posted at the hanger entrance!  I'll find out what's going
                on at HQ..."

SPAD Sergeant:  "Still no news from Colonel MacCall?"

SPAD Captain:  "Negative, I can't get through to the camp.  Nothing works
                around here!"

SPAD Sergeant:  "Maybe it's the Camp that's having the problems, Captain."

SPAD Captain:  "When I want your opinion, I'll five it to you, Sergeant.  Carry

SPAD Sergeant:  "Yes Sir."

[Farther into the hanger, more SPADs are talking.]

SPAD 57:  "Why's the Captain so jumpy?"

SPAD 58:  "MacCall hasn't radioed for 24 hours, and I heard the camp's going to
           be relocated for security reasons.  You can kiss your geat goodbye.
           'Cause if we gotta relocate, you can forget about packing.  I just
           hope we stay in the South.  But if the Pentagon panics?  We'll
           probably end up stuck in some underground base somewhere!"

SPAD 57:  "Speak for yourself!"

SPAD 58:  "{Hmmm...}  Yeah..."  [Note that the "Hmmm" noise is vocalized, but
           there isn't any text for it.]

[You work your way out of the hanger to the area outside.  When you climb a
 guard tower, you can hear a radio conversation.]

Alpha (on radio):  "Alpha to Omega!  We need backup.  It's a stinkin' mess over

Omega (on radio):  "Copy that, Alpha.  Backup's on the way."

[You pull a lever in the tower that sends a crate on a crane through a brick
 wall nearby.  You jump through the hole and end up inside another hanger

Omega (on radio):  "Take cover, boys!  A chopper's gonna spray Dock 33!  I
                    repeat, take cover!"

[A small room in this structure has a Bazooka in it.  You take it.]

You:  "This should maintain radio silence."

[When you exit this building, the chopper can be seen over head.  Luckily, its
 pathetically predictable attack pattern allows you to easily destroy it with
 the Bazooka.  <_<  You run to the other side of Dock 33 (which actually puts
 you in Dock 32, as the signs on the buildings indicate) when the chopper's
 taken out, and Amos and Carrington along with some other men are waiting for

Amos:  "Steve Rowland!  Drop your weapon and step forward slowly, hands in the 
        air!  General Carrington tells me you have a present for me."

Carrington:  "Give him Rowland's file, son."

                 1.14)  17:00  Identification - Dock 33

[Cutscene time again, so there's no text for the following lines.  The scene
 starts by showing you handing Amos the file, and you can be heard talking.]

You:  "Captain Steve Rowland faked his own death, officially killed in action.
       After that, he was free to assassinate the president without anyone
       suspecting him."

Carrington:  "But he didn't plan on getting squeezed by his employers."

You:  "Yes, killed by the Mongoose, yet he somehow got back to his wife's
       house, where he died.  Kim Rowland is the one who came up with the dead
       ringer idea."

Carrington:  "I arranged for this man to undergo plastic surgery in order to
              make him resemble Steve Rowland.  The bait worked like a charm,
              the wolves came out of their den.  Colonel Amos, this man is
              innocent!  It's high time we started sharing our information.
              What do you think?"

You:  "They're preparing a coup, General.  Two of them are meeting tonight, and
       I know where!"

     1.15)  12:00 p.m. - Bristol Suites Hotel - Washington D.C. - Maryland

[The scene shows you preparing to infiltrate the Bristol Suites, the location
 of the Conspirators' meeting.  There's still no text for the audio.]

FBI Agent 3 (on radio):  "Checking intervention units.  Numbers One and Two,
                          engage."  [Note that I'm not positive that he says
                          "engage", but it's the best I could come up with.]

Unit One (on radio):  "Unit One ready."

Amos (on radio):  "Perfect!  The intervention units are in position.  Go ahead,

[Regular text for the audio resumes.  You're inside a hallway in the hotel.]

Amos (on radio):  "Find Room 41 and keep out of sight.  If our two suspects
                   sense anything, they'll call off the meeting."

FBI Agent 4:  "Winslow's just arrived.  He should be upstairs in less than a

[You observe the Mongoose's security lackies as they move through the hotel.  A
 female lacky is lecturing a male lacky in the laundry room.]

Lacky 10:  "Are you crazy?  You never wash satin in hot water!"

Lacky 11:  "If I'd known I'd end up doing my boss's laundry..."

Lacky 10:  "That wouldn't be the worst of it, believe me."  [O_o wtf]

Lacky 11:  "Don't you use fabric softener?"

Lacky 10:  "Are you insane?  It turns the fabric to mush.  Good luck starching
            your collars after that!"

Lacky 11:  "Uh...  OK.  Ah...  Whatever..."

[You knock both of them out, then a third guy in the hallway.  A room full of
 lockers leads to the main hallway.]

FBI Agent 5 (on radio):  "All agents alert.  Get ready, he's on his way."

[You sneak towards some of the rooms in the hallway.]

FBI Agent 4 (on radio):  "He's in the meeting room."

FBI Agent 5 (on radio):  "Copy.  Go to 10-2-5."  [In case you're wondering,
                          "10-2-5" is voiced as "ten two five".]

FBI Agent 4 (on radio):  "Can you connect me to frequency 1?"

FBI Agent 6 (on radio):  "Done.  Keep backup units on full alert."

[You find a room on this side of the hotel that has a good view of Winslow's
 room through the windows.]

Amos (on radio):  "Winslow is already there.  Practice aiming at him with the
                   shotgun mic."

[You have a microphone thing in your equipment, so you aim it out your window
 into Winslow's room.]

Amos (on radio):  "Keep him in your sight!  Good.  Stay on him.  Now follow
                   him.  They're coming.  Get ready!"

[Two men enter Winslow's room.  One is the bald man in the trenchcoat, which
 you should know by now is none other than the Mongoose.

Winslow:  "Ah!  The Mongoose!  Come to report the death of Number XIII, right?"

Mongoose:  "I'm here to ensure your safety, Mr. Winslow."

Winslow:  "Sensational."

"We're behind schedule!  What's the latest update, Number IX?"

Winslow:  "I managed to convince them all.  Corporate!  Finance!  Even the
           MEDIA...  This country's most influential people are ready to
           support the future regime!  I have on me the list of supporters.
           I'll give it to Number III tonight, while we wait for battle at the
           Sanctuary.  What do you think, Number V?"

Willard:  "Perfect!  And on my end, the news is rather encouraging.  Despite a
           slight setback, we'll control all of the country's strategic points
           by tomorrow evening.  Through Operation Total Red. we will finally
           be able to establish our authority.  And as anticipated, President
           Galbrain doesn't suspect a thing..."

Winslow:  "Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[Willard happens to glance in your direction and sees you.]

Willard:  "What the...!"

Amos (on radio):  "They've spotted us!  Willard and Winslow are heading for the
                   elevators!  Cut the power.  My team's standing by to

[A fight's broken out in the hotel lobby area between FBI agents and men from
 the Mongoose's force.  You can hear pieces of the fight as you head for the
 elevator controls.  Since the FBI agents look like the ones that were on the
 radio before, I'm going to assume that it actually is them.]

FBI Agent 4:  "Drop your weapon!"

FBI Agent 5:  "This way!"

Lacky 12:  "Aaaah!"

FBI Agent 4:  "Seal the exits!"

[You cut the power to the elevators, then head in to help out the FBI agents.]

Lacky 13:  "Aaaah!"

FBI Agent 5:  "You're under arrest!"

FBI Agent 4:  "Winslow's retreated to the billiard room.  Come on!"

FBI Agent 5:  "This way!  The room at the end of the hall!"

FBI Agent 4:  "FBI!  Come out of there, Winslow!"

[The door is locked.]

FBI Agent 5:  "That room has a glass roof.  We gotta get above it."

[You enter the open elevator shaft and make your way through some ducts.]

Amos (on radio):  "Get that list of supporters!"

[You exit the duct to find yourself in a room with a partially glass floor.
 Winslow and and a lacky can be seen below.]

Winslow:  "Give me your lighter.  I'm destroying these documents."

Lacky 14:  "I don't smoke, Mr. Winslow!"

Winslow:  "Then give me your GUN, dammit!"

[You break the glass.]

Winslow:  "Number XIII...  Help me out of here!  I can make you very rich, you

[The lacky and Winslow are easily eliminated.]

FBI Agent 4:  "Open up!  Is everything OK, Fly?"

[You exit the room out into the lobby.]

FBI Agent 4:  "We've lost Willard!"

FBI Agent 5:  "He can't get away!"

[A burst from a Kalash cuts Agent 5 down.  You start fighting Willard in the

Willard:  "You underestimate our power!"

[Actually, no you don't.  You easily kick his ass and end the level.  >_>  Some
 papers found after the fight yield the address of the Sanctuary, which just
 happens to be Senator Willard's estate (Senator Willard was Conspirator 1 in
 the flashback after Doctor Johansson's death).  A cutscene shows Amos and you
 examing the papers, then a van is shown entering the estate.  There is no text
 displayed for the dialogue.]

Amos:  "The address of the Sanctuary...  their headquarters are Willard's
        estate.  We've got them!"  [Note that "headquarters are" doesn't
        exactly sound right, but that is indeed what Amos says.]

                    1.16)  18:00  Infiltration - Sanctuary

[The cutscene continues, still without captions for the audio.  Text is
 displayed when you enter the estate (7:00 p.m. - Senator C. Willard's
 estate.).  You enter the estate using a catering van, which is what was on the
 papers you got the address from earlier.  After getting out of the van, you
 begin looking for a way into the Sanctuary.]

Amos:  "Infiltrate the Sanctuary and find their meeting room.  I can't wait to
        see Number I's face!  They must be on high alert!  Keep out of site
        until I give you the signal."

[You crawl through some bushes and enter a hedge garden area.  Some guards are
 nearby, and one of them can be heard talking on his phone.]

Lacky 15:  "No.  The champaign still hasn't been delivered and I can't reach
            Mr. Willard!  Hmmm...  Tell them that's not what I'm paid to do!
            That's it!  Call me back when there's news."

[You proceed through the hedge area, either eliminating or avoiding the Lackies
 along the paths.]

Lacky 16:  "No, nothing to report.  Over."

[There's a well on the other side of the main hedge area, and a Lacky is on his
 radio nearby.]

Lacky 17:  "Hey, not so loud!  You just burst my eardrums.  OK, COPY!  {You}
            See how it feels?"  [Note that the word "You" is clearly audible,
            but it isn't represented in the text.]

[You jump into a well, then swim through a waterway inside it that leads to
 another well in a different part of the estate.  Two guards can be heard
 talking right outside of the well.]

Lacky 18:  "Matthews and I spent the entire weekend sanding the ship's hull.
            Next Sunday, we'll apply the antifouling."

Lacky 19:  "Shut up with the boats.  It's making me seasick!"

Lacky 18:  "Hey!  Check this out!"

Lacky 19:  "What?"

Lacky 18:  "A chopper!  Over there.  Notify HQ!"

Lacky 19:  "Everyone around here owns a chopper.  I'm not calling that in!"

Lacky 18:  "OK...  your responsibility."

Lacky 19:  "Fine.  If you'll cut me some slack for five minutes..."

Lacky 18:  "Yes, your Majesty..."

[You surprise the two Lackies when you exit the well, then work your way around
 the cliff to the front of the Sanctuary.  After dealing with several more
 Lackies, you find yourself standing in front of the same small chapple that
 you saw in a flashback earlier.  You enter another flashback right now.]

Mongoose:  "I'm telling you, Number XIII was shot three times in the chest!"

Number I:  "What did you do with his body?"

Mongoose:  "The police arrived, and I was unable to retrieve it.  But I assure
            you, he couldn't have--"

Number I:  "Stifle it!  Gentlemen, Number XIII is still alive.  We must get rid
            of him before he wrecks the operation.  He knows we betrayed him.
            He wants revenge..."

[The flashback ends, and you're returned to normal time.  A path inside the
 chapple leads into the Sanctuary.  You overhear a conversation between
 Standwell and another Conspirator.]

Conspirator 2:  "Number I's safety is not an issue, General.  I'm the only one
                 that knows his identity.  Anonymity is more effective than an
                 army of bodyguards!  The instructions are clear.  We're going
                 ahead with operations!"

Standwell:  "In that case, we better go reassure our guests...  Ummm...  Don't
             forget your robe..."

Conspirator 2:  "Stay posted in this room!"

Lacky 20:  "Yes, sir."

[He doesn't do a very good job of guarding that room... <_<  In the next area,
 you sneak up behind another Lacky on the phone.]

Lacky 21:  "Yes!...  Of course, the food was checked...  No, nothing unusual to

[Two Conspirators are examining the table of food in the main hall below your
 current location.]

Conspirator 3:  "Hum!  Some banquet."

Conspirator 4:  "Indeed.  Number V wanted to give us a taste of the luxury that
                 awaits us..."

Conspirator 3:  "How will we explain his absence to the guests?"

Conspirator 4:  "I don't know yet.  He's not the only one missing!"

[Two Lackies were guarding the upper walkways above the banquet table.  When
 you eliminate them, a third Lacky (Barnes) gets suspicious.]

Barnes:  "Fisher!  Are you there?  Lewis, it's Barnes...  No sign of Fisher
          here!  I'll stick around here awhile.  Out."

[She's definitely going to regret that decision...  Heading past the upper
 walkways, you enter a hallway with another Lacky.]

Lacky 22:  "Crap!  I forgot my damn swipe card!"

[You retrieve the swipe card from an office in the area, then open the locked
 door nearby.  Two more Lackies are having a conversation.]

Lacky 23:  "Who's got cash for a mansion like this?"

Lacky 24:  "Senator Willard.  Do you realize he bought the ruins of a European
            abbey, had it taken apart stone by stone and put back together
            again on this cliff?"

Lacky 23:  "Ridiculous...  How much does a senator make, anyway?"

Lacky 24:  "Just enough to pay us to check out his paintings, then eat his
            leftovers from the banquet!"

Lacky 23:  "Think the guests will leave us any?"

Lacky 24:  "Apparently there're fewer guests than expected.  And trust me, if
            they eat everything I saw in the kitchen, they're in for a bad

[These two idiots don't do much to stop you.  A statue in the painting room
 opens a stairway leading even farther into the Sanctuary.]

Lacky 25:  "Know who I'm talking about?"

Lacky 26:  "No."

Lacky 25:  "You know, the one who always talks about his boat.  He went on for
            three hours about caulking techniques the other day.  That guy!"

Lacky 26:  "Oh, right.  Isn't he on the outdoor team tonight?"

Lacky 25:  "Yeah, him.  You know how much he made working protection for Judge

Lacky 26:  "How much?"

Lacky 25:  "I don't know, that's why I was asking you."

Lacky 26:  "I don't know.  You can never get a word in edgewise with that
            guy...  Bastard's always landing the best gigs."

[Farther through the Sanctuary, more guards can be heard.]

Lacky 27:  "Are they still in the room?"

Lacky 28:  "No, Number VIII hasn't come through yet."

Lacky 27:  "Are you sure?  There's a few missing VIPs today."

Lacky 28:  "Trust me.  I have the list of absentess."

[You get closer to the main meeting hall, and the Conspirators can be heard
 echoing through the hallways.]

Conspirator 2:  "Ahem...  Friends!  The voice of our country's elite will soon
                 be heard.  Together, we will lay down the foundations of a new
                 America -- proud, strong, and sound.  An America purged of all
                 the parasites that have, for too long, deprived it of its true

[You continue up some stairs to get a view from the top of the meeting hall.]

Amos (on radio):  "Colonel Amos here -- Don't mive in before my signal.  We
                   need as much information as possible before I launch the

[You eventually find yourself perched at the top of the bell tower.  The
 meeting hall is directly below you, so you can hear everything clearly.]

Conspirator 2:  "The maneuvers will be launched tomorrow morning, during
                 Operation Total Red.  When Number III gives the signal, the
                 SPADS units supervising the armed forces will impose martial
                 law on the entire country.  In less than 24 hours, the new
                 government will be in place!  Let us rejoice in advance at the
                 success of our enterprise and duly celebrate the dawn of a new

[The other Conspirators can be heard clapping.]

Conspirator 2:  "Let's not keep the buffet waiting, gentlemen."

Amos (on radio):  "That's all we need.  Leave the Sanctuary!"

[The only way out is down the bell tower, so you use your grappling hook to
 work your way down to the meeting hall.  The Conspirators see you and attack.
 The meeting hall is set on fire as you attempt to escape through a hallway.]

Lacky 29:  "Block the exits!  Come on!  Go!  Go!  Go!"

[The poor Lackies can't manage to stop you, and you escape out to the edge of
 the cliffs.]

Amos (on radio):  "Hang on, Fly!  I'm sending in a chopper."

[At the end of the cliffs, several enemy helicopters attack.]

Amos (on radio):  "Get rid of these enemy helicopters.  They're preventing us
                   from getting close enough!"

[After you take out the first three...]

Amos (on radio):  "There's one chopper left."

[Once you take the last one down...]

Amos (on radio):  "Well done!  We're coming!  Go all the way to the end of the

[The chopper is now close enough for you to jump to the ladder hanging from it.
 Amos shouts from the chopper.]

Amos:  "OK.  Jump to the ladder!"

               1.17)  12:00  Walter Sheridan Estate - Washington

[The chopper flies off, and the next cutscene takes place at Walter Sheridan's
 estate.  There is no text for the following conversation.]

You:  "Senator Walter Sheridan?"

Sheridan:  "Carrington told me everything.  I want to help you apprehend my
            brother's killers."

Amos:  "There are twenty Conspiracy leaders, all of them with influential
        positions.  Their goal is to abolish Democracy in our country by
        imposing a totalitarian regime."

Carrington:  "Theirs is a monstrous plan.  They aim to take control of the
              country's strategic network during the war simulation tomorrow."

Sheridan:  "The control center is located in SSH1.  I have access there any
            time of day or night.  That's where we'll find Number I."

You:  "I'm going with you.  And then General, we'll resume our little chat
       where we left off."

[The cutscene ends, and you enter SSH1 with Sheridan and two female aids.  You
 are disguised as a Colonel by the name of Colonel Marshall.  Regular text
 resumes for the audio.]

           1.18)  8:00 a.m. - SSH1 - Secret Military Base - Maryland

[Sheridan tells the aids what to do.]

Sheridan:  "Run to Accounting and ask them any question you can come up with
            about the budget.  That'll justify our presence here.  As for us,
            Colonel Marshall, we're heading to the command station."

[After Sheridan flashes a badge at a door guard, the entrance to the main lobby
 is opened.  Another guard inside a control room is talking on the phone.]

SSH1 Guard 1 (on phone):  "Senator Sheridan's delegation has just arrived...
                           Yes, Mr. President!"

[The guard is done on the phone and addresses Sheridan directly.]

SSH1 Guard 1:  "The president's adviser will see you now."

SSH1 Guard 2:  "After you, Senator."

[The guard in the control area presses a button to open a massive steel door on
 the other side of the lobby.  Secretary of Defense Calvin Wax greets

Wax:  "Welcome to SSH1, Senator Sheridan!"

Sheridan:  "Hello, Calvin.  Spendid of you to see us."

Wax:  "There's a bit of a problem, Walter.  Colonel Marshall cannot accompany
       us.  I have strict orders from President Galbrain."

Sheridan:  "But I..."

Wax:  "Our staff is overworked, sir.  The president prefers sparing them any
       added aggravation."

Sheridan:  "I apologize, Colonel Marshall..."

Wax:  "Let's go, Sheridan!  Operations are about to be launched."

[Sheridan and Wax head through the metal door, then it closes behind them.]

Carrington (on radio):  "Find another way in!"

SSH1 Guard 2:  "I'll walk you out, Colonel."

[The guard takes you back out through the lobby, through the first set of
 security doors, and back into the first hallway you were in earlier.]

SSH1 Guard 2:  "Good day, Colonel."

[You walk down the hallway.  A door to the locker room on the right swings
 open, and a guard bends down to tie his boot.]

SSH1 Guard 3:  "La!  La!  La!  Oh!  Um...  Good evening, Colonel."

[Two guards are in the locker room.  One is looking for something in his locker
 on the left side, so you eliminate him quietly.  The second one is on the
 right side, singing into the mirror.]

SSH1 Guard 4:  "I have seen you in my dreams
                Seas fed by a million streams
                Tears were raining down from the clouds
                Now we're just strangers in the crowd
                You can fly, you can hide
                You can close your mind
                I'll still be on the run
                You can fly, you can hide
                You can close your mind
                I'll bill...  still be on the run"

                [Note that the only text displayed for the song is "La La La!"
                 The guard stutters on the last line, and that's the best I can
                 recreate what he says.]

[The other door inside the locker room leads to a hallway behind the control
 room that opens the big steel door.  You can hear the guard inside the room.]

SSH1 Guard 1 (on phone):  "Yes, sir.  Colonel Marshall has left the premises."

[This guard goes about his business, never expecting anything.]

SSH1 Guard 1:  "La!  La!  La!"  [Note that the audio is actually just him
                whistling, but the only text is the "La! La! La!" thing over
                and over again.]

[You open the door to the control room and knock him out, then take the cardkey
 and press the button to open the big steel door.  Once inside, you can hear
 the intercom.]

Intercom:  "All personnel, man your stations.  Operation Total Red ready to

[The lower hallways are crawling with guards, and they'll set the alarm off if
 they see you.  You have to work your way through carefully and quitely,
 knocking the guards out and hiding them when necessary.  When you reach
 another small control room, you overhear another radio conversation.]

SSH1 Guard 5:  "Security to Section D.  Come in."

Gordon (on radio):  "Gordon here.  Have you heard about the president?"

SSH1 Guard 5:  "You mean his advisor wants him escorted by the SPADS?"

Gordon (on radio):  "Yeah.  One of their units is already downstairs."

SSH1 Guard 5:  "Are you serious?  I didn't see them go by."

Gordon (on radio):  "Notify Wax.  I really don't feel like dealing with them."
                     [Note that the word "really" is in the text, but it is not
                     actually spoken.]

SSH1 Guard 5:  "OK.  Copy."

SSH1 Guard 5 (on intercom):  "Calvin Wax requested at Security Station 1."

[You work your way through this area, knocking out the guards in and around the
 control room.  The button in there allows you to enter the elevators nearby
 and head down.]

Intercom:  "President Galbrain is requested at the command post."

[You exit the elevator to find yourself in another series of hallways.  Another
 control room similar to the lobby area has a guard in it on the phone and

SSH1 Guard 6 (on phone):  "Senator Sheridan's already been through the second
                           floor.  He and his staff are now heading for the
                           next level.  Advisor Wax has just left them.  He
                           must have reached the president by now...  Hmmm...
                           OK.  Yes, sir, Major!"

SSH1 Guard 7 (on radio):  "Impossible to get through to the ground floor!"

SSH1 Guard 8 (on radio):  "Same for Level 1.  Nothing unusual to report from
                           the command station.  Galbrain is about to give the
                           green light."

Douglas (on radio):  "Hello?  Douglas here!  I can't reach the reception area

SSH1 Guard 9 (on radio):  "This is absurd.  I want to know what's going on up

SSH1 Guard 10 (on radio):  "Come in!  Do you copy?  Come in!  I can't hear you
                            anymore!  Come in!"

[Another series of hallways and careful evasion of the guards lands you in a
 small break area.]

SSH1 Guard 11:  "Damn busted coffee machine ate my change!  Arrrrr!"

[Wax and Galbrain can be heard on the other side of the break room.]

Galbrain:  "What is Sheridan doing in SSH1 during an election campaign?  This
            is sheer provocation!"

Carrington (on radio):  "Hide!"

Wax:  "Might I remind you that he's on the congressional budget committee?
       Which entitles him to oversee the way in which we spend the taxpayers'
       money?"  [Note that the word "the" preceeding "taxpayers'" is not
       actually vocalized.]

Galbrain:  "He picked a fine day to do it!  By the way, where the hell are my

Wax:  "Hmmm...  As a matter of fact, sir..."

Galbrain:  "Just a second, Calvin.  Give me some change."

Wax:  "Mr. President, sir.  The SPADS have been assigned to your protection for
       the duration of Total Red."

Galbrain:  "Those hotheads?  Confoundit!  Not one machine on this base works!"

Wax:  "But, Mr. President --"

Galbrain:  "Nothing but the dregs of society, recruited by MacCall!"

Wax:  "Mr. President --"

Galbrain:  "But if you feel they're the best, Calvin, I trust you."

[Galbrain and Wax leave the area.  After dealing with two more guards, you go
 through another door in the break room.]

Intercom:  "All personnel, man your stations.  All personnel, man your

[A guard in a hallway on the other side of the room is talking into his radio.]

Cooper:  "Cooper here.  I was to escort President Galbrain to the control
          station but I haven't heard anything.  Can you find out what's up?
          ...  OK!  Over."

[You move through the hallway, knocking out more GIs along the way.  One of
 them is trying to get into the store room down the hall.]

SSH1 Guard 12:  "Why is this door locked?"

[CUriously enough, neither of the doors he was near are actually locked...
 Oh well, after dealing with him and raiding the store room, you enter a large
 meeting room.  The SPADs have taken President Galbrain hostage, and a fight
 breaks out.  Eventually, General Standwell joins in the attack.]

Standwell:  "Number XIII!  Back among us?"

Galbrain:  "Help!"

[Standwell's got an M60, so this fight can be intense for a new player.  After
 you hit him enough, he'll drop.]

Standwell:  "There will always be soldiers for the Cause!"

Galbrain:  "Get me out of here!"

[You unlock the door to a small room where President Galbrain was being held.]

Galbrain:  "My God!  Call of all operations, before it's too late.  Hufff...
            Hufff...  Hufff"

[President Galbrain passes out, and Carrington talks to you on your radio.]

Carrington (on radio):  "Take the president to a safe place and find Sheridan.
                         I've lost contact!"

[A button in the room releases the doors near the back of the large meeting
 room.  You carry the President through them only to discover more SPADs in the
 hallways ready to fight.  After eliminating them, you carry President Galbrain
 down the hallway.  A guard is waiting there.]

SSH1 Guard 13:  "This way, Colonel.  Quick!  I'll look after him.  Just leave
                 him right here!  Mr. President!  Can you hear me?  ...  OK...
                 He's breathing."

[In the next hallway, several SSH1 guards are fighting with the SPADs.  One of
 them runs to the door and opens it for you.]

SSH1 Guard 14:  "Help us, Colonel!"

[Four SPADs are in the hallway hiding behind tables for cover, but they're no
 match for you.]

SSH1 Guard 14:  "The SPADS are plotting a coup!  They're waiting for Calvin
                 Wax's orders to attack!  They must be neutralized!"

[He enters a code on the large metal door in the area, and it opens.]

SSH1 Guard 14:  "Good luck, Colonel."

Carrington (on radio):  "I heard everything.  I'll notify Colonel Amos."

You:  "Wax is Number I.  We've got him!"

[You pass through the metal doors to find yourself entering the main control
 area of SSH1.  Sheridan and the two female aids are locked into a small room
 on the right.]

Aid 1:  "Hey!  That's Colonel Marshall over there!"

Aid 2:  "Help!  Let us out!"

Sheridan:  "Be careful!  There's a lot of them."

[After picking the lock on the door leading to the hallway, you find yourself
 standing right in front of the large glass control room.  Wax is on the

Wax (on intercom):  "All assault teams are in position around the strategic
                     network centers.  Prepare to declare a state of emergency.
                     When I give the signal, you will order all SPADS units to
                     take control of every base!"

[You enter the glass control room through the main doors.]

Wax (on intercom):  "Kill this man now!"

[A huge fight breaks out between you and the SPADs in the control room.  After
 eliminating some of them and working your way closer to the command center,
 Wax tries talking to you.]

Wax (on intercom):  "Number XIII, listen to me.  We can still negotiate!"

[You finish off the rest of the SPADs and make your way to the command center,
 but Wax is safely locked behind in behind bullet proof glass.]

Wax (on radio):  "General Standwell!  Come in.  Come in, dammit!  Answer me.
                  General...  Come in...  General...  This is Wax...  Hello...

[Wax realizes what's going on and addresses you directly.]

Wax:  "We'll die together, XIII.  And there identity of Number I goes with us.
       There's nothing you can do!"

[Wax proceeds to blow the side of his head out with his gun.  He falls on the
 control panel in front of him, conveniently causing the door to the control
 center to open.]

Intercom:  "Emergency destruction sequence enganged.  Evacuate the premises

Carrington (on radio):  "It's Carrington!  We've located Galbrain, but he's out
                         of commission.  No one knows the access code for the
                         missile control room.  Find him and abort the process.
                         It's your only chance!"

[When he says "him," he means Sheridan.  You backtrack to the hallway outside
 the control room and unlock the door to free Sheridan and the two aids.]

Sheridan:  "There's 2,000 megatons ready to blow right under us!  Come on,
            we've got to leave the base!"

You:  "It's too late.  Give me the access code.  Quick!"

Sheridan:  "The code?  This way!"

Aid 1:  "If I live through this, I'm going into marketing."

[All four of you run to the other end of the command area to another large
 metal door.  Sheridan attempts to use the keypad to unlock the door.]

Sheridan:  "No!  I'm an idiot!  Damn it!  The code...  The code...  What is the
            code?  APX-420...  ...No, HPX-604...  ...AP...  ...APH-624!  That's
            it!  Whew!  Up to you, now!"  [Note that while the text says "No!
            I'm an idiot!", the audio just starts at "Damn it!"  The rest is
            not spoken.  Also, if you're wondering, Sheridan pronounces the
            numbers like "four two oh," "six oh four," and "six two four".  The
            hyphens are not pronounced.]

[The metal door swings open, and you proceed into the missile control area.]

Intercom:  "Commencing final phase of destruction sequence."

[You make your way over the missile launch pad using your grappling hook and a
 moving access platform.  After heading down some hallways and crawling through
 a duct above the control room, you drop into it and use your lockpick to enter
 the main computer room.]

Intercom:  "Destruction sequence initiated."

[Unleashing a fury of weapons (or just a few grenades) destroys all of the

Intercom:  "Destruction sequence cancelled."

[Nothing left to do but work your way back out the way you came in.  You can't
 use the moving access platform to get over the missile launch pad this time,
 so you crawl down a ladder instead.  As you get near the bottom, you hear a
 door open, and footsteps can be heard on the ladder on the other side of the
 missile launch pad.]

Mongoose:  "Greetings, Number XIII...  or is it Jason Fly?  You'll have to sort
            that out before they ingrave your tombstone!"

[You have to have expected this fight to happen at some point in the game, eh?
 The Mongoose is armed with an M60, and you must fight him around the large
 missiles on the launch pad.]

Mongoose:  "C'mon, Fly!"

[The battle continues.]

Mongoose:  "A gift from Number I!"

[Still fighting the Mongoose...]

Mongoose:  "What's the matter?  Lost your sense of direction?"

[Gunfire can be heard above the launch pad, and SPADs start falling down from
 above.  Jones has arrived.  Some of the missiles start to retrack back into
 the floor.]

Mongoose:  "If you're so clever, then find me."

[You can pcik up some items from the fallen SPADs.]

Mongoose:  "Over here!"

[You can wail on him with the M60, but he'll keep taunting you.]

Mongoose:  "You're a coward after all.  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[When the rest of the missiles go into the floor, there's nothing left to hide

Mongoose:  "Enough parlor tricks!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[Since he can't hide anymore, it's easy to finish him.  When you cause enough
 damage, he says one last line before falling down one of the missile

Mongoose:  "Who...  Who ARE you?  Tell me."

You:  "I'm really gonna miss that old bastard."

Jones:  "This way!"

[You climb the other ladder to meet Jones.]

Jones:  "Scare me like that again, and I'll take you out myself.  Come on!
         Let's evac now!"

[The two of you run to the elevator nearby.  Carrington and Sheridan get out of
 it when it stops moving.]

Carrington:  "You magnificent son of a bitch!  You OK, Wally?"

Sheridan:  "Is it really over?"

Carrington:  "You bet your ass!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!"

[All four of you ride the elevator our of SSH1, and the game continues later in
 Fly's appartment.]

                   1.19)  20:00  Revelations - New York, NY

             8:00 p.m. - Jason Fly appartment - Cass Village - NYC

[Note that it's hard to say what the word in front of "Village" actually is,
 but I put it down as "Cass" simply because that's the best I could do.  There
 is no text for the audio in the following cutscene.]

TV Reporter:  "...the American people are celebrating the victory of the man
               who will at long last take up the work his brother started.
               You all sensed the emotion in president-elec Walter Sheridan's
               speech, and I'm not entirely certain, but I think Wally may be
               just about to grant us an interview.  Back to you at the

TV Anchor:  "That was Wendy McGill for CBN news.  Keep us posted, Wendy."

[The scene shows Carrington and Fly on the balcony of his appartment.]

You:  "Don't tell me you have no information about my past, General."

Carrington:  "Son, the day I recruited you, I didn't ask for your resume.  I've
              always hired my boys based on their skills, and you were a cut

You:  "What about Jones?"

Carrington:  "You always appreciated her discretion.  Hey, she's invited too!
              Maybe she'll know something."

[Carrington slides you an invitation to Sheridan's boat party aboard the Lady
 Bee.  The scene shows you boarding the boat as many other guests are laughing
 and having a good time.  Regular text resumes for the audio.]

Sheridan:  "As a matter of fact, here he is.  Jason Fly!  Our national hero!"

Guest 1:  "It's a great honor."

[Jones calls you over to her.  She's standing near the railing on the other
 side of the boat with some loser.]

Jones:  "Hey!  Fly!  How do you like my new uniform?  Well?"

Guest 2:  "Baby, you are smokin'!"

Jones:  "I know...  What did you do?  Lose your razor?"

Guest 2:  "And you're funny, too!"

Jones:  "I know..."

Guest 2:  "Not interested, eh? Hmm"

Jones:  "Carrington is anxious to speak with you.  Go see him.  After that,
         I've got a few words for you myself..."

[If you don't go directly to Carrington, you can visit Sheridan a few times to
 make him say the following three lines:]

Sheridan:  "Please, join my guests.  They're just dying to meet you!"

Sheridan:  "Don't tell me you're bored!"

Sheridan:  "I'll be with you in a second."

[Eventually, you'll have to go find Carrington if you want to continue.]

Carrington:  "Ah!  There he is!  Hey, where's your tuxedo?"

Amos:  "Hello, Fly.  Finally, we meet under better circumstances!"

[Explossions can be heard in the distance.  Carrington and Amos pull their
 handguns out and turn towards the front of the boat.]

Guest 3:  "Let's go to the front of the boat, everybody!"

Guest 4:  "Wow!  {Woah!}"  [Note that while the text doesn't display it, the
           guest clearly makes a "Wow!" followed by a "Woah!" in the audio.]

[When you reach the front of the boat, it becomes obvious that the noises were
 nothing more than a fireworks display going off in front of the boat.]

Guest 3:  "Over there!  Look!"

Carrington:  "Where'd Wally go?  He's gotta see this!"

Amos:  "Hey, Fly!  Why don't you go and get him?"

[If you linger around for a while instead of going to find Sheridan, you can
 hear a few short lines from the spectators near the front of the boat.]

Amos:  "Spectacular!"

Carrington:  "Wow!"

Guest 5:  "Hmmm...  I've seen better..."

Guest 6:  "Get down.  I can't see a thing!"

Guest 7:  "Aaaa!"

Guest 3:  "Wow!"

Guest 8:  "{Wow!}  This is awesome!"  [Note that the text doesn't display the
           "Wow!" for this line, but it is clearly audible.]

[Now that you've lingered long enough to get those lines, you continue down the
 side of the boat.  Sheridan can be seen entering one of the cabin areas, so
 you follow him.  The layout should seem quite familiar;  It's the same boat
 you were on in the beginning of the game.]

Kim:  "Snifff...sniff...sniff"

[You can hear Kim Rowland and Sheridan arguing in one of the cabins.]

Kim:  "I'm begging you, Wally.  Give me back my son!"

Sheridan:  "We had a deal, Kim."

[You can hear Sheridan slap her.]

Kim:  "Aaah!"

Sheridan:  "You had a chance to get rid of XIII!  Why didn't you?"

Kim:  "Snifff...sniff...sniff"

[A short trip down below decks lands you right in front of the same office
 from your flashbacks earlier in the game.  The radio in the office comes on
 when you approach it.]

Mongoose (on radio):  "This is the Mongoose...  I repeat...  This is the

[You enter the office and pick up a file from the ground.]

Mongoose (on phone):  "Number I!  Do you copy?"

[Flashback mode again.  After the screen flashes white, you find yourself
 trying to look through the office's window from the hallway as a shadowy
 figure talks into the radio.]

Sheridan:  "Number I here!  I read you loud and clear..."

Kim (on radio):  "Can you see him?  Who's Number I?  Tell me!  Quick!"

[The screen flashes white again as the flashback ends.  You turn around to see
 Sheridan and two goons entering the office.]

Sheridan:  "Are the fireworks not to your liking, Mr. Fly?"

                              To be continued...

[Believe it or not, that's how the game ends.  Sheridan is Number I.  Or... is
 he?  Certainly seems that way, but you'd be surprised what kinda crazy-ass
 theories you can find about it on the internet.  <_<  Popular accepted belief
 is that Sheridan is Number I though, and unless the writers were planning some
 sort of extremely unexpected plot twist, that should be accepted as fact.
 Hopefully, someday, there'll be a sequel to this to put any shred of doubt to

|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                              2.00)  Characters                              |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |

Agent Scott

 - Agent Scott is an FBI agent working for Colonel Amos.  He calls Amos during
Jason Fly's interrogation to inform him that Steve Rowland's file is missing
from the Pentagon, and that Steve Rowland was reported as killed in action over
two years ago.


 - Barnes is a guard in the Sanctuary.  When a fellow guard (Fisher) winds up
missing, Barnes goes to investigate only to end up suffering a similar fate
(either knocked out, killed, or skillfully ignored, depending on how the player
handles it).


 - Blake is the SPAD being discussed by several other SPADs in Emerald Military
Base.  As the story goes, he called Colonel MacCall a pinhead and wound up
in Plain Rock Mental Institution.  Later in the game, when Jason Fly is also
being held in Plain Rock, the soldier in the next cell babbles endlessly, and
some of his lines include calling MacCall a pinhead.  It's safe to assume that
this is, indeed, Blake.


 - Brandy is the (former) girlfriend of one of the SPADs inside the submarine
base by the SPADs camp.  After the SPAD goes fishing with his brothers instead
of taking her out to a romantic place for the weekend, she stops seeing him.


 - Brenda is the nurse on duty at the main entrance to the medical ward of
Plain Rock Mental Institution when Jason Fly makes his escape.  She's one of
several characters in the game that sings the "on the run" song.  (See Brenda's
lines in the script to find out the lyrics for the song, it's in section 1.09.)

Bridget Curtis

 - Bridget Curtis is a news reporter for RT News.  She can be heard reporting
on the Winslow Bank incident when you're moving over the rooftops after
escaping the secret FBI structure in New York.

Bryan Lee

 - Bryan Lee is apparently a well-known musician in the game.  You can hear a
song by him in the broadcast directly following Bridget Curtis's news section
on the rooftops in New York after escaping the secret FBI structure.

Calvin Wax

 - Calvin Wax is the Secretary of Defense.  Wax is Number II, supposedly the
only Conspirator to know Number I's true identity, he commits suicide in front
of Jason Fly when it becomes clear that Operation Total Red has failed.  [Note
that I say "supposedly" because it seems clear to me that Kim Rowland and the
Mongoose both also know the true identity of Number I at some point in time,
and it also seems likely that Standwell might've known as well.]

Chief Petty Officer Michelgrove

 - Chief Petty Officer Michelgrove is called to Section E over the intercom in
the submarine base near the SPADs camp.  Other than that, he plays no active
part in the game.

Clayton Willard

 - Clayton Willard is a United States senator, and he's also Number V.  He was
involved in several of the Conspiracy's operations, and his estate was the
"Sanctuary," the large temple area the Conspirators used as a meeting ground.
Willard was killed by Jason Fly in a showdown at the Bristol Suites Hotel after
a meeting between Jasper Winslow, The Mongoose, and himself was spied on by
the FBI with the help of Jason Fly.

Colonel Amos

 - Colonel Amos is in charge of the FBI's investigation of William Sheridan's
assassination.  His men detain Jason Fly while attempting to escape Winslow
Bank.  At first, Amos and the FBI are oblivious to Carrington's plot to uncover
the Conspiracy using Jason Fly as a body double, and they assume that he is the
real Steve Rowland.  After Carrington and Fly produce enough captured documents
to prove Fly's true identity, Amos and the FBI join Carrington's operations.

Colonel Marshall

 - Colonel Marshall is just Jason Fly in disguise.  Fly needs a disguise to
enter SSH1 near the end of the game, and this provides a suitable one.


 - Cooper is a security soldier at SSH1 near the end of the game.  He was
supposed to escort President Galbrain to the control station, but no one ever
contacted him.  He gets suspicious and tries to find out what's going on.  He
doesn't have an important part in the game.

Dean Harrison

 - Dean Harrison is a United States Congressman, and he's also Number VIII.  He
doesn't play an active role in the game.  He's presumed either deceased or


 - Derek is one of the guards at Plain Rock Mental Institution.  He and his
fellow guard Jerry seem to have a thing for beating up patients (let's just
assume that all they do is beat them up...).  They make the mistake of
attacking Jason Fly in the large bathroom at Plain Rock, and they soon discover
that Fly is more than a regular mental patient at the asylum.

Doctor Michael

 - Doctor Michael is one of the doctors at Plain Rock Mental Insitution.  You
can hear him get paged to Room 11 over the intercom, and you'll see him later
in the game talking to Brenda, the nurse on duty in the main entrance to the
medical ward.


 - Doug is the SPAD that can be heard singing the "on the run" song in one of
the areas inside the SPAD camp.  His fellow SPADs don't find his singing as
pleasant as he does, so he's told to stop.


 - Douglas is a security soldier in SSH1 near the end of the game.  He's one of
several security soldiers that report problems contacting the ground level
after Colonel Marshall (AKA Jason Fly) forces his way into the lower levels.
He doesn't have a major role in the game.


 - Eddie is just a name called out by one of the patients in Plain Rock Mental
Institution.  He has no active part in the game, nor does the patient.

Edward W Johansson

 - Edward W Johansson is the Director of Plain Rock Asylum.  He's also Number
XX, which becomes apparent when Jason Fly is placed in the asylum after being
captured after an avalanche at Kellownee Lake.  Johansson is killed by Jason
Fly in a fight that breaks out in Johansson's operating room in the asylum.

Edwin Rauschenburg

 - Edwin Rauschenburg is the Chief Executive Officer of the CBN Channel, which
just happens to be the name of the channel reporting on Walter Sheridan's
success near the end of the game.  As Number XVIII, he has no active part in
the game.  He's presumed either deceased or detained.

Elly Shepherd

 - Elly Shepherd was the Director General of the Department of Defense.  As
Number XIX, Shepherd had no active part in the game, and is presumed either
deceased or detained.


 - Fisher is one of the guards in the Sanctuary.  When he turns up missing due
to you either knocking him out or killing him, a fellow guard gets suspicious.
Other than that, Fisher plays no significant part in the game.

Franklin Edelbright

 - Franklin Edelbright is an Admiral in the United States Navy.  Edelbright is
Number VII, Captain of the USS Patriot, and in charge of overseeing the arms
shipment from Emerald Military Base to SSH1 in Maryland.  He is killed in
combat with Jason Fly in the torpedo bay of the USS Patriot.

General Carrington

 - General Carrington is a military officer leading his own investigation into
the assassination of his close friend, William Sheridan.  Together with Major
Jones and Kim Rowland, Carrington hatches the plan to have Jason Fly take over
Steve Rowland's identity after he's killed by The Mongoose.  Carrington
recruits Fly after he proves himself to be a cut above the rest when he
outshines fellow SPAD and not-so-friendly rival Steve Rowland.


 - Gordon is the soldier on duty in Section D of SSH1 near the end of the game.
A fellow security soldier contacts him about the unit of SPADs that's
supposedly already in the lower levels to protect President Galbrain.  Other
than that, he doesn't have an active role in the game.

Harriet Traymore

 - Harriet Traymore is the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Steel
Corporation.  She's also Number XIV, although she doesn't play an active part
in the game.  She's presumed either deceased or detained.


 - Helen is the woman who answers Janet's call to the hospital when she tries
to get Jason Fly a CAT scan.  Other than that, she doesn't play an active part
in the game.

Irving Allenby

 - Irving Allenby's official title is Judge - Sheridan Affair.  Of course, he
also moonlights as Number VI.  He doesn't play an active role in the game, and
the only time his name is mentioned is during a conversation between two guards
in the lower levels of the Sanctuary.  He is presumed either deceased or

Jack Dickinson

 - Jack Dickinson is the Chief Executive officer of the American Legion.  He's
Number XV, although he doesn't have an active role in the game.  He's presumed
deceased or detained.


 - Jake is the SPAD that can be heard discussing Blake, the SPAD sent to Plain
Rock Mental Institution after calling Colonel MacCall a pinhead.  You can hear
this conversation shortly before lowering yourself through the electrified
shaft with your grappling hook in Emerald Military Base.


 - James is the security guard on duty at the entrance to the vault in Winslow
Bank the day Jason Fly arives to use the key he had on him when Janet found him
on Brighton Beach.


 - Janet is the life guard on duty on Brighton Beach when Jason Fly washes
ashore.  After taking the injured Fly to the aid station, she gives him the key
to a safe deposit box in Winslow Bank shortly before being slaughtered by the
Mongoose's men.  (She found the key on him, she didn't just happen to have it.)

Jason Fly

 - Jason Fly is the main character in the game, and you control him.  Formerly
a Captain in the SPADs, Fly was a rival to Steve Rowland (Number XIII).  After
Rowland is killed by the Mongoose, General Carrington and Kim Rowland enlist
Jason Fly to undergo plastic surgery and take over Steve Rowland's identity in
an attempt to uncover the truth behind the Conspiracy.  Fly is injured trying
to escape a boat during a mission, and washes up on Brighton Beach with a bad
case of amnesia.  The game deals mostly with his quest to uncover his past as
well as the secrets behind the Conspiracy from the moment he wakes up on the

Jasper Winslow

 - Jasper Winslow is the Chief Executive Officer of Winslow Bank.  He's also
Number IX, and held an important role in the Conspiracy by enlisting
supporters for the Cause.  He is killed by Jason Fly in the showdown at the
Bristol Suites Hotel after the FBI and Fly spy on a meeting between Clayton
Willard, The Mongoose, and himself.


 - Jerry is one of the guards at Plain Rock Mental Institution.  He and his
fellow guard Derek seem to have a thing for beating up patients (let's just
assume that all they do is beat them up...).  They make the mistake of
attacking Jason Fly in the large bathroom at Plain Rock, and they soon discover
that Fly is more than a regular mental patient at the asylum.

John Rainbow

 - John Rainbow is a term used to denote SPADs that think they're superheroes
or something.  The text says John Rainbow, but the audio clearly says John
Rambo, which obviously makes more sense.  I really only included this entry to
make fun of that mistake.  >_>;;

Joseph Galbrain

 - Joseph Galbrain is the President of the United States between William and
Walter Sheridan.  He is apparently oblivious to the Conspiracy, and is
eventually taken hostage by the SPADs unit assigned to protect him in SSH1.

Kim Rowland

 - Kim Rowland is Steve Rowland's widow.  As Number XVII, she swore revenge on
the Conspiracy for double-crossing her husband.  It was her idea to have Jason
Fly assume Steve Rowland's identity in an attempt to catch the rest of the
Conspirators.  Her last known location is the Lady Bee, where she can be heard
arguing with Walter Sheridan about her kidnapped son.  Obviously, there's an
interesting piece of the story that isn't quite covered in the game.  All the
more reason to want a sequel.  >_>  You should note, however, that the comic
series apparently does mention more on this subject than the game did.

Lloyd Jarrings

 - Lloyd Harrings is the Advisor to the White House.  He's also Number XII,
although he doesn't play an active role in the game.  He's presumed either
deceased or detained.


 - Lulu is the name of Brenda's dog (or other pet, I assume it's a dog).  She
only mentions the pet briefly, and it obviously doesn't play an active role in
the game.

Major Jones

 - Major Jones works as General Carrington's First Officer.  She's Jason Fly's
support through the majority of the game, providing him with tactical
information, weapons, and transportation.


 - Matthews is a friend of one of the guards at the Sanctuary.  He helped his
friend sand the hull of his boat, but other than that, he didn't have an active
role in the game.


 - McDougal is the SPAD responsible for the wrecked truck on the road to
Emerald.  His poor driving record is a running joke among many of the other
SPADs in the unit.

Ms. Jameson

 - Ms. Jameson is the name of a shopper at Fashion Square.  Sort of... >_>  One
of the patients at Plain Rock Mental Insitution mentions the name during a rant
in his cell, and I assume that she was likely one of his victims or something.

Norman Ryder

 - Norman Ryder is a Colonel with the National Guard.  As Number XVI, he has no
active role in the game.  He's presumed either deceased or detained.


 - O'Neil is the SPAD that's holding the storeroom key at the entrance to the
ski lift in the back of Emerald Military Base.  Interesting enough, O'Neil
is really have a definite character;  he can be any of several SPADs in the
area.  Specifically, he'll always be the last SPAD you neutralize.  Go figure.

Orville Midsummer

 - Orville Midsummer is the proprietor a media firm called Press Groups.  He's
also Number X, and he doesn't play an active role in the game.  He is presumed
either deceased or detained.

Philip Gillepsie

 - Philip Gillespie is Secretary of State of the Interior, and is also Number
IV.  He doesn't have an active role in the game.  He is presumed either
deceased or detained.

Sergeant Bower

 - Sergeant Bower is the SPAD that reports the presence of "Number XIII" to
Colonel MacCall in the SPADs camp.  MacCall doesn't believe him, and that's
pretty much the end of Bower's part in the game.

Seymour MacCall

 - Seymour MacCall is a Colonel in the United States Army.  Commanding officer
of the SPADs, Colonel MacCall is Number XI.  He is in charge of recruiting and
organizing the SPAD units that will be used to take control of the country's
strategic bases during Operation Total Red.  He is killed by Jason Fly in
combat at Emerald Military Base in Mexico while the USS Patriot is being
loaded for its move to Maryland.

Steve Rowland

 - Steve Rowland was a Captain in the SPADs.  He was Number XIII, assigned to
be the gunman in William Sheridan's assassination.  After the shooting,
Rowland was double-crossed and gunned down by The Mongoose.  The police scared
The Mongoose and his men away before they could collect the body, and Rowland
made it back to his wife's house before dying.  Kim Rowland, his wife, is
Number XVII.  She vowed revenge on the Conspirators for betraying her husband,
and it was her idea to have Jason Fly take on her husband's identity.  Seems to
be a little more to the story though, if you play through to the end of the

The Mongoose

 - The Mongoose is the hitman responsible for eliminating Steve Rowland after
he completed his task of assassinating William Sheridan.  Certain of Rowland's
death in the early parts of the game, The Mongoose finds it hard to believe
that XIII is still alive.  He and his men provide protection for the
Conspirators throughout most of the game.  The Mongoose eventually discovers
Jason Fly is not the original XIII, and the two are forced to face each other
in combat on the floor of the missile launch pad in SSH1 near the end of the
game.  The Mongoose is injured and falls down one of the missile launch tubes,
but can be heard sending a call to Number I on the Lady Bee at the end of the


 - Vince was one of The Mongoose's lackies.  He met an unfortunate demise when
attempting to eliminate Jason Fly near the Grand Canyon.

Walter Sheridan

 - Brother of President William Sheridan, Walter Sheridan is a United States
Senator on the Congressional Budget Committee.  Walter Sheridan vowes to return
to the White House to continue his brother's work.  Of course, Walter Sheridan
is also the notorious Number I, although you won't know that until the end of
the game.

Wendy McGill

 - Wendy McGill is the news reporter for CBN News heard on the TV in Jason
Fly's appartment near the end of the game.  She doesn't play an active part in
the game.

William Sheridan

 - Brother of Senator Walter Sheridan, William Sheridan was the President of
the United States until his assassination at the hands of the Conspiracy.  He
was shot and killed by Steve Rowland (Number XIII) in his car during a parade.

William Standwell

 - General William Standwell is the Chief of Staff.  Standwell is Number III,
in charge of organizing a large part of the military operations behind
Operation Total Red.  He is killed by Jason Fly while attempting to detain
President Galbrain in SSH1.

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