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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Urbz Pack Shot

The Urbz



by Nekogome


The Urbz:


The Urbz: Sims in the City 
Walkthrough by Nekogome
System/Console: Gamecube
Version 1.1

FAQ/Walkthrough posted on:

| Table of Contents:                                                                                          
| Legal Stuff						-Copyright                          
| Basic Overall						-Introduction                       
|                                                                          -Basics                              
|                                                                          -Controls                            
| What you Should Know					-Apartments and Districts    
|                                                                          -Buying and Selling             
|                                                                          -Clothing and Fashion         
|                                                                          -Goals                               
|                                                                          -Jobs and Skills                               
|                                                                          -Needs                              
|                                                                          -Relationships and Socials  
|                                                                          -Reputation                        
|                                                                          -XAM                                 
| Cheats, Hints and Tips					-Action Replay Codes
|                                                                          -Cheats                             
|                                                                          -Hints and Tips                                 
| Credits                                                                                                         

Legal Stuff:


This FAQ was created by Nekogome. And only Nekogome. This FAQ can only be put on a website with my ok. 
My e-mail address is: [email protected] Please ask me, before posting this on any site. This can be printed 
freely for personal use, but cannot be sold. Thank you.

Basic Overall:


Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough on The Urbz: SIM IN THE CITY! The Sims has been around for a long amount 
of time. Providing entertainment for their consumers/video game players for the PC. Later on they started providing 
games for the console, such as: The Sims, The Sims Bustin' Out, and now The Urbz: Sims in the city. I will be 
providing a walkthrough guide. This guide will provide the basics, a simple walkthrough, and some Cheats, Hints, 
and tips. This means secrets about the game will be provided as well. As you can see, so far, I only have the basics, 
and a few helpful stuff that some of you may want to know. The actual Walkthrough will be provided in version two.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is meant for Gamecube players. It can be used by Playstation2, and XBOX players, but some 
of the information may be Gamecube based.

I also don't mind receiving e-mails if you have information I can put in this FAQ. I will test to make sure that they are 
usable, then give you the credits, in the the credits section. E-mail: [email protected]


Basically this section to the actual walkthrough will provide the basics. Some things that you may already know, but 
since I will be constantly updating please, take a look. They may help you out in the future. These are the things you 
may want to know before playing the game. Just a simple overview.


These are the Gamecube controller controls. I got this from my instructon booklet. (I know it's not necessary, but 
sometimes when people rent games they don't provide this, so I will.)

Action Controls:

Cancel Action	B Button
Move Cursor	Control Stick
Open XAM	X Button
Select Action	A Button
Snap to Urb	Y Button
Switch Urb	Z Button
XAM help option	Z button

Environmental Controls:

Fast Forward	R Button
Freeze Action	L Button
Zoom/Rotate	C Stick

Menu Controls:

Cycle Choices			+Control Pad or Control Stick (Left/Right)
Highlight menu items		+Control Pad or Control Stick (Up/Down)
Page left/Page Right		L Button/R Button
Pause/Options menu		START/PAUSE Button
Return to previous screen	B Button
Select/Go to next screen	A Button

XAM Controls:

Access Grab/Place mode	X Button
Back/Exit		B Button
Navigate items		+Control Pad/Control Stick
Open XAM		X Button
Page left/Page right	L Button/R Button
Scroll text		C Stick
Select item		A button
XAM help		Z button

What you Should Know:

Apartments and Districts:

During the game, unlike in most of the sims games you will notice that there are three apartments. These three 
apartments can  be unlocked by you, as you progress through the game, and continue to increase your reputation. 
You can also customize these apartments to your likings. The only downside is that you will rarely be at your 
apartment, because you have the freedom to be elsewhere, and maintain your needs outside of the apartment. 
These apartments also has it's own pet. These cute adorable animals can be unlocked as you buy, and add items 
to your place. In your apartment you are also charged rent. Here are the threeapartments rent amounts.(Every 
time goes up):

1: 300
2: 1000
3: 2400

There are 9 districts in all. Each district has the following:

Its own style:

Like punks, skaters, bikers, gangsters, etc.


Goals are like assignments given to you to complete. Most goals per district are alike.

VIP rooms:

These are special rooms, in which you must have a correct amount of rep to get in.

Number of people you must socialize with:

Basically what the title says, clothing shops, and much more.

Some people have been telling me that they wonder what to expect in the 9 different districts. Culture wise. 
So I'll tell you:

This place is for people who want to be near punks. These people have their mohawks, their piercings. Everything. 
These people are basically punks in general.

These Urbz really LOVE music! Their area if filled with some really fancy stuff! Different moves that have to do 
with music are learned here!

Played The Urbz: Sims in the city on gameboy advanced before? Think of these people as richies, because these 
people are rich! Think of this as an area filled of rich snobs, who can get anything they want. Gambling should 
be used around here. (Just avoid a cop)

This area is filled with bikers. They are NOT punks, but bikers. In this area you can  race for money on a drag 
race with motorcycles. 

Skaters. That's all I can basically say.If you skate, you have the ability to do some tricks. This is helpful in the 
money area.

I LOVE this area. I'm one of those anime lovers. SO, in case you don't understand what i'm getting at, think of this 
as China town. Or even China, or Japan itself. Play DDR, and other games. Think of these people as just the 
typical anime, and technology fans, as myself. Some people think of them as geeks, because of technology. They 
are not though.  

Like rap? These people are the rap lovers of todays society. Their rooftops are full of raping fun.

Stylish. These people feel high about their fashion. These people think they don't need style. 

Think of these people as artists. They all basically wear black, and are an artist in some type of way. They are not 
the most rich of people though.

Buying and Selling:

People usually like to by items, and other stuff for their apartment. You can buy most of these items in the 9 
districts. Their should be a shop with a cash register. Remember this for when you're looking for it. Also 
remember that the game is based on unlocking items, socials, etc. Meaning that in the shop, not all items will 
be buyable until you unlock it.Just remember that once you buy an item it is transfered to your inventory. Your 
inventory can be found on your XAM. Inserting, removing items,etc should be pretty staright forward. In the Urbz: 
sims in the city. They allow you to move items around in the neighbourhoods! The only downside is that you are 
unable tosell them. If you really want to remove them you should be able to do it. Just you don't get money for it. 
(Note: You are not allowed to move anything in the VIP rooms!)

Ok, now for selling. Most people decide sooner or later that they no longer wish to own one of the items they want. 
So they sell them.Just go to the shop. Once you are at the shop, the first thing that you should being to notice is 
that 2 inventories will be opened for you. There will be on to the left, and one to the right. The left is what the shop 
contains, and the right is the ones you have. You should move to your inventory. Automatically, your inventory 
will become active. Select the item you wish to sell, and sell it. When you're done return to the shops inventory. 
(The items that you choose to sell will be sold at a cheaper price then when you originally bought it for.)

Clothing and Fashion:

Every district has its own style of clothing, and to fit in you must follow the trend, and wear the right clothes. 
Wearing the right, and proper clothes in the right district makes social moves more successful, and is neccesary 
if you want to gain rep. Clothes are purchasable in from a clothing store, which is located in each district. The store 
will sell clothing according to the districts fashion style. So it's a good idea to head to the clothing store when you 
first enter the district to make your style fit in. Any clothes that you decide to buy will be sent/appear so you can 
change your clothing/style any time you want to. In each clothing shop you can customise the head and body to 
your liking. Tattoos and piercings can only be found in certain districts.  Here are the four catergories of clothing or 
other things:


This is whereby you will be changing your belt, jewellery, lower body, shoes, and upper body. You also have the 
ability to create your own shirt here. This should be available in every shop.


This is whereby you will be changing your glasses, hairstyle,and hat. Adjusting your make-up is available if your 
a female. You canadjust you facial hair if you're a male. This should also appear in every shop.


This is whereby you can add piercings to your  chin, ears, eyebrows, and nose. If your a female you can pierce your 
navel, and nipplesif male. This should only appear in some shops, depending on the District.


This is whereby you can add tattoos (not permanently though) to your Upper Torso for your front, and back. Lower 
Torso for your front, as well as back. You can also tattoo your Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Upper Legs and Lower Legs. 
This only appears in some shops, depending on the District.


Goals are like missions. These missions are given to you per district. Each district has it's own set of missions. The 
missions being alike. These missions often include building a reputation, beating a job, unlocking a social from 
another sim, using a social on another sim, and many more. Goals can be found on your XAM.

Jobs and Skills:

Now, every sim needs money to get their expensive clothes, and house items. Meaning, you'll defenitly need money 
in this game. There is a job for every district in the city, each has three levels. To take these jobs look for the objects 
with a simlian(money) sign floating above it.  Each districts jobs are unique. Now remember that there are three levels. 
Each job has three objectives that you have to complete. Each that must be quite high to complete the job and earn 
the money. Once you are down completing that job at that certain level, you should/can try the next level. Everytime 
you complete a job level you will be awarded with a social move.  You should also try the final/thrid level. Remember 
that each level provides you with a social move.

Processing to the next level in the job isn't THAT easy though. To progress to the next job level, you must also have 
the required skills. There are three different skills. These skills are Artistic, Physical and Mental. These cab be 
increased to 30. These can be increased using the three different skill building items. These items can be unlocked by 
bringing up your rep. These can increase your skill up to level 10. Thething is that after you must buy an upgrade from 
the store. This also must be unlocked by increasing your rep. There are two upgrades for each item. You use these 
items by pressing the A Button repeatedly. 

Jobs will start at 4am and close at 11pm. So schedule yourself, because if you come at any other time, it will not be 
available for you. Another thing that my cousin told me is that if you finish your job after 11pm, you don't get paid. I 
tried this, and it's correct. So as I stated earlier, get an early start or schduele yourself properly. 

As for the three skill building items, here they are:

Artistic Skill = Schnizzalator
Physical Skill = Exer-cycle
Mental Skill   = Mental Machination Station


I find that the needs in this version, makes the sim game much more easier. There are only five needs. Meaning that 
Social, Room, and comfort were all taken out of the game. For those of you who are new to the game, you must keep 
these needs high, or else your sim will not obey you, and refuse to do anything you tell them. Except for satisfy those 
needs. These needs must be balanced with their life.


Bladder is something that can be easily taken care of when you go to the toilet. The need to use the toilet can increase 
when you eat, and is fulfilled faster on better toilets. Every District has a toilet you can use somewhere. If you have 
too low Bladder, and your sim does notgo to the bathroom in time, then your sims wet themselves.This can really 
decreases your Hygiene, and results in a Fine from a police office if you do this in a district.


The most important need of all! It can effect alot of things. This can be fulfilled by sleeping in a bed or on a bench, or 
by drinking an energy drink from a vending machine. The only downside of a bench, and vending machine, is that the 
drinking effects bladder, and sleeping on abench effects how long it takes to receive full energy. Every district should 
include a bed that you can use. If you have low energy for too long, then your sim will fall asleep on the floor. They 
can be woken up, but it makes things more frustrating.


Everybody needs some fun in their life. So do your sims. Fun is fulfilled by doing different activities, like watching TV 
or playing game, or even dancing. Just the different things that would qualify as fun in the real world. It should be 
evident of whats fun and what's not. Each district provides more than one way to increase Fun.


Everybody has to eat. Eating is one of the main things to survival. So fulfill hunger by eating some food. You can make 
food, in many was. Some provided in vending machines. There is a way to fulfil your Hunger in each district. Some 
ways are more helpful than others. 


Hygiene. Not all people want to be around someone who doesn't take a shower or two. Hygiene is can be increased by 
using a shower, bath or other activites like washing your hands in a sink. Using a shower or bath increases your 
Hygiene to almost full, but using a sink doesn't work that well to go crazy over it. I've learned that your Hygiene can 
decrease the quickest when your sim uses the toilet. OR Doesn't use it.

Relationships and Socials:

Relationships. They are the most important thing in the Urbz, because it has a great affect on your rep, as well as quests. 
I find building a relationship with other urbz in this game is much more easier. The game makes this easier by colour 
coding the moves. So, while your picking a social move, there will be three colours available. Green, Yellow, and Red. If 
a move is green then it has the highest chances of working. If a move is yellow, then it's like a 50/50 chance of working. 
A move is highly to fail if it is red. These colours change depending on your relastionship with the Urb and their 
personality. This makes making friends with different sims easier, so you know who is mostlikely going to like certain 
moves. Also keep in mind, that sometimes, even if a move is successful, it may not increase your relationship with 
another urb. (eg. Act Mean)

Here are the different categories, and options availble when socializing.:



Ice Breakers:



Back Slap
Euro Kiss
Fake Punch
Game On
Head Butt
High Five
Knuckle Up
Party Shout
Snippy Snap

Act Friendly:

Air Guitar
Artsy Dance
Blow Flame
Body Bonk
Bust A Move
Compare Phones
Give Back Rub
Pub Song
Skate Trick
Snap Shot
Spit Trick
Join Crew

Act Mean:

Firecracker Dance
Hyper Shock
Paparazzi Pop
Sign Language
Tag Face
Throw Signs

Act Romantic:

Grab Booty
Lounge Lure
Smoke Trick
Suck Face
Tuck N' Hug 360

Power Socials:

Power Socials can help give a good boost in a relationship. Just use them in the correct places:

BlastiKiss	-The Foundry
Chug A Lug	-Gasoline Row
Mug		-South Side Beach
Party Bomb	-Skyline Beach
Power Chord	-Cozmo Street
Sk8R TriiQx	-Kicktail Park
Stink Bomb	-Central Station
Strobe		-Neon East
XAMShot		-Diamond heights


In this guide you probably have noticed that rep=reputation has been mentioned alot. So let me explain to all of you 
what it is. Reputation is basically the key to everything in this game. It gets you everywhere! Such as the midnight 
parties, VIP rooms, it can unlock other districts or apartments. Your reputation, can also determine your influence over 
other Urbz. Your reputation depends on your relationships with other Urbz. Sometimes you can even gain reputation 
from completing goals. When your sim reputation increases, you can have a reputation moment occur. This highlights 
anything you just unlocked. With a higher reputation, you can gain higher rankings. This makes it even easier for you 
to socialise. One important note, is that the highest ranking is the Urb Fanatic. You should need a minimum 650 rep 
points to get the title perfectionist. You can get this when your relationship with each Urb is 100. You also can get the 
Urb fanatic if you have 100 relationship points with 3 of the Urb characters you can create. One of my family members 
showed me, that when you get enough rep, Urbz you socialise with will change their tios to one matching your style. 
So I hope this modivates you to get as much rep as you can.


What's an XAM? Think of the XAM as a sim PDA, or even better, as a cellphone. Some people find it easier just to 
call it a personal assistant. It can be opened by pressing X.


Just like in the original sim game, you can call people. The XAM allows you to use it to call the other Sims/Urbz and 
invite them over to your current location. You can use it to order food, such as chinese, and call the Fire Department, 
the Police or when your at your apartment to even throw a party. Calling the janitor is also a feature.


This option is like text messaging. Use this to look at text messages from other sims. Darius will give you text messages 
you once you have unlocked a new location or VIP room. Messages will be sent for as a reminder of your secret 
missions will also be sent to you. This XAM stores up to 20 messages.


This is an important function. Thi can show you a map of the city, and allow you to view all your goals according to 
district and apartment, as well as statistics of what you have left to unlock. Once you've completed a goal, it will be 


Use this to view the items your Sims have bought from the different stores. These items can be stored/placed anywhere 
in your apartment or district. Use it also when you want to remove or even sell any of your items. You can sell these 
items at the shops for when you no longer want them.


Want to know how your relationships with other Urbz are progressing? This gives you a summary of your lovers, 
friends, and enimies. A friend or lover is indicated with a positive number while an enemy is marked with a negative 
number. Remember that you need alot of friends as they can help you gain reputation points and can also teach you 
certain social moves.


You want to change your XAM's style? Collect different skins and ringtones to customise your XAM 
to your favourite color and ringtone. 


Cheats, Hints and Tips:

Welcome to the Cheats, Hint and Tips part of the guide. For those of you who want an easier gameplay. Remember that 
I accept anything given  to me as long as it works. Remember my e-mail is: [email protected] Just tell me a cheat, 
and I weill test it, then add it. So if you know it's false, or haven't tested it, please tell me. I need to know that 
I'm giving people true information. Thx. (I give credits to you if you do, so don't worry.)

Action Replay Codes:

Master (M): 

Infinite Simolians:

Press B+D-Pad Up For Max Motives:

Max Level:

(Note: AR Codes are designed for use with Action Replay V2 Game Enhancer. Codes are 100% compatible with GameShark2 
brand Game Enhancer.)

Name: Get Shorty
Effect: Reveals The Cheat Gnome (must be preformed first)
Cheat: Down, L, Z, R, X, Left 

Name: Mad Skillz 
Effect: Acquire Skill Object
Cheat: Down, Z, Up, Y, R 

Name: Beefcake
Effect: Max Physical Skill
Cheat: R, Z, Down, Y, Y

Name: Brainiac
Effect: Max Mental Skill
Cheat: Down, X, Left, R, Down 

Name: Art Damaged
Effect: Max Artistic Skill
Cheat: R, Y, Up, Z, Down

Name: Power Hungry
Effect: Get Power Socials
Cheat: B, Left, X, R, L,A 

Name: Nerd Herd
Cheat: View The Urbz Team Photo On Credits Screen
Effect: Up, Down, A, Up, Down, A

Hints and Tips

None ):



Nekogome/[email protected] - For making this FAQ/Walkthrough -For The Basic Cheats (Get Shorty, Mad Skillz, Beefcake, Brainiac, Art Damaged, Power Hungry, 
and Nerd Herd.) For the Basic Action Replay Codes, from (Master, Infinite Simolians, 
Max Level, and Max Motives.)

ON CONSTRUCTION, come back soon. Version 2, should be ready soon.