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Tales of Symphonia


Mania Mode FAQ

by MJEmirzian

MJ's Tales of Symphonia Mania Walkthrough
Revision 3

Contact: [email protected]

You may not publish or post this guide without my permission.

This guide is a walkthrough for the various challenges you'll encounter 
in a Mania mode game.  The guide is based on having spent 0 points in 
the Grade Shop, and setting the difficulty to Mania for the entirety of 
the game.  The guide is mostly based on pre-battle configuration and 
battle tactics.  It does not cover puzzle solving, data lists, lists of 
items or treasure to find, etc.  There are already helpful Walkthroughs 
that cover those aspects of the game.  The guide is a bit incomplete, 
as I got bored with it.  Still, you should find some helpful strategies.

On Mania mode, the enemies do 2x damage and have 2x HPs over normal 
mode.  The AI is more aggressive and will often target your back row 
units whenever possible.

How to play ToS well:

Play through the game on normal or hard to get a feel for the general 
controls and AI of the game.  

1. Change the default controller setup.

The problem with the default setup is that your thumb has to keep 
moving between B,A, and X, which is both tiring and inefficient in 
intense battles.  I recommend you change your controller configuration 
to this flexible setup.

A - Attack
B - Techs
X - Delay Spell
Y - Menu
L - Target Change
R - Defend
Z - U. Attack

By mapping Defend to the R button, you can not only concentrate your 
thumb on the B and A buttons, but you can also hold down defend while 
performing other actions with your thumb (instead of trying to hold 
down X and press other buttons at the same time).  This is useful in 
intense battles where you need to be defending while constantly 
switching in and out of menus to give orders.  It's impossible to use 
Delay Spell with this setup, but it's not needed in the course of the 
game anyway.  If you really want to use Delay Spell in this 
configuration, simply switch Target Change (L) with Delay Spell (X).

2. Learn manual mode.

Learn how to dash, jump, guard-dash, attack timings, combos, etc.

3. Learn to use the AI.

Setting proper AI battle strategies is half the battle in this game.  
The AI has some important flaws you need to be aware of.

The most critical flaw is that when your spellcasters run out of mana, 
they will always run up to the enemy and start close up melee attacking, 
which prettymuch guarantees their demise in Hard or Mania mode.  The 
only way to prevent this is to keep them stocked with mana or switch 
them to 'Hold Position'.  Once they run out of mana, even if you give 
them more mana, they will either start casting extremely close to the 
boss, or just run up to it and then run back endlessly.  So you're 
basically screwed if that happens.  Never let your casters run out of 

4. Learn to combat multiple enemies.

The best strategy for fighting multiple enemies is to partition the 
enemies between your allies, so they are all occupied and not tempted 
to run to your casters.  Learn to jump around and use the Tempest skill 
to get out of a corner or get out of a hairy situation.

5. Use your characters well.

Lloyd - Your frontline melee unit, stacked with skills.  His main 
problem is a lack of TP points, especially if you like going all out on 
the enemy.  Use every opportunity to raise his TP.

Usual AI Settings:

Attack Same/Scatter
At Once

Colette - Colette is best used as a spellcaster when you need angelic 
magic.  She's not very useful as a melee attacker, and Genis is better 
than her with most spells, so I tend not to use her unless I'm trying 
to steal something or need her light magic abilities.

Usual AI Settings:

Attack Same/Scatter
At Once
L-Range Magic/Hold Position

Genis - Genis is your main spellcaster.  

Usual AI Settings:

Attack Same/Scatter
At Once
L-Range Magic/Hold Position

Raine - Raine is your main healer.  A required character in just about 
every battle.  Her Photon spell is absolutely incredible, being able to 
negate any enemy defense.

Kratos/Zelos - Kratos is fairly useful early in the game as a dedicated 
melee unit.  You can also get his spells up a bit, to help fight a few 
bosses.  Zelos will take some training with magic to unlock his best 
abilities.  He's a decent melee fighter that is a good substitute for 
Presea when you feel like it.

Most of the time you want Kratos/Zelos's spells and healing abilities 
turned off.

Sheena - A good melee unit that is very lacking in hit points.  You'll 
need to use her in many boss battles through the second half of the 
game, so do not neglect her, or you'll regret it!  Get her as many HPs 
as possible!

Regal - He's a decent unit, but unfortunately his moves often juggle 
the enemy in the air, making it hard for your other allies to hit it.  
In addition, the AI never takes advantage of his ability to perform 
near-infinite juggles, so there's really no point.  Just leave him 
behind, as he's not required in any battles.

Presea - A good 'tank' unit, Presea can take a large amount of 
punishment while dealing damage to enemies all around her in a radius.  
She's very useful in some battles where the enemies will crowd around 
and attack from all sides.

So, the best melee units for most of the game are Lloyd, Sheena, Zelos 
and Presea.  Early in the game, though, you definiately want Kratos as 
a melee fighter.

The best spellcasters are Colette, Genis, and Raine.  Colette and Raine 
only get light magic, so keep that in mind when you're fighting 
anything resistant to light.

Depending on the battle, you'll need to take in different mixes of unit 
types.  The default setup is two melee and two casters, with Raine 
being one of the casters.  In battles against mainly spellcasting 
bosses such as summons, three melees is useful to keep them pinned down 
and stunned, with Raine providing group healing.  In battles against 
multiple bosses, two melees and two casters are best, as you can keep 
them juggled and occupied.  In battles against enemies that only spells 
are effective against, one melee and three casters are best.

6. Choose good titles:

Choosing good titles will help give your characters a free boost in 
their stats.  All of the good titles are easy to get and definitely 
worth it.

Lloyd - Tetra Slash/Berserker
Colette - Klutz/Oblivious/Little Pickpocket
Genis - Magic Cycle/Sorceror/Warlock/Mana Master
Kratos - Tetra Slash
Raine - Never Say Never
Sheena - Indecisive/Acrobat
Zelos - Tetra Slash/Princess Guard
Presea - Lone Girl/Axman/Mature Kid
Regal - Way of the Jungle/Battle Artist

ToS Rankings:

Here are some ToS rankings so you can tell just how good at the game 
you are.  If you're up for the challenge, go for it!  Personally I've 
done the Advanced rank and did the bonus for it as well.

ToS Ranking Rules:

1. All New Game+ games must be the first completion, not the second or 
further completions.

2. When playing your game, you must stick to the difficulty level you 
chose at the start of the game from the main menu.  If you change it, 
you're disqualified!  

3. Powerleveling is not allowed.  You can't deliberately run around an 
area fighting monsters for ages just to gain your levels and stats up 
to clobber a boss with brute force.

4. You may talk to one woman EACH with Zelos's personal skill.  You may 
not abuse Zelos's personal skill.  Don't make me come after you!

5. When spending grade points in shops on the Advanced ranking, you 
must subtract whatever grade points you carried over from the Grade 
Shop from your current grade score.  You do not get to use your 1,000+ 
points in either the Grade Shop or in the game itself.

Difficulty Rankings:

ToS Gamer: Complete a New Game on Normal or a New Game+ on Normal or 

ToS Intermediate Gamer: Complete a New Game on Hard.

Tos Intermediate-Advanced Gamer: Complete a New Game+ on Mania while 
spending points in the Grade Shop.

ToS Advanced Gamer: Complete a New Game+ on Mania, while spending no 
(zero, 0) points in the Grade Shop and following rule #5.

Extra l33t Bonus: Kill all three Sword Dancers as soon as they are 
available to fight.  Kill Abyssion at Lv. 70 on Mania mode without 
using an all-divide.


Battle 1 - Desian Troops/Warrior
Avg. Level - whatever you start the game with

AI Behavior:

Genis - Scatter
Colette - Attack Same

Starting out, buy yourself 4 apple gels and a few magic lenses.  When 
you've got enough money, buy yourself a whole 8 pairs of Boots 
accessories.  You'll want the +4 defense through the early portions of 
the game.

Try to keep the soldiers pinned down and don't let them try to attack 
Genis.  If Genis runs out of TP, immediately set him to Hold Position.  
It'll be a miracle if Colette doesn't die.. try to heal her with Genis.

When the warrior shows up, set both AIs to Hold Position and just wait 
at the edge of the screen.  After a few seconds, Kratos will show up.  
Now you can start pounding on him.  The boss has a good 8,000 HPs, and 
he can kill Lloyd very easily.  Use the orange gel on Genis and set him 
back to L-Range magic, and set the proper AI settings for Kratos.  Keep 
Colette on Hold Position, as she will not last a second against the 
boss.  Have her use lots of apple gels instead.

The boss has very slow attacks, and you can easily run away or guard-
dash backwards to avoid him.  Move in and slam him when possible, then 
quickly fall back and let his attacks hit thin air.  Don't let Kratos 
keep casting First Aid - disable it and make him get into the fight.

Battle 2 - Exbeula
Avg. Level - 5

A long and laborious battle.  Learn the monsters patterns and just keep 
attacking it for a good couple of minutes.  Pay attention to Genis's 
mana supplies.

Battle 3 - Desian Desert Troops
Avg. Level - 6

Buy a ribbon and gloves if you can afford it, to put on Colette for the 
Botta fight.

Head into the temple and avoid the monster battles for now.  Fight the 
Golems instead, which are much easier to handle.

Don't go into the sorceror's ring room until you're ready - set Kratos 
AI to attack same before you go.

Head down to the desert town and visit the fortune teller.  You'll have 
to do a very tough fight against three Desian units.  Make a run for 
the bowman and focus on him to kill him, while dodging and warding off 
the other whip masters attacks.  Don't let any of them target Genis.  
Have Genis use apple gels on Llyod liberally.  If you're good and lucky, 
you'll kill the bowman and be able to carefully kill the two whip users 
using standard block tactics.  If you can survive this battle, you may 
be cut out for Mania mode after all!

Battle 4 - Botta
Avg. Level - 8

The next Botta battle is tough.  Have your three melees focus on one 
guard at a time while Genis is set to scatter.  Don't let Botta pin 
your units down or he'll easily kill them.  Bring along plenty of apple 
gels and a few life bottles.  You can sell the synthesis materials for 
1,000 gold for funds if you need them.  Colette will likely die - don't 
bother reviving her until both guards are taken out.

With both guards down, gang up on him big time.  Botta has a nasty 
8,400 HPs and will take quite a beating.  Use items with Colette very 
liberally - use tons of apple gels to keep the front line units from 
dying.  He can be broken out of casting, so pound the crap out of him 
if he starts.  Once he's at half HPs, he will cast Stalagmite, which 
can be extremey deadly.  Try to avoid it at all costs!  You can also 
set a quick AI command to 'Guard' from the main battle menu, which will 
get them running away.  The spell may very well end your battle right 
there.  Be very careful.  When he hits his overlimit, guard/evade him 
and do not attack!  I doubt you can win this with a positive grade 

Battle 5 - Ktguch
Avg. Level - 10

Make sure you have everyones defenses and equipment at top notch.  
Fight around the temple, gather treasure, and get your characters up to 
level 10.  Once you have the thief ability for Colette, fight the Fake 
chest.  Use a Fire Quartz on Colette and have her steal an all-divide 
from the Fake, then run away.

The party should be Lloyd, Colette, Kratos, and Genis

Everyone should be set to Attack Same

Now for the boss - he is most assuredly impossible to defeat without 
using an all-divide.  I've tried many different strategies, but they 
simply do far too much damage for your party to handle.  So use that 
all-divide you just stole!

In battle, have everyone gang up on the Ktguchlings one at a time.  Use 
tons of apple gels with Colette and try to block or dodge the Ktguch's 
shots.  With the Ktguchlings gone, take on the boss.  Gang up on him 
big time and he'll really feel the pain.  Once he's at half HPs he'll 
cast explosion, but you should be able to weather it if you're still 
healthy.  Despite using an all-divide, the battle doesn't take that 
long to complete.

Afterwards, steal a few all-divides from the Fake then kill it.

Battle 6 - Clumsy Assassin
Avg. Level - 11 (Lloyd)/10 (Everyone Else)

The party should be Lloyd, Kratos, Colette, and Genis

AI Settings:

Kratos - scatter/frontlines
Genis - attack same
Colette - scatter

Avoid the monsters on the way to the Assassin, then fight.  Attack the 
Guardian while the others keep Sheena busy.  Sheena can do tons of 
damage with her Pyre attack, but her range is relatively short, so it's 
fairly easy to dodge her attacks.  Try not to let Sheena back you into 
a corner - you can jump over her fairly easily.  The guardian is easy 
enough with simple melee attacks.  Once again, use tons of apple gels 
with Colette to keep your party alive and well.

Battle 7 - Sword Dancer 1
Avg. Level - 14 (Lloyd)/13 (Everyone Else)

Grab the EX Gem Lv. 1 in the mine and stick it on Colette to get the 
Item Finder skill.  Use this to fight around the mines and trail.  
Avoid the soldier units as they are a very tough fight.  Instead, focus 
on killing the bears which are both fairly easy to kill and also drop 
valuable materials that you can sell for 1,000 gold each.  Get up to 
the average level and buy 20 Apple/Orange gels and plenty of life 

The boss here is the well known Sword Dancer, a very tough boss that 
has incredible melee power.  On mania mode his strength is so powerful 
that he can do 100 damage per hit to to Lloyd/Kratos even if you guard!

The party should be Lloyd, Colette (spell), Kratos (spell), and Genis.

Use Lloyd and his beast skill to smack the boss back across the screen, 
while your allies pound him with spells.  Time your beast attacks to 
hit just after Colette's Angel Feathers.  Use orange gels constantly to 
restore the mana reserves of your party.  If he's getting close with no 
spell in sight, try to move up to him and guard-dash backwards - he'll 
waste time attacking thin air and give you a bit of time.  After a good 
5 minute battle and probably all 20 orange gels used, he'll go down.

Battle 8 - Kilia
Avg. Level - 15

Go after Kilia, since she's an easy kill and you can't afford to storm 
the fortress.  Use Lloyd, Colette, Raine, and Genis.  Just block her 
attacks and strike when you see the chance.  She doesn't have any super 
moves so just block and counter.  She'll be down for the count in no 

Battle 9 - Maginus
Avg. Level - 16

AI Behavior:

Kratos - scatter
Genis - attack same

Magnius is a hellacious boss who has powerful splash damage attacks, 
beast attacks, and guard breaker skills.  On top of that, you have to 
fight a group of guards before him that are definitely not easy on 
mania mode.  Have your best cooking skills ready for the end of that 

Start out by focusing on the bowman while Kratos keeps the other two 
busy.  Use a life bottle immediately if he goes down.  With the bowman 
out, take the whip master down.  Use that spirit tablet you got from 
the Fake chest at around that time, and continually use orange and 
apple gels throughout the battle.  Take on Magnius very carefully, 
making good use of the guard-dash to avoid his guard breaker attacks 
and other very nasty skills.  His attacks do a full 500+ damage if you 
get hit by them, so you really want to keep yourself healthy so you can 
keep healing and restoring TP to your allies.  Magnius is extremely 
powerful, and Kratos's stupid AI will get slammed by his attacks every 
single time.  Just keep reviving him.. there's not much else you can do.  
Taking control of Kratos's AI will have Lloyd doing the exact same 

Battle 10 - Water Temple Guardian
Avg. Level - 18

Before heading into the water temple, head through the road pass to 
Asgard and get yourself better equipment.  Try to level up on your way 
between the cities.  The temple enemies are all nasty and appear in 
groups of 3-4, so you're better off avoiding them.  Purchase at least 
two poison charms for Lloyd and Kratos.  Make sure you have a few Red 
Quartz items from the fire temple - if not, go and get some.

The party should be Lloyd, Kratos (melee), Colette (melee.. or spell 
once the minions are dead), and Raine.  Set all of them to scatter.

This is the second battle where you'll need to use an all-divide to 
survive.  The boss does absolutely insane damage, and it will 
annihilate your party easily if you don't use it.  The minions barely 
do any damage as long as you have a poison (water) charm on, but they 
are annoying, so take care of them first.  Use a Red Quartz to increase 
your damage output on the minions and they should go down fairly 

With the minions out of the way, hunker down against the boss.  It has 
a lot of HPs.  Just corner it and pound away, blocking its attacks.  
Use Raine to keep everyone healthy and keep using orange gels for TP.  
Despite using an all-divide, you should still not take too long to 
finish it off.  Raine should also have Photon by now, which is hands 
down one of the very best spells in the game.

Battle 11 - Wind Dias Boss
Avg. Level - 19

The party should be Lloyd, Colette (spell), Raine, and Genis.

This boss is fairly easy to take care of.. about the same difficulty as 
Kilia.  Get in its face with Lloyd, strike and defend when necessary, 
and it'll go down fairly quickly.  Nothing but standard tactics here.

Battle 12 - Wind Guardian
Avg. Level - 21

With a large 28,000 HPs, this boss does not go down easily.  Do plenty 
of battles in your exploration of the wind temple to level up.  

Battle 13 - Resolute Assassin
Avg. Level - 21

No, you can't save at all between these battles.  The designers were 
smoking crack and decided to put the save point near the entrance 
instead of near the boss.  Ha ha ha!

The party should be Lloyd, Kratos (melee), Colette (melee), and Genis

Head straight for Sheena while the AI units go after the guardian.  Be 
very careful as she can do insane radial damage with her Pyre Seal.  
Use an all-divide if you don't feel like the risk of death and having 
to fight the Wind Guardian over again.  They both have huge amounts of 
HPs.  The Guardian should go down first, then you can concentrate on 
Sheena herself.

Battle 14 - Kvar
Avg. Level - 22

Bring along Lloyd, Kratos, and Raine.  Equip them all with Paralysis 
Charms if you want a prayer at surviving.

Lloyd - attack same

Lure the three energy runes down to the bottom of the screen.  Kvar 
will not pursue you and will only cast lightning spells, so stay far 
away from him until the runes are down.  Take control of Kratos and 
make liberal use of his Light Spear technique, hitting multiple runes 
at once.  Block often and try to shove one or two away, as they'll come 
back slowly and give you time to hit the other ones.  Jump over them or 
dash back if they try to surround you, and protect Raine if they start 
attacking her.  Don't pursue them anywhere near the boss.  Use three 
magic lenses on them so you can keep track of their health.  They have 
low defense, so just keep beating on them and they'll go down 

Kvar himself is a pain.  He has a ton of hit points and many of his 
lightning hits are unblockable.  Make good use of the guard-dash 
feature to avoid his lightning strikes.  Be careful - if you start 
seriously beating on him him while he's casting a spell, he'll go into 
overdrive.  Use caution and don't attack him too hard when he starts 
casting.  Keep healing and using gels with Raine.  After a long 
beatdown, he'll go down on his knees.

Battle 15 - Undine
Avg. Level - 23

A fairly easy boss.  Use Lloyd, Kratos, Sheena, and Raine, all equipped 
with Poison Charms.  Back Undine into a corner and beat the holy crap 
out of her with three melees.  All of her spells are interruptable, and 
her attacks are fairly slow to come out, so she should mostly remain in 
a stunned and beat up position through most of the battle.  When she 
overdrives, just back off and heal your AI units when they take damage.

Battle 16 - Efreet
Avg. Level - 24

Bring along Lloyd, Kratos, Sheena, and Raine.  Get a lid shield from a 
soldier for Kratos, and kitchen mittens for Sheena and Raine.  The boss 
casts explosion and eruption spells constantly, so you have to keep on 
your toes and stay healthy.  Use a lot of life bottles and try to gang 
beat him whenever possible.

Battle 17 - Iaubis
Avg. Level - 25

Bring Lloyd, Colette (melee), Kratos, and Raine.  Put a stun charm on 
Lloyd and Kratos - you can get a second stun charm from a grab bag at 
the customization shops.  Once again, gang up on the boss with three 
melee units to keep it relatively stunned and unable to do anything 
really nasty.  Try to steal the White Quartz from the boss if you can, 
as it's the only one in the game that I'm aware of.  Just set Colette's 
U-attack to Item Thief and she might get it that way.. or you may just 
have to do it the hard way.

Use black quartz items on your weapons to do serious damage to the boss.  
He won't last very long with that kind of attack power honed in on him.  
His attacks are fairly slow and can easily be blocked, and he mostly 
just lumbers around and stays in place to get beat on.

Battle 18 - Remiel
Avg. Level - 27

This guy is can be a pain if he starts tossing around nasty spells.  
Although Lloyd and Sheena can handle his Ray and Judgment spells with 
stun charms equipped, Genis and Raine will take a good 600-800 damage 
per hit.  Just keep him busy, using strong combos and beast attacks 
when possible.  The battle can be fairly smooth if you can keep him 
from letting off his evil spells.  Save your U-attacks for when he goes 
into overdrive.

Battle 19 - Pronyma
Avg. Level - 29/30

Pronyma isn't too tough if you have drain charms and gang up on her 
with 3 melee units.

Battle 20 - Sword Dancer 2
Avg. Level - 32/33

The Sword Dancer is back with an incredible 66,666 HPs.  His attacks 
can do 1000+ damage per hit to Lloyd.  And this time he casts spells 
that can wreck your back row.

Use the same strategies as last time, and try to heal your back row if 
they get hit by spells.  Equip your casters with as much elemental 
resistance as possible to fire, lightning, and earth.  If he casts 
spells at Lloyd, dodge out of the way!  All of his spells can be dodged.

Battle 21 - Defense System
Avg. Level - 35

Have your allies take care of the Orbits while you knock out the self-
repair system.  Once that's down, just beat on the main system until 
the self-repair is back online.  Try to keep everyone healthy and use 
plentiful items.

Battle 22 - Volt
Avg. Level - 36

Another 3 melee gang beating boss.  Not much of a problem.  Most of the 
summon bosses can be handled by ganging up on them with three melee 
units.  Bring Paralysis Charms.

Battle 23 - Yuan & Botta
Avg. Level - 38

Now this is a rough battle.  Both guys can do tons of damage in 
addition to nasty attacks when they hit half health.  It's simply not 
possible to concentrate on either one of them for an extended period of 
time as they'll go nuts or attack your healer.  I suggest Raine and 
three powerful melee units.  Alternate between the two units and heal 
like mad.  Botta should go down first, followed by Yuan.  You should 
bring Paralysis Charms in order to negate some of Yuan's insane thunder 

Battle 24 - Dragons
Avg. Level - 40

Try to get as much defense as possible in this battle, and equip the 
dragons tooth weapon.  Have Nurse on speed cast and try to separate the 
dragons so you don't get beat on them at the same time.  Bring along 
earth protection as well.  The baby dragons have a lot of HPs but they 
take a ton of damage, too, so they will go down fairly quickly.  Just 
keep healing like mad and attacking forcefully.

Battle 25 - Gnome
Avg. Level - 42

Gang up on poor Gnome and beat the crap out of him.  You should go to 
Flainor and purchase Black Onyx gems, as they will serve your future 
battles very well.

Battle 26 - Celsius
Avg. Level - 44

This is a fairly difficult battle as Celsius can do huge amounts of 
damage, even with ice resistance items.  Keep Celsius busy while your 
allies take out Fenrir, who is much less of a threat.  Celsius is very 
hard to stun out of a move, so use caution and defense.  If she nails 
your characters with a combo, expect massive amounts of damage.  

Battle 27 - Sylph
Avg. Level - 45

This battle is completely nuts.  Faeries will be flying everywhere and 
causing mayhem.  A three melee unit team is best in this battle.  Once 
the battle gets heated up, you should basically stay close to Raine and 
smack the crap out of any fairy that gets close.  Use Beast skills 
plentifully as there are always other fairies to beat up on.  It's 
pretty impossible to focus on one or the other.

Battle 28 - Rodyle
Avg. Level - 46

Bring along one melee and two casters for this battle, as Rodyle is 
slow and barely casts spells.  You should have earth protection, also.  
He has a ton of HPs but is easy to beat on and block his attacks.

Battle 29 - Shadow
Avg. Level - 50

Another 3 melee gang up battle.  Just gang up on him and he'll barely 
be able to do anything.  Drain charms are a must here.

Battle 30 - Aska & Luna
Avg. Level - 51

Put on some stun charms for this battle.  Three melees and Raine are 
best.  Aska only does fairly weak melee attacks and Luna has a few 
spells but nothing special.  Just alternate between the two and keep 
them separated apart.  Beast skills come in handy for downing one then 
hitting the other.

Battle 31 - Forcystus
Avg. Level - 52

Although there aren't many anti-wind items out there, you'll 
definiately want to equip them on your characters for this battle!  
Forcystus is difficult to tackle, and will do incredible damage.  Take 
out the wind machines ASAP while your allies handle Forcystus for a bit, 
then go after him.  Use a lot of guard dashing to stay out of his 
unblockable wind attacks.  He has high defense and will take a pounding 
before going down.

Battle 32 - Plantix
Avg. Level - 54

Another 3 melee gang up battle.  This boss is very easy to slaughter.

Battle 33 - Kratos 2
Avg. Level - 56

Kratos 2 is tough, but beatable.  Bring along Stun Charms to negate his 
judgment spells, and make sure your party has very high defense.  He's 
difficult to stun, but possible if you gang up on him.  Guard dash back 
so he's only attacking thin air, and use a lot of beast techs for some 
time to use items while he's downed.

Battle 34 - Sword Dancer 3
Avg. Level - 57

This monster has 200,000 HPs, so be prepared for a long and drawn out 
battle.  He's basically the same as his second form, except he can do 
even more damage and takes even longer to kill.  Also, for some reason 
on this battle stage, he can somehow get 'stuck' in a nearby corner and 
you won't be able to push him away very far.  If that happens just pray 
you can knock him out of it and far away from you.

Battle 35 - Pronyma 2
Avg. Level - 59

Immediately trash the Iduns and go after Pronyma.  She can cast some 
very nasty spells, make sure you have Drain charms on.

Battle 36 - Yggdrasil
Avg. Level - 60

Treat him like a more deadly version of Kratos.  Put on Stun charms and 
keep at him when he warps around.

Battle 37 - Origin
Avg. Level - 62

Just nail him with a three melee team.  Proceed through the final 
dungeons and grab the Derris Emblem.

Battle 38 - Maxwell
Avg. Level - 67

Another melee team battle.  Use healing items if he starts getting 

Battle 39 - Abyssion
Avg. Level - 70

This guy is really difficult on mania mode.  He has 240,000 HPs and can 
do around 1500-2500 damage per hit.  He's extremely difficult to stun 
and will cast some of the most powerful spells in the game.  Try to 
equip as much elemental defense as possible, and at least one Black 
Onyx on all of your characters.  It's also a good time to use all of 
those Red Savorys on Lloyd.

You don't have to use an all-divide on this battle, although it will 
make it much easier to manage.  If you use an all-divide, use a lot of 
TP restore items and have Raine casting Photon for the most part.  If 
you don't use an all-divide, use a lot of HP restore items and have 
Raine healing like a madwoman.  Try not to let anyone die as you only 
have a limited supply of life bottles.

Despite the incredible damage he can do, the best team is three melees.  
Lloyd, Sheena, and Presea have the best chance against him, as they all 
have knockdown attacks that can break his casting and stun him.  Use 
beast attacks very frequently to send him sprawling and give you some 
room to use healing items.  Bring along plenty of Energy Tablets and 
Spirit Bottles.  When he attacks, he'll do at least two moves in a row 
that are unblockable and unstunnable, followed by a near instant cast 
of a powerful spell.  Once he starts casting a spell, it's your cue to 
rush him with your allies and try to break him out of it.

Once you get him down to half HPs he will warp away from you and try to 
chain cast Indignant Judgment and Meteor Storm one after the other, 
basically guaranteeing death if you don't stop him in some way.  The 
best ways to stop this are holding a Photon spell until he starts 
casting, trying to use a Unison Attack, or using an Hourglass, which 
you can get from Zelos's personal skill by talking to women.  After 
he's down half HPs, he'll start casting indignation, ground dasher, and 
meteor storm.  Keep up the pattern and he'll eventually run out of HPs, 
as long as you haven't run out of life bottles!

Battle 41 - Mithos
Avg. Level - 70

He's not much stronger than when you fought him before.  If you beat 
Abyssion this guy should be a piece of cake.  His first form is harder 
than his last, and he will cast Indignant Judgment, so be prepared!

Secret Dungeon - Lv. 70 

The secret dungeon is impossible without a whole ton of luck.  Whenever 
you're given a choice of penalties, choose the second to last, and pray 
you don't get a red floor.  If you do, you're screwed.  Take this 
gamble three times and you may have enough soulfire by the end of the 
dungeon to pass to the last boss.  I had about 980 or so after lucking 
out in this manner.

When you start out the first few floors, try killing all the monsters.  
You can often kill them fast enough to get a small grade bonus.  Equip 
yourself with weapons that go against the enemies weaknesses.  On the 
red floors when you get nasty skull enemy fights, just try your hardest 
to beat them as fast as possible.  The fights may take up to 2 minutes 
which means a huge grade penalty.  Expect to lose up to 200 grade on 
the later red floors.  Don't burn any of the torches on the red floors 
as you may end up having to wander around trying to find the last 
monster or whatever.

The two bosses aren't incredibly difficult, but they will pose a 
challenge.  On the mounted hell knight, use a lot of upward and aerial 
attacks, as many ground based attacks will simply miss.  At the living 
armor, run away when he casts his spells and keep your allies healed.  
He will go into overlimit a lot if you do tons of damage to him, so 
just be careful and keep everyone healthy.

Exhibition Match - Lv. 75

I recommend Lloyd, Zelos, and Raine for the exhibition match.  Your job 
is to jump between Meredy and Farah, using beast skills to knock them 
over and generally stop them from causing too much trouble.  Zelos 
should be occupied with Garr or Meredy.  Generally Farah will be 
constantly trying to attack Raine, so keep her protected while hitting 
up Meredy.  Just ignore Garr until last.  Meredy will revive herself 
twice, so just keep wailing on her.  Try to knock her out of her spells 
as much as possible, as she has some nasty attack as well as healing 
spells.  I've even had an hourglass used against me once!  Use tons of 
healing items, don't hold back!  Once Meredy is down for good, it's 
easier to take out Farah and then finally Garr.  

The End

Well hope you got a kick out of this guide.  Give Tales of Destiny II 
US (i.e. Tales of Eternia JP) a try on hardcore mode without 
powerleveling for some more challenge.