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Pikachu FAQ

by Crazyreyn

|                                  PIKACHU                                   |
By me frog & Crazyreyn
Rated T (TEEN)
Created on 01/03/02
Last updated on 11/21/03
[email protected], [email protected]
Version Final

|                               TABLE OF CONTENTS                            |

Version History
Pikachu Introduction
Pikachu moves: regular
Pikachu moves: special
Pikachu fighting tactics
Pikachu suggested combos
Pikachu guide: Adventure Mode
Pikachu Guide: Classic Mode
Pikachu guide: All Star Mode
Pikachu Guide: Event Match
Pikachu Target Test
Legal Info

|                               VERSION HISTORY                              |

1 01/03/02  Started on Adventure mode. Everything above it is
complete. More coming soon!

1.01 01/13/02  Added stages two, three, and four to Adventure mode.
1.2   01/22/02 Bit more to Adventure and some new combos.

2.0 08/03/03 Oh my god look at how much time's passed! Anyway, adventure
mode and classic mode are both complete now.

2.1 11/03/03 Heh, exactly three months later. I'm going to try to finish this
FAQ as fast as possible now, so expect to see rapid updates instead of the long
gaps that you've been seeing in the past. Anyway, I started off my rapid updates
by fixing the layout to reflect my other FAQs. Plus, it looks A LOT better.

2.2 11/06/03 Here's the first of the rapid updates. I started and completed all-
start mode. Expect to see Target Test complete by the next update, and then a
few Even Matches or so. The Special Melee guide is coming last, so you'll have
to wait about three weeks or so if you are just here for info on special melee.

2.3 11/12/03 Here's the second update in less than a week. I got event matches
1-10 done. Crazyreyn will join as a co-author soon, so he'll be doing event
matchs 15-51 and the Target Test.

Final 11/21/03 The final version. Everything is complete.

|                           PIKACHU INTRODUCTION                             |

Pikachu is one of the most popular Pokemon. He started his days on
Pokemon Red and Blue. Next he came out on Super Smash Bros. After that
it was Pokemon Snap. Then he came out on Pokemon Yellow which totally
involved him.  Soon after it was Pokemon Stadium and then Pokemon Gold
and Silver. After that it was Pokemon Stadium 2. Later that year, he
came out on Pokemon Crystal. Now he makes his next gaming experience in
Super Smash Bros. Melee. Pikachu is the evolved form of Pichu who is a
secret character in Smash Bros. Melee. He is not my best character but
he is a good one I have to admit. He is quick and light (that's bad). He
is also a small target. His jump is pretty good and his power is great.
Pikachu can be used right from the start and he packs wild moves like
Thunder, Quick Attack, Electrocution, and Electric Drill. If you are a
beginner, Pikachu is one of the top choices for you.

|                          PIKACHU MOVES: REGULAR                            |

I will list the button on the right, the name of the attack in the
middle, and about the amount of damage it does on the left.

A                    Headbutt               1-2 damage
(dashing) A          Running Headbutt       4-7 damage
Left+A               Pikachu Kick           4-8 damage
Right+A              Pikachu Kick           4-8 damage
Up+A                 Tail Slap              3-7 damage
Down+A               Tail Sweep             3-7 damage
(Smash) Left+A       Thunderbolt            10-30 damage
(Smash) Right+A      Thunderbolt            10-30 damage
(Smash) Up+A         Tail Somersault        4-24 damage
(Smash) Down+A       Electric Flower        4-18 damage
(in air) A           Pikachu Roll           4-12 damage
(in air) foward+A    Electric Drill         1-6 damage
(in air) backward+A  Glider                 4-12 damage
(in air) up+A        Tail Chop              2-4 damage
(in air) down+A      Electric Screw         2-15 damage
Z                    Grab                   no damage
R+A                  Grab                   no damage
Grab+A               Electric Shock         2-3 damage
Grab+Z               Electric Shock         2-3 damage
Grab+foward          Electrocution          4-10 damage
Grab+backward        Submission             4-9 damage
Grab+up              Electric Skull         5-10 damage
Grab+down            Electric Slam          5-10 damage

|                          PIKACHU MOVES: SPECIAL                            |

Thunder Jolt (B button): Pikachu will fire a ball of electricity and it
will stick to a platform for a short time. It isn't really that powerful
but it is good to prevent your opponent from reaching the edge.

Skull Bash (Left or Right+B): Pikachu will charge left or right when you
use this move. You can charge the move to make it more powerful and make
Pikachu fly further. It should be used with caution because you might
rocket off the edge.

Quick Attack (Up+B+Left or Right): Pikachu will fly up in the air and if
you want, you can also make him fly left or right (but you don't have
to). It is quick and can be unexpected, but it isn't exceptionally
powerful. This can also be used as Pikachu's third jump.

Thunder (Down+B): The thunder move will send a bolt of lightning
straight down to Pikachu. If there is a platform above Pikachu, it will
halt there (so it isn't good for stage 10 in adventure). It is a very
powerful move and can halt opponents in the air, and can also send
enemies near Pikachu flying.

|                               PIKACHU FIGHTING TACTICS                     |

As in my other FAQs, this will tell you the tactics to use with Pikachu
when your in trouble. If you are an advanced player then you don't
really need this. But, you should still. Also if you are a beginner, do
not skip this chapter. You should try all of the following tactics in the
training mode.

Pikachu is one of the smallest, fastest, and lightest characters in
SSBM. He is light. That is a problem. When facing characters like DK and
Bowser, you will probably get thrown off the screen or turn into a star.
Your fast though so you need to use that gift.

You probably all ready know that Pikachu's Thunder is a strong move. You
need to use that to keep enemies away. It won't send Bowser and DK back
that far so run away. You can probably beat them to an item so that is a

You have a good jump so use that. If you are on a stage like Brinstar
escape or Icicle Mountain, the jump will come in handy.

Throw opponents away if your Thunder mover isn't going to do the job.
Make sure they don't grab you!

To keep opponents from getting close to you, use the Thunder Jolt attack
rapidly to build damage and keep them from getting close to you.

NEVER use an attack that requires you to get close to the enemy when
your damage is high. Use something like Quick Attack or Thunder Jolt.

Pikachu is a small target, so when an enemy is a giant, get under them
to greatly decrease the chances of being hit.

And as always, PROTECT YOURSELF! Activate the shield (Z,L,or R) to block
attacks. When the shield is up use the control stick to move it around.

|                              SUGGESTED COMBOS                              |

Note: If you have a good combo, e-mail me at [email protected]

By me frog: use a thunder jolt, then a headbutt, then a thunder.

By Finster: Pikachu is the lord of all edge guarding.  When an opponent
is knocked off, double jump straight up and use his thunder bolt, the
  small "b" one.  If you time it right it will hit the opponent while
they are trying to jump back on and they will be knocked away.  Hope
  this helps

By JoKeR511: Grab the opponent and shock them like 2 or 3 times. Then
throw them up in the air and when they come down do a up A smash attack
  then followed by a Thunder.

  Do your down A smash attack, then while the opponent is in the air do
your up A smash attack then followed by the thunder jolt (-->
  A) then you and the opponent should land then up A smash him again and
followed by a Thunder

|                       PIKACHU GUIDE: ADVENTURE MODE                        |

     ><><><><><><>          STAGE ONE: MUSHROOM KINGDOM      <><><><><><><>
                                   7 minutes

You have seven minutes to complete this level so don't rush. KO a Goomba
for a little extra bonus and then run through the stage. After you pass
a pipe, be careful because you can fall into the water. When you reach
the platform with Toad, you have to fight ten Yoshis. You can face up to
three at a time. Use Thunder non-stop and you will beat them. Continue
on across the pipe and you will reach the flag. Run past it to end the

VS. MARIO/LUIGI           4 minutes
If you run past the flag when the second digit of your seconds ends with
a two (as in 5:12.27) you will fight Luigi instead of Mario. (I'll just
say Mario). Mario and Peach will try to surround you. Use the Thunder
move to keep them at bay. Try to focus on Mario first because his throw
is painful. Use the Thunder Jolt to keep Peach away from you while you
battle Mario. Use you headbutt move on him and when the damage is high,
throw him out of the arena. Peach is a little easier. Use the headbutt
on her also and then use a couple of Thunder moves and a Skull Bash. Use
a charged up Skull Bash to knock her out of the arena.

     ><><><><><><>          STAGE TWO: KONGO JUNGLE          <><><><><><><>

                                4 minutes
Two Donkey Kong's here and they are tiny. This looks easy doesn't it? Just
use something like a Thunder on them to turn them into a star. If that
doesn't work, do another thunder while they are in the air to turn them
into a star. If for some odd reason that doesn't work just pick them up
and throw 'em over your shoulder.

You have to be careful when battling Giant DK. You are very light and he
can pick you up and just chunk you. But, because of your small size,
it'll be easy to avoid him. Start by using about two or three thunders
to juggle him in the air and then use a skull bash followed by a smash
attack. If that doesn't KO him (and it should've) just smash him again
and you should beat him.

     ><><><><><><>        STAGE THREE: UNDERGROUND MAZE      <><><><><><><>

                                7 minutes
This level takes you in a maze filled with Octoroks, LikeLikes, and
ReDeads. They are very easy to avoid but try to kill one of each for
about 2000 extra points. There are six rooms in the maze: five with
Links and one with the Triforce which will allow you to exit the level.
The locations of Link and the Triforce change every time so I can't tell
you the exact location. When you begin, head all the way right. There
will be a split in the path. If you go up you'll pass two rooms and find
yourself in the center tunnel. Going down will take you to two rooms
with a dead end at the last one. If you go southwest from the start
you'll pass a room and come to a lava filled chamber. Be careful here. Go
up the platforms to find yourself passing another room and end up back
in the center tunnel. One of these rooms should have the Triforce.

If you find a Master Sword in a room you'll have to battle Link. Use a
Thunder and then use another while he is up in the air. He should turn
into a star but if he doesn't use another. He'll definitely turn into a
star. If you can't do that then use a barrage of Thunder Jolts, then a
Thunder, then a upward Quick Attack.

VS. ZELDA/SHEIK	4 minutes
Your battle takes place in Hyrule Temple which is a ruined Hyrule
Castle. Try to lead Zelda or Sheik to the edge of the arena and throw
her into space. The use a Thunder attack when she tries to get back to
the stage. You could also use Thunder Jolts instead of a Thunder attack.
Also, you can hang on the edge to prevent Zelda/Sheik from grabbing it.
That is really all you need to do to beat Zelda or Shiek.

     ><><><><><><>           STAGE FOUR: BRINSTAR            <><><><><><><>

                                 4 minutes

SSB players will recognize this arena. The acid still rises and Samus is
pretty much the same. You should begin by get up to the top platform.
When Samus tries to follow you, use a Skull Bash. Then use a Thunder,
and juggle her in the air with a couple more Thunders. This won't take
care of Samus so hit her with a few Thunder Jolts to build up her damage
bit by bit. By now she should have about 50 damage. When the acid rises
try to knock her down to the bottom platform so she'll get burned. It
will cause a lot of damage also. You should juggle her with some
Thunders too. She'll eventually turn into a star when you use this
strategy and you'll KO her.

You have 40 seconds to escape form Brinstar.
It's all jumping platforms. Try to use only double jumps but use triples
when you need too. It is really quite simple and you should make it with
like ten seconds to spare.

Also look for a trophy.

     ><><><><><><>           STAGE FIVE: DREAM WORLD         <><><><><><><>

Okay lets get this straight: you need to fight one single Kirby. Gee
this'll be tough. Use a Thunder, and then another one, jump up and use
you quick attack and then right when Kirby lands, use a Submission.
Thats really it.

Arghhhh the end of the world has come! Kirbys have taken over! Really
these guys are simple. Just use a Thunder whenever they get near you and
their KOed. Honestly I don't know why they are so weak. (Unless you play
on very hard mode because your an expert but you wouldn't be reading
this if you were!)

Where do all these Kirbys come from? Anyway if you beat the Team Kirby
stage in thirty seconds or less (half-minute man) you'll fight a Giant
Kirby. This time the music is better. Giant Kirby is actually pretty
weak. Use a couple of thunders and a barrage of headbutts, then use a
Submission when Kirby is near the edge. Painful I know.

     ><><><><><><>           STAGE SIX: GREAT FOX            <><><><><><><>

Easy, easy, easy on practically any difficulty. Use a thunder and then a
thunder jolt. Do a couple of thunder jolts actually. Submissions are
good too. Avoid his mirror shield it can do some damage. His blaster
isn't much of a threat but if he fires it repeatedly he'll hurt you a

VS. FOX (again)
Fox is no different this time. He'll be a little more aggressive but he
still isn't hard. All you need to do is juggle him in the air with your
thunder attack. He'll keep flying high and eventually disappear off the

     ><><><><><><>      STAGE SEVEN: POKEMON STADIUM         <><><><><><><>

VS. PIKACHU (x15)     4 minutes
This is very simple. You will fight 15 Pikachu (sometimes Jigglypuff or
Pichu if you've unlocked them). Just do a good upward smash attack to
send them into the air, and then do a thunder on them and they'll die.
They are very weak and are easily defeated.

     ><><><><><><>           STAGE EIGHT: BIG BLUE           <><><><><><><>

                                  4 minutes

Crap the seats are taken in the stands but you still want to see the
race. What better than to watch it on the track. Unfortunately, they
drivers hate that. You have four minutes to get to the end of the track.
Whenever an exclamation mark appears over your head, it means a bunch of
F-Zero cars are about to come so jump onto the nearest platform that you
see. Keep running as fast as you can through the whole track. If the
drivers hit you, you'll suffer MAJOR damage so watch out. DON'T PRESS
DOWN ON THE BIG SLOPING PLATFORM! You'll fall right through. The two
pink floating platforms are safe spots because the cars don't go near

VS. CAPTAIN FALCON   4 minutes
Falcon will charge at you the moment the battle begins so shield
yourself. Do a good smash attack on him to send him into the air, then
run under him and do a couple of thunders. He should turn into a star in

     ><><><><><><>          STAGE NINE: EARTHBOUND           <><><><><><><>
                                  4 minutes

You fight three Ness's here. Focus on one at a time and remember to get
out of the way when an exclamation mark appears because cars will come
by and hit you. When one Ness gets up to about 75 percent damage, smash
him out of the stage and do the same to the other two Ness's.

     ><><><><><><>         STAGE TEN: ICE CLIMBERS           <><><><><><><>

You'll begin stage ten by climbing a mountain. The screen will scroll
and if you fall behind, you'll die. Keep up with the scrolling as you
scale the mountain and ignore the polar bears since they take LOTS of
time to defeat. The topis are very weak and one thunder will get them
out of the way. After 51 seconds you'll encounter...

That means four people to deal with. You don't need to K.O. Nana to win
but it is a good idea. Do a couple smash attacks followed by a thunder,
then throw them off the mountain. If they all surround you, do a quick
attack to get away.

     ><><><><><><>        STAGE ELEVEN: BATTLEFIELD          <><><><><><><>

You'll battle 15 wireframes in this level. They can be knocked of easily
with just one smash attack or thunder. Stand in the very center of the
bottom floor and use constant thunders to take out three or four at
once. You'll defeat them all in seconds.

The brothers are quite heavy and are hard to kill. Start by doing a
couple of throws and smash attacks. Then do a couple of thunders WHEN
THEY ARE STANDING ABOVE YOU! They'll just knock you away otherwise.
NEVER LET THEM SURROUND YOU! It could take a while to get out and they
can easily give you 100 percent damage. When the brothers have about 200
percent HP EACH, _THEN_ you can smash them out of the arena!

     ><><><><><><>       STAGE TWELVE: FINAL DESTINATION     <><><><><><><>

                              4 minutes
Pikachu is very light so be careful here. Try not to get thrown at all
because two or three throws and you're dead! Use basic thunderbolts
because they are long-range to damage him. Keep doing those until he is
at 150 percent damage. Yes I know that is a lot of thunderbolts but it
works, trust me! When he is at 150, don't throw him just yet! Rush over
and do a couple of thunder attacks. I'm talking four or five. He'll hit
200 damage and THEN you can throw him over the edge.

VS. GIGA BOWSER   4 minutes
To fight Giga Bowser you must have beaten adventure mode on normal
difficulty and you must have beaten the twelve stages in under eighteen
minutes without continuing. Well, they don't want much do they? Yeah
right. Anyway, this is a VERY difficult battle for Pikachu. One throw
from Giga Bowser and Pikachu is practically dead! Star by doing LOTS AND
LOTS of thunderbolts. Keep doing it until Giga Bowser is at about 175
damage. Then do a bunch of quick attacks. If you see a home run bat,
GRAB IT! Throw any item you can at him. When he hits 200 damage, do a
couple of thunders on him then RETREAT! Do about ten thunderbolts, then
rush in and use thunders. Repeat. When he hits 250 damage, lead him to
the edge and throw him off (how Pikachu can throw Giga Bowser is beyond
me). He SHOULD die but if not, do about three thunders and throw him
again. Stupid Giga Bowser. You just beat him.

GREAT! You beat adventure mode with Pikachu! Here have a cookie!

|                          PIKACHU GUIDE: CLASSIC MODE                       |

Note: The characters you fight in classic will be random so this chapter
might be a bit different.

STAGES 1,4,7 AND 10
Normal Melee       5 minutes
Note: this covers 1, 4, 7 and 10 so they will be skipped in the rest of
the Classic Walkthrough

You will battle random characters in these stages. There are three
different kinds of battles. Light, Regular, and Heavy.
NOTE: Hidden characters will appear after you have unlocked them

Ice Climbers
Young Link
Mr. Game & Watch

Dr. Mario
Captain Falcon

Donkey Kong

This is pretty simple. Just do a bunch of smash attacks and then finish
off with a couple of thunders and they are dead.

This may take a bit longer. Try to use thunderbolts and quick attacks
often, and do the occasional throw or thunder. Finish off with a fully
charged smash attack to defeat them.

The thunderbolt becomes your best friend here. Do as many Tbolts as it
takes to hit 100 damage, then do a good smash attack or thunder and they
should fly high in the air. When they begin to fall, do another thunder
and they should turn into a star.

     ><><><><><><>                STAGE TWO                  <><><><><><><>
Team Melee    5 minutes
This is the same strategy as my Bowser FAQ (hey it works well with
You will pair up with a partner and face a team of two opponents. If yuo
are playing at Normal or higher then just stay out of the fight and let
your helper KO the enemies. Run around and pick up all the items too. If
you get something like a Super Scope or Ray Gun, fire it from long
range. Only step in if your partner is doing very bad or if you see a
perfect opportunity to KO your opponent.

     ><><><><><><>                BONUS STAGE                <><><><><><><>
Break the Targets           2 minutes

See the Break the Targets chapter for information on how to do this

     ><><><><><><>               STAGE FIVE                   <><><><><><><>
Giant Melee   5 minutes
You and two other characters will battle one giant character. Just sit
back and let your two helpers do the work. If one of them gets K.O.ed,
then jump in and do thunders on the giant character. If it is D.K. or
Bowser, then do constant smash attacks. When the enemy's HP hits 150, do
a good smash attack.

     ><><><><><><>                BONUS STAGE                <><><><><><><>
Snag the Trophies         No time limit
This stage ends when three trophies have fallen. You will start off on a
swirly hoop. That hoop is where you want the trophies to fall. When you
see a trophy, use your left or right scratch attack to make it fall into
the hoop. Try to capture all three. Run quickly to get the trophies.
This should be easy for Pikachu. They should go right into the hoop if
you scratch them.

     ><><><><><><>                STAGE EIGHT                <><><><><><><>
5 minutes
Multi-Man Melee
LOLOLOLOLOL! This is SO simple! Just do thunder attacks whenever an
enemy gets near you and they are gone! Just don't let too many get close
to you or you can suffer quite a bit of damage.

     ><><><><><><>               BONUS STAGE                 <><><><><><><>
Race to the finish      52 seconds
There are 18 exits in this level and you can choose to take any of them.
The farther the exit is, the more points and coins you get. The first
part of the level is easy. Avoid all of the things in your way and use
Pikachu's quick attack to get to the higher levels. When you reach end
of the first part, you'll have three paths to take.

I suggest you totally ignore this path. There are spiked walls here and
if Pikachu gets hit, he'll be bounced around for a while. You'll lost
TON of time on this so avoid taking it.

I suggest you ignore this one too. It isn't as dangerous but it has a
lava bottom and if you touch it it can bounce you around for a while.
You could probably make it over each lava pit with a double jump but on
the last one, jump to the floating rock and then triple jump to safety.

This is a good path to take. It has no obsticles at all but there is a
bottomless pit at the bottom. There are a lot of platforms too. It is
easy for Pikachu because he can go really far with his triple jump.

     ><><><><><><>                 STAGE ELEVEN              <><><><><><><>
Vs. Master Hand   4 minutes 59.99 seconds
Master Hand's health varies depending on which difficulty you are
playing on. Here is a chart:
Very Easy: 150 HP
Easy: 250 HP
Normal: 300 HP
Hard: 325 HP
Very Hard: 360 HP

Unlike other levels, you must drain Master Hand's hit points to defeat

Master Hand has eleven attacks:
Finger Shot: when master hand makes his hand like a gun, duck. If you
do, Master Hand will fire his bullet over you. Master Hands can fire up
to three bullets so wait a second if you think he is done before getting

Catch: Master Hand will try to catch you in its fist. If he does, he'll
squeeze you three times then either throw you off the platform or slam
you down. When he starts to reach for you, get out of the way!

Finger Laser: Master Hand will shoot beams at you, one from the Pinky,
Ring, Middle, and Pointer finger. Get under Master Hand's wrist and
attack from there until he is done.

Screw Drive: Master Hand will shoot fire from where his arm should be
and disappear. Then he will come back, twirling his hand. Use a triple
jump to get out of the way and then attack.

Fist Attack: Master Hand will make a fist and slam hard on the ground.
Roll out of the way when you see him make a fist.

Slap: Master Hand will make a swing with his hand and do this three
times across the stage. Jump behind the hand and attack

Finger Drill: this move can do a lot of damage. When master hand slams
his hand down when his fingers are together, he will spin them and then
throw you off to the side. Roll out of the way to dodge it. If you get
hit, you can still escape it by rolling.

Palm Press: Master hand will slam his palm on the ground. Roll or jump
to dodge. Once his hand is on the ground, attack.

Punch: Master Hand will sometimes try to punch you. As with the other
attacks, roll out of the way and then attack.

Finger Walk: Master hand will use his pointer and middle finger to walk
and if he hits you, he'll kick you off the platform. Jump over the
attack and hit him from behind.

Finger Poke: This attack is so easy to avoid but it can hurt if you are
hit. When Master Hand's pointer finger has a little star on the end, just
move away from Master Hand. It will poke three times, and then you can
attack him.

Strategy for beating him:
Get under him and do a bunch of smash attacks to rapidly bring down his
HP. When he pauses to attack, get out of the way and wait. Keep doing
smash attacks on him. Another effective strategy is to keep using
thunder while standing below him. Repeat this and Master Hand is dead.
Stupid hand.

If you are playing on Normal difficulty or higher and beat the first 10
stages in under fifteen minutes without continuing, Crazy Hand will fly
into the arena when you get Master Hand's HP down to half.

Crazy Hand has all of Master Hand's attacks and also has three attacks
of his own:
Spider Walk: Like the Finger Walk but he uses all of his fingers. Just
jump over.

Struggle: When Crazy Hand uses his Struggle attack jump out of the way!

Bomb Drop: When Crazy Hand drops a bomb roll out the way to dodge it!

To beat Crazy Hand just use the same strategy you used to battle Master
Hand. Take out Master Hand first because sometimes the two hands will
team up. They will begin to glow when they are about to team up. Don't
try to attack them, just get out of the way!


|                      PIKACHU GUIDE: ALL-STAR MODE                          |

Yeah okay you've beaten classic and adventure and can whoop your friend's butts
but can you beat All-Star mode?  This mode is unlocked after you unlock all the
secret characters so let me tell you how to unlock them:

Luigi: Play 800 VS. mode matches or run past the flag at the end of Mushroom
when your seconds ends with a two (like 4:12.34)

Marth: Use all of the original 14 characters in either regular mode or VS. mode
or play
more than 400 vs. mode matches.

Roy: Beat Classic Mode with Marth without continuing or play more than 900 VS.

Mr. Game and Watch: Clear Adventure, Classic, or Target Test with every
character except
Mr. Game and Watch or play more than 1000 VS. mode matches.

Dr. Mario: Beat Classic or Adventure mode with Mario without continuing or play
than 100 vs. mode matches

Ganondorf: Beat Event Match 29 or play more than 600 vs. mode matches

Young Link: Beat Classic or Adventure mode with more than ten characters or play
than 500 vs. mode matches

Falco: Survive the 100-man Melee or play more than 300 vs. mode matches

Pichu: Beat Event Match 37 or play more than 200 vs. mode matches

Mewtwo: Play more than 20 hours of vs. mode or play vs. mode more than 700 times

Jigglypuff: Beat classic or adventure mode (you can use a continue) with any
character or
play more than 50 vs. mode matches

Think you can do that? Okay so lets begin.

(1) You have one life.
(2) Your damage meter stays the same after each battle.
(3) After every battle, you'll come to a wooded area with three heart
containers. Once they're gone, they're gone. (The wooded area sometimes has
(4) There are 13 rounds.
(5) Opponents for rounds one-twelve are random.
(6) Round 13 is a battle with 25 Mr. Game and Watches.


For the first through fourth battles you face one character.
For the fifth through eight battles you face two characters.
For the ninth through twelfth battles you face three characters.
For the thirteenth battle you face 25 Mr. Game and Watches.

Okay, this should be really easy due to the fact that Pikachu has some really
strong moves. If you're battling a light character, you basically just need to
juggle. Doing some simple moves like a thunder shock won't help that much, but
you can't dodge their attacks easily with your Quick Attack, and use simple (A)
button attacks to begin combos. When the light characters get really high in the
air, you should use a Thunder attack to turn them into a star. Light characters
shouldn't cause you much damage (they actually shouldn't cause you any at all!)

For medium-weight characters, the strategy doesn't change that much. You'll want
to keep a little distance between you and your enemy if you have taken over 50
damage, but other than that, you shouldn't have any problems. You can try to
throw the characters around but due to the fact that Pikachu can't throw very
far and it doesn't do a super amount of damage, it won't make a HUGE difference.
Just do what you did with the light characters and JUGGLE.

For heavy-weight characters, you'll have to have a bit of patience. You'll need
to keep your distance and use thunder shocks ad nauseam. Keep doing that and
eventually the heavy-weight character (it's either DK or Bowser) will get around
125% damage, which is a good amount. Then you can take a risk, and get in and
start doing multiple Thunder attacks. Or you can continue to do thunder shocks.
Anyway, once they are at a REALLY high percent of damage (like 200%; it can take
a while, but it's the only safe way) get in and do a Thunder to finish them off.

Two against one? Oh well, you can take 'em! If you get a combination like a
medium-weight, heavy-weight character combo, you'll need to keep your distance
and use thunder shocks on the heavy character as much as you can. Whenever the
medium-weight character approaches you, do a Thunder attack on him/her. If
you're battling two light-weight characters, it is really easy. You shouldn't
even need a strategy. Just get the two of them close together, and do Thunder
attacks. Facing two heavy characters is just bad luck. You'll need to be active
and alert to avoid them. If you see you're about to face two heavy-weights, take
a heart contain if you are over 75% damage.

All I can say for that is stay focused, and use your Quick Attack whenever they
get too close. If they are on a platform above you, use a Thunder attack.

For this, it can be SERIOUS bad luck if you have a double heavy, single medium-
weight combination here. For that, you just need to go crazy and do all of these
different kinds of things. If you get at least one heavy, then just focus on the
heavy character, and knock the other two out of the way. Never try to take out
all three characters at once. Choose one and stick to that character, since it
is the easiest way to win. If you're facing some light and medium-weights, the
battle is MUCH easier. You just need to do rapid thunder attacks to win.

C'mon, this is VERY easy. You remember fighting the wireframes, the Kirbys, the
Yoshis, etc.? This is no different. Really, all you have to do is Thunder
attacks to win here. If you keep doing that, you should win withing forty-five
seconds to a minute.


|                            EVENT MATCH GUIDE                               |

This guide lists all the Event Matchess with Pikachu in them.

NOTE: 15-51 are done by Crazyreyn.

(03) Bomb-Fest
Princess Peach's Castle
Time: N/A
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Link & Samus---
Here, you're fighting Link and Samus, who use only bombs. While you're fighting
them, bombs will constantly drop from the sky. If you're one of those people
that like to take risks, then grab the bombs and throw them at Link and Samus.
Be careful though, since they can hit you can and the bomb may explode. If you
don't take risks, avoid the bombs as much as possible and attack them with
thunder or thundershocks.

(04) Dino-Wrangling
Yoshi's Story
Time: N/A
Stock: Three
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Giant Yoshi---
This is quite an easy battle with Pikachu. Before I say anything else, note that
there is about a 10% chance that Yoshi will kill himself, and you can just stand
there and watch. If not, when Yoshi climbs in the air above you, strike him with
thunders. Three lives is way too much for this battle, so don't worry about
taking too much damage.

(06) Kirbys On Parade
Fountain of Dreams
Time: N/A
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs Kirby, Kirby, & Kirby---
You're fighting three Kirbys here, each with two lives. Since you only have one
life, you'll have to be careful if you start to suffer from too much damage.
Since Pikachu can't do any moves that can damage multiple characters at a time,
you'll have to use your speed to dodge attacks and then get in close to the
Kirbys and start attacking them like mad. Once all three of them have high
damage, you can use a Thunder to take all three out at once. Then repeat.

(07) Pokemon Battle
Pokemon Stadium
Time: N/A
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Pikachu---
Here, you're only allowed to use Poke Balls, so Pikachu is perfect for this.
He's very quick and can get to the Poke Balls easily. The other Pikachu is
quick, and he'll try to jump to the Balls as fast as possible also. Once you
grab one, throw it. If it's a Pokemon that can damage you also, stay away from
it. Otherwise, just watch :)

(08) Hot Date On Brinstar
Time: N/A
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Samus---
Pikachu isn't that efficient for this battle due to the fact that he has no
really moves that can knock Samus into the acid. If you stay up at the top and
use a thunder whenever Samus is on the platform, you can constantly keep her
away. Of course, you'll have to watch out for her long range moves, because they
can be quite powerful. Attack her when she starts to charge up her power beam.
Eventually, she'll suffer enough damage so you can turn her into a star with a
Thunder attack.

(09) Hide 'n' Shiek
Great Bay
Time: N/A
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Zelda/Shiek, Zelda/Shiek---
The annoying thing about this is that if you kill Zelda, she'll come back to
life at 0% damage. If you kill Shiek, she won't be able to revive herself. An
efficient strategy here is to build up on damage on the top platform then wait
until Zelda transforms into Shiek again. Immediately knock her out of the arena.

(10) All-Star Match 1
Yoshi's Island to Jungle Japes to Yoshi's Story to Princess Peach's Castle to
Rainbow Cruise
Time: N/A
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs Mario (Yoshi's Island), DK (Junglee Japes), Yoshi (Yoshi's Story), Peach
(Princess Peach's Castle), & Bowser (Rainbow Cruise)---
Okay this is basically a Mario character All-Star Match. Wait, you're not a
Mario character. YOU RUINED IT! Sorry. Anyway, you'll have to fight these guys
in order. It is pretty easy to battle them all. Only problem is you're facing DK
and Bowser, two heavy-weight characters in one match. The other three can be
taken out by some thunders and thundershocks, but the heavy-weights will require
a bit more work. Use thunder shocks rapidly and then jump in there and use one
thunder. When they fly up in the air, juggle them with thunder attacks.

(11) King of the Mountain
Icicle Mountain
Time: 1:02
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: Unlimited
---Vs. Ice Climbers (2 pairs)---
Here, the mountain scrolls up as the timer goes down. The Ice Climber pairs will
try to distract you but don't focus one them; instead, focus on simply trying to
survive, and you can do that by simply doing A attacks on the Ice Climbers
whenever they get near. Follow the mountain up the rest of the time. Sometimes,
the mountain will suddenly scroll up really fast. Be ready for those moments.

(12) Seconds, Anyone?
Mute City
Time: 0.07
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Captain Falcon---
KO Captain Falcon in seven seconds. Okay THAT'S too difficult for Pikachu. I
have been unable to do this, and I always stick with a character who has a
powerful punch. Sorry Pika fans, you'll have to go with someone else here.

(014) Trophy Tussle 1
Goomba Trophy
Time: 3:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. 3 random characters---
You'll fight three random characters on top of a giant Goomba trophy. You'll be
doing a couple of these types of event matches, and every time you win you'll
get the trophy you were fighting on. This is a free-for-all, which means the
enemies can hurt each other. They are probably going to focus on hitting only
you though, so fend them off one at a time with powerful moves.

(015) Girl Power
Fountain of Dreams
Time: N/A
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Samus, Peach, Zelda---
You simply have to fight the three ladies here, Samus Peach and Zelda. Try and
avoid their attacks as much as possible (using Pika's quick speed). Use items
and Pokeballs when you can, and use Thunder when they are on platforms above

(020) All-Star Match 2
Brinstar, Great Bay, Hyrule Temple, Mute City, Corneria
Time: 4:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Samus (Brinstar), Link (Great Bayy), Peach (Hyrule Temple), Falco (Mute
Fox (Corneria)---
Like the first All-Star Match, you have to battle through these guys and gals
within 4 minutes. This one has a realistic theme this time. This one is pretty
easy, with Falco the only one posing a real threat. Jump and using Thunder on
descent is a nice idea against him to avoid his harsh melee skills.
Princess Peach's Castle

(021) Ice Breaker
Princess Peach's Castle
Time: 1:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Ice Climbers (2 Pairs)---
Here you just have to knock out the two pink characters (Nana) and not their
partners in blue. You will have to weaken them first, then hit them to separate
them and quickly smash them out of the area before they regroup with their

(022) Super Mario 128
Mushroom Kingdom II
Time: N/A
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Mario x128---
A very cool match, where you are up against 128 small Mario's! You just have to
breathe on these guys to send them flying, but the problem lies in the number of
them. Either use very rapid basic attacks, or the down smash (Electric Flower).
Don't use thunder, it takes to long and you will lose too much health if you do.

(023) Slippy's Invention
Time: N/A
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Fox, Falco---
You are up against invisible Fox and Falco! Although they are invisible, you
can see them from time to time (as an outline) so keep an eye out for this.
Use thunder when you think they are near to you, and use attacks. Also try and
avoid getting surrounded, and take them on one at a time.

(024) The Yoshi Herd
Yoshi's Island
Time: 2:00
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Yoshi x30---
You are up against 30 Yoshi's and they all must be disposed of in 2 minutes!
Simply smash them out. Use thunder if they are on blocks above you. Watch out
for the middle blocks on the ground (as you make them spin if you smash near
them so double jump back up if you fall). Use pokeballs also. The last Yoshi
is a giant one, but don't be afraid of his size; treat him the same as the
others and smash him!

(026) Trophy Tussle 2
Entei Trophy
Time: 3:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. 3 random characters---
This is the second Trophy Tussle, and is on a giant Entei Trophy. Be sure that
you don't start with a heavyweight character (such as Bowser, DK etc) and if
you do then soft reset and try again until you get lighter characters that you
have more of chance against. Use the items to your advantage, and use speedy
attacks. Jumping and doing thunder in midair to attack those under you is good
too. One character will be on the side, so just ignore that character for now
and concentrate on the other two that are fighting, then take 'em on when you
are done.

(028) Puffballs Unite!
Green Greens
Time: 2:00
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Kirby x16---
For some reason, this battle is amazing hard with Pikachu. You are against
Kirby's that have different powers that are copied from other fighters in the
game. Use your most powerful moves and thunder when you can, otherwise you
sadly may have to leave it with Pikachu. :(

(030) All-Star Match 3
Fountain of Dreams, Pokemon Stadium, Onett, Icicle Mountain
Time: 4:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Kirby (Fountain of Dreams), Pikacchu (Pokemon Stadium), Ness (Onett), Ice
Climbers (Icicle Mountain)---
Quite easy, use your speed to your advantage and use your most powerful moves.
When it comes to the Ice Climbers at the end, it might seem hard at first,
but when the stage speeds up jump upward quickly to go miles ahead, where they
will simply fall down below.

(031) Mario Bros. Madness
Mushroom Kingdom II
Time: 2:00
Stock: N/A (Unlimited)
Enemy Stock: N/A (Unlimited)
---Vs. Mario, Luigi---
Another easy event, this time the enemies have unlimited lives, and if you
smash them out you get +1 and the enemy gets -1 added to their score. Remember
to use your speed to your advantage when avoiding their attacks.

(037) Legendary Pokemon
Time: 2:00
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Jigglypuff, Giant Melee Wire Frammes x4---
A very tough event, but Pikachu has an advantage here. You are against
Jigglypuff and four Giant Melee Wire Frames, each with two lives. You are out
numbered and you only have one life. The only way to deal out heavy damage to
these guys is to use the Pokeballs that drop onto the arena every so often,
many of which containing Legendary Pokemon. The Giant Melee Wire Frames fight
you, whereas the Jigglypuff goes to collect the Pokeballs. You have the
advantage as Pikachu is a fast mover, so you can more times than not get the
Pokeballs quicker. If Jigglypuff manages to use the Pokeball, then get out of
the way of the Pokemons attacks! When either of the enemies gets a high % then
smash them out. Also try and not get surrounded.

(038) Super Mario Bros. 2
Mushroom Kingdom II
Time: N/A
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Mario, Luigi, Peach---
The best way I found to deal with this event is to move from one end of the
area to another and keep on doing that. Mario and Luigi sometimes get a little
careless and fall down the holes in the level. Peach will not, so keep doing
this until she is remaining, and fight her one on one. Use the items along the
way also, and if they become weak, smash them out.

(040) All-Star Match 4
Hyrule Temple, Mushroom Kingdom II, Poke Floats, Final Destination, Flat Zone
Time: 4:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Marth (Hyrule Temple), Luigi (Musshroom Kingdom II), JIgglypuff (Poke
Floats), Mewtwo (Final Destination), Mr. Game & Watch (Flat Zone)---
This All-Star Match has the theme of secret characters. Again its not too tough,
use your most powerful moves (thunder! ;]), smashes, and you speed to overcome
these fruitcakes.

(044) Mewtwo Strikes!
Time: N/A
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: One
---Vs. Zelda, Mewtwo (15 seconds in)---
Don't attack Zelda at all.. if she gets knocked out, you lose, so avoid her
when you start. After about 15 seconds Mewtwo appears from the left, and you
have to knock him out to win. He is very tough to take down, so run around and
avoid his attacks, and thunder him when he is on a platform above. There is also
a chance that he might fall off the edge too, so if you are really stuck, you
could keep replaying until he falls off.

(046) Fire Emblem Pride
Hyrule Temple
Time: N/A
Stock: Three
Enemy Stock: Three
---Vs. Marth, Roy---
Luckily not as hard as the other events at this late stage, you have to knock
out Marth and Roy, and you all have three lives. Use Thunder Jolt (B) from far
back to hit them without getting too close. Overall, use your speed and powerful
attacks to overcome this duo.

(047) Trophy Tussle 3
Majora's Mask Trophy
Time: 3:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. 3 random characters---
The last of the Trophy Tussles, and it is as hard as ever! Be sure that
you don't start with a heavyweight character (such as Bowser, DK etc) and if
you do then soft reset and try again until you get lighter characters that you
have more of chance against. Use the items to your advantage, and use speedy
attacks. Jumping and doing thunder in midair to attack those under you is good

(048) Pikachu and Pichu
Dream Land (N64)
Time: N/A
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: One (Pikachu = unlimited)
---Vs. Pikachu, Pichu, Pichu---
On the outset, this looks fairly easy - you having two lives and them having
one each. But this is incredibly tough!! The Pikachu fights you, while the two
Pichu's hide away at the corner of the stage - but they will fight you when you
are nearby. If you knock out Pikachu, he comes back straight away! The objective
is to get rid of both Pichu's. Stay off the platforms that have the Pichu's
underneath, as they can use thunder on you. A good tactic against Pikachu is
to get the other side of the stage from where he is and the other 'chu's, and
build up a smash attack, so when he comes to you, you can unleash it without
him having much chance to guard.

(049) All-Star Match Deluxe
Mushroom Kingdom, Venom, Pokemon Stadium, Great Bay, Hyrule Temple, Final
Time: 4:00
Stock: Two
Enemy Stock: Two
---Vs. Dr. Mario (Mushroom Kingdom), Fallco (Venom), Pichu (Pokemon Stadium),
Young Link (Great Bay), Roy (Hyrule Temple), Ganandorf (Final Destination)---
The last All-Star Match is the hardest out of them all. Just use you strongest
attacks and keep moving (especially on Ganandorf!).

(050) Final Destination Match
Final Destination
Time: N/A
Stock: One
Enemy Stock: 300hp
---Vs. Crazy Hand, Master Hand---
! Very tough indeed. You up against the Crazy Hand and the Master Hand!
Check Stage Eleven of the Classic Mode walkthrough in this FAQ for details on
the attacks that they use and how to deal with them. The best attack that
you can use here is, of course, Thunder. Deal with one hand at a time, and
don't rush yourself here.

(051) The Showdown
Final Destination
Time: N/A
Stock: Three
Enemy Stock: Three
---Vs. Giga Bowser, Mewtwo, Ganandorf----
Very tough for any character, but with Pikachu its even tougher! You are
against three every tough heavyweights, so prepare for a hard event here as you
are outnumbered in quantity and size! Use the items whenever you can, especially
the Pokeballs, and if you are surrounded, get away! A nice idea is to double
jump then use Thunder on the descent to attack those below. Some of these guys
also sometimes fall off the stage accidentally, but there is no way to make this
happen. Good luck!

|                           PIKACHU'S TARGET TEST                            |

This is a solution on how to complete within 25 seconds. Written by Crazyreyn.

Hit the one above you (1), then double jump to the one above right and hit it
(2). Now go left, and press B at the bottom of the stairs - this will shoot a
jolt out that will go around and hit the target underneath (3). Run right, over
the steps and jump at the end of the ledge and press B to fire a electric ball
at the target here (4). Double jump up to the platform above, then double jump
again and hit the target (5). Drop down into the pit that's left and hit the
target with B (6) and jump onto the column left. Now double jump then press
Up+B up then left in a single movement to land onto the Tetris like block.
Press B to make the jolt move round to the target beneath (7) and do the same to
the platform on the left (8). Jump over to the very left platform that looks
like a backward C and press B (9) then finally, drop down to the right and down
into the normal C platform below and hit the target to complete this target

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