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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Kevin2226

***********   ***************   ************    *********
***********   ***************   *************   ***   ***
***********   ***   ***   ***   ***       ***   ***   ***
***           ***   ***   ***   ***       ***   ***   ***
***           ***   ***   ***   ***       ***   *********
***********   ***   ***   ***   *************   *********
***********   ***   ***   ***   *************   ***   ***
        ***   ***   ***   ***   ***       ***   ***   ***
***********   ***   ***   ***   ***       ***   ***   ***
***********   ***   ***   ***   *************   ***   ***
***********   ***   ***   ***   ************    ***   ***

                    for Nintendo Gamecube

                       by Kevin226

                  [email protected]

Table of Contents 

i.   Introduction

ii.  Legal

iii. Monkeys Chants

iv.  Monkey Enemies

v.   Adventure Mode

  1. Jungle Island
  2. Zootopia

  3. Moonhaven

  4. Monkitropolis

  5. Kongri-la 

vi.  Multiplayer

  1. Monkey Race
  2. Monkey Fight

  3. Monkey Target

  4. Monkey Bounce

  5. Monkey Cannon

  6. Monkey Tag

vii. Classic Puzzles

  1. Jungle Island levels

  2. Zootopia levels 

  3. Moonhaven levels

  4. Monkitropolis levels

  5. Kongri-la levels

viii. Unlockables 

ix. Version History

x. Closing

i. Introduction

Welcome to my Super Monkey Ball Adventure FAQ! As you might have guessed this 
game is very different from Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2. In 
this game you'll roam around in free roam worlds searching for objectives to
make other monkeys happy. As you make others happy you'll gain access to new 
worlds. For those who loved the simple puzzles in the past games don't worry,
there are 50 classic puzzles for you to play through. Of course multiplayer 
is still here, and with 3 new games: Bounce, Cannon, and Tag. Returning games
are: Race, Fight, and Target. So there's plenty to enjoy in this new 

ii. Legal

This guide is property of me Kevin226 do not republish it anywhere without 
my permission first. If you would like to have this guide on your site 
e-mail me. If you are to publish my faq on your site you are not to change
a single word of it. Basically do not take credit for my work! Right now only and have my permission to use this FAQ at their 

iii. Monkey Chants
Another new addition to this Monkey Ball game is monkey chants. You will 
occasionally come across a monkey wearing a red suit and yellow helmet like
thing. He will teach you chants that allow you to progress further in your
adventure. You perform chants by pressing the a button then you have the 
option of pressing: Yay, Ei, Poo, or Woo. By pressing a certain combination
you'll activate a chant that'll allow you to catch fire, float on water, 
hover, grow in size, teleport and much more! See below for full list.
1.Boxing Ball
This will be your first monkey chant, you'll use it to take care of regular
naysayers and boxing naysayers. It'll also allow you to destroy large rocks
and make it easier to destroy containers that hold bananas. Find it on
Jungle Island.
2.Sticky Ball
Use this ball to stick to certain surfaces or pick up certain items. When
you activate this chant all the surfaces that you can stick to will flash 
yellow. Find this chant at Zootopia.
Using this chant will cause you're monkey to vanish! Though it might sound
cool it barely has any uses in the game, plus it doesn't even work on 
naysayers. You'll use it to sneak up on or sneak by certain monkeys. Be 
careful though since smacking a wall too hard will expose your monkey.
This chant will allow you to expand you're ball at will. By simply holding
the a button you'll expand, then releasing a will cause you to shrink to 
normal size. This ball can be used to ride rails that are to far apart for
the regular sized ball. It can also help if you ever get stuck in between 
something, you can expand and most likely pop out of the fix you got yourself
into. I mention this since it saved me a couple times during a tough mission.
Find it at Moonhaven.
A very useful ball. You'll use this to float on top of water, and catch on 
fire to solve puzzles. This one of the most important balls in the game, make
sure you get it as soon as possible, find it at Moonhaven. Be warned that
this ball has a invisible time limit when on water. If you stay on water too
long with out touching land it'll start to turn back into the regular ball,
and you'll only have a few seconds to get back to land.
This ball, like the invisiball, comes into play very little during your 
adventure. You'll use it to carry certain things to a certain location. Find
it at Monkitropolis.
This ball will allow you to move at a much higher speed. Though this ball too
is used in very few missions you'll probably use it for fun outside of them.
By far the best, and most useful ball in the game. This ball allows you to 
float above the ground and water. By pressing a you'll float a little higher.
Note however, that you need something below you when hovering, either solid
ground or water. hover above a void and you'll fall just as usual. Think of 
this ball as adding the ability to jump, which is really needed in this game.
Find it at the entrance to Kongri-la.
Teleports are the only way to access each of the worlds (except for Kongri-la
which is connected to Monkitropolis). You'll gain them once you have 
completed a certain percent in a certain world. 

You'll get the teleport to Jungle island, Moonhaven, and Zootopia after you 
get 60% on Jungle island and complete the mission "Find the prince and 
Princess". After the mission, go to the lower area of the throne room to find
these chants.

To get the teleport to Monkitropolis you'll need to get 60% happiness in both 
Zootopia and MoonHaven, then complete the missions: "Shutdown Puzzle" and 
"Little un's on levers".

iv. Monkey Enemies

Though there are very few enemies in this game there are some, called 
Naysayers. There are four different types that I'll describe below.

1. Naysayer
This is the most simple enemy to take care of, all you have to do is punch 
him repeatedly with the boxingball and he'll be done for.
2. Boxer Naysayer
This guy is a little tricky, but still not real hard to take care of. First
equip your own boxing glove and get close to him, but not too close. He'll
swing a left and a right then another left and a right. After he does that 
he'll put his gloves over his head for a big attack, that's your cue to 
smack him with your own boxing glove. You'll know if you hurt him since 
it'll make this silly sound. Now all you have to do is repeat this 2 more 
times and he'll be defeated!
3. Sucker Naysayer
This naysayer will suck you in and then spit you out at high speed. The only
way to destroy him is by using the scalar ball. Activate the chant then allow
him to suck you in, then press a to expand while inside to cause him to
4. Flamethrower Naysayer
As the name suggests this naysayer will spray you with fire if you get too
close, and will smack you if you get even closer. Once you have the wood ball
allow him to set you on fire then when he stops spreading fire run into him
to cause him to catch fire. Repeat one more time to finish him off.

v. Adventure Mode
Here I will discuss all the missions you'll face during you're adventure. 
Some are easy, some are just a chore, and some are hard. I'll rate the 
difficulty and fun factor on each mission, plus any requirements to complete.

General Tips

1. Always check your radar. 

Your radar is displayed on the lower right part of the screen. It'll help you 
find missions in areas, and find objects during missions. When your far away 
from your destination it'll display it on the radar as an arrow to point you 
in the right direction. Then when you get closer it'll turn into a dot and 
show you where the object or mission is. White dots are either missions or 
shops. Green dots show you where a cannons are, and yellow dots are things 
you must find during missions (tophats, mascots, switches, etc).Though the 
radar doesn't always show you everything vital in a mission it can often help
you figure out where to go. I'll often say "check your radar" in this faq.
That will definitely mean the radar will be a BIG help in finding things.

2. Take your time in missions.

Very few missions have a time limit. So most of the time you have unlimited
time to do whatever objective your given. You don't want to end up falling
of a ledge right at the end of a mission just because you were trying to 
complete it real fast. For the missions that do have a time limit make sure
you move quickly, but still carefully.

3. Never give up.

This game can get real difficult at certain parts, especially missions like
"8 cat balloons" and "Noise Factory", but anyone can do it. You just have to
keep trying, you can even try your own tactics if the ones in this FAQ aren't
working for you.  

Jungle Island  

Town Square 
1.) Tophat Search.....Difficulty 1/10.....Funfactor 6/10

This mission is a piece of cake, just check your radar then find all the 
monkeys with top hats. When you find one run at them at a moderately fast 
speed to knock off there hats. Don't hit them too hard or you'll just turn 
them into roadkill, while rather funny it won't progress you through the 
mission any. Knock off all five tophats hats to achieve victory.

2.) Return the bees.....Difficulty 3/10.....Funfactor 7/10

This shouldn't be too hard of a mission unless you're bad aim on the 
platforms. Straight ahead you'll see a red flower, bounce off it to reach the 
hives. Simply bounce into the hives to release the bees and they'll 
automatically swarm around your ball. You can return the bees one at a time 
to the bee owner, but it's pointless to do so. Just keep bouncing off flowers
and into hives until you've got them all. (Make sure there is nothing left on 
the radar) Then carefully return them to their owner.

3.) Message Balloon to Tophat.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 1/10
  (Must complete mission 1 first before this becomes available)

Now you must deliver a balloon to tophat (who gave you mission 1) He's up
at his house now. Use the yellow and red flowers over on the wall to bounce
up to the house. The house takes up almost the whole platform, so you'll 
barely have room to go around and deliver the balloon. Just walk slowly 
around the hut and you'll be done.

4.) Weeds in the wells.....Difficulty 3/10.....Funfactor 5/10
             (You need the boxing ball)

You may have some weird things going on in the wells. Well it's time to take
care of the problem. Use boxing glove from a distance to destroy the seeds
around each well. Get too close and they'll disappear. If they do, move back 
far away so they'll come back. Check you're radar to find them all. After you
punch all the seeds around each well the "weeds" will disappear. Do this for
all the wells to get a mission complete.

5.)Picture at the hives.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 3/10

This monkey wants to take your picture! Not here way up there! Quickly go
across the bridge to the standing position. This is a timed mission so you'll
need to move quick. Pay attention as Sisi (the photographer) describes the
mission as he will show you exactly where he wants you to pose at.

NOTE: This is the first area where you can open your ball and fly. Roll down 
the ramp and through the loop to fly to the other island. The loop enables
you to fly, however don't stay in the air too long or you'll fall into the
water. An annoying beeping will sound to tell you to get to land quick or get
a boost from one of the geysers.

6.)Lunch delivery.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 5/10
(Not sure but I think you must talk to the monkey at the island first before 
you can talk to the girl monkey at the ramp to start this mission)

Another delivery this one is somehow food. Fly to the island and find the
monkey in the black officer uniform (the first monkey you should see when
you first land on the island). 

7.)Picture at the lighthouse.....Difficulty 3/10..... Funfactor 6/10

Another picture mission and this time it's at the top of the light house.
You need to bounce off the flowers carefully since one drop will most
likely cause failure due to the fact this mission is timed. This can get 
slightly tough since you're going up and around and it can get easy to miss
a flower, just make sure to watch your shadow to see if your aim is right.

8.)Floating Eggs.....Difficulty 6/10.....Funfactor 6/10

Right at the start of the mission you'll see a cannon just below to the 
right. Get in and make sure to blast through the loop. Now you need to 
collect all of the floating eggs and take them to the nest (not too far from 
any of the floating eggs). Make sure to fly close to get the birds to go to 
the nest. You don't need to get all 5 eggs in one flight. If you're bad at 
flying, it might be best to deliver them one at a time. Remember if you land 
on the ground when a bird is following you you'll automatically lose it. 
After you deliver all 5 eggs to the nest your mission is still not over. You 
still have to make it back safely to land then this mission will be complete.

9.)Light the lighthouse.....Difficulty 3/10.....Funfactor 4/10
                (Woodball is required)

This one is real simple, all you have to do is light yourself on fire using
woodball then light all the torches on the way to the light house. If you
ever lose your flame, just go back to the last tourch you lit. You can think
the torches as checkpoints. All the torches are on the radar so they should 
be simple for you to find. Make sure to light the non flower platfoms when 
you're bouncing around the lighthouse, since they're torches as well. When
you get to the top, light all the tourches up there to complete the mission.


10.)Sleeping Guards.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 6/10

This mission will test your aim. You'll need to shoot out of four cannons
into four bells. At the first cannon aim up at the target till you can't see
it then shoot, you should hit the bell and fall safely on the platform below 
Go carefully down to the next cannon and do the same for the next two. When 
you get to the final cannon aim a little lower than the past 3 to hit the 
target. If you miss at any time make sure to learn from you're mistake. If 
you shot to low shoot higher, or if you shot to high obviously shoot lower.
Hitting all 4 bells will complete the mission.

11.)Flower Protection.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 2/10

In this mission you have to scare away the birds from the flowers. Check your
radar to see where the birds might show up. You only have to keep them away
for a short time. Move quickly when you see a group of annoying birds appear
around the flowers and simply roll towards them to scare them off. Keep the
birds away till the time is up to complete this mission. 

12.)Picture at the river.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 2/10

This mission is hard thanks to the awful camera. You pretty much have to
blindly fall into the river and hope you fall onto the red flower platform.
Once you finally do bounce over to the photographing position.

13.)Donation (100).....Difficulty N/A.....Funfactor N/A

Here you can donate 100 bananas to the unfortunate. The only point in doing
so is to add to your happiness percentage. 

Kings Thone Room

14.)Find the prince and princess.....Difficulty ?.....Funfactor 3/10
            (Must get 60% on Jungle Island)

The point of this mission is to find the prince and princess of the bunch.
You run into them and knock them down to make your choice. Note: When I 
played this I failed to find the right ones, however the game still allowed 
me to progress. However I'm not sure if that was supposed to happen or not.
If you are still forced to do this till you succeed, just keep choosing 
couples till you find the right one, there isn't too many monkeys to check.

15.)Activate the Bells!.....Difficulty 8/10 cheating 1/10.....Funfactor 7/10 
(You must invite everyone to the wedding, meaning you must do all the balloon
message missions and make peace between Monkitropolis and Kongri-la)

First you need to get to the top of the room. How you ask? Simply activate
sticky ball and climb up the tree that starts flashing yellow. Once you're to
the top you're ready to start the final mission.

This is a memory game, you must remember what the bell operator tells you, 
then hit the color panels (to your left and right) in that order. The first
memorization is simple, the next slightly difficult then the final one is
hard. After you're done bouncing off the panels make sure to hit the middle 
one and not anything else. If you have a bad memory you can simply write down
the order to make things easier for yourself.


Central Area

1.)Magic Assistant.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 5/10
   (You need scalarball, woodball, hoverball, and invisiball)

Once you have all the necessary balls, you can tackle this mission. All you
have to do is activate your chants right when he tells you to. During the
first part he'll say he is going to make you bigger, so when he says the 
magic words (always in CAPS) activate your chant. When he says he'll turn you
back to normal press b to deactivate the chant. Do this with all the tricks
and make sure not to ever jump the gun or you'll have to start over. The last
one is a little tricky after you turn invisible you'll have to get behind the
crowd then reappear on the magician's command. Then dissappear again and 
return to the stage. If you mess up, you won't have to start over, but if you
mess up a lot, the mission will be failed.

2.)Stealth and Ducks.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 6/10
             (Invisiball is required)

Another hard mission thanks to, yep bad camera. First activate the invisiball
chant to become invisible. You'll most likely have to be patent and wait for
the grey monkey to get out of your way. Then walk carefully across the 
narrow platform. Now use the rotating platform to get up with the ducks. Wait 
for a duck to go by then get behind it and be careful not to run into it or 
any of the other ones. You'll have to stay in between them so move not too 
slow or too fast. Hitting them will most likely make your presence known. You
usually can only become temporary visible once or twice before it leads to 
failure. Now comes the hard part. You'll have to move around the water booths
by using the narrow rotating platforms. It's really hard to see what your 
doing, however if you fight the camera enough you might get a good view. 
Really this part takes a lot of luck since also smacking the wall too hard 
can reveal yourself. Once you make it to the top just carefully ram the 
bridges down to free each monkey, and your done!

3.)Mascott Smash.....Difficulty 1/10.....Funfactor 6/10

This mission is just like the tophat mission on Jungle Island. You have to 
run into each monkey wearing a cat mask at the right speed to make them lose
their cat head. Check your radar to find them all, they're real easy to find.
Once you knock off all the cat heads you'll get a mission complete.

4.)Test of Strength.....Difficulty 6/10  Right way 1/10.....Funfactor 2/10
          (Hoverball or Stickyball and Scalarball are required)

This one is tricky, I only found one way to hit the bell at the top of the 
strength test. First you need to get to the upper area that over looks the 
strength test (There is a path behind the magician mission). Then activate 
your hoverball. Line yourself up with the target then move back as far as you
can. Now press forward, then right before you go off the edge hit the a 
button to boost higher, then aim for the red button. With luck you'll fall 
hard enough to hit the button WITHOUT ending the hoverball chant. If you did 
you should of hit the button hard enough to smack the bell up top to achieve 
victory in this mission. If you're having trouble with this method try 
Mottmans below.

(NOTE: I recieved a bunch of e-mails regarding the right way to do this 
mission, however Mottman told me first)

Mottman's Method (aka the right way)

After talking to the guy and starting the mission, I went around
to the back of the strength machine and used Stickyball.  The metal strip
that runs along the middle of the back turned yellow to indicate I could
climb it, so I climbed to the top of the machine. Then I switched to
Scalarball; by making myself bigger I was also apparently able to make
myself heavier. I simply made myself big and fell forward off the top of
the machine onto the button, which made the bell ring, and beat the
mission that way. Making yourself big is required, just falling from the
top in the normal size ball did not make the bell ring, you have to be
big when you hit it for this to work.

Roller Coaster Area

5.)Out of control coaster.....Difficulty 6/10.....Funfactor 7/10

Alright at the start wait for the coaster to come around, then chase it down.
You'll need to be quick to catch it, but don't go so fast that you can't 
control yourself. Once you've caught up with the coaster you need to ram into 
it for a while then that part will fly off, repeat till all the parts of the 
coaster are off. If you have the wood ball, I suggest using it in case you
fall off. Then you won't have to start over.

6.)Picture below the coaster.....Difficulty 3/10.....Funfactor 2/10
             (Woodball HIGHLY recommended)

After you gain control fall down to the water and go towards the right and 
get on the wooden platform. Cross the rails that separate each platform to 
eventually reach the photo position (if you have the wood ball). If you don't
have the wood ball you still can fly to the position using the cannon, but be
prepared to have A LOT of fallouts. 

7.)Donation (200).....Difficulty N/A.....Funfactor N/A

Once again you'll have the choice of giving away some of your precious
bananas. Remember only to give away if you have plenty left to spend.

8.)Airborn Students.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 5/10

Another flying mission. Check your radar then launch out of the cannon and 
find the floating monkeys. All you have to do is touch them and they're 
automatically saved. Once again if you ever hear the beeping sound get to 
land quick as you are about to fall. Be very careful around the coaster one 
touch will most likely end your monkey. Once again if your not all that great
at flying you might want to take the balloons down one at a time.

9.)Remote ball race.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 8/10
        (You must first complete mission 5)

Now this monkey wants to challenge you to a race around the coaster, but he's
not going to risk his neck! You'll race his remote control ball around the
coaster. All you have to do in keep up with the ball, not pass it. However
if you want to you can, it is possible. This mission should be no problem
for you after completing mission 5.

Hedge Maze

10.)Bumper Car Action.....Difficulty 1/10.....Funfactor 6/10
             (Boxingball is required)

Go into the bumper car arena and use the boxingball to smack the cars off to
the side to stop them. It's a real simple mission, should be no problem.

11.)8 Cat ballons.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 0/10 (it's that bad)

Ugh, one of the worst, most long missions in the game. You have to navigate
a maze and collect 8 balloons. What's worse is that you can only hold one at
a time, so every time you grab a balloon you have to take it all the way back
to the monkey who wants them before grabbing another. Thank goodness all the 
balloons are on the radar so finding them shouldn't be too hard. If one is 
out of reach look for ways to higher up then fall down to it. Only one 
balloon causes you to risk a fall out. Which is the one up on the tight rope, 
make sure to get that one first. Also note that one balloon is in the bumper 
car area, don't forget it. Unfortunately I can't recall where every balloon 
is, but I'll work on remembering where they are. Hopefully you shouldn't have 
trouble finding them, you should only have trouble enduring this long, boring 
chore of a mission.

12.) Park Cleanup.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 2/10
           (Stickyball is required)

You'll need to use stickyball to collect the banana peels around the maze.
You can only hold on to the peels so long before they'll disappear and 
respawn where you got them. Because of this, it's best to return them to the
trash (right at the start of the mission) as soon as possible. I do know the
locations of the peels, look below for the list.

1.Alright from the start you should see a peel right off the bat collect it 
and dispose of it.

2.When you get to the first split path up ahead, go left to find another 

3.Back at the split path, now go right to find another peel in plain view.

4.Follow the path that goes under the bridge then go right up the grassy 
slope (to the area with stone floor and two green rocks) to find another 

5.This one is at the area where you received mission 11. Get back to the 
grassy area and follow the path the opposite way this time, go up the ramp
and onto the bridge. When you get to another split path go straight to find 
yourself at the entrance of the maze along with another peel.

6.From there go back up and take a right(the path you didn't take at number 
5). Then take another right to the dead end where you find your sixth peel.

7.Now take the straight path(the only one left) That'll lead to the bumper
car mission. There is a peel right in front of the monkey who sells you 

8.The final peel is in the bumper car area.
Once you return all the peels to the trash your mission will be complete.

13.)Balloon delivery for teacher.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 2/10
    (After you complete mission 8, this becomes available)

Simply navigate through the maze back to where you started the park cleanup
mission to find the teacher monkey.

14.)Photo on the tight rope.....Difficulty 3/10.....Funfactor 2/10

In case you forgot where Sisi is, I'll tell you where to go. From the 
entrance of the maze (aka start of mission 11) at the first fork in the road
go straight. After your past the curving bridge and down the ramp go straight
forward up the gray slope, then go to the left to find Sisi. (The name of the
photographer). You have to cross two narrow tight ropes to get to the 
photographing spot. Just Take it slow, shouldn't be too much trouble after 
playing the puzzle levels.

Mechanical Area

15.)Shutdown Puzzle.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 5/10
(Stickyball and scalarball are required to get to the mission and boxingball
is required during the mission, plus you must have 60% in Zootopia)

(Getting to the mission)

First you need to get all the way up to the top, which takes quite some time.
The pipe that'll lead you to more pipes and eventually to the top is behind
a sucker naysayer, so use your scalar ball to get him out of the way. Cross
over to the middle area and dodge the moving walls coming towards you (use 
the little slope to go around. Then activate stickyball to start your journey
to the top. It should be no problem finding where to go, just follow the 
flashing yellow path. Make sure you're not upside down before you ever step
off the flashing yellow zones, you don't want to fall all the way back down.
When you get to the section with the blowing fans you'll need to be very 
careful. The fans will blow in a predictable pattern (the center fan will
blow, then the ones to the left and right will blow). When they stop blowing,
quickly run past it and wait for the next fan to spot blowing before you
cross past it. Once you get towards the top you'll see four puzzles levels. 
Play and complete them all then return to the middle of the area which 
happens to be an elevator. Let it take you to the top. Then you'll find 
yourself in a bowl gain some speed and get out. Then use sticky ball again to 
climb the ladder to start a cutscene with fat cat. Afterwards talk to the 
monkey in the area to start the mission. 

(Mission Start)

Roll back into the bowl and keep rolling over the lights until all of them 
are flashing. Rolling over a light activates it and the two next to it, 
however if one of the lights are already activated they will turn off. Just 
play around with it until you have only 3 unactivated lights that are all 
next to each other, then rollover the middle one to light all 3 up. Now be 
careful the hole in the middle will open up, DO NOT fall down it or you'll 
have to start ALL over. Carefully roll back out of the bowl then look around 
the room. You should see columns all around the room with a spinner thing on 
it. Activate boxing glove and punch each one that isn't active (when it's 
active it'll show electricity coming out of it). Some will be high and some 
will be low, punching the low ones will make them go up and vice versa. You 
won't have to hit every single one, sometimes multiple devices will activate 
when you hit just one. Make sure not to hit one that is already in position. 
Once all the electrical devices are active your mission will finally be 

Cog Area    
NOTE: If you ever fall below to the cogs at the bottom, the only way back up
is by using the huge non moving cog (it says Moonhaven on it), get under it 
then you'll get the option of pressing a+left or right to rotate yourself 
back up. (It's a controllable cog)

1.)Pickup in the Skies.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 2/10
              (Stickyball is required) 

Time for another pick up mission. Activate stickyball and now start looking
for banana peels, none are far away from the start and most are on the 
central area (the big donut shaped platform with the rotating bridge). The 
only problem is getting back up to dispose of the peels. Since the stickyball 
is too slow to make it back up the slope, you'll need to fall down to the 
lower area (aim for the bowl) and use the controllable cog to rotate yourself
back up to the mission start to dispose of all your peels.

2.)Timed Switches.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 3/10

In this mission there are 4 sets of 3 switches. When you activate one 
switch you'll have to activate the other two before time runs out. All the 
switches are not to far apart obviously since time is limited. I'll do my
best to tell you where each set is.

1.Set number one is around the area where you picked up bananas in mission 1. 
one is on the circular floor and the other two are up the steep slopes. 

2.The next set starts right next to the giant cog (that you control) on the
mid floor. Activate it then step on to the cog, rotate up to the upper floor.
Hit the switch next to the big monkey, then go right (when facing the switch)
and carefully navigate through the two traps to find the last switch. 

3.Back at the area where the first set was, drop down through the hole in the
circle (where the rotating bridge is). Hit the switch you see there, then 
carefully but quickly go down and activate the switch on the wall, careful it
might try to shove you off, then keep going down to find the last switch.

4.The final set is in the bowl-like area at the bottom (straight across from
last switch on set 3) Hit the one on top then fall down and hit the one on 
the side. Now quickly go over and around to the other side to hit the final 
switch to complete the mission.

3.)Oil the Machine.....Difficulty 6/10.....Funfactor 6/10
             (scalarball is required)

Activate your scalarball chant and step on to the rail to the left of the 
mission start. The area you release each balloon is right above each cog.
As your going along the rails your balloons should automatically be sucked 
into the machine, if not slow down and wait for it to disappear into the 
machine. Once you deliver a balloon to the machine you'll have to find a safe
way to get back to the mission start so you can grab another balloon. Aim 
for the large bowl area at the bottom, since it's the safest landing area.
At times the rails will get further apart, at that time expand your ball to
avoid falling (using scalarball). You can also shrink or expand in order to
take different paths on the rails to get to the other balloon releasing 
areas. Deliver all four green balloons to achieve victory.

4.)Little un's on levers.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 4/10
     (Must have 60% in Moonhaven to open up this mission)

You probably noticed the levers around the area, and wondered what they're
for. Well now you know you need to deliver small monkeys to all of these
levers to save Moonhaven. Little un's (aka small monkeys) will all appear in
the central area (where you picked up bananas in the first mission). Once
you have a monkey on your ball be careful since he will make it a little 
harder to control your ball. All of the switches are on the radar, so you
shouldn't have trouble finding them. Make sure not to forget about the lever
right behind the monkey who gives you the mission. The levers in the lower
area can be really dangerous and risky to get to, so make sure to toss 
monkeys on them first. It always best to get the hard ones first so if you
mess up you don't waste a lot of time. Most of the levers are right near
the switches you activated in mission 2, so you should know where most of the
levers are already. 

Flood Control

5.) Frozen Pumps.....Difficulty 6/10.....Funfactor 4/10
           (woodball is required)

After you activate woodball step on to the switch right at the start of the
mission. Stay on it till the water rises high enough for you to make it to 
the next platform. Continue this until you make it to the first pump. To 
unfreeze the pump you'll have to melt the ice next to the pump. You don't
have to, and can't, melt all the ice. Just run circles closely around the
pump, while on fire, and the pump should eventually become active again. Now
you'll see the next switch up ahead be lit on fire. You need to carry a 
flame to the next pump. To do that you'll have to first lose the flame and 
then go turn the moveable bridge so that it creates a path that is water free
which will allow you to keep your flame. Do this with the next couple of 
bridges till you get to the next pump. Make sure to light the torch near
the pump before you start to melt the ice. After you fix this pump you'll
have to once again carry a flame to another pump. This time you won't have to
rotate any bridges. Step on the switch to cause the water to rise as the 
water rises an ice bridge will form. Run quickly across and hit the next 
switch to create another ice bridge, cross then light the torch. Now melt
the ice around this pump and you'll be done.
6.) Donation (150).....Difficulty N/A.....Funfactor N/A

Once again you can spend some bananas in trade for some percentage complete.

7.) Keep the flames lit.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 5/10
   (woodball is required and you must have completed mission 5)

Activate woodball and look straight ahead towards the water. You'll see some
ice and 3 lit torches. What you need to is keep those 3 torches lit until 
the time runs out (shown on radar). As long as at least one is lit when time 
is up, you'll be successful. However if at any time all 3 torches go out then
you will fail. So just go in circles to check which torches ar lit, and which
ones have went out. When a torch goes out waste no time to get it relit. Use
one of the other torches to get it to blaze once again. The torches will 
often go out right after each other, so when one goes out another will most
likely be about to extinguish. Just keep moving and checking the torches and
try to avoid getting stuck between the ice as it regenerates.

NOTE: It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the entire area
before you get into doing these missions. Since you don't want to mess up
during a mission just because you didn't know a certain feature of this area.

8.) Five red balloons.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 4/10
(Assuming you haven't defeated the naysayers you'll need woodball and 

This mission has 3 simple balloons to collect, and two hard ones to get. Just 
like the 8 balloon mission in Zootopia you have to get each balloon one at a 
time. Right at the start of this mission there is an air current that'll 
launch you into the air and allow you to fly. Fly down to the lowest area in 
this area (also the start of mission 2). Once your there start making your 
way up the area, taking care of the flamethrower naysayer as you pass 
(see monkey enemies section). Now you'll be faced with a series of platforms 
that will move out and in. Once the first platform comes out the next one 
will come out just after it and all the rest will follow the same pattern. So
as soon as the first one comes out you can just keep moving (there is no need
to stop in between each platform and wait) till you get to the top, just 
don't move to fast or to slow, keep with the flow of the appearing platforms.
After dealing with a few more of these types of platforms you'll see two 
balloons and a naysayer. Grab the balloon then take care of the naysayer. 
Keep heading up till your to the blowing fans. Luckily you won't have to go 
past them, take the air current to the right to fly back to the mission 
start. Now repeat this to get the other balloon. Now back up at the start, 
go right across the puzzle levels and find a balloon nearby. Then find 
another right near the blue balloon, then the last across the rain water 
bowl. Return them all to complete the mission.

9.) Repair the fire automation.....Difficulty 6/10.....Funfactor 5/10
               (woodball is required)

In this mission you'll have to carry a flame (using woodball) all the way
up to the torch which is right near where you saw a blue balloon. The flame
will leave you unless you light the little torches along the way. You will
most likely light the torches without even trying since there right along
the path. So do what you did in mission 8 up until you get to the fans. Be
careful here, getting blown by one of the fans will not only extinguish your
flame, but could also cause a fallout. Watch the pattern the fans blow in and
go past them one at a time. Make sure not to move too slow or you'll lose 
your flame. Afterwards you'll have to bounce off some platforms, careful
after you bounce of them once they temporarily lower down and won't be any 
use. So basically after you hit one platform your forced to go to the next.
Watch your shadow and always make sure it's on a platform as you continue 
your way up. Once your up all the way and see the tourch near the blue 
balloon quickly light it to complete the mission.

10.) Feed the fire automation.....Difficulty 7/10.....Funfactor 4/10
(Once again woodball is required and you must complete the above mission 
first before you can try this one)

After you light yourself up once again go toward the bowl. Before dropping 
in be warned that one touch of the water in the bowl will put out your flame.
So you'll have to run along the sides to avoid it. You'll need to take the
left path. So go into the bowl, run along the side and gain speed then when
you've go enough run up the steep slope to the first torch. With luck, even
if you fall back down you'll still at least light the torch. Once up there,
continue carefully to next torch and light it. Now face the gap that 
separates the platforms. Look to the left until you see a swinging platform
come around when you do get ready, you'll need to time it almost perfectly
to light it and cross to the other side. On the other side light another 
torch. Now there's only two left and only way to get to them, by flying.
Back at the air current you used in mission 8, Fly right and aim for the 
narrow platform that has the fire automation on it (it looks kinda like a
giant mechanical spider, and is right above the water bowl). Light the torch,
then go up to the fire automation and touch what looks like teeth to feed the
fire automation and complete the mission.
11.)Toolbox search.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 2/10

Getting to this mission is somewhat hard since it's not connected to nothing
so you'll have to fly to it. At the start of the mission use the air current 
to start flying, aim for the highest area you can. The toolbox is actually 
just that blue balloon you saw before. The only problem is getting it back to 
him (since he has to be on a isolated platform). Once again you'll use the 
air current that was at the start of mission 8. Fly down carefully. If you
don't think your lined up right, try to turn around and try to get as close
as possible before you drop.

12.)Balloon delivery.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 2/10

This balloon is for the monkey who gave you mission 10. He's moved all the
way up next to the fire automation. Just do what you did before, use the air
current and fly there, shouldn't be hard after the missions you've already 
did before this one.

Flying Device

13.)Photo on the flying device.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 3/10

Alright time is tight on this one. So waste no time at the beginning and
launch yourself to the flying device. When your on, quickly get on the
moving cog and ride it to the top. At the top move towards the camera and
into the photo position to complete this mission.

14.)Stop the noise.....Difficulty 6/10.....Funfactor 6/10

In this mission you need to activate 3 switches. All you have to do is roll
over them, and there is no time limit once you activate one. So just take
your time in this mission. At the start of the mission you'll see platforms
that are rocking back in forth constantly. You'll need to cross each of these
platforms to get to the switches. Just move slow and stay toward the center
and you should be able to avoid falling off. Once you activate all 3 switches
your finished with the mission.

15.)Patch the bowl.....Difficulty 1/10.....Funfactor 2/10
             (Stickyball is required)

A real simple mission. At the start grab the 4 green, leaf-like patches and
then ride the cog up to the bowl area. In the bowl you'll see four holes.
Simply roll over each one to patch it up and your done.

16.)Monkeys in pipes.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 6/10

Once again ride the cog to the upper area. Stop on the bridge to the bowl
and look to the left and right. You'll see a set of pumps on both sides.
Go left or right and start bouncing on the pumps to get the stuck monkeys
out. You'll need to alternate between bouncing on pumps to get the monkeys
out. In other words bounce on the left then right and continue with this
pattern. Then cross to the other side and repeat the process to rescue the
monkeys. Thankfully it's not possible to fall off here.


City Square

1.)Unplug the sound devices.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 4/10
            (Stickyball is required)

In this mission you need to use stickyball to grab the patches off the
sound devices (You know the things that make that REAL annoying sound).
After you unplug a device make sure you toss the patch into the garbage,
which is located right next to the monkey who gives you this mission. Check
your radar to find all the sound devices, none are hard to find.

2.)Picture in mid-air.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 2/10
              (Hoverball is recommended)

Activate hoverball and quickly climb the stairs, then turn around. Now you
need to make a jump using the hoverball. Move back a little then move forward
and jump. Now hover into the picture position.

(Alternate method by Kevinisinuse)

In the mission in monkitropolis where you must get your picture taken, the
hoverball is not required. All you have to do is roll up the stairs turn
around and make a run at the small platform/ramp that is in between the 
stairs. If you go straight enough you will hit the picture sign. 

3.)Arrest the monsters.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 5/10
            (Tetherball and invisiball are required)
Monsters are in the city and it's up to you to bring them in! Activate
invisiball and find a "monster" using your radar. Once you find one smack it
like you smacked the tophats and mascots (not too hard). Then use tetherball
to grab them. Sometimes the tetherball won't grab them and they'll start to
get up. If this happens, quickly smack them again and you should hopefully
get them then. If you fail to grab them or don't use invisiball to sneak up
on them, they'll run into the sewers. Don't worry this doesn't mean you've
failed. Just run far away and the should come back. If not just go look for
another "monster" and you can come back for the one who escaped later.

4.)Unmask the monsters.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 6/10
(You must first make peace between Monkitropolis and Kongri-la before you
can try this mission)

The final smack em mission! All you have to do is find all the monkeys
wearing masks and run into them to knock them off. As always avoid turning
them into roadkill!


5.)Speedking......Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 6/10
                 (Speedyball is required)

This mission doesn't have an obvious objective. At the start you'll be shown
who the speedy monkey is, quickly use speedyball to catch up to him. Then
just pass him up and keep going until the monkey who put you undercover tells
you that the speeder is finished. (that's how I did it anyway)

6.)Speedway Cleanup.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 7/10
                 (Stickyball is required)

Once again you'll find yourself picking up trash. Go all around the speedway
and find all the banana peels. They'll all show up on the radar, so it won't
be hard to locate them. Once again make sure to toss them is the trash to
dispose of them permently (it's located at the start of the mission). Be
careful not to get hit by the cars, since the might knock you off the
speedway and to your doom.

7.)Noise Factory.....Difficulty 8/10.....Funfactor 1/10
                  (Stickyball is required)

This mission is hard mainly because it's not so clear what to do. Start going
up the pipe path that isn't blocked. When you see a part of the pipe that
doesn't match, walk onto it and rotate it (using control stick plus a) until
it connects to the other pipe. Keep doing this will every rotate able
pipe. Unless of course rotating the pipe leads you no where. You need to make
sure you don't rotate a pipe that you have already rotated. As your climbing
pipes you'll eventually get to a section where there is ground under you.
End the sticky chant to drop down. Now activate it again and look for another
pipe that leads to the roof. Cross across the roof and then get on the pipe
on the other side. When you get to the part where there is moving obstrucions
on the pipes that block progress, just look for an opening and quickly pass
through. Keep going and rotating pipes that you see and you should eventually
find yourself back in the factory. You'll be on the opposite side of where
you started. There will be one last pipe to rotate, after you rotate it drop
down to the ground and your mission should be complete. If not you must of
either rotated a pipe twice, or forgot to rotate a pipe completely. This is
a mission that will really test your patience, make sure not to get
frustrated. Just keep trying and you'll eventually get it. Oh yeah and don't
be afraid of that mute button.

8.)Balloon delivery to noisy.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 1/10
   (Complete mission 7 first and of course you need stickyball)

Wait a minute? The noise factory worker is just ahead! Right? Nope, he's
moved all the way up to one of the ledges on the side of the factory. So
once again you'll have to navigate the maze of pipes one more time. The best
way I found to get to this noisy monkey, was by climbing up to the roof like
in mission 7. Then check your radar to see where the monkey is below, and
drop down to him. When your navigating the pipes you can rotate whatever
pipe you want, I'm sure the noise factory owner won't mind!

9.)Death to robo chimps.....Difficulty 3/10.....Funfactor 7/10
                  (Speedyball is required)

Oh no! The robochimps are going to end up destroying both cities unless
they're stopped! Activate speedyball and chase after them. When you've
caught up with them just ram into them until the explode. Repeat this for
every robo chimp. Some of the robo chimps might take a while to catch up to,
so you'll have to be a little patient when catching up with these robots.

Paridise overlook

10.)Launch those robots.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 7/10
(Use must receive cheif of police rank before you can get to this area, which
means you'll have to complete every mission in Monkitropolis, that you have
the requirements for, except for the balloon delivery mission.)

In this mission you'll launch robo chimps to each of the small islands around
the entrance to Kongri-la. Just use the trial and error approach, when you
realize you've shot to high aim lower and the vice versa. Luckily you have
unlimited robo chimps so shoot away!

Paridise Entrance

1.)Banana theft.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 7/10
                (Hoverball is required)

Now it looks like you have to destroy the robo chimps you just launched!
Since you just launched the chimps, you should know where they all are, or
you could refer to the radar. To get to some of the islands you'll need to
move back some, gain speed and use press a to boost over to the hard to get
to island. Run into each robo chimp repeatedly to destroy it.

2.)Take out the horns.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 6/10

Well I've bet you've been waiting for this! It's about time you've been able
to shut up the loud noise rather than increase it! You'll need to use the
cannon to blast you towards each sound horn far out in the sea. Simply fly
into each horn to deactivate it, then the horn will blast you out. Make sure
to open your ball back when it does. If you do things right, you shouldn't
even have to return to the cannon. Just fly from horn to horn to deactivate
them all.
3.)Water the trees.....Difficulty 2/10.....Funfactor 4/10
                (Hoverball is required)

Once again you'll need to head out to those tiny islands. This time you need
to water the dying banana trees using water balloons. Grab a balloon then
head out to find a banana tree. You'll sometimes have to circle a tree a
couple times before the balloon will disappear into it. Use the same
strategies you used in mission 1 to reach all the islands. Sometimes you
don't even have to be right next to a tree and the balloon will still water
the tree. You can try to water some trees without even being on the island
with the tree. Once all trees are watered your mission will be complete.

Underwater Section 1

4.)Reflecting Mirrors.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 5/10
              (Scalarball is required)

First activate your scalarball chant and then head on to the fan and you'll 
be propelled high into the air. Once your at the top press a to lower 
yourself some. Look for the highest mirror and then hit it to flip it and
to start reflecting some light. Now look for the next highest mirror (it 
should be on the opposite side) and hit it to continue reflecting light. Keep 
doing this as you make your way back down. Make sure not to miss any mirrors.
As you hit each mirror you should see light reflecting back at you, if not
you must have missed a mirror. Always make sure not to hit a mirror twice,
if you do hit it a 3rd time to get it back in the proper position. Once
you have light reflected all the way down to the floor your mission will be

5.)Angry Crabs.....Difficulty 5/10.....Funfactor 5/10
           (Tetherball is required)

Now you'll need to deal with some pesky crabs. You'll need to knock each one
onto it's back and then grab it with your tetherball. However these crabs
won't go down easily. Don't bother attacking them from the front or they'll
just knock you back. You'll need to hit them on the side or back to take them
down. They're smart though, they'll often turn to face you. You'll need to
get far away from each one and then quickly smack them while they're facing
a different direction. You can use speedyball to help, but don't bother with
invisiball it's useless. Once you've got one with tetherball take it back to
the disposal machine, next to the monkey who gives you this mission. The crab 
can get loose if your not careful. Make sure not to move real fast (in my 
experience that always allowed it to break free) and avoid rolling over the
lower area, or the fan. Once you've got all the crabs, your mission will be

6.)Balloon Delivery.....Difficulty 1/10.....Funfactor 1/10
            (finish mission 5 first)

Easy, just take the balloon back to the monkey who gave you the crab mission.

Underwater Section 2

7.)Patch the leaks.....Difficulty 4/10.....Funfactor 5/10
            (Stickyball is required)

At the start activate stickyball and grab all the patches. Now you need to
turn off the fan that is blowing strong air currents through the tunnel.
Right there at the start is a switch. Push in the switch to temporarily
deactivate the fan. Now quickly go into the tunnel and start patching all
the cracks (you'll see water dripping out of them). Some are kinda high up
so you'll have to go back in forth across the pipe to gain some speed and
reach the crack. You'll need to be quick since the fan won't stay off for
long. As long as you get every crack patched before the fan turns back on,
you'll complete the mission.

8.)Final Donation (250).....Difficulty N/A.....Funfactor N/A

This is the final donation and ouch! That's a lot of bananas! You'll need
to really ask yourself if you want to give up all those bananas.

9.)Under Sea Picture.....Difficulty 6/10.....Funfactor 3/10
          (Hoverball is required)

Alright, time to take your final photograph! This mission will really test
your skills with the hover ball. You'll need to make some careful jumps
across some very tiny platforms, and also as always your timed. You'll need
to be quick, so it would be a good idea to practice these tough jumps before
you start the mission. Once your to the position fly right into it to 
complete your final photograph mission.

vi. Multiplayer


Single Race
Here you'll choose one of your unlocked tracks to race seven other monkeys 
in. You can set the number of laps, and turn handicap on or off.

Grand Prix
Here you'll race through all 4 tracks (whether you've unlocked them or not)
and earn points depending on your place on each track. After the final race 
the player with the most points wins. Each race is 5 laps.

Time Trial
You can choose between any of the tracks that you have unlocked and set your
own time records. 


What's cool in race is that you can hold up to four items! During the race
aim for the question boxes to get an item. Use them by pressing the x, y, a, 
and b buttons. Look below to see the different kinds of items.

1.Boxing glove

This item will put a boxing glove on your ball, and will automatically punch
any monkey you come near.

2.Speed Star

This item will give you a boost, and will help you catch up or stay in the 
lead. Make sure a turn isn't coming up before you use this.


When you see someone in front of you, use this item to pull yourself towards
and over them, giving you a nice boost as well. Once again avoid using it at
sharp turns.


A weapon that'll blow any monkey high in the air if it connects. Before using
line yourself up with the monkey in front of you.

5.Banana Peel

Lay these on the track and hope another monkey will roll over it, slip and
possibly fall off. Make sure to remember where you dropped one so if everyone
else manages to avoid it, you can too. A real effective way to use these is
by getting in front of a monkey and laying it right in their face.

6.Polygon Ball

Aim these the same way you would a bomb. This will turn your opponents ball
into a polygon ball, which will cause them to slow down and have trouble 
controlling themselves.

7.Ice Cube

This will turn your opponents ball into a cube. They then won't be able to
control it for a short time. Use this item on monkeys right at turns in the
track and watch them fly off!

8.Homing Missile

This rare item will lock onto a monkey ahead of you and take them out! Once
this item hits you, you'll go flying in the air, lose control and probably 
fall off the track. I'm pretty sure there is no way to avoid getting hit by 
this powerful item. So when someone locks onto you with this item, you better
get ready to go flying!


Normal Mode
In this mode you'll bash each other up with monkey ball glove until the time 
limit is up. Then whoever has the most points will win. Every punch will get 
you some points, and every fallout you cause another monkey will get you even
more points.

Here you'll fight each other until only one monkey remains. However each 
player only has one life, so it ends rather quickly. So it's best to avoid 
this mode and play normal mode instead (mainly due to long load times).

Boxes will spawn in the middle of the ring at times, destroy them to see if
any of the below items are in there.

1.Long Punch

This will increase the length of your glove. Now you can hit other with 
less risk of getting hit yourself.

2.Big Punch

The size of your glove will be increased, and each punch will send others 
much farther than before. This is the best punch of the three, so if you
see it get it fast since you don't want it used against you!

3.Spinning Punch

This item will allow you spin your glove around by holding the a button. It's
really not that good of an item since you can still get hit easily. If you 
get this item quickly swing into your opponents before they can smack you.


In this mode you'll open up your ball and fly around trying to collect 
bananas and items, and then try to land on the highest number spots. Their
are some items, but the only one I can remember right now is the magnetball.
The item looks like a magnet, and when you drop you'll fall and stick. Which
means you won't roll off making it easier to get high amounts of points. If 
you're playing with humans you may have to get aggressive fighting for the
best landing spot. Get as low as you can before you land on a spot, this will
make it less likely to roll off.


In this mode you'll bounce on tiles to turn them your color and try to turn
as many of the levels tiles as you can in your color. If you completely 
surround and opponents tiles they will become yours. The game ends when all
the tiles are turned a color. The best way to win is to look at who's in the
lead and steal their tiles if possible.

Tic Tac Toe

This level is made up of 9 separate platforms with 9 tiles on each except for 
the middle one which if I remember correctly is bigger. Quickly take control 
of the platform you start on (take control of all tiles so no one can try to 
steal them). Then head for the middle and take control of it. Then look for 
other areas where you can steal others tiles.

xxx  xxx  xxx
xxx  xxx  xxx
xxx  xxx  xxx

xxx xxxxx xxx  (What this place looks like)
xxx xxxxx xxx
xxx xxxxx xxx

xxx  xxx  xxx
xxx  xxx  xxx
xxx  xxx  xxx


This level is shaped just like a checkers board. Bounce carefully since there
are a lot of holes. 

x x x x x
 x x x x
x x x x x
 x x x x 
x x x x x  (looks something like this)
 x x x x
x x x x x
 x x x x  
x x x x x


This is one giant platform, with no holes inside it. However the tiles are
not all at the same level. The go high to low from right to left like steps.
You'll need to aim carefully to hit the tiles right, and not hit the edges.

xxxxxxxxx   (looks similar to this)


This level is made up of 3 squares. Once again there are a lot of places to
fall of at, so you'll need to be accurate in your bouncing.

x           x
x xxxxxxxxx x    
x x       x x
x x  xxx  x x  
x x  x x  x x  (looks somewhat like this)
x x  xxx  x x    
x x       x x           
x xxxxxxxxx x           
x           x

NOTE: There are more items than just these, but right now they're all I
can remember.

1. Freeze

All but the player who received the item will freeze and be unable to move
for a little bit. Real annoying!

2. Shrink

All but the player who received the item will shrink in size and be unable to
turn over tiles for a short time. Also annoying!


The best new game, in my opinion, is a lot of fun in both modes but 
especially in "Last Man Standing".

Top Gun
You'll start out instantly ready to battle. You'll launch your monkey at 
other players castles in hope to knock a lot of blocks down. Remember in this
mode is all about points that are scored by knocking blocks down from other
players castles. It's not about being the last one remaining. Shoot your 
monkey quickly and accurately at one of your 3 opponents. Shoot at different
areas, and try to find a weak spot that will allow you to knock a ton of 
blocks down and give you tons of points. If a bunch of people are aiming at
the castle your aiming at, aim at a different one so they don't steal your
points. You can see how your castle is doing by looking at the small bar 
graph at the upper right part of the screen.

Last Man Standing
In this mode you'll get to set up different kinds of defenses to help protect
your castle from your opponents. Before the battle starts it'll say 
"Fortify!" you then can place different defenses on your castle.  
Pressing the b button will add a defense (look at the lower right part of
the screen to see what is currently selected). Use the control stick to pick
which block to put it on. Pressing a will allow you to rise your castle 
higher (at certain times), but be careful not to rise it so high that you 
have a lot of areas unprotected. The x button will remove the last defense
you added to your castle. Finally press the y button when you finished, be
warned you only have a limited time to fortify your castle. Now you'll do 
what you did in the previous mode (try to knock each others castle down) only
this time it'll be a lot harder since everyone will have very few weak 
points. This mode is all about surviving, but you'll still want to knock a
bunch of blocks since that is the only way to receive new defenses. Each 
round have a time limit, when time is up you'll fortify your castle again.
Try your best to knock down blocks since failing to do so will most likely
end your castle.


1. Cement block

This is a much stronger, durable block, that takes a lot to knock off.

2. Force field

This will make a bunch of blocks immune from attack. Once you knock blocks
off from around it, it'll disappear.

3. Spike block

A block that repels any attacks. Shoot around it, and knock blocks underneath
it to get rid of it.

4. Boxing glove block

This glove will punch any monkey that gets near it, you'll have to just avoid 
shooting near it. It's a very useful defense.

In "Last Man Standing" mode you'll see floating balloons occasionally fly
by. Shoot through it to receive a item. Once again I can't recall many of 
the items. Use these as you fly towards a castle.


This will allow to swing into a castle repeatedly for a short time. You
can cause some major damage with this.


Balloon Bump 
In this mode you'll search out balloons on a big sphere shaped surface. 
You'll have to fight each of your opponents for them though, they won't make
it easy for you. This mode lacks a radar, so you'll be on your own when 
looking for balloons. Like in race mode you can hold multiple items at once. 
Use them with the y, x, a, and b buttons. 

Balloon Burglar
Much like Balloon Bump except once you collect a balloon you have to find
the goal and pass through it. Watch out for other players which will try to
steal your balloons.

There are question boxes all over the area, run through them to get one of
the below items. 


Shoot these at your opponents to get extra points, each one that hits a 
monkey gets you 10 points.

2.Speed Star

Like in race mode, this item will give you a boost. Use this to move to 
another area quickly to find balloons before your opponents. You can also
use this as a weapon, and smack into your opponents with it. Doing so will
gain you extra points.


Aim these carefully at opponents to blast them far away. If you get hit by
one of these you'll lose control for a brief amount of time.


These are black balloons that do the opposite of red balloons, lower your 
score. Avoid them at all costs.

vii. Classic Puzzles

Here I'll tell you where the puzzle levels are in adventure mode, and where
they appear in Challenge mode.

Jungle Puzzles


The first set you'll find. Beat 3 out of 4 of these to open the gate which
will lead to the rest of the treetop area.

1. Crossroads
2. Shuffle
3. Over The Hills
4. Cascade

Completing 3 out of 4 of these will gain you access to the island area.

5. Over run
6. Ripple
7. Holes
8. Jump


Completing 3 out of 4 of these will give you access to the rest of the

9.  Tongue Twister
10. Sequencer
11. Simple Split
12. Celtic Knots


Coaster Area

Completing 5 out of 6 of these will gain you access to the mechanical area.

1. Eternal
2. Checkmate
3. Circuits
4. Fun Run
5. Ridge Walker
6. Hair Pins

Mechanical Area

Complete all of these to gain access to the mission "Shutdown Puzzle".

7.  Loop it
8.  Plughole
9.  ZZ Stops
10. Breadbasket


Cog Area

Complete 3 of 4 of these to gain access to the mission "Little un's on
levers" and to make the scalarball available.

1. Bowls
2. Firewheeler
3. Skid Sladom
4. Serpent


Complete 5 of 6 of these to reaccess the flood control room.

5.  Tiptoe
6.  Sidestep
7.  Pitch and Putt
8.  Dimple
9.  Smile
10. Gravity Wells


City Square

Complete 5 of 6 of these to access the speedway.

1. Backflip
2. Slider
3. Headlong
4. Bumps
5. Spiral Scratch
6. Squeegee


Paridise Entrance

Complete 8 of 10 0f these to gain access to the underwater sections of 

1.  Dead Line
2.  Hoop Snake
3.  Slalom
4.  Jaw Bridge
5.  Stinky Steps
6.  Floor Sliders
7.  Back Slider
8.  Gankanny
9.  Cog
10. Elementary

Final Tunnel

(This is where the tunnel in mission 7 in the level Kongri-la leads to)

Completing this final puzzle will allow you to make peace between 
Monkitropolis and Kongri-la.

11. Slipknot

Challenge Mode

This is where the puzzles appear in challenge mode, note that the order might
not be exactly correct.

1.  Crossroads
2.  Shuffle
3.  Over The Hills
4.  Cascade
5.  Over run
6.  Ripple
7.  Holes
8.  Jump
9.  Tongue Twister
10. Sequencer
11. Simple Split
12. Celtic Knots

1.  Bowls
2.  Firewheeler
3.  Skid Sladom
4.  Serpent
5.  Tiptoe
6.  Sidestep
7.  Pitch and Putt
8.  Dimple
9.  Smile
10. Eternal
11. Checkmate
12. Circuits
13. Fun Run
14. Ridge Walker
15. Hair Pins
16. Loop it
17. Plughole
18. ZZ Stops
19. Gravity Wells
20. Breadbasket

1.  Backflip
2.  Slider
3.  Headlong
4.  Bumps
5.  Spiral Scratch
6.  Squeegee
7.  Dead Line
8.  Hoop Snake
9.  Slalom
10. Jaw Bridge
11. Stinky Steps
12. Floor Sliders
13. Back Slider
14. Gankanny
15. Cog
16. Elementary
17. Slipknot

viii. Unlockables

There are four shops in adventure mode (On Jungle Island, Zootopia, Moonhaven
and Kongri-la). Each one will sell you different unlockables. Check the list
below to see where you can find your favorite characters, modes, etc.
I'm not 100% sure the price on all of these are correct, but almost all
should be accurate.

Shop Finder
Alright, here I'll do my best to guide you to each of the four shops.

1.Jungle Island Shop (Town Square)

Once you first start out on Jungle Island you won't be too far from the shop.
Go straight forward till the village center, and look around. You should spot
a monkey standing in front of a cave, (the cave isn't enterable) there's the
first shop.

2.Zootopia Shop (Hedge Maze)

Head to the Hedge maze, when you're at the entrance (also the start of the 
cat balloon mission) go down the dirt path. Then turn right at the fork, then 
take the left path at the next crossroad. Keep going to get out of the maze.
Now turn left to find the shop monkey.

3.Moonhaven Shop (Flying Device)

From the very start of the level (right after you warp here) go straight 
forward and fall onto the big donut shaped platform. You'll see two steep 
slopes ahead, go up the right one. Once up, turn right and take the path that
leads to a sucker naysayer. After dealing with it enter to the next area. Now
you should instantly see the shop monkey on the right.

4.Kongri-la Shop (Underwater Section 2)

Get to underwater section 2 by going through the exit in underwater section 
1. Then go to the left mini island, (with hoverball of course) and you should 
see the shop monkey in front of a small building. If you fall down to the 
water look for a ramp that'll lead you right back up to the shop.


1.  Abe Abe  ..... Kongri-la for ............75
2.  Alewat   ..... Zootopia for .............20
3.  Si'Mian  ..... Moonhaven for ............10
4.  Ch'chi   ..... Moonhaven for ............20
5.  Dee-Dee  ..... Kongri-la for ............100
6.  Jen Jen  ..... Jungle Island for ........5
7.  Jeck-Jeck..... Kongri-la for ............125
8.  Ma D'Kee ..... Zootopia for .............30
9.  Mee'nee  ..... Moonhaven for ............30
10. Mermer   ..... Jungle Island for ........10
11. Paipai   ..... Jungle Island for ........15
12. Papa     ..... Jungle Island for........ 20
13. Po D-Pow ..... Zootopia for..............40
14. Sisi     ..... Moonhaven for............ 40
15. Sum Sum  ..... Zootopia for..............50
16. Tok Tok  ..... Kongri-la for............ 150


NOTE: It's kinda pointless to buy these tracks since you can play all of them
from the start if you play Grand Prix mode.

1. Track 2......Jungle Island for.......75
2. Track 3......Moonhaven for...........100
3. Track 4......Zootopia for............125


1. Sky Ring.........Moonhaven for...........75
2. Fat Cat Ring.....Jungle Island for.......100
3. Rooftop Ring.....Kongri-la for...........125


1. Horseshoe Canyon.....Jungle Island for........75
2. Lone Tree Glide......Zootopia for.............100
3. Waterfall Canyon.....Kongri-la for............125


1. Checkerboard......Jungle Island for......75
2. Vally.............Moonhaven for..........100
3. Trisquare.........Zootopia for...........125



1. Last Man Standing......Kongri-la for.......150


1. Balloon Burglar........Kongri-la for.......150

ix. Version History

Version 1......... 8/17/06
I completed a lot of the FAQ already, all that is left is multiplayer and 
maybe a few other things. All missions have been covered, enemies section 
finished, all chants described.

Version 2......... 8/23/06
Alright I added the right way to complete the strength test, and added the
multiplayer section. Also added an alternate way to complete the photograph
mission in Monkitropolis. Finally added a shop finder, in hope that it'll be
able to guide anyone to all of the shops.

x. Closing

Well that was my faq! I hope you enjoyed it, and learned how to complete
those hard missions you couldn't do before. I might have been a little vague
in some of my explanations, so drop me an e-mail if you have any extra
questions. Just make sure what your asking isn't already in this FAQ. Also
feel free to e-mail any mistakes I may have made in this faq. I'm not done
with this faq yet, I'll probably add more to the missions section, extra
tactics and stuff, and maybe more tactics in the multiplayer section. 
So stay tuned!