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by TripleJump

 ##                     # #         #      
#   # # ### ### ###     ###  ## ###    ### 
 #  # # # # ##  #       ### # # #   #  # # 
  # ### ### ### #       # # ### #   ## ### 
##      #               # #        

                 #    # ##### #####  # #    # ###### #####   ####  
                 #        #   #    # # #   #  #      #    # #      
                 #####    #   #    # # ####   #####  #    #  ####  
                      #   #   #####  # #  #   #      #####       # 
                #     #   #   #   #  # #   #  #      #   #  #    # 
                 #####    #   #    # # #    # ###### #    #  #### 

FAQ/Walkthrough by TripleJump
Copyright c 2005-2008 TripleJump
Created: December 26th, 2005
Last Update: April 15th, 2008
Contact: triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com

|||Table of Contents|||

1. Introduction       [001]
a. About the Game     [101]
b. Characters         [102]

2. Super Strikers 101 [002]
a. Controls           [201]
b. Tactics            [202]
c. Items              [203]

3. Gameplay           [003]
a. Grudge Match       [301]
b. Cup Match          [302]
c. Super Cup Match    [303]
d. Custom Match       [304]

4. Unlockables        [004]
a. Stadiums           [401]
b. Teams              [402]
c. Cheats             [403]
d. Trophies           [404]
e. Cups               [405]
f. Credits            [406]

5. Closing            [005]
a. Credits            [501]
b. FAQ                [502]
c. Final Note         [503]

************************          Introduction         ************************ 

1. Introduction
a. About the Game
b. Characters

|                             About the Game                                  |

Super Mario Strikers is yet another installment in the Super Mario Series.
For those who don't know, it is a soccer/football (Incase you are in the UK)
game. There are a few differences to real soccer though:

- No rules, so no offsides, no penalties, no cards
- No touchlines, but you can't bank it off of the walls
- Walls are electricuted, so if you are hit into them it will hurt
- Just because there are no penalties, it doesn't mean you can charge goalies.
Goalies will punch you away if you try. (First time I thought he was protected
by an invisible barrier)

Anyway, you choose a captain and a sidekick. The goal of the game is to score
more goals than the opposition. Normal Goals give you one point and Super
Strikes give you two. There are many modes of gameplay, cup, super cup, grudge
and custom matches. The point is to win, and unlock many powerups and arenas.

I picked up my copy of this game during Christmas of 2005. Along with Fire
Emblem: Path of Radiance. I enjoyed it immensly and decided to write a FAQ on
it, which is what you are reading at this very moment. So I hope you enjoy it.

|                               Characters                                    |

|    Mario      |

Mario, Possibly the most well-known video game character of All-Time. His first
game was a Donkey Kong game, where he had to save princesses from Donkey Kong.
Eventually Donkey Kong left, and Pauline (the princess) left somewhere. Mario
became a Plumber and found Mushroom Kingdom while working in the pipes. He 
then had to save Princess Peach. His nemesis is usually Bowser these days.

|    Luigi      |

Luigi, Mario's younger brother. Often Overshadowed by him. He is the tall and
skinny shy one. I remember him back in Super Mario Bros. 2 as that guy who can
jump higher than everyone. His big break came in Luigi's Mansion (which I am
currently writing a Ghost FAQ for with hamstarz12). He saves Mario from the

|    Peach      |

Peach is the Princess of Mushroom Kingdom. She is constantly kidnapped by
Bowser and needs a lot of saving by Mario. She somehow always invites Mario
over for cake. She was the girl in Super Mario Bros. 2 who could float. She now
has a game just for her on the DS, Super Princess Peach.

|    Daisy      |

Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland. She is a tomboy. Mario saves her once, we
know little about her. She has made many appearances in the Mario Sports series

|    Toad       |

Toads are the little men of mushroom kingdom. Toads help out Mario and Luigi
whenever they can, like in Super Mario Bros. 2 or Luigi's Mansion. Also Super
Mario 64. Toad is my favorite Character. In SM Strikers, they are sidekicks.

|    Wario      |

Wario is the "Evil Mario". He is a fat, yellow guy instead of the thin red guy
we know. He has a few of his own games that I dont usually play. He also makes
many appearances in the Sport's games, and is much older than some of the

|    Waluigi    |

Waluigi is the "Evil Luigi". Long, spindly legs, very tall. The opposite of
Wario, who is small and plump. You think that Waluigi's legs would give him a
huge advantage over the others..

|  Super Team   |

This is bowsers team of robots. They can all do Super Strikes, very fast, very
powerful. Not actually all that hard, but can be a doozy on Legend or World
Class. But remember, you can also play as them eventually, so be prepared to
rock human opponents.

|    Yoshi      |

Yoshi is the trusty green guy. He has known Mario ever since he was a baby.
Baby Mario fell off the stork taking him and Baby Luigi across the ocean. He
found Yoshi Island and Yoshi took him across all the way back to Luigi. He
has helped Mario and Luigi in a lot of games.

|    Birdo      |
The pink girl like things that shot eggs out of the mouth. A sidekick in SM
Strikers. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, we see her as more of an alter Yoshi.

|   Hammer Bros |

Remember those guys who threw hammers around at you in the old mario days?
They are here in Super Mario Strikers as a sidekick. Rock hard heads, but no
hammers this time. That could have been a decent powerup...

|     Koopa     |

The Koopa are bowser's people and sidekicks. They have shells, Mario used to
stomp on them and shoot them at people. Koopa is a sidekick. You can still
shoot the shells, but no Koopa inside.

|   Bowser    |

Mario's current enemy, he is the Koopa king and kidnaps Peach a lot.
In Super Mario Strikers, he appears and causes mayhem. Not a playable character
in the game. It might be better just to disable that mode for now.

| Chain Chomp |

RUFF RUFF!! Bang bang bang... BONK!!! Chain Chomps are Dog-Like thinks that
will hurt you if not careful. In Super Mario Sunshine, we see them as more of
pets than enemies, as they have been made into pets by the crazy Delphinan's.

************************      Super Strikers 101       ************************ 

1. Super Strikers 101
a. Controls
b. Tactics
c. Items

|                              Controls                                       |

A - Pass
B - Shoot (hold to charge), Clear Ball (your side of the field)
Y - Deke 
X - Use Power Up
Z - Switch Power Up Item
R - Sprint/Turbo Run (use with control stick)
L - Lob Pass (With A), Lob Shot (With B)
Control Stick - Move
C-Stick - Deke

A - Change Character
B - Slide Tackle
Y - Big Hit
X - Use Power Up
Z - Switch Power Up Item
R - Sprint/Turbo Run (use with control stick)
Control Stick - Move
C-Stick - Shake to mess up opponent super strikes


A - Pass (By throwing or Rolling)
B - Clear Ball (Drop Kick)
Control Stick - Move

A - Select Option
B - Cancel to previous screen
Control Stick - Change Option
Control Pad - Change Option

|                              Tactics                                        |


Use constant passing to get by people and set up one timers. Use "A" to pass.
If you can time the passes perfectly, so no opponent can touch them, the ball
leaves a green trail in it's wake, and you can set up a Perfect Pass.

A perfect pass is easy to perform. Once you do, you can link it to much better
chances for headers, kicks and dekes. These will almost always hit the net. Use
these in lobs, you can rack them up fairly easily, and the goalie almost never
predicts them. Just keep them away from the goalie, and try to hit them at the
top of the goal crease to avoid interception.

One Timers
Press "A" to pass and then "B" before the ball gets to the player to one time
it. This would be scoring tactic #3. One timers are hard to predict and stop,
in real life and game. Use them whenever you have an open opportunity.

Super Strikes

Super Strikes are the #2 source of goals. The top source being perfect pass
lobs. To perform a Super Strike, hold the "B" button down when your captain
has the ball. A meter comes up. When the white line is in the green bit, press
"B", the closer you are to the center the better chance it will enter the net.

Some Super Strikes will fail to beat the keeper. But some positive effects can
come from this. The keeper may be stunned. There are also some negative
effects, the keeper may swat the ball back at the captain, leaving him down and
out for a while.

If you complete this exercise perfectly, the captain will do perform a "Monster
Strike". Monster Strikes are the most important move in the game. Not only do
they get you two goals, but they will ALWAYS go in. You can tell if you have
performed a Monster Strike because the game will go into slow motion and the
shooting bar will have turned Blue.

Curve/Lob Shots
Hold "L" and Press "B" to take a shot over a goalie. Better
to take from a distance, because the goalie will be away from his net to cut
down the angle. To do curve shots you have to press left or right when 
charging with B, when it shoots, the wall will curve depending on the 
position the stick was pressed. Even though like 10% of the time the 
ball might curve to the opposite direction the stick is held. Curve 
shots never stun the goalie unless you are very near to him.

Use the C-Stick or the "Y" button to fake a player out. Also you can slip a
goalie trying to dive out at the ball, then shoot. If you are playing on a more
difficult mode, the AI will show you how to effectivly deke people and their
checks. Try it when you are feeling bold.

Turbo Run
This is very handy in getting into the enemy zone quickly. But you will be
very prone to hits and tackles. Try speeding up, then when an enemy approches,
slow down. Look for a pass, then if you can't, Speed up suddenly to evade the
enemies. You will be using this far more often than you will be using normal

Headers, Bicycle and Scissor Kicks
Cross the ball with "L+A", then press "B" to head/bicycle/scissor kick the
ball. Quite effective, but sometimes the cross won't get through. This is a
very important aspect of the game. These can be hard to stop, and have plenty
of power and direction.

Faking Shots
Hold "B" then press "A" when still holding it to do a nice little fake shot.
Doesn't work 100% against CPUs, but against human opponents it can cause them
to overcommit, leaving you open to slip past them and set up a quality scoring
opportunity. Not SUPER useful, but good nonetheless.


Sliding Tackles
Press "B" to do a sliding tackle. If you hit from behind you will be out of
commission as well. This way to check a player is about the same usefulness
as the Big Hit. You can maintain some momentum if you slide towards the player
with the ball. Then if you miss coming back, you still have your speed. But it
is very easy to slip a slide tackle with a deke. So don't advertise what you
are about to do to the opponent.

Big Hit
The easiest way to stop opponents, blow the crap outta them. Just "BAM", it
can stop super strikes, one timers, dekes. However, this will slow you down
slightly, but is very useful to bash people against the walls. Which will
electricute them. If you miss the hit, and the player doesn't have the ball,
the other team gets a power-up. I am confident that if you hit a player JUST
after he passes the ball, that the other team will not get a powerup because
you finished the check.

Blocking Shots
Stand in front of the ball and let it hit your guy, it might put him out of
commission for a bit, but its one shot less than you want your goalie to be
facing. If you attempt this, CONTROL YOUR REBOUNDS. The goalie often commits
to the shot anyway, putting him out of the picture. So it will be an easy
target if an enemy swoops in and shoots.

Clearing the Ball
Press "B" when the ball is in your zone to clear, use when there is heavy
pressure on in your zone. Also, if you are last man back, use this. Unless
you have a pass that you can easily do. Don't deke, just get it out.

Turbo Run
Use to sprint back to stop players ahead of you. Following him at the run will
definately force them to play the ball before they should. Be sure to tackle
them with a big hit from behind, if they are on a breakaway.

Here are just some ways I score.

Move away from the net, then cross it so the ball ends up in the middle. Send
it home. This is very effective. As the header gives great power and almost
no chance of telling where the ball will go. Still not the best way to score.

Move in, when you can see the goalie, he should be near the edge of his crease.
So try and loft it over or around him. Or if you are on him with another person
open, pass to him. If the goalie is going to make it to the ball in time, pass
back, the goalkeeper will have no clue what hit him

=Forcing the Goalie out of position=
Start near the end boards, move out into the center area of the crease and
shoot, the goalie is hopefully out of position. Alternately, move through the
crease, when the goalie comes out, pull a deke. Then shoot quickly. The other 
way is a one timer with a pass through the goal crease.

Using these are easy pickings for a goal. Try passing the ball around a lot
to your open wingers. The goalie will be in constant motion and eventually
leave an opening in his net.

LennyBX8 Sent the following in:
Charged Shots

Try to shot charged shots with your sidekicks in front of the goalie 
without curving it, thet shot will most likely stun the goalie giving 
the chance for a fast shot to sneak one by him.
Super Strikes
If you have a Bomb (Any combination), Red Shells (X3), 5 Bananas, 
Chomp or Star, get your Captain, start charging your super strike, 
if any opponent gets near, shoot one of the items named before while 
still charging, they will hit everyone near you but you, leaving you 
time to get a clean Super Strike. (NOTE: Never use a star before 
charging a Super Strike because the effect stops before you fully 
charge and you'll get hit, you need to start charging until its 
imminent you'll get hit to use it.)

NotNutty01 Sent the following in:

Step One: Run into a corner while you have the ball to get goalie out of 
Step Two: Lob pass in-front of the net.
Step Three: One time shot to the oppostite side of where the ball came from.


Power Ups
If you have had players hit when they do not have the ball, you get a powerup.
Powerups are very handy. They can all be used defensively and offensivley.
Some will freeze opponents with the ball, some will give you time to shoot,
others will allow you to speed up and check someone, or allow you to speed
up on the breakaway. You'll learn more in the next section.

Power Ups Tip: You can still shoot items even if you are on the floor 
after a Big Hit or not hard item like Bananas, the only time you 
cannot use them is when stunned (stars on your head).

|                                 Items                                       |

These come to you if you have players who have been hit without the ball.
Which you shouldn't do, unless you have a major problem. Such as one-timer
stopping or taking players out coming for crosses.

An Alternate way of getting these is taking a hopeless shot from around half.

Bananas (x3)
Green Shells (x3)
Red Shells (x3)
Blue Shells (x3)
Green Shell
Red Shell
Blue Shell
Chain Chomp

| Mushrooms |

Mushrooms will speed you up. A great item to use to get out of the way of
items, characters, and bowser.

Defensive Use: Getting back in time to thwart someone
Offensive Use: Break out of checks

| Bananas (x3)|

Bananas will sit there and people will slip on them. Quite a useful item.
Try to leave them around the middle, they can slow down a pass giving you
ample time to regroup.

Defensive Use: Place in enemy populated areas in your zone
Offensive Use: Set Traps for those following you

Alternatively, use them to block shells and other power ups sent at you.

| Green Shells (x3) |

They shoot out and begin to fan in different directions. Shooting these down
the boards is a good idea, because people have no way to escape the path of
these, and you might get them blown into the wall, with the electricity.

Defensive Use: Shoot them at people running down the boards.
Offensive Use: Use to give time for a captain to use a Super Strike.

| Red Shells (x3) |
Red Shells are similar to green shells, only they will home in on an opponent.
Much better, and you won't need the boards to use this one. Just make sure not
to shoot it towards your own players.

| Blue Shells (x3)|
Blues shells are like red + green shells. Only they will freeze on impact.
They dont home in as red shells, however. They will also bounce around for
a while. So watch to make sure you won't hit your own man.

Defensive Use: Take players out of the play to be able to defend easily.
Offensive Use: Get more players open for passes by freezing their checks.

| Green Shell |
Same as the other Green Shell, only this one is HUGE and will bounce off of
walls. There is only one, not 3. But still the same basic use.

| Red Shell |
Huge Homing shell. WOOSH! What could be any better than this baby?

|  Blue Shell |
They simply freeze people on its path, and sometimes explode like bob-
ombs stunning the guys that get hit with it, they dont home on opponents. It
can hit multiple times, so you can waste it on almost the entire enemy team.
I think we just found what was better than the red shell.

|  Bob-Ombs |

Bob-Ombs come in 5, 3, or 1. You can chuck them at people for explosion.
This will be put to very good use. You can use them almost anywhere on the
field to great effect. This also won't hit your own guys.

Defensive Use: BOOOM
Offensive Use: BOOOM, SCORES!

Interesting Trivia: Characters hit by this will be charred the whole match.
More Interesting Trivia: I had waffles for breakfast.

| Chain Chomp |
Chain Chomps are the ultimate disaster, I don't wanna think how many times
you hit opponents without the ball to give them this. If they do, watch out!
The Chain Chomp follows every player on the opposition. Until it leaves.

Offensive & Defensive Use: This thing will beat the **** outta them.

|  Star |
Stars make you invincible for a short amount of time.  Very useful. Save for
the best moment. These also give you a burst of speed. Lastly, you have goalie
like protection. So you can run into the opponents to trip them up.

Offensive Use: Just use it for super strikes, protection from powerups,
basically anything.

Defensive Use: Use to run the ball away from opponents with no fear.

************************            Gameplay           ************************ 

3. Gameplay
a. Grudge Match
b. Cup Match
c. Super Cup Match
d. Custom Match

|                                Grudge Match                                 |

Grudge Matches are how they sound, you pick the teams (unless you have a human
player), the Arena and you play your game. Good for practicing on difficult
modes. Also good for item shooting practice. No point differential here. You
should also use this to try your luck on new difficulties.

|                                Cup Match                                    |

Table Ranked= Ranked on a table, most points win
Playoff Ranked= Whoever wins the knockout rounds

Cup Match, you have four cups to complete. Most of which are ranked on a table.
So you just have to win the most points (3 for a win, one for an Overtime loss
and none for a loss). But the Bowser Cup is different. You have to play a
bunch of rounds. Then the top four teams go to an elimination round. Winner
of that plays Bowser's Super Team.

If you win, you get your name on a big shiny trophy.

Mushroom Cup: 4 Teams, 3 Rounds, Table Ranked
Flower Cup: 6 Teams, 5 Rounds, Table Ranked
Star Cup: 8 Teams, 7 Rounds, Table Ranked
Bowser Cup: 8 Teams, 7 Rounds, 2 Knockout Rounds, Playoff Ranked

|                                Super Cup Match                              |

Unlocked by winning the Bowser Cup. Super Cup Match is not for newbies. I'd
suggest practicing on Professional before attempting this, for rookie is out
of the question. Winning the Super Cup Battles Unlock Cheats. Anyway, have
fun with this advanced mode.

Super Mushroom Cup: 4 Teams, 6 Rounds, Table Ranked
Super Flower Cup: 6 Teams, 10 Rounds, Table Ranked
Super Star Cup: 8 Teams, 14 Rounds, Table Ranked
Super Bowser Cup: 8 Teams, 14 Rounds, 2 Knockout Rounds, Playoff Ranked

|                                Custom Match                                 |

Custom matches allow you to set up tournaments your own way. You pick teams,
rules, rounds, the works. Great for parties. You can also try and make your
very own tournament. So you can sort of make a storyline through this mode.
Have fun, and experiment to see what you can find.

************************          Unlockables          ************************ 

4. Unlockables
a. Stadiums
b. Teams
c. Cheats
d. Trophies
e. Cups
f. Credits

|                                  Stadiums                                   |

Konga Colliseum  - Place Top 3 in the Mushroom Cup
Crater Field     - Place Top 3 in the Flower Cup
Battle Dome      - Place Top 3 in the Star Cup
Bowser Stadium   - Place Top 3 in the Bowser Cup

|                                  Teams                                      |

Bowsers Super Team - Place 1st in the Bowser Cup AND defeat the super team

|                                  Cheats                                     |

Cheat Section Courtesy of the Codes and Games Section.

Custom Powerups Accelerator: Get the Gold SniperTrophy 
Custom Powerups Explosives:  Get the Gold Super Striker Trophy 
Custom Powerups Freezing:    Get the Gold Tactician Trophy 
Custom Powerups Giant:       Get the Gold Paramedic Trophy 
Custom Powerups Shells:      Get the Gold Veteran Trophy 
Field Tilt:                  Win the Super Flower Cup 
Infinite Powerups:           Win the Super Star Cup 
Perfect Strike:              Win the Super Mushroom Cup
Weak Goalies:                Win the Super Bowser Cup 

|                                 Trophies                                    |


Mushroom Cup - Rank 1st in the Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup   - Rank 1st in the Flower Cup
Star Cup     - Rank 1st in the Star Cup
Bowser Cup   - Rank 1st in the Bowser Cup

Super Mushroom Cup - Rank 1st in the Super Mushroom Cup 
Super Flower Cup   - Rank 1st in the Super Flower Cup
Super Star Cup     - Rank 1st in the Super Star Cup
Super Bowser Cup   - Rank 1st in the Super Bowser Cup


Bronze Veteran Trophy       - 25 Cup Battle Matches
Bronze Paramedic Trophy     - 250 Cup Battle Big Hits
Bronze Sniper Trophy        - 75 Cup Battle Goals
Bronze Super Striker Trophy - 25 Cup Battle Super Strikes
Bronze Tactician Trophy     - 75 Cup Battle Perfect Passes

Silver Veteran Trophy       - 50 Cup Battle Matches
Silver Paramedic Trophy     - 500 Cup Battle Big Hits
Silver Sniper Trophy        - 150 Cup Battle Goals
Silver Super Striker Trophy - 50 Cup Battle Super Strikes
Silver Tactician Trophy     - 150 Cup Battle Perfect Passes

Gold Veteran Trophy         - 100 Cup Battle Matches
Gold Paramedic Trophy       - 1000 Cup Battle Hits
Gold Sniper Trophy          - 300 Cup Battle Goals
Gold Super Striker Trophy   - 100 Cup Battle Super Strikes
Gold Tactician Trophy       - 300 Cup Battle Perfect Passes

|                                 Cups                                        |

Mushroom Cup - Rank 1st in the Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup   - Rank 1st in the Flower Cup
Star Cup     - Rank 1st in the Star Cup
Bowser Cup   - Rank 1st in the Bowser Cup

Super Mushroom Cup - Rank 1st in the Super Mushroom Cup 
Super Flower Cup   - Rank 1st in the Super Flower Cup
Super Star Cup     - Rank 1st in the Super Star Cup
Super Bowser Cup   - Rank 1st in the Super Bowser Cup

|                                 Credits                                     |

Complete the Bowser Cup to unlock the credits

************************             Closing           ************************ 

5. Closing
a. Credits
b. FAQ
c. Final Word

|                                 Credits                                     |

CaptainDrakeLord of the Codes and Secrets Section*
GameFAQs Message Boards
Me, for writing this
Mom and Dad, they got me this game
LennyBX8 - Corrections, plus a few strategies and tips
Kevin Chan - A correction on Waluigi
NotNutty01 - Some Scoring strategies
AOLGames Trip Video - For a way to get powerups

*Some information was incorrect, so I had to alter it slightly..

|                                 FAQ                                         |

~User Questions~

Q. Can I co-write a FAQ with you?
A. Sure, just look at, under "MGuidi", look at my collection to
find my games.

Q. Do I need Experience in writing FAQs?
A. Yeah, I want at least two FAQ files published from you on GameFAQs. Or if
you are good with grammar/spelling/games I might make an exception.

Q. Are you going to write more FAQs?
A. Yup. I'm writing a "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest" FAQ with
another member at the moment. I also have one 40% complete on Tales of
Symphonia. (Help wanted for the Symphonia game)

Q. Where can I contact you?
A. triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com

Q. Will you help me with my FAQ?
A. Sure! always willing to help a fellow Writer.

~Game Questions~

Q. What is a "Monster" strike?
A. See the "tactics" section.

Q. How do you curve shot?
A. Hold down the B button as long as possible

Q. Is my goalie defective?
A. Sometimes goalies can be weak, tune up the difficulty. It will help.

Q. What are the Custom Powerups?
A. This is credited to "Why_Do_You_Care" of the message board

Explosives: Only bob-ombs
Giant: Only giant shells, and giant bob-omb
Shells: Only shells, go figure
Freeze: Only the blue freeze shells

Q. This FAQ is full of misinformation
A. Well then send in the correct stuff.

Q. Why does the goalie slap the ball back at me during the super strike?
A. Your Meter was outside the Yellow and Green

Q. Can you play as bowser?
A. No, he does come in to wreak havoc every once and a while though, if the
option is on... I reccomend that you leave it off. It is just a stupid option
that adds a little challenge for those playing on rookie mode.

|                                 Final Word                                  |

That was my FAQ. I hope it was helpful ;) I'll include the version history
here somewhere. If you wan't to know more, send in a Question at
triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com. This isn't my best FAQ, in case you don't

Be sure to look out for my future works. The power of the game is in your hand,
so why not turn it on an play? (Heh, corny line). I wish you all a happy
<insert holiday here> and a <insert something random here>. Good day.

I want:

999 more People Worshipping me
and Game Information in my inbox ONLY. NO IM


April 15th, 2008    - Changed my email
March 11th, 2006    - Merry Spring Break. Updated the guide slightly
Febuary 5th, 2006   - Added a couple new things, also changed my username.
January 18th, 2006  - Due to the fact that like, every other FAQ is better than
mine, I'm moving it into Temp-Final
January 9th, 2006   - Put the "Star" item up. I forgot it. How silly.
January 8th, 2006   - Added yet some more information sent in
January 6th, 2006   - Added some questions
January 5th, 2006   - Added some information people sent in.
January 3rd, 2006   - Fixed some information in the "Items" department.
December 28th, 2005 - Finished, what better to do with a few hours?
December 27th, 2005 - Worked on FAQ
December 26th, 2005 - Started FAQ

This document is Copyright (c) 2005-2008 TripleJump. It is for personal,
private use and cannot be found on another site other than GameFAQs without
advanced, written permission from the Author.

If you would like to use some information from this guide on your FAQ/site.
Please contact me. I am quite lenient about the information I will lend out.

I am a nice guy, I just hate to see my hard work spread all over the internet
where I didn't intend for it to be placed.