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by bowser194

          _____ __  ______  __________     __  ______    ____  ________ 
         / ___// / / / __ \/ ____/ __ \   /  |/  /   |  / __ \/  _/ __ \
         \__ \/ / / / /_/ / __/ / /_/ /  / /|_/ / /| | / /_/ // // / / /
        ___/ / /_/ / ____/ /___/ _, _/  / /  / / ___ |/ _, _// // /_/ / 
       /____/\____/_/   /_____/_/ |_|  /_/  /_/_/  |_/_/ |_/___/\____/  
                   _______________  ______ __ __________  _____
                  / ___/_  __/ __ \/  _/ //_// ____/ __ \/ ___/
                  \__ \ / / / /_/ // // ,<  / __/ / /_/ /\__ \ 
                 ___/ // / / _, _// // /| |/ /___/ _, _/___/ / 
                /____//_/ /_/ |_/___/_/ |_/_____/_/ |_|/____/ 

               *            bowser194's Eighth FAQ            *
               *           Super Mario Strikers FAQ           *
               *                 Version 1.15                 *
               *         FAQ Created: January 5, 2005         *
               *        Latest Update: January 16, 2005       *
               *      E-Mail: bowser194(at)gmail(dot)com      *


                       * Section 1 - The Introduction *

                        Section 1A - Table Of Contents

Section 1 - The Introduction
Section 1A - Table Of Contents
Section 1B - Version History
Section 1C - Introduction

Section 2 - Various Information
Section 2A - Controls
Section 2B - Characters
Section 2C - Items
Section 2D - Stadiums
Section 2E - Gameplay

Section 3 - Tactics & Unlockables
Section 3A - Tips & Tactics
Section 3B - Unlockables
Section 3C - Frequently Asked Questions

Section 4 - Conclusion
Section 4A - Closing
Section 4B - Credits
Section 4C - Contacting Me
Section 4D - Copyright


                          Section 1B - Version History

Version 0.55  -  FAQ Size: 24KB  -  Date: January 5, 2006
First version of the FAQ. Essentially, everything except for Section 3 and a 
small bit of Section 2 has been completed.

Version 0.90  -  FAQ Size: 38KB  -  Date: January 11, 2006
Second and nearly completed version of the FAQ. There are still a couple of 
tidbits to clean up here and there, but for the most part, everything's done.

Version 1.00  -  FAQ Size: 39KB  -  Date: January 13, 2006
FAQ has been completed. There may be some future updates to add a few bits and 
bytes here and there.

Version 1.10  -  FAQ Size: 43KB  -  Date: January 14, 2006
Thanks to kerndtau, a ton of new and useful data has been added to the FAQ in 
this update, along with some other bits of info I added myself.

Version 1.15  -  FAQ Size: 43KB  -  Date: January 15, 2006
Another small update with a user-submitted correction.


                           Section 1C - Introduction

Super Mario Strikers is another Mario sports game, which joins Mario Tennis, 
Baseball, Golf, and several others in this category. There are several 
different modes of play, ranging from a simple exhibition match to a full 
tournament with league and knockout rounds. This is full contact, wild and 
extreme play, more of an arcade style of play. The wacky and insane pace of 
this game is what makes it so addicting, challenging, and fun.

This FAQ is designed to provide various bits of information on the game and 
gameplay modes, as well as help you through the eight cups with strategies and 
tactics for winning. So, let's begin.

                      * Section 2 - Various Information *

                             Section 2A - Controls

As with any arcade soccer game, the controls are easy enough to just pick up 
and play. There are few advanced moves or button combinations to remember. This 
section has been split into offensive, defensive, and goalkeeping moves.

Offensive Controls
Control Stick - Control character.
      C Stick - Deke/Spin.
     A Button - Regular pass.
     B Button - Shoot. Hold this down for about a second to power up the shot. 
                If you're in control of the captain, hold this down until the 
                power meter appears to perform a Super Strike. 
     X Button - Use items.
     Y Button - Deke/Spin.
     L Button - Used with A and B for lob shots and passes.
     R Button - Provides a small burst of speed for a few seconds.
        Start - Pause.
     Z Button - Swap the order of the items.
        L + A - Lob pass.
        L + B - Lob shot.

Defensive Controls
Control Stick - Control character.
     A Button - Switch players.
     B Button - Slide tackle. The weaker of the two hits. Also, on your end of 
                the field, you can use this to clear the ball.
     X Button - Use items.
     Y Button - Big hit. The stronger of the two hits, and the more 
                effective one.
     R Button - Provides a small burst of speed for a few seconds.
     Z Button - Swap the order of the items.
        Start - Pause.

Goalkeeper Controls
Control Stick - Control character.
     A Button - Throw the ball to a teammate.
     B Button - Kick the ball high and far upfield.


                            Section 2B - Characters

This section is divided into two categories, one for captains and another for 
Sidekicks. Other than their appearance and how they perform their Super 
Strikes, there is no actual difference between any of the characters.

The Nine Captains
       Name - Mario
Description - Since the 1980's, Mario has starred in a wide variety of games, 
              Everything from 'Mario Golf' to 'Mario Tennis'. In this game, he 
              is yet again, the star of the show.

       Name - Luigi
Description - Since the beginning, Luigi has always played second fiddle to his 
              older brother, but over the years he's had his chances in games 
              like 'Mario is Missing' and Luigi's Mansion.

       Name - Peach
Description - Usually the reason Mario is always out on a trek is because of 
              Peach, but you'd think after all these years she'd have learned 
              to defend herself!

       Name - Daisy
Description - Daisy is the Princess of the 'other kingdom', and pops up in 
              various party games from time to time. The only game she was ever 
              featured in was Super Mario Brothers for the original Game Boy.

       Name - Wario
Description - Mario's arch-rival, Wario, appears in most party games and is 
              also Waluigi's sidekick. He has a couple of his own games himself 
              and has quite the ego in most of them.

       Name - Waluigi
Description - Very similar to Daisy in the sense that he's never had a game 
              featuring him, but he always seems to pop up in party games.

       Name - Donkey Kong
Description - The first game he was featured in was 'Donkey Kong' in the 
              arcade, and since then he has evolved into a popular and commonly 
              seen character in party-style Mario games.

       Name - Yoshi
Description - Every now and then, Yoshi will pop in a random game to play the 
              common role as Mario's sidekick. But the cute little dinosaur you 
              know is not as happy in this game.

       Name - Super Team
Description - Eh? This 'captain' is actually a group of four robots who were 
              built by Bowser. They are all able to perform a Super Strike, 
              which is part of the reason you don't want to challenge them. You 
              can unlock them by completing the Bowser Cup.

The Four Sidekicks
       Name - Toad
Description - The servant to Princess Peach in all Mario games. Toad rarely has 
              much of a role in any game, but does pop up as a playable 
              character from time to time.

       Name - Hammer Bros
Description - Yes, this is the Hammer Bros from Super Mario Brothers, where in 
              those games he would attempt to hit Mario by throwing hammers as 
              he ran by. This is only the second time he has ever been 
              playable. (Thanks to rsmith3813 for the small correction.)

       Name - Koopa
Description - If you know who Hammer Bros is, then you know who Koopa is - the 
              second most frequent enemy in the original games. 

       Name - Birdo
Description - Birdo made his first appearance in Super Mario Bros 2, and was at 
              the end of every level. Yes, 'his' first appearance, Nintendo has 
              confirmed this. (Thanks to gezebarth for pointing out the error.)


                              Section 2C - Items

Items are a huge part of what makes Super Mario Strikers so insane an chaotic. 
When used right, items can also save you from letting a goal in or get you out 
on a breakaway. Note that the goalies are immune to all items. Also note that 
sometimes, you'll get three or five of an item.

       Name - Green Shell
  Frequency - Common
Description - The Green Shell is one of the most common items you'll come 
              across in this game. When you throw them, they'll aimlessly 
              bounce around the stadium until they hit somebody or randomly 
              explode. Because of this they're more of a distraction than 
              anything else, because you're not likely to be aiming when you 
              use it.

       Name - Red Shell
  Frequency - Common
Description - While they're more uncommon, Red Shells are also much more useful 
              than Green Shells because they actually go after your opponents. 
              These can be used very effectively when you're surrounded with 
              the ball, allowing you to break free and pass/shoot. 
              Occasionally, they might miss hitting their intended target and 
              go after somebody else or even your own teammate, instead.

       Name - Blue Shell
  Frequency - Uncommon
Description - Blue Shells have an entirely different function in this game. 
              They do not target your opponents or just bounce around and knock 
              you over, but instead they'll actually freeze your opponent in 
              their position for about three seconds. When using this item, be 
              cautious, as they can also freeze your teammate, too.

       Name - Spiny Shell
  Frequency - Uncommon
Description - These shells are the exact same as Green Shells, except when they 
              hit somebody, they continue to bounce around the field until they 
              randomly explode. There's both advantages and disadvantages to 
              this - keep them in mind when firing the shells.

       Name - Giant Shells
  Frequency - Common
Description - These shells come in any of the aforementioned colors or types, 
              are triple the size, and extremely useful. They can hit three to 
              four people at a time, or even more, if you're lucky. However, 
              these are also extremely unpredictable because they can also hit 
              one of your teammates, and they continue to bounce around even 
              after they've hit some people. 

       Name - Banana
  Frequency - Common
Description - Simply put, you can drop bananas anywhere on the field to slip up 
              your opponent, or even yourself if you accidentally run into 
              them. Usually, the best place for these are a couple of feet to 
              the left or right of your own goal, which is the most frequent 
              place for shooting. Note that these also come in giant size, too.

       Name - Bob-Omb
  Frequency - Common
Description - When you get one of these and use it, they will fly over the 
              playing field to somewhere near the location of the ball (they do 
              have a limited distance, though). When they land, they explode 
              with such powerful force that they'll send anybody who was in the 
              landing path flying into the air, and anyone with the blast 
              radius will be knocked to the ground. Extremely useful when used 
              right. Note that these also come in giant size, too.

       Name - Mushroom
  Frequency - Uncommon
Description - While the Mushroom does seem useless, it serves many purposes, 
              one of those being the ability to slide 3-4 times faster when 
              combined with a slide tackle. Or when you're able to use it on a 
              breakaway to speed ahead of the defenders trailing behind you. 
              Otherwise, the effect disappears quickly after only a few 
              seconds, or if you switch characters, making it an item you'll 
              only want to use at certain times.

       Name - Chain Chomp
  Frequency - Rare
Description - The best item in the game, hands down, but it's also one of the 
              most unlikely to be found. When used, Chain Chomp will drop down 
              on one of your opponents characters and crush them, then proceed 
              to go after the other three characters until it has crushed 
              them, too. After they're hit they'll sit dazed for a second or 
              two before getting back up again. This puts you in a great 
              position for a breakaway or an open shot. Super Strikes are also 
              possible and a good choice, too.

       Name - Invincibility Star
  Frequency - Rare
Description - As you might imagine, when you use this, your character becomes 
              invincible, so anybody that touches you is knocked aside, and you 
              also gain a bit of speed. It only lasts for a few seconds, but a 
              few seconds is all you need to get your captain to attempt a 
              Super Strike.


                             Section 2D - Stadiums

In total, there are seven different stadiums available in Super Mario Strikers, 
and most of them are fairly similar. The only differences between them are 
appearance and slight changes in the net sizes.

       Name - The Palace
   Location - Mushroom Kingdom
   Capacity - 15,000
 Field Type - Grass
Description - Home to the Mushroom Cup. This is your standard grassy field with 
              a couple of weak spots here and there in places that the ball is 
              seen frequently. 

       Name - Pipeline Central
   Location - Mushroom Kingdom
   Capacity - 25,000
 Field Type - Concrete
Description - Home to the Flower Cup. This stage is made up of a rough, rocky 
              terrain that crumbles easily as things tend to explode often. The 
              posts and crossbars of the nets are extremely thin pipes that 
              somehow manage to withstand the power of the shots.

       Name - The Underground
   Location - Subterranean
   Capacity - 35,000
 Field Type - Metal
Description - Home to the Star Cup. Metal flooring? Doesn't look like it. The
              Underground is a simple stadium that gives you the feeling of 
              street soccer and really doesn't offer much else.

       Name - Konga Coliseum
   Location - Kong Island
   Capacity - 31,000
 Field Type - Wood
Description - Home to the Super Flower Cup. Yay for uncofortable, wooden 
              terrain and average-sized nets. This is fairly similar to The 
              Palace in terms of how it's layed out.

       Name - Crater Field
   Location - Yoshi's Island
   Capacity - 42,000
 Field Type - Grass
Description - Home to the Super Mushroom Cup. This is the greenest and cleanest 
              of all seven fields - there appears to be no weak spots. The 
              posts of the net are made of a dark substance and they're fairly 
              thick, while the crossbar is thin.

       Name - The Battle Dome
   Location - Bowser's Castle
   Capacity - 68,000
 Field Type - Concrete
Description - Home of the Super Star Cup. The nets on this field are the widest 
              and the shortest out of all the fields. This makes it easy to 
              score when curving the ball from a distance. As with Pipeline 
              Central, the concrete is constantly crumbling under the force of 
              items. This is also the field with the biggest capacity.

       Name - Bowser Stadium
   Location - Deep Space
   Capacity - 50,000
 Field Type - Rubber Compound
Description - Home of the Bowser Cup and the Super Bowser Cup. This field is a 
              bit more different from the others because you've got Spiny 
              Shells getting randomly thrown from up above (that would be 
              Bowser's doing). Otherwise, there's nothing much else - oh yes, 
              the 'rubber compound' does not exactly appear as it sounds.


                             Section 2E - Gameplay

Being an arcade style soccer game, Super Mario Strikers is extremely easy to 
just pick up and play. In this section, I'll review how the game works and what 
options you have. 

In-Game Play
------------                                          ________________________
During the game, you have a simple screen layout     |II DK 3   2:38   2 DK II|
shown to the right. The two characters names are     |                        |
on the left and right of the screen. Next to their   |                        |
name, you have the items in their possession.        |        The Game        |
The item closest to their name is the next one in    |                        |
line to be used. On the other side of their name,    |                        |
you have their score. In between the two names,      |  The two II's next to  |
you have the time remaining in the game. The rest    |  the name are items.   |
of the screen is simply used for the main gameplay.  |________________________|

As a quick side note, when you're playing, you can gain items by having someone 
take a cheap shot on you (use a Big Hit when you don't have the ball), by 
taking a good shot, or by scoring. You can hold a maximum of two items at once.


When you first start up the game, you'll find a simplistic menu with the 
following options available.

Grudge Match
You may be confused at first, but very simply, this is your basic exhibition 
match. You select a character (and if you're playing with friends, all they 
have to do is move the Control Stick around to join in), pick your character 
and sidekick, then pick a stadium and off you go.

Cup Battles
The Cup Battles are essentially miniaturized versions of leagues, where you 
play a certain amount of matches for the championship. A nice feature here is 
the ability to select how long the matches are and what functions are 
available. There are four cups in total, each with different requirements. Once 
you've beaten all four cups, you unlock Super Cup Battles.

Mushroom Cup - A simple six-match, four player league.
  Flower Cup - Win the Mushroom Cup to unlock. A ten-match, six player league.
    Star Cup - Win the Flower Cup to unlock. A 14-match, eight player league.
  Bowser Cup - Unlocked once you've beaten all three cups. A 14-match, eight 
               player league, followed by a four player knockout round.

Super Cup Battles
The Super Cup Battles are the same as the plain Cup Battles, except this time 
around, you're forced to at least attempt Professional difficulty, which is a 
level up from the Cup Battles. When you win each cup, you also unlock a cheat 
that can be accessed from the Options menu.

Custom Battles
Like the Cup Battles and Super Cup Battles? Excellent, now you can also create 
your own. All you have to do is select the type of tournament, how many teams, 
and how many times each teams meet. Then select your character, the game 
settings, and you're ready.

Strikers 101
If you just want to kick the ball around and show off a few moves, or practice 
some drills, Strikers 101 is the place to do it. You can select your character, 
the field, then just get out there and do whatever you please.

The Spoils menu is essentially like your Hall Of Fame, where the trophies 
you've won are displayed, and for the Battle Cups, it comes along with a short 
history of your attempts to get it. Not actual text, just a time and date and 
what position you finished in.

In the Options menu, you can tinker with your audio and visual settings. You 
can also set the default gameplay options and activate the cheats you've 
unlocked to this point.


                   * Section 3 - Tactics and Unlockables *

                          Section 3A - Tips & Tactics

This game offers some very challenging AI - even the second lowest difficulty 
level, professional, is difficult to complete. This section will provide you 
with some tips and tricks on winning your games, along with some of the tactics 
that are at your disposal.

Super Strike
This is definately the most important of all tactics. Super Strikes can only be 
performed by your captain, and are worth two goals if they go in. You can do 
these by holding down the B Button while shooting with your captain, until a 
small ticker appears. There will be two tiny green spots in the middle of two 
yellow spots. Your goal is to try and press B right when the swinging ticker 
goes over the green section. 

If you do this perfectly (you'll know because the Super Strike animation will 
be longer than usual, and because the ticker will light up), the shot is 
guaranteed to go in. If you get one of the tickers perfect and the other one 
off a bit, the goalie will be stunned for about five seconds if he doesn't 
catch the ball, giving you a huge chance to try another Super Strike or just 
pop in an easy rebound goal. If you're off by a bit on both, there's still a 
chance that it may go in. Finally, if you completely miss, there's no chance 
and the goalie may throw the ball back and you captain and knock them over.

As overpowered as the Super Strike appears to be, it really isn't, because a 
good defense makes it difficult to pull off, as there is a two to three second 
delay before your character actually jumps into the air to perform the shot. 
Performing a Super Strike is just as much about timing as it is about being 
accurate with the ticker. Learn to save your items so you can use them at the 
right moment and go out on a breakaway for a shot.

The AI also tends to have a weakness at the Rookie and Professional level for 
Super Strikes taken right at the face-off. I've scored countless goals on the 
AI because they fail to properly defend the ball at the beginning. You'll find 
that it almost always works on Rookie and occasionally on Professional, but any 
higher than that and it fails most of the time.

Easy Super Strike (Submitted by kerndtau)
Without using the cheat, that is. Thanks to kerndtau, he has discovered the 
trick to getting the Super Strikes to go in. This is an extremely useful 
technique and it's one that should definately be recognized as important.

The only thing that determines if it goes in is if you get the ticker to end up 
on the green area on the right of the meter. Hitting the green area on the left 
merely makes the green area on the right bigger and easier to hit. If green is 
hit on the right, the ball will go in every time, regardless of what you get on 
the left, though it doesnt show the fancy animation like if you get both 
greens. It works every time, though sometimes it is difficult to tell if the 
cursor is actually on the green area or only next to it. Even if you get the 
cursor on the black area on the left, the ball will still go in if you get the 
green on the right. The left sides results dont make a difference for getting 
the shot in, asides from making the green on the right bigger if you get green 
on the left. The yellow doesnt seem to have any purpose.

Next to the Super Strike, items are the second most important part of your 
game. They can make all the difference in a close game, and give you the edge 
over your opponent when used correctly. As you might expect, you'll tend to get 
more items when you're facing a human opponent rather than a computer opponent, 
but it all depends on what you do with them.

Obviously, one of the best times to use an item is when you're on a breakaway 
and there's a defender trailing just a footstep behind you. Mushrooms are very 
effective in these situations, as are shells of any kind, allowing you to get 
ahead and attempt a half-decent shot. Or when the situation is reversed and 
you're chasing the opponent with the ball, you can throw an item to catch up to 
them and snag the ball.

Items are also one of the main reasons for all the chaos while you're playing. 
Throwing Bob-Ombs around in the corner while five players are all bodychecking 
each other for the ball is a good way to clear things out, or just sending a 
Spiny Shell flying after your opponent will force them to evade or be knocked 
over. If you're playing a human opponent, you can play mind games against them 
by using your items appropriately and effectively. Distract them by throwing 
six Blue Shells around the stage, freezing half of everybody's players, then 
taking one of your up for a breakaway.

While it isn't used often by many players, switching the order for items to be 
used is an extremly important skill to remember. Saving that item for later 
might be much better than using it right away. To switch items, simply press 
the Z Button and the order will be swapped. Practice and get used to doing this 
frequently. Glance up often to see what you're using before just mashing X and 
throwing away whatever you have.

Perfect Pass
Not only do Perfect Passes generally tend to lead to a goal, but they're also 
very easy to pull off. Simply do some sort of pass (whether it be a regular 
pass or a lob pass), then just as the ball is about to reach the player you've 
passed it to, press the B Button. If you did this correctly, the game will 
suddenly go into slow motion until the ball is finally kicked, intercepted, or 
the recieving player is hit. The ball is then kicked with more power than 
usual, like a one-timer, and frequently, it will go in.

Sometimes, when you've got two players that are on a breakaway or a similar 
situation, using the Perfect Pass technique is a good tactic - it forces the 
goalie to dive to the opposite side of the net, and it also allows you to pull 
off a more powerful shot. This is even more true with lob passes, because your 
character will actually jump into the air or some other unlikely position to 
shoot the ball. With practice, you can perfect your ability to use this.

Lob Passes & Shots
After a while, you'll find that simple passes and shots are usually ineffective 
and also too easy. This is about the same time that you'll want to start using 
the lob passes and lob shots by holding down the L Button while passing or 
shooting. Lob passes tend to be useful for clearing the ball over the heads of 
many defenders, and for attempting Perfect Passes or overhead shots. If you do 
a lob pass to a player and have that player press B while the ball is in 
midair, they'll do a backflip, a header or some other random tactic to get the 
ball from you.

Lob Shots are equally useful for putting the ball over the head of the goalie 
and into the net. These are most effective when the goalie has just dived to 
the ground and hasn't stood up, or when they're far out of the net, so you can 
just chip the ball up and over them.

Big Hits
Once you've discovered how useful and effective the Big Hit is, you won't want 
to stop using it, and it will become a standard part of your gameplay, if it 
isn't already. Big Hits knock your opponent over for several seconds, allowing 
you to take the ball from them or get them out of your way completely. The only 
problem with it is that you can easily get into the habit of bodychecking 
players that do not have the ball (considered a cheap shot), which results in 
them getting a free item.

Of course, there's nothing to worry about if your opponent rarely uses their 
items. If this is the case, observe their playing patterns and bodycheck them 
frequently. You have nothing to lose as they can only hold two items at a time, 
preventing them from gaining more when you're pulling cheap shots.

The Big Hit can be used very effectively during gameplay. When players on a 
breakway and you're just a step behind them, utilize the Big Hit when they stop 
to power up their shot. If you're going after the ball and there are three 
players around you, knock them all down, one by one, before going to get the 
ball (be aware of them getting items, though). Or even when you're on a 
breakway with two human controlled players - have one person pound down the 
defenders, and the other one go in for a Super Strike.

Slide Tackle (Submitted By kerndtau)
Once you've started using the Big Hit, there's no going back, but there is 
still room to add more to your playing style.

The regular slide tackle is not really that useless when compared to the Big 
Hit. Big Hits have a little more range than the slide tackle, but will send the 
ball flying as well. Slide tackling offers the advantage of being able to strip 
the ball and maintain control of it. It is slower, but if you connect with the 
front half of your opponent (rather than tackling from behind), you will knock 
him over while your character will continue in the other direction with control 
over the ball.  Mushrooms make this move infinitely better, as the slide tackle 
move is based on your current speed, so the slide will go about 20 feet or so.  

Long Shots
This game tends to let a lot of long and unlikely shots in, especially when 
taken by the sidekicks, who seem to have a very good curve on their shots. 
Using these could spare you a loss in a one-goal game, or get you the victory 
in the closing seconds. Just try blasting the ball from long range in Strikers 
101, and you'll find that it tends to go in a lot and can be very effective.

When you first enter some of the higher difficulty levels, you'll quickly 
discover how well the computers are able to effectively deke and spin around 
your tackles and avoid being knocked to the ground. Of course, some of this is 
just the AI having instant reflexes and being able to pull off a move the 
instant you press Y to tackle them, but if you're facing a predictable human 
opponent or you figure out how they play, you can learn how to dodge their 
tackles and frustrate them as they try to hit you with success.

It doesn't have to be kept to evading tackles, though. When you're on a 
breakaway with a sidekick and you can't perform a Super Strike or pull off a 
powerful shot, try to deke out the goalie then run in for the score. Or fake a 
shot then cross the ball over to a teammate waiting for the ball. Try using it 
for many different tactics and incorporate it into your game.

Multiplayer Gaming
Virtually every playable mode in this game is multiplayer, and you should 
utilize this ability as frequently as you can, if possible. Playing with 
several players is much easier than with one player, as you can plan out 
passes, assign positions to everyone, and pull off moves you wouldn't normally 
be able to. You also don't need to worry about switching players or captains. 
From experience I've found that the best games come when you've got four 
people, and one of them is assigned to defense. Try it out - the games will be 
much easier and it helps if you're struggling to win.


                            Section 3B - Unlockables

There is a lot to unlock in Super Mario Strikers, and while most of it is done 
by winning Battle Cups, some of it involves the Milestone Trophies. This 
section is split into multiple categories so you can find what you need, and 
data within the categories is listed in alphabetical order.

In-Game Cheats/Modifications
Custom Powerups (Accelerator) - Win the Milestone Gold Sniper Trophy.
Custom Powerups (Explosives) - Win the Milestone Gold Super Striker Trophy.
Custom Powerups (Freezing) - Win the Milestone Gold Tactician Trophy.
Custom Powerups (Giant) - Win the Milestone Gold Paramedic Trophy.
Custom Powerups (Shells) - Win the Milestone Gold Veteran Trophy.
Field Tilt - Win the Super Flower Cup.
Infinite Powerups - Win the Super Star Cup.
Perfect Strike - Win the Super Mushroom Cup.
Weak Goalies - Win the Super Bowser Cup.

Unlockable Stadiums
Bowser Stadium - Finish in the top three in the Bowser Cup.
Crater Field - Finish in the top three in the Flower Cup.
Konga Coliseum - Finish in the top three in the Mushroom Cup. 
The Battle Dome - Finish in the top three in the Star Cup.

Unlockable Teams
Super Team - The only unlockable team. Win the Bowser Cup.

Unlockable Cups
Flower Cup - Finish in the top three in the Mushroom Cup.
Star Cup - Finish in the top three in the Flower Cup.
Bowser Cup - Finish in the top three in the Star Cup.
Super Cup Battles - Win all four Battle Cups.

Unlockable Trophies
Bowser Trophy - Finish in the top three in the Bowser Cup.
Bronze Paramedic Trophy - Hit opponents 250 times in Cup Battles.
Bronze Sniper Trophy - Score 75 goals in Cup Battles.
Bronze Super Striker Trophy - Perform 25 Super Strikes in Cup Battles.
Bronze Tactician Trophy - Perform a Perfect Pass 75 times in Cup Battles.
Bronze Veteran Trophy - Play 25 matches in Cup Battles.
Flower Trophy - Finish in the top three in the Flower Cup.
Gold Paramedic Trophy - Hit opponents 1000 times in Cup Battles.
Gold Sniper Trophy - Score 300 goals in Cup Battles.
Gold Super Striker Trophy - Perform 100 Super Strikes in Cup Battles.
Gold Tactician Trophy - Perform a Perfect Pass 300 times in Cup Battles.
Gold Veteran Trophy - Play 100 matches in Cup Battles.
Mushroom Trophy - Finish in the top three in the Mushroom Cup.
Silver Paramedic Trophy - Hit opponents 500 times in Cup Battles.
Silver Sniper Trophy - Score 150 goals in Cup Battles.
Silver Super Striker Trophy - Perform 50 Super Strikes in Cup Battles.
Silver Tactician Trophy - Perform a Perfect Pass 150 times in Cup Battles.
Silver Veteran Trophy - Play 50 matches in Cup Battles.
Star Trophy - Finish in the top three in the Star Cup.
Super Bowser Trophy - Finish in the top three in the Super Bowser Cup.
Super Flower Trophy - Finish in the top three in the Super Flower Cup.
Super Mushroom Trophy - Finish in top three in the Super Mushroom Cup.
Super Star Trophy - Finish in the top three in the Super Star Cup.


                    Section 3C - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Bowser a playable character in this game?
A: No, his role is jumping down onto the stadium every now and then and 
   creating havoc by crushing people, throwing items and getting in the way.

Q: How many items can be held at a time?
A: Two is the maximum.

Q: What are the actual items you'll come across when you've selected one of the 
   five custom powerups?
A: Accelerator = Mushrooms
   Explosives = Bob-Ombs
   Freezing = Blue Shells
   Giant = All Giant Shells, Giant Bob-Ombs, and Giant Bananas
   Shells = All Shells

Q: What is going on with Peach/Daisy's uniforms?
A: There has been a lot of controversy over this, but at the end of the day, 
   this game was developed by Next Level Games and not Nintendo.

Q: What are some of the differences between the Big Hit and Slide Tackle?
A: Note that this list was compiled by kerndtau.

    **Big Hit Pros**
   - Gives a slight speed boost.
   - Knocks opponent over, and doesnt knock you down.
   - Good for offensive tackling to open up a shooting lane for teammate or 
     Super Strike.

   **Big Hit Cons**
  - Sends ball anywhere if you hit an opponent.
  - Gives opponent a penalty item if they dont have the ball.
  - Not too useful on defense unless stopping a shot from being made.

   **Slide Tackle Pros**
  - If opponent is hit from the front, he will fall down, and your character 
    will immediately gain ball control.
  - If you slide in between a passing lane, you will intercept and get 
    immediate control of the ball.
  - You can pass while sliding after intercepting the ball.
  - Extremely useful when combined with a mushroom, as it causes the slide to 
    go faster and 3-4 times farther.
  - Good for defensive tackling.

   **Slide Tackle Cons**
  - If opponent is hit from the back, you will both be down for a moment.
  - Not as fast as the big hit.
  - Gives opponent a penalty item if they dont have the ball.


                        * Section 4 - Conclusion *

                           Section 4A - Closing

Well, that's pretty much it! You've reached the end of my Super Mario Strikers 
FAQ. Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, and that it was helpful to you in some 
way. I also hope you appreciate this work - it came from hours upon hours of 
typing, playing, and staring at a computer screen to compile this FAQ.

That's all I have to say. See you in the next FAQ!


                             Section 4B - Credits

The link itself says it all, my ASCII art for the first page came from here.
It doesn't just come in one font, either - there are many other types as well,
I just chose to use a rather simple one.

Submitted a large amount of infintely useful information which was immediately 
added to this guide.

**GameFAQs Codes & Secrets for Super Mario Strikers**
Much of the information in the unlockables section came from here.

Pointed out a minor error made in the FAQ in Birdo's description.

Pointed out a minor error made in the FAQ in Hammer Bros's description.

**Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey**
Without him, this FAQ wouldn't exist in the first place. He has the best video
game reference site I've ever found in GameFAQs, and I hope he continues with
it for years to come. I can't thank him enough.

Why you? Because as the reader, you provide me with a reason to write. What
use would this guide be without people to read it? Thank you.


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