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Star Wars Roque Squadron 3: Rebel Strike


Secrets FAQ

by obishawn


Game Title     - Star Wars Rebel Strike
Guide Type     - Codes and Secrets
Platform       - Nintendo GameCube
Date submitted - 11-26-07
Version        - 3.6
By             - obishawn

It has been over four years now since this game has been
released and the GameFAQs message board may be desolate
but that doesn't stop me from updating the guide!

No real significant changes have been made, mostly I
comletely restructured the guide so that the format is
similar to some of the other guides I've made since I
first made this one.

The most important (and impressive) addition in this
update is the URL to the YouTube video Kilroy84 made
showing you the trick of how to destroy Home One.

"This is a short video I took via my cell. It's only
fifteen seconds long and details a theoretically
fool-proof method on how to set yourself up to
accomplish the glitch. However, as I said, it's quite
short so it starts out with all necessary ION cannons
cleared. I have no video-capture device, so excuse the
poor quality." - Kilroy84

Perform a search in this guide to get a detailed,
textual description of how to do what you see in the

ctrl-F: "15 - Destroy the Independence (Home One)"

Not that you care, but for the record, I did away with the
fake code section.  That section of the guide was only
significant back when codes were being released and fake 
codes kept cropping up.

That's about it.  Enjoy the video and be sure to give it a
try yourself.

 - obishawn


Table of Contents


To easily and quickly find anything in this guide,
simply perform a search and enter the subject as you
see it listed in the Contents, even if it is just the
Roman numerals.

I.    - Introduction
           A. - Q & A
II.   - The Passcodes
           A. - Code Entering Instructions
           B. - Single-Player Codes
           C. - Co-Op Codes
III.  - Passcode Release Date History
IV.   - Tips and Secrets
V.    - Action Replay Codes
VI.   - Special Features
           A. - In-Game Unlocking Methods
           B. - Code-Only Unlockables
VII.  - The Up-Grades
           A. - Single-Player Up-Grades
           B. - Co-Op Up-Grades
VIII. - Unlockable Ships
           A. - Ships for Single-Player Missions
           B. - Ships for the Co-Op Missions
IX.   - The Bonus Missions
           A. - Single-Player Missions
           B. - Co-Op Missions
X.    - Gameboy Advance Connectivity
XI.   - The Legal Section
XII.  - Version History
XIII. - Credits and Thanks
XIV.  - Contact Info


I.    - Introduction


Rebel Strike, the third game in the Rogue Squadron series
(excluding The Battle for Naboo on the N64) captures the
feel of the movies in a way not many other Star Wars games
have.  You can find yourself looking for Princess Leia on
the Death Star, zipping past the great trees on the
Sanctuary Moon of Endor, or saving your friends from being
digested for over 1000 years.

But even more than that, you can team up with a buddy and
tackle Rouge Leader all over again in Co-Op, or go head to
head in Versus mode and you can even play the original Star
Wars Arcade games from the 80's.

Rebel Strike never fails to offer something to everyone.

If you know of something that you think should be added to
this FAQ, as in a new or improved tip, a code I might have
missed, or anything else that fits the criteria of this FAQ,
you can contact me and upon inspected approval, I will add
it and give you full credit. Please provide a name that I
can use to give you credit.


A. - Q & A


This section, though admittedly late, is to address the
many questions I still get about codes and such.  If I
don't answer a question you have or don't answer it in a
way that makes sense, contact me and I'll happily explain
it the best way I can.  

Also, I check the GFAQs Rebel Strike message board very
often, you can also ask your questions there.  And even if
I can't get to your problem quickly, there are still a lot
of members that lurk this board that are willing to help


Question 1 - 


I entered the code for ________ and it still didn't unlock

Answer - 

    Make sure you are entering the codes correctly.  A few
    things to watch out for when entering codes:

    1 - Make certain that you are selecting the correct
        characters.  It is easy to get in a hurry and not
        realize that you entered a "G" when you meant to
        select an "H."

    2 - If it is a two-part code, select the characters
        for the first part, then ENTER CODE, then select
        the characters for the second part without leaving
        the Passcode screen.

    3 - If you are trying to unlock a ship using a passcode
        and the mission you are wanting to use the ship on
        hasn't been completed, you will not be able to use
        that ship.  When a mission is played the first
        time, it must be completed with the default ship
        for that mission.  Once you complete the mission
        with the default ship, you can then use the ship(s)
        you unlocked with the passcode.

Please see the Code Entering Instructions section of this
FAQ for a detailed explanation for entering codes.


Question 2 - 


I think I found a new code. R2 beeps and everything!  I
just haven't figured out what it does yet...

Answer - 

    Though I don't see this as much as I used to, I'll
    still address it.  Some people have entered certain
    phrases or configuration of charcters and gotten R2D2
    to beep a confirmation.  This means nothing; just bad
    programming by Factor 5.  i was told this directly by
    the people at LucasArts.


Question 3 - 


I'm trying to play the Raid on Besipn in Co-Op and I
can't get out of Home One's hanger.  What's going on?

Answer - 

    I've addresed this a few other times in the FAQ, but
    as long as people are still doing this, why not put
    it here?

    When you use the Passcode to unlock the Jedi Star
    Fighter, it replaces the second A-wing in the hanger.
    The problem is that when you play the Raid on Bespin
    for the first time, you MUST use two A-wings.  If the
    second A-wing has been replaced, you cannot choose it
    as a ship.

    The solution is to NOT use the code to unlock the Jedi
    Star Fighter until you have completed the Raid on
    Bespin.  You don't have to get a medal, just complete
    it.  You can then replay the mission with your ship of


Question 4 - 


Is there any way around the JSF glitch?

A - No.  The most you can do is to enter the code that
    unlocks all missions for Co-Op, and then play the
    missions after the Raid on Bespin.  But you still will
    not be able to play the mission.


Question 5 - 


I think I've found a way around the JSF glitch!!  What if
you hold down the R and L shoulder buttons?

Answer - 

    You cannot hold the R and L Shoulder buttons to start
    the mission with the default ship.  For some reason,
    it just doesn't work.


Question 6 - 


I've only used one save file and decided to start a new
game, but everything is already unlocked!

Answer - 

    All passcodes, as well as Best Ever stats, save to all
    five game files.  The only way to undo it is to delete
    the game saved on the memory card, which means you will
    lose ALL saved progress.


II. - The Passcodes


As of 09/09/06, there are a total of 27 passcodes.

The following are the passcodes revealed by LucasArts.

Make no mistake, I got these codes from the LucasArts hint
line on the day they released them.  The codes that were
discovered by another source, has been noted with due
credit given.  I did not figure these out on my own.  The
codes are official, tested, and proven to work properly.

There are codes for both the Single-Player and for Co-Op
missions. For the features that appear in both
Single-Player and Co-Op, the same code is used. The codes
are listed by Campaign though the same codes are repeated
for certain functions.


A. - Code Entering Instructions


To enter the codes, from the Main Title screen, highlight
Options and press the A button.  You are now on the Options
menu.  Highlight Passcodes and press the A button.  Using
the control stick or the D-pad, scroll the character bar
either left or right to find the desired letter or symbol.

Enter the characters in order then highlight ENTER CODE
and press the A button. If done correctly, you should hear
R2D2 give a beep/whistle confirming that you entered the
code correctly.

Most of these codes use a two-part entering system.  For
those of you who are veterans of the Rogue Squadron games,
this is familiar territory.  For those of you who are not
vets, I will explain.

The code has two parts to it, a total of 16 characters.

The first 8 characters comprise the first part of the code
with the last 8 characters making up the second part of
the code.  Just enter each part of the code as if it were
one code.  Using the character scroll bar select the
character, then select ENTER CODE.  While still in the
Passcode screen, enter the second part of the code just
like you did the first.  R2D2 should confirm each entry if
the code was entered correctly.  The two-part codes listed
in this FAQ will be separated by a "/" and will look like

If you see a symbol after any of the codes (* or **) then
look for a very important note at the bottom of the code
list for additional information.


B. - Single-Player Codes


----------------                   -------------
In-game Function                   The Passcodes
----------------                   -------------

Game Play

Infinite Lives*                - IIOUAOYE / WIMPIAM! 

Ace Mode                       - YNMSFY?P / YOUDAMAN

Black and White Mode*          - NOCOLOR?

The Missions

All Regular                    - HYWSC!WS / NONGAMER

All Regular and Bonus Missions - EEQQ?YPL / CHE!ATER

The Ships

Millennium Falcon              - QZCRPTG! / HANSRIDE

Naboo Starfighter              - RTWCVBSH / BFNAGAIN

Jedi Starfighter**             - BBGMYWSX / JEDIWHO?

TIE Hunter                     - FRRVBMJK / LOOKOUT!

TIE Bomber                     - JASDJWFA / !DABOMB!

Slave 1                        - TGBCWLPN / ZZBOUNTY

Rudy's Car*                    - AXCBPRHK / WHATTHE?

The Extras

Music Hall                     - HARKHARK

Art Gallery                    - !KOOLART

Documentary                    - THEDUDES

Credits                        - LOOKMOM!

Star Wars Arcade               - RTJPFC!G / TIMEWARP

Empire Strikes Back Arcade     - !H!F?HXS / KOOLSTUF

Return of the Jedi Arcade      - !?ATH!RD / GAME?YES

Beggar's Canyon Race           - FRLL!CSF / FARMBOY?

All Ships in Versus            - W!WSTPQB / FREEPLAY

*  - You must reset the GameCube to turn this code off.

** - If you use the code to unlock the JSF (Jedi Star
     Fighter) before you complete the Raid on Bespin, then
     you are going to have to delete your save file to
     progress in Co-Op.

     The JSF replaces an A-wing in the main hanger.  For
     the Raid on Bespin, the first time you play this 
     mission, you must use an A-wing for each player.  If
     you enter the JSF code before you complete this
     mission, you cannot access the second A-wing and
     therefore cannot play this mission.

     You only have to complete the mission first, you do
     not have to get a medal on it.

     I'll let you know if any new information becomes


C. - Co-Op Codes


This section contains the codes for Co-Op.  For the
features that appear in both Single-Player and Co-Op, the
same code is used.

----------------             -------------
In-game Function             The Passcodes
----------------             -------------

Game Play

Infinite Lives*         - IIOUAOYE / WIMPIAM!

The Missions

All Regular             - SWGRCQPL / UCHEATED

Death Star Escape       - YFCEDFRH / DSAGAIN?

The Asteroid Field      - RWALPIGC / NOWAYOUT

Endurance               - WPX?FGC! / EXCERSIZ

The Ships

TIE Fighter             - MCKEMAKD / ONESHOT!

Millennium Falcon       - QZCRPTG! / HANSRIDE

TIE Advanced            - VDX?WK!H / ANOKSHIP

Naboo Starfighter       - RTWCVBSH / BFNAGAIN

Jedi Starfighter**      - BBGMYWSX / JEDIWHO?

Slave 1                 - TGBCWLPN / ZZBOUNTY

Rudy's Car*             - AXCBPRHK / WHATTHE?

*  - You must reset the GameCube to turn this code off.

** - If you use the code to unlock the JSF (Jedi Star
     Fighter) before you complete the Raid on Bespin, then
     you are going to have to delete your save file to
     progress in Co-Op.

     The JSF replaces an A-wing in the main hanger.  For
     the Raid on Bespin, the first time you play this 
     mission, you must use an A-wing for each player.  If
     you enter the JSF code before you complete this
     mission, you cannot access the second A-wing and
     therefore cannot play this mission.

     You only have to complete the mission first, you do
     not have to get a medal on it.

     I'll let you know if any new information becomes


III. - Passcode Release Date History


This section is simply to keep a record of what codes were
released on which dates.  Dates begin in October of 2003
and end in October of 2004.

(*) = A code released from a source other than LucasArts.
All codes come from LucasArts, but some sources release
them before LucasArts does.

This list begins with the first set of codes.

 1  - October 20 - LucasArts

    - LOOKMOM! - Credits       
    - THEDUDES - Documentary

 2  - November 3 - LucasArts
    - HARKHARK - Music Hall
    - RTJPFC!G / TIMEWARP - Star Wars Arcade

 3  - November 17 - LucasArts

    - NOCOLOR? - Black & White Mode
    - !KOOLART - Art Gallery

 4  - December 1 - LucasArts

    - YFCEDFRH / DSAGAIN? - Death Star Escape
    - MCKEMAKD / ONESHOT! - TIE Fighter

 5  - December 15 - LucasArts

    - VDX?WK!H / ANOKSHIP - TIE Advanced
    - RWALPIGC / NOWAYOUT - Asteroid Field

(*) - December 22 - Nintendo Power

    - !H!F?HXS / KOOLSTUF - Empire Strikes Back Arcade
    - QZCRPTG! / HANSRIDE - Millennium Falcon - NP
    - FRLL!CSF / FARMBOY? - Beggar's Canyon - NP

(*) - December 25 -

    - IIOUAOYE / WIMPIAM! - Infinite Lives
    - SWGRCQPL / UCHEATED - Co-Op Regular Missions

(*) - December 26 - LucasArts

    - JASDJWFA / !DABOMB! - TIE Bomber - LA

 6  - December 29 - LucasArts

    - YNMSFY?P / YOUDAMAN - Ace Mode - LA

 7  - January 12 - LucasArts

    - HYWSC!WS / NONGAMER - Single-Player Reg. Missions
    - WPX?FGC! / EXCERSIZ - Co-Op Endurance

 8  - January 26  - LucasArts

    - TGBCWLPN / ZZBOUNTY - Slave 1
    - BBGMYWSX / JEDIWHO? - Jedi Starfighter

 9  - February 9 - LucasArts

    - RTWCVBSH / BFNAGAIN - Naboo Starfighter
    - EEQQ?YPL / CHE!ATER - All Single-Player Missions

 10 - February 23 - LucasArts

    - FRRVBMJK / LOOKOUT!  - TIE Hunter
    - AXCBPRHK / WHATTHE?  - Rudy's Car

 11 - March 8 - LucasArts

    - W!WSTPQB / FREEPLAY - All Ships in Versus

 12 - October 16 -

    - !?ATH!RD / GAME?YES  - Return of the Jedi Arcade


IV. - Tips and Secrets


There are certain things you can do in the game to make it
easier, actual secrets, or things that are just fun to do.
Here is a partial list of those things.

If anyone has anything they'd like to add, correct, or
contest, contact me and upon inspected approval, I will
add it and give you full credit.

Please provide a name that I can use to give you credit.
See the Contact Information for my email address.


Tips and Secrets Contents


 1  - Skip the Hanger
 2  - Skip the Narrator
 3  - N1 Clock Adjustment
 4  - Rogue Leader Glitch
 5  - Seismic Time Saver
 6  - Cloaking Device Bases
 7  - Ralltiir Bombs
 8  - Bakura Turret Order
 9  - Lock-on Stat Saver
 10 - A View to a Kill
 11 - Battle of Geonosis, 20 years later
 12 - Jango's Slave 1
 13 - Attack on the Executor Tips
 14 - B-Wing Glitch
 15 - Destroy the Independence (Home One)
 16 - Change Movie Cutscenes
 17 - Art As Menu Background
 18 - All Best Evers/Rank Glitch
 19 - Easy kills with the sonic mines
 20 - Play Co-Op Alone
 21 - Easily Locate the Homing Cluster Missile in Co-Op
 22 - A Small, Fast Buick
 23 - Accuracy Boost
 24 - AotE Star Destroyer Quick Kills


1  - Skip the Hanger

  Holding down the R and L shoulder buttons when you
  select a mission will let you skip the Home One hanger
  and immediately let you start the mission with the
  default craft.  This must be done before the wire frame
  models are shown.

2  - Skip the Narrator

  On Tatooine Training, when you step, drive, or fly
  through a  Rebel symbol, the narrator begins the
  tutorial.  Some of his tutorials are kind of lengthy.
  Pressing start as soon as he begins talking, which opens
  up the pause screen, then pressing start again and
  returning to the tutorial lets you skip the narration.

  When you return to the game, the narrator immediately
  says, "Try it now."  This comes in handy when trying to
  unlock the N1 Starfighter because it saves you some time
  and having to hear that narration over and over again
  just gets annoying.

3 - N1 Clock Adjustment

  You can reset the GameCube's internal clock to change
  the time settings when attempting to unlock the N1
  Starfighter. The exact times vary, but I will list the
  times that worked for me and I had no problems at all
  unlocking the craft. The GC's clock is set to military
  time so I listed both regular and military.

      6am or 600 hours
      12 noon or 1200 hours
      6pm or 1800 hours
      11pm or 2300 hours

4  - Rogue Leader Glitch

  For Co-Op mode, the old Rogue Leader glitch is still
  there.  If your ship is low on shields and you are about
  to enter a cut scene you can crash your craft and when
  the cut scene is over, you will have full shields and
  it will not register as a lost life.

Additional tip by: tinnedcumquat

  The fourth secret given, the one which refers to the
  ability to explode in a cutscene and not lose a life,
  instead having your shields entirely replenished, is not
  entirely correct, in my experience.   

  You say that this bug is limited to the co-op mode: it
  is not. I can't prove it, but on the Fondor Shipyard
  Assault (or whatever it's called) mission I was, alas,
  immolated in my X-wing by the bastard mini-turbolaser
  things on the shield generator housing. However, my doom
  coincided with the destruction of the shield generator,
  and as I cursed under my breath at this great misfortune,
  I suddenly realized that I was flying in the next
  section, with my lives counter at 3; my shields were
  also blue once more.

  So, interesting or not, I thought that you should be
  aware of this anomaly, for it is probably repeatable on
  other missions, though I have not the patience to test 

5  - Seismic Time Saver

  A time saving method for the Fondor Shipyard Assault is
  to use either the Jedi Starfighter or Slave 1 and fire a
  seismic charge directly at the shield generator at the
  beginning of the mission.  

  The resulting explosion should penetrate the walls of
  the structure and destroy the generator without even
  having to shoot while the doors are open.  Though this
  may save you time, it can hurt your Enemies Killed stats
  if you don't use that extra time you saved to boost it.

Additional tip by: Urthstrype (Jason E.)

  In the second half of this mission fly as fast as you
  possibly can without hitting anything, periodically
  firing seismic charges at the walls, destroying cloaking

  Let me repeat...

  Race though the level firing seismic charges like every
  5-8 seconds.  By the time you finish the mission, you
  should have over 100 kills. As I said before this also
  works on AotE."

6  - Cloaking Devices

  Another tip for the Fondor Shipyards is when you are
  approaching the Cloaking Devices, you can actually shoot
  the bases of the devices instead of the vertical, white
  florescent light looking things.  Locking on to the
  devices shows you that this is possible.  Doing so
  allows you to begin your attack from a distance, which
  in turn allows you to get off more shots in one pass and
  it also allows you to stay low enough so that
  the Turbolasers can't target you while you're attacking
  the devices. If you use your blasters, this will
  increase your accuracy percentage.

Following tip provided by: starwarsgeek

  An easy way to eliminate the three cloaking devices on
  the Super Star Destroyer is to use the N1 starfighter.

  First, make sure you have at least three Advanced Homing
  Cluster missiles before you attack the big ship.  Once
  you get close enough to one of the cloaking devices,
  fire your lasers for about a second, then shoot a
  cluster missile. All six missiles should hit the
  cloaking device and destroy it instantly.

  This saves you the need of slowing down to fire, and
  keeps both your time and shot accuracy in gold-medal

7  - Ralltiir Bombs

  On Defenders Of Ralltiir, surrounding the shield are
  bombs that you can pick up with your Speeder using the
  tow cable.  These bombs have two functions:

  1 - After snagging one, you can use them to destroy the
  enemies. For the AT-ATs, fly high enough that the bomb
  will hit it in the cockpit.

  2 - You can use them to take out the three bridges that
  lead to the shield/shield generator. Simply pick up one 
  of the bombs and fly low enough that the bomb makes
  contact with the bridge.  The resulting explosion will
  take out any enemies that were on the bridge and this
  easily boosts your Enemies Destroyed stats.

  I recommend destroying the bridge directly across from
  where you start the mission, then make a 180 and destroy
  the first bridge by where the mission started. Leave the
  third bridge because there is a lot of ground for the
  enemy to cover from that bridge.

  The other two bridges are closer to the shield. And just
  in case you found this confusing, the bridge that you
  should leave intact is the one closest to the targeting
  computer upgrade.  Taking out the other two bridges
  should be enough to boost your Enemies Killed stats, so
  taking out the third bridge just waste time (if you are
  attempting to medal, that is).

Following tip provided by: ChozoSage (Tim Z.)

  You in fact do not have to hit the cockpit, anywhere on
  the walker is fine, though I'm not sure about the bomb's
  effect if you make a suicide run. 

  I find it easier to attack side on, since I'm not
  getting the cannon fire, it presents a much bigger
  target and there is the top of the walker as a kind of
  horizon if you will.

  A suicide run in which both the speeder and the bomb hit
  the walker will not be effective at all. Not only that,
  but hitting an AT-AT with the bomb and making any
  contact at all with the speeder will result in the bomb
  having no effect. Even a tiny scrape on the top of the
  AT-AT means a failed run.

  For the APCs and AT-PTs do the same, only it doesn't
  matter where you hit them because of their size.


Following tip provided by: snoman99991

  At the beginning of the level, tell your wingmen to
  attack walkers (small ones) and make a loop turning left
  so you can approach the first bridge from behind the
  enemy. Hold the brake button and destroy every unit.

  If you did the approach right and held brake the entire
  time(don't forget to evade the big walker's fire behind
  you), you should have gotten rid of all of the enemies
  coming from the first bridge. Once that's done, dash
  over to the shield and pick up a bomb. Once you have the
  bomb, fly over to the bridge on the right.

  If you did the everything above in a timely manner, most
  of the units should still be on the bridge. Fly at the
  bridge and make the bomb connect with any part of the
  bridge. All of the units should be dead. Now all you
  need to do is mop up the units from the other bridge and
  take out the walkers near the shield preferably with
  bombs. This is a sure-fire way to get a gold medal and
  only takes a few tries to perfect.

8  - Bakura Turret Order

  For the Raid at Bakura mission, many people on the
  message boards have asked for the order of turret
  formations and the number of turrets in each formation.
  Some people find it easier to unlock the TIE Bomber
  knowing what to expect, so I have provided that
  information here.

    1 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 4 - 4

  To use the lock-on missiles, hold down the A button to
  make the lock-on targeting reticle appear. Sweep it over
  your targets to lock on to more than one enemy at a time.
  Release the A button to launch missiles at the targets
  all at once.

  The turrets closer to you will be destroyed before the
  missiles reach the other turrets, so aim for the turrets
  in the back of the formation first.

  Approach the turrets from an angle or even risk a little
  altitude to get a better angle when you aim, if you need

  When trying to unlock the TIE Bomber, only aim for the
  turrets on the canyon floor.  The turrets on the canyon
  walls will not help you unlock the Imperial craft.  If
  you are trying for a gold medal though, don't just
  target the turrets on the canyon walls, but fire off a
  few missiles at the bridges too.  Not the mounted guns
  on the bridges, just the bridges themselves.  This makes
  for easy kills to meet that stats for the gold medal

9  - Lock-on Stat Saver

  To help save on your targeting computer stats, use the
  homing up-grade's ability to lock on to the enemies.
  Even if you do not fire your secondary weapon, you can
  fire your primary.  The enemy will fly around with the
  red locked-on arrows surrounding it, making it an easy
  target. You can do this even if you are out of your
  secondary weapons.

10  - A View to a Kill

  On missions like Deception at Destrillion and Speeder
  Bike Pursuit, some people find it easier to navigate the
  tight areas while in the cockpit view.  Also, on the
  missions in which you pilot an AT-ST, some people find
  it easier to target the enemies from the cockpit view.
  Play around with the different views to see which works
  best for you in different

11 - Battle of Geonosis, 20 Years Later

  On Relics of Geonosis, after you land on the planet,
  watch the Battle Droids, you'll see them firing on the
  Storm Troopers and vice versa.

12 - Jango's Slave 1

  You can fly Jango Fett's Slave 1 in versus mode if one
  of the players chooses the Jedi Starfighter and the
  other player chooses Boba's Slave 1 and you choose to
  fight it out in the asteroid ring around Geonosis.
  The ship will be identical to Boba's except for the
  paint job.

13 - Attack on the Executor Tips

Following tip provided by: TerraGamerX (Joe)

  A way to have enough time to take out plenty of the TIE
  Fighters on Attack on the Executor, is to use the Jedi
  Starfighter (or the much slower Slave 1) and quickly fly
  to the command deck of the first Star Destroyer and fire
  your sonic mine at it which should bring down the whole
  ship with minimal effort. Do the same for the other two
  (but travel far left for the last one since it begins
  turning) and although you may still be told to
  concentrate on the closest guns, you can now completely
  focus on the TIEs.

Following tip provided by: Urthstrype (Jason E.)

  In the second half of this mission fly as fast as you
  possibly can without hitting anything, periodically
  firing seismic charges at the walls, destroying cloaking

  Let me repeat...

  Race though the level firing seismic charges like every
  5-8 seconds.  By the time you finish the mission, you
  should have over 100 kills. As I said before this also
  works on Fondor Shipyard Assault.

Following tip provided by: koreamike

  Allow all the cut scenes to play without interruption,
  this allows you the extra 20 seconds or so you need to
  get the Platinum medal.

  Using the Sonic mines to sweep the deck guns of the Star
  Destroyers really boosts your kills as well. As you
  approach the SD aim a mine to explode over the second
  level and all those pesky guns will explode. If you're
  feeling really evil, pitch up and put a mine into the
  bridge and the ship will retreat and leave the cruiser

14 - B-Wing Glitch

Following tip provided by: Kilroy84

  If you're having difficulty navigating the Super Star
  Destroyer's trenches on Fondor Shipyard Assault and
  Attack on the Executor, use the B-Wing.  At any point in
  the trench, close your S-foils and pull up above it.

  When you are flying above the trench, laser fire will
  constantly shoot at you, almost always hitting your
  craft.   One hit is able to knock out at least half of
  your shields, while three can be more than enough to
  kill.  If you're flying any craft other than the B-Wing,
  these lasers are guaranteed to hit you.  However, using
  the B-Wing you can easily evade the laser fire.  Just
  close your S-foils and fly above the trench.  The laser
  blasts will fire directly below you and miss each and
  every time. Use this strategy to conveniently bypass the
  scaffolding in Fondor and to cruise into the Executor's
  Bridge unscathed.

15 - Destroy the Independence (Home One)

Following tip provided by: Kilroy84

  On Attack on the Executor, your objective in the first
  portion of the level is to protect the Independence
  (Admiral Ackbar's flagship) by destroying the ION
  Cannons on several Star Destroyers.  If you do not
  destroy these in time, the Independence will be DISABLED,
  not destroyed, and you will fail the mission.  However,
  with some luck it is possible to destroy the Admiral's
  flagship and continue flying the mission until roughly
  18:40 of time has gone by; depending on when you skip
  the initial cutscene.

*** Make sure Ace Mode is off! ***

  When the mission starts, skip the cutscene.  Do not
  destroy any of the ION Cannons on the first Star
  Destroyer.  Just fly towards the second SD and take out
  all of the ION Cannons, then do the same for the third
  SD. When you're finished, position yourself behind
  either of the flagship's wings and make sure that TIE
  Fighters are chasing you.  When you're in position,
  evade the TIEs laser fire and let them hit the

  If you can manage to survive (it won't be very hard if
  you're a good pilot), eventually the Imperial laser fire
  will destroy the Independence.

With Ace Mode on, however...

  Destroy two of the ION Cannons on the first SD, three of
  them on the second SD, and all of the cannons on the
  third SD.  Even after the second SD has stopped shooting
  it's remaining ION Cannon at the ship, the Independence
  will still have a small amount of shields left. Just use
  the above method w/ the TIE Fighters and soon enough,
  Ackbar's ship will be destroyed.

  With your flagship gone, it is impossible to fail the
  mission since technically it must be "disabled" to allow
  failure of the mission. However, you will not be able to
  fly indefinitely.  As I mentioned above, once the 18:40
  time mark hits, the second cutscene will be triggered
  and you'll continue on w/ the mission -- It is not
  entirely known what causes this, however.  The whole
  point of this glitch is to enable a "Free Flight Mode"
  if you will -- The first portion of Attack on the
  Executor now has a much longer time limit.  To keep you
  occupied, there's an infinite number of TIE Fighters
  waiting to be destroyed.

16 - Change Movie Cutscenes

Following tip provided by: Kilroy84

  Go to the Sound Settings menu under Options.  Select
  either Music, Sound FX, or Speech Volume, then press A
  or B to cancel out.  After you press either button, the
  movie cutscene in the background will change to a
  randomly different one."

17 - Art as Menu Background

Following tip provided by: hooligan333

  Go to the art gallery in the special features section.
  Go to the picture before the one you wish to use as the
  background. Press right to switch to the image you
  desire, but in the time after the first image has
  disappeared and before the desired image appears, when
  the screen is black, press B. You will return to the
  special features menu with the desired image as the

18 - All Best Evers/Rank Glitch

Originally discovered by: S22R

Confirmed by: ThanksBates, Captain Raptor, and  snooozer

Following tip provided collectively

  When you obtain 15 Best Ever medals, your rank changes
  from Allied Commander to Galactic Allied Commander.  If
  you get anymore medals, it goes back to Allied Commander.

19 - Easy Kills with the Sonic Mines

Following tip provided by: Hoodman0556

  This trick I've used to wipe out big groups of fighters.
  First, I start as a ship that has sonic mines. Then,
  when a big group of fighters is nearby, I hit the brakes,
  start to barrel-roll, and shoot some mines. The result
  is the waves of sound go in all directions, thus killing
  massive amounts of fighters, and since the mines
  recharge, it is possible to do it multiple times.

  The reason this works is that the mines sound wave is
  parallel to the angle of the ship, so, if the ship has
  barrel-rolled to this angle-/, then the explosion will
  be at the same angle-/.  If the ship is horizontal like
  this __, then the explosion will be horizontal, like
  this __."

20 - Play Co-Op Alone

Following tip provided by: Hoodman0556

  There is a way to play through Co-Op by yourself and not
  have to worry about the unplayed player. Plug in both
  controllers and get to the Co-Op mission select. Then
  unplug a controller, say, player 2. push the control
  stick all the way in any direction, preferably to the
  left or right, but whatever is appropriate for the
  mission. Then, still holding the desired direction on
  the control stick. Plug it back in. Player 2's default
  settings are altered, thus making them spin in the
  direction pushed the unplayed player will spin around in
  circles, so that fighters won't have an easy shot.

  You can also do two other things.  One is to use the
  Action Replay with the Invincibility code turned on
  (which you can find in this FAQ).  This will allow for
  Player 2 to just keep flying while not taking damage.

  Or you can use the Infinite Lives code, also found in
  this FAQ.  Player 2 will keep flying and though he will
  die eventually, it won't effect your playing too much.

21 - Easily Locate the Homing Cluster Missile in Co-Op

Following tip provided by: blacklytedragoon

  On Battled of Endor, simply take out the left star
  destroyer first, let it finish going through it's death
  rolls and stuff till it's motionless, then fly along
  under it, from behind, to the main hanger underneath and
  you'll nab the upgrade.  (It may or may not bee visable,
  either due to angle of approach, or the SD's image
  blocking it, but it's there).  This works a lot faster
  than the "veer down and left, and look for the
  shimmering white dot.

22 - A Small, Fast Buick

Following tip provided by: Kilroy84

  It's possible to fly the Buick above the trenches of the
  Super Star Destroyers on Fondor Shipyard Assault and
  Attack on the Executor w/o a scratch.  It can be tricky,
  but if you maneuver the car properly you can easily
  evade the laser fire.  Just close the roof of the Buick
  (S-foils), then pull up above the trench.  If you just
  fly straight, most of the laser blasts will hit you,
  some however won't b/c you're going so fast. When you're
  above, pull up for about one second, then push the
  control stick forward to descend downward. You must time
  it right, though.

  There's a short interval between shots fired, use this
  time to reverse the direction of the car. Keep repeating
  this process and you should be able to fly above the
  trenches unscathed.  There's no gurantee that you won't
  get hit, however, so pay attention to your shields so R2
  can restore them in time.

23 - Accuracy Boost

Following tip provided by: JKJ

  You can boost your accuracy percentage by shooting your
  allies (Home One, Transports, ect).  You cannot kill
  your allies (friendly fire is disabled).

24 - AotE Star Destroyer Quick Kills

Following tip provided by: GWBinvincible

  In the level Attack on the Executor,when using the Jedi
  Starfighter, a good strategy for eliminating the ion
  cannons is to level your ship onto the plane that the
  cannons are on. That is, the cannons on both the left
  and right sides.

  Charge directly towards one side (following a path of
  collision with the raised platform the cannons are on)
  and, varying slightly your pitch (vertical angle) fire
  one or two sonic mines, depending on your confidence in
  your accuracy. If you fired well, all eight cannons will
  be destroyed in one run. Simply boost to the second ship
  and repeat this tactic. This will leave you with free
  time to chase TIEs to your delight, although Admiral
  Ackbar will scold you for not focusing "only on the ion
  cannons which threaten the fleet.


V. - Action Replay Codes


I had a bunch of codes listed that Rune had created, but I
have taken all of the AR codes out of my FAQ and instead,
I am posting a link to his site.

I have done this because Rune has hacked the crap out of
this game.  He has spent many long hours figuring out the
different values for the game.

I don't feel right about listing the codes in my FAQ, even
with his permission.  If he has gone through the trouble
to make all of these codes, the least we could do is give
the proper respect to him and the function of his site.

Back in 2003, was the original site, but
there have been many changes over the years.  I will
update the guide once I re-locate the site that Rune now

VI. - The Special Features


Special Features are extra options found in the Special
Features screen from the Options menu.  Like the Missions
and Ships you can either use codes or in-game methods to
unlock these.  This is a list of the features and the
in-game method of unlocking them.

A. - In-Game Unlocking Methods

Credits - Complete Triumph of the Rebellion

Documentary - Complete Triumph of the Rebellion

Commentary - Get a bronze on all regular missions

Ace Mode  - Get a gold on all the Missions, including the
            bonus Missions, and complete Tatooine Training
            in all four times settings.

Star Wars Arcade  - Complete Death Star Rescue

Empire Strikes Back Arcade - Complete all regular missions

B. - Code-Only Unlockables

Some people don't like using codes to unlock the features
and prefer earning the features instead.  While most can
be earned, not all can and must be unlocked by using a

The following Special Features require a passcode to
unlock them.  This is the only way these can be unlocked.
These features are listed above along with the other codes
but added here for easier access.

This list has the currently known code-only unlockable
features.  If more are to be revealed or a method to
unlock these other than using a code is found, this FAQ
will be modified accordingly.

 - Music Hall                    - HARKHARK

 - Art Gallery                   - !KOOLART

 - Black and White Mode          - NOCOLOR?

 - The Return of the Jedi Arcade - !?ATH!RD / GAME?YES

 - Beggar's Canyon Race          - FRLL!CSF / FARMBOY?

 - Slave 1 for Co-Op             - TGBCWLPN / ZZBOUNTY

 - Rudy's Car                    - AXCBPRHK / WHATTHE?


VII. - The Up-Grades


In some of the missions you can find Tech Up-Grades to
increase the effectiveness of your ship.  This is a list
of each Tech Up-Grade and the corresponding mission it can
be found on.  There is no code to unlock the Up-Grades,
finding them in the missions is the only way to obtain

A. - Single-Player Up-Grades

Advanced Shields              - Revenge of the Empire

Advanced Lasers               - Defiance on Dantooine

Advanced Targeting Computer   - Defenders of Ralltiir

Advanced Proton Torpedoes     - Relics of Geonosis

Homing Proton Torpedoes       - Extraction From Ralltiir

Advanced Proton Bombs         - Raid At Bakura

Spread Proton Bombs           - Deception At Destrillion

Advanced Concussions Missiles - Guns Of Dubrillion

Homing Concussion Missiles    - Speeder Bike Pursuit

Advanced Cluster Missiles     - Battlefield Hoth

Homing Cluster Missiles       - Triumph of the Rebellion

B. - Co-Op Up-Grades

Advanced Shields             - Death Star Attack

Advanced Proton Torpedoes    - Ison Corridor Ambush

Advanced Lasers              - Battle Of Hoth

Advanced Cluster Missiles    - Prisons Of The Maw

Advanced Proton Bombs        - Razor Rendezvous

Homing Proton Torpedoes      - Vengeance On Kothlis

Advanced Concussion Missiles - Imperial Academy Heist - daytime

Spread Proton Bombs          - Imperial Academy Heist - nighttime

Homing Concussion Missiles   - Raid On Bespin

Homing Cluster Missiles      - Battle Of Endor

Advanced Targeting Computer  - Strike At The Core


VIII. - Unlockable Ships


The Ships can be unlocked without the passcodes by
completing certain missions, by earning certain medals, or
as in the case of the TIE Bomber, TIE Fighter, and the N1
Starfighter, by meeting specific mission requirements.
Ships that are unlocked either by code or the in-game
method are available for Versus Mode.

A. - Ships for Single-Player Missions

X-wing            - Your default ship

Y-wing            - Complete the Revenge of the Empire

B-wing            - Complete Raid at Bakura

A-wing            - Complete Guns of Dubrillion

N1 Starfighter    - Complete Tatooine Training during all
                    four time settings

TIE Bomber        - Destroy all of the ground Turrets in
                    their groups with each turret
                    exploding within half a second of each
                    other as the third objective on the
                    Raid At Bakura mission

Slave 1           - Get a bronze medal on all the regular

Millennium Falcon - Get a bronze medal on all missions,
                    including the bonus missions

Jedi Starfighter  - Get a silver on all the missions,
                    including the bonus missions

TIE Hunter        - Get a gold on all the missions,
                    including the bonus missions

B. - Ships for the Co-Op Missions

X-wing            - Your default ship

A-wing            - Complete Ison Corridor Ambush

Y-wing            - Complete Prisons Of The Maw

B-wing            - Complete Razor Rendezvous

TIE Fighter       - Steal this craft in both the day time
                    and night time on the Imperial Academy
                    Heist mission

Millennium Falcon - Complete all regular missions

TIE Advanced      - Get a bronze medal on all regular

N1 Starfighter    - Get a silver medal on all regular

Jedi Starfighter  - Get a gold on all missions, including
                    the bonus missions


IX. - The Bonus Missions


The game uses a point system for unlocking the bonus
Missions.  You earn points by obtaining a medal when you
complete a Mission, with each medal having a different
point value.  Medals are acquired by meeting certain
mission requirements which are displayed when you finish
the Mission.  Points earned for the Single-Player missions
cannot be carried over to be used for Co-Op.

A. - Single-Player Missions

Death Star Rescue      - 10 points

Flight From Bespin     - 20 points

Escape From Hoth       - 20 points

Attack on the Executor - 30 points

Rebel Endurance        - 30 points

B. - Co-Op Missions

Death Star Escape      - 15 points

The Asteroid Field     - 35 points

Endurance              - 50 points


X. - Gameboy Advance Connectivity


By using the GBA or GBASP, you can give orders to your
wing men in Versus Mode.  So far, this is the only known
function of the GBA for this game.  There are no known
secrets that can be unlocked with it.

To use the GBA you will need the following items:
 - A Nintendo GameCube
 - A GameBoy Advance or GameBoy Advance SP
 - A GameCube controller
 - A Nintendo GameCube GameBoy Advance Cable
 - The Star Wars Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike game

Insert controller 1 into the first controller port and the
GameBoy Advance cable into port 2.  Insert the controller
for player 2 in the 3rd port of the GameCube and the
GameBoy Advance cable into port 4.

While playing, you can enter the commands for your wing
mates by using the control pad.

Up    - Tells your men to form up on your wing
Left  - Varies per mission
Right - Varies per mission
Down  - Tells your wing men to stay in their current


XI. - The Legal Section


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly for any
amount of money. Use of this guide on any other web site
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

I have no problem with anyone or any web site wanting to
use this FAQ.  My main concern is that no one claims I
stole it from them, so if you are a web site wanting to
use it, just ask.

Copyright (c)2003 ObiShawn

Sites that have obtained permission to use this FAQ are:

 -  - of course

 - - Germany's largest cheats-community



 - GurraJG's Craft FAQ


XII. - Version History


11/26/07 - v3.6

 - Added the URl to for the video Kilroy84
   made showing the Tip 15 actually being performed.

 - Completely restructured the guide so that the format is
   similar to some of the other guides I have made since
   I made this one, my first guide.

08/05/05 - v3.5

 - Changed my email address, just to keep this updated.

02/20/05 - v3.4

 - New tip (24) added to the Tips and Secrets section,
   provided by GWBinvincible.
 - General restructuring of the guide to keep it up to
   date and easier to read.
 - Re-wrote the intro.

10/16/04 - v3.3

 - The RotJ Arcade code has finally been released!  Many
   thanks to jektezak for finding and posting it.
 - More final touches made.
 - Q & A Section added.

04/05/04 - v3.2

 - Minor corrections and final touches made.

03/22/04 - v3.1

 - I have taken out all of the AR codes for reasons
   explained in the AR section.
 - Rune has updated's Rebel Strike AR codes.
   See my AR section for the link to these codes.

 - .97 - 03/08/04 - One new code added.

03/02/04 - v3.0

 - Restructured the FAQ.
 - 2 new tips added (22 & 23) and Tip 4 updated.  Info
   provided by Kilroy84, JKJ, & tinnedcumquat

02/23/04 - v2.9

 - Two new codes added.

02/12/04 - v2.8

 - 2 new tips (20 & 21) added and tip 7 updated.  Info
   provided by blacklytedragoon, Hoodman0556, and ChozoSage

02/09/04 - v2.7

 - Two New Codes listed
 - 3 new tips (6, 18, & 19) added to the Tips and Secrets
   section and Tip 15 updated.  Info provided by Kilroy84,
   hooligan333, Hoodman0556, starwarsgeek, snoman99991,
   S22R, ThanksBates, Captain Raptor, and  snooozer

01/30/04 - v2.6

 - 3 new tips (15 -17) added to the Tips and Secrets
   section, info provided by Kilroy84 and hooligan333

01/28/04 - v2.5

 - Jedi Starfighter glitch announcement added

01/26/04 - v2.4

 - New tip (sub-section 14) added to the Tips and Secrets
   section, info provided by Kilroy84
 - Two new codes added

01/12/04 - v2.3

 - Up-Grade locations correction
 - Two new codes added
 - Email notifications request added
 - Time Zone note added

12/31/03 - v2.2

 - New tip (sub-section 13) added to the Tips and Secrets
   section, info provided by TerraGamerX (Joe) and by
   Urthstrype (Jason E.)

12/29/03 - v2.1

 - One new code added
 - Additional tip for sub-section 7 of the Tips and Secrets
                    section: Ralltiir Bombs provided by ChozoSage (Tim Z.)

12/26/03 - v2.0

 - One new code added

12/26/03 - v1.9

 - Two new codes added
 - Action Replay codes section added

12/23/03 - v1.8

 - Many grammatical errors fixed
 - I double-spaced between the codes for easier reading

12/22/03 - v1.7

 - Three new codes added
 - Passcode Release Date History has been modified
   to show the source of the codes

12/20/03 - v1.6

 - A lot of editorial mistakes corrected, a huge thanks to
   GurraJG for helping out with this
 - GurraJG was granted permission to use this FAQ

12/15/03 - v11.5

 - Two new codes added
 - Non-code unlocking method corrected for the Star Wars
   arcade - Thanks to GurraJG for catching that for me
 - was granted permission to use this

12/05/03 - v1.4

 - Additional tip for the Tips and Secrets section
   provided by Urthstrype (Jason E.)

12/05/03 - v1.3

 - Single-Player and Co-Op info sections have been
   combined for less confusion and easier access
 - More touch-ups to the FAQ
 - A contents created for the Tips and Secrets
 - 3 tips added
 - was granted permission to use this FAQ

12/01/03 - v1.2

 - More touch-ups to the FAQ
 - Two new codes added
 - Passcode Release Date History section added
 - was granted permission to use this FAQ.

11/26/03 - v1.1

 - Typo graphical and content errors corrected
 - The FAQ was touched-up to make it a bit easier to read
 - One tip added to the Tips & Secrets section.

11/24/03 - v1.0

 - All basic information
 - Six codes added


XIII. - Credits and Thanks


I have received a handful of emails.  Some suggest adding
certain information, and some ask questions about the
accuracy of the content, but there are some that
compliment this FAQ as well.

Sure, I organized it and all, but a lot of the content,
ideas, and support has come from many different people.
I cannot take full credit for this FAQ and until I can
think of a better way, this list will have to suffice to
show the appreciation I feel for the ones that have

 - GameFAQS - 

The most useful gaming site on the internet and even the
best source for gaming info anywhere.

 - The GameFAQS contributors - 

Without you, the first thanks wouldn't be possible.

 - ProtoDude - 

For making a similar FAQ for Rogue Leader and being the
"prototype" for this FAQ.

 - LucasArts and Factor5 - 

For supplying the public with not only a great game, but
the information and passcodes.

 - Super Bandicoot - 

On catching incorrect point requirements for some bonus

 - Kilroy84 -

For his high powered perception, support, and useful tips.
It's appreciated more than you know.

 - Jason E. (Urthstrype) - 

For the extra tip.  It makes one wonder what a Jedi
would value more: his lightsaber or his JediStarfighter

 - Toozin - 

For informing us all that Nintendo Power published three
previously unknown codes.

 - Mozhu1 - 

For finding and informing us all of the codes he found at

 - Maru -

For supplying with the codes he found.

 - ChozoSage (Tim Z.) -

For providing an extra tip which was far more helpful
than the tip I originally suggested.

 - TerraGamerX (Joe) -

Thanks for the support and additional tip.

 - GurraJG - 

For assuming the position of Editor and catching my many
mistakes. A FAQ is similar to a movie in that the film is
truly made in the editing process.  You can film all of
your footage, but it isn't until editing that the film
gets sound effects, music, ADR, and other adjustments that
makes it enjoyable.  GurraJG, as my editor, deserves just
as much recognition as Ben Burtt does for his work in the
Star Wars movies.

 - Hansoo -

Pointing out an error in an Up-Grade location, which lead
me to notice I left off one of the up-grades, so thanks
for that too, even if it was unintentional.

 - tkrausse - 

For providing a false code.  Why is this a good thing?
Knowing the fake codes helps to identify the real ones.
To me, this  information is just as valuable as the true
codes, as long as the fake codes exist they are a threat.

He wanted it said that he found this code at's fourms and only reported it.

 - Hooded Figure -

Even though it cost him, I'd like to thank him for
bringing the JSF glitch to our attention and helping us to
all be aware of the danger of using the code before
completing the Raid on Bespin.  May your original saved
data rest in peace.

 - starwarsgeek -

For the additional Cloaking Devices tip.

 - Hoodman0556 - 

For pointing out the fake code: Infinite Everything & for
the Easy kills with the sonic mines tip.

 - S22R, ThanksBates, Captain Raptor, and  snooozer:

For the All Best Evers/Rank glitch.  S22R was the first
to post about it, ThanksBates suggested that the glitch be
added and all 4 guys confirmed that the glitch is true.

I'm thankful for the confirmation because I do not have
all Best Evers.

 - snoman99991 -

For the additional tip for the Defenders of Ralltiir

 - blacklytedragoon -

For the tip on finding an upgrade the easy way.

 - SpiderCarnage -

Thank you for your support on the boards.  It hasn't gone
unnoticed and is very appreciated.

 - JKJ -

For the accuracy boosting tip.  Very handy thing to know!

 - tinnedcumquat -

For the extra info about the RL Glitch.

 - Rune - 

For hacking one of the coolest games.  With his codes, we
now can play this game from an all new perspective,

 - GWBinvincible -

For providing a pretty handy tip for AotE.

 - jektezak -

Last and certainly not least, many thanks goes out to
jektezak for finding and posting the RotJ Arcade code.
People have been waiting for this code for over a year
and we finally have it now.


XIV. - Contact Info


If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to
do so by sending an email to

[email protected]

Just make sure you identify this game in the subject
so I won't mistake your mail for spam.  All comments are

Be sure to check out for some free 
rocking remixed MP3s of your favorite Metroid melodies.