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Follow the dark path or use the light
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Pack Shot

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter


Star Wars: Bounty Hunter FAQ/Walkthrough

by lighterfluid6

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

This guide was written by Ryan N. Parra-Merrell (aka Lighterfluid6, aka 
me) and is thus copyrighted to me. I stayed up late even on school 
nights playing and writing, putting great effort into it, so don’t copy 
anything from this guide. If you’d like to display it on another 
website, email me ([email protected]) and ask my permission. Although 
I’ll tell you in the email, make sure you still give me all the credit 
if I give the ok. Also, DO NOT Instant Message me or email me asking me 
to join your new website or to ask me anything unrelated to my work. 
Many of you know who you are, from when I wrote my Metroid Prime 2: 
Echoes walkthrough. To the many that did contact me and ask for help or 
compliment me, this doesn’t refer to you. I greatly appreciated your 
questions and compliments, so please don’t think I’m yelling at you 
guys. Just the other guys who know who they are. Lastly, I’d like to 
apologize for two things: one, the fact that the game this walkthrough 
is written for has been out for a while now, so I may be too little too 
late to be of that much use. Two, I’d like to apologize ahead of time 
for the bad prison joke I made in the beginning of ‘The Break Out’.


Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is a game that puts you in the role of the 
galaxy’s best bounty hunter, the legendary Jango Fett. While you meet 
Jango for the first time in the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, 
the game itself actually takes place not long after the events of Star 
Wars: The Phantom Menace. After the Battle of Naboo, the galaxy became 
corrupt and defiled. Spawning from the chaos was crime and disorder. 
Among this was an illusory cult known as the Bando Gora. Operating in 
secret, this group lead terrorizing attacks against galactic 
industries, and quickly they became a threat to be reckoned with. Darth 
Sidious, masquerade of the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and dark Lord 
of the Sith, has called forth his new apprentice, Darth Tyranus, to 
discuss the threat of the Bando Gora cult. Sidious orders from Tyranus 
two tasks: Firstly, he must extinguish the Bando Gora by eliminating 
its leader, the deranged former Jedi and apprentice to Tyranus, Komari 
Vosa. Secondly, Tyranus is to find a suitable host for Sidious’s clone 
program. He suggests to Tyranus that he use one of the galaxy’s most 
notorious and feared mercenaries. Darth Tyranus decides to kill two 
birds with one stone; by putting a price on Komari Vosa’s head, he’ll 
be able to eliminate her and find the person suitable for the clone 



This section provides a detailed description of the game from beginning 
to end. CAPITALIZED items in the walkthrough signify Secrets (the 
feather icons), bosses and secondary bounties.  The game is split into 
six chapters, each with three missions, for a total of eighteen 

1.	Pit Fight Arena.
2.	Merchant Row.
3.	Docking Bays.
4.	Entertainment District.
5.	Industrial District.
6.	Upper City.
7.	The Break In.
8.	The Break Out.
9.	The Escape.
10.	Jungle Trek.
11.	Sebolto’s Compound.
12.	The Death Stick Factory.
13.	Longo Two-Guns.
14.	Tusken Canyon.
15.	Gardulla’s Palace.
16.	Moon of the Dead.
17.	Vosa’s Lair.
18.	Final Confrontation.


Chapter 1: Pit Fight Arena.


Before the hunt for Vosa actually begins, Jango is caught up in hunting 
for another bounty, an alien known as Meeko Ghintee. Ghintee has been 
imprisoned countless times, but he keeps escaping and showing up to 
participate in such events as beast pit fights, so that he can rig them 
and score vast sums of money. Now brought to Outland Station, a price 
has been put out for Meeko by the station’s owner, Rozatta (Roz, for 
short), the female Toydarian who is also a good friend of Jango’s. 
Jango tracks Meeko down to the pit fighting arena, and manages to close 
in on him. Unfortunately, Meeko uses his remote control to send his 
mind-controlled Borhek (the beasts used in pit fights) after Jango, 
causing him to loose his jetpack. Now, in order to hunt down Meeko, 
Jango must first get past the Borhek. 

Ok, I’ll assume you’re familiar with all the controls. When you start, 
lock on to the Borhek and just blast away at it. The Borhek is heavily 
armored and quite tough, so don’t bother using anything other than your 
blasters. Even then, it’ll take a while to bring down. The Borhek will 
occasionally charge you. If this happens, keep your lock on him and 
just jump to a side to perform an evasive move. After charging, the 
Borhek will hit the electrified fence, then turn slowly to face you. 
During this time, any shots you fire at him will deflect harmlessly to 
the side. Once he faces you again, ceasefire for a few seconds until he 
starts bellowing again. If you just continually fire at him in a 
relentless barrage, he’ll just keep his head down, and in this position 
you can’t hurt him. After a while, the Borhek will keel over and die. 
Just make sure he never does ram into you, or you’ll hurt for it. Also, 
don’t touch the electric fencing around the arena. When the Borhek 
dies, a section of the fence will burst and reveal and the exit.

If you want health, look around the edge of the arena for a blue Bacta 
Fluid Crate, which replenishes all of your lost health. It’s actually 
pointless, and you’ll see why in a few moments. Where the fence broke, 
you’ll see a doorway with a grating cover. You can use your cutting 
laser on the grating to access the other side. At the end of the small 
hallway is a lift that takes you to the control panel above. Up here 
you’ll find another Bacta Fluid Crate (since you’ve lost no health, 
that’s why the previous one was pointless). Activate the green button 
to lower the center of the arena, back down below. Head back down and 
then drop down the hole. To avoid taking damage from the fall, hop down 
from the edge of the hole and hang on to the bar sticking out from the 
side of the shaft before dropping to the bottom. 

At the bottom, head inside the Borhek stall, crawling with small rat-
like creatures. To continue, head to the right of this chamber and drop 
into the drainage ditch, where you’ll find a single Bacta Fluid Vial. 
Crouch low and follow the ditch to another grating cover. Torch this 
one open and keep crawling through. Make a left turn inside the tunnel 
and burn open a third metal covering to access a small room full of 
rusty pipes. The game will tutor you through the obstacles in this 
room; climb the ladder, then jump and hang on to the ledge on the left 
wall. Move down the ledge, and make a hop when you get to the break in 
the ledge. Next, jump back to the platform behind you. Use the raised 
pipe up here and jump across the gap to the other side. Finally, drop 
down the small hole and grab the shimmering Checkpoint icon. 

Roz will contact you and inform you about the bounties posted on some 
of Meeko’s henchmen. Part of playing as a bounty hunter is to claim as 
many secondary bounties in a level as possible. To claim a bounty, use 
your ID Scanner to scan beings. After marking them, pay attention to 
their price; if a bounty is wanted alive, you’ll need to snare him up 
with your Whipcord before claiming him. If he’s wanted dead, just kill 
the bounty before the claim. Anyway, your first unfortunate victim is 
the Gran (humanoid, three-eyed alien species) up ahead with his back 
facing you. Note that all bounties within the first three levels should 
be claimed alive, so ready your Whipcord. So, scan the Gran, named 
BURBAKKER TEEP, and then rope him up before he notices you. Lastly, 
claim him for 1000 Republic Credits.

Continue down the hall until you can make a right turn. Ignore the R2 
droids roaming around the area, but watch out for the gang of thugs 
that will emerge from a locker room on your right. These guys won’t 
shoot, but they’ll use brute strength against you by using their bladed 
arms. After wasting all four of them, search the locker-room for some 
health. Directly across from the room is another lift. Hit the green 
button outside of it, and then hop in for a ride upstairs. 

When you emerge, take a right turn to grab another Checkpoint (all the 
while hearing Roz’s transmission). Now head left and make a turn so 
that you’re facing a room off in the distance. Like the game says, 
manually aim your blasters and shoot the fuel barrel ahead, which will 
take out the enemy Gran in the blast. Move forward to this room. On 
your left, in between stacks of crates and barrels, is a doorway 
blocked by a laser shield (don’t touch it). From a safe distance, blast 
the fuel barrel next to the doorway to deactivate the shield. Now 
proceed to the Pit Fighter’s training area. 

You’ll be immediately attacked by more melee thugs. Jump up onto the 
first structure you see so that they can’t harm you. Among the pig-like 
Gamorreans is another bounty, JABROGG THUNG, worth 2000 credits. After 
claiming him, waste the other thugs from the safety of the raised 
platform. Now proceed on ground level to the room past the doorway at 
the end of the training room. 

In this room, you’ll need to shoot two Rodians (the green, bug-eyed 
aliens) that fire back at you. Collect any health they might leave 
behind, and then explore the two hallways that lead away from this 
room. At the end of each hallway is a locker-room housing a Rodian and 
his melee cronies. Blast away at the thugs, but spare the two Rodians; 
they are both bounties. BRAKKO GAZ is the bounty found in the right-
hand locker-room, with a few lizard-like thugs, while SOBEL ZEELESI can 
be found in the left-hand locker-room with his posse of Gamorreans (and 
a Bacta crate). Both are worth 1000 credits alive. Now head back to the 
Pit Fighter’s training area.

Back in this room, you need to make your way to the ledge above you by 
using the many platforms in the room. Use any of the smaller ones in 
the corners to get to the large pillar in the middle. From there you 
can make the jump to the platform and proceed to the next area. In 
here, kill the Grans and make your way around the path to the 
checkpoint in the next corridor. If you want, you can drop down to 
where the Rodians were, or use the ramp on the left end of this room to 
get to some health.

Past the checkpoint, you’ll be in another training area. This one is 
free of any platforms, but it instead houses a pen containing two 
blood-thirsty Massiffs. From the safety of your perch, gun down the 
beasts quickly. Don’t go down to fight them unless you’re experienced. 
Massiffs can jump at you and slash away at you, plus they’re tougher to 
kill than a humanoid. Anyway, at the end of this room is another laser 
shield blocking the next room, but another fuel barrel can be blown up 
to deactivate the shield. In the following storage room, grab the 
checkpoint and the Bacta crate. Next, climb up to the vent on the upper 
right-hand corner of the room and follow it until you drop down.

Now you’re in the receiving end of a shooting gallery. Slide down to 
ground level and then scan one of the Grans gunning down the holograms. 
This guy (OBEES RAMEE) should be roped up for 1000 credits. He is the 
final bounty to be claimed in this level. Run through the hologram 
targets and shoot up the rest of the enemies, then grab the Blaster 
Rifle in the area. This gun will give you 99 more powerful shots. You 
may need it, since more enemies will show up once you make your way 
over to the other end. In the following room, look up and shoot the 
barrel on the ledge behind you to deactivate the shield. Now head back 
to the shooting gallery and climb on top of the small bunker to get to 
where the shield was. Grab the darts and then leap over to the opposite 
ledge. Burn down the grating and proceed.

You’ll wind up in another storage room. Use the crevice on the left 
wall to reach a checkpoint. You’ll also hear more Borhek bellowing, but 
don’t worry about it. In the distance, you’ll see a Bacta Fluid Crate, 
and if you need it you can use the small ledges on the left-hand wall 
to cross the gap to get to it. Once you’re ready, drop down to where 
the guards are waiting. Using your Blaster Rifle, or maybe darts, take 
each and every one of them down. Roz informs you that you can escape by 
using the locked beast handler’s door. To unlock it, shoot the caged 
Borhek once or twice and the beast handler will emerge to tend to his 
pet. Now use this door to escape. 

Your exit to this level is found at the end of this corridor, but don’t 
forget to peek inside the beast handler’s sleeping quarters to find the 
elusive SECRET icon. After nabbing it, exit the level and watch the 
cut-scene in which Jango manages to capture a Gran hostage. Well, that 
was a spiffy introduction to the game, no? 


Chapter 2: Merchant Row.


Jango demands of his Gran prisoner that he tell him the whereabouts of 
Meeko. After some backtalk, Jango gets more threatening, and the Gran 
agrees to lead Jango to Meeko’s hiding place. For the first bit in this 
mission, you can follow the Gran if you like, but the path to where 
he’ll end you up is pretty straightforward, so if you waste him right 
from the get-go, I won’t tell anyone. If you do choose to follow him, 
stay at a reasonable distance from him (not too far or too close, or 
he’ll either get impatient or he’ll fear for his life for being seen 
with you). 

Anyway, head down the street and turn right. Among the small flock of 
droids and bystanders here is a bounty; a wayward protocol droid 
labeled TC-9D0 (2500). Now turn around and head left from where you 
began. Unlike most other games, you won’t get punished for blasting 
civilians (which there are a lot of here), but that’s just mean. 
Anyway, make a few zigzag turns and then walk along the ledge 
overlooking a gutter. Try not too fall, but if you do, use the crashed 
speeder as a platform to jump back up. At the end of the ledge, cross 
the small bridge to the doorway.

This is as far as you go following your Gran buddy. A cut-scene 
interrupts your fun, and Meeko will spot you. He orders his numerous 
henchmen after you, before play resumes to you. There are plenty of 
thugs to blast up inside this bar, but they shouldn’t give you too much 
trouble (you can pick up some health anyway). More thugs drop down from 
the ledge above, so if you want to get up, climb onto the ruined 
elevator and jump up. In each of the small cells along the wall, flush 
out any Rodians and collect health. Along one end of the upper ledge is 
a fence to torch down. 

Snag the checkpoint, and then turn right to exit the building. You’re 
back outside, on a bridge overlooking the streets below that you just 
explored. Cross the bridge to the next building and shoot anyone in 
here. Once inside, drop down to the lower floor on the right-hand side, 
and grab a health crate behind the boxes, underneath the balcony. Now 
head out to the hallway, where you’ll encounter a pedestrian woman and 
another thug. At one end of the hallway, activate a green switch to 
open the large door, so that you can emerge outside again.

You’ll probably have to endure some laser fire from off in the distant 
street. Immediately turn left and hunt down the small Ugnaught, ONICROP 
K’CIN (1500), and snag him alive. Gun down the thugs on the balcony 
above you, and then turn back to where the enemies were shooting at you 
before. Head down the street, killing any opposition in the way. Make 
two right turns and keep shooting enemies, including a Rodian you may 
find inside a dumpster. At the left turn, scan the drainage gutter for 
AND-YEES, a Gran enemy. Claim him alive for 1500 credits. To exit the 
gutter, head to the large pipe down here and burn the grating. Duck 
inside it and then climb up the ladder to emerge on the other side of 
the gutter, where you’ll have to shoot two more enemies. To your left, 
climb up a second pipe, and then slide down to the next street.

Meeko Ghintee will be fleeing down this street, gunning back at you. 
Keep running down this alley, killing the Gran thugs. Make a right turn 
and then weave in-between the large, rusty pipes. You’ll have to duck 
underneath one to continue. Turn right again, and then follow the alley 
to a doorway leading to the next room.

Meeko is up on a ledge ahead of you. After a few shots at you, he’ll 
flee and leave you to his cronies. One of them is on the structure on 
your left. After all is calm, climb on top of this structure, then jump 
across to the opposite wall. Hang on to the small ledges here, then 
make your way across and jump back to the damaged elevator. A door will 
open behind it, so proceed. 

In the next street, you’ll have enemies firing at you from the 
buildings ahead. There are two bounties among them, one on the first 
building and one on the second. Unless they fall to the street below, 
you can’t claim them yet. Feel free however, to mark them, so that you 
don’t forget. Keep moving down the street, killing the heavy 
opposition. You’ll get to another rusty brown door guarding the next 
checkpoint. Grab it, then turn and walk out the door to another enemy-
infested street.

Turn and kill any Grans, Rodians or Klatooinians that challenge you. If 
you walk all the way down the alley, you’ll find a Bacta Fluid Crate 
hidden in a corner. Your exit is in the top right corner of the room, 
assuming you’re coming from the doorway you grabbed the checkpoint in. 
Since the gate is busted, use the vent next to it by way of cutting 
laser. Follow the narrow pass and cut your way out. When you emerge 
into the next street, a cut-scene will play. 

As Jango closes in on Meeko, a junk dealer agues with an Ishi Tib alien 
over the price of a used delivery speeder. As the two bicker, Meeko 
sneaks into the speeder and flies off with it, just as the junk dealer 
and the Ishi Tib settle on a reasonable price. The angry Ishi Tib 
demands a refund, but the junk dealer instead offers that he buys a 
jetpack to go after him. Since the alien has no money left, the dealer 
turns to Jango, who has his own way of making deals….

Now that you’ve acquired your jetpack, you can fly after Meeko, who 
will now be inside the stolen speeder. As you’ll quickly learn, use the 
L Button to use the jetpack. Also, with the jetpack comes a new weapon, 
the devastating Flamethrower. This weapon kills enemies instantly 
(well, actually it doesn’t, but it will instantly engulf them in flames 
and render them harmless for a few seconds as they burn to death. 
Nevertheless, it’s still a one-hit wonder). 

The remainder of the mission will consist mainly of backtracking 
through the streets of Outland Station, though it’s a new world for 
you, now that the jetpack is yours. Anyways, start by flying on top of 
the junk dealer’s shop. Now jet from rooftop to rooftop along the 
street until you get to the ledge on your left with a Bacta crate on 
it. Before continuing, turn and locate the SECRET, shimmering high 
above the shops below. Fly over and get it, then fly back to the ledge.

As you round the corner, use your ID Scanner to tag two bounties on the 
rooftop ahead: ODNALOR CHULL (2000, alive) and ‘LIPS’ MEYER (same). 
Kill anyone else that gets in your way. Remember that this is the 
street you just visited, so if you didn’t need that Bacta crate 
earlier, you can now jet down to get it. Just watch out for some thugs 
stationed along small platforms on the side of the building. Back at 
the top, head down the path and make another turn around a corner to 
get to the next revisited street. Remember the two bounties you marked 
earlier on this next set of rooftops? Now that you have the jetpack, 
you can fly over and snare them up for a claim. GABO TYCHEE (4000) is a 
Rodian on the first building with enemies on it, while BOBOT BEKA 
(2000) is the Klatooinian on the following building. After they’re out 
of the way, gun down everyone else on the rooftops. On the opposite 
side of the buildings, jet over to the structure with health and a 
checkpoint (this is farther up). After the checkpoint, slide down to 
the next area.

At the end of the ramp, jet ahead to the small ledge with two Rodians 
and a health crate. Meeko will fly off to the right, so jet after him, 
through the window-like opening. In the next room, running around on 
the pipes below is NINOPAS OROCC (2000). Claim him and then gun down 
his Gran fellows. As noted by the ladder, you’ll now need to climb up 
to the upper set of pipes, or just fly up to them. Shoot the extra thug 
up here, and then continue following the pipes, which will go left and 
then left again. Meeko will fly into a large pipe with a checkpoint in 
it. Fly in and save, then keep running. 

The pipe turns left and will then end, dropping you off at the area in 
which you claimed And-Yees, the Gran. Jet past the gutter and turn 
right, continuing down the street. Now recall the street in which you 
claimed the Ugnaught bounty. Where he was patrolling, fly up the ledge 
on the right, killing any hostile Grans up here. Once on the ledge, 
turn to face outwards, toward the building. A gap with a Bacta vial 
marks your path. Now when you drop down, you’ll be on the ledge where 
you followed the Gran at the very beginning of the mission. Walk right-
wards, to the streets filled with droids and other civilian aliens. Now 
you’ll be where you started off the mission. Above the droids, jet up 
to the bridge above you to get to where Meeko is escaping to. 

Drop down into another slimy ditch. The only means of progress here is 
the pipe to your left. Burn down the grating cover it has, then jet up 
to the top of the pipe once inside (they don’t provide a ladder this 
time, but who needs it when you have a jetpack?). Turn left and grab 
the Bacta Fluid Crate and checkpoint. Now jump into the flowing river 
of unpleasantness.

Holy crap. Literally. You’re swimming in a river of all manner of alien 
and human waste. Minding that, whip out your scanner and scan 
downriver. Off in the distance you may see a Klatooinian bounty on a 
ledge. Mark him, and then head down to where the river turns into a 
waterfall. Once the thugs start shooting at you, jet over to them and 
claim MAGRO SLIM (1500, ironically wanted for desecrating lavatories). 
Kill anyone else, and then start sewer-surfing. You’ll have to make 
your way down the river, by sliding and then jetting through the 
circular opening when you get near the bottom. This will continue to 
another river and then another one, and each time you have to repeat 
the process, avoiding fire from several thugs on the ledges. If you 
fail to fly through an opening to the next section, use the ladders at 
the bottom to get to the platforms that the baddies are using.

At the very bottom, fly up to the large plaza with people wandering 
around on it. You’ll see Meeko crash his speeder and then continue to 
another part of the station. Now the gang of thugs here will start 
attacking you. When you near the back of the room, watch out for the 
speeder as it will explode. This is problematic, as there is a bounty 
among the thugs shooting at you back here, and an explosion may kill 
him before you can claim him alive. Just make sure he attacks you, and 
then draw him back away from the crash site before grabbing him. Oh, 
yea, his name is ENO ARBA and he’s worth 3000 credits. Also, if you 
fall off the plaza, use the bars on the left end of the sewer tunnel to 
get back up (ignore the second Secret icon you might see behind the 
gate; it’s the next mission’s). To end the level, follow Meeko past 
where his speeder lay.


Chapter 3: Docking Bays.


Separating the docking bays of Outland Station from merchant row is a 
deep chasm that encircles the station. Connecting the two sides is a 
series of conveyer belts that transports cargo from the station to the 
hangars. The cargo includes boxes of merchandise and explosive fuel 
barrels. As Roz will tell you, Meeko has now fled for his ship, so 
you’ll have to pursue him through the maze of conveyer belts, all the 
while fighting his army of thugs. 

You’ll start on a sort of bridge-like structure, with a Gran coming at 
you from up ahead. Blast him before he gets a chance to hide behind the 
structures on the center platform of the bridge. Also, shoot the guys 
in the balconies along the wall beyond your reach. Afterward, turn back 
to the starting point and then drop down from the bridge. Below you is 
a large pipe you can jet down to. Inside the pipe, you’ll find the 
SECRET, and GABO THE WICKED (3000) staring at it, with a random station 
denizen. Collect both, and then jet back up to the top of the pipe 
(back outside) and then again to get back to the bridge. Now face the 
direction you were when you started. To your right, up on the wall, is 
a balcony, where more enemies may have returned. Waste them and then 
jet up to the top of the balcony. From here, fly over to the glass 
bridge farther down. You can hop to another balcony, and then once 
again to the conveyer belt system going into the docking bays, where 
you can nab a checkpoint.

Ride the conveyer belt for a bit, but be careful not to shoot the 
barrels of fuel. At the end of the ramp, you’ll be in a conveyer 
transition room, with another checkpoint to your left. Roz gives you 
the information on some more bounties, which will include ARTZAM HATHAN 
(3000) down below on the floor. Be careful though, since a squad of 
Klatooinians will attack from down there as well. Grab the Ugnaught and 
the Bacta Fluid Crate after they’ve been silenced and then jet back up 
to the conveyers. To get out of here, perch yourself somewhere immobile 
and then listen to what Roz says: blast the fuel barrels when they get 
to the force field (blocking the path of progression). You’ve been 
doing this before, but now the barrels move along the belts. 
Nevertheless, it’s nothing tricky. After the force field is down, ride 
it to the next transition room.

Like before, grab the checkpoint to your left. This room is fairly 
large, and rather symmetrical. Up ahead of you in the maze of conveyer 
belts, across the room, you can grab some Toxic Darts. Additionally, 
gun down all of the thugs down below. One half of the room is populated 
by Grans, while the other half is patrolled by a group of Rodians. 
You’ll also have to fight off a lone Trandoshan (lizard) melee warrior, 
and capture two bounties. One is another Ugnaught while the other is a 
girl in the back of the room. Snag ALBY ERMAD (2000) and HATRAS NIKK 
(2000) and then take note of the conveyer belts that ride along the 
floor. The one farthest from where you entered and closest to the darts 
is the exit. Once again, blast a barrel when it gets close enough to 
disrupt the shield blocking the tunnel.

Ride the belts until you get to a very, very large room. In this room, 
the checkpoint will be on a ledge to your right, where two thugs are 
posted. This room differs from the previous ones in that magnetic 
sealers built along the conveyer belts will render the fuel barrels un-
volatile, meaning you can’t disrupt any shield generators. Luckily, one 
of the sealers is broken down, and that one will let you exit (far up 
ahead in the top right corner). First though, let’s nab some more 
bounties. To your right, fly down to another platform with thugs on it, 
right near a magnetic sealer (that magnetic energy hurts you, by the 
way). Keep looking down from here, and you’ll find SOBO LEEDA (3000), 
and Aqualish on a platform with a Bacta Fluid Crate on it. From here, 
fly to another platform behind you. Another Aqualish can be claimed 
down here; ‘BOGEY’ BOGA (4000). After snagging Bogey and Sobo, may your 
way up the entanglement of conveyer belts until you get to one in which 
the magnetic sealer is broken. Use the shield-disrupting method to get 
out of this room. 

In the next large room, the conveyer belt you begin on will be 
suspended over a bottomless drop, so watch out for that. Most of the 
opposition lies to your left. Scan for two Aqualish amongst the 
enemies. GRILLO ZAMMON (4000) is located farther up at the top, while 
QUALUNG TULLA (3000) is just down below. The conveyer belt spanning the 
length of the room, in the center, has a Bacta crate at one end. To 
exit, head up to the very back of the room, where you got one of the 
above bounties. The very top conveyer belt is free of any magnetic 
sealers or a force field, so ride it to be along on your merry way. 

The next room is the last; Meeko’s hangar. MEEKO GHINTEE, your first 
boss, is inside his ship. This craft is armed to the teeth with heavy-
duty laser cannons, located throughout various parts of the ship. 
Additionally, there is a rocket launcher on the ship that will add to 
your fun. In order to immobilize the ship and capture Meeko, you’ll 
need to destroy all of the gun cannons (about half a dozen of them) and 
the rocket launcher. You can stay on the conveyer belt if you like; it 
loops around to the other side of the hangar. Target Meeko’s ship and 
keep shooting at it, destroying the guns one-by-one. The rockets that 
it fires will home in on you, but if you keep moving and performing 
evasive maneuvers, you’ll be fine. During the fight, take the time to 
do some treasure hunting. Aside from the thugs running around on the 
ground, you’ll find some health inside the building along the wall, and 
BADO KARPA (3000) on top of the building. Also, the level’s final 
bounty, TUBA ANCHO (3000), can be found at the very top of the room. To 
reach him, jet up two levels of conveyer belts and two levels of 
catwalks. The upper catwalk is U-shaped. At one end, you’ll find a 
Jetpack power-up, which gives you more time to fly around. Use this to 
fly over to the other end of the catwalk to claim your bounty. 
Afterwards, eliminate any remaining weapons on Meeko’s ship to finish 
it off. When the ship goes down, Meeko emerges from the wreckage and is 
finally captured by Jango. That completes the first chapter in the 

In the following cinematic, you’ll meet Montross, Jango’s rival. 
Montross is like Jango in that he too was once a Mandalorian warrior, 
but is now a bounty hunter. Mandalorians were a group of nomadic 
mercenaries that were once feared throughout the galaxy. It was 
Montross’s recklessness and brutality that brought an end to the 
Mandalorian’s commander, Jaster Mereel. Once Montross was exiled by the 
Mandalorians, Jango became their leader until the Mandalorians were 
wiped out by the Jedi. After reclaiming his Mandalorian battle armor, 
Jango became a bounty hunter, like Montross. And while Jango hunts for 
the profit, Montross hunts mainly to kill. As evident from the 
cinematic, he’ll take a bounty dead even if he’s worth more alive. 

Next you’ll see Roz paying Jango the money for capturing Meeko. Roz 
also gives Jango a transmission that arrived for him, from Darth 
Tyranus. Tyranus proposes that Jango participate in a hunt for Komari 
Vosa, leader of the Bando Gora cult, for the reward of 5000000 republic 
credits. While this is more than enough for Jango to live off of for 
the rest of his life, Roz has a bad feeling about the Bando Gora, 
stating no bounty hunter that has ever set out after them has returned 
alive. Jango ignores this and decides to take up the offer. Meanwhile, 
Montross receives the same transmission from Tyranus….


Chapter 4: Entertainment District.


Roz tells Jango about how the Bando Gora is supposedly behind the death 
stick craze in Coruscant. Jango figures that this may be a good lead on 
hunting down Vosa. Luckily for him, there is a death stick dealer in 
Coruscant with a small bounty posted on him. If Jango manages to track 
him down, he could force some information out of him. So, it’s off to 
Coruscant for Jango….

Death sticks, by the way, are cigarettes. Jervis Gloom, the scumbag 
you’re tracking down, works from a warehouse within the city’s 
entertainment district. As most shady death stick dealers would, Jervis 
has hired a gang of local thugs for his protection. The entertainment 
district’s many streets and plazas are also filled with numerous 
civilians and city-goers, of which will include several bounties. All 
bounties in this level should be taken alive, except for the last one 
that I’ll mention. When you begin, you’ll be next to your ship on a 
landing platform. Even though you don’t need to, you can explore inside 
your ship for health (there’s more on the top level). Exit the landing 
platform by way of the stairs. The stairway spirals downward, and at 
the end you can grab a tossed Blaster Rifle. Exit the stairway building 
and then cross a small clearing to another small building, leading to 
the first main plaza.

Grab your checkpoint to the left of you. Roz contacts you and advises 
you to be on the look out for death stick dealers, of which may be 
involved with Jervis Gloom. To your left is B’INKA FIBUNA (3500, 
alive), a dancing Twi’lek. Make your way down the street, impressing 
the civilians with your jetpack. At the end, to your left, is a 
building you can enter. This is a bar, and you’ll find JAH-KII VAARGAZ 
(3000) right in the front. Head back out and continue down the plaza. 
At the very end, after turning right, you’ll find another bounty. Your 
target is a large-headed Bith named U’HAN SWINOL (2000). Now backtrack 
to the beginning of the plaza. Head into the building to the right of 
where the first checkpoint was. In here, you can go up a carpeted ramp 
to the next level of the city. You may or may not find some resistance 
here to deal with, so be ready with the Blaster Rifle. 

After you get to the next main plaza, walk up to where the path turns 
right. Tag and bag the Ishi Tib, MART RINGATZ (3000), right past the 
checkpoint that’s up here. Now turn around and go into the building on 
your left. Climb the stairway to the first door you see. Outside, 
you’ll see another door to a pub. Once again, there might be some 
enemies here to fight. Also, you’ll find another bounty named OEJOE 
HITEWA (3500). This guy is a death stick dealer, so as soon as he 
realizes that you’re a bounty hunter, he’ll make a dash for the exit. 
You can grab him now, but if he gets away, don’t worry, he’ll be 
automatically marked. He’ll keep running, but you can catch up to him 
later. Now head back down to the plaza. 

Down the street is another death stick dealer bounty. Like the guy 
before him, STU HEMPHAWAR (3000) will also turn and run if he sees you, 
but you can still track him down if you don’t grab him now. Blast away 
any of Jervis’s thugs and then turn right at the red carpeting. Proceed 
around a circular structure, killing the thugs on the other side. The 
path continues to another checkpoint preceding a plaza. 

In the next plaza, you can get down to the lower level in one of two 
ways. The first is by going inside the building in the center of the 
main square. If not, head into the building to your far left. If you go 
by way of the far building, you’ll have to climb down some more stairs. 
At the bottom, within the small room, you can find KARSUNN NEPTO (3000) 
tucked away in a corner. When you exit this building, turn right and 
head down the street. The huge building ahead is where you’d have 
exited from had you taken the alternate route. Because another bounty 
is waiting inside, enter the building from the right side. Grab RUCEBA 
AHID (2000) before he flees. Back outside, continue down the street to 
where you’ll reach a dead end. Kill any of Gloom’s bodyguards and then 
claim the short Sullustan, MIEN RUMBA (4000). Now that that’s done, 
head back down the street to where you emerged from the first building, 
by the checkpoint.

In the plaza ahead, quickly grab REEZ ANDOR (2500), the shady man near 
the opposite edge. Before you can reach him, you’ll probably have to 
fight about half a dozen guards. They tend to emerge from the side 
buildings and can be tricky to separate from civilians. Still, just 
target them and shoot, killing the pedestrians if necessary. Across 
from the buildings is a bridge leading to a warehouse. You’ll spot 
Jervis Gloom for the first time, the kid who will turn tail and run 
into the warehouse. Also, if any of the three death stick dealer 
bounties got away from you, you’ll find them in front of the warehouse 
as well. They won’t run away this time, either. Head in to the 
warehouse after Jervis through the center door. 

After the short pause, you’ll end up inside the warehouse being shot at 
by bodyguards. Note that at this point, you’ve ‘reset’ the level in a 
way. You get all of your lives refilled and you loose any additional 
weapons you may have picked up, like the Blaster Rifle. Also, if you 
restart the mission from the Start menu, you’ll restart here instead of 
back at your ship, and you’ll still have all of the bounties from the 
previous section of the level. Anyway, blast the thugs and then run 
forward. Jervis will be seen running through the doorway and shutting 
it with a metal grate, which you can burn down. Before leaving, you can 
fly up to the balcony above this doorway to get health, if you really 
want to waste time.

Proceed to chase Gloom through two sets of stairways going down and up, 
killing his loyal army of guards. Quickly, you’ll get to an area 
condensed with small buildings. Grab the checkpoint, and then turn 
right to chase Jervis through the alleys. More guards will appear, 
including some from the upper balconies of the buildings. In the 
building closest to the edge of the plaza, you can explore these upper 
balconies to find the SECRET. Now you’ll be in a large plaza with 
innocent commuters. Jervis will run to the far right end of the plaza 
and seal you out again with a grated door. Burn this one down and 
continue the chase down a flight of stairs. 

When you exit this building, you’ll be in a large plaza glowing with 
shimmering holographic projection advertisements. Proceed down the main 
path to a checkpoint. To your left you’ll be confronted by some guards. 
Ahead of you, up above on a ledge, you can grab a Bacta Fluid Crate 
next to a man. Continue through the plaza by crossing the bridge. 
Behind the elaborate sculpture ahead is HAANGOK (4000), a thug who 
shoots at you. Despite that, you should still bag him alive. Turn right 
after the sculpture and scan ahead for a human along the side of the 
building; DAIRN MAGGLI (3000). Also keep an eye out for BARDACK (3000), 
a wayward Klatooinian thug to be claimed.

En route to where Jervis ran into, you’ll find a checkpoint. At that 
time, Roz cautions you about the area inside. First though, head to the 
very end of the plaza (making a right turn at the corner of the 
building) and find a hidden Mandalorian Rage locked inside a grated 
chamber. This skull-shaped power-up will grant you a temporary period 
of invulnerability, as well as a heightened rate of fire for any of 
your weapons. Use the rage to clean up the rest of the Klatooinian and 
Nikto thugs in the area in front of the building’s entrance.

After all is calm, enter the building, which is actually a bar. In a 
short cut-scene, Jango questions the bartender about any sightings of 
Gloom just now. The bartended doesn’t seem too cooperative, so Jango 
has to renegotiate things. The bartender tells you that Jervis went to 
the upper floors of the bar, and he’ll be so courteous as to call down 
a lift for you to follow him. Anyway, two bounties can be found in the 
bar. Right behind the bartender is KIP BUNYEA (2000), so be quick to 
claim him. Shoot any thugs that have appeared and then jet up to the 
balcony that encircles the bar. Up here is your final bounty, a 
Kadas’sa’Nikto, KAHLEEKO SIK. This bounty is wanted dead and solely 
dead (unlike every other bounty you’ve yet collected) for 4000 credits. 
Scan him, waste him and claim him. Now run to the back of the bar and 
enter the small elevator. Roz will remind you that in order to 
interrogate Jervis, you need him alive. At the top of the lift, emerge 
into a small room with some guards to gun down. Afterwards, go through 
the other door to find Jervis Gloom cowering in a corner. Tie him up 
with your Whipcord to end the level.

Jango asks who Jervis is working for. Jervis gives Jango some attitude, 
so he becomes more threatening. Now Jervis will tell him that he’s 
working for a meat-packing industrialist named Groff Haugg. Gloom’s 
speeder will transport Jango directly to Haugg’s meat-packing plant.


Chapter 5: Industrial District.


Groff Haugg’s company packs frozen nerfs (meat-source animals) for 
galactic distribution, but recently he’s been up to no good, marketing 
death sticks to dealers like Gloom. To get a better lead on the Bando 
Gora, Jango will have to search the plant for Haugg himself and subject 
him to interrogation. In the introduction, Jango finds a sample of the 
death sticks and transmits it to Roz, incase there is anything 
unordinary about them. 

In this level, take all five secondary bounties alive. You’ll start in 
a docking room. From the start, inch out a little, but not so 
recklessly so that you’re noticed by the enemies. With your ID Scanner, 
scan past Gloom’s speeder to the opposite corner and mark PANZA HONDI 
(2000), who’s behind some boxes. Fly over to him and grab him, then 
take care of the rest of the opposition. Beware of the explosive fuel 
barrels stocked around the area; while they can be useful for 
eliminating nearby enemies, you don’t want to be near one when a stray 
shot hits it. If you’re curious to know what a nerf looks like, peek 
inside the cages along the far walls. Anyway, after killing everyone, 
find the ladder that will let you climb up to the second level. This 
ladder is located directly across from where you started, next to a 
cargo door.

Up on the next floor, turn right and make your way around the catwalk. 
Behind each stack of crates is an enemy waiting to ambush you. At the 
end of the catwalk, after another right turn or two, is another ladder, 
behind a pillar. Climb up to the next catwalk. Ahead is a small room 
with a control switch that can be activated (and a checkpoint). Doing 
so opens the cargo door below. Continue around the catwalk and claim 
J’MEEB GUMB (2500), who’s hiding between some nerf cages. Now fly down 
to ground level and enter the now-opened door.

Grab the checkpoint in the beginning of this room and fly on top of the 
large cargo crate. Gun down enemies in the near proximity before flying 
over to the next crate. On the other side of it is REGG KUUGA (2500), a 
Draag who shoots green lasers at you. Now fly over to the ledge on your 
right and enter the control room. Use your Flamethrower to quickly 
dispatch anyone in here. Now hit the switch, which lowers a section of 
the floor outside. Get back out there and head down to the lower level. 
Grab the checkpoint and kill the enemies in the area. Hit the switch 
near the wall, next to the checkpoint. A cargo crate along the wall 
will be moved outwards.

Step out of the resulting hole and look out into the immensely vast gap 
that separates the buildings. You’ll have to make your way across this 
abyss by jumping and jetting from moving crate to moving crate. Farther 
below on the opposite building are three large drainage pipes that 
you’ll need to get into. All three connect in the back, but it’s 
recommended you take the left one. Its dangerous work getting across, 
especially since the crates move. Obviously, if you fall you’ll die. 
Anyway, after getting to the pipes try and get inside the left one. A 
checkpoint and bounty are within the center one, but it’s easier to 
sneak around and surprise the bounty. That way you can scan him without 
getting injured. 

Once inside a pipe, Roz will send you a transmission and tell you that 
the death stick sample you sent her was indeed no ordinary death stick. 
In addition to the plant Ixetal, commonly used in deaths ticks, the 
sample was loaded with a powerful, yet untraceable neurotoxin, meaning 
that perhaps the Bando Gora use death sticks to brainwash countless 
victims and force them to join their ranks. Clever, no? If you made it 
to the left pipe, run to the back and turn right to loop around to the 
middle one. Scan SLAAG LADO (3000) at the end, then sneak up on him and 
tie him up, minimizing the risk of him falling over the edge or hurting 
you. Grab the checkpoint if you wish, and then run back to the rear of 
the pipe. Turn right at the junctions and you’ll find another 
checkpoint. Ready yourself for some heated fighting, and then climb the 
ladder on the back wall.

This next room is quite confusing, and filled with enemies. Luckily, 
you can grab a Heavy Gun right from the beginning, lying in front of 
you. Also, hidden away to your left is another Mandalorian Rage, which 
will help. After that, just keep jetting higher and higher up onto the 
vats. Keep shooting everybody, and use the ladders if needed to get 
higher up. At the very top, you’ll get to a control room. Clean out the 
opposition and grab the health in here. There isn’t any switch to 
press, so head into the door and you’ll be in a refrigerated corridor 
with some enemies gunning at you. Scan and capture YOL AREEBI (2000) 
among their ranks. He’s the more cowardly among them. Admire the 
suspended nerf carcasses along the sides and continue down this 
corridor to get a checkpoint, before entering the next room.

After the corridor, pass through a small room to get to a much larger 
room. The giant structure on your left is a carbon freezing chamber. 
Explore the floor around here, roamed by some Ugnaughts. Tucked away in 
the far corner is the SECRET, which is rather obviously placed. To 
proceed, jet up to the metal catwalk above and then repeat this process 
about a dozen times on the yellow catwalks. After it starts to get 
boring, you’ll be near the top (near some pipes, there’s a Bacta Fluid 
Crate up here too). At the top, you’ll be in for a surprise….

MONTROSS is waiting for you at the top of the chamber. Unfortunately, 
this rivaling bounty hunter got to Groff Haugg before you did, and now 
Haugg is carbon frozen and quite dead. Even more unfortunate is the 
fact that you’ll have to defeat Montross now, as he’s a boss. Luckily, 
he isn’t too bad, especially if you still have that Heavy Gun. He’ll 
run around shooting at you, but he shouldn’t be a problem. Just don’t 
fall into the freezing chamber. Once his health gets low, he’ll taunt 
you some more and then make his escape. In the ending cut-scene, Jango 
stumbles upon a transmission from a Twi’lek politician named Senator 
Trell. This corrupt senator has apparently been aiding Groff Haugg in 
concealing his death stick production, so perhaps he’ll now a thing or 
two about the Bando Gora.


Chapter 6: Upper City.


Good morning. So now that you’ve gotten a nice lead on where to get to 
next, its time to go give Senator Trell his wakeup call. You’ll start 
on a landing platform near one of Trell’s lofty apartments. Your ship 
this time will be closed, so you won’t be able to explore inside of it. 
You will notice however, that you start this level with Thermal 
Grenades, explosive weapons that you can lob at your enemies. Though 
they’re a bit risky to use (with their habit of bouncing all over the 
place), they’ll prove useful for taking out large squadrons of 
Coruscant’s police, which you’ll find patrolling Trell’s apartment 

From the start, cross the bridge to the small circular tower. Walk 
around the edge of it, but take care not to slide off into the abyssal 
fog. If you go right, you’ll get to another landing platform bridge, 
patrolled by a cop. Go ahead and fry him, and continue around the tower 
until you face the building out in the near distance. From this point, 
you can scan ahead and locate LOOWIL GALT. He’s one of the cops 
scouting the balconies on the other building; the lower balcony to be 
more precise. Since he’s wanted dead (2000), take him out from here 
with a dart, or something. Now use the side of the building as a slide. 
When you get to the end, use your jetpack to get to the building. Claim 
Mr. Galt and then head through the black and yellow door at the right 
end of the balcony.

Use the right-hand door within the red room to get to a corridor. 
Ignore the Twi’lek but enter the doorway next to her. It will lead to a 
brightly-colored stairway that spirals upwards. Follow these stairs up 
and around to the next floor. You’ll probably run into some threatening 
cops, but the easiest way to handle them is to burn them with the 
Flamethrower, as you probably won’t see each other until they’re close 
enough to poke you in the eye. Make a right at the top of the stairway. 
This is like going backwards down below; you’ll emerge out onto another 
balcony, also patrolled by a guard. Take him out and proceed to the 
other end of the balcony. If you want to be truly evil and sadistic, 
tie up the guard and then push him off the edge….

Anyway, once inside the next doorway, use the door on your left this 
time to get to a similar red corridor that will take you to similar 
orange stairs. Once again, deep fry any cop that crosses paths with 
you. You’ll probably meet heavier resistance up here than in the 
previous staircase. At the top, take either the right path or the left 
(both will dump you out into the same hall) and grab the checkpoint 
once within the luxurious apartment. Head all the way left in the lobby 
and you’ll find another arched doorway, leading to another hall. Keep 
going, gunning down the police force until you find a small room along 
the left wall, ornamented with a fancy, expensive-looking golden 
statue. Your camera angle should zoom out and up, indicating a ledge 
above you that you should fly up to. Up here, gun down more cops and 
head left. 

You can jump down from the balcony to the main floor to get a Bacta 
Fluid Crate if you need it. If you stay or get back onto the balcony, 
you’ll have to fight an endless supply of Coruscant cops. You’ll 
actually need to get back up so that you can jump down at the end on 
the other side of the wall. Use the doorway below to get to a new 

Here, the police have set up a barricade, but you can take them all out 
with a grenade. Toss one over and then run through the carcasses. On 
the other side of that barricade block they set up, enter a doorway on 
your right. You’ll be in a circular room, met at first by a Bith 
bystander and a checkpoint. Jump into the gutter along the inner edge 
of the room. Within this gutter, you can find a Triple Thermal Grenade 
pack, restocking you with three grenades. The gutter doesn’t loop all 
the way around, but at one end you can use your laser torch to cut down 
a grated seal covering a vent. Crawl through the hole to emerge in a 
deep shaft.

Get to the top of the shaft by jetting and grabbing the bars that stick 
out from the center pole. Somewhere near the top you can grab health 
that’s hidden inside an alcove. When you see a red room beyond another 
doorway, fly through to get to a hallway. Apart from some civilians and 
cops, you’ll also find MAX RYKO (3000, alive), who is the cop with the 
green laser gun. Find the black and yellow door along the perimeter of 
the room to get outside. Go right on this balcony to find a checkpoint. 
Look out into the distance to find the building across from this one. 
Like back when you started, you have to get over by sliding down the 
building’s edge, and jetting at the last moment to reach the next 
building. Before doing so though, take note that you’ll be landing on 
platforms, each patrolled by some more cops. Scan the bottom platform 
(with a speeder docked next to it) for MILL TIMMER (2500, dead). Take 
them all out by sniping them out with your darts. 

Now slide down the building and touch down upon your bounty’s platform 
to grab him. Now hop up to his speeder. From there, jump up to the part 
of the building right of the platform. In other words, grab onto the 
yellow part of the building next to you. You can jet up to another 
platform. Use the speeder here to get to the next yellow piece of the 
building, before finally turning around to get to a final platform with 
a door. Head inside for a checkpoint and a Bacta Fluid Crate.

Things get really hairy inside. In this tall lobby, guards will appear 
ceaselessly from the doors around the walls, so don’t waste time 
gunning them all down. Instead, stick to the task at hand and get to 
where you need to go, killing guards when they are in your way. Which 
reminds me: you’ll probably want to know where to go from here. Start 
by killing the nearby guards and then grab the Blaster Rifle hovering 
in midair in front of the entrance. The room has a fountain in the 
middle, and in the center of that is a Mandalorian Rage for you to 
invoke your wrath upon the local civil service. To get up this room of 
seemingly endless vertical dimension, climb on top of the big structure 
next to the Mandalorian Rage and fly up to the floating pool of water 
above you. From there you can fly over to the next balcony. Now, rather 
than waste both our times, I’ll tell you that you have to keep doing 
this for a few more floors. By ‘doing this’ I mean flying from the 
balconies to the pools in the center and then to the balcony above it. 
More endlessly supplied guards will appear, and on every floor you 
might get one or two packing a Grande Launcher. After killing one of 
these guys, you can pick up the launcher (which will in this case only 
contain half of its maximum capacity for grenades) and use it. Grenade 
Launchers work like regular Thermal Grenades, but they are projected 
from the launcher rather than thrown, so not only are they somewhat 
safer for you, but they pack a little more ‘oomph’ to them. Well no, 
that’s not true; they seem a bit weaker than regular grenades. Anyway, 
when not using Grenade Launchers, use the Blaster Rifle you got. If you 
get low on health, spend additional time on a given floor killing cops 
so that you can grab dropped health. You’ll know you’re near the top 
when you have to hop two floating pools in a row. From the top 
fountain, you might be able to get a glimpse of RAIM TIBEKK (2000, 
dead). He’s on the very final floor, and in this one there doesn’t seem 
to be an indefinite amount of enemies. Search for the door up here with 
the checkpoint just outside of it.

Once out of that mess, walk to the edge of the platform outside with 
the checkpoint on it, and the camera angle will move to reveal a 
catwalk above. Fly up and grab on to the thin bar that spans the length 
of the catwalk. Now scoot your way over to the other side of the 
catwalk, to the adjacent tower. Once at the end, use the jetpack to get 
to stable ground. You’ll see a ladder, but ignore it for now. Instead, 
encircle this tower by way of the ledge around its perimeter. Every now 
and then you’ll get to a small platform. On one is LYE ROOKER (3000, 
alive), your last bounty in Coruscant. Keep going to find the SECRET, 
and then loop around to get to the other side of the ladder. This 
ladder here takes you up to the same place as that other one, so don’t 
bother going back around. Once on the platform above, walk across the 
catwalk, but take great care in not falling, as there is no guardrail 
or any safety precaution of the sort (the architects didn’t have 
intrusive bounty hunters in mind when they built the top of the 
catwalk). Once to the other side, jet over to your right and grab onto 
the pole sticking out from the building. Jet up a few more times until 
you get to a ledge with a checkpoint. As soon as you grab it (or 
sometimes even before), a cut-scene will play.

Meet Senator Trell, the only male Twi’lek in the game. During the 
interrogation, Jango threatens the corrupt senator by holding him over 
the edge of the apartment tower. Trell eventually caves and gives Jango 
information regarding Sebolto, who’s been supplying him and Groff Haugg 
with the new type of death sticks. Right about then is when an 
impressive-looking gunship shows up and threatens to open fire unless 
you release the senator. Perhaps they shouldn’t have been too literal, 
seeing as how Trell was hanging over the edge of a skyscraper. Anyway, 
Trell falls to his death, and the gunship opens fire.

Ok, you’re not out of the woods yet. You still have to take down the 
POLICE GUNSHIP, a new boss. While it sports a different paint job, this 
thing is pretty much the same thing as Meeko’s ship, as far as fighting 
it goes. It’s armed with several heavy turret guns and a few rocket 
launchers, all of which you must disable in order to bring down the 
craft. The apartment is circular and has two floors separated by a 
spiral staircase. The gunship will circle the apartment, while some 
more police will show up and attack you from within the apartment 
itself. To recuperate health, use the Bacta Fluid Crate underneath the 
staircase, which regenerates a few times for additional use. Also, grab 
a Grenade Launcher from the top floor, but don’t waste it on anything 
just yet. Once you take out the Police Gunship’s weapons, run out to 
the edge of the apartment as it flies by and bombard it with grenades 
from the Grenade Launcher. Aim manually, because they won’t reach the 
gunship if you lock on to it (when manually aiming, aim slightly above 
the ship). After that, the ship should plummet downwards with the 
satisfying sound of engine failure. And so ends your tour on Coruscant. 

In the next cinematic, Roz scolds Jango about killing off a Senator. 
She’ll also give him the information on Sebolto, who is a Dug crime 
lord on the planet Malastare. If he’s working with the Bando Gora, he 
will probably be cautious of intruders now that his partners have 
kicked the pail. Roz then tells Jango about a bounty that Sebolto 
posted, a former smuggler named Bendix Fust, now serving a life 
sentence on the maximum security asteroid prison on Oovo IV. Sebolto 
wants him alive for 50000 credits. By brining Sebolto his gift, Jango 
might be able to get close enough to the Dug Lord to get vital 
information on where Komari Vosa is sending her toxins from. The only 
trouble is swiping a live inmate from a maximum security prison in the 
middle of an asteroid field will be no picnic. The rest of that scene 
includes Roz’s maternal lecturing about Jango’s life. Afterwards 
though, you’ll see Komari Vosa herself for the first time, spending her 
days on a gloomy, remote moon. She seems unconcerned when her Bando 
Gora henchman informs her about the death of her Coruscant contacts, 
but she doesn’t want any more interference to take place. 


Chapter 7: The Break In.


Jango subtly slips into Oovo IV by tailing a supply craft very closely 
to avoid detection. The ship’s crew picks up a ‘ghost image’ on its 
radar, but dismisses it as a glitch. Like that false bio signature in 
the cargo hold they saw earlier…. Right…. Once you land on the rock, 
you’ll get a treat in watching Jango place some missiles into his 
jetpack. Sweetness. 

Ok, so you’re going to infiltrate the prison by way of a cargo supply 
port. Your ship is parked in a vast, lonely clearing, but before you 
head out, head to the back of your ship and climb the ladders to find 
three missiles. Woo-hoo, that gives you six of these bad boys. Ok, now 
head outside of your ship and search the clearing for an opening in the 
cater wall, which marks a path to the first guard outpost. When you 
approach the clearing enough so that you can see a building on your 
right, watch out for a turret gunner posted on the ledge. It’s hard to 
kill him without having him shoot the nasty heavy turret at you. Take 
him out with a dart or missile, and then do the same for the turret guy 
at the opposite end of the ledge. Now fly forth and gun everyone 
standing down below on the rocks, and whoever else emerges from any 
door on the building. If you want you can use the now-vacant turrets 
against your enemies. Some of the guards here are armed with glowing 
electro-poles that they can beat you around with. They require being 
close to you in order to hit you, obviously, so take them out easily 
with your Flamethrower, unless you’re taking shots from other gunmen. 
Some of the prison guards emerge from a large gate in the bottom center 
of the outpost, which is where you’ll need to go through. So, clean out 
all of the guards outside, and then make your way into the building.

Exterminate everyone in here. There are some grenades to be claimed on 
the lower floor of the building, and health as well. On the catwalk on 
the left wall, look for a switch to flick, which will open the gate on 
the opposite end of the room. Creep up the ramp until you see the tops 
of the heads of the guard party outside. Scan amongst them for LEDD 
PINOT (4000). By the way, of the five bounties in this level, four are 
prison guards who share the same price, dead or alive. If it were up to 
me, I’d take them dead for convenience. Anyway, send a missile their 
way to scatter their carcasses amongst the rocks. Clean up the 
survivors and then claim the late Mr. Pinot. More guards will appear 
from the doors along the side of the building as well. Collect any 
dropped health after you kill them all, and then proceed to the back of 
the clearing. A series of rock platforms will go up and around to a new 
path above. Climb up to the first platform and start going left. Three 
platforms later, grab a checkpoint and walk though the small cavern to 
the next huge area, the docking platform.

As the cargo supply craft takes off, approach the edge of your cave and 
point your scanner down towards the massive coliseum-like pit below the 
docking platform itself. Look next to the missile pickup, which is 
glowing orange, for WIP SHEFF (4000). Now slide down the face of the 
rock to pick up some darts down below. When you’re set, fly into the 
pit and start shooting guards. There are multiple levels to the pit, 
each with its own set of many doors and guards. Fly around and collect 
your bounty, as well as an additional set of missiles next to the big 
rock. You’ll notice that the structure in the center supporting the 
platform connects to the pit by a bridge. Below it is the door that 
will take you there. In this door, kill the guards and collect yet 
another missile from underneath the ramp that takes you upwards. Ignore 
the doors marked with red; they’re locked. Find the green-marked door 
directly above the entrance to get into the bridge. Explore that 
catwalk ahead for a set of Toxic Darts. Keep in mind that the guards 
below can still shoot you between the bars of the bridge. Opposite of 
the side where the darts are is a ladder taking you up to the docking 

Immediately after the bridge you can grab a checkpoint. Kill the guards 
up here, and then cross the bridge on the other side of the platform to 
the tower in the distance. The main door is locked, so jet up to the 
upper ledge and go right to find a grated covering. This secret 
entrance leads to a corridor taking you to another locked door. This 
one can be opened with the flick of a switch nearby. Once inside, ready 
your Flamethrower and take the ramp going upwards to a door. It’ll 
probably open, and several electro-pole guards will emerge. Mow them 
all down with your Flamethrower and then clean out the gunners inside 
the observation room. Hit the button near the window, which will open 
up the covering to the elevator on the docking platform. Grab the Bacta 
Fluid Crate, and then head back outside the room and climb all the way 
down the ramp. You’ll find a Heavy Gun in the shadows, but as the 
guards that emerge from the bottom door are mainly melee battlers, keep 
at them with your Flamethrower. Go through the next room to get back 
outside, then head to the docking platform and hit the switch to ride 
the elevator downwards. 

You’ll end up in a warehouse. Grab the checkpoint and then proceed to 
use the Heavy Gun on the approaching guards. This room is filled with 
stored boxes, and behind them you may find several hidden goodies, like 
Toxic Darts, grenades, a trio of missiles and another Heavy Gun. Before 
snagging the latter, use up the one you own first. There will be more 
guards entering from various doors, as well as the ones patrolling the 
catwalk encircling the warehouse. The control room that you’ll need to 
access to get out, located on the catwalk, is initially locked, so gun 
down enemies and collect treasure first before going for it. It’ll turn 
green eventually, and when it does, take out anyone inside of it. Hit 
the switch and more guards will appear from the door across the room. 
Head back out and eradicate them. Now enter the big door that they came 
out of.

Hit the switch next to the big door ahead to get to a large corridor. 
Go right and shoot the Security Drone. Prison drones fire pulses of 
blue energy similar to Heavy Guns. They’re tough to kill and they’re 
immune to some of your weapons (like the Flamethrower and Dartcaster). 
Use your own Heavy Gun, or missiles, to make short work of them. 
Continue to the end of the corridor to another set of switch-controlled 

This next room is another warehouse, packed with stacks of boxes and 
crates. Before alerting the patrols, scan for NATT BORDO (4000), an 
electro-pole wielder off to your right. Now run the remainder of your 
Heavy Gun rampant amongst the guards. A security breach alert will be 
announced, hailing more guards to the scene. From atop of the box 
stacks, grab more triple sets of missiles, more grenades, and a Jetpack 
power-up. There is also a Mandalorian Rage sitting on the rafters. 
After the room is cleaned, find a door along the ramp on the upper left 
portion of the room. Grab health and a checkpoint, and then use the 
control panel to open the other door within the room. 

The next warehouse is pretty much identical. Among the piles of boxes 
you’ll find grenades and the SECRET. This one is hidden behind a pile 
of crates along the left end of the room. There will also be a Jetpack 
boost and a third Heavy Gun somewhere in the right side of the room. To 
leave the room (after wiping out the waves of guards), use the door on 
the upper left part of the room, at ground level. You’ll need to press 
a switch on the wall to get it to open. 

Soon you’ll reach another corridor patrolled by Security Drones. Once 
you do, turn left at it to get down to where the two drones can be 
found. The exit doorway is found at the right-hand end of the corridor. 
Use it to get to the prison’s main lift room. Approach the elevator 
door to trigger a cut-scene. 

Jango meets the lift’s operator, Smooty. He’ll offer Jango a ride to 
Cellblock Level 1, where Bendix Fust is being kept, as he’s on the way 
to the prison’s mines anyway. On the way down, Jango mentions the Bando 
Gora, which sparks Smooty into telling a lengthy story about how a 
former inmate had told him about his spice ship, which had been 
attacked by the Bando Gora cult. The cult had then run afoul with the 
Jedi, and among them was a girl whom the cult had captured, along with 
two of her companions. They used the inmate’s ship to escape. Because 
it was full of valuable spices, the inmate then hired a bounty hunter 
to track it down. It was found on a burial moon, but in the process the 
bounty hunter witnessed a strange ceremony in which the Jedi girl 
decapitated her two Jedi companions with her lightsabers, as if she had 
turned against them and joined the Bando Gora cult. Komari Vosa….  
After that interesting story, Smooty will dump you at Cellblock Level 
1, so that you can continue on your journey to find Fust.

Now that you’re in the cellblock levels, you’ll have to infiltrate the 
detention area to find Fust. Grab some darts and a checkpoint. Use the 
covered vent to leave the lift room, and then head out to a hallway 
that will turn right. Use a dart to silently dispatch the advancing 
patrol, as well as the next guy who’ll come out of the doorway on your 
left, at the end. Turn right and scan all the way down the hall. You’ll 
see a prison guard conversing with an inmate. Both the guard and the 
inmate are bounties. As I mentioned before, you can take the guard 
(‘SHANK’ BALLAX) dead or alive for 5000, but the inmate (FRISSK) will 
have to be taken alive, also for 5000. Use more darts to kill the 
guard, as well as the sentinels along the left side of the hallway. 
Once you reach Frissk, tie him up and grab him before he beats you up. 

Once you get to the end of the hall, turn right and mop up the 
advancing guards that emerge from the doors. At the farthest end of the 
hallway is a door. In the next room is another tunnel to burn through, 
which leads to the control room. A tip: when you burn through the 
tunnel, burn the grate covering off, but don’t exit into the room. 
Instead, alert the guards so that they come swarming to you. You’ll be 
safe within the tunnel and free to scorch them with flames. Anyway, 
inside the room are a control switch and some health. The switch opens 
up one of the doors in the previous long hallway. More guards will 
swarm the halls, so use up the rest of your missiles, darts and 
grenades on them. The doorway you seek is across from the window. The 
room beyond has a checkpoint and a tunnel grating to burn down. 

On the other side of this ventilation tunnel is a room with grated 
flooring and several pipes. Find the opening in the grating to get up 
onto it. Crawl beneath the pipes until you get to a hole along the left 
wall. Ignore it, and instead hop into the opening in the floor behind 
you. Directly underneath the above hole is another one that you should 
now take. This will place you directly underneath the detention area. 
Cross the room to another hole on the other side. The next room will be 
similar. Now you must search the holes along the wall until you find 
Bendix Fust’s cell. I could just tell you that it’s the one on the far 
end of the room. Once inside, you’ll witness something unexpected; a 
female bounty hunter, decked out with her personal hover drone and 
smoke grenades, arrives on the scene and kidnaps Fust. Well, that was 
all a good waste of time….


Chapter 8: The Break Out.


That jerkette not only nicked your bounty from right under your nose, 
but she also started a riot amongst the inmates to cover her escape. 
You’ll have to find your way out of the prison, fighting through waves 
of violent convicts and guards. What’s worse than fighting a bazillion 
prison guards and a bazillion inmates? The fact that every last one 
will be after your head, and for some reason, there will be no fighting 
between the convicts and the guards (despite the rioting noises you’ll 
constantly hear in the background). While it’s understandable that 
guards want you dead because you’re an intruder, and that the convicts 
want you dead because you probably put half of them in here, there 
should be no reason why they shouldn’t be fighting themselves. Remain 
vigilant, for you are Jango Fett. Because here is the icing on the 
cake: fifteen of those rotten scumbags (guards and convicts alike) are 
bounties, a few of which must be claimed still kicking. And one more 
thing: don’t drop your soap…. 

You’ll start off this mess where you left off; empty-handed in Fust’s 
cell. Right away, scan the Gran, PEEZ BONKO (2000, dead), that is 
running towards you from directly opposite of the room. Before he gets 
to you, switch to the Flamethrower and spread its flames through the 
cell door so that the half-dozen or so enemies (including the bounty) 
in the area charge right into their own deaths. Now get out of the 
cell, but be careful as there is a guy using a turret gun from the 
balcony to your right. Luckily, you can hide behind a pillar right in 
front of the cell. You can try to take him out carefully, but it’s 
better to quickly jet towards the right end of the room before he gets 
to you. More enemies will appear from the bottom set of doors, so 
scorch them all with the Flamethrower as they pass through. Inside the 
lower set of doors, climb up the grated ramp to the upper level (or jet 
up to it from the main area), then enter the doorway behind it. 
Depending on whether you used the right door or the left door, you’ll 
turn a direction to end up in a corridor that leads to where the turret 
gun user is. Continue killing everyone that shows up along this area, 
and grab the Bacta Fluid Crate inside the turret room. Near it you’ll 
also see a control switch. Pressing it raises an alarm notice, but it 
opens the big gate on the other end of the cell block. Before heading 
out, use the turret gun to wipe out the small band of guards that will 
soon emerge from the gate. Also, keep in mind that in the outside area, 
you’ll find Toxic Darts in the back of the upper balcony and some 
health among the empty cells. 

Anyway, head past the gate and you’ll be on a catwalk passing through a 
tunnel. Below the catwalk is a bottomless drop, so stay on it. Turn the 
corner to the right and you’ll be fired upon by an auto-turret latched 
onto the ceiling. This drone is similar to a turret gun. Fly forward 
quickly so that its shots go safely over your head. If you can, try and 
get a lock on it while doing this so that you can destroy it with a few 
shots. Round another corner to a hallway with grenades and health at 
the end. Use the gate on your left to get to where you need to go.

This next room houses a control platform in the center where you can 
get an excellent view over the guards around you, which include some on 
the bottom level, some on the top, and SANN DEKKER (2000, dead), a 
guard on the floor level who will attack you early on with his stick. 
Several more stick-guards appear from another door opposite from where 
you came in from on the floor level, so roast them when they approach. 
The upper and lower ledges of the room are connected by hallways that 
loop around behind the walls. After the opposition has been 
neutralized, head from the center monitor ledge up the ramp, and then 
turn right and use the green-lit doorway. Right outside of it in this 
next hall is a checkpoint. There are a couple of guards at the other 
end as well. Use the doorway on your left at the end. In the next hall, 
kill the guards on your right and grab the Toxic Darts and health at 
the end. The door that the guards were posted in front of is where you 
want to head through.

In this next big room, you’ll start on the top balcony, with several 
rioting convicts down below. They’ll soon notice you and try to get to 
you by using the ramp across the room leading to the upper platform. 
One of the convicts amongst them (most of the time, he’ll be in the 
front of the group) is KEEZO STOOLEE (3500, alive). Quickly grab him 
before everyone else starts pummeling you with their acquiesced 
electro-poles. Use the Flamethrower, since nobody here uses a firearm. 
After that, from the starting doorway, post yourself in front of the 
small door on the upper, top right corner of the room. Pick off any 
more convicts that start to climb up to your level from below. 
Eventually, more guards will be hailed to the scene over the 
loudspeaker. They’ll emerge from the door you should be sitting in 
front of, so roast them as they come out. Kill everyone else in the 
room, including a dangerous Heavy Gunman that may have shown up. To 
move on, use one of the two large gates on the bottom level. Grab the 
checkpoint and continue.

You’ll be in another cave-like corridor marked with an auto-turret 
sentinel placed high above you, shooting at you. Turn left, take out 
the gun, and then turn right to take out a second gun. Some guards will 
also appear from the doorways as well, so gun them all down too. Use 
the gate on your right at the end.

Do not walk in too far. Like the first cell block you started in, 
you’ll be faced with a turret gun from the upper level, directly across 
from you. On ground level, way on the other end of the room is a 
bounty, but first take out the enemies nearest you. One of the guards 
charging you has a Heavy Gun too. The bounty is GREELOSSK (1500, dead), 
a big, bad Trandoshan convict. Use a missile or a dart to silence the 
turret gun guard on the upper platform. Now you can fully explore the 
room in moderate safety. Within one of the lower cells is a trio of 
missiles to add to your collection. Jet up to the second floor and kill 
everybody here, and then to the final floor. Watch out for O’NJA 
RAMBOLT (3000, alive). He’s the Gran running amok up here. Also grab 
the Bacta Fluid Crate, and prepare for more waves of enemies from the 
door up here, as well as back down below. Also, among the upper row of 
cells is the SECRET, apparently serving its time in prison. Afterwards, 
use the only door on the top level to continue.

Head down this abandoned hallway and use the bigger door on your left. 
Be careful in this next room. It’s essentially a big, bottomless pit 
you’ll have to cross, and there are also some guards on the other side 
that have missile launchers (!). Retaliate by using missiles of your 
own, but make sure you can shoot them safely without getting hit back. 
Also, above you on both sides of the chasm are small platforms with 
extra guards gunning at you. By using the small crate on the beginning 
side, you can jet up to the ledge on your right to grab a Jetpack. Use 
that to visit the other ledges and grab a much-appreciated Heavy Gun 
from the opposite side. Also, make sure to collect the missiles that 
the guards left behind. 

Destroy the group of guards along this next hallway. Head on down to 
the right end of the hall and grab some health, a checkpoint and some 
grenades. Use the doorway here marked with a green light. It leads to 
another nasty big room.

Before alerting the prison folk here, scan the far end of the room. 
Directly across from your entrance location is an ugly guy named MAVIKK 
JUMKA (2000, dead). This room can get rather chaotic, because more 
guards and convicts will start to fill the already enemy-infested room. 
That’s why you should’ve hopefully grabbed that Heavy Gun just now. 
Weed out every last enemy in this room from the corners, ledges and 
floor as well. Afterwards, use the gate on the left side of the far end 
to proceed. Traverse the next hall, gunning down the auto-turret in the 
path. Past the gate is a small, empty hall with a checkpoint and a 
Bacta Fluid Crate. Take the gate to the third cell block room.

Coming at you among the first bunch of prison thugs is BRAWN DUNKEE 
(2000, dead), so stay sharp for him. Waste the lot of the remaining 
prisoners and proceed through the room. Before turning the corner, 
beware of a prisoner on the top bridge balcony using a turret, just 
like in the previous two cell blocks. Actually, there are two turret 
gunners, though one is pointed towards the other half of the room. To 
assist in fighting them, scour the prison cells across from the 
entrance for a Mandalorian Rage. Before its invulnerability expires, 
wipe out the turret gunners. Also, near them and inside another cell on 
the top level are another Heavy Gun, and a Bacta Fluid Crate in another 
cell. In the later half of the room, scan for a Trandoshan melee 
fighter named TOSSK (2000, dead). Use the gate at the end to get to a 
new room.

In here, go through the door at the end of the small catwalk. It leads 
to an immense pit, with three bridges spanning its length. ZEB MADDAAN 
(2000, dead) is a guard on the middle bridge. Be careful of several 
missile-launching guards on the bridges as well; not only are they a 
threat to you, but their explosions may accidentally blast your bounty 
off the bridge and into the inaccessible abyss below. At the end of the 
first bridge you start on, duck inside the small room for a Jetpack 
boost. Use it to cross the bridge and claim Zeb, but watch out for an 
additional Heavy Gunner thrown into the fray. Grab the health at the 
end of this bridge, and then cross to the final bridge. Unload the rest 
of your Heavy Gun (if you have it) on the inmates and guards here. 
Afterwards, collect their dropped missiles, and the additional extra 
Jetpack. The exit is the door on the final bridge, opposite of the room 
you just found the Jetpack. 

You’ll emerge into a mine tunnel with health and grenades at its base. 
Use the obvious ramp that loops upwards. At the end of the path you’ll 
emerge into a cavern. Several inmates can be seen here trying to escape 
the mines with a mining drill machine. Among them is a bounty. Well 
Golly Gee, it’s none other than MEEKO GHINTEE! To Jango’s great 
pleasure, this scum is wanted dead for a lovely 10000; the highest 
price for any secondary bounty. And it’s all for stealing a Borhek. 
Send a missile his way to level his group. Just be careful that if he 
attacks, he’ll be using a Heavy Gun. Use the hole he so graciously 
drilled for you to get out. 

Hop down to an elevator. Use the switch facing the inside of the 
elevator to make it go up. If you get off it right afterwards, you can 
jump down below it to find a Heavy Gun. These things just keep popping 
up all over the place. Jet back up and then wait for the elevator to 
reach the top before hitting the outer switch to call it back down. 
Anyway, on the way up you’ll be shot at by three auto-turrets. Luckily, 
when they notice you they start shooting and give themselves away. Only 
they can’t really turn low enough to reach you at first, so use this 
brief time window to aim up and blast them. At the top, follow the 
green door to a series of hallways (containing a Bacta Fluid Crate) 
until you reach a checkpoint within a cavern on the crater surface.

Once you emerge onto the crater, you’ll find you’ve ended up at the 
same area you parked your ship in the previous level. It also seems 
caught up to that fem fatale that snagged Fust. He’s present as well, 
and it seems the bounty hunter is trying to hijack your ship to get off 
Oovo IV. Roz advises you not to blast her, as you just may need her 
help now that they locked down the prison. Once play resumes, you’ll 
hear gunfire. A group of guards has cornered the woman, meaning they’re 
not shooting at you for once. Nevertheless, you’ll have to defeat them 
all quickly. If she dies, you’ll have to restart the mission. Jet down 
to their level and unload the remainder of your missiles and the Heavy 
Gun on them. After every last guard is taken care of, the level will 
finally end with a cut-scene.

Jango and the woman try to negotiate Fust at gunpoint. As they feud, 
one of the prison’s patrol ships swoops down and destroys Jango’s ship. 
The woman explains she doesn’t have her own ship as she stowed aboard 
the cargo ship that Jango tailed on his way into the asteroid prison. 
Jango decides he’ll have to find the prison’s hangar and steal one of 
those patrol ships….


Chapter 9: The Escape.


The prison’s security personnel have suppressed the uprising, and they 
probably assume that Jango and the woman have been killed in the 
destruction of Jango’s old ship. They’ll still need to find a way off 
of Oovo IV, and luckily, Jango met Smooty, who knows enough about the 
prison to know how to shut down the prison’s shield. The prison’s power 
shield is controlled by three generators, and overheating them will 
cause a core meltdown, shutting off the shield.

You’ll start in a new crater, just outside the tower. Three Security 
Drones can be found up ahead. An easy way to bust them up without 
taking much damage is to fly on top of one of the large stones in the 
crater. The drones will dance around you trying to shoot, but most 
likely they won’t be far enough back to reach you. After they’ve been 
trashed, a group of prison guards will emerge from the gate beyond 
them. Send a missile or a grenade at them, since some of them pack 
Heavy Guns. 

Proceed by going into the building. Hug the right wall and ignore the 
grenades for a second. Now face left and scan JORD STOKK (3000, dead), 
among the group of guards down the corridor. Most of them carry Heavy 
Guns, so use another missile to eliminate them quickly. After grabbing 
the grenades, grab a Heavy Gun of your own at the end of the corridor, 
behind some boxes. Closer to where the guards where, you’ll see a door 
on your right. Hit the switch and use the elevator beyond the door to 
get to the next level.

Head right down the corridor, but watch out for an auto-turret on the 
ceiling, and some more guards. You get some pillars to use as cover 
from the turret’s fire, but they also make it so that you can’t really 
shoot it back. After destroying the opposition, turn right and continue 
killing guards until the end of the corridor. Grab the darts and the 
Bacta crate. 

Through the door on your left, you’ll emerge into a large shaft-like 
room filled with catwalks, elevators, doorways and of course, guards. 
Grab the checkpoint, first of all. The room itself serves as a base 
point to get to the three power generators. Starting from the entrance, 
you’ll have to work your way upwards to the left to get to the next 
doorway, taking you to the first power generator. After that’s been 
completed and you come back here, you’ll have to spiral upwards again 
to get to the second door, and then the third, before using the last 
door at the top to get to the hangar. Also, many of the catwalks in the 
room have Jetpack power-ups that replenish constantly. Start shooting 
the guards and make your way to the catwalk on your left with the guard 
shooting green lasers at you. Your destination is the platform 
extending from the wall, above you and to your left. Keep in mind that 
near the elevators, you’ll also find Bacta Fluid Vials that replenish 
occasionally, and heal a good portion of health. From the green-laser 
guard’s catwalk, use the elevator along the wall to get higher up. From 
there, grab the Jetpack and drop down to the door. The door you should 
end up at is unlocked. If not, you skipped it. 

Head inside and waste the many guards that attack. There are some 
grenades and health in the back. Turn left and head down the corridor. 
Grab the checkpoint, kill any remaining guards and then use the door on 
your right. It leads down a sloped hall that takes you to a similar 
door. Past that is the first power shield reactor core. 

This expansive room is identical to the other reactor cores that you’ll 
have to visit. Three catwalks lead from the doors (including the one 
you just came from) to the center of the room. The other two doors are 
locked, but they usually hide interesting items and weapons for you. 
The long drop below you is fatal, so stay on the catwalk. Start by 
scanning ALA KIMBO (4500, alive), directly ahead of you. Rope him up, 
and then blast every other guard in the room, including several 
missile-toting guards. There will be a Jetpack at the end of one of the 
other two catwalks, plus a Bacta Fluid Crate in the other. Once the 
room is clear, approach the center. Below you is another catwalk with 
some Ugnaughts patrolling for maintenance. Beware of three auto-guns 
mounted below the circular part of the upper catwalk. Fly down to the 
lower one, and take note of the three vents that stick out from the 
core. You’ll need to overheat the unit by destroying the vents. They 
are each covered by grating, so it’s obvious the game intended for you 
to burn them open before blasting them. However, just use the 
Flamethrower and you won’t have to waste time cutting anything. After 
the core shuts down, backtrack to the main room (with all the catwalks 
and the Jetpacks and whatnot). Keep in mind that the corridor that 
linked that room to this one will be filled with more guards, as will 
the main shaft room itself.

Back in the main room, the next door is further up on your left. The 
room has refilled with guards, and it will do so again after you come 
back every time. You may want to go hunt down that missile launcher 
guard off to your right, if not for the sole purpose of snagging his 
gear. Anyway, the following corridor after the second door is pretty 
much the same as the first. Gun everyone down and grab the darts, and 
then the checkpoint further down. Continue through the familiar set of 
doors to the second power shield reactor core.

This room is exactly the same as the first, save the assortment of 
human enemies (the auto-guns beneath the circular part of the catwalk 
remain). You also get a Heavy Gun (and health) to play with. Lastly, 
make sure to collect the dropped missiles from the four guards that use 
them. As for the bounty, he’s SEER LONNEL, down in the center catwalk. 
This poor Ugnaught is wanted dead, but for only 1000 credits. It is 
advised that you tie him up nonetheless, because he has the nasty habit 
of falling off the catwalk when killed. Repeat the process of toasting 
the three cooling vents before exiting the room and backtracking to the 
main room. In the connecting hallway, you’ll be met by more guards and 
some Security Drones. Use explosives to quickly neutralize their crowd, 
as some of the guards use Heavy Guns.

In the main room, watch out for a new Heavy Gunner off to your left. 
The next door to the third core is after two catwalks, going leftwards. 
Grab health and Jetpack fuel while you’re at it, too. Continue down the 
hall, kill guards, grab the checkpoint, and head to the final reactor 
LAN STARBURN (3000) will be approaching from the other door on your 
left. He’s wanted alive, so snag him before the rampant missiles 
incinerate him. Clean out the rest of the room, including the three 
auto-turrets below the catwalk. Disable the reactor core, which will 
shut down the prison’s shield. On your way out, grab the SECRET below 
the start of the catwalk. 

On the way back though, watch out for the impressive army of guards and 
drones that will challenge you within the halls. Head back to the main 
reactor room. Your final door is above you to the right this time. 
Before going there, kill the contents of the room and grab the missile 
from the guard off to your right. Stock up on jetpack fuel and health, 
and then proceed into the final doorway. 

Instead of the usual hallway, you’ll find a small room with a 
checkpoint. The door on your left conceals death; a huge group of 
guards from the room beyond and an annoyingly-placed auto-turret on the 
ceiling. Stand behind the pillar and flame the guards as they run 
through. Some pack Heavy Guns as well. After you’ve killed them, use 
the pillar for cover as you take out the auto-turret. Head down the 
steps and grab the grenades at the end if you want. In between the two 
sets of steps is a doorway leading to the hangars. 

Gun down the occupants of the hallway and proceed to the right. Pass 
through the next set of doors and turn left onto a long corridor. One 
of the guards here is JOTH KATRANE (6000, alive). Blast up everyone 
else, and then turn right at the first corridor junction. When you pass 
through the door, turn left and then right again, shooting the guards 
as usual. You should see a bright red sign featuring a patrol gunship 
on the wall ahead of you. Follow the path to an elevator, powered by a 
control switch on the wall. Ride it down to the hangar floor and then 
follow the empty corridors until you find a checkpoint at the entrance 
of the hangar. It is here that you’ll fight your next boss.

The prison’s final line of defense is the mighty HANGAR SECURITY DRONE, 
a multi-weapon behemoth that defends the prison’s Firespray patrol 
ships. The thing behaves almost identically to Meeko’s ship or the 
Coruscant’s Police Gunship, except that it is armed with more missile 
launchers and less heavy turrets. The good news is, it’s not all too 
tough, even with the guards running around. The main reason being the 
fact that you can grab an unlimited supply of missiles, jetpack fuel 
and health from the hangar’s corners, as well as a Mandalorian Rage 
from the parked Firespray ship. Dodge the drone’s barrage of missiles 
and return fire, restocking on the missiles when needed. After all of 
its weapons are disabled, the drone will fall right back down into the 
dark pit that it emerged from. The Firespray ship is yours for the 
taking, which means that your stay on Oovo IV is finally over. 

Jango uses the stolen Firespray patrol ship to bring down the hangar 
with its torpedoes. As they escape, the female bounty hunter introduces 
herself as Zam Wesell. Jango eventually explains that the stolen ship 
is one of six prototypes manufactured for the prison. It’s the last of 
its kind, and the Correctional Authority will assume it was destroyed 
with the others. Meanwhile, Montross has a fit over being wrongly led 
to a remote star system. 


Chapter 10: Jungle Trek.


As the duo of bounty hunters approach the planet Malastare, they work 
out a partnership, as Jango believes Zam may prove to be useful. Zam 
will drop Jango off at the beginning of a ravine leading to Sebolto’s 
compound. He’ll need to make his way through the dense jungles of 
Malastare, avoiding Sebolto’s guards and the local fauna. Once he gets 
to the canyon, he’ll cover Zam with his snazzy new Sniper Rifle as she 
tries to let him in. 

Not one of my favorite levels, the Jungle Trek is very long and 
tedious, complete with a full stock of fifteen bounties. Luckily, 
you’ll get to use the awesome Sniper Rifle. During the first half of 
the mission, you’ll be sneaking through swampy jungles until you 
approach the compound. Then, you’ll have to make your way through Gran 
and Dug settlements until you reach the sniper post at the canyon. 
While in the jungle, watch out for the vicious tiger-like Nexu and the 
many giant dragonflies that flitter through the trees. 

Follow the path along the left side of the clearing. Kill the Grans 
that patrol the path to the first checkpoint. Ahead of you, in the next 
clearing, you’ll see a Nexu leap down from its lair in the ridge above. 
Nexus are fearsome predatory creatures that are both nasty and agile. 
Imported to Malastare by Sebolto to keep intruders as yourself at bay, 
they can pounce incredible distances and they are also resistant to 
many of your weapons, including missiles and the Flamethrower. Once a 
Nexu has pounced on you, it’ll swat you around until you die. To 
effectively silence a Nexu, use a dart. Since you’ll be seeing many 
more Nexus, try and conserve the darts for them. Try and kill this one 
especially quick, because if he doesn’t pounce on you, he’ll go after 
the Gran nearby, who is a bounty. After you kill the Nexu, snag UKON 
EYSTE (3000, alive). Jet up to the Nexu’s former dwelling to grab 
grenades, a missile and some sniper rounds. 

Continue though the jungle and kill the swarm of Grans in the water. 
Also, watch out for a Gran trooper with a missile launcher on your 
right. Try to make it up to the horizontal log that spans across the 
small wetland. From up there, take out your Sniper Rifle because a Dug 
far off in the distance will be dealing you similar fire. If you cant 
see him too clearly yet, use his oncoming shots or the glowing orange 
power-up behind him to pinpoint him. After you snipe him down, look out 
for BYHDEE KEES (3000, alive), who should be standing solitary on a 
rock outcrop. Don’t grab him yet though, as another hungry Nexu will be 
found lurking in a cave to your right. After that, search its nest for 
Toxic Darts, grenades, missiles and a Bacta Fluid Crate. Now head 
outside and fight the army of Gran within the small clearing. You may 
want to grab the checkpoint here too, just incase.

Move onward towards the tower that the Dug was shooting you from. Jet 
up from its base to the wooden balcony and duck inside the tower to 
grab a Sniper Round. MEEN BURTAK (4000, alive) is the Gran you’ll find 
when you jet up to the roof of the tower. From his post, you can look 
down into the path ahead and look for KRAM AYUK (5000, alive), who will 
probably be firing a green laser gun at you. Fly down to him and snag 
him, then kill his buddies in the area. Watch out, because one of the 
enemies is another Dug who tosses Thermal Grenades at you. Nearby, 
you’ll find a hollow stump with grenades and health as well. Finally, 
keep an eye out for a Nexu dwelling in his hole, along the right side 
of the ravine. His burrow hides some more Sniper Rounds. Keep trekking 
though the ditches until you find a checkpoint.

The burning torches off in the distance are right near a Nexu burrow 
that opens up in two ends. Its occupant will be prowling back and forth 
through it, so take him out when you get the chance. Sneak forward and 
use the Sniper Rifle to stealthily take out four Dugs stationed among 
the rocks and logs. Inside the Nexu’s burrow grab more health and 
darts. From the other side of the burrow, take out the Gran on the 
ledge above before he starts using his turret. Proceed through the muck 
and gun down the Grans near the back of the clearing. On the ledge 
behind them, take care of another turret Gran. Use the slope on the 
right side of the clearing to get up to where he is. Collect the 
health, Sniper Rounds and grenades before jetting over to the next 
ledge. Watch out for a missile-using Gran, and some more swooping 
dragonflies (these don’t hurt you, but they do a good job of 
distracting Jango). Head inside the doorway beneath a Dug head statue, 
and kill the Grans within the cavern. Grab the checkpoint and then exit 
the cavern.

This next clearing consists of many tall trees in which the Grans have 
built small platforms on so that they can shoot down at you from them 
(though a lot of the time, they fall off them). Near the back of the 
clearing, you’ll find a Nexu guarding some Sniper Rifle ammo and 
health. To the right, you’ll find another watchtower. Instead of a 
sniper shooting at you, you’ll have something just as nasty: a turret 
gunner. Take them all out, and then fly up to the top of the tower. 
From here, you’ll have access to the treetop platforms. Also, you can 
get up to them via the stump near the Nexu’s burrow. Take out all of 
the Gran patrols up here. If you happen to be on the platform near the 
watchtower, you’ll find a small cave behind you, containing SEED 
MACHEES (4000, alive), Sniper Rounds and a Bacta Fluid Crate. Now, from 
the platforms, jet over to the ledge near the next clearing. 

In this clearing, scan for BRINE EYES-LI (5000, alive), who will 
initially be on top of the tree platform, but he tends to fall off. 
Also wipe out the other Grans in the area, and then go inside the 
building on your right. Use a grenade or something if you want, since 
there’s a big cluster of enemies inside here. Grab the darts in the 
corner and head to the next room using the doorway on your right. Kill 
the rest of the Grans and grab the Sniper Rounds and health. Lastly, 
hit the large control switch here to open the door under the Dug statue 
outside (it will relock soon, so be quick or you’ll have to hit the 
button again). Also, grab the SECRET from the ledge to the left of the 

In the next area, watch out for a Nexu that will attack almost 
immediately, along with some guards. Hidden within the beast’s burrow 
on your left are some grenades. Use the structure next to the burrow to 
climb upwards. From there, fly over to the Dug statue, and then the 
tree platform. From this post, snipe out some of the visible Gran 
situated in the building on your right, far out across the gorge 
(particularly a missile-launching Gran). You won’t be able to reach the 
building from here, but you will be able to reach the small ridge on 
your side of the gorge. From there, fly around the cliff face to a 
clearing on your right. 

Kill the Grans and head up the slope to the building here. Don’t bother 
going inside; instead fly up to the roof and scan/grab JAW-KNEE RISE 
(3000, alive). Now jet up to the large structure in front of the 
building, or use the ladder provided. Up here, grab the Bacta Fluid 
Crate and take out the gunman. Jet over the gorge from here to the 
building you saw earlier. Use the door on the right side of it to 
enter. Clean out the resistance and then locate the hole in the floor. 
Jump inside to reach the level’s halfway point. 

If you recall the ‘Entertainment District’ level, it had a point 
halfway through in which you got a fresh start. After this point, you 
can’t go back to the previous area, but you’ll get a fresh supplement 
of continues, health and ammo (unfortunately, you lose additional 
ammo). And if you restart the level from the Start menu, you’ll end up 
here. The good news is that you won’t have to face any more Nexus or 
annoying giant dragonflies (you’ll see a Nexu, but it’ll be out of your 
way). The bad news is that you’ll now have to make your way though 
Granopolis to where Zam is. The road won’t be easy, especially with 
eight bounties yet to claim.

Move through the small cave and listen to what Zam has to say. Once 
outdoors again, you’ll see some Gran dwellings to your left, and a 
drop-off on your right. The drop isn’t a guaranteed fatality, but 
there’s a Nexu prowling around down there, so treat it as a fatal drop 
anyway. If you do fall and you want to escape, use the rock pile in the 
corner. Shoot the Grans, but watch out for AYK ARKO (5000, alive). He 
starts right across from the bridge ahead, but once you start a 
firefight, he’ll most likely make his way over to where the other guys 
are. Also, make sure you kill the grenadier Dug before crossing the 
bridge, since his explosives make short work of the flimsy structure. 
Explore the Gran dwellings for health, Sniper Rounds and a single 
Standard Missile. 

Cross the bridge, but watch out for the missile trooper to the left of 
you, near the edge of the cliff. From the temple on the other side, 
you’ll have harassment from both a Dug sniper and a turret gunman. 
Plus, you’ve got Grans swarming the grass in front of the temple. One 
of the Grans down here is NEEKO PAYVEES (6000, alive). Take out the 
nasty stuff first before taking out the lower group. Head up the torch-
lit path to the temple and take out any remaining resistance. On either 
side of the building, you can burn down a piece of grating to access 
two rooms: the one with the turret and the other as the ex-sniper post. 
Both of these rooms contain goodies like grenades, Sniper Rounds and 
health. The room on your left has a button that will open the temple 

Grab the checkpoint and kill more enemies as you traverse through the 
cavernous path ahead. Soon, you’ll reach a turn to the left with a 
building ahead. Watch out for a turret gunner located on the building. 
Enter it via the door on the right end, and proceed through the two 
rooms, clearing away the Gran. In the building, you’ll also find 
supplies. Also, use the button to bring down the lift outside. On the 
roof of this building, you’ll find ISEEYA YADO (5000, alive). Now head 
over to the lift farther down against the cliff to reach another door, 
and another checkpoint. 

The main city block is just ahead. There’ll be a cluster of buildings 
ahead, more to your right and left, and the rest in the way back when 
you head left. Start rampaging through the Grans that appear in 
infinite proportions. You’ll find power-ups and pickups hidden 
throughout most of the buildings, as well as outside, including a 
Mandalorian Rage, Bacta Fluid Vial, grenades, Sniper Rounds, missiles, 
et al. Also, the building in the right-hand corner has LEEKZ KLENG 
(4000, alive) on the roof. Search the roof of the building in the 
middle for MEEKS FEES (5000, dead). After frying him, look towards the 
far building and find AYCEE LAMEERS (5000, alive) on its roof. Also, 
watch out for three Dug Snipers situated within the town. After you’ve 
killed enough, head to the far building and enter the door at the top 
of the ladder. Roast the Gran committee here and burn through the two 
sets of grating (a ladder inside here will take you to one of the Dug 
sniper’s post). Afterwards, you’ll have to press a button to open the 
door to the next area, marked with a checkpoint.

Kill the couple of Grans in the next clearing and continue through the 
cavern to another Gran building. Quickly take out the rampant turret 
gunner on the roof, and scan for REEK PAYVEES (5000, wanted dead). Now 
search the buildings for such goodies such as missiles and health. 
Inside one of the lower rooms, you’ll find a switch that will call over 
a skiff transport from across the canyon outside. Before pressing it 
though, head to the canyon’s edge and scan the final bounty Gran: LEEK 
ONEES (3000, alive) located on the last rock platform along the side of 
the cliff. Fly over and grab him, but beware of snipers from across the 
canyon, and the missile trooper on the other cliff. Fly back afterwards 
and hit the button back at the building to call over the skiff. 

Once it comes, hop on and let it transport you to the other side of the 
canyon. Grab the checkpoint here and start killing everyone, including 
a turret gunman from the left buildings and the missile troopers here 
and there. Collect health and Sniper Rounds after you’ve eliminated the 
enemies, and then park yourself at the edge of the next canyon, on the 
skiff platform. Zam is on the other side of this vast canyon. She’ll 
tell you that she’ll start making her way to the skiff control panel so 
that you can get across, so you’ll need to cover her. Use the Sniper 
Rifle to keep an eye out for her. Kill the two Dugs on the watchtower 
first, and then kill the Dugs that appear from the buildings near Zam 
as she passes through. Eventually, she’ll reach the control panel and 
the skiff will hover over to you. The End.


Chapter 11: Sebolto’s Compound.


Jango meets up with Zam across the canyon, looking imposing with his 
Sniper Rifle at hand. Jango tells Zam about Sebolto’s death stick 
factory, which is probably hidden underground. The two decide to work 
together getting up to Sebolto’s palace. This time though, Zam will use 
the Sniper Rifle, and she’ll use it to cover you as she follows you. 
While you won’t get to use the handy gun, you won’t have to kill so 
many enemies with her by your side. Most of the mission involves the 
two of you helping each other as you make your way to the compound. In 
the previous mission, you had to fight against a butt-load of Gran and 
an occasional Dug. Now, you’ll have to fight hundreds of Dugs and only 
one or two Gran as you make your way through the Dug dwellings. 

Start by following Zam uphill. Dugs will be roused from their huts to 
attack as you pass. Dugs are nasty; they each carry two laser pistols 
and they fire them in a berserker fashion. The little guys are small 
though, so they don’t last long against blasters of your own. At the 
end of the row of dwellings, climb up the ladder on the cliff. Zam will 
follow you. Keep shooting Dugs and head for the checkpoint inside the 

This next Dug dwelling cluster faces the other side of a canyon. You’ll 
have to get up to the small bridge high above you to get across. Shoot 
the Dugs here and fly high in order to avoid the grenades that one of 
them uses. Move past the dwellings to a ladder along the right-hand 
cliff face. Zam will stay down below and pick off the Dugs from down 
there. Head up the trail to the first small bridge. Cross it to another 
cliff dwelling of Dugs. This area leads to another bridge and another 
set of huts. Somewhere along the upper levels of the dwellings you’ll 
need to scan and claim PIXOLGA and ZADALGO (6000 & 5000, respectively, 
both alive). Also, right after the first bridge, you can grab health 
and grenades. 

From the bridge closest to the canyon, scan the watchtower and you’ll 
find TAHBOTZA (3000, alive). Also, check out one of the huts on the 
side of the cliff to the left of the watchtower for a sniper bounty, 
GHAZDIK JAH (4000, alive). Since you don’t have the Sniper Rifle, you 
won’t be able to effectively pick off the remaining Dugs in the area. 
Just zoom in on them with your ID Scanner and then aim with your 
darts/blasters. Now fly over to the angled drawbridge. Slide down from 
it and jet up to the watch tower to claim the bounty. Also, since Zam 
will need to follow you, you’ll need to press the button up here on the 
watchtower’s roof to lower the drawbridge so that she can cross the 
canyon. Jet down to the ground and blast the Dugs that emerge from 
their huts. Now fly up to the large hut with the tiled roof. You’ll 
need to make your way up the cliff, and since Zam doesn’t have a 
jetpack, you’ll need to send her a lift down from up above when you 
reach the control panel. From the large hut, fly up to the small 
balconies where the sniper Dugs lived (don’t forget to claim the bounty 

From there, jet directly upwards to a grassy ledge. Head left and grab 
onto the thin ridge on the cliff. Now fly up to another sniper hut and 
finally, hop up to another group of huts. Grab the checkpoint while you 
clean out the area of Dugs. The main hut has a small plank extending 
from it that houses the lift structure. Before pressing the button to 
send Zam up, take the time to grab a Bacta Fluid Crate from inside the 
hut, and your next bounty. This one is located past the hut, across a 
decent-sized gap on a small ledge. Fly over to the ledge and snag 
JAHRUNBA (3500, alive). Kill his sniper-happy associate and grab the 
grenades before flying back to help Zam up the cliff. 

With your woman in tow, head up the ladder on the cliff. Follow the 
ledge to a small hut. Make sure to turn and shoot the Dugs on the 
ledges above you as well. You can’t go on until Zam reaches your spot 
and pushes open the hut door.

When you enter the hut, you’ll be in a creepy, dimly-lit cave infested 
with Dugs. One of them, shooting from an alcove on your right, is 
NAHRUNBA (3000). Be careful that Zam doesn’t accidentally gun him down. 
Now proceed through the rest of the cavern. You’ll need to climb or jet 
up to an upper level and then head down a path to a door that Zam will 
need to guide you through. This leads to another open area and a 

Ignore the area to your left and fly up to the very top of the 
watchtower on your right. From a ledge above you, a Dug will be 
clanking grenades down at you. Fly up and subdue him, but make sure not 
to harm his companion, JENATAHZA (2000, alive). Grab health too. Beware 
of snipers from across the canyon, and another located beneath this 
ledge. To move on, you’ll have to shimmy over to the other side of the 
canyon by hanging onto the wooden beams that extend from the base of 
the watchtower and span across the two cliffs. Once there, fly up to 
the top of the watchtower here. The button that will allow Zam to cross 
the canyon is located up here. First though, face the waterfall and fly 
over to the sniper post ahead. You can enter the hut to find a room 
that seems to be dedicated to Sebulba, the famous Dug podracer. You’ll 
also find DEWANGA (3000, alive), the SECRET, a Bacta Fluid Crate, some 
grenades and a missile. Nice haul, no? Now fly back to the tower and 
let Zam cross the gap. Start climbing the ladder to the left of the 
watchtower and loop around the ledge to a small clearing. At the top of 
this next ladder is a hut that you and Zam will go though together.

Proceed down the path until the two of you reach a drop-off that 
overlooks a small group of huts below. In between the huts, you’ll find 
a pair of Dugs and among them is HEXUM’BAZ (3000, dead). Smite the 
scumbags and continue down the trail. This next area is quite hectic. 
Dugs will start pouring from their settlements to attack, and Zam won’t 
really be much help. After the first cluster of dwellings, cross the 
small land bridge and eliminate the locals. Near you is a hut with a 
sunroof (it’s the nearest hut to the bridge, actually). Fly up and 
enter it so that you can grab ZAP’ULGA (4000, alive) from within it. 
Zap him with the Whipcord and then grab the missile and health before 
you head back outside to continue the Dug genocide. Climb up to a ledge 
above the huts and continue, but watch out for the grenadier and the 
turret gunner in the area, the later of which is found on the other 
side of the bridge. After they’ve been conquered, grab SAHRUNBA (5000, 
alive) from the rock outcrop to the right of the bridge. Your goal is 
to make it into the large door of the huge building here, though feel 
free to grab a Bacta crate from the turret tower.

You actually can’t enter the building from the door, so you’ll have to 
get in by flying in from the ledge above the door. Once inside, search 
the upper hall for two bounties: MAZANGA (3500, alive) and ROGH’MA 
IXSAN (3000, alive). Clean out the rest of the building, which include 
the guys down below on the lower floor. When fighting down here, avoid 
the big hole in the middle. Once the Dugs are dead, hit the button to 
open the door for Zam.

Cut-scene: Jango asks Zam where the throne room is, and Zam tells him, 
only she offers to guide him to it. But Jango orders her to give her 
back the Sniper Rifle and head back to the ship to wait. Zam protests, 
but leaves Jango alone. From now on, you’ll be going solo, but the 
Sniper Rifle will be back with you. 

From the bottom floor, climb up by using the ramps along the side of 
the room. In the upper balcony, you’ll find a ladder that takes you up 
to the main upper floor. Head all the way to the other side of the 
building and enter the small doorway here. You’ll find two Bacta Fluid 
Crates, and a balcony leading to a bridge which takes you to a door in 
the cliff. Kill the Dugs and press the button on the control panel to 
open the door.

Grab the checkpoint and enter through the next doorway. You’ll find 
yourself inside a secret canyon with a system of bridges that leads to 
Sebolto’s throne room. The bridges are connected by outposts that 
usually contain a Dug or two. The real threat comes from the edges of 
the canyon itself. Watch out for Grans that use missile launchers and 
sniper Dugs stationed throughout inaccessible ledges along the canyon. 
Since you have the Sniper Rifle, you can use it to take them out before 
they take you out. 

From the start, kill the Dugs that cross the bridge ahead and then aim 
your Sniper Rifle a little off to the right. On the ledge across the 
canyon, you’ll have a Gran with a launcher and a Dug sniping you out. 
Continue across the bridge to the first outpost. Now face to where the 
other bridge leads. On another ledge off to your left, more snipers and 
Grans can be dealt with. Cross the bridge to the next platform. Kill 
the grenadier and grab the missile, Sniper Rounds and health. Kill the 
Gran and Dug directly behind the outpost on a ledge. Turn right to 
continue to the next bridge. Before going, scan ahead to the next 
outpost for XUCAABO (3500, alive) and snipe out the enemies from the 
ledge in the distance, which include the usual pair of a sniper and a 
missile launcher. When you make it to your bounty, you’ll also have 
Dugs shooting regular blasters at you from the rocks above. Grab sniper 
equipment and then continue left down the bridge. When you reach the 
final outpost and wipe it clean of Dug filth, you’ll have to hide 
behind the center structure to avoid fire from a turret gunner on the 
watchtower ahead. If you can, blow him away with a missile. Also, kill 
the grenadier before he messes up your last bridge. There’s another 
watchtower to the right with a Mandalorian Rage and grenades inside, 
and MAWSHUNBA ZEE (6000, alive) on top. Once you get everything sorted 
out, enter the palace door.

Sebolto, the King of the Dugs, will receive the security breach report 
from one of his cronies. After he hears your name dropped, he’ll decide 
to go after you himself, but we’ve got other plans. Once you’re inside 
the throne room, you’ll be fired upon by several Dugs and a pair of 
missile launching Grans from the upper end of the room. Take everyone 
out quickly with the remainder of your weaponry. After that, you’ll 
have to follow Sebolto down a secret tunnel at his throne. Slide down 
the ramp and follow Sebolto inside the entrance to his death stick 
factory. He’ll slide down another ramp, but you’ll have to use the door 
on the left. Going through ends this level.


Chapter 12: The Death Stick Factory.


You’ll emerge inside Sebolto’s factory. Watch as the Dug lord himself 
takes a gruesome (and funny) spill into the fiery depths of the 
factory. The factory is now yours to explore, though the remainder of 
Sebolto’s Dug army must still be contended with. 

From the ledge you start off on, look down and you’ll see a ramp 
sticking out from your side of the shaft. It seems to point directly to 
a hole on the other side; the one Sebolto was apparently trying to 
reach. You’ll have to use the ramp and slide through the hole, but 
first, scan BOG’RUHX (2000, dead). He’s on a balcony just above the 
hole, and he’s accompanied by another Dug. Fly over to it and kill them 
both, and then drop down to the hole and fall through. 

From this ramp, immediately jet over to your left and try to land on 
that small structure that sticks out from the side of this shaft. It’s 
level with the balcony on the other side of the shaft with some Dug 
enemies on it. Fly over and kill them. Inside the small doorway here, 
you’ll find the SECRET. Now drop down to the bottom of this shaft, but 
be sure to grab onto the poles that go across the shaft before you hit 
the burning-hot floor. Fly through the pipe the opens and shuts 
periodically to get to the next shaft. 

This next shaft is similar in that you can grab onto the poles here for 
safety. Don’t touch the floor unless it’s the ledges along the edge of 
the bottom with Dugs on it. Wait for the large pipe here to open up 
before dropping through. 

Next, fly over to one of the three poles in this next shaft. The pipe 
you’ll need to use to continue is higher up, so you’ll have to fly from 
pole to pole until you reach the ledge next to the pipe’s top. The pipe 
latch won’t open unless you hit the button here, but that also opens 
the door behind you, letting a Gran attack. This guy is MAWZ DAKKO 
(3000, alive). It’s possible to scan him through the door, just so you 
know. Now drop through the pipe.

As you drop through the pipe, you’ll see three more pipes from across 
the shaft in which you need to get through. Quickly jet over to the 
ledge above the holes and grab MAREE YAD (2400, alive). Now, about 
those holes. Two of them will lead straight to your fiery death, while 
one will lead you safely to the next part of the factory. The safe one 
is the one farthest left. Also, like the first shaft, this one doesn’t 
have a floor, so make sure you get to your pipe. 

Drop to the bottom of this next shaft, ignoring the upper ledges with 
Dugs. The floor down here has two more ledges around the bottom, and 
each is patrolled by a Dug. One of them is NEBULBA (3000, alive). The 
other ledge has a control panel that opens the pipe in the floor. The 
next shaft is pretty much identical, except there’s no bounty. This 
time, when you hit the control panel button, the doors on each platform 
will open and reveal a few more Dugs, and a Bacta Fluid Crate. The pipe 
here still won’t open until you hit a second button from inside one of 
the doors. Drop though the pipe to get to the next phase of the 

You’ll land on a conveyer belt that leads down a tunnel. Right away, 
grab the first checkpoint and a Bacta Fluid Crate, if for some reason 
the one from the previous room wasn’t satisfactory. Ride the conveyer 
belt through the tunnel of fumes. The fumes hurt you, and while you can 
dodge, jump and duck out of the way of many of them, it’s almost 
impossible to avoid them all. At the end, fly over to the platform on 
your right. There’s a button down here and a ladder to the catwalk 
above. The button opens up a door at the end of the catwalk. Don’t 
press it yet tough. Climb the ladder and secure GAZURGA (4000, dead) 
before he falls off the catwalk, and scan for IXNOLTAH (3000, alive) 
from within the room at the end of the catwalk. Now press the button so 
that you can go in and grab him before frying the rest of the 
opposition. At the end of the room, climb the ladder to some Toxic 
Darts, a Bacta Fluid Crate and a doorway.

In the next area, you’ll need to make your way through the catwalk 
system, killing Dugs and an occasional Gran. The upper catwalks can be 
reached by a ladder, or by using the jetpack. Watch out for gaps in the 
catwalks as well. Fly to the first upper catwalk and continue right. 
Fly higher up and go around the large vat. At the end, head up to the 
highest catwalk. This one takes you to another Dug-filled room. Keep an 
eye out for the two Ugnaughts that can be found on this catwalk and 
inside the room. They are LOKK GIMBLE (4000, alive) and ‘RATCHET’ 
GRAMZEE (5000, alive). Destroy the Dug population from inside the room 
and grab the items, including grenades and a checkpoint. Use the 
doorway to loop around to another similar room. At the end you can grab 
two sets of Sniper Rounds.  Locate the open grating in the floor and 
drop through.

Crawl through the pipes until you emerge into a new room. You’ll have 
Gran and Dugs shooting at you from the sides of the room, so use the 
Sniper Rifle to pick them all off from your starting post. Now fly from 
pipe to pipe, grabbing the Sniper Rounds along the way. Don’t fall 
either, or you’ll drown. At the end, you’ll get to a catwalk and a 
checkpoint. There aren’t any bounties in this room save for the 
Ugnaught on the catwalk; EDDERON ‘TORQUE’ SOTH (1000, alive). Now hop 
onto the conveyer belt and navigate it to the Ixetal processing room. 

The coverer belts are the only safe ground; if you fall, you die, just 
like in the previous rooms. You can ride the belts, but they’ll pass 
through fiery structures that will harm you, so just fly from belt to 
belt. At the end, fly up to the catwalk and grab XIJULBA (2000, alive) 
before he falls. Follow the catwalk and kill the rest of the Dugs and 
the Gran inside the room. You’ll find darts and health in the corner, 
as well as a control panel in front of a large, wooden door. If you’d 
have guessed that the control panel would open that door, you’d have 
guessed right. 

Beyond it, you’ll be on a wooden catwalk in a cave. Here, you’ll find 
BAZURKAH (2000, dead) among the Dugs shooting at you. Grab the missiles 
and Sniper Rounds as well, and then drop down below the wooden catwalk 
to find more enemies, including a Gran who’s a bounty; YAN VREES (5000, 
alive). Now hop back up to the upper catwalk and fly over to the wooden 
platform on the other side of the cliff.

“Bando Gora, Jango, be careful!” It’s funny how your first experience 
with the Bando Gora is with the nastiest of the types. Bando Gora 
snipers use blowguns to fire toxic projectiles at you. Like any sniper, 
they are usually found lurking in some crevice, raining death upon you. 
Unlike your average sniper however, Bando Gora snipers fire their 
blowguns at an alarmingly fast rate. The good news is that they are the 
weakest in terms of how much punishment they can endure. Quickly locate 
the source of the fire. The blow-gunner is hidden in hole in the wall 
on the other side of the cave. Use anything to get rid of it quickly, 
preferably a dart or something. 

Now, to continue, you’ll have to hop across the rocks that sit in the 
water. Like before, don’t fall into the water. As you cross over to the 
other side, watch out for another Bando Gora sniper shooting at you 
from behind. Hop safely over to a rock with a large tree on it blocking 
you from the third sniper’s assault. Find a way to take him out or skip 
to the next wooden catwalk along the side of the cavern, but watch out 
for a few Dugs. You can grab plenty of health and some Sniper Rounds 
here as well. Scan across the cave to find GARROLKAH (2000, dead) 
pacing the opposite wooden catwalk. Snipe him out from here before 
crossing over and continuing down the catwalk. Watch out for another 
Bando Gora sniper in the crevice above to your left. Off in the 
distance, you might be able to scan GUANOLTA (3500, alive) on the 
wooden platform and SKAHROLTA (2500, alive), somewhere below it. Hop 
the rocks until you get to them and kill the last Bando Gora sniper 
behind you. Grab the checkpoint and follow the catwalk through a set of 
wooden doors, to a creepy cave.

As you walk through this cavern, equip your Flamethrower, because 
things well get gory with Gora. You’ll be attacked by the other two 
types of Bando Gora: the melee fighters and the skull-bearers. Both of 
these attack by flailing their arms at you and attacking wildly in an 
ape-like manner. The swift punches of the basic melee Bando Gora cause 
quite a bit of damage. The sinister, glow-eyed, skull-wearing types are 
tougher to take down and use taser-poles to hurt you. As you’ve seen 
from an earlier cinematic, Komari Vosa’s ‘right-hand-slave’ is one of 
these guys. Despite their creepy nature, both of these types are no 
match for your Flamethrower. Keep moving through the cave and roast the 
mind slaves as they attack. You’ll soon come across a circle of 
statues. Behind them you can press a control panel that will call down 
a lift from above. While you’re waiting, grab the Mandalorian Rage from 
one of the cave’s corners and burn through the rest of the Bando Gora. 
If it helps, stand on a rock so that they don’t reach you. When the 
lift comes down, you’ll need to press the control panel again and then 
hop back onto the lift for a ride upwards.

Up here, you’ll be attacked by some more snipers and more melee 
fighters. The snipers are posted on the ledge that goes around this 
cave, so fly up to them and gun them all down before shooting down at 
the Bando Gora below. You can also fly down and use the boxes to stay 
out of reach of the Bando Gora as you charbroil them. Now, hop over to 
the edge of the cave and hit the button next to the skiff. Hop onto the 
skiff and it’ll take you to the landing platform up ahead, with a 
checkpoint. Make sure you roast the Bando Gora patrols in this area. 
When you’re done cooking them, enter the ship at the far end of the 

In this cut-scene, Jango and Roz discuss the ship, and how it seems to 
be a slaver ship that must have brought the Bando Gora and their toxins 
to Malastare. The markings on the ship’s onboard computer are in 
Huttese, the language of the Hutts of Tatooine. Just then, Montross 
shows up on a skiff. Another duel with your rival begins.

Start by grabbing the Bacta Fluid Crate and the missile just outside 
the ship and the other missile from inside it. MONTROSS is quite a 
simple boss to defeat. All he does is hover around the landing platform 
shooting missiles at you. Missiles are dangerous, of course, but quite 
fun to dodge. Anyway, since you have missiles as well, lock onto him 
and clean out your supply before emptying your other weapons (Sniper 
Rifle, blaster) on him. More Bando Gora reinforcements will arrive on 
the scene sometimes, but just stay on top of a box or on the ship to 
avoid them. Also, you might have to deal with one of those pesky 
dragonflies that you encountered in the jungles of Malastare, if you 
stay on top of the ship. Once Montross’s health gets to about a quarter 
remaining, Zam shows up and blasts his skiff, forcing him to make a 

The pair of bounty hunters escapes from Malastare at last. Zam, after a 
short time of conversation, figures out who Jango is really after; the 
leader of the Bando Gora. Jango decides he may as well let her in on 
his plan. The Bando Gora cult is lacing death sticks with a powerful 
neurotoxin that they ship to Malastare to be added to the death sticks. 
The markings on that freighter in Sebolto’s factory were Huttese 
however, which means that Vosa is using the Hutts to transport the 
toxins from her hidden system. That means that the Hutts on Tatooine 
will know where Komari Vosa is. Meanwhile, Montross stalks the pair as 
they head for the Outer Rim.


Chapter 13: Longo Two-Guns.


Jango and Zam approach Tatooine, while Roz gives the report on the 
Hutts. From a junk dealer (Watto) she knows on Tatooine, she finds out 
that Jabba and Gardulla the Hutt are feuding over control of Tatooine, 
meaning they probably aren’t in with the Bando Gora together. Jango and 
Zam will split up to investigate the situation on both Hutts. In order 
to see Jabba, Jango will need to bring him a gift, like a bounty Jabba 
himself posted. Longo Two-Guns is that bounty, so Jango will have to 
track him down in Mos Eisley while Zam tries to get close to Gardulla. 
You’ll also find out here that Jango named his ship, Slave 1.

Ah, Tatooine, land of the twin rising suns. This planet was the genesis 
of the Star Wars story, but for you it marks the beginning of the end 
of your journey to find Komari Vosa. If you liked Malastare, then 
you’ll have a blast in Tatooine, since there’s a ton of intense 
firefighting and plenty of new nastiness. This particular level is 
especially nasty, if not the most difficult in the game. For some 
unknown, baffling reason that still plagues my deepest thoughts, you 
don’t get your jetpack in this mission. Losing your wings is bad 
enough, but remember that without it you also lose two of your best 
weapons: the Flamethrower and your Jetpack-Mounted Missiles. Your job 
is to track down the gangster, Longo Two-Guns, who’s waiting inside a 
podracer hangar on the other side of town. Why you couldn’t just use 
the Slave 1 to blast your way through the hangar is beyond my 
intellect, but anyway, you’re going to have to fight off Longo’s 
Clantaani thugs as you traverse the lawless town. 

You’ll be starting next to your ship. The only door out of here leads 
to another hangar patrolled by a few of Longo’s thugs. The first one 
you might see walking by the doorway is a Clantaani known as ‘WRONG-
WAY’ WINT (4000, alive). Also take care of the grenadier and the couple 
of other thugs. There’s a door to the left of where you entered that 
leads to an open clearing. 

Before exiting the doorway and alerting the gangsters in the clearing, 
scan the far wall for another Clantaani, RADD HARDWIKK (3000, alive). 
Kill everyone else, consisting of a grenadier, a Heavy Gunner and a few 
regular Clantaani before you snag him. Collect the grenades too. 
Without missiles, you’ll have to use these if you want to make 
something go boom. Along the upper right-hand corner of the area is a 
door taking you further through town, to the next clearing. Collect the 
checkpoint in this passage and proceed with caution.

In the next area, you’ll find ‘DUSTY’ RENGO (4000, alive) further down. 
Scan him early and rope him up when he comes by. Take care of the 
grenade men and the Trandoshan with the Heavy Gun on a roof to your 
left. Beside him, there’ll be an alley hiding a sniper, so don’t go 
there. More enemies will show up from behind you, and after they’ve 
been sorted out, another group will come from the door in the back of 
the room. This door takes you to the next area, but be sure to grab the 
Bacta Fluid Crate and the Triple Thermal Grenades. 

Don’t be so quick to rush out into the next room; there’ll be a regular 
thug, a turret gunner and a sniper all to your right. You can hide 
under the balcony along the wall and use it for cover. Grab the 
grenades and eliminate the sniper and turret gunner as quickly as 
possible. A new wave of thugs will appear from the entrance door, and 
then another from the path ahead. Afterwards, take this path to another 
clearing. This time, you’ll have two snipers on the building ahead of 
you and a third to your left, which can only hit you if you’re out in 
the open. For the other two, kill them immediately. Also, one of the 
first Clantaani you see will be CLEM ‘TRIGGER’ (5000). Take him dead or 
alive, preferably dead. Grab the grenades and get ready for things to 
get hairy. To your right, once again is another turret gun, and as soon 
as you find a way to take him out, waves of more thugs will appear from 
both ends. You can enter the first pair of sniper’s building and use 
the ladder to pick up ammo and health, as well as to take cover. Also, 
that big huge animal wandering around can serve as a scapegoat while 
you hide behind it and the enemies pelt at it. Gun down every thug that 
shows up and then head for the door on the upper right end of the room.

Another checkpoint is to be found in the next passage way. The next 
open room is even nastier than the previous ones. You’ll have a turret 
gunner shooting straight at you from the middle of the room and snipers 
posted in almost every building. Also, one of the brown-robed Jawas 
wandering the area is a bounty; NIKTHA (200, dead). Usually he wanders 
around behind the buildings on the right side. He’s wanted dead, so 
after scanning just let him do his own thing and he’ll probably wind up 
dead after the firefighting. Anyway, stick to the right alley to avoid 
the main fire, and then climb up to the second building to find a 
sniper to dispatch, and health. Now go rampant on everyone else. As 
usual, reinforcements arrive from both ends of the room. There’s a 
Dewback here as well (not really important) and some turrets for you to 
use, though it’s not recommended as you’ll be an easy target. The exit 
is the arched tunnel on the far end of the room, but be sure to have 
full health (by grabbing dropped Bacta).

Weave through the Jawas and droids commuting along the tunnel, but be 
ready to scan a Clantaani that shows up at the end. He’s near a 
grenadier, so be careful to take out the bomber before ‘BLACK-EYE’ 
CAHOON (5000, alive) gets killed. In the next clearing, watch out for 
the sniper just above the entrance. Also, grab the Heavy Gun long the 
left side of the room. More Clantaani will appear from behind you, and 
an additional wave will come from the end of the right-hand side of the 
room. One of the uglier thugs is ONA KRAGG, wanted dead or alive 
(6000). Take the far door and grab some health before continuing down 
the narrow alley.

Down this alley, grab the Clantaani, ‘DEADEYE’ KLINTEE (4000, alive). 
Up ahead is a cantina that you can enter. It’s in your best interest to 
do so, despite the fact that you’ll cause uproar among the thugs and 
civilians inside. The Twi’lek, EELA VALOTTA (3000, alive) in there can 
be roped up, and you can grab a Heavy Gun and the SECRET, both near the 
back. Be warned that a heavy crew of Longo’s henchmen will show up and 
further crash your party when you go in. After your treasure has been 
bagged, head back out and proceed down the alley.

You’ll pass through a small street, which turns left onto a larger 
clearing. Grab the Jawa, MIKTHA (100, alive) and gun down the enemies 
in the area, like the Heavy Gunning Trandoshan on the center platform 
and whoever comes up from behind you, or from the exit located on the 
right end of the clearing. The Trandoshan also drops a Heavy Gun when 
killed too. Try to save one of them for the end. Proceed through the 
large tunnel to the next area.

Shoot up the contents of the next clearing, which contains nothing too 
special. At the end is a black sliding door that lets you through to 
the next area. Keep an eye out for the gray Twi’lek, TRAY’LA SHEEK 
(3500, alive), and watch out for a sniper along the side building. Head 
down the street and go up the stairs to a small room with health and 
explosives. Step out onto the next clearing and look for NAKTU JEERA 
(3000, alive). Eliminate the baddies and head for the stairs on the 
opposite end of the clearing. This leads through a dwelling leading to 
the final clearing. 

Rope up the Jawa, JIKTHA (1000, alive), and then do the same for the 
Trandoshan, FROSSK (4000, alive) that shows up along with a few other 
baddies. Kill everyone else that shoots until every last thug is dead. 
Now enter the black gate on the far building, which is the podracer 
hangar. Make sure you’re healthy and well equipped too.

So you found LONGO TWO-GUNS, hiding inside this podracer hangar. After 
he and Jango exchange taunts, chaos will ensue. You have to fight Longo 
Two-Guns and his gang of gunmen, which include Heavy Gunners and a ton 
of regulars. Hopefully you’ve made it with at least an extra life to 
spare. Immediately turn left and quickly scan the wandering Jawa caught 
in the crossfire. Not only is there a bounty in this mess, but BIKTHA 
is wanted alive, and for the horrendous price of 100 credits. After 
you’ve secured him, take out the last Heavy Gun you should have been 
saving. Now go postal on everything and anything. Longo himself is 
difficult to distinguish from the other Clantaani, but because he’s 
your main priority, Jango will tend to lock on to him before a regular 
thug. Hammer him with Heavy Gun fire until it runs out, and then keep 
pounding him with blasters. Never, ever stop moving and always keep 
shooting. Standing still in this firefight is like putting a dead 
ferret in your pillowcase: you just don’t do it. If you see health on 
the ground, go for it, but keep shooting at something. Eventually, 
Longo Two-Guns will go down and you’ll earn your visit with Jabba. 

Unfortunately, while Jango does get paid nicely, it seems as though 
that was a wasted trip, since he’ll find out that Jabba isn’t working 
with the Bando Gora. Jabba does tell him, however, that he can get to 
Gardulla’s palace subtly by way of a canyon. He’ll also ask Jango to 
kill Gardulla sometime that he’s up there.


Chapter 14: Tusken Canyon.


This level is very long and difficult, but after having to repeat it a 
dozen times, it’s become my favorite. The scene starts with Jango 
contacting Zam, who has witnessed a few Bando Gora slaves within the 
palace of Gardulla. Evidently, this confirms that it is Gardulla who is 
working with Komari Vosa. Zam also talks about disguising herself 
somehow, but any clarity on this subject is interrupted when Jango 
hears her being captured by Gardulla’s Gamorrean thugs. So now you’ll 
have to sneak up to Gardulla’s palace by way of the canyon, similar to 
how you had to get to Sebolto’s compound. You’ll even encounter more 
nasty creatures and a new breed of enemy: Tusken Raiders.

When you start, duck inside your ship and grab grenades, Sniper Rounds, 
and an uber new Cluster Missile. Use it wisely, as you only get three 
in the entire game, two of which are found in this level. Jet up to the 
top of your ship and look out for the dog-like Massiffs up ahead in the 
canyon. You encountered Massiffs in the very beginning of the game, but 
back then, you had more control over the situation. Now, you’re in 
their territory, and they’ll prove to be just as dreaded as Nexus. To 
get the first few safely, stay on top of your ship and shoot them from 
there, as they’ll just stand there, letting you kill them. You can get 
the first three this way, but you’ll have to shoot out into the 
distance to bring over the third. Hop down and head down the trail. In 
the small opening ahead, a fourth Massiff will show up. Turn left to 
get to an open clearing.

As you approach the clearing ahead, Tusken Raiders (Tatooine’s famous 
‘sand people’) will be sniping at you. Hide behind the boulder ahead 
and scan the ledge up ahead, where the snipers are shooting at you 
from. One of the Tuskens is ORR AGG R’ORR. The problem with this area 
is that you’ve got snipers up above, and four more of their Massiff 
pets wandering down below. You can shoot randomly into the clearing, 
from the cover of a boulder, to draw in some of the Massiffs for easier 
pickings, though it’s better to rush out into the clearing and run past 
them before flying up to where the Tuskens are. Along with Orr Agg 
R’orr, you’ll find two other snipers and a Tusken carrying a stick 
inside the cave. Waste them all. Luckily, your bounty is wanted dead 
(3000), so you won’t need to fuss with the Whipcord. After you kill 
them, you can shoot the remaining Massiffs. Each one has its own burrow 
along the canyon, of which sometimes conceal health. There’s also a 
pack of grenades in the middle of the clearing. Afterwards, fly back up 
to the sniper camp and enter the cave in the cliff furthest left. 

Creep down the tunnel slowly until you can see the cavern ahead. Scan 
for its occupant, a Tusken named GRK’URR’AKK (these things must be 
named after the sounds they make, like Pikachu). This one is wanted 
alive for 3000 credits. However, be careful; as soon as you approach 
his cavern, a vicious Massiff will drop down from a hole in the ceiling 
and attack. It’s recommended that you fire your Whipcord, 
meaninglessly, to grab the Tusken bounty’s attention so that he attacks 
you. This way, he’ll come to you and the Massiff will remain un-alerted 
until you are ready with a dart. The closer you get to the dropping 
point, the more baddies that will fall. In addition to the Massiff, 
you’ll also have to fight three or four Tuskens. Use your Flamethrower 
to roast them. You can explore the tunnel leading away from this 
cavern, which leads to some health and eventually to the first sniper 

To continue, fly up through the hole in which the Massiff and the 
raiders dropped in from. Refuel on the first ledge, and then fly (or 
climb the ladder) to the next level. Watch out for another gang of 
Tuskens coming from the path leading away from this cavern. A lot of 
the time, they’ll fall into the pit, but otherwise just burn them when 
they come close. Now head down the tunnel. When the path splits, take 
the left path to get to a ledge overlooking the main Massiff clearing. 
Grab the second Cluster Missile on the ledge, and then head back to 
take the right path to a checkpoint.

Down the path, the tunnel will branch off again. For the moment, take 
the left (forward) path. As you approach the next Tusken camp, scan for 
a lone raider, URROR’ SHURK (5000, dead). He’s probably the only bounty 
in the game that is wanted either dead or alive, but is worth more when 
claimed dead. After scanning him, bring him down and grab the Bacta 
Fluid Crate. Now head back to the last fork in the tunnel and take the 
right path. Almost immediately afterwards, the path splits again. Take 
the left path, preferably, as you don’t need to go right at all.

Approach the next open clearing carefully and snipe out the Tuskens you 
see directly ahead of you firing at you. Try not to alert everyone 
else. The Tuskens here are battling with some of Gardulla’s thugs on 
the skiffs, and if they notice you, they’ll all gun at you. Watch out 
for the bottomless drop and try to scan YO-HANN INNK (2000, alive) on 
the lower skiff. Unless you really want to stock up on Sniper Rounds, 
you needn't worry about any of the Tuskens, save the ones that were 
initially pointing their guns at you. After scanning your bounty on the 
skiff, jet over to him quickly, tie him up and grab him, and then fly 
down to the ledge below with the missile trooper. Tie him up and kill 
him if you want his missile supply (if you don’t restrain him, he’ll 
tumble over the edge of the cliff). By creeping into the tunnel, you’ll 
have snagged your treasure without meddling with the conflict that 
could get you killed. Anyway, head down the tunnel to a new cavern. 
Quickly take out the three thugs. One lobs grenades, another shoots a 
Heavy Gun, and the third fights with a blue blaster gun. Continue by 
sliding down the hole in the wall to another battle scene.

You’ll land on top of a sail barge. Just like before, the thugs on this 
barge and on the skiffs around it are at war with the Tuskens off in 
the distance. Before they all turn their missiles and Heavy Guns at 
you, kill everyone on the barge and grab the health, plus an extra 
Jetpack. If you can, try to snipe down the Tuskens you might see off in 
the distant cliffs. Now fly from skiff to skiff, eliminating their 
occupants and stealing their health and ammo. Oh, and just so you know, 
below the skiffs and the sail barge is a Sarlacc, a gigantic worm beast 
hidden in the sand. Don’t fall into its mouth or that’ll be your story. 
If you fall off a skiff into the sand below, jet over to level sand so 
that you don’t slide right into the Sarlacc’s mouth. You might also see 
some buildings off to the right of the sail barge. You’ll get to them 
from another entry point later, but if you want you can pick off some 
of the thugs that you can see up there.

Eventually you’re going to want to make your way to the Tusken cliffs. 
The closest cliff ledge to you is on the right. Kill the two Tuskens 
behind the rocks if they’re not dead yet. The same applies for the next 
two raiders; one located across the canyon and one found on a ledge 
further up. Fly over to the rock structure in the center of the canyon. 
Use the Sniper Rifle to kill the Tusken in the distance who is 
returning fire in kind. Fly over to the next pillar and then fly to the 
ledge behind you, which may contain a Tusken. From this ledge, snipe 
the other raider off in the distance shooting at you. Now hop to the 
rock platform with the checkpoint on it, and then over to where the 
snipers were before any more survivors hit you. On this ledge, there’ll 
be another sniper at the top of the path. Cross the broken land bridge 
to the other side of the cliff.

In addition to another sniper found behind a rock, and a few more 
snipers located on the ledges down below, you’ll find ORRH OR’UR (3000, 
dead) wandering around. Continue to the end of the ledge and kill the 
last sniper on the ledge ahead of you. Fly over to his post and check 
out the next ledge on the other side of the cliff. A Massiff has made 
its home on the upper ledge, while two more patrol the lower ledge. 
They can’t reach you from here, so gun them down at your leisure before 
flying over to their side. The lower burrow has a Bacta Fluid Crate in 
it. Now fly over to the ledge ahead. 

As soon as you reach the ledge on top, some more of Gardulla’s 
mercenaries will attack you from the narrow path ahead. The second 
Trandoshan with the Heavy Gun is OOSK KASSA (6000, alive). Also, you 
can kill the missile launching thug from the platform above for his 
ammo. Head down the path until you reach a large shaft filled with 
skiffs and, naturally, a bunch of thugs. There are thugs on the skiffs 
and thugs on the ledges below you, most of them packing heavy weaponry. 
A lot of the times, the skiff patrols will fall to their own deaths and 
the missile launchers will blow themselves up at close range, but this 
area is still dangerous. Grab the Bacta Fluid Crates located here and 
there as well. Now use the skiffs to reach the highest ledge, across 
from the entrance. Enter the building here.

Grab the checkpoint and health before climbing up the ladder. There’ll 
be another gunman up here to kill before you exit through the door. The 
scene in the distance should look familiar, with the assortment of 
skiffs and a sail barge and all. You’re at the buildings you saw 
earlier, and if you didn’t kill the enemies then, you’ll have three 
thugs to kill now, including a missile launcher next to an extra 
Jetpack. From his nook, fly up to the ledge above, to a doorway. Enter 
the building. On the lower floor, you’ll find a Trandoshan, DROSSK 
(4000). He’s wanted dead or alive equally. Exit through the doorway 

This canyon marks the end of the level, but that doesn’t mean it won’t 
be short and sweet. Its occupants are more of Gardulla’s thugs that 
have set up camps throughout the canyon ledges. Most of them have 
missile launchers or a Heavy Gun. Start by grabbing the Jetpack fuel 
and flying over to the left ledges, eliminating the thugs. Make sure 
you collect any dropped missiles too. Now fly down to the other ledge 
down below, before flying up to the next ledge farther up ahead, all 
complete with missile launching thugs. From this ledge, fly to the one 
up above and ahead. It’ll have a missile launching thug you’ll need to 
rope up; LINJAK MOSA (6000, alive). Kill his Trandoshan companion 
before flying up to the next couple of ledges. When you get to a ledge 
with big gray buildings, search in between them for health. Fly over to 
the lower ledge across the cliff and kill the thug before flying down 
the canyon to a rock platform. You’ll find a checkpoint and a Jetpack 

Using the extra fuel, you can fly around the bend to another ledge. 
This one is in the middle of an enemy camp, so you’ll have plenty of 
gunners on the ledges around you to kill. Also, watch out for a missile 
trooper on a high ledge behind you. This guy guards the SECRET as well. 
Continue through the canyon to find a group of thugs, among them being 
KEEJIK GANZ (3000, alive) on the second ledge.

In the last area, scan HAKMA KINTO (3000, alive) on the skiff and grab 
him before you get pulverized or your bounty falls. The ledges that 
encircle the area are filled with missile launching thugs, so use up 
your missiles and your Cluster Missiles getting rid of the lot. After 
calm ensues, find the grated vent tunnel between two of the buildings 
on the far ledge. Burn through the grating and crawl through to end 
this long mission. 

Jango finds Zam locked up in Gardulla’s prison cell. After Zam tells 
Jango that the key to Gardulla’s vault is the medallion around her 
neck, Jango says that the information he needs must be inside the 
vault. Jango tells her he’ll let her out after he tracks down Gardulla, 
but Zam thinks Jango is trying to ditch her, so she calls the guards. 
Two Gamorreans appear before Jango can react and knock him out. 
Traitorous woman….


Chapter 15: Gardulla’s Palace.


Jango’s been captured, and he’s being held up in front of Gardulla the 
Hutt, so that she can admire her prey. Something about Zam he didn’t 
know: she’s not really a human, but more like a shape-shifting species 
that can take the form of any creature. Gardulla goes on to explain 
that she’ll sell Zam as a slave and feed Jango to the massive Krayt 
Dragon in the background. 

Once you start, the Gamorreans that had imprisoned you will attack. You 
don’t have any of your equipment right now, so all you can fight with 
is your fists. Fists don’t make a very good match against axes, so just 
let the dragon do your dirty work. The Krayt Dragon will mostly just 
stomp its feet and cause you or the guards to loose your balance if 
you’re close enough. Also, if it wants to, the dragon will charge and 
cause damage if it plows through you. What you can do is get close 
enough so that it’ll want to charge, and then dodge the beast so that 
the Gamorreans take the beating. Anyway, to get out of here, look for 
the drainage ditch on the left side of the arena. Luckily you still 
have your laser torch, so burn your way through to the outside area.

In the outside clearing, you’ll find a few civilians and a lone 
Gamorrean ready to attack. To your left is a hole that you can hop down 
to, but make sure you use the metal structure to break your fall. Watch 
out, because there are more Gamorreans down below. Drop down and take 
the passage out of this room. When it turns right, watch out for 
another guard right around the corner. Keep going to the next room and 
then enter the small room on your right, where you’ll find a Bacta 
Fluid Crate, a Cluster Missile and the rest of your equipment. Quickly 
switch to the Flamethrower to deep-fry the pigs as they chase you. 
Also, you’ll have another group of guards emerging from the hallway, 
including some guys shooting blue lasers. After you’ve killed them, a 
third group will emerge from the room in which you found your gear, 
Heavy Gunning Trandoshans among them. Stay by a doorway and roast them 
as they pass through. Luckily, enemies sometimes drop Bacta Fluid 
Crates when they die, so you should be set. Now use the door in the 
equipment room in which the last wave of guards came through.

Follow the passage to an open room. Creep out so that nobody notices 
you, and try to scan WARTOGG (1500, dead), the appropriately-named 
Gamorrean you see first. Now get ready for a big firefight. Fly out 
into the room and start blasting everyone. The room is pretty big, and 
it’s filled with a bunch of enemies as well as items. You’ll find Heavy 
Gunners and missile launching thugs on the catwalks above, and more on 
floor level. More thugs also appear from where you came in, as well as 
from the doorway at the far side of the room. You can shoot explosive 
fuel containers to help kill the enemies, or you can grab the Jetpack 
fuel and grenades on the ground and the missiles that the guards drop 
(I’d save missiles for the end). Now head over to the end of the room 
and use the doorway here, by the turret-mounted skiff. Head down the 
small passage here.

The next room is a marketplace. Normally, in a market, you’d expect 
vendors selling food items and customers having a good time (or maybe 
not, due to the general unpleasantness of an open market). Here though, 
the place is crowded with not only civilians, but a load of enemies, 
consisting mostly of Heavy Gunners, Gamorreans and missile troops. To 
add to the hell of this situation, you’ll need to tag four civilian 
bounties alive. Luckily, all four are found near the beginning, so you 
can mark them all before any enemy notices you, then quickly bag them 
before they get killed in the crossfire. They include KLATHA (Jawa, 
1000), ROMI MOOLA (the Twi’lek, 3000) and the two humans, REDGE DUNLAK 
and RIXES ANTAB (2400 and 3000, respectively). After they are safely 
claimed alive, invoke your wrath upon everyone else in the place. Watch 
out for a second party that shows up from behind you. There’s a Heavy 
Gun on the left side of the building that will help, and grenades here 
and there. After you’ve dealt with everyone, collect missiles and grab 
the health at the far end. Enter the door on your left here.

Grab a checkpoint down this passage. Keep going straight. After a door 
or two, you’ll encounter a Gamorrean, GRISSUK (3000, dead). Keep going 
and you’ll also find BALADDOK (2500, dead) shooting a blue laser at 
you. The dark room up ahead is a hangar swarming with Bando Gora 
slaves. Fly around the room as to get them all to notice you, and then 
land on a box so that they can’t reach you. Now ignite them in one big 
burn-fest. You’ll also find the SECRET, Jetpack fuel and health in 
between the boxes. After the Bando Gora, a group of guards will emerge 
into the room, including Heavy Gunners. Take them all out and then head 
back to the previous passage way.

Assuming your heading back to the marketplace, you’ll find a doorway 
along the passage on your right that was previously locked. Take this 
to get to another hangar. Once again, try to creep out before you’re 
noticed. VORKEESK (3000, alive) is the guy running around on your 
right, but watch out for Heavy Gunners, a missile trooper on the 
catwalk and a Gamorrean manning a turret on your left. More troops will 
appear, naturally, so stay on the catwalks to minimize the damage. You 
can also grab a Heavy Gun on the right end of the room. Make sure 
everyone is dead as sometimes more reinforcements appear from the 
doorway on the upper right-hand corner of the room. This door marks 
your exit, so watch out for stray Gamorreans. 

After hitting a checkpoint, use the next door to get to another prison 
cell area, like where you got your equipment. Kill the Gamorreans but 
tie up the Trandoshan, who’s GAHSEELIK (3000, alive). After killing the 
rest of the Gamorreans, another thug will drop down from the hole in 
the ceiling. This guy is RIKNAK (1500, dead). Fly up through the 
ceiling from where he dropped in from. Grab the checkpoint and head out 
through the door. Gardulla’s throne room is the huge arena to your 
left. Ahead of you is a door in which you can grab a last-minute Bacta 
crate, after killing the piggy committee. Now head for the arena.

Jango confronts Gardulla, who’s complaining about the loss of her 
guards. Jango snatches the medallion from around the Hutt’s fat neck, 
which is the key to her vault. Then he demands the whereabouts of 
Komari Vosa, but Gardulla laughs at him and assures Jango that he’ll 
never make it to her. Jango decides to send Gardulla Jabba’s final 
regards. In to the belly of the beast she goes. Now you have to get 
past Gardulla’s fifty-foot pet.

She is KRAYT DRAGON, hear her roar. The dragon itself isn’t too 
difficult, now that you’ve come prepared, but it can take an enormous 
beating. Still, you’re more in danger of being hit by a missile than 
being taken out by the dragon. Several missile-launching thugs surround 
the arena, so learn to dodge them. Remember that the Krayt Dragon will 
occasionally stomp or charge, causing you to lose your footing or take 
damage. Just lock on to it and fire all of your missiles, and then that 
snazzy Cluster Missile at her. If you have a Heavy Gun, use that too. 
All of this combined isn’t enough to level the beast, so finish her off 
with a spray of blaster fire. If you really want more missiles, you can 
fly around the platforms around the edges of the arena and gun down the 
guards for their ammo, but doing so tends to lead to accidents. 
Remember to stay airborne as much as possible, minimizing the chance of 
you tripping on a dragon stomp or getting plowed by a missile. 
Eventually, the Krayt Dragon will be no more. 

Jango will find the data within Gardulla’s vault. The information is 
encrypted and his encryption-decoding gear was destroyed back with his 
old ship on Oovo IV. So he’ll have to send the data to Roz so that she 
can decode the data. Later, Jango visits Zam’s cell. Zam tries to 
apologize, but Jango will have no more to do with her, so he leaves 

All by his lonesome, Jango speeds away from Tatooine. When he tries to 
contact Roz, she doesn’t reply. Montross shows up in her place, telling 
Jango that he’s got the data and the location of Vosa’s hidden moon. 
Jango tells Montross that he just signed his death warrant. Slave 1 
heads towards Outland Station. Meanwhile, Komari Vosa discusses the 
threat of Jango Fett, and ‘the one who shadows him’. She orders the 
Bando Gora to hunt them down and bring her their bodies.


Chapter 16: Moon of the Dead.


Jango arrives at Outland Station to find Roz dying. Jango tells her to 
hang in there, that he’ll get her out, but she says it’s too late. 
Montross set thermal charges in the station, so she tells Jango to 
escape while he still can. She tells him that Vosa is on one of the 
moons of Bogden, and she then gives him a recorder that she made to 
help Jango along the way. Roz dies in his arms, and he escapes from the 
station just before it is decimated. Jango then arrives on Bogden’s 
storm-swept moon, Kohlma. 

Kohlma once served as a burial moon for those who died in an ancient 
war. It’s now the location of Komari Vosa and her insidious cult, the 
Bando Gora. The moon is derelict and deprived of friendly life, filled 
instead with swarms of Bando Gora slaves. I can’t reiterate enough that 
the Flamethrower is the best thing you’ve got going against the Bando 
Gora. You won’t have to hunt for any secondary bounties on Kohlma, but 
there’s plenty of Bando Gora slaughtering to keep you busy.

You’re going to start right in front of your ship inside a gloomy 
hangar. I’ll tell you now that to escape the hangar, you need to open a 
door on the far end by pressing the control switch in front of you, so 
do that immediately while listening to the first segment of Roz’s 
recording. Immediately fly up to your ship after that, because you 
don’t want to be on floor level. The place is crawling with an endless 
supply of Bando Gora. You can either try to outrun them to the far end 
of the hangar, or you can stand on that platform in front of your ship 
and ignite the mindless zombies from out of their reach. After you’ve 
got a crowd cooking, make your escape to the far end of the hangar and 
fly down the passage on your left. Roz’s next message will warn you 
about the millions of Bando Gora slaves that you’ll find here. Grab the 
checkpoint at the end of the passage and enter the next hangar. Once 
again, you’ll need to press the button on the far end to open the door 
opposite from where you entered, but there’s no safe ground to avoid 
the Bando Gora. After you have the second door open, fly down the 
passage to another checkpoint.

Any followers should be burned at this point, because more enemies will 
show up at the end of the passage. Roast the two skull-wearing Bando 
Gora down here and then turn right down a ramp. There are four snipers 
hidden in the alcoves to either side of the ramp, so either be quick to 
run or be quick to gun. Look for health inside one of the sniper’s 
posts. Continue to the misty, uber-creepy area ahead.

This graveyard-like area consists of a main road down the center and 
several large burial buildings to either side. First off, you’re going 
to make your way to the very end of the main road and then you’re going 
to hop on top of the buildings to get to the next area. All the while, 
you’ll suffer assaults from all types of Bando Gora. Head down the 
foggy street and watch out for the snipers hidden to in the shadows, 
and the melee fighters roaming the street. Avoid the toxic water holes 
and proceed until you find a checkpoint at the top of a ramp. 

On the ramp, facing the road, look for a low building on your left with 
health on the roof. Fly over to it and land on the roof, but watch out 
for a sniper shooting at you from a building behind you. Now hop from 
building to building along this side of the street. You’ll probably see 
Bando Gora dancing around the buildings trying to reach you, but the 
only threat now is the snipers, so long as you stay on the rooftops. At 
the far end of the block, you can grab a checkpoint on the flat roof of 
a square building. Occasionally, you will find a regular Bando Gora 
zombie patrolling the rooftops, so watch out. Go as far as you can 
until you’re right next to that huge, spider web-shaped window. Hidden 
in the alley below is the SECRET, though it’s accompanied by a sinister 
skull-bearer. To get back up to the rooftops, jet up the side of the 
building with the flames inside. From the checkpoint location, you can 
probably make it to the bridge that sticks out from the other side of 
the street, with a Bacta Fluid Vial on it. Do so. From here, continue 
hopping roofs, but go back to the other end. Grab health when presented 
and keep going all the way to that metal structure at the end of the 

There’s another broken bridge with health on it that sticks out from 
the structure. Hop over there and kill the skull zombie hiding in here. 
Once inside the structure, fly up to a ledge higher up and then fly up 
to the very roof of the structure, high above the buildings below. Find 
the ladder and start climbing. From here, the metal structure has a 
segment that sticks out towards a tunnel in the cliff ahead. Fly over 
to the tunnel and weave your way through it to a checkpoint. Roz will 
give you a few nice compliments here through her recordings. Follow the 
steps downwards, but watch out for the stray Bando Gora and a sniper 
shooting at you from the open area ahead. 

The chilling open field ahead is defiled with a toxic contaminant that 
will eat through even your armor, causing gradual damage. To safely 
navigate through the area, you’ll need to fly from structure to 
structure, like in the last area. You’ll also want to avoid the Bando 
Gora zombies that thrive in the muck below, who, naturally, don’t care 
that they’re being killed by the layer of sludge. Start off by flying 
to the square block-like building on your right. Fly over to the next 
block and then to the sunken, skull statue. Far off in the distance is 
Montross’s ship, telling you that he obviously got here first. You can 
try to continue over in that direction, but there’s a shortcut you can 
take by heading over to the building on your left behind the formations 
that are so ominously reminiscent of a ribcage. From the skull, shoot 
the sniper on top of the building before continuing. Fly over to the 
platform that looks like an upturned table and then finally to the 
ribcage. Carefully jump over to grab the Sniper Rounds. Somewhere 
around here, Roz’s recoding will kick in one last time, to tell you 
that Montross has arrived at the station. Anyway, get to the roof of 
the large building and drop through the hole.

You’ll find a Bacta Fluid Crate, a Mandalorian Rage and a Heavy Gun. 
Save the gun for later (the Flamethrower is better against the Bando 
Gora anyway), when you may need it. Dive into the creepy hole below to 
a crypt. Burn the Bando Gora as they attack from the shadows of this 
dungeon. At the end of this room is a passage that goes to a second 
crypt, also filled with Bando Gora. Burn through their ranks and then 
fly up through the hole in the ceiling, marked by a dimly lit corner. 

You’ll emerge right in front of Montross’s red ship. Use the littered 
coffins on the ground to get to it safely. Search its innards for three 
missiles and a Bacta crate. Now head back out and hop over to the far 
end of the mucky field. At the end of the ruined bridge, grab a 
checkpoint and then fly over to the other side, where your rival awaits 

Jango confronts Montross, who’s standing in front of the gate to Vosa’s 
temple. Jango and Montross agree to have a death match, Mandalorian 
style. Like Jango, he’s now got a jetpack and full Mandalorian armor, 
as well as most of Jango’s weaponry. 

It’s time to show MONTROSS that you are the best, and always were. This 
time around, he won’t be so much of a cakewalk since he’s got most of 
the weapons that you do. The main difference between this and the last 
battles is his jetpack, which he can use to effectively maneuver around 
the arena. To match him, you can fly up to the top of the stone 
structures here and grab a few extra Jetpacks. Montross will use his 
blaster gun most of the time, but don’t let him get too far away or 
he’ll hurl a missile at you. Get within slapping range of him and he’ll 
knock you down and start stomping on you, so stay at a reasonable 
distance. Knock him around with your missiles, and then take out the 
Heavy Gun you found in the crypts. This should finish him off. If not, 
complete the job by using the powerful Sniper Rifle (locking on to him, 
of course), or your blasters. When he collapses, the level ends.

Rather than put Montross out of his misery, Jango decides to let him 
suffer by allowing the ravenous Bando Gora to rip him apart alive, limb 
by limb.


Chapter 17: Vosa’s Lair.


The rocky trail that was once followed by mourners now serves to lead 
the doomed slaves of Komari Vosa to her citadel. This is the path that 
you’ll take in order to infiltrate her temple. There will be plenty of 
Bando Gora to contend with, and this time you’ll be utilizing your 
jetpack more often as you work your way across the rocky chasms of 

Start walking down the path, and burn any Bando Gora along the way. An 
easy way to avoid them is to fly from rock to rock; staying elevated 
will prevent them from reaching you. As the path curves to the left, 
you can look inside a crevice along the left wall to find a Mandalorian 
Rage, along with a single Bando Gora. Now the trail turns right, to a 
wider area. Stay on the rocks and accumulate as large of an audience of 
Bando Gora as possible before deep-frying them. You’ll find more inside 
the small caves in the wall, which also contain health and grenades. On 
top of the pile of boulders at the end is a tunnel built into the wall 
that you should fly up to. Use the Flamethrower to mow down any Bando 
Gora that lurk in here, but watch out for the sniper. At the end of the 
tunnel are a checkpoint and the opening to a wide mountain valley.

Obviously, falling won’t do you good, so stay on the broken path, 
flying to the next segment when you need to. From the tunnel, use the 
Sniper Rifle or a similar weapon to kill all of the Bando Gora ahead on 
the path. Before flying over there, drop down to the ledge underneath 
you to your right and collect the missile, health and Sniper Rounds, 
but kill the Bando Gora first. From here you can make the flight to the 
structure ahead. The bridge itself is gone, so you have to fly to and 
from the structures that once supported it. Most of them are populated 
by Bando Gora, so take the time to kill them before flying over. For 
target practice, you can gun down those flying creatures that soar 
around the canyon. Anyway, keep traversing the canyon until you get to 
a narrow path that slides downwards to a small group of Bando Gora. 
Torch them as usual, and then fly around the large rock ahead to a 
small ledge next to a torch. Behind you is the SECRET, and on a ledge 
ahead of you are some grenades. Now fly upwards to get back up to the 
main path and continue, killing the Bando Gora and grabbing the Sniper 
Rounds. At the end of the canyon is a temple ledge with a checkpoint 
and a few Bando Gora on it. Grab onto the edge of the ledge so that the 
Bando Gora jump at you and fall to their deaths. Enter the temple door.

Inside, there’ll by a rock right in front of the doorway. Hop on and 
use it as high ground to safely incinerate the three Bando Gora skull 
slaves as they line up. The room is devoid of any more enemies, but 
there’s a door at the end almost ready to burst with Bando Gora. Flame 
them all as they crowd the area in front of you. There’s a sniper on 
the rocks to your right, so take him out with something else. There’s a 
ton of zombies to burn, and they can be hard to see in the shadowy 
room, despite their glowing eyes and electro-poles (for the skull-
wearers, anyway). There’s a hidden doorway to the left and behind the 
huge boulder in the back of the room that goes to a third dungeon. This 
room also has a large quantity of attackers. This time, just rush to 
the back of the room and fly up to the ledge on the wall, so nothing 
can reach you. The grated vent to the right of the Bando Gora skull 
symbol here lets you escape the room to the next area. Note though that 
in this room there’s a bunch of good items, like grenades, health and a 
Mandalorian Rage. 

Upon emerging from the little hole you burned through, drop down the 
hole in the floor and roast the welcoming committee. Grab the 
checkpoint and health and slide down the ramp to get back outside. Down 
the path here you’ll fight a large group of skull zombies, and there’s 
a sniper on a rock off to your right. There are also plenty of regulars 
to burn past. Like in the last canyon, you’ll need to hop across the 
gaps, but take the time to wipe out the zombies on wherever you’ll need 
to land next. At the end, you’ll reach Vosa’s citadel. You may need to 
land on the ledges below the doorway before you can fly up to the 
building’s entrance and grab the checkpoint. When you enter the citadel 
you’ll face a huge pack of Bando Gora. You can try to burn through them 
all, but eventually you’ll get knocked down and captured, which is 
supposed to happen. That ends this relatively short mission.

Just great. Jango’s been captured once again, and this time he’ll be 
subjected to torture by the Bando Gora. As Jango hangs from his 
restraint, Komari Vosa appears from the corridor, using her influence 
over her slaves to call them off Jango. Vosa straddles herself over 
Jango and demands to know who his employer is, but Jango won’t tell. 
When Vosa assures Jango that he’ll be her slave, all seems hopeless for 
him, until Zam Wesell shows up on the scene. Zam takes out the two 
Bando Gora slaves and then points her blasters at Vosa. She starts 
firing, but her shots are effortlessly deflected by Vosa’s twin 
lightsabers. Zam gets hits and collapses, but just as Vosa is about to 
deliver her a finishing blow, Zam shoots at Jango’s shackles and sets 
him free. He grabs his blasters and attacks Vosa, who is forced to 
retreat down the passage. After some dialogue between Jango and Zam, 
Jango suits up, and then goes after his five million credit prize.


Chapter 18: Final Confrontation.


Let’s hunt some Jedi, shall we? This level is the last level, but it’s 
short and simple. You don’t get any of your weapons except the default 
basics: ID Scanner, Whipcord, Fists, blasters and the Flamethrower (the 
only weapon you’ll need for the most part). Grab the Heavy Gun behind 
you if you want to try something new against the Bando Gora. During 
your plight through the citadel, you’ll hear Vosa’s voice broadcasted 
throughout the building, taunting you. 

Move on to the building ahead and enter it through the doorway on your 
right. Burn down the Bando Gora inside this crypt-like passage and look 
for a door on the right wall, after you turn left once. The rest of 
that passage contains some health. The door takes you to an open room 
where you’ll see Vosa leap across the gap and retreat through the 
doorway. There’s also a sniper and a few regular Bando Gora, so shoot 
them before they cause a problem. To get across, fly up to the top of 
the statue (Mandalorian Rage up here) on your right and jet across to 
the ledge. Grab the health and checkpoint and burn through the grated 

In this dungeon, clean out all the zombies and grab another Heavy Gun 
in the back (save this one for Vosa). Turn left and head to the path on 
the opposite corner. More slaves will attack through the mist, so set 
them ablaze. Continue to another dungeon (containing health), where you 
have to jet up through a hole above the rock in the middle of the room 
to proceed. Burn down this swarm of slaves and locate the next path in 
one of the corners. Keep burning through the Bando Gora and head all 
the way down the passage. After two right turns, you’ll find a Bacta 
Fluid Crate and the final SECRET. Go back and find a door on the right 
side of the passage. Enter it to grab a checkpoint and commence the 
battle with Vosa.

KOMARI VOSA obviously fights using her twin lightsabers. These 
dangerous weapons will slice through you like butter, so keep a good 
distance between yourself and Vosa. Besides their attacking purposes, 
the lightsabers can also be used defensively to deflect your laser 
blasts, which are the only weapons you can fight her with. If you shoot 
her and she’s swinging her sabers around, ceasefire or the shots will 
come back and hurt you. Wait for her to lower them, which is usually 
when she rushes forward to attack you. Use up your Heavy Gun first. 
After she takes some damage, she’ll dash up the steps and through a 
doorway to her throne room. Follow her and grab the checkpoint before 
finishing her off with a lot of blaster fire. Use the jetpack if you 
get cornered, and remember not to shoot when she’s swinging her 
lightsabers around her. After a lot of laser-pelting, she’ll be 
defeated. The psychotic woman will be then thrown upon the steps of her 
citadel by a surge of the Force. Congratulations, for beating Star 
Wars: Bounty Hunter.

So what will it be? Dead, or alive? As Vosa lies dying inside the 
citadel, Darth Tyranus appears and uses the Force to suffocate her. 
Congratulating Jango, he explains the reason that he put a price on 
Vosa’s head, knowing where she was all along. He needed to find someone 
like Jango, a warrior suitable to serve as the template to an army of 
cloned soldiers. For a great deal of money, Jango agrees to go with 
Tyranus to Kamino to be cloned, on the condition that Jango keeps the 
first clone for himself, unmodified…. Jango carries Zam to his ship, so 
that the pair can finally leave Kohlma.

So, the lesson we all should’ve learned from this game is; don’t smoke.

Anyway, if you’ve collected all the Secrets, gotten as much bounties as 
possible and completed the most missions, you’ll unlock some nifty 
secrets, like the Dark Horse Comic Book, Wizards of the Coast TCG 
Cards, Concept Art and Outtakes (my personal favorite is the ‘Nobody 
sees a Hutt without something to offer…’ outtake). 



Standard Weapons.
Fists: Jango can always use his fists as weapons, as he is a trained 
Mandalorian warrior. Although using your fists may seem like a last 
resort, it actually does quite a bit of damage, but is close range, 
obviously. A punch directly from behind will be an instant-kill neck 
WESTAR-34 Twin Dual Dallorian Alloy Blasters: In short, Jango’s 
blasters. These have unlimited ammunition and a decent rate of fire, so 
you’ll be relying on them the most in firefights. Because you have two, 
it’s possible to shoot to enemies at once, even if you have a lock on 
one of them. You can also fire one when your other hand is holding on 
to a ledge.
ID Scanner: Though not really a weapon, you’ll need this tool to scan 
for and mark bounties. You’ll need to use the ‘manual aim’ to activate 
the scanner.
Gauntlet Whipcord: The Whipcord is used to ensnare humanoid enemies and 
effectively subdue them for a short time. You’ll also need this to 
claim bounties alive.
Gauntlet Dartcaster: The Dartcaster is the perfect weapon when you need 
to be stealthy. This will fire a toxic dart that will instantly kill 
any non-mechanic, non-boss enemy, even a creature. The darts have 
limited ammo, and you can carry up to ten at a time.
Gauntlet Flamethrower: This weapon uses fuel from your Jetpack, so you 
can’t use it while flying. Also you must remain rooted to the spot 
while using this, but you can sweep the flame in a full circle around 
you. The Flamethrower will set enemies ablaze and deliver to them a 
quick, painful death. It is ideal for combating melee opponents, as 
they’ll walk right into the inferno.
Thermal Grenade: Hold the Fire Button down longer to throw grenades 
farther. Grenades bounce along the ground until they detonate; either 
after a few seconds or once they contact an enemy. The resulting 
explosion will take out large groups of enemies, though they aren’t as 
powerful as missiles. Limited in ammo, you can carry up to ten.
Sniper Rifle: The Sniper Rifle allows you to take out enemies that are 
at a great distance. In addition to using the Look Mode to snipe out 
opponents, you can also lock onto them and fire powerful shots at them. 
But when sniping, try to get head shots so that you’re guaranteed to 
kill them in a single shot. You can carry up to fifteen sniper rounds 
at any given time.
Jetpack-Mounted Missile: Missiles are powerful projectiles that explode 
with great force upon striking, of which will take out most enemies in 
the blast radius. If locked on to an enemy, missiles will home in on 
them, and if you’re using Look Mode, you can use the targeting icon to 
guide your missile. You can have up to ten missiles at a time.
Cluster Missile: These rare beauties function identically to the 
standard missiles, though soon after being fired, they split up into 
three separate missiles that annihilate any unfortunate soul in their 
way. There exist only three of these in the entire game.

Additional Weapons.
Heavy Gun: These heavy-artillery laser cannons have 99 shots that are 
fired in rapid bursts. The laser shots are also considerably stronger 
than your blasters. Ideal for killing large groups of enemies.
Grenade Launcher: Grenade Launchers carry 20 grenades that act 
similarly to Thermal Grenades. Though because they are fired rather 
than thrown, they have a greater distance.
Blaster Rifle: These rifles have 99 shots. They pack more punch than 
your regular blasters, but have a similar rate of fire. Also, you only 
get one at a time, unlike your blasters. 
Turret: After dispatching the stationary turret’s gunner, walk up to it 
and press Y to man it (and to get off it). You can fire the turret 
rapidly like your blasters, and they are quite powerful. However, they 
cannot be moved and they don’t turn in a full arch.

Bacta Fluid Vial: Restores 20% of your health.
Bacta Fluid Crate: Restores 100% of your health.
Sniper Rounds: Sniper Rifle magazine with six rounds.
Toxic Darts: Dartcaster clip with six rounds.
Thermal Grenade: Thermal Grenade round.
Triple Thermal Grenade: Thermal Grenade rounds found in a triple-pack.
Standard Missile: Jetpack-Mounted Missile round.
Cluster Missile: Cluster Missile round.

Jetpack: Extends the fuel life of your jetpack, but does not alter its 
flight ceiling.
Mandalorian Rage: Temporarily makes you invincible and heightens your 
rate of fire.

Checkpoint: Used as revival points when you die and continue.
Secret: Bonus item found in every mission.

Copyright 2005 Ryan N. Parra-Merrell