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Follow the dark path or use the light

Game Script

by DarkLink89

                            SKIES OF ARCADIA LEGENDS

                        Version 2.2 (June 26, 2008)
                    Created by Antonio Hernandez (DarkLink89)
                      Contact: Darkl89(at)gmail(dot)com
                     Copyright 2005-2008 Antonio Hernandez



1.  Introduction
 --- 1.1 About the Author
 --- 1.2 About this Guide
2.  Disclaimer
3.  Version History
4.  Prologue
5.  Characters
 --- 5.1 Vise & Friends
 --- 5.2 People Sorrounding Vyse
 --- 5.3 Valuan Empire & Armada
6.  The World of Arcadia
 --- 6.1 The Age of Great Voyages in the Sky
 --- 6.2 The World Under Six Moons
 --- 6.3 Air Pirates
 --- 6.4 Valuan Empire
 --- 6.5 Valuan Imperial Force
 --- 6.6 Organization of Valuan Empire
 --- 6.7 Moon Stones
 --- 6.8 The Energy that Dwells Within the Moon Stones
 --- 6.9 Magic
7.  Game Script
 --- 7.1 Alfonso's Ship
 --- 7.2 Aboard the Albatross
 --- 7.3 Pirate Isle
    - 7.3a The Tavern
 --- 7.4 Shrine Island
 --- 7.5 Valua's Surprise Attack
 --- 7.6 On the Road to Valua
 --- 7.7 Sailors' Island
 --- 7.8 Baltor the Black Pirate
 --- 7.9 The Grand Fortress
 --- 7.10 The Five Admirals
 --- 7.11 Lower City Valua
 --- 7.12 To the Rescue!
 --- 7.13 Saving Fina
 --- 7.14 Fina's Mission
 --- 7.15 The Beginning of a New Adventure
 --- 7.16 Maramba
 --- 7.17 The Temple of Pyrynn
 --- 7.18 The Red Gigas & the Lynx
 --- 7.19 Ixa'taka & Horteka
 --- 7.20 De Loco & The Chameleon
 --- 7.21 King Ixa'taka
 --- 7.22 Moon Stone Mountain
 --- 7.23 The Lost City of Gold
 --- 7.24 The Green Gigas
 --- 7.25 Gordo The Round
 --- 7.26 Separation
8.  Piastol Sidequest Script
 --- 8.1 Can you Help me?
 --- 8.2 The Angel of Death
 --- 8.3 Mendosa & Maria
9.  Bounties
 --- 9.2 Rupee of the Larso Clan
10. Epilogue
 --- 10.1 Dyne & Baltor
 --- 10.2 Centime & Gordo
 --- 10.3 Clara, Daigo & Jao and Mao
 --- 10.4 Lawrence & Don
 --- 10.5 Brabham & Hans
 --- 10.6 Belle & Khazim
 --- 10.7 Tikatika & Domingo
 --- 10.8 Osman & Kalifa
 --- 10.9 Ismael & Kirala
 --- 10.10 Polly & Urala
 --- 10.11 Ryu-kan & Ilchymis
 --- 10.12 Marco & Robinson
 --- 10.13 Pow & Merida
 --- 10.14 Moegi & Pinta
 --- 10.15 Drachma, Enrique & Gilder
 --- 10.16 Vyse, Aika & Fina
11.  Credits and Thanks
12.  Legal Stuff
13.  The Last Word  

REMINDER: Ctrl + F is your best friend (Windows only). Just type any of
the sections numbers and your computer will take you there directly.


============================== 1.1 ABOUT THE AUTHOR ==========================

Hi, my name is Antonio Hernandez and I'm 19 years old (as of writing). I've 
been playing video games since I was 5 years old so they have always been a big
part of my life. DarkLink89 (really dumb name because I couldn't think of
anything else back at that time) was the first account I created when I joined
GameFAQs back in 2002. I'm a pretty active user so you probably have seen me
posting in the boards from time to time. I also use the same username over at
Neoseeker so if you see me sometimes, don't be afraid to drop me a few words.

============================ 1.2 ABOUT THIS GUIDE ============================

I decided to write this document because I'm completely in love with Skies of
Arcadia Legends. Skies of Arcadia has to be the best RPG you can find in the
Gamecube if you ask me. The characters are likable and the story is pretty
interesting. One day, I was browsing the internet looking for a script
of this game. Since almost every RPG has once written for it, I thought my
search was going to be easy. After a while, I realized no one has written one
for Skies. That's when I decided to get off my ass and take matters into my own

So yeah, that's pretty much how this story goes.

Damn, I really suck at storytelling.


This entire document is (C) 2008 Antonio Hernandez, except in areas where
is noted. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of
this guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited
to posting on your website, making links to my guide, including parts of my
guide in your own, or making reference to any material contained within.
This document also contains a lot of spoilers, so don't bother complaining to
 me if I "ruined" the game for you.

All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me
at Darkl89(at)gmail(dot)com to enquire about gaining permission to use this
document. I'll let you host this as long as you give me full credit.

The following sites are permitted to host this document:

-  GameFAQs (
-  Neoseeker (
-  Super Cheats (

The following sites aren't allowed to host my works in any way or form:

-  911 Codes (
-  9 Lives (
-  Bean's Playstation Dimension (
-  Cheat CC (
-  Cheat Database (www.cheat-database.cooomm))
-  Cheat Index (
-  Cheat Matrix (
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-  Cheat Stop (
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-  Square Haven (
-  Ultimate System (www.flatbedexpress.cccoomm)
- (

Thanks to Michael Sarich from the message boards for this

You can also read more about this in Section 12.


Version 1.0: I finished writing the first part of the Game Script. This
             includes Chapters 6.1 to 6.19 and 7.1.             
Version	1.1: I got a few more chapters done. I also added the credits.
Version 1.2: I finished Section 5. I also added Section 8 (and 8.1).
             I also added chapter 6.22 (it's not finished yet though).
Version 2.0: I redesign the header of this document and I added a new
             disclaimer. I also changed some of the section's numbers.
             Chapter 7.22 is finally finished. I also added chapter 7.23
             but it's incomplete right now. Section 1 was finally finished.
             I also added a new section, Section 6.
Version 2.1: Added Section 10 - Epilogue - written by DemolitionSquad.
Version 2.2: I finished Chapter 7.23 (finally!). I also added 7.24 and 7.25.
             Started 7.26. Also, the epilogue section titles are now grouped
             by class. (Thanks for the suggestion DemolitionSquad)


The skies that extend beyond limit.
People live on floating islands,
and fly their ships to the skies they have yet to see.
In this world, the "sky" is everything.
In the sky is where they live, trade, and battle.

The sounds of cannons roar in the sky,
and the emblem of the skull flutters.
Air Pirates - A band of armed folks
that display their belief in that flag,
search for uncharted worlds and stronger enemies,
and fly freely in the sky.

Young Air Pirate Vyse, together with his partner Aika,
attacks a battleship of the Valuan Empire.
The two meet a captive, a girl by the name of Fina.
Though she was rescued, she would not give anything
but her name...

Later, the Valuan Empire, the strongest military nation
in the world, sends a fleet to the Pirate Isle,
where young Vyse lives.
After a raid in midday, the Air Pirates are captured,
and Fina also was taken by the Empire.

Vyse and Aika, who escaped the raid,
vow to rescue their friends,
and head for the Valuan Empire.

There is an endless sky ahead of the two...


(taken from the game manual. What?, I'm lazy)

============================= 5.1 VYSE & FRIENDS =============================

Vyse: The main character of Skies of Arcadia Legends. A young boy of the
      Blue Rogue. Handles two cutlasses with both hands. Full of curiosity,
      and very fearless.

Aika: A childhood friend of Vyse who rides on the same pirate ship.
      Straightforward and frank,she will clearly say what she likes and what
      she doesn't like. Even the pirate friends admired her agility and skill
      with her boomerang.

Fina: A girl who, with certain events, takes action with Vyse. Very quiet,
      but the smile she shows at times makes you feel her kind heart. She
      wears clothes of a foreing world, but no one, not even Vyse knows where
      she is from.

Cupil: A mysterious creature that can change its shape at will. It appears to
       be a friend of Fina from her childhood. Normally it is in the shape of
       bracelet. But during a battle, it changes its shape to a weapon, such
       as a sword, to attack the enemies and to protect Fina.

Drachma: An old sailor Vyse meets in his adventure. Long ago he lost his eye
         and arm to a huge arcwhale called Rhaknam, and ever since he has
	 made capturing Rhaknam his only purpose in his life. His experience
	 as a sailor is excellent and is very skilled. But with blunt
	 attitude, he continues to sail alone on his ship "Little Jack."

Little Jack: The middle size ship which captain Drachma has sailed with for
	     a long time. The ship itself is an old model, but the armor
             and cannons have been strenghtened to be able to battle against
             the large battleships.

Gilder: Captain of the Pirate ship "Claudia," with free life as his motto.
        He wanders the skies in search pof vast treasures, beautiful women,
        and "excitement." One can easily see him as a light-spirited man,
        cracking jokes at any occasion. But in reality, even the other
        Pirates and Valuans recognize his skills.

Claudia: Speedy sailboat of Gilder. By unfurling sails on the ground of both
         sides, it is able to sail faster than a normal sailboat.

=========================== 5.2 PEOPLE SORROUNDING VYSE ======================

Dyne: Cool and self-possesed captain of the "Albatross." He is also the head
      of the Blue Rogues, who makes the Pirate Isle as his base, and is also
      Vyse's father. H eis trusted by his crew, and he also takes the role as
      the mayor of the island.

Baltor: Evil and attrocious Black Pirate. Aboard "BlackBeard", he attacks
	merchant vessels with no mercy. He is the first foe Vyse meets for
	the ship battle.

Piastol: A.k.a, the Angel of Death. With a gigantic scythe, she is feared by
         Air Pirates as a bounty hunter who "finishes them off." Very quiet
	 and cold hearted.

=========================== 5.3 VALUAN EMPIRE & ARMADA =======================

Teodora: The Empress of the Valuan Empire. With a strong lust for conquest
	 and exclusive possesion, she has the ambition to conquer the entire
	 world. Very self-righteous and hysteric, she cannot stand anything
	 that goes against her wishes.

Enrique: The son of Empress Teodora, and the Prince of the Valuan Empire. In
	 the military country at Valua, he insist on making friendly
         relationships with other countries. He has a ver strong sense of
	 justice, but is also rather fainhearthed.

Galcian: The Lord of the Empire who holds the right to command the entie
	 Armada. Always self-possesed, he has excellent ability to command.
	 With an Armada and Admirals full of personality under command, he is
	 feared not only by the pirates but by nearby nations as well.

Ramirez: As Vice Captain, he has sworn absolute royalty to Lord Galcian. Very
	 taciturn man, who rarely shows emotion. Very skilled on both sword
	 and magic, as his lightning quick swordhandling is poweful enough
	 to defeat an enemy in one strike.

Alfonso: The Admiral of the First Fleet of the Armada. Within the priviledged
	 classes of the Valuan Empire, he is from a distinguised aristrocatic
	 family. He is still young among the members of Armada, but he
	 considers anyone who is not noble class less than human.

Gregorio: The Admiral of the Second Fleet of the Armada. Oldest among the 
          five. He has served the Valuan Empire from the time of the previous
	  Emperor, as his loyalty to the Empire is very high.

Vigoro: The Admiral of the Third Fleet of the Armada. A man of ver large
	stature, nearing 7 feet tall. His motton is "offense is the best
	defense," as he takes pride in greatest fire power among the Armada.
	Also, he is too fond of women, as he cannot stand but to employ 
	every means to win the heart of a beutiful women whenever he sees

Belleza: The Admiral of the Fourth Fleet of the Armada. The only female
	 Admiral in the Armada, as she is skilled in magic. On the other
	 hand, she despises the battle that relies only on force, as her way
	 is to make use of information to work out a plan and to win
	 without fighting.

De Loco: The Admiral of the Fifth Fleet of the Armada. A mechanical freak who
	 develops multiple weapons. He rides on his flagship with numerous
	 anomalous cannons, as he has absolute confidence in the machinery
	 he has developed. Therefore, if anyone tries to damaged his
	 machinery, he would chase him to the end of the world to torture
	 him to death.


(Also taken from the game manual. Yeah, it describes everything perfectly)

================== 6.1 THE AGE OF GREAT VOYAGES IN THE SKY ===================

In this world, the sky is everything. People live on "islands (continents)"
that float in the sky, and fly ships to make a living. The sky is the place
to live, trade, and to battle. It is truly "the Age of Great Voyages" in the
skies. People build sophisticated ships to travel beyond the known sky.

======================= 6.2 THE WORLD UNDER SIX MOONS ========================

In this world, there are six moons, with colors in green, red, purple, blue,
yellow, and silver. Each moon floats separately in a permanent location in
the sky. Each moon has its own attributes: life, fire, ice, wind, thunder
and void, and each island (continent) under the moon receives its effect to
develop distinctive cultures. From the Ocean where Vyse and co. live, to the
desert continent of Nasr which is under the effect of red moon, and to Valuan
Empire which receives the effects of yellow moon to build a highly civilized
culture of electricity, you will meet various cultures through your voyage.
The rumor has it that there is a continent of greens, or legendary continent,
somewhere in the world. It's Vyse's dream to discover them.

============================== 6.3 AIR PIRATES =============================== 

The "Air Pirates" are a group of people that live somewhere in the sky and
appear everywhere in the world. The pirates own their distinct pirate ships,
display their belief in the flag of skull, and fry freely in the sky. By
characteristics, there are two types of Air Pirates: the Black Pirates and
the Blue Rogues. The Black Pirates hoist a black-skulled flag, and attack
indiscriminately to kill and steal treasures. On the other hand, the Blue
Rogues hoist a blue-skulled flag. They do not attack unarmed ships such as
merchant vessels. They attack ships that are larger than theirs, such as
battleships, and they take pride in their actions. One can call them a kind
of chivalrous robbers. Vyse, the main character of the story is a member of
Blue Rogues called "Dyne Family."

The Six Codes of Blue Rogues:

1. Always Be Audacious
2. Make Decisions Swiftly!
3. Take Treasures and Be Thankful!
4. Do Not Tolerate Cowardly Acts!
5. Always Challenge He Who Is Stronger than You!
6. Never Give Up!

============================= 6.4 VALUAN EMPIRE ==============================

To the north of Pirate Isle, where Dyne Family lives, lies the continent of
Valua. And the country that prospers on the continent is the military country
of Valuan Empire. The continent of Valua is covered by thick, dark clouds
throughout the year, therefore it is a very dark land. The Valuan Empire is
also a very industrial country, thanks to the "Yellow Moon Stones" which are
filled with electrical power. In Valua, Empress Teodora holds the absolute
power, and people of the noble class enjoy the luxorious, modern life. On
the other hand, the people in the lower class live in poverty. Although the
disparity in wealth is great, the power of the country is great compared
to neightboring nations. The Imperial Capital is built at the cliff of the
inflexed landscape. On one side lies the Upper City, where the noble class
lives; on the other side lies the Lower City, which consists of industrial
sections and slums. On the island at the center of bay soars the Imperial
Palace of Empress Teodora.

========================= 6.5 VALUAN IMPERIAL FORCE ==========================

Unlike other ships such as Dyne Family's Albatross, Valuan Empire owns steel
battleships that do not rely on winds, thanks to high technology made possible
by the effects of the Yellow Moon. The Imperial Fleets, which they call
Armada, take pride in their overwhelming mobility and power, as they present
threat to the Air Pirates and others.

===================== 6.6 ORGANIZATION OF VALUAN EMPIRE ======================

Valuan Empire is a military country with Empress Teodora as the top. Under
Empress Teodora, there is an invincible Armada with 5 fleets, serving to
conquer the world.

          EMPRESS TEODORA ======================= PRINCE ENRIQUE
                ||              Mother & Son
ARMADA          ||
            LORD GALCIAN  ======================= VICE CAPTAIN RAMIREZ
                ||           Direct Subordinate
||             ||             ||             ||            ||
||             ||             ||             ||            ||
  1st Admiral    2nd Admiral    3rd Admiral    4th Admiral   5th Admiral    
    Alfonso       Gregorio        Vigoro         Belleza       De Loco

============================== 6.7 MOON STONES ===============================

The rocks that fall from the Moons, they are called "Moon Stones". The
Moon Stones contain a great amount of energy, as they are used as fuels for
everyday living and for floating ships. It is no exaggeration to say that the
Moon Stones support this world. They are traded for a high price. The energy
of Moon Stones reflect on their color. For example, Moon Stones that fell
from the Green Moon, which presides over "life," have power that affects on
life, as they can heal wounds as well as produce poisons. The Moon Stones
from the Red Moon, which presides over "fire," can create flames on one end,
while they can affect on people to raise their attacking and defending powers.
Likewise, the purple Moon Stones have the power of "ice," the yellow Moon
Stones - "lightning," the blue Moon Stones - "wave," and the silver Moon
Stones - "void." The weapons of this world are all created from the Moon
Stones, as by changing their colors the corresponding attributes can be given.
For example, with red swords, you can give the burning damage to the enemies.

============= 6.8 THE ENERGY THAT DWELLS WITHIN THE MOON STONES ==============

Moon Stones can not only give attributes to the weapons for attacking, but
also are realted closely to the magic in this world. It is very important to
understand the power of each Moon Stone.

Red Moon Stone: Contains the power of flame to brun all. It also has power to
                raise abilities.

Blue Moon Stone: Contains the power of wind. It also has power to alter

Yellow Moon Stone: Contains the power of lightning. It also has power to
                   weaken opponents.

Green Moon Stone: Contains the power that works upon life force. It has power
                  to heal wounds and create poison.

Purple Moon Stone: Contains the power of ice. It also has effects that
                   influences the mind of the opponents.

Silver Moon Stone: Contains the power of void. With special power created from
                   nothingness, it presides over life and death.

================================= 6.9 MAGIC ==================================  

In this world, there exists a kind of magic. When you cast magic, you can
give damage to the enmies with various types of energy, such as fire, thunder,
and ice. There are six types in all, and have the same effect as the Moon
Stones. Each magic is called by its attributing color, such as "Red Magic,"
"Purple Magic," etc. Naturally, skilled casters can wiled stronger magics.
The magic and Moon Stones are closely related, as by using the weapons of
attributing color, the user receives the power to wield the magic of the same


============================= 7.1 ALFONSO'S SHIP =============================

[The game begins with a brief scene showing the full moon, after that the 
 camera pans down to show a gigantic metal airship chasing a girl in white on 
 another ship.  The game goes inside the big battleship where a person wearing
 luxury clothes is standing.]

Alfonso: Hah hah hah... We finally found her...

Vice Captain: Admiral Alfonso, her ship's in range of our cannons.

Alfonso: Excellent. Prepare to fire Concussion Shells on my command but avoid
         hitting her ship directly. We need her alive so we can "question"
         her. Fire!

[Alfonso's airship starts shooting cannons at the girl's ship. After the girl's
 ship is hit a few times, she falls uncouncious.]

Vice Captain: Your Excellency, the girl has been knocked unconcious, but she's
              unharmed. She's been taken aboard our ship.

Alfonso: Hah hah hah hah. The Empress will be very pleased with me. I'm sure
         to be rewarded... rather handsonly, I might add.

[Alfonso's ship suddenly shakes for no reason.]

Alfonso: What? Where did that come from? It sounded like an explosion. Status
         report, now!

Observation Soldier: T... the lower hull has been hit! Someone is attacking us!

Alfonso: Attacking us?! Who would dare attack a vessel of the Imperial Armada?

Observation Soldier: There's a small ship hiding in the clouds off port side!
                     Th... that flag... Air Pirates!!!

[Another airship comes out of the clouds. Some pirates start throwing hooks to
 ties themeselves to the Imperial Armada ship. A pirate wearing blue is looking
 from atop lookout tower when he jumps down to the Armada ship]

Valuan Soldier: Air Pirate Scum! Don't you know that we're Valuan Imperial

Vyse: Of course I know. That's why we attacked your ship. You guys have the
      best stuff.

[Some lights get turned on]

Vyse: I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues! And in a few minutes, I'll be relieving you
      of all your valuables!

Valuan Soldier: Heh heh... Attacking us all by yourself? You're either
                incredible brave or incredible stupid. We'll be tossing you

Aika: Wait for me!!

[A redhead girl jumps down behind Vyse]

Aika: Vyse, you left without me! I'm not going to let you have all the fun.
      Oh, hi. I'm Aika. I'm a Blue Rogue like Vyse... And we're robbing you.

Valuan Soldier: You dare mock the Valuan Empire with your insolence? Kill them!
                And toss their corpses over the side!!


Vyse: There's no point in resisting. Throw down your weapons and hand over your

Valuan Soldier: Imbeciles! What do the two of you think you can do against the
                five of us? Take 'em out!

[A Valuan Soldier gets shot and goes down. A man appears with his gun pointing
directly at the remaining soldiers]

Dyne: I think you miscounted. I only see four of you.

Vyse: Dad!

Dyne: We'll take care of these guys. Make your way to the bridge and shut down
      the engines. And, when we're out here, remember, it's "Captain"... not
      "Dad" Got it?

Vyse: Yeah, yeah... Aye aye "Captain." Heh...  Aika, shall we go introduce 
      ourselves to the captain of this ship?

Aika: I'm ready when you are!

Vyse: Alright! Let's go find the bridge!

[Vyse and Aika run down to the bridge where they meet Alfonso and his Vice
 Captain who is carrying the unconcious girl on his shoulder]

Alfonso: Well... Well... Air Pirates have decided to... infest my ship.
         I am Alfonso, cherised son of Valua's most distinguished family, and
         an Admiral of the Imperial Armada. Normally, lowlifes such as yourself
         would never have the opportunity to bask in such greatness. Consider
         yourselves fortunate.

Vyse: Yeah...right... Who's the girl? I never though someone of your... stature
      would stoop to kidnapping.

Alfonso: Hah! You're very observant for a Rogue. However I cannot waste my time
         dealing with you! I simply must get going. I think I shall have you
         exterminated like the pests you are... Dispose of them!

[Two Guards attack Vyse and Aika]


Alfonso: What? How did you defeat my soldiers! Heh... If you want my ship that
         badly, you can have it. I'll get another. I am very busy. I do not
         have time to  deal with your personality. Now, if you'll excuse me...

[Alfonso walks through a door and leaves]

Alfonso: Hah! You'll never get through this door! I've lock it from this side!
         So long, Rogue. Hah hah hah!

[After that, we see a big metal door opening in the room where Alfonso is 

Vice Captain: Your Excellency, the sun is up and visibility is good. The
              preparations for your escape have been completed.

Alfonso: Good work. I have finished my preparations as well... Preparations
         to dispose of a traitor.

Vice Captain: W... What?

[The Vice Captain turns around to face Alfonso and he suddenly takes a step
 back in fear]

Vice Captain: P...Please! Your Excellency!!! What are you doing?!

[Alfonso points his rapier directly at the Vice Captain]

Alfonso: I cannot tell the Empress that I lost my ship to the Air Pirates in
         a fair fight. I am going to need a scapegoat and you'll do quite 
         nicely. To keep my glorious reputation from being tarnished, you must
         be sacrifice...

Vice Captain: N...No! You can't do this!

[Alfonso tosses the Vice Captain overboard]

Vice Captain: Aaaaaaahhhh!

[Alfonso puts down his rapier]

Alfonso: Even in death, he'll serve me well. I can't wait to tell the Empress
         "But Empress, my own Vice Captain betrayed us and allowed the Air
         Pirates on board. I could do naught but dispose of the traitor myself"

Voice: So this is how Valua treats it's people.

Alfonso: What?!

[Alfonso turns around and he sees Vyse and Aika with the uncouncious girl]

Vyse: Now that we're taken control of your ship, we'll be taking the girl as
      well. There's just one more thing I need to do.

[Vyse goes into a battle stance]

Vyse: After seeing you kill an unarmed man in cold blood, I can't allow you to
      walk away from this. Draw your blade, Alfonso!

Alfonso: Hah... An uncivilized Rogue such as yourself wants to challenge me?
         You aren't worth my effort, but perhaps you'd like to meet one of my
         pets. Come, Antonio!

[A door gets destroyed and a mechanical bull comes out of it]

Vyse: What? What is that thing?!

Alfonso: He's my personal war beast. I was going to leave him here, but it 
         seems I've found a use for him after all. Antonio! Tremple the 
         pests... and make their deaths as painful as possible.


Alfonso: Bah! Perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye. Well, Vyse of
         the Blue Rogues... You will rue the day... the day you stood against
         the Valuan Empire. We shall meet again.

[Alfonso leaves in his lifeguard ship leaving Vyse, Aika, and the girl behind 
 with the Armada's ship]

Aika: You coward! What kind of a commander sacrifices his own men and his ship
      to run from a fight? Well, even though he was a coward, he was a coward
      with gold...

Vyse: True... I suppose that the ship and everything on it officially belongs
      to us now.

Aika: We haven't had a catch this big for quite some time! The people back home
      are going to be impressed. And look at this girl, I've never seen anyone
      dressed like that before.

Vyse: You're right, She sure doesn't look like she's from around here. I wonder
      why Valua as trying to kidnap this girl in the first place.

Aika: Hmm... I wonder where she's from...

================================= END SCENE ==================================

========================= 7.2 ABOARD THE ALBATROSS ===========================

[We now see a room that's completely white and only has a table and a chair]

1st Voice: This place... Am I... Am I home?

2nd Voice: Fina... You... replace... Rami... the... Moon...

1st Voice: Elder...

2nd Voice: However, watch... yourself... do not... allow... trust...

1st Voice: Elder...

[The screen turns black]

Aika: How is she, Vyse?

Vyse: Hmm... her breathing's more regular now. I think she'll be alright.

[Aika and Vyse appear to be looking down at the unconncious girl]

Aika: Hey! Look! She's coming too...

[The girl wakes up]

Girl: Wh... Where am I?

Vyse: You're aboard aour ship, the Albatross. I'm Vyse. Don't worry, there
      aren't any Valuans troops around, so you'll be safe here.

Girl: Y...yes. Um... Thank you very much.

Aika: Haha... you don't need to thank us! The Blue Rogues are always there
      to help people! My name is Aika, it's nice to meet you. Hey, could you
      tell us your name?

Girl: My name... my name is Fina.

*IF YOU CHOOSE "So, where are you from, exactly?" *

Vyse: Fina... So, where are you from, exactly?

Fina: ......

Aika: Vyse! She just woke up! You don't need to start interrogating her right
      away!! See? Now she's scared.

Vyse: Sorry, sorry! I didn't mean any harm...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "That's a strange name" *

Vyse: Fina... uh? That's a strange name.

Fina: Really Oh... I'm sorry...

Aika: That was really smooth, Vyse. Don't you know how to treat a lady?! Sheesh
      Didn't Cap'n Dyne teach you that sailor are supposed to be gentlemen?!

Vyse: Sorry... sorry! I didn't mean any harm...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "That's a great name" *

Vyse: Fina... huh? It's a great name... it's so... so feminine

Fina: R... really? You think so?

Vyse: Geez, you try and compliment someone and nothing... No reaction 

Aika: Ahahaha! Vyse, that wasn't much of a compliment. Looks like you have a
      lot to learn about women...

[Fina laughs]


Fina: ... Umm... excuse me, but I have a question, What exactly is an Air...
      Air Pirate?

[Vyse and Aika look at each other surprised after hearing that question]

Aika: What? You were out sailing all by yourself and you don't know what
      Air Pirates are?

Fina: Oh... I... I'm sorry... it's my first time travelling.

Vyse: Basically, Air Pirates are sailors that attack other ships and steal
      their cargo.

Fina: Attack?!

Aika: Ahaha... You don't have to worry about us. We're "Blue Rogues." See, Air
      Pirates are divided into two factions: The Blue Rogues and the Black
      Pirates. The Black Pirates will attack anything in the sky... especially
      merchant vessels and unarmed ships. However, we Blue Rogues only take
      cargo from armed ships, especially the Imperial Armada.

Vyse: We rob from the rich and keep the gold. But we use the gold to save 
      people that need our help. That's why we helped you. Don't worry, we
      aren't trying to kidnap you or anything. Just relax and enjoy the trip.

Fina: Um... sure...

Dyne over the talking tube: Vyse, Aika... How long are you going to sit there
                            chitchatting? Come to the bridge now.

Aika: Oh no! I completely lost track of time!

Vyse: Oh well... I guess that means we have to go. Alright Fina, we'll see
      you later! Try and get some rest.

[Vyse and Aika leave Fina alone in the room. Vyse then goes to the bridge 
 of the Albatross where he finds Dyne]

Dyne: Vyse, you're late! You know the routine, swab the decks... And they
      better be clean.

Vyse: But... but Dad!! I was only a little late!!

Dyne: On a ship, being a little late can cost lives. And one more thing...
      while we're on board, it's not "Dad", its "Captain" got it?

Vyse: Yeah, yeah... I got it.

Dyne: We're heading home to Pirate Isle. Go report to Briggs... see if he needs
      you for anything.

[Vyse reports to Briggs]

Briggs the Vice Captain: Oh, there you are, Vyse. You finally decided to join
                         us on the bridge, huh? Well, we're heading back home
                         to Pirate Isle. Alright, let's get moving then. Full
                         speed ahead to Pirate Isle!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================== 7.3 PIRATE ISLE ===============================

[The scene starts with Fina walking and looking around the deck of the 
 Albatross when Vyse appears behind her]

Vyse: Hey Fina. How are you feeling?

Fina: I'm feeling much better. Thank you for your concern.

Vyse: Heh... no problem. I'm just happy to see that you're well. Looks like
      we'll be reaching the island soon.

Fina: ... Island?

Vyse: You can see it right over there. That's our base... Pirate Isle.

Fina: Pirate Isle...

[Fina looks down and she sees Pirate Isle. A big door opens on the bottom part
 of Pirate Isle so that the Albatross is able to enter it. The door closes.
 On the underground dock, we see the pirates ogling at the treasure they just
 stolen from Alfonso's ship]

Timmus the Gunner: Weapons, armor, gold... Now THIS is a great catch! One of
                   our best yet!

Mabel the Raider: Tonight, we should celebrate!

Everyone: Yeah!!!

Aika: Well Fina, this is what we do! What do you think?

Fina: Well... It centainly looks challenging.

Aika: Hahaha... challenging, huh... Well, now that you mention it, it isn't
      easy, but it is fun!

Vyse: This is the Underground port outside of Pirate Isle. From the outside,
      this island looks like a quite, peaceful village but the inside of the
      island is where our headquarters is located.

Aika: There are armories, shops, and even a tavern inside here. Come on, we'll
      give you a tour.

Dyne[from outside his office]: Vyse! Come to my office inmediately, and bring
                               that girl with you.

[Dyne goes into his office]

Aika: Vyse... I wonder what that was all about.

Vyse: ... I'm not sure, but we'd better hurry. You know how my dad gets when
      we're late.

-7.3a THE TAVERN:--------------------------------------------------------------

(This scene only appear if you enter the tavern before going to Dyne's office)

[Timmus the gunner, Patch the Deckhand and Mabel the Raider are drinking loqua
 and having a prty when the group comes in]

Air Pirates: Cheers!

Timmus the Gunner: Haha... Loqua sure does hit the spot. Captaim Dyne really
                   does know how to pick his Loquat Berries! This stuff is 

Patch the Deckhand: Heh... it's been a while since we've taken over an Armada
                    Flagship. We deserve to take a little break now and then.

Mabel the Raider[looking at Timmus]: Hmm? Should you be sitting here drinking
                loqua with the rest of us when you've got a beautiful,
                hard-working wife for you at home?

Timmus the Gunner: Hey! There's nothing wrong with relaxing with friends after
                   a hard day's work!

Aika: My, oh my... This place sure is full... Fina, this is our tavern...
      They serve all kinds of drinks here: nectars, juices, loqua...

Fina: Um... Excuse me, but what exactly is "loqua"?

Vyse: WHAT?! Fina... you really don't know what loqua is?

Fina: Well... um... I don't know exactly, but it appears to be a really good
      tasting drink of some kind. Everyone seems to be drinking it so
      fervently... it must be delicious.

Mabel the Raider: You want to share a bottle of Mur Loqua with us? It's made
                  from Loquat Berries and Moon Stones. It's just a juice, but
                  it tastes great!

Aika: Nonononononon! We don't have time to just sit around right now! We have
      to go talk to the Captain!

Fina: Why? Are we not suppopsed to be here?

Aika: Well, the Cap'n is always getting on our case for being late and stuff...
      I really don't want to get into more trouble today...

Vyse: Heh... Yeah, my dad can get pretty worked up when he's mad. We wouldn't
      want him to have a heart attack now, would we?

Aika: Haha... you're so mean to your dad, you know that Vyse?... We should
      probably get going. Your dad's waiting for us.

[The group leaves the tavern and they go directly to Dyne's office]

Vyse: Vyse and Aika reporting for duty. And we've brought Fina like you

Dyne: Hmph... you're a little late. I'll let it slide this time... Come on 
      over. Young lady, I am Dyne, the Captain of the Blue Rogues. There are
      a few questions that I want to ask you. Will you answer them for me?

Fina: Of... of course.

Dyne: I've been sailing for a very long time, but I've never come across anyone
      wearing clothes like yours. What country are you from and why were you
      travelling alone out there?

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Defend Fina" *

Vyse: Dad, you're worrying too much. Fina is just a normal girl.

Dyne: ...Vyse. Even though I am your father, I am also the leader of the Blue
      Rogues. Therefore, it is my duty to not only protect the safety of my
      family, but the safety of my crew as well. If this girl is a danger of
      any sort to you or any of my men, I cannot let her live.

Aika: But... but...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Sit quietly and listen" *

Vyse: ......

Aika: Cap'n Dyne, you worry to much. Fina is just a normal girl.

Dyne: Silence, Aika. I am the captain here. It is my duty to protect the safety
      of my family and crew. If this girl is a danger of any sort to you or any
      of my men, I cannot let her live.

Aika: But... but...


Dyne: ... Fina... It is your turn to speak.

Aika: Fina...

Fina: I... I cannot say.

Dyne: Why is that? Is it because we are Air Pirates? Don't you trust us?

Fina: No, that has nothing to do with it. I thank you with all my heart for
      saving my life but I cannot tell any living soul about the purpose of my
      quest. Even if it means sacrificing my own life. I ahve no intentions of
      endangering any of your lives. If you believe anything that I say, please
      believe this.

Dyne: ...... Alright then. Heh... looks like I lost this one. I understand your
      dilemma, and I can see in your eyes that you are true to your word. 
      Although we're Air Pirates, we also have a strong sense of honor. You do
      not need to divulge the details of your quest. Understand that you now
      have my trust... Be careful that you not lose it.

Fina: Captain Dyne... Thank you kindly. I will not dissapoint you.

Dyne: Vyse. Aika... Bring the girl... Fina topside and give her a tour of the

Aika: Now that's more like it!

Vyse: Way to go , Dad! You're the best!

Dyne: ... It's not "Dad", it's Captain! I swear... how many times do I have to
      remind you? You're excuse... Don't be late for dinner.

[Vyse, Aika, and Fina leave Dyne's office and the underground port. They arrive
 to the village entrance when Aika suddenly says something]

Aika: Vyse, go ahead. I have to stop by my house for a second.

Vyse: Why? What's wrong?

Aika: I just want to freshen up. Don't worry, I'll catch up with you guys in a
      few minutes! See you at your house!

[Vyse enters his house with Fina]

Vyse's Mother: Oh! Welcome home, Vyse. So, you're Fina. It's very nice to meet

Fina: The pleasure is all mine. I... I hope I'm not intruding.

Vyse's Mother: Oh, don't be silly! It's been a long time ago since we've had
               guests. Well, I have to finish cooking dinner. Go outside and
               have some fun. I'll call you when it's ready.

[Aika enters Vyse's house]

Aika: Hey guys! Sorry to have kept you waiting! I was just fixing my hair.
      Hey... the sunset outside is beautiful. Why don't we go outside and check
      it out?

Vyse: Well, we still have some time before dinner... Why not?

Aika: Okay, great! Come on! We can't get a great view from up top on Lookout

[The group goes to Lookout Island. In there, we see Vyse, Aika, and Fina
 sitting on a wood bench looking at the bright sunset]

Fina: It's so beautiful...

Vyse: I love it up here, it's so peaceful. I come up here to relax and watch
      the sunsets. When I'm up here, I often wonder what lies beyond the
      sky... Beyond the sunset...

Fina: Beyond... the sky... ?

Vyse: Some say there's monster. Other say there's a maelstrom that either blows
      ships, or pulls them in... and they're never seen again. And there are
      other that just say it's impossible...

Fina[looking directly at Vyse]: ......

Vyse: I want to know what's out there... Besides, I don't like giving up on
      anything without giving it my best shot. Someday, I will be the captain
      of my own ship. I'll go beyond the sunset, and I'll see what's out there.

Aika: Wow... I bet if you could go beyond the sunset, the sky would look even
      more beautiful.

Vyse-Aika: Hey!!

[A flash of light suddenly appears in the sky]

Vyse: T... That was a Moon Stone!

Fina: ... A Moon Stone?

[The Moon Stone is then seen crashing in another island on the horizon]

Vyse: It landed on that island over there. I think that's Shrine Island.

Aika: It's been a long time since we've seen a Moon Stone fall!

Fina: I don't understand. That was a Moon Stone?

Aika: That's right. Fina, you've heard of Moon Stone before, right? They're
      pieces of rock that fall from the Moons. They usually crash land on the
      islands. They're a really powerful source of energy, too. We use them for
      all sorts of things. They power our airships and we can also forge
      weapons out of them.

Fina: Oh, yes. I know of Moon Stones. But, it's my first time seeing a Moon
      Stone actually fall from the sky.

Aika: Vyse, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Vyse: Yeah, we should try to recover the Moon Stone. Let's go first thing

Vyse's Mother: Vyse! Aika! Fina! Dinner is ready! Come on down!

Vyse: Let's go Fina. You're going to eat with us, right?

Aika: We're so lucky!! I love your mom's cooking... Fina, let's go eat while
      it's still hot!

Fina: Yes, thank you for your gracious offer.

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================= 7.4 SHRINE ISLAND ==============================

[It's morning on Pirate Isle and Vyse has just waken up from a night's sleep]

Aika[from outside his window]: Vyse! Vy ~ se! Good morning! We're going to
                               Shrine Island today, right?

Vyse: Yeah... I'll be right down. Give me a second.

[Vyse goes dowstairs to greet Fina and Aika]

Aika: Good morning, Fina! Did you sleep well?

Fina: Yes, Thank you.

Vyse: Fina, will be heading over to Shrine Island to get that Moon Stone in a
      few minutes. You can stay here and relax at my place if you want.

Fina: That will be fine, Thank you.

Aika: Alright Vyse, let's get going. The boat is on the upper dock, and it's
      ready to go!

[Vyse and Aika reach Shrine Island]

Aika[outside of Shrine Island]: Vyse! Over there! Look at the size of that 

[The camera shows a enormous hole on the side of the island]

Vyse: The Moon Stone must have caused that. It must he huge... Aika look!
      Water is flowing into the Shrine! In the Old World, this island was a
      sacred place. These ruins used to be some sort of temple. Nobody's been
      here for generations.

Aika: Yeah, I've heard stories about this place too. I've heard that there are
      monsters crawling around the building inside. But Moon Stones that big
      are rare! We've got to go in and get it! You know I can't pass up a
      treasure hunt. Besides, how bad can it possibly be?

Vyse: You're right. We're going treasure hunting!

[They enter Shrine Island]

Vyse: This is just great... The place is flooded... Aika! Look! The Moon Stone
      at the bottom!

Aika: Wow! It's so bright! That Moon Stone must be huge! So, Vyse... How do you
      plan on getting it out of there? The water is pretty deep...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Swim down to the bottom" *

Vyse: Let's swin down there to get it. I think the water is still shallow
      enough. What do you think?

Aika: No way! You know I can't swim! How am I supposed to help you carry that
      thing back up here?!

Vyse: Hahaha... Ever since that one time you fell into the well when you were
      a kid, you've been afraid of the water.

Aika: Besides, I doubt either of us could swim while carrying that Moon Stone
      back to the surface. It looks way to heavy!

Vyse: Yeah, you're probably right!...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Find a way to drain the water" *

Vyse: Let's try and drain the water from this place. That way we can just carry
      the Moon Stone out of here.

Aika: Well, considering that I can't swim, I like that plan better...

Vyse: But there's still one problem... how are we supposed to drain all of this


Aika: Hey, Vyse. Look over there! There's a door over there. Maybe if we can
      find a way to open it we can drain the water out of this place.

Vyse: Hm... you might be right. We'll use the doors as drains.

Aika: A'lright! Let's go!

[After a while, Vyse and Aika drain all the water from the island. Both of them
 reach the Moon Stone lying at the bottom]

Aika: We finally made it. That wasn't too bad!

Vyse: Yeah, but look at the size of the stone! It'll be an adventure and a half
      just to get that thing back outside.

Aika: Aaaahh!

Vyse: Aika?! What's wrong?

Aika: Vyse... Those rocks... They're... They're moving!

[The rocks move to form the rock monster, Sentinel]


Aika: Whew... Look like it won't be getting up anymore. What was that

Vyse: Some kind of ancient guardian, I think. Who knows? Okay Aika, we
      need to hurry up and secure the Moon Stone.

Aika: That's my kind of plan! 

[Aika takes a closer look at the stone]

Aika: Wow... This Moon Stone is huge!

Vyse: Yeah, it was definitely worth going through all that trouble. We
      won't have to worry about fuel for a while!

Aika: It's beautiful... Treasure hunting is definitely my favorite part
      of being an Air Pirate. Wait till everyone back home sees what we found!

[Aika and Vyse do a celebration dance of some kind]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

======================== 7.5 VALUA's SURPRISE ATTACK =========================

[This scene begins with Ben the Lookout looking up at the sky in Pirate Isle]

Ben the Lookout: Ahhh... It looks like it's going to be another nice day today.
                 Not to windy... Well, there's the bell... Time to get to
                 work... I gotta losen up a little. Huh?

[Six Imperial Armada airships are seen aproaching Pirate Isle]

Ben the Lookout: Oh... oh no! Ships!! Ships approaching! From the North-
                 Northwest... distance: 1.5 leagues! It's the Imperial Armada!!
                 They've got a full battle squadron! They're in attack

[The Armada ships start shooting at the island]

Dyne: Everyone underground! Women and children first! Hurry!

[The attack continues]

Dyne: Damn... I never though they'd find us...! That flag... It's
      Galcian's Flagship!

[The camera goes inside the Imperial Armada's ship where we see An Admiral and
 his Vice Captain commanding the attack on the island]

Ramirez: Lord Galcian, we've blasted the island with cannons fire and our 
         troops have begun the invasion.

Galcian: Good... They seem very organized for a small village that is under
         siege. I don't know who their leader is, but he seems very capable.
         Perhaps Alfonso was in over his head.

Ramirez: ... Perhaps.

Galcian: No matter, it appears the battle is over. Retreive the girl and bring
         her to me. Capture the Air Pirates. We'll need to interrogate them
         when we return to Valua. And be sure to destroy their ship as well...

Ramirez: And if they resist, Lord Galcian? What does Your Excellency wish me to
         do if the situation arises?

Galcian: I don't think they're foolish enough to resist. However, if something
         should happen... Burn the village and kill them all. Let the bodies
         rot in the sun and leave one of our flags to set an example for others
         who may defy us.

[After the attack, Vyse and Aika finally arrive to Pirate Isle after their trip
 to Shrine Island. They find it completely burned down to the ground so they go 
 to the undergroud port where they find the hiding women and children]

Vyse: Mom!!!

Vyse's Mother: Vyse! Aika! Thank the Moons you two are safe!

Aika: What happened here?

Vyse's Mother: It was the Imperial Armada... They came out of nowhere and
               attacked us.

Vyse: What happened to Dad? Where is everyone else?!

Vyse's Mother: Your father said that if we fight, too many lives would be lost.
               So, he... He surrendered.

Aika: So Cap'n Dyne... and the others...

Vyse's Mother: They were taken prisoner by the Armada and taken to Valua.

Vyse: Damn! ... Fina! What happened to Fina!

Vyse's Mother: I'm sorry, Vyse... The Armada took her too.

Aika: In Valua, the punishment for Piracy is death! Fina will probably be 
      killed too! Vyse, what should we do?!

*IF YOU CHOOSE "There's nothing we can do" *

Vyse: What do you mean, "What should we do?" We can't do everything by 

Aika: Don't give up, Vyse! Let's go to Valua and rescue them! We're the only
      one who can. We're the only ones left, Vyse! I though you said you won't
      give up on anything without giving it your best shot!!!

Vyse: Aika... You're right, we should leave right away. Our friends, our
      families... Fina... they're all counting on us!

Aika: ... Yeah! Let's go, Vyse...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Try and save everyone!" *

Vyse: What do you think Aika? We have to save our families... and Fina! I know
      rescuing everyone isn't going to be easy, but it's not impossible! We
      can't let them get away with this. Don't worry, we'll get them back...

Aika: ... Yeah, you're right! It's up to us. We can't give up now! Alright,
      let's go! Let's show those Valuans what happens when they mess with the 
      Blue Rogues!...


Vyse's Mother: ... Wait... you. You won't be able to do anything against Valua
               in the shape you're in right now. Don't just rush aftem them.
               You'll need a plan first. It's not going to be an easy fight.

Aika: But, but... If we don't hurry, everyone might...

Vyse's Mother: My husband always said, "Acting guidly and rushing are two
               completely different things". Especially in times like these,
               you must calm down and plan every move carefully. Don't worry...
               Everything will be alright. He... your father won't let things
               end like this, not him.

Vyse: Yeah Mom, you're right. Aika... Let's rest up today. We'll leave for
      Valua first thing in the morning!

Aika: Okay!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

========================== 7.6 ON THE ROAD TO VALUA ==========================

[The scene scene starts with a Valuan soldier bringing Fina to see Galcian
 inside his ship]

Valuan Soldier: Lord Galcian, as you ordered, I brought the girl to see you.

Galcian: Excellent. You may leave.

Valuan Soldier: As you wish...

[The soldier leaves]

Galcian[looking through a window]: At leat we meet... Fina. You cannot imagine
                                   how much trouble the Armada has gone through
                                   to find you.

Fina: ...! How did you know my name?

[Galcian turns around to face Fina]

Galcian: I am Galcian, the Sworn Protector of Valua and Supreme Commander of
         the Imperial Armada. I am under direct orders from her Royal Highness,
         Empress Teodora, to find you and bring you back to Valua. As a citizen
         of the Silver Civilazation, you have information that is useful to us.
         Will you help us?

Fina: ......

Galcian: I see. I did not expect you to help us without the proper motivation.
         However... I believe we have the same goals. So, wouldn't it be best
         for us to help each other?

Fina: ......

Galcian: ... We will reach Valua in half a day. Enjoy the comforts of the
         brig until then.

[After that, the scene now shows Aika and Vyse getting ready to leave for Valua
 in their small sailboat]

Lindsi[from the dock]: Vyse! Aika! Good Luck!

Alan: You'd better come back! Promise me, okay?

Aika[from the boat]: Of course! Don't worry... We'll come back with everyone
                     else, too!

Vyse: Alright... Aika, let's go.

Aika: Aye Aye. Valua should be on a landmark due north from here.

Vyse: I'm getting the course! Alright... Valua, here we come!

[After a while, Vyse and Aika are travelling to Valua when they stumble upon
 a really thick fog that turns the screen completely white]

Aika: Visibility is terrible! Vyse, the fog's too thick! I can barely see!

Vyse: That's strange... there's never any fog in this region... I wonder
      what's causing it. The only way to get to Valua is through here... Slow 
      to half speed...

Aika: Vyse, wait... we're to close to that island over there!

Vyse: What? Where?

Aika: Aaahh! Vyse! Look! It's not an island! Whatever it is... it's alive!

Vyse: What the?! It's an archwhale!

[A gigantic whale appears out of nowhere and starts swimming besides Vyse
 and Aika's ship. The weather suddenly becomes windy]

Vyse: I've never seen one this big before!

Aika: Vyse, we'll get killed if we get too close to it, but we've got to hurry
      to Valua. Vyse, What should we do?

*IF YOU CHOOSE "... I don't know!" *

Vyse: ... I don't know. Aika, What do you think we should do?

Aika: Vyse! Everyone is depending on you! If you want to become a captain
      someday, you'll have to be more decisive than that! Without any cannons,
      there's no way we can take that thing out. It's best that we retreat!
      As long as it doesn't see us, we'll be okay!...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Attack it!" *

Vyse: Attack it! We've got to hurry and it's in our way! If we don't do
      anything, I'll probably knock us out of the ship anyway!

Aika: What are you talking about, Vyse? Are you crazy? How are we going to
      fight in this little ship? We don't even have cannons! What do you want
      to do... 10,000 Cutlass Furies?! There's no way we can kill that thing!
      We'll be okay as long as it doesn't see us. Aaaahh!...

* IF YOU CHOOSE "Retreat!" *

Vyse: What do you think we're going to do? Of course we're going to retreat!
      We don't stand a chance against that thing in this ship! I know we're in
      a hurry, but if that thing attack us, every one will know will be
      executed. We'd better play it safe...

Aika: Okay. I can't argue with that. We'll be okay as long as it doesn't see
      us!  Aaaahh!...


[The big archwhale suddenly begins sucking in the ship into his mouth]

Aika: Vyse! It saw us!

Vyse[grabbing ahold the side of the ship]: Grab hold of something and brace
                                           yourself! Don't let go!

Aika: But... but... The ship! It's breaking up!

Vyse-Aika: Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!

[The screen turns black for a while and suddenly a voice is heard]

Voice: Hey... get up.

[The camera shows Vyse lying unconcious on the floor of another ship]

Vyse: Ugh...

Voice: Are you goin' to sleep all day? Get up!

[Vyse wakes up and he begins rubbing his head]

Vyse: Oh... my head...

Aika: Uhhh...

Vyse[looking at Aika lying on the floor too]: Aika, are you okay?

[Aika wakes up]

Voice: So... you finally decided to get up, huh?

Vyse: ......!

[An old man appears to be standing in front of Vyse and Aika. He's looks about
 60 years old and has a metallic arm instead of a real one in his right one]

Man with the Artificial Arm: Because of you two, Rhaknam got away! I was so

Vyse: Rhaknam...? Now I remember... that huge arcwhale that blew our ship off
      course!! I though we were finished, but you rescued us, Hey, thanks!

[Vyse gets up to thank the man]

Man with the Artificial Arm: Thanks?!... Thanks you say??! Don't start with me!

[The man hits Vyse in the face with his metallic arm. After getting hit, Vyse
 falls down to the floor again]

Aika: Vyse!

Vyse[rubbing his head]: Owwwww! I'm not sure why, but I keep getting hurt 

Aika[looking at the man and helping Vyse up]: Hey!!! What are you doing, you
     crusty... err rusty... old man?! He didn't do anything!

Man with the Artificial Arm: Didn't do anything?! I've been chasing after that
                             archwhale for years!!! I was so close to finally
                             capturin' him, but because of you kids, he got

Vyse: I'm really sorry... That you didn't catch him... Really...

Man with the Artificial Arm: Hrmph... Debris from you ship hit my sails...
                             I'm lucky my ship is still airbone, you kids were
                             even luckier that I was here to grab you. I was
                             working all morning' tossing' what was left of
                             your ship overboard. Now I'm stuck with the two
                             of you.

Aika: What?! Our ship... was destroyed?

Man with the Artificial Arm: Aye... Now, this isn't a passenger ship. Everyone
                             on board needs to pull their own weight. If you
                             don't like it, you can jump off... I need to keep
                             the load as light as possible anyway.

Aika: Wh... What?!

Vyse: Oh, great... What kind of mess have we gotten ourselves into?

[After that, the scene goes into the ship's bridge, where we see the man and
 Vyse standing there]

Man with the Artificial Arm: Go down into the hull and bring the two supply
                             boxes up to the bridge.

Vyse: Bring to supply boxes to the bridge? No problem. I'll bring them right
      away! Actually, sir... We were on our way to Valua when we were attacked.
      Where is this ship heading?

Man with the Artificial Arm: Where this ship is going' is none of your concern.
                             Now get moving!

Vyse[talking to himself]: I give up... I don't really have time to be doing
                          this! But what other choice do I have?

[This dialog only appears if you speak to Aika before picking up a box]

Aika[moping the deck]: That old man... He's working us really hard. He needs to
                       lighten up. Be he did save us... so I guess we can't
                       complain too much. Oh, well, back to work...

[The script then continues until you go and pick up the boxes]

Vyse[looking at one box]: Well, this looks like the box that the old man wanted
                          to get.

[Vyse picks up a really heavy box]

Vyse: Urrrrgh! What the...? What's in this thing? Great, this guy is probably
      going to work us to death!

[Vyse begins carrying the box back to bridge of the boat where the man is
 looking directly at him. Vyse then puts down the box direcly where the man
 wanted it]

Man with the Artificial Arm: Hrmph... You look like you've got a little more
                        than lubber on your bones. What's your name, boy?

Vyse: My name is Vyse, I'm a Blue Rogue. I used to do this type of grunt work
      on the pirate ship.

Man with the Artificial Arm: An Air Pirate, huh? Well... and what exactly would
                             two Air Pirates be doin' sailin' alone?

Vyse: Well... We have our reasons... Sir, we need to get to Valua. I beg of
      you, please take us there!

Man with the Artificial Arm: ... Valua, huh? Explain.

[Vyse then begins explaining to the Old Man what happened to him and why he
 needs to get to Valua]

Vyse: ... and that's why we have to get there as soon as possible. We need to
      save our friends.

Man with the Artificial Arm: Hrmph... tryin' to pick a fight with the Armada?
                             You've got to be out of your mind, boy. I have no
                             time to babysit you and your friend and I need to
                             find Rhaknam again. Try your luck with a different

Vyse: I see... It would really help if you could bring us, but we can't force
      you to. By the way, Why are you exactly chasing Rhaknam, anyway?

Man witht the Artificial Arm: ...... There is no need to tell you. And there
                              still one supply box left! Get down into the hull
                              and get movin'!

Vyse[talking to himself]: Great, I spill my guts, he keeps quiet... And then
                          makes me do more work! What's with this guy?

[Script continues until you go and pick up the second box]

Vyse[looking at the second box]: Great, now I gotta move boxes all day...

[Vyse picks up the box]

Vyse: Ummph! What is in this thing anyway?!

[Vyse goes back to the bridge and puts down the other box]

Vyse: I'm done, sir.

Man with the Artificial Arm: Alright, now on to the next chore. Take the helm.

Vyse: What? Are you really letting me?

Man with the Artificial Arm: I want to see how well you can sail. If you can't
                             sail, then you'll be loadin' boxes the rest of the

Vyse: Wow! Most of my duties revolved around raiding, so I hardly ever get to
      actually fly our old ship!

[Vyse runs to the front of the ship where the helm is and begins checking
 it out]

Vyse: Well... They're pretty old, but these gauges are in great shape! And the
      wheel is so light! It's really responsive, too!  This ship must make
      really tight turns.

Man with the Artificial Arm: Heh... For someone who's hardly ever been at the
                             helm of a ship this size, you seem to know quite
                             a bit, boy.

Vyse: Hehe, I spent a lot of time on the bridge of the Albatross, so I picked
      up a lot.

Man with the Artificial Arm: Good. Now let's see if you can actually sail. Our
                             destination is Sailor's Island, about 40 leagues
                             from here.

Vyse: Wait a minute... You could at least tell me the name of this ship... and
      yours while you're at it?

Man with the Artificial Arm: Hrmph. The ship's called the Little Jack.
                             And I'm Drachma.

Drachma: Alright, now stop fooling around... The sun is going to set soon!

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain Drachma! Little Jack, Full Speed ahead!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================ 7.7 SAILORS' ISLAND =============================

[Vyse, Aika and Drachma dock at Sailor's Island. After that, they stand in
 front of the main entrance of the island]

Vyse: Wow... So this is Sailors' Island .

Aika: I've never been here before, but I can already tell that this place is
      lots of fun! Yup, I think I'm gonna like it here.

Drachma: Good, after I restock my supplies here, I'm leaving again. You' two
         can stay here.

Aika: Hey, Wait a second! We have no ship! Are you planning to just strand us

Drachma: I've got to find Rhaknam... and in the meantime, I have to find a
         cannon that is powerful enough to destroy him. I have no time to waste
         with you kids. You two can resolve your own problems.

[Drachma walks into a tavern and leaves Vyse and Aika alone on the island]

Aika: This is just great! He's not listening to anything we're saying!

Vyse: I wonder if there's anything that will make the old man change his mind.
      Maybe we can dig up some information. Let's go around town and see what
      we can find.

[Vyse and Aika start snooping around town asking people for some
 useful information. After a while, they enter a Ship Part store where the
 merchant and owner greets them]

Ship Parts Merchant: Hey there, big guy. How's the sailing going? This is a
                     ship parts shop specializing in big guns and stuff. But
                     actually, I just ran out of stock. I'm waiting for the
                     next shipment to arrive. So, I'm a little bored right now.
                     Why don't you stay and talk for a while? I don't have
                     anything to do and I might have some information that
                     might interest you.

Vyse: So tell me, What's this "information" that you have?

Ship Parts Merchant: I'm glad you asked. It's something I heard from a sailor
                     in his way back from Valua. He says that the Ship Parts
                     Merchant in Valua has started selling a cannon called the
                     "Harpoon Cannon" It's sort of a giant spear-like weapon
                     that they mount on the front of your ship... and it's
                     connected by a rope or something. And from what I hear,
                     because there's a rope attached, you can real that spear
                     like thing back into your ship. Saves money on ammo. I
                     expect it packs a real punch. With a weapon like that,
                     even a small ship can probably hold it's own against
                     larger ships.

Vyse: A Harpoon Cannon, huh?

Aika: You know, we just might be able to use this information to try and
      convince Cap'n Drachma to take us to Valua.

[Vyse and Aika leave the Ship Parts Store and they go back to the tavern to
 speak to Drachma about what they just heard]

Vyse: Captain Drachma!

Drachma: Will you stop callin' me that? You don't sail with me anymore.
         Therefore, I'm no longer your "Captain"

Aika: Really? Oh, that's too bad. I heard about a cannon that might be able to
      take out Rhaknam, but since you'e no longer sailing with us... I guess it
      doesn't matter...

Drachma: ... What did you say?

* IF YOU CHOOSE "Come right out and say it" *

Vyse: Well, in Valua, there's something called a "Harpoon Cannon" It's the most
      powerful cannon there is. Cap... err... Drachma, you could go to Valua
      and get one yourself... and take us along for the ride...What do you say?

Drachma: Hmm... It's probably just some trick to get me to take you to Valua...

Vyse: Wait a minute! I'm telling the true!...

* IF YOU CHOOSE, "Beat around the bush" *

Vyse: You know, I was amazed when I saw Rhaknam... I've never seen an archwhale
      that big before. I used to think that he was indestructible until I knew
      that there was a cannon that could destroy him... But, you're not sailing
      with us anymore... So I guess it doesn't really matter... Gee Aika... I'd
      do anything for a ride to Valua... I wonder who can get us there...

Drachma: Are you trying to bargain with me, boy?!

Vyse: Well, since you put it so eloquently... If we are going to give you
      information that will help you, we expect you to help us.

Drachma: Hrmph!...


Polly: ... Now that I think about it, I remember hearing about something like
       that. Some Valuan soldiers passing through here were talking about it
       one day. They said it had enough power to destroy a small island.

Drachma: ... Polly, I hope you aren't takin' their side and lying to me...

Polly: When, Drachma, have I EVER lied to you, huh?

Drachma: Hmm...

Polly: And besides, I can tell these kids aren't lying by the looks in their
       eyes. I've been running this tavern for 20 years. Drachma... I know
       people. I can spot fakes and liars... and these children are neither...

Drachma: ... Alright, I won't get my hopes up, but I'll take you to Valua 

Aika: What?! That means...

Drachma: Hrmph... If you want to go, you'll have to work the ENTIRE way, but
         I'll take you there...

[Vyse and Aika do the celebration dance of some kind]

Vyse - Aika: Alright!

Aika: Cap'n, you're the best! And thank you too, Polly! Thank you for believing

Drachma: Hrmph...

Polly: Don't sweat it. When you're done with your adventure, come back and tell
       us about it. This crusty old bunch is dying for some fresh tales.

Aika: Aye aye, ma'am! It's the least I can do!

Polly: Hahaha... alright... but be careful. Valua isn't know for their
       hospitality... They usually shoot first and ask questions later.

Drachma: She's right. Also, we'll need an entry passport to get in.
         Unfortunately, I don't have one... but I'm sure someone here on
         Sailors' Island has one.

Vyse: Valuan Passport, huh? Alright! Let's go look for one... Captain Drachma!

[Vyse, Aika and Drachma go to the Sailor's Guild for some information about
 Valuan passports]

Vyse: Is this the Sailor's Guild? I need some information...

Guildmaster: Oh! If you have questions about sailing, you're in the right place

Vyse: I need to get a Valuan Passport sometime... um... soon. Do you know how
      can I do this?

Guildmaster: Hmm... A Valuan Passport soon, huh? That might be a little
             difficult... After the initial application, there's an intensive
             background check... and that can take up to a full lunar cycle.

Aika: We can't just sit around for a lunar cycle!!! You're the guildmaster here
      right? Can't you make a fake passport or something?!

[The Guilmaster takes a step back in fear after hearing those words]

Guildmaster: NO NO NO NO... NO way! If anyone is caugh making or copying a fake
             passport, they're executed on the spot!

Aika: So, what you're saying is that all we have to do is not get caught,
      right? Or, if we do get caught, all we have to do is escape.

Guildmaster: I don't want the Valuans after me! If I make a fake, and you get
             caugh, they might be able to trace it back to me! Then, I'm a dead

Aika: You call yourself a Guildmaster, huh? You're just a Valuan puppet...
      Let's go find someone else!

Voice: Um... Excuse me...

[Vyse and Aika turn around to see a small old man in desert clothes standing

Nasr Merchant: So, you are looking for a Valuan passport, eh? I was in Valua on
               business and now I'm on my way home. I don't need this anymore.
               I have but one request to ask of you, and the passport is yours.

Aika: Really? You have a passport?! What do you want? Anything... Ask us

Nasr Merchant: I'm a merchant from the Kingdom of Nasr. Nasr is located on a
               desert island to the east of here. I've heard rumors that the
               Black Pirate, Baltor, has been seen in the skies near there...

Drachma: Baltor, huh? I've heard of him. He's ruthless... He attacks unarmed
         ships and steals their cargo.

Nasr Mercahnt: And, what I wanted to ask of you was, well, if you could escort
               back to Nasr. If you get me safely to Nasr, then I will give you
               the passport when we arrive. I think it is an even trade, yes?

* IF YOU CHOOSE, "No thanks, we'll find a something else..." *

Vyse: It's alright... we'll find some other way to get a passport. Nasr is too
      far out the way for us.

Aika: What are you talking about, Vyse?! Aren't we supposed to help those who
      needs us? We're Blue Rogues, remember!? Besides, do you have any other
      plans on how to get into Valua if we turn down this offer?

Drachma: Hmm... It appears that we have no other choice at this point.

Nasr Merchant: So you accept my offer? Excellent. I leave myself under your

* IF YOU CHOOSE, "We accept your offer!" *

Vyse: We accept your offer! It's a deal.

Nasr Merchant: You accept? You are wise beyond your years, young one.

Aika: Just leave it to us! We'll protect you!

Drachma: Hrmph... Well, if we want to get into Valua, I suppose we have no
         other choice...


Nasr Merchant: ... I shall be waiting for you at the docks.

Vyse: Alright. We'll finish up here and meet you at the Little Jack.

================================= END SCENE ==================================

======================== 7.8 BALTOR THE BLACK PIRATE =========================

[The group meets the Nasr Merchant at the docks. After that, they get ready to
 leave for Nasr]

Nasr Merchant: You see that stone reef straight ahead? Nasr is the desert land
               just beyonnd that reef. However, normal ships cannot pass
               through that reef. Therefore, you must fly alongside of it and
               go straight for a while. Eventually, you will see the South
               Dangel Strait, a vally-like area in between two islands.

Vyse: So just fly alongside the reef and head due east, huh? Alright, let's

[The group is just getting close to Nasr when suddenly a Black Pirate ship
 appears out of nowhere. The ship is the Blackbeard, commanded by Baltor]

Air Pirate: Captain Baltor! There's a Nasr mercahnt ship coming into view of
            port-side! But, there's a strange ship following it very closely...
            I don't recognize the markings.

Baltor: Gahahahahaha! You have nothing to fear from a ship THAT old! Let's
        introduce these fools to the true meaning of fear! They will know that
        I, Baltor, send them plummeting to their deaths!!!  Alright men!
        Battlestations!!! Don't let them escape! And take everything on board
        that isn't nailed down!

[The Blackbeard suddenly appears in front of the Little Jack]

Aika: Vyse, there's a ship straight, heading right for us! I see a black skull
      and... They're Black Pirates!

Vyse: So that's Baltor, huh? What should we do, Captain?

Drachma: We're vastly outnumbered. Don't let them board us. We'll fight it out
         from a distance. Ready the cannons. If you see them attack, I want you
         to go into evasive maneuvers. Them, when they're in your sights, blast

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain! Let's rip'em to shreds... Sir!

Baltor: Gahahaha! How do you like that? Feel the power of my ship, the

(Ship Battle)

[After the battle ends, we see Baltor's ship on fire]

Baltor: Blast! You were lucky this time! But I will hunt you down and have my
        revenge! This I swear on the code of the Black Pirate! You will rue
        the day you ever crossed paths with me! And somebody put out that fire!

Aika[inside the Little Jack]: Vyse, we did it!

Vyse: Yeah!

[Vyse and Aika do the celebration thing again but this time, Drachma hits Vyse
 on the the back of his head]

Vyse: Ow! What'd you do that for, Captain?

Drachma: We're not there yet, you idiot! Never take your hands of the wheel
         until we've come to a complete stuff!

Aika: Yeah, you idiot! Why don't you watch what you're doing? It's a good thing
      Cap'n Drachma's here to keep you in line.

Vyse: Aika... why you little...

Aika: Hahaha... I'm sorry! I just couldn't resist. You just defeated Baltor
      the Scary, why don't you lighten up a little bit?

[Aika points at a map]

Aika: We're almost there! Get ready!!!

[The group finally arrive to Nasr]

Nasr National Guard Fleet: Greeting! Welcome home! We are the fleet that guards
                           the South Dungel Strait. We will escort you from
                           this point.

Nasr Merchant: Oh, that would be great appreciated! Lead the way... Thank you
               very much. It would appear you have safely brought me home. As I
               promised, here is the Valuan passport.

Aika[looking at the pasport with Vyse]: Alright! So this is what the passport
                                        looks like...

Vyse: We can finally get into Valua with this!

Nasr Merchant: I must get going! May the Red moon watch over you and light your

[The merchant leaves]

Drachma: Off to Valua! Let's not waste any more time!

Vyse: Aye aye! Little Jack, full ridder! Turning 180 degrees... to Valua! Full
      speed ahead!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

=========================== 7.9 THE GRAND FORTRESS ===========================

[Vyse and the gang finally gets to Valua. When they arrive, they are stopped
 by a patrol ship]

Vyse: A passport? I've got one right here. Take your time looking it over.

Valuan Patrol Ship: ...Hmm. Very Well. You may proceed.

[The group finally enters Valua]

Aika: Looks like we made it through. We just passed a Valuan Security
      Checkpoint. That's quite an accomplishment, don't you think?

Vyse: Yeah... I thought getting into Valua would be a lot tougher. Now all we
      have to do is sneak into...

[Some really bright lights get turned on]

Vyse: ...!

Aika: Huh? What's that?!

[The camera now shows a gigantic, metallic wall with a locked door being guarded
 by Valuan airships and guards]

Drachma: It's the only entrance into the city of Valua... "The Grand Fortress!"
         Valua is sorrounded by impassable mountains so that is the only way
         in or out.

Vyse: Wow... I can't believe they actually built something that big...

Drachma: During the Valuan-Nasr War, over a 100 Nasr warships bombarded this
         fortress for days. However, all the shells were repelled by these
         walls. The fortress may be the strongest structure of the new world.

Aika: Look! It's moving!!!

[The Grand Fortress begins opening up to allow all the ships waiting outside
 to go in]

Drachma: The door of the fortress opens only once a day to allow ships to pass
         through. The backside of that wall is completely lined with cannons.
         It was those cannons that nearly wiped out the entire Nasr fleet.

Vyse: Defense and offense all in one... It's an invincible fortress.

Aika: That's where they're holding Captain Dyne... and Fina!

Drachma: No prisoner has ever escaped from that fortress. Although, I've heard
         that there's one way out.

Vyse: Really? Then it's possible?

Drachma: Yeah. After they execute prisoners, their corpses are thrown off the

Aika: That's just great! What are we going to do now?

Vyse: Hah! No one's ever escaped, because they've never tried!
      I love a challenge! Don't worry, I will rescue our friends and escape
      from that fortress. Just watch me!

[The Little Jack goes into Valua. After that, the door closes completely]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

=========================== 7.10 THE FIVE ADMIRALS ===========================

[In this new scene, we first see Ramirez and Galcian talking to each other in
 a big, fancy room in Valua]

Ramirez: Lord Galcian. Your Admirals have assembled... as you have commanded.

Galcian: Excellent.

[Galcian turns around and he sees 5 Admirals sitting around a large table on 
 the middle of the room]

Galcian: Admirals of the Valuan Armada... Let me first offer my gratitude to
         each of you for asembling on such short notice. Let it be known that
         we succesfully captured a citizen of the Silver Civilization, as
         Empress Teodora requested.

Old Admiral: What?! How?!

Large Admiral: So, we've finally captured one... Who accomplished this?

1st Admiral of the Armada Alfonso: Hah hah hah... Of course, I was the one who
                                   find her first... I crippled her ship and
                                   captured her. But I was betrayed by my own
                                   Vice Captain and she was taken from me...

2nd Admiral of the Armada Gregorio: I'm sure Empress Teodora is very pleased
                                    that she was recovered. Now, if we can
                                    persuade her to give us the information
                                    we need, it would be worth all of the
                                    effort we spent tracking her down.

3rd Admiral of the Armada Vigoro: You said that the citizen of the Silver
                                  Civilization that you found was a woman? Now
                                  THAT'S something worth getting excited for.
                                  How old is she? Is she good looking? Does she
                                  wear leather? I like my women wild and crazy!

4th Admiral of the Armada Belleza: You're out of luck, Vigoro. The girl is the
                                   exact opposite. She's very shy and demure.
                                   Her name is Fina. She is currently being
                                   escorted to see Empress Teodora in the
                                   Imperial Palace.

5th Admiral of the Armada De Loco: Hehehehehe... Very Good, Admiral Belleza. 
                                   I see that you are our espionage expert for
                                   good reasons. Of course, being the head of
                                   weapon development, I have deeply vested
                                   interest in the technology of the Silver
                                   Civilization! Hehehe!

Galcian: I will head back to the Imperial Palace and await Empress Teodora's
         orders to commence the search for the Moon Crystals. Fina, our new...
         ally, shall aid us in gathering all six of the Crystal from around the
         As for you... Alfonso. You lied on your report. As a punishment, you
         are now relieved of your position as Commander of the Mid Ocean fleet.
         And for an indifinite period of time, you shall be confined to

Alfonso: Y... you think that I lied in my report sire? Ha... haha... What are
         you talking about?

Galcian: You were attacked by the Air Pirates and you deserted your crew and
         your ship to save yourself. Your ship and your crew were released by
         the Air Pirates and returned recently. They filled a full... and
         ACCURATE... report.

Alfonso: Bah...

Galcian: Our Armada in invincible. Showing any signs of weakness is
         unforgivable. I trust that you will not forget that. This meeting is
         over. I want all of you to be ready to depend at a moment notice.

Valuan Admirals: Yes, Lord Galcian!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

=========================== 7.11 LOWER CITY VALUA ============================

[The scene starts with the Little Jack entering Valua]

Vyse: So this is the capital of Valua, huh? It's impressive...

Aika: It's beautiful... But the skies are so gloomy...

Drachma: Valua is a beautiful city, but because of the fierce thunderstorms
         caused by the Yellow Moon the city is shrouded in eternal darkness.

[The camera now shows a bright palace standing on the horizon]

Drachma: That's the Imperial Palace straight ahead of us. The area on the left
         shore is called Upper City.

Vyse: Upper City?

Drachma: The people of Valua are either very rich or very poor and they detest
         each other. Only the richest people in Valua can live in Upper City.
         The less fortunate are confined to Lower City. It's on the right shore

Aika: It doesn't seem right to force them to live in poverty like that.

Vyse: Hey, Captain... Where should we land?

Drachma: In Lower City. There is a dock that repairs and remodels ships.

Vyse: Aye aye. I'll bring us into Lower City Port.

[The groups docks at Lower City]

Aika: Hmm... Lower City looks worse up close. Everything is dirty and run down
      and it smells like... garbage.

Vyse: We still need to check the place out. We need to find a way to save Dad
      and the others. Captain, what do you think we should do?

Drachma: I'm returnin' to the docks... I'll be overseein' the installation of
         the Harpoon Cannon.

Vyse: Let's split up. Aika and I will check out the city while you get your
      cannon. When we're done, let's meet back at the inn.

Drachma: Sure, I'll see you two later then.

[Drachma then heads back to the docks leaving Aika and Vyse free to explore
 the city. While they are checking out the city, they run into a red-headed boy
 wearing some really old, dirty clothes]

Young Boy: Hm? Who're you? You guys look like sailors... stupid ones, at that.
           Why else would you come all this way to see a dump like Lower City?

Aika: Well, well... aren't we a little obnoxious... kind of reminds me of a
      particular someone when they were little.

Vyse: Hey! I wasn't this annoying when I was little! Give me some credit here!

Young Boy: What did you say? Are you trying to start a fight with me?! The name
           is Marco! Everybody who is anybody knows who I am!

Vyse: Hah... for such a short kid, you sure know how to talk big! Sorry, boy,
      but we don't have time to play with little kids right now.

Marco: What did you say?! I'll remember this! Fools!

[Marco leaves. After a while, Aika and Vyse walk in into a dirty tavern that
 looks like it's falling apart completely. In there, the Taverkeep greets them]

Taverkeep: Did you hear? Tomorrow morning, there's going to be an execution at
           the Coliseum. I heard that they will be executing some Air Pirates
           that the Armada captured.

Vyse: Wh, What? Is that true?

Tavernkeep: Yeah. There was a soldier in here earlier telling everyone about it
            Heh... It's been a while since we've had an interesting show.

Vyse: They make executions into shows? This place is horrible...

Aika: Vyse... We have no time to waste.

[Vyse and Aika leave the tavern and they head directly to the Inn]

Innkeeper: Are you going to stay the night? It's 80 gold...

Vyse: I guess we'll stay the night. We've got another guy joining us... a big,
      old man. He'll pay for the room.

Innkeeper: You better be telling the truth, for your own safe. If he doesn't
           come, I'll be knocking on your door.

Vyse: Okay, okay if he doesn't come, then you can kick us out if you want.
      We'll be heading off to the room now.

[Vyse and Aika enter the room. When they enter, Aika jumps onto a bed]

Aika: I'm so tired... I can barely stand. It's been a long time since I've laid
      down in a nice, warm bed... with pillows... and... blankets...

Vyse: I'm tired too, Aika, and it's not like we've had time to relax ever since
      we left Pirate Isle...

Aika: True... and I don't think I'll be able to sleep right now, even in a real
      bed. I can't stop thinking about Captain Dyne and the others.

Vyse: I'm sure they're okay. Let's at least try and get some rest while we can.
      Who knows if we'll be able to sleep in real beds again?

Aika: That's right... you've been cramped on a hammock in the engine room of
      the Little Jack for quite a few nights now...

Vyse: I don't mind the lack of space... it's just that the engine is so old...
      and it's so loud...

Drachma: Well, excume me for having an old ship.

[Drachma enters the room]

Vyse: Captain! I didn't expect you back so soon!

Drachma: If you don't like my ship, you can find yourself another one. My ship
         wasn't mean for anyone but me in the first place.

Vyse: I didn't mean anything like that! I'm really greateful! Honest!

Drachma: Hmm... What's wrong Aika? You're quiet for a change.

Aika: Tomorrow morning... The Air Pirates... our friends... are going to be

Vyse: They said it's going to happen in the Coliseum. They said that when they
      execute Air Pirates, it draws a huge crowd.

Drachma: Public execution, huh... sounds like somethin' the people of these
         town would enjoy.

Aika: We've got to hurry and rescue them! They'll all be killed! Vyse, what
      should we do?!

* IF YOU CHOOSE: "Hmm... I... I don't know..." *

Vyse: Hmm, I... don't... know. We don't have any. What should we do Aika?

Aika: Vyse, you're embarassing me! Why can't you be more decisive?! I can't
      sit any longer! Let's go find them right now!

Drachma: You'd be making' a huge mistake...

* IF YOU CHOOSE: "Let's try and save everyone right now!" *

Vyse: Let's go save everyone right now! We won't cost another moment!

Aika: Yeah! We have to rescue them before it's too late!

Drachma: Now just calm down. If you start runnin' around haphazardly, you're
         bound to be caugh and executed as well. How exactly did you plan to
         save them if you don't even know where they're been held?

Vyse: So what are you suggesting we do? We're out of time!...

* IF YOU CHOOSE: "Let's sneak into the Coliseum!" *

Vyse: Hmm... Tomorrow, we'll sneak into the Coliseum. Dad and the others will
      be difinitely be taken there tomorrow morning... we'll resue them there.

Aika: What? You mean you're not going to try and save them right now?!

Vyse: If we start frantically searching everywhere, we'll probably get caught
      by the Valuan Guards and if that happens, we're all dead.

Drachma: Vyse is right. But it may get a little ugly at the Coliseum tomorrow..
         but it's our best chance to save them.

Aika: So, tomorrow morning at the Coliseum it is! Now that we sort of have a
      plan, I feel a little better! I think It will work... besides, we have
      the element of surprise on our side.

Vyse: So, that's our plan. Tomorrow we will break into the Coliseum and rescue


[The group hears a lound sound coming out of outisde of the room]

Vyse: Who's there?!

[They go outside and they find someone standing on the roof of the inn]

Drachma: Someone was spying on us! Don't let him get away!!!

Aika: Vyse! Need a lift?

[Aika lifts Vyse into the roof. After that he start chasing the kid who was
 spying on them. When Vyse is getting close to him, the kid tries to escape
 through a sewer hole but before he jumps in and escapes, Vyse caughts him by
 the neck ring on his shirt and lifts him into the air with his hand]

Marco: Put me down, you glass-eyed freak!

Vyse: What the...? You're that kid from this afternoon!

Marco: So, what's it to you? PUT ME DOWN NOW!

[Vyse drops Marco to the floor]

Marco: Ow! You didn't have to drop me!

[Aika and Drachma arrive to the spot]

Aika: Vyse! Did you catch him? Oh, no... It's that annoying kid again.

Marco: Who are you calling annoying?! At least I don't have hair like a
       scarecrow! Heh, I heard EVERYTHING you said. Now, if I was to rat on you
       to the guards... you'd all be executed!

Drachma: Well... that really leave us no choice. We're goin' to have to kill
         you now, boy.

Aika: W... wait!!! Cap'n!

Marco: Hmph! If you're going to kill me, then kill me! It's not like anyone
       would care! I don't even think the rats would miss me. I've pretty much
       given up on life in this dump! If I'm dead, at least I won't have to
       search the garbage bins for food every night.

Drachma: Really... good. Then you have no regrets...

Aika: Cap'n!! He's just a kid!

Vyse: Hey, Marco. That hole in the ground next to you... What is it?

Marco: Oh... this? There's Catacombs under the city... I've heard that they've
       been around since the Old World. Now, they're just sewers... This is...
       where I live.

Vyse: Sewers, huh? Can you use them to get into the Coliseum?

Marco: Yeah, it reaches the Coliseum... W... wait a second... You were serious!?

Vyse: Yep. If we take the Catacombs to the Coliseum, we can sneak in without
      worrying about the guards.

Marco: AHAHAHAHA!!!!! What're you, stupid or something? You're going to get
       caught!  There's no way! Why don't you just give up and go home?

Vyse: Can't do that. Blue Rogues never give up! Especially when their friends
      are counting on them. Marco, if you ever went sailing and ran into a
      storm, with the way you're talking, you'd probably just give up.
      "It's too rough! I shouldn't have gotten on this ship! I want my mommy!"
      is what you'd probably say.

Marco: W... what? Take that back!

Vyse: Even if you run into a storm, there's always a way out. No matter how
      bleak things seem. I've been in really bad situations before and I always
      look for a way out. I'm in that kind of a situation now, and I'm not
      giving up!

Marco: So, what are you trying to say?

Vyse: Captain... Aika... tomorrow, we're taking the Catacombs to the Coliseum.
      Since we don't have to get there until tomorrow, we should rest tonight.

[Aika, Drachma and Vyse start leaving back to the Inn leaving Marco behind]

Marco: Hey! Aren't you supposed to kill me now?

Vyse: You're going to be at the Coliseum with us tomorrow, too. You said that
      you've grown tired of living, right? Well, I just want you to see
      something interesting before you die.

Marco: What? You can't be serious...

[Aika, Drachma and Vyse head back to the Inn]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================ 7.12 TO THE RESCUE! =============================

Vyse (narrating): Now, we had a plan... With our objective in mind, we hurried
                  back to the inn, crwled into our soft, warm beds, and were
                  fast asleep. Morning came too soon. The skies were so dark
                  that it fell like the sun had deserted us. Quietly, we all
                  hoped that this wasn't an omen.

[It's morning in Lower City Valua. We see Aika, Vyse and Drachma talking to
 each other in front of the Inn's entrance]

Aika: It all comes down to today... I hope we can save them...

Vyse: Let's go to the entrance to the Catacombs and get to the Coliseum.
      Either we all go home, or none of us go...

[They cross the Catacombs until they reach the entrance to the
 Coliseum. After that, we see that inside the Coliseum, Dyne and the Air 
 Pirates are just about to be execute in front of a really big, loud crowd]

Executioner: And now we present the executions of the notorious Air Pirate Dyne
             and his treacherous band of Blue Rogues! Their crimes include
             attacking Imperial Air Ships and stealing precious cargo. The
             price of stealing from Valua is high! And Dyne and his pitiful
             band will pay... with their heads!

[Marco is then seen standing on the crowd looking at the execution]

Marco: Heh... looks like he gave up after all... I knew it... Huh?!

[Suddenly when no one is expecting it, Vyse comes out of the manhole leading
 from the catacombs and he attacks a Valuan Guard holding Dyne. Dyne is free
 after the guard falls to the floor unconcious]

Dyne: ...Vyse!

[The others guards are attacked by the remaining Air Pirates. They set
 themselves free and they start to run away]

Vyse: Hurry! Run for the opening in the floor!

Aika: Hi, everyone! I missed you, guys! We're here to rescue you! Come on,
      let's go!

[The Air Pirates go down the hole but Vyse, Aika and Drachma remain on the
 surface of the Coliseum standing directly in front of the Excecutioner]

Executioner: Well... how very bold of you... You have deprived the audience
             from witnessing the death of a notorious band of Air Pirates!
             Now they will witness your execution!

Vyse: I don't know why you're all upset. The audience already got to watch us
      free our friends, and trash your guards! Now they get to watch us beat
      the snot out of you. What more could they want? By the way, the name's


[After the Battle ends, the audience start cheering for Vyse. He does a few
 victory moves and starts posing for the audience. After that, he goes down the
 hole where he finds Marco standing there]

Marco: Hey... you really did it. You rescued your friends. I can't believe it.
       You really are something...

Vyse: Marco! What are you doing here?

Marco: I told you before, right? I live here. I know everything about these
       sewers. This wall was built with a secret door. I took your friends into
       the secret room just behind me.

[Vyse goes into the secret room where he happily greets Dyne and his crew]

Dyne: You were a little late, Vyse... If you were any later, I'd be a whole
      head shorter right now. Vyse, I always knew you were tough, but breaking
      into a public execution and freeing us all... Now I think you're crazy

Vyse: Heh heh... what can I say? I'm not ready to take over as head of the Dyne
      family just yet.

[Vyse start looking around the room for something]

Vyse: Wait a minute... Where's Fina?

Dyne: Fina? When they captured us from Pirate Isle, they took her somewhere
      else. I overheard some soldiers talking about her... sounded like she was
      taken to the Valuan Imperial Palace.

Vyse: What? Why was she taken to the palace?

Dyne: It appears that the Empress herself wanted to meet Fina. I've got a
      feeling that there's more to that girl than meets the eye. She knows
      something important enough to have Valua after her.

Vyse: Fina...

Dyne: Vyse, what are you going to do?

*IF YOU CHOOSE: "Let's lay low for a little while" *

Vyse: We should lay low for a little while. If we start combing the palace,
      we'll be spotted for sure.

Dyne: You've still got lots to learn. This is Valua... we'll be discovered
      sooner or later, whether or not we remain in hiding. This may be our only
      chance to save Fina... right now, the Imperial troops are more concerned
      about finding us!...

*IF YOU CHOOSE: * "We have to go save Fina" *

Vyse: Of course we have to go save Fina! The guards are scattered... The whole
      island is in chaos.

Dyne: Hmm... It'll be dangerous, but it looks like now is our best chance to


Drachma: I will take all of the Air Pirates back to the Little Jack. We'll be
         waiting for you. You need to be at the Little Jack when they open the

Vyse: I know... when the gates open, it's our only chance to escape.

Drachma: First, you'll want to go to Upper City. You might be able to sneak
         aboard a rail car that's on it's way to the Palace.

Vyse: I see... Upper City, huh? Marco, how do I get to Upper City from here?

Marco: Um... If you go down that tunnel over there, you'll reach Upper City.
       But there are tons of guards in Upper City! You shouldn't go! It's too

Vyse: I'm ready for anything, Marco. In the midst of the storm, I can see the
      path that will get us out of Valua. I've got to try. Let's go, Aika!
      We gotta save Fina!

[Aika and Vyse leave the Air Pirates with Drachma and they start heading down
 the tunnel leading to Upper City. They reach the exit when Marco suddenly
 appears and stops them completely]

Marco: Wait, Vyse!

Vyse: Marco... you followed us? What's wrong?

Marco: Vyse... Don't... go... please...

[Marco begins to sob]

Marco: My.. mother... and father... were both killed by Valuan soldiers while
       they were trying to escape from this city! There's no way out! Trying
       to get through the Grand Fortress... it's impossible! No one has ever
       escaped from Valua! You're gonna die this time! I just know it!

Vyse: Your parents... I'm... I'm sorry to hear that, Marco. But, I have to go.
      I don't have a choice. And every time I hear the word "impossible", it
      makes me want to prove everyone wrong. A long time ago, a handful of
      sailors took a small boat out into uncharted skies. They had no idea what
      they would find... Monsters... a maelstrom... then end of the world...
      It was because these sailors challenged the unknown, that new land were

[Marco stops sobbing]

Vyse: If we challenge ourselves, and never give up, our own horizons will
      broaden... in our hearts, and in our minds... I need to push myself
      everyday, I have to know what I can accomplish... I never give up, and so
      far, nothing has ever stopped me.

Marco: But... but... Vyse...

Vyse: Don't worry about me. I believe that we'll make it out... I will find a
      way... That's what's keeping me going. I'm going to prove that it's not
      impossible to escape. Impossible is just a word to let people feel good
      about themselves when they quit.

Marco: .....

[Marco wipes some tears from his eyes with his arm]

Marco: Vyse... Do you think I could ever be a sailor? If I would ever... sail
       the skies?

Vyse: Heh, of course! You've got what it takes... I'll be waiting for you...
      out there!

Marco: Thank you...

[Vyse goes through the hole and leaves for Upper City]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================= 7.13 SAVING FINA ===============================

[The scene starts in the Imperial Palace. We see Galcian and Fina(who has her
 hands tied together) standing in front of the Empress herself. The Prince of
 Valua is standing beside her]

Imperial Guard: Lord Galcian brings good news, Your Majesty.

Galcian: Indeed I do... Your Highness... I am sure you will be pleased.
         As you have requested, my forces have captured a Silvite.

Ruler of the Valuan Empire Empress Teodora I: Ahhh... Excellent work, Galcian.
                                              You have yet to fail me.

[Teodora looks at Fina]

Teodora: So, this is what a Silvite looks like. Hmm... such a beautiful girl.
         Her clothes are... interesting... a nice specimen...
         Today we have taken another step closer to our main objective. Soon
         the Valuan Empire shall rule the world.

Fina: ......

Teodora: You seem... sad, young one. Why do you not rejoice with us? You shall
         witness our finest hour. You have the knowledge that we seek. You can
         assist us. Hahaha... All who oppose us shall fall... Their islands
         will be reduced to ash and dust. Anyone who stands in our way will be
         destroyed! And you, young one, shall help us...

Prince of Valua Enrique: Mother... Ruling the world by force is not something
                         that I am sure I approve of. An Empire that doesn not
                         listen to the plight of its people is destined to fall

Teodora: Enrique, you still have much to learn. You cannot walk the path of an
         emperor and concern yourself with the petty worries of the "people."

Enrique: But, Mother!

Teodora: Now now, Enrique... I am building an empire for you... Since you shall
         inherit the throne when I pass on, you should pay more attention.
[Teodora looks over at Fina again]

Teodora: Well then, young lady! I know that there are 6 Moon Crystals and that
         they have been scattered all over the world. I also know that he who
         controls the Moon Crystals controls weapons of mass destruction.
         I believe your people refer to them as... Gigas! When the Gigas are
         ours, we shall rule the world!!! Now, young lady... You will tell me
         where to find the Moon Crystals.

Fina: I will die before I tell you.

Teodora: What did you say!?

Fina: You do not understand how powerful the Gigas really are. The Gigas were
      great weapons of destruction built by the Old World... they are more
      powerful that you can imagine.

Teodora: And that is precisely why Valua must obtain those weapons. Since we
         are the most powerful empire, we should have full control over them.
         And once we have them, we shall rule the world!

Fina: No! Humans must never control the Moon Crystals and they Gigas ever
      again! Power hungry dictators like you are the reason humans must never
      control them!

Teodora: You dare to insult me?! The Empress of the Great Valuan Empire?! In
         my own palace?!? Kill her! Kill her! Kill the little wench! Off with
         her head!

Enrique: Mother! Think about what you are saying! You cannot kill her, she's
         done nothing wrong!

Teodora: Are you saying that this girl is innocent, Enrique... even after she
         insulted me so?! Kill her! Kill her now!

Fina: Please! You must believe me! The power of the Gigas is not to be

Imperial Guard: Silence, wench! You shall pay for your insolence!

[A Valuan soldier hits Fina on the back of the head with his lance. She then
 falls to the floor face down]

Fina: Ugh...

Messenger: Lord Galcian, I bring you urgent news! Someone has broken into the
           Coliseum and freed the Blue Rogues!

Galcian: What?! I am on my way. Take the girl to the ship and bring her to the
         Grand Fortress immediately.

Imperial Guard: Yes, Lord Galcian!

Galcian: Your Majesty, I request permission to deploy the Armada. I will take
         the girl with me and she will guide me to the Moon Crystals.

Teodora: Very well, then! Use the power of the Armada and bring the Crystals to

Galcian: Of course, Your Majesty. However, I have but one humble request...
         I would like to request that a new addition be made to our highest
         ranking officers... I would like to recommend my Vice Captain, Ramirez
         for the position.

[Fina gasps when she hears Ramirez's name]

Teodora: Do as you wish. In return, I want you to give me your word that you
         will bring me those Crystals!

Galcian: As you wish, Your Majesty.

Soldier[talking to Fina]: You heard the Admiral... Get up!

Fina: Ramirez?

[The scene nows hows Vyse and Aika running up some stairs in Upper City. They
 stopped to look around. They keep looking until they see something]

Aika: Wow! Vyse, that huge vehicle over there must be the rail car.

Vyse: I think you're right, Aika. Looks like it can only ride on those rails.
      I guess it would be hard to steal... Let me get a close look!

[Vyse uses his eyepatch too look the rail car a lot closer. He then notices
 two Valuan Guards forcing Fina to board the rail car]

Vyse: Fina!

Aika: What are you talking about? I thought Fina was supposed to be at the

Vyse: That's what I though, but it looks like that rail car is going to the
      Grand Fortress. If she gets taken into the fortress, we'll never be able
      to get her out! We have to move.. now!

[The rail car gets turned on]

Vyse: It looks like the engines are starting... We'll never get down there in

Aika: Vyse, what should we do?

[The car begins to move with Fina inside it]

Vyse: We've got to jump onto the roof!

Aika: What?! Isn't there a Plan B?

Vyse: Come on, Aika!

Aika: This shouldn't be too tough.

[Vyse and Aika jump on to the roof of the rail car. Vyse lands perfectly on
 his two feets, but Aika falls face down on the roof. She gets up and she's
 all dizzy from the blow. When she's about to fall from the rail car, Vyse 
 grabs her by one arm and saves her]

Vyse: Fina should be at the front of the rail car. Let's go!

[The scene now shows Galcian standing on the center of the Coliseum. He's
 looking at what happened to the place when a guard suddenly comes running to

Valuan Guard: Lord Galcian! We've just received a message from Central Station
              in Upper City... They've spotted some Air Pirates snooping
              around the rail cars.

Galcian: What? And the Air Pirates who escaped the execution... Are they still

Valuan Guard: Yes, Lord Galcian. My humblest apologies...

Galcian: It matters not...

Valuan Guard: I'll summon the City Guards and sweep all of the rail cars. We'll
              find them.

Galcian: That won't be necessary. We know where they are heading... they are
         going to try to rescue the girl. What's the status of the
         Grand Fortress gates?

Valuan Guard: They are currently open, sire. They aren't scheduled to close
              for a while.

Galcian: Close the gates immediately. Place all ships in the bay on full alert.
         Dispatch the Imperial Rail Car immediately. I shall deal with these
         pirates myself.

Valuan Guard: Yes, Lord Galcian.

[We now see Vyse and Aika running through the roof of the rail car when
 suddenly another rail car comes from behind and rams into the one they
 are on. After the two cars are stuck together, Galcian comes out and boards
 the one Aika and Vyse are on. He takes of his cape to reveal a large sword
 that he's carrying]

Aika: Who's that? Vyse, there's something about this guy... I'm not sure what
      it is, but I don't think we can take him.

Vyse: Yeah... And he looks really mad too! Aika, here's the plan... Run!!!
      We have to get Fina before he catches us!

Aika: Yeah!

[Vyse and Aika start running away from Galcain who is slowly chasing them. 
 They finally get to Fina who's being guarded by to Valuan Soldiers looking all
 sad. We all hope is lost for her, Vyse and Aika arrive to the spot where she's
 in the train. She looks surprise at the arrival of both of them]

Fina: Vyse?!

Valuan Soldier: Who are you?!

Aika: Sorry we took so long, Fina! We're here to get you out!

Valuan Soldiers: Insolent pests! You'll have to get past us first!

Vyse: Bring it on!


[After the two guards are defeated, Vyse and Aika approach Fina and they
 start untying her hands from her back]

Aika: I'm so glad you're safe, Fina! We were worried about you.

Fina: Vyse... Aika... Why did you... Why?

Vyse: Why do you think? We're here to save you!

Fina: You mean... you did all this... just for... me?

Aika: Aw, Fina... We're friends! We weren't going to let them take you from us.

Fina: Thank you both so much! Honestly, I... I was so scared... I was all alone
      I was afraid they were going to hurt me. Oh, thank you... I'm... I'm so

Vyse: Everything is okay now, Fina. Now, let's get out of here!

[Galcian appears with two guards]

Galcian [laughing]: I can't allow that.

Vyse: What?! He found us!

Galcian: I am Galcian, Lord of the Imperial Armada. You have caused us a great
         deal of trouble, boy. What is your name?

Vyse: I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues. I just thought you were the guy that cleaned
      the rail cars.

Galcian: Ah... so you're the one who made a fool out of Alfonso. That girl is
         worth nothing to you Air Pirates. Hand her over to me. I guarantee
         that your lives, as well as that of the girl, will be spared. Is it
         a deal?

*IF YOU CHOOSE: "Never!" *

Vyse: Never! I don't know what you want with her... But you're Valuans.
      Whatever it is, it can't be good.

Galcian: Do you honestly think that after attacking the Valuan Armada you'll be
         able to fly the skies freely?

Vyse: We're Air Pirates. We don't need your permission for anything...
      If we see something we want, we take it.

Galcian: That's very dissapointing. I'm afraid you leave me no choice... I must
         destroy you.

[A green object appears by the window of the rail car]

Vyse: The Little Jack!

[The Little Jack shoots a cannonball at the rail car destroying it in half. 
 Since Vyse is the the side where the engine is, his part still moves forward
 leaving Galcian behind who's looking all serious. Aika cheers at the arrival
 of Drachma. They board the Little Jack where Drachma and Dyne are waiting for

Dyne: You were late, Vyse. We decided to come get you and from the looks of it,
      we were just in time. Fina, are you alright?

Fina: Yes. Thank you very much. I'm very grateful that you've gone through so
      much trouble to rescue me...

Aika: Relax Fina... We're all okay now... Save the mushy stuff for later...

Drachma: She is right. We can all be thankful after we've gotten out of Valua.

Timmus the Gunner: Captain, emergency! They're closing the gates!!!

Drachma: If the gate closes, we're all dead!

[The Little Jack gets hit by something]

Timmus the Gunner: We're under attack! Valuan ships, dead ahead! They're
                   blocking the entrance!

Drachma: We've got to act fast! We need to take out that blockade! Looks like
         I'm going to be able to test out the Harpoon Cannon earlier than I
         thought! All hands to battle stations!

(Ship Battle)

[The battle ends when the Little Jack destroy some Valuan Cruisers with a shot
 from the Harpoon Cannon. The group is in the top deck and as always, Vyse is
 at the helm]

Vyse: Looks like that was the last of them! Now we just need to get through
      that gate!

[The Little Jack speeds up and goes directly for the exit of Valua. The wall
 is closing really fast too]

Aika: Vyse! It's closing! Hurry!!!

Vyse: Come on!!! Come on, Little Jack!!!!!

[The Little Jack speeds up. It looks like they won't make it in time but just
 as the gate closes, they go through it and they leave Valua for good. The
 gates closes completely after they escaped unharmed.]

Vyse: Woohoo!!! We did it!!!

Aika: Alright! I knew you could do it Vyse! You're the greatest!

Dyne: You got us through there by the skins of our teeth. You had me worried
      for a second there.

Vyse: We can finally say good-bye to Valua! Alright! Let's go back home to 
      Pirate Isle!

[The groups leaves to Pirate Isle. After that, we see Galcian still standing
 on the broken rail car in the middle of nowhere]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================ 7.14 FINA'S MISSION =============================

[The scene begins with Fina thanking Vyse, Aika and Drachma on top of Lookout
 Island at Pirate Isle]

Fina: Vyse... Aika... Captain Drachma...
      I just wanted to tell you how much I... I...

Vyse: Heh... don't worry about it. The Valuans went through a lot of trouble
      to capture you. We just like making them mad.

Aika: Vyse is just kidding, Fina. You're our friend now. But while we were
      there, I did want to grab some more loot...

Vyse: What? Aika! You wanted to stay in Valua?! We barely made it out of there!

Aika: Hey! It's an Air Pirate's duty to liberate any treasure that can help the

[Vyse, Fina and Aika begn to laugh. After they finish laughing, Vyse gets all
 serious again]

Vyse: Umm... Fina... there's something I want to ask you... what is this
      mission that you're on? What are you looking for? And why is the Valuan
      Empire after you? We might be able to help...

Fina: ..... Alright, I'll tell you...
      I am a Silvite, a descendant of the Silver Civilizaton.

Aika: Silver Civilization?

Fina: Hundreds of generation ago... the world's population was didvided into
      6 civilizations. 

[The screen now shows a paiting of a beautiful valley covered completely in
 grren grass. The sky is clear blue and the clouds are completely white. On the
 middle of the picture, a really high tower that reached the skies stands.
 A palace of some sorts can be seen in the horizon. Fina continues to narrate
 her story]

Fina: One existed under each of the Moons in the sky...
      Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Silver. Each civilizaton harnessed
      the power of the moon by learning how to use Moon Stones as a source of
      energy. The entire world went through a technological revolution, but
      technology advanced faster than the people wielding it. The leaders of
      the civilizations became corrupt... and their ambition led them to war. 
      They used their technology to create weapons.

[The screen changes and it now shows a green, gigantic monster coming out the
 ground. Fina continues to narrate her story]

Fina: These weapons were called "Gigas." They were gigantic living weapons that
      were capable of destroying whole islands.

Aika: I heard about these Gigas before. There's a giant, and a dragon...
      But I thought those were all tales parents told their children... I never
      thought that they were real.

Fina: Oh, Aika, they were very real. When the Ancient Civilization went to war,
      they unleashed the Gigas on each other. So many people died...
      Then something happened... The Rains of Destruction fell... No one knows
      exactly what caused it...

[The screen now shows thousands of Moons Stones falling from the sky like
 meteorites destroying everything in their path. On the back, the forests are
 burning. And like always, Fina is narrating]

Fina: Moon Stones fell from each of the Moons... They fell for what seemed like
      an eternity. Thousands of Stones fell at a time... Like a rainstorm...
      It was almost as if the Moons wanted to make sure that their powers would
      never be misused again. Millions died in the Rains...
      The stones battered the lands and leveled the cities... All of the
      Ancient Civiliations were destroyed. Only a few survivors remained.

[The scene shows the group on Lookout Island again]

Fina: But even if the Rains of Destruction never happened, the Gigas would have
      destroyed the world anyway. Now, there are people who are trying to
      reawaken te Gigas.

Vyse: You mean... The Valuan Empire?

Fina: Yes, But to command the Gigas, it is necessary to find the Moon Crystals.
      A Moon Crystal is a highly concentrated form of Moon Stone. The original
      Moon Crystals used to control the Gigas are scattered throughout the
      world. Valua is searching for those Crystals so they can reawaken the

Aika: And that's why the Valuan Empire kidnapped you... to find out where they
      were hidden!

Fina: Yes. I was sent here to gather the Crystals before the Valuans could find
      them and put them somewhere where they can never be used again.
      ... Vyse... Aika... I know I have caused you enough trouble, but I have
      another favor to ask of you. I would like you to go with me. Help me
      travel the world in search of the Crystals. Please... without my ship, I
      can't do it... and if Valua gets the Crystals... I don't even want to
      think what would happen...

*IF YOU CHOOSE: "Leave everything to us!" *

Vyse: Heh... leave everything to us! We'll go with you and find those Crystals!

Aika: Yeah, Vyse... I guess this is your chance to see what lies beyond the

Vyse: You're right, Aika...

Fina: Thank you so much! If you two were to come with me, I would be so honored

[A squeaky noise is heard]

Aika: Huh? Vyse, what was that noise? Was that your stomach?

Fina: Oh... I'm sorry. It's okay, you can come out now.

[A small, gray fishlike creature comes out from Fina's hand]

Vyse: Huh?

Aika: Wh... what is that thing?! Where'd it come from?

Fina: It's been with me ever since I was a baby. It's from my homeland...
      It can change it's shape... And it's usually shaped like a bracelet
      around my arm.

Aika: Heh... actually, the thing is kind of cute. What's its name?

Fina: Its name is Cupil. Come, Cupil... say hello to everyone.

[Cupil says hello]

Aika: It's so cute! I'm very pleased to meet you, Cupil!

Vyse: Well, Fina, we've got a long journey ahead of us. We'll do our best to
      help you get the Crystals.

Fina: Thank you... I'm so glad that you're helping me.

Aika: Now, the only problem left is Cap'n Dyne... I wonder if he'll let us go.

Vyse: What are you worried about? Even if he does say no, we'll just go anyway!
      Alright! Once we're finished getting everything ready, we'll leave from
      the underground port!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

=================== 7.15 THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ADVENTURE ====================

[The scene begins with Vyse, Aika, Fina and Drachma, some Air Pirates, Dyne
 and Vyse's mother in the underground port. Dyne speaks up first.]

Dyne: What's wrong, Vyse? You're looking uncharacteristically grim.

Vyse: Dad... Actually, there's something that I have to tell you...

Dyne: Don't worry... I have a feeling that I already know what you're going to
      say. I remember when I was your age... The feeling that I had to get away
      from my own little island and see the rest of the world. But when a man
      decides to step out onto his own path, he doesn't need to ask for his
      parents' permission. From now on, you are my equal, son. A man who lives
      by the skies. There is nothing more honorable than that...
      Heh... You're late on almost every other occasion, but you sure aren't
      wasting any time to try and get out on you own...

Vyse: Dad...

Dyne: Go on, get out of here, Vyse. Go make your mark in the world.

[Vyse talks to his mother]

Vyse's Mother: I hear that you've decided to leave. Your father's told me all
               about it already. But, I know you well enough to figure that it
               wouldn't be long before you'd yearn to travel the skies by

Vyse: Mom...

Vyse's Mother: It's okay, dear. Everyone ultimately has to fly away from their
               parent's nest. I knew it was just a matter of when. I knew this
               day would be coming sometime. It's just... It's just that it
               came a lot sooner than I expected... or hoped. So stand tall,
               son. Go chase after those dreams that you'd always talked about.
               And make sure you take care of Aika, too, okay?

[After saying their last goodbyes, the group board the Little Jack. They're
 about to leave Pirate Isle but Fina has to say something first]

Fina: Thank you all so much for rescuing me from the Valuans. I hope that I 
      will be able to repay all of you, someday.

Dyne: Just worry about keeping those Moon Crystals out of the hands of the
      Valuans. And Vyse, we're all counting on you too.

Vyse: Don't worry Dad. I won't let you down! Well... I guess we should get

Aika: We'll be back soon! Bye Cap'n! Bye everyone!

Fina: Vyse... Aika... Are you sure you want to do this?

Vyse: Fina, there's no way we can turn this down. After what you told us about
      the Gigas, I don't even want to think about what the Valuan Empire would
      do if they got their hands on them. We're the only ones that can stop
      them. And... well, to be completely honest... I've always wanted to sail
      the world. And this is my chance... Moon Crystals, lost cities, strange
      lands... I want to see them all with my own eyes! This is my chance to
      find out what's really out there.

Aika: Fina, you couldn't stop us from going, even if you tried. This is the
      kind of adventure that Air Pirates dream of. If we passed this up, we'd
      regret it for the rest of our lives.

Fina: I understand. Thank you! Thank you all!

Vyse: Fina, do you have any ideas where the Crystals might be?

Fina: Well, according to the ancient legends, there should be a Moon Crystal
      hidden in the lands under each of the moons. The closest one from here
      are... hmm... the Yellow Moon of Valua... and the Red Moon of Nasr.

Dyne: Well, there's no chance of getting back into Valua right now. You should
      probably wait a while before going back there... If you go East from here
      you'll reach Nasr. With a normal ship, you'd probably never make it
      through the stone reefs on the way... But, now that the Little Jack is
      equipped with a Harpoon Cannon, you've got a pretty good chance of making
      it through.

Vyse: Sounds like a plan. We're heading East to Nasr and we're going to get
      that Red Moon Crystal.

Drachma: We've been standing round here long enough. let's get going.

Vyse: Well... Dad, I guess it's time to say goodbye.

Dyne: Remember everything I've taught you... Make us proud, son...

[The group and Drachma board the ship]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

=============================== 7.16 MARAMBA =================================

[The group enters a desert]

Aika: Wow! There's nothing here but sand!

Vyse: So this is a desert... I've heard sailors talk about them before, but
      it's my first time actually seeing one.

Aika: Now that you mention it, I've heard sailors takling about them, too. They
      said that Nasr deserts are so hot, If you walk around in the sun too long
      your hair catches on fire! Everyone carries buckets of water around with
      them so they can put their friends' hair out. And then... 

Vyse: Oh, come on, Aika... you don't actually believe those crazy stories.
      Sometimes I wonder wha goes on in that head of yours.

Aika: Don't come crying to me when your head bursts into flame... That glass
      eyepatch you wear will intensify the sun's rays and fry your brain.
      ... I'm just kidding, Vyse. It's just a story that I heard long time ago.
      I didn't really believe it either... Hehe... But you can't be too careful

Fina: The Moon Stones that fall from the Red Moon give off a great deal of heat
      It's too hot for most plants to survive. Because of this, the lands of
      Nasr have been reduced to barren wasteland.

Vyse: I see... There isn't much down there besides sand and rock. The Red Moon
      Crystal should be hidden somewhere in the desert, right?

Fina: That's right, Vyse. It is buried deep within the ancient Temple of Pyrynn

Aika: An ancient temple? I'll bet there's all kinds of treasure in there! Maybe
      some gold and gems and magic stuff and nice clothes, and... and... stuff.
      If we find a bunch of treasure... we'll be rich! We can go buy whatever
      we want!!! Waht's the first thing you'd buy, Fina?

Fina: B... buy?... Ummm... Um... What does that mean... exactly?

Aika: What?! Fina... you don't know what that means?!

Fina: I... I'm terribly sorry. I've never seen the rest of the world before,

Aika: You don't need to look very far to find a shop... Everyone buys stuff...
      It's... it's normal. Well, Fina, you really don't get out much, do you?

[some time passes]

Aika: According to the map, there's a city nearby called Maramba. let's go
      there first.

Drachma[speaking to himself]: I'm too old for this...

[The group except for Drachma go outside of the Little Jack when they dock in

Vyse: So, this is Maramba... It's so... hot!

Aika: ...Huh? Where'd the Cap'n go?

[The Little Jack backs out of the dock without Vyse, Aika and Fina]

Vyse: Hey!

Aika: W...wait! Cap'n! Where are you going?!

Drachma[on the Little Jack]: This is where we part company. I've got my own
                             quest to worry about. I've got to find Rhaknam.

Aika: What?! W...wait a second! What are we supposed to do? We're in the middle
      of a desert without a ship. How are we supposed to continue on our

Drachma: That is not my concern. I have no interest in crystals or temples.
         I must find Rhaknam. I cannot waste any more time babysittin'.

[Drachma leaves]

Aika: Hey! Come back here, you eye-patch wearing freak! You rusty old man! Hey!
      Are you listening to me?!

Fina: Oh, my! This isn't good at all. What should we do?

Aika: We can't even get out of the city, let alone make it to the temple! We're
      stuck here.

Vyse: Well, we have no choice right now other than to start exploring the city.
      Maybe we can find someone who can take us to the temple.
      That's all we can do... for now.

[The group enters a pub in Maramba]

Aika: Oh... In Nasr, I guess they just sit on the ground.

Vyse: Yeah, it feels goo to finally sit down. 

Aika: Well, we shouldn't rest too long, we gotta go  look for a ship. I wonder
      where we can find one. Maybe we should try the docks.

[An exotic, female dancer briefly appears on screen]

Aika: I can't believe that Cap'n Drachma just left us here...
      I'm sure he had his reasons to leave, but I wish he said something sooner
      He didn't have to leave us here in the desert, right Vyse?

Vyse: .....

Aika: ... Vyse?

[Aika notices Vyse is watching the exotic dancer instead of listening to her

Aika: .....
[Aika confronts Vyse]

Aika: Vyse!!! Have you heard a single word I've said?!

Vyse: Uh... Y... yeah. I'm listening... You were talking about the desert.

Aika: You're acting like you've never seen a girl before.. If you can pry your
      eyes away from that dancer for a few seconds...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "I have no idea what you're talking about..." *

Vyse: I have no idea what you're talking about...

Aika: I swear... The second a beautiful girl walks into the room, you turn
      into a babbling idiot.

Vyse: But, hey... I've caught her looking at me more than a few times. I think
      she likes me.

Aika: Yeah, right. Fina, will you try and talk some sense into him?

Fina: ... Do you really find it that hard to believe? Well, Vyse is very
      attractive. I don't think it would be strange at all if that dancer was
      looking at him.

Dancer: Well, hello, handsome. I don't think I've seen you around here before.
        If you've come to rest your weary feet, you've come to the right place,
        make yourself comfortable and stay awhile.

Vyse: That actually sounds like a great idea! It's been a while since we had
      time to relax...

Dancer: Please stay! Stay as long as you like! Sit down, sit down...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Hehe... Okay... I'll stop starring!" *

Vyse: Okay, okay. It's just that she's such a good dancer... I didn't want to
      insult her by oh... looking away. New lands, new customs y'know.

Aika: What kind of excuse was that?! You're undressing her with your eyes, not
      that it would take that long. You weren't zooming in, were you?

Vyse: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But, seriously... don't you think she's looked over
      here more than just a few times? I think she like me.

Aika: Yeah, right. Fina, will you try and talk some sense into him?

Fina: ... Do you really find it that hard to believe? Well, Vyse is very
      attractive... I don't think it could be strange at all if that dancer
      was looking at him.

Aika[with the dancer right behind]: Haha... You're kidding right?
                                    Vyse wouldn't want someone like her...
                                    I mean... who knows where she's been?

[Aika turns around and sees the dancer listening to what she just said]

Aika: Oh, umm... I, so umm... Do you travel a lot?..


Dancer: Tell me something... You wouldn't happen to be the group of Air Pirates
        that escaped from the Grand Fortress now, would you?

Vyse: Huh?! How did you know about that?

Dancer: Well, if you hang out in places like this, you overhear all kinds of
        things... rumors, local gossip, news about the other lands...
        You even hear stories about Air Pirates needing a ship. If you want,
        I can give you a lift. What do you say?

Vyse: Really?! Thanks! That'll help us a lot!

Aika: Wait a second. Why would you help us? You don't even know who we are.

Dancer: Let's just say that anyone who can escape from the Valuan Grand
        Fortress, interest me. My name is Bellena. I'll be making preparations.
        meet me at the port first thing tomorrow morning. 
        See you around, handsome.

[The dancer leaves]

[The scenery changes to Drachma driving the Little Jack alongside the stone
reefs in the middle of the night]

Drachma: ..... Hrmph... Should I have left those kids there? Bah! What am I
         worrying about? Someone else will take care of them.

[Drachma notices something]

Drachma: ...Hmm?

[A pink, metallic airship appears moving alongside the reefs]

Drachma: Wait... that ship! It looks like...

[drachma focuses on steering again]

Drachma: .....

================================= END SCENE ==================================

========================= 7.17 THE TEMPLE OF PYRYNN ==========================

[The group and Bellena are standing in the port]

Bellena: Good morning. I trust you slept well last night...

Vyse: It was the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. So, I guess we
      should get ready and start exploring the desert?

Bellena: "Only those who have walked through the desert can truly know its
         size." Is a saying we have here in Nasr. It's too difficult to cross
         the desert on foot because of the heat. A mere half day's walk can be
         deadly... You'll need a ship to cross it.

[Vyse notices a small airship]

Vyse: A ship, huh? Is this one yours?

Bellena: Ah, yes. It's not much, but it's very reliable.

Aika: Hmph... Umm, Bellena, why are you going out of your way to give us a
      ride? You don't even know us.

Bellena: You aren't very grateful are you? If you were dying of thirst, and
         someone offered you water, you would probably ask where it came from

Aika: What?!!!

Bellena: ... Alright. If you must know, then I'll tell you. My father was a
         soldier. He was a poor man and sometimes a little short-tempered, but
         he was a good man... and a good father. We struggle to get by, and my
         father was barely able to support us. We had nothing to rely on but
         each other... But we were happy... Until that day... 20 years ago...
         20 years ago, Valua and Nasr decalred war on each other. And my...
         my father was killed in battle. When he died, we had nothing... no
         food... nobody to support us... nobody to raise us... We had to live
         on the streets. Some say that you can't die from a broken heart, but
         they're wrong. My mother died shortly after my father... She was so
         sad... I was alone... and scared. I had to fen for myself on the
         streets. And that is how I ended up living like... this.

Fina: Oh... Bellena... We're so sorry... We had no idea...

Bellena: Ever since then, I've hated war. Hundreds of people die... Hundreds
         more families havr to go through what I went through. And that is why
         I'm letting you... No, I want you to use my ship. Please...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "Hm... what should we do?" *

Vyse: Hm... what should we do?

Aika: ... Vyse, let's use her ship. We... we know her reasons... She's doing
      us a huge favor and it's the least we can do for her.
      Bellena... I... I'm sorry for... what I said earlier. I... I shouldn't
      have spoken to you that way...

*IF YOU CHOOSE "We'll do it!" *

Vyse: We'll do it!

Bellena: ... Thank you, oh so much...

Aika: Bellena... I... I'm sorry for... what I said earlier. I... I shouldn't
      have spoken to you that way...


Aika: I lost my parents when I was young, too. I know what you went through...

Bellena: Heh heh... that's quite alright. As long as you understand and don't
         take my generosity for granted. 
         Alright everyone, get on board. The Temple of Pyrynn lies far to the
         east, in the middle of the desert. Let's go!

[The group reaches the Temple of Pyrynn]

Aika: This is the Temple of Pyrynn?!! It's HUGE! I can't believe it! It's the
      most amazing thing I've ever seen!

Vyse: The people of the Old World were able to build this thing in this heat?!
      And it's built on sand, too!!! It's incredible!

Fina: Deep within this temple lies the Red Crystal. Be careful, though...
      According to Silvite lore, It is guarded by hordes of creatures.

Aika: Well then, let's get going! Oh, Bellena? What are you going to do?

Bellena: I'll be waiting out here. And besides... I won't be able to help you
         fight off monsters in this outfit.

Vyse: Well, it might be a little rough in there for a beautiful woman like

Aika: Oh, really... what about me and Fina?! We're women too, you know! Just
      what are you trying to say? Come on, Fina. Let's leave macho man behind
      and get the Crystal ourselves.

Fina: Hehehe... That might be kind of fun. We'd probably get it faster without

Vyse: H... hey! Wait a minute! I didn't mean...

Bellena: Hehehe... watching the three of you really cheers me up. You're all
         such good friends and Vyse is so funny.

Aika: Well... I'm sure a beautiful woman like yourself has got herself a much,
      Much, MUCH, better guy than... Mr. Foot in His Mouth...

Bellena: Hahaha! Sorry... there's no one special in my life right now... Well,
         there is someone that I'm in love with... But he would never even give
         me a second look...
         But I don't want to talk about it right now. You should probably get
         going. I'll be waiting here. Be careful in there, okay?

Vyse: Don't worry. We'll be back before you even notice that we were gone. 

[The group reaches the end of the temple and finds the shining, Red Crystal]

Vyse: Wow... So, this is a Moon Crystal...

Aika: It's beautiful... I'm getting weak in the kness just looking at it.

Fina: A Moon Crystal is the most concentrated source of energy that you will
      ever see. It was created by distilling a Moon Stone into it's purest
      form. Moon Crystals are pure energy. This crystal alone has the power
      of thousands... no... tens of thousands of Moon Stones...

Vyse: So,this Crystal is powerful enough to control one of the Gigas?

[Fina grabs the Crystal with her hands]

Fina: Look at the light radiating from the Crystal. Even though thousands
      of years have passed since the destruction of the Old World, the Crystal
      still shines as bright as ever. Between the power of these Crystals, and
      the destructive forces of the Gigas, it's easy to see how so much of the
      world was destroyed. It's sad... The people of the Old World had so much
      power, but they used it to make weapons instead of helping each other.

Aika: There's no way we can let Valua get their hands on one of these!

Vyse: Fina, leave it up to us. We'll keep it safe. The Valuans are going to
      have to take it off of my dead body before I hand it over to them.
      There's so much of the world that I still have to see... I'm not going
      to let them wake some ancient guardian to destroy half of it now...

Fina: Thank you, Vyse! I know you will do your best to keep it safe.

[The group leaves the Temple with the Red Crystal]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

======================= 7.18 THE RED GIGAS & THE LYNX ========================

[The group reunites with Bellena right outside the temple]

Vyse: Bellena, sorry to kept you waiting so long. I hope you weren't too
      worried about us.

Bellena: I'm so glad you're alright. Did you find the Moon Crystal?

Vyse: Heh, of course we found it!

Bellena: I knew you could do it! Um, would it be alright if I took a look
         at it?

[Vyse hands the Red Crystal to Bellena]

Bellena: Wow... So, this is one of the legendary Moon Crystals... It's more
         beautiful than I ever imagined. Thank you so much. I'm sure that
         Lord Galcian will be very pleased.

Vyse: What?!?! What are you talking about!?!?!

Bellena: Hahaha... Let me show you.

[A group of Valuan soldiers appears from behind some of the colunms of the
 Temple of Pyrynn and sorrounds Vyse, Fina, and Aika]

Vyse: Bellena... Who are you?!

[Bellena takes of her dancer costume]

Belleza: Let me reintroduce myself. I am Belleza. The Fourth Admiral of the
         Imperial Armada. I specialize in covert operations. You don't need
         to get your hands bloody to win battles. Sometimes a little trickery
         goes a long way.

Vyse: You!!! You tricked us!!!

Fina: Bellena... Or... umm... Belleza... So everything that you said... about
      your parents... about war... about your childhood...
      Was it all a lie? Did you just say that to get us to trust you?

Belleza: I told you the truth. I never said  my father was from Nasr. He was
         a Valuan soldier and he did die in battle. Years later, I too, became
         a soldier... I want to put an end to all wars so nobody has to go
         through what I went through. Countries go to war arguing over borders
         and resources. If the world was united under one rule, there would be
         no more war. This is why we need the power of the Gigas to make sure
         no one opposes us! Valua must rule the world.

Fina: Belleza!!! NO, DON'T!!!

[Belleza puts the crystal on a pedestal outisde the temple]

Belleza: Red Gigas, Recumen! As bearer of the Red Moon Crystal, I command you
         to awaken and do my bidding!

[The Red Crystal shines even brighter on the pedestal]

Vyse: Umm... Fina? What did she do? This is bad, right?

Fina: Recumen... No... She can't be...

Belleza: Goodbye, handsome...
         Recumen, I command you! Engulf these three in your flames.

[The Red Crystal produces a red light that goes vertically to the sky]

Fina: Vyse! Aika! Hurry! We must run!

Vyse: Fina! What's going on?

Fina: Belleza... she... she is summoning Recumen, the Red Gigas!!! She's using
      the power of the Red Moon Crystal to awaken him!!!

[Some stone statues on the shape of a head, can be seen outside the temple]

Vyse: ... She what?! I guess we are going to have to run! Aika, Fina... let's
      get out of here!

[The red light coming from the Red Crystal dissapears. After that, the columns
 near the entrance of the temple begin to fall over. Vyse, Aika, and Fina are
 seen running through the desert. Vyse turns around to see what's happening]

Vyse: Is that...?!

[The four stone statues outside the temple are revealed to be Recumen's

Fina: Yes, that is the Red Giga, Recumen.

Aika: So those weren't statues in front of the Temple. They were its heads!

[Recumen looks directly at Vyse and company from afar]

Vyse: It's looking at us... RUN!!!

[The groups begins to run. Recumen start charging a power from its mounth]

Fina: Aahh!

[Fina falls down]

Vyse: Fina!

[Recumen continues charging its power]

Aika: Fina, are you alright? C'mon, we gotta go!

Fina: I'm sorry... I tripped...

Vyse: Aika, Fina! Take cover!

[Recumen fires a destructive red beam but before he shoots that, his hit in
 one of his heads by some explosives. The beam misses the group completely
 thanks to that]

Vyse: ... It missed us... something hit it in the head!!!

[The Little Jacks appears above Vyse, Aika, and Fina]

Drachma: I can't leave you three alone, can I? Stop gawkin' and get on!

Vyse: Captain!

Aika: Cap'n! You came back for us!

Vyse: Hurry, maybe we can take that thing out in the Little Jack.

[The group gets on the ship. Belleza is watching that from another location]

Valuan Soldier: Admiral Belleza, that ship is rescuing them.

Belleza: Ready the Lynx, I want to make sure they don't escape.

Valuan Soldier: Yes, Admiral.

Belleza: Heh heh... Well handsome, now we can see what you're made of...

[Inside the Little Jack, the group meets with Captain Drachma once again]

Aika: Cap'n! You came back just in time!

Drachma: I didn't come back for you... My search for Rhaknam brought me back
         to this desert. And I wasn't about to watch the three of you get
         roasted by that... that thing...

[Aika starts laughing]

Aika: Hey Fina, get a load of the Cap'n... I wonder how long he can act like he
      doesn't care about us.

Fina: Hahaha... Aika, you really shouldn't tease him like that.

Drachma: Who's actin'!? I just want to find Rhaknam! Rotten little brats always
         getting me into trouble.

Vyse: Calm down, calm down, Captain. But what should we do about that thing?

Drachma: Hm... well, let's treat it like a practice run for when I finally do
         fight Rhaknam. That thing packs quite a punch. Do not get hit by that
         beam, no matter what. I don't know if the Little Jack can take a
         direct hit.

Vyse: Aye aye! Let's go!

(Ship Battle)

[After a while, the group discover that nothing is damaging Recumen]

Vyse: Nothing is working!

Drachma: If we keep fightin' it head on, we're going to lose.

Aika: Hey Fina, can you think of a way to stop it?

Fina: Gigas don't make their own decisions. They only obey commands given to
      them by the ones who awaken them. Until Belleza commands it to stop,
      there's nothing we can do...

Aika: Hmmm... So if something were to happen to Belleza... I got it! I know how
      to stop that thing!

* IF YOU CHOOSE, "You mean, attack Belleza's ship?" *

Vyse: You mean, attack Belleza's ship, right? If we can stop her, we can force
      her into calling off the Gigas!

Aika: You got it!

Drachma: That's a good idea. Either way, we'll last longer against her than we
         will against that thing! Alright, full rudder! Target, Belleza's ship!
         All hands to battle stations!

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain!

(Ship Battle)

Belleza: Hahaha... Meet my flagship, the Lynx. Now, I will show you the true
         power of the Imperial Armada! My Magic cannon will take care of that
         little ship of yours!

(Ship Battle ends)

Vyse: Aika! Signal Belleza's ship! Tell them that we will attack if they don't
      call off the Gigas.

Aika: Aye aye that!

Drachma: Now, all we need is for that lady admiral to listen to our demands...

Vyse: Don't worry, Captain. Belleza is not the kind of person that would
      needlessly sacrifice the lives of her crew. I'm sure she'll call off
      the Gigas.

Fina: Belleza... Please...

[Recumen begins to get absorbed by the desert's sand]

Fina: Vyse! Look! The Gigas...!

Aika: There was a reply from Belleza's ship: "We have called off the Gigas. We
      are making an emergency landing." I repeat, "We have called off the
      Gigas. We are making an emergency landing."

Vyse: We did it!

[The Gigas get's buried completely by the sand. On the other side of the desert
 Fina can be seen holding the Red Moon Crystal in her hands]

Belleza: You may have won the battle, but you are far from winning the war.
         There are 5 Crystals left. The Valuan Armada never makes the same
         mistake twice. You shall not defeat us again.

Vyse: And we won't make the same mistake of underestimating you again either.
      We'll get those Crystals. Fina, where should we go next?

Fina: Southwest of Nasr, beyond the South Ocean... There is a continent under
      the Green Moon.

Vyse: Really?! There's a continent on the other side of the South Ocean?!

Fina: Yes. The Green Crystal should be there.

Belleza: Ha, that's the continent of Ixa'taka. Our soldiers are already there.
         Besides, the South Ocean has a strong headwind. You'll never make it
         across with that tiny ship of yours.

Drachma: No need to worry about that. We're takin' your ship's engine. With
         that much power, we can get across South Ocean in no time.

Belleza: What?! Then how am I going to get back?!

Aika: We all decided that you should go back on foot. You trick us... we take
      your engine... I think we're even now. What was that saying?
      "Only those who have walked through the desert can truly know its size."

Belleza: You want me to... walk? ... Heh. Well... I guess I don't have much of
         a choice. I never actually thought I would truly know the size of the

[Vyse, Aika, Fina, and Drachma start to leave]

Belleza: Hey, handsome...

[Vyse turns around]

Belleza: You win this time. But, Valua is more powerful than you can imagine.
         And the trip to Ixa'taka is long and perilous... The chance that
         you'll survive long enough to get there is pretty slim. Are you sure
         you still want to go? You still have time to reconsider.

Vyse: Real sailors aren't afraid of the unknown. I want to see the world...
      I'm not going to rest until I've left my mark on it, and I won't let
      anything or anyone stand in my way.

Belleza: ... I understand... You're rash and impulsive... I hope you survive
         long enough for us to meet again.

[Vyse and company board the Little Jack. The Little Jack gets off from the
 ground and starts moving forward leaving Belleza and the desert behind]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

========================== 7.19 IXA'TAKA & HORTEKA ===========================

[The group reaches the South Ocean in the Little Jack. In there, strong winds
 and cyclones can be seen]

Drachma: Listen up, boy. This area is known as South ocean. It's considered to
         be one of the most difficult places to sail through. There's a strong
         crosswind that blows from the west. Nobody has ever succesfully sailed
         through it.

Vyse: But the lands of the Green Moon are through here, right? And besides, we
      have Belleza's engine now. It's not like we don't have a chance of making
      it through.

Drachma: Hmm... Perhaps. But my knowledge of this place is limited. You're on
         your own, boy. This isn't goin' to be an easy journey. Prepare
         yourselves for the worst, kids.

[The group goes into the South Ocean. After a while, Aika notices something]

Aika: Hey, look! There are leaves blowing in the wind.

Vyse: Which means... We're close to land! We've finally made it across South

Fina: I'm sure those leaves came from Ixa'taka. Under the light of the Green
      Moon, ever since ancient times, the lands of Ixa'taka have been covered
      in lush forests. The life-giving Green Moon has blesses the lands with

Aika: Blessed lands, huh? If that's true, I'm sure there are all kinds of
      delicious things to eat there. I can see it now... piles and piles of
      fruits and vegetables... of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and

Vyse: I bet there are just as many carnivorous monsters roaming around the
      woods, too... Preying upon unsuspecting fools who sit there, stuffing
      their faces with fruit...

Aika: Hey! You don't have to crush my hopes like that!

[Fina's laughing]

Fina: Haha... If Aika was hungry enough, she'd probably eat the monsters, too!

Aika: Vyse! Look what you did! Now you've got Fina doing it!

[Fina stops laughing]

Fina: Oh... I... I'm sorry... I didn't mean any harm...

[Aika laughs back]

Drachma: Get to your posts... Get ready to drop anchor.

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain! As soon as we see Ixa'taka, we'll look for a spot to

[The group lands on a village near the treetops of Ixa'taka. As soon as they
 enter though, they are stopped by a group of natives. The group is surprised
 at seeing them]

Aika: Umm... There are a bunch of people wearing masks... And they have spears,

[The natives are talking to themselves until finally one decides to speak to
 Vyse and the group]

Horteka Villager: Are you Quetya?

Vyse: Huh?

Horteka Villager: The girl... in the white clothes... Is she Quetya?

[Vyse and Aika look at Fina]

Fina: What? Are they talking about me?

[Vyse and Aika look at the villagers again]

Vyse: Umm... we're Blue Rogues. We came across the South Ocean.

[Aika nods]

Horteka Villager: You are not Quetya... You are the same as the other men from
                  the East. It is best if you leave soon.

[The villagers leave]

Vyse: What did I say? What do they mean "Quetya" and who are the "Men from the

[Aika does a "who knows"? gesture]

Fina: I have no idea. I don't know what they're talking about.

Drachma: We should meet with the leader of the village. He might be able to
         explain what's going on here. Also, that trip across South Ocean has
         depleted our fuel supply. We need to stock up Moon Stones if we ever
         want to leave this place.

Vyse: Okay... let's find the leader of this village... Maybe we'll be able to
      find some Moon Stones here as well.

[Vyse and the group begin exploring the village looking for the chief. On their
 search, they meet with a family that doesn't seem to be part of the native
 villagers. They talk to a man fixing an airship]

Youth: Hello. You don't seem to be from this town. Who are you?

Vyse: We're not. Actually, we had to cross the South Ocean to get here. My
      name's Vyse.

Hans: Wow! You were able to cross the South Ocean? That's impressive. My name
      is Hans. It's good to meet you. We're Blue Rogues under the command of
      Captain Centime. We had to crash land here after a hurricane knocked us
      off course.

Drachma: Centime... He's the Blue Rogue that takes in orphans and trains them.
         I also heard that he's a brilliant engineer.

Hans: Yeah, he was... I mean is. The Valuans kidnapped him and are forcing him
      to build weapons for them. We're staying here and working on the ship
      until he returns.

Fina: Oh... I hope he returns soon...

Aika: Hey! Hans, I was wondering if you could help out some fellow Blue Rogues.
      We burned all of our fuel crossing South Ocean. Do you think you could
      spare a few Moon Stones?

Hans: Of course. We've got plenty to spare... Here, take these.

Vyse: Thanks! We owe you one. You really helped us out a lot.

Hans: You're welcome. Well, I need to get back to work. Good luck!

[The group leaves Hans camp. Later, they finally reach the village's leader
 house. When they enter, they are greeted by the Elder]

Elder: ... So you are the ones from the east who people have been talking
       about. So, you are from the East. You people bring disaster. Leave this
       village immediately.

Vyse: Wait a minute! Why does everyone keep talking about these "Men from the
      East" and this "Quetya" stuff? I don't even know what a "Quetya" is!

Elder: Quetya is our god. Generations ago, when the giant came to destroy us,
       Quetya appeared and saved our village. Ancient prophecies say that
       Quetya's messengers will come from the East and save us if our land is
       ever in danger.

Vyse: I understand... and since we came from the East, that is why everyone
      thinks "Quetya" sent us.

Aika: But... if Quetya's messengers are supposed to save you, why did you say
      that people from the East bring disaster?

Elder: Even now, the men from the East are destroying our land. They claim they
       come from a place called Valua.

Aika: Valua?! They're here, too?

Elder: When the people from Valua came, everyone thought that Quetya sent them.
       Even the king came to greet them. The people from Valua said they wanted
       Moon Stones. We took them to our Sacred Mountain where we keep Glow

Fina: So, the Valuans came to steal their Moon Stones...

Elder: And then the people of Valua attacked us with fire-breathing iron ships.
       They took control of Sacred Mountain. Everyone... even the king fought.
       But many were killed and the forest was burned. The survivors... were...
       taken as slaves...

Aika: That's terrible! They are using your people to gather the Moon Stones so
      they can make weapons!

Vyse: So that's why everyone is so against the "Men from the East".

[Vyse approaches the Elder and kneels down to his knees]

Vyse: Please... You need to trust us. We are different from the Valuans...
      the "Men from the East". We fight against Valua so they can't hurt people
      And that is why we've come all this way... We need a very precious stone,
      called a Moon Crystal.

Elder ...

Drachma: You can't expect him to trust us... You're wasting your time, boy!

Vyse: ... Please, I am telling the truth. Please...

[The elder looks at Vyse for a few seconds. He then looks straight to the rest
 of the group]

Elder: ... If you fly north from this village, you'll see a small hut in the
       middle of the forest. That is where our king is hiding. The kings of our
       land have always passed down the Sacred Green Stone from generation to
       generation. This may be the stone that you seek.

[The Elder looks at Vyse again]

Elder: Your eyes. They are pure. I believe that you are here to help us.
       Please... save our people.

Vyse: Thank you... I will not betray you.

[Vyse stands up and looks at Aika, Fina, and Drachma]

Vyse: Let's go! We've got a village to save...

[The group leaves the Elder's house and board the Little Jack and leave
 Horteka behind]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

======================== 7.20 DE LOCO & THE CHAMELEON ========================

[The group goes looking for the King's hiding place. Before that, Aika notices
 something on the way there]

Aika: Hey... What's that smell?

Fina: It smells like somethin is burning...

Drachma: Look on the horizon.

[The group looks at the horizon and sees something that amazes them]

Vyse: The forest!!!

[The camera shows a green airship burning down the forest with a giant
 flamethrower. The person burning the forest turns out to be Valuan Admiral
 De Loco in his ship, The Chameleon]

De Loco[talking to himself]: Burn! Burn! Buuuuuuuuuurrrrrnnnnn!!! Witness the
                             awesome power of my Flame Cannon! The thicker the
                             forest, the more it burns! HAHAHAHAHA!!! After I
                             burn down the forest, I will be able to find the
                             City of Rixis,and the Moon Crystal will be mine!!!

Vice Captain: Lord De Loco! There's a ship approaching from the aft. It matches
              the description of those Air Pirates!

De Loco: Vyse is here?! He's the kid that escaped from the Grand Fortress and
         defeated Belleza! Perfect!!! PERFECT!!! He's just in time to feel the
         heat from my Flame Cannon! 
         Hehehehe... I wonder how Vyse likes his food... Medium? Or perhaps...
         Well-done!!! I hope he doesn't die too fast! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

[The camera shows the Little Jack flying right over the burning forest]

Aika: The forest! This is horrible! What kind of twisted psycho would do this?

Vyse: Whoever it is, he'll have to deal with me!

Drachma: If we get hit by that blast of fire, we're done for. We'll have to
         dodge the flames, and counterattack!

(Ship Battle)

De Loco: Heeheehee! Fear the power of the Invincible Chameleon!

[Vyse defeats De Loco and the Chameleon. De Loco's ship begins to turn all red
 like it's about to expode]

De Loco: What?! What?!!! Impossible!!! My... my Flame Cannon! How!?!?!

[De Loco has an enraged fit and his suit keeps beeping warningly]

De Loco: It can't be! It can't be! It can't be! There was no way they could
         defeat me!!! This must be a dream... a dream! I tell you!!!

[De Loco collapses. His Vice Captain starts shaking him by the head]

Vice Captain: Sir... sir! Get a hold of yourself!

[The Vice Captain stops shaking the unconcious De Loco]

Vice Captain: We must retreat! Head back to Moon Stone Mountain!

[The Chameleon is seen leaving the forest]

Aika: Alright! We've got them on the run!

Vyse: They're probably searching for the Moon Crystal, too. We've got to hurry!

[The group continues looking for the King's hiding place]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================== 7.21 KING IXA'TAKA ============================

[The group finally finds the King's hiding place. The enter the hut and
 they meet the King sitting on his throne]

King Ixa'taka: So, you are the people that have come from the Eastern skies.
               The high priest informed me of your arrival. They also told me
               that you drove off the fire-breathing ship that was destroying
               our land. I thank you on behalf of my people, the forests, and

Aika: It was nothing... really... We were just doing what we thought was the
      right thing to do.

King Ixa'taka: I was driven from my land and forced to live in this... hut.
               I am sorry, but I am not in the position to compensate you for
               your bravery. However, I will do ayhthing that is within my
               power as King to reward you. Is there anything I can do for you?

Vyse: Actually, your Majesty, we did have something to ask of you. We are
      looking for the Green Moon Crystal...

King Ixa'taka: The Green Moon Crystal? Perhaps you speak of the legendary
               Sacred Green Stone. The men from Valua came looking for the same
               thing, but I don't know where it is. However, if the stone did
               exist, it would probably be located in the Lost City of Rixis.

Aika: Lost city?

Fina: Rixis... I believe thst was the name of the capital of Ixa'taka in the
      Old World.

King Ixa'taka: You are correct. And it is said that the buildings... even the
               streets were made of pure gold.

[Aika starts jumping in excitement]

Aika: Gold?!?!?!?!? Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's find Rixis right now!

[Aika stops jumping]

Vyse: Calm down, Aika. You're embarassing me. So, do you know where Rixis is

King Ixa'taka: I'm afraid not. It has been hidden for generations... Our people
               call it the City of Mists. It may not even exist anymore...
               One of my High Priests knows a great deal about the Old World.
               His name is Isapa. If anyone would know, it would be him.

Vyse: I see... Would it be alright for us to meet Isapa?

King Ixa'taka: Hmm... Isapa is not here. The Valuans took him to Sacred
               Mountain... In the mountain is a mine that contains what you
               call "Moon Stones".

Aika: So, the Valuans kidnapped one of your High Priests and he's being held
      prisoner in Moon Stone Mountain... Vyse, what should we do?

* IF YOU CHOOSE "We'll try and find Rixis by ourselves!" *

Vyse: Rixis has to be somewhere on this island. Let's try finding it ourselves!

Drachma: Don't be foolish, boy. These islands are huge, and the forests are
         thick. We'll never find it in time. The Valuans were desperate enough
         to burn down the forests, and they still couldn't find it.

Aika: Looks like we have no choice but to go to Moon Stone Mountain and save

Vyse: I suppose so... Well, I guess we're going to have to break into the mines
      and rescue him!..

* IF YOU CHOOSE "Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines!" *

Vyse: Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines! We can try to save Isapa!

Drachma: Hmm... it appears to be our only option. Breaking into a Valuan
         stronghold isn't going to be easy...


King Ixa'taka: You're willing to risk your lives to save Isapa? Our Sacred
               Mountain is south of the Horteka Village. Be careful..

Vyse: Leave it to us! Onward to Moon Stone Mountain!

[The group leaves the King's hut and head directly to Moon Stone Mountain]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

========================== 7.22 MOON STONE MOUNTAIN ==========================

[The group arrive at Moon Stone Mountain. When they enter the mines, they see
 that the Valuans are using the Ixa'takans as salves for mining Moon Stones.
 The group enters the mine, but as soon as they pas the main entrance, they all
 step on some kind of switch on the floor]

Aika[after stepping on the switch]: Uh-oh... I think we just stepped on some
                                    kind of switch.

Vyse: Hmm... well, it doesn't look like anything happened. It was probably

[The camera nows move upward directly into De Loco's main office. In there,
 we see De Loco and Alfonso speaking to each other]

Alfonso: Well, De Loco... I've heard that the Air Pirates have crossed the
         South Ocean and that they are on their way here.

De Loco: Yes... I ran into them north of Horteka. They ummm... narrowly escaped
         my Flame Cannon.

Alfonso: Hehe... yes, well, fighting Air Pirates is a bit more difficult than
         burning down trees. But, I guess you already know that. Vyse was
         responsible for my demotion. I will make sure he suffers and I will
         prove to the world that I am Valua's greatest Admiral. Soon, Galcian
         will be taking orders from me. I simply don't understand why someone
         as noble as myself is forced to take orders from anyone other than
         Empress Teodora herself. 
         Well, De Loco, I must be going. I have to exterminate some pests.

[Alfonso exits De Loco's office]

De Loco: Idiot. Perhaps you should have stared into the mirror a bit longer
         this morning... I think you have a hair out of place. As for you, Vyse
         you damaged my precious Chameleon... You will pay for that... Oh, yes
         ... You will pay... The next time we meet will be the last!

[A siren goes off in De Loco's office]

De Loco: Someone just set off the alarm! I wonder who it could be...

[De Loco walks to a glass floor and sees Vyse and the group below him stading
 on the alarm switch]

De Loco[to himself]: Ah! Vyse! How nice of you to drop by. You saved me the
                     trouble of finding you. Yes... I know that you are
                     searching for the Moon Crystals as well... You must be
                     trying to rescue Isapa... Hehehe... good, good!
                     You see Vyse, these mines are full of traps... Too bad
                     for you. You can't escape, Vyse! You will never leave
                     these mines alive!!!

[A door closes by itself behind Vyse and the group]

Aika: Uh... the exit just closed by itself.

Vyse: I don't know about you guys, but I've got a bad feeling about this place.

[Vyse and the group continues looking for Isapa. When they finally reach the
 place where they keep the prisoners, they find a captured man inside one of
 the cells]

Vyse: Hm? You don't look like you're a Valuan... Who might you be?
      I am Vyse. Are you Isapa?

Captured Man: No. It appears you have mistaken me for someone else. My name is

Aika: Then you're Hans' father!

Centime: You know Hans?! Then you must have been to the village in Horteka!
         That's where my wife and children are... Everyone was okay, right?

Vyse: Yeah, they were doing just fine. But, you should worry about yourself
      right now.

Centime: Oh, I'm okay. When I refused to Help Valua, they threw me into these
         dungeons. I've been here for quite a while. You were looking for
         someone named Isapa, correct? If so, then you'll need to venture
         further into these mines. I think I can help.

[They get out of the cell and go to a place where they an elevator]

Centime: There are elevators scattered throughtout the mines. You will need
         to use them to reach the other areas. I can get them working.

[Centime starts working on the broken elvator. The elevator starts working]

Aika: Woohoo! Wow, Centime, you're amazing!

Centime: Why, thank you. I must advise you, proceed with caution... there are
         all sorts of traps. I will travel ahead and see if I can disarm them
         for you.

Vyse: Thank you! You've been a great help to us already.

Centime: It's the least I can do for you. You rescued me, remember? I'm sure
         we'll meet again. Good luck!

[The group boards the elavator. The screen now changes and shows De Loco again
 sitting in his office all by himself]

De Loco: And when you die. I want you to die slowly! Yes... slowly... really
         slowly... I want your brains to gush out of your head.

Alfonso: Pardon me, De Loco.

[Alfonso enters De Loco's office]

Alfonso: I didn't mean to interrupt one of your intellectual monologues. I came
         to tell you that Vyse has broken into the mines.

De Loco: ... And you figured this out all by yourself? What gave it away?
         Was it the alarm? Maybe it was the sirens.

Alfonso: Yes, well... the fact is he was foolish enough to deliver himself to
         me. I shall go dispose of him.

[Alfonso exits De Loco's office]

De Loco: You are the fool, Alfonso... Heh. The only reason that you were made
         Admiral was because of your family. You don't stand a chance against
         Vyse. I shall kill him. I want him to die! Die... DIE... DIE!!!
         Soon... very soon!!! Hehehehe!

[The camera leaves De Loco's office and shows Vyse and the group again. They
 finally reach the place where Isapa is captured. They open a cell and inside
 they find a captured Ixa'takan man]

Isapa: And who migt you be?

Vyse: Are you the High Priest, Isapa?

Isapa: The one and only! I am Isapa!

Vyse: We're on a mission from King Ixa'taka. We're here to rescue you!

Isapa: Haha... well, the king knows what I like. Sending two beautiful women
       to come save me. I have no use for you men... Now if you'll leave us
       alone for a while...

Aika: Oh, really... There's no way that this dirty old man is a High Priest.

[Isapa approaches Fina]

Isapa: Oh... aren't you a pretty one? In all of my years, I have never seen
       anyone like you. I believe that you are a Silvite. Am I right?

Fina: What?! How did you know?

Isapa: Hahaha! Instinct, my dear... Instinct. I am very observant... especially
       around women.

[Isapa looks at Aika]

Isapa: I could probably guess that goofy girl's measurements.

Aika: Okay, that does it... I know we have to bring him back, but the king
      didn't say anything about bringing him back conscious.

Vyse: Relax, Aika... Right now we just have to worry about getting out of here
      alive. Let's go.

[The screen changes again to De Loco sitting in his office]

De Loco: So, you've rescued Isapa... Very nice... Hehehe! But soon, you will
         die! You will die a horrible death and you will scream and I will

[The camera shows a room that has a lot of sharp spikes in the ceiling. A blue
 door opens by itself in the room]

De Loco: I've prepared my favorite room just for you... Please, come in and
         stay awhile... Stay forever!!! Hehehehe!

[The camera leaves De Loco's office and shows Vyse and the group along with
 Isapa entering a big, empty room with a close door on the other side]

Aika: I don't get it. Why would the Valuans build such a huge room in these
      mines and not use it for anything?

Vyse: I don't plan on sticking around long enough to find out.

[The camera moves upward and shows De Loco watching Vyse directly from his

De Loco: Hehehehehehe! So, you've made it this far! I am impressed. But now you
         shall die!!!!! You will pay for what you did to my precious Chameleon!
         Oh yes, you will.

[The group enters the room completely. The door closes behind them by itself.
 De Loco is watching them from above]

De Loco: I love it! HAHA! All of the slaves who tried to run have died in this
         room. Hehehe! Vyse, I want to hear you scream! Now I shall have my

[De Loco puts his hand on a control lever]

De Loco: Let's start the show, shall we? 
         Huh? Now what?

[The closed door on the other side of the room opens and Alfonso comes out of

Alfonso: Long time no see, Vyse. It is I... Alfonso. I came here to watch you

De Loco[in his office]: What are yo doing?! Alfonso, you fool! If you're in
                        there, I won't be able to crush them!

Alfonso[in the room]: Someone of my stature doesn't deal with filth like
                      yourselves personally. Antonio 2!!! Finish them!!!

[A huge mechanical bull comes out of the door. The bull attacks Vyse and
 the group]


[After Vyse wins the battle, Antonio 2 stand up on both of his back legs
 and starts to lose it's balance in front of Alfonso]

Alfonso: What are you doing!? Not this way!!!

[Antonio 2 falls on top of Alfonso, crushing him and leaving him unconscious]

Alfonso: Aaarrrrgggghhh!

De Loco[inside his office]: Serves you right, Alfonso! You got what you
                            deserved! Oh, well... I guess I'll just have to
                            skewer all of you.

[De Loco pushes down the control lever. The spike-ceiling begins to fall on the
 group and Alfonso but stops working for some reason]

Aika[looking up at the ceiling]: ?

De Loco: What? What!? WHAT!?!?! What's going on? My traps have never failed me
         before!!! Crush them! Crush them! Crush them!

Vice Captain: Admiral De Loco! Someone has tampered with all of the machines
              in the mines. They are all malfunctioning!

De Loco: WHAAAT!?!?!? Why? Why? Why? How can this be!?!?! I don't understand!!!
         Vyse!!! Why won't you just die!?!?

[De Loco falls to the floor]

Vice Captain: Sir? Snap out of it! Please get a hold of yourself...

[The group keeps looking for an exit when they suddenly find Centime]

Centime: You made it out of the mines unharmed. I see. I made a few
         adjustments to some of the machinery in the mines. Did it help?

[Aika looks at Vyse]

Aika: So that's what that was...

Centime: Yes... yes... well, let's be on our way. Ah yes, I managed to open
         the door to the outside as well. I must hurry back to see my family...
         They must be terribly worried about me.

Aika: You really know your stuff!

Fina: And he cares very much about his family as well...

Vyse: You're a good man, Centime... We're glad we could help you.

Centime: Thank you very much... Well, I must be going... Stop by and see me
         in Horteka when you get a chance.

[The group exit the mines]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

========================= 7.23 THE LOST CITY OF GOLD =========================

[The group goes back to the King's Hut where they meet the King again]

King Ixa'taka: I thank you for saving Isapa!

Isapa: Heh heh heh... Yes, thank you for rescuing me. I'd love to thank you
       two ladies personally... But I must return to my priestly duties...
       Well, it was nice meeting you.

Aika: Not so fast! You were supposed to tell us the location of the Lost City!

Isapa: Ah, that's right. I'm sorry, I completely forgot... Ahahahaha!

Vyse: King Ixa'taka, with all due respect... Where did you get this guy?
      Is he really a High Priest?

King Ixa'taka: Of course! He has much knowledge in ancient scriptures and

Isapa: Very well... I shall pass on to you the secrets of the Lost City that
       has been passed down in my family for many generations.
       "The Great Bird with its wings spread and the kneeling Golden Man will
       open the way."
       That is all. So, you got it?

Vyse: What do you mean, "That is all?" I have no idea what you were talking
Isapa: To be completely honest, I don't know what it means either! You need to
       solve the riddle on your own. Ahahaha!!!

Aika: I give up! If you didn't know, then you should've said so in the first

Fina: Now, calm down Aika... Listen to what he just told us.
      "The Great Bird with its wings spread and the kneeling Golden Man will
       open the way."
      I know what it means! "The Great Bird with its wings spread" and "the
      Kneeling Golden Man" are probably somewhere in this continent!

Vyse: So, if we find them, we'll find the Lost City! Alright, let's go find
      this Great Bird and the Golden Man.

[The group leaves the hut. After some searching, the group finally finds the
 Golden Man]

Vyse: What's this? There's something set into the statue's eye socket...

[Aika takes the Golden Man's eye]

Aika: Hey, no one will notice if it's missing, right? And besides... we're
      Air Pirates!! Can you really blame us for taking a little bit of

[The group finds the Great Bird]

Vyse: Hm? Hey, Aika... do you see something glittering on the ground? Right
      where the eye of this bird should be...

Aika: Hey, you're right! Let me go down and see what it is...

[Aika goes down]

Aika: ... Hey Vyse! I found something! There was a gem stuck into the ground!
      I'm sure they won't miss a little, itty-bitty gem, would they?

[Aika takes the Great Bird's eye]

[The group follows the Golden's Man and Great Bird directions. After some
 sailing, they find themselves in an island with a statue blocking their path.
 Using the gems they got from the man and bird, they open the door to the
 Lost City]

[The group enter the Lost City, a misty place with Ruins that looks a lot like
 Machu Picchu]

Aika: Now I know why they call this place The City of Mist. But I don't
      remember seeing any mist in the forest.

Vyse: The air is thin... It's a little hard to breathe. We were going up for
      a long time. I think these mists are actually clouds.

[Vyse looks around the place a bit]

Vyse: But this doesn't look anything like a Lost City of Gold... There's just
      a bunch of ruins up here.

Fina: In the Old World, Rixis was the capital of the Green Civilization. It was
      destroyed by the Rains of Destruction. Since then, it's been frozen in

[Vyse notices some craters]

Vyse: These craters must have been caused by the Moon Stones that were
      bombarding the city.

[Aika looks around the place in a hurry]

Aika: I'm not seeing any gold here...

Drachma: As time passed, stories about this city probably got more and more

Aika: We were supposed to find gold here... I should have slapped that dirty
      old man silly when I had the chance.

[Aika sighs. In that moment she notices something and let's out a moan]

Aika: What the...?

[Aika sees a silhouette of a man in the distace]

Aika: .....

[The silhouette of the man moves]

Aika: Vyse... If this city has been dead for generations, then who is that!?

Vyse: What?! Where?!

Aika: Over there!

[The silhouette of the man dissapears]

Vyse: ... Where? I don't see anything.

Aika: ... Huh? But... but... there was someone there!

Vyse: Aika, this city has been dead for a very long time... Who else would be
      here? It's probably just your imagination acting up.

Aika: Why don't you believe me? I know I saw something. 
      Fina... Do you think that maybe I saw a ghost?


Aika: A ghost is ... umm, how should I explain this... Well, it's something
      very scary, that's for sure!

Fina: Really? Well, if you're this scared, Aika, this "ghost" must be something
      scary indeed.

Aika: The two things I hate the most right now are dirty old men and ghosts.

[Aika looks at Vyse]

Aika: Vyse... let's... let's not go! We'll be cursed!

Vyse: Oh, come on, Aika... We came all this way for the Green Crystal and we're
      not about to go back empty-handed. You could just wait here until we get

Aika: Oh no... I'm not going to wait here all by myself with those... things
      out there.

[Aika sighs]

Aika: Alright, alrigh! I'll go with you! I can't believe I'm doing this...

[The group climbs to the top of the city where all of the sudden they see a man
 standing in front of them]

Vyse: ......! Who's that!?

Aika: That's it! That's the ghost that I saw earlier!

[The man runs away]

Fina: Oh... It's running away!

[The group reaches the top of the city]

Vyse: Well, it looks like the Crystal is probably sealed in here...

[Aika walks around and then notices something]

Aika: Hey everyone... Look over here! The person on this wall looks like Fina!

[A picture of a blonde female, wearing a white dress is drawn on the wall]

Vyse: You're right... I wonder if this is that "Quetya" the villagers were
      talking about...

Fina: "We, who have come from the Temple of the Silver Moon..."

Vyse: ... Fina?

Fina [reading from a wall]: "We, who have come from the Temple of the Silver
                            Moon have sealed within the forests, after the
			    Rains of Destruction washed away the lands, the
			    unsleeping giant, Grendel... And upon his sealing,
			    the Green Crystal was kept within these walls..."

[Fina stops reading]

Fina: This is written in the holy language of the Silver Temple. The Silvites
      must have inscribed these words when thye were here.

Vyse: These are the ruins of Ixa'taka, right? Why would Silvites come here?

Fina: The Rains of Destruction nearly destroyed the Green Civilization. But
      even after then Rains fell, Grendel still terrorized the lands for many
      generations to follow. The Silvites came here to contain him. But they
      came too late. The Green Civilization was destroyed and the people were
      reduced to a few primitive tribes of scavengers.

Drachma: The people from that village probably thought the Silvites were gods
         because they were able to contain Grendel.

Aika: It all makes sense now... That's why they thought Fina was this "Quetya"

Vyse: But... it says the Green Crystal is kept within these walls, right?
      But I don't see the Crystal anywhere. I wonder where it is...

Fina: You're right... it should be here.

[A person hidden behind a wall makes a sound]

Drachma: Who's there?!

[The man appears again and then runs away. Drachma fires his arm but misses.
 Vyse starts running in order to try catching the mysterious person]

Drachma: Don't let him get away! He might have the Crystal!

[Vyse catches the man]

Aika: So this is the "ghost"...

Drachma: Who are you? And why are you following us?

High Priest: Please don't kill me!!! I'm a High Priest of Ixa'taka!

Vyse: A High Priest? So you followed us all the way from Horteka?

High Priest: No... I didn't follow you. I... I've been here... for a long time.
             It is my duty to guard these ruins. If anyone tries to loot what's
             in these ruins, or steal the Sacred Green Stone, I contact King 

Aika: Wait a minute... you mean to tell me that the King knew where the Lost
      City was all this time?

High Priest: Yes. We figured out Isapa's riddle... and we found Rixis.
             And here, we found the Sacred Green Stone. The King and Isapa were
             very happy, because we could use the Stone to stop the Valuans.

Fina: Stop the Valuans? You aren't going to...

High Priest: ......

Drachma: Tell us! Or do you want me to crack your skull?

High Priest: Alright, alright! I'll tell you!
             The King and Isapa said that the Sacred Stone had the power to
             awaken the Giant. If the Giant were to come, he would chase the
             Valuans back to the eastern skies and we would be safe.

Vyse: What?!

[The screen goes black]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================ 7.24 THE GREEN GIGAS ============================

[The scene show the King and Isapa near an altar deep in the forest. The
 King is holding the Green Crystal in his hand]

King Ixa'taka: Isapa, now that you are free, and the Valuans are busy looking
               for Vyse and his friends, we can summon the mighty Giant.

[The King hold the Crystal over his head]

King Ixa'taka: Awaken, Giant of the Forest! I who hold the Sacred Green Stone,
               command you to destroy our enemies.

[The King places the Crystal on the altar. The Crystal starts glowing.
The ground beging to shake and birds fly away from the sorrounding trees.]

Isapa: Vyse... Please forgive us... There is no other way for us to save the
       forests and people of Ixa'taka...

[The Crystal emits a green beam that goes to the sky. The scene then changes
 Rixis where the group, along with the High Priest, are feeling the tremblors]

Vyse: What's that rumbling sound?

[Vyse looks around]

Vyse: Oh, no... not again!!!

[The group notices the green beam]

Fina: Someone is summoning Grendel!

[The scene changes again. This time it shows a Valuan fleet commanded by The
 Cygnus, Alfonso's ship, heading toward the green light.]

Alfonso: Look... Over there! So, King Ixa'taka was hiding the Crystal from us
         after all... Heh, this is going to be easy. All I have to do is take
         the Crystal from him and the Empress will be pleased.

New Vice Captain: Awaiting orders, Admiral... Oh, and I heard that you were
                  injured in the mines. Are you alright, sir?

Alfonso: I don't even want to hear you speak of those mines again! Understand?!
         All ships, prepere for battle! Follow my flagship, the Cygnus! Head
         towards the light and find King Ixa'taka!

[Grendel rises from the ground where the beam was pointing to. Alfonso's ships
 begin to shoot at the Gigas. The Gigas then turns around and destroys a ship
 by punching it. Due to the destroyed ship's explosion, the forest catches on
 fire and begins to burn]

Alfonso: Blast! Retreat!!! We cannot get past the Gigas!

New Vice Captain: But... but... sir... The battle hasn't even started yet.

Alfonso: Why are you questioning my orders?! I refuse to die in these filthy
         lands! All ships, return to Valua at once!

[The scene changes again, this time showing Vyse and the group looking at the
 Gigas from Rixis]

Fina: Why would they awaken him? Don't they understand that the entire Valuan
      Armada will retaliate against them?

Vyse: Everyone! Back to the Little Jack! We have to stop that thing!

[The Gigas is now seen walking towards the Valuan ships. King Ixa'taka is
 following Griendel in his own ship]

King Ixa'taka: Sacred Giant! Destroy our enemies... Chase them from our lands

[The Chameleon appears out of the sudden[

De Loco: Hehehe... Well, it looks like Grendel's awake...

Vice Captain: Admiral De Loco! The experimental Moon Stone Cannon is ready!

De Loco: Looks like it's time for me to test out my newest weapon! Target King
         Ixa'taka's ship!

Vice Captain: ... What?, Sir, you're not going to fire at the Gigas?

De Loco: The Gigas only follows the commands of the person holding the Crystal.
         So, if we destroy King Ixa'taka's ship, the Gigas will be defenseless.
         This is what happens when you cross me! Fire the Moon Stone Cannon!!!

[The Chamelon fires a yellow beam at King Ixa'taka's ship.]

King Ixa'taka: Aaaaarrrrggghhh!

[King Ixa'taka falls unconscious]

Isapa [shaking the King]: Wake up... Wake up!!! This is not good... he passed
                          out. We must retreat! King Ixa'taka was controlling
                          the Gigas... Until he wakes up, it's going to
                          destroy everything in its path!

[King Ixa'taka's ship retreats. Grendel starts losing control and begins to
 destroy everything in its path]

De Loco: Hehehe... So close!! It looks like there is still some fine tuning
         to be done. I'm sure Vyse has seen the Gigas and he's probably on his
         way right now to try and save everyone. Be ready for him.

Vice Captain: Sir! A ship has been spotted off port side!

De Loco: He's here! He's here! I've been waiting for this! 
         Well, Vyse... it's time to die... Wait till you feel the power of my
         Moon Stone Cannon! You should feel honored that you are helping me
         test out my greatest creation ever!

[The Little Jack is seen approaching Grendel.]

Aika: Grendel is in range... But, there's a ship in front of it! It's De Loco!!

Drachma: It looks like we'll have to get past De Loco first. Look out for that

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain! Bring it on, De Loco!

De Loco: I've been waiting for you, Vyse! Npw, you will learn the true power
         of the ever-changing Chameleon!!!

Drachma: It looks like he's serious this time, boy. He's trying to get behind

Aika: Vyse! Just make sure to watch out for that big cannon that he fired at
      King Ixa'taka! One hit of that and we're dead!

(Ship Battle)

De Loco: This cannot be! How could I lose twice?!

[De Loco goes berserk]

De Loco: No... No... No... No... this has to be a dream... It's all just a bad

[De Loco faints]

Vice Captain: Sir! Get a hold of yourself! We can't face the Gigas in this
              shape! All ships, back to Valua!

[The Chameleon retreats]

Aika: Alright! De Loco's retreating!

Drachma: It's still to early to celebrate. We still have to stop Grendel!

Vyse: But... he's too big! How can we stop him?

Drachma: See that canyon? No matter how strong that thing is, if it falls into
         the canyon, it will be stuck.

[Grendel is shown near a large canyon]

Vyse: I see... So, all we have to do is knock it down!

Drachma: Aye! Wait for him to pass in front of it, then hit him in the back!

Vyse: Got it! Alright everyone, let's take him down!

Drachma: We need to get in close to damage that thing... But, there's no
         telling what that thing will do. Just keep an eye on the damage levels
         of the ship, boy. We'll try and damage him little by little.

(Ship Battle)

[Grendel falls into the Canyon and stops moving. The group celebrates the
 victory. After that, they make there way to King Ixa'taka's hut, where he
 greets them]

King Ixa'taka: Vyse... You saved my people... and our lands. I don't know how
               to repay you... We were wrong. We should have never summoned
               the Giant.

Vyse: With great power, you need great responsibility. The Gigas are far too

King Ixa'taka: Yes, we now realize that. And I am truly sorry... Vyse, you have
               proven yourself worthy...

[Fina is seen holding the Green Crystal in her hands]

King Ixa'taka: I entrust our Sacred Green Stone unto you. Use it to achieve
               peace... We have faith in you.

Vyse: Thank you King Ixa'taka... We will do our best.

Isapa: The Valuans have abandoned their encampments to the north. Now that they
       have left, perhaps you might be able to travel through the Iron Net.

Drachma: If we pass through there, we'll reach North Ocean. That will take us
         back to Valua.

Fina: The Yellow Crystal should be hidden there.

Vyse: Okay everyone, now we'll head back to Valua. They're really upset with us
      now... Getting the Yellow Crystal isn't going to be easy.

Isapa: Sounds dangerous... perhaps you ladies would like to stay behind here in
       Ixa'taka? It's an island paradise... We've got exotic foods, nectars,
       waterfalls, beautiful sunsets...

Vyse: What do you say, Aika? Who knows? Maybe you'll find some more ghosts too.

Aika: Vyse!!! Don't even joke about them around me... You know I'm afraid of
      them... I've had enough ghosts to last me for a long time.

[Vyse and Fina begin laughing out loud along with Isapa]

================================= END SCENE ==================================

=========================== 7.25 GORDO THE ROUND =============================

[The group leaves King Ixa'taka's hut on the Little Jack]

Drachma: King Ixa'taka spoke of an Iron Net to the north of this continent.

Aika: Yeah... But, if the Valauns escaped to the north, that means they
      probably had to take down the Iron Net, right?

Drachma: That means we'll be able to reach North Ocean that way. We'll head
         straight to Valua from there.

[The Little Jack crosses the area that was closed before by the Valuan Iron
 Net. After crossing, they reach the North Ocean. After traveling the ocean
 for a while, the scene changes to show a Black Pirate ship named The Bloodlust
 traveling on those waters. Inside the Bloodlust, a table with gourment food
 on it is shown]

Fat Guy: Cold Ocean starfish soup, Valuan chicken with onion sauce, and a
         mountain of frlying fish!

[A fat guy is shown is eating the food]

Fat Guy: This is wonderful! The ship that we hit yesterday really had some
         great food on board!

Air Pirate: Captain Gordo! A ship armed with a gigantic harpoon has been
            sighted off the port side!

Gordo: I see... good, good! Another ship full of goodies is there for the
       taking! I'll take on anyone if I think they have good food on board.

[Gordo sticks a fork in the fish he's eating]

Gordo: I really hope they have something that goes good with fish...

[The Bloodlust heads towards the Little Jack]

Aika: Vyse! There's a ship heading right for us. And they're Black Pirates!

Drachma: I know that flag... It belongs to a pirate named Gordo. He's known as
         the Gourmet Pirate. He attacks other ships and steals their food.
         He'll rerely uses cannons because he's afraid he'll burn the food on
         the other ships. He'll do anything for a good meal. As far as Black
         Pirates go, he's a strange one.

Vyse: You're telling me. He's getting awfully close...

[The Little Jack crashes with something]

Aika: They're boarding us! They're challenging us to hand to hand combat.

Vyse: Well, while they're here, we might as well kick their butts...


[Gordo and a chef are bowing to Vyse and the group]

Gordo: Heh heh... We give up... You and your crew fought well...
       Your name was Vyse, right? I don't think I've seen you in North Ocean

Vyse: This is the first time we've ever been to North Ocean... For now, we're
      riding aboard Captain Drachma's ship, the Little Jack...

Gordo: Drachma? Wait...

[Gordo turns to face Drachma]

Gordo: Drachma, were you ever in North Ocean before?

Drachma: ... What if I was?

Gordo: Then it is you! I've heard all about you! You're the sailor that is
       chasing the arcwhale, Rhaknam. If I remember correctly, it was to
       avenge your son, right?

Drachma: Enough!

[Drachma strikes a mast with his arm.]

Drachma: I don't know what stories you've been hearin', but I suggest you keep
         them to yourself. And unless you want me to throw you overboard, you
         should get off my ship.

Gordo: Aah... that's quite alright... we'll be going now...

[Gordo and the chef leave. Drachma then address Vyse, Aika, and Fina]

Drachma: And what are you staring at?! Are you going to stand there all day?
         Get back up to the bridge before I throw YOU overboard!

[Drachma strikes the mast again]

Everyone: Yessir!

[The group runs towards the bridge]

Drachma: Hrmph...

[Drachma looks up towards the sky]

Drachma: Rhaknam...

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================= 7.26 SEPARATION ================================

[The group reaches Valua]

Vyse: Looks like we've reached Valuan airspace. So, this is where the Yellow
      Crystal is hidden, right??

Fina: Yes. It is sealed somewhere in those lands, along with the Yellow Gigas.

Aika: Considering how much trouble we've caused the Valuans already, we should
      be extra careful, right Cap'n?

Drachma: ......

Aika: ... Cap'n? What's wrong?

Drachma: Ah... um... nothing. I'm sorry... were you saying something?

Aika: Nothing really. It wasn't anything important.

[Vyse and Fina look at the captain in corcern]

[The group reaches an island where the Yellow Crystal might be.
 When they land, they notice the island's ground is blocked by a large,
 metallic seal]

Vyse: That chunk of metal is huge!!!

Fina: Beneith it is the "The Maw of Tartas." It's an entrance to a series of
      caverns. These caverns are the resting place of the Yellow Crystal as
      well as the Yellow Gigas. This seal was built by my people after the
      Rains of Destruction in order to contain the Yellow Gigas. Now the
      Yellow Gigas lies dormart...

Drachma: Good... keep that thing locked up...

Aika: Well, I know this means that the Gigas can't get out... But, it also
      means we can't get in!

Vyse: Hmm... I don't think there's any way we can get through this seal. What
      should we do?

Voice: Hey! Don;t move!

[Valuans soldier showed up]

Valuan Soldier: The punishment for trespassing near the Great Seal is death!


[The Valuan Soldier is on his knees begging to Vyse and the group.]

Valuan Soldier: We... we surrender! Please don't kill us.

Aika: Tell us how to open the seal, and we'll let you live!

Valuan Soldier: That's impossible! Our entire army couldn't open it!
                Our commanders aren't concerned with the Yellow Crystal right
                now because it's already in Valua and it's safe from you.

Drachma: Hmm... That makes sense. They'll go after the other Crystals first...

Vyse: Something's not right... You'd think that this area would be more heavily
      guarded. Where are the rest of your men?

Valuan Soldier: They're preparing for the raid on Nasrad.

Aika: What?! Valua is going to start a war with Nasr?

Valuan Soldier: I, I think so. I'm just a grunt, so I don't know any of the
                details... And there was a giant arcwhale... It destroyed a few
                of our ships, recently... One of our Admirals is hunting it.

Drachma: A giant arcwhale?! Rhaknam is here?! Answer me!

Valuan Soldier: I, I don't know for certain. Some fog rolled in yesterday and
                there were sightings of a huge creature!

Drachma: That means it's probably still in the area.

[Drachma looks at Vyse]

Drachma: I have to go after Rhaknam... I've been following you kids around
         looking for the Crystals all this time... but now it's your turn to
         follow me.

* IF YOU CHOOSE "It's too dangerous..." *

Vyse: It's too dangerous! Rhaknam will kill us all.

Drachma: If you don't come with me, I'm leaving you here... in the hands of the
         Valuans. It looks like you don't have much of a choice... boy...

* IF YOU CHOOSE "We understand. We'll go with you..." *

Vyse: Well, it doesn't look like we'll be able to get to the Yellow Crystal
      anytime soon. Okay Drachma, we'll go with you.

Drachma: Very well... Now the time has come for me to finally face Rhaknam.
         He was the reason that I got the Harpoon Cannon in the first place...
         I'm going to kill him... or die tryin'.



=========================== 8.1 CAN YOU HELP ME?  ============================

[This sidequest begins right after you cross a small tunnel that connects
 Sailor's Island with the southern part of Arcadia. After coming out of the
 tunnel, the Little Jack approaches a small ship]

Curt Voice: Hm? Can I help you? This ship here is a free medical vessel. Are
            you here for treatment? You sick or something?

Vyse: No, we're fine. We were just passing through the area and saw your ship.
      We figured we'd come and see who you were.

Curt Voice: Wait a second... your clothes! Your weapons! Your eyepatch! You
            guys are Air Pirates! You're just in time. There is something that
            I want to ask of you guys... Please, come inside.

[The group boards the small ship. on board, they find a man and young girl
 holding a small, yellow bird in her arms]

Ship Doctor: I apologize for the abruptness. I know you don't really need my
             services and have no need to stay, but I have a favor to ask of
             you. But first, let me introduce myself. The name's Doc, or that's
             what everyone calls me. I'm a free doctor; I don't have a country
             to call home.

Doc: But, that lets me live the way I want to. So, I fly the skies and heal
     sick and injured sailors wherever the winds take me.

[Doc looks at the young girl]

Doc: Oh, and this is Maria. She's a little quiet and shy, but she's a good kid.

Maria: .....

Vyse: ...Right. Now what was it that you wanted to ask us to do?

Doc: Heh... Direct and to the point. I like that. But, here. Take this lens.
     It's sort of related to what I want to ask you.

[Doc gives Vyse some kind of eye lens]

Doc: That thing's called a "Moon Lens." It's a special lens made from
     Moonstones. With it, you can see things you wouldn't normally be able to.
     Here, put the lens on and look where I'm pointing.

[Doc points to the sky]

Vyse: Whoa! There's something... some sort of creature right there!!!

Doc: It's a "Moonfish." They're tricky little fellas to catch because they're,
     well, transparent. You can only see them using that lens. Which brings me
     to the favor that I wanted to ask of you. I want you to find as many of
     these Moonfish as you can and bring them back to me. They tend to nest
     in populated areas for whatever reason. So check: towns and dungeons. But,
     they try to keep out of most people's ways, so look hard to reach areas
     like behind buildings, under bridges, and rooftops... Oh, and one more
     thing. Whanever you're near a Moonfish, the Moon Lens I gave you will
     react and make a sound, so pay attention.

Vyse: Ok. So I use this lens to see the little guys. How in the 6 Moons am I
      supposed to catch them?

Doc: It's pretty easy, actually. Here, let me put the Moon Lens into your

[Doc explains how to catch a Moonfish]

Doc: Actually, the reason for all this is a bit strange. A little bird got lost
     and found its way to my ship. I decided to take care of it for now, but I
     just don't get what this bird's problem is. He refuses to eat anything
     other than Moonfish. But, for whatever reason, Maria seems to have really
     grown attached to the critter. So, I do what I can to keep it happy.

Maria: .....

Doc: It's... sorta my responsibility to take care of Maria. Anything she wants
     I provide. Of course, there's only so much I can do. But, I can't leave
     leave my ship. I can't leave Maria here all alone. That's why I'm asking
     you for this favor. Of course, I will compensate you adequately. Bring me
     lots of fish, and I'll give you items in return. So, please... if you find
     any Moonfish, bring them to me! I will be eternally grateful. There should
     be Moonfish near or on Sailor's Island. I'm sure if you look hard enough,
     you can find them. Good luck!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

=========================== 8.2 THE ANGEL OF DEATH ===========================

(This scene appears after receiving the first Black Spot and talking to the
 ship that's west of Sailor's Island)

[Vyse, Aika, and Fina are talking to someone who boarded the Little Jack's

Vyse: You're the one that put out that Black Spot and called me out here?

Young Female Voice: Yes, you are correct. You've been quite the popular Air
                    Pirate around these parts lately, you know. However, I
                    cannot sit idly while Air Pirates fly the skies freely
                    and do as they please!
[A white-haired girl with three purple ponytails, wearing all black and gray
 clothes and holding a scythe appears]

Young Female Air Pirate: My name is Piastol. I am a bounty hunter... And I
                         specialize in finishing off Air Pirates!

Piastol: I am feared amongst even the most hardened Air Pirates. Thay have
         dubbed me... the Angel of Death!

[Piastol points her index finger directly at Vyse]

Piastol: And the Angel has come for you, Vyse!

Vyse: Wow... imagine that! We've actually become famous enough to have real
      bounty hunters come after us.

Aika: Oh grow up, Vyse! It's not a good thing when bounty hunters start coming
      after you! Especially ones called "The Angel of Death"!!!

Piastol: You seem... confident. Perhaps you truly are a strong as they say.
         I suppose this is why you've been able to stand toe to toe with Valua.
         However, you are still just an Air Pirate! I'll send you and your
         mangy crew to the bottom of the clouds!


[After the battle, Piastol is on her knees after beed defeated by Vyse]

Piastol: How... how could this be?! How could I lose to a lowly Air Pirate?!

Vyse: I'm sorry, but I'm a tad too young to die just yet. Come back in... maybe
      50 or 60 years? I might be ready to keel over by then. But, in the
      meantime, we're gonna continue sailing. I think it's time for you to get
      back to your own ship.

Piastol: Grr...

[Piastol notices something]

Piastol: ...! That scar... the one on your cheek! And your goggles!!!

Vyse: ...Huh? What're you mumbling about now?

Piastol: It... it can't be! No... I'd recognize you anywhere! It is you!!!

[Piastol stands up]

Piastol: As I have told you, I am known across the skies as the Angel of Death.
         I swear upon that cursed name that I will hunt you down and finish you
[Piastol points her index finger directly at Vyse again]

Piastol: I will find you again... and your deaths I shall bring!! Until then, I
         will let you live. However, the next time we meet, it will be the end
         of you!

================================= END SCENE ==================================

============================ 8.3 MENDOSA & MARIA =============================

[This scene appears after catching some Moonfish and bringing them to
 Doc's ship]

Doc: I see you've caught some Moonfish. Here, let's feed the little critter.

[Vyse feeds Maria's bird some moonfishs. The bird grows a bit is size]

Maria: .....

Doc: Look how big your little bird has grown, Maria! And it's all thanks to
     this young man and his friends!

Maria: .....
       .....ank you.

Doc: W, w, huh?! Maria!!! Did you just say something?!

Maria: ... Thank you.

Doc: M, Maria...

[Doc looks directly at Vyse]

Doc: Vyse, I... I can't thank you enough. I don't know how many years it's been
     since I've heard Maria's voice.

Aika: What?! You mean to tell me that your own daughter hasn't spoken to you
      in years???

Doc: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up there, honey. I'm still single. I don't even
     have a wife, let alone a kid. Maria's not my kid. She, uh... lost her
     family a few years back.

[The screen shows an admiral holding a young Maria with Doc overlooking at the
 back. He is narrating]

Doc: I may not look the part now, but at one point in my life, I was a Valuan
     soldier. I worked for Mendosa, a former Admiral of the Valuan Armada, as
     a doctor onboard his flagship. And Maria is his daughter... the daughter
     of a Valuan Admiral.

[There screen zooms in to show a picture of Mendosa and Maria laughing
 together. Doc keeps narrating]

Doc: However, when she was still very young, she lost her father, and the rest
     of her family, in a horrible accident. It was a horrifying experience for
     such a little kid to go through. Since then, she hasn't shown a hint of
     emotion, or spoken a single word. And I don't blame her, either. The poor
     kid had to watch her family's ship, with all of her family still onboard,
     sink below the clouds.

[The camera shows Doctor turning around to face Vyce after finishing his story]

Doc: So, I took her under my wing, and retired from the military. And that's
     when I became a free ship doctor. That's why it's... sorta my
     responsibility to make sure Maria is happy. It's my responsibility, and my
     punishment, of sorts.

[A ringbell sound is heard]

Doc: Hm? Oh! I'll be right there, Maria! Ever since she stopped talking,
     whenever she needs me, she just rings her bell like that. And every time
     I hear that bell, my heart nearly breaks...

[Doc put his hands on Vyse's shoulders]

Doc: Vyse... I beg of you. Please find more Moonfish. The little bird, for
     whatever reason, seems to be getting through to Maria. She seems to be
     coming out of her shell at long last. Who knows? Maybe Maria will actually
     smile again someday! Heh... I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, but I
     can't help it. But, I'm going to bet on you. Something tells me that if
     anyone can heal Maria's wounds, it's you. I'm counting on you, Vyse!

================================= END SCENE ==================================


========================= 9.1 RUPEE OF THE LARSO CLAN ========================

(After defeating Belleza in Nasr):

Large Man: Umm, you have the look of a sailor about you. Todays is your
           lucky day. We're feeling generous, so leave us all your money and
           we'll let you live. Do not attempt to resist! We are the legendary
           Air Pirates of the Larso Clan!

Vyse: So... You're Rupee Larso, eh? Good timing. We were just looking for you.
      You've made quite a name for yourself, robbing inocent sailors and all.
      As Blue Rogues, we cannot sit idly and let you continue like this!

Large Man: You're quite brave for such a samll boy. Very well, then... Shall we
           battle here and get it over with?

Vyse: No, wait. There's no need to cause needless destruction in the city.
      Meet me at my ship. We can fighton the deck.

Large Man: Out in the open, eh? Very well. Lead the way.

[They go to the Little Jack]

Vyse: I am Vyse of the Blue Rogues. Rupee Larso... Prepare to defend yourself!

Large Man: Hahaha... You truly are a brave little boy. However, you are
           mistaken about one thing. I am not Ruppe Larso.

[The Large Man turns his head]

Large Man: Master Rupee! It is time to do battle! Please come out of here!

[A small, frightened boy appears from behind the Large Man leg]

Rupee: Barta... You know how I hate fighting...

Barta: Master Rupee! You are the head of the Larso Clan! You should not say
       things like that! There are enemies present! Now that your father has
       passed away, you are our leader! You must be strong!

Aika: This little runt is their leader? I'd heard that the leader of the Larso
      Clan was a giant! I guess I shouldn't believe everything I hear...

Barta: What did you say?!?! How dare you speak of Master Rupee like that! You
       shall pay for your insolence!! I shall crush your skulls like so many
       Loquat Berries!!

Rupee: Like Loquat Berries?! Barta, do you always have to be so graphic??
       It makes me sick to my stomach...

Barta: M, master Rupee! I was just trying to put fear into them! Be strong!!
       We are about to do battle! Now, put your back into it! We must show them
       the true power of the Larso Clan!!


[At the end of the battle, Rupee and Barta are on their knees after been
 defeated by Vyse]

Barta: Heh heh... Unbelievable. The mighty Larso Clan has been defeated.

Rupee: Barta, that's why I said we shouldn't pick fights like that in the first

Vyse: What's wrong, Rupee? You don't like being an Air Pirate?

Rupee: Not really... I, I actually can't stand the sight of blood. It makes me
       queasy. I'd much rather stay in town with my mom and make carpets.
       In fact, my mother told me that the carpets I made for her sold quickly
       and people ae asking for more of my designs!

Barta: M, M, M, M, Master Rupee!!! If... But... What will happen to the Larso
       Clan? What will happen to it's legacy??

Vyse: Well, a man has to follow his dreams. If he doesn't want to be an Air
      Pirate, then what's the point, right? I'm the son of an Air Pirate, too,
      and I'm sure If I didn't want to follow in Dad's footsteps, I wouldn't
      have. But, this is the life I chose. Rupee, if there's something else
      you'd rather do, then do it. If you don't, you'll probably regret it for
      the rest of your life.

Rupee: Really? So I can go back to the carpet store and make carpets with my

Vyse: Of course. Nothing is more important than your dreams. Remember that.

Rupee: Sure! I'll do my best!

Barta: M, M, M, M, Master Rupee! W, what are you doing?!

Aika: Now you stay out of this! We beat you fair and square, so if Vyse says
      Rupee can make carpets, then Rupee is gonna make carpets, ok?!

Barta: Heh heh heh...

Rupee: Barta! Let's make carpets together! I won't run away from this!

Vyse: I'll see you around, then, Rupee. We've got many things to do and many
      things to see, but good luck with your carpets.

Rupee: Thanks! I may not have been a very good Air Pirate, but in the name of
       the Larso Clan, I'm going to make the best carpets ever!

================================= END SCENE ==================================


The following section was completely written by DemolitionSquad. For more
information read Section 12.

Here's some notes about this part:

1.) While the credits are rolling, a pile of papers appears on the left hand
side. At the top of the page, each character's title appears, followed by
their name on the next line, along with a brief epilogue. The character's
portrait appears on the right side of the page. Fades are used to transition
between characters. Vyse/Aika/Fina's epilogue takes place on a page that takes
up the whole screen.

2.) Vyse's title at the end depends on your rank. On my play-through,
I got Vyse the Daring, so I used that in this transcription.

3.) I am confident about the actual words, but not 100% confident about the
punctuation. To make sure that I got all the words, I used a Youtube video. 
Unfortunately, the punctuation in it was blurry :-/

4.) The formatting is accurate. That is, if an epilogue has three words on one
line, two words on the next line, then four words on the next one, then that's
how the text was formatted in the game. Thus, the "structure" of the epilogue's
text is preserved.

5.) For Vyse/Aika/Fina, three paragraphs appear. During the epilogue, only one
paragraph is shown at a time, and fades are used to transition between them.

6.) This includes all characters.

Without further adeiu, here it is :):

============================= 10.1 DYNE & BALTOR =============================

Head of the Rogues 


He has retired as
captain of the Blue
Rogues, but his old
crew refuse to call
him anything other
than 'captain.'

The Black Pirate


Although Vyse has
defeated him
over and over,
he still has not
given up on his
oath to someday
defeat him.

============================= 10.2 CENTIME & GORDO ===========================

The Kind Engineer


3 children
all left home to
fulfill their own
destinies. He has
since then adopted
4 more children.

The Retired Gourmet


Gordo's Bistro
has become world famous for
its gourmet cuisine. Gordo has
never fired a cannon since.

======================== 10.3 CLARA, DAIGO & JAO AND MAO =====================

The Pirate in Love


Clara has set off
once again, in
pursuit of the
one she loves.
Perhaps one
day she will
find true

The Redeemed Prince


Even though
he has succeeded
his father and
become king of
Yafutoma, he still
travels the sky
in search of

The Twin Pirates

Jao and Mao

After Daigo
became king
Jao and Mao
were appointed
admirals of the
Yafutoman navy.

============================= 10.4 LAWRENCE & DON ============================

The Cold Mercenary


He disappeared
after the battle
was over.
It is rumored that
he has been seen
in Valua and
is looking for
his next job.

The Reborn Sailor


Being chosen
as the Admiral
for the new
Esparanzan Navy
he established
a safe route
through the
Dark Rift.

============================== 10.5 BRABHAM & HANS ===========================

The Old Engineer


Brabham became
the head of Valua's
new shipbuilding
facilities at
Enrique's request.
Brabham has
never been

The Young Engineer


He now works
side by side with
Brabham in Valua.
He would later
establish a
scholarship for
needy students.

=============================== 10.6 BELLE & KHAZIM ==========================

The Clumsy Gunner


She returned to the
Primrose confident
with the knowledge
that cannonballs
come out of the
really fast.

The Intense Gunner


Having fallen
in love with
he and his men
decided to become
Air Pirates, too.

============================= 10.7 TIKATIKA & DOMINGO ========================

The Lookout


He received a hero's
welcome upon his
return. He has since
taken a beautiful
wife and lives his
days as a hunter.

The Treasure Hunter


He tried opening
his own trade
business, but it
failed. He has
since returned
to treasure

============================= 10.8 OSMAN & KALIFA ============================

The Greedy Merchant


She opened a shop in the newly
rebuilt Nasrad and has since
regained all of her wealth
through trading with Yafutoma.

The Young Seer


She has given up
fortunetelling in
search of a more
exciting line of work.
She grew tired of
knowing everything.

============================= 10.9 IZMAEL & KIRALA ===========================

The Great Carpenter


He travelled to
Valua to help with
the rebuilding.
He insisted that
they would never
finish without
his help.

The Brash Carpenter


She is currently
building a harbor
on the expanding
Crescent Isle,
where she has
taken permanent

============================= 10.10 POLLY & URALA ============================

The Lovely Cook


She returned to
Sailors' Island to
run the tavern
alongside her
daughter, Anne.

The Shy Cook


She is currently
living in Valua,
supporting her
beloved husband,
Hans, whom she met
during her travels.

============================ 10.11 RYU-KAN & ILCHYMIS ========================

The Legendary Smith


He returned to his
island to fire up
his forge
once more.
His quest for
the ultimate
blade will
never end.

The Scientist


He decided to
return to Valua,
where he opened
a pharmacy to
provide medicines
for all of the
people of Valua.

============================ 10.12 MARCO & ROBINSON ==========================

The Streetwise Kid


He returned
home to Valua to
help with the
Later, he would
become the
1st Admiral
of the New Armada.

The Salvaged Sailor


He finally returned
hom for good. Now,
he has 10 children
with Polly and is
happily living with

============================== 10.13 POW & MERIDA ============================

The Loyal Mascot


Even after the
battle was won,
he never returned
home to Pirate Isle.
Pow continues to
sail at his
master's side.

The Fiery Dancer


She began dancing
in Nasr and soon
became an inter-
national star.
She now spends
her days
the world.

============================= 10.14 MOEGI & PINTA ============================

The Noble Princess


She is working
hard to rebuild
an entire nation
with her husband,
Enrique. She has
become known
as the caring

The Little Sailor


continues his
search for rare treasures from
all over the world. He plans to
someday visit the Moons.

======================= 10.15 DRACHMA, ENRIQUE & GILDER ======================

The Old Fisherman


Soon after the
battle, he died
a happy fisherman.
Even now, the story of
Drachma and Rhaknam is
told in ports everwhere.

The Hopeful Emperor


Enrique is
building the
New Valuan
Together, with
his wife, Moegi,
they rule with

The Whimsical Pirate


Sailing where his
whims take him,
he and his crew
of the Claudia
continue on
their search for
'the good life.'

=========================== 10.16 VYSE, AIKA & FINA ==========================

Vyse the Daring

and Fina

A young boy had a dream.
A young girl had passion.
A mysterious stranger had a mission.
And the world will forever know their story.

As long as there are dreamers who
have the courage to pursue their dreams,
the world will have heroes.

And as long as there is a thirst to
discover the unknown, there will be
new stories to tell...
  and new adventures to be had.

the End


- Myself (Antonio Hernandez/DarkLink89) for writing this document.
- DemolitionSquad for giving me permission to use his Epilogue script.
- Sega and Overworks for making this awesome game! 
- My Mom for buying me this game.
- The eBay user who sold me the game.
- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for creating, a really awesome game site.
- Dennis of Super Cheats.
- Howard Ha for creating Neoseeker.
- Rashed for pointing out some typos in the document.
- You for reading the FAQ. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.


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Section 10: Epilogue (c) 2008 DemolitionSquad.

Skies of Arcadia Legends (c) 2000, 2003 Overworks and Sega.


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