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Fight Night Round 2


Fight Night Round 2 - Hidden fighter info & Venues

by Suspectii

Fight Night Round 2
Copyright (c) 2005 Matt Hoffmann
Version 1.8 - Hidden fighter info & Venues.


Total Punch Control
The Attributes
The Pugilists
Career Mode
In The Ring
Trophy Case
CAB Information


In case you are wondering, this is only my third complete FAQ, but I have 
been playing video games since the days of Pong so I know a bit about gaming.
If you're interested, I have a GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and a Kelly Slater's 
Pro Surfer FAQ posted on

The following faq is intended to help you beat the living 
daylights out of your friends, siblings, parents, and the A.I.

I'm not entirely sure where I want to classify the game, as a sports or 
fighting title, but it's boxing so make your own judgement there.

I don't know anything about the other versions of the game, as I only have 
a GC. As for this game, if you enjoy boxing games (not necessarily boxing)
than you will probably at least get a kick out of this one. I've played
KK2003 for GC and KK2000 for N64 and I feel that 2000 is still better in 
many respects than either of the newer titles, but that's my opinion.

One last tip before we get started, when you start you will be asked to
either turn on or off Autosave, I recommend off if you are the kind of
person that gets mad when you lose, so that you can reload your profile and
try again.


The controls are a bit more complicated than me just giving you the layout,
as there are 6 different configurations to choose from. 2 of the 
configurations are designed specifically for "Total Punch Control" and 2 are
not.  The last 2 (Configurations 3 & 4) allow for the use of both.

Total Punch Control uses the C-Stick to throw all the punches instead of 
using buttons for each separate punch. It allows you the use of additional
punches as well.

Configuration Options:

Start - Pause Menu (All configurations)

Control Stick - Movement from the Camera perspective (Configurations 1, 3,
                and 5) or Boxer perspective (2, 4, and 6).
D-Pad - Movement (Configurations 1 & 2)
        Left Taunts, Up Clinches, and Right throws an Illegal Blow to the
        head or body, while Holding L(Configurations 3 through 6)

C-Stick - Blocking and Parrying, while holding R (All Configurations)
          Total Punch Control (Configurations 1 through 4) check the TPC 
          section for more details.
L-Button - Holding it allows you to move only the upper body to bob and 
           weave, and body punch by leaning in.
R-Button - Holding it allows you to block, eiter by pressing up or down on
           the C-Stick to block high or low. Moving to the diagonal
           angles on the C-stick allows you to Parry your opponents' 
           strikes. Both of these are complemented by use of the Control
Z-Button - Thows a Signature Punch at the head, or at the body if you are 
           leaning in. 

In configurations 1 & 2, the B, Y, and X buttons are used for (in order)
Illegal Blow, Clinch, and Taunt, while the button is used for a second
Signature Punch, which may be directed at the body, although I haven't

For Configurations 3 through 6, B & X throw Hooks and A & Y throw straights.

Find the configuration that you feel the most comfortable with. 
Obviously if you want to use the D-Pad to move, you have to use 1 or 2.
I recommend the use of TPC, as it really does add options, but I am not
comfortable enough with it to use it alone, so I choose to use 4. I also
don't use the Illegal Blow, Taunt, or Clinch very often so having them
on the D-Pad is not a problem for me.

Go through the amatuer training in career mode for a better understanding 
of when to use these skills.
Total Punch Control

Ok, basically the Total Punch Control is designed to allow you to make big 
hits. I don't know about you, but I love big hits, and it is something that 
EA does well. The problem is that it has become very much about the big 
hits, so you really need to master the TPC at some point.

There are a total of ten punches that you can throw with the TPC. The 
motion is a bit hard to describe, so I'll give the motion and then give a 
clock coordinate. I assume you are using player relative control so forward
is up or 12, back is down or 6. I will do right hand first and then left.

Right and Left Straights - Push to a forward diagonal (Up right/left).
                           Go from center to either 1 (righthand) or
                           11 (Lefthand). Pressing up should jab weakhand.
Right and Left Hooks - Pull out to a side and then curl forward(up).
                       From center to 3 and rotate counterclockwise to 12.
                       From center to 9 and rotate clockwise to 12.
Right and Left Uppercuts - Pull to a back angle and then curl to forward.
                           From center to 5 and rotate CC to 12.
                           From center to 7 and rotate clockwise to 12.

Those are the basic six hits, the next four are the "haymaker" hits, which
will put a hurt on your opponent if you hit, or on you if you miss.
There's a chance these could end the fight if well timed and placed.
You can hold a haymaker by stopping at the back position and holding it

Right and Left Haymaker Hooks - Pull out to a side, rotate to back and then
                                reverse your rotation toward forward.
                                From center to 3, rotate Clockwise to 6,
                                and then rotate CC toward 12.
                                From center to 9, rotate CC to 6, and then
                                rotate Clockwise toward 12.
Right and Left Haymaker Uppercuts- Pull to a back angle and rotate back, 
                                   then reverse rotation toward forward.
                                   Center to 5, rotate Clockwise to 6 and
                                   then rotate CC toward 12.
                                   Center to 7, rotate CC to 6, and then
                                   rotate Clockwise toward 12.

If you land one as a well timed Counter... K.O.

If you do it right, you might just land a devistating hit, but don't over 
do it or you'll lose all your friends.

Play Now - Grab your guys and choose your venue and go to it.

Create Champ - Build your own pugilist for use in the non-career modes. You 
               must use the career mode creator to create a pugilist for use
               in career mode.

Game Modes - Start a career with Career Mode
             Take to a heavy hitting knockdown fest with Hard Hits.
             Go train in My Gym, the no career version of training and

My Corner - Alter your Settings, Controls, or Profile in Options
            Check the records in Record Books
            Get rid of the music you don't like in EA Trax. (My first stop).

EA Extras - Watch the Create Champ demo to learn how to make your man.
            Check out the Haymakers demo to learn the Haymaker controls.
            Practice your Cut healing with the Cutman demo.
            Watch the Credits.
            I recommend checking out all three demos before you fight.

Super Punch-Out - This is what we get in place of online play, and if you
                  grew up with Nintendo, you might just love it. Playing
                  through will also unlock Little Mac, although I am not
                  sure exactly how.


Difficulty - Easy iis easy, but they still seem to have good stats.
             Medium is the most realistic, but difficult.
             Hard pumps your opponents stats substantially, without
                  showing it in the bars, and many haymakers.
Illegal Blows - Turn off low blows and headbutts
3Knock Down Rule - 3 downs in 1 round equal a TKO
Saved By the Bell - Bell kills the count I think
Auto Recovery - You don't participate in getting up
EA Sports Cutman - Treat your cuts between rounds
KO Moment - reduce the slow down before a knock down
Fight Stoppage - Fight can be called due to injury
Sound Options - Adjust the various sounds
Camera - Pick one you feel comfortable with
Widescreen - For WS TVs
Cut Scenes - Skip the Trainer scenes between rounds
HUD - Turn the life meters off
Autosave - turn off autosave
Rumble Feature - Turn of the rumble feature

The Attributes

Each fighter has a total of 8 attributes that define them as a fighter. The
major goal in career is to fill these out before you get old and start the
downhill. The first 4 attributes are predominantly offensive, while the 
later 4 are all defense.

Power (PWR) - How hard the boxer can punch.
Speed (SPD) - The speed at which a boxer can throw a punch.
Agility (AGL) - How fast the boxer can move around the ring.
Stamina (STM) - Controls how fast energy is gained and lost.
Chin (CHN) - How well a boxer takes a punch to the head.
Body (BDY) - How well a boxer takes a punch to the body.
Heart (HRT) - Speed of regainning health and KO get ups.
Cuts (CUT) - Ability to resist cuts, swells, and bruises.

All of the attributes are important, but how you fight will decide which is
the most important for you. I happen to be a Speed/Agility fighter myself,
but power is often to important against your opponent.

Defensively, I think Body is the most important, as you can move your head
away easier and still remain toe to toe.

The Pugilists (Boxers, for all you youngsters out there)

Round 2 offers you a variety of boxers, both current and retired, to take to
the ring. There are five weight classes each with multiple fighters, some of
which appear in other classes as well. Each fighter is listed under his
class, with a basic idea of his strengths and weaknesses. 
A boxers' speed is a mix of SPD and AGL for most purposes, so if I say he's
fast (or quick)and don't mention a lack of agility, they're both good.

Featherweight - These are the lightest of the lights. They are usually fast,
                but have little power, and often don't take a beating well.
Marco A. Barrera - The strongest FW, he is the most well rounded of the
                   class. He has good speed and takes hits well.
Diego Corrales - All heart and quick, he makes a good fighter, if he doesn't
                 get hit too much.
Derrick Gainer - He's weak and doesn't take hits well, but he is one of the
                 fastest fighters in the game, both in hand and feet speed.
Kevin Kelley - Another fighter with heart, but don't let him get hit much.
               Has good speed even for a FW, but he doesn't pack much punch.
Juan Manuel Marquez - He stacks up fairly well with Barrera, but doesn't hit
                      as hard and has a weaker chin.
Rafael Marquez - Another fast fighter with no power and limited ability to
                 take a beating, but he has good heart.
Erik Morales - He has good heart and his power matches Barrera, but he is a
               bit less agile than the rest of the FW.
Manny Pacquiao - High heart and body, and matching power with Barrera, he is
                 the slowest of the FW, in hand and foot, with a glass chin.

Lightweight - A bit heavier than the FW, they also pack a harder punch, but
              aren't as quick on the canvas.
Mike Anchondo - Not extremely powerful as the LW go, but a fairly well
                rounded LW otherwise.
Diego Corrales - He has a bit more power and a lot more chin as a LW than he
                 does as a FW, but he may be the tiniest bit slower.
Roberto Duran - One of the strongest LW, Duran is, in my opinion, the most
                well rounded of the LW, but it's very close.
Arturo Gatti - All heart and good speed, he is more of a FW in stats, not a 
               lot of power and don't let his head take too much.
Juan Lazcano - Not as much power as Duran, with a better chin but weaker
               body, he is another well rounded LW.
Jesse James Leija - Another well rounded LW, Leija beats out most of Duran's
                    stats, but just doesn't pack the punch. A good choice.
Floyd Mayweather - The fastest of the fast, but his body isn't the best and
                   he is one of the weakest LW.
Shane Mosley - Matches Mayweather in speed and agility, but has a weaker 
               body and lower strength.

Welterweight - They fall between LW and MW, but in general pack a lot more
               punch than a light and move faster than a middleweight.
Miguel Cotto - Very high defensive stats, except for a weak chin, and a very
               solid offensive set.
Roberto Duran - The epitome of well rounded, his stats almost make a 
                straight line down the board. Stronger but slower than LW.
Arturo Gatti - Still all heart and he's improved on his weaknesses as a LW.
               He makes a much better choice as a WW than a LW.
Ricky Hatton - Offensively very good, but his defensive stats aren't quite
               as high. A solid chin but a weak body.
Ray Leonard - All heart, great speed, but he doesn't throw the heavy hits, 
              nor will his body take them.
Ricardo Mayorga - He gets my vote for top of the WW. He's fairly even with
                  Duran, but his body and heart are better.
Shane Mosely - He flat outmakes a better LW than WW. If you want to use him
               don't fight WW. He's slower, but still as weak.
Ray Robinson - Offensively the best WW, with high power and speed, but his
               body won't take the hits and he bleeds easier than most.
Micky Ward - All heart with an offense to back it up, Ward makes another
             solid choice in the WW. His body may be a little soft though.

Middleweight - Probably the most interesting weight class, with a good mix 
               of fast fighters and power hitters. Not many here though.
Bernard Hopkins - He's not the coverboy for nothing. Defensively very good
                  and offensively better than many. Not as fast as others.
Jake Lamotta - A Raging Bull indeed. Very good power, great heart, and a 
               chin like a rock. He is a bit slow though, and he bleeds.
Ray Leonard - He's a little slower than as a WW, but he makes up for it
              with the improvement to power and body. A better MW.
Ray Robinson - His body is much better, and he won't bleed as quick, but he
               loses more than he gains. Stick to the WW with him.
Jermain Taylor - Not quite up to Hopkins offensively and only slightly
                 better defensively, but still a great fighter.
Ronald Wright - He has a standout chin and speed like Leonard, but his power
                isn't great and his body is a bit soft.

Light-Heavy Weight - They're big and powerful, but slower than lighter 
                     fighters. They also have lower stamina.
Evander Holyfield - If you like to hit heavy, he's the man. He is a very 
                    solid fighter, but not very quick.
Roy Jones Jr. - Doesn't hit as hard as Holyfield, and his stamina doesn't
                quite match, but he's much quicker.
Jeff Lacy - Another slow, big hitter, I'ld take Holyfield over him in every
            category. Although he doesn't bleed much at all.
Antonio Tarver - A fairly well rounded LHW, Tarver doesn't pack the punch
                 the others do, but his Chin, Stamina, and quickness.
James Toney - Not quite the hitter Holyfield is, and his body is a bit 
              softer, but his speed and chin make him the best of the LHW.

Heavy Weight - The most famous weight class in boxing for good reason. These
               are the Heavy Hitters. One punch could kill you.
Muhammad Ali - The Great One, there is no one better in the class. His only
               weak point is a slightly lower stamina, but only slightly.
Chris Byrd - He matches Ali very well, with a better chin and stamina, but
             his body and heart may not be in it for the long haul.
Joe Frazier - The hardest hits, a heart of gold, a brick body, and he doesn't
              know how to bleed, but he's not the quickest and tires quicker.
Evander Holyfield - I'ld take him over all the LHW, but he belongs here even
                    more. He's faster and has a better defense than LHW.
Roy Jones Jr. - Another improvement on the LHW, he also matches Ali well,
                but his heart isn't as high and his hits aren't as hard.
Sonny Liston - He's not as fast as Ali, but his defenses are better and he
               hits just as hard.
Rocky Marciano - He hits like Frazier, moves like Frazier, and he tires like
                 Frazier, but he takes a headshot much better.
Ken Norton - The best of the HW, he's got an almost perfect defense, moves
             almost as well as Ali, and doesn't tire as quickly.
James Toney - Also better as a HW than LHW, Toney has the stats to beat them
              all. Faster, stronger, and more stamina, but a weaker body.

Mac and Fabolous can be unlocked using codes. The information on how to get
them is found in the unlockables section.

Little Mac - A goofy looking Heavy with superior everything, except his
             glass chin.

Fabolous - A Heavy that defeats the purpose of being a Heavy. Perfect Spd,
           AGL, STM, and Chin, with high HRT, but he couldn't kill a fly, 
           doesn't take bodyshots and he's a bleeder.

Keep in mind that there are other factors that go into which boxer will be
the best for you. Some are taller and have a better reach than others, some
are shorter and get inside easier. Learn your style before you commit to a 

Career Mode

You begin your Career with the option to either Rebuild a Boxing Legend, 
and take him up the ladder or Create a New Boxer and fight your way up the
ladder. Neither of these seem to provide a different career, they just 
change what you look like, name, and information.

When you choose a weight class, know that Featherweights and Heavyweights
will be unable to compete for certain trophies because they can only shift
one weightclass. I made this mistake and was unable to unlock everything
in one career.

Once your Pugilist is ready to rumble, make sure your settings and controls
are the way you want them and get to it.

In the career menu you have 5 options, although some are only accessable at
different points and the top option will change based on what you have
already done.  

Schedule/Go Spar/Go Train/ Go Fight - Head to the schedule to pick a fight,
Fight Prep.                           go pro, or retire. Once you have 
                                      picked your fight, the option will
                                      change to either Spar or Train, 
                                      depending on your Amatuer/Pro status.
                                      Once training is over you can Go Fight.
Rankings - Find out where you are ranked on the Pro Circuit.
Trophy Case - See where you stand as a Champion.
Fight Store - Need some new trunks, or how about a nice tat, maybe a new
              signature punch or illegal move? This is the place to be, but
              it might cost you.
Options - Adjust your settings, controls, or save your profile.

If you do it right, the Amatuer Run should only take a year of your
time and you get to Spar before the first few matches, so it helps you
learn. I say go for it, turning Pro can wait. There is very little to do
as far as managing your fighter goes, so save your money and hone your 

Once you turn Pro the game changes a bit. You now have money to add staff,
entrance effects, and oter nonsense, which is nice if you like rap music
and half naked cartoon chicks(neither are really my speed, I prefer rock
and the future missus). You can choose to specialize your trainer and 
cutman in order to better your, and their, performance in training and 
fights. In general, the more expensive, the better, but you can read the
effect that the upgrade will have on you at the bottom left of the screen.
Unfortunately, the cost for each item will be charged to you for every
fight, so save it for the big fights. 

But before you get to that, you have to pick your first event. If your goal
is to make the toughest boxer you can, then you want to pick the fight that
is closest. In amatuer, all the fights were 3 weeks apart, but now some are
much farther away. The closer they are, the more training opportunities you
will get as you climb the ladder. That said, you still need money to get
to the top, so always look at the purse for each fight. You may be able to
find multiple fights in the shortest time frame, but their purse size will
be different.

Now that you've got your fight and your entourage, it's time to get into
training. There are 3 different training options that you can go with. Each
of the options will focus on various different skills, so choose the session
that will make the most of you. Below is a list of the training exercises,
what attributes they increase, and by how much. Heavy Bag is clearly the
most efficient workout, but Combo Dummy and Weight Training have advantages
as well. You will be rewarded even if you don't make target, but the points
added below are based on doing my best. Also keep in mind that the 
target will become higher the more you exercise. Since the targets go up
as your career moves along, start with the Dummy to up your Agility before
the target gets too high.  Consider using the buttons for this instead,
so that you don't accidently throw the wrong way. The better your score,
the better chance you have of gaining maximum points. Screwing up too many
times may lead to permanent injury, so take your time and practice.

Combo Dummy - Speed, Agility, Chin, and Heart. This exercise will add
              5 to speed and 3 to each of the other 3 stats.
              This is like playing Simon on the combo dummy. Areas will
              light up and you have to hit them. Each pattern will build
              on the last until you screw up. Pay attention, because it 
              gets fast. The more complete combos in a row, the higher 
              you score.

Heavy Bag - Power, Speed, Stamina, Chin, Body, Heart, and Cuts. This 
            exercise will add 3 points to each.
            Simply throw combos at the lit up area on the bag, and try to
            score at least the target number of points. The more hits per
            combo and longer the chain of combos with out a mistake, the
            the higher your score.

Weight Lifting - Power, Stamina, Body, and Cuts. This adds 5 to power and
                 3 to the remaining 3 skills.
                 The Control Stick is your Right Hand, the C-Stick is your
                 Left. Push up on one to raise the blue bar into the red
                 zone and release, bringing the other hand up. The closer
                 to the middle of the red, the better chance for a combo.
                 The more combos, the better you score.

While in the main screen, you can also reenter the Fight Store, where you
will find a wider array of equipment unlocked, much of which will give a
boost to your stats, depending on how far along you are. 

If you manage to capture the title, try shifting to another class and go
for the belt there. Also remember to defend your belts every fifth fight
or you'll lose it. Changing class changes your stats, so don't go
jumping around too much.

In The Ring

Ok, now that you have the controls and management down, it's time to fight.
There are five different parts of the fight that you need to be able to

The Fight.
- TPC makes you a more complete boxer, so learn it.
- Learn to block and Parry. Countering your opponent will lead to wins.
- Move, your legs and your body can move various ways to avoid their hits
  and improve your hits.
- Straights and Hooks make great combos, so switch them up and switch your
  target to beat the block.
- Finish your combos with a heavy hit and you might just finish the fight.
- If you are holding a Haymaker and he's holding block, rotate around to
  the other hand and hit him there.

KO Moments (For and against you)
- Avoid being Clinched/Clinch to avoid being knocked down
- Go to the body to open the head and then slam the head
- Make sure you finish him when you get the chance

Recovery from a Knock Down (If AutoRecovery is off) 
- Try to move both sticks at the same time, to speed recovery
- The later on it happens, or the more it happens, the harder it will be
Move the two circles (Control Stick and C-Stick) into the red counter.

The Cutman (If Cutman option is on)
- Doesn't occur in Amatuer
- You only have 30 seconds, so prioritize

- A-Button selects Swelling or X-Button to select cuts
  The trainer will usually tell you what to work on, but look at the face 
  if he doesn't. If there is a lot of blood, do cuts, otherwise go with

After you have selected what to work on you will get a close up of the face
with meters bent around each of the corners of a square around you. Each
meter represents an area on your face and has a number telling you how 
much damage that area has sustained. Select the one with the most damage
first using the Control Stick. The meter will start moving and you will
need to use the C-Stick to follow the lit area in the meter, rotating back
and forth staying in the lit area with your white line. The damage number
will drop down to 0 if you work long enough. 

If your face has sustained massive damage in 3 or more places, don't work
it all the way. If two points have similar damage go to the side that had
the most total damage, top and bottom. Keep working until you are out of
time. The worse the damage is, the smaller the lit area will be so learn to
defend or you're going to have your work cut out for you (pun intended).

Trophy Case

Trophy Case is were you go to look at all the stuff you have won in career

There are 12 trophies to be won, only 1 of which can be won as an amatuer.
Precision Punch - Win a fight with at least 70% accuracy.
Dominating Defense - Win a fight with the opponent at at most 39% accuracy.
EA Sports Haymaker - Throw 50 Haymakers in a fight or 500 in a career.
                     Try it in an EA Knockout event.
Iron Man Fitness - Max your stats for your weight class.
                   Try doing this before changing weight classes.
KO King - 10 Knockouts in a row.
Lifetime Achievement - Win 75% of your fights over 20 years.
Pound for Pound - Win 3 different weight class belts and then go for this.
                  This can't be done with a Feather/Heavy starter.
Unified Class - Win 2 class belts and then win this.
Amatuer - Win the amatuer belt before going pro.
3 Weightclass Belts - Your class, the one below you, the one above.
CAB Information

Well, I think I have covered just about everything, with the exception of
Create A Boxers (CABs), which are more or less things for 
you to experiment with on your own. A few things to note are:

- Your weightclass will change which stats you can max. The Heavier you are
  the more PWR, Cut, and Body you get, the lighter the better Spd and Agl.
- Orthodox is a right handed stance/South Paw is for lefties
- Balanced/Speed/Power will change your stance and the A.I. of your CAB.
- Rocky is a Southpaw


No major differences, just the backgrounds.

Staples Center
Boma Stadium
65 Lower Flushing
County Fairgrounds
The Viceroy
Collina Del Mar
The Elevese
Hisako Ballroom
Atlantic City


There are a variety of unlockables from trunks, gloves, etc. to new venues,
to new boxers.

Hidden fighters
Little Mac - Unlockable through Super Punch out or naming a CAB MACMAN,
             first name only, will unlock him.
Fabulous - Name a CAB, first name only, GETFAB to unlock Fabulous.

Accesories & Venues
Get the Amatuer Title, Compete in the Everlast and EA events(the Hard Hits
events), and capture the 6 possible belts for your figter and that unlocks
just about everything. If anything is left locked, make sure you
get the other six trophies as well.

Once you unlock something in your career, you can use it for your CAB as
long as you have saved your Settings (Profile doesn't matter) after you
unlocked it.


There is a code to miniaturize fighters in Play Now, when choosing an arena
hold up on the D-Pad until you hear a bell.


You read the copyright notice at the beginning of the FAQ right? That means
it's mine. You are not to copy, steal, swipe, swindle, or pilfer this, or any
part of it, for any use aside from private gaming fun. 

It can be posted at:
but that's it.

If you e-mail me and ask nicely, I might consider letting you use it.
If you see it anywhere else, please do let me know so that I can take the
appropriate action.


If you can't do something or don't know something;
Try looking in your manual.

I am trying to improve the guide, so if there is something you want to
know that I have left out, e-mail me and I will try to get to the most
asked questions. 

[email protected]
I won't open attatchments, or emails without a subject I might recognize
Try "Fight Night 2" if you want me to even look.
I don't want forwards, spams, or any of that other mumbo jumbo, so please
Respect me and don't waste my time, otherwise I will just stop looking.


EA for making so many games.

GameFAQs for posting so many useful faqs, codes, and reviews.